Francis D. Grabau


"The Unspeakable. What is it? ....
It is the void that we encounter, you and I, underlying the announced programs, the good intentions, the unexampled and universal aspirations for the best of all possible worlds.

It is the void that contradicts everything that is spoken even before the words are said; the void that gets into the language of public and official declarations at the very moment when they are pronounced, and makes them ring dead with the hollowness of the abyss. .... It is the emptiness of "the end".

 ...A climax of absolute finality in refusal, in equivocation, in disorder, in absurdity ...nevertheless, one of the awful facts of our age is the evidence that it is stricken indeed, stricken to the very core of its being by the presence of ...


Thomas Merton, American Trappist Monk; Raids On The Unspeakable. (1961, New Directions Publishers)


The recently "dwarfed" Planet, PLUTO, requires 248+ years to complete one full cycle of movement through all 12 signs of the Zodiac. It's the planet from whose name we derive the term Plutocracy meaning the Rule of the Rich or Wealthiest. It's also a symbol of that aspect of each person's brain impacted by what the psychologists call the "Collective Unconscious".

Beyond Pluto there is Eris (orbital period 557 years) and her Moon, Dysnomia both of which, like Pluto and its Moons (Charon, Hydra, and Nix) partake of the mythological language of the hidden, the taboo, and the chaotically disagreeable. It's the language etymologically associated with them by the "scientific" Astronomers who named them, not by Astrologers.

These same astronomers have recently dubbed as "Plutinos" many occupants of our solar system
large enough to capture their attention both within and beyond the Kuiper Belt. They define these Plutinos rather confusingly as "trans-Neptunian objects" meaning objects in space orbiting beyond but in resonance with the orbit of Neptune. Pluto, consequently, has become something rather absurdly mocked because simultaneously classified as a "dwarf Planet", a Plutino,  and a "trans-neptunian object"  as of 2006.

But all these astronomical word games have in no way altered the Power of Pluto as determined by its actual orbital significance in our solar system. It remains the formidable
Guardian positioned at the Astronomical Gateway leading out of our Local Solar System to realms beyond. It remains as the significator of all that we hardly know, of everything we call the "Collective Unconscious".

Pluto In The Kuiper Belt

The highly irregular and elliptical orbit of Pluto carrying it far outside the ecliptic (and the zodiac of astrological signs) announces the radically different tilt of the orbits of other "trans Neptunian objects" like Eris (from the Greek for disorder) and Dysnomia (from the Greek for lawlessness) which swings these bodies away from our local Sun out toward other Suns ... in other Solar Systems ... in other Galaxies. There's a whole Universe of such Galaxies just outside the borders of our knowing. How do we
even approach imagining the significance of such vast and seemingly infinite realities?

Our astronomers, intending to be helpful, have given us a plethora of words and phrases such as dwarf star, dwarf planet, black hole, disorder, quasar, oort cloud, and lawlessness as terms we currently use to describe what we encounter when we approach the outer limits of our Solar System. But words like 'disorder' and  'lawlessness' unconsciously evoke from each of us the 'black hole' mood surrounding Pluto which, itself, is a word naming the Roman God  said to have been "The Dark Lord Of The Underworld".

The deeply resonant yet short sound of the word -'Pluto'- became synonymous for the Romans with the Greek word, 'Plouton', which simply meant Wealth. But through a complex series of grammatical and psychological confabulations occuring over time, Pluto morphed into
Dis (rich) which in turn became the hairy beast named Orcus who was also Hades and finally all these and other word-names simply merged into one and became "the unseen" which was also "the underworld" and which ultimately resolved itself into the English word Hell.

Apparently, what is unseen and yet is recognized as a potential source of 'wealth' to us humans torments and frightens us. Why? 

Along came Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung both very curious about this 'unseen something'  which they said lurked about simultaneously within and outside us. They thought that our ignorance of this "something" was the source of a lot of our abnormal and especially destructive behaviour. Together, they rather glibly proceeded to label
it (and thereby inadvertently caused it to be dismissed) as the "Collective Unconscious". We are inclined to think that if we can name something we know all about it. But what can you know about what you don't know and what nobody else knows either simply by calling it "the collective unconscious"?  Nothing. It sounds like Rumsfeld TalkAnd that's what spooks us.

While Freud tended to see in this collective unconscious what amounted to a boiling cauldron of "occult" primordial urges leading to self-destruction embodied in a shared but mostly unconscious "death wish", Jung speculated that it also contained enormously positive and creative possibilities for human growth and transformation.  Astrologers seem to split the difference and refer to the collective unconscious symbolized by Pluto as a process they label  "death-rebirth".  It's one of our many glib "talking points".

The rest of humanity commonly define
the unconscious as whatever has not moved into the "light" of awareness. What we can't personally or even collectively see, or allow ourselves to be aware of remains  in the dark for us and we are collectively programmed to fear that darkness as the place where a 'lawless' and 'disordered' mixture of ignorance, wealth, and evil dwells. It's the home of Satan, the Devil, and the Boogeyman.

strological Pluto is The Gateway into the realm of such darkness, into the realm of all that we cannot rartionally grasp or name, hence the place of  Cognitive Dissonance. Pluto is the planet which best serves to point to the presence in our lives of what the poet-monk, Thomas Merton, so insightfullly  evoked as  "The Unspeakable".

Those of us who do try to speak about the Unspeakable find it very "curious" that international astronomers felt a need to get together in August of 2006, while Pluto was still transiting through the last degrees of the philosophical-speculative sign of Sagittarius, in order to officially "shrink" Pluto down to size. But can we really "shrink" or "dwarf" the Collective Unconscious? Or are we just trying to disown it. Is that a wise "philosophy"?

I found a comment by one astrologer (Lisa Dale Miller) online who appropriately wrote: "
The dwarfing of Pluto is in fact a perfect metaphor for a world in denial of its own destructive nature.

In America, where "cute" is a way of life, Walt Disney turned the newly discovered reality into a cartoon doggie encouraging us all to giggle at it along with Mickey Mouse and Tweety Bird.

Another way of summing all this up is to say that -thanks to the astronomers-  Pluto, the "dwarf planet," has officially become a cleverly masked and outlawed
symbol of Pure Discordant Chaos. Something akin to a "Fnord". A fiesty Rumplestiltskin in eccentric orbit around the Sun.



When America declared its Independence in 1776 Pluto was found in the sky at 27+ degrees of Capricorn and it will return to that same degree again in the year 2022 on three (3) separate occasions before it moves on into Aquarius the following year.  That means that by 2022 the American People will have had a taste of Pluto in every aspect of their collective lives counting back to July 4, 1776 when the Declaration was signed. That's when we'll come to know through experience how we Americans really relate to Pluto because it will have touched every aspect of American Life and be fully present and manifesting in its original zodiacal degree. But not until that year.

Meanwhile, Pluto's pungent flavor and potent taste is pointedly overwhelming the American palate. It's the flavor and taste of Discordant Power. That's Power with a capital P.

Absolute Power
operating on a
collective but mostly unconscious level affecting everybody and everything.

Astrologically speaking, Pluto's power is the power over life and death. It's the unconscious power of Money. It's the bitter flavor we were tasting when we thought we declared our Independence from England. It's the taste of radical political and economic oppression exercised by powerful and wealthy Plutocrats demanding extreme and absolute control of money and government. That's what you get when you combine the Power of Pluto with the Systems of Economics and Government signified by Capricorn. It demands a ruthlessly honest re-evaluation of all existing forms of Business and Government. No Lies tolerated. No hiding possible.

Pluto's entrance into Capricorn signifies that the common and collective human need for social-political notions of "Law and Order" which provide us with comfortable feelings of "objective" security is yielding to Nature's much more perplexing revelations as to what constitutes her own "rules" for real and vibrant Life.

Currently we find ourselves awash in strife, lawlessness and cognitive dissonance originating from within conservative, status-quo circles of Power throughout the Capricorn realms of Business and Government.
We are experiencing deliberately confusing and aggresive forms of privileged power concentrated within and exercised by the wealthiest members of the Social-Political-Economic (Capricorn)  Ruling Class

We witness the rise of madly Frantic efforts on the part of the wealthy members of the status-quo as they struggle in a loosing battle to hold on to their worn out and increasingly eroded sense of privilege. It's the Pluto Time of the Death of established "Law and Order". The Time of the child's clear observation that the Fairy-Tale Emperor wears no clothes. Raw exposure to the naked truth concerning the Capricorn realms of arbitrarily constructed definitions as to what constitutes "reality" -especially in terms of money, business, and government.

Now, speaking of
arbitrarily constructed definitions as to what constitutes reality" ... In 1776 we Americans (or a number of our fabled Ancestors) rebelled against the political-economic tyranny of the Ruling Class of England and its Corporations, particularly the British King George and the Royalty backed Corporation known as the British East India Company which  "...was frequently granted special rights and privileges, including trade monopolies and (legal + tax) exemptions. These caused resentment among its competitors, who saw unfair advantage in the Company's position." (wikipedia).

The Good Shepherd

Who was granting this British Company/Corporation its "special rights and privileges" ?  Why the
British Royal Family, of course! They possess, don't you know, something called "The Divine Right Of Kings". They get to dispense all sorts of rights and privileges. Noblesse Oblige.

This decadent British Royal Family still exists today, as do too many other Royally Decadent Monarchies all over the Planet and they continue to exercise their loathsome and corrupt notion of "Divine Rights" behind the scenes throughout the industrialized world in places like Canada, the USA, Belgium, Saudi Arabia and Australia. They do so, as we all know, through their many puppet Lawmakers and Corporations. They "colonize" the whole world in order to steal the wealth of every country and of all other People everywhere.

The House Of Lords
Zombie Weasels Wrapped In Ermine Collared Capes
"As Robert Emmet (4 March 1778 – 20 September 1803) famously said to the judge who sentenced him to die,'...if it were possible to collect all the innocent blood that you have shed in your unhallowed ministry, in one great reservoir. Your Lordship might swim in it.' "  (Think the US Supreme Court and Troy Davis)

American Congressmen and Senators are merely the attendees of the Corporate Courts used as window dressing to give the appearance of participation by the common people. Today in the USA it's our Royal President and his "Supreme Court" of unelected lackey appointees who grant these special rights and privileges to Corporations and have declared them to be "persons". 

, in contemporary legalese, need not be actual biological people; they can be BP, GE, Exon or any other Corporate group or "entity". They can even be abstract mental mandates embodied in "legal" contracts pursued by an assorted company of peculiar people. People called Stockholders and Chief Executive Officers. They can be (and overwhelmingly are) people conspiring together to promote their own mutually shared self-interests.

The Supreme Court

Those self-interests always pivot around the one central theory they call  -Profits.

Corporations are clearly the hub,
hotbed, and headquarters of conspiracy theorists. So are Capitalists who, by definition, conspire together to make increasingly excessive profits. They want to control and profit from all the food you eat, the water you drink, and the clothes you wear. There is nothing at all, including the very air itself from which Corporate Capitalists do not want to make a Profit. Capitalists are Userers, they use everything including you and me.

There are no such things as "inalienable rights" or "God given rights" or even Natural Rights as far as Capitalists are concerned. Absolutely everything must be controlled and measured out by way of their solemn ritual of profit making. Americans as well as the citizens of every other Western Industrialized nation have been educated to think in these Profit terms for so many Centuries of Generations that it seems perfectly natural to most of them.

Capitalists and their Corporations are the "crowning" achievement of Western European Culture. A mechanical and industrialized nightmare of a culture rapidly spreading all around the Earth on which it feeds like a parasitical cancer destroying Life. As far as Capitalists are concerned, it's their "Divine Right" to do just that. Think of BP in The Gulf Of Mexico, or GE and TEPCO in Fukushima.

They thrive on the fiercely competitive basis of their favorite axiom: "survival of the fittest". They are legalized thieves who operate on the absurd theory that what is most profitable for them is best for everybody.
Their Corporate law is the only law. It's the foundation for Global Corporate Government.

Keep in mind that Pluto's Presence in Capricorn indicates the Business and Political World of the Capricorn Establishment (Capitalist Corporations) is receiving an intense infusion of Unconscious Power. Radical, Absolute Power.

Flag Of The British East India

(Double Cross And Stripes)

The irony is that the current USA Federal Government is widely understood to be nothing less than its own Capitalist Corporation run by private Investor-Bankers and no longer in any way a Government of, by, and for the People
(if it ever was that) .

Just look at the East India flag, take out the crosses and stick in a box full of stars. 

This fact of the Corporate takeover of Government is slowly beginning to dawn on the American "Middle Class" even though throughout our brief history as a Nation there have always been some individual Americans who realized as much. They knew the USA was just another, newer, alternative and "better" Capitalist Corporation posing as a free and democratic Nation.

disenfranchised but perpetually working poor have always known it.
In their bones.

Jack The Ripper

As the wealthy landowners and businessmen of the original Colonies declared their Independence most Americans unthinkingly entered into a mutually beneficial and secretly ongoing "covenant" with one another pretending they were all free .... that is, all the businessmen, bankers, lawyers and landowners were free .... but the women, children, Indians and slaves quite obviously were not. They couldn't even "vote".

In fact, only property-holding capitalists were ever really free and they sold all the other folks on the promise of becoming "free" just like themselves, -property holding and profit making citizens with a vote that counted. They called it the "American Dream". You, too, they said ... can own your own
land and house if you work hard enough to be exploited by your bosses. In fact, you can become a Boss yourselfAll you need is greed. That, a lack of personal integrity, a profound alienation from Nature, and a ruthless pacemaker of an artificial heart.

Don't believe me? Ask the Ghosts of Sitting Bull, Tecumseh, and Geronimo.
Ask Leonard Peltier.

The Corporate Ruling Class

It never seemed to occur to the overwhelming majority of Western European "settlers" in America that the property they were "holding", the Land they were claiming in the name of their innate Superiority as "civilized" people was the Land belonging to the people already living on it. No, most of the newly arrived "Americans" exalted in the sense of their own "Divine Right" to kill the natives, steal their lands, and dismiss them as heathen savages.

In doing so they merely re-enacted all that they'd learned from their own Emperors, Kings, Queens, and Popes (together with their supporting network of bankers, lawyers, priests and judges etc.) who had for untold centuries treated them as little more than Slaves. Servants. Sinners in the hands of their Angry Gods.

  - CLUE -

Very little has changed in the American Psyche since the covetous land-holders called "settlers" first set foot on this continent. Witness US led corporate invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, and most recently Libya and Somalia under the guise of bringing it's "free market" Capitalism to the whole World.

Witness the widespread Governmental use of Corporate Mercenaries like Blackwater-Xe run by depraved "Christian" psychopaths such as Eric Prince.  Capitalist Murder Incorporated.

Power Games

The absurdly disingenuous notion of the "Divine Right Of Kings" morphed into the Divine Right Of Bankers right before our very eyes as the new American Republic marched boldly forth to become the Corporate Federal Government inspired by the blind ignorance of Corporate Capitalism and its sacred myth of Property Rights plus Profits. Survival of the fittest.

Secretly, we all knew as much. Everything on, in, and under this 'America' we invaded "rightfully" belonged to us. It was ours by Government and Church sanctioned Divine Right. Until now, in 2011, when the very same Corporate Governments facilitated by the same Corporate Churches have succeeded in taking it all away from us. Too.

Then, as now, the Fabled "Tea Party" was a farce.
Fear, resentment, envy, and greed were and remain the guiding lights of the Ruling Class in America. Murder, theft, and lies became the ongoing business of all "successful" Americans. Righteous arrogance celebrated by kinky but polished Rhymers like the British "Poet"  -Rudyard Kipling-  disguised itself as the noble "White Mans Burden".  More Greed. Corruption. Hypocrisy.

Dance Of The Kinky Plutocrats

The Real Revolutionaries, people like Thomas Paine, were few and far between and soon found themselves covered over and choked to death in the dusty wake of America's galloping lust for Power. Civilization, Ho!

All these facts, this story as I'm retelling it now, could be seen from the very beginning of America in the noble sounding but phony "Declaration Of Independence". It was there in 1776 revealed by the planet PLUTO in Capricorn moving in Retrograde motion through the second house of American Values;  the House Of Money. That area of an astrological chart that is traditionally affiliated with the zodiacal sign of Taurus, the "fixed earth" symbol of the LAND

But that was a "hidden" revelation at the time because nobody knew there was a planet called PLUTO. It wasn't discovered until 1930, the time of the last Great Depression, and interestingly it was an American, Clyde Tombaugh, who officially discovered it. When he did, Pluto was located at 17+ degrees of Cancer -the zodiacal sign directly opposite Capricorn.

I repeat: It was the time of the earlier staged (and Banker-Capitalist created)  "Great Depression". 

Guess which crowd of
criminal thugs has come back around our way yet again for a much more lethal Greater Depression?  Yep, the Bankers ... and their upper middle class enablers, the Stockholders. People who do no real productive work whatsoever, but merely sit on their asses while they peddle papers, push buttons, exploit workers, buy other peoples' goods and deal in stolen property. People who criminally manipulate fictitious fiat money while betting against our unlived (and increasingly unlivable)  'Futures'. 

Corporate Aristocrats
, and their grubby little flock of small time but perpetually enabling businessmen. Insurance salesmen, stockbrokers blindly pursuing profits. Educated "investors" oozing what the Spanish filmmaker, Luis Buñuel, so perceptively depicted on the screen as "The Discrete Charm Of The Bourgeoisie". 

We live in the days of the
Divine Right Of Investors and their automated computer-stock-market notions of  a "free market".  It's Royal Rubbish. Programmed Virtual Reality. Synthetic. Unreal.

It's the baroquely embellished Business of Murderers. Warmongers. Psychopaths.

It's also the jaded dream-come-true for most of those Middle Class Americans who own stocks which automatically earn them yearly returns on their initial capital investment. All they have to do is sit back and let their Money "work" for them! Hey, c'mon Baby, Let The Good Times Roll!

It's the deadly nightmare of a dream that's relentlessly destroying all our lives.

John Stuttard, November 2006

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                 -This intimidating quote is an example of the "laws" and mentality of the Ruling Capitalist Class.

These Plutocrats are outright thieves and crooks, and we are their prey, their intended victims.  By "we", I mean every single human being who actually labors, who works for a living, who plants gardens, raises fruits and vegetables, breeds children or cows or horses, makes dishes, cups and plates, or dares to build a house. We are not "allowed" to own anything at all, not even the fruits of our own labor. Businessmen, Investors, Bankers, and Stockholders claim ownership of everything on Earth. They create puppet Governments everywhere to maintain their "ownership" by controlling and taxing us. 

Nothing that is at all real can hold a candle to their "currency", their copyright laws, their coins and legal papers. They alone are the sole arbiters of the "real" ... it is whatever they say it is. And whatever it is, it always belongs to them. They really do think they own it.

It's theirs 'to have and to hold' until death parts them from it. But even then, they have ruled that it must "legally" pass on to their children and heirs by "Divine Right" in an eternally closed loop of unending theft. It's called "Business as usual" but it's actually sin and crime.
It's the negative manifestation of the Power of Pluto expressing through the sign, Capricorn. It's the lowest common denominator of collectively applied Social-Cultural-Political Reality. It's what we are taught to call "sane" behaviour. They even like to refer to it (euphemistically) as "earning a living" .... and here's what it looks like:


(Photo by Richard Drew)

"Scores of people, perhaps more than 200, pushed through the smoke and heat to jump to their deaths from windows that had broken or they had smashed. Sometimes they did this alone, sometimes in pairs. But it seems they took turns, one body cascading downward followed by another. The last acts of individuality.

They fell for about 10 seconds, many flailing or replicating the motion of swimmers, reaching 150 miles an hour. Their clothes and, in a few cases, their improvised parachutes made from drapes or tablecloths shredded. They smashed into the pavement with unnerving, sickening thuds. Thump. Thump. Thump. Those who witnessed it were particularly shaken by the sounds the bodies made on impact.

The “jumpers” did not fit into the myth the nation demanded. The fate of the “jumpers” said something so profound, so disturbing, about our own fate, smallness in the universe and fragility that it had to be banned.

The “jumpers” illustrated that there are thresholds of suffering that elicit a willing embrace of death. The “jumpers” reminded us that there will come, to all of us, final moments when the only choice will be, at best, how we will choose to die, not how we are going to live.  And we can die before we physically expire.

Chris Hedges; A Decade After 9/11: We Are What We Loathe


Lady Claire Gurney: How do you know you're God?
Jack Arnold Alexander Tancred Gurney, 14th Earl of Gurney
: Simple. When I pray to Him, I find I am talking to myself.

Peter O'Toole

( Goldman Sachs Doing God's Work)

"We can no longer assume that because a man is "sane" he is therefore in his "right mind". The whole concept of sanity in a society where spiritual values have lost their meaning is itself meaningless. A man can be "sane" in the limited sense that he is not impeded by his disordered emotions from acting in a cool, orderly manner, according to the needs and dictates of the social situation in which he finds himself. He can be perfectly "adjusted." God knows, perhaps such people can be perfectly adjusted even in hell itself.

And so I ask myself: what is the meaning of a concept of sanity that excludes love, considers it irrelevant, and destroys our capacity to love other human beings, to respond to their needs and their sufferings, to recognize them also as persons, to apprehend their pain as one's own?

Evidently this is not necessary for "sanity" at all." 

                 Thomas Merton, American Trappist Monk; Raids On The Unspeakable.
 (1961; New Directions Publishing)

Everybody knows what's written here about Capitalism, the Ruling Class, and their comfortable enablers  called the "Middle Class" is true. It's not some radical, revolutionary theory of my own. It's not a "conspiracy theory" and it's certainly not "insane".  It's the kind of direct and simple truth every youngster knows as long as he or she remains an honest human being who is not disconnected from Nature.

But our handlers are quick to obliterate every trace of such honesty by schooling us as soon as possible in their "learned" ways. Most of our own indoctrinated parents pass on to us this "original sin". While they like to call it being "well adjusted"  it's really all about learning fear of and respect for the "Proper Authorities".  Homeland Security.

It's latest manifestation in America is called "THE WAR ON TERROR". Corporate Terrorists, like The City Of London and the Federal Reserve run it. It's a negative Pluto in Capricorn kinda thing. It's all about conformity, learning the rules of the game "everybody" else around us is playing. It's a very expensive lie, a power scam ....and it brutally crushes our souls. It destroys our bodies as well. If we let it.

All these comments have been my way of leading us into taking a look at the force of Pluto in Capricorn as it manifests on Labor Day (Capitalist Corporation Day) this September of the year 2011. So here is the chart of the Declaration Of Independence (white inner circle) combined with the chart for all the transiting planets and their September 4, 2011 positions in the sky (
yellow outer circle) interacting with that Declaration:


(click on chart to enlarge)
What we have here is the picture of a radical, extreme struggle reaching explosive criticality throughout the next three years culminating in 2015. The struggle is between the deeply ensconced, entropic and status-quo powers of the Corporate Business & Governmental Conservatives  -and all the rest of us called the working class poor.

The fatuous "Middle Class" composed largely of economically secure "Liberal" and "Conservative" Intellectuals, and clever but ethically shallow Stockholders are acting as "Gatekeepers", as pimps negotiating between the two artificially polarized sides of this madly schizophrenic and thoroughly staged crisis. They are apologists for and enablers of Wall Street's Corporate Government. It's their employer.

They use their "Discrete Charm" to cajole and appease us, to give us the false sense that the unspeakable crimes against us all are being addressed ...think of financially comfortable people like the endlessly equivocating and excessively cerebral Noam Chomsky. Corporate Institutions like MIT.

Then think of "The Exterminating Angel".

Liberal Middle Class pundits wrap themselves in dazzling but lethal halos.
They seek to persuade us it's best if we all become astutely intelligent Voyeurs like themselves, satisfied with detached critical observation but devoid of passionate physical action. If we really want effective changes to happen in our world we must use far more than our intelligence, discretion, and charm. We must put our feelings and our bodies on the line  -not just our Angelic brains. After all, as the poet Rainer Maria Rilke told us: "Every Angel is Terrifying!"

Nevertheless, Discretion and charm are two qualities associated with the planet Venus and the zodiacal sign of Libra. Yet, astrologically speaking, VENUS, is not merely a symbol of charm and tactful diplomacy but also the planet symbolizing values and money as well as each person's sense of well-being, and it is found blended with Jupiter in Hobbit-like and comfort loving Cancer, sign of the Home, in the chart of the Declaration.

This combination inclines Americans to be very self-indulgently pleased and emotionally inflated (Venus conjunct Jupiter) with their country's superficial presentation of itself to the world as a "truth-seeking" and "righteous" nation by way of it's Jupiter ruled Sagittarian Ascendant.

Venus is also and especially the FORCE that rules or INFORMS the astrological sign of Taurus which is found controlling the cusp-beginning of the 6th House of the Declaration's Natal Chart. That 6th House is the astrological area of a chart relating to Work Conditions, Employment, and Health.

Venus and the 6th House it controls are both facing EXTREME and RADICAL challenges coming from PLUTO (symbol of Merton's "Unspeakable") in Capricorn which is astrologically OPPOSING them. These oppositions of Pluto to Venus have technically ended after having occurred on Five (5) different occassions during the last two years; the exact dates of these oppositions were as follows:

1) March 8, 2009
2) May 2, 2009 (Rx)
3) December 26, 2009
4) August 8, 2010 (Rx)
5) October 19, 2010

They indicate that the usually comfortable, positive, and "happy" workers of America (Jupiter conjoined with Venus in Cancer) are the ones being pointedly confronted (opposition) by the dark forces of Pluto, Lord of Death, Power, and Wealth as it moves in the sky through the astrological sign of Business and Government Authorities.

It's unmasking dirty secrets in America regarding all the Venus-Taurus topics which include Money, Work, Food, Health and Land. The American dollar is being destroyed by the American Government and the Land is being trashed as well ....think of the Banker's Bailout and the Government's criminal collusion in the BP catastrophe deliberately created in the Gulf Of Mexico. These are examples of Pluto's death and wealth themes intentionally (even if "unconsciously") directed against the People's Land and currency.
Not to mention our food, jobs and health which, in the case of the BP explosions and "spill" have been fatally undermined by use of toxic poisons  like "corexit". Think of Freud and Pluto's unconscious "Death Wish".

Then there are all the other inevitable "accidents" like Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima as examples of Corporate Radiation incrementally destroying on a daily basis the human immune system, causing diabetes, cancers, and mutation of all living genes. Think Corporately deformed babies. Depleted Uranium. Toxic Corporate Trash which the public is expected to "clean up" ... to foot the bill for all the clean-ups because "Capitalism Socializes Debt while it Privatizes Profit" !

Capitalism is incurably toxic, filthy, it's trash can never be cleaned up.
It's a one way ticket to Hell.

These corporate-capitalist realities exemplify what Thomas Merton meant when he spoke of "...
the void that gets into the language of public and official declarations at the very moment when they are pronounced, and makes them ring dead with the hollowness of the abyss."

They are
unsavory truths which are being denied and covered up through the Government's use of Pluto's penchant for secrecy. They are the rumblings of the Cognitive Dissonance which permeates our shared "Collective Unconscious". But, they can be understood, exposed, and corrected if we pay heed to the teachings of Pluto, the "Dark Lord Of The Underworld" who says,  -what we don't want to know can very effectively kill us. ALL of us.

This "dwarf" Planet's movement through Capricorn provokes the rise of Ruthless and Extreme forms of Government and Business Power all around the Globe. The unspeakable Business of Global Corporate Murder.


"Jack 'The Ripper' Gurney, 14th Earl of Gurney: I was only trying
to do what's expected of me. I recall, as a sign of normalcy in our circle,
that means to slaughter anything that moves
-The Ruling Class.

Neither the comfortable but gullible American Middle Class, nor its poor and marginalized workers have ever before faced such a challenge nor has their mutually collective HEALTH and WELL-BEING ever been so seriously contested because this is the FIRST TIME that Pluto has been in Capricorn since the Declaration was signed.

It has never before formed an Opposition aspect to America's Venus and Jupiter. But it is now.

Transiting Pluto has been, is, and will be opposing America's natal Jupiter on the following dates:

1) January 17, 2011
2) July 8, 2011
3) November 20, 2011

Since Jupiter is the ruling planet of America's Sagittarius Ascendant its oppositional challenge from Pluto will radically alter the Face and Direction of the Nation. This process, too, is well underway. America's "Face" has become the death mask of Pluto. We've become a Degraded Nation of Torturers. Killers. Pluto's death is our chief export to all Nations around the globe who oppose our extreme and ruthless Business Deals, our corrupt form of Plutocracy deceitfully promoted as "democracy". 

The highly energized Venus conjunction with Jupiter in personalizing Cancer, sign of comfort and home  -which perpetually inclines Americans to be so expansively positive in a Jupiter fashion-  is changing radically now that Pluto has opposed them.

The dark side of our comfort loving happiness is being exposed as the superficial 'emoticon' it actually is, and everything about us is ringing false and hollow.


( Definition: emoticon, a rip-off of emotion, a symbol for synthetic
simulation of feeling. Derived from Latin: e + movere; to move out from

and con = contra; against. An emoticon is thus a predominantly computer driven simulacrum; a 'meme'
deployed by unconscious victims indicating movement against or away from natural emotion within the virtual reality Matrix. )

We are not positive and happy, but lazy, righteous and selfish.
Our Jupiter and Venus in Cancer have become the license whereby each man, each woman and family looks out merely for his, her, or its own. Ready to support Torture and Murder for a good, comfortable paycheck. We are staring our dark denial in the face. Pretending it's not there.

As Mister Bush so lyingly bellowed... "America doesn't Torture."  What a crock! Obama repeats the same crap. The rest of the World knows this is a lie. Americans not only Torture but they Murder and Steal and Lie about it even as they do it. We are a morally and financially bankrupt nation which has our last decent and Corporately Assassinated President knew so well, "a rendezvous with Death".

Yeah, that would be PLUTO.

And that rendezvous would have begun back on December 15th 2000 when Pluto conjoined America's Ascendant for the first time in our history ... a few days after the Supreme Court illegally declared George Bush Jr. our new President.

Torture, Death, and Corporate Crime came back to America in a big way that day but most Americans never noticed. Dysnomia. Eris. Pluto.


Then, on September 11th 2001 -when again Pluto was in process of re-crossing that same Ascendant- our Corporate Federal Government concocted and executed the "Terrorist Attacks" on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

We were directed to believe manifestly impossible Tales in direct contradiction to the evidence of our own senses. Towers exploding into dust in mid-air were said to be falling due to airplanes and fires. The very sector of the Pentagon that was housing the team investigating its mysterious loss of 2+ TRILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS was hit by another "hijacked" airplane. Then the "Patriotic Sentimentality" card was played for all it was worth and the never ending, poorly defined "WAR ON TERROR" was declared leading to the passage of the never revoked and freedom destroying " Patriot Act ". 

So now, in the Fall of 2011, Pluto opposes our Values, our worth as People and our sense of National Destiny. That Plutonian challenge is (I repeat) focused first and foremost on our income and jobs as Workers. If we ask ourselves what kind of oppositional challenge Plutonian Capricorn Government and Business is aiming at Workers, their income and jobs the answer should be obvious. They are intent on bankrupting the Workers by appropriating all the Nation's income for their own purposes. They are, never forget, The Ruling Class.

They are the ones who create money out of thin air through Debt which they then charge the Worker-Citizens to pay off. Government and Business are STEALING THE PEOPLE'S WEALTH.

A 1973 Film based upon a 1968 Play;
the film script as well as the play
both written by
Peter Barnes.

(Dr. Herder: He can't forget being rejected by his mother and father at the age of 11. They sent him away, alone, into a primitive community of licensed bullies and pederasts.
Sir Charles
: You mean he went to public school.

Dr. Herder : Exactly.)
But look again at the birth chart of the Declaration. Notice that only Pluto and Mercury are Retrograde at the signing and they are in Opposition aspect to each other from Cancer to Capricorn. That means from the realm of the personal and private to the realm of the impersonal and public. Note as well that both of them are in the two houses of MONEY, the 2nd House and the 8th House.

These Houses are, respectively, Money earned as income through work, and Money obtained through loans, investments, credit. Ask yourself what this might imply.

Mercury is the symbol of the conscious mind, of commerce and business and the writing and signing of contracts; Pluto is the symbol of the unconscious mind, of power and wealth and all that is Hidden.

Retrograde planetary motion signifies human  faculties that are operating in "review" or "back-tracking" fashion. They are operating on the basis of harvesting something from the Past.

Faculties represented by Planets in Retrograde Motion give off something of a "karmic" scent. If "karma" is not your philosophical cup of tea, think of biological genetic heritage predisposing genes toward one condition or another. Or think of shared cultural-emotional conditioning.

Don't forget to toss in the HIDDEN element so characteristic of Pluto's  Secrecy. The Unspeakable.

(Click HERE for larger image)

Now, what do you get?

There are Hidden and "Karmic" Implications within the Declaration affecting all aspects of Money, Investment, Credit, Property Rights, Banks, Stock Markets and ...all forms of Mercury controlled Commercial Trading, both Public and Private. There is an emphasized Plutonian "hidden" side (unspeakable) to all written and spoken forms of communication regarding money and values lurking covertly beneath the surface of American thought and communication.

These "Karmic" and heretofore Hidden realities are coming (by way of Pluto) into our collective conscious awareness. They're radically changing the "happy" and comfortable (Jupiter + Venus in Cancer) American worker by demanding that each one of us examine our deepest values, confront our taboo feelings of shame and guilt, and wipe the superficial smiles off our faces. We must speak about The Unspeakable.

The dark side of the Power of Pluto in Capricorn is being used by our Politicians and Bankers to "shame" us, to make us feel as if we are the ones "guilty" of emptying the National Treasury, we are the ones living "high on the hog"  ... not them! Not the bought and paid for Capitalist Pigs. The fat and ruthless Profit makers.

The Wall Street Banksters see themselves, so they've told us, as "doing God's work". This "God" is the wrathful, murderous God of the Ancient Israelites. The "God" of Cotton Mathers, the shameless "God" of our Puritain ancestors, the "God" of predestination and the Privileged Ruling Class.

So they preach to us of "austerity"
even though so many of us are long-since Poor and living without health care, land, or a house we can call our own, -or even nutritious food!  All over America
there are many MILLIONS of homeless folks (46.7 Million officially, last time I bothered to check our falsely manipulated statistics) with no kitchen in which to prepare food, no access to clean water, and no source of warmth when Winter comes. Extreme Poverty kills.

This is how
Capricorn Government and Business are using Pluto against (and in Opposition to) the masses of workers ruled by the Moon and her sign, Cancer. It's being done in the same deliberate way it was done to the Indigenous American "Indians". But we are not supposed to consciously realize these facts. We are not supposed to recall that land, shelter, food, water and clean air are basic human rights.

We could live good, happy, creative, fun-filled and healthy lives if these basics were naturally available to us. If we simply had Land we could build our own houses, grow our own food and trade with our own kind for other basics they might have. We could build the kind of sharing communities many of us yearn to live in rather than be crowded into Corporately controlled and forever rotting cities dependent on industrialized jobs for wages with which to buy the equally Corporate and increasingly toxic food we need to eat. Think "Agribusiness" and Monsanto and GMO Foods. 

Hell, we might even drill wells or find other sources of non-chlorinated, non-fluoridated, non-polluted water from clean streams, rivers, aquifers rather than being forced to pay for water poisoned by corporate industrial waste. Yes, let's take the Capital off that 'corporate' just this once! That'll take it down a peg or two.

Corporate equals Capitalist with a small "c"  -as in criminal.

This increasingly poisoned Land we live on belongs to all the People ...but no, that can't be right because that would mean that when we European Capitalists first came over here the Land belonged to the "Indians". Our ancestors took it away from them by force, slaughter, and prison camps termed "Reservations" and now our Corporate Capitalist Government has taken it away from us, too.

Very confusing! Or is that what is meant by Pluto and "Karmic"?

Who, might we ask  ..."owns" the Land. The Indians claimed then and still do now that all the People of all the tribes have the natural right to live on the land for free. No bill of sale required, no Bank mortgages to pay, and no taxes for it either. Hmmmm! very Interesting. The Land, said they (Time and Time again) cannot be owned or sold by anybody.

What a "quaint" notion. You can certainly see why we called these naive folks "Savages" .... they didn't owe Capitalists a dime, not even a Buffalo nickel, not one Red cent! Silly folks traded "wampum"  -how foolishy romantic. Still, maybe they had some sort of important if obscure and "primitive" idea there. Maybe it was an actual and "inalienable"  Principle of Nature.

To which searching question Corporate Capitalism swiftly answers, NO!

No human being has any right not granted to him or her by the Corporation. The Government.
Everybody everywhere all around planet Earth must PAY and PAY and PAY the Global Corporate Capitalist Governments which claim they own all the minerals, water, plants, trees, fishes in the ocean, and finally even the air we breathe. That's why GE, TEPCO, and the Japanese Government get to dump millions of gallons of deadly radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean using it as their personal garbage can. Ordinary People get no say whatsoever in the actions taken by Global Corporate Government. It's none of our "business" !

"With the collapse, the bailouts, and the total failure to pursue any kind of effective recovery program, the signals are very clear: the system will be allowed to collapse totally, thus clearing the ground for a pre-architected ‘solution’. As the nation state is being dismantled, a new regime of global governance is being established to replace it. As we can see with the WTO, IMF, World Bank, and the other pieces of the embryonic world government, the new global system will make no pretensions about popular representation or democratic process. Rule will be by means of autocratic global bureaucracies, which will take their orders, directly or indirectly, from the bankster clique." 
(The Elite Plan for a New World Social Order by Richard K Moore)

Corporate Earth Lockup

I know this sounds crazy, but do you realize this is actually the truth as to how Corporations, their Officers, Shareholders, Lawyers and Judges really think and act?  

They are Extremists who operate out of Fear and overwhelming Greed and these days they are harnessing the UNSPEAKABLE POWER of PLUTO as it travels once again (the way it did back in 1776) through the Political-Economic sign of Capricorn.

The Great Powers that "Be" are counting on the Retrograde Mercury Opposition to Retrograde Pluto found in America's Declaration of Independence chart to keep us busy unconsciously and collectively blaming ourselves or our neighbors, or the Mexicans, or the Islamists for everything that's going wrong. So there goes our fabled freedom, democracy  and  "Independence".

The dark forces of PLUTO IN CAPRICORN  -the forces of money, thievery, and Death are being ruthlessly directed against all Working Class and eventually all Middle Class people by the obedient soldiers and police, the governments, and the banks.

Being Homeless, Poor, and without a (red, white, or blue) Capitalist Job is a CRIME in America.

So say the Plutocrats by way of their "austerity" legislation. They want us all to feel powerless. To steal from us our innate and natural alignment with the positive FORCE of PLUTO. 

can be a positive FORCE that potentially renews whatever it contacts by way of instigating a CATABOLIC action which breaks down and ruthlessly destroys that which is no longer healthy and efficiently functional. This catabolic force, please note again, is currently centered in and coming from the sign of Business and Government, Capricorn. It is being directed by our Ruling Class toward the Venus-Taurus WORKER-CITIZENS as an oppositional Challenge, as an ATTACK.

Think Wisconsin. Think Corporate backed attacks on Labor Unions. Think Plutocratic GREED.

Astrology indicates that there are deeply unconscious and very unhealthy because Hidden Pluto Forces operating below the Conscious Mind of ALL Americans regarding these issues. It's the opposition of Retrograde Mercury and Pluto in our Collective Psyche. (Rudhyar) It's our collective REFUSAL to look at our own and our Nation's DARK SIDE.

There are Deep Secrets operative within the National Treasury. And, in general, there are tense oppositional differences in the American Psyche between the personal and the impersonal, between Private and Public currencies and values  -as well as a tendency to compulsively 'split' these differences.

In other words, Americans are inclined to be somewhat "schizophrenic" or Two-Faced  especially when it comes to commerce, business, and government. Think of the US Chamber of Commerce: hypocritical. Two-Faced To split the "Two-Faced" metaphor, -the left hand knows not what the right hand is doing.

It's just flat out Taboo to speak about certain vaguely defined financial realities in America. War is one of them. The Federal Reserve is another. America's economy is largely based upon manufacturing, using, and selling weapons. The Private Bankers who own the Federal Reserve make huge profits from every war. The Common People lose their commonwealth. 

Yet it's considered utterly silly to acknowledge anything like an ongoing American "Class War". Pluto in Capricorn opposing Mercury in Cancer forbids it.  It is - THE UNSPEAKABLE.

This Oppositional/Schizophrenic predisposition of the American Mind was noted by Indigenous Americans who called the settlers people who consistently spoke with "Forked Tongues". People who were predisposed to LIE, to break each and every treaty they ever made.

They were, of course, speaking primarily about our Leaders, our non-existent, don't look now  ...
(Pluto opposed Mercury) ... RULING CLASS.

There go your "retirement funds", your 401Ks, your Health Plans, and all your imaginary savings!


Pluto is so very clever at hiding things. But that's because this "Dark Lord of the Underworld" feeds off Death, Fear,  Shame, Taboo and Intrigue only so long as is needed in order to DESTROY subterfuge. Sophistry. Pretense.

All that Power Of Fearful Secrecy is symptomatic of the catabolic side of Pluto leading to the unmasking of deceit, to the Death and Transformation of all forms of historical Secrecy previously indulged in by the business of government but now and "suddenly" forced to emerge clearly into the Light of Consciousness. It's not a pretty picture and we all see it.

Yes, the truly Unspeakable is finally being spoken. Acted out. Executed.

The present form of Corporate American Government must be overthrown.
It is corrupt, unjust, and has nothing but greed and murder on its mind.
If we do not overthrow it, it will ruthlessly destroy us.
It has already begun that process. 

The sad fact is that the positive Power and Wealth of Pluto inevitably manifests through often painful catabolic action leading to physical death as the only means of transformation. PLUTO destroys any being, entity, or form that will not change. It strips it down to its bare essentials. You can see why "conservative" people deeply fear it. It demands radical change.

grants to those greedy for Secret Power and Unlimited Wealth all the Power and Wealth they can steal, trade and kill for until that Rich Power becomes their own self-fulfilling but unspeakable Death Wish.

Then they act it out.

The Earl Of Gurney
Hangs Himself

Yet such Plutocrats can take a lot of us down with them when they go. They can and often do blindly wreak havoc upon all the living creatures on Earth. The only FORCE powerful enough to withstand Pluto's catabolic action is the Force Of Consciousness, the Force that can look DEATH full in the Face and not flinch.

Love is the Force of Consciousness that embraces everything and everyone; it's the Ground of ALL BEING. The realm of Fear, Shame, Secrecy, and Taboo has no Power or Wealth comparable to LOVE.
is the FORCE informing LIFE.

It's inevitable and perfectly natural expression is in-depth

Love escapes the greedy clutches of the Plutocrats precisely because it can't be quantified, counted, controlled, bought or sold. Love can only be lived.

Love is the root and source of Courage, it is neither sentimental nor weak
but wells up and rushes forth from the living matter of all that isn't afraid
to change and grow.

Pluto represents the Unspeakable Mask of Love
catabolically working to reveal itself as the
Phoenix rising from its own ashes.

Love, like Pluto, can't be seen. It can only be
experienced for what it is: the Grace and Blessing
that is the
Purest Essence of ALL LIFE.

Pluto is the Power of Love's purposeful REGENERATION.
Starting all over again from the roots up.

If they could, the Plutocrats would "copyright" love so they alone could "own" it.
But they can't. So they've single-handedly created the very unloving
"War On Terror" in their vain efforts to extend the power of their fiat
money through the very profitable business of making and selling
the weapons of Death.

But everything they get their hands on, everything they touch
becomes a measure of money, a weapon of
Even our food!

That's what the "War On Terror" is all about, right? Just another one of the historically ongoing efforts of the Plutocrats to use their self-referential "Divine Right Of Kings" to bathe the "unwashed" populations of the World in poverty and blood. Our corrupt Politicians, Celebrities, and Pastors leading us to the slaughter like the fabled Sheep they claim we are. "Austerity" indeed. The Audacity Of Greed; Nightmares My President Taught Me.

We all recall the tool they used, the event they clearly staged to lead us to serve as victims in their bloody cause  -the deliberate destruction of the World Trade Towers on September 11th, 2001. Their "put options" were everywhere in evidence; they could not obliterate the "Black Hand" of their paper trails no matter how hard they tried. And they tried, very hard.


The Power Of Pluto Challenged
By The Freedom Of Uranus

The Discrete Charm Of The
(Can you find the 'dwarf' in this photo?)

They are still trying. They are forcing a "showdown" between themselves and all the rest of us. Here's the TIMING of that showdown in astrological terms. It's signified by transiting Uranus in the sky squaring transiting Pluto. (And please recall that a Showdown is by definition
something that cannot be avoided.)

Uranus in Aries Squares Pluto in Capricorn:

1) June 24, 2012    =Uranus direct 8/24 Aries; Pluto retrograde 8/24 Capricorn.
2) September 18, 2012   =Uranus retrograde 6/57 Aries; Pluto direct 6/57 Capricorn.
3) May 20, 2013   =Uranus direct 11/14 Aries; Pluto retrograde 11/14 Capricorn.
4) November 1, 2013   =Uranus retrograde 9/26 Aries; Pluto direct 9/26 Capricorn.
5) April 21, 2014   =Uranus direct 13/34 Aries; Pluto retrograde 13/34 Capricorn.
6) December 14, 2014   =Uranus retrograde 12/35 Aries; Pluto direct 12/35 Capricorn.
7) March 16, 2015   =Uranus direct 15/18 Aries; Pluto direct 15/18 Capricorn.

So what is Uranus, what is Aries, and why should I care if it's making a 90 degree "square aspect" to Pluto in Capricorn?

If that's your question my answer is that you should care because you're living it, and because it's surrounding you like the air you breathe and you can't escape it. It's an energy pattern operating within an escalating, world-wide,  global state of mind: a COLLECTIVE REALITY.

When Uranus manages to move ahead of Pluto in the Zodiac of Astrological Signs to the point where it reaches an exact 90 degree angle (waxing Square aspect) it is doing something comparable to what the Moon does with the Sun each month at first quarter Moon: Uranus is actually pulling forth the Power of Pluto and focusing that Power through its own lens.

It's shaping and defining the Power of Pluto.

hat means that although Pluto's Power is centered in Capricorn's lowest common denominator of collectively agreed upon social, political, and economic reality, Uranus in Aries is acting as a lens focusing that Pluto Power through INDIVIDUALS capable of radically changing it.

Uranus squaring Pluto thereby EMPOWERS INDIVIDUALS to undertake the vital actions of NEW BEGINNINGS that are the foundation of what we know as Aries-Springtime. Aries, being a fiery and enthusiastic sign favors YOUNG INDIVIDUALS to undertake such Uranus = Revolutionary activities. It invigorates as well all those known as the "Young at Heart". In fact, it invigorates anybody not tied to the old Capricorn way of doing things.

Haven't you noticed the celebrated "Arab Spring"? Or the Global Corporate Government struggling to infiltrate, direct, and control that  "Spring" ?  Can Spring be Corporately engineered ?

Things start popping and hopping in Aries-Spring Time, the Life Force reawakens from the tight slumber of Capricorn Winter and a new year begins. That outpouring of activity annually starts around March 21st each year but in late January of 2011 the exhuberant planet Jupiter entered the sign Aries as a Herald announcing the coming of Uranus into that sign on March 13th.
What happened then?

The Arab Spring began when a dirt poor young man in Tunisia endlessly harrassed and frustrated by the State Police burned himself alive in the market place on December 17th of 2010. Jupiter, at that point was still in the Self-Sacrifice and Martyr sign of Pisces, but as it entered Aries all Tunisians began to feel that thirst for life characteristic of Spring and nation-wide Protests against the oppressive Government erupted like Wild Fire setting off the chain reaction we have come to know as the "Arab Spring". Wikipedia narrates what happened this way:

"The demonstrations were precipitated by high unemployment, food inflation, corruption, a lack of freedom of speech and other political freedoms and poor living conditions. The protests constituted the most dramatic wave of social and political unrest in Tunisia in three decades and have resulted in scores of deaths and injuries, most of which were the result of action by police and security forces against demonstrators.

The protests were sparked by the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi on 17 December and led to the ousting of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali 28 days later on 14 January 2011, when he officially resigned after fleeing to Saudi Arabia, ending 23 years in power. Labour unions were said to be an integral part of the protests. The protests inspired similar actions throughout the Arab world; the Egyptian revolution began after the events in Tunisia and also led to the ousting of Egypt's longtime president Hosni Mubarak; furthermore, uprisings in Bahrain, Syria and Yemen and major protests have also taken place in Algeria, Jordan, Morocco, Israel's borders, Iraq, Mauritania and also Libya - where a full-scale civil war has broken out - as well as elsewhere in the wider North Africa and Middle East.

           ... The Tunisian revolution has also been considered the first of a series of revolutions named the
Arab Spring."
Uranus is the astrological symbol for non-conformity and Revolution. Aries is the sign of courage and spontaneous self-assertion on the part of each Individual.  Uranus' movement into the sign of Aries, therefore, stimulates each and every Individual (whether old or young) to stand up for his or her own rights. It's a combination inspiring Individual and personal change based upon each Individual's  need for survival -just doing what you need to do to stay alive.

These are the forces behind what the global, corporately owned Mass Media have called the "Arab Spring". But we've seen it operating all over the World, in Spain where the Indignados, who are the OUTRAGED protested the Spanish version of Global Corporate "Democracy" and in France, England, Ireland,  -all over Europe, Iceland, Greece, and finally sprouting in the USA via Wisconsin and New York City where citizens are currently (October 12, 2011) OCCUPYING WALL STREET.

These Protestors are, as Chris Hedges has pointed out, The Best Among Us.

This Uranus in Aries movement is destined to spread all around the USA as downtrodden Americans everywhere slowly begin to wake up and realize that the streets, parks, and all the Land and its "resources" "belong" to them. This becomes very clear when we consult the chart for the first day of the Occupy Wall Street movement:

(click HERE for a larger, clearer image)
"Revolution is nothing but like having a sore on your body and then you put something on that sore to cure that infection. And I'm telling you that we're living in an infectious society right now.

I'm telling you that we're living in a sick society. And anybody that endorses integrating into this sick society before its cleaned up is a man who's committing a crime against the people."
(Speech Delivered By Fred Hampton At OLIVET CHURCH, 1969)

This combination chart placing the Occupy Wall Street movement in the context of the USA founding chart reveals the most dynamic of astrological configurations, the Grand Cross in Cardinal or Activating signs directly contacting the Power Line (MC-IC) of the United States Of America.

It focuses the Revolutionary impulse of Uranus precisely upon the LAND BASE = IC of the Nation symbolic of the Common People of the Land.

It also reveals that VENUS is very much the issue in that TWO (2) of the four focal points of this Grand Cross are occupied by VENUS (Venus in Libra squaring Natal US Venus in Cancer opposed by Pluto in Capricorn squared by Uranus in Aries opposing Venus in Libra).

This testifies to extreme and conflictingly revolutionary energy between the Common People of the USA (IC) and the Office Of The President (MC) as well as all other Public American Authorities.

It's the People against the State.


People are determined to
OCCUPY the Land they live on and demand their right to life. We all need money, food, water, housing and health care in order to survive. But Capitalist Corporate Government has taken over all these elements of our lives determined to make Profits on everyone and everything. We are not Citizens or People to our Governments, we are "consumers".

We are the Ignoble Peasants and they are The Ruling Class.

What all the sane citizens of the World are trying to do is SHUT DOWN their corrupt, illegal, immoral and mutually complicit Corporate Banker Governments. But, as we have seen, these Corporately controlled "democracies" are drawing on the POWER of Pluto in Capricorn to violently repress all such demands for freedom.

They infiltrate, sidetrack and "engineer" Revolutions.

This is what the US Government did back in the 1960s when they infiltrated the Students For A Democratic Society (SDS), the Berkeley Free Speech Movement, the Black Panthers, and the Public Protests against the Democratic Convention in Chicago, 1968.

That's the time when the Police (Pigs) and the National Guard were continuously invading College & University Campuses all over the country using tear gas and attacking students while creating riots which the Corporate Mass Media always blamed on the students.

And all that activity culminated in the FBI murdering Fred Hampton in
cold blood while he slept in his own bed and then the National Guard invaded Kent State at the request of the Governor of Ohio shooting dead 4 protesting students, then shooting  dead 2 more at Jackson State.

It's a well known fact: The State is always the greatest purveyor of Violence.

Back then (1965-67), Uranus was repeatedly joining with (conjuncting or intensifying) Pluto in the sign of Virgo. That was what astrologers call their "New Moon" phase. Now they both have moved on to the point of reaching the challenging (waxing) Square aspect between each other comparable to their "First Quarter Moon" phase.

Whatever is sewn at the seeding time of the Conjunction is acted upon at the time of the waxing Square.

The Occupy Wall Street movement clearly has its astrological roots in the rebellious and genuinely revolutionary activities of the "Hippie" movement. The Corporate Mass Media came up with that dismissive "Hippie" label, what label will they pin on OCCUPY WALL STREET?  How will they co-opt and control such vital rebellion?

When will America's National Security State begin its crack down on this new movement? It's only ever a question of time.
We all must be accutely attentive.
Think -Otpor.

And Please, once again, recall that Pluto is an extremist Force. Extreme and Absolute.
Often masked, disguised as something else.


This is the Showdown between Uranus in Aries challenging (squaring) Pluto in Capricorn which, given the fact that both Aries and Capricorn are Cardinal (Active-Initiating) signs of the Zodiac, is producing and will continue (in an ever-escalating manner) to produce highly confrontational actions no matter how peacefully the protestors protest.

Should you peacefully protest your own and other peoples' death by Murder, or should you physically fight back to defend yourself? Can you "reason" with fully armed killers or must you kill them? Questions of personal and collective ethics. Questions of morality and conscience.

Ghandi may have succeeded in his "non-violent" protests but he was not alone. Thousands of others physically fought back against their ever so "Civilized" British executioners. Thousands were butchered for doing so.

A simple and self-evident fact is that no one can effectively "reason" with demonstrably irrational psychopaths when they are lethally armed and actively attacking. Or using their paid, dumbed-down Lackeys to do it for them.

One cannot argue with
pepper spray turning into tear gas rapidly becoming high-voltage tasers eventually morphing into rifles and finally bullets aimed at one's head and heart!

Nor can anyone be free in a National Security State. That's exactly what Amerika is.

Americans are being policed, spied upon, imprisoned and constantly harrassed by a Government manifestly immoral, illegal and murderous. And that Government respects no law but its own: THE LAW Of KILLING. The People are rising up in defense of themselves, of their jobs, their well-being and their lives! That's what happens when you have no money, no house, no job and no health care while your Corporate Government relentlessly poisons and destroys the very environment you live in.

This is a situation that will last well into the Summer of 2015.
Corporate Governments will continue to employ their Police and even their Armies to put down, molest, imprison, and ultimately KILL their opponents. We're heading directly into a deliberate and Corporately managed Global Blood Bath of indiscriminate slaughter. Mass Murder. Global Warfare. It's already in progress buit it's certain to escalate.

Because the only thing that can stop it is Consciousness. Awareness. Action.

Choices must be made. Unfortunately, PLUTO is, as we have seen, the Force of the Collective Unconscious and it's operating all around the World in the sign of Business, Government, and the Status-quo. Choices, we all know, are best made Consciously in full awareness of their consequences.

All those folks around the Globe who are "Middle Class" are especially caught up in the Unconscious aspect of Pluto. They are the celebrated "sheeple" who live in sublimated fear and do what they're told in order to keep what they have.

They are the Bourgeoisie. They never break the rules that benefit them.
They are the enablers of the Killer Capitalist Corporate Ruling Class, glad for their hand-me-downs, eager to ignore the moral apathy
that earns them scraps from their Masters' Tables.

They are, as Thomas Merton and Hannah Arendt both testified, the Adolph Eichmanns of the world.
The "nice" people. The polite and reasonable players.
Those whose ethical apathy calls down upon us all
banality of evil, Pluto's dark side.

They are
Exterminating Angels
, every one. They are our real problem because without them and their willfully unconscious ignorance, the Capitalist Corporate Killing Machine could never continue.


I don't know about you, but for me these so-called 'Middle Class' people include most of my Family. I mean, my remaining blood relatives like sisters, cousins, nephews and nieces and their ever-fruitful progeny! I come from what my family thought of as their Middle Class status.

Though my Truck driving Dad and my Waitress Mom who raised me and my three siblings were, in fact, what Society would definitely call 'lower' Middle Class, all my remaining relatives are proud to have 'bettered' themselves, -one is a Judge, others are Registered Nurses, AMA Doctors, Entrepreneurs, Teachers and Corporate Salesmen, and all are pleased to see themselves as good, righteous, religious Middle Class Americans.

Politically speaking, they are very well-behaved. Tamed. Unconscious.

None of them think of themselves as Rich -though some seem to possess a few at least imaginary Millions between them. Aside from one incredibly gifted and deeply compassionate nephew, I'm the only 'weirdo' in the clan, a life-long protester against Church and Government who takes things like public protests, civil disobedience, theater, poetry, painting, music and planting gardens seriously enough that such activities have rewarded me with the mixed blessing of increasing poverty.

In financial terms, I am homeless and live far beneath the official poverty line. I'm also single and just a couple months short of 69 years old. No life insurance, and like 50 million of my fellow Americans I have no healthcare. Obama says I have to buy healthcare. Brilliant. And where's the bankroll for that coming from? How do you FINE folks who have so little money, or do you simply put us all in jail? O, the joys of Capitalism!
Homeland Security.

I guess I'm just a sort of secretly ecstatic, unrealistic, and uncommonly blissful curmudgeon. And I sometimes have a very sharp tongue and a righteous temper. I also see Nature Spirits and stay away from Airports.

In order to deal with me, some members of my family promote the theory supposedly told them by my normally staid and earnest Father to my now equally deceased Brother, that my Mom actually was abducted and impregnated by a Space Alien  ...and that's how I came to be! And that's how weird they think I am.


None of these nice folks, excepting again that one blessed nephew, have ever been interested in talking to me about anything seriously political, philosophical, or spiritual. They are all 'realists' as they never tire of telling me, and they distinctly eschew discussions about spiritual experiences, racial tensions, Corporate Government, or officially sanctioned American Torture. They think such goings-on have Nothing to do with them. They get excited about things like Baby Pictures, Gambling Casinos, Homes, Mortgages, NFL Sports and new four burner outdoor gas barbecue grills.

Okay, so what?  What about the Baby Pictures of Fallujah, or the radiation from Fukushima soon to produce Baby Deaths world-wide? Who seriously needs a new four burner outdoor gas barbeque grill? O, silly me, I forgot about the Smores; pass the marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers please. More and more smores. E.T. call home.

They think I'm far too 'serious' by which they actually mean 'depressed'. One of my sisters, the Pisces Lady, likes to supposedly flatter me by declaring that I am a quote "Genius" unquote and can't expect other people who are just quote "Normal" unquote to understand anything I think, say or write!

How dismissively "nice" is that?

It seems to me they all live in a very gray world dining on the paltry left-overs of Phantom Liberty
In order to deal with them, I live in the Southwest whereas they all live on the East Coast.

The point of this sudden diversion into my personal life is that I realize I'm "attacking" my whole family and myself when I denounce in bitter terms the so-called "Middle Class".

After all, I'm a White American and aren't ALL White Americans "Middle Class".

Not according to the recently deceased Joe Bageant who went "Deer Hunting With Jesus" and ate "Rainbow Pie". According to Joe, "Capitalism is dead, but we still dance with the corpse." I couldn't agree more. And truthfully, my friends, if you want to understand better the nature of the Corpses we're up against click on the link to Joe's Tale. You'll learn a lot about money and Pluto though Joe never mentions 'him' at all. And my sincerest apologies to all the Middle Class, including my Family. Wake up!

PLUTO has come around to Capricorn in order to jolt the Corpse Of Capitalism into one last jaunt around the planet so that we can all experience the thrill of waltzing with Zombies.

And Uranus has come around to Aries to make sure that it's us, we feisty Individuals everywhere who will provoke them out onto the dance floor so they can break their knees. Then, we can finally bury them. RIP.

But if it's going to be a Dance, it's bound to be
a grotesque one. Think of Poe's
Masque Of The Red Death.

Like the kinky Prince Prospero of that Gothic American Tale, the Corporate Capitalist Plutocrats and their Middle Class Enablers think they can lock themselves away from the Plague their greed has unleashed on the world. They think they can invite a few of their best and luckiest lackeys to party with them as their toxic nuclear reactors unleash ever growing heaps of deathly radiation all around the Earth. They think that the industrial poisons they endlessly produce by way of their expendable working class minions will never reach them. They constantly plan ahead for the day their Apocalyptic Party will begin. They have their stores of natural, healthy seeds hidden in great vaults while they spread their genetically modified and poisoned seeds among the rabble.

This is the self-destructive Power which Pluto passing through Capricorn has made available to them. They wrap themselves in the cloaks of wealth and send forth their mercenary armies to oppress and slaughter the rest of Humanity. They think of it merely as a much needed weeding-out of undesirables, of dirty, ignorant, and unwashed Capricorn masses. And it is the specifically 'American' and NATO Corporate Capitalist Plutocrats who are fueling this Global Plague as one of their small-time "Players" has announced to the World.

It was Dick Cheney who publicly announced on September 16th, 2001 while Pluto was engaged in its passage over America's Ascendant that: "
We have to work the dark side, if you will. Spend time in the shadows ... A lot of what needs to be done here will have to be done quietly, without any discussion …"

So that's the picture, my friends, that's what's going down. All we have on our side, we unwashed masses, is the Challenge Uranus is posing to the collective weight of Pluto in Capricorn. But the Plutocrats know full well that Uranus poses it's challenge as a WAKE UP CALL from Aries, sign of the Individual, sign of self-interest and personal initiative. They figure they can USE that to their advantage, too.

After all, the Individual Entrepreneur, the gutsy and selfish person with lots of "get up and go" has always been the mainstay of Capitalism  ... survival of the fittest!  Hey, fella can make a PROFIT from the destruction of the World if you place your put options correctly. Speculate in "commodities", buy Silver & Gold! Come to Prince Prospero's Party. With all the loot you make from your personal initiative you can get yourself a really fancy costume and maybe an invite as well!  Join the dance of "The Rich And Famous". Be a Survivor!

The challenge that Uranus in Aries confronts each one of us with is
the challenge of NOT putting "Me" first.

It's the challenge of Aries' opposite and complimentary sign, -Libra, another Venus ruled sign. Cooperation, collaboration. Waking up to the personal need for collective sharing. All of us collectively sharing.

Yes, Occupy Wall Street,

Occupy YOURSELF. Occupy
EVERYTHING. Occupy the

But remember the wise teachings of our real American Ancestral Spirits ...
we humans are not the only living, feeling beings walking,
flying, sitting around on this planet. Our greed and selfishness is
destroying all our Brothers and Sisters in the Kingdom of Nature.

No human being owns any part of Mother Earth. Nor can we ever.

is a psychotic illusion.
It's the Red Death.

Capitalists are the worst of Terrorists. They cannot grasp their own dark side and have issued their bloody Pluto in Capricorn ULTIMATUM: "
Either you are with Us, or you are with the Terrorists."  So, please tell me one more time; What's the Difference?

Uranus in Aries offers each one of us the choice of reacting to the Apocalyptic Party of the Plutocrats or making sure that Terrorist Party of theirs gets cancelled. Called off.

It's a critical time of Awareness. Wake up or die. Soon.

Masque Of The Red Death
"At the chiming of midnight, Prince Prospero notices one figure in a dark, blood-splattered robe resembling a funeral shroud, with the extremely realistic mask of a stiffened corpse, and with the traits of the Red Death, which all at the ball have been desperate to escape.

Gravely insulted, Prospero demands to know the identity of the mysterious guest so that they can hang him.
When none dares to approach the figure, instead letting him pass through the seven chambers, the prince pursues him with a drawn dagger until he is cornered in the seventh room, the black room with the scarlet-tinted windows.

When the figure turns to face him, the Prince falls dead. The enraged and terrified revelers surge into the black room and forcibly remove the mask and robe, only to find to their horror that there is no solid form underneath either. Only now do they realize--too late—that the figure is actually the Red Death itself, and all of the guests contract and succumb to the disease.

The final line of the story sums it up: "And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all. "

October 9, 2001


Labor’s Demise As A Countervailing Power:
"Labor Day" should be renamed "Corporation Day" or "War Day"

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts   
Global Research, September 3, 2011

It is Labor Day weekend, 2011, but labor has nothing to celebrate. The jobs that once gave American workers a stake in capitalism have left and gone away. Corporations in pursuit of near-term profits have moved labor’s jobs to China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea and Eastern Europe.

Labor arbitrage, that is, the substitution of foreign labor that is paid less than its productivity for American labor, has enriched Wall Street, shareholders and corporate CEOs, but it has devastated American employment, household incomes, tax base, and the outlook for the US economy.

This Labor Day week-end’s job report, announced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) on Friday, September 2, says zero net new jobs were created in August, a number 250,000 less than the amount of monthly job creation necessary to make progress in reducing America’s high rate of unemployment.

The zero figure is actually an optimistic number. As John Williams ( has made clear, problems with the BLS’s seasonal adjustments and “birth-death” model during the prolonged downturn that began in December 2007 result in the BLS over-estimating new jobs and underestimating lost jobs.

Seasonal adjustments and the “birth-death” model were designed with a growing economy in mind and result in miscounts during downturns. For example, the “birth-death” model estimates new jobs that are created from new start-up companies that are not yet reporting, and it estimates the job losses from companies that have gone out of business. In a growing economy, start-ups exceed jobs losses, but the situation reverses during downturns or during periods of sub-normal job growth. For the past forty-four months, the “birth-death” model has overestimated the number of new jobs created. When the annual revisions are made to the job reports, the excess jobs are taken out, but it is seldom headline news.

The reason that nearly four years of economic stimulus, consisting of large federal budget deficits and near zero interest rates, hasn’t revived the economy is that the jobs that Americans once had have been moved offshore. Stimulus cannot put Americans back to work in jobs that have been given to foreign countries.

Post-World War II Keynesian economists, such as Paul Krugman and Robert Reich, think that if the federal government would add more stimulus by enlarging the already massive federal deficit, new jobs would somehow be created to take the place of those that have left. This is a delusion. Not only have the supply chains necessary to support US economic activity been disrupted and broken by off-shoring, but also the same incentive--excess supplies of foreign labor that produces more value than it is paid--that sent jobs abroad is still operative.

In a word, the US economy has been de-industrializing, moving from a developed to an underdeveloped economy, for the past two decades. It has been the case for many years that when the US economy manages to eke out new jobs, they are in non-tradable domestic services, such as health care and social assistance, waitresses and bar tenders, retail clerks. Non-tradable employment consists of jobs that do not produce goods and services that could be exported to reduce the large US trade deficit.

The long-term deterioration in the US economy has been covered up by “reforming” the official measures of unemployment and inflation. The U3 measure of unemployment, the current 9.1% unemployment rate, only measures unemployment among those who are actively seeking a job. Those who have become discouraged by the inability to find a job and have ceased looking are not counted as being among the unemployed, and the U3 measure makes no adjustment for those who are forced into part-time jobs because there is no full-time employment.

The government knows that the U3 “headline” unemployment rate is seriously understated and provides a broader measure known as U6. This measure, which is seldom reported by the financial media, includes short-term discouraged workers (those who have not looked for jobs for six months or less) and an adjustment for those who wish full time employment but can only find part time work. Currently, this measure of unemployment stands at 16.2%.

In 1994 the Clinton “progressive” administration defined long-term discouraged workers out of existence. Consequently, no official unemployment rate includes long-term (more than six months) discouraged workers as unemployed. John Williams estimates this number and adds it to the U6 measure to produce a current rate of US unemployment of 22.7%, an unemployment rate 2.5 times higher than the official rate.  

Similar understatement exists in the measure of inflation known as the Consumer Price Index. In order to reduce cost-of-living adjustments to Social Security checks and to hold down other inflation adjustments, the “progressive” Clinton administration accepted the Boskin Commission’s recommendation to introduce substitution into what had been a fixed, weighted, basket of goods used to measure the cost of a constant standard of living. In the new “reformed” measure, if the price of an item increases, say New York strip steak, the index assumes that consumers switch to a less expensive cut, such as round steak. Thus, the price increase doesn’t show up in the CPI.

Consumers, or a number of them, do tend to behave in this way. However, since the basket of goods comprising the CPI is no longer constant, but changes with price changes, the CPI has become a variable measure of the cost of living that reduces the inflation rate by measuring a lower standard of living.

John Williams estimates the CPI according to the previous official methodology that used a fixed basket of goods. He finds the rate of inflation to be much higher than is reported by the substitution-based methodology.

The understatement of inflation serves to boost real Gross Domestic Product growth. In order to compare how much larger (or smaller) the economy is this year compared to last year, the GDP figure has to be adjusted for inflation. If the economy grew 5% in nominal terms and inflation was 3%, then GDP grew 2% in real terms, that is, real goods and services, as opposed to mere price rises, increased 2% over the year.

When John Williams adjusts US GDP with the former or traditional measure of inflation, he finds that there has been no growth in real GDP for several years. In other words, during the period of “economic recovery” the economy has actually been declining.

American economic decline began with off-shoring during the Clinton administration. Instead of addressing this threat, the Clinton administration launched the neoconservative program of American Empire with American and NATO naked aggression against Serbia, sending the Serbian leader off to be tried as a war criminal for resisting the dissolution of his country.

The Bush/Cheney regime elevated the pursuit of American Empire under cover of “the war on terror.” Based entirely on lies and falsified intelligence, Bush/Cheney launched wars against the Taliban, who were unifying Afghanistan, and against Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

In the 1980s Hussein was used by Washington to launch a war against the revolutionary government in Iran that had overthrown the American puppet government, headed by the Shah of Iran. Ever since Washington lost its puppet rule over the Iranians, Washington has refused diplomatic relations with Iran. In the place of diplomatic relations, Washington demonizes Iran in order to set the country up for another attack a la Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, and Yemen. Syria is next.

Saddam Hussein’s service to Washington was overlooked when it became more important to eliminate support for Hamas and Hezbollah, two barriers to Israel’s expansion in the Middle East, than to maintain Washington’s gratitude to an Iraqi pawn.

Despite unequivocal reports from arms inspectors that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and most certainly had nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11, top Bush/Cheney regime officials demonized Iraq as the greatest threat to America. The imagery of mushroom clouds from nuclear weapons was evoked, A war was launched entirely on false pretexts that destroyed a country and left over one million Iraqis dead and four million displaced. What Washington did to Iraq is what the Nazis were tried and executed for at the Nuremberg Trials.

Obama was elected in order to stop the illegal and senseless wars. Instead, Obama both continued the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and expanded the wars into Libya, Pakistan, and Yemen. Since the deregulation of the financial system under the Bush/Cheney regime and the “war on terror,” the entire economy of the US has been sacrificed for the benefit of the financial sector and the military/security complex.

Labor Day is an anachronism. It should be renamed Corporation Day or War Day to celebrate the success of Bush/Obama in eliminating labor unions as a countervailing power to corporate power and the elevation of War as the highest goal of the American state.

Paul Craig Roberts is a frequent contributor to Global Research.  Global Research Articles by Paul Craig Roberts
   Copyright © Paul Craig Roberts, Global Research, 2011