Fitz Deep
Patrick J. Fitzgerald \
And The Astrology Of Deep Politics  
       Francis Donald Grabau
May 4, 2006


As the Summer 0f 2006 approaches, America burrows deeper into the dark side of its collective psyche. While it blatantly manifests its obsession with absolute secrecy, undemocratic power, and global control, its ordinary citizens and all other peoples on the planet stand by in stupefied shock and awe. What will Terrorist America do next, nuke Iran?
What’s gone wrong with the USA ?

Nothing, cry the ditto-heads spaced out on their perfectly legal pharmaceuticals, gulping down righteous sound bites from Limbaugh, Hannity, and Savage. My life is just great, and America is the Greatest Nation On Earth! Busy relaxing to the ‘oldies but goodies’ tunes, these folks embrace the witless adage that ignorance is bliss. Yet the rest of us, you and I, neighbors to these entranced ditto-heads can’t even bear to listen to Fox News or CNN or even NPR. Hardly a waking moment passes during which we fail to sense some mute curtain descending. Something unspoken in the air, something velvety smooth and menacingly silent surrounds us like invisible waves of bitter-sweet chocolate. And this ‘something’ reeks of rot, denial, and death. Churches, flags, and harmless yellow ribbons suddenly feel frightening. What’s happening in America, we ask ourselves; and what’s it got to do with us ?

The ‘Dark Side’ of the ‘Land Of The Free’ is on the rise. The Dark Side symbolized at the signing of the Declaration Of Independence by the retrograde movement of the planet Pluto in the business sign, Capricorn. Pluto, as the ‘Dark Lord’ of business and politics in America, stands in opposition aspect to the equally retrograde movement of the planet Mercury in the homeland sign of Cancer. He confronts the collective Mercury Mind of Americans with all his Absolutes: absolute catharsis, absolute wealth, absolute power, absolute death. He rules the realm of the collective unconscious. He’s the Lord of the Underworld who travels under the alias of Hades. Christian Americans know him as Satan, the Dark Lord of Hell.

Never before  -in the entire history of America-  had Pluto, Satan, the Lord of Hell and symbol of the Unconscious brought his message directly up front into America’s Sagittarian Face (Ascendant) the way he did in late December of 2000, and twice again in 2001. Grasping this fact could help some Americans to understand what real insight might exist behind the angry language of so many Muslin-Arab Nations who see in America “The Great Satan”. Reflecting upon the astrological reality of it might also help others of us to understand why it is that we see such overt hatred and fanatical righteousness among fundamentalist Christians in our Sagittarius Rising Nation of America. Pluto is still moving through the sign of Sagittarius today and will not leave until very late in November of 2008. Extremist beliefs and fanatical religion abound. We must deal with it.

Appearing in Capricorn as he does at the birth of the Nation, Pluto opposes the rational minds of Americans challenging each and all of us to come to grips with our own personal hells, with our own personal unconsciousness, with our relationship to his catabolic realm of radical endings. But since he focuses his expression in America through the politics of Capricorn, much of our personal, individual confronting of Pluto’s unconscious depths is bound to come to us as Americans through the realm of what we call 'Deep Politics'. Capricorn is the quintessential Public, Political and Business minded realm, and Pluto is nothing if not absolute and fundamental. He cuts directly to the bottom line by way of his catabolic-cathartic action. Hence there are Business Fundamentalists as well as Religious and Political Fundamentalists and the whole spectrum adds up to what we know as 'Deep Politics'. The cry of the Colonists which gave rise to the American Revolution carried the signature of Pluto in Capricorn: “No Taxation Without Representation”! The Colonists used Pluto’s catabolic force to break away from the tyranny of England’s King George when they boarded business ships (like illegal “terrorists”) and broke open cargoes to dump tea into Boston’s harbor at the celebrated “Boston Tea Party”. Pluto in Capricorn is no stranger to Colonial America, but Pluto in Sagittarius is another story altogether. What does he look like?

Well, Sagittarius is the sign of wild Nature, the sign of the Centaur  -human from the hips up, but a wild horse from the hips down. Men who ride horses can give us good insight into Pluto’s energy when he expresses through Sagittarius. Americans have had a love affair with such horsemen since the pioneering days of the wild West. Pluto in Sagittarius can be seen as the American Cowboy flirting with death. He’s the Stranger in America’s wild west movies. The guy who rides solo into town, and strides through the swinging saloon doors dressed in black. His veiled grin as menacing as the dark look in his eyes. Spurs jangling off the heels of his tough boots, doors closing gravely behind him. He’s the Dark Cowboy from the hidden Yankee psyche who wears six-guns on his Sagittarian hips and bullets in his belt. The bad guy with the loaded deck who’s come to deal. Impossible to bluff him. He knows every card we might hold. He’s our dark and shining Taboo, come to call us out. Mister showdown. Mister Death. Absolutely.

Today, all those black horses and tall black hats have gone the way of the fabled wild west. But Pluto remains in America’s guts. And it’s calling attention to the deep betrayal of the Nation’s declared 1776 Aquarian ideals in favor of the loaded card game played by its current Outlaw Leaders. These men in black suits demand the whole world’s attention. They’ve left behind the prairie saloon with its swinging doors. Changed their outfits. Fly now in armored black helicopters, ride in black limousines. Their veiled grins and menacing eyes are none the less straight out of hell. The base greed of America’s Faux Cowboy President, the lying buckshot of its Vice President, together with the tin spurs of its vulgar Congress and corrupt Supreme Court are underscored these days by a veritable spaghetti western of media soundtracks replete with whistles, whips and thundering hooves demanding ever greater control of the deck  -all the business, power, and money cards.

They’ve whipped up most of America into a foaming frenzy, into the kind of celluloid “War On Terror” so reminiscent of Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Apocalypse Now’ with its helicopters raining napalm down to the jungles of Laos, Cambodia, Viet Nam. Doing their dirty work to the rousing sounds of the fabulous Beach Boys surfing confused waves through the Ride Of The Valkyries! O the voluptuous thrill of the profits of war, the splendid display of Fireworks, the Plutonian business of Hell! Agent Orange. White Phosphorous. Depleted Uranium. The profits of Pluto as Satan, the rich harvest of fundamentalist death. Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori! ‘Platoon’. ‘Full Metal Jacket’. Sargeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Absolutely.

It’s the Dark Side of Pluto’s business money that’s visible to working class Americans these days as our actual dollars seem to somehow disappear. That, and the Fundamentalist (we shoot straight from the hip) invocation of the Sagittarian “Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse” unleashed upon the Earth to hurry us all to Armageddon! Yep, buckaroos, some ominous black sandstorm of incalculable debt is building up just out of sight over the mortgaged mountains and poisoned prairies rushing toward our home. “Hey, stop, what’s that sound ? Everybody look what’s going down….

             We interrupt this broadcast to bring you an update on urgently breaking news ….  The planet Pluto was cited again today, September 11, 2001 moving in threatening fashion terribly close to America’s Ascendant in the constellation of Sagittarius while opposing the planet Saturn moving directly opposite it through the constellation of Gemini. This phenomenon was reportedly observed by every sky gazer around the globe. As an interesting side note, we add that exactly at 8:46 AM this morning the planet Mercury rose in the constellation of Libra over the Eastern horizon of Downtown Manhattan just as an hijacked airplane crashed into a Tower at the World Trade Center. More news as it breaks…   (

“There's something happening here. What it is, ain't exactly clear …''  But, what is more than exactly clear, what’s been drummed into our heads non-stop ever since Pluto anointed the Nation’s Ascendant on September 11 of 2001 is that “the smartest guys in the room”, the ones who saw to it that the World Trade Towers collapsed from controlled demolitions, that the Pentagon developed a glaringly suspicious hole in its concrete-steel façade, have taken control of America. Pluto, by way of these home grown Terrorists, has revealed for all Americans to see what can only be called the Nation’s ‘Dark Side’. It’s not coming from the cowboys this time  -it’s coming from the outlaw guys in suits and ties, the white-collar business men and their secret teams. It’s the spectacular, public debut of the Corporate Shadow Government  -The Enronization of America. All hail to the Chief, the Great Decider! (Pay no attention to that man behind the goat!)

In today’s USA the belief that “all men are created equal” has been supplanted by the fact that the richest, most criminal ‘men’ run the Nation. Everybody knows this; it’s our biggest and most obvious “secret”. Corporations and their terrorist stockholders are the only “equal” people in America, and these corporate terrorists are busy manufacturing weapons of mass destruction, creating wars for their personal profits. The Bush-Cheney-Halliburton-Enron-Bechtel (etc.) crime family owns America; they own its Executive Office, its Congress and House of Representatives, and its Supreme Court. Alberto Gonzales, the Nation’s Attorney General, is a disgraced and criminal advocate of illegal torture and global lawlessness. America offers its common citizens and the rest of the world nothing but indentured slavery to the oily face of repulsive consumer gluttony, total decadence, and organized crime. Can ya say, Amen! Love ya Jesus! Take your Xanax. Religiously.

A few decades ago, [after the ‘Secret Team’ assassinated John Fitzgerald Kennedy] Ronald Reagan, America’s B-Actor sadly become President and media-hyped “Great Communicator” overhauled the face of the Nation’s Monument to Lady Liberty with his Corporate Republican policies making her into a Hollywood likeness of the biblical Whore of Babylon. Through his wife, Nancy, he employed the services of an astrologer to assist him in the TIMING of his corporate agenda. Like the ‘Darth Vader’ he was, he served the hidden ‘Emperor’ creating the military-industrial-congressional program for ‘Star Wars’. A cheap actor turning America into an even cheaper flick through the gimmick of ‘special effects’ surrounding more faux  -shoot ‘em up-  cowboys in outer space, ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. Win one for the Gipper! Knute Rockne. Death Valley Days. Twenty mule teams with Borax. Now that’s Progress, my fellow media addicts. And General Electric is not our most important corporate product. It’s the Theatre Of Cruelty minus Antonin Artaud: Iran-Contra, Nicaragua, The Old Butcher. God Bless America. Absolutely. Soon as the Fat Lady sings when the Moon comes over the Mountain and Betty Crocker bakes her last enriched uranium cake.

