A Brief Astrological Note
Concerning Representative Mark Foley,
Money, Torture, And The Politics Of Sexual Abuse In The 21st Century

Francis Donald Grabau

"Why should we hear about body bags and deaths?
It's not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?"

 .... Barbara Bush

Foley? Folly? 
Mark Foley? Is he the "mark"?
The "beast'?  Or just the tip of the Iceberg? Sensational distraction leading
away from the dirty secrets of the pornographic Military Commissions Act?  O, there goes my beautiful mind!

I've been following the hidden sex games going on among American politicians in the Congress & Senate all the way up to the White House for a long while.
(See footnotes below as urls.) Mainstream Media won't touch that stuff, usually ....except in the way it's doing right now, -with 'Representative' Foley.
Were I nuttier than I am, I'd say we have a bunch of Satanists permeating the CORPORATE, RELIGIOUS & POLITICAL CORRIDORS OF POWER
all around the planet.  The problem is that SATAN is a complex catch-all baggie too dear to the hearts of too many American Xtians
for me to speak poorly of "him".

I mean, anything that irritates Xtians is always & almost
only  ............. JUST THEIR SHADOW!

So what good to rant on about Satanists .............. the issue is HUMAN EVIL
which we have in abundance,  -the love of and craving for deliberately cruel actions perpetrated with a cool mind, -deliberately. It's a kind of LUST FOR POWER over others, complete control of others ....and that game ALWAYS has about it a SEXUAL scent-motive whether consciously deployed or not, don't you think? Furthermore, this LUST FOR POWER is inextricably wound up with GREED which is a manifestation of FEAR. Now, folks can call this "Satan" if they like, but I see no point in that.

I believe that the Pluto+Chiron conjunction in Sagittarius initiating this New Millenium and particularly this 21st Century of this New Millenium
speaks of a Sagittarian PHILOSOPHY rooted in the groin of the CENTAUR, and WOUNDED - a Wounded Philosophy. Follow? 
It's quincunx relationship to Saturn in Taurus shows that it is further colored by a kind of RIGID OBSTINACY centered in Taurus bodies and Taurus money/goods. A lewd and wholly materialistic philosophical belief system developing into a POWER CULT of SADISTIC CONTROL.

Astrology Chart 21st Century


Not so much "control" as abstention from any expression of any feeling regarding sex except for the feeling of CONTROL. The desire to completely control and humiliate others as a sexual form of self-stimulation. It is Masturbatory in essence, as befits the fact that JUPITER, ruler of this PLUTO+CHIRON conjunction in Sagittarius, is found in ME-FIRST ARIES as the Millenium opens. It translates as "MORE FOR ME" .... more money, more sex (viagra), more power.  All these many (Jupiter) isolated ME-FIRST FOLKS (Aries) assert themselves because Jupiter forms a Sesquiquadrate aspect to both Pluto and Chiron in Sagittarius -the philosophy of ME FIRST, a literal yearning vision of outreach (the essential meaning of the sesquiquadrate aspect) for justification of a philosophy or belief system (Sagittarius) exalting the Individual (Aries) over the group (Mars in Aquarius).

Mars & Venus (the sexual dyad of astrology) are in challenging SQUARE aspect to each other in the 21st Century chart. Venus, the faster moving planet representing DESIRE is separating by merely 3 degrees + 29 minutes from its exact waning SQUARE aspect to Mars (representing Action) as Venus is found at 1+ degree of Sagittarius while Mars is found at 27+degrees of Aquarius. This reveals a basic CONFLICT within individuals between their desires (Venus) and their actions (Mars) ....and because the waning SQUARE aspect was EXACT while Venus was in SCORPIO the sexual-financial nature of this discrepancy between desire and action is highlighted. So is Scorpio's theme of Death-Rebirth.
Call it 'Water Boarding'  ...and hold your breath, while Alberto Gonzales justifies it.

When Venus and Mars are in SQUARE aspect to each other what one WANTS and how one ACTS tend to be at odds with each other: hence G.W. Bush insists that America doesn't torture people while demanding and getting SENATE APPROVAL for TORTURE (Military Commissions Act).
Doublespeak-Doublethink, a clever device fostered by the attention-deficit media programming our collective lives.

A Clockwork Manchurian

The s&m sex scandals, the abusive sex with children, the pederasty as well as the sex-slave market are the logical remnants of the final phases of the Pisces-Virgo Age just drawing to a close for the next 50 years or so. Negative Pisces was graphically illustrated by Mel Gibson's orgiastic depiction of
"The Passion Of The Christ" -all that whipping and blood and cruelty inextricably part of the Piscean Jesus Saviour's message-demonstration of 'selfless', Piscean love.

And the gruesome DETAIL of all that torture of the "Saviour" is the Virgo shadow side of Pisces expressing as detached TECHNIQUE. I maintain that CAPITALISM -with its emphasis on Individual COMPETITIVE success achieved at the expense of COLLABORATION-COOPERATION with one's group, family, or friends is an inevitable outcome of the Holy Roman Empire's 'Christian' philosophy. SUFFERING is good; GOD suffered for your sins.  No pain, no gain. Lamb of God, who taketh away the sins of the world....

Bush in the Florida classroom reading 'My Pet Goat'. The Goat as symbol for Saturn-Capricorn. Society's victims as scapegoats.
'To scapegoat'   -taken as an ACTION, a VERB.

The Jesus Christ of organized religion was the PERFECT VICTIM
(a purely NEGATIVE manifestation of the Pisces urge toward selflessness). Hence,

GOOD PEOPLE are VICTIMS to be exploited, tortured, and sadistically killed by "Satanists" -or CEOs, or Bankers.
[ USA forces (Blackwater, Halliburton) in Fallujah.]  It's called "The Imitation Of Christ"  (see Saint Thomas à Kempis).
The Darwinian-Machiavellian-Malthusian notion known as SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

Therefore, historical Christianity merely gives lip service to the Piscean Ideal of SELFLESSNESS while always celebrating the RAW POWER of the dominant individuals who, like the FATHER of Jesus Christ, or the 'Holy Father' as Vatican Pope "reluctantly allow" their sons to be sadistically slaughtered for the "greater glory of god".


But everywhere in evidence in Corporate Capitalist Culture because that Culture is based upon the ONE, CENTRAL, "GODHEAD"
or Chief CEO of the Holy GOD Corporation which enslaves all mankind as its dutifully suffering "workers" intended to serve its PROFITS. PROPHETS are Sagittarian Archetypes, and with Pluto+Chiron conjunct in Sagittarius these "Prophets" reveal themselves to be wounded and wounding exploiters of the Moon opposite Saturn masses of humanity. And the utterly rigid holding power of Saturn in Taurus as this Millenium opened signifies this Authoritative Inflexibility in excessive tension (Quincunx aspect) to Pluto+Chiron in prophetable/profitable Sagittarius.

The plain fact is that Corporate Western Culture is a profound sickness and in order to survive in it each individual must ruthlessly compete with the other.
You gotta WIN. All SUCCESS is WINNING. Grab your own personal winnings, -your millions or billions or trillions if you can, and leave all the others in the dust! Ruthless. Cut-throat. Cruel & Sadistic as in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, the Murrah Building -in Oklahoma City, the Twin Towers, and New Orleans.
Get YOURS while you can for there is no tomorrow! Eat or be eaten. S&L, S&M.
Oh, and if you're not altogether vicious you "share" your ill-gotten bounty with your immediate family and/or friends.
Such a lovely belief system, such a charming way of life! Open the Pod-Bay Doors, Hal! We have entered the Century
in which this S&L-S&M Capitalism shall have to be undone. One of us at a time, oui?

"...any man's death diminishes
me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore
never send to know for whom the bell
it tolls for thee."

John Donne 1624 (published)

The Abu Ghraib Scapegoat

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