Occupy Wall Street:
Astrological Chart And Analysis.

Francis Donald Grabau

" Every time I write, I keep telling myself
I won't do it again.

                        Arundhati Roy 11-13-2011

Part One:
Here I Go Again

(I Hear Those Trumpets Blow Again)

The Occupy Wall Street Movement, as I see it, is the beginning of a response initiated by predominantly young, intelligent, and angry US Citizens against the latest wave of 'sanctions' both economic and psychological which the Corporate US Government is violently imposing upon us all. It's their honest response to an unspoken but easily discernible 'State of War' declared by the Federal United States Government against its own People.

That government's intention, as manifest through its actions, is to destroy the common People and their supportive infrastructures including -Water, Food, Currency, Transportation, Libraries, Schools,
Public Assembly and Discourse. It's a government run and owned by the Corporately invested 1% of the population who behave like juvenile deliquents, who seek to privately control the Commons, and all the wealth of the Nation  -for their personal well-being and profit.

They, and the Corporate Government they have installed are not only immature but deeply Sociopathic. They are childishly self-indulgent, sick of mind and heart, devoid of common fellow-feeling, and motivated by fear, paranoia, greed and violence. Like kids going through their 'Terrible Twos' they are throwing Temper Tantrums, engaging in global Wars Of Terror against every other Nation and People unwilling to become their property. They tyrannize and bleed dry the People of America in order to finance their own privately shared depravity.

The USA has become a
demonstrably Illegitimate State, a vicious and lawless Country run by a bunch of spoiled brats. A Corporately administered Security Government running on empty and despised by the majority of its own abused, angry, and overwhelmingly disenfranchised Citizens.

The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things,  -like Nationwide General Strikes, the Planet Pluto, Total Insurrection and Revolution. The nearly infantile and rampaging 1% need a little radical discipline, something like a serious "time-out". Otherwise, we 'Oysters' ....well, as the old rime has it:
"I weep for you," the Walrus said:
"I deeply sympathize."
With sobs and tears he sorted out
Those of the largest size,
Holding his pocket-handkerchief
Before his streaming eyes.

"O Oysters," said the Carpenter,
"You've had a pleasant run!
Shall we be trotting home again?'
But answer came there none--

And this was scarcely odd, because
They'd eaten every one."

Lewis Carrol:  The Walrus And The Carpenter

Bull Shit
So, the Occupy folks are very much on our minds. Aren't they? Or do we Oysters still think we actually have minds? Well, .... it could be argued that ... No, we don't. Our minds, like our Land and our bodies are owned and Occupied. They've been invaded and stolen, taken away from us by the insidious disease we call Corporate Capitalism attended by it's faithful handmaiden, Corporate Media. That's the message of Occupy Wall Street which, as we are told by the Corporate Department of Homeland Security, is composed of our very own "Homegrown Terrorists".

Yep, sick people with twisted heads breed sick ideas. A stealthy Cancer eats away at our minds and hearts, a kind of creepy-crawly but highly parasitic and pathological invasion of pornographic ideas centered around the artificial concept called "money" fathered into being by Paternal creatures named "Banks" and inflicted upon us all by the equally Paternal and highly dubious abstraction called "Government". Hallowed be thy name!

I think it's mentally healthy and spiritually wise for us to remember that "Banks" and "Governments" are just Words before they can be anything else. Words like "Money" and "Monopoly". Capital-ized words.

Big Capital equals "Upper Case"; no capital equals "lower case".
Rules of Grammar. The Case of the Upper Class versus the Case of the lower classes. Rules of War. The judicious distinction between, and legal treatment of the Cases by the Classes. The 1% versus the 99%. Tricks of language. Curiously funny, even odd. Gaming. Competitive Capitalist talk. The language of Bloody Terrorism. Devoid of any real sense of humor.

This Spellbinding gibberish occupies our minds. People all over the World are waking up to that fact. Words, especially written words, can be marvellous tools of deceit. Jabberwocky! It's time, don't you think, that we take a journey Through The Looking Glass.

Men make words, and then they gather them all together in neatly organized  columns and rows inside their books called Dictionaries. Huge Banks of Words. Words like "Derivatives". Put options, politicans, ....words conceived with Interest. Algorithms. Like Wall Street. Like
computer data morphed into automated reason. The addictive verbal violence of the sacred Junk-Bond alphabet, -the conqueror's language of insider trading.

Listen to that word, "Dictionary". Sound it out. You'll hear the slang for penis lurking somewhere just inside. Then turn the pages of your dictionary until you come to penury preceded by pauperism leading to poverty.

Not the kind of poverty born of simplicity, but the killing poverty violently imposed from without ...like torture.
The kind of poverty that stabs you in your guts then cuts your heart out with a bayonet. The poverty imposed by the criminal Corporate State. Enforced by Police. Taxes. Armies. Private Security personnel.

The lethal poverty of embargos. Sanctions. Blockades. War. The trick called ObamaCare.

It would seem that the corporate pen is the penis. There's very little space between them and if you take it away then the two words -'pen is'- becomes the one word 'penis.'  The inseminating seed of the Word frequently said to be mightier than the sword. Due, no doubt, to the common phallacy fallacy known as the cutting edge of language. Advertising. Vocabulary. The study of the divine and omnipresent Word. Used to deceive. Censor.
The celebrated cover-up of words.
Condoms. Contraception.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

(high on cocaine, religion, and corporate viagra) can ejaculate all the seedy words they may but it takes the nurturing womb of a biological Mother to give life to any organic seed. Excepting, of course, that 'sacred' seed said to have been the Almighty Word immaculately conceived because it was really Holy. Catholic dogma: "Et verbum caro factum est et habitavit in nobis."  Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

The "Divinely Corporate Word" magically made flesh and called our "Saviour". The Potus. Son of Sam. Big Daddy Warbucks. The Bull of Wall Street.

I think Money may be the
masculine mimicry of feminine birthing. It's the secret herb in the Alphabet Soup of every Bible Verse: "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth". Shylock. Yahweh. Keeping the books. Accounting. Our deranged Daddy God. Always taking. Eating. Exacting. Perpetually ravenous. Born dead. Trying to chew himself alive. Resurrection. Some erection. Any erection. Hard cash. Worship it.

The Paternal Corporation known as Goldman Sachs is seriously busy like the World Bank and the IMF "doing God's work" as they tell us. They're here to save us, to "nurture" our economy. But somehow they just can't manage that. Naturally not, because they aren't Mothers -they're Compulsive Inseminators. Too big to fail. Aggresive Corporations intent on flexing their muscle, sewing their genetically modified seeds for purely terminal profit. Deathstalkers. Armageddon junkies fixed on the End Times. Forever and ever. Amen.

I am Peter, 'petrus' -the Latin Pun-(dit) ...and upon this Rock I shall build my currency.
So say all these Peters (pickle-peppered, as the tongue-twisting limmerick says). The bitterly righteous but eternally hot Godfathers of Sacred Capitalism. Filled to overflowing with their own Rectitude. The Bank of America. Monotheism. Monopoly. The big traders in the fake 'free market' who rig the rules of the only insider's game. Their game.

You be the Shoe, I'll be the Cannon (boom, boom). There, now you're bloody well blown away and I inherit (tax free) the Estate of the Mighty Gamekeeper, the Masked Banker.
Superman. Batman. Captain America.

Go to hell; go directly to hell.
Practice corporately enforced Austerity. Live homeless in the streets. Starve to death. It's good for your character. Then we'll eat you.

Blessed Are The Poor
For They Shall Occupy Wall Street

Do we dare to question these Gods? No, that's heresy! We are instructed to receive the saving seed of Austerity bequeathed to us by Corporate Amerika. We must take it into the fertile womb of our hearts. Plant and Nurture it there. Swear our allegiance to it. It will  help us dumb kids to grow up big and strong. Harden us and make us new. We'll be born again, -full of hope, change, and rectitude.

We'll be secure and patriotic androids with perfect credit scores and steady jobs in the paranoid Church of Homeland Security.
Why, the Good Shepherd might even take us off his secret 'no fly' hit lists!  Nevermore need we fear his dreaded drones. We'll become those drones. Happy worker bees. AmeriCorps. Hosanna Obama.

( 'Stay down, you're beat.' )
"Cool Hand Luke"

"Austerity". The manly word signifying all that is harsh, sour, dry and tart. The hard word our whoring governments want to shove down our collective throats. Tough love, nourished by the romantic angst of aching poverty worn like a ball and chain. Political Pornography. A corporately contrived and authoritatively enforced blow job. Just so they can get their rocks off, keep their currency up and running. For themselves.

It's the infamous "Peter Principle" in action. Sucking off the Corporate Frankenstein. Cheap thrills. Big Brother and the Holding Company. Work hard for us, say the masked men behind their cool shades, and you too can be a Superstar. Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll. Get rich quick. We're Equal Opportunity employers. Here's your magic window of opportunity. You just gotta love us....

-Capitalist Entertainment Incorporated-

Capitalism, from "caput" -the Latin word for Head. Choke on it if you have to, but swallow your orders. Gulp. You didn't make the Capitalist system and you can't escape it. Just relax, sit back and enjoy it. It's your job. Literally. Hard work and Southern Comfort!

O, come on now. Be honest. You know
you want it. In fact, you really love it. Nobody's raping anybody here, it's just the seedy game of business as usual. Collateral Murder. Like our brave Amerikan troops in Afghanistan pissing on the corpses of the innocent people they kill. Brutally, with cold-blooded precision. The democratic practice of intelligently designed free-market capitalism. Artificial but Virtual ....Penis Reality.

