A Brief Astrological Look At The Birth Chart Of Israel

Israel's Birth Chart is and has always been something that puzzles me deeply.  Many astrologers speak about how the trauma & anger of WWII gave birth to the State of Israel, and that is visible in its Horoscope.  But there's more to the story than that.

Ever since the crucifixion of Jesus Christ (in whatever space-time dimension that may have occurred) political 'christians' have perpetuated a myth concerning 'The Wandering Jew' who is simultaneously a person and a Jewish Nation condemned to wander (homeless) all over the face of the Earth bearing the burden of guilt for 'rejecting' the 'True Messiah'.  Eugene Sue gave remarkable literary form to this legend in his famous novel, Le Juif Errant published in 1844.  In Western European Tradition the Jewish People have consistently been depicted as the People with NO HOMELAND; they are either 'cursed' or 'chosen' People, but in any case they are always 'outsiders' in Western Europe along with the Gypsies and the Lepers.

Even in the Old Testament of the political christians the Jewish People are forever being herded like cattle and rounded up for slavery while they go in and out of dialogue with their ONE GOD who gives them implacable 'COMMANDMENTS' written in stone and alternately blesses or punishes them. Most Bible Toters know the Tale of Moses and the Egyptian Pharaoh wherein Moses repeatedly declaims what he says are the orders of his ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD:  "Let My People Go".  Western Culture since the period known as 'Anno Domini' has been dominated by the unending rivalry between 'Christians' and 'Jews' both of whom feel they are worshipping the ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD.  But nowhere in Western Europe has there ever been a Jewish Nation to compete with the likes of a Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, or Austria.  It seems to have required the emergence on the global scene of the United States of America in order to create the Nation of Israel.

In this period of time since the birth of 'Jesus' (which created the expression 'in the year of the Lord' or 'Anno Domini' or AD), in this mythic-historical, or religious-geopolitical frame of time the modern Physical, Land-Based Nation of Israel came into being.  Not in Western Europe, where the 'Wandering Jew' was the cursed outcast, but in the Middle East  -in the area encompassing the 'Little Town Of Bethlehem' which the political christians (with extraordinary selectivity) call the 'HOLY LAND'.   This event did not take place until 'Anno Domini' 1948.

What are we looking at  when we look at the Horoscope erected for the creation of the Nation of Israel on May 14, 1948 at 4:37 PM in the afternoon in Tel Aviv ?


Israel is born with the Sun as well as the North Node of the Moon in the sign of the zodiac directly signifying LAND, TAURUS.  The theme is that of  The Wandering Jew  finally coming home to the LAND to rest, put down roots, and to wander no more.  Certainly that was the announced intention in creating the Nation of Israel. 

Yet we are looking at a Nation born with its Core-Essence, the Sun, in waning and applying square relationship to Mars, planet-symbol of MOVEMENT, Self-Assertiveness , War, and Aggression.  In astrological theory, this means that the Nation of Israel exists so that its Solar Leaders can learn issues of 'surrender'.  What must they 'surrender' ?  Well, the Sun is the faster moving planet in this waning/applying Square to Mars and the Sun is in Taurus, symbol of Land itself !  Oyeveh!   The people trapped inside this Emerald Palace can't just 'surrender Dorothy', they have to surrender the Land itself !!!  Somebody better call the Wizard.

Far from being aggressive and moving/extending its legal land borders outward, Israel is 'supposed' to be transforming its inherent Mars in Leo capacity for Pride in War to a deeper capacity for hard, self-assertive, proud and noble work.  Its leaders 'should' be moving the Nation in that direction.  Yet Israel fights to expand its borders and claims more and more territory such as the Gaza strip or its ubiquitous Palestinian 'settlements'.

We all know  Israel is a Nation composed of people who were so persecuted in WWII that we are told they have resolved never again to be victims.   Not to be passive, but to fight for their rights.  What 'twist of Fate' or cosmic 'irony' is operative here in its National Horoscope ?  Astrologically 'ordained' notions of 'surrender' will not come easily to such determined folks, -even if the Nation is born with the Sun in waning/ applying square (signifying the challenge of surrender) to Mars; even though the Sun is operating in the 7th House of  Friends and Enemies.  Such surrender will not be easy precisely because the Energy-Field of Taurus, is symbolic of holding onto one's physical and psychic turf!  

