Jesus is Dead Again
(A Cautionary Tale)
Francis D. Grabau

right on schedule, as usual, once a year during Holy Week on the "Good Friday" which precedes his glorious Ressurrection the following Sunday. Yep, "they" nailed him to a cross again around 3:00 PM Jerusalem time. If you are or ever were an old fashioned Roman Catholic you know these things because you were taught that all people are living as ONE in "The Mystical Body Of Christ" and time is nothing but a "veil" which Christ has come to tear asunder. So Jesus is just finished with his agonizing hang on the cross for being a dangerous and homelessly vagrant (loud-mouth) criminal. And, of course, it was the State that ordered the execution -the State of Rome under the reign of Emperor Tiberius. All the phony Christians wallow today in the nearly 2000 year old movie called "The Passion of the Christ" ...a gory saga all about torture, violence, blasphemy, and murder while they pretend to be "sorry" about the whole thing since he died "for their sins". Fact is, they could give a shit -especially the American Phony Christians among them- just as they could give a shit about their current (Saviour) President's blasphemous lies concerning our ongoing torture, violence, and murder of the common people of Iraq, Afghanistan, or Pakistan or, ...well -just fill in the blank.

It hurts, I know that you know that we all know these truths. We are Guilty as charged whether or not we personally tow the Jesus line because we Americans are members in good standing of the new Christian American Empire called the CCC in honor of the KKK where the Trinity of politically correct C's indicative of the mystical bond between Corporate, Christian, and Capitalist stand in for and replace the otherwise obviously dreadful K's that we like to pretend no longer exist. Hey, it's Easter, slice the ham, eat the yams, snort a brew. Forget about the crown of thorns. Death and taxes never go away, right?  Yeah, sigh, let's relax with our family and kids and sink back into our comfortably tired apathy. After all, after the Fall we are nothing more than lazy sinners descended one by one from Adam and Eve. Wall Street wants you to remember this whole economic collapse is your fault or your neighbors. The all seeing Eye at the top of the Pyramid Dollar knows you guys have been livingin "sin" on bad credit!  Besides, whether you think you believe it or not  -we all murdered Jesus.

Christians love their tape-loop, that instant replay meme allowing them to unsheath the double edged sword of their sado-masochistic appetite for pain, guilt, suffering, and universal injustice because, I suppose, we're a very odd group of self-deceived zealots. Hey, it's Good Friday so the more blood and gore, the more pain and lying we can stack up today the Gooder this Good Friday will be. Yummy yummy we got God in our tummy. Digest it fully, this is the day that commemorates and exults pain, torture and bloody death. The most agonizing day in the politically enforced Christian calendar round. It all attests to the Glory of their Bloody God, of his Father, and of the Dysfunctional Spirit that comprises the third part of this Trinity (pyramid scheme) of Aloof Sadists.

They used to illustrate the Holy Trinity for us as kids in school reading the Baltimore Catechism. It was usually drawn as a Triangle-Pyramid with an All-Seeing Eye inside a cloud at the top. Today internet conspiracy folks recognize that drawing as the symbol of the Illuminati, a vaguely defined amalgam of Bilderbergers, Skull & Bonesmen, World Bankers, Knights of Malta, Freemasons, Talmudists, Jesuits and only God knows who else since the list is very long and frustrating to contemplate, but the single unifying theme they all share is that they are the Illuminated Ones, Superior, Chosen People. All washed in the Blood of the Lamb. Of course Jesus was a male so it really should read, -washed in the Blood of the Ram. But that smacks of the Golden Fleece and they sure can't afford to give their game away with that phrase, now can they!

Break out the colorful baskets full of shredded celophane, the jelly beans, the bunny rabbits and the plastered phony smiles. Easter is coming! I know you all realize what I'm talking about, I just need to do an Exorcism to puke this wicked pablum fed to me as a child out of my system. And you do, too, because it's still being fed to us everyday of our lives. But how are we supposed to do that when these crazed sadists are still running the whole planet and you know there's going to be yet another Easter egg hunt on the White House lawn where the Obama Holy Mulatto Family (see, Christians ain't racist -unless they distrust the Lord Obama!) are growing their newly planted organic garden ... though Michelle and Barack were certainly not around lately to water and tend their PR Plot since they were fully occupied preaching to all of Europe and hobnobbing with Queens, Presidents, and Heads of States.  All the Ceasars plotting the death of all the rabble rousing Street Christs.