Talk about the sticky topic of Wall Street and your talking simulations, simulacra, man-made substitutes for the reality of Nature. You're talking Golems in glass houses  built from some magical pack of Ancient playing cards. Each card a pictogram, a letter fashioned like a Derivative engraved on some sneaky investor's polished mirror. It takes a whole Matrix of Tricky Letters just to build one spell-binding word, -the "Dollar". A hard-on. Another paid and fully armored Cop on the prowl. Some heroic currency.

This is the game of Mystical Monopoly. Get off our streets. Go to Jail, Go directly to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect two hundred dollars. $$$ Who do you think you are?  You're entitled to nothing!

There's no such thing as an "Entitlement". There's no free lunch, either. You have no right to Liberty, Freedom, or Life. Nothing within the confines of the game-board called Amerika is yours, or human or "inalienable". Accept that 'The State' owns you. Deal with it. Chase-Manhattan. Citicorps. Parker Brothers. Fascism.

Fasces: 1590s, from the Latin -fasces "bundle of rods containing an axe with the blade projecting" (pl. of fascis "bundle" of wood, etc.), perhaps from PIE *bhasko- "band, bundle" (cf. M.Ir. basc "neckband," Welsh baich "load, burden," O.E. bæst "inner bark of the linden tree").

Carried before a Lictor, a superior Roman magistrate, as a symbol of power over life and limb: the sticks symbolized punishment by whipping, the axe head ...execution by beheading.


The Truth Is Funny

Speaking of which, ....It seems that government agencies like the FBI and Homeland Security have coordinated their plans within 'Fusion Centers' to put an end to the Occupy Movement. Big Surprise! (see this)

"President Obama, as president, is responsible for a program organized out of his Department of Homeland Security last year, to coordinate and help finance a nationwide violent crackdown on the Occupy Movement which swept the country in a wave of popular anger at the crimes of the US financial industry and the massive corruption of the political process.

Hundreds if not thousands of people who were peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights to assemble, speak and seek redress were battered, shot, gassed, pepper-sprayed, beaten, arrested and jailed by local, state and sometimes federal police urged on by the central government’s internal security agencies.

Participants in these legitimate protests have been photographed, investigated, spied on, subjected to the deceits of agents provocateur, and now are in data bases in federal, state and local computer systems, where they are classified as national security threats, making a mockery of the claim that America is still a free, democratic society."
  Dave Lindorf



The Astrology Of It All
(Here I Slide Again, About To Take That Ride Again)       

Okay. Let's descend now from these lofty -if torturously pornographic- heights to engage in a discussion of the bitterly austere facts.

Oakland, Portland, Los Angeles and New York are, as we all know, just four of the many local embodiments of the greater Occupy Wall Street movement which began last September and for which I drew up a Public astrological birth chart which purports to show us its structure, essence, and purpose in Amerika. It looks like this:


(click HERE for a larger, clearer image)

"I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the World Revolution, we as a Nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a "thing-oriented" society to a "person-oriented" society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered."               
                                                     Martin Luther King,  Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence; April 4, 1967

There are two major planetary configurations in this chart which leap off the page and get in your face. They are simple and pure "hard core" astrology. Both of them are what we call dynamic, forceful "T-Squares", highly focused and challenging demands for ACTION.

The first of these T-Squares I propose to discuss is the Right-Angle-Triangle shaded in red which connects Venus in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries with both of these planets simultaneously squaring Pluto in Capricorn in the 2nd House of Money and Materialism.

Few astrologers ever call the 2nd House the House Of Materialism; they usually dub it the House of "Earning A Living", or the House of Values and it's abstractly or Archetypally affiliated with the Energy-Field of the sign, Taurus.

Taurus is the sign of Fixed Earth, sign of the physical mass and stability of every substance, sign of the physical bulk of the Human Body, and sign of the Land. Hence, all these physical issues (mass, body, land) are focused in the 2nd House along with the concept of Possessions, Money, Property, Ownership.  It's the House of what the late George Carlin called "Stuff" !

So this T-Square in the Occupy Chart demands that we all respond to the urgent need to take serious and forceful actions regarding our stuff ....our money, incomes, everything we imagine we personally and individually "own". Including our own bodies. It implies that we, our bodies and our stuff are being challenged.
  By PLUTO in Capricorn in the 2nd House of Taurus, the BULL.

Now, for those not immersed in astrology, it should be pointed out that any T-Square formation is like a mousetrap, or a drawn bow and arrow, or a catapult. The planet at the APEX of any T-Square (in this case, PLUTO) becomes the loaded bait -the CHEESE in the moustrap, the FEATHERED END of the ARROW in a drawn bow, the PROJECTILE to be hurled through space by the catapult.

So, in the T-Square composed of Pluto  in CAPRICORN squaring (90 degrees) both ends of the Venus in Libra to Uranus in Aries opposition (180 degrees) Pluto becomes the ACTIVE AGENT in a stressful configuration (loaded mousetrap, fully drawn arrow in the bow, projectile in the catapult). But it is an active agent aimed at or targeting the astrological POINT directly opposite itself in CANCER. In the 8th House in CANCER.

So what does this signify? Well, the 2nd House where Pluto is poised as a FORCE is the House in astrology naturally and traditionally 'ruled', as astrologers say, by the planet-symbol VENUS .... while the 8th House wherein all the tension inherent in this T-Square is RELEASED (the TARGET at which Pluto is aimed) is traditionaly 'ruled' by Mars and is the House naturally affiliated with SCORPIO.

deals with Mars, with Internalized Action compacting and removing toxic mass from the body. SHITTING. While Taurus deals with Venus, with attracting toward itself what is desires: EATING, building up the mass of the body.

Both of these astrological signs are known as 'Fixed' signs meaning they stabilize, concentrate and hold energy. Taurus holds physical Earth energy while Scorpio holds the feeling energy of Water. Both can be very threatening if suddenly disturbed or challenged. They can attack. They can kill.

TAURUS, the BULL is a 4 legged animal which moves about slowly preferring to graze openly in the grassy fields increasing its bulk, but SCORPIO the SCORPION is a predatory anthropod which hides under rocks and moves abruptly with two large and menacing claws preceeding the torso of its tiny body thinning down to a sharp tail often curved forward over its torso and terminating in a venomous stinger.

By way of the analogical language of astrology the signs of Taurus and Scorpio naturally affiliated with the 2nd & 8th Houses of any astrological chart become symbols for what we call money, for the fixed holding power of money as a symbolic material substance (usually paper these days) which substitutes its paper symbolism for concrete organic substances of real worth such as land, apples, eggs or gold.

The 2nd House deals with money only in so far as it is something needed so that one can purchase things like Food, Shelter, and Land. Substances needed in order to live, maintain the body, feel content, relaxed, secure and fulfilled. These are the real concerns of the 2nd House. It's the 'House' or area of life experience which relates to the activities whereby each person maintains and fertilizes his/her individual Self or Person. So its essential focus is on the sense of Self-worth, of physical life and survival ....valuing the Self and anchoring all VALUES in such a sense of Self-worth.

In a Capitalist Society committed to money as Capital, a Society which denies individuals the right to freely and cooperatively live on the Land and grow their own food unless they can 'buy' it with paper money, the 2nd House becomes the House of "earning a living" rather than simply and naturally living a living.

I mean, you can't plant food in concrete and asphalt, nor can you live with any sense of dignity or health on concrete sidewalks in Capitalist Cities. An individual person cannot easily grow food for herself in such places but must earn and use Money to purchase food as well as a home or apartment in which to house her body. So, most "modern-civilized" people experience this 2nd House as "earning a living" by getting some kind of "job" for which they get paid money.

Working such jobs for other people deprives them of the time they'd need were they interested in growing their own food, making a chair to sit on, or building a roof over their heads. They must 'buy' the roof, the chair, and the food they need not by planting or making such things (by acting on their own basic instincts and VALUES) but by allowing their energies to be directed and exploited by their 'bosses' at 'work' on the 'job'. A totally tragic situation if you think about it. Earning a living through daily enslavement to unnatural tasks one would not normally undertake at all, tasks determined by one's employer. By other people. For a paycheck of paper money.

We can make a better world.

That's where the 8th House comes in, because it's the area of life experience dealing with sharing substances with OTHER PEOPLE! Sharing our bodies, our goods, our feelings and time with other people. Combining our resources with theirs. Our time and money with theirs. But in Capitalist Society all this sharing is reduced to one notion: INVESTMENT earning INTEREST.

The 8th House in Capitalist Society becomes primarily the House of Banks, Loans, Credit Cards, Debt, Mortgages, Retirement Funds, and Paychecks. But a few of its more esoteric concerns manage to linger on, concerns such as Secrets, the Occult, the Taboo, Death and interpersonal Sex. (Yes, astrology sees money and sex as deeply inter-related in occult and often secretive ways.) It's the area of life experience essentially involved with combining and sharing of physical and psychic resources.

"The Occupy movement uses the 1 percent vs. 99 percent mantra as a master concept in its demonstrations, disruptions, and challenges to the practices of the transnational corporate class, within which the global superclass is a key element in the implementation of a superelite agenda for permanent war and total social control. Occupy is exactly what the superclass fears the most—a global democratic movement that exposes the TCC (Transnational Capitalist Class) agenda  and the continuing theater of government elections, wherein the actors may change but the marquee remains the same. The more that Occupy refuses to cooperate with the TCC agenda and mobilizes activists, the more likely the whole TCC system of dominance will fall to its knees under the people power of democractic movements." (see:The Global 1%: Exposing the Transnational Ruling Class)
All these issues are being emphasized by the T-Square of Venus opposite Uranus with both SQUARING Pluto. It's demanding of us all that we examine the nature of money as debt.

