An Astrological Birth Chart For Alex Jones:
The Clockwork Call Of The Wild
Francis D. Grabau
2/19/2009 - 8/19/2009


With his mighty bull horn, dark shades, and alarming voice Alex Jones is the kind of character almost bound to alienate the more genteel members of the Liberal 'Progressive' Left. A real Texas-born Texan, talking in a frequently brash manner and a sometimes angry urgency, he hosts one of those internet programs most Americans (unfortunately) like to dismiss as "conspiracy" shows. A relatively young guy, he's married with children, the son of a dentist, and the proudly self-advertised "T-Rex of Political Thought". Listening to him can feel like the audio equivalent of a Ken Russell film. He moves rapidly through a wide gamut of vocal expression ranging from sheer outrage, to calm thoughtfulness, to a quiet tenderness that can shift into child-like pleading. His critics accuse him of whining when they're not busy insisting he's a raging fear monger. Certainly few would deny his innate theatrical flair including those who hear in him nothing more than a bombastic ego maniac. He falls somewhere between Lisztomania, The Devils Of Loudun, and Altered States. Toss Jack London into the mix, add a healthy dose of Stanley Kubrick, and you have  -Alex Jones, The Clockwork Call Of The Wild!

I first stumbled upon his surreal radio voice while driving South on I-25 out of Colorado into New Mexico in the late 1990s. I can't even recall what he was talking about except that it was political and voiced in a passionately sober tone. To my amazement he was speaking over the public airwaves thoughts which I, myself, held to be true. That's an extremely rare occurence (nowadays) in my world so I was more than inclined to like the guy. But then I climbed the Mountain Pass into Raton and the station's signal faded out. I didn't hear him again until after the events of 9/11

Since most of my friends and I immediately realized that 9/11 was an inside job, or "false flag" operation we were amazed at the widespread failure of any alternative "liberal" media pundits to discuss what to us was yet another blatantly brutal crime (Ruby Ridge, Waco, OK City) perpetrated by our own government against its People. But this one lead directly to the infamous "Patriot Act" legislation, to the creation of the brownshirt "Department Of Homeland Security" and on to the immoral and illegal invasions of both Afghanistan and Iraq in the absurd name of the "War On Terror"! As usual, masses of Americans fell for the ploy and an ignorantly offensive wave of thoroughly programmed 'patriotism' swept over the country. That's when I started to search the internet seriously looking for publicly broadcasted voices speaking some semblance of sanity and truth. 

It's painfully infuriating to live in a Nation where most of the commercial talk radio from coast to coast is dominated by the thinking and rhetoric of the likes of Limbaugh, Savage, and Hannity. Makes you feel like you've died and fallen straight into the torments of hell. Has everybody gone totally berserk, you ask yourself, can this really be happening?  Yes, it can, and many of your friends and even members of your own family can't bear to hear you speak that obvious truth. That's when you know the Society in which you live has reached rock bottom. It was during those early years after 9/11 that I began to listen more deliberately and often to the disturbing voice of Alex Jones.

For awhile there had been Mike Malloy on Air America Radio but he seemed too devoted to the old "democratic" party, too slow and hesitant to speak out about the crimes of 9/11, and once he did Air America just fired him. Amy Goodman was embarrasingly avoiding the topic, NPR was an offensive joke and everywhere the airwaves were loud with silence on the topic. Gradually I found some clear public voices, like Bonnie Faulkner of Guns and Butter on KPFA and by 2005 more speakers appeared over internet radio speaking the disturbing truth. It's been a long haul, but a lot of Americans finally seem to be realizing the carefully executed treachery involved in the 9/11 events arising from the deep politics of America. Alex Jones caught my attention increasingly over these years because of his relentlessly loud reporting on the real truths about that infamous day despite the fact that he's often hard on my ears and seemingly espouses any number of political, economic, and religious views which I do not share.

I've done some research on the man and am aware that despite his growing popularity he has serious detractors out there who distrust his every motive. Other internet talk show hosts -Fintan Dunne, for one example- claim Mister Jones is actually a CIA kind of 'Mockingbird' disinformation shill. I'm sure I don't know (though I'm inclined to want to doubt it), but such denunciations cause one to stop and ponder. (On the other hand, Fintan has denounced almost everybody in the 9/11 truth movement as either an unknowing shill for the "Intelligence" folks or an actual CIA-DIA-MI6 operative!) Genesis Communications which syndicates his broadcasts has its glaring flaws and I don't know enough about its policies or owners, but Jones can also be heard over his own websites and on numerous posts from YouTube through Google. He's produced and narrated a small catalog of eye-opening documentaries which demonstrate increasingly finer artistic and technical production values. That tells you something about the man as does the noticeable refinement of both his vocabulary and consciousness which has steadily grown since his beginnings as a broadcaster sometime around 1996 in Austin, Texas.

Like lots of us, he's acquiring a healthy tolerance toward viewpoints not his own though he still suffers (March, 2009) from an impulsive, self-indulgent (almost sophomoric) need to interrupt the guests he interviews. That personal flaw together with his irrepressible "he-haw" style of urban cowboy yelping seems to alienate him from a number of my friends and probably has the same affect on a lot of other people who ought to know better. Sometimes I think those of us born and bred as Northeastern Yankees suffer from a formidable (because blithely unconscious) brand of superiority complex whenever we hear the sound of a Southern male drawl. It's as if we think 'cowboy' then 'country bumpkin' then 'bubba' all at once and shudder in anticipation of some 'showdown' sure to include blazing guns! We 'Yankees' can be real snobs that way. So, to those of us still terminally caught up in such delusions as to what constitutes 'dignity' or 'refinement' I say, -please, just get the hell over it will ya?  Truth speaks in every style and accent known to man. 

Aside from wonderful celebrities such as Willie Nelson, people as diverse as Peter Dale Scott, Cindy Sheehan, Frank Morales, David Ray Griffin, Russell Means, Cynthia McKinney, Dahr Jamail and any number of other even less well-known but intelligent and honest people have appeared on his shows making them increasingly valuable for listeners seeking personal insight into the hidden truth of American-Global politics. Nevertheless, and not infrequently, I have to 'mute' the sound because Alex has gone off on yet another of his loudly repetitive rants that I just don't want to hear. That's because I rant quite well myself and could easily match him volume for volume and righteousness for righteousness. At such times he (
inadvertently) makes me feel ashamed of myself which can be a valuable lesson once I've shut the noise down. In any case, my idea of participating in a real mini-conspiracy would be to lure Alex Jones into interviewing Gore Vidal on the subject of Timothy McVeigh and our Shadow Government! In fact, if you can imagine this, Jones has actually interviewed Vidal if only briefly outside a bookstore in Austin on October 29, 2006 (at a book signing event) and the two men had no trouble whatsoever communicating. You can find the interview on google or here on Youtube. Alas, the subject of Timothy McVeigh never came up. But the video is well worth viewing in case you haven't done so.


Okay, enough of this intro to the topic of Mister Jones and his birth chart, I just wanted you to understand a bit of my 'history' with the man before I start talking about his chart. That chart is cast without knowledge of his exact hour and minute of birth but on the publicly disclosed day (February 11) and year (1974) he was born and in such a way as to place the Sun exactly conjunct the Midheaven. It's a perfectly traditional ploy used by astrologers to examine the Public Role of any reasonably well known Person and purports to reveal such a person's Public rather than Private or Personal 'calling' or 'job', if you will, in society. It's because I wanted to look at precisely that side of Alex Jones that I finally relented and cast his chart. Here it is:


Alex Jones
Natal Solar Chart

So, what have we here? Well, for starters just let your eyes feel the red, blue, yellow and green triangles connecting all but two of the planetary symbols in the chart. The two planets not included in these triangles are Chiron up there on the left in deep red Aries and, to a lesser extent, Venus high on the upper right in the dark brown energy field of Capricorn. Of these two, Chiron is the more obvious since unlike Venus there are no lines at all connecting it to the rest of the planets which are otherwise mutually interconnected by major astrological aspects (lines) weaving the overall pattern of the chart. Chiron, therefore, tends to capture the eye of the experienced astrologer by singling itself out from the rest.  Let's talk about it.

Chiron is the astro-symbol for the major flaw or wound each of us carries in his soul. It's a fruitful wound and a blessed one in that it's meant to become the source not only of our personal healing but of the healing gift we can eventually share with others once we've healed ourselves. In 'real life' however, it often happens that we have no choice but to express and share our wound before we've healed ourselves ... if, in fact, it can be said that any of us are ever fully healed. That's why so many astrologers call Chiron the symbol of the Wounded Shamanic Healer since shamans wisely teach that flawless perfection is not really obtainable in this life even though it's always much to be desired. So we stumble along while we age and experience teaches us that we usually share our wounding as well as our healing rather indiscriminently with others. Approaching wisdom we discover our wounds ripening into humility teaching us how to move beyond the perfect circle of our own self-centeredness. Chiron is the gaping hole that becomes the opening gate into and out from our otherwise perfectly self-contained circle. None of us are really self-sufficient, we all need each other in the mutual sharing we call love. Damm it, we say, no matter how hard I try I'll never be good enough, I'll never be flawlessly perfect like God!  That's for sure, says Chiron, but ya gotta keep trying just like God does. Fake it, till you make it is Chiron's motto which brings us conveniently back to Alex Jones and his Chiron wound in Aries.

Chiron in Aries indicates a deeply felt anxiety/insecurity concerning one's basic sense of self-worth, a wound rooted in some form of imbalance found in the way one asserts oneself. Aries is a Mars ruled energy-field (zodiacal sign) concerned with self-assertion, pep, -it's our get up and go sorta energy. It symbolizes our personal ego drive and (as the annual sign of Spring) embodies all the gusto of new beginnings. Alex Jones is born with his potentially shamanic wound precisely in this 'gusto' area of his personal identity. His full first name isn't Alex, of course, but Alexander whom we all know historically as 'Alexander The Great'. A Mars driven Hero of a warrior man, a world conqueror, the man who -when confronted by the celebrated 'Gordian Knot'- could not find the patience needed to unravel it and resorted to crudely cutting through it with the stroke of his sword! It must be both thrilling and hard to grow up with the name of Alexander as a kid while you dream of heroic ventures your famous namesake urges you to imagine you, too, might undertake. After all, who can really conquer the whole World these days and what would that look like anyhow, how would it feel?  Just how big, strong, and impatient can one small boy be? You'll have to ask Alex Jones, not me.

