Trance Formation In America.
Francis D. Grabau


      Barack Hussein Obama, winner of the 2008 National Quadrennial Lottery in America, honored his own (veiled) campaign promises and immediately attacked Pakistan violating its borders and killing innocent people.  The new President did this just three days after taking his fumbled oath of office.  He used unmanned, automated planes known as "drones" for the job. This raises the question whether or not the Democratic Party's "peace candidate" is anything but a political drone himself and what kind of guidance system runs him. Obama is our latest "smart bomb" whose automated programming and guidance system (like his financial backing) have been provided by Corporate America. 

Americans, known increasingly all around the planet as "The People Of The Lie", have found the patently false "Hope" and "Change" they can believe in.  Once again, the Corporate Machine has renewed its faithful consumer base. The unconscious trance formation of the USA continues unabated for another four years with the novelty purchase of a "black man" for the White House.  Happy days are here again.  Our red, white, and blue instigated "War On Terror" has found a kinder, gentler, darker face. There's no business like show business.

This is how mass psychosis works.  The Soul splits off from the Mind.  The resultant sleepwalking body wanders aimlessly into a kind of no man's land estranged from itself.  Its own inner motivation and guidance slowly eroded until fully replaced by some outside force beckoning from afar like a beacon of hopeful change luring it further and further away from its own native shores. It succumbs to a superior "Authority" and is "reborn" into an untroubled world of harmonious conformity wherein everyone's feelings and opinions are essentially the same. Like the drones used to attack Pakistan it becomes a useful tool for eliminating borders and differences.  It becomes a fascist,
a contagious carrier of numbing psychosis.  A trance former.

Such a body estranged from its Soul is happy in its consumer's pursuit of homogenization because it finds itself freed from its own spirit of inner questioning and self-contradiction.  It sees, speaks, and hears no evil within its own borders.  It merges with all that is good and happy and true.  At last, it belongs.  It has found fulfillment floating in some beautiful dream of "peace" and "sacrifice".  Gravity cannot touch it.  It feels truly "alive" now believing it's actually become one of the 'shining ones' it's been waiting for.  It joins Obama's Americorps inspired by the ideal of selfless service to the corporate abstraction of America.  It has fulfilled its escape mission and become a fully operative American Zombie.  It has food, clothing, and job security. It's blind, deaf, and dumb to the corporately contaminated food, air, and water it consumes.  The Obama world is a healthy world, a Green World, its jobs are Green Jobs! 
Soylent Green.  There's nothing else quite like Mass Psychosis; Americans know it as Homeland Security!  It's bible is the "Patriot Act".  It's newest champion is Barack Obama.  The rest of us recognize this movie: "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers". 


Welcome to the Realm of Neptune, the Homeland of Paranoia.  Paranoia is not a word owned by the psychologists whose job is to police our thoughts and behaviour for the State.  It's a word derived from Greek roots indicating a way of knowing whereby the mind stands outside itself, recognizes the Soul, and questions its own rational conclusions. 'Paranoia', like the words 'Gnosticism' and 'Astrology' refers to the process of creative, critical, and imaginative self-discovery which operates alongside of and in sync with the rational brain of every healthy human being complimenting it by questioning its assumptions and logical deductions.  It points to the Soul's introspective way of knowing through fellow-feeling.  We might call it something like 'knowing through compassion' and in the gnostic lingo of astrology it's tagged as the primary expression of the force of the planet Neptune which guides the energy-field identified as the zodiacal sign of Pisces. 

America, born as a Cancer Nation in 1776, began its transformation into a Pisces Nation on the eve of the National Elections, November 4, 2004 Americans have, as a People, entered the Paranoid Realm of the energy-field of Pisces and our guiding planet-force has become (for better or worse) the force of Neptune.  Paranoia runs the Nation now, so it's essential that we come to grips with its true nature unless, of course, we'd prefer to have our souls invaded by 'snatchers'!  Yes, folks, we are mutating into Hollywood's "pod" people.  The Invasion is well underway, sleepwalkers are everywhere.   Or haven't you noticed?

Please try not to fall asleep on me now as I attempt to lay out the peculiar but urgent importance of the role Barack Obama is likely to play in our collective experience.  Obama, you see, has a direct and strong input into America's Paranoia because his own personal ego energies (known astrologically as his Natal Mars in the sign of Virgo) plug neatly into America's Natal Neptune function found on that exact same spot (degree) in Virgo. Obama's personal ego-force charges and feeds America's paranoia. His personal prowess as a man (Mars) stimulates America's Neptune urging us to resonate with its longing toward selflessness.  Remember, 'paranoia' refers to the brain-mind "standing down" so as to receive the knowing arising from the Soul in the form of the wisdom born of fellow-feeling and compassion. It's a FELT knowing. Obama easily and naturally arouses FEELINGS of selflessness in Americans.   Indeed, Americans are inclined to see Obama as a selfless (Neptune) warrior (Mars).


But the downside of selflessness is victimhood, the feeling of being unworthy and servile. Obama's personal Mars manner triggers in Americans both positive feelings of selflessness and negative inclinations toward servitude, and these feeling-inclinations stand alongside our rational brains threatening to by-pass all critical thoughts we might otherwise entertain about anything he says or does. His words and actions plug directly into America's Neptune Soul.  Both he and his advisors are acutely aware of this fact.  This assures him of the ability to personally exercise considerable POWER in, over, with, and through the collective American Psyche.  His personal charismatic power easily bypasses our rational brains and appeals directly to our yearnings for the much-needed experience of selflessness. This can be and is a very dangerous situation for a Nation only four years into its Neptune-Pisces transformation.  It can lead us further into Trance-formation.  It can seriously aggrevate America's collective psychosis, the delusional state of mind called the "War On Terror".

The problem we face is that since September 15, 1994 our National Mercury function has been operating in a backward fashion, in astrologically Retrograde motion, and will continue to do so until August 17, 2016.  When a Nation's Mercury-Thought process turns Retrograde the people of that Nation become more involved with their own inner thoughts, they become collectively more self-centered, self-aware, and self-concerned.  In a sense, the whole Nation of America is in a collectively introverted,
self-referential state of mind. We were born that way, -America's Natal Mercury was Retrograde in Cancer as she declared her Independence. 

Despite appearances to the contrary, Americans are subjectively oriented inwards towards their own private feelings and families, self-reflective and often quite self-centered. And this natively self-referential process began all over again in a new cycle just as the Nation's astrologically 'Progressed" (Transformative) Mercury function turned backwards upon itself at 4 degrees 57 minutes of the sign Pisces!  Paranoia again. That degree of Pisces is found just inside America's third house concerned with media and daily communications and guided by the force of Neptune. The verbal-mental processes employed by American media have exacerbated our collective introversion to the extent that the wisest among us totally distrust anything mainstream media says.  But corporate media has done more than that, it has deliberately undermined the faith and trust of Americans in each other while preaching a gospel of glamour, escapism, fame and greed. If you're feeling 'paranoid' and you're an American then you're right on target because questioning is the call of Retrograde Mercury.  Questioning is not distrust, and deep questioning is the healthy root of real faith.

Business people, investors, and bankers greedily distrust each other.  They trade on Wall Street by betting on distrust.  They profit personally by spreading depression and despair. The major players (Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank) among the profiteers are the chief instigators of the current spiraling depression using it to collapse the economy, cripple commerce, and hoard more profits. Their shell game steals from the working people to further enrich the bankster-profiteers, and in the new Pisces-Neptune America it signals the extreme likelihood that the greater masses of unquestioning people will find themselves turned into Pisces Victims (the Crucified Christ is the Archetypal image of the Piscean Age). 

Carefully staged collapse of the global economy provides the rationalization whereby government can crucify the People by imposing Marshall Law suspending personal freedom, the right of habeas corpus, and the Constitution. Massive foreclosures on homes, widespread unemployment, and their accompanying psychological distress is purposefully designed to instigate rioting so that police and military can be called in to arrest, bludgeon, taser and kill masses of people.  A Fema-Homeland-Security program is in place to relocate remaining rioters into detention centers, to tap their labor for the mere "wages" of shelter and food. The plans call for enforced administration to "detainees" of "calmative" drugs by abusive (think Gitmo, Abu Ghraib) guards, and other nightmarish horrors. But too many Americans still can't see this unfolding agenda considering such thoughts to be mere 'Paranoia' in the pop-psychology sense of the word.  It's met with the negative, self-victimizing denial of Pisces by Americans still fixated on the distraction of the false "Hope" and "Change" promised by Barack Obama.

I would call your attention to the astrological fact that America's currently Progressed-Retrograde Mercury now in Aquarius finds itself in classically stressful Quincunx aspect
with both America's Natal Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, and her Natal Neptune in Virgo. This double quincunx condition of the collective American mind is indicative of maladjustment, of psycho-spiritual ill health. It has been operative for two years now. I know a word like 'Quincunx' is technical sounding, but please remember those "pods" and don't fall asleep on me!  Think of a quincunx as a kind of hex, a magical spell.


We are talking here about thinking, writing, and communication in America, about the Collective-Common atmosphere in which Americans are struggling to think and talk with each other while bombarded/hexed by censored and censoring corporate media.  I'm warning that our collective atmosphere of thought and talk is undergoing extreme and what might be called "destined" or "fated" duress.  Our National Public dialogue has descended into mass psychosis and the fear and distrust characteristic of such psychosis is undermining our daily personal communication with each other. Communication and thought are breaking down in the USA because as our Progressed and Retrograde Mercury-Brain moves backwards through Aquarius it "locks" into what is called a "Yod" or "Finger Of God" configuration with both our Nation's Natal Mercury and Neptune. We are inclined toward dreaming, toward delusions and mirages, toward mass psychosis.  Rational and critical thought do not come easy for us.

Introversion and escapism pervade our National Public Dialogue finding their focused expression in widespread mental confusion and downright lying.  This process began in earnest in January of 2007 and escalated into bold-faced denial on January 25, 2008.  It will continue into February of 2011 after reaching its next peak of expression on February 28, 2010In popular, psychologically conditioned terms this means Americans are undergoing a mass outbreak of Psychological Paranoia.  Fear has gripped our collective psyche and is feeding secret, introverted distrust in ourselves and in each other.  But this mass psychosis is not natural or inevitable, it is not 'caused' by quincunxes between the planets and stars.  It's being deliberately created by the Global financial elite, by the World Bankers through their nearly total control of newspapers, magazines, radio and television all around the Earth.  The intent is to infect ALL the general public with feelings of panic, despair, and hopelessness leading to our collective VICTIMIZATION.

At the very time when this "Finger Of God" configuration of planets is affecting the American Mind the Nation is undergoing its first mass initiation into the secrets of its own foundation, the hidden agenda underlying the intentions of its Founding Fathers, its Declaration and Constitution.  The planet Pluto has returned to the sign of Capricorn wherein it was located at our Country's birth.  Pluto is a catabolic force in the language of astrology, a force which breaks down all outworn structures starkly revealing their underlying foundations. In America, Pluto in Capricorn in our second house of money, currency, and values was Retrograde as the Nation declared its independence not so much from England as from the corporation called the British East India Trading Company. It's unlikely that the average 'Joe' among our American Colonists knew what was going on in that regard because America's Natal Mercury was, at the time, moving backwards through the sign of Cancer directly opposing Pluto in Capricorn.  Mercury opposing Pluto while both are in Retrograde motion declares that something deeply hidden and unconscious was actually taking place.  Powerful Pluto forces operating in the realm of money, currencies, and taxes were active at levels hidden from the Mercury Mind of the average colonialist whose personal thoughts were introvertedly focused within the subjective feeling concerns characteristic of Cancer, the Moon (Masses) ruled sign of the zodiac. 

This arrangement of planets strongly suggests that the historical American Revolution was guided and in many ways co-opted by wealthy Plutocrats acting behind the scenes. Their motives were largely if not totally financial ones and their aims were focused upon obtaining raw and absolute Pluto Power through catabolically destructive means.  Democracy and Capitalism are not that easily merged, do not make easy bedfellows.  Now, as Pluto returns to Capricorn again for the first time since the Revolution, we Americans are being forced to re-examine our values and our roots. Particularly our financial-currency roots.  Catabolically, Pluto is dismantling our dollar's base, dislodging it from its position as the global reserve currency. This will not be an "easy" transition considering that as it does so Pluto will also be opposing America's Natal Venus in Cancer on no less than five occassions within the coming two years.  Venus, please understand, is a symbol of values and Money.  Here are the exact dates when transiting Pluto in the sky will oppose America's Money:
1) March 8, 2009; 2) May 2, 2009; 3) Dec. 26, 2009; 4) Aug. 8, 2010; 5) Oct. 19, 2010.  Not only will we undergo a radically thorough re-evaluation of our currency but of our Venus 'ruled' values, relationships, customs, and laws as well.  Total personal-social 'shake up', radical revision of our personal and collective identity.  We're talking a literal death and (if all goes well) rebirth of 'America'.  We're finally ready for the Real Revolution we never had.

It's no "accident" that Americans like Ron Paul of Texas and Aaron Russo of Hollywood along with many, many others have brought to light the previously hidden private operations of the Federal Reserve and its rip-off of the American People.  Pluto's transit through Capricorn opposing America's Natal Venus indicates that at the very least those hidden operations are due for widespread exposure and actually in need of Pluto's catabolic action.  The Federal Reserve must be terminated with extreme prejudice!  All hidden financial transactions need to be forced into the light of day and the great likelihood is that the American Dollar will collapse, its value dropping drastically.  Indeed, the role played by hidden financial agendas in all areas of American Government are due to be exposed.  There is widespread corruption and bribery of officials.  There is unbridled greed and a hidden struggle for Power going on behind the scenes in America's bureaucratic government.  Who does not know that Barack Obama together with John McCain voted against the People and for the 2008 October Wall Street Bailout?  Obama has joined the Plutocrats secretly ruling America and is a willing and active participant in the total destruction of the American economy.  Who funded his campaign but these very Plutocrats?  Duh!  We must not allow ourselves to be deceived by Obama's Neptune Glamour, by his personal charisma, but keep in mind that he's a man born with both his Mercury and Sun in challenging square aspect to Neptune

Well, as an astrologer I know better (from brutal experience) than to put my trust or hope in anyone who's born with Mercury and the Sun in square aspect to Neptune unless I meet that person, talk with her/him and confront the implied issues of evasiveness, vague generalities, and escapist tendencies she/he is prone to suffer from.  Such folks often have an overwhelming impulse to exaggerate and thereby distort or even deceive both themselves and others.  It's a very useful aspect (or can be) for creative people who can employ it in art, in drama and music but if you're looking for plain-spoken honesty, unadorned speech, or something as elusive as "truth" can be then you must QUESTION anyone living in the shadow of Mercury-Neptune Squares or even Quincunxes or Sesquiquadrates or Semi-Squares because of the stress such aspects indicate between Literal Speech of a Rational Kind (Mercury) and Imaginative Speech of an Exaggerated Kind (Neptune).  Furthermore, the fact that Obama's dramatic Mercury speechifying opposes his expansive Jupiter rhetoric in idealistic Aquarius amounts to a marked capacity for inflated idealism of the intellectual variety. 
He is easily self-deceived and just as easily deceives others.  No blame, maybe, just a rather grandiose notion of himself and an exaggerated belief in his own abilities.  Remember, all Americans are currently caught up in a wave of stressful Neptunian energy.  Actually, it's a mass psychosis.  A psycho-spiritual miasm.

The big question is whether or not the "Finger Of God" pointing directly to America's Collective Mercury Brain and dominated by the force of Neptune will continue to dull the wits of Americans, will lure us into further denial and make-believe, will render us all Victims through our own escapist behaviour or can we break through all this confusion of Mass Psychosis and willingly, intelligently enter into our birthright of questioning authority.  That's what Paranoia is in its essence, standing outside our computer-like brains and tapping into our Souls to "feel" our thoughts.  Can we think not just "rationally" but with Soul and fellow-feeling?  Can we question our own selves, the "authority" of our own and others' rationalized righteousness?  Can we IMAGINE another way of being and pursue it?  That's the positive use of Neptune and Pisces: to know through creative imagination and felt compassion, not just to think with our brains.  Paranoia: moving beyond thinking toward deeply felt knowing.  That's the Gnostic-Astrological  meaning of Paranoia, not the faithless distrust of suspicion and fear.  Pluto demands that we face and confront our fears, -otherwise we auto-destruct, we die.  Catabolically.  Our rulers are planning our demise as a free people.  Many of them are doing so quite unconsciously  -that's another side of Pluto.  But the Real Rulers, the Hidden Ones are consciously and deliberately manipulating a world-wide Global Depression into being.  Population reduction is one of their aims and fear, panic, despair, Depression are the plagues they are unleashing upon us.


( "Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid." )
This message has been brought to you by
Homeland Security
your local chapter of Americorps.

The question is, will we fall for this ploy, will we accept the role of victims? If we openly, physically resist we will face the ruthless assault these psychotic, sociopathic politicians and bankers unleash by way of their paid police and military.  Mass protests turned into "Riots" by the police have begun to break out sporadically in Greece, Iceland, France, Spain and other regions around the world.  Why not in the USA?  Because it takes MARS energy to get off our butts and act and the USA Progressed MARS has been in Retrograde motion for the first time in the Nation's history since July 19, 2006 and will not return to direct motion until March 27, 2086!  This obviously doesn't mean that Americans can't act, do, or be energized by Mars but it does mean that a new element of caution or introspection BEFORE action has entered our collective psyche. It can cause us to hesitate too long, past the point where our actions might otherwise be fruitful. 

The good news is that this Retrograde motion of USA MARS will begin to restrict America's aggression as a Nation against other Nations, but the bad news is that our own Military and Police are likely to be employed by our government against us, -the People!  And it tends to put a damper on our own abilities as individual members of America to affirm ourselves through any form of assertive-aggressive action.  Too bad, because POWER yields nothing without contest and our corrupt government will not willingly surrender any of its newly found Patriot Act Power without a fight. 

When the natural impulse of Mars toward action is thwarted it expresses itself as ANGER.  Righteous Anger.  That, too, falls under the aegis of America's Retrograde Mars so even our shared feelings of Mars-Anger are being collectively inhibited in the USA.  Hence, no mass protests turned into "riots" by the corporately owned police have occurred so far in the celebrated "Home Of The Brave".  Almost no ACTION being taken by the People in the face of the federally sponsored theft of our money by the Wall Street Bailout, no action taken against the steady erosion of our civil liberties.  Instead, a slowly introspective fury is smoldering beneath the surface and will continue to smolder unless some pivotal moment occurs (and it will, inevitably) which ignites that fury into ACTION.  A rebellion will break out among the homeless, the poor, and the workers but it will be undermined by the pod-like passivity of so many who have already fallen under the spell of the negative Pisces-Neptune energy most recently witnessed in the behaviour of Obama Trancers smugly wallowing in a veritable orgy of self-satisfied "victory" over their imagined "Change" in American Politics. 

"  One Ring To Bring Them All
  And In The Darkness 
Bind Them"

We have dragged our own Trojan Horse inside the walls of our Capitol.  We have imagined a "victory" when there has been nothing but a treacherous defeat. We must burn that Wooden Horse to the ground and sweep its ashes out.  Why?  Because things have reached a critical stage in America and extreme abuses of Hidden Pluto Power are taking place within our government.  That government has become far worse than a Hideous Beast (though it is such) and if not defeated it will trample into dust all human dreams and hopes because Pluto isn't finished with the framework of America yet.  Not until 2014-2015 will it oppose our Nation's Sun, and only on March 23, 2023 will it finally leave Capricorn. 

Meanwhile, Neptune moves relentlessly forward through Aquarius this year repeatedly quincunxing (hexing) our Mercury Minds [ 1) Feb. 19, 2009; 2) Sept. 21, 2009; 3) Dec.17, 2009 ] on its way toward We The People aka America's Natal Moon which it will completely over-take [ 1) March 15, 2010; 2) Aug. 23, 2010; 3) Jan. 16, 2011 ] and if we have not awakened from our current tranced-out state, our mass psychosis, we will as a People be gone from this Dream called America for good and all!  So remember, good friends, the proper use of Neptune is the practice of Paranoia, resisting all delusions of impotent make-believe, standing outside the petty if logical rationalizations of our brains and feeling our way deeply onto the many critical paths of honest, soulful knowing.  It's our final Wake Up call.  Transformation, not trance formation.
We must move ourselves into action. 