Here's a way to do that, read the quote below and click on the link:
"The 99% must achieve factual command of the basic facts how money and credit are created, or else continue their debt-damned existence under an oligarchic and Robber Baron-era structure."  http://www.washingtonsblog.com/

Remember, it's VENUS (symbol of Love, Money, Relationships) which naturally 'rules' the 2nd House where Pluto rests in the Occupy Chart .... while Uranus (symbol of Change/Shock) challenges Pluto (by waxing square)  from the sign of Aries, ... so Venus (Stuff/Money) must surrender something (by waning square to Pluto in Caporicorn) of its Libran Political Correctness and Propriety to Pluto's extreme combination of  business/money/property demands which Uranus is intent on contesting. That's a complicated mouthful!

It all boils down to this: Priveleged Money and Authority are totally challenged by Uranus, by iconoclastic novelty and experimentation as deeply ingrained behaviours of political correctness and habits of hiding behind formal social manners, (-all VENUS+LIBRA related issues-) collapse. It's the time of the fabled Jesus of Nazareth overturning the money lenders' tables in the sacrosanct Temple of Jerusalem. (
Matthew 21:12

Establishment Powers used to shielding their ruthless behaviour behind polite social norms and intentionally confusing economic jargon are no longer able to do so. Uranus keeps saying, "Look, the Emperor has no clothes!" The jig is up.

Marilyn Waring

The usual Libran "tact" and "diplomacy" concerning Money and "Earning a Living" is radically breaking down. We can make a better world.

Venus stuff and Capricorn rules demand to be questioned, the former rules regarding such things  need to be challenged and broken. Consequently, ownership and property rights are likely to undergo a radical shakeup.... and those doing the shaking up must be quick on their feet, use guerrilla warfare tactics, serious monkeyshines .... strike suddenly and just as suddenly disappear. Hit and run in the Coyote-Trickster spirit of delightfully sacred play and mischief.

No more of this "Ghandian" pacificism, no more chanting "we shall overcome, someday" in that churchy victim tone while meekly being abused, arrested, and hauled off to jail. Destruction of Corporate property will and must happen because such property embodies the very oppression and violent warfare which Corporations create, fund, and deliberately pursue against the poor all around the globe. The Lives of People must take precedence over the stolen property of bloody Corporations.

The corporate destruction of the infrastructure (drinking water, sanitation, roads etc.) which makes daily life possible for the People of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya is REAL. Corporations did it and are still doing it. They murder people right and left with their Armies and Mercenaries, their missles, bombs, and guns all laced with both depleted and enriched Uranium. They respect NO laws but their own, have no morality and are by "legal contract" sociopathic, irresponsible, deathly.

Think of what Tepco is doing right now in Fukushima, what BP did in the Gulf of Mexico  (and see this) then realize we shall NOT overcome by singing dirge-like church hymns to these faceless tyrants.

We must call them out. Mock them and laugh at them. Hit them in every way possible, here then there. Climb aboard their ships and dump their teas into the harbors. Strike chaos into the heart of their Empire. Destroy their Power by carefully and selectively mocking their own behaviour, by doing things like "taking out" their buildings, their machines, their weapons. Mimicry. Whipped cream. The immobilizing hilarity of water in a gas tank. Gallons of olive oil on the floor of the Stock Exchange. The mellow and irresistable whimsy of Revolution. It ain't no Revolution if it ain't fun.

Remember, it is THEY who have declared WAR against the 99%. There is no Justice or Law in Corporately controlled Nations like America; the owners of the Courts and the makers of the Laws are Corporations. Their Laws need to be broken because such laws ruthlessly legislate against the People and unless they are trampled underfoot these Corporate Warlords will continue to lay waste to the Earth and the People of the Earth. They are Legal Muder Incorporated. Our lives depend upon their demise. We can make a better world.

Venus in Libra is separating from its opposition to Uranus in Aries therefore Libran social decorum as such is shaken up by the revolutionary demands of Aries individuals based upon their personal rights of survival. The Social Fabric of Nation States has already been questioned and found to be in need of radical change. But this same Venus in Libra is applying to its waning square with Pluto in Capricorn occupying the Natural 2nd House of Venus and commandeering in the name of Corporations all the commonwealth.

That waning but applying square in the cycle of the Venus to Pluto relationship says we all know the facts, the Corporations are actively demanding absolute global control of all 2nd House money, property, food, goods. It's a done deal, a fait accomplis. It's happening. These corrupt investors are speculatively gambling with and destroying our food, water, lives.

So Venus will surrender polite and proper Libran behaviour because the Corporations have destroyed the Scales of Social Balance and Justice through their techniques of "Shock and Awe". By their actions they (the Corporate 1% and their enablers) have surrendered any claim to fair play and made polite and balanced response to their actions impossible and counter productive.

Smash their 'stuff' -cries iconoclastic Uranus squaring Pluto and opposing Venus! Take a walk on the Wild Side! Yeah, the Corporately controlled Media and the Middle Class will be terrified, angry, unsupportive, condemn such actions as criminal vandalism  -but who cares. They are by nature lazy, morally insensitive and security oriented; and through their spineless apathy they are supporting the WAR of the CORPORATE 1% against all the rest of us. Fukushima.

Hey, guess what. There's lethally accruing "low-level" RADIATION in all your Stuff, people! If we're going to "overcome" ... it can't be "someday" ... it has to be NOW. We can make a better world!




The second of these two "T-Squares" is the Right-Angle-Triangle also shaded in red connecting the planet Mercury to the always natural opposition of the Moon's North and South Nodes which, at the Public beginning of the Occupy Wall Street movement, were respectively in the signs of Sagittarius and Gemini. Both of these Lunar Nodes are squared by Mercury from the sign of Virgo found in the 10th House of Politics and the Public Marketplace.

But this 10th House is also known as the House of Public Reality, Public Economics, and Public Authorities. It's associated with the sign of Capricorn and Capricorn is the energy field of Cardinal Earth, sign of practical, 'earthy' actions whereby things get accomplished, done, acted out on a public and practical level. It's the area of the chart dealing with Governments, and the Established Political-Economic-Cultural Status-Quo. The infamous "Establishment" or what street-folk used to refer to as "The MAN". The "Boss-Man" -taken as a generic term for the Dominant Figure in every public place or situation. The Authority figure.

Cool Hand Luke
"Sayin it's your job
don't make it right,

So this second T-Square demands that we must individually act in forceful and dynamic ways regarding the Authorities enforcing Public Politics; it demands that we question the very identity and supposed credentials of all Public Authority figures. We must challenge our Political and Economic Bosses. We must use the tools indicated, the tools of Mercury, Gemini, Sagittarius and the Moon's Nodes.

That means public talking, writing, and speaking. We need to publicly speak with each other concerning Corporate-Political America's lies, its false communicatons, its thoroughly corrupt Media. We must reinvigorate the Commons, claim and hold onto the Public Space needed to do so. I repeat, this is a call to think about and Publicly Confront by way of Speeches, Slogans, Signs, and Writing those Authority Holders who see themselves as our Bosses. In the case of Occupy Oakland or Occupy Wall Street the immediately evident Boss Man is -THE COP
The Policeman, if you prefer.

Or the "PIGS" if you're feeling defiant and alienated from Established Authoritarian Force ...which can easily happen when, for instance, these fully armored, masked, and Militarized Policemen suddenly attack you, beat you in the ribs or over the head with their clubs, zap you with their tasers, squirt their pepper spray directly into your eyes, or shoot you directly in the head with "rubber" bullets or a tear gas cannister: 
- Hey, "Officer", I'm just legally exercising my First Amendment American right to peacefully assemble with others and protest our Government's criminal, immoral, intrusive and illegally violent physical and economic actions against myself, my family and friends, and all the other People in all the other countries around the world!
"What's your problem, rabble rouser? Are you some kind of 'Homegrown Terrorist' ? You're just too lazy to get a job." Thus speaketh the bought and paid for Middle Class Pig. Why do you Protest?  Do you think you're living in some kind of Police State or something? 

Yes, of course I do; and I don't just "think" it, I know I'm living in a Police State. Don't you?
We can make a better world.


Your own response to that assertion, my friends, is something you ought to pay very close attention to. It's really NOT a question of personal opinion; it's plain and simple fact.

If you think Amerika is a free land then I maintain that you are living and suffering in total denial of the facts. And your denial isn't an "accident". It's a deliberate, intentional, and personal choice. It's also intimately connected to both Mercury and Pluto, the Kingpin Planets in the Two T-Squares described above. (see this.)

My perpetual problem as a practicing American Astrologer is that most of the people who choose to consult me about their birth charts are, indeed, in deep (Pluto-Mercury related) denial. It makes working with them somewhere between extremely difficult and totally impossible.

How do you explain to someone brainwashed by the American Culture of Violent Competitive Individuality that COLLECTIVE PLUTO FORCES can and do ruthlessly dominate their lives?
How do you get through to them that unless they join their personal lives and their romantic, economic, creative aspirations with the similar aspirations of others they cannot possibly hope to avoid the humanly designed and deliberately enforced strict conformity, the financial and psychological "Austerity" being imposed by way of brutal War and relentless Propaganda upon all individuals in every country around the World by way of the Global Corporate War Machine? 
The Praetorian Guard, the Killer Elite of that War Machine are the Military, the Police, and the Hired Mercenaries of the Korporate Kapitalist Amerikan Empire. KKK.