If we then look to the condition of Mars in Alex's natal chart (since it's the planet 'ruling' or activating his Chiron wound in Aries) we see it's found in the stubborn, fixed earth sign of Taurus and in the 12th house of that chart. Mars in Taurus is indicative of persistency, tenaciousness, physical stamina. It's impulse to action is always somewhat thwarted by the inertia of the fixed earth of Taurus but once that inertia is overcome it easily provides one with the stubborn persistance inherent in the 'fixed' (otherwise stable and steady) energy-field of Taurus. Taurus is the Bull of the zodiac as well as the cow, and Mars in Taurus is the RED cape which the Matador uses to attract the Bull's attention. Those born with Mars in Taurus are born with the innate tendency for what we might call 'self-provocation'. They can taunt and provoke themselves, irritate and force themselves (and others) into action. In fact, there's a very physical side to this kind of tenacious self-provocation because it originates in the body tissues. It indicates the kind of physical tension under pressure which easily produces densely compact bulk in the body. Weightlifters and muscle builders display qualities of Mars in Taurus as the muscles and ligaments are exercised to the point where they become thick with the mass of Taurus matter  -remember, Alex calls himself 'The T(yrannosaurus)-Rex Of Political Thought'. In earlier years, he labored to develop his muscles and has conveniently posted photos of the results on his personal 'My Space' web page. 

But Alex's Mars in Taurus is also in very challenging square aspect (red lines) both to his Natal Jupiter and Sun which are conjunct (blended intensely together) in the sign of Aquarius and firmly ensconced upon the MC (Midheaven) of his Natal Solar Chart. Like Taurus, Aquarius is another "fixed" energy-field with great holding power expressed through the Mental qualities of the Air Signs. Aquarius is the astrological air symbol of high idealism and the urge for collective social reform, so with his Sun found at birth in Aquarius combined with the Expansive force of the social outreach and shared fellow feeling of Jupiter we can see that Alex Jones is 'meant' to be something of an Aquarian Idealist who is a Social Teacher (Jupiter rules Sagittarius, sign of the Teacher-Prophet) and a fairly 'righteous' one at that. He often claims he's on a "mission".

The combination of the Sun with Jupiter generally indicates a Soul full of positive intent, an honest and 'truth-speaking' Soul of a kind disposition and benevolent nature. Rarely do we find any malcious, devious, or willfully bad intentions in the chart of anyone born with Jupiter conjunct the Sun. Such people may easily go overboard in their zeal for truth, openness, and honesty but seldom are they ever found to be intentionally devious people. Their great 'sin' is usually the sin of Excess or Exaggeration Coupled, sometimes, with the 'sin' of Righteousness.  Since they always WILL to be objectively truthful and honest, it's honestly very hard for them to grasp how anyone can see them as righteous and/or dishonest. They personally IDENTIFY themselves, their very BEING with the Jupiter-Sagittarius TRUTH. They are literally on fire (Sagittarius is Mutable Fire energy) with TRUTH and can find it very hard to understand that one man's sense of truth may be another man's notion of Propaganda, pushiness, or outright arrogance! The best or most evolved among them can, however, admit to their righteousness when this is pointed out to them (sincerely and honestly) by others, -provided those others ever have a chance to get a word in edgewise! They are gifted promoters, enthusiasts, and salesmen whether selling (enthusing over) Religion, gold, guns, survivalist packs, seeds, water purifiers, or used cars. If they believe in it, they will promote it and usually with marked success.

When we add the physical force and virile thrust of Mars into this quotient and remember that it's in dynamically challenging Square aspect to our Righteously Idealistic Teacher we know we're looking at an extremely restless and 'hopped-up' kinda guy. Alex Jones, the man from cowboy Texas is quick on the draw!  There's a Martian impulse to 'jump the gun', to be aggressively assertive at inappropriate moments and with excessive force. Timing is critical with this configuration and there is a persistently felt need to TAKE ACTION almost incessantly. Mars in Taurus urges him to put his body on the line, to rather aggressively and physically put himself "in your face". One sees him do this occasionally on his video tapes when he publicly confronts others often intruding into their personal space, thrusting himself and his bullhorn-voice far too intimately into the energetic fields surrounding others. He doesn't seem to grasp just how invasive and disrespectful he can be when he crosses that line. 

A guy like this can find it very hard to just relax. His nerves and muscles are steadily primed for movement and his reflexes (once aroused out of the Taurus preference for inertia) just 'snap' into action. He's always at war (Mars) with his own inertia (Taurus) and he feels that YOU should be, too. Gotta remember, astrologically speaking he's a Social Prophet and Teacher! He wants you to get up off your ass and DO something.


The Transmigration Of Alex Jones

"If you can float enough disinformation into circulation you will
totally abolish everyone's contact with reality,
probably your own included." 
P. K. Dick

What we are witnessing in this combination of Jupiter-Sun square to Mars is the inclination toward the kind of 'frenzy' so well portrayed by the actor, Peter Finch, in the film, Network. You know, "Howard Beale:The Mad Prophet Of The Airwaves". You're supposed to be mad (angry-mars) as Hell and not take 'it' anymore, and you're expected to run to your open window and shout 'it' out into the streets. But with Alex Jones there's the added feature of the earthy, practical, security-oriented Taurus, so he wants you to take PRACTICAL ACTION and not simply mouth-off. He advocates physical-financial involvement with personal activities required to change politics, banks, and laws because Mars in Taurus acts to dynamically ground his Jupiter-Sun in Aquarius. This Mars force insists that he must take such actions rooted in his otherwise purely abstract Aquarian Idealism. He's a pragmatic, practical idealist not just a self-confessed "wind-bag". He'll put his own Taurus body on the line to defend the 'TRUTH' as he sees it and he urges YOU to do so, too. Mister Jones can be extremely 'pushy',  -almost violently so.

That's where the matter of GUNS comes up. Mars rules all personally employed weapons whether tasers, lasers, tanks, rifles or guns. If we put aside for the moment all other modifying planets/aspects present in his birth chart, a man born with Mars in Taurus will find it "natural" to use guns to defend his land, possessions, and body. It's just pragmatic common sense to him, as obviously necessary as using shovels to dig the earth for farming, or pounding nails with hammers for building. Alex Jones vociferously defends the second amendment of the US Consitution which reads:

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Again, this is precisely where a lot of my Northeastern Brethren literally freak out and want nothing to do with Jones, neither his "Prison Planet" nor his "Infowars". Educated, liberal Northeasterners -those who've never lived on a farm or needed to fish and hunt- those who have spent their whole lives in crowded cities tend to approach the issue of personal firearms from an abstract and intellectual perspective. They simply associate guns and rifles with gratuitous violence and see no need for the average person to own or carry a firearm of any kind. When these folks hear Alex go into his Jack London-Ken Russell hyperbolic verbal-emotional performance regarding the right of the People to bear arms they can easily lose all perspective regarding the man and hear him solely as a Rambo berserker or an urban cowboy with a penis problem! The dude's just crazy then, as far as they're concerned, and obviously insecure about his masculinity.  He's nothing but a redneck rabble-rouser and an irresponsible jack-ass to boot. What's wrong with those Texans, they shot JFK down there, they housed Enron and hate Mexicans and eat nothing but bloody raw cow steaks!  Them nouveau-riche cowboys got no culture.

Well, yes and no and maybe sometimes, but what of the fact that it was the opera house in Dallas, Texas which gave us the first and only American performance of Maria Callas in Cherubini's Medea?  And did so on the very night that the elite cognoscenti of New York's Metropolitan Opera were busy firing her (Rudolph Bing) claiming her temperament was too fiery, too idependent, too "savage" for their tastes! Let me run with this for a paragraph or so because I don't think its just "accidental" that Callas and her famous Medea role pop up here and now.  What's the connection?



P. K. Dick

Cherubini's Medea is a Pagan Witch, a woman full of "supernatural" powers famed for her courage, fury, anger, and even murderous exploits -she kills her own children in the opera as well as the myth. Euripides, the Greek dramatist celebrated for his passionate theatre (so unlike Sophocles or Aeschylus) gave us insight into Medea's fury as an understandable rage against betrayal and lies. In a sense, he defended the Majesty of her Fury as a Woman of Power (she was the daughter of King Aeëtes of Colchis, hence a Princess as well as a Witch) who would not accept what she clearly experienced to be the patriarchal condescencion of the Greeks once she had to live in disgrace among them with her Greek husband, Jason. In the opera as in Euripides play, Medea is depicted as a remarkable synthesis of the ordinary Woman, devoted Mother, betrayed Wife and some kind of supernatural Goddess force. She becomes a living embodiment of the phrase "Hell hath no fury like a Woman scorned". But she's not simply a jealous woman or even a Witch. After all, it was she who led Jason to the fabled 'Golden Fleece' of occult, third eye lore. She's the Archetypal Force of the Divine Feminine in its catabolic (Hecate-Kali) mode.  A FURY of NATURE, a living personification of the Greek Eumenides  -a symbol of what the poet, Robert Bly, called "The Teeth Mother Naked At Last"!

In her Texas Medea (November 6, 1958)

Dallas 1958

Callas gave what is historically recognized to have been her greatest performance of the role, one of those performances which ran like a golden thread throughout her entire career, a performance in which she transcended mere operatic singing to become (like Medea) a veritable embodiment of the terrifying aspect of Feminine Force.

Maria Callas, it might be argued, was a Witch herself!  And I don't mean that in any  -'the Diva throws a dramatic Tantrum'-  sense, but in a Tantric and Occult sense. Her voice literally became (on any number of celebrated occassions) an occult instrument for public healing, a transformative vibrational force capable of inducing actual physical-psychological changes in her 'audience'. Through operatic heroines like Norma, Gilda, Gioconda, and Medea Callas could access the power of the Spirit -or, if you will, the Divine- and carry her listeners along with her straight into that ecstatically healing realm by way of the vibratory (occult) power of her voice. Medea does not simply Rage with Fury, she pleads, implores, beseeches, prays and reminds us all of the higher call of the soul toward honesty, virtue, and Nobility of forthright Action. When Callas performed the role in Dallas (though it was Greek in attitude and Italian-French in its operatic style) she became a sublimely spellbinding figure incessantly moving to and fro upon the stage. Even when she wasn't moving she was moving because she was that extremely rare kind of performer who could embody in a perfectly still and statuesque pause the feeling of a whirlwind force momentarily suspended in its fierce rush toward determined action. And from that stance of poised intensity her most minimal gesture might convey the soothing feel of the Moonrise, the terrifying force of the Curse, or the shocking power of the Lightning Bolt. 

