America's Progressed Sun In Pisces
Her Natal Uranus In Gemini

August 27, 2013
Francis Donald Grabau

"It's a measure of the Orwellian mind set
which pervades America today

that to assert what is obvious and known
(as in the tale The Emperor’s New Clothes)

triggers such a psychological reaction. In reality
it's the ordinary citizen’s mind
which has been closed
to the vast process of denial and cover-up
which has pervaded our society."

History Will Not Absolve Us; Martin Schotz

Does the Sun shine, snow fall, fire burn? Do your Bills
keep piling up? Where does the Rainbow end ?

Will the Korporate Amerikan killing machine openly attack the Syrian People soon, say within the next
year? Will the War Criminal, Barack Obama, and his terrorist regime wreak more covert chemical
death on innocent people at the behest of hopeless business men greedy for more profits?
Will the corrupt Congress and Korporately owned Supreme Kourt rubber stamp all these
ongoing and still pending crimes?

the American People stand by and allow such atrocities to unfold in their name? Will we
allow Homeland Security and its "Fusion Centers" to forcefully strip away all our
Civil Liberties?
Do we honestly think we have any "democratic" say
whatsoever regarding such actions? 

Looking at the situation from an astrological point of view -(US Progressed Sun
squares Us Natal Uranus, from
Pisces to Gemini, 3rd House to 6th House)-
the answer to all these questions appears to be a resounding "Yes"! Except
for that last one.

It's obvious to any thinking person that "we the people" have absolutely no say
regarding our failed government's criminal actions either on the home front or
overseas. We may have some personal hopes and dreams but we are
enchanted by an evil government run by certified sociopaths who
feed on death.

We have become an overwhelmingly lazy and corrupted People busy
blowing bubbles, a People fascinated by our own private fantasies,
incomes, and personal soap operas. Our pretty bubbles are
totally toxic, full of secret poisons.

We are entranced with Death. We love it. It feeds our collective dark side, that
side of ourselves so visibly embodied in our demonic leaders.

So, yes, unless we can somehow wake up "we" will openly attack the People of Syria
and by such action "we" will attack ourselves as well. That final and suicidal attack
will prove to be the irrevocable one that turns us all into what we love to fear,
"The Walking Dead"

Why would we allow this, conspire through our feigned ignorance to let it happen?

Let me put it to you this way: are we heartless Vampires or just brain-dead
Do we, perhaps, dare to think we're still living, breathing,
feeling human beings? Are we awake ....

or do we think we're the fabled "workers in the light" who can wrap ourselves in positive thoughts
and create our own independent realities? Do we tell ourselves we are not responsible for the
torture, murders, and wars our country commits in our name? Or are we all like a certain
friend of mine who tells me he doesn't like writing filled with so many question marks?

He seems to feel that asking questions in the writer's format is some kind of purely
rhetorical trick. As if the writer already knows all the answers or thinks he does
while playing at posing questions which he will then omnisciently proceed to

There's something very phony about that kind of game. But I really don't know
the answers to these questions I'm asking, I just have my considered
opinions as you no doubt have yours.

In America, as I see it, we all have opinions and any one opinion is considered
as valid as any other. We call that attitude "Democracy"! We have been
to believe there is ultimately no truth at all, only opinions.

And our personal opinions, should we try too passionately to share them with others

merely serve to isolate us, make us seem "opinionated" or even (heaven forbid!)

and rudely "judgmental". So,

unless we're "drunk" or "high" or otherwise
in some "altered state of being"
we tend to keep our opinions to ourselves or share them only rarely
with trusted family members, close friends, or lovers. If you think
about it for a few minutes I trust you'll see how behaving
in this way keeps us pretty much isolated from each

We don't really know
how and what each other think, what values
we may hold in common or what worries
we might share.

“A nation that continues year after year
to spend more money on military defense
than on programs of social uplift is
approaching spiritual death.”

Martin Luther King
; April 4, 1967 “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence

WAR is a very big worry. Sheer horror. It's never anything but the organized murder, torture, and violent destruction
of our mutually inter-dependent lives and environments. We all know that, and yet our government is once again
threatening the people of Syria with missiles, bombs, and drone attacks. We are told lies as to why
our Corporate President and his Corporate allies in England, France, Canada etc. are about to
perpetrate such murderous acts of WAR
as our elected leaders in our name and against our
brothers and sisters in Syria.

