Edward Snowden:
An Astrological Analysis Of His Birth Chart
And His Public Significance

Francis D. Grabau

"You can't come forward against the world's most powerful intelligence agencies and be completely free from risk because they're such powerful adversaries. No one can meaningfully oppose them. If they want to get you, they'll get you in time.

But at the same time you have to make a determination about what it is that's important to you. And if living unfreely but comfortably is something you're willing to accept, and I think many of us are -it's human nature; you can get up everyday, go to work, you can collect your large paycheck for relatively little work against the public interest, and go to sleep at night after watching your shows."

"But if you realize that that's the world you helped create and it's gonna get worse with the next generation and the next generation who extend the capabilities of this sort of architecture of oppression, you realize that you might be willing to accept any risk and it doesn't matter what the outcome is so long as the public gets to make their own decisions about how that's applied."
Edward Snowden:
Read the Guardian's Entire Interview With the Man Who Leaked PRISM

Ed Snowden (despite his modest claims to the contrary) is not your average American kind of guy. He's considerably more awake and conscious and appears to have put his life on the line in order to bring to all Americans (and, in fact, to the whole World) vital information regarding the secret and criminal Total Surveillance Culture of the corrupt USA Federal Government. Predictably, that "government" and its rotten mainstream media are more interested in ignoring the information he's risked his life to share with us and, instead, are promoting him as a "spy", a "traitor" guilty of "espionage" and leading the Public to focus on his private life and personal quirks. (O my God, his girl friend is a 'pole dancer'!)

That's why I'm writing this article in which I propose to do three things: look at two astrological charts (including the one that is cast for his verified time of birth 4:42 AM EDT) which can help us all to gain insight into both his Public Significance and his Private Personality, and then to examine these charts in the context of a third chart -the chart of the USA Declaration of Independence

Initially, as the story broke via journalist Glenn Greenwald in Britain's newspaper The Guardian, none of us (the general Public) knew his exact time of birth but only the fact that he was born on June 21, 1983 in Elizabeth City, North Carolina USA. Consequently, in my curiosity to look astrologically at the Public Significance of this guy and his message, I cast the traditional Noontime Birthchart for that day, year, and city in the USA.

In astrological theory such a chart purports to give a Public Profile of the man and his Public Role or "Life Work". Here is that chart, the first of the three we can study:


The Public Edward Snowden
Noontime Astrological Birth Chart

Here's a Gemini Man born with the Sun on the final degree, the consummate 'Mastery Degree' of Gemini
so we know he's most likely to be a Master Gemini Communicator
full of interest in all kinds of information, details, data and
....well you know, he's one of the Archetypal Trickster Folk
who find every form of communication highly "interesting".

Dualistic Air Sign people these Geminis, able to view information from almost any perspective,
replete with shifting points of view. All mental and playful ....to such folks the gathering
and handling of information is its own reward. Their undeniable gift is their
innate ability to be "neutral" where communication of information
is concerned.

They are "ruled" by Mercury, the "Swift God" who wears those notoriously winged sandals
and delights in the action of giving and receiving information with very little concern
as to what is done
by the receiver of such information or
what the motive
of the sender might be.

Very adaptable where the dispersing of information is concerned. Easy going. Often
indecisive and disturbingly ambiguous in their response if asked about
the meaning inherent in the words/messages they send and receive.
Hard to pin down. 'Hey, I'm just the Messenger!'

Here's the young "Whistleblower" Ed Snowden, with 14+ degrees of Gemini on his Midheaven 
seen Publicly as a Master Gemini Communicator whose personal Mercury brain
and communication skills are located right there at 10+degrees of Gemini too,
along with his 24+degree Mars conjunct/blended with his
24+degree North Lunar Node
29+ degree
Gemini Sun.

This means, of course that all three of these last named planets/points are located in the final 10 degrees of Gemini which is the Aquarian Decanate of that sign having the planet URANUS as its Sub-Ruler. These facts put an entirely different "spin" on his Gemini nature stabilizing it with the fixed air underlay of the last and most developed Air Sign, sign of America's Moon, sign signifying the Ideal and All-Inclusive Society wherein all humans are understood as equally free and individually
independent. Snowden's Mars in this decanate of Gemini
indicates a man whose personal energies for assertion
and doing are aroused by Aquarian GROUP ideals,
interests, and concerns.

The Aquarian Decanate of Gemini is full of the spirit of Alexander Dumas
and his famous Three Musketeers with their celebrated motto:

three musketeers

"One For All, And All For One"

So Snowden is a Mars Warrior Communicator as well as a Master Trickster. The evolutionary impulse and call of his North Lunar Node conjunct Mars in the Aquarian Decanate of Gemini tells us that spiritual growth for this man comes from directly asserting his warrior-communicator skills for the collective good of the group, and the more he does so the more his conscious awareness expands!

He's clearly called upon to do just what he's doing: to become
what we speak of these days as an Info-Warrior !!! It's
his 10th House (MC) Public Persona, the alchemical
"Great Work" he came to do in the World.

It's his Spiritual 10th House "Profession"

Luckily for the World, Mr. Snowden is a good deal more than just a Master Gemini Communicator
toying with facts, words, information and data. His Noontime Chart gives him
the 16th degree of Virgo Rising as his Ascendant
which confers upon him the ability to sort
through all this information, to discern
by way of its cumulative details how
and to what purpose
such information is

This is the work ethic inherent in Virgo Rising; they sort things out for us. They are critical helpers. Efficient and seriously focused workers.

Astrologically speaking, after the Gemini gathering/delivering of data/information,
and Virgo's critical examination and organizing of such data/information,

the next step
is the Sagittarian announcement and propagation of

the sign of Teachers, Promoters, and Prophets points us in the direction of our GOALS,
it tells us what all this Gemini information and data carefully analyzed and critically organized
through Virgo's love of discerning differences points to, ...where
it's headed, what the MESSAGE is in the SPECIFIC
That's what we call
the Wisdom Of Learning.