Taurus is the Land. Taurus is what astrologers call a 'fixed' sign of the zodiac, -it's tenacious, stubborn, the BULL. It's the Nation Of Israel's very Sun-Taurus desire to root in the Land that is emphasized as an issue of 'surrender' in this National Horoscope.  How can this Nation ever surrender ANY land or psychic or psychological 'territory' ?  Israel is a 'fixed earth' Nation!  This built-in astrological dilemma suggests that the current State Of Israel cannot last very long in the scheme of things.

 We are looking at an unusual Nation CREATED by a more blatant than usual 'Fiat', by order of a 'cabal' of religious idealists and unscrupulous politicians in league with very wealthy, and very hidden POWERS.  Business powers.  That's what the Pluto/Saturn conjunction in LEO tells us.  It signifies hidden wealth and power of a business nature manifesting in a 10th House, political leadership context.  It's a rather inflexible kind of power coming through Saturn, through business and political leaders as well as traditional people of Authority -which can especially include traditional Hebrew scholars and Rabbis. 

Pluto, in combination with this Saturn Authority suggests not only strict adherence to traditions via the Talmud and the Torah, but very real dangers of 'hidden' agendas operating behind the Authority of the Executive Leaders within Israeli Government. A real occult Political-Religious-Business Cabbala.

We can see that Israel's Lunar Nodal Axis falls on the 13th degrees of Scorpio & Taurus in near-perfect square to the Midpoint of the Pluto/Saturn conjunction in LEO.  Does this not strongly suggest or symbolize that the 'Destiny' of Israel (Lunar Axis) is bluntly focused upon giving expression on the 10TH HOUSE, WORLD-POLITICAL-STAGE to a PLUTO/SATURN POWER COMPLEX

Israel would appear to be functioning as a kind of 'test' for the global power elite, and to have arisen from a South Node Karma of Scorpio-Business-Corporate planning.  But the deeper level of Scorpio as Purger, as the 'occult' sign or Energy-Field 'par excellence' is also operative.  Deep secrets surround the Origin of the creation of the State of Israel; it was planned for a very long time, planned by Englishmen and Bankers initially.  Historical evidence which I've been probing into suggests it was created as a TOOL for business-bankers, the global power elite, for strategic purposes concerned with Western Business Cartels controlling the Middle East and its oil reserves (is that why Neptune/Oil is in square aspect to Venus/Land ?)...but primarily its oil reserves.

These plans begin to be visible at the end of the 1800's.  That bizarre document, too 'hot' for anyone to handle, the so-called 'Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion' is a document bound up with the plans for the creation of the State of Israel.  It is the 'perfect' Pluto/Saturn in Leo document purporting to outline a plot to control the world on the part of Business People labeled as purely Jewish.  I don't think so; I don't think the Jewish people as a group are any more nor less preoccupied by Money-Business than any other group of people on Earth.  But, they have had this role PROJECTED upon them in Western Civilization for the last 2000 years and this role has been ascribed to these people primarily because of the Western Christian Mythos which used to forbid the loaning of money for interest and profit condemning such practice as USURY.  A big, bad, SIN!

But the Western European Society which claimed to be bound by moral-christian rules forbidding USURY as a SIN practiced it all the time by employing very select Jewish People throughout Western Europe as their loan-sharks, their interest-making Bankers.  The assumption was that since these people did NOT accept Jesus Christ as the true Messiah and Son Of God they were NOT bound by the 'christian' taboo against USURY!

Kings, Queens, Nobles, Vatican Clergy  -ALL employed their select coteries or cabals of  Jewish persons to deal in the SINFUL practice of loaning money at interest to each other.  The Jewish Race as a People were seen as 'Anathema' as 'dirty' and 'sinful' and the Murderers of Jesus Christ !  They were severely discriminated against all over Western Europe and confined to Ghettos in the cities, but all the while a few 'select' Jews were secretly used by the Royal Families, the Universities, the Tradesmen, and the Roman Catholic Church to conduct the money-power games which these 'upper-class' segments of Western Society have indulged in on a continuous basis for the last 2000 years!

As the 'Divine Right Of Kings' and the entire Feudal System of Western Europe began to collapse in the mid 1700's with the American, and the French REVOLUTIONS calling for EQUALITY of all people, LIBERTY of all, and EQUAL SHARING OF MONEY AND GOODS by the WHOLE of Society, -why it was THEN that the privileged Aristocrats and their Bankers and Courtiers came under scrutiny by the common folk for the very first time in a large-scale, collective way.  Corruption and Brutal Power were always the tools of Kings, Queens, Popes, Cardinals, Dukes, Duchesses etc. -but finally the people REVOLTED.