We have absolutely no say in the matter, our silly opinions don't count, don't matter, concern
them not at all. This is called "democracy" and our Korporate leaders want to spread this
kind of lying 'democratic life style' to every corner of the earth.

Meanwhile, we live like the characters in Stanley Kubrick's film,
with "Eyes Wide Shut"
inside our bubbles
chasing rainbows, entertained  -like all good voyeurs- by media
tales of somehow
blamelessly "Breaking Bad".


Our currently dictated role as the citizens of America's failed "democracy" is merely to sit back passively
like impotent spectators complicit in our own moral and physical destruction. Hence we are politically
immobilized as Vampires and Zombies. Citizen Voyeurs. Here's how one man writes about it:

"It's so important to understand that one of the primary means of immobilizing
the American
people politically today is to hold them in a state of confusion
in which anything can be
believed but nothing can be known, nothing of
significance that is.

And the American people are more than willing to be held in this state
because to know the truth — as opposed to only believing the truth —
is to face an awful terror and to be no longer able to evade
responsibility. It is precisely in moving from belief to
knowledge that the citizen moves from
irresponsibility to responsibility,

from helplessness and hopelessness to action, with the ultimate aim
of being empowered
and confident in one's
rational powers.

Unpublished letter, E. Martin Schotz to
Vincent J. Salandria, May 14, 1992

This is where astrology enters the picture for me, especially the astrology of America's Progressions
which purports to show how we are evolving right now as a Culture and a Nation. They are
based upon factual but subjective mathematical measurements of deep and slow
taking place within us collectively as the People of a Nation called

I intend to explore this issue of America's most important CHANGES indicated by PROGRESSIONS
(or measured movements of several major planets) as thoroughly and clearly as I can without
writing hundreds of pages nobody will ever read.

So, if you're the typical American addicted to speed and catchy "word bullets"
I'll offer you here and now a much briefer synopsis of what's going on
by way of the Progressed and Natal American charts
as they appeared when the contrived and criminal

"Homeland Security" psyop called the "Boston Marathon" 

unfolded on April 20, 2013 (-actual date April 15, 2013, 
time 2:50 pm EDT)
You'll find some key words
(a few mis-spelled) and some useful "tag"
concepts embedded within this bi-wheel

                                                                                                     NATAL AND PROGRESSED
                                                                      BOSTON MARATHON PSYOP
                                                                                  (larger version click here)

What astounded me about the people of Boston was their abject and cowardly submission
to the National Security State as militarized Police aided by actual American Soldiers
invaded the city's streets and neighborhoods declaring an official "LOCKDOWN".

This servile submission was followed by their PRAISE for police and military
once the thoroughly staged psy-op event was over with. I concluded that
the dwellers in Beantown were seriously suffering from deep inhalation
of their own nasty FARTS. The whole thing stunk to high heaven
of Orwell's 1984 NEWSPEAK and INGSOC. And that's why
I cast the chart you see above. 

I was suspicious, you see, of some kind of city wide "trance" that must have gripped
the citizens of Boston. I naively assumed it was a form of group trance, of mass
hallucination induced by way of crowd control via some kind of secret
government technology.

As an astrologer I'm aware that America's PROGRESSED SUN
entered the psychic sign, the energy-field of Pisces on the
eve of the 2004 Presidential elections

and that means that the planet NEPTUNE, ruler of the sign PISCES,
is now the most prominent force in the collective
American experience.


In terms of Consciousness, Neptune can be the vehicle for low-level mediumship,
the channel for psychic contagion, drugs and sheer hallucination when it
operates negatively under too much stress from difficult angular
aspects or subject to too much energetic tension from other

And the simple fact is that at its founding by DECLARATION, America
had a very problematic and challenging relationship to
positive NEPTUNE energy while at the same time
being very inclined to express negative
NEPTUNE energy in a strained, almost
compulsive way. This

latter inclination is brought about largely by the fact that America's MARS function
is involved in a very tense waning square (90 degree) aspect to her NEPTUNE
function while that NEPTUNE function itself is in what is called its "FALL"
or "weakest" condition because it appears in the sign of VIRGO
opposite to
PISCES -the sign it rules.

Neptune expressing through its astrological Fall position in Virgo while squared by Mars in Gemini
is a perfect stand-in for psycho-babble, for Orwell's NEWSPEAK, for synthetic substances
such as the escapist drug, SOMA, found in Huxley's dystopian novel, Brave New World.
It tends to induce pronounced feelings of apathy, lethargy, and victim-like confusion.

So the People of Boston needed no other "secret weapon" used on them at all. They just tuned into Negative Neptune
as the government's Mars-Military Police ordered them to do. They simply licked the boot stomping their childishly
patriotic faces.

It was all nothing more than the programmed "fun" of a different kind of "Red Sox" game. A perfect stand-in
for the ancient Roman trick of "panem et circenses". Another festive marathon of corporately sponsored
"free market" competition.
A clever ploy of Homeland Security, an explosive exercise full of
Paranoia, fear, and terror.
Home run, touchdown, victory! Vicious
games for "The Walking Dead". Guess who won.

"In context, the Latin metaphor panem et circenses (bread and circuses) identifies the only
remaining cares of a new Roman populace which cares not for its historical birthright
of political involvement. Here Juvenal displays his contempt for the declining
heroism of his contemporary Romans. Roman politicians devised a plan
in 140 B.C. to win the votes of these new citizens: giving out cheap
food and entertainment, "bread and circuses", would be the most
effective way to rise to power.

Here is a tri-wheel chart based on the exact day and time of the explosions
for those interested in technical accuracy.

                                                                                        BOSTON (BREAD & CIRCUS) MARATHON
In this Tri-Wheel chart we see that at the moment of the explosion Mercury was found in Mars ruled Aries
conjunct the Foundation Point (IC) of America's Declaration chart. That's the actual, physical
LAND BASE of America. Mercury is also the ruling planet of the sign GEMINI which appears
as the "Shadow Function" or DESCENDANT of the Declaration chart. This hints that
the message called the Boston Marathon Bombing was simply one more violent
message from America's "SHADOW GOVERNMENT" to its own population,
a psychological operation furthering the agenda called the
"War On Terror". Breaking Bad.

MARS in Gemini in that same Declaration chart speaks to America's aggressive and frequently
war-like style of communication. Think of Barack Obama imperiously drawing "red lines"
on imaginary sheets of paper forbidding Syria to cross them.

This is the very planet MARS which challenges America's natal NEPTUNE in Virgo
by waning square aspect pointing to our national propensity for covert
aggression and bloody violence.

These details alone strongly suggest that as with all violent Mars actions in America
there are likely to be hidden or covert Mercury intentions behind
the Marathon Bombings which took place on the Nation's
IC Land Base. Covert intentions rooted in Mercury's
natal opposition to the Declaration's PLUTO
function found in the sign of Capricorn.

That's the sign of "Business As Usual".


Pluto, after all, is the Lord Of The Underworld
operating in the sign of status-quo behavior
signified by Capricorn.

But let's not forget MARS.

Significantly, America's MARS FUNCTION turned RETROGRADE in 2006
as I wrote about back in January of 2007:

"On July 19th, 2006 the MARS function of the USA came to a standstill as it turned RETROGRADE by Progression
at 18 degrees and 42 minutes of Libra in America’s 10th house. This area of America’s chart symbolizes both
the Office of the President and all those public figures upon whom the reputation, honor, and
international standing of America rests. It’s the area of America’s birth chart signifying
the Nation’s power, culture, ideals and achievements. Mars, of course, is the
Nation’s energy, it’s power, force, and ability to take action. So, what is
symbolized by this event is a critical shift of gears as the force of
American power turns inward upon itself, against its own
culture, ideals, and citizens.
Never before in the Nation’s short life has its power ever been in such a Retrograde situation, a situation which will last
until March 27, 2086. America is due for an 80 year period of self-examination regarding the nature of Mars, its power,
force, and potential aggression. Since this event is focused in the Nation’s 10th House the Whole World
will stand witness, will watch as America undergoes this process.

In a very real sense, America’s Mars function is and will continue to be turned against itself. Hence, the title of this essay:
America Attacks Itself, for Mars is the traditional astrological symbol of War and America is in the midst of such a war
which it’s 10th House President has labeled the  “War On Terror”.

It would be hard to find a better phrase than the “War On Terror” to describe
the Mars War Function when it turns against itself unless we called it
the “War On War”. That’s exactly what it is, a violent American
self-inflicted oxymoron!" 

Mars Turns Retrograde In The Nation’s Birth Chart; Francis Donald Grabau

Because this Retrograde Mars astrologically "rules" America's Aries IC Land Base
and the citizens living on it, it's MARS FORCE = Military & Police are also
turned inward, armed and trained NOT TO SERVE the people but
to turn against them, to control them in the name of
the dysfunctional Federal Government by way of
"Homeland Security" bureaucrats and other
obediently trained thugs.

When I say "America Attacks Itself" that's what
I'm talking about,


So I think it's pretty obvious that Mercury in Mars-ruled Aries on the day of the Boston Marathon Bombing
America's "false flag" operation against its own people. Particularly so since that same day
the Sun was aligning
itself with Mars in the sign of Aries. Aggression against the people of Amerika
instigated by forces
within the United States as part of the program for creating home-grown
"terrorists" overseen
by criminal organizations like "Homeland Security", the CIA, the FBI
and the almost
unknown members of the program called InfraGard.

Infragard is the predictable outcome of the process initiated years ago (1973) largely in the middle class
suburbs of Amerika by way of
another program called "Neighborhood Watch". That program
encouraged people to spy on their neighbors,
to report any suspicious behavior
to the local police
cruising such neighborhoods. ($ -for tips)

It was an essentially paranoid and racist program justified as a way to protect the property of "good citizens"
from theft by stray folks of a "lower class" (the bad citizens) who might be prowling about seeking
to rob them of their goodies. Don't want those inner city, jobless, poor "trash" showing up on our
spotless suburban lawns, breaking our windows, climbing in and running off with our "stuff"
righteously earned through our hard work (drones) inside the sacred cubicles
of Corporations that
own and kill us!

It was a symptom of Amerika's perpetual class wars implicit in our Capitalist culture
but said to be non-existent. It's forbidden to speak of Amerika as anything but
a "classless" society wherein all are equal. That's an obvious lie, but it's
easy to practice in a nation with Mercury opposite Pluto -from Cancer
homes and neighborhoods to Capricorn factories and offices. We are
forbidden to observe that Amerikan Police exist in order to keep
the various classes of citizens in line. First and foremost
they serve the wealthy and the powerful. Witness
the fate of the Occupy protestors.
(see also
Kent State and Jackson State in 1970)

I think it's about time we Amerikans realize our local police forces are heavily militarized and enmeshed
with countless private security companies composed of professional mercenary killers. We live in an
obvious Military-Police State run exclusively for the benefit of the Ruling Class and controlling
every aspect of our lives with the lucrative cooperation of our middle class neighbors
working in the
Universities, the Media, and every other venue of private
or state owned business. We live in the place where
the Rainbow ends.

Amerika is one massive Killer Corporation wherein all employees are encouraged
to spy and prey upon each other for the benefit of their bosses. It's called
"getting ahead". Just keep your mouth shut and you'll be fine, you'll be
an "upwardly mobile" winner. Otherwise you're just a poor "loser".

Amerikans are programmed to hate losers as much as they hate the poor. In actual
fact, it's literally
a crime to be poor in Amerika . Think about it; it's totally true.

Here's where we need to talk about those PROGRESSIONS I mentioned at the opening of this essay. Most especially
the Progressed Sun, Moon, and Mercury functions as witnessed in the chart for the Progressed
Declaration Of Independence upon which this nation is founded.

Here's the double wheeled chart for natal and progressed Amerika cast for September 18th, 2013
when the Declaration's
Progressed Sun in Pisces formed an exact WANING SQUARE aspect
to i
ts natal Uranus function in Gemini...and
keep in mind that Uranus is the planet ruling
Amerika's natal MOON (The People) found in Aquarius:



What does it mean when the Progressed US Sun in Pisces exactly squares the natal US Uranus in Gemini? Well, given that the Sun
represents the core Identity of the Nation, it's movement thru the energy field of Pisces puts the Nation under the power of
Neptune, the planet-force ruling Pisces. It brings to the forefront of American consciousness the principle thrust of the force
that is Neptune, and that thrust is the power of Love as conveyed through Neptune's impulse to operate beyond the orbit
of Saturn's strict boundaries enshrined in the rule of pragmatic, man-made Laws.