Sagittarius as Teacher-Prophet is concerned with the FUTURE. And so is Edward Snowden
because he's born with three planets (Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune) as well as his
South Lunar Node all in Sagittarius.
Together, they bring the wisdom of
balance to his powerful stellium of planets in Gemini. This is how it
works: the search for Meaning and Purpose implicit in the Gemini
gathering and dissemination of neutral Information is realized,
focused and acted upon through the opposite and polarizing
sign of Sagittarius driven by the Socially Expansive and
Benevolent energy of the Truth-Seeking planet
JUPITER which "rules" the sign. Jupiter
makes Judgements!

So, Ed Snowden, born with Jupiter in Sagittarius, the very sign it rules is tasked
by "the stars" to sort and judge all the Gemini information he gathers.
Jupiter in Sagittarius confers upon him a very strong dose of the
outgoing and expansively optimistic energy of the Teacher,
Prophet, Philosopher and Judge.

Snowden's Jupiter energy is located at 3+degrees of Sagittarius
placing it in the First Decanate of that Sign which is
the Sagittarius Decanate sub-ruled by
this same natal JUPITER function
found at his birth to be conjunct
the planet Uranus.  Wow,
that's powerful stuff!

e need to recall that Uranus is a planet which operates freely
outside and beyond
the orbit of the Establishment Law
symbolized by Saturn. Uranus is the planet of
humor, and insight.
It symbolizes
the uniqueness
of each individual
as that individual stands out
from the collective Saturn group-think.
represents the integrity of any given
unique Individual, that Individual's
ability to respond by way of
Spiritual Will
to the innate
of his or
her "Higher Self" or

It is the astrological "Champion" of free will and each individual's ability, need, and right to QUESTION
the laws and dictates of Saturn's demand for conformity to Established "Law & Order". Uranus
is perpetually attuned to the EXCEPTION from every Saturn Law!

JUPITER combined with Uranus in the first Jupiter ruled Decanate of Sagittarius
(Double Jupiter-Sagittarius emphasis) gives Snowden the ability to make
moral JUDGEMENTS concerning the MEANING and PURPOSE of words
as a Master Word Warrior and information processor. He
calls for trans-personal TRUTH as he judges it to be
and as he SEES it will impact the FUTURE.

Of course, his Gemini verbal-mental Trickster energy will always be there but
tempered by the Uranus infused (Whistleblower) Aquarian Decanate of
Gemini and INTEGRATED with its polar complimentary opposite
and partner, Sagittarius. So, Ed can still consider all words,
mind games, and communication tools through the
dualistic air sign of frequently shape-shifting
Gemini, but

he can also understand that such mind games and information sharing techniques
ALWAYS carry within them inherent meaning, purpose and goals whether
openly stated or subliminally implied.
Sagittarius is the serious and
judgement-oriented side (partner) of "anything goes" Gemini.
Astrologically speaking, Snowden has a wonderful sense of
optimism and quixotic humour, just listen to him speak:
"Citizens with a conscience are not going to ignore wrong-doing simply because they'll be destroyed for it: the conscience forbids it. Instead, these draconian responses simply build better whistleblowers. If the Obama administration responds with an even harsher hand against me, they can be assured that they'll soon find themselves facing an equally harsh public response."

Ed Snowden Interview:
Does he really believe this stuff about "citizens with a conscience" ? It appears to me
that most Americans have repeatedly proven themselves more than happy to
"ignore wrong-doing" as far as I can witness all my life long, and I'm
70 years old! Of course, I've become something of a cynic
over the years whereas Snowden just turned 30. Let's
hear it for the optimism and courage of the Young !!! 

Nevertheless, and as much as I'm loathe to say it, rarely have I met an American with a "conscience" ....they do
exist, here and there, both my Mom and Dad knew right from wrong, they each had a conscience ...and, let's see
-Ron Kovic, Fred Hampton, Anna Mae Aquash, Bradley Manning, Leonard Peltier, Cynthia McKinney, JFK,
Cindy Sheehan, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Malcolm X, Karen Silkwood, Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.....
perhaps a few hundred thousand or maybe even a million, all in all.

But I'm afraid most of the currently living 300+million Americans
only view
"conscience" as an abstract and often 'childish'
concept, as a Walt Disney Jiminy Cricket kind of
children's fable. There are more lifelessly
wooden Pinocchios walking around in
America than there are drops of
water in the sea! (O, shit,
Fukushima, radioactive
Pacific Ocean!!!)

All available evidence indicates that most Americans are clearly more than willing
to live "unfreely but comfortably" to "
get up everyday, go to work, collect
their large paychecks for relatively little work against the public
interest, and go to sleep at night after watching their shows."

I think Edward Snowden really must believe in miracles,
that's the impulse of Jupiter conjunct Uranus ...to
dream the impossible dream, to believe in the
possibility of radical change, and I hope his
optimism is contagious and rapidly spreads
all over America, for never in all my years
to date have I seen so many stiff
Zombies jerking along
in so much denial and fear.

Most Americans are certainly NOT willing to be "destroyed" in order to honor
their non-existent and purely abstract consciences. Are you kidding me?
They are "The Walking Dead" who love to wallow in comfort
and watch their mirror-selves on TV.
I think of
Wounded Knee, and the Karma of the
Ghost Dance.
  I think of Denial and
lies. Changeless change. Killing
Hope. Barack Obama.

Edward Snowden is one of those rare Americans both willing and able to QUESTION AUTHORITY
even if doing so results in his literal death. Whence cometh such Courage and Clarity? Where
does he get such "nerve" ?

The answer is his Pluto + Saturn conjunction in Libra. In the final, GEMINI DECANATE of Libra. Conjunctions
indicate the INTENSITY of the combined forces of the planets so conjoined, and in this case we are
looking at the intensity of raw, radical PLUTO POWER combined with the focused AUTHORITY of
Saturn very powerfully placed (astrologically exalted) in Libra, sign of SOCIAL JUSTICE
(Weighing of the Scales). And in the Gemini Decanate of Libra where MERCURY is
their sub-ruling planet while VENUS is their overall 'ruler'.

When Saturn passes over Pluto in Libra it absorbs
Pluto's POWER and FOCUSES that Power
in the Libra realm of social harmony and

Observe that at Snowden's birth Saturn has done just that; it has reached 27+degrees of Libra
whereas Pluto is in the same sign at 26+degrees. Both these planets are Retrograde at that
time as well -indicating that this powerful conjunction was repeating at least three times.

