THE SUPRAMENTAL MANIFESTATION: Moon in Scorpio Opposing Saturn in Taurus



Dear Everybody,

Earlier today ( 2/10/2002) I ‘forwarded’ to all of you two letters: one dealing with Ralph Nader’s recent ‘breakthrough’ as some mainstream media are beginning to interview him and share with the public (us) his insights into Corporate Business due to the immediate ENRON scandal; the other being an ‘open letter’ from Michael Moore to George W. Bush also referring to Enron and demanding President Bush’s IMPEACHMENT.

In this letter I’d like to share with you some astrological data/facts which might encourage all of you to TAKE ACTION NOW in whatever way each of you does that. But ACTIVELY, and in some form or other of PUBLIC sharing.

The astrological situation is this: Radical Revolution is currently being supported, -even ‘demanded’ by the ‘stars’. About three months ago (October thru December) AMERICA experienced the beginning of an entirely NEW phase of its identity because the Progressed Sun of the Declaration Of Independence aligned with the Natal Moon of that same Declaration; the core essence of "AMERICA" = the SUN re-impregnated (formed a conjunction with) the Natal Moon of the Nation which symbolizes the feelings and moods of the general populace, the ‘PEOPLE’. This occurred in the sign of Aquarius, an Energy-Field of the zodiac known for its promotion of Group Consciousness by way of Collective Idealism and SOCIAL REFORM. The ‘People’ are in the mood, are receptive to any broad VISION of social reform coming their way; and notice that the Bush Administration has been using or ‘milking’ this collective public mood to promote its own corporate-takeover agenda by masking it in Patriotic Idealism. Corporate Public Media have fully cooperated in promoting this idealistic war propaganda via the Aquarian airwaves reaching the public through Television and Radio and Newspapers; only the Internet has provided an outlet for other VISIONS and dissenting views. Though Amy Goodman (et.al) see: http://www.webactive.com/body.html at Pacifica, and Daniel Bernstein (et. al.) see: http://www.flashpoints.net/index.html at KPFA in Berkeley have been doing good work on radio as well as a few others...Jeff Rense on internet yahoo radio.

The mood of the public in America is ‘naturally’ and ‘organically’ in need of and inclined to embrace an idealistic, reforming sense of Social Participation in all that the Declaration Of Independence means. But the herd consciousness is attuned to collective mass media mostly owned by the Enrons of the Global Corporate Government and it is primarily their views that are being aired, their ‘Vision’ that is being offered. We must ACTIVELY work in whatever ways each of us can to make sure that REAL VISIONS and real methods of reforming our society reach the Moon-Public as well. It’s a great time for ACTIVISM!!!

Additionally, the Progressed Moon of the Declaration has entered the sign of Gemini = Communications and is about to CONJUNCT = join with and emphasize the Nation’s Natal Uranus in that same sign in March. The Public, the Collective Feelings & Moods of the Nation’s PUBLIC will be ready for CHANGE because that’s what Uranus is all about, -sudden, often shocking CHANGE. Shocking Revelations are at hand for the American Public, and because this Progressed Moon conjunction with Natal Uranus is also occurring in this Nation’s 6th house of Workers, Jobs, and Health (March thru June, 2002), and because many of us realize that the earlier events at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were actually supported by -if not outrightly executed by the military-corporate-intelligence forces in our own Hidden Government- we can, unfortunately, expect more of the same very soon (if not this Spring, then beginning in August 2002).

In fact, we (the Moon Public) are being consistently ‘primed’ by the Bush Administration to expect further ‘terrorist attacks’ in the two forms of ‘biological terrorism’ (anthrax etc.) and ‘nuclear terrorism’ (bombing or explosions at nuclear power plants). Given the deep relationship between Uranus-Uranium and the Nuclear Facilities this coming alignment of the Moon with Uranus suggests that we should take seriously that these hidden elements within our Federal Government will, indeed, execute such attacks on Nuclear Power Plants to further their ‘Homeland Security’ police state intentions. Look at all the iodine pellets FEMA etc. have been buying for use with the Public.