Neptune is the force of fellow feeling, of compassion and all-inclusiveness as felt by each person toward every other person
and toward all expressions of Life such as trees, wind, rocks, birds, fish, insects, butterflies, mammals and mountains. It's
the highest Law, this "Law of Love" -which is no man-made "law" at all but the very ground of All Being. Neptune is
the spiritual force permeating all life and death through commonly shared bonds of consciousness and
continuity. It's the principle of Unity trumping every other law or boundary while including such
laws and boundaries within its intuitively felt embrace. It's a faith in and a feeling for all
that is unseen, unmanifest but profoundly real.

                             Shape ~ Shifter

For almost any person educated within the pseudo-scientific canons of Western Culture, the realm of Neptune
is nearly
impossible to understand. We are trained to see it purely as "make-believe", we deride it
mockingly as escapism. Escape into what
we erroneously label as "just imagination" ...
"O, she only imagined that, it's not Real!" In other words, the Ocean's
waves are just water. They really aren't Neptune's watery steeds!

Real horses can't gallop about in the depths of the ocean.
Imagination isn't "realistic".

For us, Neptune is merely a tricky game of fantasy having no substance to it, fit only
for the minds of children and the mentally disturbed or socially incompetent. We are
taught to regard anyone who takes imagination seriously as a born 'loser',
someone who can't deal with hard-nosed Reality. Reality, for us, always
begins with the Capital 'R' of Reason. Reality is Reasonable. Everyone
knows it "pays" to be Reasonable. But Imagination isn't reasonable,
so it simply doesn't "pay" to be imaginative. It's just being

Unless, of course, we want to use Imagination in a
perfectly 'reasonable' way and in a 'reasonable'
field of endeavor such as politics, banking, or
the stock market
to trick somebody who's
gullible! To mask and manipulate.

But that's not Imagination, that's just cheating and lying. Those two perversions
skirt about like slimy gollums on the outer fringes of Neptune's realm. Still, we
cleverly justify them as 'reasonable' since they're only pretend (just cute little
'white lies') and they catch us reasonable (if smelly) profits. 

Imagining is not pretending, nor is it the same as lying. 

Unwilling to discern and honor such differences we dare not venture past
the solemn gates of Reason and cannot access the true depths of
Neptune's realm. So it becomes the realm of the shadowy
unknown for us, accessible only to our subconscious
"shadow" personality. That's the notoriously hidden
part of our personality that we hide because
we don't approve of it, or we think "society"
or others will not approve of it. It's our
"bad" self. It's lazy. It's "temptation"
and we associate it with every form
of dysfunctionality such as
drug addiction,
sadism, masochism,

and the victim psychology of the lost "sinner" or the depraved fool.

We have no faith in our imagination because we fear it,
and as long as we do so fear it we have no faith in
ourselves, each other, or the World itself.
All we
can use it for is "pretending", for tricking each
other into lies: America is the
land of the free
and the
home of the brave!

Notice that by typing that last sentence I didn't
lie to you, I just didn't tell you the truth!

Neptune is the realm of Faith in the spiritually creative faculty of Imagination. In Neptune's realm
faith means trusting the Imagination of Spirit open to the love felt through sharing, through
honoring an Invisible Bond that connects everyone to everything else.

The Trident of Neptune culminates in the three prongs of imagination, trust, and love. It's a symbol
for the unity of faith felt as a mutually conscious and caring awareness. It's what we humans
gawkingly point to as agape or absolute unconditional love. It floats in the air and swims
in the seas. It permeates all boundaries and borders, creates and dissolves
all forms, rides the Dragon's breath as the Shape Shifter, is the Master of
Illusion and the Mother of Ecstasy.

It's essence is invisible,
intangible, and unspeakable.

All you need is Love when you trust in Neptune, and when you don't
all you get is fear. Pervasive fear. Illusory fear. Faithlessness,
Trickery and Lies.
All you get is the virtual absence of
Neptune, it's
"dark side". Confusion. Lots of lust but
no love at all. Feelings of being isolated, cut-off
and alone. Hopelessness.