So, Callas performed Medea in Texas, the 'cowboy' state from which Jones broadcasts his urgent wake up calls to America. Let's give Texas a break here, cut it some metaphysical slack! There's nothing wrong with cowboys and guns that isn't wrong with Opera as well! Alex with his operatic, larger-than-life and raucously emphatic Mars function may be just the antidote Americans need now that our collective National Mars Function has turned Retrograde. That astrological fact clearly warns us ALL that as Americans we need to re-examine our attitude towards Mars, -and the guns, anger, and action it represents. Our Retrograde American Mars function too easily becomes a collective and widespread lack of motion, an entropic collapse out of action into apathy. Sure, let the Feds take away our guns and bullets along with our opera tickets as well. Only crazy, wildly eccentric people need guns and opera!

But an apathetic people are a servile people lacking personal integrity and willingly subject to the criminal atrocities their leaders are thereby free to commit against other sovereign Nations and their own fellow citizens at home. America has become such a Nation and Alex Jones rants and raves about it demanding to know of us WHERE is our Anger, our OUTRAGE, and WHEN shall we take ACTIONS to correct the situation. Will some Eastern Establishment psychiatrist come along claiming he suffers from an "Oedipus Complex"?  Suggest he take a hit of Xanax?  Prozac?  Calm himself down?  Rudolph Bing can't dismiss Jones from the public airwaves. He's dead.

Anger, rage, earnest pleading and intensity are publicly known vocal expressions Jones and Callas both have in common. Of course, I'm not suggesting that Alex can sing opera or that his voice is conventionally musical in any way. But curiously, Callas -like Jones- was born with her own Chiron (Wounded-Healer) function in the Mars ruled energy-field of Aries. Both of them share a kind of non-reflective because vocally spontaneous Courage.  She expressed hers primarily on stage singing opera, he expresses his publicly on air as a talk show host. Though she's dead and he's still very much alive their mutually shared Chiron wound in Aries speaks of a willingness to take risks rooted in a fierce love for 'voicing truth' in the moment. Callas, like Jones, could and did express her directly blunt Aries Energy quite forcefully in public causing her to be widely misunderstood, accused of a kind of crudeness that was actually the very antithesis of her true nature. But the world of opera became a far better one precisely because she took the vocal risks she did, and I think it quite possible that America might yet become a far better place because of the risks Alex Jones (and those he inspires toward taking action) take daily on the airwaves. I have astrological reasons for my (seemingly bizarre) judgement-call in this regard. Reasons extending beyond the fact that Mister Jones is born as was Miss Callas with his Chiron function in Aries. Reasons that have nothing to do with Texas, per se, though they have much to do with the location of Mars at his birth.

Jones is born not only with Mars in challenging Square aspect to both his Jupiter and Sun but all three of these planets are in Sesquisquare aspect with his Natal PLUTO in Libra. The resulting triangular relationship between these planetary forces points to Pluto in Libra as the focal point of his highly restless and dynamically active role as Public Teacher-Prophet. Since Pluto is the symbol of overwhelmingly catabolic forces and Libra is the sign of Justice and Law his birth chart suggests that he's "destined" to be a catabolic teacher in the realms of public relations, justice and politics. He's born to shake-up the "status-quo". Born to challenge the collective and specifically political-social forces of Libran Law. Should you listen to his broadcasts you will directly experience this man's Voice as a Public Teacher-Prophet strenuously urging the People of the World to awaken to the dangers of the beast we all know as the "New World Order". He warns of a coming Global Police State composed of an Elite of Political Bankers seeking to impose a kind of miltarized-homogenized uniformity upon all the Free People of the Earth, a collection of characters like the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, the "Germanic Death Cults" and/or the "Luciferians". He insists on the facts he uncovers almost daily, and provides extensive evidence to prove that these people operate under veils of what he calls "occultic" secrecy. They are definitely up to no good. In fact, he frequently denounces them as human embodiments of "Satanic Evil". 

I suggest that you take these charges seriously and refrain (if you're so inclined) from laughing out loud. I realize it's not easy to do this when hearing, as one frequently does, the rousingly loud and 'molto agitato' chords from Herr Wagner's "Ride Of The Valkyries" or the percussive beat of the "Darth Vader" leitmotif from Spielberg's Star Wars both alternately and repetitively sounding in the background before, during, and after Alex speaks. I know it's a bit "over-the-top" conjuring up, as it does, images from Coppola's Apocalypse Now mixed with Spielberg's army of robotic clones all accompanied by Robert Duvall declaiming how he loves "the smell of Napalm in the Morning" ... not to mention Brando's unforgettable groan about the "Horror, the Horror!" 

But is that so surprising coming from a man like Jones born with the Iron of Mars challenging the Brass of Jupiter both of them pounding the combined earth and air of Taurus-Aquarius? No, it's precisely what you'd expect: loud, militant, and emphatically rhythmical. It's the force of Mars energetically buoyed up by the expansiveness of Jupiter dramatically emphasizing the need for ACTION. The Teacher Jupiter thumping the beat that inspires the Warrior Mars. It's meant to get your juices flowing, to excite you as the listener. It's full of the hot flavor of Mexican chilis mixed with the sorcery of Medea. Rarely is the tone of the show relaxed, calm, or reasonable and when it is that's usually because Alex is trying to be respectful to the guests he interviews. But the man can't go too long before he's interrupting in his seemingly insatiable need to reestablish the cadence of his own voice whipping us all up into yet another urgent frenzy. Clearly he enjoys the rhythmical process, -even if some of his listeners might not. As with the opera Medea, it's the sustained pitch and frenzied tessitura of his work which is so demanding as to exhaust and finally even repel his listeners. Most of us can only listen to such a performance for an hour at most before we turn it off fearing literal brain damage!


A three or four hour one-man broadcast  amounts to a form of spoken monologue, a kind of "a cappela" music, and the fact is that all music by its very nature is both invisible and persuasive  -a mood-altering, occult force. The very kind of 'occultic' force Alex (and following in his footsteps far too many other 'Truthers') unwaveringly denounce. Obviously he and his cohorts do not care to grasp the essential meaning of the word:"occult".  It's only among them that I ever hear the term "occultic" voiced, a term they seem to use whenever they mean dirty, filthy, secretive, nefarious and "Satanic". But there is something in the classically daemonic repetitiveness of such broadcasters, something in their unrelenting vocal pace which tends to undermine their effectiveness as communicators because no matter what facts they try to convey their frenetic voices (interrupted by equally frenetic paid commercials) frequently resolve themselves into harsh sonic impressions of chaos which dull the soul. They seem possessed by the 'genius' of their 'daemons' and when they are American Christians of the male sex and the caucasian race the meaning of words like genius, occult, and daemon easily elude them -we're not talking about Einstein and the Devil here, we're talking about our own attendant 'spirits', our 'familiars' easily able to infect us with their 'divine' afflatus, their ability to literally blow us away by using our own hot air to inflate us. The scarlet tongue that wags the dog.

So let's return to scarlet Mars, (the planetary force that heats the blood and governs the muscle called the tongue) with its sesquisquare relationship to Pluto in Alex Jones' birth chart. It's an astrological indicator of powerful energy flowing between his personal ego drive (Mars) and the relationship that drive has with his own and the collectively combined unconscious forces (Pluto) operating within the Libran realm of political law and social customs. Pluto's Power expressing through Libra's desire for Justice and Fairness warns of a person inclined to go to ruthless extremes when driven by an outraged sense of social injustice. The problem is that Pluto isn't just the astrological symbol of the Unconscious, it's also the very Roman form of the Greek God, Hades, the Dark Lord of the Underworld and Ruler of the Realm of Death. Once the Christians burst onto the pages of history Hades was immediately turned into Hell and Pluto became the Christian embodiment of Satan, the Christian Devil. Alex Jones is a self-proclaimed Christian so we must inquire of ourselves: how can he as a professed Christian consciously navigate and usefully integrate the Pluto force of his own and the public collective Unconscious  ...unless he shakes hands with the Devil?  


Pluto-Hades as Lord Of The Underworld owned all the gold, silver, diamonds, oil, and everything else mined from within and below the Taurus Earth; he was the very God of Wealth, the richest of all the Gods. The Elite Plutocracy who (as Alex incessantly warns us) seek to establish the hideous "New World Order" are the richest folks on the planet controlling all the secretive "occultic" games played by the International Banking Cartels. Does this mean that money is nothing other than an "occultic" expression of Satanic Power?  The popular street expression would have it that "Money is the root of all Evil" But Alex seems to do quite well financially speaking so I doubt he sees money as "evil" or "Satanic". Given that he's born with his ego drive (Mars) operating through Taurus and his Venus function (Desire; which rules that Taurus energy-field) operating through the political-business sign of Capricorn located in his Natal Solar 8th House of investments, financial collaborations, loans and the like we can assume he's very practical and "earthly" as far as money goes. He's inclined to keep a sharply grounded financial eye out for himself, his family, and his friends. When we toss in the sesquisquares from his Jupiter and Sun to Pluto's Absolute Wealth we are looking at a highly restless and energetic Teacher-Prophet who is also (and even especially) a potentially powerful businessman and Entrepreneur



Just as the Teacher-Prophet 'sells' his beliefs to the public, so does the enthusiastic Entrepreneur passionately push the sale of gold coins and the need for 'patriots-truthers' to buy packets of seeds and caches of food from his sponsors. Gotta stock up for the inevitable coming of the Police State, the Fema Camps. Gotta be prepared to survive the Corporate Shadow Government's deliberate poisoning of our drinking water, our genetically engineered crops, our chemtrailed air not to mention their fully documented plans for Population Reduction by way of Eugenics and mandatory vaccinations. That Shadow Government's use of anthrax, aids, bio-weaponized bird and swine flu, ebola and a host of other vilely concocted biowarfare weapons is no secret to the informed listeners of the Jones' Show. Is it anything other than just 'natural' then that Alex's sponsors are eager and willing to sell us just those things we will need to survive the Prophet's Prophecies? We all know just how profitable prophecy can be.

Is there a '
conspiracy' operating within this 'conspiracy group' aimed at profiting a secret 'cabal' of 'patriot' and Libertarian Capitalist Christian insiders? 

Despite the Idealism of his Jupiter conjunct Sun in Aquarius, we must remember that Alex is born with Venus in Capricorn in the 8th house of his Solar Natal chart. Venus in Capricorn is indicative of love of and desire for recognition in the Saturn ruled realm of the politics of business which Capricorn controls. It's presence therein insists on his very Saturn like interest in money and politics as those two issues tend to dominate his 8th house experiences, and those 8th house experiences refer to investors and investments as well as inheritances both physical and psycho-spiritual or occult. Furthermore that Venus function forms a waning quincunx aspect to Alex's Saturn in Gemini found conjunct to his South Lunar Node.
The quincunx is a 150 degree angle indicative of uneven energetic flow and hence stressfully induced need for adjustment between the forces of Venus and Saturn found in the energy-fields of Capricorn and Gemini. Alex, consequently, has a pronounced but insecure (because stressfully-quincunx induced) need to be taken seriously as a communicator who speaks with "absolute" Saturnian authority.

All this Saturn and Capricorn energy in his psyche seriously tempers Mister Jones' idealism revealing that it coexists with a pronounced personal desire focused on wanting both commercial and political approval/success in his life. There can be an exaggerated or even at times worshipfully excessive reliance upon authoritarian father figures and business partners as well as a very, very masked but ultra-conservative regard for the traditions of the status-quo. It's a real need to be respectful toward one's elders, too, as can be seen in the way Alex interviewed the aging Gore Vidal. It also appears in the extreme and at times fawning reverence he personally displays and publicly encourages toward the Texas Republican Congressman, Ron Paul.

His actual Saturn function of focus, contraction, and boundaries being in Gemini (which rules the lungs, hence Saturnian contraction often occurs in his lungs producing shallow breathing) colors all his personal, business, and political desires with an intense focus on Gemini facts and data as expressed through the written and spoken word. This is why the importance of "authoritative" (but actually only Saturnian) texts such as the Bible and the Constitution are so important to Alex and so many of his followers. Saturn is always trying to carve words into everlasting stone when he expresses his authority as old "Father Time" in the verbal/written energy field of Gemini. But what all this boils down to is that Alex Jones is probably feeling quite breathlessly driven to build an income through an 8th house business of Gemini-Saturn communications. It's a political communications business requiring investors or collaborators and marked by traditional status-quo values rooted in the frequently hidden or private 'underworld' 8th house nature of business exchanges.
What are the long term goals, intentions, and agendas of Alex Jones and his business partners? Why don't most of his "radical" or "revolutionary" listeners/followers ever seem to ask those questions?

Well, because Alex deflects such questioning away from himself and what they see is what he wants (Venus) them to see which is his revolutionary Uranus function in Libra. Look how it is challengingly squared by Venus in 8th house Capricorn. This square/challenge is another waxing square and therefore, Venus is the initiator of the challenge she makes to Uranus.  Venus, imbued with the love for focus on authoritative boundaries conferred upon her by the Saturn ruled energy field of Capricorn attempts to steady and control the otherwise free-wheeling Uranus and can most often succede. She makes Alex's wild and zany Uranus energy acceptable to his elders (8th house hidden handlers?) and business partners since she assures them that all of Uranus' otherwise radical and authority challenging impulses can be muzzled by her firm control. Alex's zany, rebellious, unconventional side is "good for business". Meanwhile, he is expert at employing his Venus in authoritative Capricorn (and, don't forget, in quincunx aspect to his Saturn in verbal Gemini) as an authoritatively deflective tool steering callers on his radio show away from questions he does not care for them to ask. If they persist, he protests that he's not being authoritarian, not trying to squelch their inquiries but merely tired, exhausted, impatient with such issues. Can't they see what a sincere rebel (Uranus ) he is?  How dare anyone question his righteous quest for Liberty, his innate yearning for due respect as an authority figure! How disrespectful of us to question our fearless leader! And during such public episodes we get to witness Mister Jones' very deflectively repressive but markedly insecure Saturn side. Venus quincunx Saturn from Capricorn to Gemini showing only her challenging square to Uranus which effectively masks her strictly personal but vacillatingly insecure authoritarian cravings.

Venus can't always keep perfect control of the rebellion against the status-quo Authority of Saturn which Uranus symbolizes, so now and then one will witness flashes of genuine spiritual rebellion in Alex Jones. And pretty consistently anyone immediately in his physical (or even radio) presence will feel the extremely sudden mood swings he's subject to, and taste the sting of abrupt reversals he's capable of expressing as to what he really wants, needs, or desires. There's a physical tension amounting to strain on his Venus ruled thyroid gland causing noticeable changes, for instance, in the physical texture of his voice as his erratic glandular secretions effect changes in his larynx. Vocal strain, nervous tension, hyper activity followed by the reverse. One hears all this in his choice of music for his shows as well as in his characteristically abrupt plunges from urgent political speech into equally, indistinguishably urgent but often pre-recorded commercials. Too much charging bull in that Mars driven Taurus horn of his, not enough chewing cow!

Personally, I get very tired of hearing blaring commercials by rich white men urging me to buy this or that just to make them even richer. Ted Anderson, Ron Paul and Alex Jones are a lot better off financially speaking than most of the "patriots" they keep appealing to for support. And I hear tell of something called the new "Liberty Movement" which these men may be part of. ("Never end a sentence with a preposition ..." Sorry! That's the echo of the voice of the Catholic Nun who taught me in grammar school!)  Anyway, this new version of the "Liberty Movement" is said to be essentially caucasian and capitalist and I find concerns about it raised on the internet at sites like where I read disturbing ideas such as this expressed in a solid essay called: "Of Tea Parties and Patriots: Liberty for Who?" and (though that same Nun is bitching that the proper form of the word should be "whom") here's a quote from the essay:

"Our allegiances to these leaders, to people like Ron Paul, to people like Alex Jones, our acceptance of their white populist talk, our willingness to attack migrants, to disrupt attempts to provide healthcare to working class people, our willingness to cling to these ideas of the “other” liberty, the protection of property and not of people, are the biggest reasons that we are doomed to continue to live this way. We will continue to live paycheck to paycheck (at least those of us that have jobs) and in constant fear of eviction or foreclosure. We will continue to have to choose between new schoolbooks for our kids or dinner for the whole family. We will continue to see our retirement funds looted, our world destroyed, and our family members being killed in wars. And we will continue to not be able to do anything about it, unless we change our strategy and direction."
The author of that article doesn't give his name but signs off with an email address as "johnbrown". Not altogether reassuring (does his body lie a-mouldering in the grave?)  And I'm not at all convinced that Ron Paul and Alex Jones can be described simply as white populists, even if they do say they admire and support the John Birch Society! Maybe they're both just afraid of having a "morality meltdown"!

But surely
Ted Anderson knows that when King Midas got his wish everything he touched turned into gold.

That 'everything' included
his very own daughter as well as the food he tried to eat. Is his friend, Alex Jones, on the menu? Or is Alex just another Libertarian Conservative with a mighty bullhorn ("Tyranny Crusher") and a confused but Capitalist personal agenda?

To be sure,"The Shadow Knows" but he's Pluto the "Devil" and Alex as a professed Christian dare not consult the Devil -at least not consciously, but Unconsciously  -ah well, that's the secret (sacred) trade (money) market which Mister Jones and the Christian Patriots face. Or has Capitalism finally become the capstone of the never-to-be-questioned pyramid of weighty dogma which is modern Christianity? The old adage tells us that the Devil is in those Details!  Precisely. The Bible of the Christians begins with the Book Of Genesis broadcasting a Tale which culminates in Armageddon when suddenly the station goes off the air and all is Termination. Not even Ted Anderson survives the Apocalypse trumpeted by the Angels and let loose by the Four Dreaded Horsemen and their preordained War Of Terror! Talk about a "Power Hour"!!!

What we are considering at this point in our brief analysis of Alex Jones' birth chart is the formidable role he plays as a Public Teacher-Profit whose outreach is focused on the social mores, laws, and customs of Libra as they express his own and the Collective Unconscious centered in Pluto the planet occupying the apex of the triangular energy vector operative between Mars, Jupiter, the Sun and itself. (That's not a 'twitter' kind of sentence, you'll have to read it slowly a couple of times!) This triangular configuration (scroll back up and take a look at it, -it's the pyramid triangle with a red line at the base and two golden lines for its ascending sides) has been labeled by the late Dane Rudhyar as a "Finger Of The World" configuration indicative of dynamic social outreach rooted in the personal need to actively share and disseminate some kind of Publicly needed Vision or Teaching. Alex is the man "chosen" by the "world" (or choosing for himself) to shake up and arouse the social collective (that's all of us) toward Plutonian change. That means he needs to publicly expose the "Underworld" of Pluto, he needs to probe into collective social secrets and taboo Plutonian realms. It warns him to be careful of seduction (through craving too much Power) into such realms as well!

Accordingly, Jones leaped into the public internet eye in a big (if sensational) way back in July of 2000 when he managed to furtively videotape footage inside the notoriously secretive Bohemian Grove and then have it made into a video production "virally" promoted all across the internet. It's narrated by Alex and purports to reveal the "secrets" of the Elite who meet in the Grove once a year. But after viewing it one might understandably feel more perplexed than before as to just what those "secrets" actually are. All we see is a (predominantly out of focus) bunch of people watching a bizarre theatrical style ritual they choose to call "The Cremation Of Care" performed by a handful of men in the forest at night. Nevertheless, it's a distinctly Plutonian event and Alex's filming and distribution of the resultant tape(s) attests to how his "Finger Of The World" configuration operates in his life. But what "vision" or "teaching" does his production embody and disseminate?  Is Alex's own "shadow function" or Unconscious shaping his vision, teaching, and "mission" and if so in what ways?