I have been trying to call our collective MOON attention to the fact that for the very first time in the entire history of America, this Nation is experiencing the triple opposition of Pluto & Saturn right on the Nation’s Ascendant or ‘Destiny Line’. Pluto deals with mass upheavals, with things like PLAGUES and with the UNDERWORLD...not just the Mythological Underworld, but the Mafia Underworld permeating Global Corporate Government ...ENRON is, as we know, just the TIP of the Iceberg! I am surely not alone in being able to see that there is every likelihood that these soul-less, devious, and amoral types who gave us Aids & Ebola and an entire arsenal of mutated pathogens & viruses are very, very likely to employ these biological agents in staged & funded ‘terrorist attacks’ within the next few months...Pluto opposes Saturn again in May this year. I know this is not a ‘NICE’ picture, but I am NOT creating this picture, I am merely pointing out that the Bush Administration with the cooperation of Corporate Media are daily issuing ‘warnings’ that such events are likely to occur. We must pay attention to the writing on the wall here! If or when these horrible nuclear and biological events unfold the very Global Corporate Government that is responsible for these activities will be using these events to further induce fear and paranoia among the Moon-People, the ‘Masses’ -for whom and toward whom they openly display nothing but utter contempt. They are counting on the old paradigm that says the abused and the enslaved cling to the boots of their sadistic masters.

Certainly the current popular outpouring of misnamed ‘Patriotism’ running wild throughout the United States demonstrates clearly the success these moral monsters are having in their efforts to manipulate those whom they intend to further abuse, murder, and enslave. BUT, while all this is going on we must NOT lose sight of the fact that WE THE PEOPLE can employ these same Uranus + Pluto energies to FIGHT BACK against this planned and evidently unfolding ‘terrorist’ and ‘shock’ scenario. NOW is the time to be politically involved in whatever way you can to share your insights with your fellow citizens, to form groups, to set up and act out whatever small scale activities you can in whatever way you can. I don’t think we should be escaping into that questionable, ‘New Age’ stance that argues we should merely think positively, send ‘white light’ energy to Bush & Company, and keep our personal little worlds happy and harmonic. Those things are important, but I can assure you that failing to get socially-politically involved in action when the leaders of your Nation so clearly outline and begin executing their version of ENRON GOVERNMENT will not get you far.

They will curtail our Liberties, they are already doing so. They will arrest, torture, and abuse us, they are already doing so. They care not one wit, not an iota, not a scintilla for our ‘consciousness’ our ‘love’ or our ‘spirituality’; they want absolute control of our bodies, our minds, and our finances. Prayer is wonderful, positive consciousness is wonderful, but without ACTION these will not change us or the world we live in. Please do read, if you have not already read the Patriotic Astrology article I’ve posted. Realize that each of us as a single, individual citizen of this Nation partakes in the Natal Mercury to Pluto opposition in our Nation’s Birth Chart, and BOTH these planets are RETROGRADE and NOW Pluto has come to our Nation’s Destiny Line and all the unconscious ‘ghosts’ of the past are in our faces, all the HIDDEN BUSINESS GOVERNMENT is in our faces. Even the Progressed Mercury-Mind process of America is RETROGRADE now, and next August (2002) it will BACK INTO AQUARIUS conjuncting the Nation’s Moon on March 3, of 20005. Think about this; it is time for the MOON PUBLIC to MERCURY THINK and to think in terms of Aquarian-Uranian REVOLUTION. Sorry, that’s what we need. These astrological forces I’ve been talking about can be very positive because they invite, indeed they DEMAND big changes and these changes can be very positive IN THE LONG RUN. So, my friends, please do not feel that I am ‘predicting’ terrorist biological & nuclear attacks because I am NOT.

I feel -as you know- that prediction is prophecy is Profit-sy and I DO NOT SUPPORT IT, BUT one would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see what the daily Federal Government’s announcements/warnings are so repeatedly insisting on: more ‘terrorist’ attacks. I merely say, yes...they mean what they say...they are very most likely to be creating such attacks, and given the abysmal state of lassitude and childish patriotic self-indulgence rampant throughout the US...the forces that be in the ‘stars’ may just ‘allow’ such events to unfold so as to rouse us from our slumber. Do, indeed, think & feel positively...ANYTHING is possible ...but don’t turn your face away from what is unfolding daily right before you. Active, Vigorous Love to everybody, and fond wishes that we all learn to ‘kick’ some very Spiritual ‘ass’ !


What’s Going On?

Everyone I speak with these days seems to be experiencing periods of time wherein they ‘lapse’ into a kind of state of ‘suspended motion’ psychically and at times even physically. They report suddenly ‘sensing’ that there is absolutely no point to whatever it is they may be in the process of doing. This happens right in the middle of an action, between lifting a cup of coffee, tea, water or juice to their mouths and completing the action. They report how the momentum of the already initiated activity usually follows through, -they actually put the cup to their lips, and maybe even drink it in and swallow it. But, still, there is this kind of ‘lapse’ almost like a ‘standing wave’ between the initiation of the action and its completed follow through. A brief moment in which they feel like a ‘statue’ or like persons in a movie suddenly, self-consciously watching themselves.