Though I've explained and written about it repeatedly on my website, most people consulting me as an astrologer do not grasp the fact that astrology -like every other field of study and communication- is intrinsically political and profoundly affected by the collective, by what is properly called the Zeitgeist of the 21st Century.
No single, separate "individual" is excepted from this -Spirit of the Age. It permeates the entire Century, it "Frames" each personal life both physically and spiritually and you'd think "clients" would want to know all about that, wouldn't you? 

Well, I'm hear to tell you that the overwhelming majority of them don't want to know that. In fact, they openly deny it. And should I continue discussing it they accuse me of being what they angrily call "A NEGATIVE PERSON". They mistakenly persist in believing that the reality of collective politics has nothing to do with their personal  'Spiritual' lives. They tell me they practice Yoga, perform Tai Chi and Qigong exercises. They 'meditate', or wrap themselves in "White Light" as "protection" from such depressingly "negative realities". Call themselves, 'Workers In The Light'. Never hearing the echoing sound of 'The Chosen People'.

We Americans suffer from the highly marketed illusion that our "inner" lives, our "personal spiritual development" can exist outside the collectively shared reality in which we live. Most, if not all, astrologers seem to encourage people to think in these "personal" and exclusive terms .... "I am a unique, special, individual and I create my own reality."  ... well, yeah -sure, if you live in a sealed vacuum.

Do you? Can you? Would you even care to? This notion is silly, sophomoric stuff. It's Isolated and Separationist. Selfish and Materialistic -as in Spiritual Materialism. Owning Spirit. Owning Soul. I, Me, Mine: My Soul, My Spiritual Life.

It's the separatist Saturnian Ego which attempts to personally define, focus upon and "own" it's own Spirit. Every Ego smacks its lips over the delicious prospect of self-reflectively having and privately enjoying its very own, personal Spirit or Soul. It's the separatist Ego which deliriously proclaims -"Look, look at my radiantly positive Spirit, Look, I am Enlightened" ! 

Or you are, or someone else is. "Enlightened" ?
(What? You mean like the Corporate EverReady Rabbit beating his own drum?)

We are trained to seek "Personal Enlightenment" as a kind of possession as in the (admittedly delightful) child's Teapot Song:- "I'm a Little Buddha Teapot short and stout; this is my handle this is my spout!" - or, this is my mantra, these are my chakras and my auric fields. Yeah, sure, Little Buddha -you and your Shadow.

"When I get all steamed up (enlightened) hear me shout: Tip me over and Pour me out!"
The highly contrived and carefully marketed notions which permeate "New Age" teachings consistently maintain that each one of us is the center of our own universe and each of us "creates" our own "reality". This blatantly imperial and capitalistic notion has been skillfully designed and promulgated in order to intentionally separate each one of us from the other. It is not in the least "spiritual" because the quintessential attribute of SPIRIT IS  -SHARING.
Though it's common place for each of us to loosely speak of our "personal spiritual development" you'd think we'd realize that spirit is not a material commodity, a piece of 2nd House psychic real-estate that can be divided up into personal parcels. Sorry, Dick and Jane, but you do not own your own spirit. You share it, you partake of Spirit along with billions of others. Each of us participates with others in the Spiritual Dance of Life as a unique aspect of the One Shared Spirit permeating all space and time.

This sobering fact brings us back to the Occupy Wall Street movement and the chart cited above for its Public Beginning on September 17th, 2011 in New York City. It's a chart depicting the struggle for a Shared Spiritual Uprising, a much needed Revolution against the Global Corporatist Agenda intent on separating each person as an isolated ego, a special "consumer" needing to Compete against every other special "Consumer Unit". It's essential that we remember -The Corporate State is a War State.

We can make a better world.

I shall not resist quoting once more the deeply appreciated Lady Activist from India, Arundhati Roy, publicly speaking at UC Berkeley on 11/13/2011:

"Shall I write a play, I wonder:
Ghandi Get Your Gun


Occupy Wall Street is a genuinely Revolutionary Struggle to reawaken the hearts and minds of Humanity as a Whole. It can only be be defined as a critical movement, a 'moment' during which Organic Life struggles against Mental Artifice.

united against the heartless, mindless, Materialism of the Corporate Banking Machine. It's the moment in which Sharing competes with Greed. Life and Liberty versus the Imprisoning Virtual Matrix. And all this is clearly depicted through the symbolic language found in the Birth Chart of the Movement.

Let's revisit what I earlier called the 2nd of the two T-Squares found in the chart, the T-Square formed by Mercury in Virgo squaring both nodes of the Moon found in Sagittarius (North Node) and Gemini (South Node). This particular configuration derives much of its importance in the Occupy Chart from the planet Mercury occupying its Apex or point of dynamic Focus, the planet which rules both the sign Virgo and the Central Core Intent of the OWS movement signified by the SUN in Virgo.

This means that the PUBLIC IDENTITY of the movement is centered in the Virgo themes of critical, analytical communication and the goal of sharing in service-oriented work with others. Virgo, after all, is the zodiacal sign signifying self-examination, self-purification, and simplicity. It's job is to curtail the often runaway Ego of the preceding sign of Leo. It's central focus is practical, discriminating, critical, everyday WORK and HEALTH.
While Leo likes to Shine as the Royal Leader full of self-confidence, Virgo presents to Leo's self-assurance the need for circumspection, humility, and quiet recognition of the dignity and rights of others. Mic Check: The very Identity of the Occupy movement is centered in this call of Virgo for personal self-criticism, restraint, hard work, and service. The common People of Occupy Wall Street have consistently striven to manifest these values. There is (or should be) no single Leo Leader of the movement, each participant is as much a Leader as every other. (Venus opposing Uranus).
Living publicly on the streets and in parks, sleeping in tents, holding daily meetings together to plan their activities, policing themselves, keeping their spaces clean, developing communal kitchens and sharing their meals, creating Tent Libraries among themselves for all to use...these are the daily activities of "the best among us". The lists of their communal efforts toward sharing are extensive and impressive.

They are well organized, cooperative, and focused on the Mercury in Virgo theme of Critically Communicating down-to-earth, practical facts concerning everything that's wrong with "American Democracy". How that purported Democracy feeds the Military-Industrial Complex, starves the People and steals the Wealth of the Commons.

The movement is demonstrating that Amerika is a de facto Police State, a fact which has somehow escaped the serious attention of the many mindless bureaucrats in the celebrated "Middle Class".

Communications, both Public and Private, are the main themes involved in Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius; and when two of these signs are occupied by the Moon's Nodes (which symbolize the mood of the Mass Public)  while the third, Virgo, is occupied by its own ruling planet Mercury, -the Messenger of the Gods- it is totally self-evident that Occupy Wall Street is all about well-informed members of our Collective Citizenry communicating a critical and detailed message of Revolution to the remaining Public as a Whole, to the PEOPLE.
While Gemini and Virgo respectively speak the facts and collate them, Sagittarius is concerned with the MEANING of all these collated facts, with the VISION of TRUTH contained within and implied by the facts as they are collated and revealed. And the Truth which "Occupy Sagittarius" is busy demonstrating to all Amerikans is that Amerika is no longer a Nation of Sagittarian principles, law, and justice but a Nation of Thieves and Killers, run by a Criminal Ruling Class and thoroughly dominated by a Public Mercury Media which is bought and paid for by that same Criminal Ruling Class.

Not to worry, They are the Dead, univentive and stubbornly clinging like impotent Bulls to the Past.

We can make a better world!


(British Parliament - US Senate)

Public "business as usual" discourse in Amerika, the pivotal focus of this T-Square, is permeated by lying, disinformation, propaganda, and a total absence of morality and ethics. The corruption promoted by Corporations dominating the US Federal Government, the Publicly Owned Airwaves, the Wall Street Stock Exchange, and the Banks has "trickled down" to all facets of communication in the 10th house Market Place. It has spread to the Public Streets and Parks. It has wormed its way from there into private family talk as well. Into conversations between friends. Into the very ugly fabric of paranoia that destroys the Spirit Of America. It's an absolutely unethical kind of talk full of lying, pretense, and anxious avoidance of facts  -all covered over by heaps of sentimental and corporately programmed language. Including the half-truth that each of us creates her/his own reality!
Too many Amerikans speak to each other like Hallmark greeting cards -("I care enough to send the very best!") like cliché-ridden robots, like the attention deficit junkies we are. Our emphasis in communication both private and public is primarily materialistic and shallow; we avoid the truth whenever possible. We speak and think like Tweeted Facebook Commercials. Trained to be perpetually "happy", we are 'sharing' and texting each other with superficial emoticons, glib phrases, and crude narcissism all intent on avoiding the increasingly painful state of our lives.
We live in a dictatorial and Plutocratic National Security State. (see this)

We are sick, scared to death, aware that the Government spies on all our activities, allows Corporations to poison our food, air, and water and respects no moral laws. Meanwhile, we cheerfully pretend that all is well. But It's not.
We are prisoners caught in a corrupt and hypocritical Police State intent on harming us in every way possible at the behest of "Wall Street" and its Global Capitalist Corporate Agenda. But we can make a better world!

What's the difference between the Corporate Capitalist who focuses on making more and more money for himself (Materialism), and the 'Spiritual" New Ager greedy for his own Personal Enlightenment (Spiritual Materialism) ?  None. Greed is greed and Selfishness remains Selfishness. Both are rooted in FEAR. Both are VIOLENT. Both are critics and enemies of Occupy Wall Street.

Millions of us are homeless, millions more are soon to be, and the "cost of living" is accelerating to the point where wide-spread deaths among Amerikans is inevitable unless we destroy the system killing us.

