The Fubar Follies;
An Astro-Gnostic Key To The 21st Century.
Francis Donald Grabau

“Not a soul
But felt a fever of the mad and play'd
Some tricks of desperation ...

Hell is empty
And all the devils are here.”
(The Tempest; Shakespeare)

When first I saw the word “Fubar” I thought it referred to some new-fangled “health food” -you know, granola, almonds and raisins all tortured into an organic candy bar. Then I “googled” the phrase to find it came from the Mimsy Mouth of the Military. It means ‘Fucked Up Beyond All Repair’. “Fucked Up” (you must concede) is a nasty phrase which none may say nor print in our properly saintly but totally fractious society. So says the Federal Communications Commission. Fubar, you see, is Top Secret, a matter of National Security. Such Anal Propriety as this feeds the bloated mind of Corporate Civilization in the frivolously bellicose Full Metal Century.

Even as I dither under my Tumtum Tree, Israel and the USA practice endlessly debauched fubar perversions on a daily basis. Their unrequited lust is ripping children limb from bloody limb, lacing the soil in the Middle East with the slow death of clockwork uranium, pornographically violating the lives of every human being on planet Earth. But the ‘snuff films’ shot by Israel and America everywhere in Arabia are forbidden fubar realities not felt as the frustrated and sexually lewd actions they are, but ‘morphed’ by political droogs into something called the ‘regrettable’ but necessary means of defending what is most frumiously declared to be ‘democratic freedom’.

Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch.
Beware the ‘Terrorists’, too. The Hezbollah, the Al Queda, Hamas. CIA.

We are told the Jehovah-Jesus-Jihad which is not happening shall, nevertheless, triumph against the ‘savage’ and shamefully arabesque Muslim Infidels! Lebanon’s infrastructure, it’s roads, society, and water supply must be reduced to toxic rubble just as the foundations of Iraq and Afghanistan have been totally poisoned and destroyed. Legions of murdered civilians are merely ‘collateral damage’ and don’t matter at all. This ‘crusade’ of financially profitable genocide is radioactively wrought with the slithy toves of depleted uranium shaped into bullets, bombs, and missiles fired by unprincipled soldiers under the orders of perverted borogoves posturing as Presidents and Jolly Congressional Knesseteers. Jesus and George, Yahweh and Ehud need their sacred blood lust sated.

Priests, mullahs, and rabbis aplenty are available to bless all these depraved ‘freedom loving’ and ‘democratic’ activities. The vulgarly infamous ‘Debbie’ may have done Dallas, but Israel and America are blowing the whole Middle East to smithereens through the prophylactic aegis of the International Monetary Fund. Grab a flapping flag, stick a rubber rocket in your launcher, say a quick ViagrAmen and you, too, can join the fabulous fubar follies shamelessly stealing headlines in the Century of the New World Order. Kill those dirty Arab ragheads, keep that scum off the Dome of the Rock. Let’s build the Lord a mighty fence around his chosen ‘Holy Land’. The ‘Wailing Wall’ must never fall into another Holocaust! 

Holy Yahweh, Batman, pass the bagels!

Sweet Jesus, save my Christian ass!
Clutching desperate techno toys, we’ve reached the Tempest Time.
Hell is empty and all the devils are here. Yes, indeed, it’s Fubar.


Now must we seek the secrets of the mad hatter buried deep beneath the Bandersnatch hunting the tedious snark. O frabjous night of blackest light, cry the White Knights talking backwards. Newspeak. Onward, holy Christian drones! Kill those filthy pukes. Gyre and gimble in the kosher wabes! It’s Fubar Time and Humpty Dumpty needs your help. The Baby Jesus Bubble is about to rapture. Trailing fire and brimstone, that Eternally Suffering Nazarene is on his way back as the Terrible Terminator in the promised War of the Worlds.

Behold, ye faithful, the Gates of the Refined White Sugar Kingdom are opening wide. We have reached the Days of Holy Freedom Fries and Sacred Armageddon Burgers peddled by every Korporate Christian Franchise from Bali to Tierra del Fuego to Iceland. Mount Erebus quietly erupts in the Antarctic. Huge glaciers the size of Rome, Mecca, and Bernie’s Deli are falling into the kosher sea. The time has come, the Magi say, to talk of many things, -of why the sea is boiling hot and how the pigs grew wings.