I give this as a physical example, and probably NOT the best example but one that might serve to point to the phenomenon I want to talk about. Many more folks I’m talking to report the experience as a sudden ‘wave’ of psychic ennui or exhaustion. Meaning that in the midst of daily activity as they are ‘thinking’ their typical thoughts there suddenly occurs this ‘moment’ which feels like an involuntary ‘lapse’, a moment wherein they suddenly think, feel, and sense that all they are in essence and all they are doing in action is completely pointless or meaningless or even utterly futile. Instantly, they sense that they must be depressed. They want to sit down or lie down and cease all action and motion both physically and psychically. Fear sets in with a kind of panic, for some, while others feel angry with themselves and full of a kind of self-loathing for what they sense as their personal inadequacy. Most of them are wise enough to just ‘give-in’ to this sudden ‘mood’ and go to bed if they can do so, but many have daily job activities they can’t just quit so they keep moving and working but feel like shit. In a day, a week, or a month all this passes and they are back to their ‘normal’ selves for awhile...until the next ‘lapse’ or ‘standing wave’ OUT OF TIME hits them taking them under and in for another round.

Now these are all spiritually conscious people I’m talking about; a few are activists involved in activities of highly political-philosophical import geared to realistically changing aspects of the world, all are highly conscious ‘environmentalists’ or people deeply involved with this Earth which they love. Some are active, alternative healers using ‘medicine’ such as homeopathy, oils & herbs, acupuncture and massage, acutonics and other forms of sound-healing, and some are intuitive ‘readers’ or counselors using Tarot, Astrology, or even tea leaves. They are all consistently reporting episodes of this ‘time lapse’ or this sudden feeling of futility, or this sudden deep exhaustion and I myself am one among them.

Today I woke up late and, as usual, ‘trailing clouds of glory’...by which I mean that I often wake up from sleep feeling hesitant to rejoin my body in the usual waking state because as I get up, get dressed and start my routines the personality known as ‘Donald’ overpowers my whole consciousness as my waking Ego-Personality and I feel that ‘his’ interests and awareness are too focused and limited for ‘me’. But who is this ‘me’ who feels this way ? He (really ‘it’, -it’s quite neutral and neuter) never has a care in the world, seems worried over nothing, and is full of energy and positive knowing as to how the Universe is getting on in its unfolding process and just where ‘it’ fits into and is part of the unfolding process. ‘It’ absolutely knows it’s ‘divine’ or
something...and it approaches my body like a glider plane coming smoothly down for a landing in a pleasant, green valley of Earth. As it touches down it activates my physical body which begins to wake up from sleep and ‘trailing clouds of glory’. It ‘identifies’ itself as that body on the bed and initiates a series of delicate and tentative ‘entrances’ and ‘withdrawals’ into and back out from that body. As it does so, the creature known as ‘Donald’ begins to pulsate in and out of Ego Awareness. ‘It’ and ‘Donald’ usually go through a kind of ‘getting to know you’ ( Yes, precisely the tune from " The King And I " ) sequence of on again - off again contacts. We ‘pulse’ together. And ‘Donald’ initially ‘smiles’ as these feelings of his ‘other self’ reach him along with threads of flashes of ‘memories’ of what ‘it’ has been doing while ‘he’ was asleep. ‘Donald’ dimly realizes ‘he’ was doing these things too, but in another ‘Dream World’, in a much Fuller Dimension.

Of course, ultimately I resolve into ‘Donald’ and it usually feels like quite a ‘come down’! But I always know somewhere in my core that this is no ‘come down’, this is not some bummer experience I’m about to identify with...it’s just me being Donald again with a fully ensconced Ego. I know I made some kind of deal or ‘contract’ with myself to do this...to keep waking up as Donald who is now 59 plus years old and ‘parked’ on the Island of Kauai in Hawaii. This 59 year old Donald just completed writing an article for New Dawn magazine which has been ( I hope!) accepted for publication in the May-June issue of that magazine out of Australia. But today, when I woke up, I could hear the ‘it’ who is not the ‘Donald’ me saying to itself (me, Donald) " Oh, so when are you really going to write the REAL article ? When are you going to write while Awake? " Is this ‘Dumb & Dumber’ ? Jim Carey playing ‘The Mask’ ?

I know its weird, but I couldn’t put it out of my consciousness, and so now I’m writing everybody I know to say...what?...that I’m ‘sorry’ I didn’t write the ‘REAL’ article ? No, I did write a real article; it was called THE RING OF POWER and subtitled, A Gnostic View Of The Twenty-First Century. I stand by that article. But the ‘it’ aspect of me, Donald, wants to plant a seed about it. It wants to speak of the central opposition between the Moon and Saturn in the chart for the 21st Century. I think that opposition describes quite succinctly the experiences I and my closest friends have been having, the experiences of ‘depression’ and ‘futility’ as we experience ‘lapses’ and fall out of time, lose connection with this current FLAT dimension of the unreal Earth! We lose most of our energy at such ‘moments’ (which, as I’ve said can extend from days to months at a time) and feel as if we are actually about to die. There is a real, and ‘at the time’ absolute sense of ‘terror’ when these ‘moments’ swoop in or up or down to engulph us! I believe that when this happens we are actually personally ‘contacting’ the energy of the Moon-Saturn opposition from Scorpio to Taurus which I spoke of in my article as referring to the Century’s focus on the physical plight of the Earth, all physical matter, and our own bodies.

But what I didn’t write about in my official article is...what?...a deeper level of what is going on in this opposition. It’s hard to verbalize, but I feel it quite clearly. Time (Saturn), as we have known it, is ending. It is ending for the Whole Earth as Saturn is in Taurus, sign of fixed earth.The ‘fixity’ of Earth as we’ve known her is going to shift into a fuller dimension of PHYSICAL REALITY or MANIFESTATION.The Earth is getting Earthier and more REAL! The structure and composition of physical matter is changing, it’s getting purer. Our bodies are in sync with this change and are getting more real and purer, too. It feels very awkward, and at times thoroughly frightening unless we abandon ourselves to the ‘grace’ of the Earth in full trust and love. And we are meant to FEEL this purification process in our emotions and feelings because the Moon is in Scorpio, sign of profound emotional-feeling detoxification as the Century began. We are meant to FEEL it and RELEASE it by relaxing.

The Earth is demonstrating this process through her weather patterns and waters, especially her waters. What is the ‘black water’ doing off the coast of Florida ? What is happening with all the toxins we -as a species- have dumped into our rivers, streams, and the Ocean ? And who among us is attempting in a Saturn fashion to CONTROL the Weather ? Who among us is trying in Saturn fashion to CONTROL matter via genomes and genetic manipulation of human, animal, and plant cells? It is the established, fear-based technicians of our species. It is the anal-retentive control freaks among us. And their fear is ‘contaminating’ all of us. There is a frantic and spasmodic cramping involved in this fear that grabs at our root chakra, gets us in the colon, the digestive track, and the ass. And on an emotional-psychological-psychic level these anal-retentive spasms are registered as feelings ofpsychic paralysis, self-hatred, and hopeless despair. I think we need to allow ourselves to register these feelings and then relax and let go of them. I don’t think we should spend too much time trying to analyze them. I think we need to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps of our spiritual imaginations and focus our thoughts on beauty and love because beauty and love are all around us too. But if we try this and can’t do it I don’t think we should panic...if we are depressed, disgusted, and feeling lifeless...I think we ought to just accept that and take ourselves out of ‘commission’ as often as we can to simply rest and sleep. There is a newer, more pure and conscious aggregate of cells being ‘born’ inside us as part of the new and more real matter of the Earth. As these new cells in our bodies gain strength and begin to replace our old cells tired-out with toxins these new cells bring with them an inherent, innate feeling of healthy wholeness and a kind of golden vitality.

Gradually, during each depression ‘implosion’ they assert their natural power and lift our feelings-thoughts out of the pit. The only people I know of who truly describe and explain this process with clarity and without a lot of ‘New Age’ or ‘Religious’ baggage are Sri Aurobindo, Mirra Alfassa, and their commentator-friend, Satprem. Mirra’s 13 Volume set of transcriptions from live conversations with Satprem entitled, The Agenda Of The Supramental Action Upon The Earth, quickly referred to simply as Mother’s AGENDA is available on-line via a generous soul in Russia and you can ‘read’ it ( one doesn’t read this stuff, one drinks it in like a sponge) at: http://mother-agenda.narod.ru/

Just a note; I can’t explain anything at all. I’m just feeling the need to make these comments to all. Thanks for reading this, and much joy to all



( Moon in Scorpio Opposing Saturn in Taurus )

Thanks, all you crazy-loving folks out there, for responding to my email exploring what is going down among us. My friend, Mary West, responded with the following comments and questions and I’ve been trying to ‘answer’ them. Remember, all this is focused upon the Moon in Scorpio in opposition to Saturn in Taurus in the Chart for the 21st Century.

