The Enchanted Bomb:


Through The Critical Mass


Francis Donald Grabau
I dedicate this book
( a sketch of a larger work in progress )
with persistent loving memory to my Mom,
Dorothy LaFrance Schmoll, -who taught me love,
and to my Dad, Frederick William Grabau, -who taught me persistence in love!

Copyright 2002
[ "Information Wants To Be Free" Copyright is my idea of humour. ]
Collage-illustrations by the author.



' Enchant '
from the latin in + cantare, to sing
in or against;
to act on by charms or sorcery; to get control of by magic
especially, today, under a Spell…hence to delude



Manhattan Engineer District
get special shoulder patch
representing atomic solar system
in the form of a question mark.
A symbol for all in looking at the future ?

" We are at a decisive hour in the history of the Earth. The Earth is preparing for the advent of the supramental being, and because of this the old way of living loses its value. One must launch oneself courageously on the Path Of The Future in spite of the new exigencies. The pettinesses tolerable at one time are no more so; one must widen oneself to receive that which shall be born. "
Mirra Alfassa,
The Agenda Of The Supramental Action Upon The Earth.


" I don't think it was essentially wrong to call the work at Los Alamos scientific work. But it's not trying in some objective way to search for the truth about how Nature works. We wanted to make something. What we wanted to make happened to be designed to kill as many people as possible. …But searching for the truth of the implications of the existence of the bomb, that's a whole other matter. "

Thomas B. Taylor, Physicist,
quoted by author Robert Del Tredici,
At Work In The Fields Of The Bomb.

Once Upon A Time
there was a flash of
It came in the form of a question mark
And because the men who saw it
only glimpsed what they were
they thought it was a
and so
they made it !



When Lightning Strikes

us everything's up for grabs ! Its sudden energy suspends all sense of ordinary space and time, and in that instant long forgotten voices begin to sing. They rise up together as one note, -very high and clear, an intonation that resolves years of contradiction. The sheer intensity of that vibration opens a path that wasn't there before, a way through all logical impasse born of a new trust in a different kind of seeing. The brain's tiny synapses ignite like the tips of some ancient pine tree's branches and there is Vision !

In that quick light the fact hits home that we play a pivotal part in creating the world we experience. A shocking force comes bolting its way out of the blue just to tell us so and we know with an understanding born of feeling that we are that force. It moves through us with a charge that leaves no question, and the ache of its shock lives in the earth of our bodies at the core of our cells. It pulses through our blood; we could no sooner forget it than we could forget our own lives. Those lives change, they want to realize the Vision of the force that passes through them, and that Vision matters because it's real Insight: We are the world!

Knowing that definitely changes things. It makes us transparent. In fact, we see right through ourselves! When lightning strikes with such intentness it comes in response to something from deep within. The two of us are one, we are meant for each other …or we could never meet in such a moment of unexpected grace. We are the Lightning as we are the world, and from now on we have to let the force of its Truth live us! Anything else is beside the point; anything else is too dull.

If, in our enthusiasm, we speak of this encounter words alone can't convey it. Something else is needed. Words, place, and time are distinctly not what they appear to be. They stand exposed like the Emperor in his 'new clothes' ...the mere stuff of poetry, dreams, and science. And this exposure is an actual Revelation which makes of us now, and forever after, STORYTELLERS -persons jolted outside ourselves and the naïve fiction known as 'Reality'. The two come together, ourselves and reality, so when we've seen through one we've seen through both and our speech can never be the same.

If we speak it can only be by listening, and what we listen to is the sound of the tone of truth. Maybe we don't hear it often, maybe we don't always recognize it when we do hear it; but if we're lucky, if we can keep ourselves out of the way that tone will tell itself and the words we use will suddenly use us! They'll swoop down like a flock of birds declaring the story of their song on the currents of the air we breathe and in their singing we will disappear through the magic of the Storytellers we have become.

All Storytellers know that to weave words is to awaken a world, and if we want that world to be true, if we want it to come alive so we can really live in it we have to listen very carefully for the tone sounding forth from the fire living in the soul of each and every thing. Every person and place, every wind that blows, every tiniest particle of everything sounds its truth, and the Storyteller knows that all truth is rooted in the truth of the Earth. Not the apparent Earth that we call the 'World' but the Real Earth full of Spirit seeding clouds and trees. The True Earth bursting with birds and winds, the Earth that dances down the rain in the lightning that leaps from its heart.

To tune-in to the tone of the Earth and listen to its Tale is the work of the Storytellers. And when we succeed, our mind machine gives way to a far memory that isn't of the past or the future or present, but is of a timeless time that's a sense and a feeling for a finer substance we're made of, a physical matter that's warm and golden and the very stuff of our bones. Our fingers and thighs are made of it -this delicate stuff, this wisp of something fairer, a substance we dimly remember lives under the mask imposed on our senses by the familiar habits of brain. That same brain that so often calls the Earth, -dirt! The one that analyzes, dissects, and pronounces its results: FACT. It can't compute this finer matter that's all around and even inside us. It's too busy quantifying, separating, and controlling to let anything like listening ever happen. It can't be still enough for that, it argues and compares and defends in an endless round of highly intelligent chatter! And so the Storyteller has to woo it, to reassure it of its fine talent, to remind it of its role in the Tale. Look, my friend, says the Storyteller - if we don't merge in the telling there will never be a Tale. Then, if all goes well, the brain clears and words speak themselves…

…There are eyes inside our eyes and ears that hear in every cell. Our lungs, livers, and kidneys -every organ in us yearns to take the next step, to come alive in a different kind of Matter. Not the matter of 'Reality' but the true physical matter of the Earth. It's already here, we've just never embraced it! There's no 'Spirit' apart from the matter of Earth, no other home for our love. Earth matters, not because of geology or physics but simply because it's so. We've forgotten that. We've drifted into a form of enchantment which makes us victims of a terrible 'world'…one we imagine to have a life of its own, -mechanical, logical, objective and apart from us. A world where pain, suffering, and poverty are 'inevitable'. One that's threatening to destroy itself and all us Storytellers too by means of something 'it' calls global nuclear poisoning or 'The Bomb' !

But what is this poisoning bomb, how did it come to be, and what keeps it going ? What's the nature of this 'World' that threatens to end us all ? Is it some terribly complex and fatally deep 'mystery' that escapes us ? No, it's not. Since we're all Storytellers (in one way or another) each of us knows what it's like to be struck by Lightning! We all have insight and we know the answers to our questions. Yet it seems that often in our enchantment we forget. This 'World' we've created together worries us, it lays like a heavy weight on our hearts and we don't remember that we alone have made it. All of us alone. Together.

The SPELL we've cast seems bigger than life, it's wrapped us in a trance of the 'objective'…it's 'out-there' we say, we can't do much of anything about it. But that's the self-inflicted wound, the defeated logic of the 'bomb', the product of a peculiar form of unconscious magic which each of us is prone to and which certain people acted-out for us back in 1945 under the questionable guise of 'history'. But we did it, and WE STILL DO IT, -it's still going on! To put an end to its continuing threat and reproduction we have to totally expose its innermost mechanism where it breeds inside us, collectively. We know this is true, but it's no easy task. We're too busy 'earning a living '. We don't have the time or the money to stop. We can't afford it. Surely somewhere somebody else must be getting paid to think about it. Some 'expert' …some 'specialist' or 'professional' person will solve the problem, find the answer.

So, one day we open the newspaper and read about the hole in the ozone layer, -but experts are working on the problem. Next day we read that the Global Ocean is so polluted the damage seems irreparable, but other expert professionals dispute these findings. A television show reports that lethal nuclear wastes cannot be disposed of for tens of thousands of years to come, but scientists are working on the problem and even though Plutonium is still being buried in cardboard boxes for now, a solution is sure to be found. A radio talk show says the natural immune systems of people are breaking down in an epidemic of AIDS all over the planet, and we wonder if this might not be connected somehow to the hole in the Ozone, or the rapid pollution of the Ocean, or the unsolved dilemma of what to do with all that radioactive waste accumulating by leaps and bounds. But we are all alone and we aren't experts and we have to go to work to pay the bills; we really don't have the time or the 'luxury' to think about these things. And anyway, it's not 'good' to brood over depressing we turn the lights out and go to sleep.

But this 'World' of ours is a story we're all telling, and we make it up as we go along…so we really DO have to listen carefully to ourselves and all the others in the story, -including the whales and dolphins and the birds and bees, but especially the Earth, herself. Maybe Mamma Earth wants a different turn of events than the threat of the nuclear industry and the 'bomb'. Maybe the bees have something important to tell us. Maybe there is something deeper to Life than our own hypnotic and self-induced 'enchantment'. Perhaps our business is the trance that beguiles us. Perhaps we are afraid to stop, listen and feel. Our 'World' is the outer expression of our collective group consciousness, and that consciousness has reached a stage we ALL recognize as critical. Can we make a journey through this Critical Mass Consciousness to the core of our numb fear and confront it ? And even if we could, and even if we wanted to…where would we begin ? These are one beginner's notes !


Notes Toward An Occult Primer On
' The Bomb '

" I didn't go to Trinity. Kerst and I were busy trying out a new idea of ours, the chronotron. No, that wasn't why I didn't go. At Los Alamos they called it the Christy Bomb. The Christy Bomb ! I stayed home. Really, I hoped the goddam thing wouldn't work. "

Seth Neddermeyer, Physicist
Los Alamos, New Mexico

The Christ Spell.

The sense of impending doom conjured-up by the BOMB was there from the very beginning. Most of the central characters involved in its construction expressed feelings of guilt and fear after its use on Hiroshima and Nagasaki when so many people were vaporized or rendered into instant shadows embedded in concrete. From the start the language spoken and written by the bomb builders took on a spellbinding and incantatory rhythm loaded down with Christian images of guilt and sin that went something like this:

We are building a bomb. We can't call it
a bomb, we must call it a 'gadget'. And keep it
a secret, it's a deathly thing to do. We will
'wrest the Secrets from Nature', and crack the core of her
atom. Right here on the 'Magic Mountain' in the shade of the Blood Of Christ ! O
Sangre de Christo! We can call it a Saviour, our clever new gadget, and then we can
dub it the true 'Christy Bomb' !

What 'a technically sweet solution' this will be,
we can beat the Germans and their Adolph Anti-Christ! But how
can we do it, how can we find the 'Critical Mass' for our 'Christy Bomb'
which isn't a bomb, but a 'gadget'.

And who can we hire to solve us this riddle, to find the Mass that is so
quintessential ?  Let's summon the man called the 'Pope Of Physics', let's call old
Enrico, our bright Italian brother.  We can build him a building
right here on the mesa, then call it 'Omega'
so the first can be last.

Ah, yes, now we have it, the 'Critical Mass' for the 'Christy Bomb'
which we've built at 'Omega'. But where shall we put it
and how shall we test it ? It's sure to be lethal,
this gadget of ours.

Let's take it to the desert, to the 'Valley Of Death' by the 'Oscura Mountains' in the


'Mockingbird Gap'. Our code-names can mask us
while we carry our gadget through the town of 'Bethlehem' to its 'Trinity Site'.
And let's hope it gets born in a blast of white light.

But what if we set off a lethal chain reaction igniting the atmosphere
all over the World ? Our gadget will have given them just what they foretold, those
credulous Christians with their 'Second Coming In Wrath' !