These days, with the Ascension of Emperor Bush to the Preemptive Corporate Throne, we’ve progressed even further beyond the “Great Communicator”, beyond Lyndon Johnson’s odiferous ‘MacBird’ slaughter in napalmed Viet Nam, all the way to the Presidency of the “Great Decider”  -to the point where there is no project too shameless for the New American Century. No crime too vile. No treachery too treacherous. Witness the White Phosphorous massacre of Fallujah, the ‘Shock And Awe’ of Depleted Uranium poured down on Baghdad. Corporate America terrorizes the whole world with its profitable war-like vision of Apocalyptic Armageddon. It intends to assassinate Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. It’s become the ‘Homeland’ of mind controlled cowards defended by Whackenhut Mercenaries. Corporate hoodlums. Michael Chertoff. Fema. Katrina. New Orleans.

America, many of us realize, is a virtual Black-Ops Nation, a Terrorist Nation lying its way through an openly declared corporate-terrorist policy of unending global warfare. America is anti-life. That’s what Pluto has forced us to see. Seeing is a good thing. But, does the non-existent, media made common man, the ‘average American consumer’ see this? Aren’t we supposed to be the People of the Shining Dream? Then, where’s the Hero wearing his white hat galloping in on his even whiter horse ready to save the day ?

Enter at last (and very much on cue) Patrick J. Fitzgerald ! Hi Ho Silver, the Lone Ranger rides again!

Mister Fitzgerald, whom many Americans see as their champion and longed for saviour, was appointed by George W. Bush to be US Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois upon recommendation from Senator Peter Fitzgerald, an Illinois Republican. After that appointment, James Comey -the man who was Deputy Attorney General at the time - selected Fitzgerald in December 2003 as special prosecutor of the infamous case concerning the CIA leak or the “outing” of Valerie Plame-Wilson. Mister Comey cited Mister Fitzgerald’s "sterling reputation for integrity and impartiality" and described him as "an absolutely apolitical career prosecutor." Most Americans still naively think there are people (themselves included) who are “apolitical”! Such absurd notions are pounded deeply into our brains under the guise of ‘scientific’ and ‘objective’ training during the process we euphemistically refer to as “getting an education” in our “No Child Left Behind” regimentation. Spare the rod, spoil the child! Stick it to ‘em.


Patrick Fitzgerald is an American of Irish descent who dutifully went to American schools. One of those schools, for which he publicly professes great admiration, was the Jesuit school named Regis (King) in downtown New York. It’s a school which intones as its Latin motto the phrase: “Deo Et Patriae”, a motto which translates into the rather patriarchal English expression: “For God And Fatherland”. I put it to you that “gods” are like “kings” what with their much touted “divine rights” and I am not in favor of such gods, nor their kings, nor their divine rights. But hey, that’s bucking sacred Tradition and we peons are educated to respect Tradition above all. A man who respects tradition is a man the establishment can count on not to rock the boat, a man who knows on which side his bread is buttered, a man grateful to stand proudly on the shoulders of the ‘giants’ from the past. Such a respectful and respected man who becomes an alumnus of his ‘alma mater’ is the sort of man we have in the conventional public persona of Patrick J. Fitzgerald. Let me offer you a snippet of his sage advice, granted in a recent interview to young Regis students eager to follow in his footsteps as respected and ‘successful’ Alumni of that Jesuit American Establishment:


“The law is often unclear, and where it is unclear, you must make a reasoned judgment about what the law should be,” Fitzgerald commented. In order to make that reasoned judgment, “you must find out the facts as accurately as possible.”  …

Fitzgerald later explained that all federal prosecutors should have a “sense of what motivates people” since they are “dealing with a lot of very human situations.”  …

Fitzgerald’s boundless dedication and focus on justice becomes clear in his philosophy of work in the public sector: “If you are going to be working for the federal government, you should be doing what you think is right, as best as you can determine. That does involve working hard and analyzing problems, just as students do at Regis.  … On his astounding success, Fitzgerald made one thing clear: “Regis has a much greater impact on students than they realize when they are there.”  …

“I appreciated Regis much more once I had graduated,” Fitzgerald noted. “You have nearly a century of people going through the school for free, getting a great education.”  … As Fitzgerald went on to college and graduate school, he “felt that Regis made more of an impact than other great institutions because it grabbed me in my teens, teaching me to work hard and think.” …

Source: The Owl, a publication of Regis High School.

Mister Fitzgerald’s natal chart (see my earlier article concerning that here) attests to his conservatively political, seriously factual and religiously moral temperament, so we can rest assured that he speaks the true facts when he tells us he feels that (Deo Et Patriae)  “…Regis made more of an impact than other great institutions because it grabbed me in my teens, teaching me to work hard and think.”  The Jesuits like to claim that if you give them (or the Roman Catholic Church) a child to educate from ages 7 to 17 that child will ALWAYS remain a Catholic and retain his/her Catholic and/or Jesuitical indoctrination for the rest of her/his life. Now that’s Holy Habitual Hubris! But it’s also quite self evident if we give credence to contemporary psychology; and astrology would agree as well, but would be more inclined to hold out the possibility that radical change or freedom from one’s earliest childhood emotional conditioning is ALWAYS a life long possibility  -though increasingly less so after age 29, the solemn ‘moment’ known as the ‘Saturn Return’ when old-new cycles of habit patterns and boundaries tend to be set in place.

Habits are comforting and hard to break. Everybody knows that and, consequently, all institutions whether religious, educational, or purely governmental seek to entrain us into their traditional, predictable, regimented ‘establishment’ habits at their earliest possible convenience. They do so by using Saturn to put the ‘fear of God’ and the respect for ‘Authority’ into our lives. To question Authority is, in their institutional eyes, tantamount to questioning God himself as well as Morality, Civilization, and Common Sense. Yes, God And Fatherland, ‘Deo Et Patriae’, ‘Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori’. Saturn, after all, is ‘Pater’ the ‘Father’ as well as the objective letter of the law. It’s the planet-symbol of forms, definitions, traditions and limits. Fitzgerald is a Saturnian kind of father-guy born with his Sun in Capricorn and both his Jupiter and Saturn functions in Saturn-ruled Capricorn. It’s his old ‘Alma Mater’ song, ‘Deo Et Patriae’. But can he really be America’s ‘Mister Fix It’ sugar daddy ?

The answer to that question depends, I suppose, on what we think is broken. More pertinently, it would seem to hinge upon what Mister Fitzgerald might think is ‘broken’ in America. Is it the Spirit or merely the Letter of the Law that was broken when ‘someone’ in the White House leaked to the press the identity of CIA undercover agent Valerie Plame-Wilson ? Does Mister Fitzgerald possess a working “sense of what motivates people” as Special Prosecutor with “Plenary” Powers in his ongoing investigation ? Is he willing to get to the bottom line regarding the motivations behind the leak, and if he were to do so, and if those motivations were to lead directly to the President’s and the Vice President’s deliberate LIES which in turn led America into invading Afghanistan as well as Iraq would he seek to PROSECUTE these men? And what about the Downing Street Memos? Inquiring minds already know.

On October 28 of 2005 Fitzgerald’s office released a press statement which stated that "A major focus of the grand jury investigation was to determine which government officials had disclosed to the media prior to July 14, 2003, information concerning Valerie Wilson's CIA affiliation, and the nature, timing, extent, and purpose of such disclosures …”.   In his Press Conference that day he announced the indictment of Scooter Libby on 5 counts: “… one count of obstruction of justice of the federal grand jury, two counts of perjury and two counts of false statements”. Reporters wanted to know whether or not his investigation had uncovered the name or names of the person(s) who perpetrated the leak and revealed Valerie’s CIA identity, but Fitzgerald explained that for various real but abstruse legal and ethical reasons he could not give them an answer. Finally, late in the conference during the question & answer segment came the ‘big’ question concerning what is deeply broken in America and Fitzgerald’s answer to that question:


“QUESTION: A lot of Americans, people who are opposed to the war, critics of the administration, have looked to your investigation with hope in some ways and might see this indictment as a vindication of their argument that the administration took the country to war on false premises. Does this indictment do that?

FITZGERALD: This indictment is not about the war. This indictment's not about the propriety of the war. And people who believe fervently in the war effort, people who oppose it, people who have mixed feelings about it should not look to this indictment for any resolution of how they feel or any vindication of how they feel. This is simply an indictment that says, in a national security investigation about the compromise of a CIA officer's identity that may have taken place in the context of a very heated debate over the war, whether some person -- a person, Mr. Libby -- lied or not.

The indictment will not seek to prove that the war was justified or unjustified. This is stripped of that debate, and this is focused on a narrow transaction. And I think anyone's who's concerned about the war and has feelings for or against shouldn't look to this criminal process for any answers or resolution of that.

FITZGERALD: They will be frustrated and, frankly, it would just -- it wouldn't be good for the process and the fairness of a trial."


Talk about the “Masked Man”! This is what happens to the Lone Ranger after he attends Amherst & Harvard and wins a law degree, -he speaks with sophistication, uses words for silver bullets. Is Fitzgerald indicating by these statements that he personally, acting as Special Prosecutor with Plenary powers, thinks there’s no relationship between the White House outing of Valerie Plame-Wilson and its instigation of America’s illegal war? Is he merely insisting that “this criminal process” [meaning the investigation as it stood back in November of 2005] would not be ‘the’ criminal process that leads to investigating the LIES which led America to war ?  Will “this indictment” lead to further indictments that might “seek to prove that the war was justified or unjustified” ?

