Francis Donald Grabau

Scorpio deals with SHARED FEELING, SHARED GUILT, SHARED DEPTH achieved by way of the "fixed" holding power of Water. If you think about it a moment, it's quite UN-NATURAL for WATER to remain "fixed" without becoming STAGNANT. Putrid. Hence Scorpio deals with the ELIMINATION OF TOXINS CREATED WHEN WATER IS FIXED, WHEN WATER CANNOT FLOW.

Dams are made of such stuff; Water held in check by WALLS. Man has discovered there is POWER in Water that is Dammed, but ALL dams employ a system of controlled "leaks" to allow Water to run off when needed, and when it does so "run off" it is channeled into narrow passageways which give it FORCE used to generate electricity by turning turbines. Enter the Scorpio Bankers! 


Rennaisance folks like Marsilio Ficino speak easily of WATER as FEELING and indeed, Ficino enjoyed the patronage of the Medici family during his lifetime. They were a Family deeply aware of the POISON connection to the TOXIC side of the dammed water of Scorpio!

They also became fabulously wealthy BANKERS -that other SCORPIO theme.
Here's a blurb (wikipedia) on Catherine de Medici:

Catherine Medici (1519-1589) An avid political advocate later on in her life as Queen of France, Catherine Medici often used poisoning as a political tool during her reign. To develop more advanced poisons, Catherine also experimented with poisons on the sick and poor. (She's also the very first woman said to have worn High-Heeled Shoes! She had them specially made for her.

Anyhow, just as dammed water without treatment easily becomes FETID, TOXIC, POISONOUS so, too, does the flow of FEELING when blocked or locked up. But just as with water dams, there is a kind of STILL POWER in the "fixed" feeling of Scorpio or the damming-up of FEELINGS in the human being. Those who contain the flow of their feelings (or build "walls" around their feelings -Kissinger, Cheney, Obama etc.) can more easily mask their emotions (movements of feeling) and this can prove useful in card games, gambling, politics and banking. 

Scorpio speaks of the intimate bond between Power-Feeling-Secrecy.

And on a more positive note, the "fixed" POWER of the Waters of Scorpio Feeling can harness the turbines of the Mind producing great powers of CONCENTRATION. Probing. Detective work; hence, Alchemists and Medicine folk frequently know how to harness the  "fixed" powers of the Scorpio mind to probe into the HIDDEN forces in herbs, the stars, timing, -all the "occult" networks of Life.

Did you realize that the "MARK" or "SIGIL" or "OCCULT SIGNATURE" of this 21st Century bears the imprint of SCORPIO on the MOON and in opposition aspect to the "fixed" Power of Saturn in TAURUS ?

Astrology Chart For The 21st Century

Authoritative, Saturnian control of ALL WATER on the planet is a MAJOR THEME of our current, New 21st Century. So is TOXICITY and POISONED WATER. And, of course, the Taurus-Scorpio issues of Money and Money Lending -which certainly promises to be "tight".

Those most involved in both the control and the polluting-poisoning of the WATERS of the Earth will be BANKERS and all other persons who congenitally suffer from FEELING CONSTIPATION! I kid you not.

Saturn opposing the Moon marks the 21st Century as one wherein the poisoned toxicity of feelings in the human species will be so dammed up that it will finally BURST ONTO THE LEVEL OF COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS via the poisoning of ALL THE OCEANS, WELLS, STREAMS and RIVERS around the Earth.

The poison that such Scorpio "fixity" wreaks on people of cramped, unflowing FEELING finds its expression in GREED -as the great poet, Ezra Pound took such pains to publicly declaim out loud. Which declamation brought him to the NATIONAL INSANE ASYLUM of Saint Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington D.C. where he was IMPRISONED BY THE UNITED STATES for 13 (Scorpio's Number) years!!!  Recently the compassionate writer, John Kaminski, called our collective attention to Ezra Pound beginning an internet essay with this quote:  "A slave is one who waits for someone to come and free him." - Ezra Pound.  Then Kaminsky went on like this:
"According to (Ezra) Pound, it was the money issue (above all) that united the Allies during the second 20th-century war against Germany: "Gold. Nothing else uniting the three governments, England, Russia, United States of America. That is the interest - gold, usury, debt, monopoly, class interest, and gross indifference and contempt for humanity.The real enemy, said Pound, was international capitalism. All people everywhere were victims: "They're working day and night, picking your pockets," he said.

Pound said:  "Usury has gnawed into England since the days of Elizabeth. First it was mortgages, mortgages on earls' estates; usury against the feudal nobility. Then there were attacks on the common land, filchings of village common pasture. Then there developed a usury system, an international usury system, from Cromwell's time, ever increasing. "Pound said one of the major reasons for World War II was the manipulation of the press, particularly in the United States: "I naturally mistrust newspaper news from America," he declared. "I grope in the mass of lies, knowing most of the sources are wholly untrustworthy."

And now?  Same story, different day. Pound tried to warn us, more than 60 years ago, but we threw him into an insane asylum for 13 years, the  (arguably) best poet of the 20th century given his reward by the country he loved for speaking his mind in the land of Freedom of Speech.  A harbinger perhaps of the new Homeland Security laws that ignore all poets and truthtellers and keep us securely on the road to war for the profits of a precious, pathological few. Now the entire population of the planet is about to be consigned to a worldwide capitalist insane asylum, in which love and honor are merely interesting advertising strategies useful in the sale of consumer goods, and loyalty and patriotism mere fairy tales at contract time, to be sold by all to the highest bidder seeking to steal parts of the world from someone else." (see: )        

USURY, Ezra Pound reminded us, is the practice of charging INTEREST on MONEY LOANED, and professional money lenders -being such cool controlled Feeling Types- use their poisonous, DAMMED FEELINGS to exploit others for PERSONAL GAIN. They know nothing of SHARING and thereby become Negative Scorpio Types. Toxic Loans; USURY. The wounded ones, constipated, -exacting a "pound of flesh" (as Shylock did) for every penny they loan! [ Hey, there's a really superb "market" this Century for those who give colonics! ]

    Though Shakespeare wrote:

    " The quality of mercy is not strain'd, it droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
upon the place beneath:

it is twice bless’d; It blesseth him that gives and him that takes "
(Portia, IV.i)  Merchant Of Venice

Nevertheless, it looks as if this GENTLE, WATERY RAIN may have a hard time "dropping" in this 21st Century (Katrina-Rita New Orleans) since it is focused in Scorpio and obstructed (opposed) by the hardness of Saturn Authority. Or, as Bobby Dylan sang: "It's a HARD RAIN gonna fall!"  But, of course, we are all being challenged to use the POWER OF SATURN to FOCUS this "gentle rain" in the form of real, unconditional COMPASSION!

Adieu, mes meilleurs amis. Enfin, je descend du pulpitum. Je l'ai déjà vu!
Père François, l'enfant du ciel!

NOTE: The comments above were written sometime in late 2005 or early 2006. They were posted on The Gnostic Liberation Front by my friend, Holger Haffke at that time and I only recently recovered them from his website. In light of the April 20, 2010 Deep Water Horizon "accident" in the Gulf of Mexico I felt it important to repost them here, for the first time, on my own website. Many, many thanks to Holger for preserving these words which were originally cast in the form of personal emails between myself and two women friends, Judy and Mary. I have edited out the personal comments from this duplication.