This is the year 1983 when Edward Snowden was born and Ronald Regan conducted
the US criminal invasion of Panama illustrating the NEGATIVE side of this
repeated Saturn + Pluto conjunction which can be described as absolute
AUTOCRATIC use of POWER against the harmony and balance
needed in Society.

Raw, brutal FORCE of the catalytic/destructive kind (Pluto)
destroying innocent people's lives and imposed by the
presumed AUTHORITY (Saturn) of the US President.
Fascist power exercised by one of America's
absolutely clueless Presidents in
complete subservience to

Snowden was just an infant back then.

The point I'm wanting to make here is that Edward Snowden was born with a very intense
sense of his own, personal Innate Authority because he was born while Saturn was
repeatedly conjuncting/intensifying Pluto.
He has a strongly felt and intuitively
sharp insight into the political and social use of Power by Public Authority
Figures. He has the added self-confidence to QUESTION his personal
involvement in and share of responsibility for the criminally
exercised abuses of Power such as the NSA 'Prism'
spying program and the USA's illegal invasion
of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Most other Americans seem to feel that their government's illegal and immoral crimes against humanity
have nothing whatsoever to do with them. That's because most other Americans have NO
sense of their own innate Personal Authority and their consequent need for
regarding their government's policies and

But Edward Snowden has a keen sense of Social Justice. He knows instinctively
Real Authority is and that it inheres in EVERY INDIVIDUAL PERSON
within the fabric of Global Libra Society.
He has the integrity to
question all External Authority (whether a President's,
a Preacher's or a Corporate Executive's) and he
such external Authority in the light
of his own innate Authority
to do so.

This is a lesson all Americans need to learn. It is a matter of CONSCIENCE. Intestinal Fortitude. Something
sorely lacking in the mythical "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave".

The planet Venus is the traditional "ruler" of Libra, and Snowden was born with Venus in the self-confident
and proudly dignified sign of Leo thereby enhancing his confidence in his own ability to claim the power
of his Personal Authority. To act on one's own Authority one must be able to seriously evaluate
and accept the consequences of one's actions as self-imposed and focused Saturn
choices for which one accepts full RESPONSIBILITY.

Authority is nothing, is totally invalid when it acts without an understanding
of right and wrong (Conscience) and consequently cannot accept
Responsibility for its choices and actions.
(Hence the US
Government actually has no real moral Authority!) It just
has lots of bombs, generals, and bull shit Bankers.

Venus in Leo gives Ed Snowden the dignified self-confidence to declare and accept full responsibility for his choice to openly DEFY the Fake Authority that forbids employees of the National Security State to reveal its crimes against humanity. Such Authority is fake because it is immoral, criminal, and irresponsible. It violates the CONSCIENCE of every individual who realizes it to be morally and ethically wrong according to their best judgement.

It is not Authority but Coercion
imposed through the formidable
of the State

which can only derive its True Authority from the CONSENT of the people it governs.

But the People of America have NEVER given their consent to this National Security State. We have never given the secret shadow government our agreement as citizens to be spied upon, nor have we granted them the authority to harass and/or punish any one of us who exposes their hidden actions. Yet our Silence in the face of such corrupt pseudo-authority makes each one of us COMPLICIT in its actions. Think Wikileaks, Manning, and "Collateral Murder".

Bradley Manning, with the help of Wkileaks exposed those Secret Crimes which the government and its whores in the mass media otherwise hide from us. Keep them secret, just as they are trying to do with Manning's thoroughly rigged "trial". Everything corrupt, illegal, and immoral in the USA is hidden from us as a "National Security" Secret!
"The very word 'Secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to Secret Societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it."  President John F. Kennedy; address to newspaper publishers April 27, 1961.
Secrecy, in astrological terms, is largely the negative expression of the realm of Scorpio. It is
a distorted abortion of Scorpio's need for profound Sharing. Ed Snowden is born with his Moon
function in Scorpio,
with his feelings attuned to Scorpio's positive gift for investigating
and getting to the bottom of things. This fact can help us understand his
fascination with and employment by America's Secret Shadow Government in
agencies like the CIA and the NSA.

The Moon in Scorpio is a natural sleuthhound, a good investigator
interested in uncovering secrets.
Snowden's investigative gift,
his Moon in Scorpio, is in
dynamically waxing Square aspect
(90 degrees) with his self-confident Venus in Leo
demanding of him that any secrets he finds
must be boldly exposed in the Venus light
of Leo's ruling planet, the SUN.

Here is Ed Snowden himself, speaking to Glen Greenwald on the topic of Secrecy. Read closely to get a feel for how he Personally views the topic of Secrecy, how he Feels about it:
Greenwald: "One of the extraordinary parts about this episode is usually whistleblowers do what they do anonymously and take steps to remain anonymous for as long as they can, which they hope often is forever. You on the other hand have decided to do the opposite, which is to declare yourself openly as the person behind these disclosures. Why did you choose to do that?"

Snowden: "I think that the public is owed an explanation of the motivations behind the people who make these disclosures that are outside of the democratic model. When you are subverting the power of government that's a fundamentally dangerous thing to democracy and if you do that in secret consistently as the government does when it wants to benefit from a secret action that it took it'll kind of give its officials a mandate to go, 'Hey tell the press about this thing and that thing so the public is on our side.' But they rarely, if ever, do that when an abuse occurs. That falls to individual citizens but they're typically maligned. It becomes a thing of 'These people are against the country. They're against the government but I'm not."

"I'm no different from anybody else. I don't have special skills. I'm just another guy who sits there day to day in the office, watches what's happening and goes, 'This is something that's not our place to decide, the public needs to decide whether these programs and policies are right or wrong.' And I'm willing to go on the record to defend the authenticity of them and say, 'I didn't change these, I didn't modify the story. This is the truth; this is what's happening. You should decide whether we need to be doing this." Transcript; Snowden Interview

Both Venus and the Moon are, in astrological lingo, associated with FEELINGS. The Moon is associated
with raw, "gut feelings" while Venus refers to such feelings once they've been tempered through a
process of personal refinement.