It's that stark and simple. It's the unspeakable message of Occupy Wall Street. We are the 99% and we are being poisoned, attacked, impoverished and murdered.
We can make a better world.

Our Amerikan Police State cannot be salvaged through traditional activities like "voting", not only because our voting machines are rigged and the voter counts manipulated, but because our Congress, Senate, Supreme Court and 99% of our Public Politicians are pathological white collar Criminals. They are Liars. Murderers. Thieves. They are corrupt beyond any chance whatsoever of reform. We have no honest "law and order" in Amerika, we have nothing but privileged insider trading -whether in stocks and bonds or courts and juries.

What is being sold and traded away is everything we have: our Land, our freedom, our jobs, our health and our lives. It is now considered perfectly legal for our "President" to designate any one of us as a "terrorist", deny us rights of Habeas Corpus, and have us murdered. This is not exaggerated 'conspiracy theory'.

In fact, the thoroughly despicable Barack Obama directly ordered the illegal murder of US citizen, Anwar al-Awalki, and his 16 year old son -also a US citizen- Abdulrahman al-Awlaki. Another US citizen, Bradley Manning, has been tortured and unfairly imprisoned as well as pronounced "guilty" and pre-judged by this same arrogant, pathological and corporately owned Obama.
If you want Freedom, Justice, or a Job in Amerika you have to BUY IT. The cost is high, it includes selling away any sense of right and wrong you might have, any self-respect, any honesty whatsoever.

For those of you still supporting the brutal international crimes committed on a daily basis by Barack Obama because you choose to believe against all evidence that he's a "good guy" here are four brief but extremely important and insightful videos (I'll only post the first of these here, but all 4 can and should be viewed on you tube. I urge you to take the time to view them all.). They concern President Drone and his loathsome politics devoid of legal justice or any sense of morality:


To prosper in a Criminal Police State you must, yourself, become a criminal.
Welcome, to the grinning Middle Class!

WE can make a better world.


What Pluto Has To Say.

( I'm gonna give my all again, Taking a chance on love.)

The Hiding Place

"As a writer, if you know something
and then you keep quiet
it's like dying."

                                                                                                                Arundhati Roy, Berkeley 11/13/2011

The Occupy Wall Street movement declares we are the 99% and about 40% of our 99% are the always touted but wholly spineless "Middle Class". They are the dull but comfortable Frogs croaking in their pots full of tepid water. The ones who hem and haw while sitting contentedly as the flames grow higher. They still have their houses, cars, bank accounts and comforts. They are the folks who know what side their bread is buttered on, who know how the cookie crumbles, who are the willing enablers of the 1% Ruling Class.

These are the folks singled out as targets by the 1st of the two T-Squares found in the birth chart of the Occupy Movement. The T-Square which focuses the opposition from Venus in Libra to Uranus in Aries through the planet Pluto found square to both at its Apex in Capricorn. It wants to wake them up. Let's take a deeper look at this one, at Pluto's message to the Middle Class.


Pluto is still poorly understood by most students and practitioners of Astrology, and what is least understood about it is its relationship to Mercury. Pluto, like Mercury, deals with the brain and the thinking-communicating realm of the human mind. But while the Mercury Mind is the instrument of the Conscious Ego, the Pluto Mind is the instrument of the Self, the Whole Self, not just the Conscious Ego.

All evidence points to the fact that most of us function most of the time as conscious and defensive Egos while a relatively fewer number of us are capable of or interested in functioning as Whole Selves. Certainly our Corporate Capitalist Culture promotes nothing but Ego, rewards Ego and categorically dismisses any awareness of anything like a Whole Self to the nether-worlds of academia like Philosophy, Theology, and something it calls "Progressive Liberal Humanism".

Surely we all know by now that 99% of 'Progressive Academia' is embedded into the Fascist Corporate State. That's who pays them for their studied befuddlement and impotent posturings. Our Academic Humanists are nothing but Middle Class Posers devoid of any true sense of 'Self'. They crave nothing more than Ego satisfaction attendant upon the publication of their next 'liberal' book or 'progressive' online essay. They crave the faux security of their 'Tenure' and care not at all for the spirit of learning. They are, at best, only Half-Human Selves.

That's because the Whole Self incorporates the reality of Spirit and all the handmaidens of Spirit such as Risk, Imagination, Creativity, Soul, Sharing, Intuition, Ethics, Judgement and Morality. All these unseen spiritual realities pose a total threat to the Academic Guardians of Western European Culture, the Culture of Corporate Capitalism. The Great Equivocators.

The only use the Ego has for the Whole Self of Spirit is to occasionally sprinkle some of it like powdered sugar over the dog-eat-dog kingdom of the survival of the fittest which is its crude domain. Just a spoon full of sugar helps the  medicine go down, but that kind of medicine is Hell. The bitter Hell of the helplessly isolated Ego bound by its lust for all that is not its own, for everything that surrounds and surpasses it. Life, for instance; and Love, for another. Relating.

Western Capitalist Culture prefers the expensively synthetic taste of toxic drugs like cocaine, viagra,  sugar and fame! Killing us commercially with its sexy fairy tale of fiat dollars, its bills, its eternally omniscient, all-seeing, all-knowing, -and Omnipresent Vampire Banks. Money talks. All else falls silent save the sound of its blood sucking currency. Its titles, degrees, and offices. Its Meters, Profits, Death.
Pluto is the mytho-logical, astro-logical, and anti-logical God of Death, Wealth, and the Underworld. The Pluto Mind of the Whole Self represents our personal capacity to think and know beyond the Ego, to know All and Everything, Life and Death, Wealth and Poverty, Power and Powerlessness. It deals in Absolutes. Extremes. Together with Uranus and Neptune it's a symbol of the threefold process of total, never-ending Transformation.
Most Egos don't get that, and according to the late Dane Rudhyar, most people have a numb spot in their consciousness where Pluto ought to be. He claims, quite accurately I think, that if one has not cultivated a life-long study and exercise of one's Personal Unconscious one cannot respond to Pluto's transits (the movement of the Collective Unconscious) except by reacting (as distinct from responding) to Pluto Mass Events. These include things like War, Earthquakes, Revolutions, Tsunamis, Global Economic Depressions and all so-called "Acts Of God". 

To such folks the question arises, -what the hell is Never Ending Transformation? How can I profit from and enjoy that?  How do I find the Time and Where the place of rest to sit back and savor such 'Never Ending Transformation' ? Sounds exhausting to me, sounds like perpetual change will always be tiring me out with no time to conserve my energies, count my blessings. Have my cake and eat it, too. Retirement. Pension funds. Gold and Silver coins.

You can keep your Never-Ending-Transformation to yourself.... I prefer my conservatism. Vote Obama. No, vote Ron Paul. He'll save the day. He's not one of 'those' Republicans!


No. Sorry. Game Over.

, Neptune, and Pluto all say together in chorus: That system is irretrievably broken! An empty charade. Literally Bankrupt. The way our Elections are rigged every vote cast for someone like Ron Paul will be registered and counted as two votes for Barack Obama. Sorry, but thems the facts!

I know it's hard for most People not to go out and buy that Lottery Ticket when the carrot on the end of the stick is an imagined bundle of Millions of Dollars, but why not have a General Strike come this November and Boycott the rigged Voting Booths? Saying NO to false Authority brings true freedom. We all know the Empire has no clothes.

And speaking of "no clothes", why is it that the Poor indisputably, everywhere, and at all times manifest greater compassion and awareness than the Middle Class ever attain? Is it because the Poor, though having no access at all to expensive psychotherapists spouting sophisticated talk about the "Personal Unconscious" and the "Collective Unconscious", somehow have deeper and wiser intelligence? The intelligence of the Pluto Spirit? The kind of Whole Self intelligence born of daily Sharing?

I think so. Yes.

The Middle Class are characterized by their personal love of comfort and security, their never-ending Ego Trips.
The kinds of narcissistic activities Luis Bunuel so hilariously caricatured in his classic film, The Discrete Charm Of The Bourgeoisie.

They are the "successful" competitors in the Capitalist Market Place, they like to "get" while the gettin's good. Hey, fella -you gotta look out for Number One first, and for your own Middle Class Family. Then, maybe, -if there's a lot left over- you can "philanthropically" give a bit to the Poor. Congratulate yourself for your splendid generosity. Indulge yourself in another Ego Trip. Little Rockefellers.

The term, "Middle Class" does, after all, imply a "Lower Class" and an "Upper Class".

Class And Voting

Capitalism, originating from the 1% who are the Upper Class, requires a Middle Class between itself and the Lower Classes so that the two extremes of Capitalist Society can have a fake "balance" (Libra) and thereby appear more equal and just. Yet there's nothing at all just about it:

a) -the Upper Class are the RICH who rarely or never work but steal most of the CommonWealth for themselves through crime and theft,

b) -enabled by the Miidle Class whom they bribe with enough of the loot (for a little work) to make them reasonably 'WELL-OFF',

c) -while the Lower Class are the POOR who do all the real work and get trampled to EARLY DEATH by both the Upper and the Middle classes. Poverty, imposed from without like 'Sanctions' and 'Blockades' KILLS.

Lotte Lenya
(Bertolt Brecht & Kurt Weil)
Pirate Jenny

The Middle Class are warm, while the Upper Class are hot  ...and the Lower Class are left out in the cold.

But Warm is neither Hot nor Cold.
It was (ironically) the poor god-man Jesus Christ  (the Word made Flesh) of Middle Class American Christians who purportedly proclaimed in Revelations Chapter 3, verses 15-16: 

"I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit thee out of my mouth."
You'd think tepid Middle Class Christians would tremble with acute anxiety over that gem. And what I'm getting at here is that PLUTO, alias Hades, alias Hell -together with its Whole Self Pluto Mind- is something this Jesus knew intimately well.

