Patrick Fitzgerald:

A Look At His Astrological Birth Chart.

Francis Donald Grabau

Who is Patrick J.Fitzgerald ?  He's a mystery man. With my limited skills for internet research I've poked about trying to find out basic things like whether or not he's a practicing Catholic, what his views might be about abortion, what his views are on legislation such as the "Patriot Act", and whether or not he's ever said anything publicly about organizations like Opus Dei. But all my google searches have led to the same basic data, the same copies or variations of the same 'profile' over and over again. Strange. Is there no one out there investigating this investigator ?

According to the approved public profile, Mister Fitzgerald is of sterling reputation; he's got the "right stuff" being an A-ok competitive white male of Irish-American stock with an intellectual pedigree that includes a scholarship to Regis High School (a Jesuit training camp) and further education at Amherst and Harvard. If anything real of the man survived that corporate gauntlet of mental-ethical conditioning we'd have to cheer. Most likely, he's a successful man who's grasped the idea that "to get along, you have to go along". Or are there still "good guys" inside the pedigreed Establishment?

Among astrologers and their internet sites one cannot find as yet (Nov. 24, 2005) any definitive source for Patrick Fitzgerald's exact birth time. It's established fact that he was born Dec.22, 1960 in Brooklyn, New York but the exact hour and minute of his birth are unconfirmed: Claudia Dikinis of and Curtis Burns of both report his birth time as 8:53 pm  (give or take a couple of minutes) and while starcats warns the source is not certain starworldnews posts no source for that birth time at all. So what's an astrologer to do ?

A traditionally valid approach when casting the chart for a Public Personage is to cast it for High Noon on the day and year of birth aligning the Sun with the Midheaven of the chart, and that's the approach I'll use here (more or less). The argument is that such a chart speaks directly to the Public Role and Identity of the person in question since the Midheaven (or cusp of the 10th House) refers to one's "professional public persona"  -to the nature of the spiritual/alchemical "Great Work" one has incarnated to perform publicly in the current life. That understood, let us take a look at Mister Fitzgerald and his natal chart:

P.J. Fitzgerald Birth Chart

Patrick Fitzgerald Natal Chart

The overall gestalt or pattern of this chart will stand as is for the entire day on which Fitzgerald is born, so keep that in mind.

Then, note the Five-5 sided Irregular Polygon dominating the chart, the one that looks like a house with an A-frame roof; the base or foundation of the 'house' is the Trine (blue line) running from Mars in Cancer (Retrograde) to the South Lunar Node in Pisces. From the South Pisces Node moving clockwise follow the Sextile (green line) to Jupiter in Capricorn, then the Sextile from Jupiter over to Neptune in Scorpio, down another Sextile to Pluto + North Lunar Node in Virgo, finally moving back down again Sextile to where we started at Mars (Retrograde) in Cancer.

All planets in this chart are contained inside the pattern we've just traced, and also within that pattern [ functioning as a sort of 'flying buttress' ] is the Grand Trine connecting Mars, the Lunar South Node, and Neptune. This overall pattern is indicative of a well-integrated psyche capable of complex feats when organizing data and information in practical, productive ways. It's the gestalt of a pragmatic, realistic person but one that pivots around an intuitive feeling nature which tends to be hesitant and unsure of its actions due to Mars being Retrograde in a 'corner stone' position at its foundation. There is only one outstanding planet that challenges the entire edifice: Venus in Aquarius which is pointedly in 90 degree waxing square to Neptune in Pisces at the very Apex of the house-polygon. Imagine it as a kind of tautly strung wire attached to a beam in the roof while pulling downward and to the East. It disturbs the otherwise admirable integration of the house; it is of an intellectual, abstract nature (Aquarius) and it pulls against the Watery (Psychic-Intuitive) Triangle of Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer upon which the entire structure is hinged. Follow the Quincunx (lavender line) that Venus also makes with Mars (Retrograde) -one of the corner stones, I repeat, of the entire edifice- and you see added tension of an on-again, off-again nature that disturbs even further the overall pattern. Keep all this in mind, then, as we explore further, -this, the house that Patrick built.

Fitzgerald is born with his core essence, the Sun, in the very first minutes of the first degree of the sign Capricorn herein measured as O degrees 52 minutes. This degree is the traditional one given for centuries in Western Geocentric Tropical astrology as the degree marking the Galactic Center. Many 'moderns' hotly (scientifically) dispute this notion but like to call it an 'Aries' Point, the idea being that 0 + degrees of all four of the Cardinal signs are points of highly intense and active energy -they mark the Equinoxes and the Solstices. In the case of Capricorn this intensely active energy is involved with a complexity of  political-social-legal-business actions; the implication being that much political ambition is found in this degree.  Anyone witnessing Fitzgerald for the first time at his recent press conference on October 28, 2005 would immediately have felt this Capricorn intensity as he announced his Grand Jury indictments with a seriousness and focus that riveted the Nation. He was instantly (and all but unanimously) seen as a no-nonsense "Ace" of a lawyer sticking to the Saturn-Capricorn facts. He steadfastly refused to be drawn away from those facts by any discussion of the motives or purposeful strategies of those that were involved in the leaks he was appointed to investigate. Sharp. Professional. Intense, but dispassionate and bent upon legal exactitude. Voila! -his Galactic Core Essence. He summed up his position this way:

"My job is to investigate whether or not a crime is committed, can be proved, and should be charged. I'm not going to comment on what to make beyond that. You know, it's not my jurisdiction, not my job, not my judgment."

[ Source: Patrick J. Fitzgerald; Fitzgerald News Conference from (October 28, 2005)]

Fitzgerald's Natal Sun attuned to Capricorn confers upon him the sign's essentially conservative traits, but these traits are further emphasized by the fact that he is born at a time when Jupiter was rushing forward to unite with Saturn in that sign. Jupiter, the primary astrological symbol for Courts and Judges is of an expansive-liberal nature, but when found in the Saturn ruled sign of Capricorn both its innate expansiveness and its liberal-lavish tendencies tend to be rather tightly curtailed by Saturn's conservative force of focus and contraction. 

I repeat that Jupiter in conjunction with Saturn while in Saturn's own energy field will, more often than not, be held in check by Saturn's preference for strictly defined boundaries and sharp focus within the parameters of the 'Establishment' or 'Status-quo' (Capricorn). And this conjunction spans the cusp of his 11th house relationships with his legal colleagues suggesting that his natural ambition inclines him to seek and value their respect as an established, credentialed, realistic, and focused fellow professional. One wonders how he feels about Alberto Gonzales, the US Attorney General appointed by G.W. Bush, whose legal advice to Bush concerning torture and abuse of suspected "terrorists"  completely sidestepped the Geneva Conventions which Gonzales referred to as "quaint". How will Patrick Fitzgerald's professional ambition, his pronounced drive for success within the Capricorn Legal Establishment interact with the rulings of the Nation's "highest judge", the US Attorney General's ? What are Fitzgerald's values as a human being and a special prosecutor ?

To explore that issue, astrology begins by directing us to its symbol for values, the planet Venus. Fitz is born with Venus in the idealistic and often revolutionary sign of Aquarius and in his 12th house which that sign controls. This position of Venus argues that he's a high-minded man with strong progressive principles, and yet it operates in his 12th house, an area of the psyche associated with retreat from the world, with the subconscious mind, and especially with personal transformation. As an astrological rule of thumb, we say that any planet-function found in the 12th house at birth is ripe for transformation and that to be so transformed something about that function needs to be changed -usually by just letting go of an outworn expression of it. Fitz, viewed as a 10th House Public Person, needs to let go of some element of his abstract Idealism as well as his subconscious desire to retreat from his Public Persona into privacy. Certainly his current job as Special Counsel for the Grand Jury concerning leaks of secret CIA identities has placed him front and center on the International Political Stage and is sure to test both his idealistic values and his subconscious, conflicted desire to get both in and out of the limelight! And we must not forget that aside from one's values, Venus also symbolizes the nature of one's personal desires and the search for some kind of love-fulfillment in personal relating. His 10th House Chart implies that these desires and this personal search must be transformed from subconscious and non-integrated desires to conscious and fully integrated components of Fitzgerald's life. How is he doing in these more private areas of his life ?  He's taking something of a public ribbing on that score, especially since People Magazine included him in their list of the world's sexiest men calling him one of the world's "smart guys" with "incorruptible appeal". He's been publicly labeled as "Eliot Ness with a Harvard degree" and in the fast approaching 45th year of his life still remains a bachelor.  

Bachelorhood is not too hard for Venus in Aquarius to personally handle because its love is of the universal kind as are its affections, and it cherishes a certain degree of personal aloofness from others while it contemplates and enjoys an abstract love for all Humanity. But, astrologically speaking, there's a definite conflict concerning the very nature and definition of love subconsciously taking place in Fitzgerald's psyche and this conflict impacts upon his political-legal values as well. It's worth considering. Love and Values, in astro-parlance, have two distinct symbols: Venus and Neptune. While Venus primarily stands for personal love-values focused through personal ego desires, Neptune is spoken of as the "higher octave" of Venus and stands for non-ego oriented "unconditional love" and universal values. In Fitzgerald's birth chart these symbols are in waxing Square aspect to each other indicating dynamic tension between the two -some difficulty he has defining his personal desires as well as his personal values. This difficulty in Fitzgerald's case is the problem of integrating the dry mental abstractions of his Venus in Aquarius love/values with the persistently intense and sexually passionate imagination of his Neptune in Scorpio interests. Scorpio, we must never forget, is the hidden realm, the occult realm of death-sex-money interaction. Neptune in occult Scorpio square to Venus in idealistic Aquarius echoes the kind of rapturous love-death desire so erotically embodied in Wagner's Isolde as she pours forth her famous "Liebestod". It's an aria full of the deep yearning for mystical-sexual transformation characteristic of  the interaction between the 8th and 12th houses in astrology. In many ways the Love-Death theme is also the central theme of the (still lingering) Neptune informed "Age of Pisces" and its preeminent Exemplar, the Jesus Christ of Piscean Christianity. In that mythos God Himself suffers and dies for Love of Humanity.

Patrick Fitzgerald was raised as an Irish Roman Catholic. We can be fairly certain that Venus in Aquarius squaring Neptune in Scorpio inclines the Catholic Fitzgerald to resonate intensely (if only by way of earliest childhood emotional conditioning) with the sacrificial pain (Crucifixion) said to be inherent in selfless unconditional love (Jesus Christ, Crucified) as it struggles against the often personal and comfort-oriented desires of Venus. Does Fitzgerald have a subconscious desire for Self-Immolation, an urge to "sacrifice" himself on the altar of LAW or, perhaps, some other altar? In Fitz's birth chart, Venus is under much stress. While it forms no "easy" aspects such as trines or sextiles to any other planet or angle of the chart it does have additionally stressful aspects to both Mars (quincunx) and the Sun (semi-square) as well as to the 10th House Chart's Midheaven & Ascendant. Neptune, on the other hand, aside from its square aspect with Venus, forms easy sextiles and trines with a number of other planets like Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and both the Nodes of the Moon. Clearly then, it is much easier for Fitzgerald to feel Neptunian "spiritual" love than it is for him to express the personal "material" love/desires of Venus.

But if we take a deeper look at all this in the more complex light of Venus as symbol of money, relationship, and pleasure, together with Neptune as symbol of  imagination, mysticism, and self-sacrifice, we can see that Fitz is actually more at home with imaginative mysticism than he is with earning money and having intimate relationships. His Venus function is challenging his Neptune in Scorpio attunement to secrets, it wants to evaluate those secrets in terms of humanistic Aquarian ideals and then to choose a path of action. Making choices as to what to do about secrets one encounters in one's political-legal work is not, for a man like Fitzgerald, an easy or simple thing to do. This square between Venus and Neptune brings up deep ethical and moral issues for him, issues that touch upon the often subtle differences between lying and secrecy, between simple statements of truth and complex, metaphysical casuistry. The Jesuits who gave him his Regis High School scholarship no doubt familiarized Patrick with their well-documented practice of ethically dubious but brilliantly executed and hair-splitting moral casuistry.  After all, World History documents their extraordinarilly Machiavellian "gifts" in that field. But that's a story (or is it a fact) known mostly to his Hidden 12th House Self !  How might it play out in the Public Life of an Internationally spotlighted Lawyer with high ideals and pragmatic Capricorn ambitions ?

Many liberal citizens, lots of Democratic party voters, not a few Republican conservatives and a huge host of others all around the globe were hoping that Fitzgerald would bring Grand Jury indictments against Karl Rove as well as Scooter Libby and go on from there to legally reveal through the national law courts the profound corruption of the Bush-Cheney Administration which malignantly lied our Nation's way into invading war with Iraq. From there, we hoped, he could go on to actual  IMPEACHMENTS. So far, he has done no such thing. He's followed the extremely conservative approach one would expect of a man born with Sun, Saturn, and Jupiter all in the sign of status-quo Capricorn. His indictment of Libby only slightly rocked the boat. Yet the hope remains that he will continue his investigations and be able to rid our Nation's Government of the Bush crime family and the perfidious influence of the extreme right wing neo-cons by legally exposing their endless misdeeds. Many people seem to feel that Fitzgerald is not only an ace lawyer but an heroic and courageous fighter for Truth. Can one man be all that, plus a graduate of the Harvard Law School, and yet "secretly" still be an imaginative mystic ?

Courageous fighting is the energetic turf of planet Mars. Fitzgerald is born with Mars in very tight Opposition aspect with Jupiter and that push-pull combination is often the signature of a competitive fighter. But Fitzgerald's Mars expresses through the emotionally receptive and conservative sign of Cancer while his Jupiter undergoes the policing of stern Saturn in politically conservative Capricorn. On top of that, Mars is RETROGRADE in Cancer, signature of a passionately intense desire to fight -yes- but one that QUESTIONS  ITSELF. Turns in on itself. Hesitates to act until all the Jupiter/Saturn facts in Capricorn are legally defined. This approach, too, has drawn admiration and respect from a wide range of both conservatives and liberals around the country. Here's how Arianna Huffington described his work:

"Fitzgerald held his cards close today and gave no indication that Rove was on the hook for anything, giving pause to many who were hoping that he would offer some signal that Turd Blossom's goose was yet to be cooked. … 

He's not done. As he said, ' We recognize that we want to get this thing done. I will not end the investigation until I can look anyone in the eye and tell them that we have carried out our responsibility sufficiently to be sure that we've done what we could to make intelligent decisions about when to end the investigation.' … Do not make the mistake of thinking a presidential pardon will be a panacea for those involved. Fitzgerald's honorable and straightforward presentation today made it nigh impossible for the Rovians to fall  back on their old tricks and launch a smear campaign -- Chris Matthews pretty near crowned him Pope this afternoon, and any attempt at a pardon will just make Bush look like an impeachment-worthy  crook out to thwart the efforts of an honest public servant. "

[ Source: Huffington at: ]

There's no question at all, given this Mars-Jupiter dynamic, that Fitzgerald can fight for his convictions. The question is: precisely what are Fitzgerald's convictions ? What are his hidden 12th House Venus Values ? Is he sure of them himself ?  What were his earliest Irish Roman Catholic (4th House) childhood emotional conditioning patterns ?  How will they interact with his "Liebestod" impulse, his subconscious mysticism combined with his Jupiter in Capricorn conservative religious impulses?  After all, his retrograde Mars in Cancer is in waning Trine aspect to his Natal Neptune in Scorpio, but in Quincunx aspect to his Aquarius Venus which, in turn, is in challenging struggle (square) with his Neptune urge to self-immolation! He was trained in high school by an order of priests founded by the Militant Ignatius of Loyola, an ex-soldier turned priest who created his infamous "Spiritual Exercises" based upon rigorous military paradigms. These "Exercises" probably had considerable appeal to a man like Fitzgerald whose militant Mars function contests with his religious Jupiter function like the thudding beat of tympani drums underscoring the brass fanfare of Janácek's rhapsody to Taras Bulba! Is he, by any chance, a conservative Roman Catholic Warrior with secret sympathies for the cilice practices and  fascist political agenda of Pope Ratzinger's favored Opus Dei ? Well, I repeat: he knows how to keep to himself his mystical, imaginative 12th house desires. Fitzgerald's fighting Irish courage finds an easier outlet by way of Neptune than it does via Venus, and his Neptune function is operating in the occult, secrecy inclined, under-the-table realm of Scorpio giving Fitz a greater proclivity for secret actions rooted in Neptunian mystical feelings than for overt actions based upon Aquarian social ideals.

I think this is the chart of a man deeply embroiled in inner conflicts between his conservative, rational, (Capricorn) public identity and his equally conservative, but mystical (Neptune) and private (Cancer) identity. The energies of Mars move flowingly toward the mystical, self-sacrificing Neptune but function in an imbalanced, sporadic fashion with the more physical and pragmatic desires of Venus. Does he employ his out-of-balance sexual energies (Venus quincunx Mars, Venus square Neptune) in Neptunian rites of self-sacrifice, or self-punishment disguised as self-discipline ? And, if Fitz is not sympathetic to Opus Dei adherents could he, nevertheless, be blackmailed, seduced, or in danger from them and their pronounced influence within the more elitist elements of American culture such as the US Supreme Court ? What relationship exists between the ultra right-wing, Roman Catholic Opus Dei and the Protestant Dominionists ? How will Patrick Fitzgerald reconcile his combination of abstract love and humanitarianism with his professional ambition, -and his politically conservative religious mysticism ?

According to this Public Persona Chart we're looking at he's a man who thinks in both a legal and philosophical (theological?) manner; he's born with Mercury, symbol of his rational speech and thought in the sign of Sagittarius and in the 9th house as well. The trouble with this is that Religion and its theological morality are distinctly emphasized elements of Sagittarius, and its concepts of law and jurisprudence are often deeply colored by such religious morality. I haven't been able to find on the internet any account of his public stance toward abortion rights but we all know the Roman Catholic Church denounces abortion as sinful (except in rare, life or death instances) and opposes the historic US Supreme Court ruling in the Roe v Wade case. How does a Roman Catholic Irishman reconcile this US Law with traditional Catholic Doctrine, especially if that man is confused or uncertain of his values in a Venus square Neptune manner ? Reflecting again upon the fact that Fitzgerald's Jupiter (legal/religious) function falls in conservative, rule-oriented Capricorn and is intimidated/constricted by its conjunction with Saturn therein, we, the Public, need full disclosure from him of his religious-moral views. That way we can more accurately determine how those views might affect his investigations, evaluations, and application of  US Law. Fitzgerald's conservative Jupiter in Capricorn is, after all, the force that "rules" his natal Mercury in Sagittarius reflecting his Jesuit high-school education and giving him a tendency to favor the status-quo Establishment of Capricorn in his thinking. In fact, he could be or become the public defender of that Establishment. Is he liberal or conservative, a practicing or non-practicing Roman Catholic?  These are important issues, given that he was appointed as "special counselor" by the conservative, dominionist, Bush team. 

Not too long ago, Mister Fitzgerald spoke out in Chicago against a City Council resolution attempting to repeal sections of the USA PATRIOT ACT  which they felt violated areas of the Constitution. They ultimately succeeded in their efforts but with no help from Patrick Fitzgerald:

"U.S. Attorney for Northern Illinois, Patrick Fitzgerald, obeying Attorney General John Ashcroft’s order to defend the Patriot Act, gave a long and inaccurate defense of the Act, causing laughter when he admitted that he himself really does not know what all is in it. Fitzgerald then received a harsh grilling from Aldermen Moore and Lyle.

Between the hearing and the vote six days later, opponents of the resolution worked to derail it. These included not only Fitzgerald but also Chicago’s conservative Democratic Mayor Richard M. Daley and the powerful Chicago Tribune newspaper. The day before the vote, the Tribune afforded Fitzgerald the privilege of a lengthy op-ed piece, in which he repeated the majority of the misleading statements he had made in his testimony – too late for any printed rejoinder. "

[ Source: Emile Schepers, Peoples Weekly News; ]

These events took place on October 1, 2003 quite some time before Fitzgerald became the celebrated "hero" of the media at his press conference in October of 2005. They give us some insight into Fitz's Mercury-Jupiter-Capricorn inclinations and certainly underline the leaning he exhibits toward conservative Establishment values. Apparently, he is in favor of the infamous Patriot Act legislation shoved through Congress right after the events of 9/11. But we are not limited to second hand reporting regarding Fitzgerald's views on the Patriot Act, we have some fragment of his own official views as posted on the internet:

APRIL 28,2005


Mr. Chaimlan, members of the Committee, thank you for asking me here today. I very much look forward to this opportunity to discuss with you how the efforts of the United States Attorney's Offices in the investigation and prosecution of terrorists have changed since the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act ("Patriot Act") and, in particular, section 218 of the Patriot Act which helped to dismantle what was formerly known as "the wall" between intelligence and law enforcement.

I will state up front that I firmly believe that the Patriot Act contained the single most important and necessary change in American law as it effects national security over the last decade, and that is section 218, which played a critical role in ending the artificial "wall" between intelligence and law enforcement personnel. As a prosecutor who has worked on terrorism matters for over ten years now, I thank you on behalf of federal prosecutors, FBI agents and the public for that long overdue change that has made America safer. "

[Source: Patrick Fitzgerald: ]

While section 218 of the Patriot Act may have the merits Fitzgerald sites it is merely a fragment and hardly the essence of that tyrannous act of legislation. Can Fitzgerald site this fragment in justification of its merits and totally overlook the fact that the essence of the Patriot Act extensively undermines the civil liberties of all Americans ? This brings us to the problems inherent in Fitzgerald's birth chart where we find the planet Pluto retrograde and tightly conjunct his Lunar North Node in Virgo. Several internet astrologers have celebrated this feature of Fitz's chart claiming it highlights his capacity for thorough, deep investigation of details. It certainly does that. It gives him rather "obsessive-compulsive" involvement with Virgo specifics via collation of endless details. It gives him Virgo 6th house "workaholic" inclinations. And all these traits were boldly in evidence, as numerous astrologers have pointed out, on the day of his public press conference when transiting Pluto was conjunct his natal Mercury of thought and speech!  But his natal Pluto + Lunar North Node conjunction in Virgo also carries with it the notorious temptation to focus so obsessively on the specific trees as to be unable to see the greater forest!  Hence, we find Mister Fitzgerald siting section 218 of the Patriot Act as a wonderful tool for his investigations while failing to comment on (does he even see ?) the Patriot Act as a whole.

Of course, when the Lunar North Node falls in Virgo its South Node must, perforce, fall in Pisces -and in Fitz's case in his 12th house in Pisces!  Since the informing force of Pisces is Neptune, this brings us back to his natal Venus in square aspect to that Neptune force. Once again we are looking at Fitzgerald's Neptunian-Piscean confusion and his conflicts over Aquarian VALUES. What does he really want, love, desire, and value ? Not just personally, for himself, but collectively for all of Aquarian (Anti-Establishment) society ? 

Clearly the Lunar South Node focused in the 12th house along with Venus, the Moon itself, and Chiron tends to desire withdrawal from Public Life. It wants to "retreat" -and in the context of the life of a man who is born an Irish Roman Catholic that word "retreat" resonates with a certain religious ambiance  -we catch a whiff  within it, perhaps, of the celebrated "odor of sanctity". That "odor" in Fitzgerald's case has about it all the subtle secrets of Neptune in Scorpio, all the gothic death-trappings and morbid fixations of medieval "flagellants"; it tends to glamorize dark agony and suffering as "spiritual". The specter of "Opus Dei" and its recently cannonized but fascist "Saint"  -Jose Maria Escriva-  attracts our attention again along with the practice of self-inflicted pain via the order's love of the cilice exposed to public awareness through Dan Brown's popular book, The Da Vinci Code. 'Saint' Escriva  wrote, in his holy book, The Way,  -not A Way, you understand, but The Way!  as follows:

"Blessed be pain.
Loved be pain.
     Sanctified be pain.
     Glorified be pain."

Indeed, he described his Opus Dei order as, " …an intravenous injection in the bloodstream of society. "  Escriva further asked this question:  " If you realize that your body is your enemy, and an enemy of God's glory, why do you treat it so softly? "

It's the kind of question that a 12th house Venus in Aquarius might well ask of an 8th house Neptune in Scorpio!  What evil lurks in the hearts of men ?  THE SHADOW  knows. And according to his 10th House, Public Persona chart, Fitzgerald's SHADOW is a Venus ruled Libra affair. Libra is the sign of relationships and marriage but it's also the sign of counseling and LAW. Therefore, in the analogical language of astrology we can argue that in the case of Patrick J. Fitzgerald the LAW itself is his SHADOW!  We are speaking of the "shadow function" of the psyche as described by Carl Jung, the aspect of the Ego-Identity that is less consciously developed.