The Christos, you know, is (literally means) the Annointed One bathed in the River Jordan by the Prophet, John the Baptist. Today this Jordan River is fully contaminated with goodies like depleted Uranium and the Chosen People have built dams on both its major tributaries as well, so the river is pretty much a cesspool of radioactive filth by the time it reaches its termination in the appropriately named Dead Sea. Christians love Uranium, they refine and enrich it into something they call "Yellow Cake" before they turn it into bombs and bullets with which to kill each other. Well, no suprise there I suppose because the Chosen People of the Annointed One can't ever seem to get enough of bathing each other in blood, -though they do go especially out of their way to torture and kill all the Non-Chosen Ones who cannot abide their Radiantly Glowing God. Sort of like Capitalist Nations looking down on their poorer 'Third World' relatives by way of toxic loans from the International Money Fund and the World Bank. Who ever would have thought that a poor and homeless street fighter would be invoked as justification for such mad activities?  Jesus, the ragman, consorting with the likes of fishermen and whores, arguing with tax collectors, denouncing High Priests in the Sanhedrin has become the God of the Christian bankers and bomb makers who think he wants them to trash everything and everyone who stands in the way of his promised Armageddon. Meanwhile they go ahead and get while the gettin is good, praise Jesus!

Christianity, you see, is a Death Cult and its Roman Catholic branch is currently ruled by an infallible Nazi Pope with the name of Ratzinger (pronounced Rats + Singer). Centralized Authority is the core teaching of the Death Cult framed around the monstrous abortion of Jehovah-Yaldaboath-Yahweh who rampages like a deranged madman throughout the pages of their Holy Book. They claim he's the Father of their Jesus. I know this sounds bizarre, but I'm here to tell you this kind of thinking pervades all of Christianity. Obedience to the Father God and his black magic Book of fetishistic conundrums. It's a stifling spell of s&m rituals climaxing in Dad's torture and murder of his "only begotten son" by way of his Chosen People acting as his holy instruments justifying his culminating act of global corporate lust, the Apocalypse! The God who cannot find fulfillment until all life on the Earth, and the Earth herself is destroyed in an orgy of pestilence, bio-warfare, pain and horror brought about by his faithful followers and their devotion to his virtual reality, cyber-dragon, chemtrail Atomic Death. Our job in his one man show is to MAKE IT SO, as Captain Picard would say. That's how the Gospel of the "Good News" works and ends!

American Christians made great headway in this regard half a century ago when they dropped their "Fat Man" (Jehovah) and "Little Boy" (Baby Jesus) thermonuclear bombs on the heathens in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The infamous "Fiery Mushroom Cloud" (think Moses and his 'burning bush') indicative of a very bad psychoactive hallucinogen trip has become the Seal, the Imprimature of their God's righteous wrath. That's why we need the cuddly pastel eggs of the Easter Bunny gathered all about us in order to mask from ourselves and our tiny tots the sad state of our sick souls. See, when Armageddon comes the Corporate Christian Capitalists are gonna be caught up in a big MGM musical and wisked off to their Easter Parade on Heaven's Fifth Avenue. They'll be all in clover and when we look them over they'll be the finest creatures in the Easter Parade! Everybody else is going to Hell in a basket for all eternity. They win, we lose. That's what happens if you reject their bloody Jesus. Talk about Nightmare On Elm Street, this filthy Christian Porno flick beats 'em all! I think a great antidote for the mad trance of Corporate Christianity is Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece of black humour, Doctor Strangelove: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb! It's the perfectly realized CCC Anthem. A veritable exaltation of the Holy Trinity.

I'm not joshing you, folks, just think about it. The terribly talented Peter Sellers acts out all three of the pivotal roles in the film:

1. Group Captain Lionel Mandrake, a British exchange officer.
2. President Merkin Muffley, the American Commander-in-Chief, who resembles Adlai Stevenson
3. Dr. Strangelove, the wheelchair-bound ex-Nazi nuclear war expert: a pastiche of ex-Nazi scientists such as Wernher von Braun; nuclear strategists such as Herman Kahn; and particularly Edward Teller, "father" of the hydrogen bomb; Guenter Wendt; and perhaps even Manhattan Project principal John von Neumann.