Another way of putting this is that the feelings of Venus give rise to a sense of well being rooted in
personal values leading to ethical feeling conduct
whereas the feelings of the Moon flow much
more spontaneously facilitating the easy-going style of everyday relating. Both the Moon
and Venus are focused upon relating, relationships, and socializing through shared
expression of feeling, but the feeling needs of the Moon are very urgent and
PERSONAL whereas the feeling needs of Venus are more considered and

In this Noontime Birth Chart for Edward Snowden we find his Venus in Leo function conjunct the cusp/beginning of his 12th House in Square aspect to his Moon in Scorpio conjunct the cusp of his 3rd House. These "Houses" will, therefore, reveal the areas of activity wherein the highly dynamic investigative faculties of Snowden's Scorpio Moon will be properly focused.

While the 12th House deals comprehensively with the themes of Transformation and/or Self-Undoing,
the 3rd deals with Communications on an hourly/daily 24-7 basis
. Yet since we are looking here at
Snowden's Noontime "Public" chart it behooves us to examine these Houses in terms of their
Public and Mundane implications.
To do just that, let me quote from an older but classical
text on Mundane Astrology:

Twelfth House; In A Mundane Chart:
Labor disturbances, plagues and epidemics, conditions that militate against the public welfare; correctional institutions, jails, prisons, workhouses, houses of detention, hospitals and charitable institutions; organizations devoted to forcible control or condemnation of people; involuntary services ordered by law; the nation's secret enemies in war and peace; spies and confidential agents of foreign countries; crimes and criminals; the personal journeyings and writings of those in power in the government; the nation's secret societies, both political and religious.

In an Organization: forces inclining to dissolution of the organization as an entity, hence enemy and secret organizations; the secret intelligence department; investigative agencies in connection with hospitals and prisons; labor unions, insofar as they represent Sixth House personnel; organized and social units, as distinguished from the parent organization; strikes and labor troubles-which have their inception in the Sixth House, but come to fruition in the Twelfth. Nicolas DeVore: Encyclopedia Of Astrology.

So it's clear that Snowden's more refined and Social Feelings (VENUS)
are focused in the mundane Public Sphere of his nation's
secret societies, both political and religious" as well
as "
conditions that militate against the public

His release of carefully selected NSA data and documents is specifically focused upon and limited to information concerning
illegal spying by the NSA (and other "secret societies" -DHS, CIA, FBI, DIA) upon himself and All
American citizens as well as its spying on everyone else it can including ALL the citizens of
America's friends, enemies, and allies.

He understands that such behavior on the part of this USA Nation will (already ? has)
and must inevitably lead to the "dissolution" of America as a free and democratic
nation. He realizes this is the way things stand because his Venus in Leo
values are full of the Sun(light) that rules the sign Leo. Doubly so,
since his Venus is not just in Leo but in the Sagittarius
Decanate of Leo
sub-ruled by Jupiter, planet of
prophets and teachers.

He wants to bring the Sun's LIGHT into all these hidden
conditions that militate against the public welfare".

Could anything be clearer? He openly states his
name, his reasons, his intentions and takes full
responsibility for his actions. That's plain and
simple Leo courage. No "cowardly lion" here,
this man intends that we all should
have the opportunity to look at

the "man" hidden behind the curtain in the Whacky Land of Wizardly Oz.

Snowden's feelings and emotions are deeply aroused, even sexually so when he encounters SCORPIO
secrets by way of his daily emotional/feeling MOON communications on a 3rd House level.
That MOON forms a powerful Waxing Square to his VENUS values and refined social
conscience and such a Waxing Square dynamically focused through the MOON is
fully ACTION oriented. It's a very powerful GUT FEELING he knows
he must act on.

But just consider how many years/months he spent evaluating, considering, weighing
the pros and cons of such action were he to take it. This is NOT a rash, impulsive
action he has initiated but one intensely considered in the light of Venus
social feelings and values.
He feels deeply about public and private
3rd House communication issues. What are those issues?

Let me quote Nicolas DeVore once more:

Third House; In A Mundane Chart:
Inland transit, traffic and communications by land, air or water; the nature of the public demands upon and the degree of public patronage accorded to the nation's transportation and communication facilities; the postal, telegraph and telephone systems, radio, cinema, newspapers, magazines and ephemeral publications; the people's inclination to travel, move about, make changes and communicate with one another within the nation; the nation's intellectual activities and its relations with neighboring nations; the reading public, and its tendency to patronize the newspapers and other periodicals; indications relative to rumors, public opinion, the mental and psychological attitude of the masses; emigration as distinct from immigration; and the effects of storms, temperature changes and atmospheric conditions within the country.

In an Organization:
first-hand contacts of the Organization with the general public, the traffic, transit, transportation and communication departments; interoffice communications; specific information disseminated within the organization, and departments having to do with the dissemination of such information; public statements of a relatively private nature.

Snowden has revealed (and is continuing to reveal) to the world at large, especially to all the common, average people imprisoned in their variously corrupt 'Nation States' that we ALL are being abused, used, and manipulated by a massive technological surveillance apparatus that relentlessly spies upon and controls us. A Secret, hidden network of computer programs monitored by secret police increasingly able to monitor and manage our daily 3rd House activities centered upon our mutual communications with each other. Such daily spying by all governments on their citizens creates an atmosphere of collective fear, paranoia and distrust. Who dare express his or her feelings and judgements about political issues if he or she knows governments are monitoring and recording EVERYTHING they write or speak about whether over the phone, the internet via emails, or even in the presumed (but no longer guaranteed)  'privacy' of their homes?

"The Obama administration’s efforts to stop whistleblowers are becoming legendary. It has launched an unprecedented program to specially train millions of employees and contractors to profile coworkers for “indicators of insider threat behavior.” They are being encouraged to inform on any “high-risk persons” they suspect might be planning to go public. Administration officials have also put much punitive energy into making examples out of whistleblowers who have tried to reveal anything of the inner workings of the national security complex." Tom Engelhardt.

As I write this, Snowden is in his 3rd week of living 24-7 in a Russian Airport where he is stuck
without his Passport which the Shadow US Government (National Security State)
has declared invalid even as it has charged him with the thoroughly
ludicrous charge of being involved in wartime "ESPIONAGE".