I have watched two tapes Alex made from this footage: "The Order Of Death" and "Dark Secrets; Inside Bohemian Grove". Since I can't afford to buy these tapes from his website I'm watching them off various other websites where they are posted free of charge
and with Alex's encouragement but in lower quality. I state this to be fair and let you know the context in which I'm commenting on their quality. While these free downloads are not of highest quality they are good enough to give anyone with a discerning eye a fair idea as to the quality of the originals. Technically, they are among the weakest of his productions containing as they do his own "Blair Witch" project of poorly lit, out of focus, and mostly shaking camera footage. The live audio is often and understandably atrocious except for his studio voice-over narration which is perfectly clean and clear. But what that narration does is to "instruct" the viewer as to what she/he is seeing and what Alex thinks it means.

To his credit, he intuitively knows these proceedings are comparable to the goings on during "initiations" inside the "crypt" of the Skull & Bones Society at Yale and he says so. But, of course, we the Public have nothing but equally (actually much worse) video-sound footage of those proceedings to view. Consequently, we are offered a mish-mash of images and sounds which does very little to increase our objective understanding of Bohemian Gove, the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, or the Skull & Bones Society. We do get to see the infamous sculpture of the OWL named Molech at the Grove but then we have to listen to Alex's superstitious pronouncements insisting that the Owl is essentially a symbol of Satanic EVIL! This is a bit too much to take! It's thoroughly ignorant and reminiscent of the Christian Biblical superstition that equates the Snake with Satan in the fabled "Garden Of Eden"

In these exposés Alex seems to be projecting his personal Christian Shadow onto Mother Nature in the centuries long tradition of the majority of Christians all around the globe. Early in his Bohemian Grove footage we witness him plucking what is either a wild blackberry or raspberry off a bush and popping it into his mouth exclaiming about the "fruits and bounty of Nature", but then he instantly asserts (looking into the watching camera toward his 'Christian-Patriot' audience) that he doesn't "worship" Nature!

Well, let's hope not. Nature has no desire (nor does 'She' as 'Goddess' or 'Mother Nature' require) to be "worshipped".

But far too many Christians, Muslims, and Hebrews do require "worship" of their monotheistic Father God and his only Son, Jesus Christ. What kind of 'God' could possibly want or encourage "worship" from his "devotees"? No kind. Worship is something only required by deviant humans seeking power over each other. Worship is the tool of Priests and their Religions demanding subservient obedience from their followers toward the Dogma they assert and must defend as the source and reason for their very income and existence. It legitimizes in their eyes their otherwise often incomprehensible behaviour. Alex Jones becomes highly excited during his vocal narrative (public teaching) about the events unfolding at Bohemian Grove insisting that what his camera shows us of "The Cremation Of Care" is not the poorly executed and extremely campy theatre production that we actually witness but a demonic, satanic, and "occultic" activity (whether literal or symbolic or both) of humans worshipping and sacrificing infants to Molec-Moloc the 45 foot Owl Idol in the infamous redwood grove. Does Mister Jones really expect us to believe that because these guys huddled in the dark are watching this ridiculous travesty of outdoor opera-comique replete with 4th of July fireworks they are also actually involved in worshipping Satan and infanticide?

For a far more informative and accurate evocation of how, why, and under what conditions 'Bohemian Grove' types (by which I mean members of groups like 'Skull & Bones', 'Scientology', the 'Council On Foreign Relations', the 'Bilderbergers' ad infinitum) employ occult ritual one might watch Stanley Kubrick's film, "Eyes Wide Shut" paying particular attention to Kubrick's use of music and the scene at the "Mansion" during the 'Masked Ball' as well as the Party in the opening scenes.


The word "worship" etymologically derives from numerous other words mankind has employed throughout the ages to convey the idea of "shaping worth". In the Old Testament of the Christian-Hebrew Bible worship is accompanied by and often synonomous with "sacrifice". The primary voice-over "teaching" Alex semi-erroneously imparts in his Boehmian Grove tapes is that only ancient worshippers of Molech sacrificed infant children to the Owl Idol by burning them alive in its arms (or bowels or on its altars) as an act of 'worship'. But the facts are that Molech-Moloch was more often depicted as a composite bull-goat-demon Idol than as an Owl, that the Hebrews fell to worshipping a Golden Calf, and that Yahweh-Jehova -the God of that Bible- demanded of his follower, Abraham, that he sacrifice
(murder) and burn his only Son Isaac in order to obediently worship Yahweh. Talk about a "Morality Meltdown" !

Of course, it turned out at the last minute that Yahweh was only "kidding" and Isaac escaped sacrificial death at the hands of his father just in the nick of time. But in this Biblical Tale we see the ongoing relationship between worship and sacrifice that permeates religions and continues to this day in the unhealthy disfigurement of the human body through practices such as circumcision. Yahweh, after all, "told Abraham to circumcise himself, his household and his slaves as an everlasting covenant in their flesh. Those who were not circumcised were to be 'cut off' from their people" (Genesis 17:10-14)  Sounds like the Roman Catholics and their absurd practice of "excommunication".

Yahweh-Jehovah-Yaldaboath, the supposed Father of Jesus
, is himself Moloch according to the gnostics, and those who join in this "Divine" Father-Son covenant are all members of a secret "occultic" society committed to both sacrifice and worship. American Christians have been among the strongest supporters of Moloch through their allegiance to America's "sacrifice" of the lives of hundreds of thousands (in point of fact, considerably over two million) Iraqis and Afghanis. These are the real human beings sacrificed to our monstrous Idol,
"The War On Terror" which isn't shaped like an Owl and exists primarily in our demented minds. Consumers of Christianity and Capitalism will consume just about anything fed to them with a Bible, a Dollar Bill, or a Flag. They continuously sacrifice themselves  to blind and unthinking obedience. It's what they believe in, it's their Consumer's Faith!

But Worship and Sacrifice are human, mental constructs of a very dangerous kind continuously (historically) encouraged by Priests, Bankers, and Politicians in order to further their own usually quite financial and wealth-worshipping desires. If we want to understand the "occultic" nature of "demonic" black magic we need look no further than the daily religious (Latin, from the verb: religio-religere, to bind back) rituals taking place in banks, churches, and on Wall Street. We are all being asked to "sacrifice" our wealth and well-being for the benefit of Wall Street, the Corporate Federal Reserve, and every other confederation of scam artists who comprise the Global Corporate Capitalist Elite. Thank you, Jesus!

Yes, their lesser minions hang out in places like Bohemian Grove. Yes these Bankers, Politicians, Priests, Judges and Presidents indulge in and manage our ubiquitous "free trade" in human trafficking and drugs. Yes, they are well documented practitioners of every kind of murder, torture, drug abuse and sexual sadism known to mankind but it is WE who pay them through our willing participation in their taxes, their churches, their capitalist banking system, their "secret" religious organizations and elite restaurants, "societies" and "clubs". Their Hierarchy extends down to the local chapters of our nearest friendly church or "social" club replete with its insider trading. As the old saying goes: "It's not what but who you know that counts in this world". I'll scratch your back if you'll scratch mine. Mutual worship and sacrifice. Enslavement to the religiously binding power of money. And that, my friends, is precisely who Moloch is -the God of the Holy Covenant of Filthy Lucre!

The Jewish American Gay poet, Allen Ginsberg, in a celebrated revolutionary poem beginning with the lines:
"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix, angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night..."  put his finger on the Moloch beast in HOWL:


Moloch! Moloch! Nightmare of Moloch! Moloch the loveless!
  Moloch the heavy judger of men!
Moloch the incomprehensible prison!
Moloch the crossbone soulless jail house and Congress of sorrows!
Moloch whose buildings are judgment!
Moloch the vast stone of war!
Moloch the stunned governments!
Moloch whose mind is pure machinery!
Moloch whose blood is running money! Moloch whose fingers are ten armies!
Moloch whose breast is a cannibal dynamo! 

Moloch whose ear is a smoking tomb!
Moloch whose eyes are a thousand blind windows!
Moloch whose skyscrapers stand in the long streets like endless Jehovahs!
Moloch whose factories dream and croak in the fog! Moloch whose smokestacks and antennae crown the cities!
Moloch whose love is endless oil and stone!
Moloch whose soul is electricity and banks!

Moloch whose poverty is the specter of genius!

Moloch whose fate is a cloud of sexless hydrogen!
Moloch whose name is the Mind!

One of the more disturbing aspects of Alex's public teaching, aside from his pronounced reliance upon the rhythmic, repetitive, and incantatory style of invective he favors, is his tendency to create a veritable mélange of loosely woven facts and speculation all mixed together and rushing forward like froth on the breathless stream of his own voice. Far too often he talks with such rapidity that anyone truly listening finds himself exhausted, breathing shallowly, and mentally gyrating from one loose association to another trying to fill in the missing pieces. These problematic traits pepper his narration on both his productions dealing with Bohemian Grove. The result is that while the tapes communicate a great deal of intensity they are far too replete with melodrama and lack of objective information to be pragmatically informative. They cater to the sensationalist Anglo-American-Christian phobia about rituals, nightime, darkness, sex and Satan. 

Bohemian Grove is not an evil place because of the faux stone statue of Moloc all hollowed out inside, nor because of the unfocused, sloppy theatrical known as "The Cremation Of Care". It's an evil place because men of great wealth and political influence but little if any consideration toward others gather there to celebrate their varying and comparable agendas. It's an evil place because pathological men obsessed with the power and control that secrecy can afford them come together there to celebrate their mutually pathological deals, -both economical and political deals which subsequently, secretly, and adversely affect all the rest of the people of the world. Accusations have been made within the "Christian Patriot" movement that Alex Jones and Genesis Communications were involved in their own complex cover-up of secret deals in that same year of 2000. These "deals" concerned accusations that Jones and Ted Anderson of Midas Enterprises betrayed the confidence placed in them by one John Joseph Gray and his wife and kids who were apparently holding off the local Texas "authorities" involved in a "siege" on their home. While Alex had no trouble "exposing" the secrets of Bohemian Grove he appears to be far less than expository concerning the deal he was making during that same period with Mister Gray and ABC's 20/20 news program. It's been almost a decade now and still Alex has not publicly posted, as far as I'm able to determine, a much needed personal response to these allegations which undercut his public credibility. It's an example of his inevitable Pluto in Libra involvement with the Underworld or the makers and breakers of secret financial deals. The dark allure of these realities is part and parcel of Mister Jones' "Finger Of The World". By refusing to publicly address this accusation we might be so bold as to say Alex is busy conducting his own private "Cremation Of Care". 