The Mid 1700's also saw the beginnings of what we call the 'Industrial Revolution' which went into full swing one Century later and by the Mid 1800's we saw the rise of the East India Company, control of trade and trade routes, the continuance of centuries-long fights for such controls between Britain, Spain, France, the Netherlands etc. And as the East-India Company gained control of the Drug-Opium Trade from the East,  -why, this is when the spooky document known as the 'Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion' appeared.  By the late 1890's we hear it deliberately 'whispered' about in Western Europe and then, Voila! -it appears a decade or so later as a 'top secret' very 'occult' written document in Russia and becomes a tool used to bring down the Russian Monarchy, to create the 'pogroms' against the Russian Jews.

But, if one reads it, it's nothing more than the typical cut-throat outline of plans for what we call Corporate Take-Overs.  It only surfaces after CORPORATIONS surface in  the late 1800's.  It's essentially a business-strategy-outline masked in a rabid and conspiratorial Anti-Jewish rhetoric of the bigoted and vile nature which is still employed currently by political christians everywhere.

It's really just the Bankers-Industrialists-Entrepreneurs
wish list for Santa Claus.

All the 'dirty' parts of the business are attributed to those anti-christian JEWS!!!   This allows christian bankers and businessmen to really come out of the closet and assert their 'just', 'god-given-divine-right' or 'MANDATE' to make money by controlling all resources of all people everywhere.  Gotta keep all that money outta the hands of 'the Greedy Jews' ! 

Jesus suddenly gets pregnant and has a baby: it's the Virgin Birth of the ALWAYS IMMACULATE CORPORATION.  The hitherto shared 'Christian-Catholic' and very European Doctrine of 'THE MYSTICAL BODY OF CHRIST' is replaced by the GLOBALLY MYSTICAL CORPORATION.  Omniscient, like 'god'.  A Mystical Corpus.  Latin for Body.  Very interesting, don't you think ?

Jews are not, as a people, plotting to control the world,
but Corporations are.

Corporations are legal devices created by the Wealthy of Any Race or Blood-line to control their wealth, and to do that they must increasingly be able to CONTROL & PLAN the use of Global Goods and Services.  Any number of investigative folks have probed into history  and uncovered a trail of documents which makes this Corporate Agenda patently VISIBLE.  To deflect suspicion away from themselves these Corporate folks 'engineered' the JEWISH CONSPIRACY MYTH as embodied in the infamous 'PROTOCOLS'. 

The creation of the current State of Israel as a Corporate Banker's State thinly masked as the 'homeland' and the 'refuge' for the relentlessly persecuted (especially by 'christians') people of Jewish Blood is used as a 'shill'  for the Corporation Headquarters known as Israel.  The Jewish People are once again held captive by the Mono-Maniac Zionist Corporation and the International Business of the Holocaust.

This is what that South Lunar Node in corporation-affiliated Scorpio within the Horoscope of Israel says to me; while the North Lunar Node in Taurus symbolizes a People's search for a Landbase.  But with Saturn/Pluto in Leo SQUARING that Nodal Axis it's very clear that Authoritarian = Saturn, and All-Powerful but Masked = Pluto forces are exerting overwhelming pressure on the 'Destiny' of Israel as a Nation.

Aquarius, occupying the Natal Immum Coeli of the Nation of Israel argues that it has no real, physical Land Base but essentially and only an Aquarian Idea as its Land Base.  Aquarius is the MENTAL PLANE, the Energy-Field of IDEAS, of CONTEMPLATION, and ABSTRACT DESIGN. That's what the current State of Israel is, an Idea-Ideal; it's Land Base having been 'appropriated' from the mixed-blood folks who had been and still are living there. 

Jewish folks from all over the World were gathered into the area now called Israel  because of an Abstract Aquarian Plan.  It's a 'New-World-Order' form of alternative PRISON CAMP  A new form of Ghetto Run by the International Corporate Gestapo.  A very clever, cruel, and heartless manipulation of Jewish People, quite violently Anti-Semitic as well as Anti-Jewish (they are NOT the same thing) !!!

Look at Uranus, ruler of the Land Base of Israel, located in Gemini in the Nation's 8th House, the House of Corporations!  Israel was 'created' on Gemini paper by Gemini words in 8th house corporate deals. Very ingenuous, clever, trickster word-games are the actual Land Base of Israel.