Barack Obama, that pathetic coward of an Uncle Tom "House Nigger" slavishly serving the hidden, elite
"Powers That Be" on the US Corporate Plantation (Tarantino's 'Candyland') has personally broken
International Law by threatening every Nation on planet Earth with financial-political reprisals
should they dare to allow Snowden to fly over their Airspace. There's another Capitalist Joke ....Corporate
Capitalist Nations claim they "own" the air space above us all!

How many people in the United States actually realize that they are de-facto prisoners
unable to freely exit the outdoor prison, the
criminal war state, the Disney
Guantanamo of "America"
without the official and for many prohibitively
expensive "Passport" the State can refuse to issue them without any
explanation at all and just as easily revoke at any time they want,
as they have with Ed Snowden?

'Land of the Free' my ass, ever hear of 'No-Fly' lists? Ever read the 'Patriot Act'. Have
any clue about the ongoing terror tactics used by 'Homeland Security' against
average, technically innocent Americans? Ever read Obama's personally
crafted NDAA issued December 32, 2011?

I thought not. Zzzzz! "Oh sleep! it is a gentle thing, Beloved from pole to pole!"
quoth the Ancient Mariner. But I think we are ALL 'Ancient Mariners'
walking around asleep on our feet wearing the same dead body of
the same dead ALBATROSS hung around our necks. It's name is
PRISM, its worrisome wings are terror and paranoia.

"If Edward Snowden is proving one thing, it’s this: in 2013, Planet Earth isn’t big enough
to protect the American version of dissidents.
Instead, it looks ever more like
a giant prison with a single implacable policeman, judge, jury, and jailer."

Edward Snowden has risked and is still risking his life to wake People up, not just
Americans but ALL PEOPLE everywhere all around the Earth to the impending
horrors of the rapidly escalating Global Police State Technology being
employed even as I write
this to completely control every person
everywhere through the aegis of International Banker Thieves
and their fully owned National Leaders in every Capitalist
Country world wide. O, stop

EXAGGERATING!!! You outrageous
"Conspiracy Theorist". Okay, then

let me just address one more bothersome issue taking place on the net concerning the credibility of Edward Snowden. Some widely read internet writers -Jon Rappaport, Naomi Wolfe, Webster Tarpley, for example, have been floating the notion
that Snowden is a "limited hangout" CIA asset. They offer little or no convincing arguments regarding their
reasons for doing so other than their own somewhat "paranoid" suspicions.
It's understandable in some
sense since the result of the events of 9/11, Homeland Security, and the Bush and Obama administrations
has been to deliberately and intentionally undermine all dissent from National Security State
programming by sewing terror, fear and paranoia throughout America. The Mainstream Media
has been their faithful, complicit handmaiden. All relationships and personal friendships
have been deeply undermined by our own government sponsored "terrorist" tactics as
they seep into the Nation's collective bloodstream. The goal is to attain such
widespread suspicion and fear of NSA-DHS prosecution that
no one
wants to associate with anyone at all who may in
any way at all be
giving voice to
DISSENT. Paid and even unpaid Snitches pop up
everywhere, so who are we to trust? Who dare we publicly

Ed Snowden, that's who!

Look at his Noontime birth chart and observe NEPTUNE, planet of faith and trust, conjunct his South Lunar Node in Sagittarius. This combination points to a 'past life' involvement on the part of his Soul with the nature of belief systems whether religious or philosophical. Astrologers refer to the Lunar South Node as the 'default' mode of feeling behavior any given individual is prone to act-out on a daily basis due to ingrained habits -Soul memories, if you will.

Snowden's personal Soul Memories are attuned to a philosophy of selflessness and sacrifice for the greater good. That's the default philosophical nature of Neptune in Sagittarius.

Now observe that both Neptune and the Lunar South Node stand in polarized opposition aspect to Snowden's Sun,
Mars, and Lunar North Node in Gemini. These planetary and nodal oppositions produce resolution of
differences through the process of the conscious integration of those differences.

Sun opposite Neptune is symbolic of the integration of the Self (Sun) with what mystics call
'All & Everything' (symbolized by Neptune) through an understanding of the Neptune
principle of COMPASSION -the ability to empathize, to feel the needs, joys, and
sufferings of others.

Mars, in opposition to Neptune promotes the ability to widen personal ACTION
so that it, too, is undertaken for the benefit of ALL -NEPTUNE. Here we are
back again with the motto of the Three Musketeers,

Of course, astrologers are not unaware of possible NEGATIVE or failed and corrupted expressions of these Sun, Mars, Neptune opposition aspects, and what they represent when NEGATIVELY expressed is really scary.

Sun opposite Neptune can become the negative issue of self-deceit, not knowing who one is. Identity confusion rather than positive selflessness. Escapism rather than the capacity for self-sacrifice. Lying. Deceit.

And Mars in opposition aspect to Neptune can negatively express as confusing behaviour, as devious (Neptune)
ction (Mars).
This possible negative side of Ed Snowden appears to be what the folks I named above
Jon Rappaport, Naomi Wolfe, Webster Tarpley and others) seem to be tuning into when they
express their negative Neptune DISTRUST of Snowden and his actions. I think such
distrust has a valid and necessary role to play when we question the Public Persona
of Snowden. It is good to question everyone and everything as a general rule. I
certainly questioned Snowden's identity and his possible hidden motives,
associations, and agenda. That's why I turned to astrology for further
insight into his character.

What immediately strikes any astrologer looking at Snowden's Noontime birth chart is the overall integration of the planets,
lunar nodes and angles in the chart.
There is a marvelous and natural integration of Sun, Mars, North Lunar Node in
Gemini with Saturn and Pluto in Libra as well as Neptune and the South Lunar Node together with the large
asteroid Ceres and the MC in Aquarius. These points are all smoothly linked into a classical
"Kite Formation" within the air and fire signs by
trine and sextile aspects indicative of
functional ease of flow and productive application.
Consider it for a moment; five
major planets out of a possible ten, plus the asteroid Ceres, and the
"Destiny Line"
of the Lunar Nodes are all in flowing harmony within
his psyche. That suggests a very conscious and well-integrated
personality in touch with its own "Higher Self", an Ego that is
informed and guided by Spirit through Soul.