Possibly the entire sordid episode is just a "conspiracy theory" directed against another "conspiracy theorist" and Alex Jones has already clarified the whole thing. If he has done so I sincerely apologize for bringing it up because, while I am interested in critically examining his Public Persona, I have no desire to "trash" the man.  I appreciate his public work.

Meanwhile, though the shenanigans Alex shows on his Grove tapes may well be what he dubs "occultic" they reveal nothing whatsoever of a genuine Occult nature since Occultism is not about hiding and secrecy but about studying and analyzing the nature of subtle, invisible forces and how they interact.  It's the very nature of such subtly invisible forces to be invisible to the physical sensory apparatus of most of mankind. That's the only reason we call them occult. It's not that these forces are deliberately hidden away from people by somebody or something, but that to "see" such forces and energies in action one must develop more subtle visual, aural, spiritual, and psychological acuity than the average person cares to explore. These are occult forces only in the sense that they are "veiled" not hidden, in the sense that they are seen now by most folks "through a glass, darkly". If Bankers and Priests have anything to say about it, most folks will continue to see darkly through that "glass"! Occultism, in other words, is not the same thing as secrecy nor are those two words synonymous.

may be defined as the "scientific" approach to Spirit, the techno-study of how we interact with powerful but unseen and conscious energies and they with us. There is nothing inherently evil in Occultism. How is it that Alex Jones apparently cannot distinguish between occultism and Satanism, does not penetrate to the real essence of the evil taking place at Bohemian Grove, confuses and sidetracks both himself and his viewers with a whole lot of spooky mumbo-jumbo about "demonic rituals"? 

I'm not arguing that "genuine" Satanic-Demonic rituals do not take place among the kinds of people who frequent places like Bohemian Grove, I'm just pointing out that a fifth rate boy scout campfire cum atrociously executed outdoor operetta simply cannot be passed off as such a ritual. Occult rituals of every and any serious kind are by definition highly focused and must be carefully executed. There is no power whatsoever in the campy goings-on Alex managed to videotape at Bohemian Grove because they are sloppier and sillier than the worst of Hollywood B-Movie Thrillers and can function as little more than peculiar entertainment. That is probably why they are presented at the Grove, -to mask the real activities which undoubtedly take place there. They are rather obviously crafted as distracting entertainment for the confused potential inductees invited to hob-nob with the real "killers" at the "Grove" and they are an intrinsic insult and attack on the 'Living Spirits Of The Forest', as well as the ancient Redwoods of the area.

Genuine occultism is rooted in the forces of Nature and of Nature's Psyche and cannot be effectively accessed without a real sense of awe toward and respectful interaction with the energetic forces we call life and death, spirits and god. In astrological terms, the ability to sense and communicate with and about Invisible Forces is largely a question of one's personal attunement to the invisible realms of the planet Neptune. Let's look at Alex's attunement to that realm.



For almost any person educated within the pseudo-scientific canons of Western Culture, the realm of Neptune is nearly impossible to understand. We are trained to see it purely as "make-believe", we deride it mockingly as esacapism into what we erroneously label as "just imagination" ... "O, she only imagined that, it's not Real!"  In other words, the Ocean's waves are just water. They really aren't Neptune's watery steeds! 

Real horses can't gallop about in the depths of the ocean.  Imagination isn't "realistic".

For us, Neptune is merely a tricky game of fantasy having no substance to it, fit only for the minds of children and the mentally disturbed or socially incompetent. We are taught to regard anyone who takes imagination seriously as a born 'loser', someone who can't deal with hard-nosed Reality. Reality, for us, always begins with the Capital R of Reason. Reality is Reasonable. Everyone knows it "pays" to be Reasonable. But Imagination isn't reasonable, so it simply doesn't "pay" to be imaginative. It's just being unrealistic. Unless, of course, we want to use Imagination
in a perfectly 'reasonable' way and in a 'reasonable' field of endeavor such as politics, banking, or the stock market to trick somebody who's gullible! But that's not Imagination, that's just cheating and lying. Those two perversions skirt about like slimy gollums on the fringes of Neptune's realm. Still, we cleverly justify them as 'reasonable' since they're only pretend (just cute little 'white lies') and they catch us reasonable (if smelly) profits. 

Imagining is not pretending, nor is it the same as lying. 

Unwilling to discern and honor such differences we dare not venture past the solemn gates of Reason and cannot access the true depths of Neptune's realm. So it becomes the realm of the shadowy unknown for us, accessible only to our subconscious "shadow" personality. That's the notoriously hidden part of our personality that we hide because we don't approve of it, or we think "society" or others will not approve of it. It's our "bad" self. It's lazy. It's "temptation" and we associate it with every form of dysfunctionality such as alcoholism, drug addiction, sadism, masochism, and the victim psychology of the lost "sinner" or the depraved fool. We have no faith in our imagination because we fear it, and as long as we do so fear it we have no faith in ourselves, each other, or the World itself. All we can use it for is "pretending", for tricking each other into lies: America is the
land of the free and the home of the brave! 

Notice that by typing that sentence I didn't lie to you, I just didn't tell you the truth!

Neptune is the realm of Faith in the spiritually creative faculty of Imagination. In Neptune's realm faith means trusting the Imagination of Spirit open to the love felt through sharing, through honoring an Invisible Bond that connects everyone to everything else. The Trident of Neptune culminates in the three prongs of imagination, trust, and love. It's a symbol for the unity of faith felt as a mutually conscious and caring awareness between all and everything. It's what we humans gawkingly point to as agape or absolute unconditional love. It floats in the air and swims in the seas. It permeates all boundaries and borders, creates and dissolves all forms, rides the Dragon's breath as the Shape Shifter, is the Master of Illusion and the Mother of Ecstasy. It's essence is invisible, unspeakable, and intangible. All you need is Love when you trust in Neptune, and when you don't all you get is fear. Pervasive fear. Illusory fear. Faithlessness, Trickery and Lies.
All you get is the actual absence of Neptune, it's "dark side". Confusion. Lots of lust but no love at all. Feelings of being isolated, cut-off and alone. Hopelessness. You feel its force as decay. Dissolution. Nothing inside and Nothing outside. Zilch. Nada. Nyet. No. Life's a bitch and then you die. The End, fade out to black.

Alex Jones was born while the planet Neptune was transiting through Sagittarius, the sign of  the Truth Seeker  ...and the righteous promoter, the zealot, the used car salesman, the preacher!  His imagination is most active in these areas of his life. He seeks faith in himself and in those he loves by yielding to the call of Neptune and preaching faith in the truth. He puts his heart and soul into believing in this search for truth, and because his Jupiter function which rules Sagittarius is in the collective humanitarian sign of Aquarius at his birth and conjunct his Sun, Alex imagines we are all Truth Seekers. He wants to trust and be trusted. He wants to uplift and be uplifted. He wants to celebrate humanity's Faith in itself. This cannot be contested.  It's evident in the man's birth chart, it's astrologically True! 

Unfortunately, and as is the case with most of us, Alex's Neptune function does not go unchallenged at his birth. Complications arise.

symbol of his speech and brain was just separating from an exactly challenging square aspect to Neptune at the time and just five days later Mercury turned backward upon itself in retrograde motion. But his Mercury function is found expressing itself through the sign of Pisces, the very energy-field 'ruled" by Neptune!  This is a fascinating kettle of fish. It depicts a man whose rational brain and verbal expression (Mercury) are naturally attuned in a stressful and challenging manner (square aspect) to the oceanic and mutable waters of Neptune's imaginative realm. A man who thinks and speaks intuitively through feelings. A man through whom the three-pronged Spirit of Neptune wishes to speak of love, trust, and creative Imagination.

But the imagination of Neptune is operating through the religious beliefs of Sagittarius easily endowing the dogmas and teachings of religion with its own invisible but numinous spirituality. His naturally intuitive brain (Mercury in Pisces) struggles with it's wide-open susceptibility to the highly charged and often mystical 'feel' of Religion (Neptune in Sagittarius). He is prone, therefore, to confuse religious values with spiritual ones and to seek escape from any mental confusion he might experience by relying upon the moral-ethical teachings of religion rather than by developing his own set of values through his own intuition. (When will Christians ever understand that they did not "invent" morality or ethics and that given their long-witnessed collective behaviour they still haven't even stumbled upon such principles, -not even accidentally!)

This particular SQUARE aspect between Alex's Mercury and Neptune is what astrologers call a "waxing + separating" SQUARE wherein the emphasis of the tension in the CHALLENGE falls upon the Rational-Logical Brain's efforts to analyze and verbalize in a coherent manner the unseen, invisible but constantly felt realms of Neptune. Reason attempting to intuitively process Imagination. A call to develop DISCERNMENT, to be able to distinguish between idle fantasy and creative imagination, to be able to seperate fact from fiction, truth from lies, religion from spirituality. There is no guarantee of success here, there is just the warning that these distinctions must be made if Alex's personal Imagination is to express as a truly creative faculty of Spirit rather than a mentally confused and confusing way of superstitiously skewing the facts. It's an indicator of a mind struggling to come to grips with the heart so as to be able to hear the voice of Spirit. It's a mind that has no choice but to struggle with the shape-shifting realm of Neptune which literally 'rules' it.

Given that we are all living in the closing years of the Great Age of Pisces and its ruling planet-force Neptune, it isn't surprising that a man like Alex Jones feels he's got a "mission" to perform because he clearly does have such a "mission". The problem, in so far as there is one, is that this closing Age is thought by many to be the Age of the Christ, the Archetypal "Saviour" figure believed to have physically incarnated on Earth as the "only" Son of God and, consequently, the "God-Man" who gave birth to the last 2000 years of the viral meme known as "Christianity"

(Note the upside down, inverted position of Neptune in this collage which I'm using to depict
the Negative Neptune expression of the
Victim-Perpetrator Meme,
a form of delusional psychosis.)

