Praying For Bush Who Preys Upon US
Francis Donald Grabau

O, Claudia, Alan, Faith, Ginger, Danny and everybody else.  What is going on here with all this "Pray for Bush" stuff ?  I'm including below -in case you've not seen it- the 'New Age' white-light version of the same tactic.  Below that is my first (though repeated) response to this stuff.  And below that is the OFFICIAL 'In Touch Ministries' supplication FOR TROOPS TO PRAY FOR BUSH!!!  I suspect that focusing this kind of energy on Bush is NOT a good idea.  Why not use one's focus to obstruct his plans, to speak out against him, to have him impeached ?  And if these 'New Age' remotely controlled 'psychics' get away with this crap all effective protest ends.  Love means not only having to say you're sorry, but getting out of Office too Did you ever hear so much wooly-headed pietism in your life?  Screw Bush!  Loving him means kicking his ass out of the White House.  Consider the following 'New Age' message I received through email: (all in quotes-reddish)

" Beloved [ Button-pusher, the 'Beloved Church Pastor' is speaking. ] Friends,

Last weekend 600 people gathered on the Big Island of Hawaii to listen to the messages of peace from several of the Psychic Children we have been working with [ who are these kids, and does he work 'with' them or work on them? ] over the past year. I believe it was one of the most profound experiences any of us have ever had, and the Children themselves were overjoyed with the opportunity.  In fact, during a panel discussion on Sunday, they presented their idea of a world wide prayer vigil that they believe would have a profound effect on the current crisis in Iraq. Its simplicity and wisdom is overwhelming, and the fact that the idea comes from children makes it irresistible [ Sorry, Twyman, but I have my doubts about this.  Ever hear a school teacher claim that a 'children's project' came from the children without his/her suggestion ? ]. They want to call this: A Prayer Vigil for George Bush

They explained that there is so much energy against President Bush that we are not helping him [ Hey, I'm one of the people who has an energy for immediate peace and no fighting and this is 'against' 'President Bush' and I think it 'helps' him !!! -though I also know him NOT to be the President, but to be a man installed in the White House by illegal means! I say, let's hear it for energy 'against' Bush!] make decisions for the highest good of every person on the planet.  The more we focus on what we don't like, the more it increases. [ Well, excuse me, but the more we focus on what we don't like the more we can change it!  Then it DECREASES!!! ] They suggest that we See him as God would, and focus on the Light in the President, thereby amplifying the Light. The children believe that if hundreds of thousands of people do this at the same moment, then the effect on his consciousness would be profound. [ 'Profound' -in what sense?  Will he feed on the 'vague buzz' he senses and grow yet more arrogant? ] I have to agree.  Therefore, we have decided to conduct an emergency "Great Experiment IV" and are asking all the Spiritual Peacemakers around the world to join us in this important project. Here are the details:

April 1, 2003, 11 AM New York time, 8 AM California Time (determine your own time zone based on this) Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, will join together for fifteen minutes as one mind and pray for President Bush (and all those who influence his decision making) to make all his decisions based on the highest good of all beings on earth [ Bush has made it abundantly clear that he feels what he's doing is for the 'highest good'...he says we are 'Liberating' the people of Iraq with murder, slaughter, and war! ]. The Children suggested that we begin by imagining him as a little boy, and use our energy to empower his heart. They say that the boy is still within him, though he is very afraid. He doesn't need to be attacked for what he is doing, but loved, not for his actions, but for the Truth within him [ Of course.  But he IS doing what he's doing, and even some little boys do 'bad' things!  And we STOP them! ]. We call this: "Seeing as God Sees and Loving as God Loves." If possible, gather with other people during this vigil, and please pass this E-mail on to as many people as you can to help spread the word.

Hundreds of people will be joining together in Washington, DC to anchor these important prayers. [ Here's where the Twyman Business comes into play. ] We are in the process of securing a permit for a location as close to the White House as possible, and will have children present a section of the "Children's Cloth of Many Colors" at the White House that same day. (The Children's Cloth of Many Colors is over one-third of a mile long, and is made up of pieces of cloth that have been infused with the energy of peace from tens of thousands of children from around the world. It came from the original "Cloth of Many Colors" peace project I started in 1999 which has been presented at the UN in New York, the US Capitol, the Pentagon, and many other places around the world. [ Is it not evident that millions of Iraqi Children have 'infused' many pieces of cloth with every child's natural innocence and peace only to find themselves and that cloth blown to smithereens by Bush & Company ? ] For more info on the CCMC, go to .) If you live in the Washington area and would like to join the group praying near the White House, send an E-mail to: You will receive a reply as soon as the location has been secured.

