An Astro-Gnostic Look At

"THE MOST COMMON WORDS I hear spoken by any environmentalists anywhere are, We’re fucked. Most of these environmentalists are fighting desperately, using whatever tools they have—or rather whatever legal tools they have, which means whatever tools those in power grant them the right to use, which means whatever tools will be ultimately ineffective—to try to protect some piece of ground, to try to stop the manufacture or release of poisons, to try to stop civilized humans from tormenting some group of plants or animals. Sometimes they’re reduced to trying to protect just one tree." (Derrick Jensen, "Beyond Hope"; Orion Magazine; June 2006.)

The Deep Water Horizon was not a platform floating in the Gulf Of Mexico drilling for oil. It was a weapon of bio-psychic-terrorism. An embodiment of the collective corporate lust for economic-energetic control of the World's future. BP, Transocean, and Halliburton with all their various and assorted chief executive officers, investors, and bankers collaborated in the pursuit of profits to be obtained by draining the Life-Force residing within the body of Pacamama, Sophia, Mother Earth. What they saw on their horizon were personal financial profits to be pumped up out of the abyss of the Great Mother's Gulf. Black Gold, the slippery stuff that makes the gears and engines of Corporate Industry run smoothly. Fuel for the combustion engines of every dying and death-dealing Dystopian Metropolis. I mean this kind of METROPOLIS !!!

At 9:45 PM on April 20, 2010 the rig exploded due to an uncontrolled eruption of methane gas and oil made possible by a combination of well documented corporate incompetence, greed, and criminal negligence which killed eleven workers, wounded many more, and released from at least thirty thousand feet beneath the sea a highly pressurized gusher of toxic gases and other exotic fluids lethal to most forms of organic and human life. Corporately owned American Media initially reported the event in a rather off-hand manner as just another unfortunate "accident" and neglected to mention the gusher at the bottom of the Gulf until a few days later when they called it a "spill". That was the "spin" immediately placed on an ongoing catastrophe which more than three months later (August, 2010) still defines the way most Americans continue to see the event. Yes, and Nero did fiddle while Rome did burn. (I tawt I taw a puddy tat!)

At first, I assumed this catastrophe was just another "routine" astrological out-picturing of the final stages of the series of five opposition aspects occuring between Saturn in Virgo to Uranus in Pisces which began the day Americans supposedly elected Barack Obama as President and did not end until July 26, 2010 when both planets shifted out of the Water and Earth signs (Pisces-Virgo) into the Fire and Air signs (Aries-Libra). Just another Rape of Mother Earth, another rigged corporate crime against all Life.

The shift of elements from earth and water to fire and air suggested that the viscous fluid from the bottom of the sea would burn in the air. And because this sea is the Gulf Of Mexico, one of the five major vortices on Earth creating world-wide ocean currents, this oily gas gusher will wind its way through all the waters circling the planet. The fires have released chemically ("dispersant") lethal fumes to be carried on the streams of the Winds. The clouds have gathered it up to drop as rain all around the globe, especially from the Gulf of Mexico to the North and East of the USA.

The sudden and explosive changes indicated by Uranus to all the status-quo structures and forms of Saturn emphatically signified a major shift in human destiny but I didn't want to say a word about it to my happily cynical friends because most of them are persistently denying the revolutionary wake up call symbolized by Uranus opposing Saturn. It's a call which requires that all of us shift out of our comfort zones, that we recognize these are times cf shocking change and uncomfortable realizations. Yes, but human nature
craves Saturn Security, even if that security is false.

The major thrust of an astrological opposition between Saturn and Uranus is easily summed up in two words: challenge authority. Demand to see its credentials. Question it. What we can't question binds us.

"Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of the truth." Albert Einstien.

Yet, I've grown weary of being a messenger for "wake up calls" since Pluto crossed America's Dharma Path (Ascendant) in 2001 (WTTowers-911 Events) and announced the obvious likelihood of the Plutonian Death of America as a Nation.  Americans are trained to confuse the message with the messenger. To them it's as if anyone who voices the obvious personally wills the Nation's Death, as if such a person is undergoing a gratuitously self-induced "depressing" and "negative" attitude toward life!

Nevertheless, I drew up a chart for this Deepwater Horizon event and took a look at it. Here's the chart:


Deepwater Horizon Explosion
(for larger-clearer image click here)


Well, the annunciatory opposition of Saturn in Virgo to Uranus in Pisces is clearly visible in the chart, but the
Sun as well as Neptune and Chiron
(both of which are in conjunction aspect with each other though 'out-of-sign' in Aquarius and Pisces) are 
also in quincunx aspect (all three of them) to Saturn, sextile to each other, and semi-sextile to Uranus forming the infamous "Finger Of God" or "Yod" configuration. It's a "boomerang" Yod with an extra special "kick" from the trickster-fool (Uranus) poised to give us all the finger! Some weird joke is manifesting itself in phrases like "top kill", "static kill", "bottom kill". Too much kill, if you ask me. Total Kill.

Sounds like war stuff, like  those cruelly cynical movies made by Quentin Tarantino. The "Kill Bill" syndrome.  BP or Citizens United versus the Supreme Court. Remember, kiddies, Corporations are Persons now and they legally have the "same" Constitutional Rights as you and me. Their "lobbyists" can install whomever they like into any position of Federal or Local Government. They are free to buy any office in the land. It's the argument of the Federal "Finger Of God" -it's the LAW!!!  Supreme Commandments carved in stone. The talk of the Master Bible Archon, the Shylock of the Old Testament, Yahweh-Saturn:
"The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, moves on. Nor all your piety nor wit
shall lure it back
to cancel half a line. Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it.”

This nefariously moving finger of a "Yod" is a highly unstable energy construct of a "last chance" (Rudhyar) nature implying something of a "fated" or "karmic" set of forces at work. All its power pivots about the Saturn-Uranus opposition giving it a very charged meaning; Uranus is all but guaranteed under such circumstances to break open the form of Saturn. In this case, the Deep Water Horizon drilling rig (
symbolized in the chart by the Sun) is the form Uranus broke open.

Saturn is the indicator of the possessed human vessels used by the Archon Authority secretly in charge: BP Corporation and its CEO, Tony Hayward. The chart for this explosion guarantees that highly unstable conditions (both psychological and physical) prevailed at the rig right up to the moment of the explosion. The quincunx aspect always indicates a state of continuous adjustment followed by
readjustment like a perpetual game of musical chairs. It is an aspect indicative of instability and excess. How many volumes of "Kill Bill" do we need?

Try untold millions of gallons per day!  And don't forget to toss in the Uranus Kicker, neuro-toxic "Corexit".  O, yummy-yummy, what fun! Note how the Corporate Capitalist "Cost Benefit Analysis" takes precedence over LIFE itself!

There are two sets of Yod Configurations in this chart with Saturn at the Apex of one, and the Sun topping the other. This second, "other" YOD has Saturn sextile the Saggitarius Ascendant of the event with the Sun at its Apex and in Quincunx to both. Sagittarius rising implies that a message, vision, teaching or prophecy is at the  core of the Deep Water Horizon event and that it will resonate with America's Natal Saggitarius Ascendant. So, what is that "prophecy"?

Well, Jupiter
the Planet-Force "ruling" Sagittarius is found in the Oceans of Pisces rushing toward union with shocking Uranus  wanting to EXPAND the message. Jupiter, is also in tight Trine (ease, flow) aspect to the Moon in the Water sign of Cancer bringing its Force of Expansion to bear on the spread of both the oil-gas-corexit mixture and the message such expansion carries with it. Here is the Sabian Symbol (Rudhyar again) for the degree Jupiter occupies within Pisces' Cosmic Ocean: 


Rudhyar gives the "keynote" as: "The need to bring down to the level of everyday existence
the clear realizations made manifest in a great 'peak experience'."

As the rig exploded the Sun had just entered the sign of Fixed Earth, Taurus, while transiting Chiron as the Collective Wounded-Healer function of all Humanity had just entered the Mutable Water sign of Pisces representing all the Oceans of Earth. The two, Chiron and the Sun, aligned in productive Sextile aspect with each other while both pointed in excessive Quincunx fashion to Yahweh-Saturn occupying the Final and Summing-up degree of Virgo's Mutable Earth. The Earth burst open from the Uranus Shock of the explosion as the pipes were blown out of the rock in the sea bed tearing open what many have called a "gate" into the Underworld, the Xtian Hell Realm. It's a gate the Corprations (including the Federal Government) can't close.

