A Gnostic View Of The Twenty-First Century

Francis Donald Grabau

" In every cry of every Man
In every Infant’s cry of fear,
In every voice, in every ban,
The mind-forg’d manacles I hear."

These are the cutting words of the Gnostic poet, William Blake, echoing in our ears as the Twenty-First Century begins. The Earth, and all the life forms living upon her are under extreme stress. There is wide-spread pollution and poisoning of the global eco-systems which sustain natural, biological life around the world. We all know this, and we know that the poisoned pollution originates most predominantly from industrialized civilization, from the ‘civilization’ of Western European White Man, from his obsession with word games, with business and paper money, and his ‘detached-objective’ fascination with his own mind and its scientific inventions. He’s engulfed the entire planet within his Global Corporate Brain determined to bring all ‘natural resources’ within the confines of that mental chess board, intent on controlling and exploiting every element of Nature through the strategy of his money games. And in this one-pointed obsession with his ‘profit making’ and ‘rational’ goal he acts like the One-Eyed Cyclops of Old, like the ancient Gnostic Demiurge, the Dark Lord Sauron luring all and everything into the Land Of Shadows toward Mount Doom. He has forged a central ring of power with himself in the middle. Blindly, irreverently he clings to his mind-forged manacles, frantically attempting to lock up, to buy, sell, appropriate and steal all that lives on the face of Mother Earth.

But he can’t do this alone. His strategy requires the collusion, whether conscious or unconscious, of many other men, women, and children on the planet acting as pawns in his game. Without our assistance he can’t realize his mass-destructive myth, that relentlessly dull and ignorant march toward death and oblivion. Nevertheless, his dark power is hypnotically potent and he blindly believes that all resistance to his monolithic end-game is futile. So, what are our chances for escape ? Is there a way out of this depressing mess ? Or, as the American author, Michael Moore, has put it in his current #1 New York Times bestseller, how do we deal with "Stupid White Men" …and other sorry excuses for the state of the World?

Well, let’s follow the suggestion of the old proverb and study our ‘enemy’. You gotta get to know him! Especially if you are (as both Michael Moore and I are) born in this same stupid white male skin! I hope you realize that the White Race of Men believe they are naturally, genetically, inherently superior to all other races. Don’t let their tricky words fool you; they just know deep down in their clean christian guts that it’s their job to save us all from the Darkness that is Evil! Like General Electric, they believe that ‘PROGRESS’ is their most important product. They want us to buy a lightbulb, buy a car, get a TV and an air-conditioner, and then be sure to shit in an in-door toilet! Now, my friends, you gotta be able to think in their language if you wanna know what they’re up to. But, hey, watch out when you do ‘cause they’ve carefully designed and developed this language of theirs into depressingly ‘logical’ dead ends, and if you’re not careful when you use it you’ll tie yourself up in knots. You’ll freeze your heart stiff ‘till you’re forced to buy from your White Overlords one of those scientific pacemakers, keep your brains turning in ruts of rounds ‘till you end up gulping down their Prozac, Praxil, and Zoloft. But most of all, you gotta watch out for their hidden persuaders, their inaudible electronic broadcasts aimed directly at your soul.

Everywhere the White Man goes his tricks, gadgets, and anal-retentiveness follow him. He always arrives with a gun in one hand, a bible (of one kind or another) in the other, and his back pockets stuffed with ‘aids’ …like chemical cleansers and lubricated latex condoms. He be the wealthy and progressive man, the 666 Beast he fears! His God sent him out from the Garden Of Eden on a mission to tag everything with a name and number, to organize it all for his Lord; he finds ‘salvation’ in counting his lists and cataloging his dollars. He’s on his way to ‘Heaven’ where all the streets are paved with Gold and pure, White Angels play God’s HAARP! Never lose track of the fact that this God of his is the God of Ten Commandments, the Righteous God who put the White Man here to run his ‘real-estate’ and pack-off all the poor and homeless sinners to eternal damnation in a fiery Hell. God made the One Ring out of his own golden Shadow, and then he made nine more for mortal white men so they can act as his Pied-Pipers playing the tune that’ll lead us all to the blazing crack of damnation in Mordor’s Mount Doom.

Obviously, what I’m saying here is a Gnostic view of the game: the White Man’s ‘God’ is schizophrenic, half good and half crazy. His right hand never knows what his left hand’s doing; he’s Jesus Christ Superstar and Judas wrapped up into ONE! And he’s bound and determined to convert the whole Earth and everyone on it to his brand of thought: Monotheism, Monopoly, Mayhem! Surely, he speaks English. Definitely, he’s always right. He’s gotta be the Mastermind who created every world, and soul, and game. He’s always the Winner ‘cause he makes up all the rules. There’s no game in the Universe that isn’t his invention, so let’s spin the Wheel Of Fortune and throw dice with this ‘God’. Let’s play the game of All & Everything using his Wheel to gaze upon the Birth Chart for the current 21st Century! Maybe he’ll show us the Ace hidden up his sleeve.

And the Wheel stops at ? Well, it depends upon your point of view or where you’re standing. In the White Man’s Universe only his ‘God’ can be ubiquitous; all the rest of us humans are not Divine, but localized in space at a given latitude and longitude inside the flow of time. I’ve chosen to locate the Wheel at the latitude and longitude of Washington D.C. because it’s the Capitol of the biggest, ‘bestest’, richest, and most powerful Center controlled by Stupid White Men.