The Children wanted me to stress that this has nothing to do with agreeing or disagreeing with President Bush in regard to the war in Iraq. They say that in order to be Spiritual Peacemakers we must release our judgment and focus only on the higher good [Scusi, mio amore, but in order to have a 'higher' good rather than a lower good or a medium good a 'judgement' is implied.  'Higher' is the comparative case of high, yes?  No ?  Who has REALLY decided that the 'higher good' might best be served by having Twyman & Kids lead us all into focusing our energy on Bush?  Media does it ALL DAY LONG! ] George Bush has the power to effect the lives of so many people, and we pray that he will do so with compassion and peace. The intention of this vigil is to break down the walls of fear and increase the love in his heart. It is the gift of the children. Please join us.

Once again, April 1, 11 AM EST, fifteen minutes sending George Bush all the love you have in your heart [ Why not send all that love to the people who can be open to it and need it.  Like the CHILDREN OF IRAQ? ]. And tell the whole world.

In Peace,
James Twyman " [ Note; all comments in blue and within brackets above are by F.D.Grabau. ]

Praying For Bush Who Preys Upon US

I don't know, ….  just before I read this email I read another one about how I should pray together with these people. I actually read a book called, I think, the Indigo Children back in 1995.  It was poorly written.  It irritated the hell out of me as, I confess, this forward about these kids gathering on the Big Island does too.  A self-proclaimed special club of special, psychic people!  My gut hit is: PUKE!  But maybe I'm just a misanthrope.

Here's what my brain-consciousness does with this forward: O, great idea.  Send loving energy to Bush.  Love's always a great idea. Wait a minute, Love is always surrounding all of us anyway.  Love is the basic Ground of ALL BEING. We ARE Love. We live and breathe within this Ground-Matrix that is LOVE!  It's here to accept, we only have to open our hearts to it, feel it, then act it outBE LOVING.  Consciously embody love.  G.W.Bush exists within and is this love too.  Gee, he sure has a weird way of showing it!  O, yeah, but who am I to judge ?  One man's lie is another man's truth etc. -a walk down the infinite hall of mirrors. Wake up, you Idiot (says a small voice carrying big guns holstered on his hips)-You are a Saggittarius, you are here to Judge!  O, don't give me that Astrology bullshit, please! Anyway, Saggittarius doesn't really judge.  It aspires.  It yearns for truth.  Meaning.  O sure, Superman -Truth, Freedom, and the American Way.  Ooops, sounds like the Bush.  Loop-de-loop.

Who are these kids and who says they're 'psychic' and what's that supposed to mean anyway ?  O, it's this guy again: James Twyman.
Who's he ?  Indigo children ?  Is he the Amethyst Shepherd ?  How can a person in this day and age entitle a book:

First of all, I don't like secrets.  Second of all I don't like disciples. Disciples don't love, they devote. Secrets hold space-time; they don't let it flow.  A beloved disciple is like Disney's Bambi.  Yuck, gitchy-goo!  Pillsbury dough-boy giggles.  Cutesie. Cuddle-cuddle, coo-coo.  But dear, the house is on fire, our bed is burning up.  Shouldn't we cut this cuddling stuff, jump up and run the hell out of here ?  O, my beloved, -yee of little faith, trust in the fires of Agni and they shall set you free.  Let us, dearly beloved, join our hands in loving peace and walk together toward the Bomb.  Let us embrace it.  Yes, we shall go out in a great burst of fiery white light.  Radiant Radiation.  Instantaneous Enlightenment.  Let's just stay here in bed and cuddle and coo and allow Brother Fire to lick us clean of our bodies. This must be another eruption of the dead-ass psychic remnants from THE AGE OF PISCES!  It's over with, please let it go.

What's the "secret" agenda here ? Who's using these kids for what game?  Are they Twyman's 'disciples' ?  Are they brainwashed ?  Do they think they're 'special' ? Indigo...the purple ray of Alice Bailey.  Very suspect.  More hidden agendas.  The Do-Gooder Psychosis.  Power. The 7th Ray, Bailey argues, is the Ray of "Ceremonial Magic and Power".  Purple is the traditional color of Royalty. Indigo purple...Indigo Jones And The Temple Of Gloom.  Vampires hang out in this Temple; hang from the rafters like punk angels on prozac. Upside down.

If it's true that the Ground of All Being Is Love and if Everything is Energy then Love is Energy.  But so is Hate.  So is Confusion.  The 'kids' are arguing that there's so much pissed-off-at-Bush energy out there that we are not sending the Bush sufficiently positive vibes. Thus, he can't make good decisions.  We all need to focus our positive energy together at the same time on Bush.  This will presumably help him to make positive decisions.  But will it ?  What will millions of people be INTENDING if they focus their positive energy on the Bush ?  Does it not occur that in every weekend High School football game across America the fans & cheerleaders of each Team focus their energy on their own team hoping they'll win ?  Does it work ?  Seems to me a great deal depends on just how clearly focused, how 'purely' focused (in the sense of the coherent light which defines a laser beam) peoples' energies are.  To have millions of people with average notions of love focus their daffy-duck, howdy-doody, tinker-bell intentions, their maudlin feelings of sweetness -as in, O Bush, You are Love, You are Light, Be Good...We all love you, God loves you- is, I suspect, like having an audience of millions focused on a performer in an Ampitheatre. The performer feeds off the energy 'freely' given.  Does that make a Bon Jovi into a Maria Callas or an Elvis Presley ?  A Mick Jagger into a Luciano Pavarotti ?  I don't think so. Remember Altamont ?  I think it just feeds the beast....laughter, I think, is the highest form of love, but righteous and appropriate anger runs a close second.  Love is a fierce and all consuming force.  It transforms.  I love Bush so much I see Kali dancing on his skull.  It makes me laugh a lot.  The very stars at night are big and bright deep in the heart of Texas… and they're laughing their asses off at the Bush too.  They want to see him go for a ride in a surrey with a fringe on top...all the way to the Morgue.  Somebody has to shell out for all these body bags.  I think that perhaps on the day, hour, and minute when all these white-lighters polarize the planet by focusing their beams on the Bush... I will sing from Oklahoma:
"Poor Jud is dead, poor Juderiah's dead...
  and the daisies in the dell
  will give out a different smell"  .

PS: [ I loves you, Kali, don't let him take me..]

US soldiers in Iraq asked to pray for Bush

They may be the ones facing danger on the battlefield, but US soldiers in Iraq are being asked to pray for President George W Bush. Thousands of marines have been given a pamphlet called "A Christian's Duty," a mini prayer book which includes a tear-out section to be mailed to the White House pledging the soldier who sends it in has been praying for Bush.

"I have committed to pray for you, your family, your staff and our troops during this time of uncertainty and tumult. May God's peace be your guide," says the pledge, according to a journalist embedded with [ embedded with = in bed with ] coalition forces. The pamphlet, produced by a group called In Touch Ministries, offers a daily prayer to be made for the US president, a born-again Christian who likes to invoke his God in speeches.

Sunday's is "Pray that the President and his advisers will seek God and his wisdom daily and not rely on their own understanding". Monday's reads "Pray that the President and his advisers will be strong and courageous to do what is right regardless of critics".

Claudia D. Dikinis
Political & Personal Astrology for a New Millennium

It is exhausting carrying America's coffin. We are all pallbearers now. -- Claudia D. Dikinis, March 22, 2003.

"If humankind would accept and acknowledge this responsibility and become creatively engaged in the process of evolution, consciously as well as unconsciously, a new reality would emerge, and a new age could be born." -- Jonas Salk

(emails from others)

"Dear Donaldo:  I have agreed with a lot of stuff you have sent to me, but this one does not set very well. I feel you need to look into your heart and see what love is all about.  We are not praying for BUSH because we agree with what he is doing, but because we want to give him the positive light that may change his attitude and the attitude of others in his position.  Hatred and negative thoughts do not help anybody or anything.  I admire your intellect and your knowledge, but feel that you need to regroup. I forgot to mention the most important part.  Praying in the correct way, IS VISUALIZING THE OUTCOME WE KNOW IS FOR THE HIGHEST AND BEST FOR ALL.  That is what we are praying for, which might even mean that BUSH is removed from the Presidency.  WHO KNOWS!!
Love and laughter to you."

Donaldo Responds:

Thanks for cautioning me.  I can hear you, I think.  But I'm looking here at the great difference between love as a pseudo-christian and new age sentiment, and love within the context of occultism.  Love is energy.  I refuse to send my energy to this Corporate Slaughter of the people of Iraq led by G.W. Bush.  This does NOT mean I don't love him in the final sense...shit, in that sense I must also (and do) love Saddam Hussein, Aldolph Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer.

I don't trust this Twyman guy, nor his 'psychic children' sounds to me like vulgar and cheap propaganda.  I will NOT support G.W.Bush...but the time it would take to write the long piece explaining all this...the psychic energy it would require has not yet shown up for me.  So I knowingly threw out a few notions which I realize 'christians' and 'new age' folks would choke on: for example, that ANGER is a real form of LOVEAnd it's my carefully considered opinion that if one loves G.W.Bush one will oppose him at every step, speak out against him, and fight for his impeachment and subsequent trial as an International War Criminal.  That goes for Chaney, Rumsfeld, Perle and others...Powell, Rice, Ashcroft.  These people are violent and cruel people attacking the people of Iraq for absolutely no reason other than their geo-political schemes!  How dare anyone propose a nice little 'prayer service' for such murderers!!!  It is not that one refuses to love them; it is that they have proven and continue to prove that they will only use such 'sentiments' as justification that the American People support this war.  It is morally repulsive!

If you and others want to "give him the positive light that may change his attitude" then I am afraid you will be forced to send him flashlights, batteries, bulbs...for his ongoing cruelty, his absolute malice demonstrates just what he thinks 'light' and 'love' are.  Don't you realize this man FEEDS on such sentiments ?   He believes -his public words say so- that 'God' has given him a mandate to do what he's doing.  The entire fanatical right-wing 'christian' cabinet he has installed, a cabinet which has led the US to illegally, immorally, unjustifiably invade the sovereign Nation and People of Iraq feels it is doing all this (or claims so to feel) in order to "Liberate" the people while it bombs them and their country -saturation bombing -poisons their soil, air, and water with masses of depleted uranium and leads stupid (if well-meaning) young American men & women into the job of murderers.  They are NOT soldiers, in my book, I hold them ALL responsible for what they're doing.  And I hold Bush more so as he is the Leader of the, I will NOT participate in this 'send bush love & light' game as I know from experience exactly what he'll do with it!  Kill, kill, kill!  He's a mad killer, a sociopath...practical actions, verbal denunciations, absolute refusal to cooperate with the Bush Regime are what I see as needed.  How many people in Germany during WWII prayed for Hitler, Goebbels, etc...check it out...priests babbled such guff every Sunday from their pulpits and their cheap sentiments allowed Hitler and the Nazis to go on[ Zahn, J.: German Catholics And Hitler's War; London, 1963.] Remember, many Germans -like contemporary Americans- considered themselves to be christians all through that war.  Cowards, hypocrites...I recall that scene where Jesus Christ picked up a whip, and overturned tables, verbally and physically attacked the moneylenders who, as he said, had turned the Temple of God into a 'den of thieves'...he didn't sit down and send them  'white light' or 'positive energy' or 'love' !!!  His actions, the whip and the verbal trouncing and the overturning of their tables was the nature of the love he showed them.

The Christ Driving The Money Lenders Out Of The Temple
El Greco

Bush & Co. have turned America into a Nation of Murderers and I stand here and say so.  Our love for him and all other beings DEMANDS that we overturn his tables, pick up a whip, and drive him out of power!  No, I will NOT take the passive-complicity role of 'meditating' for him or 'sending' him 'love & light'.  I think this is playing right into his hands.  For Christ's sake, didn't you READ the article I sent you about 'christian' ministers putting those little booklets into every Gulf War Soldier's gear urging them to 'pray' for this moral monster ?   Tear out a page a day and send it in ?  Your vote, your act of complicity and support for a War of Unprovoked Aggression against the People of Iraq!  Mr. Twyman is a slut, his 'psychic children' must be from the Village of the Damned.  It's the Dunwich Horror.  I find them anathema!  But of course, I love them all...and you, too.  But consider this: if you don't VISUALIZE 'his holiness' removed from office...are you just whoozily leaving it to the Universe to decide ?  Of course, how can mere mortals pretend to know what is really 'right' in the Cosmic Picture ?  I must say I detest this Piscean 'christian' indoctrination that has created America as a nation of sheep who feel that 'god' is on their side.

If he is...then shame & shit on him...anyway, I don't experience 'god' as a human either male or fact, you and I are 'god' and we are responbsible for realizing goodness in our lives.  Such goodness is NOT a matter of politically correct and pleasantly passive 'white light-love-sending' to murderers, killers, people actively engaged in ordering bombs to fall...ordering other people to kill...O really, I have no words for this!  Love is a kick-ass and very real's not a maudlin and pietistic sentiment and it

PS- On a personal and private level, I force myself to watch the Bush every time he gives a 'live' address on the television.  During that time I hold him in love & white light while I beam to him a clear message that I do NOT agree with him.  But I don't think it wise at all to ADVERTISE a mass, public  'beaming of love and light' to Bush because it gives him an aura of legitimacy which I feel he does NOT have.  Think of all the love & light the admiring German folks beamed toward Adolph at Nuremberg as he gave his equally righteous and hate-filled speeches masked in godly rhetoric.


"I see your position very clearly and it makes sense to me.   It does not feel right to me to send love and light to Bush...nor to participate in Twyman's little fantasies.  I've always wondered why I have deleted these Twyman things that people have sent me, asked to be removed from the mailing list,...never stopped to figure out why they felt wrong.  But now I am getting it...he uses his children as a smoke-screen.  As Bush uses God."

And Another
This one from Holger Haffke of
The Gnostic Liberation Front

Hey brother Francis, I love your article on 'Praying for Bush,' never knew you had it in you, spitting brimstone and fire, forgot you were a Sagittarius too....just like me. Will have to call you 'Francis the Terrible' now and love it!!! Thank you for your words of fire, they gave me instant energy! The more I know you the more I love and appreciate you..
Your friend, brother, and comrade
in the war against the archons,
Holger the Terrible.

        Sun, 30 Mar 2003 16:56:18 -0800 (PST)
   From: claudia dikinis <>
     To: Donald Grabau <>

O, Donaldo!
Many people are fooled by this wooly-headed nonsense. They fear that if they don't do the politically correct, new age prayin' for Bush, they are "unspiritual."  Praying for Bush is like praying for Hitler to stop gassing jews. Oh, pullleeezzzeeee. It is easy to show up to a beautiful beach and sway to candlelight. It is not so easy to handcuff yourself to your brothers and sisters and lie down in Lexington Avenue in New York City and bring the city to a halt in protest. Nor is it as so easy to take out your checkbook and give money to "STOP THE WAR" efforts.

We haven't seen ANYTHING yet, my brother. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Wait until it gets so bad for Bush via Iraq he drops a tactical NUKE to "get the war to go his way." Or plants the WMD's on him like bad cops doing a bad bust on a gangsta rappa' in East L.A.

Oh, brother of mine! We art FUCKED!!!!

Love, Sista' Claudia

Praying for Bush! Hell, Michael Corleone went to the Catholic Church every Sunday -- so does all the *real* mafia. It didn't make them stop murdering and engaging in all manner of rackets, including profiteering in prostitution, drugs, gambling and the like.

And who am I to say that I know what God ought to be doing about all this by beaming my love at Titus Livius Dubya Bushianus? Christians tried to save the Roman Empire by praying to keep the barbarians out, but it fell anyway, folks!  And why is it that the "Stepford Children" of the New Age, special "psychic ones," prayers are supposed to be more "effective" than the desperate mother in Ethopia who prays for one grain of rice to feed her starving baby ?

So, is it God, that capricious "deus ex machina" of Christianity, or is it humanity itself that needs to take responsibility for its character defect of greed made manifest in geopolitics?  Again, who am I to say that I know what God wants done?  Who am I to say that my prayers and my vision of what's "good" is better than the visions of Christ or Buddha?  "Is the servant greater than the master?"  For all I know God wants Bush to do exactly what he's doing because it is forwarding some plan that I know nothing about!  And no, I'm not talking the Book of Revelation or even Edgar Cayce here! And certainly not Nostradamus!

It is us. The human race that must see to its own "salvation." We can't take heaven by storm if we are still unable to wage peace with "unrighteous mammon!"  Brillant work Donaldo!!  Brilliant!!  Thanks for quoting me, too, on your newest page!!

Love, Claudia


Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2003 16:11:41 -0500

Hi Donald,
All I can see is the morbid coda in Kafka's Metamorphosis-i.e. the parents consuming their offspring.
Same with the Indigo Children.
They are being consumed, -their idealism, wit and charm- all being consumed.
Sure, they are the 'hope for tommorrow'.
But considering what they are up against -i.e. the expectations of their New Age parents to save the world w/ their Indigo Innocence,
it seems unlikely.  I went to this so called 'forum' meeting when I was on Kauai-and all this talk about some
Indigo child was being bantered about -but as per usual no walk.
My intuition is to stay as far as possible away from the people that adulate these kids  -adulating them in the wrong way and for the wrong reasons.

Love Jaye