But they can and have lied about it using the negative (simulated) side of the Force of Neptune affecting the Collectively Abstract Mind of Aquarius in Quincunx aspect to the Power of their Saturn "Authority". I repeat, this so-called Authority of theirs is Archontic, it's a mere simulation of true Authority -the kind that derives from respecting boundaries and forms. The Earth and Sea were raped, violently ruptured by the decadent Corporate Elite in league with the deamonic mimicry of the disembodied and thoroughly non-organic entities that are the Gnostic Archons:
"Gnostic teachings constantly emphasize that the Archons are imitators who cannot produce anything original, yet they arrogantly claim they can. The Lord Archon is called antimimon pneuma, "counterfeit spirit." (Apoc John III, 36:17. The term occurs several times in different texts.) The cosmos he produces is described by the Coptic term HAL, "simulation." The vast planetary system of the Archons is a stereoma, a virtual reality projection in simulation of a higher dimensional pattern." (see John Lash; Gaian Cosmogenesis and the Origin of Alien Life According to Gnostic Teachings.)
It's important for Americans to recall that as a Collective People, we are symbolized by the Moon in the Nation's Birth Chart, and that Collective Moon is found in Aquarius at 27 degrees and 13 minutes. Neptune touched (conjuncted) the US Natal Moon on March 5, 2010 and will do so twice again on August 23, 2010 and finally on January 16, 2011. Its passage over the Moon is being used to create widespread Neptunian confusion characterized by a pronounced inability for focusing the critical mind. It is being used to create an American Fantasy of Escapism. Recall how the Yahweh Archon of Old Testament Biblical fame brought about the confusion of tongues at the infamous "Tower Of Babel". Today, that Tower is Public (Corporate) Media.

Meanwhile, the Progressed US Moon is in Virgo where, on June 26, 2010 it touched (conjuncted) the Natal US Neptune at 22 degrees and 25 minutes in that sign. This is a highly unusual and statistically significant combination of Moon-Neptune "WE THE PEOPLE" interactive energies. The last time transiting Neptune conjuncted the US Natal Moon was 165 years ago (1845-46); it's not an everyday event! But it warns of mass delusion, escapism via prescription drugs, confusion of feelings on a COLLECTIVE (MASS FEELING) LEVEL. National Psychosis. Lying as a "trickle down" practice from the Upper classes to the Lower. Faithlessness and Betrayal. Contagious and slow spreading disease. Speaking of which....

Neptune is the traditional "ruling planet" of OIL.  It's action is fluid, dispersive, pervasively permeating all boundaries, and on the day of the Deep Water Horizon Explosion it was excessively impacted (via Waning Quincunx aspect) by Saturn in Virgo -the Lord Of Boundaries found in Mutable Virgo Earth. So, Neptune (ruler of the fading Age Of Pisces) was simultaneously conjuncting the US Moon and in Quincunx aspect to Saturn while blending (Conjunction) with Chiron and sextiling the Sun which had just entered the energy-field of Earth,

And, what happened? Excessively leaky boundaries happened; something more than mystical, something highly secretive was and still is afoot ...a distinctly 'peak experience'. It's a slippery, "oily" Neptunian peak experience being craftily engineered by disembodied Archontic Forces and their collaborative human vassals. Do not expect the mixture of oil/gas/sludge alternately gushing and oozing from the seabed of the Gulf to cease anytime soon!  And don't agree to pretend (Negative Neptune Escapism) this event was an "accident", either. It was deliberately planned. A "New Law" is, indeed, "Walking Down The Slopes"!  A Law of Global Proportions affecting every person on Earth. An Archontic Law rooted in religious Monotheism enforced through Yahweh's penchant for fear mongering and terrorism. A Law designed to bring about Mass Homogenization of thought and behaviour via tricks like the "Cap and Trade" legislation. Evidence of this is found throughout the chart cast for the moment of the explosion. Let's take a closer look at it.


The Magical Mind Games
Of The

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who  manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country."
 -Edward Bernays, Propaganda

The Deepwater Horizon chart reveals a prominently placed Retrograde Mercury in the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus forming three Quintile aspects: to the Moon in Cancer, to Neptune in Aquarius, and to Chiron in Pisces. Mercury occupies the Apex of a triangular Quintile Configuration the base of which is the Bi-Quintile aspect the Moon makes to both Neptune and Chiron. Hence we must speak of the "Magical Mind Games" of Quintiles.

Quintile aspects are 72 degrees apart, they are aspects resulting from the division of any circle of 360 degrees by the number 5. If all 5 of these arcs within a circle are connected by straight lines the resulting figure is a Pentagram surrounded by a Circle. Such a Pentagram is the classical tool of Magicians for ages past. It's also known as a Pentagon and is implicit in the celebrated 5 Pointed Star of Man. It is an aspect of "intelligent manipulation".

The "Magic" of the Quintile is of an abstract, geometrical, and intellectual kind giving it direct affiliation (in the analogical language of astrology) with the intellectual Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) as well as with the Planet of Mind, Mercury. Dane Rudhyar explains the Qunitile by calling it, "An aspect of creative spirit, and spirit can act as destroyer of obsolete structures as well as projector of new archetypes of living, and new structures of social or esthetical organization." Notice the ambivalence regarding moral notions of "good" and "bad" in the Quintile as Rudhyar explains it.

The Quintile (72 degrees) and its partner the Bi-Quintile (144 degrees) seem to manifest on an especially Aquarian plain of Mind when these aspects involve Mercury, symbol of the neo-cortex and (to some extent) the neuro-synaptical firings between axons and dendrites in the brain. In combination with Mercury they point to the likelihood of coldly intellectual scheming, to minds engulfed in amoral calculations preoccupied with pure intellectual technique rather than consequences felt on the biological and human level. They point to the "craft" of Mind as used by classical Magicians to obtain the results they seek. (Who consumes the most oil on planet Earth? The PENTAGON!)

In the chart for the Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe the Minds of everyone involved in the planning and execution of the drilling partake of the Retrograde motion of Mercury in the Earth of Taurus, and that Mercury is applying in a Waning Square aspect to the executive force of Mars found in Leo in the 9th house which speaks of the long range plans and goals of the drilling project. Mercury in Square aspect to Mars always indicates an aggressive Mind fond of argument and fighting. We have abundant information from workers on the rig indicating that for months before the "accident" and right up to the last hours before the explosion various "big wigs" of BP, Halliburton, and Transocean were arguing over what to do and how to do it. They did not agree on procedures and as per Retrograde Mercury in the Fixed Earth of Taurus their Minds were stubbornly resistant to change as they argued over the COSTS involved in things like emergency blow out valves. They cut costs at every corner. Costs and money are classical Taurus themes, but the Waning Square of Mercury to Mars requires that surrender and yielding to rather "earthy" Taurus FACTS are called for  -before the Actions of Mars can be successful. This yielding to concerns for such issues as public safety and possible environmental destruction did not occur. We know this because of the testimony of workers involved such as Douglas H. Brown, chief mechanic on the rig.

But Mercury in the chart for the disaster does not refer only to those involved with the project directly, it refers to all thought, speech, and writing concerning the events still unfolding especially as such talk, investigating, and writing concerns the General Public represented by the Moon in Cancer at the time of the explosion. That Moon is in Quintile aspect to Mercury suggesting that acute thinking is required on the part of the Public if they want to get at the complex issues involved in all that's being said or written about the ongoing event. When I speak here of "acute thinking" I have in mind the quintile fusion of BOTH our thinking minds, the Moon as instinctual thought and Mercury as rational thought. The Moon is also in Bi-Quintile aspect to both Neptune in Aquarius (the Sea, Imagination, Confusion, Lying, the High Mental Mystique of cloak & dagger obfuscation etc.) and Chiron in Pisces (our collective need to heal our woundedness with regard to all things concerning the Seas, Water, and Negative Pisces Escapism). Instinctively we "feel" via the "animal brain" of the Moon the deep impact of this event on the waters of our own body, on the dolphins, whales, birds, fish ...on the very waters of the Womb of Mother Earth.

Mercury, please recall, occupies the APEX of this triangular Quintile Configuration involving itself and the three other planets. Here is where the notion of subtle mental planning, attention to cleverly abstruse written proposals, and careful discernment must come to the forefront of our minds. If we credit astrologer Dane Rudhyar's observations concerning Quintiles as cited above, Mercury is at the center of what he calls " structures of social or esthetical organization". He reminds us that the "spirit" of Quintiles may "...act as destroyer(s) of obsolete structure..." so we must ask ourselves precisely what kind of obsolete structures are being destroyed by the BP Gulf fiasco and what sort of new structures of Social Organization might be behind these events.

In my 42 years as a student, teacher, and practitioner of astrology I have observed a pattern indicating the frequent presence of Quintile aspects in the lives of eccentric, original thinkers. A number of my 'clients' over the years who have prominent Quintile
aspects in their charts have been employees of various government related "think tanks" like the CIA, Stanford University, and the DIA. Casuistry comes naturally to such folks and they often start out by cleverly lying to me about their involvement in such organizations. Mind you, I'm not talking here about full-blown James Bond style characters, but mostly low-level bureaucrats working within such groups. 