I quote Mary: "Dear Donaldo: Thank you for the Moon/Saturn update. I am definitely going through my own version of this. But what I want to know is, what is going on? Are we, as humankind, "not being kept" or are we welcoming our new supramental cells? If it is both, is it that we survive in such a drastically new (supramental) form that we are no longer humankind. Not to be a hairsplitting literalist.... That is, are we & the Earth becoming more real, becoming purified, OR becoming extinguished, eradicated—as in THE END of this species or the REFINEMENT of the species?"

I don’t know the answer to this: is it Supramental Transformation or is it the end of the species ? But I recall Mirra saying that the nature of the ‘Supramental Force’ was that it was ‘TRUTH MATTER’...like a physical embodiment of truth, and that it was NOW pressing down upon us...but being careful about that because, said she, if the full force of the TRUTH were to manifest itself it would be LOVE and we are so fearful of love as a species that we’d be obliterated by pure love...so it is wisely expressing itself in incremental doses so to speak. She also felt and said that this ‘Supramental Force’ was here, now, to stay. It would not retreat. The manifest Universe is changing from inside out. That feels right to me, it feels like what’s been happening. And yes, she said it was changing ALL matter...in fact, she speaks of it as being within matter, inside dirt...the image she gives is one of matter itself sort of waking-up from a dream. Actualizing itself.

When Mirra speaks about this new matter and this ‘Supramental Force’...(by the way, she considered the expression [coined by Aurobindo] to be cumbersome and awkward and said it didn’t really matter what we called it!) she seems to be speaking of a consciousness inherent in physical Nature, in wind and trees, and water etc. as well as in our bodies. She suggests we don’t know how to talk to it because we think that consciousness is human intelligence which it is not. The consciousness that is this ‘Supramental Force’ seems to be more like touch and direct action or direct transmission. There is no ‘debating’ or ‘splitting hairs’ in this consciousness; it’s direct action. A bit like Krishnamurti’s notion of INSIGHT...if you truly have insight (K. says) you know because you ACT on that knowing...it’s a kind of active knowing...not ‘consideration’, not weighing of pros and cons but action...knowing instantly applied in action.

Using the cumbersome language of Astrology I think of it this way: Mother Nature is the Anima Mundi or the Sophia Wisdom inherent in matter and Virgo is the home, the energy-field that fosters this form of knowing. Currently, in astrological terms, Mercury is said to be ‘ruler’ of both Gemini (which makes sense) and Virgo (which makes less sense) because Virgo is also the ‘sign’ of Alchemy. Alchemy was and still is concerned with the changing transformation of matter; Virgo is mutable (changing) Earth.

Alchemy, as you will recall, was not merely a mental-mercury endeavor; it required that the WHOLE PERSON interact with the consciousness-substance of the ‘prima materia’ in order to Transform it into GOLD. Gold is both a factual substance and a metaphor for pure perfection. Dane Rudhyar speculated that when -as a species- we were collectively able and ready to see the planet out beyond Pluto we would be ready to also undergo a major collective change. He proposed naming that new planet, Persephone, the female partner of Pluto, the ‘Queen of the Damned’ and he proposed that Persephone would be the true ‘ruling planet’ of Virgo. Recall that Persephone is the Daughter of Demeter or Mother Nature, but then Persephone became the Mother Nature of the UNDERWORLD which Demeter eschewed. She ‘married’ Pluto. ( But ‘Stupid White Men’ still persist in saying this wasn’t so; that Pluto forcefully ‘RAPED’ her and dragged her kicking and screaming into his Underworld.) Marriage is a conjunction, a psychological-alchemical union wherein opposites are merged in wholeness. Men and women are not the only examples of this conjunctio-marriage; each Personality must marry or wed with its ‘higher self’ or Soul. That’s psycho-spiritual Alchemy. Rape is a totally different and false ‘union’ brought about through applied force. Humans, for example, have been raping the Earth. But Persephone, in true Greek Mythology, descended of her own will and out of wisdom-love into the Dark Realm.