Look how Uranus opposes Jupiter in self-righteous and zealous Sagittarius in the Nation's 2nd House of earnings and assets.  Israel was created through pooled financial resources by Corporate Financiers of a Foreign-Sagittarius ilk; it still receives enormous income from Foreign Nations, especially the United States.  Not surprising, since the business men of the US and  Britain were the prime movers in the creation of the State of Israel.  And this Uranus to Jupiter opposition in the horoscope of Israel points to the Bizarre = Uranus  language of a trickster Gemini nature which is based upon fundamentally extreme Religious = Sagittarius propaganda. 

Money comes to Israel through media manipulation of Religious-Philosophical belief systems of an inflated and fanatical nature such as the HOLOCAUST theme.  Corporations funded and created the Holocaust, deliberately used dictatorial/fascist leaders like Adolph Hitler, Mussollini, and others to do so.  Corporations are the roots and Homeland of Fascism!  Israel is simply a Corporate State and behaves as such.  It is a violent, ugly, and cruel Military-Corporate-State which has lured Jewish people inside its Prison Gates and keeps them in a constant state of fear and paranoia over the 'outsiders' who are going to try to EXTERMINATE them.

And the Global Corporation which gave birth to Israel sustains itself financially through that 2nd to 8th money-houses opposition between Jupiter and Uranus.  Religious persecution is the theme of Israel, and the Holocaust Business keeps alive the technique of guilt and shame whereby Israel milks the world for money.  Personally, I feel sad for the People of Israel because they've been duped and exploited as pawns by the Pluto/Saturn forces of the Power of Status-Quo Business.  They are being used all over again as Scapegoats, and Saturn as Ruler of the Goat-Sign, Capricorn, caught in the secret force-field of Pluto testifies to this.

The fact that the Nation's shared, collective Wound-Chiron is in Scorpio in it's 1st House and in tight waning opposition to the Sun in Taurus in the 7th House suggests that the very core-identity of the Nation is Wounded, and the wound is of a Secret-Scorpio nature, of a Death-Scorpio nature -all the survivors of the World War II DEATH CAMPS.  Gathered together in Israel, in a massive concentration camp.  A camp cannot be a Nation. 

The Land on which the camp resides was immorally but quite 'legally' appropriated from the folks originally dwelling there. This was not a peaceful settlement, this was a deus-ex-machina creation of a State by Imperialist Business Fiat under the guise of 'Freedom' for the very people which that Imperialist Business previously invested in exterminating.  Eugenics.

And the fact that the Mars-Pluto Midpoint of the Nation of Israel SQUARES both Chiron and the Sun suggests that the people of Israel will be forever fighting their neighbors whipped up by Corporately Motivated Religious Fanaticism.  Who ARMS both sides of the so-called Arab-Israeli conflict ?
Who PROFITS from the slaughter, fear, hatred and death ?

VENUS, as 'ruler' of Taurus rules the North Nodal Growth as well as the Core-Identity-Sun of the Nation of Israel and it is found at the Nation's birth in the sign of  Cancer, -Cancer, the love of antiquities, of feeling traditions, of comfort and Family.  Interesting, huh, since that puts it in very, very tight alignment with the Jupiter/Venus in Cancer feelings of the people of the United States!  Tight feeling connections between the people of the two Nations.  Tight Venus-Money connections as well.  Largely through the VENUS LIBERAL ARTS.

But Israel's Venus function is applying to a waning SQUARE aspect with its Natal Neptune in 12th House Libra, -another Venus-ruled sign of the zodiac.  Very dangerous indication that the people of Israel will be kept in a Negative 12th House state of fear, paranoia, and victimization.  The people of the United States will be particularly INDULGENT of and blind to this deliberately cultivated


psychology instilled/inculcated in the people of Israel.  All the Leo-Mars display of FIGHTING which the Nation of Israel ceaselessly indulges in cannot mask that VICTIM PSYCHOLOGY and only exacerbates it. It is INTENDED to do so because of the PROFITS it brings to the Hidden Corporate Power Agenda which created the State.  I must repeat, -The Nation of Israel is a Fascist Prison Camp exploiting the collective pain and suffering imposed on  People of Jewish Blood by the CORPORATIONS which created WWII.

