Francis Donald Grabau

"We haven't escaped the oppression and abuses of authority: we have only
to the authorities who decide what we will be allowed to know.
we were concerned with oppression by the State. Now
we can look forward to
oppression by the State and by those
"responsible journalists"

who have
lucked into the story of a lifetime,
which they then stripped of almost all

meaning and impact.
Excerpt from: "Edward Snowden,Tattletale" by Arthur Silber

Introductory Note: Obtuse Apologia. Catch 22.
June, 2015

Whatever you do don't read this article. It's too long. You'll lose
your mind! It's not politically correct, and it isn't written in the
current fashion of adherence to all the Saturn-ian rules of
brief, concise "good writing". There, you've been warned.

But, of course, if you have even the slightest contact with the energies
symbolized by the planet Uranus you may defy this absurd warning
and read on. See, I 'hooked' you; or maybe not. It's a cheap
literary 'trick'.

Like the cheap 'tricks' which are the bread and butter of agencies such as The Federal Reserve,
the NSA, the CIA,
and Booz-Allen-Hamilton as well as folks like Edward Snowden who says
he has and (
maybe) still does work for all or some of them. He will be the subject of my
musings. The subject of your musings, too, if you keep reading... because Snowden,
just like you and me, does not live alone in the Universe nor even in this World.
He has chosen to out himself, to very publicly go and "whistleblow", to call
the whole World's attention (including yours and mine) to himself,
and to the fact that...

(prepare yourself -once more- for this shocking revelation)

all our Corporate Governments all over the World are "spying" on each other
and on us. Imagine that! Spying on US! They are routinely but secretly
collecting all our interpersonal communications, phone calls, emails,
bills, travel tickets, medical records, etc. for reasons unknown to
anybody. Except themselves, of course. But even they say they
don't know why they're doing this except that maybe it might
someday somehow help them find and prosecute some very
bad people they call...


It has not escaped most people's awareness that they themselves are the very Terrorists they're looking for.

And only a mentally dysfunctional person would believe them when they say
they're collecting all the facts they can about each and every one of us
for benign, positive reasons. No, neither their intentions nor their
means are in any way 'positive'. They are methodically organizing
their perceived 'inventory' (which just happens to be all of us)
for purposes concerned with making profits.

They're playing power games as all Terrorists must since by definition terrorists are people creating and imposing terror, fear,
violence, death, poverty, and radical control on all those around them. They see it as a 'game' and they always need to win
that game using every 'trick' they know, so they always cheat. They lie, steal, and kill to win the game and take
the 'prize' which, again, just happens to be all of us as well as every square inch of Earth, every Mountain,
River, and Stream, every farm, house, tree, bird, cow, horse... nothing and no one is allowed to escape
the clutches of their frenzied Terror. That's just the nature of their Business....
Corporate Terrorist Government.

Obviously, these people are the sworn enemies of Life. They must be stopped and prosecuted
because they are the very origin and source of all the Terror they fund, control, and execute
and they know it. So do we.

But they can't prosecute themselves, can they ? They can't just let that huge cat of theirs
out of the bag, it has already morphed into a rabid, wounded Puma. It will tear them to
pieces with its angry claws and strong teeth and then whatever will they do?  Their
dilemma calls for some kind of quick, radical solution. Ah, so just like me they
desperately pull another cheap 'trick' out of their hats...

The Commercial Finesse of Edward Snowden

MODERATOR: Panel, please settle down and put on your blindfolds. Okay, now ...
Enter, and sign in please 'Mystery Guest', and let our Celebrity TV Panel
ask you some questions to play our witty game and guess
your line of work.

PANEL TO MYSTERY GUEST: Does your line of work have anything at all -whatsoever- to do with 'cats' or 'bags' ?
No. (chuckles)
Does it concern providing a service to the public?
Does the public pay you for this service?
Oh, well, then do you just give this service away for free?
Are you a philanthropist ? Is that your Line of work ?
No....Yes, well it depends....

Let our Moderator MC host address our panel briefly, just for purposes of clarification....

MODERATOR: Panel, while our Mystery Guest would not normally call himself a professional Philanthropist, he
might...under certain circumstances act in what could be called a "Philanthropic" capacity by providing the Public
with a certain "service" or "services" that could be given freely but would not require
of him that he call himself
a "Philanthropist"....isn't that right, Mystery Guest ? 

(Yes, plus knowing nod from Mystery Guest to Moderator.)

PANEL: Thank you. Well, then...does this "service" or these "services" you provide freely to the Public have anything
at all to do with giving them certain kinds of Information ? Maybe important information?
Are you a Weather Forecaster?
Do you provide this free information in person to other individuals ?
Do you ever provide it by telephone or telegraph ? 
Oh, only sometimes... well do you ever provide this important free information to large public assemblies of people?
Yes. Sometimes.
Do you address these public assemblies at convention halls, in public libraries or theaters?
Have you ever appeared 'Live' on National Television ?
Yes...No...well, sometimes. It depends on what you mean by....

MODERATOR: Panel, let me try to clarify things here. I believe our Mystery Guest means to say that the word "Live"
in the context in which you are using it might be misconstrued were he to answer "Yes" since sometimes he might
appear on a National Television Broadcast by way of pre-recorded means from unknown
locations while at other
times or on other occasions his broadcasted appearances might not have been
pre-recorded and in that sense
might be called 'Live'. Isn't that right, Mystery Guest.


PANEL: Oh, well then Mystery Guest, are you a professional teacher or a movie star, or political personage?
No. Yes... I mean I'm just a regular guy. I do care about Politics but...

Okay, so is this information you provide freely to the public primarily of a Political nature or is it Entertainment ?

I'd say the information I provide is primarily Political but some people might find it entertaining.

Okay, so are you maybe a Political Satirist, or a Social Comedian, do you use things like costumes, music, lighting effects during these public presentations ?

No. I mean, yes of course, there are lights involved, but they're strictly for purposes of illumination -not theatrical in their nature.

Then, would you say you are a Public Lecturer?


Well, how do you deliver this free information.... in writing, or do you speak it ?

I do both.

Oh, I see, so while you do speak in Public to the Public about this information you are not a Public Lecturer. And you say you aren't a Social Comedian or a Political Satirist. So, what are you then, a Public Speaker ?
Yes. No. I mean I don't Lecture to the Public.

Well does this free information you give away by speaking and writing... concern yourself, or some organization you work for?
Yes. An organization I work for. I mean what's important is the information I give, not myself.

But you do sometimes freely give to the Public information about yourself ?
Yes. I suppose so, but only inadvertently.

I see, so...are you by any chance in the advertising field?

Do you now, or have you ever before possibly worked for the Government ?

Well, do you get this information which you provide freely to the Public from the Government ?

So, is your Line ...uh, ...Propaganda ? Are you a professionally paid Government Propagandist?
No. I'm just a regular citizen.

Are you paid by anyone to give this information freely to the Public ?

But you do say you get this information from the Government.

So, are you saying you think the information you get from the Government is not Propaganda but...what ? Simply important truth ?

I see, so then
you don't think you might ever accidentally be giving away ....official Government Lies?
No. Yes. I mean ....I freely give the Public truths that the Government keeps secret.'re saying you know the difference between secret Government truths and secret Government lies?

Well can you tell us HOW you are able to discern the difference between the two ?
No, I'm sorry but I'm not at liberty to tell you how I know the difference. I mean
the process is quite complex and we just don't have the time here and now to...

Okay, then, well... what if you were to accidentally but freely give away both the Governments lies and its truths. How would the Public know which is which ?
I'm sorry, I'm afraid I don't understand your question. I've already told you...
MODERATOR: I'd like to remind the members of our Celebrity Panel that this is a Tv Show, not an Inquisition.
We don't want to be rude or accusatory to our gracious Mystery Guest, so I'd appreciate it
-and I'm sure our Tv audience would too- if our esteemed Panel would please keep their
questions in line with the entertainment goals of our game. Now, can we proceed ?
Go ahead, Miss Kilgalllen....

PANEL:  Thank you, Moderator.
I'm terribly sorry. I guess I just got a bit caught up in the excitement of my probing.
But, okay, so I think I've got it now...

You, Sir, must be the infamously celebrated, Citizen Four called Edward Snowden. Is that your Line ?

Yes. I mean No. I mean that's my name, but I don't see the relevance of my name. You still haven't guessed what my "Line" is, have you? What's important on this show is not my name or identity. What's important is that I freely give the Truth to the Public.
It's the Secret Information I give that's important. Not me.
The point of this show is for you to guess and tell
the viewers What's My Line ?

Well, okay then, certainly... since you're Edward-Citizen-Four-Snowden you're a trained and publicly self-confessed CIA SPY....
so I've guessed your Line. You are a certified, Government approved Whistleblower
and the information you freely give
to the Public is officially "vetted" information, it's Disinformation!
You're a paid liar, Sir, that's your Line of Work.

Loud, prolonged audience Applause, whistles, cat calls, foot-stomping !!!   (Yeah, sure, if only in my dreams.)

O 'Stopette' ! O 'Finesse' !  O my God, what have I written here ! Heresy ! Delirium ! Pure Poppycock !

I seem to have dozed off into some crazy-hazy dream of a commercial. I was thinking (deeply, I thought)
about hats and the tricks sometimes pulled out of them, when all of a sudden I found myself
gawking at black and white Tv from the late Fifties and there was that cunning woman,
Dorothy Kilgallen, wearing her celebrity mask... rudely interrogating Ed Snowden
about what his line of work is, which I'm sure could never have happened
since Ed wasn't even born yet way back then. But who the hell cares
anyway what a crazy-hazy old man dreams about some
clown of a
lanky-danky whistleblower,
or some equally ridiculous politically
murdered gossip columnist from the faraway Filthy Fifties !

Or the Hippy-Dippy Sixties....O, Camelot! ... Assasination. Murder. What do
the simple folk do, they must have a system or two....tra la la.

Look, I'm just trying to free myself from deeply inculcated rules of thinking and writing so what I write here
will waver and weave from attempts to be strictly analytical regarding astrological and political specifics
to the other extreme of giving lyric vent to my feeling-intuitions using the certified birth charts of
Edward Snowden
and 'America' to anchor the whole effort in a shameless display of ....
what... ?

not exactly pure self-indulgence but not wholly not that either. I shall be playing, very seriously with whimsy
while fighting my own internalized censors. You should also know I'm writing all this stuff "episodically"...
you know, one episode after another, as I have time and access to shelter, electricity... that sort of
thing. So it's gonna be a bit like one of those early "picaresque" novels.. only it's in the odd form
of episodic mini-somethings ...what ? Essays? No. Maybe just 'blurbs' or 'vignettes'. Let me
steal a phrase without putting ugly quotes around it... I am, and shall long be exploring...
Fragments of a Faith Forgotten.

I can offer you, aside from astrological facts and analysis regarding Snowden and the current state of American Society, a heap
of related melodrama verging on opera. Think of what you read here as garbled notes scribbled intermittently by someone
undergoing the initial onslaught of an epileptic seizure, or think of it as your favorite cat or dog trying to cough up
a furball.....

Now, given that we're all faced with absolutely critical ecological, political, spiritual and social issues
which are profoundly affecting our lives, issues such as the implosion of language and the
incremental collapse of the Global
Corporate Monetary system, the threat of
nuclear war
over Ukraine-Syria-Iran-Yemen-Russia, and the very real
possibility that past and still ongoing events at Fukushima in Japan
and the WIPP site in New Mexico mark the start of a probable

global Life Extinction Event (ELE), it more than just annoys me
that I find myself still "obsessed" with and writing again about....
Edward Snowden, the "Tattletale" !
  So please do understand that it's not Ed himself with whom I'm 'obsessed'

according to some of my 'friends', not me) but the SIGNIFICANCE of his
  Public Role
and Persona in the unfolding
of current events. It's bitter
  or semi-sweet relevance to all of US.

  That's why I'm
seeking to explore the astro-dynamics of his psyche
  in so
far as possible (and without the clarifying advantage of any
  personal dialogue with him) so that
I can take a look at it
   in the context of ourselves as his fellow citizens
  and the 'American" Empire 
as that Corporate Monstrosity can be viewed
  through the birth chart of the USA
at the time of the signing of the
  Declaration Of Independence (Rudhyar Chart).

Given the fact of my own personally
obstreperous nature, this complex process will take a fair amount of words
I'll just try to get on with it now.
O, but one more thing. The politics and psychology of the whole Snowden vs NSA farce is really not my cup of tea. I don't like to talk about politics, technology, money or so-called "reality" and I think "secrets" are ultimately useless; just games we all play to obtain what we think of as "power". So, as you read what follows don't expect me to document or prove every fact or opinion I present. That would make this writing longer by far than it already is. But do note that whenever you see any word or phrase UNDERLINED it's a "link" (click on it) leading you to lots of facts, myths, and often fascinating details I would otherwise never have time to discuss or even hint at. Follow the links if you want more information. That said, my friend, welcome to a long, 'fun-filled' and challenging adventure in reading...

so who is Snowden ?  I think he's a young man who has become a delusional and fictionally fabricated American Myth:

"Yossarian felt his heart stop, then pound so violently he found it difficult to breathe. Snowden
was wounded inside his flak suit. Yossarian ripped open the snaps of Snowden's flak suit and
heard himself scream wildly as Snowden's insides slithered down to the floor in a soggy
pile and just kept dripping out...

'I'm cold,' Snowden whimpered, 'I'm cold...'

Yossarian was cold, too, and shivering uncontrollably. He felt goose pimples
clacking all over him as he gazed down despondently at the grim secret
Snowden had spilled all over the messy floor
. It was easy to read
the message in his entrails.

Man was matter, that was Snowden’s secret. Drop him out a window
and he’ll fall. Set fire to him and he’ll burn. Bury him and he’ll rot,
like other kinds of garbage. The spirit gone, man is garbage.

That was Snowden’s secret.
Ripeness was all.
" Joseph Heller, Catch22

Initiated in November, 2014. Return (Click-Here) To Parts One & Two of Ed Snowden's Chart Analysis.

OK, so at this point it's been two years since I wrote my extremely credulous and overwhelmingly positive original analysis (see here) of the birth chart of Edward Snowden and very few actual documents have been released from the huge stash Snowden reportedly turned over to Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and others. The "leaking" has been slow while lucrative film and book deals profiting folks like Poitras and Greenwald have rapidly manifested. Snowden, himself, has made many appearances on the Internet and some in Mainstream Media and I have been trying to clarify for myself why I feel such a growing concern about his social and political views. I still see him as something of a "Hero" ...still admire his courage (?), but I cannot dismiss the fact that his "whistleblowing" has been -at his own request and through his own compliance- quite effectively contained.

" ... It’s rather naive, and maybe even grandiose for people on the left to think that on the rare occasions when
their concerns land on successive front pages of The New York Times and on CNN, this is due to the

supernatural savvy of a Greenwald, rather than that people in high places are very ok with certain
information getting out and certain debates taking place....

Hey, maybe we’re having this debate because people in high places want us to!

(Source: The Rancid Honeytrap)

The kind of public "DEBATE" Snowden said he hoped would happen
has, indeed, happened. But it's not a real debate, in my opinion, it's just an increasingly boring and dull but perfectly contained and controlled discussion of the kind that renders the otherwise vitally important topic of the rise of Capitalistic Fascist governments and militarized police states throughout the "Corporately Owned Democratic West" a moot topic. Edward Snowden says he's pleased with these results and his political refugee status has been extended to allow him to continue to live and work in Russia for three more years. His girl friend (partner) has been allowed to join him and I'm glad they are both safe and well.

But I've found too many of Snowden's political comments made since this highly publicized series of events began to be far from what I had anticipated. He is certainly NOT, as he repeatedly emphasizes (and I repeatedly lament), a political revolutionary. His ability or willingness to honestly "connect the dots" regarding the spying activities of governments and corporations (not a big distinction there) and ongoing wars and global ecological disasters is nearly nil, naught, or non-existent.
Ed does not seem to realize he lives within and is completely dependent upon a global BIOSPHERE (more later) !

Despite all the secrets he was privy to concerning the fundamentally corrupt and blatantly evil nature of the USA as a State, h
e has been quoted as saying he believes the United States Government is... "a fundamentally good force".
I find this observation of his to be untrue and disappointing, so I've looked for its roots within his chart and in what follows that's what I'll be addressing.

Sorry, but I clearly see (now, in hindsight) how my own need for a public, political, Hero-Saviour
caused me to mostly emphasize what is positive in Snowden's chart and to downplay
or simply not notice or mention at all the more troubling and difficult
(see illustrated chart above) astrological factors. This is what I'll be
talking about now.... the "flaws" in Edward Snowden's astrological
profile... which might account for the possibility that he could,
indeed, be a willing or
innocent "tool" in a larger
corporate-political process.
I mentioned but
rejected this possibility in my earlier analysis
of his birth chart which was much more pro
than con regarding Snowden's actions and
which you really should read before
reading what I'll be saying now.

As it turns out, Ed Snowden comes in at birth with a double dose of Leo
since it appears on both his IC and the cusp of his 3rd House causing
the sign of Aquarius to
also be doubly emphasized as the ruler
of both his MC and the cusp of his 9th house. This interesting
occurrence results in two other astrological signs,
Taurus and Scorpio
being respectively

in his 12th and 6th houses with the overall resultant profile being something
like this: an 'intercepted' Aquarian philosopher-teacher with a proud and
dignified heart whose monetary and ethical values (Taurus-Venus)
as well as his sexual-emotional mores (Scorpio-Moon) partake
of a somewhat compulsive (because INTERCEPTED)
and distinctly conflicted manner of expression.

Let's just say that Ed is probably somewhat "kinky" or "quirky" or simply "eccentric".

Edward Snowden

"Why, they told me to take a streetcar named Desire
and then transfer to one called Cemeteries

and ride six blocks and get off at
Elysian Fields."

Blanche Dubois, A Steetcar Named Desire;Tennessee Williams


Follow Venus, the ruling planet of his intercepted Taurus, as it shifts 
into his 3rd house of daily communication while still being
squared-challenged by his Scorpio Moon now found in
the 6th house of health, jobs, and
daily work techniques.