With Aries rising on his Ascendant Fitz is a self-directed, self-absorbed man, and properly so; but his opposite Descendant function in Venus ruled Libra depicts his less conscious mode of relating to others. Fitzgerald chooses to relate to others primarily through his practice of Law, and Venus in square to Neptune suggests that he may sometimes do so as a form of Neptunian escapism and avoidance. I repeat that the man is a 44 year old Irish Roman Catholic bachelor whom the media describes as so involved in his legal work that he has no time or interest in personal relationships. What about sex ? Is he purely androgynous ? Is he genuinely a-sexual ? What is he doing with his Neptune function in sexy Scorpio ?  What is he doing with his Aquarian Venus function in stressful quincunx aspect to Mars retrograde in Cancer ?  Are we to assume that he never masturbates ?  If he does, and if he's a practicing Catholic, then he's a serious Sinner judged as Guilty in the hands of the Ultimate, Authoritative, Capricorn Court of GodWhat are his Neptune in Scorpio sexual fantasies like ?  Does he "sacrifice" his sexuality on the celibate altar of the old Piscean Catholic God ?  And if so, just how so ? Does he just "escape" his sexuality by plunging into work as distraction, or is his sexuality somehow part of that work?  And if the latter is the case, in what fashion, HOW does his sexuality flow into and color his legal work ?

These are not prurient issues nor are they sensationalistic questions intended to voyeuristically fantasize about or probe into the personal sexual life of Patrick Fitzgerald. One's sexuality can be validly redirected into other channels of expression, or even employed in Tantric fashion to energize other areas of one's consciousness. I think that is probably the case with Fitzgerald. I think his sexual energies are mostly channeled into his passionately public legal work. But I also think that he employs these energies in the obsessive-compulsive manner derived from his Pluto function being conjunct his Lunar North Node in the analytical, introspective sign of Virgo. It's also the sign of self-discipline. Cilice ?

Virgo is the penultimate symbol of the Virgin and Roman Catholicism teaches as a required article of  faith the Absolute Dogma of the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ, SAVIOUR of the Piscean Age. Fitzgerald's Lunar Nodes in Pisces and Virgo can easily engage him in acting out the Suffering Saviour as an Archetypal theme in his life and work. He can be confusedly drawn toward the self-effacing hard work of the "lay" (non-ordained) Saint, the very theme of Opus Dei. He lives in "secret" RETREAT  from the Public World through his obsessive-compulsive work and is "confused" about his values. But so conservative a man as Fitzgerald would need to seek some "rules" or "laws"  -some Saturn Authority-  to help him out of his private personal confusion both on sexual and spiritual levels. Confusion and Uncertainty are well nigh unbearable to the kind of conservative/righteous man he is -or, at least, the kind he publicly appears to be. His need for Righteous Authority makes him vulnerable to right-wing Catholicism and to organizations like the FBI and the CIA. What, I publicly wonder again, are Fitzgerald's deep views on Opus Dei, on Abortion, on Individual rights and liberties?  More importantly, perhaps, how does he FEEL about these issues ?

Feelings, in the symbolism of astrology, are largely indicated by the Moon -its natal position by sign and aspects. Lacking the exact hour and minute of Fitzgerald's birth we run into pronounced difficulties here. During the 24 hour day of his birth the Moon moved from very late Aquarius well into Pisces. If Fitz was born any time that day before about 11:50 am the Moon would have been in feelingly detached Aquarius, but any time later places it in Neptune's sign, Pisces. Let's briefly consider each possibility.

Born, as I'm inclined to think (and as his 10th House Public Persona Chart requires) with his Moon in Pisces, Fitzgerald would be a man whose feelings are very malleable. His feeling expression would dove-tail with the classical description of the Pisces Moon as variable and like unto the chameleon which sympathetically changes color to merge with every distinct milieu into which it enters. He'd be something of a natural "shape shifter". He could sympathetically resonate with the feeling needs of anyone with whom he comes into contact. But, he'd also be heavily influenced by his natal Neptune in Scorpio (ruler of the Pisces Moon) and thereby inclined to keep his confused personal feelings secret. He'd be a man prone to intrigues. A man very interested in and involved with both secret (Scorpio) and occult (Scorpio) groups ( Aquarius; Venus in Aquarius, square to Neptune in Scorpio). His Moon would be aligned with the "default" feelings of its South Node in that very same sign, and those are the feelings of the Piscean Age dominated by the Catholic Church and its Saviour-Victim, Jesus Christ. He'd be attuned to the "self-effacement" of Neptune and Pisces. Again ( for me at least ) this brings up questions of self-discipline and self-effacement via tools like the cilice and organizations such as Opus Dei. 

After all, Fitzgerald was a star pupil at the "very special" Regis High School run by the Jesuits. Here's a simple observation (meant to be positive) of one of his internet admirers concerning "Retreats" at Jesuit schools. I can  personally attest to the truth of this description myself, having graduated from the Jesuit College called Loyola in Maryland:

"We took theology for four years. We attended Mass daily. We had annual Loyolan retreats. If you’ve never experienced a Loyolan Retreat, it’s a cross between a primitive initiation rite, 17th century Spanish military training, and scientific brainwashing. The individual is stripped down to the bare essentials of his character and a new individual is built up. It’s grueling, horrifying, and rewarding."


Let me hasten to add concerning this description that I'm NOT of the opinion that these experiences are at all "rewarding" though I'd underscore the words "military", "brainwashing", and "horrifying" -but hey, you gotta go along to get along!  I could certainly see how such negative Pisces conditioning could entrap a man whose natal Moon fell in Pisces along with that man's Lunar South Node, especially since Neptune, ruling planet of both that Moon and South Node falls in Scorpio and is actionally challenged by his personal, idealistic value system. What's that old movie called, The Manchurian Candidate ?