Since the Moon = People of Israel is found conjunct the Mid-Heaven, Public Persona of that Nation and in the sign of Leo we are dealing with a PROUD, LEO PEOPLE wishing to take full control and leadership of their Nation, sharing in the Aquarian Kibbutz Concept of COMMUNAL LIVING.  The Moon of the People of Israel is found at the birth of that Nation to be rushing toward union with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Leo squaring the Nation's Lunar Node Destiny.  Leo is the HEART, and my heart goes out to the people of Israel as I witness through examination of their Nation's birth chart how they are being used and exploited by their real but masked LEO RULERS.  They are constantly being tricked & manipulated through their religious-cultural beliefs and feelings by a Hidden Global Corporate Agenda which undermines their Government. Big, hidden agendas operate through the facade of Israel.  Doctor Strangelove rules the Nation.

The Moon of the People in Leo is disposited by the Sun, ruler of Leo in Taurus, but Taurus is, in turn, ruled by Venus and Venus at the birth of the Nation of Israel is in Cancer, the Moon-Peoples' own sign.  This makes the SQUARE Venus is forming to Neptune in 12th House Libra all the more SIGNIFICANT.  It warns the People Of Israel to watch out for 12th House tricks of betrayal, imprisonment, deception from their own Sun Leaders.  Those leaders are frequently not friends of the People of  Israel, they are often skilled Libran Manipulators, mere TOOLS of the powerful consortium of Pluto/Saturn Secret Authorities using the People of Israel for some totally fascistic and imperialist Global Corporate Agenda.

I think there will be no peace for a Nation with a birthchart such as that of the current State of Israel.  The people of that Nation have a long history and culture involved with esoteric teachings of astrology.  The Sepher Yetzira itself contains a complete and deeply philosohpical-spiritual explication of astrology as a tool for thought and action.  I think the People of Israel need a NEW Birthchart.  That means they must birth a New Israel, it means some kind of Revolutionary change of Government.  The Old Israel Birthchart simply guarantees that this Nation will be used unendingly as a tool for war.  Zionism.  It will forever be the center and hub of power conflicts as Pluto/Saturn conjunct in 10th House Leo squaring the Scorpio-Taurus Lunar Nodes indicates.  This current Nation is a radical power-authority 'test' for both the Jewish People and the World. 

I say, Moses got it right: "LET MY PEOPLE GO!"  Where is the promise land ?

It is particularly important that Americans look at the Birthchart/Horoscope of Israel right now because while Israel is 'born' with a Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Leo, the events known in America as the 9/11 'Day Of Infamy' unfolded precisely as Saturn formed an opposition aspect to Pluto from Gemini to Sagittarius.  This opposition aspect also fell smack-dab on the Destiny Line of America, its Sagittarius Ascendant and its Gemini Descendant.  Now Israel is born with Jupiter in Sagittarius in opposition to Uranus in Gemini and these are the signs of communication and religion. Since 9/11 the United States has fallen prey to the same kind of powerful 'religious' propaganda of righteousness that so permeates Israel as a Nation. 

[Jupiter in Saggittarius is an indicator of the extreme likelihood of fundamentalist, righteous religion, whereas Uranus in Gemini opposing it emphasizes a UNIQUE = Uranus 'language of religion' (Gemini), -hence caballa, words and numbers in occult fusion.  A Nation insisting on its own, unique religious heritage as VERY SPECIAL to the point of absolute fanaticism.

America has declared a 'War On Terrorism' aimed principally at the Arab States adjoining Israel in the Mid-East.  American fanatics and fascists such as G.W.Bush, Chaney, Rumsfeld, Powell are telling the American People that 'God' is on their side and that America must 'liberate' the People of Iraq…the same way Israel is 'liberating' the People of Palestine. Through whole-sale slaughter, violent and self-righteous aggression all masked in the rhetoric of religious fundamentalism Such phony religiosity merely masks the BUSINESS DEALS behind these acts of aggression and such Business Deals are exactly what Pluto-Saturn addresses.  Religion is always in bed with Business and Politics, but Spirituality is not.  Nor is Spirituality a question of rituals, rites, and 'infallible' Dogmas.  But a Legal Corporation is a religious dogma!