Neptune is the integral point in this Kite, and it's POSITIVELY aspected by all the other planets and points
within the formation. This means that Neptune is not under STRESSFUL duress from other planets which
might distort or impede its POSITIVE functioning as a keen symbol of INTUITION and
Visionary Selflessness.
Instead, it's functioning quite effectively with the
South Lunar Node as the backbone of the Kite through its opposition to
both the Sun & Mars.

Neptune and the Lunar South Node in Truth Seeking Sagittarius are the FOCAL POINTS of the
release of energy implicit in the high flying 'Kite'. They are the 'nose cone' of the
kite and function as a truth-seeking GYROSCOPE, a kind of
inner-truth-magnet innate within Snowden's psyche
guiding and directing his 'homing instinct',
the flight path of the kite.

This arrangement overwhelmingly suggests a well-integrated fellow true to himself who will 'fight' to uphold his own integrity and the integrity of the Society of which he's a member.

The oppositions created by Chiron and Mercury in playful Gemini to Jupiter and Uranus
conjunct in serious Saggitarius further indicate that here's a guy well aware of his own
potentially wily nature who can seriously and effectively direct that sort of
'playfullness" into a highly useful tool of communication allowing him to
keep his options open. But it is a tool having at its core
the uniquely hope filled and positive exuberance of
the combined energies of Uranus and Jupiter,
which positive HOPE is not born of
pie-in-the-sky shallow optimism
but the kind of hope mastered
by the likes of the fabled

The poet Shelley spoke of it as an incendiary hope, the kind of hope that speaks like this....
"To Hope, till HOPE creates,
from its own WRECK

the thing it
contemplates" !!! 

As of Sunday, July 21, 2013 I have watched all the available videos of Ed Snowden speaking to us all in his own voice with his own body language. Typical 'Talking Head' videotapes including shoulders, arms, and hands. His demeanor has always struck me as a bit cerebral, highly articulate, and incredibly calm considering his circumstances. He does not try to impress the viewer with his personality at all but keeps his focus on his message and I like that even though my personal temperament responds more readily to a more dramatic and emotionally demonstrative type of human being.

That's where my own personal 'suspicions' of Snowden entered the picture for me. But I've always been impressed with his earnestness, the clarity with which he gets his message across to us all. Like Aaron Swartz and Bradley/Chelsea Manning he strikes me as a much needed newer kind of younger American deeply influenced by the internet and the youthful philosophy which proclaims that "information wants to be FREE". Young people like these consider it essential and natural that pretty much ALL INFORMATION should be available to ALL PEOPLE free of charge and with no censors deciding for us what we should and should not know. I share their belief. It spells out a death blow to Capitalism. I'm not sure at all that Snowden sees that.

It seems to me that the major 'trouble' most of us encounter regarding any suspicions we might have
about Snowden's honesty, about whether or not he might be an NSA asset or part of a
'limited hangout' CIA agenda stems from his Moon to Venus stressful square
It accounts for a certain lack of relaxation (as distinct from inner calm)
we see in him. His Venus and Moon FEELINGS seem tight and take a backseat
to his Intelligent Gemini-Aquarian style of speaking. The Info-Warrior
style of his 'Master Communicator' Persona speaks of PRINCIPLES
and ABSTRACT IDEALS while increasingly for most Americans
Barack Obama's Presidential Persona has made such
'principled and abstract ideals' rightly suspect.
wise American knows by now that nobody can
believe anything Obama says, yet he

shares with Snowden this highly articulate gift for intelligent communication. A bit on the cold-blooded (sang froid or Frenchified) side, aloof-ish as in Stephen Colbert's celebrated rant on 'Truthiness".

There is a static kind of emotional brittleness, a kind of underlying friction giving rise to a somewhat overly self-constrained expression of personal feeling which can arise from the TENSION between Moon Feelings and Venus Feelings in anybody born with these two planets in waxing square aspect to each other. The personal 'gut' feelings and feelings of propriety or appropriateness are often in challenging relationship with each other causing them to occasionally collide at right angles and 'lock gears' in a kind of emotional flatness or lack of personal affect. That alone, however, does not justify the conclusion that such people are lying, trying to deceive us. They're just somewhat tight-assed or anally retentive. That seems a requirement for anyone seeking employment in any bureaucracy.

But in Snowden's Noontime birth chart Venus is the planet that "rules" his 9th House of philosophy and "higher learning". In Square aspect to his gut Moon feelings this, perhaps, throws some light onto WHY he never graduated from High School let alone College. The Square would engender in him feelings of up-tightness in such situations as his personal feeling needs would be in conflict with his awareness of what would be expected of him....that expectancy would be CONFORMITY which his Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction in Sagittarius strictly questions. Opposes. If ever there were a self-educated guy Snowden is one such. He cannot be counted upon to parrot back to teachers or bosses the line they hand him. Remember, he's the penultimate MASTER DEGREE GEMINI MESSENGER, a natural master of WORDS and their (Saturn-Pluto) power to control and structure Society. He who controls the propriety of words in public discourse controls the content as well. By what 'Authority' is any subject matter declared to be TABOO ? How does one 'hide' the facts as to what's going on in the USA ?  Ask the National Security State's NSA.

America is NOT it's government and certainly not it's National Security State seeking Absolute Authority over every aspect of American life. Ed Snowden is a man caught in the clutches of National Security State Imperialism, and he's made very clear how he feels about that.

"I don't want to live in a world where everything that I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity or love or friendship is recorded," he said. "And that's not something I'm willing to support, it's not something I'm willing to build and it's not something I'm willing to live under."

He also insisted he had continued with his job while waiting for political leaders to rein in what he described as "government excesses".

But, he said, "as I've watched I've seen that's not occurring, and in fact we're compounding the excesses of prior governments and making it worse and more invasive. And no one is really standing to stop it."

Imperial is a word with two root sources defined by Websters this way:

"Middle English, from Anglo-French empire, empirie,
                       from Latin imperium absolute authority, empire,
                       from imperare to command."

Clearly, the goal of the National Security State and its Secret Government is to establish a Global Empire, a Corporate Global Imperium exercising Absolute Authority over every aspect of Life on planet Earth. Snowden clearly sees the danger of this and is opposing it. The 'Evil Empire' is out to get him.

