" And Crown Thy Good, With Brotherhood ? "


Iraqi Baby Deformed thanks to the US-UK depleted uranium


Thanks to the Liberators - victim of the US-UK depleted uranium


Another US-UK liberated child


What would you do, if your entire family except a young sister
had perished in the US liberation attempted in Afghanistan?

  " Tell the Americans, they kill us to sustain your way of life,
when they enjoy living, they better think
about the 15 members of my family.

Tell them that they are guilty.
Only if they had conscience, they would know that
they are as guilty as their government."

Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, PhD
                                                    Afghan-American Interviews December 2002


Collateral  SECURITY  Damage

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Email Responses To " My Big Fat American Wedding":

Tue, 25 Feb 2003
A woman friend currently with child wrote me saying:

Good Morning, So if you feel guilty for this that is too bad.  Maybe you ought to get off your butt and do something instead
of just hiding away in Kauai giving yourself ulcers and cancer from too much south american coffee and pesticide herbicide
fertilizer, chemy cigs.Maybe you are guilty... and that is why you want others to share in your guilt.  As I have allways said  "do something besides complaining."  Just another whiner otherwise.  Do we really need another white male to point his finger and say look at that mess instead of going and cleaning it up.  Solutions not Pollution!  We all know how shitty it is, Big Deal.

And I responded this way:
Wed, 26 Feb 2003

Hey My Friend,

Thanks for your response. Reading it I realized how INSENSITIVE it is of me to be sending you such images just as you are preparing to give birth to your child.  Please do accept my real apologies in that regard, -it was a dumb thing to do.  One of the hazards of  quick button-pushing and  sending 'mass emails' to all one's friends!

Your comments on my personal coffee/smoking habits hit the bullseye too.  I hope you realize I DO keep trying to hold both
these addictions down and not just guzzle coffee and smoke my brains out.  Guilty ?

Regarding the 'GUILT' issue:
I was quoting on my webpage an Afghani man who had lost (through our country's bombing) most if not all of his family.  He seems to feel that Americans have no CONSCIENCE and it is his choice to speak of 'Guilt'.  Elsewhere, on my webpage, I have repeatedly said that I think feelings of guilt are useless and help change nothing.   I don't personally find much that is useful about guilt.  But I was quite stunned by this man's use of that word evoking that Feeling-Consciousness and began to wonder if our 'spiritual' and 'new age' programming against 'guilt' might not be a form of psychic numbing.  I'm still considering this.

I think, perhaps, that if 'guilt' is the feeling of being very uncomfortably CONSCIOUS of what is being done in our name, and not liking that, and feeling Responsible to VOICE our disagreement....well, then, perhaps it's an extremely important and constructive feeling.  In which case we can exorcise or purge ourselves of such feelings of guilt (maybe even begin to transform them) by taking the very REAL ACTION of speaking out, by saying and SHOWING that we ARE CONSCIOUS of and OPPOSED to what is being done by our 'Government' in our name.  So, I'm speaking it and, for the first time on my website, I'm literally SHOWING it.

A number of close women friends have been calling me to say they periodically get overwhelmed by feelings of emotional FUTILITY, and they actually tell me they keep SEEING women & children, mothers with infants suffering and dying in terrible waysThey feel it so deeply that they know it's about to take place again on a large scale.

That is the UNSPOKEN reality behind this violent invasion against the people of Iraq which the Bush Administration repeatedly says it is going to undertake soon....with or without any one else's approval or cooperation.  My women friends and sisters who are seeing and feeling this also suffer because they think that by acknowledging they are seeing such 'visions' and feeling such feelings they are being 'negative' and 'causing' or contributing to the forces that are intending to bring about such suffering and death to other mothers and infantsAnd I'm telling them I don't think so because these sufferings are going on already, right now, and have been ongoing since our first invasion of Iraq in 1991.

These are photos of children born deformed because of depleted uranium use by the United States and England in Iraq, more such use in Afghanistan, more in Kosovo  -and after we blow up everybody or all the 'bad' guys with this stuff we just leave it behind.  But this kind of radiation poisoning cannot easily -if at all- be cleaned up.  Water and soil remain contaminated and radioactive for decades afterwards causing these deformed births.  That's what the link at the bottom of the page takes one to...the story in great detail...a very important story.

While you may see me as 'sitting on my butt' and sowing 'fear' and negativity I don't share your view completely.  I have some skills with words and verbally expressed thought and these are my tools of action, but I do literally take physical actions too.

I am actively fighting the 'passive voyeur' theme I address in this page of photos.  I put this page of words and images up because myself and many friends who write to me and who call me are experiencing feelings of deep frustration and outright impotence in these days following our participation in last weekend's (February 15, 2003) World-Wide Millions protests for PEACE.  It has suddenly struck many, -just about 4 days after these events that the US Government, the British and Australian Governments- have dismissed all these  people and their World-Wide-Protests as 'marginal' and are going full steam ahead with their own unchanged War Plan Agenda.

Many of my women friends express to me that because of their resultant frustration and feelings of impotence after all their demonstrations and consciousness-raising on these issues they grasp in a whole new way just how FRUSTRATED, IMPOTENT, and POWERLESS the Women of Iraq feel now as they WAIT for the seemingly inevitable, definitely willed and announced INVASION, WAR, and DEATHThis is all due to Global-Corporate-Business.  Period.  It's all about the 'profit' margin Part of our (Very) Gross National American Product will be dropping straight down onto them, killing them and  their children, their elders, and all their loved ones.  This is FACT, not sarcasm or some kind of distorted literary wit !!!

Bombs, encased in and containing depleted uranium and plutonium, further pollution of their already deeply polluted lands, further restrictions on needed medical supplies...all coming their way soon.  I feel this too.

I put these realities beside the realities of folks like Swami Beyondananda and the idea that if we choose to feed fear it grows, but if we feed positive feelings they grow.  Well, yes; but is being aware of guilt, pain, and suffering a bad thing that 'feeds' such guilt and pain and
suffering ?   I don't think so.  Is showing these photos and making these comments sowing fear and negativity ?  I don't think so.  Because these photos and words attempt to evoke feelings which arise from and resonate with LOVE for our fellow humans and the factual reality of their situation.

Seriousness does have its use, along with humour.  Lily Tomlin says -jokingly, but with her consistently great insight-  that we human beings invented language because of our deep-seated need to complain.  Yes, but also to explain and to understand and change.  I hope I have explained myself somewhat to you in this letter and that you understand more of my 'stance' with regard to all this.  Meanwhile, I repeat, I appreciate very much your calling my attention to the fact that it was extremely  INSENSITIVE of me to send these words and images to you at this time because you are cultivating the joy and love you need to surround your coming child.  Please forgive me.  I love you, your husband,  and the child you carry in your womb very much.
Your friend, I hope