An Astrological Look At 'Patriot Act' Talk In America

American Nemesis
Francis Donald Grabau

The occasion prompting this writing is, of course, the recent Tasering of a young Florida University student at a public talk given by John Kerry. It might be called, 'The Senator Versus The Student'.  Yes, right in front of the Senator, a student engaged in vigorously but politely questioning him has his microphone shut down and is quickly surrounded by 'security police' who begin grabbing at his arms and hands, pulling on his clothing and leading him out of the hall.  The event was visually recorded by many other students (some using cell phone imaging devices) who then posted it all across the internet.  I was sent a link via email to one such recording posted on YouTube and was surprised by what I saw: there were no visible signs of OUTRAGE voiced by anyone present! 

I mean I'm sitting here at my computer seeing on YouTube a perfectly polite and passionate student thanking Senator Kerry for coming to the University and addressing the students for two hours.  Then, with biting irony, he goes on to wave a copy of Greg Palast's book, Armed Madhouse, for all the assembled 'audience' to see and tells everyone that according to the reported facts in that book John Kerry actually WON the 2004 election!  He congratulates the Senator from Massachusettes and continues with highly theatrical aplomb and unmitigated audacity to actually ask Senator Kerry the million dollar question we've all been asking ourselves: WHY did he immediately concede the November 2004 election to Bush when so many voting irregularities were being reported all across the Nation  -especially in Florida, Ohio, and New Mexico- even as election returns were still in the process of being counted. 

But he doesn't stop there, he continues and asks why Kerry, given these irregular circumstances, has not led the battle to IMPEACH the sitting President since these facts concerning the fraudulent election have come to light.  He asks why the Senator is supporting the WAR against Afghanistan and Iraq, and why he's not voting to cut off funds to prevent the illegitimate President's threats of attacking Iran!  For good measure, and despite censoring from a moderator who insists he's already taken too much time for his questions, he pushes on asking Kerry what might be implied by his membership in the same Skull & Bones Society to which George W. Bush has sworn his allegiance! 

Of course, by this time the dramatic ironies of his questions are bouncing like bullets off the walls, and that's precisely when he's attacked by the aforementioned Security Police who seem to think he must be taken out of the meeting and arrested.  He protests their actions, tries to pull away from them, and appeals to ALL present to WITNESS what's going on and come to his aid.  But no one does.  Not a soul speaks out.  Instead, there's a lot of sporadic laughter, some clapping, and the sound of the voice of Senator Kerry calmly droning away in monotones from his position on stage.  Clearly the "esteemed gentleman" from Massachusettes can see and hear everything from his heightened vantage point but he does absolutely NOTHING to stop the violent arrest in progress!  The "audience" is behaving just that way, as if they are merely an audience, a group of passive voyeurs content to watch from the 'safety' of their seats this arbitrary, unreasonable, and insulting display of excessive Police Power. I couldn't imagine what was wrong with these people!  Is it the fluoride in the water, the chemtrails in the air, or are they all taking meds?  Why were they snickering, what was funny?

Maybe there is some humor in the very earliest seconds of the arrest.  For one thing, the student seems vital, strong, and young.  He's dramatically proclaiming his rights and waving his book high while the first gang of security cops surrounding him seem to be at least a foot shorter than he. The 'spectacle' looks something like a cluster of pesky gnats stinging a large horse  -obviously nothing too threatening for the horse to deal with simply by raising himself on his hindfeet and thrashing his mighty tail.  Even the frisky horse seems to know this and keeps neighing,    -'What's all the fuss about?' 

But that brief instant is where the humor ends.

I could not believe what I was seeing as the passive people just kept watching, the Senator kept droning on, and more police manifested out of the woodwork wrestling their 'horse' to the ground.  The problem is, Andrew Meyer was not and is not a horse.  He's an American student attending an event at his own University and passionately speaking out.  He's obviously astounded when his freedoms of speech and movement are totally violated in front of his fellow students by the ill-advised and clearly illegal actions of security officers.  They are behaving in a needlessly extreme way.  Not content with wrestling him to the floor and handcuffing him, they proceed to demand that he shut up, and ultimately    -they TASER him. 