We see the Hidden Global Corporate machine milking the religious fundamentalism of both 'christians' and 'jews' to bring them together in unholy alliance in order to lay waste to Islamic Iraq.  We see the blatant hypocrisy of American 'Statesman' denouncing the dictator of Iraq for not following United Nation's orders, we hear them saying Iraq will NEVER follow these orders to disarm and yet no word escapes their lips concerning Israel's consistent refusal to abide by United Nation's resolutions! The Corporate Machines running both Israel and the United States are in alignment with each other.  They are the REAL 'Terrorists', the GLOBAL CORPORATE TERRORISTS.   And they may bring about an Armageddon Scenario in the Middle East unless they are stopped.

Israel has far more 'weapons of mass destruction' than any of the 'axis of evil' Nations which George W. Bush claims are the Free-World's ENEMIES!!!  Israel has both long-range missiles and powerful Nuclear Bombs.  Iraq does not.  Things can easily, suddenly get way out of hand when the United States attacks Iraq in a completely unjustifiable INVASION.  The Pentagon has alluded to using both biological and nuclear weapons against Iraq.  It wants to test its other new 'top-secret' and supposedly 'limited' nuclear weapons as well -on the People of Iraq. 

This has nothing to do with Al Quaeda, the Taliban, or Osama Bin Laden, this is NOT the will of the People of the United States nor of the People of Israel.  This is the unfolding of the New World Order of Corporate Global Government. We must ALL watchout for that Uranus to Jupiter opposition in the Birthchart of Israel because Uranus is the prime indicator of Uranium, Radioactivity, and Nuclear Bombs. Jupiter in tension with Uranus in Israel's chart can act as a 'hair trigger' mechanism of religious-philosophical righteousness (a la Saggittarius) and send those bombs and missiles flying !!!

Uranium was isolated and named as an element in 1789, only eight years after Herschel isolated and named the planet Uranus.  Martin Klaproth, an apothecary from Prussia, specifically named his new element "Uranium" after the planet Uranus discovered by Herschel.  He said so on the evening of September 24, 1789 to a gathering of scientists at the Royal Prussian Academy of Scientists in what is now the city of Berlin.  He said he 'knew' that this element was 'destined' to have totally revolutionary impact on mankind's understanding of the nature of matter in the same way that Herschel's discovery of Uranus impacted mankind's understanding of its Solar System.  

Until 1781 Saturn was thought to be the LAST PLANET in our Solar System, but then Herschel (using his telescope) discovered the new planet and eight years afterwards Klaproth discovered the new element.  Uranium is, therefore, specifically linked to Uranus by human intention.

America is born with Uranus/Uranium on its Gemini Descendant where the Nation's 'shadow function' rests; Israel is born with Uranus/Uranium also in Gemini but in a tug of war opposition with expansive Jupiter.  Hair-trigger impulses and projected shadow enemies. 

Israel's Progressed Moon is now in Leo once again and within the coming year conjoins Israel's natal Pluto, then Saturn, while it SQUARES its Nodal Scorpio-Taurus destiny line.  In a couple of years transiting Pluto in Saggittarius will oppose Israel's natal Uranus in Gemini !  Bombs away ?

One hundred years after Klaproth's discovering and naming of Uranium, Marie Curie further isolated from Uranium the highly toxic substance/element called Radium which was far more radioactive.  In fact, she coined the term in French as 'radioactif'.  All this experimentation led to the creation of the first 'Atomic' bombs as well as to the discovery of the highly radioactive and unstable 'transuranic elements' known as Neptunium and Plutonium which in turn led to the creation of deadly 'Hydrogen Bombs'. 

The United States of America is the only Nation ever to have used such bombs in War.  We bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki with Uranium-Plutonium bombs which indiscriminately and instantaneously kill hundreds of thousands of people.  Civilian People.  Our toxic nuclear wastes are currently being disposed of by incorporation into our 'conventional' weapons of war like bullets, missiles, tanks.  Our own soldiers are poisoned as they use these weapons, and the depleted uranium/plutonium 'casings' of all these war toys are left behind in the soils of Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia.   These radioactive wastes poison air, water, and land for decades causing deformed births of infants and attacking the immune systems of all people.  Soldiers, Politicians, and Scientists of industrialized, technological Nations must NOT be the only people who make decisions concerning the creation and use of such lethal weapons because they poison the WHOLE WORLD.

Blinded by Nationalistic rhetoric, religious indoctrination, and profit goals the Corporate States of Israel and America are a danger not only to other Peoples of the World but to themselves and their own citizens. 

The Politics of Corporate Business has consistently shown itself to be utterly devoid of soul, or feeling, or humanity.  And to the people of Israel and America I say we must wake up to these Corporations, their CEOs, their lawyers and legal maneuvers, their war games and their profits before it's too late.  LET MY PEOPLE GO!