It was the year 1999, time of Eyes Wide Shut. While the Old Century died the number 2000 came to birth in the Western Techno Calendar and a wave of digital fear came with it. Remember?  We called it the “Y2K” bug, feared it would strike precisely as the clock struck Midnight in the Matrix of the New Year Time. Computers everywhere would crash and our “virtual reality” would crash with them. It was a problem of numbers, especially naught. 

Millions of folks around the globe spent their money rushing to become “Y2K Compliant” but nowhere were they rushing and spending so much as in America where the Federal Government established something called the “Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act”. All Zion held its breath! The Great Egyptian Pyramid failed to light up that night as planned, and the fabled ‘Stargate Conspiracy’ collapsed. A New Millennium opened to the countdown of a ticking time bomb culminating in a resounding dud. Bank vaults continued to open, utilities worked, and airplanes didn’t fall out of the sky. The ‘Y2K’ scare amounted to zilch, a zany Zero.

But the seed of “virtual fear” had been successfully implanted in the actual reality of mass consciousness. It sprouted in 2001, the year sighted by Kubrick’s Space Odyssey, the year of Spielberg’s Artificial Intelligence. Technocratic geeks, bureaucratic sleepers, and thousands of sentient agents successfully prepared us for the arrival of (1 year, 9 months, and 11 days later ) the “War On Terror”. Another kind of ‘Space Odyssey’, an artificially intelligent and carefully programmed ‘glitch’ in Time. American Media pulled out all the stops to make sure we viewed it with eyes wide shut. Virtual Pigs grew wings and flew into buildings. It was the bizarre beginning of the Fubar Years.


In the fabulous parlance of 9/11 Doublespeak ‘Terror’ means Rapture, ‘Disclosure’ means Hidden Secrets, ‘Information’ means Disinformation and ‘Readiness’ means a Distinct Lack of Preparation. ‘War’ of course, is Peace. We confused and insecure children should realize by now that if the 2012 ‘Blue Fairy’ ever comes our way she’ll be frozen in the Mayan ruins, accompanied by a dysfunctional ferris-wheel and veiled in a mysterious burka.

This is not unlike the image of the Moon we see when consulting the birth chart for the New Millenium and the 21st Century. The Moon in this chart is expressing herself thru Scorpio, the veiled sign of mystery and death. She stands like the eerie, Black Monolith of Kubrick’s Space Odyssey, an ominous warning aligned directly in opposition to Saturn, the ancient Guardian of the Gates, the old Timekeeper. He’s facing off with her from the inertial, stubborn, and solid Earth of Taurus. Saturn is contractive and cold by nature, and when opposing the Moon tends to “freeze” her where she stands. Take a look:



Frumious Fubar Follies,

Opening Night Of The New Millenium


The Moon represents at once the shared feeling mood of the masses, and the waters all over the Earth. Saturn symbolizes the status-quo of social-political authorities and the principle of contraction, focus, limitation and hardening. The fact that they stand opposed to one another as the Century begins is indicative of these kinds of things: a stand-off between the masses and social-political authorities, politically motivated and hidden control of the feelings of the masses, contraction and limitation of water flow on a global basis, and the need for critical focus on the hardened sediments (heavy metals, toxins etc.) accumulated in the waters.

When we add to this mix of planetary meanings an understanding of the two astrological signs Scorpio
and Taurus, the following themes emerge: the need for Scorpio purgation-cleansing of the waters symbolized by the Moon, a collective feeling mood among the masses that partakes of both Scorpio’s control and its awareness of secrecy, social-political authority figures within the established status-quo of society employing secret means for controlling the Taurus land base and goods, their measured control of available clean drinking water, and their enormously focused and stubborn Taurus claim to ownership of all land and water resources on the planet.

It’s important too, to reflect on the fact that the ‘fixed water’ of Scorpio directly involves the Earth’s continuous creation of the thick fluid known as oil within the Scorpio bowels of the Earth. Saturn authority figures will be controlling that oil in a very focused and measured way. Hence, the false emphasis on the ‘Peak Oil’ crisis, and Israel-America’s collaborative war making throughout the oil rich lands of Arabia. All hail the House of Saud, of Halliburton and Carlyle!


If we lift our consciousness up a notch, we begin to understand that the Moon in Scorpio opposing (180 degrees) Saturn in Taurus also addresses the issue of the physical, visible, and solid Taurus matter-reality opposing the metaphysical, invisible, and subatomic level of the equally valid Scorpio matter-reality. This opposition relationship emphasizes the importance of ancient shamanic and occult knowledge regarding the hidden but very real physical effects which consciousness and intentionality have upon dense physical matter. Modern breakthroughs in science and physics such as the Heisenberg ‘principle of indeterminacy’ echo and scientifically resonate with such ancient occult knowledge. In a simple and popular sense this way of knowing and thinking is called ‘mind over matter’ and the chart of the 21st Century highlights its radical importance in the many crises which face us regarding the need for Scorpio detoxifying of land, water, and air.


Most notably, both coal mining and the burning of oil with their consequent polluting emissions are seen to be out-dated, inefficient, and unnecessary means of obtaining the energy we need to run all our various kinds of engines. Furthermore, although these methods are known to be toxically polluting and extremely inefficient, the obstinate and inertial forces represented by the status-quo of Saturn-Taurus are clearly seen as resisting and blocking the development of alternative free energy sources and methods. Similarly, the inefficient, costly, and lethally toxic production of energy by means of controlled radioactive fission in nuclear reactors produces deadly radioactive wastes which cannot be safely disposed of, -yet it still remains the preferred form of ‘alternative’ energy promoted by the Corporate owners and profiteers holding the patents for these reactors and processes.

Just as the authoritative and status-quo Saturn Corporations burned coal and oil heavily for the past two centuries engorging themselves with their profits while essentially ignoring the destruction of the living habitat of the Moon Masses (including the personal health of the workers and the contamination of earth, air, and water) so, too, do they seek to continue and even accelerate these practices in the current century. It’s the Ken Lay Consciousness called Enron.


The economic paradigm known as “Capitalism” and/or “free trade” for exclusively personal profit has reached its absolute deregulated limits and will need to be critically altered or totally abandoned during this century. This is the additional message of the Moon in Scorpio opposing Saturn in Taurus, for these two signs are also the primary signs dealing with money, investment, and trade. It’s the present situation of the Moon Masses (as workers) facing off with the Saturn corporatists (as owners) which is urging us to review the insights offered by Karl Marx in “Das Kapital”. Neither the Earth nor the People of the Earth can continue to sustain the unconscionable and decadent life styles of the “rich and famous”.

A workers’ Revolution is building slow Scorpio momentum and will reach a showdown with Capitalist Elitism in the 21st Century.
The ‘free market’ is about as free as the ‘crown jewels’ and both are in the ‘noblesse oblige’ hands of the ‘royal’ corporate blue bloods. The Queen of Hearts has dressed in drag and found her way into the White House. Bishops are humping pawns everywhere we look. The Pope is a rat singer piping the Devil’s Third Reich tunes, and the Attorney General of the USA is a sadist lackey justifying holy American torture. The media pundits say not a word for the butter’s spread too thick! The time has come to talk of real revolution, Les Misérables -Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

The 21st Century chart depicts a situation in which the Moon Masses of the common people are being seriously oppressed by a Corporate Global power structure which has absolute control of all public means of communication with only one exception to date, and that exception is the world wide internet.
But “free trade” corporate profiteers are seriously at work establishing legislation that will allow them complete control of the internet as well. Consider Bill Gates, Microsoft Corporation and the media interests of Rupert Murdoch. This situation needs further clarification.


