A BA Brief Look At His Astrological Birth Chart
(in an exchange of emails with Holger Haffke of the Gnostic Liberation Front)

                                                             IN AN ORWELLIAN WORLD THE ONLY TRUTHS
                                                                       ARE THE LIES WE SAY ARE TRUTHS

"It makes no difference to the Washington crowd that Hugo Chavez was democratically elected twice, is loved by the overwhelming majority of his people and has already survived three attempts by the US to oust him. Coming up for sure is number four. Chavez surely knows this and also believes (as do I) that this time the US plan is to kill him. In US perverted logic, they believe - no more Hugo Chavez, no more Bolivarian revolution. Well, President Chavez may have a thing or two to say about the first premise, and the Venezuelan people may have a thought or two about the second, at least the 80% of them who cherish it and will likely fight to keep it."  Stephen Lendman, 01 April, 2006

A Brief Look At His Astrological Birth Chart 

To all & sundry interested parties from Bubba Don....
enclosed please find the
orginal letter (with a few spelling and grammatical corrections)
in response to Holger Haffke's [see]
inquiry concerning my Hugo Chavez - Victor Hugo previous mass posting
... enjoy...

Holger W. Haffke wrote:

Dear brother Francis aka Bubba Don,

thanks so much for this mailing of your article. Really and truly, I love this man! To me he represents everything great in a human being. Just watching him interact with the people and his wonderful smile, he is indeed our last hope for a better world. Your comparison of the two Hugos is true genius! I immediately went to work and put your article on the web. Francis, I'm sure you feel like me, this man uplifts my spirit and makes me feel like going to Venezuela right now and to dance and sing with the people... If I was in my thirties again, I would go there and work for the Revolution! God, I'm so inspired. Just got through watching the video "the revolution will not be televised". What a great piece of work and inspiration! Can't help myself, I feel like I have found the "Messiah". I have a feeling that you are doing his horoscope right now... Can't wait to read it!

Thanks again,
Holger the terrible.

Howdy do, Brother Holger....

Of course you like Hugo Chavez as I do, too. That's because you're an Old Gnostic Idealist, eh?  And, (horror of horrors) you are a passionate person with intense feelings which you struggle to express and to live by. Now that particular combination is usually guaranteed to clear your head, open your nostrils, and make it easy for you to wake up and smell the coffee! 

Hugo, standing before the assembled leaders of the United Nations, had the simple honesty and unapologetic sheer gull (stemming from such simple honesty) to announce that he could smell the sulfur fumes associated with our Bush Devil who had stood the day before in the very place (UN-New York) where Hugo was standing.  The stench of Bush Rot, the air pollution, the sulfur fumes overwhelmed Brother Chavez's nostrils and he smelled the Demon. Then he said so, and millions of us all over the planet (but especially we Americano Gringos) felt a Great Relief ... whew! finally somebody is voicing our feelings! Bush is a Devil (and Hugo turned his eyes to heaven in sincere theatrical gesture) and Bush smells of sulfur (rotten eggs)! The sound of Truth from the voice of Poetry!


The Devil Bush In Real Life

Hilariously, but also as a Good Shaman, Brother Chavez then made the "Sign of the Cross" and went on to expose the Terrorism Bush has spread all around the Globe .... bombing Fallujah with white phospherous, sewing Depleted Uranium into the soil of Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia (via Clinton & Associates) and on the WINDS circling the whole EARTH. He spoke the forbidden Truth, and hearts and minds everywhere smelled and thought that truth, and it was as if a Great Dam had suddenly burst and the River of Freedom and Life was allowed to flow once more. Korporate American Media went into instant shock generating frenetic "spin" to cover up the Truth Hugo Chavez set loose. It was wonderful to witness.