I say this because, as a young Baltimore boy raised in the Roman Catholic version of Christianity I still recall the "Apostle's Creed" (from the Baltimore Catechism I was programmed to memorize and recite daily) wherein it is written that Jesus...

  " ...     was crucified, died and was buried;
  he descended into hell;  on the third day
 he rose again from the dead;
  he ascended into heaven... "
None of my Catholic school teachers could ever satisfactorily explain to me, despite my endless questioning, WHY Jesus went to Hell. But way back then I was a child, and now as an old man I'd give you this explanation written by Dane Rudhyar which I think is essential, pivotal, indispensable if one wants to know what Pluto and Hell are, why Jesus went there, and why they are important:
"Nevertheless, as the child grows up, he normally tends to differentiate the Mercury and Pluto spheres of the mind. He at least tries to become an individualized, if not entirely independent, thinker. He places himself (whenever he can do so) as an objective critic of the collective mind which he sees at work not only outside of him in the men and women of his time, but also inside of him.

If he fails to do so in any degree, then he lives and thinks only as a "mass man," as Mr. Average-Citizen, self-satisfied (even if inwardly bored) with his normality and his "successful adjustment" to society – which usually means unconscious and blind identification with the biases and set patterns of this society.

If there is such a complete identification with these collective-mind patterns and ideals, then Pluto does not really operate in the natal chart, paradoxical as this may seem.

A natal planet indicates a specific type of solution to a particular category of life problem. If the problem is not there, there is no reason for any planet to act as a solution to what does not exist. Thus, when the operation of the collective mind within the individual causes no basic problem –i.e., when its controlling power is taken for granted and unconsciously accepted – Pluto has no importance as a natal planet.

It is important nevertheless as a transiting planet; it indicates then the changing pressures and demands which the basic way of life of society makes at every moment upon the individual –even if this individual accepts this way of life as unquestioningly as the animal accepts instinctual urges.

This distinction between Pluto as a planet in the birth-chart and Pluto as a planet moving (in the Sky) by transit over the birth-chart is essential. It applies also, even though to a lesser degree, to the cases of Neptune and Uranus, for these planets are slow and they refer to factors in the human being’s natal psychological setup." http://www.khaldea.com/rudhyar/probingmind.shtml

It should be obvious that anyone trying to grasp the birth and ongoing evolution of the Occupy Wall Street Movement must be able to recognize within her/his self the binding power of Pluto by way of the collective mind. In the case of the Movement, the two words -"Wall Street"- represent that Collective Mind. Therefore, the call to "occupy" that collective mind implies taking full responsibility for one's participation in it as well as being able to critique it through detachment from "outside". Maybe even 'overthrow' it.

In other words, each of us needs to know how we are part and parcel of Wall Street if we want to break what Rudhyar calls its "controlling power" or its "spell" over us. Then, each one of us needs to know HOW to break free from the "collective-mind patterns and ideals" of our Wall Street Society. Otherwise, we have no choice but to be bound by these collective-mind notions and unconsciously act them out. This is the task that the Pluto Mind undertakes, and the deeply self-critical mode it enters in order to do so is comparable to Jesus Christ's and every other Superstar's ... "descent into Hell".

So, if you want to know what to do as the Global Corporate Police State increasingly impoverishes you and destroys your health, the answer to your question is that you must go to hell. You must willingly descend into the depths of your Pluto Mind and take a good look at exactly who you are, what you're doing, how you live. Then you'll be fully prepared for what transiting Pluto squared by Uranus is bringing your way.  You'll wake up from the collectively imposed trance and find the creative freedom you need. Nobody can tell you how to do that nor what you should do next. But we can make a better world. We can do it by using these energies:

Uranus in Aries Squares Pluto in Capricorn:
(NOTE: THE STATE requires that you obtain a PERMIT if you want to conduct a REVOLUTION)

1) June 24, 2012    =Uranus direct 8/24 Aries; Pluto retrograde 8/24 Capricorn.
2) September 18, 2012   =Uranus retrograde 6/57 Aries; Pluto direct 6/57 Capricorn.
3) May 20, 2013   =Uranus direct 11/14 Aries; Pluto retrograde 11/14 Capricorn.
4) November 1, 2013   =Uranus retrograde 9/26 Aries; Pluto direct 9/26 Capricorn.
5) April 21, 2014   =Uranus direct 13/34 Aries; Pluto retrograde 13/34 Capricorn.
6) December 14, 2014   =Uranus retrograde 12/35 Aries; Pluto direct 12/35 Capricorn.
7) March 16, 2015   =Uranus direct 15/18 Aries; Pluto direct 15/18 Capricorn.

In the birth chart for the Occupy Wall Street Movement Pluto is expressing through the sign of Politics and Business in the House of Money and Materialism hence the members of this Peoples Movement point out that these are the areas of life in which Pluto's "controlling power" casts its spell over our collective mind.


"Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it." - John Lennon

Yet, what Rudhyar calls the "Mass Man" and "Mr. Average (Middle Class) Citizen" cannot easily free himself from the Hell of Amerika's collectively materialistic and death oriented mind because he's never delved into his own personal unconscious. That personal unconsciousness of his binds him to the undifferentiated unconsciousness he shares with others, to the vast sea of the Collective Unconscious. It binds him to the oppressive Police State Amerika.

To ask such a man to "Occupy Wall Street" is to invite him to undertake his own "descent into Hell", to understand that if he doesn't take action to separate himself from Wall Street he can only be its deaf, dumb, and blind servant. A pawn.

An exploited worker drone.

A willing participant in Capitalist Amerika's crimes against humanity.
A mere cog in the wheel of the machine that is the unconscious but collective Corporate (Pluto) Death Wish. Fukushima.

Wall Street,
the Amerikan Marriage of Business with Government, the street in Amerika that is the Capricorn controlled and money making street of its 2nd House. Onkalo. The Hiding Place. Built to last Into Eternity.

Corporate Materialism has its roots in personal, individual materialism. When combined they add up to Corporate Greed, which has at its base the fear of diminishment, the fear of Death. Each of us lives as an individual person within the collective web of this fear-based greed, each of us has a personal stake in it, and each of us must fight our way out of our collectively oppressed corporate ghetto. Each of us, alone and together!

That, I think, was the message last publicly voiced in the USA by folks like JFK, MALCOLM X, MLK, RFK and a handful of others. They paid with their lives for voicing this disturbing  message. All of them murdered in cold blood by the Corporate Capitalist State right before our very eyes.

The folks within the Occupy Wall Street Movement know full well that they are putting their lives on the line for freedom. They know that America is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today. They are truly 'The Best Among Us' and sooner or later all of us living in the corrupt killer ghetto called 'America' must grasp the meaning of Pluto and join them in the battle. Why?  Because we are all in this together. Our lives are at stake.

But don't expect Ron Paul or Barack Obama to tell you that.  And don't expect any comfort loving Middle Class 'friend' of yours to understand if you speak that truth to him or her either. They'll just throw up their hands exclaiming: "O, how exaggeratedly extreme you are. Why that's all 'Conspiracy Theory'! Then they'll turn you in to the Homeland Security Thought Police for a few pieces of silver. WE can make a better world.

It was Martin Luther King who said it best:

"I knew that I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today -my own government."   Breaking the Silence


Occupy Wall Street In The Context Of The American
Declaration Of Independence

Bi-Wheel: Declaration + Occupy
(Click here for Larger chart)
"Few of us can easily surrender our belief that society must somehow make sense. The thought that The State has lost its mind and is punishing so many innocent people is intolerable. And so the evidence has to be internally denied."
- Arthur Miller, American Playwright discussing his play, " The Crucible "

The POWER LINE of any Nation is found in the Vertical Axis of that Nation's birth chart running from the cusp of the 4th House to the cusp of the 10th House, the (4th) IC-Immum Coeli to the (10th) MC-Midheaven. Once in every 84 years the planet of REVOLUTION and RADICAL CHANGE -URANUS- will activate by conjunction the IC (Roots) of this POWER LINE in every Nation. The year in which it does so may contain up to as many as 7 possible exact conjunctions, -which means such conjunctions may be repeated and spread out over 2 years. In the case of the US, URANUS most recently conjuncted the IC of the Nation's chart (at 2 degrees 7 minutes of Aries) on the following 3 dates:

1) April 8, 2011.
2) October 7, 2011. (Rx. Retrograde)
3) February 8, 2012.

Such conjunctions INTENSIFY and ACTIVATE the Power found in the common People of a Nation as well as the Nation's LAND BASE. Both the PEOPLE and the LAND BASE are subject to radical shakeup and change; Uranus brings provocative POWER TO THE PEOPLE and potential changes to the literal landscape of the Nation. The Earth moves under our feet in a whole new way demanding quick and often shocking action on the part of all of us.

As you can see in the Bi-Wheel chart above combining the Declaration with the "official" beginning of the Occupy Wall Street movement URANUS was not only moving in Retrograde motion but was also preparing to EXACTLY CONJUNCT the US IC point while VENUS was still conjunct the opposite MC point and opposing retrograde Uranus. This opposition of Venus to Uranus from Libra to Aries clearly announced the theme of wide-spread PERSONAL UNEASINESS throughout the Nation. That "uneasiness" is both emotional and financial, both psychological and spiritual.

It symbolizes a polarized struggle between the forces of "make nice" (Venus)
and the far more potent forces of disturbingly radical change (Uranus). It polarizes conservatives against reformers, the interests of the Government against the interests of the common People.