In one rather humorous incident, the wife of such a low-level CIA bureaucrat came to see me for a reading of her chart bringing me a "gift" of a channelled book she had written. She said the material "just came to her" when she opened the used laptop computer her husband brought home to her as a gift from his CIA office. Her resultant "channelled" book had been published by an undercover CIA publishing house in China and she didn't even notice that fact. Nor did she question at all the content of the pseudo-spiritual rather "new age" crap she had "written"! It was essentially a primer for mind-control related indoctrination, a kind of "How To Surrender Your Mind To God" book.  "God", of course, in this context is whatever Authoritative-Archontic entity chooses to pose as such. I burned it once she left my home. The entire episode gave me insights into how Quintiles and Bi-Quintiles can work.

When I saw this triangular Quintile Configuration in the Deepwater Horizon Explosion chart it grabbed my full attention. Aha, said I to myself, this is a queerly curious arrangement. There is INTENTIONALITY written all over these magical quintile lines, some Magicians guided by Archons have drawn up the blueprints for this event. Or am I just being too colorful?

But then I noticed that other Energetic Configuration, the "FINGER OF THE WORLD" involving the Moon's South Node in Sesquiquadrate aspect to both the chart's Ascendant and Chiron (which are in Square aspect to each other) with it's North Node  semi-square both the Ascendant and Chiron thereby transforming the whole Configuration into a "Kite". Okay then, Grandpa, follow that Kite! E.E. Cummings reverberating in my head:

"what a wonderful thing
is the end of a string
and will somebody please tell me
why people let go"


"One cannot say, 'He is a shaman.'
One says instead, 'The way of tracking belongs to him.' "

Interview; Derrick Jensen with Martin Prechtel

The important thing to do here is to look at it, to actually see this Kite Formation arising from the "Finger Of The World". I've highlighted it in golds, reds, and oranges respectively indicating the Sesquiquadrates, the Square, and the Semi-Squares from which it arises. Then, grasp the fact that all three of these aspects can be derived by dividing the circle of 360 degrees by the number 8 producing an octagon within the circle wherein each point is exactly 45 degrees distant from the next when counted in sequence.

Three 45 degree angles (semi-squares) combined add up to 135 degrees: the Sesquiquadrate; and two 45 degree angles added together result in the 90 degree Square. The 45 degree angle itself is indicative of highly dynamic and continuous pressure or relentless tension between the points or planets it connects. In this case of the chart for the Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe it connects the degree of the Sagittarius Ascendant and the degree of Chiron both of which are in challenging 90 degree Square aspect to each other while each of them is also in restless 45 degree Semi-Square aspect to the Moon's North Node in Capricorn in the 2nd House of earning money. Money, the Bankers say, is Power.

The number 8 has a long and colorful history as an occult symbol of Power. Turned on its side it becomes the Infinity Loop of the Dragon Ouroboros who continuously swallows its own Tail. It symbolizes the collective Power of the Life Force inter-connecting and flowing through all points of the Universe. This is the nature of the POWER involved in the so-called, "Finger Of The World" configuration and its transformation into the "Kite" found poking its nose into the Capricorn 2nd House (Income-Money) of the chart for the Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe. Recall that Capricorn is the zodiacal sign which, when manifesting negatively is 'ruled' by the Lord Of Falsehood, the Master Archon Yahweh-Yaldaboath-Saturn. Abre los ojos.  Anamnesis! Total Recall.

This Finger amounts to relentless (finger-pointing) pressure between humankind's Collective Chiron Wound  focused upon the Collective Mutable Waters Of Pisces (Earth's Oceans considered as One interconnected Whole or Body of Water) and the Prophecy of the Saggitarius Ascendant, its Message for All Humankind. That Prophecy at the core of the Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe is being energized by the Finger Of The World which symbolizes both the need and the means for social outreach and widespread dissemination of the message through the "Finger's" combined and dynamic energies. There is every likelihood of a powerful and financial goal (Intention) fueling the "widespread dissemination" of the lethal oil-gas-corexit mixture throughout the Oceans of the World. It's an insidiously slow and hidden form of bio-psychic warfare.

Curiously, the Moon's South Node in Cancer occupies the Apex of this Energetic Configuration we call the "Finger Of The World". Dane Rudhyar writes of this finger configuration " challenges one to concrete action (square) that must be well-advertised and disseminated (semi-square), but which at the same time should stand on its own as an almost self-evident answer to a pressing social or evolutionary need ". The implication is that the Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe somehow sums up a Cancer Past, stems from that Past, and uses it to call our attention to a "pressing social and evolutionary need". The Moon herself was transiting through Cancer (her own sign) at the time giving even greater emphasis to this evolutionary need to examine our Past. What might that Past be?

What is it ? What is this
need to bring down to the level of everyday existence the clear realizations made manifest in a great 'peak experience' which the Finger Of The World points to? I don't know the answer to this question, but I do have a strong feeling that the experience referred to has something to do with all the propaganda we as Americans have been subjected to regarding notions of Industrial Progress, Science and  "peak oil". Oil, and its derivative gasoline, alternately grease and fuel the Machine Life so "vital" to the Inorganic Archons, the "off-planet" entities gifted at simulating Virtual Realities. Machines are simulacra, stand-ins for focused human activity. Industrial Civilization increasingly favors machines over human beings who are employed to feed and maintain them. Every Metropolis simulates its own artificial reality. It maintains its "dreamscape" by consuming ever larger amounts of  oil, gasoline, uranium.


Click title above to see Fritz Lang's version of your modern
middle class office cubicle...

The "peak oil" syndrome rests upon the idea that oil is quite limited and we are running out of it because it was created ages ago from now extinct Dinosaur Remains etc. Well, that was a jolly Archontic Simulation. A LIE. If nothing else, the Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe is about to destroy that old "fossil fuel" paradigm and replace it with the understanding that oil is "A-BIOTIC" ...perpetually created from within the Mother Earth's HEART-CORE by processes we have yet to admit into our consciousness and for her own occult purposes which we've hardly even begun to study much less comprehend.

"Open the Pod-Bay Doors, Hal. I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that."

If this is your first run in with Archons and A-biotic Oil you might want to pause and let the idea stew a bit in your brain! Then, perhaps, take a gander at this. Uh-oh, there go Bankers' Billions in "Depletion Allowances". Let us pause to pity the Wealthy, the coldly dispassionate Sentient Programs. The clever

And let's recall again what a wonderful thing is the end of a string and get back to tracking our Finger Of The World Kite!

The North Lunar Node in Capricorn transforms this "Finger Of The World" into a "Kite" because of the fact that it rests midway
between the Saggitarius Ascendant and Chiron in Pisces in Semi-Square aspect to both. It becomes the "nose" of the Kite while the South Cancer Node becomes the "tail". This Capricorn node in the 2nd House of INCOME/MONEY is the FOCAL POINT of the entire Finger Of The Word (Kite) formation and serves to remind us that a whole lot of money was made by "insiders", like Goldman Sachs and even Tony Hayward all trading against BP in the Archon Casino called the "Stock Market" just before the timely Gulf Catastrophe unfolded. Will wonders never cease!  Seems that quite a few of these "insiders" knew the rig was in trouble, and so was the Gulf. And if they get their way, they'll make even more profit off their "accident". That's the meaning of Disaster Capitalism. Expensively staged Catastrophes.

Money, again,
and the "Cap & Trade" Bill. Or it's newer, renamed version, "The American Power Act".

The Nodes of the Moon taken by themselves are astrological symbols for the Mouth (North Node) and Tail (South Node) of the  Great Ouroboric Dragon. They are seen as points of intake (North Node, Mouth) and expulsion (South Node, Tail) or, in human psychological terms they symbolize growth through the intake of nutrients and new experiences (North Lunar Node) and excretion or letting go of the waste left over from what we have already consumed and, therefore, that which has no further nutrient value for us (South Node).

Rudhyar put it this way: "North Node: Point of intake. Earth-nature is open to and receives the Moon's energies. South node: Point of release. The results of the assimilation by the living Earth-Organism of the Moon's Energies are exteriorized, or (when negative) are evacuated or repudiated."
These Nodes of the Moon identify our Kite as a GREAT DRAGON KITE. Could the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth together be up to something cosmic ?  Are they the ones about to point the Finger to " almost self-evident answer to a pressing social or evolutionary need." ?  Or is the Earth just a dull rock and the Moon a hunk of fabled green cheese!

It would seem to me that the time is ripe for earthlings of the "civilized" persuasion (Technology-Industrialization) to wake up to the facts long known and held in highest regard by our Fellow Indigenous Humans everywhere: THE EARTH IS ALIVE.

Mother Nature is a Conscious Being and we originated here, on Earth, directly from her Womb.  Capitalists, via the Oil & Chemical Companies in league with the US Federal Government, have once again pillaged the Body of Earth. Raped our Mother for their own greedy purposes. But this time they've gone too far. The whole thinking population of Planet Earth knows the simple facts of the case concerning the Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe. The Nodes of the Moon forming the backbone of the Kite of this Finger Of The World are psychological indicators of MASS MOODS and COLLECTIVE FEELINGS among the PUBLIC. Everyone instinctively knows that since Day One of the Deepwater Catastrophe the Corporations, the Federal Government, and the Fake Media have consistently LIED and COVERED UP the true nature of the still ongoing events. They do what they do for Power and Money. There can be no further credence or respect given to Global Corporate Government games. They are LIES.