It’s at this point that we may gain some insight by taking a look at how Mister Fitzgerald’s personal birth chart interfaces with the birth chart of America. Which flaws or blind spots in Fitzgerald’s birth chart might be exacerbated by blind spots or flaws in the Nation’s collective psyche. How is Fitzgerald’s pronounced Saturn function, for instance, interacting with the Saturn function (in Libra 10th house) of America’s Executive Office of the President? Let me draw us a picture:


America, Center Wheel – Fitz, Outer Wheel

Fitzgerald’s Saturn function, as we can see here, is combined with his Jupiter function in Capricorn and falls in America’s First House of its own identity as a Nation. It is in challenging Square aspect to America’s Office of the President (US Saturn/Libra/10th House) and both his Jupiter and his Saturn functions oppose the Natal USA Sun in Cancer. This creates between the two charts a dynamic process known as a T-Square in the active, action oriented Cardinal signs of the zodiac. Additionally, America’s essential Wound as well as its potential Healing Gift symbolized by Chiron [K-with a circle on the bottom] in Aries joins the dynamic T-Square resolving it into a Grand Cross in Cardinal signs indicating a state of rather ceaseless activity taking place between Fitzgerald’s psyche and the collective psyche of America. In other words, Fitzgerald is ideally suited to “shake up” America’s understanding of the Executive Office of the President and to challenge and define the parameters of the President’s executive powers. And were he willing and able to do so he would be healing a major component of the Nation’s Wound. This is exactly what so many Americans sense about him intuitively.

His Special Prosecutor status has lead him to the oval office in the White House and revealed that the President, himself, was directly implicated in the “outing” of CIA agent Valerie Plame’s identity. We now know that George W. Bush decided to exercise his “Presidential Authority” to personally “de-classify” Plame’s security status in his typically secretive and roundabout way. One is prevented (so far) from knowing the exact date on which Bush officially exercised his “Presidential Prerogative” but it appears to have occurred quite conveniently in the Summer of 2003 shortly after Ambassador Joseph Wilson, Plame’s husband, published his article in the New York Times contesting the administration’s claims that Iraq was purchasing Uranium from Niger. The President did not specifically expose Plame’s secret identity, he just declassified “…certain contents of the secret U.S. National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on alleged Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.”  Here are the relevant excerpts from an article which explains in greater detail just what Fitzgerald’s been up to since his press conference in October of 2005:


Libby Sings
John Prados
April 07, 2006
"The irony is so thick you can cut it with a knife. Just a few months ago defenders of the Bush administration were lambasting Justice Department prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald for engaging in a fishing expedition that might hurt President George W. Bush. The pundits considered Fitzgerald’s indictment for perjury of former vice presidential aide I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby to be politically motivated and wrong.
Continued legal filings in the case now reveal Prosecutor Fitzgerald as a guardian of White House secrets and Scooter Libby plus his defense team as assiduously implicating President Bush. For those who questioned George Bush's modus operandi in the months leading up to the invasion of Iraq and afterwards these are perhaps not unexpected developments.

Prosecutor Fitzgerald’s April 5 response to the Libby team’s latest motion to compel discovery of a vast array of documents discloses that Vice President Dick Cheney told Libby that President Bush had specifically authorized officials in the summer of 2003 to reveal certain contents of the secret U.S. National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on alleged Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. There will be an argument over whether Bush or Cheney actually had that authority (which is vested in the Director of Central Intelligence by a law on the books since 1949) but that is not the concern here. Rather, the disclosure of this deliberate Bush leak given to Judith Miller of The New York Times and others provides new evidence that the White House regarded the top secret NIE not as an intelligence appreciation but as fodder for political warfare."


Well, Hi Ho Silver, this is certainly Lone Ranger stuff! But Fitzgerald’s real courage in his undertakings as ‘Special Prosecutor Cum Plenary Powers’ is not to be found in headline grabbing drama but in the fastidious and persevering way he continues to pursue his investigations, in his carefully exacting attention to words whether written in documents or spoken. As a writer, I am a real fan of Mister Fitzgerald precisely because of his acute attention to words, their phrasing and impact. He uses words the way a sculptor might. He carves away caringly, polishing the edges as if he were working on a precious block of rarest marble, translucent alabaster. When he’s finally finished with his investigation we are likely to witness the unveiling of something as exquisite as Michelangelo’s earliest Pieta. Or, if we drop the sculpture metaphor, the result of his efforts might resemble a bizarre combination of Picasso's Guernica and Kafka's Trial.

Fitzgerald owes his meticulous skills as a sculptor-painter-artist of words to the conjunction of Pluto on his North Lunar Node in Virgo, it gives him persistent patience and even pleasant fascination with the texture and color of each letter and every turn of a phrase. These gifts were immeasurably enhanced throughout the year of 2005 as transiting Pluto in Sagittarius conferred its absolute depth and catabolic fearlessness upon Fitzgerald’s mind giving him ever greater powers of concentration and keener appreciation for the tool that is language. Patrick was born with his mental-verbal skills, symbolized by the planet Mercury, operating in the sign of Sagittarius wherein vision and jurisprudence are the featured gifts, and on the following dates in 2005 these Mercurial gifts were EXACTLY conjoined by transiting Pluto:

1) January 3, 2005.
2) June 27, 2005.
3) November 3, 2005.

I think it’s safe to say that few among us observing his public press conference on October 28, 2005 failed to be impressed by the man’s astute command of language nor could we miss his courage under questioning. Patiently, and with high regard for the intelligence of his listeners he explained like the best of Sagittarian teachers just how, why, and what he could say according to the technical letter of the law. But he went beyond that by communicating his equally exacting concern for the ethical morality binding him as a lawyer to adhere to the philosophical spirit of the law. An intellectually passionate man and gifted speaker, he nevertheless refrained from indulgence in rhetorical flourishes or spirited outbursts that might have compromised his team’s work. And he acknowledged that team even though the media, used to the incoherent dyslexia of the President and the feverish rantings of talk show hosts both ‘red’ and ‘blue’ all across America, obviously wanted to spotlight the ‘Star’. No ‘Hi Ho Silver’ for Mister Fitzpatrick, he resisted the temptation with grace and wit. Remained focused on the seriousness of the occasion and stuck to the facts. All of which attests to the presence of Pluto a mere 10 minutes of a degree short of EXACT conjunction with his Mercury the day of the press conference. As that conference reached its conclusion and the Special Prosecutor walked away from the lights and left the building, people all around the Nation were asking themselves, “Who was that masked man? “ Bravo, Mister Lone Ranger, for a job superbly done!

But who noticed or chose to comment upon the 'Deep Politics' of the situation, the hidden powers behind the scene, the Shadow Government functioning as a secret presence throughout the entire event. Reporters and journalists in America have, after all, become “embedded” with the military-industrial-congressional complex. Not just in Iraq and Afghanistan, but right here in the “homeland”. Being “embedded” is a loaded term but its meaning is clear: American reporters and journalists are in bed with the Agency, with the ‘Secret Team’, with the all-powerful Corporations. The parameters of political speech are tightly controlled in our Nation and the relationship of the press to the government is a profoundly incestuous one. The blatantly absurd official lies concerning the events of 9/11 cannot be mentioned in newspapers like the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, or the Washington Post unless they are dismissed as “Conspiracy Theories”. The 9/11 Commission Report stands alongside the Warren Commission Report and a handful of similar reports as testimony to official Federal Government cover ups attesting to the fact that any reporter-journalist in America who questions such lies will be dealt with immediately either by character assassination and loss of employment or by outright contract murder  -the late Gary Webb, Jim Garrison, and Senator Paul Wellstone leap to mind. The Plutonian Underworld in America is focused at the Nation’s birth in Capricorn (Business-Government) in the Nation’s 2nd House of values and earning power, and on October 28th, 2005 when Mister Fitzgerald held his press conference the planet Pluto was not only informing his personal Mercury Mind by blending with it through means of a nearly EXACT conjunction, but was simultaneously forming a challenging Square aspect to America’s Neptune function in Virgo in the 9th house of the Courts and Jurisprudence. There was, indeed, a “Masked Presence” during the conference and it was not the mere presence of the mysteriosly 'cloaked' Fitzgerald surrounded by an 'embedded' bevy of reporters and Agency 'goons', it was the deeper Invisible Presence of Pluto, America’s Dark Side.

No American can afford to consider the Special Prosecutor’s investigation without also taking into serious consideration the fact that this man’s life is in constant danger from the very Shadow Government he’s investigating. Look again at the bi-wheel chart (above) that shows us how Fitzgerald’s life pattern interfaces with the National Identity and observe, if you will, that his Mercury function at 22 degrees and 49 minutes of Sagittarius is in direct opposition aspect to America’s Mars function of violence, murder, and killing at 21 degrees and 23 minutes of Gemini.

When Fitzgerald speaks to the Nation he is always speaking in opposition to its Mars function which means he’s always “facing-off” with America’s energy of aggression. He speaks from the Sagittarian perspective concerned with long range goals as well as the purpose and deep meaning of speech itself, and he does so in direct opposition to America’s preference for Gemini tidbits of exciting but shallow news. Mars in Gemini imparts energy to raw data, it's one of the primary astrological factors which reveals America’s addiction to sensational “sound bites”, to quick glib phrases, to impatient attention deficit disorder. Our National Media gobble up and spit out to us an endless array of data and facts without the least concern for what all this “information” might mean. The point is always to get the “scoop” on the newest, flashiest sound bite, to beat the other guy to the jump. Hippity-hoppity chatter rattled off by news readers who haven’t the faintest idea as to the deeper meaning of what they say. Their concern is with their 'make up', their clothing, their “image”. They are the pathetic tools of Corporate advertising and every last word of their “reporting” reflects the Corporate agenda of our Shadow Government.