On the other hand, were his Moon found to be in Aquarius at the exact hour and minute of his birth, he'd be inclined to feel both idealistically and with pronounced detachment. Such a Moon at birth would be conjunct the People of the United States represented by the Moon in the Nation's birth chart found at 27+ degrees of Aquarius. He'd be inclined to act as a champion of the People in all his legal, investigative work. The masses would rally round him celebrating him as their HERO. Indeed, I've personally received emails from Aquarian "New Agers" who think that Patrick J. Fitzgerald is being mystically-occultly "overshadowed" by the Spirit of John Fitzgerald Kennedy who is personally guiding and inspiring Patrick ( does the 'J' in Patrick's name stand for John, they ask ... ) helping him to uncover all the hidden doings of the secret cabal running the Shadow Government. They seem to expect he'll even uncover and publicly disclose the truth about Kennedy's assassination. This is an example of just how IDEALISTIC the Moon in Aquarius can be!

Yet even if Fitz was born with his Moon in Aquarius the situation is not so "pure" as all that for this is the sign also bearing the complex impact of his Venus and Chiron functions. Chiron in Aquarius is indicative of both a social wound and a social healing gift. It indicates simultaneous desire for, and fear of social attention, social gatherings, social groups. Remember, this is a 12th house Chiron wounded healer's gift involved with a need for both transformation and RETREAT.  Most tellingly this Chiron at 28+ degrees of Aquarius is in Opposition aspect to the planet that rules its sign, Uranus  -found Retrograde at 25+ degrees of Leo, in the sign of its fall or detriment! For those not altogether familiar with astrology, let's take some time to explore just what this means.

Uranus symbolizes the unique genius of each individual; it's all about freedom from standards, norms, rules and laws. It's energy is sporadic, sudden, electrical, and as symbol of individual freedom and independence it "rules" the sign of Aquarius  -a sign of the zodiac which is all about groups of such EQUALLY independent individuals coming together to collaborate within an idealistic, reformative, social context. But the sign Leo, wherein Uranus is found at Fitzgerald's birth, is the sign of the full-blown expression of the Individual Ego in show-stopping, dramatic gestures of self-confident leadership. Uranus in Leo is in its "detriment" because leaders are not equal in so far as they lead. Uranus easily becomes eccentric (rather than unique) in Leo because it tends to electrify the Individual Ego causing it to dramatically stand out and apart from others resulting in disequilibrium within the collective.  <>Uranus in Leo found in anyone's birth chart functions as a warning to that person that he must curb his eccentricities, must stop insisting on his uniqueness at the expense of effective group work and mutual collaboration. In Fitz's birth chart  (where it opposes 12th house Chiron in Aquarius from 6th house Leo) Uranus warns of isolating eccentricity stemming from frustrated (because unrealized) desires to lead groups and champion social reform. This is a man who unduly cherishes his own way of doing things at the expense of equal collaboration with others. But it's also an indication that Fitzgerald distrusts or feels guilty about his own freedoms, distrusts or feels ashamed of the REBEL within him who is seriously wounded because terribly intimidated by his conservative, authority-craving (Capricorn) core sense of self.  Patrick J. Fitzgerald is a man who, as "special counsel" has been given PLENARY POWERS to pursue his investigation anywhere it may lead him but seems to choose to limit (Saturn-Capricorn) those powers to isolated events, facts, details unable or unwilling to see the forest for the trees. John W. Dean III (Yes, that Dean!) in an "Open Letter" to Fitzgerald posted on the internet put it this way:

"In your post as Special Counsel, you now have nothing less than authority of the Attorney General of the United States, for purposes of the investigation and prosecution of "the alleged unauthorized disclosure of a CIA employee's identity." …On December 30, 2003, you received a letter from the Deputy Attorney General regarding your powers. On February 6, 2004 you received a letter of further clarification, stating without reservation, that in this matter your powers are "plenary."
In effect, then, you act with the power of the Attorney General of  the United States. …

In light of your broad powers, the limits and narrow focus of your investigation are surprising. On October 28 of this year, your office released a press statement in which you stated that "A major focus of the grand jury investigation was to determine which government officials had disclosed to the media prior to July 14, 2003, information concerning Valerie Wilson's CIA affiliation, and the nature, timing, extent, and purpose of such disclosures …

If, indeed, that is the major focus of your investigation, then your investigation is strikingly limited, given your plenary powers. To be a bit more blunt, in historical context, it is certainly less vigorous an investigation than those of your predecessors who have served as special counsel -- men appointed to undertake sensitive high-level investigations when the Attorney General of the United States had a conflict of interest. ...

While I have no reason to believe you are easily intimidated, all I can say is that your investigation, thus far, is falling precisely within the narrow confines -- the formula procedure -- that was relied upon in the first phase of the Watergate cover-up by the Nixon administration. … With all due respect, Mr. Fitzgerald, I believe you are being had. I believe that you were selected with the expectation that you would conduct the narrowest of investigations, and it seems you have done just that.