Earth, and all living biological species dwelling within Her domain are under ATTACK. Life itself is threatened by Disaster Capitalism and its war game called "Bankruptcy". We, the controlled, have seen Them -the controllers. The jig is up!  So is "The Finger Of The World"! From now on the EARTH (not the World) speaks urgently to all who can listen. This is the long awaited and prophetic message (insight) proclaimed
by the Sun entering Taurus while Chiron simultaneously entered Pisces on the day of the Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe: Capitalism Is Dead!  THE EARTH IS ALIVE!

This is the peak experience that needs to be brought down to the level of everyday existence as a clear realization.
THE EARTH IS ALIVE!  But, can this urgent message be heard? Mercury, messenger of the Gods, was Retrograde that day in Taurus. And Venus, who rules the sign, was there as well.  She was in challenging Square aspect to Neptune in Aquarius mirroring a struggle over two different kinds of values.  Posing the  formidable questions: What is Love?  What are Life, Beauty, Harmony, Peace and Balance? Will the Dolphins, Whales, Sea Turtles and innumerable Fish ever be able to breathe in Oceans not toxically depleted of oxygen? Can we ever be free from the stifling grip of Archontic Money ?

"o by the by
     has anybody seen
     little you-i
     who stood upon the green
     hill and threw
     his wish at blue"


Love In The Land Of Poppies; Venus
Challenges Neptune To A Kiss.

When it comes to this waxing square which Venus in Taurus (6th house of workers, health) makes to Neptune in Aquarius
(3rd house of daily press, communications) we are looking at the crux of the issue regarding the Deepwater Horizon event. It's a contest of values, a struggle between money and ideals, financial security and intellectual integrity, idealism and the work-a-day world because these sets of polarities are precisely what define the differences in emphasis between the astrological signs of Taurus and Aquarius. Taurus as Fixed Earth is the literal ground we walk on, it's all that is concretely physical like our bodies and the Land but it's also very preoccupied with things like money by which (for most of us) something to eat and Land to live on (or a house to live in) are obtained. Aquarius, on the other hand, as Fixed Air intellectual and organizational, concerned with ideas and ideals, with large scale social movements and plans. In the Gulf events surrounding Deepwater these two patterns of behaviour or ways of looking at life are in very direct  challenge, even obvious and open conflict with each other.

Venus, as ruling planet of Taurus insists on the personal and physical and is challenging (waxing square) Neptune in abstract-intellectual-conceptual Aquarius to translate its essential empathy and sense of vastness into something more tangible than just abstract feelings or mystical idealism. Venus is a PERSONAL planet in the language of astrology while Neptune is essentially COLLECTIVE. Venus is "me" oriented whereas Neptune is "us" oriented. Venus in Taurus wants to be personally fed, kissed, nurtured, phyically loved and made comfortable. Neptune in Aquarius imagines feelings of shared unity, seeks to inspire faith in shared group identity and ideals of mutual trust and confidence.

In the chart for the Gulf event these potentially compatible impulses/desires of Venus and Neptune are not in flowing harmony with each other. They are disharmoniously challenging each other, in conflict with each other because Venus in Taurus feels that Neptune in Aquarius is NOT translating its vague idealism into concrete, realistic actions. This mutual disharmony between the two is focused in the 6th house of the workers and their physical and psychological health, and the 3rd house of daily communication, phone calls, posting of you tubes on the Aquarian internet, and the collective general conversation about what has happened and what is still unfolding on a daily 3rd house level regarding the oil, clean up efforts, and confusion or uncertainty about "dispersants" like COREXIT.

"ME" (Venus) doesn't trust "US" (Neptune) in this scenario.

The PERSONAL and PHYSICAL (Venus) is challenging the COLLECTIVE and METAPHYSICAL (Neptune).

Negotiating these differences between Venus and Neptune is the planet Saturn found in Virgo. While Venus has a flowing connection (waning Trine aspect) to Saturn, Neptune has an imbalanced (waning Quincunx aspect) relationship with Saturn. Venus and Saturn are both expressing in Earth signs, while Neptune and Saturn are trying to relate through Earth and Air.
( "Ground control to Major Tom." )

The Quincunx, notoriously, is a HEALTH related aspect and while Venus in Taurus in the 6th house of health allows Saturn Bosses-Authorities to assure the 6th house workers they are in no danger to their health, Neptune in Aquarius can't trust those assertions of Saturn Authorities. Under the stressful quincunx relationship to Saturn, Neptune tends to manifest its negative side .... paranoia, disbelief, feelings of some invisible (Neptune) conspiracy going on between Saturn Corporate Bosses and the 3rd house Aquarian Media.

Many 6th house Workers trust the Bosses and the Media, others emphatically don't! One of the Workers who clearly and most vocally outlines her reasons for distrust of both the Bosses and the Media is Kindra Arnesen.  She is not alone by any means. In fact, it has been clear since the very beginning of the Gulf events that BP, the Media, and the Feds are all lying. Continually lying. Why? Why are they lying, what is their agenda and ultimate goal in all this deceit, and why do the great majority of Americans remain oblivious to the bio-psychic warfare that is still unfolding in the Gulf and apathetic when and if they do find out?

To explore these questions we must see the Deepwater Gulf Horizon catastrophe in a larger, more inclusive context. Yes, the chart for the event itself gives us powerful clues as to what is undoubtedly going on and we've examined some of those clues. They involve Corporate money making, contests of Values, and the "revelation" that the event points to a Message of prime importance which must be widely disseminated and virgorously acted upon. I have suggested that a central aspect of this "Message" concerns our need to wake up to the fact that THE EARTH IS ALIVE and that, perhaps, the Sun and Moon as well as the Earth (as conscious, spiritual beings) are attempting to "teach" us something. Or they may be trying to actively enlist us as conscious participants in some profound physical transformation they, themselves, are engaged in.

This latter notion is based upon very ancient Gnostic teachings most lucidly explained by John Lash's extensive study of the Gnostic texts found primarily in the Nag Hammadi Library as well as the work of 20th Century Gnostics, Aurobindo Ghose and Mirra Alfassa. Here's a hint of their work:

"Matter is in the process of changing to prepare for a new manifestation; but the human body is not sufficiently plastic and offers resistance. This is why the number of incomprehensible disorders and diseases is increasing and becoming a problem for medical science. The remedy lies in union with the divine forces which are at work in a confident and quiet receptivity that facilitates the process." 
(Mirra Alfassa, Nov. 18, 1971; Agenda Vol 12.)

All this may seem a bit like some New Age Guff, but what are we to do when Neptune, the very symbol of the Cosmic Sea, of Spirit, of Poetry, Music and Mysticism, together with its own "home sign", Pisces, play such prominent roles in the chart for the events unfolding  in the Gulf Of Mexico and slowly spreading throughout all the Oceans of the Earth? 

Neptune dissolves, spreads, and slowly permeates all Saturn boundaries rendering them incapable of merely rational and physical separation. Therefore, and not surprisingly, as we pursue our study of this event the Forces of Neptune will continue to pop up everywhere, not to be avoided. Like those CIA Poppy Fields in Afghanistan where poor, ruby-slippered Dorothy, the Kansas Kid, is caught under a Bad Witch's spell waiting for the snow to fall. Like Obama swimming in the Fake Gulf with his daughter.  We must keep in mind that while Neptune in its most positive manifestation refers to inspiration and feelings of trust and unity with all being, its negative (Archontic) manifestation deals with things like drugs, escapism, and the undermining attitudes we know as CONSPIRACY. The etymology of the word should not escape us:

Conspiracy. Conspire: late 14c., from O.Fr. conspirer (14c.), from L. conspirare "to agree, unite, plot," lit. "to breathe together," from com- "together" (see com-) + spirare "to breathe" (see spirit). Or perhaps the notion is "to blow together" musical instruments, i.e., "To sound in unison." Related: Conspired; conspiring.

But before I try to say anything more along these metaphysical lines I think it's important to focus on the practical, political contexts in which Deepwater Horizon is engulfed. To do this we must, I think, begin with an examination of the chart for Deepwater within the context of the chart for the USA, the country in which this catastrophe is unfolding. Meanwhile we have Mike & Kathy Malloy reminding us of the "Flying Monkey Right" and the (slightly edited) voice of e.e.cummings celebrating the mysteries of Earth:

"O sweet spontaneous
Earth how often have

          fingers of
purient philosophers pinched

you ... how
often have religions taken
you upon their scraggy knees
squeezing and

buffeting you that you might conceive

to the incomparable
couch of death your

         you answer

them only with


Neptune In America Reveals
The "People Of The Lie".