It is a LAND BASED call for Revolutionary change from the roots up, hence the appropriateness of the phrase: "OCCUPY Wall Street". The LAND symbolized by the cusp of the IC or 4th house is the basis of POWER for the People. Here is how DeVore's Encyclopedia of Astrology explains the 4th house in a Mundane (National) Chart:
In a Mundane Figure: Circumstances and events affecting real estate values, mines and their products, buildings, crops, produce and all agricultural interests, including those of the owners of and workers on the land; miners, builders, the housing and living conditions of the people, and their patriotic inclinations; the land as a locality wherein people are subject to natural forces - terrestrial as distinguished from atmospheric - hence property damages resulting from floods, earthquakes, and mining disasters; the interests of the people as distinguished from those of the government and of the governing class; and democratic as against autocratic tendencies in government, and between governments.
This polarized struggle between citizens and their government is powerfully evident in America because Uranus, the Revolutionary and Iconoclastic planet-force "rules" the energy-field of Aquarius the astrological sign wherein the Moon, symbol of the People, is located at the birth of the Nation. It tells us that Americans, as a whole, are Aquarian -which means abstractly idealistic- in their feeling nature while attracted to novelty, invention, and notions of universal equality among persons.

Uranus is the Force that challenges the presumed "Authority" of stern and rigidly comfortable Saturn; and it is traditionally recognized as "The AWAKENER" by astrologers ...so what is afoot in Occupy Wall Street is a RADICAL AWAKENING of the Moon Masses in the USA. A Radical Challenge
to traditional Saturn Authorities, particularly the Authority of the 10th House Office of the President.

But we must not forget that Saturn is the underlying and contracting Force "ruling" and informing the energy-field of Capricorn wherein Pluto is currently transiting while Uranus forms a challenging and waxing square to it from Aries. This amounts to nothing less than a "call" for the People to contest and redefine the Authority of the American Office of the President since it's all too evident that that Office has been taken over by Corporations. The Office of the President no longer speaks for the People. In fact, it never did. It spoke for what our "founding fathers" were pleased to call "the law" and... well, as the ever bluntly truthful blogger Arthur Silber comments:
"America’s two-tiered justice system – specifically, the way political and financial elites are now vested with virtually absolute immunity from the rule of law even when they are caught committing egregious crimes, while ordinary Americans are subjected to the world’s largest and one of its harshest and most merciless penal states even for trivial offenses. As a result, law has been completely perverted from what it was intended to be – the guarantor of an equal playing field which would legitimize outcome inequalities – into its precise antithesis: a weapon used by the most powerful to protect their ill-gotten gains, strengthen their unearned prerogatives, and ensure ever-expanding opportunity inequality."
Barack Obama is the ultimate President of Corporate Law whose behaviour is every bit as Pathological as that of Corporations. He's the CEO of America. The Puppet Emperor with no clothes who must be laughed out of office. A hired thug of a Drone of a would-be President. An international War Criminal. A loquacious Liar and deceptively brutal killer. "Hey, Man, I got Osama! Took him out!"

Yeah, Mister Motor-Mouth, now it's time for us to take you out. Leave the White House and go back to the Rock you crawled out from under.
Thus speaketh Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn. It insists that Aries Actions speak louder than words. It ruthlessly exposes lies occurring when Mister Obama's actions persistently contradict his words. In point of fact, all the Corporate Puppets throughout the bloated National Security State bureaucracy of the US Federal Government must be replaced and their name is Legion. The opportunity has come around once again for a real "American Revolution".

Obviously such work is tantamount to Hercules cleaning out the Augean Stables and it will not be easy or pleasant or bloodless. It will probably take many years of very hard work. Years dur
ing which it is clear that the US Dollar will fall off its puffed up pedestal causing social-political-economic chaos which will spread throughout the Land while the Federal "Powers That Be" use every tool at their disposal to suppress all dissent.

I've written about it as "America Attacks Itself" and it's part of the action of the US Mars turned Retrograde in Libra. ( July 19th, 2006 )

The Revolution will be televised
(in fact, it's already on "Youtube") but the officially televised coverage will be nothing but lies while America's bloody VIOLENCE w
ill be turned against her own People.

Department Of Homeland Security
(American Gestapo)
Buys Hollow-Point Bullets

It's extremely important that we realize URANUS will be squaring/challenging PLUTO from the MARS ruled sign of Aries thereby emphasizing all the implications of America's Natal and Progressed MARS function. And in the mundane chart of a Nation such as America this Mars function symbolizes the Nation's SOLDIERS and POLICE as well as its capacity for waging WAR.

Consequently, the currently Retrograde position
(lasting till March 27th 2086) of the USA Mars in the 10th House and in the sign of Libra strongly suggests that the WAR POWERS of the Nation are focused within the 10th House OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT wherein the Authority and Law of SATURN natally resides as well. This Saturn force is the ruler of the USA 2nd House of Capricorn Money through which PLUTO is currently transiting while being challenged by URANUS moving through ARIES so we can astro-logically conclude that the USA "War On Terror" is actually a MONEY WAR pitting the 10th House Office of the President and the ruling class against the 4th House interests of the Common People.

In other words, all the Wars On Terror are actually Wars against the interests of the common People. And the "Department Of Homeland Security" is nothing more nor less than the Administrative Office of that WAR embodying the USA Progressed Retrograde MARS in Libra as it is directed AGAINST the common People via the thoroughly unconstitutional but Official USA LAW known as the "Patriot Act".

It's extremely important we realize that Mars and Uranus are directly related Forces in the basic construct of the American Psyche because both these planets were found in the energy-field of Gemini
at the time of the birth of the USA when the Declaration Of Independence was signed. And because Uranus is the ruling planet of America's Aquarian Moon, the forces of Mars and Uranus combined in Gemini produce in the American Psyche a kind of nervously aggressive drive focused upon the dualistic (Gemini) plane of mind and expressed verbally and in writing as something akin to attention deficit disorder as well as cognitive dissonance.

The very Moon-Feelings of Americans as a Collective  People are mentalized by this double combination of Gemini-Aquarius = AIR! Americans are often observed to be aggressively irritable AIRHEADS, people whose feelings change rapidly while at the same time being quite outspoken and righteously idealistic regarding their own evaluation of themselves. Short term thinkers focused on profits. Ideationally pragmatic.

Yes, America's Moon in Idealistically Abstract Aquarius rules its Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter functions all of which are located in the Moon's own energy-field of Cancer. So the fact that the Moon's ruling planet Uranus is found in the same Gemini sign as Mars casts a warlike and sporadically maverick tone over the Collective Temperament of American Feeling. And we mustn't ignore the impact of Phobos and Deimos, the two orbiting Moons of Mars bringing their flavor of fear, panic, and paranoia ("War On Terror") to this richly complex mix of the American Psyche as it expresses through the largely mental-verbal Feeling of eccentric Aquarius.

At High Noon on September 17, 2011 as the Occupy Movement began in Zuccotti Park (formerly known as Liberty Plaza Park) the 27th degree of Scorpio was Rising in the East while the 27th degree of Taurus was Setting in the West and both these points were forming a tight Square aspect to America's Natal Moon at 27+ degrees of Aquarius. Indeed, the transiting Moon at 22+ degrees of Taurus was moving into exact waxing Square aspect to America's Natal 27+ degree Moon in Aquarius!

Hence the very Ascendant-Descendant Axis of the Occupy Movement is meant to CHALLENGE the collective Moon Masses of the USA, and to challenge them very specifically by way of the MONEY-SECRECY issues always indicated by Scorpio-Taurus.

This Challenge is further highlighted by the fact that Transiting Mars at that hour of that day was on the final penultimate degree of Cancer conjunct the Nation's Vertex and just separating from a full Opposition to the Nation's Natal Pluto at 27+ degrees of Capricorn -an Opposition occurring within the the 2nd & 8th Houses of MONEY and INVESTMENTS.

The combination of all these Squares and Mars aspects as they relate to the coming 7 Major Waxing Squares Uranus soon makes to Pluto from the Mars ruled sign of Aries demands that we grasp in some depth just how our American Nation is attuned to Mars at its birth. And I think it is quite fair to say that America's relationship to its own Mars function at its founding is highly stressful, Here, take a look:



(click here for Larger image)

Here we clearly see in highlighted form America's Mars function located in the Nation's Chart in its 7th House of either friends and allies or open enemies. It expresses itself through always dualistic -sometimes playful, othertimes tricky- Gemini Speech and Writing. It's good at "multi-tasking" and inclines us toward both passionate and aggressive talk. Loud and forceful Gemini talk of an often indecisive and dualistic nature which the Native Americans from whom we stole this Land through violence, betrayal and deceit aptly characterised as our propensity to "speak with forked tongue". Yep, that's dualistic Mars in Gemini.

While it makes a strong Sextile aspect to Chiron in Aries and benefits from the waning and separating but wide Trine aspect which the Moon in Aquarius makes to it, its closest/tightest aspect is the waning and applying Square it forms with Neptune in Virgo in the Nation's 9th House of Courts, Laws, and the  quest  for Truth and Meaning leading to Understanding and Wisdom. We have big problems in those areas of life since the stressfully challenging waning Square between Mars and Neptune is indicative of aggressive actions masked by either confused or deliberately hidden intentions.

The fact that the Feeling Nodes of the Moon are also in stressful relationship with both these planets (both Mars and Neptune are in Semi-Square aspect to the Moon's North Node in Leo, and in Sesqui-Square aspect to the Moon's South Node in Aquarius) does not make things easier. In fact, these aspects (the Semi and the Sesqui Squares) are symptomatic of restless irritability combined with pushy and willfuly forceful outreach. In other words, on a feeling level we Americans tend to act-out and express our feelings aggressively while masking our willfulness
and deep uncertainty with a great deal of nervous confusion hidden beneath heaps of blustering noisiness. Think "entrepreneurs".

This is the very stressful 'Kite Formation' in the American Psyche. I've highlighted it in red, orange, and yellow ocher colors characteristic of the aspects involved. Trace it out with your finger and see how the entire set of lines focuses upon and converges on the North Lunar Node in frequently outrageous and highly extroverted Leo!!!  That fact simply emphasizes all that I've previously said in spades. We actually take pride in our willful "pushiness". The American "Entrepreneur" is a person who forcefully promotes his/her own Gemini opinion ostensibly encouraging others to do the same ...regardless of whether or not such "opinions" are based in fact or simply promoting personal agendas for profit.

But don't miss the fact that the SOURCE of all the restless POWER in this Kite Formation stems from the central dynamic of Mars in Square aspect to Neptune. Neptune, we must add, is operating in its astrological detriment or fall because it's found in Virgo directly opposite from Pisces the sign it rules. Virgo needs to focus on concrete details and specifics while Neptune is the Force of "all-inclusiveness", of imagination and dreaming.

When found in Semi-Square to Mercury, Sesqui-Square to the Moon's South Node, and Square to Mars while simultaneously stressed in the sign of its Fall ...well, Neptune frequently gives way to escapism, lack of focus, confused attention or no attention at all to the facts of any matter. Either deliberately or inadvertently it often indulges in lying. In order to escape from uncomfortable reality it will give in to "make-believe" or consume DRUGS. Anything feels good to Negative (stressed-out) Neptune when that "anything" allows it to distract itself, hide from the truth, avoid the facts.

Neptune seeks the oceanic feeling of bliss, but it will settle for pure escapism if and when such genuine bliss eludes it. Poppy fields converted to pure Opium smoked or injected straight into the veins is its preferred drug, but alcohol, marijuana, or sleeping pills will do in a pinch. Neptune under stress is the tool used for depressing the acuity of the conscious MERCURY mind in order to escape into the far more 'relaxed' mode of hazy, unconscious and thoroughly sublimated "thinking". Escapism.

With war-like Mars squaring America's fallen Neptune function in Virgo from the often glibly verbal sign of Gemini, America has declared a "War On Drugs". But that's a bold-faced LIE; many of the founding fathers of America's Eastern Establishment Families made their Fortunes from shipping drugs -especially Opium- in simultaneous collusion and competition with the infamous Opium Trade of the British East India Corporation. And this is precisely how that Natal Square in America's birth chart manifested itself at the outset of the building of the American Nation, USA. It continues to this day -secret government and military trading in drugs- as a means of funding the infamous "Shadow Government" which Cheney, Rumsfeld, and kooks like Colonel Oliver North have all shoved straight into our faces. But, as Stanley Kubrick so adroitly quipped, we live with "Eyes Wide Shut".

Yet, as the bi-wheel chart of Occupy and the Declaration given above clearly reveals ...the very SUN = CORE of the Occupy movement conjoins America's Neptune and Squares America's Mars thus opening our eyes (or seriously trying to) to the LIES at the HEART of the Declaration.  All "men" are created equal ...but WHITE MEN, not black slaves from Africa, nor Women, nor Children, and certainly not the indigenous "Red Man".

We attacked Afghanistan for complex multiple reasons including their Poppies and Opium Drug Trade.  It was an immoral and illegal INVASION. Without the aid of astrology the Occupy activists are aware that America's same lying war techniques are now being used to attack her own citizens. Mars squaring Neptune accounts for how American Militarized Police are able to bring their own covert violence to the Movement and defiantly proclaim that it's the Protestors who instigate that violence.

The Sun of the Occupy Movement casts its light into all the dark and confusing corners of America's hypocritical violence, starkly reveals that our Federal Government can only rule by masked VIOLENCE. We are not free citizens in America, but people trapped as victims inside a ruthless Corporate Police State.

Can we change that? Yes, we can build a better world.

How? Well, we must use the energy provided by Uranus Squaring Pluto from Aries to Capricorn.

We can start by WAKING UP. And the best way to wake up is to QUESTION SATURN AUTHORITY. Then, CHALLENGE and CONFRONT it!

Uranus, as ruler of America's Moon-in-Aquarius Masses will provide us ALL THE ENERGY WE NEED. Here, take a look at this bi-wheel chart of the Declaration combined with the first of the three current transits of Uranus as it conjuncts and activates the ROOTS of the POWER of the AMERICAN PEOPLE:


APRIL 18, 2011
(click here for larger image)

LIGHTNING is the pivotal symbol for URANUS, the planet of rapid, often sudden and usually quite shocking CHANGE. Gnostics, such as the late Krishnamurti, spoke of it as something called INSIGHT. Krishnamurti called INSIGHT a form of KNOWING which results in irreversible change. It's NOT the kind of "knowing" taught in Universities or through labored courses of scientific or even statistical study and analysis. Not the kind of knowing that can be argued, disputed, or arrived at by analysis.

It's the kind of KNOWING that arises from within us where it innately (gnosis) rests. A quick flash of indisputable intuition, a kind of "snap" occurring between the axons, dendrites, and neurons of the brain which instantaneously opens up new pathways of seeing and understanding. A kind of KNOWING that is incontrovertible, unconditional, and brooks no objections because it is manifestly, self-evidently true.

As if to emphasize all the above, we can SEE that this first of the three conjunctions Uranus makes to the US IC Angle (the first sets the tone for the remaining two) reveals transiting Mercury and MARS in Aries at 13+ degrees with both Squaring America's Natal Sun at 13+ Cancer and OPPOSING Natal US SATURN at 14+ Libra thereby forming a highly energized T-Square in active, cardinal signs.

MERCURY, as symbol of the Conscious Rational Mind is powerfully activated by Aggressive Mars in Action-Oriented ARIES hence able to potentially SEE in full OPPOSITION = OBJECTIVITY the truth of America's Saturn Establishment, able to verbally and agressively CHALLENGE the protocols and laws of that Establishment. It clearly signifies a major outbreak of the 4th House Aries Common People speaking their TRUTH to the "Powers That Be". That's precisely what Occupy is. The 99% challenging the 1% to CHANGE their ways.

And because this OPPOSITION focuses the Natal US Cancer Sun's Square to US Saturn it goes to the ROOT of the problem between common Americans and wealthy Landowners and Lawyers which was present at the Nation's founding.

The dynamic tension of the T-Square releases into Capricorn in the US Natal 2nd House where US Natal Pluto rests in Retrograde motion and in Opposition to US Natal Mercury also in Retrograde motion in Cancer's 8th House. That's all about AWAKENING the Collective US Mind of the Cancer-Moon-Masses to the HIDDEN FINANCIAL AGENDA present at the founding of the Nation. SECRET POWER OF MONEY. Mental obsession with MONEY. It points to unconscious compulsions (both Mercury & Pluto RETROGRADE) with POWER. Capricorn Power, which means Coprporate Establishment Financial Power. It's ROOTS were in FOREIGN (7th House) European Nations and specifically in the Monarchies & Banks & Bankers of those European Nations. (Mercury as ruler of Gemini controlling US 7th House of Foreign Nations both allied and hostile).

The Declaration Of Independence is a broadly framed and idealistic document filled with inspirational language bordering on pure rhetoric which  -if looked at with a sober eye- easily serves to mask a hidden (Mercury Opposite Pluto) agenda of combined Corporate 2nd and 8th House greed to be practiced by way of stealthy, confusing (Mars Square Neptune) actions like bloodshed, thievery, and perpetual WAR. A clever trick to hide the fact that America's founding had precious little to do with all men being created equal and a great deal to do with perpetuating Old European notions of Aristocracy. In America that Aristocracy was composed of the many Lawyers, Landowners, and Merchants who created the far more pragmatic and rigorously controlling CONSTITUTION. (see Rudhyar's "The Astrology Of America's Destiny" free online at: http://www.khaldea.com/rudhyar/aad/aad_c1p1.shtml)

This initial conjunction of Uranus with the IC (4th House Cusp) of the Land and House of the Common People heralds an Intuitive Awakening of Americans to the real nature of the laws of the Federal Government which binds them. It empowers all individual Aries Americans to ACT (together) on their own insights regardless of the Saturn-Libra laws that so severely limit their innate freedoms and deprive them of ANY voice in their own Nation's Federal Government. It symbolizes a FIGHT (Mars conjunct Mercury) for INDIVIDUAL ARIES FREEDOM.

In conclusion, let's take a quick look at the chart for the INGRESS OF URANUS into ARIES in the context of the chart for the Declaration Of Independence. I will give you here the chart together with the brief notes contained thereupon which I drew up just after the BP TERRORISM ATTACK on the GULF OF MEXICO. In very eerie fashion it seems to foretell the widespread Uranus-Uranium Radioactive contamination of the USA Landbase by TEPCO Corporation in Japan with all the accompanying horrors of that event:


(for larger -easier to read- image click HERE)

"The great majority of us are required to live a life of constant, systematic duplicity. Your health is bound to be affected if, day after day, you say the opposite of what you feel, if you grovel before what you dislike and rejoice at what brings you nothing but misfortune. Our nervous system isn’t just a fiction, it’s a part of our physical body and our soul exists in space and is inside us, like the teeth in our mouth. It can’t be forever violated with impunity."  Boris Pasternak; Doctor Zhivago