They have, by that time, purposefully reduced this young man to an animal because the famed TASER is nothing more than the old fashioned 'cattle prod' used to keep beasts in line.  It hurts.  Painfully.  It jolts the human muscle and nervous systems with as much as 50,000 volts of electricty. It is, in fact, TORTURE.  Any number of Americans have been killed by these TASERS since domestic police forces all across the Nation began using them with increasing casualness after Bush's rigged "elections". 

Tasering Free Speech
Francis Donald Grabau

What's really going on here?  What's happening to the right of free and open Public Discourse in America?  Well, friends and fellow Americans, such public discourse has been effectively ended,  -in fact, positively outlawed.  Our basic human right of Habeas Corpus has been legislated away by the likes of Senators such as John Kerry. Kerry stood their droning while security officers degraded and attacked this young student, treated him like cattle, and tortured him with an electric cattle prod. No doubt he was relieved that this abusive treatment would shield him from having to answer such direct and honest questions, the kind of questions NEVER allowed on corporate radio and television.  The kind of questions many of us have regarding what's going on in political America.  The kind of questions a youthful and idealistic student is not yet cynical enough to understand are totally 'verboten'.  Taboo.  Not to be indulged in by polite and civil citizen-servants before their forbidding masters.  Those present to this virtually shocking event, merely sniggered at the Student being publicly abused while applauding the shameless Senator mouthing political platitudes.  Tasering free speech.

What can possibly account for the active participation of Americans in the government's increasingly belligerent suspension of all their basic rights, for their endurance of "free speech zones", for their widespread tolerance of escalating police brutality, for their complicit passivity in the face of their country's illegal and immoral rape of Iraq?  The answers to these questions are naturally very multi-facted and complex but to me as a poet, writer, and astrologer one thing stands out above all others: Americans have succombed to a National Plague of verbal-mental abuse rigorously masked by what can only be called "politically correct" thought and speech.   Language, public discourse in America, has degenerated into mutual name-calling combined with a kind of subtle casuistry that suggests we are nothing less than the infamous "PEOPLE OF THE LIE".

What else can we expect from a People whose public airwaves, dominated by elite corporate interests, are crammed with endless hours of disinformation glibly voiced by 'readers', actors, news 'anchors' and perpetually 'spun' by public relations firms.  That's not a question, it's a questioning statement which answers itself and, therefore, is appropriately followed by a period.  The major 'literate' newspapers, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times are equally and willingly participating in this same 'spin' and, perhaps, even more 'intelligently' phrasing their disinformation.  It's enough to make people sick,  -and it has. 

America is sick with slick talk aimed at avoiding reality.  Americans are refusing to speak a syllable of truth for fear of inadvertently revealing the LIE.  The lie is that George W. Bush is a legitametly elected President, that 911 was not an inside job, that invading Afghanistan and Iraq was not illegal and immoral rape, that America is the richest, strongest, and freest Nation on Earth.  Freest means superlatively free, and that we are not.  We dare not speak our minds (if we have minds) in public because we are all participants in the American sham called the 'War On Terror' and that makes us Terrorists torturing each other.  That makes us The People Of The Lie.

A cornerstone of America's lie to the world is the hastily passed "Patriot Act"  -the first of an unending run of legislative documents signed into law and thoroughly stripping us of all our hitherto imagined 'freedoms'.  Interestingly enough, I have in my possession the starkest, most revelatory 'scoop' on this "Patriot Act".  I have its birth chart, the stellar outline of its inorganic origin, the blueprint of its true intentions.  Should you be curious as to all that implies I recommend you follow this link to an in-depth analysis of its contents and intended goals, "The Patriot Act; Last Tango In America".  But for here and now, I'd like to call your attention to certain aspects of that "Act" which undermine free and politically incorrect but vital, poetic, and truthful speech   -the kind of speech heard in the voice of the young student, Andrew Meyer.  The kind of speech forcefully suppressed by Senator John Kerry's indifference to the freedoms of Americans.  The formerly youthful and idealistic veteran from Vietnam has aged into a cynical, corrupt, and dispirited old man.   Senator John Kerry voted for the "Patriot Act". 

America's Declaration Of Independence
The Patriot Act

What you see above is the bi-wheel (double circle) image of two birth charts: the birth chart of America and the birthchart of the "Patriot Act".  Please note that in the bi-wheel showing the USA Natal Chart inside (blue circle) and the chart for the "Patriot Act" outside (yellow circle) there are very clear indications as to how this hideous piece of Legislation has radically undermined freedom of speech in America.  I'll keep this very simple and direct.