You feel its force as decay. Dissolution. Nothing inside and Nothing outside.
Nada. Nyet. No. Life's a bitch and then you die. The End, fade
to black.

When we read and affirm words from the original Declaration Of Independence which say:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are
endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life,
Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments
are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the
governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of
these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to
institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles
and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem
most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

we are reading words that give voice to the principle that is Neptune. We declare that these words express realities
that are "self-evident" and that "all men are created equal". Notice that this Declaration does not attempt to
rationally explain or prove how and why all men are created equal, it merely asserts that these are
self-evident truths.

This is the belief in the unseen and unmanifest rooted in the force of Neptune
and the energy-field of Pisces which it informs, which it creates and

This is the impulse that informs the Declaration Of Independence. It's not a strictly rational
nor a scientifically argued statement, but an intuitive declaration of self-evident feeling.

And, as we've seen, this Declaration was declared and written down at a moment in history
when the planet Neptune was passing through the energy-field of Virgo, a highly
pragmatic, earthy, and action oriented energy-field traditionally informed by
the force of the planet Mercury which is the force of the verbally oriented
power of the conscious rational brain.

In traditional astrological thought Mercury "rules" all forms of strictly mental thought, writing,
and communication. So we can say that at that historical moment in 1776 Neptune
used Mercury's writing skills to give rational expression to its own otherwise
wholly intangible intuitions
.... such as a "creator" who "endowed" his
creatures with "unalienable Rights" which include not just life but
"Liberty" and "the pursuit of Happiness".

You can bet it's safe to say that NO rational scientist could ever "prove" these "self-evident" assertions
no matter how much he or she might agree with their sentiment. The Declaration Of Independence is
not a rational document. Period.

It's a statement of belief, a declaration of Faith in an Ideal. It speaks of "
Laws of Nature
and of Nature's God"
. It's more like a poem than a legal argument, full of the power of
persuasive and intensely lyrical language giving voice to aspirations. It moves us. It
resonates with the truth innate in every living being.
It convinces.

Positive Neptune fosters empathy, cooperation, and collaboration; it does not foster competition.

So what happens when America's Progressed Solar Identity finds itself bathed in the receptive
and highly intuitive waters, the "mystical poetry" of Pisces afflicted as they are at the
Nation's birth by the assertive, aggressive, and competitive forces of Mars? Well, we
could say that America finds itself stewing in its own, self-generated and very
Hot Water ! It's citizens hardly notice how they've become little more than
boiling frogs trapped in their Nation's scalding cauldron. Living where
the Rainbow ends
. Breaking bad. Drugged, criminalized, and spied
upon by the Mars forces within their own Nation.

Lockdown. Eyes Wide Shut. O say, can you see
or are you confused by the steam, by the hot
clouds of Neptune's irradiated mist. Your
lives hang in the balance. We

are "The People", the Moon in Aquarius of the Declaration's birth chart. On September 18th, 2013
our Nation's Progressed Sun moved into exact waning square aspect to Uranus, ruling planet
of Aquarius. This highlights a massive shift in consciousness, a major mood change for
all Americans. It's a mood shift developing over a three year time span and right
now we're just halfway through it. It's a "waning square" mood shift, a restless
feeling of oppression, a need for Uranus change, for Revolution. And
because Uranus is in Gemini in the Declaration's birth chart it's
a call arising from the Pisces depths within us all to tune in
to a new and radical way of thinking and speaking
Gemini thoughts.

Specifically, it's pointing to a propensity on the part of all Americans to crave
the superficial excitement and love of novelty which Uranus in Gemini
brings to the Mercury ruled mind. Attention deficit disorder is the
direct result of such superficial craving for constant change, the
kind of constant change promoted by advertisers and flickering
television sets.

Addiction to the speed of computers, covert mind control
implanted through the daily threats of spyware and
viruses rampant throughout the cyber world of
simulated reality and so in tune with
notions like "the war on terror".

The dangers of living in a fake Matrix Movie full of false news events
like Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon rapidly fired one after
another into the Aquarian psyches of America's Moon masses
ruled by URANUS.