In the USA "lying" is indicated as a collective American propensity taking two forms: verbal-mental (Mercury) and actional-physical (Mars). This occurs as the result of a pronounced tendency implicit in the fact that Mercury is Retrograde at the Nation's Birth in Cancer and in applying/waxing Opposition aspect to Pluto also Retrograde but in Capricorn. It symbolizes the conscious rational mind and speech (Mercury) of the People constellated in an introverted (Retrograde) manner within each Individual's Personal Unconscious (Pluto) and within the Collective Unconscious (Pluto) of the Nation as well. It's indicative of unacknowledged Plutonian feelings of guilt and shame undermining both the Nation and its People's collective conscious thought.

The Zeitgeist of our National Discourse is polarized between the very personal/subjective issues of home and family (Cancer) configured in a tug-of-war (Opposition aspect) with the very public/objective issues of politics and business (Capricorn).  This battle in our psyches is taking place within the 2nd House of Land/Values/Income and the 8th House of Sharing/Investments/Death. These are the Houses archetypally associated with Taurus and Scorpio, Life and Death, Physical Possessions and Psychic Inheritance.

All Oppositions between planets symbolize that their mutual 180 degree tug-of-war is meant to produce CONSCIOUS OBJECTIVITY, is meant to provoke the integration of each planet's energy in a combined and harmoniously effective manner with the other's. The People of the USA, therefore, (and taken as a whole) are meant to develop an objective understanding of the fact that their personal lives are deeply affected by their collective attitudes. The conceit, however, which we Americans tend to indulge in is that we are not personally implicated in our Nation's Collective Politics. We are "educated" to think that way. We're supposed to be "Free Individuals".

The INDIVIDUAL is thought to be independent and each and every American is taught to act and think individually. That, we are told, is precisely the meaning of FREEDOM! Hence we are encouraged to see ourselves as "Rugged Individualists" who are all "equal" and free to be ourselves. This teaching, unfortunately, renders us Unconscious (Pluto) of our shared group behaviour which includes the lowest common denominator of our collective political and economic (Capricorn) actions.

We are, as a People and a Nation, a Collective Community composed of individuals mutually participating in a Collective Zeitgeist. A Collective Attitude rooted in a history and culture. All of this is downplayed if not outrightly ignored in a personally unconscious way  by  most of us unless and until it's presented as a slogan of a positive nature: "Americans are a Generous People", "Americans are Freedom Loving", "Americans believe in Home and Family" etc. etc. and on and on non-stop to infinity!

But we are, in fact, the People of a Nation born with its Mercury in waxing/separating Square aspect to its Chriron wound in Aries, sign of the distinct Individual. This suggests that we are not at all as distinctly individual as we are "educated" to believe we are. Believing we are "Rugged Individualists" is our Chiron in Aries Wound, our blind spot. This is what we're so unconscious about, and being unconscious of that fact is the path leading to our mutual downfall. It separates us, each one from the other. It points to our individual effort to compete with each other, to "prove" we are rugged and individual and can stand on our own two feet or pull ourselves up by the boostraps and begin all over again the struggle for survival which our Darwinistic Culture demands: survival of the fittest! (Investors. Entrepreneurs. Lone sharks. Hey, we're just doing "God's Work"!)

This is a Mercury state of mind inculcated in us from birth onward. And such a state of Mind (Mercury Retrograde in Cancer) clearly benefits the Powers of Government and Business (Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn) concerning which we are encouraged to be and remain Unconscious. That's the tug-of-war (Opposition aspect) between the two: to be, or not to be Unconscious. With Mercury in Cancer also in Square aspect to Chiron in Aries we are each challenged to Consciously acknowledge a personal need we individually have to prove ourselves self-confident, independent, and free. American bravado! Loud, "optimistic" and hollow. At what cost comes this delusion of "freedom" ? 

Well, Chiron in Aries is also in the 4th House of our Nation's chart representing its Land Base and the sign of Aries is "ruled" by the Planet MARS which, in the USA Chart is found in the verbal-mental sign of Gemini "ruled" by Mercury. This tells us our ego energies and powers of assertiveness are focused in Gemini talk proliferating heaps of Gemini data and options. Please note further how this Mars is in applying/waning Square aspect to our Nation's NEPTUNE found in Virgo, another Mercury ruled sign. But Virgo is concerned with discrimination, with sorting out differences and paying attention to details. Virgo develops discernment by carefully distinguishing one fact from another, one detail from another. It sorts through Gemini data and facts to discern the patterns within them. In America's chart these two types of action (Gemini-Virgo; Mars-Neptune) are blunting and confusing each other because they are in mutually tense and challenging Square aspect.

This planetary arrangement demands genuinely selfless actions, actions not primarily based upon exclusively personal concerns.  That's what the "waning" tone of the Square aspect indicates: the faster moving planet (Mars-Ego/Action) must yield or surrender to  the slower moving planet (Neptune-Selflessness/Compassion). Ask yourself how "selfless" in their actions Americans really are. How can a People trained to be "Rugged Individuals" following the Darwinian Theory of the "Survival of the Fittest" be selfless or compassionate or even seriously considerate of one another ...let alone "foreigners" ?

At its very best, this Mars to Neptune Square in America's birth chart indicates a National inclination toward confused (Neptune) and confusing (more Neptune) actions (Mars). At its worst it indicates deliberately DEVIOUS ACTIONS. Actions we deny or pretend (to ourselves and each other) we never initiated and for which we are consequently not responsible. Mars squaring Neptune is like a knife attempting to cut a cloud. The cloud easily envelopes the knife making it a hidden weapon. We hide our motives from ourselves. We see ourselves as freedom loving People given to "selfless" (Neptune) actions. We deny our own violently competitive motives stemming from our educational indoctrination into the "survival of the fittest" psychology.  It's me or you, us or them nearly all the time with red-blooded Americans.

Consider how we obtained the Aries/Mars LAND BASE on which we dwell and upon which we have built a Nation. It is and was and shall always be the Land of the Indian. Red, like Aries and like Mars. The Redman is indigenous to America, not foreign usurpers who come from elsewhere to steal the Indigenous Land. Denying our actions in that regard stinks of Mars in Gemini Square to Neptune in Virgo obfuscating the plain facts of our actions. (Leonard Peltier is still in Federal Prison for defending his People and his Land!)

The foundation (4th House) of our National Character rests upon Mars which rules the Aries sign of our Land Base and in that sign on that Land Base is our shared National Wound, Chiron in Aries. It refers to our Collective Lie (Mars in Gemini square Chiron in Aries, Mercury in Cancer opposition Pluto, Mars square Neptune) which holds that the Past is over with and we must, as our "President" repeatedly assures us, "move on". No blame. We don't play the blame game. Tee-hee!

If ever there were a Mass Delusion this is one. As a People and a Nation we are assured that we are spotless, guiltless, impeccable seekers of Truth and Freedom (Sagittarius Rising USA). We never killed the Redman to the point of genocide, we never brutally invaded Iraq or Afghanistan, nor did we decimate the Lands of Vietnam with toxic Agent Orange nor the Lands of the Middle East with Depleted Uranium. In fact, we are as a People mostly unconscious of the fact that we have undermined the Life Force of our own (stolen) National Land with lethal radioactive wastes, with petrochemical wastes, and poisoned our own Indian Inherited crops by way of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).

This shockingly dumbed-down state of mind among Americans can be understood (but not dismissed or pardoned) by the pressure under which our Conscious Minds (Mercury) operate. It's the pressure of Mercury in waxing/separating Square aspect to our shared Chiron Wound while simultaneously opposed by our personal and collective Unconsciousness,

It's the Confusion of our Mental Actions (Mars in Gemini) in waning/applying Square aspect to our Imagination (Neptune in Virgo). It's our preference (Mars in Gemini) for quick bon mots (sound bites) over serious and slowly considerate thought. It's the cumulative result of continuously denying the violence of our own Individual and Collective thoughts and Actions.

We cannot bear to view ourselves or our Nation as anything but "good", "happy" and "optimistic".And that's why we can't see and don't want to see what's going on in the Gulf Of Mexico right under our noses.

We don't like to feel or think "negatively", we're a Nation and a People born with our Venus in Cancer (FEELINGS) buoyed up by expansive Jupiter, the "Santa Claus" among Planets!

Ha. Well, just take a look at how for the first time in our Collective National Psyche the Lord Of Death, Lord Of The Underworld, symbol of the Unconscious
...yes, PLUTO... is in process of Opposing our self-indulgent (Venus conjunct Jupiter in Cancer) and feel-good "optimism" as it astrologically opposes both our Nation's Natal Venus and its Natal Jupiter! 

Death itself is challenging us. Our Collective Unconsciousness is challenging us to wake up, to OBJECTIVELY INTEGRATE our heretofore hidden motives and violently abusive values into our CONSCIOUS MINDS. Pluto is issuing an ULTIMATUM: THINK, AMERICANS, OR DIE! 