Since our collective global culture only knows about the planet Pluto, it has operative insight only into the male energy ruling in the Land of Death. It knows mostly the catabolic, disintegrative break-down of matter. It ‘created’ the lethal substance known as Plutonium from this male energy by ‘bombarding’ an isotope of Uranium with high-speed neutrons. It ‘creates’ through violence, rape, and destruction (the catabolic burning of coal and oil, the violent fission of nuclear reactors) The Death Wars of Pluto.

We need to find the female partner of this energy, Persephone, and bring it into our consciousness-activity. But the planet beyond Pluto, though frequently sited by astronomers, remains ‘unconfirmed’ and is referred to still simply as ‘Planet X’. It’s still in our Unconsciousness, in the Underworld. In the analogy I’m making that ‘Underworld’ is what Aurobindo and Mirra call the INCONSCIENT, the resistant or sleeping consciousness of DENSE MATTER. Mirra’s work on the ‘consciousness of the cells’ was the work of consciously awakening those cells, consciously communicating with them and thereby ‘drawing them out’. She spoke as if the ‘cells’ of INCONSCIENT MATTER were not really asleep, but had been so IGNORED and un-related to by Man that they’d sort of given-up on being recognized, - so they played ‘dead’ or ‘dumb’ or ‘catatonic’. NOW they are awakening, and when we as a species are ready to FULLY ACKNOWLEDGE and commune with them we will have discovered Persephone, the planet beyond Pluto and we will recognize that ‘she’ is a kind of Alchemical Knowing, the VOICE OF MATTER ITSELF, the CONSCIOUSNESS OF MATTER, the ‘INTELLIGENCE OF MATTER’ . Hence, she will be the ‘ruling planet’ of Virgo, sign of mutable earth or mutating matter, and we humans will have learned how to ‘speak’ with our cells and how to ‘listen’ to matter or Mother Nature in her hitherto ‘Dark’ or unknown (Persephone-Pluto) realm.

This implies that we will realize the truth of the Pluto-Persephone myth which CharleneSpretnak and others...( Valerie Vaughan etc.) have uncovered: to wit, before Patriarchal Greek Culture made of Olympus a Mirror Replica of its STATE there was an earlier, truer version of the ‘Gods’ and ‘Goddesses’ and in that version Persephone went of her own free will into Hades as an act of compassion. And I think that this is precisely what is being ‘foreshadowed’ in the chart of the 21st Century as the opposition between the Moon in Scorpio and Saturn in Taurus. Put the two together and you have us experiencing on a Feeling (Moon) level the hidden (Scorpio) energy encased (Saturn) in the surface appearance of earth-dirt (Taurus). You have humanity ‘descending’ into the ‘hell’ of matter, into our own inconscient resistance to what scares us about Death (Scorpio). Willingly doing so, if we are wise, willingly detoxifying our bodies and the body of Mother Earth; cleaning up our poisons, overcoming our fear of death. Embracing matter as holy. Sacred Mother Earth.

It is a hallmark of Aurobindo’s work, as well as Mirra’s that they both insist on the unreality and falseness of literal, physical death. They insist it is not ‘normal’ but merely a sign of our lack of growth or our lack of awakening. They both state in no uncertain words that there should be no more death among us; that our bodies should not decay and rot. That process, they say, is the lethargy of habit, the old way of Mother Nature embodied in Demeter. But in her daughter, Persephone, we have the new archetype of Mother Nature agreeing to work with humanity in a conscious and deliberate partnership to put an end to the blind waste that is death. The ‘Supramental Force’ is this new and all-powerful consciousness awakening within us and all the Earth, descending deeply down into the inconscient of inertial matter carried there by the force of love.

This is exactly what Savitri does in Aurobindo’s great narrative-philosophical poem, SAVITRI...the work he always claimed was his most important work! Savitri is the Persephone of the Supramental Force who embraces humanity and Earth in order to defeat the Asura of Death. So, I say we must act as if we are aware of Savitri and Persephone now and let the astronomers and the ‘masses’ discover her when they can. We must begin and accelerate this intimate communication with the cells of our bodies and the matter of the Natural World. Come to birds, the sea, the clouds, the wind and seeds as the Conscious Beings they are and ask them to ‘speak’ to us, to teach us. We must listen with new ears, the ears of our wise hearts. Love is not a sugary and sentimental emotion. Love is a fearless, strong, and burning fire, the only knowing that really knows. Love to all you crazy-quilt lovers,



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