But there is the other meaning of the verb 'imperare' which is to Command. Snowden, as a final Master Degree man of the Aquarian Decanate of Gemini would never object to anyone having the Command of his own Life, nor a Command of LANGUAGE. In this sense his goal seems to be to teach what he's learned, to share with us the tools we'll need to put a STOP to the Empire of Secret Authoritative Corporate Greed calling itself the NSA by establishing the command of empire over ourselves. Here is the Poet, Shelley, again giving expression, as Snowden does to the task at hand:

" These are the Spells by which to re-assume
An empire over the disentangled doom:

To suffer woes which Hope thinks infinite;
To forgive wrongs darker than death or night;
To defy Power, which seems omnipotent; 

To love and bear; to hope till Hope creates
From its own wreck the thing it contemplates; 

Neither to change, nor falter, nor repent;
This...is to be
Good, great and joyous, beautiful and free;
This alone is Life, Joy, Empire, and Victory ! "

Percy Bysshe Shelley, Author;
Prometheus Unbound.


Here is Snowden's literal and accurate birth chart from information provided by his home state of North Carolina to Eric Francis and the people at the Planet Waves astrological website.



When we consider Edward Snowden's Accurate Natal Chart cast for 4:42 EDT we see the True Framework of all the planets, nodes, etc. as they are aligned within his psyche. The major differences between this accurate time birth chart and his previously considered "Noontime Birth Chart" are the mathematically accurate degree and minute placements of the Four Angles (MC, IC, Asc, Desc), the accurate placement of his Natal Moon at 13+degrees of Scorpio and the shift of the Planet/Asteroid Chiron from 0+degrees Gemini to 29+Taurus. Let's consider each of these major differences in sequence.

Snowden's accurate Ascendant-Descendant line (axis) now passes through Gemini and Sagittarius at 12+degrees of each sign. These two Angles of the birth chart sketch the Self to Other polarity of his psyche, his chosen method of RELATING. With a Gemini Ascendant prominently occupied by its "ruling" planet Mercury (Mercury conjunct Ascendant), we see clear astrological evidence that his "Dharma Path", the Path of his Personal approach to the realization of his own inherent Truth of Being, is through the process of Verbal-Mental Communication. He personally projects a self-image as a Master (Trickster) Communicator of Gemini information, facts, data while his "Shadow" (Jungian) or initially less conscious need is to integrate his spontaneous love of Gemini information/words with his search for the Sagittarius Meaning(s) and Purpose(s) of the words he uses, the facts he discovers, and the data he delights in.

He likes to present the words/data at his Gemini Ascendant in order to draw toward himself Others (Descendant) who will, in Relationship with him ask the questions, search for the meaning and purpose inherent in the words and data he presents. This is a guy who relates primarily (when at his best) as a Socratic Teacher who provokes THOUGHT in others as a way of Relating to them. He seeks Socratic Dialogue with others as his primary modality of Personal Relating. He wants to LEARN from Others just as much as he is impelled to share with them (teach) what he knows.

But we must always keep in mind that Gemini "teaches" by "teasing", by offering the information they have gathered not as de facto "truth" or  "dogma" but as "interesting data", as "curious" and perhaps "exciting" information from which many and multiple meanings might be deduced. They often prefer that Others make the deductions, draw the conclusions from the words/data themselves. Edward Snowden, in other words, is the kind of guy inclined to "wince", to feel very uncomfortable with being called a "teacher". But that quality is precisely what we all know makes for the best kind of teacher. This Quality Teacher is Snowden's Sagittarius (Descendant) Shadow Self, his less "owned" or consciously realized Self which he will increasingly throughout his lifetime come to know and cherish. He's a "Truth-Seeker" though he might blush with embarrassment at the very notion.

Mercury in Gemini Rising on the Ascendant wants us to look at the Message, not the Messenger.

Here is a certain John Naughton writing in the Guardian-Observer:

"Repeat after me: Edward Snowden is not the story. The story is what he has revealed about the hidden wiring of our networked world.

....Without him, we would not know how the National Security Agency (NSA) had been able to access the emails, Facebook accounts and videos of citizens across the world; or how it had secretly acquired the phone records of millions of Americans; or how, through a secret court, it has been able to bend nine US internet companies to its demands for access to their users' data.

Similarly, without Snowden, we would not be debating whether the US government should have turned surveillance into a huge, privatized business, offering data-mining contracts to private contractors such as Booz Allen Hamilton and, in the process, high-level security clearance to thousands of people who shouldn't have it. Nor would there be – finally – a serious debate between Europe (excluding the UK, which in these matters is just an overseas franchise of the US) and the United States about where the proper balance between freedom and security lies."

We can witness Ed Snowden's "Socratic Dialogue", his Gemini Ascendant to Sagittarius Descendant modality of relating
when he speaks like this: " ...
the public needs to decide whether these programs and policies are right or wrong.'
And I'm willing to go on the record to defend the authenticity of them and say, 'I didn't change these, I didn't
modify the story. This is the truth; this is what's happening. You should decide whether we need to be
doing this."  Here we have the clear messenger voice of Mercury in Gemini on the Ascendant talking
about the 3rd House issue of daily communication ("this is what's happening") and objectively
reporting what's happening in a personal (yet Public) one-on-one dialogue with Others
through his 7th House Sagittarius Descendant by defining what's happening as
"the truth". Concluding his message with the Socratic technique of informing
each of us, "
You should decide whether we need to be doing this." Can
you imagine a better way of communicating? Snowden tersely reminds
us that each one of us and all of us together must, in true Aquarian
equality, decide "...
whether these programs and policies are
right or wrong.

Aquarius is now the sign defining Snowden's Public Persona, occupying the MC of his Accurate Natal Chart for the exact birth time of 4:42 Am on July 21, 1983. It's the symbol of the Summation of the Air Signs, of Gemini and Libra into a 'fixed' or stable and extraordinarily 'detached' methodology of Air. Air is Intellect in astrological talk and Aquarius represents the ultimate manifestation of Intellect through detached 'Contemplative' thought. The Summation of Thought. Almost pure 'Idealism' in that it yearns for 'fixed' thought or "PERFECTION" of thought. It's the mental realm of "Mystics", of Ecstasy, Nirvanna and Sammadhi. Pure Transcendence.

