Choosing Manchurian Candidates.
 Francis Donald Grabau.

Part One:

Yesterday, I legally registered (again) in the state of New Mexico in order to vote in the coming November 2004 National Elections. I'm not really sure why I did this but suspect it was an act of desperation. Like everybody else on planet Earth, I'm a person who wants to feel that what I think and how I live counts for something. I mean, in the overall 'Public-Political-World'.  And when I got home, I had the odd and sinking feeling that I had just "bought my ticket"  -not to vote, but to participate in the Movie that unfolds for America on Election Day.

To explain what I mean I have to confess that I'm one of those "fringe folks" among mainstream Americans who has never bought the 'American Dream'. A 62 year old caucasian male, never married, no children, own no house, am self-employed, have no savings and am constitutionally repulsed by white picket fences. I write a lot of poetry, teach astrology and subjects like writing and Tarot while earning my very basic living expenses mostly through astrological counseling. Of course, I have no 'health insurance' either and my teeth could profit, most likely, from the work of a competent and honest dentist. You need to know (if you don't already) that there are literally MILLIONS of us out here in America. We don't like what's coming down in the social, political, and economic life of the USA. Most of us know the whole country is crazy, has lost contact with its Soul, and is caught up in a greedy, immoral Nightmare. It's known among us as something like: American Psycho.

Regardless of what the Corporate Media say, the non-elected 'President' of America is a publicly witnessed liar, a dysfunctional sociopath, a phony and an International War Criminal whom 'we the people' should have impeached four years ago. But we know that isn't possible in today's USA because bought & sold congress persons and senators  -not to mention the foully corrupt appointees to our Supreme Court - continue to support him. The Democratic Wing of our Corporate Government suggests that all we have to do to right this wrong is to vote for John Kerry, while the Republican Wing has chosen to continue its promotion of George W. Bush as their candidate for a second term. This is a pathetic mess and a national disgrace accompanied by the new holding-pens for peaceful protestors euphemistically called: 'free speech zones'. All of America should be a free speech 'zone'. America, let's just face it, has become a place fearful of free speech. Especially so if such free speech might possibly be 'aired' and broadcasted around the world. Neither the Republican nor the Democratic parties raised objections to the governments installation of these holding-pens near the sites of their 'National Conventions'. That should tell us a lot.

I registered myself as a Green Party member again, just so I could indulge in the illusion of variety. I'm aware there's also a Libertarian Party and a few others struggling to be heard in this mock 'democracy'. I'm aware, too, that both presidential candidates from these legally constituted parties were banned from participation in the Televised Corporate Media shows known as "The Presidential Debates." In fact, both men (David Cobb, Green Party; Michael Badnarik, Libertarian Party) were arrested for attempting to attend the second of the scheduled three debates, and for peacefully protesting their exclusion therefrom.

But we will hear no outrage publicly voiced by well-behaved corporate Americans, and of that you can be sure. Retirement funds, credit balances, job security and the perfectly understandable desire to hold onto whatever medical insurance they may have preclude their involvement in risky protests. When you're part of the 'American Dream' you rest behind those (mostly metaphorical) white picket fences and swallow your legally prescribed pharmaceuticals to calm your nerves, dull your depression and sell your Soul. Rest assured, good citizen, Jesus loves you and his spokesperson is your illegally installed and paternally pathological 'President'. You are good, your President is good, America is good, and the only Evil out there is Satan. He's jealous of your American freedoms and he's taken the form of Islam and Anti-American Terrorists. Attend your 'neighborhood watch' meetings, install security alarms behind your picket fences, and pray for 'Homeland Security'. Oh, and don't forget to vote for the Skull & Bones candidate of your choice!

If you're one of those media-hounded 'Liberals' you must  -repeat, MUST- hope that your vote for Skull (Kerry) over Bones (Bush) will save the Nation and set us all back on the path to relative sanity and financial security: a chicken in every pot. John Kerry is your pre-ordained 'Hero' and a more Liberal God is on your side. Unfortunately, he too believes in the illegal invasion of Iraq and the continuing war against that land and its people. He too will send young Americans to torture and kill Iraqis (and be tortured and killed in turn) for the greater profits of Haliburton, Bechtel, the Carlyle Group and the well-being of white picket fence share holders still living in the 'American Dream' of tax free Corporate Comfort.

But something new is about to burst onto the scene in the USA, something we've never experienced as a Nation before. It's astrological in nature and it occurs just as the first post-911 Presidential Elections get underway. On Halloween, October 31st,  America's Spirit  -what astrologers call America's Progressed Sun-  moves into the energy-field (astro-sign) of Pisces for the first time in this Nation's history. That's why I'm talking about Movies. Pisces, you see, is the energy-field of the Imagination wherein images, illusions, slight-of-hand, fantasy, psychic bliss and downright drugged delusions all commingle in a complex weave of joy or terror. Pisces is the sign of letting go, of resignation and surrender, the sign of endings, completion and closure. America, as a Nation, will not emerge from its engagement with this closing, terminal process of Pisces until November 6th, 2034 rolls around. Just a bit over 30 years from now. And don't forget, we begin our immersion in this realm of endings on Halloween Day, two days before the elections are held. Spooky, eh?

Kids all over the country will be dressing up as Witches, Goblins, Pirates, Ghosts, Clowns, Skeletons … oops, there's Skull & Bones again. The kids won't have anything on us this year, we 'grown-ups' will be dressing up too, to go to the polls and cast our votes for a fearless leader!  The Media have determined that pretty much the only votes to count are those cast for the twin Skull & Bones candidates. Which one of the elite, Yale fraternity brothers will you choose ?  The one who dressed up for his 'initiation' as the 'devil' or the one who was forced to drink fake blood from Geronimo's skull?  Trick or Treat?

Election day this year falls on November 2nd, the Christian holy day known as All Souls Day or the Day Of The Dead. While the Dead have certainly surrendered their mortal coils, let go of their bodies (thereby becoming practical exemplars of Pisces energy) they will, nevertheless, be moving among us on Election day. When we 'grown-ups' come home from dropping our ballots into one of the two officially approved electronic coffins  -remember, the majority are programmed to vote Skull or Bones-  most of us will fall off to sleep on the one night of the year when the Dead traditionally walk the Earth. Night of the Living Dead. Movies again.

The Progressed US Sun will have entered Pisces for a three decade run just as the 'Dios De Los Muertos' begin (All Hallows Eve, All Saints Day, All Souls Day) and the 'Dios' end on Election day when we cast our votes. Some of us will have voted for Dracula that day, some for Frankenstein, many for nobody at all. Keep an eye out for any suspicious looking pods close to your bed and remember the movie, Invasion Of The Body Snatchers! On All Hallows Eve 2004 America takes off on a 30 year long date with the Dead. May the Saints preserve us! This could turn out to be an extended case of 'date-rape', though who rapes whom may not seem at all clear. But one thing is: America is obsessed with Fear and Death. The Grim-Reaper left his calling card on our doorstep, September 11th, 2001.

Things wouldn't be so all-fired hard for us if, as a Nation, we had an open and honest relationship with Neptune, ruling planet of Pisces.  But we don't. The very way we assert ourselves (US Mars in Gemini in the 7th house) has got to be changed since it speaks of a 'crisis in consciousness' in our assertion. That's what the waning square aspect from US Mars in Gemini to US Neptune in Virgo in the 9th house means. That's a challenge (square) to change our 9th house Philosophy or Belief as to how we assert (Mars) ourselves in 7th house relating with others. These 'others' are our fellow citizens, and especially other Nations. We imagine (Neptune) we are acting (Mars) in one way while we actually act in another. We pretend we are asserting ourselves when in fact we are aggressing against others. We don't want to look at that so we disguise it with the make-believe of Neptune. It's our 9th house default belief mechanism: we are NEVER the aggressors.

But all that changed with the events of 911. George W. Bush announced that America would "defend" itself against any and all suspected "terrorists" through "preemptive" aggression and attack. Now we've come out of the Pisces-Neptune closet and invaded both Afghanistan and Iraq. No apologies necessary, not even when it's FACT that Iraq had and has NO weapons of mass destruction and NO supportive connection with Al Queda. This government cannot admit to its errors, let alone its blatant lies. Hundreds of thousands of people die and often in extreme agony of suffering because of this government's inability and/or refusal to unmask (Neptune) its actions (Mars).

Official America lies, deceives, and masks its lying deceptions through a big display of romantic propaganda embedded in its Pisces 3rd house of daily radio, tv, and newspapers. It wraps itself in the righteousness of its religious and philosophical self-image displayed through its Sagittarius Ascendant. But as we know now  -after 911 when Pluto, Lord Of Death, Invisibility, and the Underworld arrived for the first time on this Nation's Ascendant-  we are a People summoned to the invisible underworld of death. This summons was served us on 911, but it is only as our Nation's Progressed Sun enters Pisces on All Hallows Eve that we will begin in earnest our descent into that realm. We will be forced to confront the need we were born with as a People to surrender our masked, self-righteous Mars aggression or pay the full Neptune price for pretending otherwise. If we don't come clean we will find ourselves in a very negative, dark, Hell of an Underworld America. American Psycho -just like the 'President' we never elected.

I guess this explains, somewhat, why I registered yet again to vote. I will not vote for Kerry nor for Bush. I won't vote to continue the rape and abuse of the People of Iraq. Both the Skull & Bones candidates intend to continue this imaginary and brutally real war on 'terrorism' but that is their personal, corporate corruption. Neither one has a shred of real moral fiber either in their skulls or their bones. They swore an oath of secrecy long ago in the 'Tomb' at Yale when they joined the secret elitist fraternity otherwise known as the Russell Trust, built upon the horror of opium smuggling drug wars. Negative manifestations of Neptune involve both drugs and deceit and in America both are on the rise. Happy Halloween; Trick or Treat!

Since 911 when Pluto crossed America's Ascendant it has moved on through Sagittarius and has twice ( Jan. 27, 2004; May 24, 2004 ) activated the Natal US Mars to Neptune square by forming an opposition to our National Mars expression. That's what forced us to see that US policy secretly taught and approved of the sexual abuse and torture of prisoners in places like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. That's what made other Nations in the World oppose and pull further away from us. But immediately our Official Government launched a negative Neptune campaign of lying and deceit promulgated by way of US Corporate controlled media. And we as Americans want to believe their lies because the alternative is to take a long, hard look at ourselves and our Nation to see what we have become.

We are a sexually frustrated People, abusive of ourselves, our children, our friends and other Nations. We are a corporate, pharmaceutical bunch trying to calm our frayed nerves and dull our numb depression through prescription drugs. That way we can hide from the truth, feel no pain or shame, and fight each other for those rapidly diminishing dollars. We live in an atmosphere of secret but pervasive fear and guilt which makes us honorary members of fraternities like Skull & Bones. But who among us can hide from Death? With this year's Halloween Election the Dead are coming, and they'll be with us for the next 30 years!  Happy Harvest Time.

Right after the Elections, on November 24th transiting Pluto in Sagittarius makes its final opposition to the US Natal Mars activating all over again our Neptunian desire to pretend that what just happened (or what we did) didn't really happen (or we really didn't do it)!  That'll be a boost for Corporate pharmaceuticals as xanax, prozac, zoloft and all their designer drug relatives fly off the shelves into the anxious hands of freaked-out consumers. Gobble-gobble, it's Turkey Day. It's 'FLU SEASON' and what about those government issued, mercury contaminated vaccines?  Negative use of drugs is the US Mars to Neptune square, but Mars is in the Nation's 7th house so when the drugs are discovered to be secretly, deceitfully laced with poisonous unmentionables it won't be blamed on the FDA, it'll be those 7th house 'others', those terrible terrorists again. I do not find this amusing. Need to make a quick buck?  Man, have I ever got a deal for you …see, there's this Viagra additive which when mixed with your sex life and combined with your low mortgage rate can be sold through the internet in a completely off-shore manner freeing you of taxes on your profits if you only ain't a scarecrow and have a bit of brains. Hail the con artist, the All-American but small business Corporate Profiteer with a hard-on where his soul should be. The Living Dead will be marching about in full gear by then and you'll see what I mean.

Jingle bells!  As Christmas follows Turkey Day, so Pluto squaring Neptune follows Pluto opposing Mars, and nicely timed for December 23, 2004. I urge you to keep in mind that by this time Neptune has become the 30 year temporary 'ruler' of the Nation's Progressed Sun in Pisces. But the old, natal, USA theme of covert actions continues and rises to new heights. Widespread DENIAL, rampant mutual distrust, and frantic psychological escapism will be triggered throughout the Nation. The Corporate wizard pulling the strings behind the forbidden curtain of the Shadow Government will slip up, and folks will catch a quick glimpse of his helmet. They won't want to believe it's Darth Vader hiding there in league with the Emperor. They'll rush back to the local drug store and grab another armful of junk. They'll discover 12-packs of beer on sale for a dollar. I don't know the specifics!  But do get a grip on this.


The POWER (Pluto) and the WEALTH (Pluto) of the USA will be seen to be slipping away, even by the densest among us. Corporate America is not America at all; it's what they call 'Transnational'. It avoids taxes, has no morals, and will locate itself wherever profits are highest and labor cheapest. It's the 'Manchurian Corporation' programming our twin soulless presidential candidates!  We are now becoming conscious as a People of the PISCES MOVIE running the box office of our lives. Happy Christmas, Bethlehem is burning. Toys R US! Jesus saves born-again profiteers. There is neither a silent nor a calm night in America.  Christmas is a matter of Homeland Security and Terrorist Alerts. Legally speaking, Terror Level Red signifies suspension of ALL civil rights and the imposition of Marshall Law. Santa Claus' outfit has come under suspicion by Donald Rumsfeld and he's not to be allowed to fly over the country in a red suit pulled by childish reindeer when 'our nation' faces yet another in the continuously unfolding chain of imaginary but real terrorist threats. Terror is both the message and the messenger. Are you afraid of your imagination, your dreams? If you are, then you're afraid of Santa Claus and God, too, as the political christians would have you be  -but remember, God lives in your Spirit which is your Imagination. Neptune.

America has become a country terrified of fantasy and imagination. It confuses real Spirit with make-believe, drugs, and paranoia. Culture and Art are predominantly frozen in atrophied forms that leave a flat taste in the soul. Public gatherings of any kind other than protests (which I support and sometimes participate in) are as hard to come by on the streets of this Nation as is a pure, care-free heart. Evasive actions, paranoia and fear are permeating our social gatherings, and when they are not in evidence there's usually some extreme group process going on where one group is denouncing another in vulgar, exaggerated ways totally lacking in consideration or simple kindness. We are being skillfully groomed into polarized segments of the corporate body politic. Imagination, the sign and seal of Spirit, is everywhere under siege in the Land of Free Speech Zones. And so is Faith!

When I speak of Faith I'm NOT speaking of religious doctrines nor of the auto-reflex absurdities that American Self-proclaimed Xtians (such as members of 'Opus Dei', Dominionists, and folks like Bush, Rice, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld) mouth whenever they're about to invade another Nation or curtail the civil liberties of ordinary Americans. Faith is a gift of Spirit, a bond of trust each of us can feel with each other, with Mother Nature, with the whole Cosmos. Faith is what sustains us minute by minute and day by day while we walk about among each other, feel the wind and sun, the rain or snow upon our bodies and souls. It's a bond of Trust we feel with Life itself that makes living not only possible but wonderful.

Infants and small children are aglow with this implicit faith and trust. They don't fear their obvious vulnerability. They simply trust instinctively that they'll be fed, clothed, kept warm and protected, and be very much cherished and loved by the bigger, older humans around them. They have this gift called Faith, and its distinguishing marks are their vulnerability and their delight in spontaneously reaching out to Life. This is the Faith, the Imagination that Neptune symbolizes in astrology and that is under such constraint and even duress in the birth chart of America. Our culture tries to foist off on us a crude mockery of Imagination, Spirit, and Faith by way of those bizarre distortions called "In God We Trust" or "One Nation Under God" so that the only "faith" we will know is a credulous dependency on the Federal Reserve System and the "Pledge Of Allegiance". But Imagination, Faith, and Spirit cannot be regulated by interest-seeking banks, nor confined to one's own culture and political party or nation.

So we are back to the fact that on Halloween, 2004 just before the National Elections take place, the Sun/Spirit of the USA progresses astrologically into the sign of Faith, Pisces, while shortly thereafter transiting Pluto, Lord Of Wealth and Power challenges (squares) the position Neptune (Imagination, Faith) occupies in the birth chart of America. In other words, wealth and power challenge imagination and faith. This process poses the question: 'What is real wealth and power?'  Who dares to trust or have faith in the Spirit of Imagination? Can we discern the difference between religious or political doctrines demanding of their adherents implicit "faith" in the tenets, dogmas, creeds fed them by their politically organized governments-religions, and the care-free Faith found in the hearts of children everywhere?  America, the USA faces a National Crisis of Faith. And our collective, widespread National Crisis begins formally on Halloween, the first of the three Days of the Dead that culminate on 'All Souls Day' which falls, this year, on Election Day.

But even more telling is the fact that exactly on Election Day transiting Chiron (symbol of all that is wounded and needs healing in a person or a nation) forms an exact Quincunx aspect with the Natal Mars of the USA. Once again America's style of asserting itself (USA Natal Mars) is in need of healing through adjustment. And the nature of the Healing America needs that day is indicated by the fact that transiting Chiron will cast its spell over USA Mars from the sign of Corporations, Politics, and Government, CAPRICORN!  Currently, this manifests as a heightened sense which continues to build all over the Nation that somehow, someway this Election 2004 will be of extreme importance and significance. Day of the Dead.

We all know, either from experience (2000 election; Florida) or from study (Diebold; election computer fraud) that Election 2004 is bound to be rigged, gerrymandered, and otherwise pre-determined. Besides, our Nation's so-called 'Supreme Court' has already demonstrated its more-than-willingness to do our voting for us. I repeat, the USA faces a National Crisis of Faith and I suggest that's a BIG HINT to each of us from the Universe (or God, if you like) that whether we vote that day or not we must commit ourselves to some 'Act of Faith' as members of a People and a Nation. We must actively, spiritually IMAGINE an America that is healthy, happy, and free. And we must do so while remaining fully conscious of the fact that the America we are currently living in is most definitely NOT healthy, happy, or free. We must bathe the image of our Nation, currently held hostage by devious, lying, secretive and Fascistic Corporate Power Figures ( the Skull & Bones club of Planet Earth ) in the rosy quartz glow that pours unendingly from the hearts and minds of children everywhere.

The Dead will be on hand to help us. For the Dead are not to be feared, they're our ancestors and friends, the Spirit Warriors who have preceded us in the cosmic struggle we all share to take back the Earth from the fallen spells cast by ignorant, entropic, and vainly false gods who struggle ceaselessly to hold us in their thralldom of Death, Defeat, Depression, and Distrust.  Obviously, a few of them must hold jobs these days at DARPA and the Office Of Homeland Security. One among them is currently our 'President'. Remember, the only security any homeland can ever have is based upon the trust, faith, joy, fun, and health of its own people. Where the social fabric holding a Nation's People together is savagely ripped apart by 'terrorist alerts' given on a 24 hour a day basis, by suspension of citizens rights, by the deliberate and willful sowing of fear, paranoia, and distrust there can be no 'Nation's People'.  There can only be a loose aggregate of mutually fearful and competitive egos at war with one another. This is the goal of the dark forces of the 'Skull & Bones' secretive, shadow government in the Corporate USA.  America was not always the way it is today.

Recall the time of the fabled 'Camelot' when a President of the USA could struggle to support a black man who roused his Nation by declaring boldly, "I have a Dream!"  Recall that President's attack on the Federal Reserve System. His horror at the actions of the CIA, his fury at the betrayal of our National Ideals during the 'Bay of Pigs', and his embodiment of ALL that is BEST in the Imagination of America when he spoke like this:

"The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it."

                                                                                President John F. Kennedy; Address to newspaper publishers, April 27,1961. 
Quoted from: Fleshing Out Skull & Bones; pg. 59,

edited by Kris Millegan,
The shadow government of the USA put a bullet through his brain. Then they did the same to MLK, the man with the Neptune DREAM. Then they blew away the brother, RFK. And the list goes on and on leading right up the steps to 911 and the destruction of the WTC and the mock 'attack' on the Pentagon. This is how the USA with its Natal Mars in Gemini square to its Natal Neptune in Virgo behaves at its worst. It KILLS THE DREAM. It undermines and corrupts the Imagination, Faith, and Trust of Neptune into paranoia, fear, and deceit. No, I won't vote for either Kerry (Skull) or Bones (Bush) because I'm an American, and I abjure secrecy in all its forms. Secrecy is the veil of Absolute Power; it's the negative manifestation of Pluto squaring the Natal USA Neptune from now through the end of 2005.

On November 2, 2004 Americans, my people, go to the polls or not to vote. We will be voting for a Movie we want to see unfold in our American lives. We are asked to use our Imagination to envision that Movie and to fill it full of Trust and Faith in a Vision and a Dream. JFK, MLK, RFK and all the American Dead, our Ancestors, including the mighty warrior spirits of Chief Seattle, Geronimo, and Crazy Horse will go or not go to the polls with us. We are all determined and fighting to free this Earth from the Dark Powers of privileged wealth and the fear, distrust, and paranoia deliberately sown among us to divide us. Alone at home, in the woods, or together on the streets of our cities we will feed the pigeons, toss rose petals in ponds, kiss the children of the world, or push a button or pull a lever but we will all vote. Our souls will be united for the simple fact is: we vote on ALL SOULS DAY.

What's your favorite Movie?