Since our USA was born when Pluto was last passing through the sign of Capricorn, the sign of Business and Government, we are naturally attuned to experience the catabolic action of this Lord Of Death in the fields of Business and Government. Pluto's very presence in this sign activates increasingly our Natal Pluto to Mercury Opposition, the secret fear and shame that haunts our Mercury Minds. And as the Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe began Pluto was in process of completing its opposition to our Natal Venus (Values/Currency) and preparing to initiate its thrice repeated Opposition (Exact Jan 17 2011, Exact Jul 8 2011 Rx Retrograde, Exact Nov 20 2011) to our innate Natal Jupiter (Optimism/Expansion). Both our Money and our Optimism are facing Death. Termination. They are in a showdown with the Catabolic, Break-Down forces of P

I'm saying it's the Political-Business (Capricorn) sector of American Society which carries the Pluto Message to us. These are the sectors of our American Society which are inseminating the catabolic, break-down forces of Pluto into our daily lives.  The Politicians and the Business Tycoons together with the Plutocrats, the Super Wealthy are embodying for us the destructive side of Pluto's Power.  And they will do so by way of our Nation's Mars to Neptune Square ...deviously, cloaking the knife of their violence in the cloud of Neptune. They will act in hidden and insidious ways but with persistently corrosive and undermining Power. They will call down upon the masses the curse of negative "victimhood" and the "martyrdom" complex of Negative Neptune, the Archontic Neptune. The one who mouths platitudes about "Blessed are the Poor".

They will wear the Mask Of Invisibility which is Pluto's great strength; you can't take affective action against what you can't see!
But here's a way to see it:

"Workers are being conditioned to accept what is referred to as “the new normal” typified by low wages and benefits and the total absence of any form of social protection. Or, in the blunter words of Fiat head Sergio Marchionne, US workers must accept a “culture of poverty,” abandoning what he contemptuously referred to as a “culture of entitlement.”

The class character of the calls for “sacrifice” and “responsibility” is increasingly naked. Even as Washington prepares for drastic cuts to Social Security and all manner of social spending, Congress appears likely to extend or make permanent the Bush-era tax cuts for the extremely wealthy, which have cost the federal government trillions of dollars."
(US Ruling Class Prepares Attack on Social Security; Tom Eley, Global Research.)

Look carefully at the interaction between the charts for the Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe and the Declaration Of Independence. Note how VENUS (Money) in the Deepwater Chart squares NEPTUNE in that same chart presenting what we've seen as a challenge of Values between the Personal (Venus) and the Collective (Neptune). Then observe how that same VENUS in Taurus which forms an easy Trine aspect with Saturn in Virgo in that Gulf-Deepwater Chart extends itself to form a GRAND TRINE with PLUTO in Capricorn in the Chart of the Declaration!

There you have it, the KEY to how the Deepwater Horizon event came about; it occurred because it profited BP CORPORATION and the CORPORATE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT of the USA.  And all the while, BP wears Pluto's "Helmet Of Invisibility" hiding from the People the facts, figures, and other VIRGO details about the TOXICITY of COREXIT and the GUSHING OIL now also "hidden" as "plumes" floating beneath the surface of the Gulf. Conspiracy is afoot between BP and the FEDS against the People of America. It's Corporate Conspiracy. It's bio-psychic warfare.

This Conspiracy between International Corporations and the USA Federal Government is not new or sudden, it's been going on for a long time. A strong case can be made for the notion that at its very Founding America was conceived by wealthy landowners, lawyers, and business men in collusion with the Matrix of Modern Corporations, the British East India Company.

Many, if not all, of our Eastern Establishment cronies (it's a fact) made their fortunes trading in Neptunian drugs
- especially Opium/Poppies- as did the founding first families of Yale's now notorious Skull & Bones Club. Americans hardly realize the corruption inherent in its Universities, especially the "Ivy League" Institutions, but we need to realize that Neptune/Drugs are prominantly placed in our Nations 9th House of Universities/Courts/Federal Agencies.

Mars in Gemini squaring those Neptune in Virgo drugs explains how such Federal Agencies, Universities and their Secret Fraternities confuse the Public/People with their pervasively secret "Knife Hidden In A Cloud" tactics. Indeed, our "Secret Government" has its origins in and still today recruits its largest numbers from among such University graduates and fraternities/sororities. Think: Jason Scientists.

Virgo is the sign of Health, Nutrition, Food, Natural Medicine and the 9th House Courts, University Scientists, and Federal Inspectors (FDA) have been poisoning US Food heavily over the years. Everything having to do with Virgo Nutrition is, in America, under the confusingly masked cloud of Neptune squaring Mars. The FDA is a corrupt scandal as is the CDC. Our Federal Agencies do not inspect food, they poison it.  Our Center for Disease Control does not protect us from disease but secretly develops biowarfare organisms. That's why we have such toxically Corporate things as Teflon frying pans and pots, chlorine and fluoride in our water supplies, and plastic (petro-chemical) additives + preservatives saturating our Corporate Food.

Whose idea was it to put aluminum, a prime causative agent of brain damage like Alzheimer's disease, in common Baking Powder? Mercury in vaccines? Spray us with barium laden Chemtrails? Whose idea was it to bribe University Scientists to lie about the toxic affects of the "dispersants" used by BP in the Gulf ?

 The Octopus's Garden
Under The Sea

Now here's the really scary-fun part, folks, -America, the USA, has officially become a Neptune-Pisces Nation.

It's a transformation that's come about through the process known as Astrological Progression. It happened on the eve of the November 2004 National Elections just as Kerry abandoned the rigged voter count in favor of Bush's second term. Just before we massacred the People of the city of Falujah dropping White Phospherous on them all. For those of you not interested in following the link I've just given here's an excerpt of my observations concerning what it means that the USA is now a Pisces Nation:

"But something new is about to burst onto the scene in the USA, something we've never experienced as a Nation before. It's astrological in nature and it occurs just as the first post-911 Presidential Elections get underway. On Halloween, October 31st, 2004 America's Spirit  -what astrologers call America's Progressed Sun-  moves into the energy-field (astro-sign) of Pisces for the first time in this Nation's history. That's why I'm talking about Movies. Pisces, you see, is the energy-field of the Imagination wherein images, illusions, slight-of-hand, fantasy, psychic bliss and downright drugged delusions all commingle in a complex weave of joy or terror.

Pisces is the sign of letting go, of resignation and surrender, the sign of endings, completion and closure. America, as a Nation, will not emerge from its engagement with this closing, terminal process of Pisces until November 6th, 2034 rolls around. Just a bit over 30 years from now. And don't forget, we begin our immersion in this realm of endings on Halloween Day, two days before the elections are held. Spooky, eh?


Things wouldn't be so all-fired hard for us if, as a Nation, we had an open and honest relationship with Neptune, ruling planet of Pisces.  But we don't. The very way we assert ourselves (US Mars in Gemini in the 7th house) has got to be changed since it speaks of a 'crisis in consciousness' in our actions. That's what the waning square aspect from US Mars in Gemini to US Neptune in Virgo in the 9th house means. That's a challenge (square) to change our 9th house Philosophy or Belief as to how we assert (Mars) ourselves in 7th house relating with others. These 'others' are our fellow citizens, and especially other Nations. We imagine (Neptune) we are acting (Mars) in one way while we actually act in another. We pretend we are asserting ourselves when in fact we are aggressing against others. We don't want to look at that so we disguise it with the make-believe of Neptune. It's our 9th house default belief mechanism: we are NEVER the aggressors.


Official America lies, deceives, and masks its lying deceptions through a big display of romantic propaganda embedded in its Pisces 3rd house of daily radio, tv, and newspapers. It wraps itself in the righteousness of its religious and philosophical self-image displayed through its Sagittarius Ascendant. But as we know now  -after 911 when Pluto, Lord Of Death, Invisibility, and the Underworld arrived for the first time on this Nation's Ascendant-  we are a People summoned to the invisible underworld of death. This summons was served us on 911, but it is only as our Nation's Progressed Sun enters Pisces on All Hallows Eve that we will begin in earnest our descent into that realm. We will be forced to confront the need we were born with as a People to surrender our masked, self-righteous Mars aggression or pay the full Neptune price for pretending otherwise. If we don't come clean we will find ourselves in a very negative, dark, Hell of an Underworld America. American Psycho -just like the 'President' we never elected.

Since 911 when Pluto crossed America's Ascendant it has moved on through Sagittarius and has twice ( Jan. 27, 2004; May 24, 2004 ) activated the Natal US Mars to Neptune square by forming an opposition to our National Mars expression. That's what forced us to see that US policy secretly taught and approved of the sexual abuse and torture of prisoners in places like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. That's what made other Nations in the World oppose and pull further away from us. But immediately our Official Government launched a negative Neptune campaign of lying and deceit promulgated by way of US Corporate controlled media. And we as Americans want to believe their lies because the alternative is to take a long, hard look at ourselves and our Nation to see what we have become.

We are a sexually frustrated People, abusive of ourselves, our children, our friends and other Nations. We are a corporate, pharmaceutical bunch trying to calm our frayed nerves and dull our numb depression through prescription drugs. That way we can hide from the truth, feel no pain or shame, and fight each other for those rapidly diminishing dollars.

We live in an atmosphere of secret but pervasive fear and guilt which makes us 'honorary' members of fraternities like Skull & Bones. But who among us can hide from Death?
With this year's Halloween Election the Dead are coming, and they'll be with us for the next 30 years!  Happy Harvest Time."