To begin with, notice how at America's founding the core Identity of America (Sun in Cancer) is in very tight waning square aspect to the Nation's Authority Figures (Saturn in Libra). Traditional astrological teaching holds that a waning square aspect indicates a need for 'surrender' and that it's always the faster moving planet (in this case the USA Sun in Cancer) that must yield or 'surrender' something to the slower moving planet (in this case the USA Saturn in Libra).  Cancer, therefore, must yield something of its preference for comfort, protective isolation, and general 'feel good' urge to Libra's call for balance and harmony through Law & Order.

The irony is that the USA Saturn in Libra is in its 10th House signifying the Executive Branch of the Federal Government and specifically, the OFFICE of the President.  I've put the word 'OFFICE' in capital letters to emphasize that the OFFICE is a FUNCTION and not a Personal Position.  So, this waning square from the USA Sun to the USA Saturn clearly suggests an inclination, a propensity for the Nation's very Solar IDENTITY to be inclined to YIELD to the Authority of the OFFICE of the President.  This means that we are, as a People with a Collective Solar Identity inclined to surrender something of our personal, Cancerian feeling needs in order to achieve the Libran requirement of harmony and balance through objective adherence to the LAWS (Saturn) of the Land.  We are very respectful of the Authority of our Presidents and we are inclined to give up our personal feeling preferences for the larger needs of our Nation.  This is a collectively shared American value. 

A question that arises once we understand this arrangement is: Can respect decay into subservience?  Is there such a thing as too much 'yielding' or 'surrender' and if so when is enough, enough?  Indeed, are we to cringe subserviently before the 'Person' of any President and are we to be blindly obedient to any Law ?  Henry David Thoreau thought not, and the American Patriot, Patrick Henry, famously insisted "Give me Liberty, or give me Death!"  Obviously the Law is not always coincident with Truth, nor with honesty, nor Liberty.  Our 'Founding Fathers' broke the Laws of the British Parliament, rebelled, and declared themselves free from unjust taxes and free from the European thralldom to the "Divine Right Of Kings".   They broke the Law.  Following their example, we must do so too.

Notice how both the Mercury and the Venus functions of the 'Patriot Act' are conjoined in the sign Libra and fall each one degree on either side of the Saturn in Libra position of the LAW and the OFFICE of the President in America's founding chart.  Then consider the propensity for speech (Mercury) when aligned with charm (Venus) to sound pleasant and charming.  The 'Patriot Act' surrounds the OFFICE of the President with charming, affable tones and the President presiding over the enactment of the 'Patriot Act' was none other than the charmingly affable George W. Bush.  Surely we're all more than familiar with his even-tempered twang, with his 'cheerleader' approach to speaking and his pronounced massacre of our language. He can utter the most obvious of lies, the most hateful of directives and still sound (if only to himself) as if he's being perfectly pleasant and reasonable. Following his lead, the entire public sector of our Congress and our National Media cover their 'speech' in unctuous tones of reasonableness and innumerable layers of 'respect' for the Law & Order code embodied in the 'Patriot Act'.  This charming sound (Mercury & Venus in Libra) is the "politically correct" speech which masks a rigid and thoroughly uncharming message of indomitable Power conceded to rigid Authority (Saturn).

We see this ABSOLUTE AUTHORITAIVE POWER when we look at the Pluto function of the 'Patriot Act' as it directly contacts America's Sagittarian Ascendant while opposing the Saturn function of this same 'Act' on America's Gemini Descendant.  Pluto is astrology's greatest symbol of Power and Saturn is its greatest symbol of Authority.  America's Sagittarian Ascendant and her Gemini Descendant are similarly the most powerfully authoritative symbols of COMMUNICATION whether spoken or written or simply thought. The undermining legislation known as the 'Patriot Act' locates its Pluto-Saturn form of Absolute Authority directly across the bow of America's Ship Of State.  It grips America in its Iron Fist. It controls our language and our thoughts.  It has given us "free speech zones".  It impedes civil discourse.  It can be heard ('trickled down') in the public voice of ALL Americans. 
Blended with the charming unctuousness of the Mercury-Venus-Saturn alignment in harmoniously equalizing (and notoriously equivocating) Libra, the Saturn & Pluto opposition of the 'Patriot Act' imposes its Absolute Authority over every aspect of Public Speech (Sagittarius & Gemini) in America. It CONTROLS the Nation's speech through its deceptive mask of reasonableness and equanimity.  It's the perfect set of astrological configurations needed to create that already mentioned and always continuing tone of
dulling mediocrity known as "political correctness" (double Saturn influence) which currently dominates America's public discourse.  By way of the fair-sounding speech of Political Correctness Americans hide from themselves their Nation's founding position of argumentative and war-like Mars in Gemini just as Fox News proclaims its "fair and balanced" reporting while relentlessly pushing America's ultra-patriotic "WAR ON TERROR".  Beware, the excessively ingratiating tongue!  It's called 'Patriot-Act-Talk'.

