An Uffish Theory On The Origins Of The Universe;
The Missing Positive Postscript to

Conjunction In
Francis Donald Grabau

"And, as in uffish thought he stood,
  The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
  And burbled as it came!"

PART ONE: Astrology Text
Swine Flu Pandemic  ... ???... or just another
NEPTUNE-CHIRON-JUPITER conjunction in Aquarius

Hi folks,

Time for another positive, happy, fun-filled chat with Uncle Donald! Here's my personal contribution to the Swine Flu hysteria being carefully instigated by whom?  For what reasons?  Cui bono?  I'm not sending you this because I think you'll like it or like me for sending it but because it's important and real. No, I do not subscribe to the simulated FRENZY with which this crap is being hyped, nor am I personally suffering from a "negative" state of mind, nor am I trying to stir in any of you either frenzy or negativity. Take a Rorschach test, look into your tea leaves, consult the ink blots in the skies! But beware the Archons!

I consider this a calmly urgent chat over coffe and a hot buttered, honeyed bagel.....

Below you see the transits for Washington DC for May 27th 2009 coming right up. The triple conjunction of Neptune with Chiron and Jupiter may be the triggering device for bioterror events -specifically government originated and executed pandemics. The current hyped scare over Swine Flu may climax in a few weeks time into a sad example of what I've been
repeatedly writing about as a possibility in various articles on my website.

It is a physical/physiological expression of what I've been calling in recent articles the Obama-Neptune Trance state of media engineered consciousness in the USA and globally. (

It's CONTAGION, a favorite theme of Neptune which may also be used to camouflage or deceive, and it's my opinion (though certainly not only my opinion) that the Swine Flu is a clearly designed biowarfare weapon of the kind I've been "seeing" might be deliberately released upon Americans who, may I remind you, are currently living in an America under a Pisces Sun ruled by Neptune.  That indicates, as I keep emphasizing, that we are entering into a stage of "karmic payback" as well as a collective state of mind inclined to be escapist, spaced-out, and avoidance oriented. It's Pisces, kids, the sign of self-victimization achieved by following escapism and trance as a way of life.

(If you think this kind of thought is "conspiracy theory" please investigate for yourself ...I've given links with which to begin your search below. And for further understanding of what it means that the USA is now a Pisces Nation go here:

Funny phrase that, "search below" points to healthy introspection, self-examination... an increasingly rare tactical skill among brain washed Americans. We suffer from an inability together with a flat-out refusal to face up to our collective guilt as a People under the willing control of the Empire called America which is a literally CRIMINAL STATE. We support this Empire's crimes by burying our head in the sand and escaping into our EXCLUSIVELY personal lives because we don't want to identify with American Crimes and we don't want to be "negative". DUH!!!!  The notion of "guilt" has become so anathema to Americans that one wonders not at all why Obama, for instance, avoids trial of our National War Criminals such as X-President Bush, X-Vice President Cheney, Alberto Gonzales etc. using that all pervasive NEGATIVE NEPTUNE AVOIDANCE called ...let's look ahead, move on, we have "important" things to do ... none of this namby-pamby "looking backwards" stuff! 

Congress, the President and all the major Corporate Media in America tout this line of thinking ... be "dynamic" look ahead "positively" to the future ... "NO BLAME" ...we don't play the "Blame Game". Well, I'm sorry, despite all my ranting against the psychological sickness of Christian Guilt as a control tactic central to Capitalism's survival I think it's more than obvious that there is such a thing as GUILT and we as Americans stand GUILTY before the whole of Nature, Humanity, and the Earth herself for leading the way into the Nuclear Age of trashing humanity and all life on this planet since the close of WWII ...we were NOT the "Saviours" of "Western Civilization" during that war and we have done nothing so much as kill, poison, steal, and rape other countries, other human beings and all of Nature since that time. Now that is something to sink our GUILTY TEETH into because it's real, it's FACT and it ain't gonna go away anytime soon no matter how deeply we bury our heads in the sand.

What sand? (I read a scientific study recently pointing out that the apparently beautiful sands of 'paradise' islands all over the South Pacific are actually riddled with nano-particles of non-biodegradable PLASTIC
among many other things -the South Pacific of Rogers & Hammerstein fame is where we detonated so many of our Super Hydrogen Bombs! ! Some Enchanted Evening!!!)