Here we have a man of the Earth, a man of Native Indian Stock who never fails
(as he did a few days before at a Public Gathering in England
- )
to speak of the sacredness of Earth & Soil which gives us Spirit and Life. A man standing up to the proposed Global Korporate Government, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and breaking their hold on the people of Venezuela and on ALL Nations that might join in that battle with him.
Then, quite humbly at the UN he spoke that other unspeakable truth, that Korporate USA Bushco CIA tried to assassinate him. He called Bush a KILLER. Simple truth, but a truth that never passes the lips of American Media Journalists! Really, what a heavy weight of oppression his words remove from the hearts of honest people all over the World! He's a great gust of fresh air, a warm breeze of heart energy, an honest man. And he knows he's a man, not some Idiot Napoleon HERO  -just a simple man with faults and shortcomings like ALL of us. You just gotta love the guy.

And you're right, Brother Holger, it's all right there/here in his birthchart.

Birth Chart Hugo Chavez

Birth Chart Of Hugo Chavez

I mean, just look at his Moon-Feelings in the sign of Cancer, the Moon's very own Sign -sign that She rules, sitting with Jupiter (exalted in Cancer) on her own South Lunar Node with Mercury and Uranus!  Wow! Now that's a "FULL HOUSE" in any card game!  This is the SIGNATURE (in the Astro-Gnostic sense) of a MAN OF FEELING. TRUE FEELING. A MAN OF THE MASSES, THE PEOPLE. And with Mercury (the rational brain + speech) conjunct Jupiter there in Cancer this man is a heartfelt, genuine OPTIMIST. When he opens his mouth to speak that Jupiter force of expansive, optimistic Feeling shapes his words, inspires his thought. He actually believes in simple, honest feeling and goodness. And look at his Sun, he's a Leo .... very early Leo, the Aries decanate of Leo, a spontaneous Aries-Leo LEADER. A PERFORMER. A real "Ham" .... his speeches are always so full of theatrical effect/affect and yet it all comes from the heart suffused with honest feeling! He's a man who loves a "good show". They say he has a weekly call-in TV Show down in Venezuela and that he sings on that show, ham's it up for the viewers. A real man, genuine and full of the rare energy of the "Father-Nurturer" Archetype conferred by Jupiter exalted in Cancer-Feeling. And this Father-Nurturer energy is part & parcel of his Past Life Inherited "soul force" because Jupiter & Mercury are both conjunct the Moon's South Node (symbol of "automatic" or "default" behaviour carried over as good karma into the current life) ...he knows he's a Man of the People, has an urge to fulfill the role of the "GOOD FATHER FIGURE". He's "got charisma" .... that impalpable but very real "something" that grabs at the heart because it shares all that is common of good feeling with everyone else, - and as an equal. Yeah, he's got a bombastic Leo flair for theatre, but it's heartfelt and he sincerely means it, seeks to use his own love of Leo "Noble Heart" energy with the general Public-Masses. The Cancer element brings all that into a very PERSONAL form of theatrical but nurturing feeling he seeks to share with others. Such sharing exalts him, makes him feel loved & lovable. Viva Chavez!

Of course, no one yet among web astrologers has posted the exact hour and minute of his birth, but we do know the exact day and year (June 28, 1954) and place (Sabaneta, Venezuela) so we have to go here with a Public Persona (Noon) Birth. This means that the placement of every planet is pretty accurate by degree and sign (hence aspect, too) with only the Moon as an exception. Since the Moon never travels more than 15 degrees in a day we can rest assured Hugo is born with the Moon in Cancer but the exact degree of Cancer cannot as yet be determined. Now, with the Sun at 5 degrees of Leo and the Moon somewhere between roughly 5 and 25 degrees of Cancer we know that
Hugo Chavez is a "Dark Of The Moon" temperament. It's a wide-open temperament devoid of emphasis on personal ego, the temperament of a Soul blown on the Winds of God's Breath. A SEED. A person who sews the seed of a rich and fertile harvest from the past into the present. He's of the original Native Bloodline of the original inhabitants ..."Indio" ... a man of the Earth, a farmer. But a SHAMAN as well, because the Dark Of The Moon is the "witching" time, the time of the Castenada (Don Juan) "Crack Between The Worlds" ... he's got a direct "pipeline" to the Divine which uses him for its own ends as long as he keeps his personal ego out of the way. He is a "Walker Between The Worlds" of Spirit and Matter .... has direct communication with the Spirits of the Ancestors.

And this is NOT an easy role for any "Dark Of The Moon" person because it testifies to a Life that can seek no personal ego rewards but is best when allowing itself to be used by Spirit. Hugo Chavez, from all the video tapes I've been able to view, the interviews with him I've been able to read, clearly demonstrates in action this Spirit of the WALKER BETWEEN WORLDS. (Hey, Natural Gnostics must LOVE him!) He can REALLY speak of "demons" and "devils" because he has access to the Dark as well as the Light aspects of the DIVINE. Demons and Devils are as real to him as People and Corn Fields and Oil, but he can relate -even to these demons & devils- in that heartfelt Cancer-Personal-Feeling mode and is naturally compassionate because of that. He could easily "accept" or even "forgive" folks like George W. Bush their evil ways provided they genuinely struggled to surrender those ways and tried to be REAL, FEELING, "CHILDREN OF GOD".  This, I hasten to add, does NOT mean that such people have to be Religious "God Believers" .... because Chavez understands the DIVINE even when it takes the form of "atheists" or "agnostics" ... as long as any human being HONORS the COMMON BOND OF FEELING-NURTURING that is SACRED TO LIFE, Hugo Chavez will embrace that person and do so personally. Lovely man, really.

So we've got this Shaman who's a Leo HAM and a Leo Leader and is above all else,  a NURTURING MALE FATHER FIGURE. But look, he's born with Mars in Sagittarius, so he's born with the Spirit of the Truth Seeker willing and able to FIGHT for the Truth. It's not some ABSTRACT TRUTH, nor any RELIGIOUS DOGMA, nor any exclusive NATIONALISTIC PHILOSOPHY but a Truth of NATURE. He fights to defend the Truth of HONEST PERSONAL FEELING SHARED COLLECTIVELY. That's a wonderment, don't you think? I mean, we have lots of bozo's willing to fight for this, that, and the other philosophical-religious Dogma, but how rare to find a man able to fight for NURTURING. For LIFE itself. Viva Chavez! Look how he "fought" to provide help for the folks in Louisianna etc. after Katrina, how he struggles to provide cheap (if not allowed to provide absolutely FREE) oil to the poor in America -especially his fellow Native American "INDIOS"!

Ah yes, the Oil! Well, in this Public Persona Chart for birth at High Noon
Chavez has the sign of OIL, SCORPIO as his Rising Sign Ascendant. Bingo! And look how Saturn in Scorpio sits right up front on that Ascendant. This speaks of how seriously he sees the Oil/Scorpio issues, how aware he is of oil's consequent pragmatic Power, the Power it gives the People of Venezuela to effect Political-Business (Saturn theme) changes. Real, Saturn changes. Saturn in Scorpio attests to great personal depths of feeling, to awareness of death and the darker side to feeling. My teacher, Dane Rudhyar, was born with Satrurn in Scorpio .... these folks are often powerful Occultists. They take the Scorpio theme of "in-depth sharing" very seriously, so we know Hugo is not just some cutesy, nicey-nicey clutz, he's a man familiar with Mark Twain's "Mysterious Stranger" .... he refers to Twain occassionally in his public talks and interviews, he obviously delights in Twain's wry humour and acute wit. Think of Huckleberry Finn on the raft floating down the Mississippi River with Jim, the Black Slave! This is Saturn in Scorpio depth of shared feeling.

Now, put this occult depth of feeling with the shamanism of the dark of the moon temperant, add the fighter for truth of Mars in Sagittarius, and the flair of the Leo-Sun Leader with charismatic appeal to the Moon Masses of Cancer and you see, intuit, know more of the ESSENTIAL BEING OF HUGO CHAVEZ. Don't forget the optimistic good will and fellow-feeling of Mercury conjunct Jupiter exhalted in Cancer and you can FEEL -as every common person can feel- the essential, basic human goodness that radiates like a stream of clean and fresh water from the soul-core of Chavez. Healing. Nurturing. Pro-Life. Embracing ALL LIFE IN FELLOW FEELING and doing so with the wry sagacity of Saturn in Scorpio. The World Leaders look at him and think ...."This Guy's just too good to be true!"  Some other private citizens think so too ... they're afraid he's up to something, something no good!  This comes from the fact that Chavez is born with the challenge of the waning square aspect his Leo Sun is making to his Scorpio Saturn. It symbolizes a "mandate" from his SOUL to keep forgoing Leo FAME in favor of Scorpio sharing. Chavez always faces the temptations of "The Man Who Would Be King". He knows that. He feels it. He just loves how so many common folks love him, and he knows how that love feeds him, gives him public power, makes him happy but also tempts him to become a BIG EGO ... and that is the greatest temptation to the "Dark Of The Moon" Temperament. While honest folk everywhere all love Hugo we must, nevertheless, keep him humble. We need to remind him he doesn't want to be "King" by actively criticizing him whenever he starts taking the first steps in that direction. You see, in very many ways Hugo really is a simple "Child Of God" and must hold to that child-like state. It ain't easy to do that while being a Revolutionary Leader ... dirty deals of power are always, continuously coming your way. You can get very "heady" with this much power. Hugo's Sun in waning/separating square aspect to Saturn constantly warns him of these facts, informs him, urges him to practice self-disciplined restraint while simultaneously being open,  spontaneous, and candid.

A man like Hugo Chavez with Saturn on his Ascendant in his Public Persona Chart is a man familiar with discipline and laws, with politics and government. I seem to recall he served years ago in the Army and I remember seeing a video of him ( The Revolution Will Not Be Televised ) speaking about his Grandfather and Simon Bolivar, and hearing how his Grandmother told his Mother that his Grandfather was a violent killer! She was accusing her daughter of being "violent" and trying to point out where that violence came from in the Family History (Cancer theme). He was a boy when he overheard these tales, and as I remember it he was worried about having "killer genes" in his constitutional makeup so he began to investigate all this through a study of his  Grandfather's history. Saturn is the planet of age and Elders and the earthy authority innate to Elders because of their life long experiences. And it seems to me that Hugo found that when his Great Grandfather was  a mere boy of 16 he killed a man back in the 1800's over a matter of "honor" but then went on to join revolutionary Bolivarians in the Mountains. Chavez said he found his  Grandfather's "footsteps" and began to follow them .... notice the Cancer Storyteller there, the person blessed with the gift of feeling narration who follows the thread of feeling to complete the sense of the story. Saturn in Scorpio combining with Mercury/Jupiter in Cancer. He tells personal stories to illustrate emotional truth. A trait he shares with the Victor Hugo of Les Miserables fame. Stalking the truth. Staying close to the Earth. Embracing the Poor.

Venus in Virgo, which appears in Chavez's chart, loves simplicity, clarity, and a no-nonsense approach to reality. Monks, Hermits and Nuns often have this kind of energy. Architects who speak of "form following function" have it too, they seek to eliminate needless and structurally unsound frills. It's a bare-bones love of basic quality signifying a desire for detailed and practical work. It DISCRIMINATES, sees DIFFERENCES, pays attention to DETAILS -all involved with the "how to" of things. Rather like a "vow" of poverty wherein poverty means simplicity and no pretension. For all his Theatrical-Leonine showmanship Chavez, nevertheless, uses his Venus in Virgo energy (in his 11th house of social groups) to try to solve the basic needs for housing, land, and jobs of the poorest people of Venezuela. And since Virgo is particularly concerned with health and natural medicine he has brought public clinics and increased medical care to the people. Unlike many 'Presidents' and 'Premiers' Chavez is at ease among the Poor as Francis of Assissi was at ease among us. He's full of simplicity and plain common sense.

Remember, Venus in Virgo is the very symbol and sign of "Lady Poverty". Hopefully, Hugo can bring this plain old love of the poor back into "fashion" among World Leaders ... I mean, I've seen him now on television in several "serious" places such as the UN, and he always seems to be restrained in some kind of "suit and tie" that reduces ALL suits and ties to high comedy!  Like a Grizzly Bear forced to dress in Western Male Fashion. Don't get me wrong here, Chavez (the Man) looks just fine, but the Suit & Tie stand revealed for what they really are, -absurd and ugly fashion anachronisms left over from some Techno-Prehistoric period of the West. His body visibly rejects them, reveals them to be the awkwardly confining costumes they actually are. Ugly, non-functional sorts of generic uniforms devoid of even the least touch of creative flair. Hey, let's hear it for Hugo Chavez, the unfashionably reluctant Fashion Revolutionary! Come on, you so-called "World Leaders" dress yourselves in some useful attire and get down to the real work at hand. We don't pay you guys to stand around looking like prima donnas on parade. There's urgent business needing our attention all over the globe. Poverty, starvation, disease, pollution, exploitation, destruction of the natural environment. Life is not an endless series of fashion photo-ops. (George Dubbya posing on the aircraft carrier in his GI Joe Codpiece Outfit under the 'Mission Never Accomplished' banner comes searingly to mind.) Anyway, that's probably how Hugo Chavez (Venus in Virgo) sees the picture.

Then there is the matter of Hugo having his North Lunar Node in Capricorn in his 3rd house of Daily Communications. This is an eye-opener because Saturn rules this Capricorn North Node and is right up front on his Ascendant. Growth is what the North Node is all about. It indicates what kind of energy (Capricorn) in what area of life (3rd house) Chavez must use in order to grow into and fulfill his completely unique Truth. Well, wouldn't you know, Hugo is asked to grow by using the energy of a factual, no nonsense communicator in Capricorn areas of Government and Business!  So,
with Saturn in Scorpio right up front on his Ascendant, he has little choice but to talk soberly and seriously about secretive oil business deals, hidden facts of Government, and the Scorpio underbelly of daily communications. After all, one's Ascendant describes one's 'Dharma Path', the path one has chosen to follow in order to become whole, realized, fulfilled in this life. Chavez is on a life path guaranteed to take him directly into the Establishment seats of Hidden Power in International Finance, hence his public revelations exposing just how the Internationalol Monetary Fund and the World Bank operate, -as THIEVES.

And because his vital life force, the Sun, is in Leo in waning and separating square aspect to his Saturn-Scorpio Ascendant he has publicly stated that he's aware of the dangers he faces from these Secretive Establishment Financiers. He declares he's willing to give his life to "defend the People of Venezuela" and he may have to because he's brazenly refusing to sell his Nation's oil to the International Oil Mafia-Cartel which notoriously keeps most of the profits for themselves and their "share holders" thus cheating the Nations whose oil they exploit and whose environment they contaminate. As these thugs see it, THEY DICTATE THE PRICES but Chavez is refusing to play that game and demanding a greater share of those prices for his People. This brings him right smack up against the Global Korporate Government whose "police" are the various spy & killer agencies of "Civilized Western Natons". That means the CIA, MI6, Mossad, ISI -virtually all the secret Killer Elites who are the hit men of the World Bank. . These scum have already tried to take him out of the picture via the USA backed (financed) "coup" of April 2002.

Make no mistake about it, not only Pat Robertson but the entire Bush Crime Family and their vile cohorts want to see Hugo Chavez dead.
Ever hear of
"Operation Bilbao" ?
No, then google it.
The question is: Will they be successful in their efforts to murder him?