I’ve stopped the Wheel there just as the first second of Time occurs marking the Century’s turn-over from the digits 19 (Nineteen) to the digits 20 (Twenty), but it has almost identical meanings no matter where you are on the face of this planet…we is all God’s children, remember. His little darkies, his pawns. Yes, even his White Trash children have a place to labor in his Fallen and sinful world. What we’ve got in this ‘freeze-frame’ of his Wheel Of Fortune is nothing less than the blueprint for the next hundred years, his ‘game-plan’ for the 21st Century. We are standing inside the RING OF POWER hoping to find the flaws in its loops, looking for ways to get out from under the money maze of the White Man’s only God, to escape from his Global Corporate Monopoly. And what do we see ? Well, let’s focus our Gnostic vision.

Focus, in astrological circles, is largely a question of using the energies symbolized by the planet Saturn. In the 21st Century chart we find Saturn resting in the sign of Taurus which is the energy-field known as ‘fixed earth’. Saturn focused in Taurus declares that our collective concern, that what we will have to take most seriously in this century is the physical reality of the Earth herself. Saturn tells us that we must be serious, focused, and most clearly aware of our limitations and responsibilities toward the Lands we live on. The Land will increasingly be the focus of our greatest concerns and, since Taurus symbolizes all things physical, our bodies as well as the food we grow out of the Earth will also demand our critical attention. We are being told by the ‘stars’ to take the state of the Earth’s Soil to heart, to focus our responsible awareness on the healthy production of food, grains, and vegetables in the ‘earthiest’ of earthy ways. And that means natural, organic cultivation of healthy crops for food.

Taurus is the domain of taste, smell, touch, and all the human senses when firmly grounded in Mother Nature. In Gnostic terms, Taurus is the physically manifest realm of Sophia, the Wisdom-Love aspect of the all-embracing fullness of space-time, the Pleroma. Horned animals, especially the horned Cows are traditionally spoken of as ‘Sacred’ to the Great Mother Sophia because their upturned horns echo the curvature of the Moon as the Mirror of the Mother’s soft, fertile, and sensuous light. Taurus is the preeminent realm of the Feminine in astrology for Venus ‘rules’ this sign and the Moon is ‘exhalted’ in it. So, we can see that all things feminine, organic, nurturing, and physically reproductive will demand our careful Saturn attention and on-going focus throughout the coming century.

The fact that Saturn is also retrograde (Rx –appearing to move backwards in the sky) as the century begins points to the additional fact that organic-reproductive attention to the body of the Earth Mother as well as our own human bodies is not a new issue we are suddenly going to be concerned with, but an old issue which must be approached again in new ways. In so far as Saturn symbolizes focus, seriousness and boundaries its retrograde appearance in the century’s ‘blueprint’ or ‘game plan’ indicates that we must gravely re-evaluate our collective human assumptions, rules, and definitions concerning the true nature of organic physical matter. Old traditions and paradigms about the nature of organic sexual reproduction will be in serious focus for us. And as Saturn is equally the symbol of human bones, human aging, and human time these issues will concern us as well.

Defining the boundaries of our own bodies has led us into the Human Genome Project and the manipulation of our cells. We have been cloning our own cells and the cells of plants and animals. Our Stupid White Man tactics in these areas have given rise to earnest questions concerning the nature of life. Core issues have arisen which strike at the very roots of human psychological and spiritual beliefs. Who shall make the ‘rules’ concerning such activities as cloning of human and animal embryos and the genetic modification of plant seeds ? Saturn, as the keeper of Authority will be ‘creating’ laws and rules in these fields of human endeavor and, as Saturn was in nearly exact (120 degree) ‘trine’ aspect to the Sun in Capricorn when the century began, his Authority and power are greatly increased by the flowing energy inherent in this aspect. Saturn ‘rules’ the political, religious, economic and social laws of the government which is Capricorn. Politically Conservative and financially based authorities within Corporate Global Government are apt to be defining the genetic rules on the basis of their monolithic, and one-eyed focus on ‘profits’. Monsanto. Dow. Dupont.

To all this there is an additional and very significant other factor which must be thrown into the Saturn-Taurus mix; in the ‘American’ 21st Century chart pictured here Saturn’s activity is taking place in the 8th house, the house of psychic-physical inheritance, the house of the dead, the most occult of all the houses. Curiously, the 8th house also locates a given nation’s exports, its National Debt, its insurance rates, and its birth-death rates. Let that brew in your brain just a bit!

All the Saturn in Taurus themes I’ve sketched will be pointedly focused within the United States in terms of its death exports: its weapons industry and its genetically engineered, non-reproductive ‘terminator’ seeds
.The World must keep a sharp eye on America shipping its death-business overseas. Why do I stress this ?

Just take a look at the placement of the Moon in this chart; it’s located in the 2nd house of the nation’s earned income flow, its values, its banks and stock exchanges, trade and commerce, its National Treasury. And the Moon rests in the sign of Scorpio which is the Energy-Field of Purgation, the elimination of toxins from the body and of poisons from the Earth. In this Mundane and National chart for the United States in the 21st Century the Moon is primarily operative as a symbol for the masses, for the people themselves, for their water supplies and crops. Droughts, and increasingly poisoned water supplies are likely to be in our collective, global future as the dry, contractive force of Saturn opposes the watery tides of the Moon.

The collective mood of the mass-psyche is depicted here in Scorpionic terms as deep, sexual, anal and brooding. And this Moon is ‘applying’ from 9 degrees and 49 minutes of Scorpio to a very tight (180 degree) opposition aspect with Saturn at 10 degrees and 24 minutes of Taurus. The serious, responsible, and contracting forces of Saturn are pulling in a ‘tug-of-war’ with the feelings of Americans (and others) as those feelings are centered in their Scorpio reproductive organs and anuses. Tight asses result. Tight finances. All kinds of emotional constipation. Authoritative and legal rules are being set in motion to restrict the public flow of traffic in America and other countries will be urged to follow suit; new airport security legislation in America already imposes a focused agenda of delay and contraction. The peoples’ feelings are being restricted by the government’s authority. Stern controls are likely to be imposed upon sexual activities and biological reproduction. Genetically mutated viruses are being secretly manufactured for use as weapons against the Mother Earth and her peoples.

The CEOs of the Saturn and Capricorn Corporate Businesses are busily creating and distributing their genetically engineered seeds which are specifically designed to be infertile so that no farmer anywhere can freely plant the seeds of this year’s crop next year. The seeds of the Moon in Scorpio are being genetically engineered as sterile death seeds by Corporate America, and they are exporting these seeds globally to make big profits, to virtually control the food chain around the globe. No money, no seeds. No condom, no sex. No credit card, no ticket. Tight-ass governmental control. All focused by way of the Moon’s opposition to Saturn from the 2nd to the 8th houses of money, sex, and food.

A very repressive police force, a tightly controlled citizenry, and an increasingly toxic, chemically treated water supply threatens the United States and other areas of the world in the coming century. Constipated feelings are being induced in the global populace as National Traits. The only feelings openly encouraged for public display are phony, flag-waving sentiments of unquestioning (but highly questionable) ‘Patriotism’. The rings of human sphincter muscles lining the intestines leading to the anus are and will increasingly be functioning spasmodically. A nation of consumers loaded down with corporate shit will desperately try to sell it as exportable goods. The Gross National Product of America is likely to depend upon the manufacturing, buying, and marketing of the poisons of death. Corporations in the United States continue to supply the greater part of all biological warfare products to the ‘terrorists’ around the World. Not a pretty picture, but there’s more.

Look for Pluto inside the Ring of the chart, look for the Dark Lord of Death, the Invisible God of all Wealth and Power and where do you find him ? 

He holds court in the sign of Sagittarius in the 3rd house of communications with Chiron, the Shamanic (Wounded-Healer) God sitting at his right hand. Death, power, wealth, invisibility, woundedness and potential healing are thoroughly combined in this configuration. Well, perhaps that’s good news; Pluto is known as the Raper of Persephone so maybe Chiron can heal him. But Pluto and Chiron are so close together in such a tight ‘conjunction’ that it’s as if Chiron were sitting on Pluto’s lap. An intimate tete-a-tete is taking place; they are spatially separated by less than one tenth of one degree. Yipes! It’s virtual incest! And (ask again) where is this incestuous relationship of power, wealth, death, rape, and woundedness (in search of healing) hanging out ? Why in Sagittarius, of course, sign of religion, publications, judges, courts, universities, and propaganda! Whoopee! This looks like fun, right folks ? The priests and judges making righteous propaganda are doing so with all the perverted intensity of religious moralists who can’t live up to the ethical standards they preach. Their efforts and their fervor will increase. Endless revelations are currently unfolding concerning Catholic Priests sexually abusing women & boys in every country; total amorality within the Global Corporate family of Enron, the Carlyle Group; the whole stinking edifice of two-faced, shameless money-making hypocrisy will come tumbling down. Or will it ?

After all, these transgressions are taking place in the 3rd house of National Daily Communications and that means the presses, the radio and television stations owned and controlled by the Global Corporate Media. Would you confess your sins and wipe your ass in public ? Do you think they will ? I don’t think so. Not without a fight. These days the meaning of sociopath is virtually the same as the phrase Global Corporate Business. Citizens, in the coming century will have to do battle with secret propaganda invisibly broadcasted as daily, national communication. Fox and CNN in America are nothing compared to this covert global strategy. Clandestine broadcasts of inaudible Extra Low Frequency radio waves are already over-riding the natural electrical currents that travel around our physical bodies and thru our brains. It’s a lot like radioactivity that way; how can you defend yourself from an attack you can’t hear, or feel, or see, or smell until it’s too late ? Talk about ‘Terrorism’ !

Were you to ask me why I’m giving such a scary or ‘negative’ interpretation to what I’m discussing here, I’d call your attention to the fact that Saturn in Taurus is engaged in a ‘Q’ kind of relationship with both Pluto and Chiron. You know the reputation of those Q words: quirky, questionable, queer, quaint, quarrelsome, Quasimodo! Well, Saturn is engaged in a (150 degree) Quincunx relationship with both Pluto and Chiron from the sign Taurus in the 8th house of purgation, death, and transformation. The authority of Saturn is in bed with the religion and propaganda of Sagittarius in a questionable relationship marked by a need for continuous adjustment. Well just how adjustable do you think Saturn is likely to be, - symbolizing as he does the Authority of the Establishment, and ensconced as he is in the ‘fixed earth’ sign of stubborn, bull-headed Taurus ?

Authority figures in government, business, and religion will be increasingly rigid and employing ever more blatant techniques to manipulate the masses through the media. Censorship is already in great evidence but is likely to increase dramatically. Since Sagittarius is also concerned with long distance travel out of any given country, we can expect every country to begin insisting on more and more stringent requirements in order for its citizens to obtain passports and visas. The Saturn-Pluto-Chiron agenda suggests the likelihood of ID chips under the skin, implants placed in people for ‘tracking’ purposes, and as soon as possible… for ‘security’ reasons, you know!  Think of the movement known as "Transhumanism", pay attention to what that planned program is all about. ( Know ? No, what is your ‘need to know’ ? )

In fact, the energy of Sagittarius, with its inclination to substitute judgmental righteousness for fair play whenever under stress (the Spanish Inquisition) is already showing up strongly in the United States since the events of 9/11/2001. Heretics and terrorists are becoming synonymous terms; dissenters from the Saturnian status-quo will be ruthlessly harassed and persecuted. Political Christianity will be the big ‘sinner’ in America (and probably other countries as well) in this regard. Americans, we must never forget, pledge their allegiance to One Nation Under God –by which they really mean One Nation As God. And with Jupiter, the symbol of religious expansiveness and shared social uplift, operating thru the sign of Aries, the energy-field of spontaneous self-assertion and aggressiveness, such religious aggression is likely to increase everywhere around the planet.

All such willful aggression will be philosophically justified through the (135 degree) sesquiquadrate aspect Jupiter in fiery Aries makes back to Pluto and Chiron conjunct in the philosophical-religious sign of Sagittarius (which it traditionally ‘rules’). The sesquisquare is an aspect noted for its restless outreach, its ability to give folks a feeling of ‘mission’, and its accelerated sense of willpower. Righteous christian zealots will most likely be signing up by the scores with ‘Homeland Security’ officers to spy upon and denounce their ‘godless’, unpatriotic neighbors. Pathetic characters such as George W. Bush will continue to claim they are fighting ‘Evil’. Fiery, bombastic rhetoric will flow unwaveringly from the throats of virtuous, moralistic apologists of every Nation.

But the situation with regard to all this is especially intense in the United States because the Jupiter in Aries of the 21st Century chart falls very close to the Chiron, Wounded-Healer function in America’s birth chart! Americans, as a people, are always basically insecure; they just mask that insecurity in cocky, quick, and pushy displays of pretended self-assurance. This Century they are likely to reach astounding new heights in their fiery aspiration to appear competent and decisive. They are likely to instigate more wars and ecological devastation all around the globe. Why do I say that, and what is at the root of America’s insecurity ?

Unlike the British, or the Germans, Italians, or French, Americans were not and are not truly aligned with the Lands they live on.

Our ancestors sailed the seas and brought us here in ships: we were a bedraggled troop of European cast-a-ways. Our ancestors were composed mostly of persecuted religious sects like the Puritans, and a wide assortment of thieves, smugglers, and European misfits. As soon as they got a foothold on the continent’s shores they began a ruthless-relentless drive to exterminate the Indigenous people (who truly called the continent their home) as they fought, stole, pillaged, and raped their way from sea to shining sea. They mastered the art of the lie; they broke every ‘treaty’ they ever made with their generous ‘Native American’ hosts. After stealing the Land, they became its buyers and sellers and plunged into the ‘business’ of dividing it up amongst themselves. Americans treated the Land as their ‘real-estate’ onto which they rapidly began the importation of the indigenous peoples of Africa as their Slaves! But they don’t like this story, factual as it is. They prefer their own ‘Romantic’ and white-washed version of the story of America. (Look into this Mirror all you Australians, Canadians, and New Zealanders etc. out there!) It’s a lie, of course, and the heavens give testimony to this lie as soon as one takes a good look at America’s birth chart, the chart cast at the signing of the Declaration Of Independence. Take a look:

The Land base of a nation is indicated by the cusp of the 4th house in the chart cast for its official birth as a nation. In America’s chart that 4th house begins at 2 degrees plus of Aries, a Mars ruled sign. Aries is spoken of in astrology as the sign of pioneering new beginnings; hence, the Americans refer to their history as Pioneers. Red is the color which carries the vibratory energy of Aries, and red is also the color traditionally assigned to Mars. Americans have always referred to the indigenous peoples who were living here when they arrived as ‘The Red Men’or Indians. The Land was and still is Red Man’s Land.

Now there are two factors that stand out when one looks at America’s ‘roots’ through Aries and the Nation’s 4th house: Chiron, symbol of the Wounded-Healer function is in that sign and house forming a square aspect to the country’s mind and voice embodied in its Mercury in Cancer function, and Mars –the ‘ruling planet’ of Aries, is in Gemini in another and tighter square aspect to Neptune in Virgo. These two outstanding factors in America’s national chart reveal the root-essence of the aggression and bombast masking the deep insecurities of Americans. Let’s take a deeper look at each of these two factors.

It seems evident that with Chiron [ symbol of the qualitative nature (by sign) and of the area of activity (by house) of a Nation’s Wound ] located in the action-oriented, directly assertive and aggressive sign of Aries in the Nation’s 4th house, the literal physical Land of the Nation, Americans all collectively share together in an ARIES WOUND with regard to how they experience and relate to the physical Land they live on. They treat their own Land base with excess of aggression, action, and assertive force. Aries is the Springtime energy full of fiery renewal characterized by a spontaneous outrush of impulsive, non-reflective enthusiasm.

JUST DO IT!’ is Aries’ motto. And the ‘Stupid White Men’ who landed on America’s shores beginning with Columbus & Company did ‘just do it’. They went into immediate, heavily negative Aries action by incrementally instigating a series of non-stop Wars against their predominantly friendly hosts. Stupid White Americans have never ceased their wars against Native Americans and still do not recognize their Federal Government’s thinly disguised policy of genocide toward all the remaining descendants of these people who now possess only small plots of their original Land base euphemistically called ‘Reservations’.

Contemporary Americans, whether they consciously know it or not, are still at WAR with their own LAND BASE! They treat the Earth they live on as just so much ‘real estate’and with the spontaneous, non-reflective abuse of negative Aries Fire. The first ‘Atomic Bomb’ ever detonated on the face of the Earth was detonated at Trinity Site, New Mexico on the desert soil in America’s vast Southwest !

They still detonate Nuclear Bombs on their soil to this very day. Their Land is home to more lethal radioactive waste than any other place on Earth (with the possible exception of Russia). It continues to seep into their streams and rivers as it continues to lethally radiate their air. They aggressively pour more and more radioactive fire onto their abused and raped Soil. But chances are very slim that Americans will ever be able to grasp with their conscious brains just how wounded, how violent and non-reflective they are as a people because the Nation’s Mercury function, its collective Brain, is in stressful square aspect to Chiron, its collective Wound at the Nation’s birth. Stupid White Americans prefer to see only the spontaneous initiative of their collective mentality. They see themselves as doers, achievers, active ‘go-getters’! But aggression and war are at the very roots of their collective heritage. They act and react abruptly and quickly without much forethought or afterthought. They are, as a Nation, a very volatile and dangerous people who need to be carefully watched by the rest of the world.

Americans have their ROOTS in Aries which is the zodiacal sign of Children as well as Warriors. They are infantile and juvenile when it comes to understanding their responsibilities within the global family of Nations. Ironically, their childlike qualities are the potential HEALING gift hidden within their CHIRON WOUND found in Aries. Americans, as a people, and America, as a country has a real healing gift to share with the rest of humanity; it is the Aries gift of ever renewed and ever enthusiastic New Beginnings. But before they can access their innocent childlike gift they will have to resolve their collective ‘Karma’ as a People. That collective American Karma is perhaps best understood by turning our attention to the second outstanding factor in the country’s chart, -the square aspect between Mars and Neptune.

While Mars is the planet of action and accomplishment, Neptune is the planet of imagination and karma, and when action and karma are in stressful square aspect in a Nation’s chart the real accomplishment of the People of that Nation will come about when they learn how to deal with their Nation’s karma. In America’s founding chart Mars is in what astrologers call a ‘waning’ square to Neptune, and this kind of square is best understood (thanks to the work of Dane Rudhyar) as a ‘crisis in consciousness’ which must be resolved through the surrender of one kind of action in favor of another. The kind of surrendering action required by America’s waning square from Mars in Gemini to Neptune in Virgo is of the nature of the Taoist teaching concerning the ‘action of no action’. Minimally stated, America and Americans need to learn how to receive, how to reflect, how to keep their powder dry!

What is called for by this square is an imaginative approach to action, how to appreciate the active dynamic of receptivity, how to simply ‘let’ things happen. It calls for an attentive approach to all activity, a reflective and digested approach. Don’t run off half-cocked into battle; keep your powder dry, learn to bide your time. Think about the obvious future ramifications of your actions before you just hot-headedly ( Aries ) leap into them.

simply refers to the expectable, logical, and on-going consequences that result from any action. Americans need to reflect upon the actions of their ‘pioneering’ ancestors, those ‘stupid white men’ who obtained the ‘American’ Land base by systematically stealing the Land from its indigenous inhabitants while simultaneously slaughtering them year after year and acre after acre as they pillaged their way across the continent from sea to shining sea. Those bloody actions have set the tone of America’s karma and they demand redress.

This redress is not a simple monetary, political, or ethical issue of atonement. It's a Neptune issue, a spiritual, imaginative, and psychic issue. America and all Americans are psychically ‘haunted’ by the spirits of the ‘Indians’ slaughtered on the Land.  It is doubtful that any man ever expressed this issue better than Chief Seattle who said:

" Every part of this soil is sacred in the estimation of my people. Every hillside, every valley, every plain and grove, has been hallowed by some sad or happy event in days long vanished. Even the rocks, which seem to be dumb and dead as they swelter in the sun along the silent shore, thrill with memories of stirring events connected to the lives of my people, and the very dust upon which you now stand responds more lovingly to their footsteps than yours, because it is rich with the blood of our ancestors, and our bare feet are conscious of the sympathetic touch.

Our departed braves, fond mothers, glad, happy-hearted maidens, and even the little children who lived here and rejoiced here for a brief season, still love these somber solitudes and at eventide they greet us as shadowy returning spirits.

And when the last Red Man shall have perished, and the memory of my tribe shall have become a myth among the White Men, these shores will swarm with the invisible dead of my tribe, and when your children's children think themselves alone in the field, the store, the shop, upon the highway, or in the silence of the pathless woods, they will not be alone.

In all the earth there is no place dedicated to solitude. At night when the streets of your cities and villages are silent and you think them deserted, they will throng with the returning hosts that once filled them and still love this beautiful land. The White Man will never be alone.

Let him be just and deal kindly with my people, for the dead are not powerless.

Dead, did I say? - There is no death, only a change of worlds."

Chief Seattle reveals in these words the core issue of America’s karma; it is a Nation unconsciously obsessed, unaware of its coming rendezvous with death and the realm of the dead.

That realm is identified in astrology as the 8th house of a chart, and America’s Mercury Brain is located in that 8th house while functioning in introspective, retrograde fashion in Cancer. The 8th house describes a Nation’s psychic inheritance, its relationship to the values and concepts of sharing which have been psychically passed down from its founding ancestors. It is the house of death and rebirth, and America’s collective brain lives in its 8th house. Our white ancestors were extremely fortunate in that they had the opportunity to live among the ‘Indians’ who were a People profoundly conscious of and in direct spiritual communion with the Nature Spirits of their Land, and the Guardian Spirits of their Dead. Many surviving Native Americans still are. And something of all this has ‘rubbed off’ onto every American, it echoes hauntingly in our shared psyche.

Our collective Mercury Brain is also in a very tight (180 degree) opposition aspect with retrograde Pluto at the Nation’s birth, and Pluto is the very Lord of the Dead, the God of the Land of the Dead, the Dark Ruler of the Collective Unconscious. Is it any wonder that Americans are unconsciously obsessed with Death ? Is it not more than just ‘interesting’ that an American scientist, Glenn Seaborg, ‘created’ the first man-made artificial element and named it Plutonium ? Yes, an American literally made a physical substance and named it Death! It was this substance that composed the core of the ‘Christy Bomb’ –the first Atomic Bomb ever detonated on Earth and detonated on American Soil. Are you getting the picture ? Americans are secretly, karmically obsessed with Death. But astrologically speaking, the other side of Death is Money.

Pluto is not only the traditional Lord of Death, he’s also the equally traditional Lord of Wealth for his realm is beneath the surface of the Mother Earth where she nurtures her gold, silver, diamonds, and oil. Pluto is known as the wealthiest of all the Gods even as America likes to be known as the wealthiest of all the Nations. While most Americans seem oblivious to their unconscious obsession with death, they’re all aware of their desire for money. It is safe to say that most Americans secretly dream of getting rich quick. Anybody can get rich quick in America, right ? They invented the ‘get-rich-quick’ Quiz Shows: the $64,000 Question, the Wheel Of Fortune, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ? Little do they realize how deep is the bond between death and wealth.

The Manhattan Project which gave them the first Atomic Bomb had a literally unlimited budget; all the gold in their famous (now depleted) Fort Knox was made available for that project. The very surface of the sphere of the first Plutonium Bomb ever exploded in America was literally patched up with gold from Fort Knox after it had developed cracks on its surface. America sent that gold up into the stratosphere in the form of a mushroom cloud along with strontium ninety and unknown millions of other particles of matter, -all rendered radioactive in the flash of a nano-second.

Ah yes, the Dark Lord Pluto gnashing his radiant teeth in a broad smile over Nuclear America. Death, casually coming by on a cloud for a visit, dropping dollars wherever he goes. And watch out World, he’s coming your way this 21st Century all dressed up as Uncle Sam, Chief Executive Officer and Commander And Chief of the One World Corporate Government ! He’s the richest bully on the block with the most missiles and the worst bombs and all the newest biological weapons in red, white, and blue. When he farts whole countries go down for the count: aids, ebola, and anthrax are just the first wave of his scent. Count the tons of depleted radioactive Uranium he’s left behind him (dumped) in Bosnia and Iraq. How does he regard Afghanis ? Why, they’re just ‘trailer trash’! Uncle Sam holds the singular and questionable distinction of being the STUPIDEST of ‘Stupid White Men’. His greed is his own death wish, but Freud is dead too and can’t help him. Who can ?

Only the American People, and only when they realize that Uncle Sam’s current incarnation as G. W. Bush is the very embodiment of their collective Chiron in Aries Wound…the Warrior Buckaroo Kid! All show; no substance. A Howdy-Doody Puppet of a Juvenile President used to arouse, entertain, and distract the flag waving populace from the real power figures within their recently unveiled ‘Shadow Government’.

In the chart for the 21st Century, America appears in the center of the Ring Of Power. Not as a Nation or a People or a Land base, but as a Pentagon housing the International Corporations of the Dark Lord. A Gnostic view of the World and Time understands that there are in this Creational Universe operative entities and forces of an entropic kind. Retardent forces, psychic energy constructs of a binding and powerful nature traditionally referred to as ‘Evil’. Archons, if you like. And to the ‘average’ human being these ‘Evil Archons’ are Invisible; we know them only through the dark events they generate. These entities taken collectively constitute what I am calling (in league with J.R. Tolkien) the Dark Ring Of Power, a secret and closed circle of fearful and fear engendering ‘creatures’.

By virtue of our existence in dense material form we humans rub shoulders with these creatures, and can even be ‘invited’ to join ranks with them entering into their closed circle. We can act as their obedient ‘citizens’ controlled by their Pentagon, but once we yield ourselves to the hideous forces housed within that Mordor there is no exit until our physical death and even that death does not automatically free us from their Ring.

Remember, for the most part these creatures do not consistently inhere in dense physical bodies. But they are very masterful wielders of Power and Form which gives them great affinity with the two planets of Power and Form, -respectively Pluto and Saturn, the two planets dominating the Wheel of the Twenty-First Century.

As the Century began in January of 2000 Saturn was forming that notorious quincunx relationship with Pluto from Taurus to Sagittarius, but last year in 2001 Saturn moved ahead into Gemini and initiated a series of three exact oppositions it would eventually form with Pluto. Two of those oppositions have already taken place and are directly related to the events unfolding in America and every other Nation consequent to the ‘terrorist’ attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Arlington. The attacks on these two building complexes can be seen as attacks on the One World Corporate Global Government and its Police Headquarters. These attacks, -coming as they did with the Saturn to Pluto opposition series can be understood as symbolic acts aimed at dismantling the costly, wasteful, and destructive technological spell which ‘stupid white men’ have cast upon the Earth. The final one of the series occurs this year on May 25th 2002 and will further clarify the meaning in the minds of many as to what is going on. But all three of these oppositions occurred on or very near to the Ascendant-Descendant line of National Destiny in America’s birth chart, and this is why the United States can be seen as playing a central role in the confrontations with The Ring Of Power due to unveil themselves as the Century unfolds.[ Note also how Mars at 27+ degrees of Aquarius in the 21st Century chart conjoins the Moon at 27+ degrees of Aquarius in America’s birth chart and you will see how the War-like energies of Mars conjoin with the Mass-feelings of America’s Moon folks exciting them to hot-blooded action!] The Saturn to Pluto (150 degrees) quincunx marking the 21st Century as a whole ripens into the (180 degrees) opposition now, and since the opposition aspect refers –at its most positive level- to the opportunity for objective awareness leading to ‘enlightenment’ we may all expect that an enlightening revelation is at hand. But what is enlightenment, what is revelation ? Just to say what you see is a revelation, and to know what you know is enlightenment.

What we all see and know is the rapidly disintegrating quality of our lives, the acceleratingly lethal pollution of our shared global environment, the increasingly poisonous quality of the Earth’s oceans and our local drinking waters. These events are not inevitable events brought on by ‘fate’, they are primarily the result of Global Corporate Government and its devastatingly filthy industries producing costly junk consumer items and lethal war toys. These industries must be curtailed and finally stopped altogether. And these industries are in no way, shape, or form limited to the U.S. –they can be found in every ‘civilized’ or industrialized country around the planet. They are the ‘Progress’ brought to us by ‘Stupid White Men’ everywhere, and a ‘few’ of those stupid white men are black, or Asian or even Arabian, but it is probably safe to say that the U.S. and its War Machine centered in the Pentagon is the central Police Unit, the Mordor of their One Ring. That U.S. Pentagon is a literal building constructed in the classical fashion any Wizard might employ to cast a Spell.


It seems to me your ‘average American Joe’ or your average citizen of any other western technocracy thinks ‘Spells’ are things that only happen in Disneyland Movies, or in children’s storybooks, and certainly not in the real world of business and politics. But our Wizard friends, such as Gandalf (currently cavorting world-wide across movie screens in the newest version of The Lord Of The Rings), would point out that when a Wizard wants to make a Spell he might, like the United States Government, create a PENTAGON; but unlike our Government, a Good Wizard will make sure his magical PENTAGON is oriented in the proper way to serve the Good of all. He would make it clear that our Joint Chiefs Of Staff sit in a five sided Pentagon that is blatantly oriented toward the reverse of the Good and the furtherance of Mr. Bush’s fiendishly favorite word, Evil!

Yes, folks…a Pentagon is a Pentagram is a Five-Pointed Star, symbol of Man standing with legs and arms outstretched and head erect: 2 legs, 2 arms, 1 head = 5 pointed star, the Pentacle.


The Good Wizard aligns his head, and the top of his Star to the North Pole of the Earth where the electro-magnetic currents pour down from the surrounding Van Alan Belts, where the Pole Star resides alongside the great coiled Dragon of Stars known as Draco. And by doing so, the Good Wizard works in harmony with the FORCE of Divine Nature.

But an ‘evil’ Wizard, a Saruman, aligns the top of his Star and the force of his head with the South Pole where the Coalsack floats by the Great Magellanic Cloud, and his spread legs align his genitals to the incoming electrical FORCE from the North Pole. Thereby, the ‘evil’ Wizard reverses the order of Nature and openly displays his intent to use Her forces for his own, self-propagating (often sexual) pleasures.

He taps into the Cosmic Creative forces pouring onto Earth for his own personal ends, and not for the natural collective good. He works a Dark Spell. The forces wielded by the Joint Chiefs Of Staff at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia are not aligned with the collective good of this Nation, this World, or this Earth. The building is negatively aligned with its ‘head’ facing South. The Pentagon Building needs to be taken down because it is misaligned, because it is not the target of terrorists, it is actually a magical edifice specifically created to wreak the terror of 'Black Magick' on the planet. It is the Global Police Force Station for all ‘stupid white men’ around the planet, the Central Clearing Zone for industrial society’s most advanced and ‘scientific’ machines of death.

The Pentagon was constructed in the heat of W.W.II, and with the National Security Act of 1947 it became wedded under the name of the Department Of Defense to the newly formed Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Council.

These are the seats of real power in the United States and they are working hand-in-hand with the major Global Corporations to create the ‘New World Order’ of W. Bush’s Daddy and others. This is the very dark side of Retrograde Pluto (Ultimate Power) in Capricorn (Authority-Business-Money) in the 2nd house of values & money in the birth chart of America. And with Pluto now on the Nation’s Ascendant for the first time in its relatively brief existence as a sovereign country, this hidden, Top-Secret side of the Nation’s ‘karma’ is in our face. America’s obsession with death and money can no longer be masked.

It is a Nation characterized by short-sighted addiction to speed, profits, and impulsive actions. A Nation with a Chiron Wound in Aries, -sign of the War Maker- ruled by a National Mars function that is karmically stressed-out in square aspect to Neptune. America asserts itself covertly as a Nation in an escapist and negatively Neptunian manner. It fights (Mars) over oil (Neptune) and drugs (Neptune). Its speed-addicted citizens are kept entranced by its pharmaceutical industry which feeds them ‘uppers’, ‘downers’, and everything in between. Its media industry in bed with its drug industry and its Political Christianity broadcasts electronic deficit disorder disguised as television shows.

The people of America are distinguished by their point-blank refusal to come to grips with the genocidal policies which created their Nation right from the start. They are overwhelmingly asleep while simultaneously hyperactive, confused, and waiting for God (disguised as Regis Philbin or Billy Graham) to personally arrive at their front door with a million dollar check making them instantly rich and quickly blessed. They choose to do nothing about the well-reported and carefully proven FACT that G.W.Bush is NOT their duly elected President.

Astrology suggests that ‘because’ Saturn is currently in the sign of language and communication opposing Pluto myself and scores of others need to write about all this. Every citizen of this Nation needs to be thinking and speaking about this ‘karma’ publicly and for obvious reasons, not the least of which is that the public is the Moon and the (Progressed) Moon of America’s destiny is due to align with its ruling planet (Uranus) in a doubly emphatic manner this March of 2002 (doubly, because transiting Uranus will also be aligning with its Natal Moon) even as Saturn prepares for its third and final (for this current 29 year cycle) opposition with Pluto on May 25, 2002.

These and a number of other highly dramatic astrological factors (which the length of this essay prohibits me from laying out in specific detail) -all point to MAJOR CHANGE and SHOCK amongst the American citizenry. (One wanders why so many of them are reading Michael Moore’s book –detailing the illegally rigged election of Bush, and making it the best-selling book in the Nation ? Is this their response to these Uranus-Moon energies ?)

Shock is an awakener, and so is laughter and there can be ‘good’ and ‘bad’ shocks as there can be good and bad anythings! Clearly, this all conspires to create a WAKE-UP CALL for America the likes of which it has not seen before. Americans –and all other stupid white citizens of western technocracies around the globe are in need of (and ‘unconsciously’ preparing for) a revolution within ourselves -both collectively and individually. In practical terms, we are preparing to revolt against the proliferation of poisonous technology rapidly destroying our lives along with all other life on the Earth.

It’s no ‘accident’ that in the ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ chart cast for the 21st Century all the planets are contained within that half of the circle defined by the Moon in Scorpio in opposition to Saturn in Taurus; it’s a clear indication that all our energies (symbolized by all the remaining planets) will be brought to focus on the physical survival of organic life on Earth.

Like it or not, this is going to be a Tree-Hugger’s Century, a critical hundred years focused on Ecology, a Century when we must clean up the accumulated poisons from the previous 20th Century’s heavy industrialization and employ far cleaner technology. These fossil-fuel-burning and antiquated industries are well-established and won’t surrender their lucrative and privileged practices without fighting. And we common citizens are the workers and stockholders in these industries; we don’t want to lose our jobs or our dividends.

They have us by the balls, the boobs, and the bucks.

The people are the Moon in Scorpio bound in the waters of purgation, while established industries are Saturn in Taurus stubborn and resistant as the Bull. But this Saturn In Taurus has that Quincunx relationship to both Pluto and Chiron in Sagittarius, so the Establishment Authority has all the very considerable Power of Organized Religion and Wounded Media Moguls to assist it in preserving its Poisonous Privileges.

The Moon to Saturn opposition will polarize the situation, it will make the lines of division between the people [the 'haves' and the 'have-nots'] and the established authorities very clear-cut before a resolution can be achieved. And this polarization will become totally obvious as the 21st Century unfolds because the poisoned environments of the Earth, the toxic soils and waters and food chains will impact the common people ruled by the Moon in Scorpio before it will reach the wealthy, privileged establishment. The workers always live in the midst of the refuse (cities) from their Industries, and the bosses always live ‘on the right side of the tracks’ in the spacious homes (suburbs) eating the best of food. Healthy, wholesome water and food are going to be increasingly hard to come by but …do you think ENRON cares ?

The common man, the workers, the poor and anyone else hoping to live in the 21st Century would be wise to study and learn from indigenous people everywhere and support them in their struggles to maintain their independence from the Poisoning Corporate Machine because such people are likely to know a great deal more about the Spirit of the Earth, the plants and animals and rivers and winds than any Organized Religionist!

And this Century is the Century of the Earth and her Sister, the Moon who is found squaring her own Nodes, -the Mouth and Tail of the Great Dragon of Wisdom even as Saturn, keeper of the Measures of the coming ‘New Age’ does the same. It is a Century marked with the imprint of a Grand Square in Fixed Signs formed by Saturn, the Moon, and her North and South Nodes; the Dragon is restless in her square ring and she will break out. 

Earth In Upheaval
, Mr.Veilikovsky called it, but we can simply say the Time has come when we must Ride the Dragon past the Archons through the Ring Of Power.

Only real INDIVIDUALS can do this, and as they do so such individuals will recognize each other and be able to form ‘groups’ and take action. But these groups will NOT be operating at the behest of ANY AUTHORITY outside themselves because the only real authority is the authority each individual has to be self-determining, to be awake, aware, and choosing.

The positive function of Saturn is this ability to focus, structure, and give form to our actions. Consciousness is power-action of an invisible nature which wants to spill over into visible, physical power expressed in concrete actions.

But the One Ring of our shared Collective Unconsciousness seeks to bind all our thoughts and actions to its entropic, homogenous core. Terminator Seeds, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the International Monetary Fund, the New World Order -all of which are the One World Order of Monetary Monotheism. Stultifying entrapment in the closed circle of hidden authority binding all people of every nation to sterile conformity.

Hope rests in the Womb of the Moon as the vehicle for the Gnostic Sophia dispensing her Wisdom deep down in the unfathomable Waters of Scorpio where death gives way to a new birth. Hope rests in the purging and regenerative nature of those Scorpio Waters. Hope springs eternally from the human heart pulsing as it does to the only true ring of power, the Matrix, the Pleroma, the Wisdom Womb of Sophia. Love the Mother !


( Note: for further information and understanding of the Scorpio Moon in the chart of the 21st Century
please go to "Letters To Friends" and see the letter concerning the "Supramental Manifestation".)



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