Seriously, I've placed a lot of links here which, if you follow them, will help to flesh out what I'm saying. And whether this round of what's being called the "Swine Flu" turns out to be the coming PANDEMIC of US INSTIGATED BIO-WARFARE (or another round comes later) we are in great danger of precisely this kind of attack and must come to grips with that. Wishing it were not so or that it will "go away" if we don't think about it is negative Neptune-Pisces evasion. One must ask oneself WHY the UN, World Health Organization, and Euro-American Governments keep hyping these FLU and Terrorist Warnings ... just what bio-engineered viruses they INTEND to vaccinate the general public with. WHY they keep trying to induce MASS FEAR and PSYCHOSIS in the Public Sector ... all this is spearheaded by the United States currently undergoing a massive NEPTUNE delusional psychosis. And hey, America's Neptune function is ALWAYS in challenging SQUARE aspect with Mars, the Archon of War!

These currently transiting planets may be the trigger used to implement increasingly more alarming warnings and even, finally, actual execution of enforced vaccination of the People with deathly vaccines because they are ALL conjunct the Natal USA Moon, and Jupiter is EXPANDING the Chiron  wounded-healer issue in the Aquarian Air sign of GLOBAL COMMUNITY along with Neptunian contagion-oneness on that USA MOON. So, do yourself a favor and take a look. It will really be a miracle if the USA does not become a place of Marshall Law brought on by way of militarily enforced QUARANTINES as the global economy continues to disintegrate.

Neptune is very slow moving, today it rests at 26 degrees and 14 minutes of Aquarius whereas the Natal USA MOON of the Masses as the People is found at 27 degrees and 13 minutes of Aquarius.  Neptune has, in other words, entered within one degree of conjunction/union with the USA MOON meaning our Neptune evasiveness is IN OUR FACE as INDIVIDUALS within a Nation and collectively as a People of this Nation.  We have, as a People, a very worrisome and wrong-headed relationship with NEPTUNE in Virgo at our Nation's founding because it is SQUARE to our Natal MARS in Gemini and if that square says anything at all it says that we actively, aggresively pursue NEGATIVE NEPTUNE EVASIVENESS in our 9th house moral/ethical actions.  We are most adept at MASKING our real MOTIVES from ourselves. NO MORE can this game continue since transiting NEPTUNE with a roughly 164 year cycle of the zodiacal signs is gathering us ALL up in it's MISTY CLOUD while PLUTO with an even longer cycle of 245 years is returning to its position at America's birth and currently OPPOSING our Natal VENUS.  Do you get this? 

Look, NEPTUNE is the "higher octave" of VENUS. While VENUS is PERSONAL one-on-one love/money/beauty/harmony our truly spiritual and highly imaginative friend NEPTUNE is TRANSPERSONAL as Venus' higher octave and demands INCLUSION OF ALL ... ALL love/money/beauty/harmony.  So, while it's always essential for each of us to know that love begins at home, that we must look after our own money situation etc. NEPTUNE demands -it doesn't politely ask -it DEMANDS that we understand we are (each one of us) part of the ALL and must look at the bigger, collective picture.  COLLECTIVE (Neptune & Pluto) issues are upon us ... we must think in GROUP/SPECIES terms now ... it takes precedence over our personal issues.
Tent City America. Widespread and rapidly growing Homelessness. No person is an island entire unto himself etc.

Exact dates of NEPTUNE conjuncting USA NATAL MOON: 1) March 15, 2010; 2) August 23, 2010; 3) January 16, 2011.  Look at these dates not as appointment times on a clock but as symbolical moments spread over a two year period of time beginning NOW.


                                                                                                     TRANISTS MAY 27, 2009

                                                              TRANISTS IN CONTEXT OF USA NATAL & PROGRESSED CHARTS

"The Shadow Government of America pursues its ruinous goals not just by employing the obvious weapons of war associated with Mars, but also by using the contorted sexual energy (think Abu Ghraib) which characteristically arises from it when its direct action is repressed, blocked, or psychologically denied. Under such circumstances the frustrated thrust and drive of Mars easily turns "kinky".  Our National Retrograde Mars energy in natally stressful square aspect to dispersive NEPTUNE becomes especially susceptible to use in acts of biological warfare because under such conditions its actions incline to the infectious,   -to the vague, cloudy, unseen and dispersive realm of Neptune.  Release of toxins in chemtrails, release of viruses or radiation across the countryside or in heavily populated American cities fits very neatly into the picture of MARS square NEPTUNE.  Aggression as nebulous dispersive contagion.  The Federal Reserve's paper money is actually filthy lucre crawling with diseased bacteria and laced with traces of the shadow government's favored drug: cocaine. 

