America At The Crossroads
Francis Donald Grabau

I don't think Rove will be indicted for anything, nor even "fired". But the ILLUSION persists among liberals that he will be. Meanwhile, Bush nominates this Corporate Creep, Roberts, for the Supreme Court and, likewise, I think his selection will be approved. Mind you, "nobody" really approves of Rove or Roberts and "everybody" assumes they'll be defeated. I find this to be Major Denial as to the facts, the truth of what's actually happening. The "Liberals" don't seem to get it -that America is now a Corporate Theocracy or more to the point, a Dumbed -Down Fascist Business Arrangement. A Nation wherein everyone's life is dominated by the getting & selling of goods & services to the virtual exclusion of all else.

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I think of the 9/11 Commission Report, a blatantly lying cover-up; the Downing Street Memos, starkly clear evidence of a "rigged" WMD campaign executed by a lying (and impeachable) administration; and when I add to these the Rove-Roberts affairs they appear to me to be an "RR" Crossing -RAILROADING.

Danger, you are about to attempt to outrun a speeding train -DO NOT CROSS THE TRACKS! Red lights flashing everywhere, clanging bells, everything conspiring to announce the arrival in our political-social midst of rapidly accelerating RIGIDITY, Escalated Authoritarianism ...and all this just as Saturn moves into the sign of LEO, the sign of AUTOCRACY, PRIDE, "The Big Ego" -the Sign of "KINGS" !

I'll grant you that LEO need not express itself in such a manner, but in the USA Natal Chart the planet SATURN is very powerfully placed in the LIBRA 10th House of the Executive Government, and the core of the Nation's vital energy ( the SUN in Cancer ) is in a tight WANING SQUARE relationship to that SATURN-AUTHORITY function. This clearly signifies a Nation or People whose Cancer-Feelings are in a "SURRENDER" position with regard to Saturn in 10th House Libra: personal feelings must give way to structured, organized (SATURN) public 10th house activity. It describes a People who'd much rather focus on their personal and interpersonal "Family" (Cancer) feelings than engage in any kind of organized social reform -the personal feelings resist the organized discipline of Saturn yielding the infamous, fat, self-indulgent American Couch Potato!

Then we have the MOON in AQUARIUS, symbol of the People themselves and RULER OF NATAL USA SUN IN CANCER. This MOON is opposite and equidistant to the midpoint of the WANING SQUARE between the Sun & Saturn creating a tense, outreaching triangle with a 90 degree base, and two sides measuring 135 degrees each -pointing to the MOON. This is the triangular configuration Rudhyar dubbed: "The Finger Of The World" and which he defined as a test of ACTION brought about by the FORCE of the WORLD or the need to take concrete, physical action because of external pressures ( the 'World' ) which require such action.

The People of the USA are parked at an R&R-CROSSING which demands that we change by taking concrete, organized social action if we wish to EVOLVE. If we don't, this On-Rushing Train is going to demolish us violently in the same way as a car and its inhabitants are demolished when they sit complacently (or as a "dare") on the RailRoad Tracks at a Crossing!

Rove & Roberts are the R&R Crossing we've come to, and the Train hurtling toward us down its Monotrack is a high-powered Corporate Machine. Nothing can stop it at this point before it collides with the "couch potato" folks snuggly resting in their car. The People need to bestir themselves and move their parked car (lazy asses) OFF THE TRACKS! If they can manage that (highly unlikely, as there are NO signs suggesting they even SEE the oncoming Corporate Train) ...then, maybe, they could begin to work together to dismantle the machine, pull up the tracks, or deny the Engine its much needed fuel.

Here I am, again, caught up in my 10th House Public, Saggitarian Persona and hardly writing as a person at all! Sorry, if I sound pessimistic but I'm so distracted by the URGENCY of the collective social-political crisis I see, and the recent events in London have jolted me into finally feeling how GLOBAL this URGENCY is ...ALL of Western Technological Democracy is deeply involved in it. Only those few pockets of non-techno, indigenous people remaining on the Earth realize or can survive what is obviously coming down the tracks. If Bush & Company are not impeached beginning NOW we don't stand a chance for survival as America.

The central facts to keep in mind regarding what I've written above are that Saturn entering Leo will also conjunct the USA North Lunar Node this coming October, and that the Progressed USA Ascendant is currently also in Leo moving soon into opposition with USA Natal Moon in Aquarius. These facts emphasize the importance of understanding how Saturn operates in the Natal USA Chart as one important (Executive, Presidential Office) element in the "FINGER OF THE WORLD". When you take the time to understand/realize that Saturn rules the Capricorn 2nd House of Money, and that it opposed Pluto while both were transiting over America's Natal Ascendant-Descendasnt Axis at the moment of 9/11 you may see how that "moment" is coming home to roost via Corporate Money Interests.

If you then add into the mix the Fact that Pluto in the Capricorn 2nd House of the Natal USA Chart is also opposed (180 degree aspect) to Mercury in the Cancer 8th House of that same chart, and that both planets are RETROGRADE at the "birth" of America you can see how Corporate Business America is completely dominating all media and most other forms of communication and thought in the Nation. We are in the time of "The Rise Of The Killer Elite" and it is a "destined" and "fated" time for all of us and for America.

<>I mean, look at the CENTRALITY of SATURN to all that is going on -the original "Message" of the Pluto in Sagittarius to Saturn in Gemini opposition announced the Death (Pluto) of Time (Saturn) for America and Americans and this is focused for us upon the Nation's 2nd & 8th house areas of money, homes, food, land and ubiquitous Credit Cards. America's "Time" as a Wealthy Nation and a Superpower is finished and a "Karmic Tsunami" is on its way to our shores.  Let me repeat the "Message" of the FINGER OF THE WORLD to the USA: a test of ACTION brought about by the FORCE of the WORLD or the need to take concrete, physical action because of external pressures ( the 'World' ) requiring such action. Remember, it is ACTION needed to resolve pressing "social" and "evolutionary" needs.

Tomorrow, the 21st of July, the second of TWO CONSECUTIVE FULL MOONS IN CAPRICORN is due, and by September ( FALL ) Saturn comes to America's LEO heart. If Rove & Roberts can be forced out of the White House and the Supreme Court I will (needless to say) be very happy, but it will require intense activity on the part of millions of Americans facing a deeply corrupt Corporate Government crambed full of bought and sold senators/representatives at a time in America when its citizens cower in fear of signing petitions lest their names appear on a LIST from the Ministry Of Homeland Security. Wrapping ourselves in "New Age" white light (bulbs) full of positivity while taking NO political-social action will merely increase the price of stocks in "General Electric" !

<>Saturn is a "grounding" force and requires that we act in down-to-earth, physical, practical, political and public ways if we wish to focus its force. If we do not act in such ways, the established conservative people among us will take action for us and with Saturn in Leo they will boldly assert their LAWS and AUTHORITY. Saturn in Leo can bring us serious ego-maniacs suffering from constricted hearts while clamoring to gain power as DICTATORS.  Hey, my "fellow Americans," conservative Saturn entering imperial Leo (for a two and a half year stay) may manifest as nothing more than that. Sieg Heil, the Prosperous Corporate Stockholder as DICTATOR KING. Beware, the Rise Of The Killer Elite.
Amerika, the dying Corporate Superpower ushering in the "New World Order" of Global Corporate Cryptocracy.

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posted July 20, 2005. Santa Fe, New Mexico.