Sagittarius is the sign of “vision” and the enthusiasm of the celebrated, self-promoting entrepreneur. It’s the sign of religion, philosophy, and publishing as well. As the 21st Century was inaugurated both Pluto and Chiron were merging their forces by way of a very tight conjunction in Sagittarius revealing that the power of Plutocratic wealth and secrecy were combined with the flawed woundedness of Chiron in the sign of zealous, self-promoting entrepreneurs. Given the astrological focus which Sagittarius has on ALL forms of publication, teaching, and propaganda the conjunction of Pluto with Chriron in this sign becomes a “hallmark” of the Century warning of the extreme and obsessive-compulsive interest Pluto will display regarding communications propaganda, and warning that this interest will be HIDDEN.

This points to more than overt “Media Empires” such as those of Microsoft and Murdoch, it points to hidden and secretive “metaphysical” forms of communication and that means Post-Orwellian forms of propaganda and “mind control”. In order to deflect the masses from focusing upon such propagandistic mind control, the Saturn Authorities of the status-quo initiated a process of hidden, Plutonian fear in the guise of a program promoting “Terrorism”. It began with the world-wide hype around the “Y2K” threat which they told us would begin precisely at the initiating moment of the year 2000 when computers would lose their “counts” and confusion would rapidly ensue. We’d all lose count of TIME because of digital errors made by computers trying to count zeros. We’d all be nudged like Alice through the “looking glass” into another space-time dimension.

One thing would be made perfectly clear, “…that the white kitten had nothing to do with it: -- it was the black kitten's fault entirely.” Fubar, the looking-glass time of tweedledum and tweedledee.


The fact that Saturn in Taurus forms a tight 150 degree quincunx aspect to both Pluto and Chiron in Sagittarius assures us that an Authoritative Establishment program (Saturn in Taurus) would be set in motion which would allow Saturn-like focus and limits to be placed upon all avenues of Sagittarian communications. This means that Sagittarian judges, legislation and courts as well as Sagittarian religious philosophies would find themselves heavily influenced by powerful Saturn forces employed to focus strict boundaries and limits on what may and may not be said, published, spoken, thought, or written. Large sums of Saturn in Taurus money would be used to buy and sell, to manipulate and control Sagittarian belief systems. Religions and their various priests, rabbis, pastors and mullahs would be subject to secret (Pluto) bribes and pay-offs (Taurus) by obstinately rich establishment figures controlling resources and money (Saturn in Taurus). The quincunx aspect of Saturn to both Pluto and Chiron virtually assures that there will be increasingly extreme EXCESS in these secret contracts because it’s an aspect that points to both physical and psychological imbalance needing adjustment. It’s an aspect always indicative of excess. Corporate big money seeks to monopolize all means of travel and communication throughout the world. That’s the nefarious goal of the so-called New World Order.





When the chart of the 21st Century is cast for the Capitol of the USA (as I’ve cast it above) we notice that the infamous Pluto+Chiron conjunction becomes situated in America’s 3rd House of daily communications and travel, and Saturn falls in the Nation’s 8th house of Corporations and the national mortality rate. This arrangement set the stage for the ensuing events of 9/11 and the blatant rise of Corporate Dictatorship in America. American 3rd House daily Media played a powerful ‘looking glass’ role that day. Their task was to make sure Americans viewed the day’s carefully staged events as a “turning point” through their distorted Fubar Mirror. To make sure we viewed it with eyes wide shut, eyes veiled by Pluto’s infamous helmet of invisibility. Some Corporate ‘Godfather’ made them a ‘top secret’ (Shadow Government) ‘offer’ they couldn’t refuse. The jaded Jabberwock came whiffling through the ethers, and burbled as it came!


The controlled demolition of the World Trade Center, together with the Pentagon’s clever ruse of bombing itself resulted in a multicolored ‘Terrorist Thermometer’ posted on a daily basis by American Media with the immediate results of harassing constraints and invasive searches on the persons of travelers. Fascist legislation was gleefully adopted, then extended and renewed by way of the frumious “Patriot Act”. A Nazi-like Ministry of Fear calling itself “Homeland Security” was instituted. Now the National Security State claims the right of “Total Information Awareness” and government spying on citizens’ communications is rampant. Travel by airline has become a tedious nightmare, even buses and subway trains are being searched.

Osama bin Laden became the instant excuse for this regime of despotic control when, virtually overnight, he was declared to be the superstar Terrorist accused of master-minding the “Attack on America”. The Cheshire grins of the Bush-Cheney Cats resulted in a flag waving invasion of Afghanistan followed by the violent rape of Iraq all in the name of ousting the Satanic ‘Saddam bin Laden’ and his non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction. Even now, Muslim phobia creeps across the Nation on “little cat feet”. This is no joking matter. In America, Mister Frost, poets must curb their tongues. Nothing in this Nation is funny anymore except at the Rocking Horse Ranch down in Crawford, Texas where Bush croons in Trojan newspeak to his swollen billy goat: “
You made me love you, I didn’t wanna do it.”


All this is the Corporately dictated expression of America’s response to Pluto/Chiron in her 3rd House of day to day travel and communications. An orgy of Plutocratic excess directed by the Saturn in Taurus Authority of USA 8th House Corporations. It is Saturn opposing the Century’s Moon in Scorpio whereby the Authority of Hidden Corporate Controllers freezes the Moon masses in the thralldom of Scorpio secrecy while paranoid fear escalates into the extreme of a “War on Terrorism” legislated through Pluto’s absolute righteousness in judicial Sagittarius.



Pluto On USA Ascendant
Opposing Saturn.

September 11, 2001

The Blazing Saddles of Mel Brooks couldn’t hold a candle to the glaring excesses of America’s New Pearl Harbor”. 

Nor could his musical rendition of The Inquisition equal the cruel sarcasm of its brutal “Shock And Awe”
attack on Baghdad.
Authoritative Saturn in stubborn Taurus quincunx to Absolutist Pluto in fanatical Sagittarius has brought us Goose Stepping National Guardsmen dropping white phosphorous on the kids in Fallujah, fastening electrodes to scrotums in Abu Ghraib, and the force-feeding of chained prisoners held illegally incommunicado at Guatanamo. We’ve witnessed helicopters whirling over flight decks while the Black Bitch Chevron Queen wearing spiked heels romped around the Global Landscape screaming “off with their heads”. The Bushy tailed Rabbit (wired for speech) pulled his pocket watch out from his flight deck codpiece exclaiming he was  -in one bold stroke-  both early and late for the Rapture. The Walrus and the Carpenter ate all the hapless oysters before the steel ruins in the Looking Glass got cleaned up with America’s wonder Windex and shipped off to Dictatorial China.

Halliburton, Whackenhut, and Lockheed-Martin, oozed with buttered delight in the oily-winged arms of Boeing and Exon. America, with Pluto on its Ascendant, stood revealed to the world as the Corporate Skull and Bones Industry of Death. Yes, G. W. Bush, as Hugo Chavez publicly declared on the floor of the United Nations Assembly, is the very Devil with fumes of sulphur trailing him wherever he goes. Just as the Arabic World declared, America has unveiled itself as the Great Satan trolling the Globe, catching us all in the endless nets of terrorism it generates everywhere it goes.

Like the Borg of Star Trek it declares: “All resistance is futile. We will absorb you.”


No one can speak to the Man at the Helm when we’re hunting for the Snark, the Zion Matrix, Artificial Intelligence. Indeed, Mister Spielberg, dare you confess what throbbing jaws were chomping down this particular version of Schindler’s List? Who was that man in the moving van Saving Private Silverstein? Or was he ‘pulled’ like buildings 1,2 and 7 ? 

What was traded at the World Trade Center on 9/11?   Freedom. 

American kids will never jump on their ET bikes, peddle over the haunted forest, and call home again?  The House of Carlyle, the House of Bush, the House of Saud have merged into a triple decker condo under the doublethink rainbow of Neverland. They speak the same language: laundered money. It makes the World go round. And round, and round. It makes the Fubar Follies. It’s the New Gravity of the New World Order that allows all 110 floors of the World Trade Towers to implode swiftly through their own shadows down the molten rabbit hole. And that was scarcely odd because they’d eaten every one.


To be continued…. Posted 9/30/2006