This fact cannot escape the notice of a Mercury in Sagittarius man such as Patrick Fitzgerald. As his performance at his press conference reveals, he knows he’s gotta deal with reporters’ unfocused, “shot-gun” blasts of attention, their gifts for side-tracking away from the issues at hand, their posturing as serious thinkers who know, just as Fitzgerald does, that their ranks are replete with CIA, NIA, DIA plants among them. America’s “embedded” journalists are always there for the Kill. America's self-appointed lynch mobs selling their 'on-the-spot', first hand accounts to the highest bidder. Does any writer in the world actually take a jerk like Bob Woodward, for example, seriously ? He’s CIA all the way. A tool for National Disinformation. And in saying this, I’m not ‘trashing’ Mister Woodward –he’s done an excellent job of trashing himself. Ever read that odd book called 'All the President's Men' ? Ever considered the source/meaning of the reward known as 'The Pulizter Prize' ? The Corporate value of information control is considerable, translates easily into fame and money.

In America’s birth chart cast for the signing of the Declaration Of Independence (as shown above) there exists a very stressful situation depicting the Nation’s manner of speech, thinking, and writing as symbolized by Mercury on a collective and official level. Mercury is retrograde to begin with, and that means our collective speaking, thinking, and writing faculties are predisposed to self-questioning and second guessing. Uncertain. Hesitant. And while self-questioning is certainly a good thing  -“The unexamined life is not worth living” or “Man, know thyself”- it is also true that when self-questioning degenerates into endless rounds of second-guessing one can become very confused indeed!  Besides, Americans' style of self-questioning occurs in the energy field of Cancer, the subjective sign of personal feeling privacy, of Mom, Home, and Apple Pie. Cancer is a clannish energy, extremely conservative and self-protective by nature, centered in a need for self-satisfaction. As the sign of Home and Family it inclines Americans to defend their National Government by “closing ranks” in loyalty to that Government just as they would with their families. We Americans tend to stick together in this clannish way seeking comfort and protective security from our leaders. But that’s not the whole picture, our National Retrograde Mercury of mind and speech is also in opposition aspect to our mutually shared Pluto, the only other planet Retrograde in our Nation’s chart. And that Pluto is our Collective Unconscious located in the Business-Government sign of Capricorn. What might that actually portend?

Well, to repeat, Pluto signifies all that is powerful but hidden. It represents the absolute power of the Underworld directly related to absolute wealth. Pluto is the Lord of the Dead and death is the entrance into the Underworld of the Collective Unconscious. In America, all these Plutonian themes are focused in the 2nd house of stocks, bonds, shares, banks and the National Treasury as these are centered in the conservative sign of Capricorn Business-Government. When we reflect how uniquely the Nation’s Mercury opposes its Pluto we must say that in America “MONEY TALKS”  -the collective mind of Americans is busy second-guessing on an isolating personal emotional level the dark side of financial transactions both private (Cancer) and corporate-governmental (Capricorn). Hidden financial dealings of a powerful Plutonian nature characterize America’s National Treasury and the greater portion of America’s annual income is funneled off into Pluto’s ‘Black-ops” projects by way of the DOD, the CIA, the NSA and various assorted other factions comprising our Plutonian Shadow Government. All these secretive goings-on play a continuous role on a daily basis in all forms of American public communication by way of Pluto’s opposition to Mercury at the signing of the Declaration. Money, secrecy, and death talk incessantly in the good old US of A where the people are forever second-guessing in an agonizing, self-questioning mode just what’s happening with their own and the Nation’s finances. 

Pluto is what’s happening to all our finances, and its arrival on America’s Ascendant at 9/11 announced that fact. Mass deaths brought about by Corporate Government tactics for hidden financial reasons dear to the heart of the Pentagon and to the financial, intelligence agencies occupying the World Trade Towers. We must never forget that on that media-hyped “fatal” + “turning point” of a day Pluto was not only unveiling its presence directly in our faces, but was simultaneously opposing Saturn in Gemini indicative of governmental-business communications. All this, while Mercury the very ruler of Gemini was Rising in the East directly on the Ascendant in Manhattan and conjunct the USA natal Saturn in Libra. That fact directly implicates the presence of the Executive Office of the President in the 9/11 events. Ergo, we were witnessing a new “Law & Order” announcement controlled and manufactured by our own American Corporate Government designed to set us upon the profitable path of war against Afghanistan and Iraq. The Saturn in Libra 10th House of the Executive Office of the President of the United States immediately accelerated its claim to ABSOLUTE POWER of the Pluto-Saturn variety. Secret business-government power, the Power of Plutocracy: FASCISM.

Who was talking on 9/11? I repeat, Plutocratic money was talking, and talking as Death. Put options and insurance policies were talking. Absolute wealth and absolute government were talking and they took absolute control of all the “airwaves” that day fixating our collective, retrograde attention by way of continuous tv and radio coverage constantly repeating the same images and phrases over and over again: America is under attack! Truer words were never spoken, but the attack was from within our own Corporate Shadow Government. Americans were among the “Terrorists” and the ensuing “War On Terror” is a war on Americans from within the fractured remains of anything that might still be called the American Government. This is the meaning of Pluto in Capricorn in opposition to Mercury in Cancer both retrograde at the signing of the Declaration. I hold this Truth to be self-evident. And I wonder what Patrick J. Fitzgerald knows of all this. I’m sure the old forgotten American Patriot, Thomas Paine, would agree it’s just “Common Sense”.

We are studying the bad guy syndrome in America, we are studying the Mercury opposite Pluto syndrome of America’s love affair with the Outlaw Mind. We secretly (Pluto) identify with it on a personal (Cancer) basis if astrology offers any insight at all, but when it comes to our government (Capricorn) or to the impersonal and public (Capricorn) manifestation of that outlaw mind we shrug it off as common place and obvious. As Mark Twain wryly observed: "It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly American criminal class except Congress." Obviously, Mister Twain overlooked the Business crowd. The notion that business and government could be in criminal cahoots terrifies the common man’s mind and is conveniently dismissed for him by the media branch of the business of government which labels any such thought as “Conspiracy Theory”. Despite Watergate, Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Oklahoma City Bombing, Americans fear to face the facts. We’d rather single out individuals like Timothy McVeigh, David Koresh, and Lee Harvey Oswald as the bad guys with the outlaw minds than come to grips with the government’s business of organized ‘hit men’ perpetrating the State’s carefully planned murders and assassinations. So it is with JFK’s assassination, with 9/11, and with the current “War On Terror”. Why?

Look no further than Mars in Gemini on America’s Descendant which speaks of violence projected onto others. Mars violence projected by Gemini language onto others. Like the kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar vociferously declaring, ‘I didn’t do it’  -Mars on the Descendant projects the Nation’s Shadow Function onto others as the enemies, the terrorists, the violent ones. This classic fit of projection is exacerbated by the fact that Mercury, as ruling planet of Gemini, opposes the unconsciousness and powerful secrecy of Pluto from Cancer to Capricorn. The power of American Government seen in Pluto/Capricorn exploits the media (Gemini) to induce personal guilt in the minds of Americans (Mercury/Cancer) whenever they try to focus their attention on the Secret Team controlling them through violence. Recall the “self-questioning” and “second-guessing” of Retrograde Mercury in Cancer. It can always be counted on by those who know how to play this card as a tool to regress (retrograde) individual American minds (Mercury/Cancer) into infantile states of emotionally based personal guilt. Aren’t YOU the criminal, didn’t YOU cheat on your taxes, don’t YOU secretly seek out porn? YOU ARE GUILTY. Not the Sacred Government, nor the Holy Church, nor the CEO of Halliburton. And there’s even more to the trick than that. There’s slippery old Neptune slinking in the background like the ghost of ‘Peak Oil’!

The violence of America’s Mars in Gemini is in transformative/regressive (waning square aspect) relationship to the Nation’s Neptune function in Virgo’s 9th House of Courts and Jurisprudence. What happens when Mars can count on Neptune for cover in the courts, in the 9th house of the Nation’s official press ?  Simple, you get the Warren Commission Report, the 9/11 Commission Report, the official cover stories masking the Government’s violence. You get a built-in ability to mask Mars aggression and violence by way of Neptune fogs and mists. You get chronic obfuscation as a ready made tool of the official language of the government’s courts, you get hard to define and highly circuitous language in all government documents. Try to read your IRS forms, you’ll need a specialist. You’ll need a lawyer to explain to you the deliberately confusing language of the laws. You’re GUILTY of Mars square Neptune confusion, you dummy! Sorry, Patrick J. Fitzgerald is not available to you for your personal legal needs at this moment. He’s caught up in a highly complex and terribly secret investigative procedure for the Federal Government. But let’s not lose sight of him, shall we ? How does Fitzgerald’s chart interface with this Mars square Neptune dynamic in the Nation’s legal court procedures as well as its Gemini Media?

Fitzgerald’s Mercury in Sagittarius is not only directly opposite the violent Mars in Gemini of America’s birth chart, it’s also very, very tightly Square to the Nation’s Neptune in Virgo in the 9th House of Jurisprudence. That means throughout 2005 as Pluto transited through Sagittarius activating Fitzgerald’s personal Mercury function it also repeatedly opposed the natal Mars in Gemini function of America and challenged by (waxing) square aspect America’s natal Neptune function in Virgo. Gangbusters!  This man has walked right into America’s very secretive and violent CLOSET –as in the bones in the closet, the toys in the attic, the secrets hidden in the basement. If you’re religious, he could use your prayers. I mean, think about it; here you have the Lone Ranger as the Masked Man moving right into the crossfire of Dealey Plaza on his open horse! What kind of idealistic Irishmen is this, who seeks to hang by his heels below the battlements over the mythic parapet to kiss the Blarney Stone ? Send him your best silver bullets, ask the wee folk to guard over him. The guy’s got guts. But then, so did that other American Irishmen, JFK who sought to end the war in Vietnam, who tried to create a real currency, who threatened to smash the CIA into a thousand smithereens! Let’s hear it for the Irish,  -Jesuits and Notre Dame notwithstanding. Next time you listen to Fitzgerald fielding reporters questions, expressing himself so punctiliously that your brain fizzles, cut him some slack and wonder at the gift of eloquence, the “ability to influence and coax with fair words and soft speech without giving offense” he has earned from having kissed the Blarney Stone. And then, ‘odds bodikins’ take pause.