"You may say I'm just a cadaver, but really
what does that matter ?  I'm here
to teach you in tones the tale of
all my bones, for words like birds
fly away (or so we Apaches
say) but tones drum into
your bones like spells
cast by cellular

Okay, that should make things a bit clearer. Time now to move on to further, conclusive evidence of how NEPTUNE, ruling planet of our "New Pisces America" has been employed by the "Powers That Be" to pull the wool over the Public's eyes regarding the Corporate-Federal Agenda visible in the Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe. We can see it by combining three charts this time: Deepwater, Declaration, and Declaration Progressed.

Dancing In The Gulf.


"We have created an industrial order geared to automatism, where feeble-mindedness, native or acquired, is necessary for docile productivity in the factory; and where a pervasive neurosis is the final gift of the meaningless life that issues forth at the other end."   "The Fulfillment of Man" -Lewis Mumford

So what do we see when we place all three of these charts together? We see the Finger Of God again, formed this time by the Transiting Moon at 22 degrees of Cancer sextiling (60 degrees) Natal USA Neptune at 22 degrees Virgo with both in Quincunx aspect to Progressed USA Mercury Retrograde at 22 degrees of Aquarius. It is a "moment" uniting the PRESENT (Transiting Moon) with the PAST (Natal  USA Neptune) and pointing to the FUTURE (Progressed USA Mercury -Retrograde). This suggests that our National Future itself is Retrograde, is harkening back to the past, dependent upon our past. Ghosts from the past. NEPTUNIAN GHOSTS from the Past since slow moving Neptune is still melding with (conjunct by Transit) our Natal USA Moon in Aquarius. This current transit of Neptune (a 165 year cycle) will again exactly conjunct Natal USA Moon on January 16, 2011 which should begin to bring to light the real extent of the ecological disaster that took place on April 20, 2010 via Deepwater Horizon.

Then we should note how the Natal USA Moon, that same Progressed Mercury and Transiting Neptune are all being challenged by the Deepwater Venus in Taurus, -money again, and Values. But health, too, especially the health of common workers. Think, all the fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico. Think Negative Neptune intrigue, plotting, hidden agendas and contagion. Think it because that's precisely what's going on!  A kind of biological and psychological warfare perpetrated by the Shadow Government via IMF, World Bank, and Global Corporate Technology. It's an insidious form of global population control to be brought about by underhanded means including poisoning the Waters of Earth. It's the corrupt underbelly of UN Agenda 21. But that's just "Conspiracy Theory", right?

Wrong. Look at the Tri-wheel of charts above again. 

On the day (April 20, 2010) of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster the Transiting Moon was at 22+degrees of Cancer, Us Progressed Mercury was at 22+ degrees of Aquarius and both formed tight aspects to the US Natal Neptune at 22+ degrees of Virgo. The three formed, I repeat, a perfect Yod or Finger Of God aspect focused upon RETROGRADE Mercury, COMMUNICATION !!! 

This Retrogradation of the Progressed USA Mercury-Mind as it passes over the Nation's Natal Aquarius Moon is actually a 65 year long process as it began the last time Progressed USA Mercury conjuncted the Nation's Natal Aquarius Moon on August 30, 1984 and completes when next the Progressed USA Mercury conjuncts Natal USA Moon on September 11, 2029. Ronald Reagan was US President during those years undermining Unions, declaring a "War On Drugs" ("Just Say No!") and his sidekick was none other than Ltieutenant Oliver North author of the infamous REX 84:

"Rex-84 was written by Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, who was both the National Security Council White House Aide and NSC liaison to FEMA, and John Brinkerhoff, the deputy director of "national preparedness" programs for FEMA. ...

Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, is a contingency plan developed by the United States federal government to suspend the United States Constitution, declare martial law, place military commanders in charge of state and local governments, and detain large numbers of American citizens who were deemed to be "national security  threats", in the event that the President declared a "State of Domestic National Emergency".

The plan stated that events that might cause such a declaration would be widespread U.S. opposition to a U.S. military invasion abroad, such as if the United States were to directly invade Central America. To combat what the government perceived as "subversive activities", the plan also authorized the military to direct ordered movements of civilian populations at state and regional levels."

Are we understanding the Retrograde Mercury
Quincunx Natal Neptune
Quincunx Transiting Moon "Finger Of God"
message ? Yet?

"Apathy and learned helplessness are now endemic in the US. The massive anti-war demonstrations on February 15, 2003, that preceded the Iraq war were ignored by the Bush administration. That administration went on to shred the US Constitution, openly advocate torture and enrich war-profiteering companies like Halliburton, Dyncorp and Bechtel in Iraq. People felt as though nothing could be done.

When tens of millions of US citizens voted in Barack Obama as president, they hoped real change for the better was upon them. Many of those people now feel betrayed by his broken promises. Guantanamo Bay, that he promised to close, remains open. The US occupation of Iraq, that he promised to end, continues with no real end in sight. Rather than acting as the peace president many hoped he would be, President Obama has tripled the number of soldiers in Afghanistan since he took office. It’s a long list. Millions of US citizens now feel they are at a loss.  Dahr Jamail interview Derrick Jensen: What Would You Live And Die To Protect?



  "The need to bring down to the level of everyday existence the
clear realizations made manifest in a great 'peak experience'."

What kind of "prophetic" hope and change message tumbled off the press and over the airwaves on and after April 20, 2010 ? NEGATIVE NEPTUNE LIES. Deliberate obfuscation. Planned Confusion. The "Finger Of God" linking Moon-Feeling to Mercury-Talk to Neptune-Imagination all  stressed out in the total delusion of DENIAL!

Guess what We have an eciting new flesh eating bacteria suddenly appearing in the Gulf. No, this is not a "conspiracy theory" ...after all, word of it is published in the Sacred New York Times:

Will Bacterial Plague Follow Crude Oil Spill Along Gulf Coast?
Published: June 17, 2010
Flesh eating bacteria..."Vibrio vulnificus"...
"There are few answers, said Doug Bartlett, a microbiologist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Mostly questions. "If the oil is killing all these marine animals and if the marine animals are highly compromised, would they be more likely to succumb to infectious disease?" he said."
"I honestly don't know what is going to happen with regard to the oil spill," Scripps' Bartlett said. "It's very likely in the heavily impacted areas to have a strong influence on the composition of microbial communities. But gosh, I just don't have a good sense of where that all is going to go."

 Now really, people, what kind of pretentiously intellectual drivel is this?  "Honestly" ? Any fool knows that "highly compromised" fish, mammals, humans or plants are "more likely to succomb to infectious disease". Duh!

Do we need a moron from Scripps to tell us that, or to gush like a teenage mutant ninja that "Gosh, I just don't have a good sense of where that all is going to go" ? Well, gee golly willickers, Mister Doug Bartlett, just take a wild guess!  All "that" is going to go into our bodies, moron. We eat the fish from the sea, we swim in the sea, the waters of the sea evaporate into the air and fall down again in rain.

Maginificent Vibrio Vulnificus! Introibo ad altare Dei, Let us go in unto the Altar of God! Cute Latin. Speaking a dead language sure helps to keep things mighty mysterious.

 Look! It's the nefarious "Finger Of God" at work again, the Moon and Negative (Archontic) Neptune pointing to Mercury's communications. Wake up, America, the Corporate Government-Media is LYING to us again. The Gulf Of Mexico is thoroughly POISONED and that poison is spreading. People are sick and some dying right now and all that is wiped clean from our "automized" minds as part of our "pervasive neurosis". But, hey, America, on second thought, why not just go back to bed. Your Government has everything under control. Forget Kindra Arnesen, gaze at Lady Gaga !!! Ride the spiral speedway of delusional "fun".

Have a Neptune beer on the House. White. Toss the dice, 7/seven come 11/eleven. Craps.

Curious numerology at work here when one considers how number 22 is nothing but number 11 doubled. Think September 11, 2001. Think another False Flag attack originating again within the US Shadow Government, the Corporate USA. Note how on April 20, 2010 Transiting Pluto is Opposing Natal USA Jupiter from Capricorn, sign of Business and Government.

Remind me, would ya, which President once tried to say:  Fool me
once (9/11), shame on you.
Fool me
twice (4/22), shame on me!  Obama as Bush 'Lite'.

Speaking of Ghosts.... Sometime ago, about two years ago in fact, this astrologer penned the following lines:
"The (USA) Progressed Moon will remain in Virgo until February 12, 2011 and will exactly align (conjunct) with the Nation's Natal Neptune in that sign on June 26, 2010, a time when the collective USA impulse for indulging in illusory escapism as well as deceptive actions will be heightened.  A time when we Americans might well find ourselves on the receiving end of yet another 'shadow government' attack employing Neptunian poisons, toxins, and biowarfare viruses."  [see: MARTIAN ANGELS IN AMERICA;  (posted 11/03/08).]