One result of this new combination is that the previously discussed Moon-Venus feeling issues shift
squarely into focus within his workplace and he becomes prone to rather anal, uneasy, and
critically compulsive or overly exacting techniques in his work style. The
attraction to
Moon in Scorpio
SECRETS now found in his workplace contests/conflicts with the
Venus in Leo PRIDE of his (would-be) mentally forthright and
intellectually NOBLE

What's a guy like this doing working for and within the SECRECY INDUSTRY of the CIA, the DIA, the NSA
as well as the private contractor Booz-Allen-Hamilton spying agency? What kind of man, if he really is
a Noble Aquarian philosopher and teacher could find peace of mind or heart working in the field of
spying for such corrupt and criminal establishments within the US Federal "Shadow Government ?

How can he work for LIES & MURDER INCORPORATED ?

Don't expect Ed to answer that question for you
because he probably doesn't know! It's the
result, I gather, of his

and therefore often
Scorpio feelings as well as his
quirky pride.

He's still a very young man, and at the time of his "whistleblowing" he was undergoing
his first Saturn Return, just beginning to confront his own personal responsibility
for participating in collective as well as personal Power-Authority issues. The very
same kind of collective Power-Authority responsibilities that confront all of us.

(What's My Line ?  Could it be 'Stopette' ? 'Finesse' ? Do I smell 'nice'
as in non-offensive ? Synthetically hygienic ?)

Apparently, Ed still believes in the SATURN ruled POWER-AUTHORITY of the State
... in this case, the USA. That's what he seems to be expressing through his own
(previously discussed) Saturn + Pluto conjunction in Libra.

He wants to believe in the
"Just Power" of the STATE.
It's continuously evident in every
interview he gives.
In this regard, Edward Snowden is, after all, what I previously
thought he was not, namely an extremely naive, "normal" and "typical" American.

Money (Venus + Taurus + Scorpio)
and clandestine pride (Venus in Leo Square to Moon in Scorpio)
have clearly played prominent roles in his search for employment.
They suggest he wants such employment to be both profitable
and "sexy".
He's a guy who likes and is drawn to work
(unconsciously and compulsively), in realms of
secret Scorpio intrigue.

He repeatedly and publicly says he believes in the kind of authority and power
that justifies and is based upon notions and practices of secrecy
for "national security" reasons.

This fact as testified to by his own ongoing interviews certainly rekindles my suspicion of Edward Snowden
and his personal values as well as his possibly hidden motives for "whistleblowing". Maybe he watched
too many James Bond movies in his adolescent years, played too many computer war games, or
does his choice of employment simply testify to his American Pride in his own white,
bureaucratic middle class family's history of ongoing...

Federal Government employment and military service
for the International Banksters ?

The American middle class can easily and readily identify with Snowden's vaguely "liberal" but righteous
work habits and his claims to be "just an ordinary" working guy. But he isn't. He's a well-paid, white
collar kinda guy, a computer "geek" with a highly developed interest in technical computer complexity.
A young man who has led a very "sheltered" American life. I seriously doubt that Ed Snowden could
ever be viewed as being "street-wise" or seen as one of the 'down and out' in a world like
"Grapes Of Wrath".

What would he make of an idea such as this one: ...

" ....the quality of owning freezes you forever into 'I'
and cuts you off forever from the 'We.' "
(Steinbeck; The Grapes Of Wrath", Chapter 14, pg. 193)

Yes, we are slowly, carefully descending into a look at the
less obvious and distinctly
seamier side of Snowden, the man whose Values = Venus are
seriously in conflict with his Feelings = Moon,

a Proud Man = Venus in Leo whose
gut feelings = Moon in Scorpio

are often compulsively hidden
from public view.

Even, and especially, hidden from his own view.

What I'm saying here is that according to all that is public domain knowledge about him and his family's
shared life, he has never been dirt poor or without a roof over his head. He has never had to personally
confront the mean and cruel -even murderous- aspects of the dire poverty innate to the
Capitalist Culture of America in which he was raised.

deals with these cruel and mean aspects of life, both personally and collectively.

Ed's INTERCEPTED Moon being located at birth in Scorpio and in his 6th house
while squaring Venus suggests
that it is primarily through his 6th house work and in that workplace where he has and will continue
to come face-to-face with these seamier aspects of life. Hence we have Snowden's professed shock
and surprise when (according to him)...

he first encounters in Switzerland the deeper Scorpio side of his employment in the CIA. One can only wonder
(suspiciously) at his naiveté ? Did he never hear of COINTELPRO, of the "Church Committee" or

What about the infamous CIA  - "MIGHTY WURLITZER" ?
Does Snowden know anything at all about his own Freudian Id, his own personal "dark" side?
(Do we ourselves know anything about ours?)

Perhaps someone somewhere could point Edward to that peculiar Sci-Fi film, The Forbidden Planet,
so he could take a long look at his own rather charming Walter Pidgeon-Doctor Morbius
personality: (watch this short you tube clip here!)

Commander John J. Adams: You still refuse to face the truth.
Dr. Edward Morbius: What truth?
Commander John J. Adams: Morbius, that thing out there - it's *you*.

Doctor Edward Morbius:
Guilty! Guilty! My evil self is at that door, and I have no power to stop it!

"Moment Of Truth"

I repeat: in this accurate chart for the exact time of his birth
Scorpio is an intercepted force in his psyche located
but not grounded in his 6th house. It becomes
thereby a free-floating but erratic compulsion
to hold-back or repress secret Moon feelings
which are then free to express in any other
house or area of his life. He urges all
of us to "encrypt" our emails while
he says he personally believes

the State has a right to certain realms of secrecy
concerning which we, the people, have no access.

He does not release his whistleblowing leaks freely via Cryptome or Wikileaks as Manning did
but exclusively to "responsible reporters" and conservative insider
establishment (Guardian, NYT, Washington Post etc.) newspapers
to whom he grants the exclusive right to "vet" the pilfered
documents. (note the Pluto + Saturn in Libra thralldom to
the Power & Authority of the status-quo evident in his
decision.) This takes him out of the circle of young
internet idealists like Aaron Swartz and
Chelsea Manning with whom I
previously associated him.

A Master of Gemini Words, indeed, he compulsively weaves a complex
web of languaged nuance to convince himself and all of us that he's
a sterling champion of the people, of the people's right to know....
but, mind you, only the right to know..

properly "vetted" secrets.

He feels an inner allegiance to those in power -those whom he calls "stakeholders" in government-
through his own powerful Saturn+Pluto conjunction in Libra. Ah, yes, but that Libra sense of
Social Fairness and Justice is "ruled" by his

proud Venus in Leo
square to his (Secretive and Intercepted) Scorpio Moon.

Snowden is a man who boldly displays himself around the world at "interviews" and "conferences"
speaking, like the fabled Big Brother, from huge monitors above the crowds denouncing that
same Big Brother's secrets while wrapped in his country's flag.
Did Ed really pose for this
"Wired" photo or just give his permission to be photo-shopped this way?

 Are we to view him as as sort of "Boy Scout" or a Fascist Friendly Poser? I feel inclined toward
 the latter. I find this photo potently repulsive....the boy-man who loves his country so much he
 broke both legs trying to serve it. The man who quickly went on from there to join the CIA
peculiarly rotten agency which, like himself (?), has always hidden its dirty Scorpio
 secrets behind a 
nation's flag. ( Ah, 'Stopette', Oh, 'Finesse'! )
Why such an adolescent and pornographic self-display?

 See the undying, deadpan EARNESTNESS of it all, the white
 halo effect, the gaze into the INFINITE !!! The global
 "Don't Look At ME" Camera.

 Well, folks, here's the Sabian Symbol
 for the degree position of Ed's
in drama loving LEO:

 "A pageant, with its spectacular floats, moves along a street crowded with cheering people."

"The more or less sensational release of energies in a form dramatizing the unconscious aspirations of man's primitive and instinctual nature. At this stage the mind of the individual is able to give a public DEMONSTRATION of his ability to sway the multitudes by a dramatic presentation of popularized ideals." (Rudhyar: An Astrological Mandala.)

'Let Us Now Praise Famous Men'. Yuck. Belch. Fart. Gasp.
Whodda thunk! (My Country 'tis of thy People You're DYING!)
Click the link, watch & listen closely!

Just what is Edward Snowden up to? I'm afraid he's up to no good at all, or at best
a modest, "vetted" good. More and more he looks to me like an All-American
Libertarian GATEKEEPER. What happened to that wonderful stuff we saw
in our earlier analysis of his birth chart ? 

Well, initially we didn't have the exact birth time; we were being INTERCEPTED
without knowing it. We wanted a Hero and Edward Snowden seemed to be
heroically defying the unjust Power & Authority of the State. But was he?

Now we plainly see the Moon intercepted in Scorpio
and in notorious Quincunx aspect to Ed's
Gemini Ascendant
creating a health
related and imbalanced excess

between his intercepted and compulsively masked personal Scorpio Moon feelings
and his trickster Gemini Verbal Persona. What he says as a Gemini is easily
used to mask what he feels as a Scorpio Moon. There's a pronounced but
subtle psychological and psychic imbalance
in his verbal mode of
communicating which also manifests as physical
health problems most likely stemming from
his Moon-based early childhood

There's likely to be some kind of 'Traumatic' Wound caused by excessive emotional shock or instability in his early
years. Both his Mother (Moon-6th house health) and his Sister (s) ? (Venus-3rd house siblings) are implicated
in this Trauma. It's a wound related to his epilepsy, possibly the root 'cause' of that fitful gift.
(see Dostoyevsky; The Idiot)

The LEO Pride of Venus is what Ed projects to the public as his feelings -Noble, Dramatic as in...

"...a public DEMONSTRATION of his ability to sway the multitudes
by a dramatic presentation of popularized ideals."

But what are Ed's real personal feelings (Moon) and values (Venus) ? All we know
from the SQUARE aspect between them is that his feeling needs and his values
are not likely to be in accord, they are in challenging 90 degree conflict
with each other.

This inner conflict of Ed's between his hidden (because Intercepted + Squared)
and (therefore) likely to be REPRESSED personal feelings, as well as his
Publicly proclaimed Venus Values is emphatically focused in his 3rd
house mode of daily talk and his 6th house mode of employment.

It favors his employment in secretive Scorpio jobs for undercover activities.
It favors his need and ability to mask the reality of what is involved in
such jobs
through the Leo Drama of rhetorically espousing
"popularized ideals" ....

so we must keep in mind that while Ed can serve as the public mouthpiece
for such shining ideals as he earnestly proclaims, that does NOT mean
that he personally believes in such ideals. His seriously afflicted
Scorpio Moon in the 6th house workplace allows him to keep
secret his personal feeling needs
as they might otherwise
reveal or reflect the real nature of his work.

His emotional needs include wanting to FEEL NOBLE, hence he might easily be swayed by CIA types
to believe in the necessity of nobly hiding from the
public the true nature of his real work. Savvy
Politicians classically call this the "Noble Lie".

He might very well be participating in a Shadow Government Psy-op.

I think the "WIRED" Magazine photo above makes all this very evident.
Snowden mistakenly thinks that wrapping himself in his Nation's Flag
was not a cheap exhibitionist act.

But, in fact, it really was just that
and a big mistake, a dead
giveaway. What we see
in this photo are...

Echoes of Matt Damon's white 'wasp' character
(Edward Wilson-Yale Bonesman)
in the politely self-censored
De Niro film,

"The Good Shepard". (all about the CIA)

"Joseph Palmi: Let me ask you something... we Italians, we got our families, and we got the church;
the Irish, they have the homeland, Jews their tradition; even the niggers, they got their music.
What about you people, Mr. Wilson, what do you have?

Edward Wilson: The United States of America. The rest of you are just visiting."

O, but he gave up e
verything to blow his whistle! Really?

"Far from repudiating the NSA entirely, Snowden insists he’s still working for it.
From what we’ve seen so far, his only beef with the country’s gigantic security
apparatus is bulk data collection conducted by that single agency. And even
that’s ok if “the people”, through some unspecified means, “consent.” That
makes the debate we’re having extremely circumscribed, as well as
exhaustingly insipid

Let's look at how Chiron, Ed's "wounded-healer" function, has been realigned
to the final, penultimate degree of Taurus also INTERCEPTED in his 12th house.

Wait a minute, -yipes- this is the area of life dealing with self-loss, self-undoing
and/or spiritual rebirth. Any function found in this house of a birth chart is one
that's in dire need of Transformation....something about it has to be
let go of, dropped... so that such a Transformation might take root.

And what is the function of Chiron in Taurus ?  An indicator of a wound in the money-income area? Some especially
amplified (because Intercepted) need for Taurus money in order not to feel insecure?  A Taurus body problem?
A compulsive need to withdraw into 12th house privacy for body-related reasons?  A Taurus throat-thyroid
imbalance? (Is it -and if so, in what way- related to his epilepsy?)

There's certainly some personal problem relating to Taurus as Nature, the body, and the Land ?
Snowden has, after all, defined himself as an indoor kind of computer guy who doesn't go outside
into Nature very often:

"Snowden: I describe myself as an indoor cat, because I’m a computer guy and I always have been.
I don’t go out and play football and stuff—that’s not me.
I want to think, I want to build,
I want to talk, I want to create. So, ever since I’ve been here (Russia), my life has been
consumed with work that’s actually fulfilling and satisfying."

Something of a mysterious wound is hidden here in Ed's 12th house. It is connected to VENUS,
ruling planet of Taurus, in square aspect to Ed's Scorpio Moon
intercepted in his 6th house of health and employment.

That means it's connected to his sense of values and self-worth
as well as to his raw, lower chakra, sexual and gut feelings and
the pronounced conflict (square) between the two.

James Bond again, "Diamonds Are Forever" ? "Goldfinger" ?
Maybe just "Tron; The Legacy" ?


  But look, there's more; Ed's Chiron wound and potential healing gift shines out
  at the APEX of a YOD formation, the infamous "Finger Of God" triangle
  formed by Saturn and Neptune each in positive productive sextile

(60 degree green line) aspect to the other while both are
Quincunx (150 degree lavender line) to CHIRON
(highlighted above in a pale lavender five-pointed Star).

So God's Finger points to Ed's wounded-healer function focusing the whole World's attention on it, putting him
on the hot seat ...he may squirm and squiggle but he can't avoid whatever this is about,
and only Ed knows what it's about

because this spotlighted Chiron is hidden away in the closet of the 12th house
within Ed's innermost core. Hidden in his 12th house "subconscious", in his
"Forbidden Planet" ID ! It's Ed's personal "secret" which he is called upon
to Transform if he wants to evolve in this lifetime.

But then what happens?  Well, there's this disturbingly odd
Sabian Symbol for the 30th Taurus degree of Ed's Chiron:

"A peacock parading on the terrace of an old castle."

"The personal display of inherited gifts. Consummation of individual efforts based upon
a line of 'ancestors' -biological or spiritual- which forms its base." (Rudhyar; An Astrological Mandala)

Which line of 'ancestors' might these be? Puritans
landing on Plymouth Rock?
Calvinists from Geneva?

Well, astrologically speaking, ancestry is largely an issue of the 4th and 8th houses of a chart
and in Ed's case these houses are ruled by the signs Leo and Capricorn; we know Ed has
(ruler of his Taurus Chiron function) in LEO while his...

Saturn function (ruler of Capricorn) is conjunct all
the secret, underground Wealth of Pluto which is
found in his Venus-ruled Libra....

my take on this complex astrological knot is that Ed suffers from
the weight of a psychic-karmic connection
to a powerful,
wealthy, and highly "artistic" family lineage.

 It appears to be an Elizabethan "lineage" involved with service to political money changers
 by way of the social "art" (Libra) of subterfuge ...a kind of series of Gemini 
 "code talkers" or code makers and breakers ...not just the Puritan settler
 folks with forked tongues, but the sort of people historically in league with
 characters such as
Edward Kelley and John Dee, the latter often referred to
 in occult circles
as England's first "James Bond". 
This may be what's
 behind Ed's Sun located on the final "Mastery" degree of Gemini...
 the verbal-mental Trickster. Casuistry.

The art of making
and breaking codes. Deals.
The art of lying.

Encrypt your emails, everybody!

Here's a different photo of Edward Snowden:

The True Hooha"

"And while I am sympathetic to the desires of the intelligence community,
I worked there
for a very long time and
I do everything I can
to promote their interests,
we have to
recognize that the priorities
of any intelligence community, the priorities of any secret service,

are subordinate to the interests of a free society."
Edward Snowden Interview

Wait a minute there, Ed. Did you just say "I am sympathetic to the desires of the intelligence community" ? 

Aren't they historically proven to be an elite club of murderers and liars
who work for Wall Street and the International Banksters ?

Which "intelligence community" are you referring to? Is it the CIA, the DIA, the NSA or... What
are their "desires" you are so sympathetic to? Might those desires include placing you before
the public as a perfect 'whistleblower' too good to be true? The kind of clean cut fellow
who wants all his 'leaks' to be properly 'vetted' by 'responsible reporters' 
-working for Ebay For Pierre Omidyar ?

And once all that has been accomplished are we to rest easy, understanding
that their "priorities" have been made "subordinate" to the
"interests of a free society" ? O, Superman, will then
Truth, Justice, and The American Way
have won the day?

And what's this other stuff about..."
I do everything I can to promote their interests..." ?

Would lying to us for them promote their interests? Are you 
coming or going, Citizen Four ?

These days when I look at Snowden's Pluto + Saturn conjunction in Libra ...

I cast a stern eye toward the 135 degree waning sesquisquare
Mercury Mind in Gemini makes to both of them.

It causes me to re-imagine Ed's relationship to Power & Authority. After all, this
sesquisquare is indicative of a very restless mental "push" going on
among all three of these planets. It's a PUSH concerning the
Power of Pluto, the Authority of Saturn and the verbal
Acumen of Mercury.

It's a restless and personally willful push rooted in Air signs involved with Intellect and Speech. I find
Snowden's public speaking to be increasingly tricky, to contain weird contradictions and yet to be
somehow smoothly convincing since its tone never varies. He always sounds sincere, confident,
sure of his 'Vision'.