Take pause, because the same Pluto force that touched America’s Ascendant on 9/11 is the Pluto force of the Nation’s 2nd House in the business/government sign of Capricorn. It joined its theme of extremist, absolute power together with deep secrecy and death to the Corporate Shadow Government theme of Capricorn, and the Mars violence of American Outlaws. The hidden agenda behind the White House outing of Valerie Plame stems from the wealthiest crooks in the Nation needing to cover up the enormous profits from their war plans with lying justifications. This is the theme of the interaction of Mercury, Mars, Neptune and Pluto between the chart of Fitzgerald and that of America. Fitzgerald provides the Mercury in Sagittarius mind asked to look deeply into the extreme violence masked through treasonous deceit which infests America’s Enronized Corporate Shadow Government. With his Mind directly plugged into this foul matrix he cannot fail to see it, but will he have the courage (and, in many ways the sheer folly) to unmask it in the Courts ?  He is, after all, a conservative by nature with great respect for the establishment and a Venus square Neptune confusion over his ideals (see study of Fitzgerald’s natal chart by clicking here).

Though I did not discuss it in my original study of Fitzgerald’s birth chart, there is one configuration in his natal chart which, if he followed its dynamic offer carefully could give him the courage needed to attack the establishment, and the wit to dodge its wrath (they really do arrange to have troublesome people professionally murdered, you know).

Patrick is born with a secret gift given him by the wee folk of the Blarney Stone. It's rather like one of those high tech toys the movie version of James Bond is always given when working in 'Her Majesty's Secret Service' and quite as glamorous. It's a cutting instrument, a beam of coherent golden light able to function like a modern laser version of the famed 'Excalibur' sword. Only Fitzgerald can loose it from the stone in which it rests. And that's the 'stone' found within him in the underground basement of the 'house that Patrick built'  -the one I outlined in my original study of his birthchart.

In fact, it's really not a stone at all, it's a state of trance indulged in by the buried 'saint' in Patrick's psyche. And this 'saint' is not really a saint either, he's a real life contemporary Irish wizard. Patrick only thinks he's a saint due to his theological indoctrination into the Catholic dogma of Regis High School wherein the 'wee folk' are reduced to a colorful aside of all that's condemned as heresy. Unfortunately, this guilty Catholic saint (afraid of snakes) is the 'stone' holding the golden laser sword as he sleeps. Were he to awaken to his Merlin nature the wizard Fitzgerald might yet weild the power of his truthful sword. Jupiter and Mars (expansive courage) define its blade and Uranus (shocking revolution) marks its handle,  -Uranus/Mars together are at once its grip, pommel, hilt and guard. Note [ in the chart to follow below ] how the forces of these planets are joined by the triangular relationship of the Mars-Jupiter opposition line to the orange-golden vectors comprising the semi-square (45 degrees) of Mars and the sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) of Jupiter. This highly charged triangular circuit outlines Fitzgerald's personal vision of the energetic sword 'Excalibur' which he must wrest from the grip of the sleeping saint in the guilty basement of his psyche if he is to effectively do battle with the mythic forces informing the Establishment, the Dark Shadow Government ensconced in the White House.

Fitz Sword.
Gift Of The Wee Folk
The Mars-Jupiter-Uranus Laser

But what can I be thinking? Why would a conservative person such as Super Saturn Fitzgerald "attack" the very Establishment he wants to conserve? Silly me, my radical predjudice always shines through! The plain fact of the matter is that a conservative person is by definition a traditional and moderate person predisposed to "maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions". You may look it up on your computer via "Merriam-Webster On-Line" -but remember, good citizens of the State, anything you read on the internet is probably just a "conspiracy theory".

God, did I actually walk away from the wonderful scents of my Rose Garden to come back inside and write more of this? 'Fraid I did. What would Ayn Rand's infamous John Gault ever think of me! O ciel, c'est la vie de la Réalité Virtuelle! Mais moi, je vois la vie en rose. Whatever would Edith Piaf make of Patrick Fitzgerald?  Louis Armstrong of Condoleeza Rice?  Give your heart and soul to me and life will always be a world completely free from laws that ought not be. Les enfants du paradis. Paroles. Words. Where are my fields of corn, why did I ever leave the pueblo? How can a person be alive without working and playing in the dirt, the fields, climbing the mountains, swimming in the sea? Ah here comes the Sea God now, rising with his famed Trident, the illustrious Neptune, Lord of the Waves!  Thank you, Master of the Mysterious, the Vague, weaver of the mists of Avalon. Thank you for reminding me of your Presence, insisting I get back to my 'real' work.

Okay then, the reality is that Fitzgerald's Mind, his Mercury function in visionary and truth-seeking Sagittarius forms a very tight challenged and challenging square aspect to the implicit obfuscation of America's Neptune function in Virgo; Vision versus Fact. Truth versus Details. That's the story here, that's the challenge between Fitzgerald and America's collective psyche. With Patrick's Mercury also in direct opposition to America's war-like Mars function in Gemini, the fight is on between his search for truth and America's glib dance of verbal avoidance. I cannot emphasize too strongly how the waning square between America's Mars in Gemini and her Neptune in Virgo (in the 9th house of Courts, Laws, Jurisprudence) underscores the propensity of America's Courts to use Neptune's force as a cloaking device. How effectively that Neptune force can confuse the Virgo details of the Gemini language of the laws! And this agressive Mars force rules the Aries 4th House of the Nation's Homeland wherein the Chiron Wound of America is found. The people who hide behind and confuse the Law most effectively in our Country are the people born and raised here, our cherished, romanticized 'Outlaw Kind'. Pioneering Aries 'entrepreneurs' who can always find Neptunian obscurities and loopholes in the Law. The Jeff Skillings and Ken Lays of Enron, the Dich Cheneys of Haliburton. Outlaw traders. America's Masked Outlaw Government has a lot to lose should the truth emerge from the Special Prosecutor's Grand Jury investigation. Heads would roll. Big Money would change hands. You can rest assured the secret team would arrange a contract to 'take out' yet another troublesome, idealistic Irishman. That's the way of the wounded in  the highest eschelons of America's Deep Politics.

What? O come now, is this more 'conspiracy theory', what are you saying?  Who's speaking here?

Why, you paranoid fool! Neptune's speaking, not the Archon deceiver of Authority posing as Neptune, not the force of deceitful obfuscation which the ancient Gnostics warned us all about,  -but the real, the Deep Neptune. He's the Lord of Compassion and Universal Empathy, and he tirelessly repeats the same wisdom: 'All is One'. He wants us, you and me, to identify with America and Patrick Fitzgerald, to gaze deeply into their combined charts showing us his relationship between them. He issues only one caution: to hear the message of his true voice we must free ourselves of the sleep of escapist illusion. What could that mean?  What's escapist illusion? 

Could it be American Success?

Recall how the Regis student writing of Fitzgerald in the interview cited above referred to the Special Prosecutor's "astounding success". Then consider how the unsuccessful and consequently disgruntled (no doubt) 'spoilers' among us like to say, 'Nothing fails quite like success". I hate to have to tell you this, but Neptune is on their side. Personal success is an illusion in the Neptunian 'All Is One' realm of compassionate empathy. That highly suspicious 'mystical' realm wherein the Boddhisatva takes his vow never to enter Nirvana until ALL sentient beings achieve the liberation of enlightenment. That's like a really sincere Christian saying he won't go to Heaven till Everybody gets inside those pearly gates. Now that's what Deep Neptune calls "success"! Where would Fitzgerald be, -or you, or I if we were to achieve the "astounding success" of fame, money or personally 'liberated enlightenment' while bombs continue to rain on Iraq and infants come painfully screaming into life with bodies hideously deformed from depleted uranium? Roses dry and wither from excessive exposure to the ultra-violet spectrum of light. Seeds from the Mother ear of Corn become Monsanto sterile. The air, streams and oceans gasp in a man-made vortex of global Exon-Plus pollution. Personal success with money, fame, or enlightenment is the nebulous escapist illusion that Neptune warns us about, but it is not Neptune.

The Real Deep Neptune whispers the truth that Love is not personal sentiment, it's empathic and compassionate action. Love is the only action that finally succeeds. Pluto backs him up, Absolutely. The Real Deep Pluto is not the false Archon of death, power and wealth but the Pluto of absolute, radical and cathartic change. He's the Power of Neptune's Love. No escapist illusion gets beyond the threshold these two fearless-gentle Beings guard. Forget success, go with love. Go down to the shore of the Ocean and listen to the waves. American success sucks. It drags you down and drowns you. Ask Jeff Ganon, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney. Shit, while you're at it ask Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Ask, and you shall receive. Seek, and you shall find. Or was that cornball stuff just the PR machine speaking for Broadway's very own Jesus Christ Superstar? 

As Jack Nicholson (the 'stand in' for Pluto in Capricorn) scathingly commented to Tom Cruise (the 'stand in' for Mercury in Cancer): Hey, America, “You want the Truth?  .... You can’t handle the Truth!” 

Deep Politics. The question we must ask ourselves (upon seeing Fitzgerald’s Mercury mind in stressful square aspect to America’s malfunctioning Neptune) is whether or not Patrick can handle the Truth. Is he among the “few good men” able to confront the evasiveness of America’s official actions and words?  Can he speak Truth to Power?  And if he does, will his brains be found flying thirty feet free from his skull in yet another Dealey Plaza crossfire?  Will his plane plunge into the sea off Martha's Vinyard, down to the hard fields of Minnesota?  Or will he merely find his character maligned, his reputation destroyed, his career demolished? It needs to be repeated; there's no crime too vile, no treachery too treacherous, no project too shameless for the New American Century. Tell me again what happened to all those shocked witnesses at the scene of the Texas massacre. Were they saved by the 'Lone Ranger', hidden away and 'disappeared' by Zorro?  Shot in the dark shouting 'Holy Zapruder, Batman'! You got it, kiddies, they were 'taken out' by the same kind of hired hit men who murdered Meryl Streep's courageous Silkwood. Taken out so that Kerr McGee might continue to mask the toxic spread among poor, underpaid, depressed American workers of lethal Plutonium . The facts, Jack, are hard core reality. They're pornograhic. Deep Politics.

Look again at the bi-wheel picture of Fitrgerald's chart interacting with America's.
(click here to bring up the image again)

Observe the complex relationship Fitzgerald has with Neptune, his own creative imagination. It's involved in a struggle with the Venus of his personal desires and values. In the context of his gift from the wee folk, in terms of his ability to embrace his own imagination (and grasp the golden laser sword needed for his battle with the deep politics of the Shadow Government) it's a challenging obstacle. Truth is a very confusing notion with Venus and Neptune challenging each other. While Venus symbolizes each person's own 'inner gyroscope', each person's uniquely personal 'inner truth magnet', Neptune symbolizes each person's ability to tune in to the realm of the Invisible and Unmanifest. When Venus is in stressful square aspect to Neptune a conflict ensues between 'personal' and 'transpersonal' truth, between what one can consciously 'see' and that which urges one to trust in the unseen. Astrology speaks of Venus as the lower octave, in a musical sense, of the same 'note' that is Neptune on a higher octave; Venus oscillates at a slower rate than Neptune, it 'sounds' closer to the physical than does Neptune and, therefore, sounds more 'real'. Given Mister Fitzgerald's programmed estrangement from his own mystical-pagan Irish roots brought about by the Dogmatic Roman Catholic teachings he imbibed at Regis High School, we must wonder whether or not he could ever awaken long enough from the 'trance of reality' to recognize the gift given him by the wee folk of the Faerie Kingdom.

In fact, Fitzgerald's own obsessive-compulsive (Pluto/North Node/Virgo) traits tend to keep his nose so close to the grindstone of detailed analysis that it can be very hard for him to come up for air long enough to 'smell the roses' -or the coffee, if you prefer. He can 'bushwack' himself by becoming so excessively fixated on the details of the law that he might lose a feel for the greater 'spirit' of that law. Aside from his exaggerated praise for section 218 of the 'Patriot Act' there are a few other troubling actions in Mister Fitzgerald's legal life that give one pause. For example, what did John Prados mean exactly when he wrote in his article (see above) that: "...Continued legal filings in the case now reveal Prosecutor Fitzgerald as a guardian of White House secrets"Or consider this excerpt from another source:

                    Fitzgerald Knew Identity of Leaker From Start
                    By Jason Leopold
                    t r u t h o u t | Report
                    Monday 03 April 2006

"The special counsel appointed in late December 2003 to investigate the leak of covert CIA
operative Valerie Plame Wilson found out the identity of the Bush administration official who disclosed her undercover status to syndicated columnist Robert Novak just two months after the probe began.

But in early February 2004, a month after he started the investigation, Special Prosecutor
Patrick Fitzgerald shifted gears and started to build a perjury and obstruction of justice case against White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove and Vice President Dick Cheney's former Chief of Staff I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby according to several attorneys close to the investigation."


If it's true that Fitz knew so early on in the game just who leaked Valerie's identity, what kind of strategy is he using in his investigation?  Furthermore, how can a man who was involved with Michael Chertoff and the 1993 bombings at the World Trade Center not be aware of what's been going on in the inner circles of our Shadow Government?  Surely he's aware that Osama bin Laden is (or certainly has been) funded by our own CIA and that Al Queda is another CIA inspired and funded creation. What are his views on the events concerning 9/11, does he think the 'Taliban' or 'Al Queda' or Osama bin Laden are responsible for those attacks?  Deep Politics.

I use the expression "Deep Politics" because of the role Pluto is playing in all the events mentioned in this writing, and I use it because of the work of Peter Dale Scott whose books, particularly the one entitled "  Deep Politics And The Death Of JFK"   I have found to be of immeasurable help in trying to understand the current state of American affairs. On July 22, 2005 Scott gave a briefing for Congressional staff, at the request of US Representatives McKinney and Grijalva, a few extracts from that briefing read like this:

Peter Dale Scott                                                                                            
July 22, 2005     
 9/11 in Historical Perspective: Flawed Assumptions  Deep Politics: Drugs, Oil, Covert Operations and Terrorism: A briefing for Congressional staff, July 22, 2005 Peter Dale Scott, author of Drugs, Oil, and War
The American people have been seriously misled about the origins of the Al Qaeda movement blamed for the 9/11 attacks, just as they have been seriously misled about the reasons for America's invasion of Iraq.
The truth is that for at least two decades the United States has engaged in energetic covert programs to secure U.S. control over the Persian Gulf, and also to open up Central Asia for development by U.S. oil companies. Americans were eager to gain access to the petroleum reserves of the Caspian Basin, which at that time were still estimated to be the largest known reserves of unexploited fuel in the planet.

To this end, time after time, U.S. covert operations in the region have used so-called Arab Afghan warriors as assets, the jihadis whom we loosely link with the name and leadership of Al Qaeda. In country after country these Arab Afghans have been involved in trafficking Afghan heroin.
America's sponsorship of drug-trafficking Muslim warriors, including those now in Al Qaeda, dates back to the Afghan War of 1979-89, sponsored in part by the CIA's links to the drug-laundering Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). It was part of CIA Director Casey's strategy for launching covert operations over and above those approved and financed by a Democratic-controlled Congress.
The most conspicuous example of this alliance with drug-traffickers in the 1980s was the Contra support operation. Here again foreign money and drug profits filled the gap after Congress denied funds through the so-called Boland amendments; in this case government funds were used to lie about the Contras to the American people. This was followed by a massive cover-up, in which a dubious role was played by then-Congressman Lee Hamilton, later of the 9/11 Commission.
The lying continues. The 9/11 Commission Report assures Americans that Osama Bin Ladin and his comrades had their own sources of support and training, and they received little or no assistance from the United States. This misleading statement fails to consider that: ...
Key members of the network which became al Qaeda, such as Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, Ali Mohamed, Mohamed Jamal Khalifa, and lead hijacker Mohammed Atta, were granted visas to enter the United States, despite being suspected of terrorism. Al Qaeda foot soldiers were also admitted to the United States for training under a special visa program. ...

Sergeant Ali Mohamed and U.S. Intelligence Links to the Al Qaeda Leadership. The Report describes Ali Mohamed as a former Egyptian army officer who had moved to the United States in the mid-1980s, enlisted in the U.S. Army, and become an instructor at Fort Bragg, as well as helping to plan the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Kenya. In fact Ali Mohamed was an important Al Qaeda agent who, as the 9/11 Commission was told, “trained most of al Qaeda's top leadership,” including “persons who would later carry out the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.” But the person telling the 9/11 Commission this, U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald, misrepresented Ali Mohamed's FBI relationship. He told the Commission that, “From 1994 until his arrest in 1998, [Mohamed] lived as an American citizen in California, applying for jobs as an FBI translator and working as a security guard for a defense contractor.”

Ali Mohamed was not just an FBI job applicant. Unquestionably he was an FBI informant, from at least 1993 and maybe 1989. And almost certainly he was something more. ... Ali Mohamed clearly enjoyed U.S. protection: in 1993, when detained by the RCMP in Canada, a single phone call to the U.S. secured his release. This enabled him to play a role, in the same year, in planning the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Kenya in 1998.

Congress should determine the true relationship of the U.S. Government to Ali Mohamed, who was close to bin Laden and above all Zawahiri, who has been called the “main player” in 9/11. (Al-Zawahiri is often described as the more sophisticated mentor of the younger bin Laden.) In particular Congress should determine why Patrick Fitzgerald chose to mislead the American people about Mohamed's FBI status.

Fitzgerald must have known he was dissembling. Even the mainstream  account by Daniel Benjamin and Steven Simon (The Age of Sacred Terror [New York: Random House, 2002], 236) records that ;When Mohamed was summoned back from Africa in 1993 [sic, Mohamed in his confession says 1994] to be interviewed by the FBI in connection with the case against Sheikh Rahman and his coconspirators, he convinced the agents that he could be useful to them as an informant.... 

Mercury square Neptune is the astrological phenomenon whereby Lying classically occurs due to the fact that Mercury cannot easily grasp through its rational mental preference the vague, illusory, or often highly imaginative and mystical insights offered by Neptune. It's a real challenge for Mercury to formulate in logical language the hard to define intuitions Neptune can offer. Neptune is the creative imagination while Mercury is rational discourse and thought, when they are in the disharmonious, square aspect to each other there's a heap of 'white noise' between them confusing their relationship. When this 'white noise' is going on between the signs of Virgo  (USA Neptune) and Sagittarius (Fitz Mercury) the creative imagination operates via Virgo detailed analysis while mind itself is focused on long term goals and a comprehensive vision of the Sagittarian truth. One of these realms can easily confuse the other, hair splitting details can become a confusing labyrinth limiting vision, the purpose or intention of overall patterns can be lost in the detailed analysis of all the specific facts. It is this kind of 'lying' that is most often in evidence when Mercury squares Neptune. Fitzgerald, for example, can praise section218 of the 'Patriot Act' thereby defending and supporting it while losing sight of its overall nefarious impact upon personal, individual, liberties.

There is, too, the evidence
of his own internal Neptunian confusion and 'white noise': his personal Neptune function found in secretive Scorpio squaring his own Venus in Aquarius. That adds up to a heap of Neptune confusion and the real possibility that Patrick may not be as honest and truthful as his 'sterling reputation' might suggest. He may be fastidiously exacting as to the letter of the law, but inclined to turn away from the larger and deeper 'spiritual' implications of his investigation. 

Or is it possible, given the T-Square formed by the USA Neptune in square aspect to both ends of the opposition between Fitzgerald's Mercury and the USA Mars, that he is being 'ambushed' by the Corporate Shadow Government?  Is he carefully preparing his Grand Jury indictments against Libby and Rove so that he'll have water tight legal arguments against them and can continue on the trail leadng directly to the offices of the President and Vice President?  Or has the Shadow Government cut him some kind of deal that will spare him his life, and themselves unwanted legal exposure?  I say this because we must not forget the 'killing' energy of the USA Mars activating the square between Fitzgerald's Mercury and the Nation's Neptune which might be read as: 'We'll kill you if you reveal our secrets'! Secrecy, intrigue, and rumors abound!

Is Fitzgerald able to fight his way past the false Archon disguised as Neptune to the real, Deep Neptune; or will he fall prey to the false Neptune's Archontic deceptions, its clever slight-of-hand illusions? Is he dealing in such illusions/delusions himself ? 

Searching the web a few days ago I came upon the following photographic image of Fitzgerald. It was posted on one of his fan sites and accompanied by no identifying comments of any sort though it was labelled 'fitz-jesus' as a 'jpg' image. Given today's possibilities for altering and creating composite images, I have no idea whether this one is a straight photo or some 'photo-workshop' trick but I was immediately struck by the image  -particularly, by the ILLUSORY REFLECTIONS in the image, so I reproduce it here as an example of the kind of Neptunian illusions-mirages that hover about our Special Prosecutor, our Lone Ranger, our Irish Wizard, and Sleeping Saint:

Fitz and Neptune playing ball?
Fitz Playing Ball With
The White House

What interests me here is the Neptunian play of lights and colors surrounding Fitzgerald's head, the two rings on his left hand, and the reflection of the White House in the ball itself. Those elements, combined with the 'straight-into-the-camera' look,  -what appears to be some kind of black hairnet on his head, and the pronounced differences between the right and left sides of his face. The arched eyebrow on the right side gives his overall visage a slight 'mephisto' look, a touch of wry humour. I found myself wondering whether Fritz was posing here for a photo made by a close friend. Certainly his visage in this photo is light years away from the straight-faced Fitzgerald we see when he's in suit and tie wearing his professional look!  The photo continues to haunt me, and I hasten to add that "Fitz playing ball with the White House" can be read in both a positive and a negative sense! I'm almost certain that this image has been 'touched up' ... I mean, what are the chances that in a real life moment Fitz and a photographer could find themselves in a location where Fitz could hold up a ball reflecting the facade of the North Wing of the White House?  Surely, the White House was superimposed upon the ball's surface. But for what purpose?  What INTENT rests behind this image?  Who created it for what 'reason'? Or is it merely an example of  Neptune's illusory chemistry between Fitzgerald and the people of America?  Wily Wizard Fitzgerald may simply be holding up to America a Neptunian reflection of its own Illusory Government. Deep Politics.

Somehow, Mister Fitzgerald's personal problems with his Venus to Neptune square, problems that require of him that he develop the ability to FOCUS his personal Venus values in terms of Neptune's collective compassion, seem to have dovetailed into the deep political crisis facing America. It can be no mere 'accident' that in the year 2003, when he was first chosen as Special Prosecutor, his Progressed MC (Midheaven -Point of Public Persona) exactly aligned by conjunction (intensity) with his Natal Venus in Aquarius. That Progressed event occurred exactly on November 18, 2003, Fitzgerald was appointed Special Prosecutor on December 30, 2003. High intensity public exposure and its resultant celebrity came inevitably (MC + Venus).

The Values of Fitzgerald's Public Persona are being tested/exposed by how he handles this public job. For him, it's both a Personal and Political crisis because it highlights his personal inner struggle over values. In fact, his Progressed SUN also aligned exactly with his Venus-Values on November 16, 2003 bringing the entire core of his SPIRIT IDENTITY into the public fray. America's current struggle with its Values is Fitzgerald's struggle with his Values as well, and in both cases Illusory Neptune is involved. In both cases the struggle is to find the true voice of Deep Neptune rather than succomb to what I have called the Gnostic Archon veiling Neptune. It's a struggle between evasive illusion and compassionate vision, between hidden secrets and unconditional honesty, between desire and love. And the resolution/discernment between these complimentary opposites can only be reached by flowing with trust and faith in the Deep Neptunian call of  Universal Love which expresses through humankind as the spiritual faculty of CREATIVE IMAGINATION!

Can Patrick Fitzgerald, the Lone Ranger Lawyer, let himself be guided by Patrick Fitzgerald, the Irish Wizard with a Public Vision? Or will the Saturnian Saint sleeping in the basement of 'the house that Patrick built' gain the upper hand and retain his hold on the golden laser sword the wee folk delivered to this Irishmen so he could fight the true fight delivering himself and his Nation from the depths of  illusory trance?  Our friend Fitz must once again seek out and kiss the Blarney Stone. The vision of the Executive Office of the Merlin must awaken within him so that he can wrest 'Excalibur' from the Archontic trance of the sleeping Lawyer Saint. Thrice, since he's taken on his job, the Wee Faerie Folk have come to Patrick and tried to kiss him awake; thrice has the planet Neptune moving through the skies conjoined his Natal Venus. Legend has it that "the third time is the CHARM"!

Time One: Neptune conjunct Natal Venus: March 21, 2004.
Time Two: Neptune conjunct Natal Venus: July 16, 2004.
Time Three: Neptune conjunct Natal Venus: January 20, 2005.

Awaken now, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, to the charming Luck of the Irish! Gather ye your courage, weild the Mythic Sword Of Truth. 'Tis true, laddie, the forces of 'Reality' are stacked strong and high against ye, but look ye beyond the grindstone of the horizon into the rainbow fields of great green clover!  The mists of mighty Avalon are lifting. The Fair Titania, Queen of Purest Magic is afoot once more in the Land!  'Tis true, the hob-gobblins and the grungy trolls, the voices of hard-core 'Reality' will be about mocking your dreams with caustic doubt  -'O, sure, yeah. Just look where that "  Luck of the Irish"   landed JFK!-  but  you have that within which passeth woes. You hold the Plenary Powers of the Real Law, not the Archontic powers of the Mock Saturn Law, but the True Authority of Deep Saturn. Have you not heard his grounding voice? Of course you have, Laddie, for he too is kissing your Dreams awake with the Charm of the thrice repeated:

Charm One: Saturn squaring Neptune: October 25, 2005.       (great conference, laddie!)
Charm Two: Saturn squaring Neptune: December 19, 2005.
Charm Three: Saturn squaring Neptune: July 4, 2006.

Secure Saturn will gladly hold your heels again as you hang upsidedown below the battlements over the mythic parapet to kiss the sacred Blarney Stone. Bestir yourself, laddie, bring that blithering Saint within you to gaze upon your Wizard Merlin Self. Look ye, to the blessed gift sent your way by the wee wily folk. 'Tis the spittin image of yourself unfolding. A portrait of your pious sleep departing:

Magic Sword

Patrick J. Fitzgerald
Inner wheel Natal Chart, Outer wheel Progressed Chart
( for a full screen image easier to read click here )

What we have here, charming Patty, is the Lady's answer to your very prayers! You might have guessed (given the way of things and all) that your whole life long has been a wee bit tipsy till now. 'Tis seemed, perhaps, as if all these many years your deepest courage, the courage of your Irish Soul has been a tad bit asleep within ye, Laddie. But alas, am I become the very Wall of Words that may divide us  -though it be no more than the best of Faerie Walls. Your wild Irish heart remembers now more of Rip Van Winkle, I reckon, than it may of the likes of Darbie O'Gill and wee Little People!Let's away, and let the mad astrologer tell you all about it, pardner!

                                 "Thus have I, Wall, my part discharged so; 
                                 And, being done, thus Wall away doth go."

                                                                                                                                Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream

This then (above) is a Progressed Chart cast for the exact moment, the very FIRST MOMENT in all of Fitzgerald's life when the planet MARS, retrograde at his birth, changes course and turns DIRECT. This event signals the awakening of a new vitality, a deeper courage. It seeks to stir the blood within him. And it does so in the 4th House of deep genetic heritage. It's the heritage of his Irish ancestral roots. Heritage of the Faerie Folk, the Shamrock, and the Emerald Isle. Fitzgerald, for the first time in his life, may yet open the gate to the true call of his blood. A profound turning point in his life has arrived.

This movement of his Mars energy into EXACT conjunction (alignment) with the Immum Coeli, the cusp of his 4th House, and the Roots of his deepest inherited power began in earnest last April 15, 2005 when by Progression his Retrograde Mars function reached the 'no man's land' between the signs of Cancer and Gemini. It's the exact point in the heavens marking 0 degrees 0 minutes and 00 seconds of Cancer which is all but indistinguishable from 29 degrees 59 minutes and 59 seconds of Gemini. The Ancients dubbed this point the 'Gate of Souls' incarnating into life on Earth, a point which they also viewed as directly opposite to the Galactic Center at 0 degrees 0 minutes 00 seconds of Capricorn. Patrick's previously life-long retrograde Mars turns DIRECT precisely on May 22, 2006. Coming right up. But this change of direction is a deeply subjective and internal experience measuring the unfolding of potential which was innate as a 'seed' at his birth. It marks a time (extending, in Fitzgerald's case, for about 1+1/2 years before and after May 22, 2006) of unusually free decision making the results of which one way or another will CHANGE the course of his life. Externally, this 'moment' is obviously connected to his public role as Special Prosecutor. In a sense, that Public Role merely echoes externally the Mars Archetype of the Warrior awakening within Fitzgerald, and because this Archetypal Warrior function is located in Cancer in the 4th House of the Ancestors (and the earliest childhood emotional conditioning) there is a very strong possibility that Fitz will do battle with the laconic Catholic 'Saint' in himself and maybe even embrace his wild Irish Merlin.

A reawakened and newly energized Mars will activate the somewhat unusual (golden) triangular dynamic existing at his birth between Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus which it behooves me to explain in greater detail. I have referred to it as a 'Mythic Sword of Truth' and compared it to the fabled sword, Excalibur. I have even referred to Fitzgerald as a possible holder of the Executive Office of the Merlyn. By doing so, I am not merely indulging in romantic metaphor but trying to call the reader's attention to ancient Gaelic-Celtic realities which, despite being 'ancient' are still active today within the realm of the Jungian 'collective unconscious'. Astrology, when all is said and done, is merely another tool of this collective force and in its analogical language Mars, the planet, can function as an analog for a Sword. Jupiter, likewise can be seen as analogous to a Teacher-Priest, and Uranus to a shocking Revolutionary-Iconoclast.

At Fitzgerald's birth the blade of his Mars sword is directly related by a vector of stabilizing force (opposition aspect; 180 degrees) to the Jupiter teacher-priest, and both these planet functions are connected by highly charged lines of active, restless, and out-reaching energy (semi-square aspect; 45 degrees, and sesquisquare aspect; 135 degrees) to the Uranus revolutionary iconoclast. What do you get when you combine the Priest with the Sword as an Iconoclastic Revolutionary?  You get a Teacher with a priest like sense of inspired action centered upon shattering outworn images and paradigms. And when you reflect upon the fact that astrological Uranus is involved with revolutionary activity not from a typically human perspective but from the perspective of a transpersonally awakened spiritual focus of the human will, you enter the metaphysical realm of occult magic. In Fitzgerald's case the genetic heritage is Celtic magical occultism, and therein you find the Archetypes of the Merlin and the sword Excalibur. The true call of his Mars bloodline.

Until now, Mister Fitzgerald has displayed (for those of us who do not personally know him, but know merely of  him from public sources) the kind of personality which relies primarily upon his pronounced conservative Law&Order tendencies rooted in his Public Capricorn Persona Mask. This public personality reveals nothing so much as a serious and very traditional Saturnian fellow with keen analytical intelligence. Even the Jupiter teacher-priest within him has expressed himself to date mostly as a Jupiter in Capricorn professional lawyer. But his core essence, the Sun, is also found in the very first degree of Capricorn (0 degrees 52 minutes) and that is the symbolical spot which the Ancients identified as the Galactic Center. Hence we are dealing with the 'Grail' as well as Arthur, and the sword Excalibur, and the wizard Merlyn. Quite an Archetypal line-up, especially odd when considered in the light of Fitzgerald's conservative Public Persona. But, let me repeat, were he to awaken to his Merlin nature the wizard Fitzgerald might yet weild the power of his truthful sword.

There's a virtual cornucopia of events which have recently occurred, are currently occurring, and will continue to occurr in the immediate future of his life which strongly suggest Fitzgerald's immanent awakening onto a different and vividly metaphysical level of conscious awareness. His Mars function turning Direct by Progression is the pivotal sign, but Uranus too is shocking him awake. It jolted the laconic lawyer-saint sleeping on his South Lunar Node in Pisces with the 'charm' of its thrice repeated alignment to that Node on the following dates:

Transiting Uranus conjunct South Lunar Node in Pisces;
1) April 27, 2005.
2) August 4, 2005.
3) February 17, 2006.

Additionally, transiting Uranus opposed his Pluto function in Virgo on these dates:
1) March 20, 2005.
2) September 18, 2005.
3) January 10, 2006.

Finally, let's look at Pluto's transits. Pluto is strategically placed at Fitz's birth in tight conjunction (intensity) with his North Lunar Node. That Node is traditionally seen as the point of intake, of reaching out for new experiences needed for growth and change in the current life. Given the overwhelmingly awesome Power of Pluto, its placement at birth on the Moon's North Node tends to 'guarantee' that an individual so born will persistently encounter powerful Plutonian forces of a secretive, underworld nature  generating deep catabolic changes within him. Think 'Shadow Government' and Absolute Power. Think Corporate Underworld, black budgets, and black-ops. Then consider the fact that Mister Fitzgerald is a 'Special Prosecutor' given 'Plenary Powers' to investigate the original CIA leaks in the Valerie Plame case, power to follow those leaks to their root source, and power to Prosecute the criminals involved. Pluto in America, Deep Politics. When you realize that Fitzgerald's investigation has led him to conclude that the Grand Jury has collected so much evidence, so many documents that to quote himself,

" is hard to conceive of what evidence there could be that would disprove the existence of White House efforts to 'punish' Wilson."

then you can also realize how Pluto is operating in his life. Aside from its previously cited ( 'Three's the Charm' ) passes over Fitzgerald's Natal Mercury in Sagittarius during 2005 (which gave him direct evidence of powerful and secretive 'Shadow Government' affairs), Pluto this year bolsters his Uranus revolutionary impulses by forming a flowing, easy and visionary trine aspect to Uranus on the following dates:
1) January 21, 2006.
2) June 10, 2006.
3) November 22, 2006.

Consequently, the Mars/Uranus combination which together comprise the grip, pommel, hilt, and guard of Fitzgerald's laser-like, cutting edge mentality embodied in the image of the metaphysical sword, Excalibur, is still being and will continue to be powerfully activated by the stars. His courage in the face of personal confrontation with very dark forces is being activated. His awareness that these forces extend beyond the physical parameters of the White House to Corporations, the Pentagon and the CIA, is deepening. If he chooses to embrace all these many awakenings he will find himself in the state of mind so presciently expressed by one of America's finest Gnostic authors, the late Philip K. Dick, who explained the situation this way back in 1974:

"The Constitutional guarantees of our country have been suspended for some time now, and an assault has begun on the checks and balances structure of the government. The Republic is in peril; the Republic has been in peril for several years and is now cut away almost to a shadow of itself, barely functioning. I think they are carving it up in their minds, deciding who sits where forever and ever, now. In the face of this no one notices that virtually everything we believed in is dead. This is because the people who would have pointed this out are dead: mysteriously killed. It's best not to talk about this. I've tried to list the safe things to talk about, but so far I can't find any. I'm trying to learn what the Lie is or what the Lies are, but I can't even discern that any more. Perhaps I sense the Lie gone from the world because evil is so strong now that it can step forth as it is without deception. The masks are off." 

P.K. Dick; Selections From The Exegesis, quoted from:
In Pursuit Of Valis, pg.263;
Lawrence Sutin, ed. Underwood-Miller 1991.

Meanwhile, no man who stands alone can put a hault to the killing machine deep in the folds of our supremely corrupt Shadow Government, but any man who tries to speak truth to power deserves our respect and fullest support. Sometimes that means organizing, getting out onto the public streets en masse and stopping the ruthless money machine that is the current terrorist government of America. Fitzgerald's life is increasingly under threat with every step he takes in his investigations. He may choose to stop short of going all the way, may turn and take another route. That might be the wisest decision for him to make given that the two planets most active in his life right now are the catabolic and often violent planets, Mars and Pluto. One of these  -Mars- occupies the 4th House of 'final endings' in his natal chart, while together Mars and Pluto rule his Scorpio 8th House of death and/or transformation. All of us need to put our bodies on the line for Patrick Fitzgerald should he probe effectively deeper into America's Dark Side. Mario Savio, the reluctant leader of the 1964 Free Speech Movement in Berkley, California put it all together in these very direct words:

"There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part; you can't even passively take part, and you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop. And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!"



What this author (Peter Lance, below) seems to be exploring is the trail which Peter Dale Scott indicated in his briefings (cited above) to members
of Congress. The dark side of Fitzgerald appears to (finally) be getting some public exposure. Is he, in fact, "playing ball with the White House"?
And please note that when I say "White House" I mean not only Bush-Cheney-Rice-Rumsfeld-Gonzales-Gates but esssentially the White House as
SYMBOL for the center of Neocon (if you like) Corporate American Government. It includes most Democratic Senators and Representatives
from what I see. Think of the White House as the token entryway to the larger Mansion of the Pentagon-CIA complex, and imagine Senators
and representatives to be the House Servants and enablers and then I think you get a better picture of just exactly what constitutes the
American Government. Don't expect the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC or the remainder of the Corporate Media to confirm this reality because
they are like the cooking, cleaning, and serving staff of this Establishment even as the Major USA Universities and Press are its promoters.

posted November, 20, 2006.

Hear Peter refer to Lance's book and the Fitzgerald problem (again) by clicking on both these recent google videos centered upon drawing parallells
between the JFK Assasination and the 9/11 Events:

                TRIPLE CROSS
                How Bin Laden’s Master Spy Penetrated the CIA, the Green Berets and the FBI --
                And Why Patrick Fitzgerald Failed to Stop Him
                By Peter Lance

                In TRIPLE CROSS, five-time Emmy-award winning investigative reporter Peter Lance reveals how U.S. attorney Patrick Fitzgerald and the FBI’s elite bin Laden squad failed to stop Ali Mohamed, a1 Qaeda’s master spy, in the years leading up to the 9/11 attacks. Recruited as an FBI informant as early as 1992, Mohamed -- an intimate of Osama bin Laden -- was allowed to remain free for years, planning and executing multiple acts of terror, including the 1998 African embassy bombings that killed 224 and injured 4000 -- while Fitzgerald and key FBI agents did little to stop him.

                After a five-year investigation into FBI negligence on the road to 9/11, Lance reveals:

                How Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, who was directing the FBI’s elite bin Laden squad (I-49), allowed Ali Mohamed to remain an active a1 Qaeda agent despite the fact that the FBI knew he had sworn allegiance to bin Laden as early as 1993. Mohamed moved the Saudi billionaire from Afghanistan to Sudan, trained his personal bodyguard, set up a1 Qaeda terror camps in Khartoum, and trained the terrorists responsible for the 1993 WTC bombing and Day of Terror plots.
                How Fitzgerald and other top officials buried a treasure trove of a1 Qaeda-related evidence in 1996 -- including proof of a liquid-based airliner bomb plot that was a precursor to the August 2006 plot revealed by U.K. authorities. The evidence included proof of an active a1 Qaeda cell operating in NYC five years before