Jesus was on a "mission" too, and that mission culminated in his "sacrificial death" through crucifixion required by his Father in order to "save" the human species from eternal damnation for our "sins" against Daddy God and his Ten Commandments. The Christians, his purported followers and devotees, understand Christ's gory suffering and death to have been cosmically necessary in order to usher in a Final Judgement Time (Armageddon-Apocalypse-Rapture) when He shall return again to "judge the living and the dead". This event is said to require the total destruction of the Earth followed by Jesus, the Christ (Annointed One) and his Holy Father ressurrecting ALL the dead who have been "chosen" as "saved" so they can live again eternally on a New Earth under a New Heaven -or in Heaven itself, the message is not all that clear. But the perpetual pitch of the Evangelical Christian is always the same: Are you saved, have you been baptized, born again, washed in the blood of the Sacrificial Lamb?

Spooky stuff, indeed. Fated stuff, predetermined by 'God' and much to be longed for. Unless, of course, you happen to be one of the "sinners" condemned at that final moment to suffer eternal torment in a place called HELL which this Christian-Pisces-God specifically designed for such people as yourself. I remind you that Alex publicly identifies himself as a Christian, and as one who seeks to be humble. That "being humble" isn't too easy for a guy who sees himself as the first and foremost leader of "the 9/11 Truthers" and publicly says so ....often! He repeatedly reminds us that he just trusts in the Lord.
"I'm silly and ignorant sometimes, but I've got guts and guts is enough!"  Those are words spoken over the Genesis Radio airwaves by Alex on March 10, 2009. You gotta love the guy!  Even though intestinal fortitude is no guarantee of Truth as we know since that "guts" line has been used an awful lot lately by "occultic" neo-cons, indeed by 'Satanic' Bush himself who relied on his guts to lie us into war!

It's not easy to know from his solar birth chart alone whether or not the Neptune-Pisces faith and love Alex Jones yearns to express can find a form free from the limiting and distorted constraints of his Christian religion. (Recall: Religion =
religio-religere: to bind back). Negative Pisces-Neptune is notoriously prone to producing Gods and Devils, pathetic victims and courageous martyrs, saints and sinners, Jesus and Judas, the betrayed and the betrayer. It's the Mutable Water sign of extremes of feeling, the shape-shifting but all consuming modality of changing moods easily slipping into bi-polar disorders. The right hand hardly knows what the left hand is doing. Balinese shadow theatre.

Would it be possible for a man like Alex Jones to function as a "vehicle" for the positive planetary force of Neptune without acting out what many of us perceive to be the negative, victimhood expression of the Pisces-Neptune Age? Could he free his consciousness from the highly sado-masochistic bond of the Victim-Perpetrator model witnessed in Jesus Christ and his Father?  Born with Neptune in the sign of Religion (Sagittarius) Alex tunes into his creative imagination (Neptune) by way of tuning into religion but does so in the Neptune mode of all-inclusiveness characteristic of that planet's meme. I mean, Neptune is the planet of imaginative artists, of musicians and mystics whose job is to tune-in to the Invisible and the Intangible and by identifying with that realm to literally become actual living and physical vehicles through which it may embody itself thereby making known its physical presence on Earth to all sentient beings. In order for Pisces-Neptune to know anything it must BE, BECOME, EMBODY that which it wants to know because for the all-inclusive, unconditional love of
the Shape-Shifter Neptune, ONE IS THAT WHICH ONE LOVES. One dwells SELFLESSLY in the all-inclusive realm of Agape. Or, one simply goes out of one's mind, becomes mad, possessed, is mentally deranged. Or highly deluded. Or, perhaps, just very easily deceived and used by others.

It seems to me that Alex's early 2000 video productions concerning Bohemian Grove and Yale's Skull & Bones Society clearly document his difficulty symbolized by Mercury in waxing square aspect to Neptune. He rightly intends to investigate the negative Neptunian 'mists' of the Grove where 'shape-shifting' figures conduct secretly disturbing business just as Mercury challenging Neptune must. But he was only 26 years old when he launched this project and he had been living from the age of six with a Progressed RETRORADE Mercury in Pisces until that year when by Progression Mercury turned around and began to move once again in Direct motion. It's as if at that time (extending it to a year and a half before and after April 6, 2000 when Progressed Mercury went Direct in motion) Alex Jones shifted mental gears from subjectively involved Piscean introversion to detached Aquarian extroversion (his Mercury turned Direct at 27+ degrees of Aquarius in exact Trine aspect by degree to his Natal Uranus at 27+ degrees of Libra).

All astrologers know that the years during which Mercury changes direction by progression signify years when people undergo distinct shifts in their thinking processes and their mental interests.  So, while Mister Jones' tapes of Bohemian Grove suffer, I think, from his somewhat naive failure to discern the difference between legitimate occultism and the shenanigans he recorded, there is every possibility that he will develop much greater discernment as he grows older. Particularly, it is possible that he will outgrow the superstitious attitudes instilled in him by his Christian upbringing and be able to distinguish genuine occultism from crude Satanism or Black Magic. Let's all hope so because a man born with Mercury in waxing square aspect to Neptune from Pisces to Sagittarius is a man involved in questioning the nature of the mind's fascination with mystery. It's the mind of an intuitive psychic detective, the mind of a man deeply interested in such Neptunian realms as hypnotism, mind control, and what we might call psychic contamination by pandemic viruses and mass psychosis induced through propaganda.

One would suspect that such issues will be of
increasingly paramount importance to him throughout his life and that he will develop ever more refined methods of communicating what he learns by way of a combination of electronically generated imagery and sounds.  Why do I say "electronic"?

"Tyranny Crusher"
The Famous Art Of The Costly Bullhorn

Note that Alex's Mercury function relates to his Natal Moon + Uranus conjunction in Libra by the same kind of sesquisquare aspects that Pluto forms to his Natal Sun and Mars. I mean his Mercury-Mind is directly stimulated in a similar "public-social-outreach" way. Uranus impacting the brain/mind through such a restless, dynamic aspect brings it's Aquarian electricity to bear upon that brain from the same Libran energy field wherein we find his Pluto function at birth. And the Moon, Alex's personal feeling significator is right there, too, in Libra merged with electrically shocking Uranus "causing" him to want to literally JOLT the social mores and Justice concerns of his fellow citizens into whatever he might perceive to be an "AWAKENING". Uranus is known as the "Great Awakener", the Rebel and the Fool-Shocker. Add this to the already explicated list of Mister Jones' highly energetic rabble rousing and you can perhaps feel greater sympathy for this man's often seemingly "frazzled" mental-verbal expression. Talk about an urge to share a Vision meant to shake people up!  Why, this dude is totally off the scale.

Uranus rules the cerebro-spinal system and its creation of spinal fluid as well as the fabled opening of the "Third Eye" and the firing of the synapses in the brain connecting axons to dendrites. He has the potential capacity to "re-wire" his thought practices and "burn" new grooves or synaptical firing pathways in his brain. Hence, he clearly has a capacity for breaking free from the earliest childhood emotional conditioning he received in American Christian Texas. Can you say, "Amen", brothers and sisters!

Ah, but I didn't quite get to the "electronic" issue I raised in the preceeding paragraph. Let's do it next.

This Uranus function is the force that impregnates the energy-field of Aquarius, sign of the inventor as well as the social reformer and above all else sign of the One Mind (Global Brain) so cleverly imitated and virtually mirrored by the Electronic INTERNET. Alex releases Videotapes or Digital Video Disks but not films. The images on digital video recordings are electronically recorded as electro-magnetic pulses rather than as "shadow" images fixed on film. These images/pulses can be electronically edited and shaped rather than physically cut and spliced as they must be when recorded on film. Watching a film projected through light as colored shadows dancing across a screen effects the brain far differently then does watching a DVD on a computer screen. It's a hugely different neurological experience having a vastly different physiological effect on the viewer. Our eyes process the images differently in each case. (Go here for further explication of TV Technology wherein the author of Four Arguments For The Elimination Of Television discusses his views.)

Alex, with his Mercury square Neptune (ruler of oil and the film/emulsion created from oil) and sesquisquare to Uranus (ruler of electronics and 'virtual-internet' reality) has all the skills needed to work
with imagery in both these areas and with all kinds of photography. Neptune, of course, is the ruling planet of Music as well ... but Neptune favors soft, melodic sounds rather than the shockingly dramatic rhythms and thumps of brassy Jupiter square Mars, or the shockingly driven pulsations of Uranus. Mercury is said to 'rule' all the twos in the head like the eyes, the ears, the nostrils of the nose. With Uranus sesquisquare to Mercury and Neptune squaring Mercury as well, Mister Jones has pronounced gifts for occult hearing, seeing, and smelling and these gifts cry out to be consciously, deliberately developed with intentional awareness.

Pretty ironical isn't it: I'm saying Alex is potentially and probably (in as yet unconscious but daily practice) what he calls "Occultic"!!!

Witness his latest DVD production entitled "The Obama Deception". This work is light years beyond the tapes he did on Bohemian Grove and in it he uses interviews, facts, images, sounds, improved editing, and his own creative imagination to throw light on the otherwise bizarrely unexplainable "charisma" of Barack Obama. Toning down his preference for "ranting" (though not altogether eschewing that route) he builds a solid scaffolding through which any impartial viewer can pierce beyond Mister Obama's studied rhetoric and agreeable appearance to the "shiftiness" and outright LIES that man has told and keeps on telling. He exposes, as his title declares, the Obama style of deception and its roots in the carefully prepared "career" designed for him by others. We get to calmly observe and really SEE aspects of the global "New World Order" operative behind the puppet Obama, the latest in our ongoing line of appointed "Presidents". However, the segment dealing with Barack and Hillary's presumed meeting with the Bilderbergers in the fancy hotel in Virginia is, I think, too long and only serves to dramatize Alex with his bullhorn and his appearance on the late night Coast To Coast radio program while never actually "clinching" the argument that Obama and Clinton ever showed up at the hotel. It's dramatically entertaining, what with the fire drill and all, but gives us no concrete evidence of the presence of either candidate for the Presidency actually being there in attendance. In that sense, it undermines the over all impact of the work.

