Some webpages which may be useful, informative, and provocative.  Spirals.

Here is Thoreau's Brilliant Essay On "Civil Disobedience", the full text on-line from Berkeley:

"Together with all nations we protect both land and life,
and hold the world in balance."

Tequa Ikachi
The Traditional Hopi viewpoint voiced from Hotevilla and long out of print,
-with Grandfather David  and James Kootsongsie -a masterpiece of insights into living with Spirit on the Land.

Leonard Peltier
Official Website of the
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
Phone: 785-842-5774 ~[]~ Fax: 785-842-5796 ~[]~
P.O. Box 583
Lawrence, Kansas
66044-0583 USA


Holger Haffke
The Gnostic Liberation Front:
This is a HUGE website created by a Gnostic Man named Holger Haffke who offers articulate and FREE astrology reports to the people ( go get one and don't forget to drop him a note of thanks). Here you'll find Meher Baba, Adolph Hitler, and Nicola Tesla hanging out with the Dali Lama and Princess Diana as well as a web-wide collection of life-changing spiritual and political articles and astoundingly visionary ideas.

'A Gnostic Childhood' is Holger's own personal account of growing up in Germany during and after World War II. 
You really don't want to miss it, -I guarantee it will amaze and enlighten you.  He's the first stranger (former) on the internet to have posted my own writings and personally encourage my work. 
But a 'stranger' no more, -this man is my brother, comrade, and friend ! Thanks, Brother Holger, and may the FORCE be with you!

(Be patient while this volumenous site downloads; it's more than worth it.)

Writer In The Window
Writer In The Window:

Georgelle Hirlliman; author of
     'The Hate Factory'
 ...a remarkable study of and passionate commentary upon the Prison System in the USA.

Here's a great website where you can ask a Wise Crone Writer questions and be sure to receive back a pithy, succinct, and thoughtful response from a Gemini Artist with a gift for sculpting words.  Astrologer, Tarot Reader, and Solo Performer with a flair for drama and a delightfully mischievous wit, Georgelle is an Elder with her feet on the ground and her heart in the heavens.  Go see her, explore her website and hear things like this:                           


" We have a ruddy comprehension of love.  We find it in snatches
and low places.  We possess in the name of love, and hold that
possession as divine right.   If we held
acceptance and understanding
as the divine gifts of love, we'd find more love, and
everywhere. " 

Derailing Democracy

The Center for an Informed America:
 "No ads, no banners, no bullshit"

Welcome to the Internet's premier site for disinformation-free news and commentary. This is a website by David McGowan which I stumbled onto and initially read non-stop for over 14 hours. He's a powerful writer shaping and aiming his words with a splendid fusion of brain and heart, and if you read CELLULOID HEROES you'll laugh till your neurons & dendrites implode into a kind of squashed chocolate éclair…such a way with words! Hey, don't forget to subscribe to his newsletter; it's free and always chock full O' penetrating wit.

Incredibly great writing about events around 911!


New Dawn Magazine
They say - " Real total war has become information war, it is being fought now..."

Edited by David Jones, this radical Gnostic Magazine is published out of Australia and features a wide and wonderful range of writing dealing with insights into real spirituality, health, and the New World Corporate Government. Full of hard to find information and writers.  Hey, these folks published me!


Here is a visually stunning website, with language used in a most pithy fashion provoking thoughts we cannot think, arousing feelings far from words. A refreshingly deep Oasis within the 'information highway'. Think Rimbaud, Lautreamont, Poe; imagine Maria Callas singing a painting by Odelin Redon. Chocolate Angels eating prophecies dipped in French meringue. Chartreuse. Sherlock Holmes invesitgating the Satanic Verses. Voila, you have entered the Black Sheep Museum!

Black Sheep

Cyber World Khaldea

is one of the finest Astrology Sites on the internet; it's the work of Michael Meyer and friends, and features on-line copies of hard to find, out of print works by my own teacher, Dane Rudhyar. Michael's essay, " A CALL TO TRANSFORMATION " is essential reading for anyone viewing 21st Century life through the tool of astrology. We all owe him and them a big vote of thanks for the gifts available from this website.


   Meow !  Very curious site.  I mean, a serious and quite objective Astrologer writing in a 'no-holds-barred' kinda way about POLITICS!  Tactful, in a tough way.  This is Claudia Dikinis, and she's also a poet.  A few of her NOCTURNES are on the site, lovely and magical.  There are several articles by other astrologers including Robert Couteau (see below).  Claudia and I just met ( 11/28/02 ) via Email over the 'Patriot' Act, -HR 3162. See if you can find her mugging in sunglasses with Ganesh, I swear there's such a photo on her site.  Cats, Elephants, and Lions share the webpages here with Claudia and she has the tips of her fingers primed and ready to speak about all the political folks & their legislative ways, -charts and interpretations. She's also available for personal readings.  Claudia, my friend, you make for a most refreshing presence among astrologers on the internet.  Blessings upon you.

alpha lyra logo
This is the website of astrologers Steven & Jodi Forrest; the link here will take you to their on-line list of addresses & phone numbers for every state in the USA where you can write or call to obtain your BIRTH DATA…TIME, DAY, MONTH, and YEAR. They are duplicating the page from Lois Rodden's AstroDataBank. Thanks guys! Steven is a very savy Capricorn astrologer, and Jodi writes books about faeries, elfs, and the realm of magic.