You'll hear that tongue in all that follows below,  -the recent adventures of Andrew Meyer as the American Fascist Police taser him for speaking publicly in a manner that is not at all subdued or "politically correct" but animated and passionate. They consequently bring down upon him the Iron Fist in the famed Taser Glove. That Autocratic Fist is coming YOUR WAY soon. 

I've taken the liberty of underlining and rendering into bold print certain portions of what follows to highlight all that I've indicated above. (I've even added a rare clarifying comment in brackets.) Mister Meyer's less than 90 seconds of speech serves as a warning that the absolute power of tyranny is gripping the bow of our ship of state. The ship has been struck a FATAL BLOW by the 'Patriot Act' and is sinking. It can't be saved. The rats that may are jumping ship..... and all the rest on board are speaking the speech and feeling the feelings of excessively 'annointed' drones. 

Here's a link to the John Kerry - Andrew Meyer Event on YouTube:

And here's a few more links to videos of the event and comments:

And this one contains the student's entire question from its start. Here you can notice how Meyer thanks Kerry for coming and witness the cops acting like fascist drones while the assembly of people present regard the entire situation as if it were merely a "reality tv" show. Kerry, of course, behaves like some kind of QUASI-MKULTRA Manchurian Candidate which, no doubt, is precisely what he is.  In this video you can hear the curious audio overlay of the student vociferously exclaiming, "Why are they arresting me?" while Kerry's totally subdued (medicated?) voice is intoning, "...because it's a very important question."   American Nemesis.

Student at a Kerry event is Tasered

'Civil discourse' turns uncivil

University will review its stun gun policies and its response to student's actions


GAINESVILLE -- Following police use of a stun gun to subdue a University of Florida student at a political event Monday, the university has been thrust into a growing national debate about the limits of free speech, the appropriate role of law enforcement and the politically charged environment of modern times.

The event that sparked the controversy came when 21-year-old Andrew Meyer was arrested and shocked with a stun gun during a town hall forum attended by U.S. Sen. John Kerry.

Meyer had approached an open microphone to question Kerry, but the microphone was cut off when he used some off-color language (he referred to Clinton being impeached for a "blow-job") that drew organizers' objections. Shortly thereafter, UF Police Department officers tried to physically remove him from the University Auditorium, but resorted to the use of a Taser when he did not "comply," according to officers.

Speaking before more than a dozen cameras from media outlets across the nation Tuesday, UF President Bernie Machen lamented that the very "civil discourse" universities are meant to promote was not protected at the forum. But Machen said the incident is still under review, and he later said he thought it was "an open question as to whether or not the student impeded civil discourse."

"I hate it. I hate it. I hate it," Machen said in a telephone interview. "I hate a U.S. senator not being able to have a full and open dialogue (at UF) ... My disappointment is the fact that it didn't work."

Meyer has been charged with disrupting a public event, which is a misdemeanor, and resisting arrest with violence, which is a felony. Robert Griscti, one of Meyer's three lawyers, says his client will plead not guilty to all charges.

Media outlets across the nation carried videos of the arrest, and one version of the video on youtube.com drew more than 14,000 views.

Now thrust onto the national stage, UF plans to review its policies related to the use of stun guns on campus, according to Machen.

Current university police policy only allows for the use of stun guns if there is a threat of physical harm to an officer. Meyer was stunned as he was pinned to the ground by six officers, one of whom had managed to handcuff one of Meyer's wrists beforehand, according to a police report.

So was the use of the stun gun appropriate? Machen says he is reserving judgment until the investigations are complete. Some students say they are appalled by it. And Meyer's attorney says, "I think the videotape speaks for itself."

In the tape, Meyer is pinned to the ground, begs not to be stunned but continues to resist being handcuffed and then writhes in pain as the shock runs through his body.

A panel of UF faculty and students will be formed to review police protocols, according to Machen, and the incident will be analyzed to determine if officers acted appropriately.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement will conduct an independent review of the incident and the UPD and UF administrators will conduct their own analysis, Machen said. In the meantime, two officers involved in the stunning of Meyer have been placed on administrative leave pending the conclusion of the FDLE investigation.

Use of stun guns

The police attack on Meyer has prompted calls from UF students to ban the use of stun guns altogether on UF's campus. About 200 students gathered in protest Tuesday, saying they will not back down until the weapons are removed.

University police began using stun guns around 2001, and 80 of the 90 officers on the force are equipped with them. Since 2001, Tasers have been used 17 times on campus, according to UF officials.

Machen said Tuesday that he would not change UF's Taser policy until the external and internal reviews of the incident and overall police protocols have been conducted.

Speaking on behalf of protesting students, Benjamin Dictor told reporters that the UF incident was one of a series of recent events that indicate an erosion of civil liberties in the United States. Dictor described the silencing and subsequent attack on Meyer as an assault on free speech, adding that "our Constitution has been trampled."

"What happened in that auditorium was not only a physical assault but an assault on reason itself," said Dictor, a 20-year-old political science major.

Kerry issued a statement Tuesday, saying that he thought he could have handled the situation without interference from university police officers.

"In 37 years of public appearances, through wars, protests and highly emotional events, I have never had a dialogue end this way," Kerry said in a news release.

Meyer's initial questions to Kerry were about why he conceded the 2004 presidential election when there was evidence that voting had been suppressed. In a rapid-fire succession of questions -- giving Kerry no time to answer -- Meyer asked why there had been no moves to impeach President Bush.

Meyer used a lewd term to describe the sex acts that prompted the Clinton scandal. It was the profanity, according to event organizers, that prompted them to cut off his microphone.

Before taking the microphone, Meyer had handed his camera off to Clarissa Jessup, a Santa Fe Community College student who was standing nearby. The fact that Meyer was eager to have himself videotaped has prompted some to question whether he arranged the event as a stunt.

Jessup, who said she had never met Meyer before Monday, says she does not think he was putting on a show. She said she decided -- without direction from Meyer -- to place the video on youtube.com and cnn.com after Meyer was hauled off by police.

But UPD accounts suggest Meyer may have been hamming it up for the cameras. Officer Nicole Mallo, who stunned Meyer, wrote in her report that he was quiet as he was escorted downstairs.

"Once the cameras made their way down stairs," however, "he started screaming and yelling again," according to Mallo's report.

Who is Andrew Meyer?

Up until Monday, Meyer was a relative unknown, operating a Web site called theandrewmeyer.com, where he shares humorous anecdotes and hashes out criticism of the war in Iraq.

Meyer, a senior in UF's College of Journalism and Communications, has written comedy sketches for a local television station and aspires to work in the national media, according to his friends.

He has also freelanced for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, where he publishes columns on college life.

Friends of Meyer say he is extremely political, noting that he has been passionate about the 2004 election, which he thought Kerry rightfully won.

"He's not crazy or anything," said Robert Campbell, a UF student and a friend of Meyer's. "The only thing he is is a little bit extreme with his views."

While some are critical of Meyer's ranting at the Kerry forum, others are embracing him as symbol of free speech.

"Yes, his questioning went a little bit beyond what some of the administration's ears are used to, but only because he was expressing some thoughts that haven't been heard for a very, very long time," said Austin Flickstein, a 21-year-old UF student.

"And then it was force that they used to suppress the free speech."

The Gainesville Sun is a member of the New York Times Regional Media Group.

This Astrologer's Personal Response To The Kerry-Meyers Event.

Francis Donald Grabau

Regarding the YouTube link I sent all of you showing a student in a Florida University (or school of some sort) being arrested for speaking, while tasered and then taken away, I'd like you all to know that only three people have responded to me in any way at all regarding that event.  One person wrote "OMG. Wow!" another sent me a long allegorical and quite philosophical treatise on pigs, and the third wrote this:

"Thanks for sending me this. Very clear demonstration of whom the police are working for (though we've known that all along).  Now, what's the problem with the audience/students?  Is it the flouride in the water (?) the cop shows that have brainwashed TV zombies into thinking that though the system may have some kinks, it all works out for the best and they are really just trying to keep the bad guys from hurting us (?), the whole "society of the spectacle" ethos where we've been Pavloved into viewer mode?  People better start waking up...or is it already too late?

Ahem...Mr. Speaker...could you answer the question please?  Oh, and by the way...wasn't the Skull and Bones society started by drug money from the British cartel that destabilized China? "

My response to this person is YES, YES, YES.  Americans are stupefied, terrorized, and in such DEEP DENIAL they don't even know it.  Anyone who views the whole event and can only mouth-off about the student's supposed "rowdy" behaviour is missing a few million marbles ... or perhaps is on some "anti-depressant" drug.  I hear that mainstream television showed only a snippet of the event .... (repeatedly throughout the day) ... the part where the student waves Greg Palast's book, Armed Madhouse, in the air. I hear that Air America's Rachel Maddow called the kid an "agitated loudmouth" !  I hear further that even the highly paid "liberal" Mister Olberman (the Syriana cum George Clooney celebrity of mainstream, corporate TV) did not air the student's question but babbled on ('Liberally') about "free speech".  The wealthy Mister Olberman may employ all the "free speech" he likes on his show, but Code Pink volunteers are arrested for speaking out at Public Hearings, soldiers are arrested and jailed for telling what they know to be the truth and acting on it, and Cindy Sheehan has repeatedly been arrested for the same thing, and so has this student at John Kerry's talk in Florida. 

Who among you actually believe there is anything even remotely resembling public "free speech" in today's America?  If you do so believe I'm afraid you are SERIOUSLY out of touch with Reality!  Free Speech is a Consumer Euphemism in America and may only be publicly practiced in police cordoned
"free speech zones".  Talk, and they TASER you. Speak publicly with ANY AMOUNT OF PASSION and you are highly suspect and thoroughly disapproved of by your fellow citizens.  It's Dumb-Dumb Time in America. Consider what happened to Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolph, or Norman Finkelstein.

I think most Americans are seriously out of touch with reality.  I think they're flat out cowards hiding within tsunamis of deep denial.  This "America" is going to literally attack and bomb Iran. Only a deluded fool could think otherwise. The evidence is everywhere and is not dependent on the fact that it's currently very "sheik-chic" or "hip" to disapprove of President Bush.  It matters not how low his ratings are because the entire senate/congress is in on the deal. It's as good as a "fait accomplis" and it shows up astrologically as 3 repeated transits in 2008 wherein the planet Uranus will challenge by SQUARE aspect the Natal USA MARS of WAR.  Is anyone watching the media (Times, Washington Post, Tv etc.) as they bang the war drums and repeat the lies about Iran?  England, France, Germany and Canada as well as Australia, New Zealand and other "Western" nations are all in cahoots with this one while, like the Democrats in Congress, they make a show of "objecting" .... sort of ... kind of... perhaps, maybe ... we'll have to wait and see!!!

Pier Paolo Pasolini, the wonderful Italian Poet, once spoke of certain people involved in "a hedonistic code of self-fulfillment" and I think that phrase very accurately describes a good 80% of the white population of the USA.  Blacks and other races are involved in this too, but in nothing like the same numbers.  Americans have no sense of outrage. They think the public life going on in the world around them is some kind of "movie" they can watch and occassionally comment upon from a position of critical "superiority" .... they have no realization that America is literally leading the Western Nations in murder, crimes, and WAR all around the planet.  The FACT is that we've been at WAR with IRAN (again) since we invaded Iraq. We TRAIN KILLER ELITES TO INFILTRATE AND "DESTABILIZE" Nation after Nation.  This is no "secret" this is FACT.  And America is going to attack the People of Iran ...most likely assisted by Fascist Israel. So do we pretend this plan is not actively afoot?  Do we act "surprised" when the event is officially televised and our corrupt and lying Congress acknowledges that ATTACK ? (O, it has nothing to do with me. I'm surrounding myself with "love and light" and I can't help it if "Bush" bombs Iran!  I have to keep my consciousness away from negative thoughts so I can transform when the miraculous year 2012 comes around!!!  Zippity, doo-dah, zippity aye ... My oh my, what a wonderful day! )

Who can think that this TASERED student is "misbehaving" ?  I can't even begin to comprehend such an attitude.  There is no respect for the vitality of Life among Americans anymore;  they breathe, eat, drink, think, and speak "political correctness".  John Kerry is a liar and a criminal and beneath contempt. He could easily have stopped all this and he DELIBERATELY did not!!! And I'm attaching for your personal perusal this link to something called Brad's Blog wherein there are a couple more tapes of the actual event and an absolutely AMAZING because totally DISHEARTENING series of comments by viewers concerning the story as he posts it. http://www.bradblog.com/?p=5083

Americans have no idea what free speech is, nor can they feel or think being too caught up in their
precious "souls", their "inner lives" and their "hedonistic code of self-fulfillment".
Sad state of affairs   -destined, I'm afraid, to get much, much worse. 
Thank you for hearing me out, God bless you,  and

PS: The 3 transits of Uranus in Pisces squaring America's Natal Mars in Gemini occur on these 3 dates:
1) April 30, 2008
2) August 25, 2008
3) February 19, 2009.

Transits of slow moving Uranus are actively operative for at least one month before and after the dates upon which they become exact.  Uranus is the primary astrological symbol of SHOCK as Mars is of WAR.  Yet, in America's Natal chart, Mars rules the Home Base, the very LAND of America while Uranus is the ruler of Uranium and radiation in general.  America's home base may be on the receiving end of one of its own "shadow government"  campaigns of "shock and awe" !  Given that America's Mars function is natally in waning square aspect to its Neptune function, and that Neptune under stress from Mars tends to mask aggression, such an attack (should it occur) will be blamed on other sources.  The natal configuration of America's Mars in square aspect to Neptune underlines America's fondness for "false flag" operations (see Operation Northwoods) such as the Gulf of Tonkin lie used to justify our genocidal slaughter and napalm, agent-orange defoliation of Vietnam. 

War Of Terror

Given that America's MARS function turned RETROGRADE by progression for the first time in the Nation's history on July 19, 2006 there is all the more reason to question America's instigated Wars, and its official policy of 'preemptive aggression' because Mars Retrograde speaks of WAR TURNED AGAINST ITSELF.  The infamous Taliban, as well as Al Quaeda and Osama bin Laden are all proven affiliates of America trained and funded by America's 'secret government'.

For further details on America's Retrograde Mars click here:

For further information concerning similar views please see: http://actindependent.org/
Here's an excerpt from that page:

"To the American people, and to peace loving individuals everywhere:

Massive evidence* has come to our attention which shows that the backers, controllers, and allies of Vice President Dick Cheney are determined to orchestrate and manufacture a new 9/11 terror incident, and/or a new Gulf of Tonkin war provocation over the coming weeks and months. Such events would be used by the Bush administration as a pretext for launching an aggressive war against Iran, quite possibly with nuclear weapons, and for imposing a regime of martial law here in the United States.

We call on the House of Representatives to proceed immediately to the impeachment of Cheney, as an urgent measure for avoiding a wider and more catastrophic war. Once impeachment has begun, it will be easier for loyal and patriotic military officers to refuse illegal orders coming from the Cheney faction.

We solemnly warn the people of the world that any terrorist attack with weapons of mass destruction taking place inside the United States or elsewhere in the immediate future must be considered the prima facie responsibility of the Cheney faction. We urge responsible political leaders everywhere to begin at once to inoculate the public opinion of their countries against such a threatened false flag terror operation.

On July 4, 2007, over 300 delegates from diverse activist organizations and concerned citizens across America joined together at the Philadelphia Emergency Antiwar Convention to form a United Front, dedicated to resolving our national crises of endless war and presidential dictatorship.

These organizations included: Allentown Armory Activists, Alliance for a Sustainable Future, Boston 9/11 Truth, Coalition for Voting Integrity, DCOI Youth Group, DC 9/11 Truth, Delaware Valley Veterans for America, Family Victims of 9/11, Granny Peace Brigade, Green Party Philadelphia, Green Party Vermont, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Los Angeles National Impeachment Center, Military Families Speak Out, Northeast 9/11 Truth, Peace Action - Delaware Valley, Philly 9/11 Truth, Restore the Republic, Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth, Troops Out Now Coalition, Vermont 9/11 Truth, Vermont Coalition for 9/11 Truth, We Are Change, World Can’t Wait Philadelphia, Washington Grove Institute, 911truthsquads.org.

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Senator's speech in Fla. becomes YouTube fodder

WASHINGTON - Senator John F. Kerry thought he was pacifying a potentially volatile situation when he allowed Andrew Meyer to approach the microphone Monday afternoon, even though the time allotted to Kerry's speech at the University of Florida had already run out.

"His first words were, 'Senator Kerry, they're trying to arrest me,' " Kerry said in an interview yesterday. "I tried to calm him down and I stopped them from arresting him. I began to answer his question."

Meyer never got to complete his questions, but did help to create a series of video clips that yesterday became YouTube hits.

In the videos, campus police are seen attempting to separate Meyer, a 21-year-old telecommunications major, from the microphone as he asked Kerry why he conceded the 2004 presidential election despite claims of vote fraud. As Meyer refused to yield, officers eventually pulled him to the back of the auditorium and shot him with a Taser, a gun that releases an electrical current of up to 50,000 volts.

While Meyer shrieked repeatedly for officers to stop, saying "Why are they arresting me?" and "Don't Tase me, bro." Kerry could be heard in the background from the stage. "I want to answer his question," the senator said, adding, "Unfortunately, he's not available to come up here and swear me in as president."

In the interview, Kerry, who said he was unable to see police use the Taser on the man from his position and did not know about it until he had left the university, declined to comment on the police's actions. "I was trying not to have a riot started," he said. "I thought it was important to keep the place contained, I guess would be the best way to put it."

Allegations of police brutality triggered campus protests, while Kerry's conduct during the incident drew scrutiny elsewhere. "His behavior here is pathetic," wrote Nick Antosca, a blogger at The Huffington Post. "Listen to him droning sonorously on in the background as a guy is dragged down the aisles and pinned to the ground."

Meyer, who has a history of chronicling his public hijinks, was released yesterday following a night in jail on charges of disturbing the peace and resisting an officer. In a press conference, university president J. Bernard Machen described the incident as regrettable and announced that two officers involved had been placed on paid administrative leave.

In addition, agents of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement arrived on campus to review the use of force at the university's request. A spokesman for Kerry said he did not expect the senator to be interviewed as part of the investigation.

Throughout the day yesterday, new perspectives on the encounter became public. One cable-news network appeared to combine footage from five camera angles. At one point, three different recordings of the encounter appeared on YouTube's list of the day's 20 most-viewed videos. They joined selections featuring actress Sally Field's Emmy remarks, a pair of flamboyant Spanish-soccer highlights, and something entitled "Let Me Borrow That Top."

In addition to footage shot by two local news cameras and what appear to be a variety of individual camera-phones, Meyer apparently contributed to the thorough documentation of his dramatic arrest. "The student who was Tasered had handed a camera to another person who was with him before he went up to speak," said Steve Orlando, director of the university's news bureau.

In addition to raising the issue of vote fraud in 2004, Meyer asked Kerry about the possibility of impeaching President Bush and whether the two former opponents were members of the secret Yale University society Skull and Bones. Meyer said his questions were based on Greg Palast's book "Armed Madhouse," a year-old muckraking anti-Bush bestseller that Meyer waved wildly as he was being subdued by police.

"Those are good questions. I would have liked to have finished answering the questions," Kerry said in his interview. "I have the book; I have it at home. It has an important chapter in it on the election."

That the event generated such attention appeared to puzzle Kerry yesterday, yet he acknowledged that even after a presidential campaign and numerous antiwar demonstrations he had not previously witnessed such a startling end to an otherwise civil speaking engagement.

"In all of the Vietnam protests and everything I've ever done where emotions were charged, I've never seen anything like it," he said.

Kerry, known in the Vietnam era for his gutsy confrontations with senators, noted a difference between Meyer's style and his own at a similar age.

"He barged to the head of the line," Kerry said. "This wasn't someone who waited patiently for his turn and asked a question."