Anyone still believing the official story of 9/11 is figuratively brain dead, anyone still believing the official tale of 4/22 is in DENIAL. The Deepwater Horizon Event was niether an "accident" nor a "spill". It was a planned DISASTER. It was and is Negative Neptune Bio-Psychic Warfare (remember the Anthrax after 9/11) against the People of the Gulf and the People of the World. It was a direct and ruthless Archon attack against our Mother Earth, against all the living creatures on the Earth, but nobody fools Mother Nature. She knows what's coming down.

THE EARTH IS ALIVE. CONSCIOUS. Listen to your Mother!

"God" is not some Grand Old Man circling in outer space and sending us Word of his presence via deranged male prophets writing Bibles, Torahs, and Korans. Jesus and his demented Daddy, Moses, Abraham, and John the Baptist along with Mohammed, Buddha and Lao-Tzu are all dead and long gone. Nor is the current Emperor (Hope & Change) Obama worth spending a moment's thought on.... as Wallace Stevens so elegantly quipped, "The Only Emperor is the Emperor of Ice Cream!"  It melts.

I mention this small matter because we Americans are about to experience our umpteenth Saturn Return (December 3, 2010; March 22, 2011; August 28, 2011) which means that the Office of the USA President is about to be exalted once again. But that "Office" and that Myth are tired, old, and worn out. They refer to nothing more than the cloaked Archontic worship of False Authority, our addiction to Man as God. Time to call on the poets:

CALL the roller of big cigars,
The muscular one, and bid him whip
In kitchen cups concupiscent curds.

Let the wenches dawdle in such dress
As they are used to wear, and let the boys
Bring flowers in last month's newspapers.

Let be be finale of seem.
The only emperor is the emperor of ice-cream.

Get over it, folks, God is Love and Love is Life and our Life comes from the Mother Earth. Everybody knows this. Our home planet is Sacred and All of Nature is Divine.  To quote a gnostically bizarre woman I love, "Salvation is Physical":

 “Salvation is PHYSICAL -not at all mental, but PHYSICAL. I mean it's not in (mystical/metaphysical) escape: it's HERE (in the Body on Earth). That, I felt very strongly. But it is my constant experience that life and death are the same thing...

I had understood her to mean that the state called “life” and the state called “death” (on the other side of a tomb or of a round earth) were the same thing, -there is life after death, and that life is as living as ours- This is not, however, what Mother (Mirra Alfassa) meant!

She meant that our life is death itself,
i.e., there is no “other side”; we’re already in death! Or, to put it differently, we are on the wrong side and life has yet to be.

We are not at the end of a civilization. We are at the Time when Man is to be born. We have played enough with electric trains, penicillin, and electronic chromosomes. What if it is time for another game. What if it is time for a different kind of discovery, within a pure heartbeat. " 
                                                                                                                     ( The Mind Of The Cells. Mirra Alfassa and Bernard Enginger)

The call of 4/20 is a wake up call, a call urging us all to reclaim our own NEPTUNE IMAGINATIONS. These IMAGINATIONS we have are our Spiritual Bond with Mother Earth. Take ACTION. DO something. Anything you can think of... Just imagine talking with your friends about the truth of what's really going on down in the Gulf of Mexico.

Just imagine what things could be like if each of us acknowledged we've been fooled all our lives
. Voting in US elections is a tea party joke. Working for Corporations is the path to poverty and premature death. Eating Corporate food is mere poisonous folly. Capitalism is a raw and brutal mechanical mouth devouring all it sees then dumping its foul shit all over the Earth. It's just one damned thing after another till we drop from ...

"Rage Fatigue"

pity this busy monster, manunkind,

not.  Progress is a comfortable disease:
your victim (death and life safely beyond)

plays with the bigness of his littleness
--electrons deify one razorblade
into a mountainrange; lenses extend

unwish through curving wherewhen till unwish
returns on its unself.
                                A world of made
is not a world of born--pity poor flesh

and trees, poor stars and stones, but never this
fine specimen of hypermagical

  We doctors know

a hopeless case if--listen: there's a hell
of a good universe next door; let's go



Arbitrarily pronounced finished.
October 08, 2010; Don Grabau
Talpa, New Mexico.

Mother's (Mirra Alfassa's)  Agenda - Volume VI                                         

"A whole world is beginning to open up." This is the year when Mother reaches the "mind of the cells," pure, beneath the old genetic coating that seems to want to make us a species forever saddled with death: "There's such an accumulation of power there ... as if this were the tail end of the solution." Another power of consciousness in matter that will undo the old programme: "A sort of memory being set up from the bottom up" - a new cellular memory having nothing to do with old age, illness, death, gravity, and all our "real" world? And simultaneously, at this cellular level free of the old laws, Mother discovers "two worlds within each other: a world of Truth and a world of Falsehood. And this world of Truth is PHYSICAL; it isn't up there - it's MATERIAL.  And this is what is to come to the fore and replace the other - the true physical." That's what Mother called "the transfer of power."

Is it really possible that a marvel of physical freedom is concealed within our cells while we keep seeking illusory external panaceas? "Even if only a tiny number of cells could manage to have the experience of total transformation, to the full, it  would be more effective than all the great revolutions. But it is more difficult... Death must be overcome! There should be no more death; that's very clear."

Is the whole earth not in the process of experiencing that "transfer of power," as it did when it went from the animal kingdom to the mental kingdom a long time ago? "Everything is giving way. No more support anywhere. It's the transition to the new movement... And for the old, it always feels like a dangerous loss of equilibrium." 
( )

Rocky Kistner  -Media Associate, NRDC

Posted: October 20, 2010 08:52 AM

Shrimp with blackened gills from Venice marina, Oct. 18, 2010
Photo by Anthony Clark/NRDC

"But the price of shrimp isn't the only problem down here. The real tragedy after this disaster is that the oil industry will continue to threaten the natural resources of the Gulf. With nearly 50,000 oil and gas wells bored into Gulf, including nearly 4,000 active oil platforms, and the deepest offshore platform in the world that is operated by a consortium of companies including, you guessed it, BP. There is little guarantee this catastrophe won't happen again. More deepwater wells will be drilled; more oil and gas pipelines will crisscross the Gulf marshes, contributing to a loss of 15,000 acres every year. Unless dramatic action is taken to restore these wetlands and change our destructive shipping and oil production habits, there will be nothing left a generation from now.

Meanwhile, economic and political forces who are spearheading the campaign to forget this disaster continue their assault. The fishermen and coastal residents fear they will be forgotten and lost in the bureaucratic maze of a bungled claims process. They've seen it before with Katrina. But they fear this will be worse."

The Astrology of all this is nowhere near complete in what I've written here. It's meant only as a pointer.
Me and My Arrow.   Of course, there is real Tragedy in all this: La Mamma Morta!

They have killed my mother
at the door of my room
She died and saved me.

Later, at dead of night,
I was with Bersi,
when suddenly
a bright glow flickers
and lights were ahead of me
the dark street!
I looked -
My childhood home was on fire!

I was alone!

surrounded by nothingness!
Hunger and misery
deprivation, danger!
I fell ill,
and Bersi, so good and pure
made a market of her beauty
for my sake -
I bring misfortune to all who care for me!

It was then, in my grief,
that love came to me.

A voice full of harmony says,

"You must live, I am life itself!
Your heaven is in my eyes!
You are not alone.

I shall collect all your tears
I will walk with you and support you!
Smile and hope! I am Love!

Are you surrounded by blood and mire?
I am Divine! I am Oblivion!
I am the God who saves the World
I descend from Heaven and make this Earth
A paradise! Ah!

I am love, love, love."

And the angel approaches with a kiss,
and in that kiss is death -
The dying body is my body.
So take it.
I have already died like that!

Dangling Particles:
Unfinished Business.

"Shamans are sometimes considered healers or doctors, but really they are people who deal with the tears and holes we create in the net of life, the damage that we all cause in our search for survival. In a sense, all of us — even the most untechnological, spiritual, and benign peoples — are constantly wrecking the world. The question is: how do we respond to that destruction?

If we respond as we do in modern culture, by ignoring the spiritual debt that we create just by living, then that debt will come back to bite us, hard. But there are other ways to respond. One is to try to repay that debt by giving gifts of beauty and praise to the sacred, to the invisible world that gives us life. Shamans deal with the problems that arise when we forget the relationship that exists between us and the other world that feeds us, or when, for whatever reason, we don’t feed the other world in return.
Interview; Derrick Jensen with Martin Prechtel

"On the Pueblo reservation where I grew up,
it was taboo
to write,


writing freezes knowledge

and also because much knowledge becomes useless
when it is not kept secret and used only under

sacred conditions.
And often the things that are the most sacred are
the most simple and ordinary.

When this ordinariness is framed in subtle, time-honored ways,
 it becomes extraordinary and maintains its

spiritual usefulness."

Interview; Derrick Jensen with Martin Prechtel


Unconditional Love

That outcome was more than predictable: Barack Obama's Birthchart.

More Astrology of Obama here.