Let's place our bets on the chance that it won't, but
whatever will be, will be. The future's not ours to see, so if it does
then it does since the World has gone mad and this vile Adoplh Hitler is Evil
Incarnate -surely the very one called Anti-Christ. Let's just hope our Christ Bomb
comes as our Saviour.

Yes, it's Friday the 13th - how utterly unscientific, we can
safely ignore it. Let's carry in secret
our Christ Bomb Gadget to the Tower in the desert
of the Valley Of Death.

Be careful, move slowly -we must not awaken the folks who are
sleeping in old Bethlehem ! Cloaked by the night
let's climb up the Tower and place in its cradle
the nuclear 'initiator'
to birth by implosion
our sweet 'Christy'gadget which isn't
a bomb.

And remember the code, the Top-Secret Code
that will cable the tale of the new saviour's birth
to the President awaiting it in old

How ironic, that he should be in Babelsberg
while we sit at the desert Tower in Mockingbird Gap
with our gadget called Christy at Trinity Site,
and our language confounds us in Top-Secret codes.

Why don't we code this one
since it's bound to be the Omega Baby,

The Second Coming Of Christ In Wrath?

Look, BOOM ! It's a boy !
And now we're all sons of bitches, and now we all have known

While the Tale as I've told it is not the Tale the history books tell, and certainly not the Tale told by the physicists, the pivotal words and phrases were all employed by the builders of the bomb. And they didn't simply use these words on occasion, but repeated them over and over again while working on and speaking about the bomb. As I've tried to show here, I think all these words reveal a definite pattern which must be carefully understood if we are to grasp the root sources of the nuclear industry and their nuclear devices.

What follows now is a brief list of quotes from those persons most closely concerned with constructing the Christy Bomb, as well as the comments of a few historians who have written about it; in these quotes you will find some of the KEY WORDS and PHRASES which reveal the 'subconscious' agenda that created 'the bomb':

" In some sort of crude sense, which no vulgarity, no humour, no overstatement can quite extinguish, the physicists have known sin, and this is a knowledge which they cannot use. "

Robert Oppenheimer, Physicist;
Los Alamos, New Mexico.
" Oppie, now we're all sons of bitches. "
Kenneth Bainbridge, Physicist;
Speaking at Trinity Site.
 " I am sure at the end of the world, in the last millisecond of the Earth's existence, Man will see what we have just seen. "
George Kistiakowsky, Physicist;
Speaking at Trinity Site.
 " The story is much bigger than I could imagine, when it breaks it will be an eighth-day wonder, a sort of
Second Coming Of Christ yarn. "
William Laurence, columnist;
New York Times.

" What was gunpowder ? Trivial. What was electricity ? Meaningless. This Atomic Bomb is…

Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister;
Speaking at Potsdam.
" I get overwhelmed by a feeling of terrible guilt when I think about the history of the bomb…This is what bugs me more than anything else, -I don't remember having any strong feelings about it at the time. I guess I just got caught up in the mindless hysteria. "
Seth Neddermeyer, Physicist;
Los Alamos, New Mexico.
 " The most exclusive club in the world; so many people doing a damned difficult job wresting the secrets from Nature."
James Tuck, Physicist;
Los Alamos, New Mexico.
 " The most dangerous work was undertaken by the nuclear assembly experts of the GADGET division. So secret and sensitive were their experiments that most were carried out at night in a remote recess of Los Alamos Canyon. The place was called OMEGA because critical assembly was supposedly the last step in the bomb project. "
Lamont Lansing, Author;
Day Of Trinity.
" Ah, the Earth on the eve of its Disintegration ! "
Enrico Fermi, Physicist;
Speaking during 'countdown' at Trinity Site.
 " A few people laughed, a few people cried, most were silent…There floated through my mind a line from the Bhagavad-Gita:
Robert Oppenheimer, Physicist;
Remembering Trinity Site.
 " Friday, July 13th. It had been Kisty's droll idea to defy the superstition attached to that day by waiting until just after midnight Thursday to leave. Now, as the caravan with its lethal cargo rolled along…it glided through the sleepy farming town of Belen (Little Bethlehem) …At noon the convoy reached the TOWER …the scientists finished their final primping of the bomb. The work had been done amid an electrical storm so violent that they had debated bringing the GADGET down from the top. The steel TOWER was a giant lightning rod on the desert, and no one wanted to be around if a bolt struck it. "
Lamont Lansing, Author;
Day Of Trinity.
 " It is my judgement in these things that when you see something that is TECHNICALLY SWEET, you go ahead and do it, and you argue about what to do about it only after you have had your TECHNICAL SUCCESS. That is the way it was with the Atomic Bomb. "
Robert Oppenheimer, Physicist;
Speaking at the Security Hearings in 1954.
 " A TECHNIQUE notices nothing, but a human being does…I need hardly say that TECHNIQUE is necessary up to a point -we are all sufficiently convinced of that. But behind every method there stands the man, who is so much more important…irrespective of his TECHNIQUE…truly one must be smitten with blindness not to see that…'TECHNIQUE' is first and foremost an expression of the man who applies it and of all his SUBJECTIVE ASSUMPTIONS. "
Carl Gustav Jung, Author;
The State Of Psychotherapy Today.
(written in 1934).
 " At Los Alamos, physicist David Inglis, editor of the laboratory's TECHNICAL REPORT also regarded the term 'CHRISTY BOMB' as something of a misnomer, but for a different reason than Neddermeyer's. ' If any one man was responsible for the BOMB, Oppenheimer was…I think it was the hardest TECHNICAL JOB that had ever been done up to that time.' "
Nuel Pharr Davis, Author;
Lawrence And Oppenheimer.
" 'It was like being witness to THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST!' I heard myself say. It then came to me that both 'Oppie' and I, and likely many others in our group, had shared in a profound religious experience, having been witness to an event akin to SUPERNATURAL. "
William Laurence, Author;
Men And Atoms.
 " And the WHOLE EARTH was of ONE LANGUAGE, and ONE SPEECH…and they said…let us build us a CITY and a TOWER, whose top may reach unto heaven…And the Lord said…Let us go down, and there CONFOUND THEIR LANGUAGE, that they may not understand one another's speech. Therefore is the name of it called BABEL because the Lord did there confound the language of all the Earth…"
Genesis, II.
 " The heavy cruiser Augusta…had been stocked and fueled…Harry Truman and James Byrnes would board it the next day for their trip to Potsdam and the conference code-named'TERMINAL'…the finishing touches were being put on the three story stucco residence at #2 Kaiser Strasse in BABELSBERG, where the President would establish his 'Little White House'. BABELSBERG was a Russian-occupied suburb of Berlin, lying in a woodsy area between the capital and Potsdam. "
Lamont Lansing, Author;
Day Of Trinity.
This code-name (Trinity) didn't mean anything, it was just something suggested to me by John Donne's Sonnets,
which I happened to be reading at the time. "
Robert Oppenheimer, Physicist;
reminiscing about Trinity Site.
( 1633 )

Batter my heart, three person'd God; for, you
As yet but knocke, breathe, shine, and seeke to mend;
That I may rise, and stand, o'erthrow mee, and bend
Your force, to breake, blowe, burn and make mee new.

I, like an usurpt towne, to' another due,
Labour to' admit you, but Oh, to no end,
Reason your viceroy in mee, mee should defend,
But is captiv'd, and proves weake or untrue,

Yet dearely'I love you, and would be lov'd faine,
But am betroth'd unto your enemie,
Divorce mee, untie, or breake that knot againe,
Take mee to you, imprison mee, for I
Except you' enthrall mee, never shall be free,
Nor ever chast, except you ravish mee.

                                                                                                                John Donne, Political Christian Poet.

This incredible collage of words and images has been left to us by the men who built the bomb. And they said it meant nothing. Yet it obviously points to the unconscious fear that gripped the world at that time of war, the fear that Sigmund Freud was calling the 'death wish' of humanity. It was a time when men like Oppenheimer and Seaborg called themselves fathers and named their off-spring 'Atom Bomb' and 'Plutonium' respectively. Murder, death, and destruction occurred on a world-wide scale as 'Christians' from one country slaughtered 'Christians' from another and prayed to the Christ to help them.

But the Christ they were praying to was the Christ of organized political religions, those self-appointed 'authorities' who betrayed the true Christ at the very beginning and continue to exhibit his bleeding body as a symbol of the 'guilt' of 'fallen' man, the Christ who is expected to come again -one more time- and bring with him the Apocalypse, Armageddon, the total destruction of the Earth in a 'Final Judgement'. This political 'Christ' of the 'final judgement' is the death wish of Freud and the Christ behind the code-name Trinity.

Oppenheimer spelled it out when he said he got that code-name from Donne's Sonnet, -the one quoted in book after book about the bomb. But do we ever look beyond its opening lines ? If we look a little further we come upon the core of the political christian's belief that he is a fallen being: " But I am betrothed to your enemy. "  This is the belief that all men have come under the dominion of the Devil or Satan. And at the poem's end we find the wish expressed by the 'fallen christian' for a violent act on the part of his god which sounds like a request for a cosmic rape:

" Take me to you, imprison me
Because unless you enthrall me, I
Never shall be free,
Nor chaste, unless you ravish me. "

This request to be ravished, expressed earlier in the poem as "overthrow me, and bend your force to break, blow, burn" …etc. is certainly a request that a Nuclear Bomb can fulfill. But what of the next words: "make me new" ? What could they mean ?  The Gnostic and Occult view of the Christ emphasizes this "make me new " aspect. It teaches that each man must realize the Christ within and transfigure himself as the historical-mythical Christ did by way of developing the same kind of 'body of light' the Christ of the gospels displayed on the Mount Of Transfiguration when "his face did shine as the Sun, and his raiment was white as the light."  But what if this 'body of light' is to be achieved right here on Earth ? What if it is a question of radiant energy transforming the body ? What if each man and woman is a potentially radiant being ? Suppose we are the original nuclear reactors. What is the nature of radioactivity, and if it is essentially 'radiant energy' how did it become the Bomb ? Could the blinding light, the famous mushroom cloud of that Bomb be a Spellbinder ?


The Pulse In The Rhythm
Of The Song
Matter Sings.

" Since, therefore, Radioactivity is at once an atomic phenomenon and accompanied by chemical changes in which new types of matter are produced, these changes must be occurring within the atom, and the radioactive elements must be undergoing SPONTANEOUS TRANSFORMATION. "

Frederick Soddy and Ernest Rutherford,
The Cause And Nature Of Radioactivity; September 1902.
Radioactivity is a word coined by physicists in 1898 to name the tone sounding forth from the fire living in the soul of Uranium. Their discovery that matter, the Earth, is alive startled them at first. For a brief moment they almost acknowledged the consciousness of matter since they recognized in radioactivity evidence that Earth is, in fact, actively engaged in renewing itself by producing 'new types of matter' through a process of 'spontaneous transformation'.

Two of the first and most esteemed scientists in this field were Ernest Rutherford and Frederick Soddy whose collaboration produced some of the earliest language for describing radioactive change (it was Marie Curie who first wrote the word, 'radioactif ' in French). Both these men recognized in the energy of radiation a phenomenon related to the Gnostic-Alchemical Tradition. Soddy was even daring enough to compare the transformation of the radioactive elements to the transmutation of matter achieved by the Alchemists. He saw the enormous release of radioactive energy as similar to the famous 'elixir of life' because this energy occurred simultaneously with the appearance of 'new types of matter'. Matter rejuvenated itself by drinking-in this 'elixir' of radioactivity.