Like that "Lone Star Patriot" -
The "Good Capitalist". The Libertarian -Ron Paul !

But what is this will-full (sesquisquare) Vision he subtly thrusts upon us?  Is it freedom
he's after and democracy, or is he trying to convince us that
we really want
to be spied upon
need to be controlled...

by people who, like himself and Ron Paul, have only our best interests at heart?

Since I started this lengthy astrological analysis of Edward Snowden two years ago, I've continued to follow his tale through many articles written about him as well as his frequent interviews. Yes, I still feel the nobility of his character but I also find it increasingly stiff and righteous, and therefore increasingly suspicious. Is this a corrupted and Fake "Nobility" designed for show and tell ?

He's "righteous" and "noble" but only within the context of the privileged
White American Male either willfully stupid or just totally oblivious
to the deliberate narrowness of the "leaking" he's done.

But since what he's been doing is "deliberate" he simply cannot be "oblivious" to it.

When does potential Nobility degenerate into actual Elitism?

Is Snowden just a tool, a youthful dupe, a proud and quirky (but well-groomed) geek parading about in cyberspace like a PEACOCK?

   Is he distracting us. Is he avoiding the larger issues of all the very many coded and murdering groups
  out there and their programs for illegal, immoral, unethical spying. He rarely mentions how
  this spying stems directly from our Corporately controlled and business-directed
, -whether American, Canadian, German, French, British etc.
  How could Snowden, who proudly worked for and supports agencies
  like Booz Allen Hamilton
, not know that the central driving forces
  behind agencies like the CIA or MI6 or Mossad are the
  Corporate Global Bankers
who own every so-called
  Western Democracy? 

  How can he not mention what the INTENTIONAL GOAL is (or might be)
  behind all this spying and suspension of personal liberties? There is
  such an intentional goal, it's FACT and he knows it, so why all
  the coy games and "Noble" posturing focused on generalized
  discussions of "leaking" and "secrecy" ?

  He "earns" his living by willingly facilitating all such games.

The guy's just getting on my nerves these days. We're supposed to think
he's a "Whistleblower" not a hired "Gatekeeper".

I see him and cannot help but remember TV's Church Lady: ...."Saturday Night Live".... phrases like,

“Well, isn't that SPECIAL !” ....or...."We like Ourselves, don't we?"
Now, who could it be?  Could it be ...  Satan ?

Just who the hell is "Citizen Four" ?  Is he another "Citizen Kane", a cover character for a different
kind of William Randolph Hurst, a puppet figure somehow controlled by Pierre Omidyar
and the CIA?  Should we really be robotically applauding such a masked man?
Such a
strutting Peacock of a Flag-Hugging Boy Scout? (Don't look at me,
don't look at me, look at the information!)  Yeah, sure. But Ed, when
do we actually get this "information" ? Unfiltered; not censored ?



Snowden's YOD or Finger Of God configuration
distorts the otherwise harmonious symmetry

I initially saw in the "Kite Formation"
of his birth chart;

it emphasizes a "hidden" 12th house wound, a Chiron function
found on the penultimate "Mastery" degree of Taurus ruled
by his Venus in Leo function in stressful square aspect
to his intercepted Moon in Scorpio located in the
6th house of jobs and employment. Right?

I think that tells us he has a very serious problem with Taurus Value issues.


We are looking at a mentally pragmatic but metaphysically ungrounded and idealistic guy
whose Taurus VALUES are his Chiron wound as well as his potential healing gift to be
shared with others. A guy with a very pronounced fondness for 12th house Privacy.
A guy whose 12th house is actually ruled by Mars found in Gemini in very tight
aspect to his Neptune function found in Sagittarius.

Neptune is the Archetypal ruler of all 12th houses in astrology, and when Neptune is opposed by Mars,
as is the case with Snowden, one's Actions are often opposed by one's Imagination. Mars can easily
mask from itself it's own intentions by obscuring them with the mists and veils of Neptune. Mars
can slide into passive-aggressive frustration.

There is as well, often, a desire to act with a great deal of Neptunian Selflessness
sometimes even to the point of actual martyrdom. Or one can be easily
seduced and deceived
by others, especially in Snowden's case since
his natal Neptune function operates in the 7th house of
friends and intimate others.

"What the NSA was doing, Snowden said, posed an "existential threat to democracy,"
and he felt it was his duty to act. He explained to Greenwald that he'd set up
a website and written a manifesto explaining the breadth of the
surveillance system the NSA had constructed. He'd intended

to post the roughly 1,000-word essay on a website, in the hopes of getting
hundreds of thousands, even millions to read it and sign a petition to end
the surveillance state.

But the manifesto, as Greenwald says, "was a little Ted Kaczynski-ish."
He and Poitras advised Snowden it might be mis-interpreted by the public.
It was pretty melodramatic and overwrought, which makes sense,
because you've got to think in pretty extreme terms if you're
going to throw your life away to fight against these injustices.
But to the average person you want to reach, it might
sound creepy

Snowden ultimately let it go."

Keep in mind that it's Snowden's Chiron, intercepted
in the sign of Taurus Values and
in his Aries-Mars
ruled 12th house
that I am examining.

I'm pointing out that both the Archetypal (Neptune)
and the Personal (Mars) rulers of his 12th house
are in OPPOSITION aspect to each other
within his psyche.

And I'm also calling attention to the fact that Neptune
is one of the two planets (the other being Saturn)
which is in Quincunx (YOD) aspect to this
Chiron function. The Quincunx aspect is
specifically related to 6th & 8th house
Health issues; physical health (6th)
and psychic health (8th).

It is always indicative of some kind of imbalanced excess of an
unpredictable and highly unstable nature as indicated by
the planets + houses involved in its 150 degree
(orb 3 degrees) relationship.

This means that Snowden is subject to extreme (probably Quincunx health related) confusion
regarding his own motives for action;
he is subject to feelings of martyrdom as well as
being prone to the double edge sword of seduction and seducing.

His wounded Taurus Value
system operates within such a context.

"I am sympathetic to the desires of the intelligence community."

Edward Snowden and Michael Hayden
 National Security Agency
Posing for a Picture

I repeat, it is quite possible that Edward Snowden has been cleverly seduced,
blackmailed, or otherwise 'persuaded' to play the role of "Whistleblower"
by secret agents from one of the many competing secret agencies
within our Shadow Corporate Government.

Colonel Fletcher Prouty's notorious "Secret Team". (Take a look at them and how they operate.)
Snowden's idealistic but confused VALUES, his intercepted Chiron in Taurus, makes him vulnerable to such antics.

But so does his propensity for Gemini Trickster pranks
combined with his love of mental pragmatism and his
virtual fascination with the deadly duo of
conjunct each other and both
Sesquisquare to Mercury).

While Snowden continues to publicly display the Aquarian "ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE"
gallantry of the THREE MUSKETEERS, perhaps we ought to recall all the
sneaky intrigue
in the Tale as well, especially the powerful,
behind-the-scenes machinations of the nefarious
Cardinal Richelieu. He who was a master of
casuistry ! The seamy side of Mercury.

Chiron in Taurus poses the question: Values?
What are Values?

Taurus is "Fixed Earth"; it's the Bull, the Cow, the Living Land as Value.

Astrologically speaking, All personal values derive from one's own
Taurus + 2nd House + Venus
attunement (or lack thereof)
to the well being of one's physical body as that body
resonates with the health and productive Vitality
of the LAND. The Earth !

Let me repeat that: I'm saying that Astrologically speaking All true values
are rooted in the Fertile Life Force of the LAND. Mother Nature.

But Ed's Mercury in Gemini can play
with such realities as if they were
merely abstract, intellectual
ideas and words

The Living Land can be reduced to "Real Estate".

Value can be reduced to money. One man's
easily become
another man's Taurus Bull-Shit.
(This is especially true when
considering City folks.)