Anyway, Brother Holger, you inspired me to write this much and I thank you and trust it is, as the famous "tease" goes .... "TO BE CONTINUED".
Donaldo aka
Franicis Donald Grabau aka
Brother Francis aka Bubba DonBubba Don.                                                                                


I've discovered a Spanish website here:
which gives a birth time for Hugo Rafael Chavez as 5:08 AM on July 28, 1954 in Sabaneta, Venezuela  this is the same day, month, year and place as I've used above but a different time of birth which gives him Cancer on the Ascendant conjunct the Moon in Cancer but no SOURCE is given for that birth time. It looks, nevertheless, like a very good possibility. Note that the author uses the Placidus House System.

Chavez Chart Espanol

Hugo Chavez - Victor Hugo.

By Brother Francis aka. Bubba Don
September 23, 2006



So, Compaņeros,
Brothers & Sisters,

Yesterday, the Moon covered up the Sun -though you may not have seen it- yes
the Moon stepped between the Sun and Earth saying,

"Wait, hold on there just a minute, earthlings. I have stepped forward
between all of you and your Solar "Higher Selves" to bring you this message:
Look inside yourselves right now and see what you see. Gird your loins, for I am the
Virgin Mother Moon speaking to you from the 30th and final degree of Virgo
and I'm here to tell you the time for dancing about in avoidance is over and finished.

The time of purity is here, now. Time of clear, one-pointed decision. Time of hard choice.
You are offered a choice, a choice between your personally confused and isolated individual minds
or a commitment to your commonality with each other and your Earth.

I stand between each of you and the Sun in the Earth sign, Virgo. I am the BitchSlap Queen
and I intend to get on your nerves, to be IN YOUR FACE everyday now and for a year to come.
I stand here in this way, eclipsing your Sun so that you can feel your new 'dwarf planet' Pluto
(that was NOT a very clever decision on your end of things)
so far away out there in the Kuiper belt who has something
urgent to say."

Drum roll, ...take it away, Bid Daddy Pluto!

"O.K. you feel isolated?
Try the outer reaches of the Solar System,
drop by for a visit with me. Scared, are you?  Well, you should be.
I know how you all see me, talk about me. I'm supposed to be Mister Death, right?
And of course, there are the 'sweetie pies' among you who call me
Big Daddy Regeneration, Big Daddy Rebirth & Transformation.
Such big words for such tiny Earthlings! 
Hey, I could give a shit, call me what you will! (Dwarf, my Ass!)
But get this: if you want to rap with me you gotta use the Sagittarius line 'cause dat's how you be feelin me dhese days,
I be lined up with your Centaur-Sagittarian groins. I be talkin ta you from your ass and hips, from your thighs and swivel.
I got an arrow to pick with you and it's a tight-ass arrow in your bones. It's a stick in your gut, a sharp point in your liver.
I don't do bullshit, you know that. I'm an extremist, I talk down and dirty. Like that old dude from
Dragnet: Just the Facts, Mam. Yeah, yeah I do the mean mouth rap, but hey ...

-this charming clutz lending me his tongue ain't no street-hip guy at all. Bubba Don is a big, jerk-off fake. He can't talk no true jive,
he just mumble all that high-brow guff so we gotta use his cutesy way and see what truth we can push through his limits.
Okay. So Bubba Don would put it to you this way: her Ladyship, the Eclipsing Moon in the Penultimate Degree of Virgo
has opened the Floodgates of the Penultimate Degree of Pisces so you can hear me.
I'm here to tell you that the only truth you know is coming by you now for a visit.
If you're wise, you'll catch a ride right now on the tail of your truth before it escapes you.
You're in a critical time of self-evaluation and you won't be able to complete that self-evaluation
without the help of all your brothers and sisters, and the Earth.
Your truth is in the dirt, get it?  The soil.
Your shit is in your face and all over you.
You can't wash it off, you gotta eat it.
That's right, eat it.
You made this shit and you can
clean it up if you eat it. Get down with the Earth, with your
Brothers and Sisters and dig
who you really are. Dig
into it. Your shit."

"O my,
gee willikers but Bubba Don do be havin a fit!
He want to say it all nicey-nicey. And he be goin to, I can't stop him, he be so scared of
pissing off anybody, he be so politically correct ... what can I tell ya, the dude's a Faerie. For real.
He hangs out with all the Neptune clowns
in the subtle aethers. Whisps of this and mists of
that, all those bright and shiny colors he sees in the wings of
things, rainbows in the heart of darkness where I stand, Lord of my Domain. Bubba Don
thinks I'm his personal, favorite, dark chocolate tootsie roll ... he's got a sweet tooth for me, and we
all know how that has rotted his teeth. But did you know he thinks those teeth of his are
stars, and he wants them all to fly out of his mouth back up to heaven?
Yeah, that's his old Catholic thing. He thinks that
I, Pluto, am just like his teeth ... we're all
what he calls "Celestial Beings". Cute."

"Well, this (newly dwarfed) Celestial Being is here to tell you I'm about to descend right into your bodies.
The scholarly explanation of this (we call now upon Brother Francis) in astro-gnostic terms is
that the 19 year cycle of the Nodes of the Virgin Queen Moon
is focused in Pisces and Virgo and about to form exact tense (90 degree, square aspect) angles
to my Celestial Pluto Body -which is YOUR Body in the hips, thighs and groin area where this tension will manifest.

This occult alignment will be exact on October 4, 2006 coming right up.
Now, mind you, the Eclipse of the Sun that just occurred yesterday, September 22, 2006 did so from Virgo to Pisces.
Anything that goes on physically in Virgo goes on psychically in Pisces,
so the years' emphasis will be on your gut digestion (clean those colons) and your psychic digestion.
Okay, let that register and sink in.

Then consider how Neptune, ruler of Pisces, is currently moving through Aquarius while Saturn in Leo keeps opposing it.
This happens ONCE every 40 years. It's a sign of "Get Real" Time. Take practical steps to clean up your act
both physically via eating habits, digestion, nutrition and psychically via pulling down the cobwebs in your psyche.

No time now for vague, confused aspirations. You have to make those Neptune in Aquarius aspirations real by grounding them in
Saturn/Leo heart, in Leo ACTION. You must stand up for your rights, your visions, and your dreams."

And to do that you have to eat your shit. Swallow your false pride and resurrect your true Pride, the Dignity of your Essential Being.
That Essential Being is Celestial, -of the stars! Each of you are a beacon of light and energy and now must you SHINE.
Focus (Saturn) in your Heart (Leo).  Babba Ram Das put it this way:
But BE HERE with your Aquarian Brothers and Sisters.
Get over "yourself" as the focus of your life

you are part of the COMMONWEALTH of the EARTH.
As the Stars sing together in the Night Sky
we must all sing together as Brothers and Sisters on the Earth.

All the negative lies (false Neptune) within the Collective (Aquarius) are being exposed.
The OPPOSITION of Saturn in Leo to Neptune in Aquarius
began in earnest this Summer as Israel invaded Lebanon,
and the truth that 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB finally began to be clear.
This OPPOSITION will occur three times throughout the coming year
.... it started this Mid-July and will fade out only in Mid July of 2007.

One of those EVASIVE ILLUSIONS for all of us who are Americans is that our votes in November
will be honestly counted. They will NOT.
It's clear FACT. We are living in the USA, the world's most advanced
Our President, Congress and Supreme Court are all completely CORRUPT.


The powers that run our corporate state do not respond to the People at all.
What would happen if
It would tell the whole world that we know, we realize we are living in a de facto DICTATORSHIP.

This is our "shit" which is in our face and we must EAT IT.

I give you Hugo Chavez speaking as Victor Hugo to Les Miserables:

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