Unfortunately, the 'scientific' rationalism of those times could not accept this insight as its own. In fact, Rutherford is reported to have told Soddy: " Don't call it transmutation. They'll have our heads off as Alchemists! " But Soddy did call it transmutation and continued to draw parallels between the new studies of radioactivity and the ancient Art of Alchemy. He captured the interest of the general public and urged everyone to seriously consider the implications of radioactivity "for they touch human life strangely at many points, and are destined in the future to influence profoundly the course of philosophic thought."

His imaginative blend of language and philosophy aligned Soddy with the Alchemical Tradition. Alchemy always stressed the importance of the man behind the technique, always emphasized the need for self-examination within the secret chambers of the heart, and never let a man lose contact with the affect his personal attitude had on the materials he touched. But what was left of this tradition in men like Rutherford and Soddy got lost in the mad scramble for scientific funding that marked these earliest days of atomic physics.

In 1912 Soddy spoke of a " Monopoly in scientific research " already in existence at that time which continued and increased during the days of the Manhattan Project becoming the very formidable " Military-Industrial-Complex " Dwight Eisenhower again warned us of in the late 1950's. This Military-Industrial-Monopoly continues to this day in the guise of the One World Corporate Government still attempting to foist upon us such programs as 'Star Wars' and the use of nuclear reactors which, by boiling water to produce electricity, also manage to produce tons of lethally artificial radioactive waste. So it should come as no surprise to us that the administrators, trustees, etc. of the universities that owned the laboratories where Rutherford and Soddy worked back at the turn of the Century feared they and their institutions would lose much needed prestige as well as financial backing from Industry if their employees continued to speak of things like the 'transmutation of matter' and a 'monopoly in scientific research'. This was the fear behind Rutherford's comment, " They'll have our heads off as Alchemists ! " And it's the reason why, through a combination of greed, discrete peer-pressure, and politics the original expression of the 'Spontaneous Transformation' of matter was changed and became the Spontaneous Disintegration' of matter. That change of language is the very change of attitude that led us step by step to the building of the BOMB !  To get a better feel for the initial language used to discuss radioactivity there is no better source than the writing from the man of whom Rutherford ( ironically employing Alchemical speech) said:

" Soddy always reminds me of a Cock crowing on his own Dunghill."

( Excerpts )
Frederick Soddy
( London, 1912 )

" The aspect which matter has presented to us in the past is but a consummate disguise, concealing latent energies and hidden activities beneath an hitherto impenetrable mask. "

" Problems connected with the real physical nature of radiation are, it is well recognized, among the most fundamental in physics, and they involve more deeply perhaps than any others the great UNDERLYING METAPHYSICAL RELATIONSHIPS between the external world of physical fact and the subjective mental processes by which we attempt to visualize these facts and obtain some sort of reasonable explanation of them. "

" There is another still impossible feat, to the accomplishment of which all the appliances of modern science have been directed in vain, as well as all the utmost power of man from the earliest time. It is TRANSMUTATION or the conversion of one element into another. RADIOACTIVITY is the one process going on in matter we cannot influence or stop, while TRANSMUTATION is the one process in matter we have so far signally failed to effect. The juxtaposition of RADIOACTIVITY and TRANSFORMATION is not a fanciful one, because it will appear as we proceed, that the two processes are most intimately connected. "

" As we have seen, we cannot as yet artificially accelerate or influence the rate of disintegration of an element, …to increase the natural rate, and to break down URANIUM or any other element artificially is simply TRANSMUTATION. If we could accomplish the one so we could the other. These two great problems, at once the oldest and the newest in science, are one.


carries with it the power to unlock the internal energy of matter, and the unlocking of the internal stores of energy in matter would, strangely enough, be infinitely the most important and valuable consequence of transmutation. "

" It is curious to reflect, for example, upon the remarkable legend of The Philosopher's Stone, one of the oldest and most universal beliefs…THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE was accredited the power not only of transmuting metals, but acting as

the elixir of life.
It does not require much effort of imagination to see in energy the life of the physical universe, and the KEY to the Primary Fountains of the physical life of the universe today is known to be TRANSMUTATION. Is then this old association of the power of transmutation with the elixir of life merely a coincidence ?I prefer to believe it may be an echo from one of many previous epochs in the unrecorded history of the world, of
an age of men
which have trod before
the road we are treading today,
in a past possibly so remote that even the very atoms of its civilization have had time to disintegrate. "

" …it is necessary to suppose that ATOMIC DISINTEGRATION is cosmically NOT the inevitable uncontrollable process it has hitherto been proved to be under all laboratory conditions, but that under conditions of pressure and temperature, such as exist

it may either be stopped altogether, or compensated for by

In which energy is taken up. Be that as it may, our outlook on the physical universe has been permanently altered. We are no longer the inhabitants of a universe slowly dying from the physical exhaustion of its energy, but of a universe which has in the INTERNAL ENERGY OF ITS COMPONENTS  the means to REJUVENATE ITSELF PERENNIALLY
over immense periods of time. "

" Indeed, in the degree of RADIOACTIVITYwe have a scientific standard of rarity, and therefore of 'value'…The investigations of Mme. Curie naturally have cost thousands of pounds, provided in part by the Austrian Government and the Rothschilds…

A MONOPOLY IN SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH  is an unfortunate innovation but such, alas! So limited is the supply of RADIUM (but fill in the blank) EXISTS TODAY. "

" Highly technical and complicated as many of the researches on radioactivity are, the main conclusions of the science
and of general interest.
of every educated person to make himself aware of the chief bearings of these conclusions, for
and are destined in the future to influence profoundly the course of
philosophic thought. "


We need to consider the fact that all artificial, man-made elements such as Plutonium literally embody as matter the contents of our psyche; all the contents, -including what we call the unconscious contents. When a man interacts with the Vital Fire in the heart of matter, when he seeks to commune with the spirit at the core of the atom by 'bombarding' it, to 'enrich' and 'transmute' it into something of his own intention, he would do well to examine that intention, -to look deeply into his own heart.

But the physicists who created the lethal forms of Uranium, the 'isotopes' known as U 235 and U 238 as well as Plutonium were men of muscular intellect who were 'pumping' their brains. They were 'unstable' and 'atomically excited' men living in a time called 'wartime'. They were in a great hurry to fend-off a fear that engulfed the whole of the 'civilized world'. They were our chosen 'heroes' and we gave them our collective burden to carry and asked that they find the solution. Adolph Hitler personified the collective fear of millions. He was spoken of as 'mad', 'psychotic', the very 'devil' and 'Anti-Christ'. The totality of all this fear coupled with what their leader, the 'father' of the Atomic Bomb, referred to as the physicists' "rather blasphemous sense of omnipotence" gave us Hiroshima, Nagasaki, artificial nuclear waste, and the entire, Corporate Nuclear Industry! In fighting Hitler these men SHAPED MATTER INTO A FORM NEVER BEFORE ENCOUNTERED BY MAN, a form of matter so unstable and atomically excited that any direct physical contact with it on the part of any living being produces rapid death. They summoned this matter with its attendant 'half-life' from the depths of our collective unconscious fear and christened it PLUTONIUM, -name of the 'Lord Of Death', embodiment of the 'Lord Of The Underworld', MATTER FROM HELL!

Acting as our heroes, they have given us this solution, the

to physically relate to, and we must face it realizing as we do that 'Hell' too, is a product of 'Civilization', of the mind and heart of man interacting with the Cosmos.

If we are to plunge deeper into our Journey Through The Critical Mass, there are a few points about Man and Civilization that we probably ought to reconsider in the light of World War II and our 'creation' of hell matter. Let me, then, quote from the work of Carl Jung regarding both man and civilization:


Carl Gustav Jung
( Princeton, 1964 )

" The people always long for a hero, a slayer of DRAGONS, when they feel the danger of psychic forces; hence the cry for Personality. "

" The conflagration that broke out in Germany was the outcome of psychic conditions that are universal. The real danger signal is not the fiery sign that hung over Germany, but the unleashing of Atomic Energy, which has given the human race the power to annihilate itself completely…the facts can no longer be hushed-up or painted in rosy colors."

" The Man of today, who resembles more or less the collective ideal, has made his heart into a den of murderers, as can easily be proved by the analysis of his unconscious, even though he himself is not in the least disturbed by this fact. And insofar as he is normally adapted to his environment, it is true that the greatest infamy on the part of his group will not disturb him, so long as the Majority of his fellows steadfastly believe in the Exhalted Morality of their Social Organization. "

" The MASS STATE has NO INTENTION of promoting
mutual understanding and the relationship of man to man; it strives rather for


The more unrelated individuals are, the more consolidated the State becomes and vice versa. "

" MAN harbors within himself a dangerous SHADOW, an ADVERSARY who is involved as an INVISIBLE HELPER in the DARK MACHINATIONS of the POLITICAL MONSTER. It is in the nature of political bodies always to see evil in the opposite group, just as the individual has an ineradicable tendency to get rid of everything he does not know and does not want to know about himself by foisting it off on somebody else. "

" Spiritually the Western World is in a precarious situation, and the danger is greater the more we blind ourselves to the merciless truth with illusions about our beauty of soul. Western Man lives in a thick cloud of incense which he burns to himself so that his own countenance may be veiled from him in the smoke. "

" In theory, it lies within the power of reason to desist from experiments of such hellish scope as Nuclear Fission if only because of their dangerousness. But fear of the evil which one does not see in one's own bosom but always in somebody else's checks reason every time, although everyone knows that the use of this weapon means the certain end of our present human world. The fear of universal destruction may spare us the worst, yet the possibility of it will nevertheless hang over us like a dark cloud so long as no bridge is found across the world-wide psychic and political split -a bridge as certain as the existence of the Hydrogen Bomb. If only a World-Wide Consciousness Could Arise that all division and all fission are due to the splitting of opposites in the psyche, then we should know where to begin…people are largely unconscious of the fact that



alias Hades, had total control over the realm of secrecy. He was known as the Lord of the Hidden Realms, and his secret was a dark one. It was Death. He guarded his secret through Invisibility: he wore a special helmet that rendered him unseen to the human eye. In this regard, he resembles Radioactivity as an Invisible energy. But Pluto was also the Lord of Wealth. There was a treasure, according to our Western Mythological Tradition, hidden within the Earth. This treasure was not just the wealth of gold, diamonds, silver, and oil but ALL the Secret Energy of the mineral kingdom, -the energy by means of which matter changed itself spontaneously from one form to another. The FIRE at the core of Earth, her molten heart is the source of that energy which is the living Consciousness of the Mother, the Matrix, Matter. Spirit, energy, matter are one -that's why we say that E = MC2. By what outrageous game of trickery, through what slight-of-hand, how did we as humans become so afraid of the very matter of our own home planet and our own bodies ?

We say the core of Earth is molten. We know Earth herself emits energy we call radioactivity. This is a vibratory form of LIGHT that is invisible. We define energy as matter accelerated by the speed of light squared, and not all light is visible to our eyes whether it's squared or not! Some forms of Light appear as Darkness to our current physical eyes. We speak of these expressions of Light as the Ultra-Violet range, the Infra-Red spectrum, the SUBLIMINAL REALM. When we enter that realm relying solely on the use of our physical eyes we are quite literally working in the dark!