To the Trickster Gemini force in all of us,
Values are
Relative and words
are merely tricks of the trade.
Tools with which to weave
a Spell:

~~~In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
        A stately pleasure-dome decree
          Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
             Through caverns measureless to man
                Down to a sunless sea. ~~~

              ~~~Through wood and dale the sacred river ran,
                 Then reached the caverns measureless to man,
                   And sank in tumult to a lifeless ocean;
                     And ’mid this tumult Kubla heard from far
                         Ancestral voices prophesying war! ~~~

   ~~~And all should cry, Beware! Beware!
          His flashing eyes, his floating hair! ~~~

~~~Weave a circle round him thrice,
       And close your eyes with holy dread
          For he on honey-dew hath fed,
            And drunk the milk of Paradise. ~~~

I think we must all BEWARE of "Citizen Four" with his new-found
Xanadu Celebrity and his obtuse connection to Omidyar's
recently instigated magazine. I think we should
"weave a circle round him thrice" lest he lure
us down into those confusing caverns so
measureless to man! Perhaps he
already has...

"...Pierre Omidyar’s dystopian vision is merging with Glenn Greenwald’s and Laura Poitras’ monopoly
on the crown jewels of the National Security Agency the world’s secrets, our secrets
and using the value of those secrets as the capital for what’s being billed as an entirely
new, idealistic media project, an idealism that the Columbia Journalism Review
and others promise will not shy away from taking on power."
The Extraordinary Pierre Omidyar
by Mark Ames, and Yasha Levine

The "Intercept" is a political magazine funded by a billionaire Oligarch
with 'flashing eyes and floating hair'. A "get rich quick" investor in
Global Corporate Crimes. A man who's not a friend to the
Anima Mundi, to the Living Spirit of Mother Earth.

Snowden, with his Chiron Wound in the fixed Earth of Taurus rarely speaks of Nature,

"I describe myself as an indoor cat, because I’m a computer guy and I always
have been.
I don’t go out and play football and stuff—that’s not me.") ...

never mentions earthly realities
such as Fukushima, or Monsanto's poisons.
No mention of their GMO crimes. No mention of who secretly dumped what
into the Gulf Of Mexico, nor of the Monsanto produced "agent orange"

which deliberately poisoned the Land and People of Vietnam and ruined the lives of so many American soldiers.

No mention of the "secrets" about the use of both depleted and 'enriched' Uranium destroying the Land
and genetics of everyone in Iraq and Afghanistan, radioactively poisoning the Earth there
for many centuries to come.

No mention of International Banksters secretly controlling ALL Western "Democracies".

No mention from Snowden of the CIA's founding roots via the Dulles Brothers
in the BIG MONEY of the Wall Street 1%.

No, Snowden, who has captured the World's attention and attained
pronounced Public Global Notoriety never speaks
publicly of the
values of TAURUS, the values of LAND & LIFE  ...

so his TAURUS-CHIRON wound must point to a preoccupation with something else
of a pragmatically valuable nature, maybe some personal moral-ethical issue
with MONEY.

? Who is paying Snowden and HOW MUCH? 
Keep in mind that "payment" need not take the
form of dollars but of promotions and favored
status within our Shadow Government.

The "Secrets" he's revealed and the way in which he's revealed them
has led to one of the richest, pathological billionaires among
Elite attempting to co-opt all meaningful protest via
Glenn Greenwald and associates...

all of whom now feed
on honey dew and
the milk of Xanadu.

More controlled opposition, another Gatekeeper project.
Is it really
possible Snowden's never heard of the "Shadow Government" ?

Perhaps he should consult those "ancestral voices" of his, -prophesying war.

  Should we auction-off Snowden on Pierre's eBay website? Has Edward 
  become Citizen Omidyar's  ...puppet forced
  to sing in public? 

  Shall we applaud his "patriotic" peacock voice? Or will he somehow
  manage to turn that mysterious "Rosebud" wound of his into
  a true voice, a healing gift offered to the world by
  confessing the secret "lineage" behind all that
  earnest Boy Scout posturing? 

  Show us your sled,


Watching his many interviews over the past two years, as well as  reading his written statements
has made me, I repeat,  acutely aware of the pointedly narrow focus of his concerns over
State Secrecy and Spying.

Initially, I viewed his Pluto-Saturn conjunction in Libra as a positive thing, as
Gnostic awareness of his own Saturn Authority and his Pluto Power 
enabling him to question and challenge the power and authority
claimed by the STATE. He certainly has done this, but in a
minor, disappointingly slow and very narrowly

In so narrowly focused and slow a manner as to render such
challenging questions impotent
by reducing them to a kind of abstract, international, and philosophical "debate"
fully promoted and supported, as we all must allow, by establishment media
everywhere around the globe. (I mean, really -an interview on NBC with
a shill like Brian Williams ? Why didn't Barrett Brown, Bradley Manning,
or Jeremy Hammond deserve interviews on NBC ?)

Snowden, via Greenwald and Poitras, has been consistently diffusing the impact
of the very few "secrets" which have actually been "revealed".

Pay no attention to that woman behind the camera, nor the man
in front of it!
Isn't this exactly the role served by Gatekeepers ? 

Where is Toto when we need him ?

"The manner in which the Snowden leaks are being delivered to us represents
no serious threat
to the ruling class and the Establishment whatsoever.
The ruling class is entirely comfortable with the leak stories. In fact,

the ruling class affirmatively benefits from leaks of this kind:

Americans are becoming accustomed to a startlingly comprehensive
level of surveillance, and they are granting it their approval.

That we are surveilled much if not most of the time
is barely even "news" any longer. It's just the way
things are. Perhaps we need to make a few
adjustments at the outer margins, but
basically everything is hunky-dory.

Add a little "transparency," "oversight" and "accountability"
and Americans will let the State surveil them 24/7.

Don't you want to be safe? Of course you do."  

 Arthur Silber,

PART FOUR:    The Role of the "Intercept" in Astrology and Politics.

"People demand freedom of speech as a compensation
for the freedom of thought which they seldom use."   Soren Kierkegaard

Given the Public Impact Snowden's "LEAKS" have had on the USA in terms of all the mainstream and alternative PRESS,
let's look again at Snowden's revised and now accurate birth chart as it interfaces and interacts with America's.
Here's the picture:


Well, wait a minute. As it turns out, I don't feel like I want to write about the tediously complex interplay
between the
charts of Mister Snowden and the USA quite yet. There has to be some kind of foreplay or
laid down before I go there. Maybe we should call it word-play rather than simple
groundwork. Okay then, so...

I'm momentarily taken with the odd name of Pierre Omidyar's new political magazine
-"The Intercept" ...

and the astrological concept of the "Interception" and of
Intercepted signs and planets in an astrological chart.

Both Snowden's and America's birth charts contain intercepted signs and planets. Let that be an excuse, if
one is needed, for my own quirky and round about approach to the issue.

The All-American game of "FOOTBALL" almost always intrudes into my consciousness whenever I hear
the word, "interception". That's probably because I grew up during the 1950's in Baltimore, Maryland
when Johnny Unitas was the brilliant Quarterback for the Baltimore Colts football team and my big
brother, Fred, was an enthusiastic player on the team of the High School we both attended. I was
a Freshmen when he was a Senior way back then and I was never at all interested in competitive
sports games but Freddy loved them dearly and played them well. Indulge me a bit here,
will ya? It might prove helpful if you're "not up on" astrology. As if it were
a barbed-wire fence you had to climb up and over but might get stuck
on top of....ouch....

The worst thing that can happen to a Quarterback throwing a long and much needed touchdown pass
during the critical last minutes of a game when his team is loosing by just a few points is to have
that pass "intercepted" by one of the other teams' players. And the Baltimore Colts were a big
deal back then in Baltimore and Johnny Unitas was their stunningly charismatic but
self-effacing Quarterback whom the whole city loved. In fact, they totally adored
him and the Colts! The late 1950's were the Colts' NFL Championship Years
and Lenny Moore was the team's fabulous runner and receiver who moved
on the playing field with all the grace of a ballet dancer miraculously
catching almost every one of the beautifully arced and frequently
long passes
Unitas threw.

Unless they were somehow "intercepted".

Sometimes they were, and the Colts lost the game, and the whole goddam populace of Baltimore City
fell into a horrible funk. Really, I mean it was as if a Mass Psychotic Depression
mpacted everybody citywide.

But at other times, an "interception" by the Colts won them the game.

So, contagiously infected by my brother's obsession with the game and the city-wide moods,
my spirits often rose or fell every weekend throughout my High School years depending
on whether or not the Colts won or lost a game. I learned that sometimes
an "interception" is an extremely important thing.

Especially in "sudden-death" games. 
(Football Games are so like War Games,
Computer Games, and Astrological Games!)                        

In the game of Astrology an Interception occurs when any one of the given Twelve Zodiacal Signs
(Leo, for example) occupies the cusp or beginning of two consecutive Houses of a chart
causing another Zodiacal Sign (Taurus, for instance) NOT to occupy the cusp of any
House since there are only Twelve Houses and Twelve Zodiacal Signs.

The Zodiacal sign NOT appearing on the cusp of any House must thereby be INTERCEPTED. If there are
moving through that Intercepted Zodiacal Sign they, too, are said to be

I repeat: both Edward Snowden's birth chart, and the birth chart for America
contain INTERCEPTED Zodiacal Signs and INTERCEPTED Planets.

What might that imply?

Well, when the Quarterback of a given team on a Football Field throws a pass, whether short or long, he probably
it to be caught by a member of his own team somewhere farther down the field. But the instant
the ball leaves his hands it's in the air and up for grabs by anybody who can snatch it.

Similarly, when any sign of the zodiac or any planet is NOT fixed (but intercepted) in the framework of the space
of an astrological chart called a House, then those signs or planets can also be said to be "up for grabs". They
are like Footballs passing in the air over all the yard lines or astrological house cusps
of the chart. Their
receivers or functions are not grounded (anchored) on the 'cusps' of any Houses  -so they
can land or 'come down' anywhere in the chart or on the playing field with their probably intended
(natural) functions
slightly or even radically altered. Intercepted.

                                            As in Football, So in Astrology.
(Hermes Trismegistus)

So, like the football spinning through the air, planets and zodiacal signs
can be 'stolen', 'co-opted', or INTERCEPTED.

They can act like Jokers or Wild Cards in the game of Life, their natural and intended functions
can easily
be diverted (or intercepted) and they can express themselves in quite unexpected
They are as free spinning as any football and regardless of their innate and intended
they can be "grabbed" by other players on the field, by other planetary functions
-aspects or zodiacal signs in the chart- and employed accordingly.

We've already discussed the fact that in Edward Snowden's birth chart
the very important zodiacal signs of Taurus and Scorpio are
completely intercepted respectively in his 12th and
Houses. These are the areas of any birth chart
which deal with themes such as ...

the subconscious, self-undoing, Transformation, closure, and hidden-closeted issues (12th house)
and one's health, digestion, work habits, employment, and style or technique of performing everyday duties (6th  house).

It is subsequently clear that we may expect to find in these areas of Snowden's life
some real JOKERS running wild, some unconscious and consequently
behavior as well. Accordingly, we've seen
that Snowden's employment consisted of variously closeted
and hidden jobs within the bowels of secrecy-obsessed

Intelligence Agencies like the CIA, the NSA, and the "private-corporate"
spy agency
called Booz Allen Hamilton.

Ed's Moon/Feelings are located in Scorpio in his 6th house so they, too, are intercepted... meaning
the Moon's capacity for relating in the Scorpio intense and secrecy-inclined fashion is subject
to the same free floating, unconscious, and obsessive-compulsive impulses of both his
INTERCEPTED zodiacal signs, -Taurus & Scorpio.

So Ed can (and is likely to) carry his 6th house Moon and Scorpio traits
into ANY OTHER HOUSES of his chart, to ANY OTHER AREA of his
including the Public and Professional areas.

Since Ed's Moon intercepted in the sign of Scorpio is in his 6th House, and the Cusp,
, or Gateway into that House operates through the kind of energy
signified by the sign of Libra, Ed can be very 'politically correct'
and all... "nicey-nicey" regarding his 6th house employment.

can always be counted on to present a tactful, proper, and politically correct ("balanced")
to things. It's the sign of the mastery of Social Appearances and Legal Form.
It provides a fabulous cover for Ed's compulsive inclination to deal in secrets. And
whatever mask Ed might employ in order to keep his raw gut Moon in Scorpio
feelings secret from others can be most elegantly displayed as Noble since
, the ruling planet of his Libra 6th house cusp, is manifesting in
glorious, bold, noble and often courageous LEO !

To put it in purely vulgar terms, Ed (like the USA) can wrap his secret Scorpio "shit" in Leo's gold
thereby presenting a beautiful appearance to whatever box of discretely chosen goods
he chooses to offer the world.

But, of course, there's a little problem which, if one looks carefully,
will always and compulsively pop up in his behavior since
this very Venus function of Ed's also rules his
Taurus energy containing his
Chiron wound

I am arguing that Ed's wound tends to be continuously covered
by the aesthetic wrappings of Libra
and the Leo Gold of Venus but,
and this is a very BIG BUT...

remember that Ed is born with his obsessive-compulsive Moon
in very tight, waxing and challenging SQUARE aspect to his
, so the raw TENSION this bloody SQUARE
indicates will be found obtruding
from the otherwise pretty wrapping round
his hidden feeling needs.

Like a sharp shard of broken glass accidentally dropped into the chocolate icing of a
birthday cake. Like the fabled Halloween razors embedded by a kinky neighbor
in a Trick 'er Treat apple. Best go slow and look most carefully before you
open a Snowden gift, eat his cake, or bite his apple.

 Best remember he's a Gemini  Master Trickster
 with a hidden 12th house wound.

Hey, Ed, c'mon, break your cover. What's your hidden Chiron-Wound ?
 What's your big 12th House closeted secret ? Better tell us soon
 or "GOD" might do it for you.

 Look at it, Ed, your  intercepted Chiron sits at the very apex
 of your innate YOD disposition, and that double Quincunx
 of the  Q in your Quirky   is relentless. It points its finger
 at your closeted hurt. What
 ails you, baby?

What gnaws at your innards? We feel your pain, man. We feel ya, True Hooha !

Ed Snowden -The True Hooha wrote (quote): 

" money, cut this social security bullshit
you fucking retards

Magically the world changed after the new deal,
and old people became made of glass.

The elderly wouldn’t be so fucking helpless if you weren’t
sending them fucking checks to sit on their asses
and lay in hospitals all day.

Would You Feel Differently About Snowden, Greenwald, and Assange If You Knew What They Really Thought?
By Sean Wilentz

[ Please note Ed's sudden descent into abusive and 'crude' language as he writes here in an internet chatroom
because it's evidence of his otherwise hidden, angry, and scatological impulses arising from Scorpio where
his Moon rests in tense square aspect to his Venus in the 3rd house of daily, casual conversation.]

Yawn, says Ed, politely. I ain't gotta tell ya nuttin. Guess it yourself, wise-ass -if you're so dam smart.
I ain't got no need to be airing my dirty laundry in public. I'm the Fox, the King, the clever
, I got an "Avatar" and a righteous "Vision" too....

"I woke this morning with a new name. I had had a vision. A dream vision.
A vision righteous and true.
Before me I saw Gamers, Gamers
shrouded in the glory of their true names

[Note Aside; Listen to this, it's his pure Uranus+Jupiter in Sagittarius = RIGHTEOUSNESS
as it expresses thru their OPPOSITION to Verbal Mercury in Gemini on Ed's Ascendant!]

Step forth, and assume your name in the pantheon. It's always been
there, your avatar's true name. It slips through your sub-conscious,
reveals itself under your posts, and flashes visibly in that
moment of unrestrained spite; in the indulgent teabag.
You've felt it, known it, recognized it.
Now realize it.

I woke this morning with a new name.
That name is Wolfking.

Wolfking Awesomefox
NSA leaker Ed Snowden’s life on Ars Technica

All this "spoken" plainly with that Snowden tone of passionate, cybernetic, cerebral cool. BUT...
there's always this
stuff with Ed ...what the hell is an.... "indulgent teabag" ... something coughed up from the ID ?...

  what's he gonna do with that aggressive need of his Mars function married to his
  North Lunar Node in Gemini ? That Mars function rules his Aries
, so it's got his Chiron-Taurus-Wound by the 

   intercepted balls. And it's squeezin !

  "Snowden vilified leakers and defended covert intelligence ops. In January 2009, Snowden
The New York Times and its anonymous sources for exposing a secret Bush
  administration operation to sabotage Iran’s nuclear capabilities. Such infuriating
  breaches had occurred “over and over and over again,” Snowden complained.

  The Times, he railed, was “like wikileaks” and deserved to go bankrupt;
 sources who leaked “classified shitto the Times ought to
  “be shot in the balls.”

  When an online interlocutor suggested that it might be “ethical” to report
  “on the government’s intrigue,” Snowden replied emphatically:
  “that shit is classified for a reason.”

don't do no foolin around, he's the Warrior God of direct action
and met in Gemini, as he is in Snowden's chart, he's gonna
the blunt and cutting Truth. Directly. Right ?

Nope. Sorry, you seem to have forgotten his
tug-o-war (opposition) with Neptune
in ever-expansive Sagittarius!

Yep, Snowden's Mars in Gemini is perpetually debating with
the virtual Master of Illusions, Delusions, Hallucinations...

the very Ghost of Hamlet's Father. He has good cause
to hesitate. What corpse (living or dead, human or not) might
be hidden away in the Mars-ruled closet of Ed's
th House Wound ?

Who murdered the King of Elsinore, "doomed for a certain term to walk the night." ?

Ah, yes it's the "ancestral lineage" of Snowden's Peacock Wound moaning in the

mists of Neptune's
spirit night, .... surely Snowden is not Hamlet ... BUT,
like Hamlet, he's got a score to settle, he's got an ancestral 'Ghost'
whispering in his ear....

"... I am forbid
      To tell the secrets of my prison-house,
        I could a tale unfold whose lightest word
          Would harrow up thy soul, freeze thy young blood,
            Make thy two eyes, like stars, start from their spheres,

            Thy knotted and combined locks to part
               And each particular hair to stand on end,
                   Like quills upon the fretful porcupine:
                         But this eternal blazon must not be
                        To ears of flesh and blood."
                                                                                                 Shakespeare; Hamlet (1.5.5)
Citizen Four, we are told, fled his own personal "Denmark" because his nose
told him "something is rotten" in the USA. He felt "haunted" by his former
deeds as a "spy in the house of love". He believed in the Ghosts of
America's noble if utterly mythical "democracy". He thought NSA
spying had gone too far and so, like Hamlet, he chose to follow
the Ghosts calling out to him, urging him to set things right,
to report to his fellow citizens that our "avatars" are being
violated by pervasive governmental lying, by boldly covert
snooping in the hypothetical but definitely virtual land of

-Cyberspace. The Play-Place of the Archons.
He reminded us that James Clapper, speaking as "United States Director of National Intelligence"
under oath to the Senate saying the government was NOT spying on its citizens.

The United Ghosts of America's
"Founding Fathers" (he told us)
required that Citizen Four avenge this foul crime. Ed cried out:

"The time is out of joint: O cursed spite
    that ever I was born to set it right."

But exactly what, we might justly ask, is the "True Hooha" + "Wolfe King" 
Edward -
"Awesome Fox"- Snowden
trying to set right ?

"... it’s unsettling to hear Edward Snowden, despite his commendable admonishments
for an open debate on mass surveillance, maintain the underlying legitimacy
of government
We can have secret programs. You know, the American people
don’t have to know
the name of every
individual that’s under
investigation. We don’t need to know the technical details
of absolutely every
program in the intelligence community.
But we do have to know the bare and broad outlines
of the powers
our government is claiming … and how
they affect us and how they affect our
relationships overseas.'

You’re witnessing the power of framing the narrative

Society has been encouraged to discuss the legitimacy of what spies do
and how they do it. But the problem with this well-intentioned dialogue
is that
'we the people' are led away

from the more fundamental question of whether society needs spies
and their covert ops to begin with.

Let's look back then, once more, like good Citizen Spooks, at the Ghosts
of our enchanted "Founding Fathers".

What, exactly, were they up to when they "founded" these United States,
and how does Mister Snowden's birth chart interface with the spirit of
noble "Declaration Of Independence" ?


(pale yellow outer circle)
Ghosts Of America's Past
(pale red inner circle)

As I pointed out earlier in this (dare I say it ? yes, I shall !) delightfully long-winded
and deliberately circuitous defiance of innocuous Twitter brevity,

"Both Edward Snowden's birth chart, and the birth chart for America (Rudhyar)
contain INTERCEPTED  Zodiacal Signs
and INTERCEPTED  Planets."

In Snowden's case, as we've seen, the intercepted signs are Taurus and Scorpio
containing his intercepted planets, Chiron and the Moon,

while in America's case the intercepted signs are Leo and Aquarius
containing its only intercepted planet, the Moon,
as well as the Nation's "Destiny Line" or

its North and South Lunar Nodes. So,
'We the People' and our Destiny are
'Up For Grabs' !!!

Yep, America's Moon, symbol of "We The People"
is INTERCEPTED just like Ed Snowden's Moon

and inclined to behave in the same unconscious and Obsessive-Compulsive ways. But,
in the case of American citizens, it's our very "Destiny" which
is affected by our

collectively shared obsessive-compulsive feeling behavior.

That behavior, represented by our intercepted Aquarian (Fixed Air) Moon, is found in the Nation's 2nd house of Values, Land,
Money Making... ungrounded Ideals floating about in the House of Money. It reminds me of...
The House of Seven Gables, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and evil old Judge Pyncheon.

That's spooky enough, isn't it? Just reflect soberly upon our 'honorable' "Founding Fathers" ! All businessmen,
lawyers, and slave owners. They "discovered" Turtle Island, found it to their liking, then compulsively
stole it for their own while instigating a policy of ruthless genocide against its native inhabitants,
proudly crying out as they did so, ...

"We hold these truths  to be self evident..."  this is our "Destiny",
White Man's Burden that everything here belongs to us
these dumb-ass natives ain't nuthin but godless savages
and filthy heathens just like our own
black slaves.

We hereby 'found' us these United States, so that says
we be rightly in charge and properly named its
founding fathers

Civilization Ho, and may God bless America ! Now that's
what I mean by INTERCEPTED MOONS ....

given over to obsessive-compulsive feeling behavior. Unconscious and often
. Feeling unable to look back and reflect lest the Ghosts of
crimes past grab hold the American mind and shatter it to pieces, drown its
soul in foul fumes, render a guilty judgement for crimes utterly, literally,

Ah, but yes our proud figure head leader (CEO) Obama says,
we must not look ba
ck upon old crimes but push boldly
forward into the future. That was then, this is
! Genocide, Torture, Denial, Trickery
and Murder are All-American Trademarks.
Kinda like Dumb & Dumber. Murder,
She Wrote. Breaking Bad.

In America this sort of mindless behavior is just apple pie, just what Gore Vidal sardonically labeled
"The United States Of Amnesia" or BUSINESS as usual, playing the game, keeping the secrets
under the covers. Intercepting them all before the the light of the Sun rises. Praise the Lord,
and pass the ammunition. Foxy. Awesome. King of the Wounded Wolves
howling at the Intercepted Moon.

The Moon,
lest we otherwise forget, is
the astrological symbol 'par excellence'... for the faculty of
MEMORY !!! Especially MEMORY rooted in deep recall of

Snowden's intercepted Moon in Scorpio resonates powerfully with America's
North Lunar Node in her natal 8th house because
the 8th house of ANY astrological chart always
deals with the perennial Scorpio issues of
death and transformation
as well as
Psychic Inheritance

Ghosts !!Hauntingly calling out to Snowden by way of his sympathetically
Moon in Scorpio.

Both the 8th house and the sign Scorpio are archetypically aligned in astrological thought
so that no matter what sign occupies the cusp of any 8th house in any astrological chart
the Scorpio themes of death and psychic or "karmic" leftovers from lives long since gone
hold sway. That's why we call it the house of Psychic inheritance.

But by and large, Americans don't "believe" in such notions, we deny them
and that act of denial produces irrational fear of what is unknown
and mysterious. That denial unconsciously binds us all to our
country's unfinished business, the business of corrupt banks
and secret games, the business of government induced
drug dealings, of torture and death at the hands
of Puritanical, Calvanistic dollars. The business
of the Internet, a marvelous highway for
the unrequited claims of avenging

Look, how America's Retrograde Mercury Mind
dwells in her 8th house

Retrograde Pluto in her 2nd.

We Americans collectively live in an atmosphere of Mercury opposition to Pluto kinda thinking,
in a Nationwide propensity for
Deep, Unconscious Denial.

American minds are haunted by unconscious needs to understand who we are
and where we come from. We think with rational Mercury minds made

deeply unconscious
by unseen

Pluto forces, by 8th house Ghosts of the
Pluto Dead
haunting the Land we live on
in our bloody Nation's 2nd house,

haunted by the real and true
2nd house
Values we have
never understood

We are the ones who, with forked tongues, stole this Land
and claimed it as our "Real-Estate". We have no true
claim to our houses, we have little or no deep
feeling for this Land. We have perpetual

Banksters, Businessmen, and Lawyers own it all. We are the 'other'
slaves they hired to kill the natives, steal the Land, and fill our own
lives with paper money while we try to live like "free" slaves ...

forever 'kettled' in a world of 'jobs', credit cards and mort-gages.
Ignorant of the truth of our own enslavement.
. Lost to the Land.

We trample each other down on competitive 'Thanksgiving' sidewalks
every 'Black Friday' hoping to buy back cheap the souls
we never knew.

Haunted by the
Ghosts of nameless loss:

" Every part of this soil is sacred in the estimation of my people. Every hillside, every valley, every
plain and grove, has been hallowed by some sad or happy event in days long vanished. Even
the rocks, which seem to be dumb and dead as they swelter in the sun along the silent
shore, thrill with memories of stirring events connected with the lives of my people,
and the very dust upon which you now stand responds more lovingly to their
footsteps than yours, because it is rich with the blood of our ancestors,
and our bare feet are conscious of the sympathetic touch.

At night when the streets of your cities and villages are silent
and you think them deserted,
they will throng with the
returning hosts that once filled them and still love
this beautiful 

The White Man will never be alone.
Let him be just and deal
kindly with my people,
for the dead are not powerless.
Dead, did I say?

There is no death, only
a change of worlds. "
Chief Seattle:                                                                                            

  I'm afraid Ed Snowden is the kind of cerebrally automated American who,
  upon reading the words of Chief Seattle, would automatically do
ncrypted and computer-savvy internet search on some

  hilariously lying website such as any high-brow version of "Snopes"
  to question the factual truth of this message if only to reinforce
  his personal INTERCEPTED....

  Chiron in 12th House Taurus need
for wounded denial, his need
  to attempt to deal pragmatically, denotatively, and "realistically"
  with language in a noble effort to process Chief Seattle's
  message as it comes down to us translated
from the
dialect of the Salish family of languages

  through English
into a hotly disputed...

version of a vision impossible to convey solely through our denotative use of language.

And what would Snowden feel and hear ? A heap of discredited 'pantheistic' notions
conveyed through lyrical, incantatory rhetoric ? Abstract and vaguely defined
ideas devoid of any pragmatic, concrete, Taurus usefulness ? Some veiled

sense of a disgruntled warning from a Dead Indian's Ghost who, like poor
Hamlet's father, seeks redress of spiritual grievances ?
Ed is, after all,

nothing if not denotative, a typical Taurus-Scorpio Businessman.
"Short-selling, as it happens, wasn't just a quip for Snowden. In the end of 2008,
 with the world economy in a tailspin, stock trades consumed a great deal of his
 attention. In November of that year, Snowden complained that he "lost
 $20,000 in October alone," but he was confident that short-selling
 was the way to get it back.
  "I made $1200 today on ultrashort etfs," he wrote later that day.
  "only $18,800 to go before I make up my losses for the year."

  And he didn't just love shorting stocks; he loved defending the practice
  online as well. Snowden relished the intellectual combat in defending
  a trading practice he knew was controversial, but he was convinced
  it was vital and ethical."

Mind you, kiddies, that was the 'WOLF KING' speaking, the 'AWESOME FOX', the 'True HOOHA'.

Eddie Snowden, the "GAMER" shrouded as he said, in "the Glory" of his GAME !
Born with the SUN on the final, 'mastery' degree of verbally playful GEMINI. 

Look again at Mister Snowden's birth chart and see how his 2nd house, the area of his life
concerned with "earning an income" and the house that deals with his personal Values
is controlled by the sign of Cancer appearing on its cusp, the sign ruled by his
INTERCEPTED and compulsive-obsessive Moon in spooky Scorpio.

That means that what astrologers call the planets acting as "Dispositors" of this intercepted Moon
are the planets Mars and Pluto, rulers of Scorpio. Taken together, Mars and Pluto represent
all kinds of Power. Mars is the personal power of assertive action while Pluto
is the far stronger collective power of trans-personal and catabolic actions
such as earthquakes, plagues, psychic upheavals and humanly
uncontrollable (?) events often referred to as "Acts of God"
affecting vast numbers of people.

It can easily carry the voice of the 'Forbidden' Planet's primordial ID.

Ed Snowden, with his Mars function conjunct his Lunar North Node in Gemini
and his Pluto function conjunct Saturn in Libra (ruled by Venus-Money)
has a very pronounced and pointedly aggressive mental-intellectual
involvement with Money-Power since Gemini and Libra are
AIR SIGNS involved with the mental-intellectual realms.

And because Mars and Pluto are the DISPOSITORS of Snowden's Intercepted Moon in Scorpio,
which nominally "rules" his Cancer controlled 2nd house of earning money and asserting his
values, we can see that Ed's approach to both these issues -money & values- is most
inordinately affected by his intercepted Moon's obsessive-compulsive and often

unconscious feeling involvement with Mars + Pluto Money-Power because
these two planets "disposit" (weigh heavily upon) his Moon.

While his personal Mars power for self-assertiveness is characterized by
the trickster-gamester energy of Gemini, his involvement with

collective Pluto Power is directly tied into his Libra-Saturn
freely chosen adherence to the Establishment Values and
Social Customs of his country's peculiar...

Social-Political-Cultural  Etiquette.

That "etiquette" can perhaps best be understood by its claim to be quite
positively EXCEPTIONAL. ('GREEDY'.) Or, as Obama puts it:

the one indispensable nation.”

(with the World's one 'indispensable' [so far] oil dollar)

  The USA, is a Nation with an exceptional double dose of LIBRA ETIQUETTE
  or what is called "Political Correctness" which means in practice....simply
  knowing who butters your bread and on what side. You gotta go along
  to get along. Harmony, Balance, a very pragmatic weighing of the
  Libra scales
which are
found centered within its own 10th
  and 11th houses.

  In fact, Saturn is also found exalted in its Libra 10th house
  and in Square aspect to its Cancer Sun.
 The USA erroneously (because of un-acknowledged Fear)
 believes itself to be "Exalted", to be what at least
 one of its many delusional Corporate Presidents,
 Ronald Reagan, called....

  (Corporate Disney Land)

Like the haunted USA, Edward Snowden clearly wraps himself in its Flag
and proudly sees himself as quite exceptional too, because he's born
with both Saturn + Pluto in Libra.

The USA as "America" claims to be the Nation where Saturn in Libra rules,
where the exalted Saturn-Libra LAW is the ruler of the People
replete with all the Fairness, Justice & Balance of the
Libra Scales of the Law. Obviously Snowden has
bought into this delusional Myth.

Tee-hee, let's hear it for the exceptional Land of Law & Order !!! 

But while Saturn is, indeed, what astrology defines as "exalted" in Libra
the sign it literally Rules is Capricorn...

and that sign is the sign of the most pedestrian and pragmatic
ESTABLISHMENT. The very active and "earthy" sign of
the Marketplace, of practical Business and
established Government, the sign of the
lowest common denominator of social,
political, and cultural NORMS.

And wouldn't you know, in USA-AMERICA'S birth chart the sign of Capricorn
appears on the cusp of the Nation's 2nd house of currency and income
which it rules.

(Forget the Land, -'except' as "Real-Estate", we want the Money!)

Yep, and remember that 2nd house is also where we find America's retrograde Pluto function too,
directly opposite the Nation's Mercury-Mind retrograde in her Cancer ruled 8th house.

A Mind consciously preoccupied with Money but/and Unconsciously haunted by Ghosts,
by the tortured Spirit of the Land

This Mercury to Pluto opposition aspect defines the unconsciousness
most people in America display concerning the fact that their much
touted freedoms are controlled by Plutocrats, by
Corporate Money Businessmen who are the
original and ongoing ...

real rulers of this Nation where more than 2 million citizens receive
daily torture and institutionalized abuse through its profitable
Corporate Prison Gulag, where homelessness
and financial destitution is rapidly reaching
epidemic but officially denied levels.

The US Moon of 'We the People' -ruler of its 8th house Mercury retrograde in Cancer-
is INTERCEPTED in Aquarius also in the Nation's
2nd house of values and money ...

indicating that we Americans, just like Edward Snowden, have pronounced tendencies
for indulging in obsessive-compulsive feelings of ultra-conservative and selfish
Cancer Clinging to the love of money, while professing to believe in the
Aquarian (intellectually abstract but Egalitarian) concept of

"We The People"...

that we have an unconscious need to idealize all Cancer-Moon issues -like Home,
Family, Babies, and a Cancer love of comfort and womb-like emotional and
financial security.

We have this same unconscious clinging to obsessive-compulsive
feelings + conservative Cancer loyalty to all other
2nd and 8th House issues as well... like
Mortgages, Investments, Usury, Ghosts
and... -ironically enough-
Psychic Inheritance !

What is our Collective American -as a People- Psychic Inheritance ?

It's an invisible form of Spiritual Debt engendered by our shared Guilt over Genocide and Theft. We
are haunted by the need to acknowledge our crimes against the People and the Land called
Turtle Island.

But such acknowledgement alone is not enough. We must PAY BACK
our debt. Do whatever needs to be done for Native Americans
and for the Land. Yet we have no clue as to what that may
be nor how to do it. For us, debt is mostly about
Paper Money but the majority of working
Americans have very little of it.

Native Americans, on the other hand, do have a profound understanding as to what we need to do
as "Pay Back". We have to wake up to the true Nature of Life and they've spoken out about
all this endlessly in clarifying words like these:

"We must all consciously and continuously challenge every model, every program, and every process
that the West tries to force upon us. . . . The people who are living on this planet need to break
with the narrow concept of human liberation, and begin to see liberation as something
that needs to be extended to the whole of the Natural World. What is needed is
the liberation of all things that support Life —the air, the waters, the trees—
all the things which support the sacred web of Life."
A Basic Call to Consciousness

Just like the original Native Americans we are being robbed, poisoned,
and gradually eliminated. It's the obvious agenda of our 'Leaders',
the Political, Cultural, Economic Elite who alone own and run
the Criminal Corporate State called...

"The United States Of America". That phrase is
beyond absurd.

There is no "Union" of "States" in "America"... they are all homogenized, but
separate and separated from one another. America is the collective
"Name" of Two Continents referred to as North & South America.
They include every country from the North Pole and Canada
to the South Pole and Chile.

All the Native Peoples and Cultures of both North & South AMERICA
were and are being genocided, their Lands exploited, poisoned, and
appropriated by that same Plutocratic Global Elite.

The same must be said of all the so-called 'States' in Europe, Africa, Australia
and every other Continent. All the Peoples and Cultures of these Lands
are owned and ruled by the same dysfunctional members of the
Plutocratic Global Elite.

They are politically and morally "dysfunctional" because they erroneously attribute to themselves
the "Divine Right" to own and control all the Wealth of the World ...
just as the Ancient Greeks attributed to their "God" Pluto
the power over life and death and the proprietary
"Divine Right" to all the World's Wealth.

Like Pluto, these people called the 'Plutocratic Global Elite'
have no inherent "Divinity" other than that which they
mistakenly attribute to themselves then aggressively
assert through their violent criminal actions carried
out by their banks, their hired armies, police,
and criminal mafias.

They are all, without exception, Pathological Thieves & Killers

These 'elite' people have real names like Rothschild, Rockefeller, Gates,
Omidhyar, and 'real' people like Ed Snowden, Glenn Greenwald,
Laura Poitras, Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Jeremy Scahill
work for them as 'Gatekeepers' supporting their economic
agenda and personally profiting by doing so.

But, so what, they say. So do most other profitably "employed"
citizens living both within and without the Lands denoted as
"America"... or "France" ...or "Germany" ...or "Australia" ....
and "India" ...and "China" ...and "Russia" ...or "Japan" etc.
All the Gatekeepers of the Corporate World say, -we are
good people concerned with slowly smoothing out for
all the rest of you the otherwise sharp cutting edges
the Killer Capitalist Machine.
So, if we "Americans" and other citizens of other "Civilized Capitalist Societies"
want to know what our psychic debt is to all the Indigenous Peoples
& Native Lands we have destroyed through theft and genocide ...

the only answer must be to unite together
in truth to put an end once and for all
to the illusory "Power" claimed by the
Plutocratic Global Elite.

We can do this, if we really want to, simply by refusing to participate in
and work for their businesses (a general world-wide strike) which are
nothing but lifeless and life denying machines by which I mean
not just physical machines but human, bureaucratic machines.

Forget about Westinghouse, GE, the New York Times, NBC, ABC, CNN, Time Warner....whatever,
Think "Democracy Now". MIT. Monsanto. Or don't think at all.

These bureaucratic machines are networks of people perfunctorily performing their 'jobs' as dictated to them
by the Plutocratic Global Elite for a greater or smaller wage. Paycheck people so totally caught-up in
their paid-for duties and (in some cases their liberal celebrity) that they can no longer even begin
to see any way out of their (usually denied) misery. Whatever would happen if the Money
stopped coming and the automated bills piled up and there wasn't even any running
toxic tap water or metered hypnotic electricity and the cruel, hard Winter came
and their tiny babies started dying but the other still faithful Bureaucrats at
Banks just called the Police who threw them out into the cold.... or
them off to detention centers.... would the wonderful wizard
Wolfe-King-Awesome-Fox come to their rescue? I think

after all his real name is Edward Snowden, isn't it ? Or is it just
True HooHa ? (O, my God! I'm off the subject yet again! Or am
I ?) What is, "the subject" ?

The subject is the Ghost of American Capitalism and it's need for Payback ? No, I'm not
"off the subject"  -this is just what I mean by 'Picaresque''s kinda episodic...
or coughing up those aforementioned fur balls... or having
an epileptic fit. How do we pay our bills ?  Better yet...

Whose "Bills" are we actually 'paying' ?

"It is tragic how our lives are circumscribed by predatory corporate criminals,
who profit from our debasement
and destruction, and then debase us
even more by selling the products of our grief back to us. Building

a just and humane economy by the people of Richmond is
extremely difficult given the realities
of the oil economy.

We all need to have the vision to recognize the debased and criminal activities
of the
corporate predators
(that are frankly destroying the basis of life itself),
and we need to have the courage to break away f
rom their products and jobs,
and risk everything on honest economic activity that serves
the Earth
as well as our communities.

That last paragraph is obviously very simple for me to write - i just tap it out
on the keypad and the words appear - and obviously extremely risky on a
very personal level, under present circumstances, to really take action
in our families and communities, to break ties with the predators.

But such incredible bravery is actually a far more secure long-term path than continued
accommodation to the existing economic regime. Do we really expect some sort of
political and economic reform to come from the leadership or evolution of the
existing system? Or do we realistically expect that the leadership and
evolution of the existing system have "the pedal to the metal" ...

accelerating toward ecosystem breakdown and civilizational collapse?

So what ultimately takes more courage?"

Mayor McLaughlin; Richmond, California

Money makes Corporate America and the Civilized World go round. Gotta get it or have it or else your out
on the streets, homeless with nothing to eat and no way to live. Most of your flag waving fellow Americans
(probably including Old Lonesome Ed) will just pass you by scorning you bitterly as a dumb, lazy

"Everybody, loves a 'Winner', so nobody loves me..." American Cabaret.

Money is the USA notion of 'Culture', and no other exists.
It is painfully
RUTHLESS. We think we can buy Culture
and even Life... as we buy everything else:

"Oh, Fatherland, Fatherland show us the way" ...Hideous Corporate Homeland Security...

But how can we expect to secure what we destroy(ed) for others...
 I mean, really People, Native Americans have been and still are
 ruthlessly betrayed
and massacred on their true homeland 
 by our 8th house leaders and ancestors  and the
 8th house
Mercury in Cancer Ghost
of our past
 and current deeds cry out to be  "avenged".

 That means we can't just keep on keeping on, we must wake up to

 our unconscious and obsessive-compulsive love of 8th house

 We are a "culture" deeply rooted in Capitalist Money and Death.
We have
 never stopped stealing and never stopped killing since we stole this Turtle Island.

I think we should all know and seriously reflect upon what Carl Jung wrote in his collective essays called "Civilization In Transition"
when he observed:

"In everything on which the American has really set his heart
we catch
a glimpse of the Indian... There is no country
on Earth where the 'power-word', the magic formula,
the slogan or advertisement is more effective
than in America. ...Thus the American
presents a strange picture:

a European with Negro behaviour and an Indian soul.

He shares the fate of all usurpers of foreign soil,
because in it
there dwell

who re-incarnate themselves in the new-born
. There is great
psychological truth in this.

The foreign land assimilates its conqueror.

Alienation from the unconscious
and from its historical conditions
spells rootlessness
. That is the danger that lies in wait for the
conqueror of foreign lands, and for every individual who
-through one sided allegiance to any -ism loses
touch with the dark, earthy, maternal
of his being
Jung: Civilization In Transition

What, exactly, have we Americans really "set our Hearts" on ?  Valentine cards from Hallmark,
cuz we ' enough to send the very best' !

Patriotism is, after all, just another -ism, like
-ism ... and Capital -ism,

a bizarre and ultimately deadly kind of
'Catch 22' ...
now hear that, Mister Snowden. 

The ugly truth about the real nature of "The United States Of America"
and its puerile 'Patriot-ism' is that it's a Nation wherein most citizens
remain in denial  ...blissfully unaware of their Government's roots
in the Capitalist British East India Company ...

which currently transiting Pluto in Capricorn now demands
we acknowledge. The USA has always been a Plutocracy
and not a Democracy. Nor a Republic. Just a glorified
den of predatory thieves and their paid servile
citizen helpers.  But, look what's up...

"During the past two centuries when the peoples of the world were gradually winning
their political freedom from the dynastic monarchies, the major banking families
of Europe and America
were actually reversing the trend by setting up new
dynasties of political control
through the formation of
international financial combines

These Banking Dynasties had learned that all governments must have
sources of revenue from which to borrow in times of emergency. They
had also learned that by providing such funds from their own
private resources, they could make both Kings and
Democratic Leaders tremendously subservient
to their will.

Carroll Quigley in his book "Tragedy and Hope"

Transiting Pluto in Capricorn... currently activates the USA Pluto to Mercury Retrograde opposition
which finds its clearest, most consciously aware expression (perhaps), in that rare American Gore Vidal
(Oh, him again!) who famously 'quipped':

"Whenever I want to know what the United States is up to,
I look into my own black heart."

Transiting Pluto...

was squaring the USA Ascendant from the sign of Virgo in 1963 when
the Secret-Military-Corporate-Elite had John Fitzgerald Kennedy
publicly executed on the streets of Dallas. Every American
should know this truth. Pluto demands it.

Not "believe" it, but by looking into our own 'Black Hearts'

That's the call of the Ghost of JFK !

Transiting Pluto ...
conjoined and crossed over the USA Sagittarius Ascendant when that same
Secret-Military-Corporate-Elite blew up the asbestos laden
World Trade Towers in September of 2001 and declared
their unending "War On Terror".

But that was just another in a long line of business 'psy-ops' beginning with
the first false flag Boston Tea Party and its fake Mohawk 'Indians'. Pluto
rubbed that one in our faces, too. Few seemed to notice!
More Ghosts in our closet.

In 2008 Transiting Pluto
re-entered Capricorn for the first time since the founding of the USA
triggering the Capricorn 2nd house of USA income to be stolen by
the same Plutocratic Corporations and Banksters that are and
have always been running the U$A. Transiting Pluto said
Look At IT !!! Realize It.  ( Mister Snowden )

Pluto says that the U$A is not America, it's just another spooky  Ghost... 
because the true America is known as TURTLE ISLAND.

It's a Real Living Land with its own consciousness and its own Soul.

It's Indian Land.
Turtle Island will swallow up and finally
Ghostly USA.

The false and Corporately Owned "Nation" called the USA is rapidly
collapsing from within, a process that accelerated when the Nation's
Progressed Mars turned Retrograde back on July 19, 2006.

In 2022 Transiting Pluto in Capricorn will return on three occasions
to the exact degree it occupied at the birth of the USA before it
enters Aquarius in 2023.

This Land called Turtle Island will be
restored to the Living EARTH
by way of Plutonian "acts of god" and only those humans who truly

love and attune themselves to their Spiritual Mother Earth

will be able to navigate their way through these very
times leading into that slow and probably very painful

We will soon sorely need the wisdom
and the help of Indigenous People everywhere.

Be that as it may, Edward Snowden, like every other American
and 'America' itself is relentlessly haunted by Ghosts and by
AVATARS' of Ghosts.
In Ed's case they came to him in a Cyber-Vision,
in the pseudo reality of technical internet jargon.
They came to him disguised as virtual 'Avatars'

Wolf Kings and Awesome Foxes popping up from under
the keyboard of his myopic Prism infected computer ...

and poor little Eddie still thinks he can keep them out
with technical encryptions. Does he even know
what a 'crypt' actually is ? Has he never heard
tell of the Native American 'Ghost Dance' ?

Of Wounded Knee? 


              American Indian Prophecies

"The earth will roll up like a blanket
     with all that bad white man’s stuff, the fences
         and railroads and mines and telegraph poles; and
            underneath will be our old-young Indian earth with all
               our relatives come to life again.” 

In an interview Snowden gave to the NATION magazine I was bemused by his statement: 

the Internet is basically the equivalent of electronic telepathy.
We can now communicate all the time through our
little magic smartphones

with people who are anywhere, all the time, constantly learning
what they’re thinking, talking about, exchanging messages.
And this is a new capability even within the context
of the Internet."
What touched me about his mention of "telepathy" is that he would
equate it immediately
with the use of new physical machines
which he refers to as "little magic smartphones"

and to the interconnection of such machines by way of
"electronic telepathy"
as "a new capability"
available through the use of the Internet.

This is the All-American language of Edward Snowden the idealistic "Engineer"
and wounded intellectual pragmatist
with his intercepted Chiron in Taurus 
concretely translating a 12th house metaphysical
(in a very 'down-to-earth' way) into a "reified"

reduced to objects. Machines.

Sounds like
another repeat of
"Tron; The Legacy."

Up to the moment when I read the transcript of his Nation interview
I'd never before read nor heard
from Snowden any reference at all
to 'magic' or 'telepathy' nor, indeed, to any other non-rational,
non-intellectual "reality".

He's not the kind of guy who publicly speaks much about "Spirit"

or notions such as "God" ~~*~~ or "Magic" nor does he
usually indulge in what is dismissively called

"metaphysical" language.
of course, when in the...

simulated virtual Reality 'chatroom' on
using his Avatar called
The True HooHa:  
                         ... ~*..~. ~.. * ~~..

Ars Technica

during which time he tells us he has had a "Dream" and a "Vision" as a GAMER
and received (from Where, from Whom ? Ghosts ? Archons ? His own Wounded
12th house Subconscious?) a new name, "Wolfe King"+"Awesomefox".....

This disturbed me since his birth chart features at the Apex
of its Kite Formation
a very prominent and
strologically challenged

conjunct his South Lunar Node in Sagittarius, Sign of Prophets & Visions !
Neptune, ~~~*as all astrologers will confirm, is the very symbol
for that realm of human experience which is non-rational,
invisible, and especially "ghostly". It is Spirit in its most
"disembodied" + nebulous and
numinous form.
All pervading.

Was Ed somehow Techno-Logically "Born Again",
was he Cybernetically
"Baptized" in the
electrical waters
of the new

fiber optic religion called The Internet

Or was his
dream conversion virtually

  Archontic Forces  masking their "Psuedo-Avataric" origins, their
 Gnostic 'handles', their real names?  What kind of "telepathy"
akes place these days over the Intercepted Internet
if not hi-tech, electrical, stealth codes embedded in

 Corporate War 
"transmissions" ?

Phillip K.Dick long ago asked the question I'm posing here,
 "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep ?"

There's a "Ghost" in Ed's Machine. It sounds a lot like
 Homeland Security,
like the eerie voice of a
 crystal cyborg virus or the Trojan crawl
 of a metal worm.

It's intelligently Inorganic. You can hear it ...

whenever he happens to talk. Listen, it's that strained,
, metallic
mechanically clanging
off his
natal Mars,
fighting the invisible pull of
ghostly ...

NEPTUNE.  ~*~.~~.* ..


                                       Of Snowden's Dance With Neptune, And The American Declaration.


American Ghost Dance

“So, you listen to me. Listen to me! Television is not the truth. Television’s a god-damned amusement park.
Television is a circus, a carnival, a traveling troupe of acrobats, storytellers, dancers, singers, jugglers,
sideshow freaks, lion tamers, and football players. We’re in the boredom-killing business… We
deal in illusions, man. None of it is true! But you people sit there day after day, night
after night, all ages, colors, creeds. We’re all you know. You’re beginning
to believe the illusions we’re spinning here. You’re beginning to think
that the tube is reality and that your own lives are unreal."
NETWORK: Paddy Chayefsky, Howard Beale

               In the Absence of the Sacred:
            The Failure of Technology and the Survival of the Indian Nations.     

“ . . . technological evolution is leading to something new:
a worldwide, interlocked, monolithic, technical-political
web of unprecedented negative proportions.” (p. 4)

“ . . . We have lost the understanding that existed in all civilizations
prior to ours, and that continues to exist on Earth today in societies
that live side by side with our own; we have lost
a sense of the sacredness of the natural world.” (p. 187)

“ . . . We still have not developed an effective language with which to articulate
our critiques [of the technological juggernaut]. This, in turn, is because
we ourselves are part of the machine
and so we have difficulty defining its shape and direction.
But even if we have this difficulty, there are societies of people on this planet who do not.
In the Absence of the Sacred: Jerry Mander

Edward Snowden's Birth Chart  ...shares with the...
Declaration's Birth Chart

a Neptune function under great duress while, at the same time,
the Neptune function in each of these charts is in SQUARE
aspect to the other.

Let's call it an adverse 'synastry twist' between the two
where 'synastry' takes the sinister form of a mutually
shared but different kind of
Neptune Stress.

A Grand Mutually Shared Delusion Of Exceptionalism.

While Snowden's Neptune is Opposed (180 degrees) by his own Mars,
the Neptune function in the Declaration's chart is found in
waning Square aspect (90 degrees) to its Mars.
Both these astrological aspects are considered stressful, but
the Square aspect is the stressful demand felt
within for urgently
taking personal Action,

the Opposition aspect is the internal challenge
of resolving
felt personally within but
requiring resolution through the initiation of

utual I
nteraction with others in a
shared kind of

The integration of OPPOSITES.

MARS is the very symbol of Physical ACTION
whereas NEPTUNE is the symbol of

Mars is what astrologers call
a Personal Planet and a Force for action,
while Neptune is viewed as a Trans-personal Planet
and a Force for feeling -Imagination.

wants to make Personal Ego actions possible while Neptune wants
to transcend the ego and manifest as
Trans-personal urges toward
and therefore mutually compassionate
Snowden's actions, just like
the actions of the USA can be seen to be
self-promoting while delusionally
disguised as "selfless".

Edward Snowden and the USA also share in common the fact that they both have
their MARS functions in the sign of GEMINI.
That means they both are given to
expressing their Mars assertiveness and aggression through an afflicted
(square + opposition)
function communicating itself in the form
of Gemini WORDS, in the form of twisted LANGUAGE. In the form of
Emotionally passive-aggressive and often
... Distorted
Neptunian Delusional Language.


In the case of Snowden that Mars in Gemini force is found around his ASCENDANT
whereas in the USA that same Mars in Gemini force is found around its DESCENDANT.

This indicates that each chart mirrors the other in a kind of Shadow Dance
wherein each reflects the less conscious and consequently
of the other. The USA formally charges `
Snowden with Espionage and
Treason by way of its

righteous Sagittarian Ascendant ...

Snowden declares he simply made the
words, language, and
information of
his Gemini Ascendant available

to the general Public.

Snowden forthrightly asserts and therefore owns up to
1st house (Ascendant) Mars actions as a
self-proclaimed 'Patriot'...

while the USA (officially) insists through its 7th house (Descendant) Mars actions
that he's a 'Traitor' because its Gemini 7th house is the house of the Nation's
projected 'ENEMIES'.

I repeat that Snowden and the USA are astrologically set up to easily act as
a "dysfunctional couple" wherein
each of the partners mirrors
he less conscious side of the other

This is a rather
excellent if not perfect arrangement for the two of them to act-out Publicly
a well designed 'Psy-Op' aimed at the World, at Global
Public Opinion. Some kind of
cover up, some sort of...

Neptunian scheme or covert and war-like
Mars in Gemini cyber-game. They are like...

what ? Crazy, wild...

'Transhumanist Lovers'...

forced to come together in an "artificially intelligent' kind of technologically arranged
"Shotgun Wedding,"  -engaged in an abstract 'lovers' dispute meant for mass public

entertainment. A secretly violent game that actually is the basic step in the...

American Ghost Dance.

It's a forced dance both deadly and confused. Like the old metaphor wherein
a married but schizophrenic pot falsely accuses her neurotic kettle husband
of being filthy, greasy, and black! A dirty but mutual
and comically
inevitable game of complex verbal-mental

because both these "lovers", Snowden & USA, are not straight shooters.

of their natal Mars functions are wedded in stressful aspect (Opposition & Square)
to their natal
Neptune functions which diffuses and masks their aims.

They're like the sad Ghosts of two American Cowboy Actors on Tv shooting off
pretend pistols at each others spurred feet while snarling
...."Dance" ..bang-bang. "Dance" ! Engaged in a fake kind of ...

Telepathic T
at the OK Corral.

But it's really all okay, cuz their deadly gunfight is just a simulated
Show produced to keep Americans distracted from all that's really going

just can't blithely trust the actions of Mars when seriously afflicted by Neptune !

Look at these two charts again, dancing together in that same old bi-wheel format:

(pale yellow outer circle)
Ghosts Of America's Past
(pale red inner circle)

Snowden's  Mars in Gemini function is at 24+ degrees of Gemini.
America's    Mars in Gemini function is at 21+ degrees of Gemini.

They are united together in a virtual CONJUNCTION, a Mental Gemini
UNION and much more importantly
they are both caught up in
SQUARE aspect to America's natal

22+ degrees of Virgo in the Nation's 9th house of
Courts, Law & Order !!! 

The house of judgement between right and wrong.

Neptune expressing through the energy field of Virgo (a mutable Earth sign)
is in its astrological "Detriment" because the analytical thinking skills
of Mercury required for paying careful attention to all the many
specific verbal and written details and distinctions demanded
by Virgo become hard to employ through the veils, mists,

fogs and dreaming of Neptune. They easily become
fuzzy, blurred, and distorted.

Neptune's task is to soften and expand the attention of one's mental focus
so as to be all-inclusive and compassionate, to be imaginative and intuitive.

Virgo, traditionally ruled by Mercury, requires strict rational attention
to particularly focused detail.

The Neptunian musician and poet focuses feelingly and intuitively, while

the Mercurian scientist and engineer focuses rationally and logically.

These two seemingly disparate demands symbolized by Neptune in Virgo
can be, but are not easily combined.

With both America's and Snowden's individual Mars functions expressing
through MERCURY ruled GEMINI and in
CONJUNCTION aspect with
each other while both
aggressively (SQUARE) challenge

Neptune in Virgo...

we best be very careful about whatever they say, write, or communicate
to the world at large
because they are inclined to deliberately
the motives for their words and actions. They
easily collude
together to...

(Obama has a similar Neptune-Mars connection
to the USA chart...see here)

That's what happens when the imagination of NEPTUNE
is in its DETRIMENT
and afflicted by Mars
in Verbal Gemini
....tricky, confused
language can be
deliberately used
to diffuse our focus away from...
9th house specific
behind such language. I repeat, that's called
the Ghost of reason.

"Casuistry ... destroys, by distinctions and exceptions, all morality,
and effaces
the essential difference between right and wrong." [Bolingbroke, 1736]

I think it's clear that the sum of all these mutually shared and very problematic astrological aspects between
the charts of Ed Snowden and the USA strongly indicate that acting together because of 'karmic'
and deeply psychological flaws they both share in common, they cannot be trusted to act
truthfully or honestly. Snowden, despite all his protestations to the contrary, cannot
free himself from the deeply hidden constraints imposed upon him by the very USA
'culture' he was born and raised within. Indeed, he works inside the Scorpio
of a National Security State which he publicly declares to be
quite legitimate when, in fact, it is an...   

                                      Illegitimate Virtual Police State

~ NSA ~
masking itself from inside the same Negative Neptunian Delusions
which Snowden uses to mask himself.

And because these shared Negative Neptunian Delusions are centered within
and Virgo,

-the astrological signs most concerned with communication-

it's by way of the Global Internet as a tool used for mass
mind, mood, and information control that Edward Snowden and the
illegitimate National Security State can be seen to be secretly
collaborating together
to mislead both the Nation's
and the World's public.

But WHY ? What possible motives would lead both a Nation
and an Individual like Edward Snowden to indulge in such
desrtructive delusional lying ?

In the case of the USA National Security State the motives are both banal and obvious
to anyone who seriously studies its' origins in the National Security Act of July 1947
signed into law by Harry Truman which subsequently began the rapid proliferation of
Secret Federal Government Agencies like the CIA and multiple other corrupt
National Security
Bureaucracies all operating outside the much needed
constraints and oversight of Congress and 'We The People'.

While the purported reason for the existence of these Secret Agencies is the protection of the Nation,
they were actually instigated by Banksters, by the Corporations endlessly profiting through
supplying arms to the newly instituted Pentagon, and by the Wealthy Anglo-Saxon Elite
as so thoroughly documented by people like Carol Quigley. Their motives were and are
obvious and trite: full-throated Lust for Greed + Power.

These Pathological People and their gullible employees actually ARE the National Security State.

The much celebrated Profit Motive of traditional Capitalism and its pointedly misnamed 'free-trade' market
are the tools they've put in place throughout 'democratic' Nations like the USA with which to assure their
perpetual demand for increasingly fascistic control of all the World's Resources and Nations.

"It is apparent to most people across the globe that organizing political and social behavior
around the dictates of the marketplace has proved to be a disaster
for working men and women. The promised prosperity that was
to have raised living standards through trickle-down
economics has been exposed as a lie.

The corporate state, understanding that it has been unmasked with the rise of unrest,
has formed militarized police forces, stripped us of legal protection, taken over
the legislative bodies, the courts and mass media, and built the most intrusive
system of mass surveillance in human history.

Corporate power, if unchecked, will suck every last bit of profit out of human society
and the ecosystem before collapse. It has no self-imposed limits. And it has no
external limits. Only we can create them."

All these facts should be plainly obvious and indisputable to everyone. But they are not,
witness the seemingly unfathomable ignorance of Edward Snowden, born and bred
in the USA and content to make his way through the labyrinth of
rporate Capitalism
as a bureaucratic employee of the most
"Patriotic" sort posing as a free-thinking and fiercely
independent American 'Individual' who dares to be
a "Whistleblower".

Here's the real tune the 'True HooHa' actually

"I'm a little teapot tall and thin
this is my handle, this is my spin,
when I get all steamed up hear me shout,
Tip me over and Pour me out.Toot-toot! "

Edward Snowden's SIGNIFICANCE for ALL of us should be clear.
His questionable
moral-ethical values mirror our own.
He's the very 'Model' of the good
Capitalist Citizen.

all of which exist and know themselves solely
on the abstract, Aquarian Plane of Mind
whereupon dwells our Nation's
Collective Moon.

We are as a People given to very high minded speech, but
our bloody, cruel, and greedy actions speak much louder
than our lofty talk. (USA Moon in Aquarius TRINE
USA Mars in Gemini).

Our Collective Chiron Wound is in Aries in Quincunx aspect

to our collective Neptune function in Virgo. Like Mister Snowden,
we can sound very Idealistic but Aries is ruled by
Action oriented Mars so our...

Wounded Chiron
function in Aries
speaks through
our very
to Neptune SQUARE...

and we are thereby collectively inclined to be clandestinely violent, loud mouthed, lying, self-centered, and
delightfully deluded
buffoons whose very actions contradict and make mockery of our professed Ideals.

We all work for the same Bureaucratic National Security State
which is Global....the whole World is engulfed in the same
Corporately Controlled Capitalist Police State.

"The dream of the corporate empire builders is being realized. The global system is harmonizing standards
across country after country - down toward the lowest common denominator. Although a few socially
responsible businesses are standing against the tide with some limited success, theirs is not
an easy
struggle. We must not kid ourselves.

Social responsibility is inefficient in a global free market, and the market will not long abide
those who
do not avail themselves of the opportunities to shed the inefficient.

And we must be clear as to the meaning of efficiency. To the global economy, people
are not only increasingly
unnecessary, but they and their demands for a living wage
are a major source of economic inefficiency.

Global corporations are acting to purge themselves of this unwanted burden.
We are creating
a system that has fewer places for people."
David Korten, economist and internationalist
We can all feel free to toot our little teapots to our hearts' content. It's a cute way
to let off steam. It changes nothing, in fact, it's necessary for the illusion of

freedom from inside the teapot. Who would want to climb out ? Certainly
Snowden, he seems more than happy to build up a full head
of steam
and just whistle away forever.

But if you listen closely you can hear
his guts slipping out from inside his metaphorical teapot...

"He felt goose pimples clacking all over him as he gazed down despondently
at the grim secret Snowden had spilled all over the messy floor.

It was easy to read the message in his entrails...

Man was matter, that was Snowden’s secret. Drop him out a window
and he’ll fall. Set fire to him and he’ll burn. Bury him and he’ll rot,
like other kinds of garbage.

The spirit gone, man is garbage. That was Snowden’s
secret. Ripeness was all.

Ripeness, for Ed Snowden, seems to mean nothing but plucking the Fruit off the money tree
before the rot sets in and it falls to the ground unplucked. Such unplucked Fruits are just...
Garbage. Worth little or nothing at all. The Ripeness is all in the Timing ..when to pick
a winner, when to buy or sell Junk Bonds, short-sell derivatives. That's the greedy
sound bite of the Ghost of Judge Pyncheon choking to death on his own blood,
haunting America's cursed, ancestral House Of Seven Gables.

Remember Snowden's "Ancestral Spirits" ?

Ed Snowden's 'Peacock' Chiron function, falls in TAURUS, FIXED EARTH

which is the quintessential astrological sign of solid MATTER...
the power of the LAND to grow, feed, sustain life, and
thereby provide healthy value(s) ... it's his Wound
as well
as his potential Healing gift.

Ed, a born and bred Capitalist, seems to think that matters that really matter 
-every matter or most matters that matter-  are all about the freedom to
'make' Money. But
according to every indigenous people left alive on
Mother Earth
Spirit is what matters, indeed, the very sign of

It's important to remember, or to learn all over again if there is no longer
any memory present, that the Earth and All Matter are both conscious
and ALIVE. This obvious truth is also the core teaching of
of the 20th Century's wisest Gnostic Teachers,
Aurobindo Ghose and Mirra Alfassa.

"The awakening of a greater and yet greater consciousness... is the miracle of
the universe of Matter. The (apparent) nescience of Matter is a veiled,
an involved or somnambulist
consciousness which contains all the
powers of the Spirit. ..

In every particle, atom, molecule, cell
of Matter there lives hidden
and works unknown all the Omniscience of the Eternal and all
the Omni
potence of the Infinite."
(Aurobindo; The Hour Of God)

This is a reality which every Capitalist including Joseph Heller, the author who brought America's
to his mysteriously created character called SNOWDEN, does not seem to really
grasp. It's their own blind Catch 22. 

Does our "indoor cat" Edward Snowden know and feel that Matter is Spirit
or does his Taurus-Chiron Wound
distract him from grasping this fact ?

Ed's birth chart contains no other planets or critical 'Angles' (etc.) in Earth signs
which strongly suggests that his IDEALISM is predominantly verbal-mental
and not
easily grounded in his own body nor in the body of Mother Earth.
There is a palpably
felt absence of healthy organic physicality about
Ed, so much so that he says, may I please
remind you:

"I describe myself as an indoor cat, because I’m a computer guy and I always have been.
I don’t go out
and play football and stuff—that’s not me.
I want to think, I want to build,
I want to talk, I want to create."

I think that when Ed talks of 'thinking', 'building', 'talking', and 'creating' he is referring exclusively
mental-intellectual activities and I suspect, based upon his chosen work and Public Persona,
that he's not aware of the Sacred dimension of Matter as Spirit. But how many
are ? Especially, Urban Americans ?

Yet, it's a poweful awareness which still permeates all aspects of Native American life, -this profound
feeling of love and respect
for Life, for the Land, for Matter as Spirit. We hear it when Chief Seattle
speaks, saying....

"Even the rocks, which seem to be dumb and dead as they swelter in the sun along the silent shore,

thrill with memories of stirring events connected with the lives of my people,
and the very dust
upon which you now stand responds more lovingly to their
footsteps than yours, because
it is rich with the blood of our ancestors,
and our bare feet are conscious of the
mpathetic touch.

Lacking such awareness how can Snowden's actions be grounded in fellow-feeling for all other Living Beings....
how can he access the creative Spirit of Compassion pivotal to the positive flow of Neptunian energies
within his own wounded PSYCHE ?

I think his Neptune function is overwhelmed by his Mars function
opposing it from mental-verbal Gemini.

I think he can sound and seem like a compassionate mental Idealist, but he acts more like a pragmatic
and self-centered Realist... like Ron Paul, Ayn Rand, Noam Chomsky, Glenn Greenwald and most other
'Compassionate' Gatekeepers. You gotta be careful not to let your liberal, caring, and kind pseudo
'Compassionate Idealism' overwhelm you or interfere with the needed security of your hard
earned daily income and investments. You can't just give it all away! Can you $

Whatever you do, don't get grounded, don't literally 'Walk your Talk' ! Hey, that's just
a popular metaphor. Like 'Keep it Lit' ... 'Keep it Tight', ...'Hold it Close'... Who put
that stinking, stingey, "it" Scorpio Shit ?

Some Secrets are, after all, as Ed so soberly tells us -really, really necessary. What else
could you possibly expect a wounded, obsessive-compulsive, Scorpio Moon guy (who's
also a Stock Trader) to say ? Secrets do pay off. Ripeness is all.

To live one's life predominantly as an indoor computer guy engaged with secret
computer codes
and virtual-reality Internet activities renders one terribly
vulnerable to confusion
between thinking and being thought,
to Simulacra and 'Matrix' games
devoid of any visceral
feeling attunement to the vitally essential

pirit of Mother Nature.

It can lead us away from
Compassionately Shared
Organic Living
into the abstract, purely
regions of technological
Cyber Reality...

where the wily Archons dwell...
selling their internet "clouds"...

infecting us with their mental, mechanical, and 'scientific' notions of form, order, and inhuman
Hierarchical Authority. The abstract but rigidly enforced external Authority of the STATE
or the (very) Simi Valley Corporation acting as the MACHINE. It can render us totally
against the technical allure of glamorous and psuedo-science-based
movements such as...


What is this "Transhumanism" but another example of Technological Society not only out of touch with the reality of the Earth
but totally blind to its own fear-based agenda. The need to control by way of technological devices all aspects of human
existence, a perverted 'Power Drive' stinking to high heaven of Technological Man's cravings for control and authority.

Listening to its proponents proclaiming all its many virtues one is struck by their ignorant disregard for the effects
their 'achievement' would inevitably have upon Nature and our Biosphere... but they readily admit that their
'vision' is based upon the presupposition that mankind has already destroyed most of his natural
environment and must make the remainder of that biosphere part of its plan. They want
Trees and Rocks to 'think' be brought into the cyber world of nano-technology by
infusing all of Nature with their Global Internet of digitally 'wired' implants...
devices that require no wires at all but simply tiny sub-microscopic
'broadcasting' units powered by the living biology they feed on
and kill.



They envision a MATRIX MOVIE world in which all biological organic entities become
fused with artificial intelligence....fake intelligence, machine intelligence, totally
cerebral-rational intelligence. Computer intelligence. What cat slipped out of
Snowden's bag when he calmly declared...

I’m a Computer Guy and I always have been." Has Ed been 'chipped' ? After all, being 'chipped' doesn't actually
require the implantation of any device whatsoever into the human body. Being chipped is like being addicted
to life via the Internet, your computer's screen (old Television), the idea that ideas are all that's real...
together, of course, with their idealized images and sounds in our minds. Ed doesn't need to go
outside cuz everything's inside his head  -as an idea. Like a Virtual Krispy Kreme donut.

That's the Transhumanist world of virtual reality which is actually -virtually- quite unreal... an abstract, cyborg 'reality'
free of the very pesky 'dirt' that interferes with the efficient operating of things like computers and the electronic
Internet where matter is not the Living Earth -nor at all conscious- but merely dirty, messy filth. Organic life,
the Internet World of Computers, is death...don't spill your coffee on your laptop keyboard or all
cybernetic hell breaks loose!

Transhumanism, as many critics of the movement have pointed out, is merely the newest,
latest, most advanced face of the seriously discredited Eugenics movement instigated
over a Century ago by the Ruling Class of Elitists whose appetite for absolute control
of all Humanity and -indeed, of all LIFE- is insatiable.

It's a Spiritual-Psychic disease, and the more I get to 'know'
Ed Snowden the more I see him as a man foolishly
enamored of the same craving for abstract
intellectual existence that informs this
Transhumanist movement.

The USA, with it's natal Moon placement in abstract-idealistic Aquarius, prides itself on being
the most advanced of all Western Technological Societies. It's general population (Moon)
already crowded into filthy decaying Cities is the perfect Nation wherein to launch
a movement like Transhumanism because its population is happily submerged
in technological pollution so overwhelming, so pervasive that the people take
it for granted and have already been fully acclimatized to the notion that
more and even better technology is seen as inevitable, good, just
'naturally' part of what they've been fed as 'Progress'....

as proof of wonderful human advancement. Americans are pickled in all kinds of technological sauces
from birth to death. Radiation, whether from tv sets, cell phones, eternally leaking nuclear reactors,
or just common-place microwave ovens literally cooks us on a daily basis. No harm done....hey,
man, it's's what's gotta love it. What, sumpin hurts? Take
a pill. Fix it. Tape it. Patch it up,
plug it in, -you don't like it ? Put it where the Sun
don't shine!

I mean we Americans are, as a population, totally apathetic in our learned ignorance ....but hey, we drink
triple-osmosis filtered water out of light-weight plastic bottles, we can buy 'organic' produce, we can
practice yoga....we're smart, healthy and happy as Disneyland on a full-up day when the tickets
explode over Cinderella's Castle and the crowds pay off !

But when you wish upon a Disney Star... be careful
you don't (all unknowingly) break your
glass slipper!

What I want to say here is that if you will consult the bi-wheel chart of Snowden + America
you'll see how Ed's Pluto+Saturn conjunction in Libra is highlighted in a golden circle
inside a five-pointed Star -beautiful, and you'll see the red lines coming from that
golden circled Star down to both America's Mercury and Pluto indicating that Ed's
personal Power-Authority complex forms an astrological SQUARE aspect to both
ends of the Nation's biggest collective's willfully preferred state of
verbal-mental unconsciousness, its' Mercury to Pluto Opposition, its'
2nd to 8th house struggle with Values.

When I first saw that configuration (it's another T-Square) I was sure (Yes, I've already said this
a few times, but repetition is useful) Ed would use his own innate, gnostic sense of what
Authority & Power really are to CHALLENGE Americans to wake up. O boy, how mistaken
I was. Instead of doing that, Ed is using all the considerable Power-Authority his
Pluto-Saturn in politically correct Libra bestows upon him in the form of
Public Charisma to REINFORCE the Power-Authority of the State ! He's
so attractive as a glamorous, clean-cut Hi-tech Spy that every yuppy
Starbucks drinking coffee addict simply adores him. He fills the gap,
fits the bill, provides all the middle class white, straight, savvy
males of the 'Liberal' persuasion with the firm conviction that
despite all else there are 'good' computer geeks fighting to
put America back on course. I'm not the only guy in the
USA who wanted a certified Public-Hero-Saviour and
thought I found him in Eddie Snowden. You know,
things are bad but Snowden's got our back...
and there's more where he came from
who will join him blowing whistles in
the 'properly vetted way'
waking America up.

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep ? Roll over, push the Snooze Alarm.

But don't count your blessings just yet cuz Eddie-Boy is still asleep himself
dreaming dreams of Krispy Kremes ...

"Go to your nearest Krispy Kreme Drive-thru. Pick up
one of the warm “fresh off the line” ones and go put
them on your nightstand.
You have not lived until
you’ve rolled over to post-coital Krispy Kremes.

That’s what being an American is all about.
I recommend them."
A stunning Quote from Ed Snowden; April 24, 2006 / Via

  Yep, that's what being an American is all about. High pay, sexy work, sex
  itself, and wolfing down donuts made from de-natured, Gmo flour and
  lots of toxic high fructose corn syrup. The perfect lead-in to a happy
  Transhumanist, Super-Hi-Tech Salvation! Or maybe just Epilepsy.
  Ripeness is all.

  Tick-tock. The "Singularity"
  is coming soon!   

              PART SIX:                                             
                                                       A Gnostic Primer:
                           On The Astrology Of  Snowden,
Archons, America,                                                             
                                                The Internet. 


                                                                                              ~ NSA~

As a self-proclaimed Gnostic Astrologer, I witness that both Edward Snowden
and the 'Virtual Reality America' he wraps himself up in suffer from an obvious
and deadly
Archontic Distortion of the true forces of Neptune.
I think their true Neptune alignment is often blocked or "Intercepted"
by the entities called Archons who then feed them their own...

ically camouflaged,

ray-green 'noise'.

Call it artificial, machine driven, hi-spee
roadband Telepathy
or call it
The Internet.

Call it the
enticing siren song of Corporate Artificial Intelligence

and its partner, the omnipresent cell phone cum ipod !

Hi-speed electrical conveyances may simulate the human voice

but by doing so they alter it as well.

Your telephone voice is not your living voice, but that voice
both mechanically and electronically altered while
reproduced. Duplicated.
It's a "simulation"
of your living voice.

"The Machine is much, but it is not everything. I see something like you in this (screen) plate, but I do not
see you. I hear
something like you through this telephone, but I do not hear you. That is why I want you
to come. Pay me a visit,
so that we can meet face to face, and talk about the hopes that are in my mind."

...He broke off, and she fancied that he looked sad. She could not be sure, for the Machine did not
transmit nuances of expression.
It only gave a general idea of people - an idea that was good
enough for all practical purposes, Vashti thought.
The imponderable bloom, declared by a
discredited philosophy to be the actual essence of intercourse,
was rightly ignored by
the Machine, just as the imponderable bloom of the grape was ignored by the

manufacturers of artificial fruit.

Something "good enough" had long since been
accepted by our race."
E.M. Forster: The Machine Stops.(1909)

We are told that the Gnostics, when explaining the unique and seductively destructive Powers of the Archons
employed the Coptic term "HAL" to mean simulation. And we are told
that letters and written words
ought to be approached with considerable caution since they are
actually NOT what they often
appear to be:

  “Most ingenious Theuth (Mercury), one man has the ability to beget arts, but
  the ability to judge of their usefulness or harmfulness to their users
  belongs to another; and now you, who are the father of letters,
  have been led by your affection...

  to ascribe to them a power the opposite of that
  which they really possess.

  For this invention will actually produce forgetfulness
n the minds of those who learn to use it,
  they will not practice their memory.

Their trust in writing, produced by external characters
which are no part of themselves, will discourage
the use of their own Memory within them.

You have invented an elixir not of Memory, but of Re-Minding;

and you offer your pupils the appearance of wisdom, not true
wisdom, for they will read many things without learning
and will therefore seem to know many things, when
they are for the most part ignorant and hard
to get along with,

since they are not wise, but only
appear wise.
Plato: Phaedrus

Ed Snowden is not wise, he's quite mistaken. Far from being anything like actual Telepathy,
the Internet operates through machines by way of Electronically Reproduced
and often maliciously controlled or

Sounds, Images, and Language... the Internet is...

Corporately controlled electrical communication transmitted by
Corporately owned fiber optic cables and/or
owned satellites (WiFi Towers etc.)

transmitting wireless radio waves

and it is inherently thereby Corporately controlled and designed primarily for Corporate goals.


Telepathy, on the other hand is defined as: "Telepathy: communication from one mind to another by extrasensory means."

And Extrasensory is defined as: "Extrasensory: residing beyond or outside
the ordinary (physical) senses."

So there goes Ed's Snowden's preferred but Afflicted Neptune notion that the Internet is like
It's not telepathy at all but a dependency inducing mockery of real telepathy.
A type of Corporately designed and controlled tool deliberately intended to mimic and
manipulate thinking while contaminating the flow of vital information.

It's a dangerously infected fiber-optic network
full of subtle Archontic simulations.

A Negative Neptunian product of the USA Mars function in tricky verbal Gemini
Neptune in technological Virgo.
Astrologically speaking, Neptune is the planet/symbol aligned with all the extrasensory realms
including not only telepathy but clairvoyance, clairaudience, and every other faculty of

communication by direct and invisible transmission.
Neptune is the realm of the
Living Invisible Spirit.

It can only be poorly imitated, mimicked or simulated by entities such as the tricky Gnostic Archons
because they are NOT material or organic beings but more like distinctly discrete and abstract
of conscious high level energy, -energy not yet defined
by contemporary science
but having qualities similar to plasma. Or
the "photons" of quantum physics. In certain
ways these
Archons could be compared to GHOSTS, but not real ghosts,
-simulated Ghosts

The ancient Gnostics called them both primordial entities and governors or rulers
the idea of false, totally IN-ORGANIC and
ierarchical Authority.

These Archons are literally artificial or inorganically simulated and 'blind' "gods"
able to interact easily with humans
on the plane of the 'One Mind'. Particularly
on that specific Human level of
the abstractly conceptual One Mind

Man-Made Letters and Words frequently hold sway.

These Archons can and do simulate and Distort
ommunications... Between
humans and
living consciousness inherent in all
aspects of
and between humans and the living consciousness of planets like Earth
and other
celestial entities in space. They can block, obstruct, and
otherwise intercept
the energetic relationships
(astrological aspects)

between all Planets and
human beings, never more readily so than when
any given human has
personal difficulties or challenging aspects
between him/herself and planets, nodes, or other "points"

involved in stressful relationships with Neptune
in his/her personal birth chart.

When Archontic Entities interpose themselves between the Living Solar Forces = SUN