Nerve gases, viruses, drugs and all biological warfare together with poisonous chemtrails are hidden expressions of the force of Mars in square aspect to Neptune  -especially when Neptune communicates through the astrological sign of mutable substances, Virgo, as it does in the birth chart of America.  America has a huge stockpile of such biological weapons including the anthrax virus it used against its own people immediately following its staged terrorist events of 9/11.  The very execution of the 9/11 False Flag events in America is a signature use of the Nation's natal Mars square Neptune inclination to mask its actions in clouds of smoke, in wordy and evasive reports such as the one issued by the 9/11 Commission.  Those "Twin Towers" looked down upon Wall Street.  What connection exists between the events of 9/11 and the enactment of the "Emergency Economic Stabilization Act" of 2008 ?  MONEY.  CORPORATE MONEY."

Excerpt from:

: The Postscript

The best, most positive, and highest expression of the currently building triple conjunction (blending) of the combined energies of Chiron, Neptune, and Jupiter in Aquarius should be self-evident to any student of astrology because it is a coming together of potential healing (Chiron) based upon recognition of wounds (Chiron) by expansive (Jupiter) people of good will (Jupiter) who feel a common bond of empathy (Neptune) with each other as a group (Aquarius). It's a happy coming together of social healing and good feelings, of buoyant optimism among people all around the planet furthered by the benign and uplifting influences of Nature as the Anima Mundi and nurturing Spirit of the Earth in her electro-magnetic dance with neighboring planets within her own Solar System. And this wonderful triple conjunction pretty much climaxes at the end of this month on May 27th of 2009

But how many of us are feeling it this way? How many of us have the lightness of spirit able to feel, to tune in to this energy when we are being told by our political-financial 'handlers' that we are all broke?  Jobs are disappearing, unemployment is on the rise everywhere, homelessness is spreading and to top it all off our Handlers are still taxing us to expansively fund all their interconnected wars, warning us of the incoming global pandemic called quasi-lethal 'Swine Flu'. Hey, no matter how you cut this deck it looks like we get a rotten hand, we're due to fold face down -our Dealer Doctors tell us- at the next round of ugly flu in the Fall. Of course, all this is just some sort of 'natural' cycle over which they have no control though they do happen to be walking off with the pot. In other words, they quaintly say we must let the chips fall where they may. Shit happens!

Meanwhile, they are struggling mightily to do what they can to 'fix' the situation they keep creating.
They care about us and have our best interest at heart. Sure, and Jesus Christ was actually a male lesbian with a bisexual lisp who came to Earth from the transvestite planet Nibiru to sew among us the sacred seed of his Royal Bloodline! What a ride, Bill Hicks.

When are we ALL going to agree that this is a fixed game and stop playing. That is not a question. Our Handlers make the House Rules and while we may have a Triple Conjunction of Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter they hold a whopping Royal Flush with Aces High! They are the House, they make the Rules. They win, we lose. Simple. They just close down the whole Casino for a few years declaring that times are so bad it would no longer be fitting to get caught gambling at their games. There's a plague in our midst, say they. We have to vacate the premises -no more free drinks and snacks- we just swallow more of their magic Tamiflu, put on our quarantine masks, and go home
immediately with our tails between our legs. We need to reflect seriously on the fact that we're all dirty, infected, guilty losers. Us. Not them. They are the Sacred Handlers, they will pray for us from behind the walls of their Hidden Banks. They will send forth their Holy Godfather to bless us on Global Satellite TV by way of their safe, antiseptic, and fully sterilized Project Bluebeam. Above all else, we must not lose the 'Faith' -they know, they own it. It pays their way. It's their poker and they get to prod us with it.  Swine Flu.

Who are these 'people', these "Handlers" ...where do they show up in the skies? If this triple conjunction of Chiron-
Neptune-Jupiter is supposed to be so wonderful what's messing it up? I mean, if happy little bluebirds fly beyond the Rainbow why, oh why, can't I?  Well, maybe baby it's because you're still asleep and this isn't America anymore and all the Wizards and Witches hanging out in the Emerald City are just more HANDLERS. Get it?  You can bring me all the broomsticks you may but they won't win you the answer to your questions. The poppies and the potions are just more mixed derivatives. You've been caught short selling yourself. The answer to federal reserve is personal outreach. Lighten up, cross your eyes, and smack your own two bare feet together ...then a fabulous Tale will tell itself to you:

Twice upon a time, when we were all born, a funny thing happened on the way to Life. Sure, we were born but we had nowhere to be and no way to be there in our nowhere. Besides, we were born but we had no bodies. There was nothing there where we were and nothing to us as well.  Except, of course, for the emptiness which we felt to be most blissful. Very, very nice -but absolutely nothing to it!  Where was Life?  There was no Life but Nothing. So, once upon a time we left twice upon a time to find something upon a time we might be. I mean, besides nothing and that's when it all started.