But what is amazing (
from an astrological perspective) about Jones' work on "The Obama Deception" is that he is using his own Mercury square to Neptune faculties to expose a man who shares with him that same relative dynamic: Barack Obama is also born with Mercury square to Neptune. This presents students of astrology with a wonderful chance to discern differences within relative sameness, to observe the importance of signs as well as the waxing versus waning nature of the square aspect. Here are both mens charts side by side:

Dueling Banjos
Obama & Jones

One of the problems anyone born with Neptune in square aspect to Mercury has to confront is an uneasy tendency to confusing thought since the stressful square between the rational mind (Mercury) and the imagination (Neptune) signifies a confrontative challenge between the two rather than a flowing or easily integrated blend. The logical-reasonable mind thinking in terms of cause-effect (Mercury) is functioning at a sharp right angle (90 degree) tension with the non-linear imagination. Each faculty is following its rightful process but these two different processes tend to operate by challenging each other rather than by collaborating together in harmony. Of course, there's nothing "wrong" or "bad" about this it's just that the two have to come to terms with each other's different prefernces: the reasoning mind must scrutinize the imagination by subjecting it to logical tests, and the intuitive imagination must agree to this kind of linear-rational analysis and inspection. Then the order of the process reverses and the intuitive imagination must 'feel' the intention of the reasoning mind and encourage it not to simply assume it's thought is the only 'truth'! At least, that's one way we can attempt to describe what the ninety degree angle between them signifies. It's a very dynamic angular relationship and one that can positively energize both the rational mind and the intuitive imagination once the two have learned how to 'dance' together in harmony, or play together like friendly "dueling banjos".

Astrology reasonably imagines that in each challenging square between any two planets (forces) it is the faster moving and impacting force (planet) which will be responsible for activating and setting the pace of their mutual interaction. When that interaction is characterized as a challenging square it will always be the faster moving planet which initiates the "duel". Or, to change the metaphor to one of dance, it will be the faster moving planet that "leads" in the dance, and the slower which will "follow". But any serious dancer knows that to successfully lead a partner means you must sometimes yield to that partner's slower, more responsive pacing if the two of you are really going to dance together. When this kind of yielding in order to actually lead occurs between planets in square aspect to each other we are looking at what astrologers call a waning square or ninety degree angle between them, whereas when the lead dancer is actively leading the partner we are looking at a waxing square between the faster moving planet and the slower. In other words, when Mercury as the faster moving planet is ninety degrees ahead of slower moving Neptune in the sequence of zodiacal signs it is actively challenging Neptune and the rational brain must initiate a logical and reasonable questioning of the imagination, but when it is ninety degrees behind Neptune in that sequence of signs it must 'lead' by yielding to Neptune's slower pace and that means the logical mind must challenge the intuitive imagination by surrendering its lead and receptively 'listening'.

Alex Jones is born with Mercury in waxing square to Neptune whereas Barack Obama is born with Mercury in waning square to Neptune. Therefore, in a general sense we say Jones needs to actively question his intuitive imagination by means of rational thinking and careful analysis while Obama needs to actively let go of an implied excess of rational thinking in order to listen to and truthfully express his intuitive imagination. Another way to say this is that Jones needs to think more and imagine less while Obama needs to think less and imagine more. While Jones' brain, Mercury, must function through the watery energies of the mutable sign Pisces, Obama's brain is configured to operate in the fiery energies of the fixed sign Leo. Mutable indicates changeable/adaptive while Fixed indicates steady/concentrated; Jones' verbal-mental Mercury skills are submerged within the watery/oceanic waves of Neptune ruled Pisces, while Obama's verbal-mental Mercury skills are burning steadily within the fiery/solar rays of Sun ruled Leo. Alex is more inclined to speak emotionally from his feelings intuitively, while Barack is more inclined to speak boldly from a self-assured position of steady leadership. And whenever either of these two men speak or think with their rational, linear, logical brains (Mercury) they have no choice but to do so under the challenging square aspects their speech and thoughts share with regard to Neptune's force of highly active imagination.

In each case Neptune (Imagination) is under stress and when so stressed it easily shifts into it's less desirable expression of fantasy and/or sheer escapism. Negative Neptune, or Imagination under stress and challenge from the rational brain, can rapidly degenerate into evasiveness, and such evasiveness (brought about by lack of focus) can, in turn, lead to often unintended but sometimes purposeful lying. Unintentional lying, though understanable, is not desirable; but intentional lying, because deliberate, is treacherous. The unintentional liar deceives himself and others but the intentional liar knows quite well that he is only deceiving others and doing so deliberately.

In all cases where the rational brain of Mercury operates under stress from the creative imagination of Neptune the problem of what we traditionally label as Paranoia arises since the brain and the imagination can be operating separately and inharmoniously apart from each other rather than together in agreeable harmony. If one cannot trust one's own imagination one is inclined to distrust the imagination of others as well. Negatively functioning Neptune thereby creates rampant confusion within and without, and the creative faculty of imagination degenerates into the destructive force of casuistry. To avoid such degenerative casuistry, paranoia, and perpetual distrust those born with Mercury in stressful astrological aspects to Neptune must continuously question and examine their own subconscious motives as revealed to them in their thoughts and speech. This is the case with both Barack Obama and Alex Jones. It resolves itself into an ethical dilemma in each instance.

While initially personal and private, these ethical dilemmas become the concern of everybody when expressing in the lives of two such Publicly political men. We all become responsible for carefully examining the truth or lack of it in their widely disseminated public pronouncements. We all face that ethical dilemma.

Anyone can LIE whether or not he/she is born with Mercury in stressful aspect to Neptune, and ALL AMERICANS are, at this point in history, members of a Lying Nation at war with all honest and peace seeking people on Earth. It's a matter of International Concern logically provable in any International Court Of Law. America lies about breaking the Geneva conventions by illegally/immorally invading both Afghanistan and Iraq and by illegally/immorally Torturing prisoners. But by means of blatant casuistry it continues to rationalize its behaviour. As President of the United States, Barack Obama continues the War On Terror under his new slogan "YES, WE CAN!"  He expands the illegal war against the People of Afghanistan, extends it further against the People of Pakistan, and has the unmitigated gull to speak of "HOPE" and "CHANGE". He stands publicly exposed on the stage of International Relations as the LYING PRESIDENT OF A LYING AMERICA.

Alex Jones exposes Mister Obama for his lying conduct in The Obama Deception. He uses his Mercury in waxing square aspect to Neptune to highlight and distinguish all the many differences discernible between what Obama publicly says and what he privately does. He exposes the disjunctive dysfunctionality evident in Barack Obama's public persona for those who as yet are unable to discern that dysfunctionality. Unlike so many Americans, Jones sees through the smiling smirk on Obama's Public Face and censures it, exposes it, firmly denounces it. This, I argue, is an excellent and positive use of the challenging tension inherent in the waxing square of Mercury to Neptune in Mister Jones' birth chart. But what of Mister Obama, how is he using his Mercury in waning square to Neptune? 

Well, we have already seen that while Jones is born with Neptune in righteous Sagittarius (sign of the Truth Seeker), Obama is born with Neptune in hidden Scorpio (sign of the Underworld). Neptune in Scorpio signifies an Imaginative faculty which, in order to function creatively must first experience a transformation through a process of death and rebirth. Scorpio is the death experience of the proud, stand-alone Ego found all too often in the sign Leo, and that is precisely where Obama's Mercury function takes its stance at his birth. The waning square aspect which his proud Mercury brain faces when attempting to collaborate with Neptune in Scorpio suggests that Obama needs to surrender something of the pride he takes in his image of himself as a thinker/communicator, needs to dip that brain of his down into his Leo Heart  -if, that is, he wants to feel the compassion which Neptune's creative imagination alone can feel.

Obama must die to his ego brain, to his proud and theatrically flamboyant Mercury speechifying so that he can feel his way into the depths of Scorpio's Underworld. That Underworld consists of Scorpio's fixed waters suffused with deeply concentrated feelings far below the surface appearance of things. It's the Hell realm of the Christians full of suffering, punishment, and torment. It's the realm of shame, secrecy, taboo and -I kid you not, the realm of Corporate Money.
Barack Obama must descend like the Archetypal Christ figure into Hell for his symbolic three days and nights whereupon he will finally be able to contact the creative force of his own Neptune Imagination and undergo the death of his proud Mercury mind, feel his own need to share in compassionate oneness with others. Then he can take pity on himself, discover the meaning of 'compassion' and maybe we can all try to forgive ourselves (he is our corporately appointed President, our Nation's Collective Persona) and him. 

Until such time, Barack (America) continues to speak proudly, unflinchingly of the need for American soldiers to bomb, (rape, torture) and slay untold numbers of innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan (Palestine) and wherever else his Scorpio Corporate Controllers direct him to bring their destruction for they hold captive his own (and our) creatively compassionate Imagination in the secret thralldom of Scorpio's Corporate Hell. Obama deliberately and intentionally LIES to himself, his Nation and the World by using his shape-shifting mind (the Negative expression of his Mercury in waning square to his Neptune) to Pretend, to willfully deceive others into Fantasizing with him that he is the veritable "Prince Of Peace" and not the arrogantly boastful and supremely self-aggrandizing Naked Daemon every child with innocent eyes can see. Unfortunately, far too many of those children live in the countries where he wages our war and spreads his message of agonizing death by Terror. Every day he murders them, every day their eyes are torn out of their heads and smashed like bloody pulp across the landscapes of their dreams. O, the sheer Horror of this smiling, damned villain. His and our fatally mocking Hubris!

"If one of those children came toward me with both hands
in the air, fire rising along both elbows,
I would suddenly go back to my animal brain,
I would drop on all fours, screaming,
my vocal chords would turn blue; so would yours,
it would be two days before I could play with one of my own
     children again."
                                               Robert Bly, poet

It is very much to the credit of Alex Jones (loud and imperfect as he is) that he daily proclaims, through his clockwork call of the wild, the Truth of this Horror. Medea, herself, could not out-do him. Like Callas in Dallas, Jones in Austin bares the teeth of The Teeth Mother Naked At Last.

Something's happening here. What it is is exactly clear.
There's a 'President' with a mouth over there
telling us we got to beware.
I think it's time we stop,
children, what's that
sound everybody
look what's

Mass psychosis is what's going down here in America. Massive denial and complicity in violent murder. Something's far more than just festeringly rotten in this sick and apathetically Captive Nation, and with The Obama Deception completed and in circulation, we can't keep saying we don't know what it is. Can we, Mister Jones?

You and your kind, all you care about is Money.
This country deserves a better class of criminal. And I'm gonna give it to them!