The leak of Valerie Wilson's status did not occur in a vacuum. Republicans in Congress do not want to know what truly happened. You are the last, best hope of the American people in this regard. I can tell you, as someone who travels about the country, that Americans -- regardless of their political disposition -- are deeply troubled by this case. And, increasingly so, by the limits you have apparently placed on your investigation.

                        To right-minded Americans, the idea that Administration officials have betrayed their national security obligations, yet remain in their jobs, is nothing short of appalling. Beyond politics is patriotism: Patriotic Americans want to see you not only prosecute those who compromised and endangered Valerie Plame Wilson, but also force the Administration to clean house with respect to those who did this, which you can accomplish through appropriate civil action."

[ Source: John W. Dean; ]
All underlining and bold type for EMPHASIS by Francis D. Grabau

As of November 27, 2005 when I am writing this article most people around the Nation are waiting expectantly to see how Fitzgerald's investigation will proceed. If it will proceed. People are hoping against all reasonable evidence to the contrary that the Special Counselor will 'save' America. Hoping that he's not just another tie-and-suit white man happy to have dragged his poor, Brooklyn ass through Amherst and then Harvard Law School into the higher seats of  Ivy-League-White-Man-Power. After all, the corporate media haltingly tell us the approved story of how he worked his way up the ladder being a door man for the upper class just like his dad did before him. He's a hard working man of the people, a white knight arriving on his steed just in time to save the day. But these are Mickey Mouse notions.

Fitzgerald is no doubt a conventionally decent and good man, -within the parameters of his hard working, conservative nature. He's probably even a moral man, in so far as morality can be understood by the laws of authoritative religions. But there are few signs in his birth chart suggesting the kind of heroics many people imagine him capable of performing. The fact that his Mercury function in Sagittarius is applying to a waxing Trine aspect with his Uranus function in Leo is the only sign of daring heroics or unconventional ( anti 'status-quo' and 'establishment' ) thought I can see in his birth chart. Maybe you can see more, but I can't. This Mercury-Uranus relationship speaks of a mind that is quick, bright, able to think idealistically. Yet that idealism is focused through what looks to be a philosophically religious 'Mercury in Sagittarius Mind' ruled by the conservatively religious impulses of a Jupiter in Capricorn sense of social justice. This is how that mind reasons when he talks:

"I can't give you answers on what we know and don't know, other than what's charged in the indictment. It's not because I enjoy being in that position. It's because the law is that way. I actually think the law should be that way. We can't talk about information not contained in the four corners of the indictment."

[ Fitzgerald News Conference from (October 28, 2005) ]

This is the language of the obedient servant of the LAW; his not to reason why, his but to enforce the LAW. He is in every conscious way a reasonable man. His feelings, whether the Moon be in Aquarius or Pisces at the (as yet undetermined) exact minute of his birth, are operating subconsciously in a 12th house manner [according to his 10th House, Public Persona Chart] and it is those feelings which are subconsciously defining the parameters of his thought. Those feelings are polarized along the axis of the Moon's Nodes from Pisces to Virgo, from Irish Catholic self-sacrifice to good old American hard work. With Pluto on the Virgo North Node of Feeling he will most likely, in obsessive-compulsive fashion, sacrifice his wounded feelings to his work.

It is the very Principle of Individuality, URANUS, that is caught up by Opposition aspect in his secret wound, -a wound so secret even he (most probably) doesn't know it's there. Nor does he fathom its true nature. To do so, Fitzgerald would need to overcome his earliest childhood's emotional conditioning as an Irish Roman Catholic and gaze into the 'Dark Night' of his Soul. He'd have to dive into the secretive depths of Neptune in Scorpio which hold the key to his Pisces South Lunar Node Habits, his 'past-life' programming. But past lives are taboo to traditional Roman Catholic Doctrine. So, don't hold your breath waiting for him to make that journey.

In my judgement, Patrick J. Fitzgerald is a man of secrets who counsels in the realm of secrets. He believes those secrets are sacrosanct, holy, to be held as close as cards. He lives in a house of cards, a strange kind of 'Ivy-League-Frat-House'  -a very 'well-integrated' house made of especially occult cards. Mysterious Neptune in Scorpio hovers like an impenetrable fog over the roof of that house. It's a house built upon a foundation of passionately shifting and mysterious sands. It's not a home. And somewhere deep down in the basement of that house lies a buried saint. Still alive, but buried  -mumbling to himself over and over again: 'Glorified be pain, Blessed be pain!'  Suffering for a sick god. Hoping he'll be cannonized. Intent upon driving all the devil's slimy snakes out of Ireland. Peace be unto you, Saint Patrick. And here's a tip, -watch out for that officially hired "Devil's Advocate" taking the form of Edgar A. Poe, prowling around in your dark basement, intoning aloud "The Tell-Tale Heart".

Requiescat in pacem!

Addenda: Charts.

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2) Opus Dei: Natal Chart click here.
(estimated time of Vision from Escriva's writings; "after Morning Mass, October 2, 1928, Madrid Spain" )

3) Fitzgerald biwheel USA Chart click here.

4) Escriva-Opus biwheel click here.

5) Fitzgerald-Escriva-Opus triwheel click here.

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