Suddenly, straight out of nowhere came somewhere and where there had been nothing there was something. More than something, there was everything and there we were: something in the midst of everything. So twice upon a time once upon a time we were both something and everything but we couldn't count it all or even figure out where to find ourselves in its all and everything. The only thing we could think to do was let go of both the once and the twice and take no measure of ourselves at all. Clever us, we tricked ourselves. Right away we were nothing again. Nothing having nowhere to be and nowhere to go and nothing to do and so something else happened but I'm not sure how to tell you what it was.

See, like all of a sudden we Dawned upon ourselves all together at once and all and everything flew somewhere and nowhere in all directions of which there were none. So some of us decided -really, quite logically- that since all was totally directionless somebodies ought to do something so nobodies could just hang out as nothing being nowhere in utter bliss whenever they felt like it. That's how the Handlers came into being. They just wanted to be somebodies sometime and make something matter to somebodies whether anybody or nobody ever agreed with them at all. Hey, the Handlers said to each other, let's put some kind of lid on things around here. I'll bet you twenty to nothing that something's better than everything if only we could make it so.

Go ahead and make it so said Captain Picard if you think you can do anything without me since you know you are me after all once upon a time. But his fiesty friend replied  -Alas, Picard, you make it so of something far too rashly to my taste. Putting the swagger lid on nothing just to measure and make it something is much to make it so of nothing. Strangeness echoed through that listening while in the twinkle of a wordy I the wee star Willy Shakespeare came alive full twice upon his time. At once we had two Handlers acting like someones standing somewhere on something somehow in the otherwise empty absurd.

Now I'm sure even you can take it from here, baby, because that's when Mother Earth rolled her eyes and told the two of them they were shamefully ignoring the very Woman they stood upon.
In a fit of high hilarity She tossed her treasured Milky Way across the sky which came out of nowhere just to hold it. Things were definitely getting into shape now and the Handlers were happy. They laughed so hard and so much so that out of the Milky Way dropped down a starry Pandora treat who caught them all inside her bitter box. There, said she, that'll do ya  -and that's how Jack In The Box arose as a franchise everywhere and roads sprang up full of cars filled with nobodies moving up and down in the middle of nowhere seeking Life as somebodies eating burgers of dead cows all ground up with letters and numbers lost in space as hope denied inside some rubix feeling cube not quite perhaps as full of delight as were the people eating lies with runny red ketchup and big greasy fries. And so the Handler Pirates fly beyond conundrums through the sky singing their story of how and why things are seldom what they seem for skim milk masquerades as cream.

 What can I tell ya, it's just poor cabbala.

Suffice it to say that Handlers in their mad need for order dream they are makers when all the while they are mere Pirates wearing banners of skulls and bones acting like Archons peddling their fake Authority all over the cosmos just to get something they couldn't figure out how to make which gave birth to Death so Life could fake out an identity. But there was nothing to Death though there was something to Life so the Archons invented words full of books to trick all the nobodies living nowhere to die becoming somebody somewhere and twice upon that time shrank to once upon a time which Monolithic time they knew they could Handle though they couldn't make it. Once they'd tricked enough no-bodies out of their blissful nothing they opened a Bank and that's how money came to be anything anybody wanted but nothing nobody actually had. Welcome to the Archon Matrix.

Which forced the funny poet e.e. cummings to say anyone lived in a pretty how town with up so floating many bells down but Sun Moon Stars Rain are all masked from our sight by these Archons. They are that aspect of everything that is nothing so much as pretend in a phony way to be something other than alive. Though they are alive in their own way they're not alive in our way for they have no bodies in our realm of Earth because like too many of us they think bodies are limiting and EARTH is their personal Prison Planet where they shepherd us as their virtual reality food. They like to simulate feeling alive in our lives through us so they feed on us like etheric parasites trading that feeling experience they get from us for abstract ideas they reciprocally feed into our brains. They are the Simulators breeding Simulacra and whenever we try to see or feel the Sun Moon Stars and Rain they put themselves in the way, station themselves like Gatekeepers between us and our reality which is not their reality at all. Goodbye Sun Moon Stars Rain.