Yet there is the irony that the Final Decanate of such Aquarian thought is the LIBRA Decanate and Libra is a CARDINAL Air Sign which demands that THOUGHT must be ACTED UPON. So the ultimate perfection of thought in astrological symbolism is not abstract contemplation and Transcendence but contemplative thought translated into ACTION!

Aquarian thought and action are rooted in and give rise to the philosophical premise of WHOLENESS. The mental understanding
that each individual fact, thing, or person is essentially (ontologically) connected to every other fact, thing, or person through
the Principle of MANIFEST RELATEDNESS. Aquarius grasps this ontological principle of relatedness
on the level of Intellect
as MIND. It leads to the intellectual REALIZATION that each thought and thinker is related to every other and that
Together we all share in a common but diversely accessed 'Field of Thought'. This is the philosopher's
'One Mind'. It includes the 'minds' of animals, rocks, trees and all sentient beings. It grasps the fact,
for instance, that the Earth is Alive and 'thinks' because this 'One Mind' is not at all limited to
humans. Human thinking is merely one facet of the One Mind.

The so-called "Metaphysical Poet", Henry Vaughan blithely spoke of it this way:

"I saw Eternity the other night,
Like a great ring of pure and endless light,
All calm, as it was bright;
And round beneath it, Time in hours, days, years,
Driv'n by the spheres
Like a vast shadow mov'd; in which the world
And all her train were hurl'd."

But all this beautifully abstract and philosophical language so dear to the heart of the High-Minded Aquarian must be acted upon once the Final Libra Decanate of Aquarius is reached as it is in the case of Edward Snowden's MC at 20 degrees and 52 minutes of Aquarius since the Libra Decanate of Aquarius signifies the CARDINAL-ACTION sign of Air Intellect. The action oriented feeling needs of the Social Aspect of the One Mind is what is operative in Snowden's chart because the planet VENUS is the Sub-Ruler of that particular decanate while the overall Ruling Planet of Aquarius is URANUS! 

Well, actually, by the time we reach this 11th Sign of the astrological zodiac the notion of 'ruling planets' really breaks
down becoming somewhat obsolete. Restrictive. Insufficient to account for the complexity of Aquarian Energy. So we
'moderns' say there is no single 'ruling planet' of Aquarius but speak of it as being 'co-ruled' by both
Saturn and Uranus

This means that in any truly Aquarian Society the Collective Law and Order boundaries of Saturn are suffused with
and uplifted by the UNIQUENESS of each INDIVIDUAL'S SPIRITUAL WILL and GENIUS. Saturn and
Uranus cooperate, they do not compete but collaborate together to bring about an ever-changing,
highly adaptable form of social law and order able to accommodate continuous CHANGE
while still providing Society with a sense of security and the experience of mutual

We might speak of it as Harmonious Anarchy. It would not be a hierarchical society
ruled by a central, static, and purely rational Authority masking itself as a kind of
All-Seeing Eye, but a plurality of many hearts and hands seeing and acting
together in sensuous diversity of feeling. It would be a Society of
compassionately informed minds and bodies physically sharing
and collaborating together as one.

That's why Aquarius is seen as the sign of the IDEAL and UTOPIAN SOCIETY so obviously important to folks like Edward Snowden who publicly acts upon the popular understanding of the Three Musketeer's motto: "ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE".  A Venus-Aquarius Vision of Society. Ah, yes John Lennon sang it live this way in 1972:

"Imagine no possessions
I wonder if we can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood -a sisterhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

The point directly opposite Snowden's Aquarian MC at the top of his birth chart is his Leo IC at the bottom. Leo is the sign of the Lion, symbol of the bold and golden courage of the Heart. It's the sign of the call to Leadership arising from within each individual heart as one by one each of us confronts the need of the Aquarian Collective. That's the backbone of the Polarity operative in the complimentary opposition of the two energy fields of Leo and Aquarius. It's the creative oppositional TENSION which binds each of us within the social dynamic of the WHOLE. Heartfelt and mentally alert COOPERATION. It's the kind of creative tension which gave rise to Beethoven setting Shiller's words to music:

bright spark of divinity, Daughter of Elysium,
Fire-inspired we tread your sanctuary. Your magic
power re-unites All that custom has divided, All men
become brothers, Under the sway of your gentle wings."

Important Update:

But then, seemingly "out of nowhere" came Pierre Omidyar and a flurry of Snowden appearances throughout the Media. Most importantly a huge 'cache' of Snowden posts from the "online chatroom" of Ars Technica became available to all of us as "The Public". A different side of Edward Snowden began to show itself and for this writer the glorious Ode to Joy from Beethoven's 9th Symphony began to morph into the much darker and more complex earthy tones of his only opera, Fidelio. It's an opera which deals with treachery as well as liberation, an opera concerning which the famed conductor, Wilhelm Furtwängler, declared ...."for all men, this music will always represent an appeal to our conscience."

My own conscience began to be increasingly disturbed by Snowden, Greenwald, Poitras, and their "wedding" with the Pierre Omidyar Machine.
I began to feel that the Edward Snowden + NSA operation was not at all what it seemed to be. Snowden himself reminded me more and more of the actor, Tom Cruise, as we see him acting out the sleepwalking character of Doctor Bill Harford in Stanley Kubrick's final and amazing film, Eyes Wide Shut.

I felt like an unwanted voyeur wandering about in the halls of some Somerton Media Mansion wherein all the characters I encountered were elaborately masked while some sort of bizarre occult ritual was taking place.

Beethoven's "Ode To Joy" gradually morphed into the feel and form of
György Ligeti's composition: "Musica Ricercata II; Mesto, Rigido E Ceremoniale " in which the key of F-sharp is the tonal center of the piano's dissonant notes which rigidly plunk in slow, ceremonial fashion from E-sharp through intervals of minor seconds to F-sharp twice repeated and back to E-sharp again before leaping non-harmonically up to G-natural.

It's the "Eyes Wide Shut" music of Censorship....the eerie sound that haunts Doctor Harper when he returns to the Somerton Mansion only to receive the message:


Rather than giving up my "inquiries" these disturbing feelings led me to examine Edward Snowden's birth chart much more carefully....I felt
like I was coming out of a self-imposed trance....and so I wrote this new piece which I urge you to read (though you may find it quite disturbing)....it's called: