A Study Of The USA Inaugural Chart
For Gregorian Year 2005
Francis D. Grabau

Put your boots on, baby, very dark forces are dominating these United States, forces vaguely reminiscent of those which stalked the Nation during the Civil War. Back then it was the Union Blues opposing the Confederate Grays, but since the November 2004 National Elections these forces are being labeled as the Blue States versus the Red States,or -as some witty folks among us have observed- the United States of Canada versus Jesus Land.

In fact, however, both the "Reds" and the "Blues", the Republicans and the Democrats are nothing like the "yankees" and the "rebels". America is now a Corporate Nation with only two faces to its one political party, a party of entrepreneurs, a party of bureaucrats employed by (and at the service of ) the infamous "Military-Industrial-Complex". In only 10 days, Corporate America will pompously install its Criminal, Psychopathic King and celebrate its complete control of the people with obscene "balls" funded and staged by the same CEOs and stockholders who illegally delivered the "vote" to him. This inauguration to the tune of 40 million donor dollars has just been officially declared: "A NATIONAL SECURITY EVENT."

Here's the mundane, astrological chart for the feast-day: it's a three-wheel image with the USA Declaration Chart at the center (pinkish), that same chart Progressed as the next circle out (bluish) and the literal chart of the Inauguration as outermost circle of Transits (white). Click here to view the image.

The dominant feature of the day is the exact and very tight T-Square configuration between the nodes of the Moon and the asteroid Chiron all found exactly at 27 degrees and 17 minutes of Cardinal, Action-Oriented Signs. This is most unusual. Emphatically so! Libra, sign of social niceties and decorum is the default mode of the Moon's South Node; Aries, sign of individual independence and assertiveness is the much needed new action of the Moon's North Node. Positioned exactly between them is Chiron in Capricorn, symbol for collective healing of the national wound, in challenging 90 degree aspect (Square) to each from the sign of business, corporations, and Conservative Establishment Law. What does this T-Square say?

It says there is a sharp and publicly visible conflict between establishment decorum and any forces asserting individual independence. It's a picture of open protest blocked or constrained by uthoritarian laws and police. The establishment media has quietly announced this event will be the most heavily policed inauguration in the Nation's history costing taxpayers enormous sums of money. The citizens of the District of Columbia alone will be charged 19 million dollars for all the additional security police! This will not be an inauguration, it will be the 'Coronation Of A Fascist' which -I repeat- the Federal Government has blatantly labeled "A NATIONAL SECURITY EVENT".

Astrology confirms all this publicly announced display of expensive policing security in that Chiron, the wounded-healing symbol at the pivotal Apex of this Cardinal T-Square, falls in the Nation's 2nd house of money and values. It falls a mere 16 minutes from exact alignment with Natal USA Pluto in Capricorn in this 2nd house. It points to the Raw Power of the Plutocracy that has replaced the fabled 'American Democracy'. Corporate money will throw absolute, totalitarian force at anyone who intends to publicly protest the enthronement of the Corporate Dictator, George W. Bush -arguably the most "hated" President in the entire history of these United States.

While there may be visible signs of this raw power, most of it will be HIDDEN (PLUTO) from view. We can expect protestors to be rounded up and arrested completely out of view of any media cameras or public commentary. The protestors will be denied any form of public visibility. They will be totally marginalized and subject to dictatorial arrest and confinement as 'terrorists'. It's entirely likely that if the Establishment Forces cannot hide these protestors from view (Pluto as Power rendered Invisible by Masking) then, by way of secret government agents and police wielding 'non-lethal' hi-tech weapons for crowd control, a sequence of violent actions against protestors will be initiated by such police, government agents, and/or military troops. These events, should they occur, will be blamed on the protestors as usual and the masses of apathetic citizens will accept such Establishment explanations as the truth. There will be NO (or at best merely minimal) expression of outrage on the part of the masses of American citizens.

Why no protest?  Well, my friends, look at transiting Saturn that day -it will be moving in retrograde motion through the sign of Cancer and conjunct Natal USA Mercury, symbol of national, collective thought and speech. Saturn has been in the sign, Cancer, since early June of 2003 and will not leave the sign until mid-July of this year (2005). Aligned as it is with Speech and thought on inauguration day it will constrain, contract, and otherwise inhibit free speech.

Did any Americans bother to object to the infamous "free speech zones"  -those barbed-wire containment areas in which protestors were cordoned off from visibility at both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions just last Fall ?  Only a very few, and National Media presented the "zones" as if they were perfectly natural and ordinary. Of course, they are not, they are blatant indicators of overt repression of free speech and public demonstration. The Establishment Authority of Saturn is restricting and confining all free speech in America and the masses of Americans do not protest. Authority and "business as usual" is in fashion among the comfort loving masses where it constricts the flow of personal feelings in the water sign of Cancer. Saturn in Cancer often indicates severe repression of feeling, encourages yearnings for emotional security whatever the price, and never more so than when it is "afflicted" by difficult aspects to and from other planets.

On inauguration day, transiting Saturn in Cancer will not only be conjunct Natal USA Mercury but within 4 degrees of opposition to transiting Chiron in Capricorn which will be conjunct (within less than a fifth of a degree!) Natal USA Pluto. It will also be within 4 degrees of Square aspect to both the Moon's Nodes in Libra and Aries. This is a much "afflicted" or stressful Saturn we will be witnessing, it will be engendering a veritable "thralldom" of abject obeisance to all police and authority figures. This urge to submit to Authority will continue throughout the coming four years of Bush's term in office. The masses are wanting security, authority, and a Saturn Father Figure. In George W. Bush they embrace a fascist, authoritarian Dictator. Inauguration day, January 20, 2005 witnesses the ascension of this Corporate Father King to his throne. It symbolizes and makes physically manifest the end of American Democracy.

What?  You don't like it?  Then get out of the country (while you still can)! Jesus put Bush on this throne by divine fiat, and soon we shall clearly hear the 'Liberals' -those comical ('Yankee') Blues crying, "Better Red Than Dead". Hail Ceasar, King Of The Jews! Or, as Constantine is fabled to have put it:"In Hoc Signo Vincit".

Waging war in the name of Jesus, conquering others under the banner of the Cross is NOT a recent phenomenon in USA history, just recall the Puritans in their zealous self-righteousness slaughtering Native Americans. America carries in its birth chart the imprint of Chiron in Aries, sign of War; that means the Country's wound as well as its potential healing gift is centered in Aries and its ruling planet, Mars. Chiron spends 50 years completing one orbit through the zodiac and in January of 2004 it formed a challenging square aspect from 20+ degrees Capricorn to its Natal 20+ degrees Aries position in the chart of the USA. That's right around the time we Americans first began to hear of our soldiers using violence and abuse on prisoners at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. But since our Nation has a built-in square aspect between its Natal Mars in Gemini and its Natal Neptune in Virgo our first response was to DENY the accusations, to obfuscate the facts, to mask our Mars aggression in Neptune avoidance. The 'style' of America's Neptune avoidance is evident in that Neptune is found in the 9th house of higher courts (Federal Courts, the Supreme Court) and in the sign of Virgo (Purity) which deals with discernment of details. Hair-splitting litigation, endless arguments over the 'fine points' of the Law, delay tactics stemming from arguing in court all these subtle details characterizes American Law. US Mars in Gemini reveals an aggressive use of words and facts, and squaring Neptune in Virgo these words and facts are aggressively employed in a Neptune dance of avoidance around Virgo details. As America's foremost literary pundit, Gore Vidal, has observed: America has declared a  perpetual War against 'Terror' -which is nothing but a word, specifically a noun! It is because of such confusing language, and equally confusing but subtle legal arguments that Corporations in America have been legally defined as "persons" with all the rights and legal protections ordinary people are supposed to be guaranteed by Law.

During the months of September and October (2004) transiting Chiron in Capricorn hovered once again in that same 20+ degree position in Capricorn and more information-confirmation continued to come our way concerning the official USA policy of torturing-abusing prisoners in violation of the Geneva Conventions. It is evident that this current practice originated at the highest levels of US Government (Bush-Gonzales) and "trickled down" to rank and file soldiers. Transiting Chiron did its job and highlighted our Nation's natal propensity toward violence and war. Remember, it was the lawyer, Alberto Gonzales, who counseled Bush regarding the ways in which he might get around the USA legal obligations to observe humane treatment of prisoners as outlined in the Geneva Conventions. And yet, at his confirmation hearings before the Senate, both he and the Senators employed the casuistry inherent in USA Mars square Neptune to side-step this central fact. The verbal games centered around questioning as to who sent which 'memo' cited as permitting (in fact, overtly encouraging) torture and abuse of prisoners. Gonzales, with willing assistance from the Senate, wrapped himself in 9th house Neptune-Virgo avoidance, yet this is the man soon to be installed as the Attorney General of the USA -a 9th house office! Despite the obvious dodging Gonzales employed, Senator Biden could not help but blurt out ( in a scripted, theatrical show of 'spontaneity'  -USA Chiron in Aries) how much he liked the man and considered him a "good guy"! This is transiting Chiron in Capricorn in a 'courting' dance with Natal USA Pluto.

What, then, is implied in the chart for the Presidential Inauguration wherein transiting Chiron in Capricorn is no longer simply  'courting' but conjunct ( married to) Natal USA Pluto and in exact square aspect (to the very minute) to the transiting Moon's Nodes in Aries and Libra? I think it clearly tells us that the Pluto forces of hidden Corporate Power are re-installing our "War President" as an absolute Fascist (Business) Dictator who will continue to prosecute Corporate (Business) War.

Considering that the year 2004 witnessed the very first opposition aspects (3 of them) Pluto has ever made to the Nation's Natal Mars I think we are, as a People, getting our first real understanding of the war and violence (business) gnawing at the very roots of our culture. Astrology teaches that the opposition aspect either leads to the integration of the opposites or witnesses those opposites tearing the whole (person, state, business etc.) apart. Still, as a People we resist this much needed awareness since our collective thought/speech (Natal USA Mercury) is in opposition to our collective urge for unconscious/power (Natal USA Pluto). Yet we can no longer remain in such a  state of unconscious denial because the movements of the planets, the Zeitgeist of the 21st Century, the Spirit of the Times is calling all this to our attention. The USA  2005 Inauguration carries the imprint, seal, and "karmic payback" of the Nation's accelerated but masked propensity for aggression and war all the way from Plymouth Rock to Iraq. It will be with us in a big way throughout the coming four years. After all, Bush will be Crowned, Gonzales will be the new US Attorney General, and Chertoff will head Homeland Security!

In light of all this, it's more than just "interesting" that the Progressed Venus function of America is now in the sign Aries under the influence of Mars while simultaneously emphasizing America's Natal Chiron in that same sign of War.Furthermore, this Progressed USA Venus in Aries has been forming a square aspect to Natal USA Sun in Cancer ever since Bush invaded Iraq. In the Tri-wheel chart for the inauguration (click here) you will note that Progressed USA Venus has passed the point of its exact square to USA Natal Sun by a mere 23 minutes (less than half a degree) while Transiting Venus in Capricorn that very inauguration day is both opposing the USA Natal Sun and squaring USA Progressed Venus. Another T-Square configuration among the planets and once again in Cardinal Signs with Progressed USA VENUS in ARIES at its APEX! Just what is going on here? Well, obviously the Nation is undergoing a Venus Crisis, a money crisis, a Crisis of Values.

If we ask ourselves deeper questions concerning what kind of a 'crisis' over which 'values' our Nation is undergoing, we must examine those areas of America's identity as a Nation/People which are most directly influenced by Venus, -in astrological parlance that means which Houses are marked by the Signs of Libra and Taurus because these are the Signs 'ruled' by Venus. In the birth chart of the USA Taurus marks the 6th house while Libra controls both the 10th and 11th houses. This places the Venus crisis of values squarely in the area of jobs, health, employee-employer relationships (6th), and the OFFICE of the President (10th) as well as the treasury and legislative branches of the government (11th).

In terms of the ENERGETIC FIELDS in which this crisis of values occurs we are looking at Taurus (Earth, Land, Real Estate, Money-Currency, Property Values, Food Supply, Human Fertility) and Libra ( Balance, Law, Social Mores, Arts, Fashion, Culture, Social Relating, Etiquette). All these areas of the National 'Body Politic' are now heavily under the influence of Saturn as it aligns with Natal USA Mercury. Saturn is the planet of FORM, CONTRACTION, CONSTRICTION -symbol of the Established Power Of Traditional Authority. Hence, Americans are embroiled in CONSERVATIVE impulses, the contraction of CAUTIOUSNESS is everywhere, and the Status-Quo forces of Establishment Political Parties (Republican - Democrat) is on the rise. But when we come right down to it, what we are looking at in Saturn -as far as America's birth chart is concerned- is the powerful control that Business has over every aspect of American life, and that's the crisis of values we face as a Nation. Is America a free Nation or a Corporate Business?

The very definition of Fascism is simply this: Business becomes the exclusively dominant form of Politics. In fascist governments all the primary political leaders are profiting from and legislating more profits for Business. That's America now in our time. With jobs being "out-sourced" overseas, we are all told to become successful AMERICAN ENTREPRENEURS in "SMALL BUSINESSES". Fascist governments legislate LAWS that profit all Businesses, citizens are regarded strictly in terms of their usefullness (or lack thereof) to Businesses as worker-consumers. This is precisely the 'crisis in values' that America faces. Those who are invested stockholders in the biggest Corporations or hold the highest jobs in the hierarchies of those Business Corporations PROFIT from FASCISM. The rest of us are rendered increasingly poor with fewer or no resources for basic life needs such as homes, food, and health care. Meanwhile, in the USA, Saturn in Libra is able to make this arrangement look respectable and even desirable by encouraging among all people from every level of Society a form of conservative respect and even Reverance for the Business of Authority. The very Office of the USA President (10th house) carries the IMPRIMATUR of SATURN in LIBRA -that imprimatur guarantees exaggerated Respect-Reverence for a FATHER FIGURE  starting in childhood from the bottom and going up:dad, your teachers, your boss, the pastor, the priest, the pope, your president! And the only ANTIDOTE to this 'imprimatur disease' is the honest dictum: "QUESTION AUTHORITY"  -that means ALL authority, everywhere, ALL the time!

As George W. Bush ascends the throne of Corporate Political Power on January 20th, 2005 the planet of War, MARS, will be at 18 degrees of Sagittarius and five days later it will form an exact opposition aspect to Natal USA
Mars in Gemini. This promises to act as some sort of triggering mechanism for the current (3) Pluto transits squaring the USA 9th house Neptune. Clearly, Gonzales will be installed as 9th house Attorney General, Michael Chertoff will head the Office Of Homeland Security, and further instances of hidden violence legislated by the State will increase. Devious laws favoring Business and disempowering average citizens will be enacted.

Ironically, this certifiably sociopathic ( not to mention downright psychotic) President has instigated something he and his administration call the "New Freedom Commission On Mental Health" centered upon the desire to initiate mandatory psychiatric labeling of every American with consequent mandatory prescriptions (benefitting the Business of Pharmaceuticals) for those deemed by the Government to be psychologically disturbed. Many serious investigators are questioning the hidden agenda behind this "Freedom Commission" -how convenient to be able to label as "psychiatrically disturbed" those American citizens who continue to question the events around 9/11, the government dictated torturing of prisoners at Guatanamo, Abu Ghraib and elsewhere. What about those who object to the rigged elections of 2000, 2002, 2004 ?  What about 'whistleblowers' throughout the bureaucracy ?
Legislation exists in "The Patriot Act" which provides for forced medication of citizens should the President declare it necessary! Prescription drugs as well as psychiatric "evaluations" fall in the realm of Neptune, and the exact opposition transiting Mars in Sagittarius makes with Natal USA Mars in Gemini [always in permanent Natal Square aspect to USA Neptune in 9th house Virgo] makes the likelihood of forced medication for citizens increasingly real. Mind you, folks, the involvement of both Neptune and Pluto in this agenda virtually guarantees both covert action and secrecy with regard to such Federal Government activities. Who will object?

Fewer and fewer citizens are likely to voice any effective dissent from our Government's increasingly Fascist agenda because Saturn's transit through Cancer has been used to breed a veritable National Psychosis of FEAR, PARANOIA, and DELUSION among the people. The entire Nation is caught up in massive DENIAL. We cannot even seriously listen when George W. Bush shows his hand by saying how much easier it would be for him if he were simply the "Dictator" of the Nation. This man's agenda can be summed up by his own publicly spoken words when he says: "I have to convince people that we live in a dangerous world, and we do!"  He's right, of course, for George W. Bush is the danger we face in the world, and he has become what the people of America want -a smiling, psychotic, violent and Punishing Father Figure. Watch out, people, all HELL is about to covertly break loose right here in the "HOMELAND".



I have entitled this article, "The Enthronement Of Fascism In America" because of the seriousness of the situation citizens face as our Federal Government shows ever-increasing signs of ignoring the will of the people whenever they cannot otherwise completely control it through Corporately owned National Media pounding us daily with lies, distortions of truth,and overt propoganda. Not to mention the government dictated absence of impartial information, facts, or news. "Embedded" reporters simply can't be seperated from the military troops and are not allowed to see or report (if they should accidentally see) what's going on in the Corporate Killing Fields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Vietnam Revisited under Gag Orders.

CNN may be allowed to broadcast such events as those which took place on January 6th, 2005 in the Senate and House Of Representatives when only one Democratic Senator, Barbara Boxer of California, signed on with members of "The Black Caucus" to encourage the Senate to investigate the mountains of evidence indicating FRAUD in the 2004 Elections. But despite the theatrically entertaining speeches of a few Senators claiming to support such an investigation, only Barbara Boxer amongst them voted her words. Every awake American witnessed American 'Democracy' in action, and it amounted to nothing more than escapist soap opera. Nor did the 'hearings' concerning Bush's appointment of the sycophantic Alberto Gonzales as USA Attorney General amount to much other than an entertaining sitcom  -with Senator Biden providing the slimy Seinfeld 'humour'!

Michael Powell, son to the infamous Colin Powell of Mai Lai coverup fame, has cleared the way for final Corporate buyout of the People's public airwaves already saturated with the frenzied ranting and lying propoganda of talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hennity, and Michael Savage. He could do this because he's the head of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). Like his father, he's a rich 'White' Black Man, a bought and paid for member of the select Uncle Toms who constitute America's upwardly mobile Black Republicrats. Racism is alive and well, -indeed, it's positively flourishing in 21st Century USA, though the Powells and their ilk are held up as token examples of what 'good niggers' can become in Born Again America if they agree to play the Corporate Power Game! Didn't Marian Anderson get to sing at the Met?

The astrological signs I've discussed in this article detailing the undoing of a Free America would not be clearly indicative enough of what's happening if I failed to mention the coming threat of Saturn's entrance into Leo late in the Summer of this year. Saturn, as symbol of focus, control, and Authority enters the sign of the King when it moves into Leo. America is born with its North Lunar Node in this sign and in its 8th House of Corporate Money. Furthermore, America is born with both Leo and  Aquarius, INTERCEPTED in the Nation's 8th and 2nd  Houses. This suggests that the Nation must overcome (by integrating into its Consciousness, -by being AWARE of) a 'blind spot' (INTERCEPTION) it has regarding how reformed, progressive visions of Universal Equality (Aquarius) can be integrated with the need for strong,genuinely heart-felt (and only in that sense) 'Kingly' leadership (Leo).

The Common People of America are symbolized by the Nation's Natal Moon in Aquarius, but look how the People are INTERCEPTED in that sign in the Nation's 2nd House of earning a living, income, and property ownership. The Moon in Aquarius, the Common People of America, are attuned to and resonate with Aquarian Ideals of the Utopian kind which hold ,in fact, that "All men are created EQUAL...". The American Myth maintains that any person who works hard enough can become President, a distinctly Aquarian-2nd House ideal! But these Ideals of the Common People as well as the People themselves are taken for granted (Intercepted) where earning a living and owning property are concerned (2nd House). Capricorn actually controls that house since it appears on the Nation's 2nd house 'cusp' [beginning-entrance] and Capricorn is the primary astrological indicator of Establishment Business-Politics. Most Americans don't, in fact, "own" their homes. The BANK does, and the BANK IS THE CORPORATE GOVERNMENT!  Wait till the current wave of "forfeitures" reaches the height of a Tsunami as the Dollar continues to plunge in worth. The average, idealistic American (Moon in Aquarius) has IMAGINED and DREAMED that"All men are created Equal...etc."  But the sobering fact is that only Land Owners and Business men were ever "EQUAL" when the Declaration Of Independence was signed. Only such land owners and such businessmen were given the right to VOTE. Saturn 'rules' the sign of Capricorn and symbolizes the AUTHORITY maintained by the "status-quo" Business-Politicians to focus upon, define, and determine what the RULES are in any game -whether it's the board game called Monopoly or the Government of the United States. Saturn defines the "RING OF POWER" fashioned by the Dark Lord. These days he and his minions have taken up residence in the White House.

It's a common observation among folks who reflect upon World History that such history is defined by the "winners" in any conflict. They write the official histories. Neither the celebrated American, nor the confusing French Revolution succeeded in elevating the "Common Man" to the level of EQUALITY with the Feudal Hierarchies dominating Western Europe and Colonial America by way of Kings, Queens, Bishops, Knights, and pawns. Nor was the AUTHORITY of Christian Popes, Bishops, Pastors or DOGMA ever overthrown. They all just jumped into bed with the BUSINESS MEN!

Corporations and their CEOs became the NEW Kings and Queens while their hierarchical structures (from top 'Big Cheese Bosses' to bottom dirty salesmen on the streets) became the new model for "representative government". The British Parliament and the United States Congress in the 21st Century reveal themselves to be perfect mirrors of Corporate Business Structures, their members being not much more than highly paid Pawns moved about on the Brzezinski "Grand Chessboard" of the Corporate Global Game. It's simply a PRODUCER-CONSUMER GAME, and America  -hitherto the favored 'Shopping Mall' of the Corporate Global Elite-  is now in process of being 'demoted' to the role of Praetorian Guard policing and enforcing profits for Haliburton, Enron, Bechtel and all the other businesses seeking to finalize their control of every aspect of life on planet Earth. We hold these truths to be self-evident, as evident as the fact that Bush is a Psychopath soon to be installed as America's First Corporate King on this fast arriving "Inauguration Day". It takes Forty Million plus Corporate Balls. Historical FACT has revealed that it was not the French Queen, Marie Antoinette, who uttered the damning phrase, "Let them eat cake!"

America's 'KING', a man utterly devoid of human empathy and compassion, will begin issuing (as DICTATED to him) increasingly IMPERIAL  edicts constraining the FREEDOMS of the Common People all over America while Saturn moves toward and finally enters Leo conjoining the Nation's North Lunar Node. The tell-tale evidence is all around us, and it's pointless to review it any further. King George is back, America, and our fabled "Revolution" has come full circle to a seemingly inglorious end. Or can it (possibly) really BEGIN now?  Anyone care for a Tea Party!

Saturn will exactly conjoin the North Lunar Node of America in the Sign of Leo-Kings three times this coming year and a half, and here are the dates:
1) September 16, 2005.
2) January 31, 2006.
3) June 6, 2006.

Allowing a month to six weeks before and after each of these dates, we will undoubtedly witness Edicts passed down from the Corporate King to the Common People which further constrict, bind, and limit their freedoms. America's King is the Emperor with no clothes from the Tales of Hans Christian Anderson, but the National Psychosis of "Politically Correct" speech forbids that even one small child be allowed to publicly utter so obvious a simple  fact. The King's Heralds announce daily that he's in possession of a "MANDATE" given by the Diebold People themselves to lead us deeper into war, carnage, poverty, and depression! It's "Destiny" [Armageddon] at work, -and, of course, Jesus too!  That old, rugged, but deeply 'cherished' double-cross.

The Nodes of the Moon are said to be indicative of "Destiny" in pop-astro-speak, and Destiny carries with it the note of something pre-determined, something 'Fated', something the 'New Agers' among us call 'Karmic'. Like, Hey Dude, snort your crystals, it's Blowback Time, the Season of the Cosmic Payback! A Huge Holy Sum has come due. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, he's just the President of the Holographic Rainbow Club here to serve the Sacred Tab. You can be sure it's no "Bill Of Rights". It's a divine foreclosure from the One and Only BANK OF GOD!  Even if some stray "Dorothy" deliberately drops her house on Wicked George another Kingly Pawn will immediately rise up from his crumpled corpse  -for we "elected" that it be so last November when, during the Dias De Los Muertos, we ignored our recently delivered diebold pods and went to the polls voting for the Movie we all wanted to see most in the coming Four Years: INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS !


1) For more information on "New Freedom Commission On Mental Health" and legislation being introduced in the 109th Congress please see (or, if the link doesn't work, type the following address into your search engine):

2) For more on November Movie-Elections see:  Spellbound.htm

3) For more on the Praetorian Guard google John Stockwell: "The CIA and the big corporations were, in my experience, in step with each other. Later I realized that they may argue about details of strategy - a small war here or there. However, both are vigorously committed to supporting the system."

4) Imagine, for all your worth, a better reality. Fairy Tales can come true, it can happen to you
if you're young at HEART. (That's what we 'peons' can do with Saturn in Leo!)

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