It was no easy task to 'create' an element, to make a new form of matter. And perhaps we should realize that man has, in fact, NEVER made MATTER…we've just REARRANGED IT. In any case, for the men involved the process was felt to be akin to 'giving birth to a child', or at least that's what they said. Glenn Seaborg, the 'father' of Plutonium wrote of his experience this way:

" It is the most exciting and thrilling day I have experienced since coming to the Met-Lab. It is the first time that element 94 (Plutonium) -or any other SYNTHETIC ELEMENT, for that matter -has been exposed for the eye of man to behold…my feelings are akin to a new father engrossed in the development of his offspring since conception. Counting from the time that Uranium Oxide was first BOMBARDED with neutrons…the gestation period has been 20 months. "

The weighing-in of this 'child' was " the smallest measure of weight achieved in America " at 2.77 millionths of a gram which appeared as " a trace of yellow-green powder ".  Seaborg, Oppenheimer, and Edward Teller all referred to the artifacts they made, -Plutonium, the Atom Bomb, and the Hydrogen Bomb as babies. But what kind of 'child' comes into life through such means as continuous 'bombardment' for 20 months ? A child of the MIND, a BRAIN-CHILD, a still-birth lacking a heart. These are not children but ABORTIONS inhabiting 'half-lives' while they 'decay'. It's important to understand that these men worked with INVISIBLE FORCES. They didn't see or feel or touch the artificial 'babies' they made, -to see them means blindness, to feel or touch them is automatic death.

" We used the Berkeley Cyclotron -an accelerator machine- to develop very high energy particles, and from this to develop neutrons with which we could bombard natural thorium. By a complex series of chemical steps I was able to isolate and prove the existence of Uranium 233 at a time when I had 4 one-millionths of a gram.

This was not an amount I ever saw

you traced it around by its alpha particle radioactivity. So all the chemistry I was doing, I could never see the material I was working with; I was only tracing it. I had to measure the amount I had by its Radioactivity, -instead of a scale that uses gravity, you're using Radioactivity to weigh things. "

John W. Gofman,
Nuclear Chemist.
John Gofman is an unusually clear communicator for a nuclear chemist so let's let him speak in a long quote about Plutonium and Cancer :

" Seaborg and a fellow by the name of Arthur Wahl were the first two people in the world to work with Plutonium, and I became the third. In order to make a Bomb out of Plutonium, we had to learn a HELL of a lot of chemistry of Plutonium at a time when practically no Plutonium was available.

We had never seen it.
…about that time, J.Robert Oppenheimer took a large group down to form Los Alamos Laboratory in New Mexico, which was to be a secret, isolated lab, to go on with the Bomb work…Very shortly afterwards, Oppenheimer came to see me and said, ' We have a very desperate problem. We need to have half a milligram of Plutonium.' That was something like 10 times what had ever been available before. ' We figured out,' he said, ' that you could make half a milligram if you bombarded A TON OF URANIUM for maybe a month or two.' …To make a long story short, we bombarded the Uranium night and day for 6 or 7 weeks. I set up a small factory and built it on the Berkeley Campus. In three weeks we isolated what turned out to be not half a milligram, but 1.2 milligrams of Plutonium. PURE. In about a quarter of a teaspoon of liquid, out of his TON. I gave it to the Los Alamos Lab. So I was the first chemist in the world to isolate milligram quantities of Plutonium, and the third chemist in the world to work with it. We knew nothing of its biological problems.    The evidence on radiation producing Cancer is beyond doubt. I've worked 15 years on it, and so have many others. It is not a question anymore:RADIATION PRODUCES CANCER, and the evidence is good all the way down to the lowest doses. "
John W. Gofman, Nuclear Chemist;
Quoted byLeslie J. Freeman, Author:
Nuclear Witnesses.

Artificial elements and isotopes with their equally artificial radioactivity were 'created' from the Plane Of Mind, from abstract thought, from the invisible realm of Occultism. It's the region of subtle matter and energies not visible to the physical eye alone. In the case of a scientist-physicist such as Seaborg artificial eyes of cameras in consort with other machines are what detect, determine, and shape the invisible forces with which he works while 'wresting the Secrets from Nature'. But an Alchemist or Occultist employs the subtle organs of her/his own physical body-being to see, measure, and weigh the energies with which she/he COLLABORATES.

People like Mirra Alfassa, Aurobindo Ghose, or Krishnamurti work on this wholly different level because they consciously work with conscious matter, with forces and energies who are BEINGS and not ABSTRACTIONS. Such 'occultists' are scientists of the Spirit Realm, they are Lightning-Struck Master Storytellers who understand that first and foremost the real work is on one's own being. HEART is always the guide and compass, the 'inner-truth-magnet' of their lives. They work in, with, through, and for LOVE.

Our contact with Radioactivity surely indicates that we are ALL involved in the realm of the Occult, the realm of Invisible Spirit. We can no longer live on the surface of life. Whether we like it or not Plutonium demands that we enter the UNDERWORLD as well as all other alternate and simultaneous planes of reality that interface with our own individual and collective beings. Pluto, like Plutonium, is only the 'guard' at the entrance to these realms, and they are not realms of 'death' only, -not even essentially…they are realms of unseen treasures. For Pluto guards the RADIANT ENERGY, -the consciously transforming Spirit in the heart of all matters physical and subtle!

In his role of Guardian of the innermost secrets of Earth, Pluto stands before us as Hades, like a metallic mirror. A glossy wall of blackness so intense it is obsidian. A hard and obdurate rock of blackness, jet black, blacker than black. And as we face this blackest wall it reflects back to us our fear. Every ounce of 'NO' in us sees itself there. We refuse to move even one step further. Surely to touch that obscurity is to enter sheer oblivion. To enter there is total death, absolute annihilation, the final and ultimate end.

And that's Pluto's secret: the darkness of fear! Fear of the unknown, the invisible, death, finality, utter impotence. It's a palpably felt fear. It hurts. It's pain. And we wince before it, we cringe and turn away, we say we have recognized our limits. And so we have, if we live solely according to reason. For then we let reason lead us by the hand back to the plane of ordinary light where we can see familiarly and say that all is safe and well.

But this movement in us is cowardice. Our journey has led us nowhere and back again, and we return once more to the surface of things. On that ever so reasonable surface we understand Plutonium is lethally radioactive and all radioactivity produces cancer just as the scientists tell us. There is nothing we can do, we are caught again in the all-pervasive enchantment of the real and very objective world. But it's the TRANCE, the groove and rut of fear that teaches us to quit, to abandon courage as well as the unreasonable aspirations that nourish our dreams. We MUST be reasonable people and turn those dreams into products, - like Art, and Science, and Fairy Tales for kids. They can exist, but only as dessert, after we've eaten the full-course dinner of 'reality' and 'earned' a living.

We've all had enough of this fear! We are literally sick to death of it. We're disgusted with a world that can't breathe, a world where nothing 'pays' but the trance and rut of reason. We see plainly that this thing, reason, has become our jail keeper locking us into reasonable cities full of reasonable pollution on all reasonable levels. The order and system of this would-be-reason has cut us off from the pulse in the rhythm of Nature's Song! Yet we want and need and yearn to sing that song, to enter into a life where joy and play restore to us all the radiant energy we have so reasonably forsaken. We need a new Vision, we need to contact and feel the spirit of matter, to see through our fear of radiation, of transmutation, of change.

The fact that what we call 'Radioactivity' is the result of Earth-Matter transforming itself spontaneously urges us to recognize we, too, are transforming. Our physical bodies are engaged in a process of cellular mutation speeded up by our own discovery of radioactive matter. After all, folks, we are matter too. Natural Uranium announced to us the transmutation of man as well as the elements. We've entered the field of dreams, the field of invisible occult forces which govern this transformation. We've 'engineered' new forms of matter and brought ourselves face to face with our own lethal negativity. Consciousness is inherent in everything, and our consciousness pre-occupied with fear and reasonable machines has 'created' Plutonium, H-bombs, and Neutron bombs as it has created Cancer, Aids, Ebola, and Death itself ! We've reached that critical juncture where we're forced to see that CONSCIOUSNESS IS MATTER, that thought has subtle physical substance to it, that we ARE the stuff our world is made of. Our joys and fears embody themselves in matter, in events, and they do this by way of our thought-intentions.

These thought-intentions tell us right now that our bodies are receiving rapidly increasing amounts of 'cosmic radiation' pouring in from 'space' through the ever widening hole in the Ozone layer. It's a hole we opened through stratospheric tests of nuclear bombs, through missiles, satellites, and 'probes' sent out to explore 'space'. We're bursting our own seams in an urgent need to reach a new kind of life. And we will, because the Ozone layer surrounds the Earth the way the amniotic waters surround the child in the womb. The breaking of the waters signals the birth of the child, and the collapse of the Ozone layer signals the new Life of Earth. Air rushes into the lungs of the new-born infant, 'cosmic radiation' rushes into Earth and All life forms on Earth through that hole. We are trying to birth ourselves, and if we are true Storytellers we can transmute our own cellular matter as Earth transmutes hers. That is the great challenge, the one truly spiritual goal we have given ourselves. Not Nirvana, Samadhi, or Heaven nor escape onto 'flying saucers'… but total transformation of ourselves here on Earth! We can consciously participate with Earth as she transforms herself. But insofar as we haven't yet recognized the consciousness of matter, how can we possibly imagine we have ever lived real life on the True Earth ? Such a Life lived on such an Earth would be one of continuous spontaneous transformation. That's what Natural Uranium has shown us.

Our Spirit has been entranced, sleeping in all but a few of us humans down through the Ages, while the thinking brain has struggled hard to find its way. It's done a marvelous job, but the time has come for intelligence to find a fuller form, a form that gives a welcome to the wisdom of the heart. Mere statistics, more intellectual data and analysis simply cannot help us. We are mutating along with all matter on this planet. We're leaving behind an old form, changing it from inside out. We're becoming increasingly radioactive, increasingly Radiant as we prepare to join in the Universal activity of conscious being, -of conscious BEINGS. When radiant energy escapes from Natural Uranium it does so because the form of that matter can no longer contain the intensity of its yearning consciousness. That consciousness rushes out in what we call waves and particles of energy so literally enlightened that it passes through 'solid' matter, and in doing so stimulates that matter, too…toward a different state of being. Natural Radioactivity, radiant energy, is the dance of the whirling dervish, the laughter of the dakinis, the spiral dance of intelligent, harmonious love as it unfolds in ever more inclusive wholeness. We can't deny this movement of life, we can no longer hold on to our outworn and imprisoning forms. Such retentiveness can only bring us illness and death. That's the message of the Bomb and the 'Atom Splitters' who built it, -even if they never said so, even if they worked blinded by intellect until it and they imploded !

Intelligence may dazzle us with its light, but its light is a 'Fat Man' or a 'Little Boy' afraid of the Dark. It turns Pluto into Plutonium because it fears the inevitability of its own demise. The reign of intelligent ignorance is drawing to a quick close as the Tale of the Darkness of Matter gives way to the radiant mutation of Light in the Cells. Man and Matter are well on their way toward spontaneous transformation, toward the unmasking of the Gnostic Christ within, toward the freedom of the Child who alone has the laughter and innocence necessary to enter the immanent Kingdom of heaven on Earth for, in truth -the cause and nature of radioactivity is simple. It is JOY !!!

Part Three

The Cult Of Enchantment;

A Prelude To
' The Critical Mass '

Joy is a kind of enchantment, but Enchantment comes in many forms.  New Mexico is known as 'The Land Of Enchantment' because the Earth there sings a special song of light that lifts the Spirit, -not because a cute phrase or catchy jingle is needed by 'real-estate' and 'land developers' to attract permanent tourists, and certainly not because the expression is being used to package and sell an 'Art' style as a way of life.  The true Enchantment of that Land can't be touched by any of the operas, paintings, or designer clothes perpetrated there by money-makers because it's an invisible but very felt force of the Soul Of Earth, -a deep violet and lavender glow she radiates when the Mountains rise up at Sunset to kiss the Sky, a brilliant vermillion intensity pulsating from her heart to set the Winds to dance through purple-black Clouds lined with Silver Lightning!

This true Enchantment comes up the bare feet, enters through their open pores and rushes up along the spine as Joy.  The fake adobe 'El Dorados', the ski-parks and paper businesses pouring onto that Land are the products of ignorant, exploiting minds out to make a quick buck.  They are obscenities, actual sacrilegious acts performed by beings who would never think of walking barefoot on the Land unless, perhaps, they paid a 'guide' to take them on a pre-arranged 'holy pilgrimage' to 'sacred sites' for a fashionable 'spiritual experience'.  The costly Cult Of Enchantment is a false enchantment, a contrived Spell conjured-up by smooth-talking dealers in 'prosperity consciousness' who dress, walk, and talk in the grubby odor of Money-Shamans, a neat and tasteful form of Corporate American Magick.  It's a Black Magick polluting the Land!

Corporate Black Magick hit New Mexico in a big way in the late Autumn of 1942 when the Pentagon came to build Los Alamos as a 'top-secret' installation of 'geniuses' hired to fashion the Atomic Bomb; it intended to stay, and remains there to this day.  A certain General Leslie Groves spearheaded this invasion of the Military-Industrial-Complex onto the Land Of Enchantment, and he brought with him that same Army Corps of Engineers employed in Washington D.C. to build the literal Pentagon.  That building, which houses the war offices of this nation, encloses an area of the Earth within the shape of a five pointed Star, and the construction of such a form upon the Earth has a history in the culture of the western world as a technique of Magic.

The Pentagon-Pentagram is a traditional western magical device specifically designed to empower the magician to contact Natural Elemental Spirits in order to obtain their help in the work he undertakes.  These Elemental Spirits are real beings, conscious forces, living entities whether they're called by the traditional names of Angels and Daemons or the more contemporary names of Quarks, Strangeness, and Charm preferred by the physicists.  In either case, the energy fields of these living beings are felt as a Presence and not seen or contacted in the conventional manner.  It's important to keep in mind that No scientists have ever seen an 'atom'.  Atoms are occult, they're not visible to ordinary eyes, they're hidden  -but they're not 'top-secret', they're not concealed by Nature from man so that she can control us covertly through the secret use of power, -that particular form of fear and paranoia is peculiar to us.  The Pentagon is 'Top-Secret'; Nature is Occult.  And the construction of a Pentagram-Pentagon is used by the magician for 'white' or 'black' magic...there's a prescribed formula for each use.

The Apex of the five pointed Star is a symbol for the Head of Man while the other four points stand for his outstretched arms and legs.  When a Pentagon is inverted (imploded) so is the man who makes it, and his work will be a work of 'Black Magick'.  This means that the magician is intending to subjugate the Elemental Forces of Nature, to bend them to his personal will, to 'wrest the secrets from Nature'.  Such a 'Black Magician' need not be 'morally evil' in any way, often he is merely ignorant.  Often he's a man with a brilliant  mind and a heart that has not yet awakened.  He's a technician whose powerful thought turns him inside-out and upside-down.

A Pentagon is upside-down when its Apex is aligned to the South Pole of Earth while the two outstretched 'legs' of this 'Star Of Man' straddle the Earth's North Pole.  This arrangement aligns the genitals of the magician to the forces coming onto Earth by way of the Van Allen Belts and signifies his desire to generate FORMS for his own pleasure, security, or material gain.

On the other hand, when the Apex of the Pentagon-Pentagram is aligned to the head of the magician and the North Pole of the Earth the situation is different and the man seeks the cooperation of Universal Spirit in the creation of a work of harmony to benefit all sentient beings.  A person working in this way with the five pointed Star is using the Pentagon to contact his/her astral (literally starry) nature to work through self-less love as a 'White Magician'.  The Pentagon in Washington D.C. was built beginning in 1940-41 with its Apex facing South; it's construction was supervised by General Leslie Groves.  It's a building well designed for the practice of 'Black Magick'.  Do you think this was accidental ?  I don't.  And this same Leslie Groves, acting as

an instrument of this same Pentagon, came to the Pajarito Plateau in the Land Of Enchantment in 1942 with a virtually unlimited budget to supervise there the construction of the Federally administered, 'Top-Secret' city of Los Alamos, and build the world's first 'Atomic Bomb' which they would 'christen' as the 'Christy Bomb'.  Enchantment comes in many forms!

Part Four

' Tickling The Tail Of The Dragon '
The Enchanted Land

What kind of place is the Pajarito Plateau ?  Leo Szilard, one of the many physicists involved in the 'Manhattan Project' was asked to join the team at Los Alamos, but he declined the offer saying: " Nobody could think straight in a place like that; everybody who goes there will go crazy."  On the other hand, Edith Warner, a long time resident of the area who frequently fed the physicists and their wives and friends spoke of the plateau in a rather different way saying: " There alone in the sunlight, I began to understand that nothing men may do, not even the atomic bomb, can in any way touch or change the essence of this country."

But this was the country to which the Physicists and the Pentagon came in order to build their bomb, and to build that bomb they had to determine its 'Critical Mass'.  This phrase has long since passed into the popular tongue and is used in many differing contexts, but when the Los Alamos team used the phrase they had something very specific in mind.  One of them, Otto Frisch by name, explained it this way: 

" A considerable effort at Los Alamos went into attempts to get as accurate an estimate as possible of the critical mass of Uranium 235as early as possible.  One of the more risky proposals I made was accepted, rather to my surprise.  Richard Feynman said it was like 'tickling the tail of a sleeping dragon' and so it became known as the Dragon Experiment.  It consisted in setting up an assembly made from a hydride of U 235 big enough to explode but with the central core missing so that it was safe.  The central core was then allowed to fall through the hole so that for a split second the conditions for a (rather mild) nuclear explosion was as close as we could get to an atomic bomb without being blown up."

So the Pajarito Plateau is the place where the physicists came to tickle the tail of a sleeping dragon!  Who would ever imagine or believe it ?  But strange things went on at Los Alamos.  When the Pentagon and its hired scientists came to New Mexico they met at once the CURVE of the Land.  Naturally they couldn't think 'straight', -they had to widen old paths, bulldoze and pave dirt roads that twisted and turned in and out of canyons, over mesas, across the winding Rio Grande and onward up the sloping sides of the Pajarito Plateau to Los Alamos.  They had to haul cyclotrons, Van de Graff machines, -all sorts of heavy and awkward paraphernalia over a Land notorious for its serpentine flow.  The Enchantment of the Land itself confronted them with its own 'shape-changing' ways.  They were bringing the science of machines, schedules, and measurements up the side of the Jemez Caldera, up one of the oldest and largest extinct VOLCANOES on the North American Continent to the Land of Poco-Tiempo, the Land of no time at all!  And the Land was quick to catch them in its famous 'Spell', -to induce in them its own snake-like rhythm so that soon they began to speak of their work as 'tickling the tail of a sleeping dragon' without so much as a moment's reflection as to what that expression might reveal.

Their sharp, analytical minds were focused on one thing to the exclusion of all else, and that one thing was building 'The Bomb'. They needed to determine the critical mass, the amount of unstable, artificially radioactive 'matter' neccessary to make the bomb go off.  Soon they were caught up in the 'crazy' state of 'mindless hysteria' that would give them the results they were looking for, the results they needed, the answer to their prayer of The Critical Mass.  Soon they would transform the matter of their thoughts by way of Plutonium and Uranium 235 into the blinding release of lethal light and energy they called the 'Christy Bomb'.  And even though there were Catholics among them ( including Enrico Fermi, the 'Pope' of physics ) familiar with the Roman Catholic Mass in which the matter of bread and wine is transformed ( or literally transubstantiated ) into the actual body and blood of Christ, none of them would ever publicly speak of it.  No one among all these christian scientists would ever admit to seeing the striking parallel between the three 'masses': the Catholic Mass, the Material Mass, and the 'Critical Mass' that produced the 'Christy Bomb' at 'Trinity Site' as 'The Second Coming'.  O Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison!

Perhaps they saw the whole matter in a very different light, perhaps they were only joking when they called the work of finding the critical mass 'tickling the dragon's tail'.  Of course, they must have been clowning around, all reasonable folks know Dragons are the stuff of Fairytales -they never even existed, or if they did, they're certainly as extinct now as the old Jemez Volcano itself!  But the Lightning-Struck-Storytellers inside us all sit up and take notice of these men wearing the official badges of the 'Atom Splitters' with its Lightning in the shape of a question mark shattering the 'atomic solar system'. The Storytellers feel some force at work among the physicists that led them to the Ancient Volcano, to the traditional home of the Dragon to 'tickle' his tale, or as Carl Jung says: "...even though the first step along the road to a momentous invention may be the outcome of a conscious decision, here, as everywhere, the spontaneous idea -the hunch or intuition- plays an important part.  In other words, the unconscious collaborates too and often makes decisive contributions.  So it is not the conscious effort alone that is responsible for the result; somewhere or other the unconscious, with its barely discernible goals and intentions, has its finger in the pie."

So, if the unconscious can have its finger in the pie, what about the cake ?  Not the enriched 'yellow cake' made from natural uranium, but the celebrated chocolate cake so many of the physicists loved to eat at Edith Warner's place.  Oppenheimer and Neils Bohr, among many others, came down from the 'Magic Mountain' ( as they fondly referred to Los Alamos among themselves ) to eat chocolate cake on a regular basis in the famous 'restaurant' at Otowi Bridge.  Miss Warner's house beside the river was the last stop on the road where it crossed the snake-like windings of the Rio Grande on the way up to the 'Hill'.  She arranged tables and chairs in front of the fireplace in her living room to earn a small income as a cook, and the physicts were often her only customers on cold and wintery New Mexico nights.  Maybe they met the dragon there, around Edith Warner's fireplace:

  " Not the smallest part of the life we came to lead, Miss Warner, was you.  Evenings in your place by the river, by the table so neatly set, before the fireplace so carefully contrived, gave us a little of your assurance, allowed us to belong, took us from the green temporary houses and the bulldozed roads.  We shall not forget. "

                                                                                                                                                         Letter to Edith Warner from Phillip Morrison, Los Alamos Physicist.
 Maybe some of them noticed on a ledge near her fireplace a pot depicting the Dragon Awanyu, the Plumed Serpent found carved on the rocks all over the plateau.  How different their relationship to the 'Dragon' would have been had they felt half the reverence Edith Warner felt for this fabulous creature:

" On a ledge near the fireplace stood a row of polished bowls, and with her shy smile, Susana placed one in Edith's hands.  Around its margins, etched in dull black on glossy black, she marvelled to see the outline of the Plumed Serpent...The design was conventionalized, almost as abstract as a Greek border except for the head with its backward pointing plume and the ZIG-ZAG LIGHTNING
issuing from its mouth.

A motif of terraced cloud was repeated in each undulation of the body.  Edith found herself thinking of the winding thrust of the river, of the stab of lightning in the dark folded clouds, of dry earth pounded by long lines of rain.  The Plumed Serpent, she began to realize, was no literal reptile, but one of the most ancient metaphors of human thought. Not the river, but the force embodied in the river; not the cloud, but the life giving energies within the cloud -these are what the image of the Plumed Serpent speaks of to the Pueblo People and to all who know that rain is one of the many forms of deity. "
Peggy Pond Church, Author;
The House At Otowi Bridge.
 Or perhaps, hearing of the Plumed Serpent from Miss Warner or from the people of the nearby Pueblos, some GI or physicist might have stumbled upon the novel written by D.H. Lawrence who lived in the area during the 'Roaring Twenties':
" Perhaps something came out of the Earth,
The Dragon Of The Earth,
some effluence, some vibration
perhaps it came from the old
or perhaps even from the silent, snake-like dark resistance of those ponderous natives
whose blood was principally the old, heavy, resistant Indian blood.
...Serpent of the Earth...
snake that lies in the fire at the heart of the world, come ! come !
...I tell you...and I tell you truly
at the Heart of this Earth
sleeps a great serpent, in the midst of fire.
Those who go down in the mines feel the heat and the sweat of him
they feel him move. It is the
D.H. Lawrence, Author:
The Plumed Serpent.

In any case, it seems strange that these learned men never spoke of any meaning inherent in this language they used about 'tickling the dragon's tail' on the Hill they called 'The Magic Mountain' on the side of the old Volcano.  Nor did they ever say they saw any connection between the Dragon whose tail they tickled and the very prominent, seven foot long petroglyph of the Lightning Serpent etched into the mesa ledge by the side of the Pajarito Road they built to haul their supplies up the Hill.  This petroglyph of Awanyu, the Plumed Serpent is one of the most celebrated petroglyphs in the American Southwest.  Apparently it never occurred to them that there might be a connection between their lightning badges and this lightning snake. Nor did they notice the resemblance between Awanyu's ouroboric shape on the black pottery so many of them bought from the Pueblos and the similar image equated to the manifest action of radioactivity by their colleague, the Nobel Prize Laureate Chemist, Frederick Soddy, who wrote:

" is curious how strangely some of the old myths and legends about matter and man appear in the light of recent knowledge.  Consider, for example, the ancient mystic symbol of matter known as the
-the tail devourer-
which was a serpent coiled into a circle with the head devouring the tail, and bearing the central motto,

' The Whole Is One '

This symbolizes evolution; moreover, it is the evolution of matter
-the very latest aspect of evolution-
...matter is breaking down and its energy being evolved and degraded in one part of a cycle of evolution, and in another part, still unknown to us, matter is being again built up with the utilization of the waste energy.  If one wished to symbolize such an idea, in what better way could it be done than by the
Ancient Tail-Devouring Serpent ? "

Frederick Soddy, Author;
The Interpretation Of Radium.
Of course, to the strictly scientific mentality this sort of language is not precise.  Where are the facts, the data, the numbers ?  Indeed, the precision of  language such as this rests in the realm of insight into Nature, into the life of matter, and if one is not a Pueblo person one would have to be an Alchemist to grasp the meaning of the Ouroboric Dragon:

" With regard to the outward work of Alchemy, Nature is the driving power behind all Transmutations -the 'potential energy' of things.  In inward Alchemy she appears as that Maternal Power which releases the soul from its fallow, arid, and sterile existence.  Thus she is the power of desire and longing in man, and at the same time much more, for as inexhaustible potency, 'Nature'develops all the capacities hidden in the soul, against or in keeping with the desires of the ego, depending on whether the latter assimilates the power of Nature, or becomes its victim.  She is always feminine, -both as Dame Nature and also in her terrible aspect as The Great Dragon which roams through all things. "
Titus Burckhardt, Author;
But Edith Warner seemed to get the picture.  Was she a Pueblo person or an Alchemist ?  " My friend was wrong who said that this country was so old it does not matter what we Anglos do here.  What we do anywhere matters but especially here.  It matters very much.  Mesas and Mountains, Rivers and Trees, Winds and Rains are as sensitive to the actions and thought of humans as we are to their forcesThey take into themselves what we give off and give it out again. "
Edith Warner, quoted in
The House At Otowi Bridge.
 What kind of energy and thought did we give off when, through the physical persons of the physicists, we tickled the Dragon's Tail in the Enchanted Land at Los Alamos ?  Well, aside from Enrico Fermi, the men most intimately involved in the dangerous exercise of determining the neccessary 'critical mass' needed for the bomb by 'tickling the tail of the sleeping dragon' at the Omega site were Harry Daghlian and Louis Slotin both of whom eventually died while performing this work.  What follows now is a brief sketch of Slotin by one of Oppenheimer's biographers:

" Omega housed critical-assembly tests loosely and collectively referred to by cleared personnel as the Dragon....observers in the room sensed a fleeting blue ionization in the air and in themselves a mental discomfort afterward hard to talk about.  The true Dragon to the mesa's mind was embodied in the work of Louis Slotin...Now sitting between a Geiger counter and a neutron monitor, Slotin made the next-to-last verification.  His materials were glittering segments of the actual bomb metal.  He poked them together on top of his desk with a screwdriver.  The task was dangerous, suitable for a bachelor leading a crew of a half dozen other bachelors who leaned over his desk to watch in utter silent fascination.  Taking their cue from him, they became a rather morose set.  A thin, short, blue-bristled man who usually looked in need of a shave, Slotin at age 31 had dark circles under his eyes, which contrasted oddly with the heavy tan of his sullen cheeks.  He seldom spoke with much animation except about the Dragon and about his other interest, the extrapolation of blast and radiation casualities. ...Next to Oppenheimer the physicist who studied Slotin's character most attentively was Fermi...Fermi disliked the way Slotin's eyes gleamed when he talked of tickling the Dragon's tail. 'There's something about the man that outrages me', Fermi told an intimate.  What it was, Fermi said, he did not know, except that he found it anarchical, reckless, disturbing.  ...Around his desk in addition to the faces of his crew, Slotin could see other faces, at first German, then Japanese, then merely human.  In its frustration at having become the physicists' test animal, the human race should find a certain comfort in the thought that Slotin knew what he was doing.  He could not have passed the most elementary personality-profile test of the kind now routinely used in government and industry.  By giving Slotin responsibility and by going to relax in spiritual rapport with him in Omega, Oppenheimer too outraged present-day administrative standards.  His reason, of course, was that he wanted to build a bomb.  If he had employed only sound, wholesome organization men for his project, Los Alamos would still be designing impressive remote-control machines with which to check its first implosion assembly. "
Nuel Pharr Davis, Author;
Lawrence And Oppenheimer.
If  the critical mass that was tickled at the Omega building in Los Alamos under the guise of the Dragon's Tail was the Ouroboric Nature of matter in 'her terrible aspect as The Great Dragon' we might be wise to consider further the meaning traditionally given to the Ouroboros.  The eccentric scholar and psychologist Carl Gustav Jung was a Twentieth Century man who did just that, and this is what he came up with:

" The Ouroboros is a dramatic symbol for the integration and assimilation of the opposite, the Shadow.  This 'feed-back' process is at the same time a symbol for immortality, since it is said of the Ouroboros that he slays himself and brings himself back to life, fertilizes himself and gives birth to himself.  He symbolizes the One, who proceeds from the clash of opposites...".

Carl Gustav Jung, Author:
Mysterium Conjunctionis
It would seem that in tickling the tail of the Ouroboric Dragon we were contacting our shadow selves just as we did when we 'created' Plutonium, -the 'matter' of the Lord of Death and the Underworld.  If we allow ourselves to view the Nature of matter as Edith Warner did, then we are faced with the fact that it is " sensitive to the actions and thoughts of humans "and in a process of 'feed-back' it gives back to us " what we give off ".  Following this way of thinking it becomes evident that the occult experiment designed to determine the critical mass for the Christy Bomb was actually performed on our 'shadow' selves through the person and offices of Louis Slotin who acted as our representative.  In fact, one writer, Nuel Pharr Davis, concluded that Slotin was possessed of an "obvious longing for the Freudian Death slip ".  The screwdriver in his hand actually did slip and that is how Louis Slotin died at Los Alamos from performing the Dragon experiment, -so did his colleague Harry Daghlian.  They died from artificial radioactivity; there was no explosion, just " a fleeting blue ionization in the air " and then their hair and skin fell off, their internal organs fell apart, and blood oozed out of every orifice in their bodies !  They died in sheer agony.  But their deaths were 'hushed up' by the Army in collusion with the rest of the population of Los Alamos.  And 'hushed up' is an earlier form of 'dis-information' masking the truth: the Pentagon and the physicists lied.

In August of 1945 while Harry Daghlian was dying, and while the Pentagon was denying the nature of the artificial radioactive poisoning of the folks in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, General Leslie Groves told a Congressional hearing that death from this kind of radiation was actually " very pleasant " !  Clearly, then, this experiment brought us all face to face with our psychological contradictions, with our 'opposite' and our 'Shadow', -Death, Lord of the Underworld.  It was the 'clash' of the 'Devil' and the Christy Bomb !  Was it the Dragon's fault ?  Was it a simple 'accident' ?  Was Dame Nature to blame ?  What is the nature of the Dragon's Tail ?

" However, this Dragon is not evil.  He has in him all possibilities, both good and evil, while being in a sense morally neutral.  It is suggested that the Dragon's Head can be identified with the Christ and the Tail with the Anti-Christ. "

Judy Allen and Jeanne Griffiths, Authors;
The Book Of The Dragon.
Were we actually tickling the tail of the Anti-Christ to produce the Christy Bomb ?  At Trinity Site as 'The Second Coming' ?  And is it mere coincidence that only a half-dozen or so 'bachelors' tickled the Dragon's Tail ?  I don't think so.  Carl Jung, writing in his obscure masterpiece, Mysterium Conjunctionis, has a few more words to say that might give us a clue: " ...since the Dragon is said to 'impregnate himself ', his Tail is the Masculine and his Mouth the Feminine organ ".  Think about that one for a moment or two.  Was this experiment in any way comparable to a group of men 'tickling' the 'masucline organ' together in a 'top secret' setting to achieve the orgasm and birth of a bright idea ?  Is this why Oppenheimer and Teller referred to their bombs as their babies and themselves as the 'Fathers' of those baby bombs ?  Does repression of feeling and sexuality lead to the 'birth' of technological 'babies' by way of 'the technically sweet solution' ?  Is this the 'Black Magick' of the all-male Pentagon performed at Los Alamos ?  Are these the technological games of Male Creator Gods masturbating at Trinity Site ?  Well, these are definitely arcane and occult questions perhaps best left unanswered !  Yet, we might ask ourselves how a woman  views such goings-on:

" Since the time of Adam, it seems we have been choosing to eat of the fruit of the Tree Of Knowledge, and there can be no half-measures or regrets along this way, for if we remain prostrate in a false humility, our noses in the dust, the
Titans or the Djins among us
will know all too well how to snatch the Power left unclaimed; this is, in fact, what they are doing -they would crush the god within us.  It is a question of knowing -yes or no- whether we want to escape again into our various paradises, abandoning the Earth to the hands of Darkness, or find and seize hold of the Power to refashion this Earth into a diviner image..."
Mirra Alfassa, Author;
Agenda of the Supramental Action Upon the Earth.
We cannot afford to ignore the fact that both the Dragon and the Plumed Serpent are expressions of the hidden energy latent in the heart of Nature, in the Matter of Earth.  Our late Western Tradition seems to view the Dragon and the Snake as the beasts symbolic of the 'Devil' to be feared and slain as Saint George slayed his Dragon or as Saint Patrick drove the serpents out of Ireland.  But other cultures frequently see the 'serpent power' as the life force or, in Hindu terms, as the Kundalini:

" The Chinese saw the Dragon principle as a force operating beneath the surface of the Earth itself, which emerged, and was encouraged to emerge, at the correct time to bring energy to the world.  The Dragon is the fertilizing, the regenerative principle, the creature of Spring, which lies dormant until the time comes for it to rise and flow forth."

Judy Allen and Jeanne Griffiths, Authors; The Book Of The Dragon.
It seems to me to be possible and even preferable to imagine that when we experimented technically with tickling the tail of the Dragon we were intending no such flippancy and disrespect as the term 'tickling' (in this context) might imply.  I think it's even neccessary to see that -through the physicists directly involved- all humanity was seeking to call the Dragon Force out of the Earth in order to 'bring energy to the world'. But something went wrong, -the bombs we dropped on Japan, the Christy Bomb we tested at Trinity Site, these were not the answer to the Critical Mass all humanity was praying for.  They were errors which need to be seen in the best light possible, in the light of aspiration toward the good of life which, under the pressures of fear in a World War simply failed.  That was back in 1945, but now, -more than half a century later we can look back with hindsight and understand that there is a positive seed in the brutal ugliness of the Bomb, Plutonium, and the fear that overwhelmed us at that time.  Indeed, if there was even One consciously loving scientist who participated in the Manhattan Project, if there was One soldier in the service of the Pentagon who acted from genuine Truth of Spirit, then the Cornerstone of a bridge has been established and we can build that bridge backwards now from the future and transform the bomb itself.  Los Alamos, unfortunately, is still with us and bridge building is the Storyteller's path:

" Examine yourself without pity, then you will be more charitable and pitiful to others...This sort of Will in people for Purity, for Good (which in ordinary mentality is expressed by a need to be virtuous) is actually the

to true self-giving.  It's the root of Falsehood, the very source of hypocrisy, the refusal to take up one's share of the burden of difficulties.  Don't try to be virtuous.  See to what extent you are united, One, with all that is Anti-Divine.  Take up your share of the burden; accept to be impure and false yourself, and in so doing you will be able to take up the
and offer it.  And insofar as you are able to take it and offer it, things will change.  Don't try to be among the Pure.  Accept to be with those who are in Darkness and, in total love, offer it all. "
Mirra Alfassa, Author:
Agenda Of The Supramental Action Upon The Earth.
Since Los Alamos, and everything it represents is still very much with us, we are examining its origins and roots to see if we can find the 'seed' of something better, something more positive in the history of the Bomb and the poison of the Nuclear Industry.  Maybe the 'cornerstone' of the Storyteller's bridge rests hidden somewhere back there, back then.  Maybe it's a kind of 'time capsule', something along the lines of a Tibetan 'Terma' -a gift awaiting the appropriate 'state of mind' before it unveils itself.  Maybe it's like one of those clouds that floats over a Hopi village during a Snake Dance heralding the arrival of the much needed Rain for the parched Earth.  There was, after all, this curious piece of writing which appeared in the New Yorker magazine in 1947, only two years after the bombs were made and dropped: " The serenity of life on the Hill, however, is not uninterrupted.  Almost daily, explosions can be heard coming from nearby plateaus...They usually mean that experiments are being carried on.  When an especially loud bang goes off, someone, using the local pleasantry, will say
But it is thunder preceded by
accompanied by
and followed by
Daniel Lang, Author;
Thunder Without Rain.
Was the infamous 'Bomb' produced by 'Tickling The Dragon's Tail' actually the product of a kind of unconscious rain dance ?  A technological snake dance that failed ?  Could the Dragon whose tail we tickled actually have been
Awanyu, the Plumed Serpent ?

If the true intention of the physicists was to release a new form of Energy that could bring the World War to a close, could that energy they were seeking have been the energy of real, total TRANSMUTATION ?  Total Transmutation of Matter ?  Were they seeking in the Christy Bomb at Trinity Site the light of the radiant body in man ?  Can we activate the lightning struck Storytellers within us and by doing so become a new and different sort of group of  'Manhattan Engineers'...people with 'badges' of our own ?  Perhaps it's all a question of BALANCE found within the consciousness of the HEART:

" It was several months later that Ignacio told her (Edith Warner) the story of the Plumed Serpent, Awanyu.
He lives many miles away in a deep lake.  Sometimes he does not come for many months.  We plant corn and wheat but the ground is hard.  They come up.  They grow a little, but if no rain comes, they die.  We have no atole, no bread for Winter.  ...Then we pray and dance, all the men and women and children.  We dance all day and all night. And when we Dance IF OUR HEARTS ARE RIGHT

he comes.
when we Dance
he comes.

...She began to realize that the Pueblo dances are not simply magical devices to control the forces of Nature. They are means by which men bring their own lives into harmony with the order and beauty of the world around them. "
Peggy Pond Church, Author;
The House At Otowi Bridge.

How many of us realize the FACT that immediately after the Christy Bomb exploded at Trinity the physicists, themselves, actually did a 'snake dance' ?  I kid you not, folks, they did!  Of course, it was the kind of 'snake dance' white European folks dance, a kind of hip-hugging party dance.  But they called it a 'snake dance':

" The intercom at South-10,000 came alive with a babble of voices as scientists at Base Camp (Trinity Site) and other shelters filled the air-waves with congratulatory cries.  Someone started

and the happy line curled all around the control room. "
Lamont Lansing, Author:
Day Of Trinity.
And again, after the atomic bombs were dropped on Hisoshima and Nagasaki, at the news of Japan's surrender the entire populace of the town of Los Alamos celebrated:

" Kistiakowsky saluted Japan's surrender with sixteen blasts of RDX outside the fence and mesa physicists

Danced A Serpentine with clashing garbage can lids. "
Nuel Pharr Davis, Author;
Lawrence and Oppenheimer.
But long before the physicists came to the Pajarito Plateau the Keres people made their round Kivas underground and danced the snake dance of the Enchanted Land whose guardian spirit, AWANYU, they honored.  They danced the dance of identity with the Land, the dance of harmony with ALL THE EARTH:

" The Pueblos have always believed that the Earth they live upon is Sacred.  Each stone and bush and tree is alive with a Spirit like their own.  The gods lean from the clouds.  They walk on Earth in the shape of rain and rainbows...It is the duty of all living men to maintain the harmony they are aware of in the world around them.  They live in community not only with one another but with Earth and Sky, with plants and animals.  They believe that the orderly functioning of the Universe depends on them. "

Peggy Pond Church, Author;
The House At Otowi Bridge.
But then, some time ago, legends tell us that the Pueblo people fell out of balance with the Land:

" To the offending of AWANYU and the withdrawal of his presence was attributed the final drying up of the springs and streams and the consequent abandonment of the great houses.  AWANYU, they (old Tewa Priests) allege, on leaving the Earth, threw himself across the sky.  That is what brought the Milky Way into existence. "

Edgar Hewett, Author;
The Pajarito Plateau And Its Ancient People
The problem would seem to be a recurring one since the Christy Bomb, designed and executed on the very same Pajarito Plateau by way of 'tickling the tail' of AWANYU, ushered in the 'Atomic Age' resulting in an unbalanced and environmentally poisonous Nuclear Industry intent on producing unending volumes of artificially radioactive 'wastes' which are crippling the planet.  All this, simply because of our collective greed for limitless 'energy' and our own ignorance as to the conscious life of all matter.  It seems we are repeating an old pattern:

" Thus the American presents a strange picture: a European Indian Soul.  He shares the fate of all usurpers of foreign soil.  Certain Australian 'primitives' assert one cannot conquer foreign soil, because in it there dwell strange ancestor spirits who reincarnate themselves in the newborn.  There is great psychological truth in this.  The foreign soil assimilates its EVERYTHING on which the American has really set his heart we catch a glimpse of the Indian. "

Carl Gustav Jung, Author;
Mind And Earth.
We Americans set our hearts on the 'Christ Bomb' as the way to end the War.  When we tickled the Dragon's Tail, did it trouble our hearts ?  I think so.  Lamont Lansing, writing in his excellent book -Day Of Trinity- reports that while all the physicists were gathered at Trinity Site making bets as to whether or not the explosion of the Christy Bomb would set off a chain reaction that might consume the entire surrounding atmosphere of the Earth they were quite anxious and, " In his misery Oppenheimer turned to an officer beside him and murmured,'Lord, these affairs are hard on the heart' ".  He spoke these words during the countdown, two minutes before the bomb went off in the Valley Of Death by Mockingbird Gap.  And in preparation for the test we had -for several weeks- systematically decimated ALL the herds of Antelope, and killed as many Rattlesnakes as we saw.  We were blithely unaware of this Native American truth:

" ...the SNAKE examines the HEART of each individual;
if he has held to his traditions, including the TABOO ON KILLING SNAKES, he is passed by;  if not, he may be strangled. "
Hamilton Tyler, Author;
Pueblo Gods And Myths.
Obviously our hearts were troubled because we 'prayed' the Critical Mass, killed-off all the snakes and antelope oblivious as to what we were really doing, or what forces we were unleashing by way of such ignorant action.  We acted according to our own traditions as Political Christians involved with the Critical Mass as a way of bringing about the 'Second Coming' by way of the sacriligious game of 'tickling' the 'Anti-Christ-Tail' of the Great Dragon of Nature !  By doing so we called into being old Satan himself, the Devil, our own Ouroboric Shadow.  Sure, 'Trinity' was just a 'code-name', it didn't mean anything except: " Batter my HEART, three personed God....but I am betrothed to your ENEMY...".  And then we danced our own frivolous technological 'snake dance' at Trinity, but for us Political Christians the only Snake we know is the 'Evil One' who seduced us through our fear and rejection of the feeling-consciousness of the Mother Earth.  Unlike our Pueblo brothers, or the Gnostic Christians, or even the Alchemists we failed to feel the vital spiritual force of the Serpent-Dragon as an expression of God.  In fact, after the War, no longer content with merely 'tickling the Dragon's tail' the physicists went so far as to construct their own Kivas, and of course no Snakes were in them:

" The new machinery practically eliminated risk from the most dangerous part of the work, the determination of the critical mass inside the bomb.  Experiments were no longer carried out with such primitive resources as had been available in the time of Louis Slotin but with the help of a critical assembly under remote control, which bore the name 'Jezebel'.  It had been placed, with two other similar devices, 'Topsy' and 'Lady Godiva', behind heavy radiation shielding in two flat-roofed buildings so 'hot' -highly radioactive- that they could be entered only if special precautionary measures were taken.  The control room, from which the machinery was guided, stood in the main lab, a quarter of a mile from the danger zone.  What went on in the 'KIVAS' was observed on television screens.  The buildings had been called 'KIVAS' after the sacred ceremonial chambers of the Pueblo Indians, whose priests approached them with the greatest awe. "

Robert Jungk, Author;
Brighter Than A Thousand Suns.

This Earth of the Enchanted Land has a gift to give us if we can see and accept it.  We need no more bombs, we need no more of this matter of death called Plutonium.  Why did the 'Atomic Age' begin in New Mexico at Los Alamos and Trinity ?

" A surprising number of painters, composers, and writers who live in the Valley and near Taos have taken a mystical view of the laboratory's location.  They say there is a spiritual affinity between the Indian Ruins and Nuclear Weapons.  Realistic explanations, such as the Hill's isolation, or that Oppenheimer...showed General Groves the site, fail to budge them. ' Nothing ', I heard a watercolorist say, ' can explain why, with the whole country to choose from, they came to this particular spot.  It is the Ruins.  It is their meaning.' "

Daniel Lang, Author;
Thunder Without Rain.
The meaning of the Ruins is clear : when the people abused AWANYU the springs dried up and the streams disappeared.  The people abandoned their great houses ( see Chaco Canyon etc. ) which fell into Ruins.  We must not repeat that error, we must honor the presence of the Divine, -the presence of Spirit in its life form as the Plumed Serpent, the Great Dragon Nature !  Let's just put it this way : the men who were alone together in the Omega building excitedly tickling the masculine organ of the Great Dragon certainly knew that neither Awanyu nor the 'Christy Bomb' was a 'gadget'.

Lament For The Gadget

In a kind of
dance, it
got born here.  this light
baby (cloud  -torn
off the old Volcano)  teased
like a tooth
from the mouth of
mystery.  A Rune
Dragon, tickled as a boy knows buckles in
his bed.  Dreams where Daddy, with a
rifle...comes and goes.  Some kind of

boot-camp-love ( -code, lads, it's in the
codes, by way of the Gadget. )  Percussive; Olympic
beat, -a jazz riff.  Out of the Earth,
torn. Here, where erosion of wind and rain
might feel.  And it came like a song in
the fingers -[ physicists, boys,
all the way to the head, -heaved,
lads ]-  from dirt so magical.  A glimpse of
Rock.  Hot. Glare of
Sun, tortured essence in
technique.  Lightning and thunder
-bolts, cracked
open the sky.  Sounds of vacant
heart. s. and wind, again
to curve it, -this way and that, other
than we can think.  Dry rain of dust, wrapped
in gold and kleenex, -remember
how these men
so articulately
The Plumed Serpent,
      here, on the desert sand.  Killed
      the Antelope, the Rattlesnakes,
in the face of Transmutation, brought us
this boy-god, born of
bare hands and screwdrivers, weighted with
half-lives.  A mechanical
beast of a head of a baby.  A pin-point of
thought in the trade,
baby.  Slapped
on the butt with a pun, baby, -jive
talk of a brat, coaxed
from a can of beer,   -the second coming, a grand
slam, a touchdown, a goal so Terminal they shit their pants, man
bombs away !!!

Hiroshima ?  Nagasaki ?    Of course, they all
meant well.  So do we,
for Christ's sake !  But they blew it, man, they
bombed !

Don't chill-out, there's a True Enchantment on the Land now.  Let's say together:
Go back, little-boy-gadget, this time
get real.  O sweet baby boy, come home
to your Earth-Momma, kiss her
tits, bring us
Real Rain !

The Dragon and the Serpent are very real, they are Occult and Elemental Beings who are Spirit alive as Nature.  They are our brothers and sisters on the Spiral Path of Evolution, and through their eyes we can look into our own hearts.  When we do so we know that we must assimilate our own SHADOW, that we must stop projecting our FEAR OF DEATH into the mental, man-made matter we call Plutonium.  The 'Black Magician' within us, our greedy 'Shadow' who lusts for more and more energy, for selfish personal power, the Pentagon of our upside-down imploded imbalance must be exposed at all cost.

That was the message of another Dragon, the 'Lucky Dragon #5', the Japanese fishing boat which made clear to all the world the secret denied by the Pentagon: artificial radioactivity is lethal 'fallout' for the fish, for the people, for the Earth!  The message was clear and direct, the time was 1954, and the place was Bikini Atoll in the Ocean Of Peace:

" The Fireball of a very large thermonuclear bomb that was set off on March 1st, 1954 on a coral island in a lagoon at Bikini Atoll touched the surface of the Earth.  This was the shot that made the world Fallout-Conscious, and it earned its’ sorry distinction not only by dangerously contaminating 7, 000 square miles of land and sea… but by injuring people who were nearly a hundred miles from the site…The Japanese in the path of the Fallout were, as the whole world presently came to know, the 23 member crew of the LUCKY DRAGON a hundred ton trawler engaged in fishing for tuna… a fine white dust of radioactive coral particles began to fall on the superstructure of the LUCKY DRAGON; it was so dense that it was faintly audible as it landed on the deck…practically every one of the fisherman was ridden with nausea, blisters, fever…and other symptoms of overexposure to Radiation. "

Daniel Lang, author:
From Hiroshima To The Moon.
The Lucky Dragon #5 was not just a Japanese fishing boat, it was the messenger of the Dragon Star Of Man, the Great Mother, the Miracle of Earth!  It's message was clear, we must STOP the manufacturing of Plutonium and all the sorcery of the money shamans on this Enchanted Earth.  The real truth of Los Alamos is not the bomb.  It is the truth of the Land and its great guardian, Awanyu, the Plumed Serpent of Transmutation!

This little sketch of a book is not just a call to arms, it's a call to Consciousness, it's a call to all the Lightning-Struck-Storytellers within us to follow the Spiral Path of Evolution hidden by the 'Atom Splitters' and their badges, hidden by the numbing Spell of the 'Christy Bomb' and all its ignorant offspring.  Our struggle is not with the Serpent but with the forked tongue of the Corporate and Multi-National Nuclear Industry within us.  The time has come to clean up the Earth, to demand an account of the ignorant and poisonous Los Alamos Lab, -and all its world-wide relatives- to tune in to the truth of Awanyu, the Dragon of Wisdom, to align ourselves with the Mother Earth bursting with birds and winds, the Sacred Earth who dances down the rain in the Lightning that leaps from her heart,

Blessed Essence of the Land,
Terrible force from the Heart of Earth,
Bringer of Rain,
Zig-Zag of Lightning,
Pulse of the rhythm of matter,
Holder of highest heaven,
Great and Blessed Serpent Force,

Transformer of the Body of Earth,
Transformer of the body of man,
Winged One,
River of Gold,
House of Vitality,
Arc of the Sky,
Preserver of Life and Balance,
Sinuous Singer of Harmony,
Serpent most wise,
Serpent most holy,
You who gaze unflinchingly into our eyes
help us to understand
that our poison is our path.

Wonderful Naga of the Buddha Nature,
Protector of the Land,
Feathered Serpent of the Clouds,

Horned Serpent of the Waters and the Lakes and the Rivers of Life,
Dragon Nature at the fiery core of the Matrix,
Servant of the Mother,
You who weave the feet of the Virgin,
Spinner of the Poles,
Draco of the Sky,
Friend of the Dakinis,
Keeper of the Keys,
Keeper of the Medicine Way,
cure our hearts
that we might heal by the Body of the Earth.

Serpent most humble, teach us humility;
Serpent most radiant, show us our radiance.
Trinity of Fire spiralling the Spine,
Awaken us to the body of light,
Awaken us to the light of the Earth.
Zenith of Change,

First Born of the I-Ching,
Caduceus of Mercury,
Neutron of the Atom,
Kundalini of the Tantra,
Lustrous Movement of the Milky Way,
teach us to nurture the Mother.
Morning Star,

Universal Wave Of Energy,
Uraeus of the Nile,
Midgard of the Edda,
Fafnir of the Norse,
Palulukon of the Hopi,
Cobra of the Indies,
Kukulcan of the Maya,
Pendragon of the Britons,
Komodo of the Ocean of Peace,
Great Guardian of the Earth's Treasure,
Rainbow Serpent of the Dreamtime.

Swift Angel from the Heart Of Heaven,
awaken the hearts of humans
that we might cherish this


" A divine force shall flow through tissue and cell
And take the charge of breath and speech and act
And all the thoughts shall be a glow of suns
And every feeling a celestial thrill.

Often a lustrous inner dawn shall come
Lighting the chambers of the slumbering mind;
A sudden bliss shall run through every limb
And Nature with a mightier Presence fill.

Thus shall the earth open to divinity
And common natures feel the wide uplift,
Illumine common acts with the Spirit's ray
And meet the deity in common things.

Nature shall live to manifest secret God,
The Spirit shall take up the human play,
This earthly life become the life divine."

Aurobindo Ghose, Author;
This work is intended as an Antidote to the poison of psychic numbing associated with 'the bomb'.  I do not choose to share in the business of dire or fatal predictions concerning 'The Fate Of The Earth' or the 'tragic' plight of human 'destiny' -though these are genuine and vital concerns.  But all too often, it seems to me, words like 'destiny' and 'fate' are used as if the mind and breath that informs them are not the true force, the real energy that gives these words their power.

This doesn't mean I've buried my head in the sand and refuse to feel or see the 'facts' of the matter : our physical and psychic environment is at a critical moment, the air, ocean, streams, and lakes  -the Body of Earth and Man is filled, now, with toxic substances pouring out from all our many machines.  But there is the machine mind, the very dense consciousness that projects machines into being by the thoughts it expresses through WORDS.

Our Earth Body is changing, that's obvious to all of us -we know so from the Weather :  the ozone collapse, the 'green-house' effect and on and on.  All these events are implicit in 'the bomb', the machine mind that makes it, and the words that mind uses.  But there is, too, the 'weather' of words: whether we will, or whether we won't; whether we do or whether we don't.  There is the 'atmosphere' in a room, among a group of people, and on the streets and it's this atmosphere of the Weather of Words I try to follow in the story of the 'Enchanted Bomb'.

I have hoped herein to share something of the way these words strike me, -as a person, personally.  The history of words about the bomb tells, I think, a story to which we can add our own words, a story we can CHANGE in the telling.  Personally, I prefer the happy ending.

Many thanks to all the authors from whose words I've quoted, and to their publishers, and to you 'gentle reader'.  You've had your wits tried, no doubt, weaving your way through all these many sayings.  Enough, then, of the weather of words, let's part for now from our subject with the poet's song:

" These are the Spells by which to reassume
An empire over the disentangled doom:

To suffer woes which Hope thinks infinite;
To forgive wrongs darker than death or night;
To defy Power, which seems omnipotent;
To love and bear; to hope till Hope creates
From its own wreck the thing it contemplates;
Neither to change, nor falter, nor repent; to be
Good, great and joyous, beautiful and free;
This alone is Life, Joy, Empire, and Victory ! "

Percy Bysshe Shelley, Author;
Prometheus Unbound.


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