The World is in a time of increasingly and threateningly authoritative, religious-philosophical propaganda; the chart for the entire 21st Century reveals that fact because it contains a tight Pluto/Chiron conjunction in Sagittarius also in Quincunx aspect to Saturn in Taurus.  The Old Regime in EVERY CULTURE WORLD-WIDE is being challenged politically, and in terms of Business-As-Usual.  We can expect that all those who have profited in the past and who continue to profit now by way of the Saturn laws, beliefs, and businesses will be exerting ALL THEIR COLLECTIVE FORCE to maintain and hold on to their elite privileges.  They want the 'Status-Quo'.  They need the 'Status-Quo'.  They ARE the 'Status-Quo'. 

And they will willingly and with perverted glee arouse and use every PLUTO/CHIRON wounded but powerful BELIEF (Religious or Scientific) SYSTEM to keep themselves in Power.  They PROFIT from control of scientific paradigms and religious fundamentalisms of every kind, they set Islamic Fundamentalists against Christian Fundamentalists against Hebrew Fundamentalists against Buddhist Fundamentalists and call the resultant hatred and wars the simple 'ups & downs' of the phantasy they name as "The Free Market".  There is NOTHING free about that 'market'; it requires armies and police to enforce its priviledged insider trading.  It represses 'Free Energy' technology.  It is the great Whore & Moloch of Global Corporate Business Power.

The thrice repeated opposition of Saturn in Gemini to Pluto in Sagittarius ( 2001-2002) is demanding of us PEOPLE, of all the COMMON PEOPLE on this planet that we wake up to the control mechanisms of the Hidden Corporate Government.  These control mechanisms operate very pointedly in the Gemini-Saggittarius realms of free speech, truthful speech, free media. Old Regime controls are having a hey-day forbidding and controlling free speech and free thought everywhere. 

America has the 'Patriot Act' and DARPA, but Nations like France, Germany, and Switzerland forbid writing or speaking about the HOLOCAUST unless it's done in the 'Old Regime' way...if writers, thinkers, speakers question the Holocaust and point out that it's a BUSINESS...a MIND CONTROL BUSINESS...a clever and profitable way to throw GUILT around in order to shame and control people...if writers, thinkers, and speakers do this they are SHAMED, thrown into prison, persecuted.  They are called DENIERS OF THE HOLOCAUST.

Yeah, sure, clever-inflammatory jingoism -most of them are not denying the Holocaust, they are merely denying that it happened in the way we've been taught, by the German People alone, and through the gassing techniques popularly thought to be fact.  In fact, most such people are quite sincere and are seriously QUESTIONING THE PROGRAM.

What CORPORATIONS favored the German concentration camps, supplied them with goods, wanted and still want control of the Global Population by way of Eugenics ?  How dare the political leaders of the world claim that those concentration camps and all that hostility and murder toward Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals and others was merely Adolph Hitler's agenda for which the German People are to be solely responsible. What about IBM, what about Grandpa Bush, Grandpa Kennedy?  What about the Roman Catholic Church, all 'Christian' Churches ? 

What about all the wealthy global corporation owners who made such big and 'neutral' profits from all the wars of the 20th Century ?   They, my friends all over the World, they are the GLOBAL CORPORATE TERRORISTS and THEY are the danger we ALL face together.

Freedom of speech and thought are being assailed all around the globe by Corporations and their political cronies.  They would like us ALL to blame each other for the continuing collapse of health and personal well-being around the Planet Earth.  Christians must blame Arabs who must blame Jews; Americans must blame other Nations who must in turn blame others....while the sly fellons, the real evil-doers on this planet weave a clever spell to control and suppress the false truth which they cling to with all their shrivelled little hearts: " Money makes the world go around ".  Hidden Pluto Money combined with Saturn Status-Quo control and policing by media, by armies, by secret technology. 

Meanwhile, all that high-tech nuclear stockpile, all those corporately created viruses grow and grow.  They may be used any day now.  They may give rise to the Corporately Sponsored Armegeddon in the Middle East.  So, I say again:  keep your eyes on Israel & America, and -to the army of corporate police and politicians- I say forget Moses and God -they both seem to be preoccupied with other things, and you don't believe in them anyway.  This is me, Francis Donald Grabau, -one citizen among billions on Earth- warning you: