"The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act Of 2008"
And An Astrological Look At Coming Political-Economic Events In America

Deimos (Panic) and Phobos (Fear) are the two Moons of Mars.  In Gnostic-Occult-Astrology we say the Moons of Mars are the two alternating polar extremes of the Moods of Mars  -and Mars, as we all know, symbolizes action, aggression, and war.  America's natal Mars function turned Retrograde by Progression as of July 19, 2006 and will not resume its usual Direct motion until March 27, 2086Hence America finds itself confronted internally (retrograde motion) by the Planet of War and its attendant demon-moods which are always vitally connected to business and government since Mars is astrologically 'exalted' in the government's business signified by Capricorn.  Of course, Pluto just began its long movement through Capricorn this year as well, and Pluto (we should never forget) is known as the 'higher octave' of Mars.  Business, war, and government are the areas of American life currently infected by the fear and panic of warlike Mars as well as the extreme and catabolic action of Pluto.  This is a very volatile situation suggesting absolute and totally radical change in the business of the government of America. Here's the chart for USA MARS RETROGRADE:

JULY 19, 2006.

Mars is especially important for Americans since it's the planet (force) that informs or 'rules' Aries the sign (energy field) occupying America's 4th House LAND BASE. That house signifies real estate, crops, and all agricultural processes as well as the owners and workers on the Land and their living conditions. It's important that ordinary Americans realize our government and its intelligence operatives know these facts and that they USE astrology as ONE of the many tools in their huge arsenal of psychological weapons aimed at the citizens of America.  In this case, Fear and Panic (Phobos & Deimos) together with War are the timely Martian tools being employed with both subtle and blatant craftiness against the American people and their homes, finances, and Land Base. These psychological tools are being combined with the absolute Power and Stealth of indomitable Pluto and aimed via Capricorn's realm of business-government against all Americans as targets.

We are looking, here, at the psychic and psychological arsenal that can and is being employed by the infamous Military-Industrial-Complex (otherwise known as the Global Corporatocracy) in order to declare (apparently) a form of MARTIAL LAW in America. This means extreme curtailment of liberties such as freedom of thought, speech, and travel.  Americans should never forget that the USA, as a Nation, has its primary Mars impulse located at its founding in the sign of Gemini concerned with talk, media, and communication.  America's primary mode of Mars aggression, assertiveness and fighting takes place in the Gemini realm of language and propaganda, and it does so in the deliberately confusing and complex ways characterized by the negative illusions of Neptune because at its founding the Nation's Mars function is found in stressfull Square aspect with Neptune centered in Virgo in the 9th house of Propaganda, Teaching, and Publications  -not to mention the National (Federal) Court System. 

The shared, collective American Psyche is especially vulnerable to stressful Neptunian self-delusion, escapism, and double-standard lying.  We are particularly susceptible to what George Orwell depicted as DOUBLESPEAK and DOUBLETHINK in his celebrated novel, 1984.  Not a reassuring or flattering picture, I realize, but one which astrology offers as self-evident. Uncle Sam is and has always been a deceiver, a loud-mouth propagandist wrapped in the Neptunian Cloud-Flag of his own Unknowing. Uncle Sam steals, tortures, and lies aggressively while insisting he's honest, kind, and peace loving.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

The current 80 year long process of Retrograde motion for America's Progressed Mars highlights the Executive Office of the President and brings its aggressive, warlike force to that Office since it occurs in America's 10th House and in the sign of Libra wherein our National Established-Authority, SATURN, is focused.  Mars turning Retrograde in this house refers to the executive force exercised by our President and suggests it should be carefully examined  -think of G.W. Bush's "signing statements" attached to our newly created "laws" whereby he exempts himself from having to apply them and reserves the right NOT to do so.  The danger to our country is clear in that this President places himself outside and above our Laws.  This is what we have witnessed unfolding in the USA since Bush was foisted upon the People as "President" by the Neptune infested 9th House (US Supreme Court) in 2000.  The Supreme Court's action was Constitutionally illegal and every clear-headed, red-blooded American realizes that fact.  What to DO

Well, Mars is action and doing and the People missed their opportunity to DO something about it for a full 6 years before Mars by Progression turned Retrograde forcing us to begin to realize (with hindsight) just what has happened.  The Rule of Law has been undermined by subterfuge and the dream of America has been stolen from the People through a clever, judiciary "coup".  We are a Nation undone, a People sold out to the Military-Industrial-Complex, to a consortium of Un-American bankers, businessmen, judges, senators, congressmen and lawyers who do not have our interests at heart.  Corporations and their lobbyists openly run the Nation. 

America is actually more like a Global Capitalist Empire than a Nation, and its complex, multi-racial citizenry has become (over the last 60 years or so) a herd of predominantly media controlled and indebted consumers.  We are not a self-sufficient People able to support ourselves or form our own critical ideas.  Instead, we have devolved into label-lovers dominated by our craving for all kinds of fashions, opinions, and various other Corporately prepared consumer products.  Few of us know how to plant and grow a field of corn, or beans, or how to milk a cow.  In fact, Monsanto-Dupont and other Corporations have genetically destroyed our seeds and fed our cows on synthetically engineered bovine growth hormones.  We eat these crops and animals thereby genetically altering our own genes.  Our American Capitalist Empire has exported these non-nutricious technical "goodies" to all the poorest countries around the world thereby poisoning the global food supply and altering the genes of animals.  All over America (and the World) the drinking water, air, and soil is becoming increasingly toxic and destroying our natural immune systems so that we neither feel healthy, sleep well, nor have much capacity for sustained and critical thought.  Our feelings are largely manipulated by technology and pharmaceuticals altering the natural chemistry of our brains.  We are not in good shape.

Elections 2008

Hence, the Moon-Moods of MARS, -Fear and Panic, are fast upon our heels and shattering our nerves.  We Americans unleashed these "Hounds of Mars" when we attacked the innocent People of Iraq with our campaign of "Shock and Awe" over Bagdhad in the Spring of 2003.  Fear and Panic; Shock and Awe; Mars with Deimos and Phobos.  Now, (October) as the year 2008 draws to a close and we enter the time of National elections we find ourselves subjected to the Fear & Panic deliberately contrived by our Corporate "leaders" as Wall Street via the Federal Reserve demands that we the People bail out our oppressors by taking on the tax responsibility of supplying them with billions (700 billion -a deceptive beginning figure) and eventually TRILLIONS of dollars. This non-existent "money" represents the hard work and productive efforts of ALL Americans for years to come.  We ALL (in terms of numerical majority) opposed this bailout, but it has been imposed upon us anyway despite our very vocal objection.  The People of America are ANGRY.  When the actions and assertions of Mars are frustrated ANGER is the natural result.  The Federal Government knows that, and fears the possibility of a Nation-wide uprising of ANGRY citizens.  What will our corrupt rulers do?

Well, they've already begun their usual negative Neptunian placating and obfuscation  -witness the bullshit mouthed by our media and leaders.  Our appointed Presidential contenders are distracting us with every trick at their disposal but far too many Americans (though certainly NOT the "democratic" majority) have learned since Bush Jr. usurped the Executive Office that our touted "free" elections are false and rigged, and that our own Government brought us the false flag events of 9/11 just as they are bringing us the coming "Great Depression II"The WALL STREET BAILOUT is another 9/11 and far too many Americans know it causing our oppressive leaders to contemplate more drastic measures ... namely, a new and improved version of classical "MARTIAL LAW" That's what prompts me to write this article calling our attention to our NATIONAL PROGRESSED MARS.


What would "Martial Law" look like in current day America?  Well, we see it already, it takes the form of the "Godfather"  -of the President or Hank Paulson, Secretary Of The Treasury, making "us" the famous offer we can't refuse.  You're either with us, or you're with the "terrorists".  Recall the "martial law" pressure applied to our congressional representatives on October 3rd to force passage of the "Emergency Economic Stabilization Act" (HR 1424).  The Mafia which calls itself our Federal Government demanded the Wall Street Bailout and would not take "no" for an answer.  The language was altered, spin was applied, and the CIA-DIA controlled "National Media Corporations" added their hypnotic repetitiveness to the mix so that the bailout could be pushed through a compliant and bribed congress.  All this was done in the name of avoiding "panic" but panic was exactly what it was intended to induce into the public marketplace as we clearly saw when the "Speaker Of The House" -the depraved Madame Nancy Pelosi tyrannized congress with her petulant and threatening rhetoric.  She invoked the "Martial Law" procedure which exemplifies the deviously aggressive Mars square Neptune actions of judicial, congressional, and legal bodies in Corporate America


The resultant WALL STREET BAILOUT must be viewed as a RED FLAG by Americans.  It demonstrates that Corporate interests and not the interests of the common People are what matters to our Government.  Our economy is being deliberately, systematically destroyed and another GREAT DEPRESSION is being imposed upon the People by criminal bankers and corporations who pocket the fruits of our collective labors.  Both Obama and McCain voted in favor of the HR 1424 bill which amounts to a Corporate Marshall Law plan.  The citizens of America are being disenfranchised not because we are "lazy" and defaulting
on our home mortgages, but because the Big Bankers are crazed with greed and power intending to reduce us all to homelessness, to debtors' work camps policed by FEMA, and to collective (if they succeed with their plans) mental psychosis.  Neptunian DRUGS for mind and mood control, poor health through toxic food, and widespread homelessness accompanied by public rioting appear to be their desired goals. 

These people running America are terrorists of the most violent and depraved kind.  We must not be deceived by their expensive dresses, suits and ties or by their desperate stage props consisting of official flags, seals, and theatrical podiums.  Their actions declare their intentions.  They have murder and genocide on their minds.  They are the willing agents of Deimos and Phobos, they are literally possessed by the archetypes of Panic and Fear and seek to spread their highly contagious illness throughout the Land. 

The Shadow Government of America pursues its ruinous goals not just by employing the obvious weapons of war associated with Mars, but also by using the contorted sexual energy (think Abu Ghraib) which characteristically arises from it when its direct action is repressed, blocked, or psychologically denied.  Under such circumstances the frustrated thrust and drive of Mars easily turns "kinky".  Our National Retrograde Mars energy
in natally stressful square aspect to dispersive NEPTUNE becomes especially susceptible to use in acts of biological warfare because under such conditions its actions incline to the infectious,   -to the vague, cloudy, unseen and dispersive realm of Neptune.  Release of toxins in chemtrails, release of viruses or radiation across the countryside or in heavily populated American cities fits very neatly into the picture of MARS square NEPTUNE.  Aggression as nebulous dispersive contagion.  The Federal Reserve's paper money is actually filthy lucre crawling with diseased bacteria and laced with traces of the shadow government's favored drug: cocaine. 

Nerve gases, viruses, drugs and all biological warfare together with poisonous chemtrails are hidden expressions of the force of Mars in square aspect to Neptune  -especially when Neptune communicates through the astrological sign of mutable substances, Virgo, as it does in the birth chart of America.  America has a huge stockpile of such biological weapons including the anthrax virus it used against its own people immediately following its staged terrorist events of 9/11.  The very execution of the 9/11 False Flag events in America is a signature use of the Nation's natal Mars square Neptune inclination to mask its actions in clouds of smoke, in wordy and evasive reports such as the one issued by the 9/11 Commission.  Those "Twin Towers" looked down upon Wall Street.  What connection exists between the events of 9/11 and the enactment of the "Emergency Economic Stabilization Act" of 2008 ?  MONEY.  CORPORATE MONEY.

The day before the events of 9/11 Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon could not account for a missing sum of 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS.  Next day an "airplane" hit the BUDGET AND ACCOUNTING area of that same Pentagon "taking out" the people, papers, and computers responsible for finding that 2.3 trillion dollars.  The Pentagon is a prime, physical symbol of America's MARS function ... now, recall MARS square NEPTUNE.  Realize that this literal PENTAGON is the central fulcrum of America's self-confessed SHADOW GOVERNMENT, that it consumes the largest segment of the Nation's budget, and is a mammoth building built in the traditional shape of a Magician's magical vehicle for controlling the occult forces operative in Nature.  More importantly, it is aligned (North-South-Axis) in what is traditionally known as the "widdershins" reverse alignment conducive to operating AGAINST Nature in a Black Magic context.  

Consider the meaning of RETROGRADE MARS ... it signifies action in reverse, revision of past actions, contrary action.  But MARS isn't only about doing, action, and assertiveness.  As the ancient and traditional ruling planet of SCORPIO, MARS is pointedly concerned with "hidden" money and assets, with occult action and covert killing tactics also traditionally executed by means of POISONS.  Before the Shadow Government even sent out its poisonous anthrax, clouds of toxic, lethal dust unsafe to breathe engulfed firemen, police, and rescue-worker-citizens for miles around the World Trade Center while our government officially declared the air safe to breathe!  Lies.  Killing lies.  Killing Americans.

It's about time we Americans woke up to what our government actually has become.  The "Economic Emergency" declared by our President and congress this September-October is a repeat of the same Mars square Neptune FALSE FLAG operation that they staged on 9/11 in Manhattan.  Both these events are the actions of an un-democratic CORPORATOCRACY, they are the actions of our Shadow Government killing us and robbing us blind.  Both events centered around the games of the World Bank, the IMF, and our local Wall Street thugs because in both instances (recall the Enron, Worldcom collapses in 2001) the Federal Government was facing its inevitable BANKRUPTCY.  America is broke.  Our Federal Reserve currency cannot long survive as the World's "reserve currency" and we have very hard times ahead of us

The astrology of America's birth chart points not only to oncoming tests from our Progressed Mars but to Pluto, Saturn, and our Nation's Progressed Moon which, as of August 2008 entered the sign of Virgo, the same sign through which SATURN is currently transiting, the sign in which America's slippery NEPTUNE function operates.  Virgo is the sign of simplicity, of making do with little, of no frills or distractions but focused and practical hard work.  It's a sign of personal cleansing and purity. The Moon, of course, is the general public, the PEOPLE.  Saturn is the symbol of Authority and the principle of contraction.  Combining all these influences suggests that the People will find themselves "urged" (if not policed) by National Authorities (especially by the Executive Branch - President) to "gird their lions", to do with less money, food, services, and "frills".  The last time the Progressed USA Moon moved through Virgo was during the Reagan Administration (1981-1983) when the "neo-con" cuts in public services began in earnest.  But, at that time, our Nation's Progressed Mars was not retrograde and Pluto had not crossed the Nation's Ascendant bringing their combined force and power to bear upon our National FINANCES and VALUES in the way they do now. 

The Progressed Moon will remain in Virgo until February 12, 2011 and will exactly align (conjunct) with the Nation's Natal Neptune in that sign on June 26, 2010, a time when the collective USA impulse for indulging in illusory escapism as well as deceptive actions will be heightened.  A time when we Americans might well find ourselves on the receiving end of yet another 'shadow government' attack employing Neptunian poisons, toxins, and biowarfare viruses.  But even before that time we face the little matter of URANUS in Pisces about to form an action-oriented and stressful square aspect to Natal USA MARS coming right up on February 19th of 2009, and it follows that with an exact opposition aspect to USA Natal NEPTUNE on March 9th of 2009!  Together, these combinations of Uranus-Shock with Mars-Aggression and negative NEPTUNE-Deceit will feed the Panic and Fear of Deimos and Phobos resulting in who knows what kind of events, yet the likelihood is that they will not be pleasant and may well involve the appearance on American soil of riot police, military troops, and gases or air-borne pathogens of all kinds. 

I think it's wise to be aware of the possibilities inherent in these situations rather than to be naive and easily duped.  Let's pray nothing of this sort actually manifests.  But let's also be highly suspicious of any further Federal Government ploys such as more "emergency" financial legislation or Obama-Like appeals to "volunteer" for undertakings designed to destroy our solidarity as a People by joining any kind of government sponsored "corps" or "teams".  Our government is NOT our friend.  It is really urgent that we grasp that fact as the next decade unfolds.   Obama offers us neither "hope"  nor "change" nor do our mainstream political parties.  Besides, it can be argued that "Hope" is not the many-splendored thing we'd like to believe it is.  We need to move BEYOND HOPE.



Americans will undergo some kind of (probably covert) "initiation" into the realm of our Natal Neptune dilemma (trickery, deceit, evasiveness) this December 23, 2008 when we participate in our National Progressed FULL MOON experience.  This sort of thing calls for detached OBJECTIVITY on the part of the Moon-People of America, it demands that we look at ourselves collectively in a self-critical, analytical, VIRGO manner to see where we are right now as the People of a Nation called the USA. 

At the time of this PROGRESSED FULL MOON the USA SUN will be in America's 3rd house of daily communications (internet, media, cell phones, local travel) at 4 degrees 10 minutes of PISCES with the MOON directly opposite it in 9th house VIRGO (propaganda, courts, government edicts/publications and out-of-country travels).  The very core identity (SUN) of America as a Nation is currently dominated and ruled by NEPTUNE at this critical juncture when we must examine ourselves in a disciplined, FULL MOON IN VIRGO manner.  If ever there were a time when "WE, THE PEOPLE" needed to divest ourselves of deceitful (negative) NEPTUNE illusions that time is NOW.  If not, we are subject to the negative NEPTUNE/PISCES experiences of VICTIMHOOD, COLLECTIVE IMPRISONMENT, MASS PANDEMICS ...  all originating from hidden, secret, (Pisces-12th house) and negatively "transforming" (shadow government) sources.  Collective ENTRAPMENT

Our Nation's Progressed Sun entered PISCES for the first time in our history just before the National Elections of November 2004, and we should recall how our collective hopes for CHANGE were BETRAYED at that time.  The chart for this year's 2008 election looks even worse.  Killing hope seems to be the latest American Tradition.  Clearly we are in danger of yet more "False Flag" attacks, more lies and confusion spread by our own government.  We face the real and growing threat of NEPTUNIAN biowarfare from our own military. Remember those Anthrax attacks, remember the government's long history of secretive "testing" on innocent and trusting Americans: syphilis injected into Negro men, smallpox ridden blankets given to Indians, Plutonium fed in bowls of oatmeal to unknowing American orphans.  Consider the Corporate corruption of the FDA as evidenced by thermisol/mercury in our flu vaccines, and fluoride in our water supplies, and reflect upon the fact that this kind of covert killing of Americans is made possible by America's natal MARS in square to NEPTUNE, from Mars in Gemini-Talk to Neptune in Virgo-Medicine. 


The government's Neptunian LIES are always found hidden beneath its confusing explanations of the NEPTUNE-VIRGO DETAILS.  But as a Nation and a People we ALL come under this Mars/Gemini to Neptune/Virgo propensity to overlook the details, we are inclined to dislike tedious Virgo analysis and prefer to place our Neptune (lazy) 'FAITH' in the analysis done for us by others.  Clearly, this is a dangerous and unwise habit we have.  What we don't critically analyze can kill us. 

Our American government has, since its very foundation pursued a hidden agenda, we've always had a Shadow Government operating secretly beneath the cloak of the Declaration Of Independence, and that Shadow Government is indicated by PLUTO -LORD OF DARKNESS- found in the political-business sign of CAPRICORN in the Nation's 2nd house of MONEYPLUTO symbolizes MASKED POWER, HIDDEN POWER, RAW POWER as well as UNLIMITED WEALTH.  Capricorn symbolizes the "Status-Quo", the ESTABLISHMENT already operative in any given culture.  Pluto in Capricorn sums up the raw, masked, power inherent in the established realms of government and business.  It favors the rich, those who are already in power and in America's case that means those early "settlers" and "pilgrims" in America who were granted Capricorn-Saturn AUTHORITY to establish and run BUSINESSES by their peers from England, Spain, France, Germany -by the ROYALTY of the "Old World".  The famed "Declaration" did not give "all men" equality, it denied equality to women, blacks, and Native American 'Indians'.  The very document, together with the "Constitution" was drawn up primarily by lawyers and business men FOR lawyers and businessmen.  It favored those with property and money.  It still does.

And 'they' are still with us, our "blue-bloods", our very own 'Royalty' the famed "Eastern Establishment"  -they are the Rockefellers, Morgans, Asters the folks who frequent "secret societies" like Skull & Bones, those who join the power circles of the "elite" ... the CIA, the Council On Foreign Relations, the Federal Reserve, the IMF and they have never ceased playing their dirty tricks.  They think they own this Nation, and you and me as well.  EAT THE RICH, as the old saying goes! 

wall street crashes


But cannibalism is impractical and out of fashion so we must find another way to deal with these deluded vermin for PLUTO, just this year (remember) in January of 2008, has begun its first travels through the sign of Capricorn since America's birthWe already witness the RAW, MASKED POWER of our wealthy "elite" and their "shadow government" responding to the influx of its FORCE: HR 1424, the 'Emergency Economic Stabilization Act' of 2008 designed to steal all our collective wealth, designed to make of America an outright Corporate Welfare Business Nation which they own and control ... 'them' ... the Bankers, Lawyers, Chief Executive Officers. 

Retrograde Mars presses upon us  -what to do?   In its mythological context, the Power of Pluto is enhanced by his "helmet of invisibility" and that indicates that if we can make him VISIBLE, make ourselves CONSCIOUSLY AWARE of the shenanigans of our Shadow Government we can strip it of much of its ruthless power and hold it accountable to ourselves, the PEOPLE!  

Have you noticed how so many of us feel there's nothing we can do?  Not surprising, -if you've understood how our collective energies for Action and Doing have turned RETROGRADE on us.  We seem to be lazily waiting (programmed) for some Neptune "Saviour"  ... some Captain America, Iron Man, or BATMAN to swoop down out of the skies and fix our problems for us.  We seem to be sitting on the fence, hesitating, hypnotized by the Moon-Moods of Mars, by Deimos (Panic) and Phobos (Fear) exactly as our "leaders" have planned and hoped we would.  Everything's "changed" since the trauma-inducing and government-directed events of 9/11 (which we've been officially ordered to believe in), since the "War On Terror" brought us the "Department Of Homeland Security" and daily, illegal, unconstitutional government spying on our every thought and deed.  Action seems foolhardy (Retrograde Mars) to the 'wise' since the Shadow Government controls the troops and the police, and we've all seen what happens if we 'protest' outside the government designated "Free Speech Zones"

Many of us have noted that the "Stabilization Act" coincided with the announcement that our own military troops would now be used to "police" us for our own safety, to quell any unseemly 'riots' that might accidentally take place as Wall Street deliberately CRASHES the stock market and the dollar plunges, and the food gets scarce, and many of us find ourselves roaming the streets homelessly.  I, for one, seriously doubt that any Marvel Comic Book character can save us from facing up to what's clearly (Pluto) coming our way.  Not even Superman or BATMAN ... but hey, hasn't he just been miraculously revived as a Corporate Franchise hero-saviour?  Might BATMAN be a deliberate vehicle used to "interpret" PLUTO for us, to "frame" for us our coming collective "Dark Night" ?  


Don't even try to assure me that Hollywood's movies are independently produced for our apolitical entertainment and "artistic" enjoyment or simply for mindless relaxation and "fun".  I've observed and been shown, told, actually "instructed" by my dreams that "Movies" are made either by "Technicians Of The Sacred" or by "Technicians Of The Scared"  ... a trick involving the mere REVERSAL (Retrograde) of letters!  Movies are by nature Persuasive Propaganda.  All of us actively participate in every Movie we ever "watch" as the "uninvited guest" at the dinner table.  And we are, as they say, what we eat!  (Another reason why the saying, "Eat the Rich" is unpalatable and most unwise!)  