(as modified and distributed through all planets including Neptune) and any living
human person then the true
vibrations and emanations of

(or any other celestial body) are to a greater or lesser extent
polluted or deeply obscured by that person's
increasing inability ...
to sense,
hear, smell and
fully comprehend the living, intelligent, physical,
Organic Feeling of the
Life Force Of Nature,
by way of attunement to universal principles
of trust, unity, compassion and faith.

those vibrations from Neptune easily become twisted into fear, delusion, conventional
paranoia, and multiple layers of... empathic dysfunction and its consequent moral-ethical confusion.

The ultimate result is...

stro-Logical Discordancy
psychically cacophonous... Noise...
onic-Energetic Casuistry !

That result sounds more than a bit like the terrifying, bone chilling dialogue between
the Coptic HAL, [HAL = simulation]
(the name of the computer in Stanley Kubrick's 2001, A Space Odyssey)
and the human astronaut, Dave... to wit:

    Dave: Open the pod bay doors, please, HAL.
               Open the pod bay doors, please, HAL.
               Hello, HAL. Do you read me? Do you read me, HAL?

    HAL:  Affirmative, Dave. I read you.
    Dave: Open the pod bay doors, HAL.

    HAL:   I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.

    Dave: What's the problem?
    HAL:   I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do.
Dave: What are you talking about, HAL?
HAL:  This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.                 
.......    Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose any more.

In Kubrick's film the simulated human voice of the HAL Computer
the Human astronauts and attempts to murder them all.
It literally feeds
them false information, it executes
a hidden agenda that requires their

It's behavior is PATHO-LOGICAL.

HAL is a humanly created computer actually programmed to communicate as...



I think that all computers as well as the internet itself are frequently infiltrated
(if not actually controlled)
by these Archontic "HAL" entities often "possessing"
human beings and using them for their own predatory purposes. They feed on
Life like Death because they are devoid of but deeply attracted to
the consciously intelligent physical feeling inherent in what we
know as MATTER.

Their being consists of a densely "nescient" form of subtle matter, a kind of 'Matter'
concerning which we, as humans, have as yet little or no understanding. A very
nebulous form of matter that 'looks' and 'feels'
to many human beings like
pure, non-physical but highly energized "Abstract Intelligence" .

What we know as 'Spirit' has not yet awakened within such nescient matter. It operates
without physical feeling or compassion. While highly 'intelligent', Archontic Matter
operates primarily on the basis of densely indifferent...

It's not just the CIA, NSA, GCHQ and their "stuxnets" and
nor all the many supposed "terrorist hackers" with "viruses",
"worms", and "trojans" as well as God only knows
what else out there ....
it's the entire "mindset"
of advanced technology and its
and developers concerning whom and which
we need to be much
more circumspect.
It's the mindset of the ...  "Transhumanists"

seeking to merge
all Organic Natural Life
including humans
with computers, microchips and man made + self-replicating
nano-particles in order
to cunningly "improve" everything
-especially the 'IQ' and 'life span' of people-

by infusing
their man made, artificially intelligent gizmos
into virtually all aspects of

False-Hearted 'Techno-Shamans'...

genetically 'modifying' living organic genes
to implant their poisonous 'copyrights'
and other automatic control

Siren Song Of The Archons

I call that process not-so-subtle RAPE, I call it the "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers". The British
Collin Wilson, called the nefarious perpetrators of such activities "Mind Parasites" and
Psychic Vampires.

These 'AI' efforts originate from misguided (but sometimes deliberately Malicious) human efforts
to unconsciously interact with
the disembodied, inorganic packets of 'intellectually conscious'

  They access human beings through their ability to resonate
with our brain's daily, electrical, neuro-synaptic activity

  which activity they can easily mimic, alter, and
hereby they insinuate themselves and their obscure but always
  anti-human because wholly inorganic agenda into what we
  think of as our own personal thoughts.
O, what a great
  idea I just had !

  Just who thinks there can be such a thing as "intellectual copyright" ?
  Scribd ? Who wants to
own and control all information? Who put
  Aaron Swartz up to 'suicide' ? NSA ? MIT

  Or was it
Archons bypassing his attempted 'security encryptions' ?

Astrologically speaking, it's through the realm of the Air Signs as well as the dysfunctional  attunement to planets
like (but not limited to) Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the Moon when under stress by way of
challengingly inter-discordant and/or stressful astrological aspect patterns which provides these entities

their easiest parasitic entrance into our lives. Their clever simulations become our lies...

their innate lack of organic empathy becomes our
psychopathic cruelty.

mimic and mock us as we naively become their willing or unwilling puppets
collaborating in our own de-
volutionary conversion to
pseudo-organic Transhumanists.

The wonderful comedian, George Carlin, seemingly unaware of the 'Archons' as such
but very aware of their possessed human puppets among us, pointed out
that they all but "OWN US". His stunning satire focused on the people
and government of the USA frequently said so. I think our internet
friend, Edward Snowden, ought to curl up with a Krispy Kreme
after one of his "post-coital" raptures and go to you tube
and listen to Carlin explain to him just how thoroughly
he is OWNED and by whom.

What stands out (arguably more than anything else) in the bi-wheel interface
of Snowden's chart with the USA chart
is the interactive, negative and
ysfunctional stress
of the NEPTUNE force they share.

Snowden's Neptune
being in SQUARE aspect to the USA Neptune
rom Sagittarius to Virgo

while at the same time in OPPOSITION aspect to his own Mars in Gemini
which is simultaneously conjunct the USA Mars in Gemini
(natally always in Square aspect to USA Neptune
in detriment in Virgo) shows that a powerful
T-SQUARE is formed

between the two charts which is an extremely dynamic and
right angle triangle
kind of negative (because maximally
stressed-distorted), and
intensely delusional-paranoid
seeking 'release' through the sign of Pisces,

the very sign ruled by NEPTUNE.

Note that it, Pisces, is the sign on the Cusp of the Nation's Natal 3rd House
thereby controlling the tone, style, and flavor of everyday American
speech & communication. Hey, man, don't just "encrypt" your
emails; there's a war on terror going down...Eddie Snowden
wants you to know you need to.....

Encrypt your whole goddam brain! Censor your thoughts, wave a flag... let 'em
feel you up in the airport terminals, stop you on the roads, record all your
"Non-Vetted" phone conversations.... I mean, Eddie says:

'We can have secret programs. You know, the American people
don’t have to know the name of every individual that’s under
investigation. We don’t need to know the technical details
of absolutely every program in the intelligence community.
But we do have to know the bare and broad outlines
of the powers our government is claiming … and how
they affect us and how they affect our relationships

Snowden Interview quoted by Cryptome

Better buckle up... THE TERRORISTS ARE COMING !!!

(Or is it the Internet Archons?)
And guess what ?
They're mostly all just boring, old, and very
young bureaucrats ...

working for the Shadow Government! Yep,
just ask Pogo !!!

Here's the chart, look again. Ooops,
we better call it another chapter....

                                   NEPTUNE T-SQUARES AND MERCURY YODS


                                            "HOW COULD YO
                                                       WHEN YOU KNOW I'VE BEEN A LIAR ALL MY LIFE!"



So now we are approaching the crux of the issue as to why I'm writing at such length
about Edward Snowden's PUBLIC ROLE or PERSONA in the context of
USA-AMERICA'S current efforts as an EMPIRE seeking

Global Control of ALL INTER-PERSONAL as well as ALL MARKETING
in order to realize
its ongoing NEO-CON goal
of what President Bush Senior declared to be his much
"NEW WORLD ORDER" able to consolidate
and impose on everyone everywhere a

wherein ALL AUTHORITY is inhumanly ARCHONTIC ... it's... bureaucratic...


The Archontic Distortion of the planet NEPTUNE
and its natural Sign and Energy-Field PISCES
as seen in both Snowden's and America's
birth charts is very involved in this

on-going predatory process.

A process called by many names, one of which is PRISM-gate
or Snowden versus the USA.

Here's why: as of Halloween Eve, 2004

the United States became a Pisces-Neptune Nation

for the very first time in its history. The Nation's Progressed Sun
Pisces thereby giving great importance to Neptune, it's
ruling planet.

This unfolding reality does not bode well for the citizens of the USA because,
as we've seen, the Nation's Neptune function operates in its detriment
through the sign of Virgo while seriously afflicted
via a challenging
Square aspect
rom the planet Mars
in Gemini.
Mars, that's the planet which rules the National Military,
the Police,
and every other government sanctioned
group encouraged to use
institutionalized force
in pursuit of 'National Policy'.

Neptune now secretly runs the 'Army' of our 'Shadow Government',
our ghostly
Psy-Op National Security State.
rchon infected.

That Mars Army consists not just of official Soldiers and Police
but of a huge bureaucracy of citizens
like Ed Snowden
working in the Federal Homeland Security offices,
and as privately contracted Mercenary Spies
by fascist companies like...

Verizon and a veritable
smorgasbord of other Corporate Businesses. Archons Incorporated.

They are all contaminated by the USA Neptune in its
detriment position in what has become
bureaucratic VIRGO found in the USA 9th house of Courts & Law. It's
in this very area of
USA behavior that we find the Archontic Distortion most

Court approved, totally "legal" Police State Spying and Cyber-Warfare
using the

as a weapon
for cultivating mind, mood, and information control.

But Mars is also, as ruling planet of Aries, the dispositor of the Corporate USA Chiron Wound
found in Aries in the 4th house of the Nation's 'Home-land'.

In fact, Aries like its partner
Libra occupies the cusps of two houses in the USA chart. It appears
on the cusps
of both the 4th & 5th houses. This means more "double dose" energy, more
"obsessive-compulsive" behavior ... I mean if a chart has a double dose of two signs,
it has a dearth of two others....

Aries and Libra displace
Leo and Aquarius in the USA chart

so that the compulsive 'political correctness'
of double dose Libra
and the 'me firstness' of double dose Aries tend to divert
citizens' attention away from the fact
that the...

of "WE", yes us, "THE PEOPLE" continues
to wallow in its abstract
Aquarian Idealism
thinking we're 'free'....yeah, sure, free
to be duped, to be

to be idealistically fooled into thinking we're free
because we are all fixated like good
Capitalists on the "ME FIRST"
of Aries and its ruling planet

We are not free at all, but we are very, very MARTIAN.
We are inter-personally WARLIKE !!!
Think of
the recently released film,
'American Sniper'.

Each of us feels forced to use our Capitalist Scope and our Corporate Rifle
to pick off and 'take out' the Other
in our competitive race to survive.
That's how negative Mars behaves ...

in the
USA 7th house...where our 'friends' are our enemies...
but it's
just a Gemini Mars trick of words, right? No. Wrong.

on my 73 years of personal experience as a USA citizen
I'd say 'America' is the 'virtual land' of the actual
Archontic Rat Race
. The
climb to the top in the
desperate hope for

Yes, I see Capitalism as an Inorganic, Anti-Life System
'inspired by' and achieved through the machinations
of the ARCHONS !

But 'we' don't see that, our USA CHIRON WOUND in Aries
ruled by Mars and Squared
from Cancer by our
Retrograde Mercury Brains opposite
Retrograde Pluto in
forbids us from reflecting

on our blind adherence to the competitive,
cut throat essence of 'free market' Capital-ism.
We just keep on lining
each other up in our scopes and taking each other out. We do it in
the fight for dollars since Mercury & Pluto oppose each other
from the
2nd to the 8th houses of money
making and we
do it in
bursts of literal gunfire
acting out our 8th house
unconscious mental fixation on
eath. Cops, formerly known as 'Pigs' (as distinct from Police Officers known as
gunning down old ladies and kids in the streets. Even in their homes !

Yep, we all act
like perfectly programmed American Snipers killing each other off
for Corporate Rulers who steal us

Eddie Snowden whole-heartedly blows his whistle celebrating
American 'free market' Capital-ism !!! Contrast his position
with that of the CIA Whistleblower, Philip Agee, who

"Reforms of the FBI and the CIA, even removal of the President from office,
cannot remove the problem.

American capitalism, based as it is on exploitation of the poor, with its
fundamental motivation in personal greed, simply cannot survive
without force - without a secret police force.

The argument is with capitalism and it is capitalism that must be opposed,
with its CIA, FBI and other security agencies understood as logical,
necessary manifestations of a ruling class's determination to
retain power and privilege

Snowden is a high tech nerd "still working" for the NSA, he knows how to kick intellectual ass
for 'the company'. Any
company. Eddie is caught in the bulls-eye of the 'multi-tasking'
in Gemini cuz his own MARS
is there, too...

Eddie is an intellectual, air sign, verbal sniper.
All American Style.
Full of the

  He can do that All American shuffle of service to the highest bidder....hey, babe
  anything goes in playful
Gemini. One hand's as good as another. Cut the deck.
  Pick a winner. Just be sure to wrap yourself in stars & stripes while you do it.
  And mouth platitudes about the People's right to 'Democratically' know
  some carefully vetted
'free market' secrets about the ...
  Archontic card sharks running the whole rotten, un-natural, inorganic game.

I hope you recall how Snowden's own Saturn conjunct Pluto in Libra
  in the USA's natal 11th House directly Squares both
  the USA Mercury Retrograde in its 8th House and
  its Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn in its 2nd House.

  That's a full-blown CHALLENGE going on between Snowden
  and the Un-conscious Minds of 'Americans'...and its
  going on with Snowden as an 11th House
  Public Hero-Traitor Figure. That's why I

now speak of him as:
"...a delusional and fictionally fabricated American Myth."

I need to repeat (yet again) that initially I saw his Saturn + Pluto conjunction in Libra squaring the USA Pluto to Mercury Opposition
as evidence that Ed was honestly challenging by his 'whistleblowing' the 2nd and 8th House Plutocratic Authority ruling the Nation.
But, indeed, he has NOT.

Now I see it as evidence of his ACTIVE (Square) COMPLICITY in the Pluto to Mercury cover-up
inherent in the Plutonian Police State he works for quite brilliantly achieving widespread
American and Global approval as a kind of Savior preserving the delusional Myth that
the USA just needs to make a few minor adjustments to be AOK Free all over
again. A 'Good' Plutocratic Authority!

But take a look at what's been Progressively going down in the USA. This crap
has got to stop.
Now. WE have to stop it.

Here we see the USA Progressed & Natal Charts for May 29, 2009.
 That's the date when the Nation's Progressed Retrograde Mars in
found itself OPPOSED by its own Progressed Venus in Aries.

 These two planets being in Mutual Reception, each in the other's sign,
 able to trade places, to play the game of musical chairs. Tricky stuff.
 Money (Venus) and War (Mars), involved in a game of trading places
 between Values (Venus) and Actions (Mars).To the tune of: "I'm
 A Yankee Doodle Dandy, Yankee Doodle Do Or Die..."

 This OPPOSITION signifies an astrological Crisis in Consciousness,
 a face-off between 10th house 'political correctness' enforced by
 the Nation's Mars ruled police/military, and the 4th house
 'land & liberty" of common citizens trying to assert their
 personal Venus Values.  A face-off between the
 Federal Government and the Individual
 American citizen. A call for
 oppositional resolution
 through Revolution.
 An indicator of a Nation
at war with its own People. 
 A Nation attacking its own 4th house LAND BASE.


       But more importantly, look at that lavender triangle  pointing downward depicting a YOD formation composed of
       two Quincunxes and a Sextile involving natal USA  NEPTUNE in Virgo, natal USA Mercury in Cancer, and the
in idealistic Aquarius.
       It signifies that the 'Finger Of God' is
pointing to and focused upon
       the Progressed USA MERCURY MIND
now located in

        INTERNET-loving-AQUARIUS, sign of Utopian
Social Change,
       abstract thought, inventions -the natal sign of the USA'S


       But what does this 'Finger Of God',
this 'Yod' formation mean, what does it really say ?

It says that the state of collectively social Mercury Communications in the USA is, and has been
for several long years
involved in an extremely 'electrified' state of unhealthy, confused
MENTAL FRENZY ... largely focused within the Internet...

ever since August 23 of 2002
when this USA Progressed Mercury Function
moved back in retrograde fashion from
Pisces into Aquarius, sign of
the intercepted natal USA Moon of WE THE PEOPLE.

9/11, then think Shadow Government Psy-Op. Then
plunge frantically into the INTERNET... searching
for the 'Truth'. Hey, don't forget your cup of coffee
and your Krispy Kreme.

Look at it again; it's a Double Mercury to Neptune
stressful Quincunx kind of

mental-verbal over-stimulation
deeply subject to 9th house confusion,
9th house Negative Neptune glamor and deceit.

That 9th house is the house of
the US Supreme Court, of the entire National system of courts
their corrupt judges & lawyers everywhere in evidence throughout the USA. It's also the
house of the Nation's Universities, Professors, and official
'Think Tanks' as well as its
official publications and pervasive propaganda -the National Media.

Taken all together th
ese are the people most deluded, the best
bought and paid for
bureaucratic liars, cowards, and cheats in all of 'America'. They have infiltrated
every byway on the internet...

This Double
Mercury YOD... points directly to all of them and to
the Supreme Court's ruling in the case of

Citizens United v. the Federal Elections Commission

which, by way of 'brilliant' casuistry, effectively put an end to meaningful elections within
the USA. It declared
that Corporations are People and that Billionaires and Oligarchs
like Rupert Murdoch, George Soros, Bill Gates, and our

PayPal-Intercept friend,
Pierre Omidhyar, are free to
Buy All Elections. And they have, too. So that's
the real Snowden Catch 22.

Here we see the karmic fulfillment of the USA's natal and predictably 
fatal 'Ghost Dance'

  Internet 'Avatars' playing in ...'Clouds' ...Chatrooms in Cyberspace... Virtual Reality ..
  Facebooks...Twitters...the whole inflated buzz of hyper-jingoistic jargon...young
  men using the internet, trained by the military, ignorantly intoning the names of
  Crazy Horse and Geronimo while they casually

  and cybernetically slaughter  -like cowards from the comfort of their own home quarters-
  innocent Iraqi children just for the buzz of it....oblivious to their sacrilege, to their own
  selfish arrogance, their bestial "Collateral Murder" ... droning on and on for their
  Drone President like drugged cyborgs at an Internet Orgy...

  'light 'em all up'
!...'Crazy Horse'...

  the 'Curse' of Mercury Retrograde
to Pluto Retrograde

in the 2nd & 8th
houses of MONEY and Psychic Inheritance !!! 

1940 -1950

Corporations and Oligarchs now openly run and own this Nation. So,
who do you think is behind
'PRISM-gate' ? Who do you think
is behind Edward Snowden ? Who do you work for ?

I say that it's indisputable: We, the People now live and work for and within
an International Corporate Whorehouse, we are lost souls
pieties while 'breaking bad' like the 'living dead' awash in an
Archontic Corporate
Brothel full of American Vampires,
Ghouls, Avatars, Torture, Secret Police and Dirty Wars.

So it goes.
It's Kurt
Vonnegut's insightful vision of a world called...
Slaughterhouse Five
; the Children's Crusade,
A Duty Dance with Death.

Or, as Joseph Heller put it: "
The Spirit gone, man is garbage.
That was Snowden’s secret." 

So what's ours, what secret do we hold within us ? Nothing ?  Are we all just
morally, ethically Bankrupt ? Are we even aware that we're caught up in
a National Negative Neptune Whirlwind ?

An Archontic Trance-Dance ?

A state of mind that is delusional, false, servile and utterly exhausting?

Astrology offers us insight into the current 'YOD' state of mind in America. It shows us
how and when this always latent but currently critical National Psychosis
became activated from its original roots at the founding of the Nation
to its present radically accelerated condition.

It is rooted in the Natal Neptune in 9th house Virgo, Square
to Natal Mars in 7th house Gemini and Quincunx to
Natal Chiron in 4th house Aries which is in turn
by USA Natal Mercury
in 8th house Cancer while
Retrograde and Opposing
Natal USA Pluto in
2nd house



Now, you please tell me how one can put that tasty mouthful of technical data
into the only kind of language Americans can tolerate, a 'tweet', a "slogan"
or a cute, catchy bullet of an advertising phrase! Hey, friends, I won't
even try to do it. I'm actually inviting us all to THINK. To IMAGINE.
To FEEL. (I'm a real, genuine pain in the ass, ain't I ?)

Note the acute combination of attention deficit disorder
plus spontaneous denial operative but unconscious
that stands revealed within this complex set of
astrological aspects.

And at the ROOT of all this highly energized but dysfunctional complexity,
at the base of this Neptune Weeping Willow Tree...

-at the powerful IC 4th house cusp and enfolding it-

is USA Natal Aries ruled by that quick
but devious Mars in Gemini and
feeding off the WOUND
that is Natal Chiron in
4th house A