This is why we are having trouble contacting the true power of the Triple Conjunction of Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter which is the power of positive group empathy mutually shared in love for these Words are become merely verbal Simulations of the Archons devoid of empathy as we know it. In place of Life they offer us their version of fellow feeling which is only an arrangement of odd looking letters pointing impotently to the Borg Consciousness wherein all resistance is futile. They are offering us a simulation of the power of mutually empathic healing which is taking the form of Swine Flu fed to us in vaccinations by their humanoid hosts. Yes, as the ancient Gnostics among us knew and told us, the Archons can possess human beings and steal our bodies by feeding on the vaguely verbal aspirations voiced by our too anemic souls.

Quite blindly they steer us in the direction of absolute homogeneity, of smoothly mechanical conformity because theirs is the Efficiency of the counting Machine. They offer us the simulation of intuitive telepathy through the quick-witted personal computer and mimic mutual understanding through the internet. They are the HOLDERS running all the games in the House of Cards they offer us as their substitute Earth but they are still, one and all, confused children of the great blind ignorance, their chief Archontic Father ... Jahweh-Jehovah-Yaldaboath.  William Blake called him OLD NOBODADDY, the Father Of Jealousy.

To break through the Trance of the Archon-Gatekeepers offering us only a debilitatingly shoddy SIMULATION of the power of the triple conjunction which is Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter all we need do is SEE what's going on, look it in the face, and with the righteous Anger of our birthright embrace each other in Joy and Laughter through fellow feeling free of sarcasm or mockery to simply signal them they must step aside since: "The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things: Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax-- Of cabbages--and kings-- And why the sea is boiling hot--  And whether pigs have wings."

Perhaps all this uffish talk will help to call the spirit in which I offer my analysis of what our Archontic 'Rulers" are plotting for us with their bio-engineered  "Swine Flu".  In the Name of Uranus opposing Saturn I hereby declare all the "HOUSE RULES" to be null and void.  You can open the pod bay doors now, HAL.

(HAL: Coptic, "simulation". The highest power of the Archons, i.e., near-undetectable virtual reality.) from the book, Not In His Image, by author John Lamb Lash, definition page 396 glossary. Also the name of the Master Computer in Stanley Kubrick's film 2001; A Space Odyssey.


What follows here below is a rather clear layout of the PROFITS to be gained by some Corporations if our bio-engineered H5N1 Virus can be disseminated widely enough. Also here you may find a good sketch as to HOW this virus was created and already dispersed through "accidental" vaccinations. 

Connecting The H5N1 (Swine Flu) Dots
From A. True Ott PhD

Ok Kiddies, let's play my favorite game again --- connect the dots. 

Dot #1. As reported so courageously and well by our new friend, Alexander Jones, Price Waterhouse/Cooper in conjunction with their Chicago client, Baxter Intl., have conspired to keep a lid on what is perhaps THE BIGGEST STORY of the decade --- the PANDEMIC FLU H5N1 mutation bio-engineered by Dr. Taubenberger et. al. at Ft. Detrick was intentionally blended with the HUMAN-SPECIFIC H3N2 virus and sent to 18 European labs as a basis for their VACCINE PRODUCTION -- proving once again that any "pandemic" killing millions of innocents is bio-engineered and will be started via VACCINATIONS.

Dot #2. One of Price Waterhouse/Cooper's single biggest clients? Wall Street giant, Goldman Sachs - a partner with PW in the Satyam scandal in India - similar in many ways to America's Enron "creative accounting" scandal. See    

Dot #3. Bush's Treasure Secretary Paulson, the "engineering architect" of the original TARP bailout (and continued "strategic advisor" to current Treasury Secretary Geithner) as well as Obama's "Stimulus Plan" was CEO of Goldman Sachs until assuming the Treasury post.  

Dot #4. Goldman Sachs was the primary investment firm that brokered the "shorted" stock purchases in corporations negatively affected by the events of 9-11. The windfall profits were left unclaimed following reports in the Wall Street Journal. No SEC or Congressional investigation by the 9-11 Commission into this "smoking gun" was ever conducted, however.

Dot #5. Paulson's 2006 "salary" from Goldman Sachs?  $160 million dollars. This makes the A.I.G. executive bonuses mere chump change. Why would he take over a $159 million dollar "pay cut" to become U.S. Treasury secretary?????   

Dot #6. Paulson used the IRS as his weapon of revenge against an equally corrupt Governor Eliot Spitzer. Why? As New York AG, Spitzer had dared to indict Goldman Sachs for insider trading practices. V indeed stands for Vendetta -- and Khazarian Jews never forget!! 

Dot #7. According to Scotland's "Sunday Herald" newpaper, the Rothschild "City of London"-controlled Royal Bank of Scotland is poised to receive BILLIONS from Obama's "Stimulus Package".   Further BILLIONS of U.S. tax dollars go to the CIty of London via A.I.G. re-insuring of derivatives hedged by Barclay Bank of England, Goldman Sachs, and Lloyds of London, Obama keeps the media distracted by venting over mere millions being paid out to A.I.G. executives. All of the ACCOUNTING RECORDS concerning these fraudulent transactions are being kept by --- you guessed it ---- Price Waterhouse/Cooper.

Dot #8.   Tuesday, March 10, 2009 -- the Dow surged 379 points thanks to a U.S. Treasury "stress test" audit of the TRILLIONS in phony derivatives held by zombie bank - CITIBANK.  According to CNBC reporters, GOLDMAN SACHS was given an "insider tip" to this audit, and as a result, grabbed millions of dollars in day-trading profits from the stock surge. The derivatives are then removed from CITIBANK into a MORMON-CHURCH-OWNED account in Key Bank, Salt Lake City, Utah. For the full story, see

Dot #9. Arabian multi-billionaire, Uncle of Al-Quaida-founder Osama bin Laden, and ARMS DEALER to the rich and powerful ZIONISTS worldwide, Adnan Khashoggi built and finances Key Bank in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) Basel, Switzerland --- as well as the TRIAD Center that houses the Mormon-Church-owned KSL TV and Radio conglomerates. See   

Dot #10.  In Adam Lebor's Hitler's Secret Bankers (see also Charles Higham's Trading With the Enemy), we learn how the Basel-based Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and its American president, Thomas McKittrick, continued trading and money laundering on behalf of the Nazis throughout the Second World War -- then financed the removal of key Nazi scientists involved in the Nazi EUGENICS movement from Germany into UTAH and South America via the OSS/CIA's "Operation Paper Clip". 
Dot #11. BIS is an international organization of central banks established under the globalist Bretton-Woods International Financial scheme. BIS is closely associated with the Bilderberg Group, the elitist organization established by the Nazi collaborator Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (see Alden Hatch 's H. R. H. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands for more on Bernhard's SS connections).
Dot #12. It should be noted that Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner, Obama's point man on the economy and former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, also sits on the board of directors of BIS (Fed mob boss Ben Bernanke also sits on the board of this one-time Nazi front group that currently controls the IMF and World Bank). These are the men that President Barack O-Bama has chosen to bring America "Change you can Believe In" ???
Dot #13. It is no mistake Bilderberg and Rockefeller stooge Henry Kissinger came out very early in favor of Obama, as did Rockefeller minion and co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, Zbigniew Brzezinski. Obama's appointees are overwhelmingly of the globalist and bankster persuasion - a preponderant number are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and the Trilateral Commission. Financial support for the Obama campaign flowed in from Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, J.P. Morgan Chase, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and others -- ALL POISED TO RECEIVE THE LION'S SHARE OF "BAILOUT" DOLLARS.
The bottom line is this. There is no doubt that these MOBSTERS are poised to first strip all remaining wealth out of the British Colony called the United States, then proceed with GENOCIDE followed by CHINESE COMMUNIST possession of the land and real wealth that is AMERICA. 
From Ken Steen
Sent: Tuesday, March 17, 2009 7:34 PM
Subject: Your recent article posted on Rense
I read your recent article posted on Rense ("connecting the H5N1 dots") and I would like to ask you some questions.
1: Where can I find the documentary evidence that "Dr. Taubenberger et. al. at Ft. Detrick" blended the H5N2 human variant virus with H5N1 and sent it to European labs to be used in human vaccinations? That seems to be the sort of thing that should be headline news around the world.
2: I have read other stories of American taxpayer "bailout" dollars going to foreign companies ( you mentioned RBS). What other foreign companies do you know of right off hand that are receiving American money?
3: Why do you persist in referring to the government (NWO) crowd as "Nazi?" Clearly these people are anything but Nazi, at least from the standpoint of Nazi ideology. The NWO crowd is the biggest enemy of the European people there are. Your intimation that they are attempting to cause a mutated H5N1 pandemic in Europe is further evidence of this, though it is hardly needed. These are the same people that are pushing and have pushed the massive 3 world immigration into Europe and other white counties. They have instigated affirmative action programs here in the US (and similar programs in other white countries) and they have pushed mental torture on white children all over the world by attempting to instill guilt and shame at an early age in children over historical events, just to name a few things.
And no, I'm not a Nazi. It just seems strange to me that you describe as "Nazi" people who are the very antithesis of Nazi beliefs.
From: A. True Ott PhD
To: Ken Steen
Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2009 3:06 PM
Subject: Re: Your recent article posted on Rense
Hello Ken:
Thanks for your questions. Let me clarify some of the issues for you.
1. Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger's team at Ft. Detrick spent 6 years mapping the genome structure of the 1918 pandemic virus beginning in 1997. His team completed the task, and basically "weaponized" the virus in 2004. (Sources for this story: PBS TV special, "Secrets of the Dead: Killer Flu", as well as literally hundreds of related articles such as this one by the Washington Post

In 2005, Taubenberger announces that there are "many close similarities" between the H5N1 "bird flu" and the deadly 1918 virus. Surprise, surprise!! Suddenly, the United Nations is announcing an "inevitable" pandemic involving the H5N1 "bird flu". What is actually happening, is NWO elites now have the ultimate biological weapon at their disposal --- 300 times more lethal than weaponized smallpox. THE TRUTH IS THAT H5N1 "BIRD FLU" DOES NOT NATURALLY MAKE THE GENETIC JUMP TO HUMAN CELLS, UNLESS BLENDED WITH H5N3 HUMAN INFLUENZA IN A LABORATORY. Taubenberger didn't do that. This was done by Baxter International Labs -- headquartered in, of all places, Chicago's 10th Congressional District -- President Obama's political power base. You are right, this story should indeed be headline news around the world -- but it's not. The story was reported by The Canadian Press, then I and my colleague Dr. Rebecca Carley dissected it on the air.  BUT IT HAS NOT APPEARED IN ANY MAINSTREAM MEDIA.  
Just as startling is the fact that Baxter used the kidney cells of AFRICAN GREEN MONKEYS to culture the "contaminated vaccines" that were sent overseas. Originally, HIV and AIDS was called "African Green Monkey Disease" because the virus was traced to infected African Green Monkeys. 

2. The Royal Bank of Scotland, (RBS), Barclay Bank of England, and Lloyds of London are just the tip of the iceberg. The A.I.G. Insurance is a true multi-national giant -- by giving it bail-out funds, you can rest assured that American taxpayer dollars will find its way into the following countries: Australia, (AIG Life Australia), Pakistan, CHINA (Don't forget that A.I.G. was originally a CHINESE corporation founded in 1919 and chartered in Shanghai, China. --- today, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the PLA have a major financial stake in A.I.G.-- which insures most Chinese manufacturing facilities (owned by the CCP and PLA), as well as the Bejing PanAm International Aviation Academy (BPIAA) -- the largest private flight-training academy in all of China.) Other foreign countries tied to A.I.G. holdings are Hong Kong, India, Phillipines, Singapore, United Kingdom, and Indonesia. 

Following the successful conclusion of the Summer Olympics in Bejing, the CCP and PLA began flexing their enormous financial muscles. They quit spending billions in oil and gas futures, causing the price of oil to plummet. They also immediately quit investing their billions into U.S. Treasury bonds and mortgage companies. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac suddenly had a liquidity crisis, and needed taxpayer bailout. This domino then hit A.I.G. -- who likewise had no available liquidity to cover its massive DERIVATIVE INSURANCE OBLIGATIONS.   With the news that A.I.G. could no longer meet its obligations, brokerage houses like Lehman Brothers were not able to pay its deravitive-based calls, and had to immediately seek bankruptcy protection and the dominos continued to fall.
An excellent synopsis of this entire, sordid mess called A.I.G. can be read at: 