Perhaps, as my friends sometimes quip, I am about to wander off on yet another long, circuitous labyrinth of self-indulgence, but BATMAN has really been getting on my nerves lately -since I saw the latest movie- and I didn't like it, and I liked him even less.  The big attraction, of course, was all the hype around the JOKER, Heath Ledger, and his death under curious circumstances at such a young age just after completing his role in the film.  Heath's performance was riveting, as one would expect of such a rapidly maturing and talented actor, but the movie itself was both a violent and maudlin experience.  It was over edited, visually frantic, and far too noisy inducing in my brain feelings such as I might have had were I attending a live heavy metal concert while speaking on a cell phone and simultaneously indulging in a fit of sado-masochistic sex with an overbearing stranger!  Or maybe just hanging out at the stock exchange on Wall Street with an emergency economic hard-on while feverishly attempting to stabilize myself.  It's a movie made by Technicians Of The Scared.  Yipes, where is this leading me?   To the JOKER, to Heath Ledger's last completed role as the Master of CHAOS.  Or back to the theme of "The Dark Knight" ...this time with a "K" thrown in for good measure.
BATMAN stalks the nightime streets of Gotham just as Deimos and Phobos stalk the rhetoric of the "WAR ON TERROR" originating from Wall Street and our "Shadow Government".  He wears a MASK as PLUTO wears a mask, but PLUTO'S MASK renders him INVISIBLE to others while BATMAN's MASK only hides his face.  The rest of him is elegantly cloaked in "memory cloth" as he unfolds his electrically charged wings and swoops down out of anywhere to FIGHT the bad guys.  We all know the bad guys are called the "terrorists" these days but in the movie the JOKER (bad guy terrorist) challenges BATMAN (heroic son of wealthy, murdered, Capitalist parents -shades, there, of the recent "Iron Man").  He challenges "Master Wayne" to realize that the two of them are merely different aspects of the same thing.  The JOKER  assures BATMAN he doesn't want to kill him since ...."you, you complete me."  

Really,  -just HOW does the Batman "complete" the Joker?   I'm sure I don't know, but how does Capitalism complete Chaos ?  How does a do-gooder son of wealthy  socialites (Master Bruce Wayne) combat the chaotic
crime (Joker) threatening the very "law and order" that protects his position of inherited wealth Is Batman nothing less than the caped, cloaked, and expensively disguised "righteousness" of Capitalism?  Yes, in fact, he can easily be viewed as the DARK SHADOW of privileged wealth, its "vigilante" KKK system ... the power of Mars aided by Pluto cloaked in Neptune's glamour.  It was Batman's "heroic" righteousness which led him to conclude that he must become "a terrible thought" (see "Batman Begins").  He's the rich white guy with lots of money and techno-toys who says of himself: " a Symbol I can be INCORRUPTIBLE, I can be EVERLASTING ... people need DRAMATIC EXAMPLES to shake them out of (Mars Retrograde) APATHY, and I can't do that as Bruce Wayne."  

Yeah, well, Dick Cheney isn't exactly imposing either as a common man, but give him the title-power of VICE PRESIDENT and he becomes not just "a terrible thought" but a sadistic criminal cloaking himself in what he perceives to be "legal" righteousness.  Or consider the Public Persona of Michael Chertoff, head of "Homeland Security".  In fact, isn't Batman (like Master Chertoff) the number one enforcer of Gotham's "Homeland Security" ?  Doesn't such homeland security mean securing the homes and possessions of the privileged ownership class ?  Doesn't that make the department of "Homeland Security" America's very own "Ministry Of State Security" or STASI secret police

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the central premise of Christian Banking 
(profitable usury) the core of the criminal system itself?  Doesn't it use organized crime ("Federal Reserve") as "deflection"?  Aren't the really "big" criminals paid by Capitalist Central?  What is the relationship between Savers and Saviours, between Banks and Heavens?   Aren't we all a bit naive if we persist in thinking that the government is looking out for our safety, our lives, and our money?  [Think 'melamine' and 'crack cocaine'.]  I seem to recall Gary Webb pointing out as much in great detail before his staged "suicide".  If Gary committed "suicide" he did so in the manner of Jesus Christ and Vincent VanGogh, a man of whom Artaud wrote that he was "SUICIDED by SOCIETY."  Artaud claims: "... one does not commit suicide by oneself. No one has ever been born by oneself.  No one dies by oneself either....Van Gogh did not committ suicide in a fit of madness, in dread of not succeeding.  On the contrary, he had just succeeded, and discovered what he was and who he was, when the collective consciousness of society, to punish him for escaping from its clutches, suicided him."  But I suspect this sort of deep and true perception must not be expected of Batman, or Christians, let alone Politicians and Hollywood.  Dreamworks presents:


The Theater And Its Double

So we Americans of 2008 are left with our Marvel Comic Hero wrapped in his techno memory wings posturing as a Neptune Saviour while we indulge in our escapist fantasies about "good capitalist shepherds" justified in their vengeful pursuit because of the "rabble-criminals" who cruelly slew their socialite parents in cold blood before their very own innocent eyes!  O, the suffering they've endured while (only) tempted, like the young Master Wayne, to join the "League Of Shadows".  Ho-hum.  Poor, traumatized, rich capitalists wearing their shadowy gargoyle costumes will surely save us and our economy as our showdown with PLUTO arrives.  Relentlessly.  For the next 15 years.

Plutonian Emergency Economic Stabilization Act  -a pact born behind the curtains of Oz, between the shadow figures of government trying to ward off the global, financial chaos brought on by all of us common, mortgage-defaulting Jokers with our high interest credit cards.  Our Saviours are always so Noble while we common Fools shamelessly wallow in such ignoble Sin!  Are we saved, will we be saved, have we saved enough?   No, our Saviours' only interest in us is their interest in their profits.  We are merely their 'commodities' and 'derivatives'.  Their perrenial instructions to us are always the same:  "Go to Jail.  Go directly to Jail.  Do not pass Go.  Do not collect $200."  So it goes.  Slaughterhouse Six.

I think of Heath Ledger struggling to master the Joker's role just before his death.  I think of the Gatekeeper in Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut handing Doctor Harford the note that read: "Give up your inquiries which are completely useless, and consider these words a second warning.  We hope, for your own good, that this will be sufficient."  And I think it's about time we give up our hopes that America will somehow miraculously change from a Nation of torturers, thieves, and moral degenerates into the Dream Of America we all thought would come true some day soon.  It can't.  Not without our active, conscious involvement. 

We all know that POWER never yields anything without a fight, so if we want this dream we call "America" we're going to have to fight for it.  And the very same thing is true of Frenchmen, Germans, Italians, Russians, Iranians and all citizens of the Corporate Global Government.  CAPITALISM is incurably, innately cruel and sadistic awarding its ill gotten prizes only to those who worship at its feet.  It is destroying the whole Earth.  It's a state of mind that's paranoid and a lifestyle that's trash.  CAPITALISM is a filthy, dirty trick.  Time we get over it.  Time we wake up and open our eyes.  Life and the Earth we live on are beautiful, joyous, and giving.  CAPITALISM is not.  CAPITALISM will destroy LIFE if we do not destroy it.  Each of us knows, innately and instinctively how to do this work.  It's the natural way for Americans to tune in to the energy of Mars Retrograde: we can all rise up together and instigate a Nationwide General Strike.  We just sit down in the streets and refuse to go to work.  The time is fast arriving when this simple tactic will not be hard to initiate because soon we'll all (or most of us) be broke, homeless, and hungry on the streets anyway.  We'll have nothing to lose.  There are far more of us than there are of them.  Let's take back our Land.  Say goodbye to Banks, and Batman, and that phony (Corporate Franchise) Church-Victim-Jesus. 

Let's roll up our sleeves and begin.  

The Walk to Paradise Garden
W. Eugene Smith

Note: All collages on this page are by Francis D. Grabau and you are free to use them.  The last image is a photograph by the late Eugene Smith, is probably copyrighted, and is also very well worth seeing FULL SIZE in detail if you can find it.   This tiny reproduction doesn't do it justice, but I love the photo and could find no other, larger, better quality version.