Radical and constant mood changes induced through poisonous radiation, through the alternating
currents of electrical gadgets like ipads and cell phones full of tweets and emoticons
overwhelming the organically electrical firings of the synapses of the human brain.
Spastic thinking, no calm and

thorough lack of attentive feeling. The Progressed
US Sun in Pisces points to the equally
Progressed US Mercury retrograde
in Aquarius and in stressful
quincunx aspect to Natal
US Neptune in Virgo.

Our collective brains are literally being "re-wired". If not altogether fried!

We are in need of calm relaxation, of deep fellow-feeling, of compassionate love. We gotta calm down
and care for one another. Realize how each and every one of us is being programmed into hysteria,
literally traumatized by the flashy gadgets used by the Corporate Government and their media
bureaucrats. Otherwise, I'm afraid we're all gonna cook like those infamous frogs in our own
boiling water. Be literally RADIATED by the never ending spew of radioactive wastes
pouring daily out of Fukushima's failed but American made GE reactors and rushing
across the Pacific to our own Western California-Oregon-Washington shores.

That's the same excited Uranus radiation still rising from the nuclear cores
melting away beneath the earth in Fukshima but carried by the jet stream
all around the globe. It falls down upon us all in the rains and the snows
and it's a major Uranus-Pluto-Neptune wake up call for all the common
folks on our tiny planet polluted by the Corporate Psychopaths who
are our mutual governments in our respective Nations. America's
Progressed Sun is in Pisces, the sign of the oceans and seas,
the rivers and clouds and it's Squaring America's natal
Uranus-Uranium in Gemini. Pay attention!
Feel the radiation, the radio-activity.
Wake up. Tune it down. Focus
your feelings. Use your

HL Menchen once said:

“The most dangerous man to any government (is someone) who is able
to think
things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing
superstitions and taboos.”

“Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that
the government he lives
under is dishonest,
insane, and intolerable.”

The collective Mind of America is undergoing a radiant sea-change as in:

"Full fathom five thy father lies;
Of his bones are coral made;
Those are pearls that were his eyes;

Nothing of him that doth fade,
But doth suffer a sea-change
Into something rich and strange.

Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell:
Ding-dong. Hark! now I hear them —  Ding-dong, bell."
The Tempest: Scene ii of Act I; William Shakespeare.

Our much-touted "Founding Fathers" were Uranian Rebels, Thomas Jefferson famously proclaimed:

"And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not
warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of
resistance? Let them take arms... The tree of liberty must be
refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and
tyrants. It is its natural manure."

America, with her Progressed Sun in waning square aspect to the planet Uranus,
the very planet which signifies REBELLION and SUDDEN CHANGE, is in need of
precisely that.

Now, is the Time of Rebellion, the time to throw off the falsely named
"Patriot Act", to scatter the NSA, the CIA, and "Homeland Security"

to the four winds.

Otherwise this Nation called America will fall prey to the lethally negative forces of planet Neptune,
the forces of apathy, disillusionment, and victimhood. The dark forces embodied in the Nation's
hostile police and Military, the MARS force of America which has moved in retrograde fashion
against her own People. A People who have turned against each other, who get paid
to spy on one another, a People living where the Rainbow ends. Breaking Bad.

This Progressed American Sun in Pisces is in the third house of day to day communications, of small talk
centered upon daily, pragmatic survival and it is Squaring the Nation's Uranus function in the ambivalent
sign of Gemini in America's sixth house of daily routines. By way of spying programs such as NSA
and Infragard the American People are routinely participating in the betrayal of their own dreams
and aspirations. We are destroying the Rainbow which was our own founding promise
to ourselves and to all people everywhere around the globe to live as Visionaries
fighting for a better world, a world full of hope, promises, and dreams. We
are agreeing to live in
negative Neptune denial, in a dark world of fear
where the Rainbow Ends.

"And the American people are more than willing to be held in this state
because to know the truth — as opposed to only believing the truth —
is to face an awful terror and to be no longer able to evade
responsibility. It is precisely in moving from belief to
knowledge that the citizen moves from
irresponsibility to responsibility,

from helplessness and hopelessness to action, with the ultimate aim
of being empowered
and confident in one's
rational powers.

                                                                                                  December 22, 2013