A very good website combining metaphysics & politics.  Also excellent 'teaching' graphics.  Norman Livergood and his partner created it; frequently found on Jeff Rense.


AIM - American Indian Movement.

"I did not know how much was ended. When I look back now from this high hill of my old age, I can see the butchered women and children lying heaped and scattered all along the crooked gulch as plain as I saw them with eyes still young. And I can see that something else died there in the bloody mud, and was buried in the blizzard. A people's dream died there. It was a beautiful dream… "The nation's hoop is broken and scattered. There is no center any longer, and the sacred tree is dead."

[ Black Elk, Oglala Holy Man ..on the aftermath of the Massacre at Wounded Knee ]

If you want to know and face the facts regarding the USA Federal Government's ongoing policy of GENOCIDE toward the native folks of the North American continent you must visit this website. Leonard Peltier, Black Elk, Anna Mae Aquash. Wounded Knee, Russell Means, are all here as is some very disturbing insight into Frank Baum, author of the all-american books made into the film known as " The Wizard Of Oz ". A WAKE UP CALL!!!

rat-haus reality 
rat-haus reality
one of my favorite websites loaded down with superb writing, everything from toxic waste & uranium to Martin Luther King and Arundhati Roy.
The events of 9/11/2001 as CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY; penetrating and insightful articles about the New World Order Programs and visionary-practical writings on how we might change our world. A wonderful place to visit.



Mirra Alfassa


The most extraordinary document I know of - on line for all to read as a free gift from RUSSIA.
This is Mirra Alfassa, the 'MOTHER' of the Ashram which grew up originally around Aurobindo Ghose in Pondicherry, India. If you are tired of the fluffy, 'new age' notions as to what constitutes true spirituality this is the antidote you've been looking for. Tough, loving, gnostic, and occult recording of a woman's on-going actions to TRANSFORM the very nature of matter, -beginning with the cells of her own body and extending inward/outward to include ALL MATTER in the Cosmos. The original Savitri.

[This is the actual recorded conversations (transcribed into 13 volumes) unedited and free of pious distortion from the ashram cronies;



The Gnostic Society Library contains a vast collection of primary documents relating to the Gnostic tradition as well as a selection of in-depth audio lectures and brief archive notes designed to orient study of the documents, their sources, and the religious tradition they represent. Nag Hammadi texts, Corpus Hermeticum, Cathars, Plotinus, Dead Sea Scrolls, etc.

Hawaian Sovereignty

"The life of the land is perpetuated in universal balance."

A place to go to learn about the ongoing struggle of the Hawaiian People to reclaim their lands and consciousness. Pele is Savitri is the Mother Earth. Onipa'a Hawaii!


A Personal Webpage.

Here's a good man, I think. Wonderful articles like WHY JOHNNY REALLY CAN'T READ. Followed Nick Begich on HAARP investigation. UNCLE SAM IS TRYING TO KILL YOU. I don't know him, but I like this guy's writing.

Demo9ocracy Now AMY GOODMAN:  Radio reporter.
A Humanitarian Left-Gatekeeper worth listening to critically.
(And believe me, I know PACIFICA has BIG -as in CIA etc. problems!)

Lately, by the way, I wonder more and more about the integrity of Amy & Democracy Now  -see this link:



THE WILLIAM BLAKE PAGE: Gnostic poet of the highest order: access to all his beautifully interwoven words and images including, The Garden Of Love, America A Prophecy, and …well, to Bill himself or…" William Blake, one who is very much delighted with being in good Company."



OUROBOROS: The Gnostic Webring. These charming folks asked me to join forces with them and I did. Check out the ring of gnostics and see if you can find Doctor Zaeus!

Astrolabe Couteau

A website by Robert Couteau. Insights into the least aspected planet in your birth chart. Follow the link and you will find that very rare thing, -an astrologer courageous enough to PUBLICLY speak the truth about G.W. Bush and his plutocratic fascism! Bravo, Robert!


: Her webpage. Now here's a Lady who 'kicks ass' for Mother Earth! Political-Pagan-Astrological-Gnostic woman who weaves occultism into activism; she's a metaphysical activist and I like her style. Yes, she's the author of
  Follow the link and find out what's going on with the
Anti-Corporate-Globalism Movement! You go girl!!!