Astrological Addenda:

Astrologers everywhere have pointed out that on November 4, 2008 as Obama won the National Election Lottery the planets Saturn (Status-Quo Authority) and Uranus (Change-Revolution) were exactly opposing each other in the skies from the signs of Virgo (Saturn) to Pisces (Uranus).  This was the first of five such oppositions occuring in their current forty plus year cycle of oppositions and it echoes the last cycle which took place between 1965-1967 and also occurred in the signs of Virgo-Pisces.  That was the time of widespread protests all around the Western World most notably, perhaps, in France and the USA.  It was the rumblings of a genuine, popular Revolution against the corrupt capitalistic politics of industrialized countries and in America it stemmed largely from the Free Speech movement in Berkley, California involving Mario Savio and multitudes of others.  The Saturn to Uranus oppositions always indicate a revolutionary, reformist impulse calling for changes in the status-quo Establishment.  But, though the impulse was felt in our last elections it was very effectively co-opted by the corporate Obama media campaign and its faux advertisement of "Change" and "Hope".  Obama represents at best, mere cosmetic and superficial change but that seems to be more than enough for his entranced acolytes.  It will not, however, satisfy the combination of planetary forces pounding America in the coming decade.  Real, thorough, and radical changes are in store for us and if we don't actively shape and define these coming changes they will be shaped and defined for us by the members of the Global Corporatocracy. 

This May 29th of 2009, for example, America's Progressed Venus in Aries will exactly oppose her Progressed Mars in Libra indicating a strong polarization unfolding between Venus-Desire and Mars-Action.  This polarization is clearly shaping up as a struggle over our Individual versus our collective Political rights.  It is likely to pit one American against another, the have's against the have-nots, the sleepwalking proto-fascists among us against the activists fighting to reclaim our innate God-given (not Government-given) rights.  Unfortunately, the clarion call for personal liberty and individual freedom heralded by Uranus opposing Saturn is not likely to be met by our thoroughly rotten government with shouts of affirmative joy.  No, America today is a fascist police state threatened by any citizen who wakes up to that truth.  America has become a leading represser of human rights and moral decency as made manifestly obvious once again by Barack Obama's inexcusable failure to condemn Israel's ongoing slaughter of innocent Palestinians.  Anyone not actively opposing Barack Obama and his perpetuation of America's mass psychosis, the "War On Terror", is complicit in the crimes our faux President and our Nation is committing.  That's what Saturn opposing Uranus has come to tell us once again and here are the dates of its most pointed impact upon us: [ 1)  Election Day, Nov. 4, 2008; 2) Feb. 05, 2009; 3) Sept. 15, 2009; 4) April 26, 2010; 5) July 26, 2010. ]

The Plutocratic Powers that rule the USA are in crisis over their shell games with each other and with us.  Having witnessed at first hand the wholesale police and military violence employed by this government against myself and my friends over the course of 66 years as an American citizen taking part in peaceful protests I know the Powers ruling this country will not hesitate to violently repress any and all movements toward real, fair, honest change.  Remember, our own military shot and killed protesting students at Kent State University on May 4, 1970.  The State is the major purveyor of violence, murder, torture, and cruel genocide all around the Earth, -and the American State leads the way.  Let's hope that as the glamour of Barack Obama's strange hold over Americans wears thinner we come collectively out of our currently apathetic trance both self-induced and manufactured by the Plutocrats who know quite well the Power that negative Neptune wields these days over the American Soul. 
Tuning into the true force of Neptune, the time has come once again for all of us to struggle together to oppose the corrupt and criminal State.  To find, keep, and share our dreams and our Faith!  Peace be upon us.  Not that invasive Body Snatcher 'peace' but real, active, and Paranoid Peace!

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Of Acutely Important Psychological Relevance:
Paul Levy - an insightful psychologist writes:

"Until we realize that there is a collective psychosis amongst us, we are its unwitting instrument. We are then feeding into the collective madness through the denial of our own madness, which is a simply mad thing to do. The denial of our denial is truly maddening, which is to say that our self-deception is a crazy-making activity, both for ourselves and for others.

To realize that we are unwittingly playing a part in the creation of this collective psychosis is to recognize that part of us IS mad. Paradoxically, the very realization of our madness re-connects us to our basic sanity. Realizing our complicity in the prevailing madness instantaneously snaps us out of the collective trance and enables us to be of benefit to “others,” who we recognize as being parts of ourselves which have fallen asleep."


"Because of our inherent suggestibility, we can easily reinforce the unconscious parts of each other, as if we are mutually hypnotizing each other in a self-perpetuating feedback loop."

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