This is the fitting image of the Christian Holy Trinity or Three Persons In One God, as the Roman Catholic Christians would have it. Let's play Medieval Theology, you know -How Many Angels Can Dance On The Head Of A Pin?  Which of these Three Pictures depicts the Father, which the Son, and which the Holy Ghost?

Email your answers to and remember, there is only ONE correct answer and the winner gets to play the role of Major T.J.King Kong undertaken in the film by the venerable cowboy actor Slim Pickens who rides the bomb to its destined target triggering instantaneous Apocalypse Now, Yee Hah!

Remember, Jesus died for our sins because his Daddy couldn't forgive us unless he did. And You, if you're the Winner, get to put the finishing touches on the Armageddon Apocalypse by volunteering to ride the Big One right into the heart of the Evil Doers setting off the long awaited DOOMSDAY MACHINE!!!  Wow, how's that for good Christian motivation!  Come on, sacrifice yourself (and everybody else) for the Dying God of the Christian Death Cult. It's Easter, where's your team spirit?  Show a little spunk, for Christ's sake! 

How many of us know these facts? The first atomic nuclear Bomb was named by the physicists who manufactured it the Christy Bomb and detonated at Trinity Site, New Mexico What do you suppose that might portend?

But, don't worry be happy
, chew your chocolate bunnies, bite down on those cute little jelly bean eggs. Jesus wants you to have another blissfully addictive Sugar High! Onward, Christian Soldiers. Do your part for the Corporate New World Order, the Holy Trinity of Illuminati. Serve the Divine Father (Archon) and his Perpetually Ressurecting Son. You'll become the Holy Ghost yourself! It's all the rage, it's the Christian thing to do, you holy consumer you, ...Wall Street needs another bailout. Join the endless numbers of long-suffering suckers.  Leave your
health, your house, your mortgage, all your bills behind you. Leap, -yes you can- full of new Hope for Change into the rapturous arms of the federal Baptism By Fire!  O, bomb us!

(made with enriched uranium, plutonium
and other assorted synthetic thought forms)

"The Technically Sweet Solution"

There are few moments in American Cinema that can compare to the closing minutes of Doctor Strangelove for insight into just how the Corporate Christian Capitalist game works. Full of false bravado Slim Pickens
waves his rodeo hat and rides the Bronco Bomb down and backwards just so he can rise again, like Sweet Jesus (the Fishiest of Gods), in yet another huge American Made Mushroom Cloud only 3 seconds after his "selfless sacrifice". No shit, Batman, what a cowboy! Hi Ho Silver! Can you say 'Amen', brothers and sisters!

Let us now praise
the most Sacred Trinity: Pain, Suffering, and Death. They're good for you, they build character and besides they're "inevitable". Right? Just a few more Terminal Taxes. Who was it said, "Let them eat cake" ?  I think we need another revolution. In the meantime, just sing along with me, your Sweet Saviour Jesus (Slim Pickens-King Kong) Christ ...

We'll meet again,
don't know where, don't know when

But I'm sure we'll meet again
some sunny day

Keep smiling through,
just the way you used to do

Till the blue skies
chase the dark clouds
far away.

Now, won't you please say
to the folks that I know

Tell 'em it won't be long
'cause they'd be happy to know
that when you saw me go

I was singing this

We'll meet again,
don't know where, don't know when

But I'm sure we'll meet again
some sunny day.

Happy Easter
Doctor Strangelove
is legally free to view right here:

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you bloody
"chosen people"
fanatical keepers of


counting sins, counting money, counting coups
(cash registers)
(Holy Banks-Holy Temples-Holy Fathers)


are not pleased with
your act

I mean all you
Christians, Muslims, and Jews
don't you realize yet that you are the
(My Family, My Land, My Country)

My O My

sect of Terrorists, you


perverse, possessive, obsessive

threatens all
Earth. When will you naughty children
wake up and leave the rest of us in peace?

There now, be off with you,
your money magic has
no power here
In The Name Of The
Holy Mothers