3. Nazi stands for the "National Socialist Party". Their goals have always been world dictatorship via the fascist state. Fascism is simply mega-corporations dominating all aspects of government, from the judicial, to the congressional, to the military.  Do your homework, and read the history books. Prescot Bush, father of George H.W. Bush was a card-carrying member of the National Socialist Party. This makes him a Nazi --- and his son and grandsons are following the exact Nazi play book Grandpa Bush taught them from.  Look at the Wall Street barons who funded Hitler into power, and you will find they wrote the eugenics manual that Hitler followed. Take a few hours and read Anthony Suttons book, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler You will see Standard Oil, (Rockefeller) and I.T.T. executives deeply involved. Follow the money trail, Mr. Steen, and you see the same NWO philosophy of the National Socialists (Nazis) alive and well in A.I.G., Goldman Sachs, and the Federal Reserve.  You will also see that I.G. Farben, the massive conglomerate controlled by Himmler, Hitler and all other NAZI and S.S. thugs broke apart after WW II into the major pharmaceutical giants (such as Baxter) that are hell-bent on releasing a massive pandemic on the world. WHY?  Simply because they have come to realize that invasive viruses can be more effective for social engineering tasks than invasive armies.  
I call them NAZI's because a rose by any other name, simply wouldn't smell as sweet.
A. True Ott, PhD, ND

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Part 2
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Part 4
This document has just been published 26/04/2009 as a result of a freedom of information request it states that they have been spraying toxic aluminium fibre glass:

The flu strain is man made! Here is the proof. Part 1

I think the interview was BEFORE the Power Hour video on youtube. Dated 3rd March 2009.
These Doctors/Scientists are saying the HN51 strain has been modified by a company called Baxters.
The flu was found in San Diego last month. Two young boys had it even though they didn't have contact with pigs or chickens. Baxters who make the hn51 vaccine are based in Chicago!


Wales UK preparing for flu outbreak:

This info below is from that video.

"Global Dimming" effects the hydrological cycle of our earth. So weakening our earths water cycle. Reducing rainfall and threatening fresh water supplies. By spraying reflective particles in the air by planes in the form of chemtrails is infact going to kill millions of people, cause drought and starvation, melt the ice caps, damage our lungs, kill wildlife, make animals extinct and mess our earth up for good. Stop chemtrails NOW. They are murdering bastards. They are evil. They don't know what they are doing!

"Deep Sheild" committed suicide.    
Information Regarding
The Baxter Pharma Translations

Alexander S. Jones

Critical Alert: The Swine Flu Pandemic – Fact or Fiction?
By Dr. Mercola (excerpt)

Should You Accept a Flu Vaccine -- Just to be Safe?

As stated in the New York Times14 and elsewhere, flu experts have no idea whether the current seasonal flu vaccine would offer any protection whatsoever against this exotic mutant, and it will take months to create a new one. But let me tell you, getting vaccinated now would not only offer no protection and potentially cause great harm, it would most likely be loaded with toxic mercury which is used as a preservative in most flu vaccines.. I've written extensively about the numerous dangers (and ineffectiveness) of flu vaccines, and why I do not recommend them to anyone. So no matter what you hear -- even if it comes from your doctor -- don't get a regular flu shot. They rarely work against seasonal flu...and certainly can't offer protection against a never-before- seen strain. Currently, the antiviral drugs Tamiflu and Relenza are the only drugs that appear effective against the (human flu) H1N1 virus, and I strongly believe taking Tamiflu to protect yourself against this new virus could be a serious mistake -- for all the reasons I already mentioned above. But in addition to the dangerous side effects of Tamiflu, there is also growing evidence of resistance against the drug. In February, the pre-publication and preliminary findings journal called Nature Precedings published a paper on this concern, stating15:

The dramatic rise of oseltamivir [Tamiflu] resistance in the H1N1 serotype in the 2007/2008 season and the fixing of H274Y in the 2008/2009 season has raised concerns regarding individuals at risk for seasonal influenza, as well as development of similar resistance in the H5N1 serotype [bird flu]. Previously, oseltamivir resistance produced changes in H1N1 and H3N2 at multiple positions in treated patients. In contrast, the recently reported resistance involved patients who had not recently taken oseltamivir.

It's one more reason not to bother with this potentially dangerous drug. And, once a specific swine flu drug is created, you can be sure that it has not had the time to be tested in clinical trials to determine safety and effectiveness, which puts us right back where I started this article -- with a potential repeat of the last dangerous swine flu vaccine, which destroyed the lives of hundreds of people. Topping the whole mess off, of course, is the fact that if the new vaccine turns out to be a killer, the pharmaceutical companies responsible are immune from lawsuits -- something I've also warned about before on numerous occasions. Unfortunately, those prospects won't stop the governments of the world from mandating the vaccine -- a scenario I hope we can all avoid.

complete article here with videos: