Mysteries Concerning Persephone, The Sword Excalibur, And
The Lady Of The Lake.

Francis Donald Grabau


The Lady Of The Lake Brings Excalibur To King Arthur


" To transform itself is the only solution left to the human species - in other words, to tear from the asuric forces the power of ruling over the human species. "  Mirra Alfassa

For years Astronomers have been speculating about the existence of another planet in our Solar System assumed to orbit out beyond Pluto far from our Sun .   In the late 1960's I remember seeing astronomical articles in the San Francisco Chronicle announcing that such a planet had been tentatively spotted; it was commonly referred to as "Planet-X".  It's purported discovery was hotly contested among astronomers as it came and went in the Newspapers year after year during the following decades; first it would be announced as fact, then it would be relegated to the realm of speculative rumor.  As far as I can tell these days (August, 2003) astronomers are still debating its tentative existence.  But some astrologers and not a few "alternative writers" such as Zacariah Sitchin (not to mention a score or so of "psychics" and/or "channellers") have taken up the idea of its existence and speculated as to its orbit, its nature, and its implications for mankind.  An excellent summary of the facts, myths, and theories concerning "Planet-X" is found in a very fine article by Joan d'Arc at Paranoia Magazine's internet web site, and I urge anyone beginning this article to read that one so as to save me the trouble of summarizing all that highly relevant material:

Followers of Sitchin tend to identify the astronomers' "Planet-X" with that worthy and imaginatively creative scholar's Sumerian planet called Nibiru, and from that kind of identification-association they've derived quite a bit of speculative belief concerning its 3,600 year orbital period as well as its role (or its inhabitants' role) in our presumed "genetic engineering" way back in our ancient past.  I consider all such speculations most stimulating, highly evocative, and quite valid but they're not convincing enough to me and won't be my focus in this article.  Instead, I propose to consider "Planet-X" primarily from the astrological point of view pioneered by Dane Rudhyar who argued that it makes astrological sense that a planet exists beyond Pluto, and suggested that it be considered in the light of the Tale of Persephone-Proserpine and even given that name.  Planet-X, therefore, shall be considered as Persephone and as the complimentary astrological partner of Pluto, and I shall speculate as to its inevitable astronomical discovery and its meaning or function in our collective and personal lives largely by way of the work of Aurobindo Ghose ("Sri Aurobindo") and his partner, Mirra Alfassa (The "Mother").

Who was Persephone?  For that matter, who was Pluto, and what was his relationship to his partner, Persephone?  Indeed, who was Sri Aurobindo and what was his relationship to his partner, Mirra Alfassa?  In pursuit of the answers to such questions we are about to enter the realm of two very unusual "couples" who defy all notions of traditional "Romantic Love," two couples whose relationships were centered around DEATH and the meaning of the UNDERWORLD -even though one of these couples is purely "mythological" while the other is "historical": Pluto-Persephone are mythological (a Greek God and a Goddess) while Aurobindo-Alfassa are historical personages from the 19th and 20th Centuries born respectively in India and France.  The Sword, Excalibur, and The Lady of the Lake will make their entrance when and as they see fit.



" Man is a transitional being; he is not final. . . . The step from man to superman is the next approaching achievement in the earth's evolution. It is inevitable because it is at once the intention of the inner Spirit and the logic of Nature's process. "  Aurobindo Ghose

According to late Patriarchal Greek Myth, Pluto was the Dark God of Death and the Underworld who abducted Persephone carrying her by force back to his domain and raping her in the process.  Not a pleasant fellow, but very powerful.  A Dweller in Darkness who refused the company of the other Gods and Goddesses and rarely -if ever- came to visit their dwelling on Mount Olympus.  Unsociable.  Scary.  Fond of his dark armor and especially of his famed "Mask" which rendered him invisible to others.  Lord of the unseen, invisible, and hidden he stalked his Kingdom of the Underworld guarded by his Hounds of Hell or his fierce, triple headed "dog" named Cerebrus.  A dark dude, a kind of tough-ass stud who took what he wanted by the force of death.  Rather like a combination of Darth Vader and the Evil Emperor of "Star Wars" fame.  The ultimate TERMINATOR compared to whom Arnold Schwartzenegger would be seen as a real "pussy".  Profanity and vile speech were not specifically associated with this "Anti Olympian" Greek God, but he was definitely the "outsider" of the clan and was the personification of the unspeakable Hades which became the Christian Hell.  To speak his name was TABOO and brought his Presence as HELL into the moment; he was whispered about but rarely summoned.  The bogeyman, the Demon, Devil and Vampire feeding on human life...the heavy, Dark Dude against whom no one could ultimately prevail since "Death Conquers All" !   The Macho Lord of Death.  You don't tangle lightly with him.  But Persephone did.  And still does, if we concede that Planet-X exists somewhere out there beyond Pluto.

Astronomers chose the name, Pluto, for the new planet discovered by telescope in the early 1930's.  We really don't know "why"...tales tell of a young girl who suggested the name to Clyde Tombaugh, and others argue that it was properly named after the Lord of Darkness considering how far away from our Sun is its orbit.  Whatever the "reasons" given for the assignment of its name, the discovery of the planet Pluto accompanied the rise of Fascism in Greco-Western Europe via Mussolini, Hitler, the Stalin of Westernized Russia, and others and set the stage for W.W.II or wholesale slaughter, murder, and rape. Dresden was fire-bombed and most of the people and buildings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were obliterated in an instant through the new "Atomic" bombs.  Plutonium, in fact, the first "man-made" Element was created in the early 1940's by Glen Seaborg and his associates in order to facilitate the making of such Atomic Bombs.  Polite (Corporate) History does not choose to tell us why an American physicist would name so lethal a thing as Plutonium after the Lord of Death, but most folks can see the connection anyway.  Freud spoke of Western Man's unconscious "Death Wish" but Glen Seaborg managed to make it matter.  He made it into matter.  Plutonium, a highly radioactive and cancer producing substance whose lethal rays wear the helmet of invisibility; the dark, unconscious matter of Death.  While the Ancient Greeks understood and honored the TABOO against even uttering Pluto's name, an American physicist (ever so much more enlightened) never hesitated to make the matter he called Plutonium and few -if any- American workers refuse to work in Plutonium handling factories today.  Curiously, Plutonium is a by-product produced by just about every "peaceful" nuclear reactor on our planet.  Seems we ought to try to understand the nature of Pluto and our Freudian Death-Wish since the two are so intimately (and invisibly) one.  And that's exactly where Planet-X or Persephone enters the picture.  I contend that we cannot understand Pluto without understanding his partner Persephone for the two are One in a manner that boggles the mind.

Persephone was NEVER raped by Pluto.  That's just a late Greek Patriarchal re-write of earlier Greek Myth.  Scholars like the late Jane Harrison ( see THEMIS ), astrologers like Valerie Vaughan (see  PERSEPHONE IS TRANSPLUTO ), and popular feminist writers like Charlene Spretnak ( see LOST GODDESSES OF EARLY GREECE ) have done what they can to familiarize us with the real story of Persephone and why and how that myth was re-written to conform to the hierarchical structure of late political-cultural Greece wherein respect for the power of women was greatly and purposefully reduced by the State.  Sappho, of course, turns over in her grave...where are the Greek Women Philosophers ?  Who invented the Birth of Venus from the HEAD of Zeus ?  Women, it seems, are to behave as men imagine IN THEIR HEADS!  So, of course, the ancient Tale of Persephone could not be allowed to stand: what woman in her right mind would willingly descend into the Underworld and "mate" with the Lord of Death ?  Ask the Pomegranate -that strange fruit sacred to Persephone and composed of a labyrinth of juicy, purple-red "seed-cells" impregnating a tougher, protective pulp.  Ask any seed which descends into the Earth to be born again.  Persephone went straight down to Hell and married the Lord of Death, and then came back to tell us all the story (shades of the Sumerian Innana).  Life is hidden beneath the surface.  Life seeds the Underworld as Darkness seeds the Light.  Persephone goes in search of Pluto and mates with him...all of her own free will.  Now, just imagine that.  Mutual cooperation between darkness and light, between death and life, between Pluto and Persephone.  Each implies and literally informs the other.  But where is Planet-X, our sought for planet partner to Pluto whose function  -if not whose name-  shall be Persephone's ?  What is it that keeps our astronomers from seeing her ?

I'll be damned if I know, but I could hazard a guess: we are, perhaps, still too enamored of our own unconscious and collective Freudian "Death-Wish".  We still want to keep our heads buried in the sand.  We still fear the Bogeyman, the Ultimate Macho Mister Death...bombs away over Afghanistan, Iraq.  More nuclear weapons -just "tactical", you understand- more powerful, invisible poisons and toxically terminal seeds killing the butterflies and bees that feed from the pollen off the corn, from the blossoms that become the (genetically engineered) soy beans; more nuclear waste to dump into the oceans and poison the dolphins, the whales, the fish and coral.  Hell, let's genetically engineer a new, lethal Pomegranate to carry sweet syrup laced with ebola to unsuspecting but pesky feminists !  Who else eats Pomegranates anyway ?  We need new industries to provide new jobs for American workers and besides, most women are a threat to the Power of the State what with their soft-hearted whining over the murder and rape of their own and other un-white babies!  Fuck you and this sentimental Persephone crap, dude, we want Power, Darkness, Death; we crave the alcoholic, drugged, anti-depressant state of unconsciousness just so long as we can keep ambling around in our Zombie trance like the actors in that cult film called 'Night Of The Living Dead'.  Death is All-Powerful, Inevitable, perfectly natural.  Shit, it's positively Darwinian, it's just the end of the journey after the (temporary) survival of the fittest.

Pluto King

Air Mail Postcard Of Pluto
Posing As King Arthur

Thus do we speak and privately think in our collective delirium enthralled by our interpretation of our "final" planet, Pluto...unable to see or feel Persephone or Planet-X.  And this process of our thought, I think, gives us a clue as to what the true nature of Pluto and his partner Persephone might be.  We are acknowledging only the active-aggressive "Male" side of "The Force" in this Divine Couple and neglecting (not yet discovering or naming) it's "Female" side.  We have no understanding of "Planet-X" nor any way to quantify or measure it.  Hence, we continue to see the greatest, biggest, most inevitable or Final force in our lives to be Death-Pluto...and its omnipresent attendants known as Fear, Paranoia, and Pain.  And even when we do acknowledge the Female side of "The Force" we see in it only more Death,  -Kali, the Black Dakini, the Devouring Womb; from Womb to Tomb we proceed through our preordained "lives".  Aggressively.  Thousands of years of inherited Traditions support and sustain this view, but is it correct ?  Is Death (together with Fear, Paranoia, and Pain) really the ultimate force ?  Is Death to be accepted as "natural," and if so how can we stop the enactment of the various religious notions of "Armageddon" or "Apocalypse" from happening due to the fierce (often quite unconscious) zealousness of our more fundamentalist religious friends who appear to be tired of it all and want to throw in the towel ?  What's the point of objecting to and fighting against "The Grim Reaper" who gets us all in the end ?  Besides, ain't it fun to watch THE TERMINATOR again and again in a series of "movies" (or life events) that always end the same way -with dramatic Death ?  All resistance is Futile, sayeth the Borg of American television and movie fame.  Death, Pluto, the Grim Reaper is inevitable.  And if Persephone exists what has she got to say about all this ?  That's the question I'm posing: does Planet-X (alias, Persephone) exist, and if so where is she and what's she got to say ?  Didn't Death rape her, and isn't that the "natural" way of Life ?



Aurobindo Ghose and Mirra Alfassa as Pluto and Persephone.

" I am concerned with the earth, not with worlds beyond for their own sake; it is a terrestrial realisation that I seek and not a flight to distant summits. "  Aurobindo

Cartier Bresson, the brilliant French photographer, snapped a picture or two of Aurobindo Ghose just before he died in 1950.  There is one particularly formidable photo he took revealing a Hinduesque man looking haggard and tired, a photo taken very shortly before Aurobindo's death.  It has the feel of Pluto all about it; the deep awareness of the nature of Death:

aurobindo bresson
Aurobindo Ghose As Pluto

And what is so amazing about this photo and Ghose's life is that he stated that Death itself makes a mockery of everything we call "religious" or "spiritual".  Aurobindo Ghose announced that we must overcome Death, quit dying, stop giving in to the fallacy of Death; he pointed out that until we do so we can't properly speak of the joy of Spirit because each of our lives ends with Death, the same old ending, the same old sad conclusion to the same old sad Tale.  This makes of the man a remarkable instance of Plutonian radicalness, an uncompromising embodiment of a radical force; he devoted his life to bringing "down" into the body something which he called the "Supramental Force".  He wrote of the new "Gnostic Man" struggling to emerge from within Humanity as a Collective, a kind of Man who would KNOW from within through direct experience.  The Supramental Force, he insisted, was not a mental awareness but a "knowing" which struggled to arise from the resistant "inconscient" of matter -particularly, the matter of our cells.  Here was a man who proclaimed matter itself to be spirit and who consistently refused what he called "escape" into blissful states of sweet samadhi, nirvana, or "enlightenment".

He was an uncompromising and absolute Radical, especially among "spiritual teachers".  I'm citing him as a "contemporary" example of the real FORCE of PLUTO embodied in mankind.  Long before George Lucas ever dreamt of his "Star Wars" films, this man was popularizing the notion of "THE FORCE".  It's a force, he said, which is awakening within the molecules of matter, within the cells of our bodies; it's a force we need to CONSCIOUSLY embrace, and he spent his life embracing it.  Born in 1878 he died in 1950.  He DIED ...and that, to some, seems a mockery of his writings and his work.  His death was, of course, the highly conscious and deliberate withdrawal from the body which every advanced Yogi or Tantric Adept employs, but he "died" all the same.  Hagiographers, nevertheless, have glamorized that as some version or other of the christian notion of "Ascension".

When he died there was around him in Pondicherry, India a huge business known as the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, a mass of folks (and some hagiographers, and a lot of devotees) all claiming interest in doing the work or "yoga" which he outlined and which had as its sole focus the awakening of the "Supramental Force" in matter and in the bodies of Mankind.  They, of course, have made of him and his life yet another "Spiritual Museum".   Inadvertently, he had "created" a "spiritual business" or ashram.  He left that "business" and the realization of the Work in the hands of his partner, Mirra Alfassa, the "Mother" of the ashram; she "died" too, but not until 1973.  Here they are together, the couple I am equating to Pluto (Aurobindo) and Persephone (Alfassa):

Alfassa-Persephone and  Aurobindo-Pluto

" Death must be overcome; there must be no more death.
       This is very clear. " Mirra

These are photos taken of the two when they were "old", photos which provide a healthy antidote to the current obsession with "agelessness" or the cosmetic-surgical-pharmaceutical retention of  "youthful" appearances.  They were seeking transformation through awakening the consciousness of the cells from within their bodies, not by external "prescription" or surgery!  Nevertheless, I suspect that our current preoccupation with human growth hormones and genetically engineered crops reflects a dangerously skewed attunement which we as a species have to what Aurobindo called "The Supramental Force".  Matter is changing, the Earth is changing, and our bodies are changing as well ...the old Plutonian Force of Death is hot on our collective tails and stalking us, obsessing and possessing us, pulling us along to our inevitable confrontation with the experience we call "Physical Termination"   -and not just our own personal physical terminations, but the potential death knell of Life itself as we've known it.  Historically.  Ah, well, that might not be such a bad thing after all, quoth James Joyce by way of  his alter-ego, Stephen Daedelus: "History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awaken!"  Gnostics, since first we hear of them, are forever repeating that very cry, "AWAKEN".  Mankind, according to the Ancient Gnostics, is born into sleep, an unconscious pawn in the hands of an Ignorant Archon.  I'm inclined to agree.  Mirra Alfassa and Aurobindo Ghose were two 20th Century beings who proclaimed themselves Gnostics and their work to be spiritual-occult-gnostic work.  Okay, so just what was this work, and why are you likening them to Persephone (Planet-X) and Pluto ?

Their work focused upon the transformation of Death as we know it through the awakening of the consciousness of the cells in the body and the atom-molecules in matter.  They focused upon and celebrated what they called "The FORCE" ...Mirra accepted Aurobindo's language concerning the "Supramental Force" but often quipped about its linguistic awkwardness as such (language).  She was a delightfully witty Woman, at once a sophisticated, subtle, and very simple  Persephone!  A lot easier to understand and a great deal more feeling oriented in her writing than her partner, our Pluto, Aurobindo.  And yet, time after time, he proclaimed that he and Mirra were ONE and the same, and that she was "The Divine Mother".  Indeed, he wrote an elegant book evoking, describing, and praising the many aspects of this Divine Mother.  Not to mention what must be the longest and most consistently inspired poem ever written in the English tongue (longer, even, than Spencer's celebrated and largely unread "Faerie Queen"), an epic poem entitled SAVITRI in which he depicts the overcoming of Death through love achieved by the Heroine after whom the poem is named.

I equate Savitri with Mirra Alfassa and Persephone as a kind of Triple Goddess Trinity balancing the Male Trinity of Satyavan, Aurobindo Ghose, and Pluto; together these "male" and "female" Trinities imagine and collaboratively 'create' the FORCE which they call "down" into matter  ...the "Supramental Force" which abolishes Death in his old form transforming him into the force that impels spirit-matter into continuous, free-flowing, and adaptive change.  Savitri is the figure in the poem who accomplishes all this out of her love for Satyavan's the outrageous and mystical-romantic love "affair" between Savitri and Satyavan who are mocked and threatened by a character named Death which comprises the story line of the poem.

According to both Mirra and Aurobindo "religion" as we have known it is finished, over with, useless.  This includes the ironical "religion" of the remaining Sri Aurobindo Ashram as well as the "religion" of Auroville -a gnostically designed and executed series of occultly aligned buildings within a model "new age" community which was Mirra's inspired attempt at a gift to Man and the Earth.  I'm saying that they both spoke out most vehemently against the sort of idolatry that would make of either of them founders of new "religions".  As far as they were concerned, they wrote, taught, and spoke simply as a way of sharing their insights as "notes" concerning the PATH.  They were concerned with the practice of dynamic action, not with philosophical-religious theory, and they both insisted that the "descent" of the "Supramental Force" was inevitable.  In fact, only six years after Aurobindo's "death" Mirra proclaimed the FACT of the "first" so-called descent of the Supramental Force (on February 29, 1956) in this way:

"This evening the Divine Presence, concrete and material, was there present amongst you. I had a form of living gold, bigger than the universe, and I was facing a huge and massive golden door which separated the world from the Divine.

As I looked at the door, I knew and willed, in a single movement of consciousness, that THE TIME HAS COME, and lifting with both hands a mighty golden hammer I struck one blow, one single blow on the door and the door was shattered to pieces.

Then the supramental Light and Force and Consciousness rushed down upon earth in an uninterrupted flow."

Now, please understand that I'm not a "groupie" by nature; I can't prove that Mirra's statement above is true or that it's not, and I certainly have no interest at all in being a "devotee" of this teaching or these two people.  But, in all my life to date (I'm 60 years old) I've never come upon a more thoroughly convincing, inspiring, or heroic perception of Man and our place in the Universe than that explicated by Aurobindo and Alfassa.  It stands far above the Muslim, Jewish, Christian perceptions and has nothing of the "closed circuits" we find in the life and teachings of great Avatars like Ramakrishna, Vivekenanda, Yogananda, Meher Baba, or even Krishnamurti.  Popularly admired "new age" gurus of the likes of Eckhart Tolle, Sai Baba, or Yogi Bajhan and there self-servingly disorganized teachings are ludicrous by comparison.  It appeals to me as a seeker, a poet, and an astrologer ...let's just say I like their "Movie".  I'm working with it as a tool.  Having read a great deal of Aurobindo's work and all thirteen volumes of Mirra's (uncensored) "Agenda" (see links on main page of my web site) I'm using their insights to attempt to understand the nature of "Planet-X" or the role of the planet-force known as Persephone in the life of mankind.  I think their work reveals the nature of that role to be concerned with the Transformation of Matter from within outward, from brittle-resistant matter to shape-changing matter, from Death to Life so that the two become One ending the rule of cause-effect "Time" in the traditional chronocratic manner and leading us all toward the date 2012 AD  ...and the perpetual presence (afterwards) of what Terence McKenna called "Novelty".  Death ceases when Time ends.  The Terminator is terminated.  According to the Mayan Calendar time ends December 21, 2012 ...just nine chronological years from now.  Of course, there's always the outside chance that the Mayans were just tired of counting time ahead into the future and simply quit out of sheer exhaustion.  Maybe December 21, 2012 was just the date they stopped playing their counting game!  Meanwhile, our individual experiences of time are pointedly slipping and sliding this way and that and the Matter of Earth and our bodies' cells are slipping and sliding, too.  What's that old song ? ....

"Splish-Splash, I was taking a bath along about a Saturday night..."

Wake up now, "Pleasantville," the (very colorful)  Supramental Force is Coming !  Is it the siren song of Persephone as "Planet-X" luring us awake ?  Does it herald the radical physical transformation of all matter, and will it result in a human "body" completely other than the form through which we currently manifest ?  Aurobindo claimed that Man -in his current body, form, and consciousness- was NOT at all the final step in Nature's evolving works.  He claimed that our Work as humans was to consciously assist, to consciously participate in the speeding-up of Mother Nature's otherwise very slow-paced evolution of organic forms.  The Supramental Force, he asserted, would produce a "superman" who'd be the true "Gnostic Man".  Such a being would consist of a body that would be very physically fluid and adaptable because that body would be a material manifestation of the more subtle essence potentially active in each true individual, an essence he called the "psychic being".

This kind of physical transformation resulting in the "superman" is not the same thing at all as the Nazi (for instance) Superman (Ubermensch) which the Third Reich attempted to breed through scientific-technical methods of gene duplication/manipulation continuing today in racist white technological circles as "The Human Genome Project".  No, Aurobindo's "Superman" would result naturally from changes wrought within the personal consciousness of each individual as he or she contacted what he called "The Mind of the Cells".  All Matter, he insisted, is potentially conscious because it is spirit in physical form.  Our cells want to evolve and change; they are deeply conscious and struggling to communicate with and awaken the generally "inconscient" state of what we call inert matter -rocks, sand, and man-made synthetics such as plastic or plutonium.  We, he said, are in the unfortunate habit of thinking that consciousness resides in our brains or the cells of our brains and fail to realize that each cell in our bodies is conscious and, considered all-together, the resulting consciousness within us is far more extensive than the mere consciousness of our combined cerebral cortexes.  The first stage of our awakening must require that we become aware of the mind of our aggregate, physical cells.  The cells of our anus are altogether just as "spiritual" and important as the cells of our heart.  Personal, physical transmutation.

The "Supramental Force" is a complex and very dynamic spiritual force active both from within matter and from outside the limited and very cerebral awareness we have of our known Universe.  It could be likened to what is known as "God" in traditional religions.  This "Force", Aurobindo-Pluto said, was pressing down upon us and would inevitably begin to manifest itself in processes and forms we'd soon begin to recognize.  To re-cognize is to re-learn or re-member in the Gnostic sense; to wake up to what is going on within and around us and reinhabit our true, psychic beings.  As we progressively accomplish this (as a species) our physical bodies will change.  Meanwhile, he argued, the matter of Earth herself is transmuting ...hence mankind discovers natural "radioactivity" or the energy released by Uranium as it changes through natural steps or stages into lead.  Uranium does this all by itself, without the assistance or knowledge of man.  It was only in the 1890's that Marie Curie coined the term "radioactive" to describe the invisible energy released as matter transmutes itself from within.  But what we've come to label radioactivity currently consists of  wide-ranging forms of such energy.  Some such "radioactivity" is artificially created by man through the manufacturing of "isotopes" from naturally radioactive substances such as Uranium.

Plutonium is one of the most deadly and death bringing forms of such artificially radioactive substances; it literalizes our mythological tales of Pluto by making Death into a physical substance.  No doubt this is a manifestation of the pressure which the unfolding "Supramental Force" is having upon man and matter.  But is it desirable that we create and accumulate such material ?  By making Pluto into Plutonium are we not attempting to make, measure, and hold onto Death ?  Our scientific, cerebral cortex fascination with such substances and their artificially radioactive energy is a crude way of mutating matter; Plutonium irradiates the natural, organic cells of our bodies and kills them in the process.  All man-made forms of radiation produce cancer within the cells of our bodies.  Cancer is essentially just the "egotistical" proliferation of some cells within the body at the expense or death of others thereby throwing the body's cellular structure into acute imbalance.  Is this because it's the result of our attempts to bring about transmutation from without, through mechanical means while disregarding the essential need for transmutation of consciousness first ?  To be acted upon is not the same thing as to transmute.  Matter, such as Uranium (U), naturally transmutes itself into Lead (Pb) demonstrating to us Aurobindo's contention that all matter is conscious spirit in various stages of continuously changing manifestation.  But he singled out a particular level of this process which he called "inconscient matter" which appears to be asleep or unconscious but is actually a form of resistance to conscious change rooted in what we humans call psychological fear when it manifests in our psyches.  The character of "Death" in his epic poem, Savitri, is the personification (personalization) of this resistance who perpetually utters the word, NO !  Death is No.  So, when Aurobindo says that there must be no more death, that death is a falsehood ...he is, in some sense saying that the No of Death must transmute into the Yes of Life.  But what can bring about such a transmutation of No into Yes ?  Well, he points out the obvious, can only be the biggest YES of all, it can only be LOVE !

No sooner do we utter that word, LOVE, than the DIVINE MOTHER enters the picture as Mirra Alfassa alias Persephone.  She is the one who descends into the underworld of the cells to awaken them to consciousness, to love them into consciousness.  She's the one who meets every NO with a YES.  Mirra Alfassa was not a pussy-footer, not a shilly-shally or maudlin sentimentalist, nor is Persephone.  One doesn't "go to Hell" merely carrying wands and crystals or crying out "bippity-boppity-boo" as if one were playing at a Walt Disney Cartoon of Cinderella.  Going to Hell takes courage and is hard work produced by the kind of love that is bold, courageous, and active rather than merely sentimental, nirvanic, and sweet.  Transmuting NO into YES requires a fundamental reorientation of Will and Intention and cannot be imposed on anyone or anything merely from without; one must meet NO, one must feel death, pain, paranoia, and fear  -and by feeling them enter into them,  filling them with the YES of LOVE.  One must transmute oneself from the bottom up, from toe to head finding all the little, secret places within one's own being where the NO of DEATH resides and loving it out into the open.  Since we are all fundamentally at one, there is no NO, no "evil", no resistance that does not reside within ourselves, within the cells of our own bodies.  But our bodies encompass all of existence, or we can say that we are wholes within wholes; the Earth is alive and we are dwelling within and upon her body.  Earth, too, has her secret little pockets of NO.  Mother Nature, as we like to call her, has her own playfully set habits and ways.  In her guise as Mother Pele she erupts into burning lava out of Kiluea on the big island of Hawaii, or spins a hurricane over the oceans onto the coasts, or busts a gut in the San Andreas fault.  Currently, her astral body seems to be undergoing radical changes as the ozone layer continues to collapse and we are discovering crude viruses inhabiting her atmosphere.  Just what is Mother Nature up to these days ?

Mirra Alfassa has some choice words to share with us on this topic; she often observed and commented upon the affects of the descent/ascent of "The Supramental Force" (which she also sometimes called "The Supramental Consciousness") upon the Earth fact, that was the very reason she kept the notes that are her Agenda in thirteen volumes.  One day -a few years after the 1956 "Supramental Manifestation" (referred to above) she sent this curious note to the folks assembled about her:

" 0 Nature, material Mother,
         Thou hast said that thou wilt collaborate and there is no limit
to the splendor of this collaboration. "

When asked what she meant by her poetic outburst she responded in this way:

" I will tell you only one thing: you should not misinterpret the meaning of this experience and imagine that from now on everything is going to take place without any difficulties and always in a manner that favours our personal desires. It is not on this plane. It does not mean that when we do not want it to rain, it will not rain ! that when we want something to happen in the world, it will happen immediately; that all difficulties will be done away with and everything will be as it is in fairy-tales. It is not that.

It is something much deeper: Nature, in her play of forces, has accepted the new Force which has manifested and included it in her movements. And as always, the movements of Nature are on a scale which is infinitely beyond the human scale and not visible to an ordinary human consciousness. It is an inner, psychological possibility which has come into the world rather than a spectacular change in earthly events.

I am saying this because you might be tempted to believe that fairy-tales were going to be realized on earth. It is not yet time for that.


One must have much patience and a very wide and very complex vision to understand how things happen.


The miracles which take place are not what could be called story-book miracles, in the sense that they don't happen as in stories. They are visible only to a very deep vision of things very deep, very comprehensive, very vast.


One must already be capable of following the methods and ways of the Grace in order to recognize its action. One must already be capable of not being blinded by appearances in order to see the deeper truth of things. "

As I have personally equated Mirra Alfassa to Persephone you must understand that as far as I'm concerned we are listening here to the words of "Planet-X" and they will provide much insight as to why, astrologically speaking, I am in agreement with Dane Rudhyar when he speaks of  the yet undiscovered Persephone as "ruler" of the Mutable Earth sign known to astrologers as Virgo.  As a species, we are struggling to hear the voice of matter, mutable matter, as it speaks to us through the person of Mirra Alfassa alias Mother Nature alias Persephone alias Planet-X:

persephone sculpture

" I spoke of the limitless abundance of Nature, the Inexhaustible Creatrix who takes the multitude of forms and mixes them together, separates them again and remolds them, unmakes and destroys them, to move on to ever new combinations. It is a huge Cauldron, I said: she stirs things inside and brings out something; it's no good (?), she throws it in again and takes out something else ... One or two forms or a hundred have no importance for her, there are thousands and thousands of forms, and then as for years, a hundred years, a thousand, millions of years, it is of no importance, you have eternity before you! It is quite obvious that Nature enjoys all this and that she is not in a hurry. If she is told to rush rapidly through and finish this or that part of her work quickly, the reply is always the same: ' But why should I do so, why ? Doesn't it amuse you ? '

The evening I told you about these things, I identified myself totally with Nature, I joined in her game. And this movement of identification provoked a response, a sort of new intimacy between Nature and myself, a long movement of a growing closeness which culminated in an experience which came on the eighth of November.

Suddenly Nature understood. She understood that this new Consciousness which has just been born does not seek to reject her but wants to embrace her entirely, she understood that this new spirituality does not turn away from life, does not recoil in fear before the formidable amplitude of her movement, but wants on the contrary to integrate all its facets. She understood that the supramental consciousness is here not to diminish but to complete her.

Then from the supreme Reality came this order,  - 'Awake, 0 Nature, to the joy of collaboration.'

And the whole of Nature suddenly rushed forward in a great surge of joy, saying, ' I accept, I shall collaborate.'  And at the same time, there came a calm, an absolute tranquillity so that the bodily vessel could receive and contain, without breaking, without losing anything, the mighty flood of this Joy of Nature which rushed forward as in a movement of gratitude. She accepted, she saw with all eternity before her that this supramental consciousness was going to fulfill her more perfectly, give a still greater strength to her movement, a greater amplitude, more possibilities to her play.

And suddenly I heard, as if they came from all the corners of the earth, those great notes one sometimes hears in the subtle physical, a little like those of Beethoven's Concerto in D-major, which come in moments of great progress, as though fifty orchestras had burst forth all in unison, without a single false note, to express the joy of this new communion between Nature and Spirit, the meeting of old friends who come together again after having been separated for so long. Then those words came,

' O Nature, material Mother, thou hast said that thou wilt collaborate and there is no limit to the splendor of this collaboration. '

And the radiant felicity of this splendor was sensed in perfect peace. That's how the message for the new year was born."

And where, you ask, in all of this is the Sword Excalibur, and where is The Lady Of The Lake ?  What has Planet-X got to do with them ?  Well, let's begin again with Planet-X.  I'm maintaining that our on-again off-again flirtation with the discovery and naming of this planet mirrors our collectively confused attitude toward the changes we observe in ourselves and our own home planet, Earth.  Changes which we flirt with naming, and even fear to name. Furthermore, I'm suggesting that all this confusion is the direct result of the recent and continuous "descent" of what Aurobindo and Alfassa called "The Supramental Force".

If we regard Planet-X as Persephone, "Queen of the Underworld" and spouse-partner to Pluto, and if we can understand that we've already literalized Pluto into the physical matter of Plutonium and thereby physically materialized Death, well it then becomes urgently apparent that we had better get to know Persephone, since she's the only mythological Goddess who ever wed and loved this "death".  Nobody, it would seem, really knew or understood Pluto half as well as Persephone.  Together, they were seen as King and Queen of the Underworld which human kind knew only through the approach of Death.   Pluto and Persephone are the King and Queen of the Damned living in the Underworld.  Perhaps we fear the discovery of Planet-X as Persephone because we unconsciously suspect that its discovery and naming will mean our own descent into that Underworld and our own marriage with death ?  Are we the "Damned" and is our planet captured in the "Underworld" ?  Consider that a Gnostic question.

Astrologers are a mixed and weird breed of folks. The best of us "think" in what Rudhyar termed "the algebra of metaphor" or analogical language.  It's essentially an occult style of thought perhaps best understood by the writer, Fulcanelli, who described it as a kind of highly conscious phonetic play on words and sounds revealing hidden meanings.  He called it  "The Language Of The Birds".  It's a way of naming things that is most definitely "unscientific" but very "special" and can sound just like a lot of chirping, squabbling birds.  Astrologers speak and think in their mutually shared and very special "argot" a dance of words, images, and sounds that's a sort of antique form of slang not unrelated to what we know as contemporary "Rap".  To those with a tin ear it often sounds like mumbo-jumbo, and I hasten to agree it frequently is just that !   Code talk.  Jive.  Like the special lingo spoken by all those medieval outcasts gathered together in their underground labyrinth of sewers beneath the City of Paris known as "The Court Of Miracles"  .  Like the Navajo Code-Talkers of W.W.II.  Like the lingo of the stock market on Wall Street, or the jargon indulged in by the likes of the Bilderbergers and the Illuminati -not to mention the bureaucrats in offices and libraries all across the globe.  Babelsberg.

There's a lot more to words than meets the eye or makes sense to the rational brain.  Let's take that word, "Persephone" ...what's going on there?  Just look at it; it's got a phone inside it.  Maybe Persephone is a kind of  switchboard operator who puts calls through to Hell -like Lily Tomlin doing "Ernestine" on millions of tv sets across 1960's America.  Doesn't the Latin prefix "per" mean "through" ?  But isn't "Per-se-phone" a Greek name for the Goddess ?  Dare we mix apples and pomegranates ?  Just what the hell is this "Underworld" she descended into ...was it the world of the Mafia, did she ever bump into Al Capone ?  What is the "inconscient" and does the "mind of the cells" operate below the conscious mind in the Underworld ...shit, man, what the hell is "Hell" ?  Are we already living in it ?  Maybe those of us who think we are want to know all about Persephone 'cause she's our only ticket outta this place.  Persephone appears when the shit hits the fan ...Blackbird singing in the dead of night ...Crow song; quoth the Raven, "Nevermore".  No, that was the phone company and their motto: "We don't care.  We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."  Josephine married Napoleon and Ernestine was born as Lily Tomlin.  Out of the Underworld.  Listen to the mind of your cells.  The supramental force rises from there even while it manifests in a descent from above in the songs of the birds.  Languedoc.  Rennes Le Chateau.  Cathars.  Cathartic.  What was in that Pomegranate I just ate ?  An apple a day may keep the doctor away but it sure got Eve into a hell of a mess !  The language spoken by the mind of the cells brings the music of our ears to the sphere of our hearts.  All you need is Love, and a good ear, and about a billion dollars.  Every bill you get is actually a free phone card with unlimited calling time to the switchboard operator connecting heaven with hell.  Hello, this is Persephone speaking, are you out there ?  Well, listen, I've decided to collaborate with this supramental force and man, have I ever got a deal for you !  Wanna buy Planet-X ?  It's a heart of gold hidden in a pomegranate, it's your long forgotten sword, Excalibur, coming home, and I'm actually the Lady of the Lake  -this is a special delivery from Hell, and it will cost you EVERYTHING  -all your body, heart, and soul !  That's the "message" of Savitri, Persephone, and Planet-X.




Planet-X and Persephone
As FORCES Informing The 'Energy-Field' of Virgo.

" The moment the body becomes conscious, it becomes conscious of its own falsehood! It becomes conscious of this law, that law, that third law, that fourth law, that tenth law -- everything is "laws." ... We are ruled by the physical laws: such a thing will produce such a result, and if you do this, such and such will happen, etc.... Why, it oozes from every pore! I know it. I know it very well. It exudes falsehood. In the body, we have no faith in the divine Grace -- none, none, none whatsoever! If we have not undergone tapasya [yogic discipline] the way I have, we say, "Well, all the inner, moral things, all the feelings and psychology are all very well; we want the Divine and we are ready to do anything; but, nonetheless, material facts are material facts; they are concrete and real: an illness is an illness, food is food, and the consequence of all we do is a consequence, and if -- blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! "   Mirra

The relationship between Persephone and her Mother, Demeter parallells the relationship which Mirra Alfassa established with 'Mother Nature'.  Mother to Daughter relationships are the very core of what the Ancient Greeks knew as the profoundly respected and widely celebrated 'Eleusinian Mysteries'.  These were mysteries centered about the human experience of transformation and rebirth -we know almost nothing about the essence of these mysteries despite a plethora of scholarly investigation  -rationalists dismiss them as tales concerning the yearly agricultural cycle.  But what we do know suggests that participants in the mysteries descended into the darkness of the Underworld (either symbolically, or in fact ) and came to know by direct experience that Earth is Alive, that matter is conscious, and that unless one comes to know these facts one cannot transmute either one's body or one's psyche.  To transmute, one must begin all over again or begin anew and this process necessitated becoming 'virgin'.

The great virgin of the ancients was Persephone known as Kore prior to her descent into the hitherto 'inconscient' matter of the cells in the Underworld.  Kore derives from the Greek word "koro" meaning "I sweep out or cleanse."  Kore became Persephone by going to Hell and sweeping it out!  She cleansed it.  But what does that mean ?  How do we understand it ?  Not easily.  Christians, in their profoundly willed ignorance, don't even speak of their own God the Father or his Son, Jesus, as sweeping out or cleansing Hell.  To their thought, it remains forever; there may be a "new heaven" and even a "new earth" after their "Final Judgement" or Armageddon, but Hell just goes right on existing as a place where 'Evil" is forever after 'eternally' contained.  It's a childish answer they give to a complex question.  And this stems from the fact that "christianity" is a religion that knows nothing of and has even less regard for the Feminine, especially ignorant of the Mother-Daughter mysteries of the Divine.  To think in the Persephone-Planet-X manner we'll have to get beyond this christianity.  Mirra Alfassa, in dialogue with a Frenchmen affectionately known to her as "Satprem" or "mon petit" spoke of it this way:

" One wonders how people in Europe can break through that Christian carapace; it seems extremely solid - it's terrible, really!

Oh, indeed it is.

Even in America, mon petit, they're in its grip. They're always falling back into their Christianity. It's going to be very hard. I don't know why, but every time I come into contact with a Christian thought, it fills me with anger.

Oh, I understand! Because it's true, you know, that an Asura is behind it all - not Christ! Sri Aurobindo considered Christ an Avatar (a minor form of Avatar). One emanation of the Divine's aspect of Love, he always said. But what people have made of him! ... Besides, the religion was founded two hundred years after his death. And it's nothing but a political construction, a tool for domination, built with the Lord of Falsehood in the background, who, in his usual fashion, took something true and twisted it.

It's a real hodgepodge, that religion - the number of sects! The only common ground is the divinity of Christ, and it became asuric when he was made out to be unique: there has been but ONE incarnation, Christ. That's just where it all went wrong.  We'll see. It is resisting, resisting everywhere. It's even more resistant than materialism.

Of course! Nothing is more terrible than idealists, they're the worst. They're worse than the bad people.

Oh, if you mean the puritans, the Protestants ... dreadful! They're the worst. Catholicism still retains something of the occult sense, and after all, they have a certain adoration for the Virgin, which keeps them in contact with something that's not asuric.

The last Pope, who's dead now [Pius XII], had broadened both his own mind and Church doctrine a lot: he was a devotee of the Virgin. But the Protestants turned back to the Father, and so their worship became exactly the worship of a one and only, personal God, an asuric God. And they have fabricated and distorted everything: like asceticism, for instance, and all that sort of thing - everything they touched was twisted and spoiled. "

In astrological parlance, the sign of Virgo calls out to the force of Persephone via Planet-X since this Force is the Kore of Virgin Matter.  The deepest activity transpiring in the 'Energy-Field' of Virgo is the transmuting activity of mutable matter itself.  Virgin matter.  Virgo is traditionally understood to be the astrological realm wherein all matters relating to health -such as hygiene, eating habits, conscious and discretionary attention to daily rituals of all kinds- reside.  Health is Wholeness or balance within a system, whereas Disease is the ease of "Dis".  Dis was the later Roman counterpart of Pluto; Dis was the 'God' of Hell.  Dis-ease is thereby traced to its roots in Hell or the activity of Ruthless Power when clandestinely exercised without regard to the well-being and balance of the Whole.  The previously mentioned late Patriarchal re-write of Greek Mythology gave us the Gods (and their attendant consort Goddesses) as Political-Social Personifications of RULES ...the rules of the late Greek culture.  Olympus is the forerunner of such essentially all-male clubs and their attendant rules as the "San Francisco Bohemian Grove Club" or the "Illuminati" or the "Bilderbergers" or any and every CORPORATION such as Enron or The Carlysle Group.  This, I contend, is what happens to us when we exhalt Power without regard for Wholeness, when we ignore the earthy, feminine and organic aspects of life.  We allow the existence of diseases such as these and many other powerful but un-natural and destructive Corporations and their CEOs.  The 'mutable matter' of Virgo speaks to the necessity of sweeping out and cleansing all the many discrete parts of the Whole, and it's only by doing so that Organic Health and balance are achieved.

But Virgo-Persephone has more than that to say.  For instance, how can we deal with our own physical health and the physical well-being of the Whole Planet Earth if we don't recognize the Consciousness of Matter ?  Our cells themselves must be our teachers regarding the Wholeness and well-being of our bodies, and if we can't talk or listen to them how do we know what we need to be healthy ?  Similarly, if we can't talk and listen to the birds and the bees, to the dolphins and the trees, how can we know what the rocks and the seas are saying to us ?  We can't.  Unless we open ourselves to the "X" factor in the Planet-X of Persephone which, I suggest, is nothing more nor less than the CONSCIOUS COMMUNICATION OF MATTER.  How can 'inert' matter communicate with us ?  Through our cells, for starters, through the matter which constitutes our spiritual being. Persephone expresses by way of the 'energy-field' of Virgo as the marriage of life and death, as the wedding of spirit and matter, as the Voice of Matter.

Persephone's mom, Demeter, created all we know on the light SURFACE of the Earth, but her daughter, Persephone, left her mom's side to descend into the dark UNDERWORLD and therein begin another creation.  She speaks the 'dark' language of the cells and matter, the language which is only 'dark' to humans who cannot hear, see, or feel it.  But, as I understand it, the "Supramental Force" of Aurobindo and Alfassa intends to awaken us to this hitherto 'dark' language.  Consider these words of Mirra Alfassa in that context:

" But when it comes to incorporating matter into the work, matter as it is in this world where the very starting point is false (we start off in unconsciousness and ignorance), well, it's very difficult. Because, to recover the consciousness it has lost, Matter has had to individualize itself, and for that - for the form to last and retain this possibility of individuality - it has been created with a certain indispensable measure of rigidity. And that rigidity is the main obstacle to the expansion, to the plasticity and suppleness necessary for receiving the Supermind. I constantly find myself facing this problem, which is utterly concrete, absolutely material when you're dealing with cells that have to remain cells and not vaporize into some nonphysical reality, and at the same time have to have a suppleness, a lack of rigidity, enabling them to widen indefinitely. "

This, I contend, is the true work of Virgo, of human beings awakening to the energy-field of Virgo which seeks to express the mutability, the adaptability of EARTH.  Planet-X as Persephone is naturally at home in the mutable matter of Virgo for she symbolizes another state of 'mind', a different way of knowing far more earthy and physical-intuitive than rational-conscious.  It's a way of knowing akin to Aurobindo's understanding of the "Supramental".  Mirra, again, talking about this way of knowing-listening (consider her to be speaking as Persephone):

" So we can say that the Supermind can express itself through a terrestrial consciousness only when there is a constant state of perfect equality - equality arising out of spiritual identification with the Supreme: all becomes the Supreme in perfect equality. And it must be automatic, not an equality obtained through conscious will or intellectual effort or an understanding preceding the state itself - none of that. It has to be spontaneous and automatic; one must no longer react to what comes from outside as though it were coming from outside. That pattern of reception and reaction must be replaced by a state of constant perception and (I don't mean identical in all cases, because each thing necessarily calls forth its own particular reaction) ... but practically free from all rebound, you might say. It's the difference between something coming from outside and striking you, making you react, and something freely circulating and quite naturally generating the vibrations needed for the overall action. I don't know if I am making myself clear.... It's the difference between a vibratory movement circulating within an IDENTICAL field of action, and a movement from an outside source, touching you and getting a reaction (this is the usual state of human consciousness). But once the consciousness is identified with the Supreme, all movements are, so to speak, inner - inner in the sense that nothing comes from outside; there are only things circulating, which, through similarity or necessity, naturally generate or change the vibrations within the circulatory milieu. "

Traditionally, in astrological terms, Virgo has been 'ruled' by the Force we know as Mercury which -in contemporary European-American astrology- is all but reduced to the Cerebral Mind.  But that mind cannot grasp or verbalize the goings-on in our cells or in the consciousness of the Trees except, perhaps (and fragmentedly), by resorting to microscopes and compartmental analysis.  Planet-X, when finally 'discovered' will herald a different kind of mind; it will indicate that we are ready collectively as a species to once again engage in conscious communication with the Matter of Nature, with the Anima Mundi.  Signs and hints of the re-emergence of this faculty within us are everywhere: our new found concerns for ecology, for the well-being of the forests, the oceans, the atmosphere.  The fact that many of us have begun to intuitively grasp the higher consciousness of the dolphins, porpoises, and whales suggests that once again we are beginning to re-establish our ancient ability to communicate with Nature.  All these are heralds announcing the immanent 'discovery' of Persephone as Planet-X.  But there are other, less positive indicators too; consider Alfassa as she comments on Mother Nature's old habits as we are attuned to them and despite her recent resolution to "collaborate" with this "Supramental Force" (remember this is way back in the 1960's):

" Every time the rule or domination of Nature's ordinary laws is replaced at one point or another (or must be replaced or is about to be replaced at any point) by the authority of the divine Consciousness, that creates a state of transition that has every appearance of a frightful disorder and a very great danger. And so long as the body does not know, as long as it is in its state of ignorance, it is thrown into a panic and thinks it's a serious illness -- and sometimes, with the help of the imagination, it does become a serious illness. Yet, originally, it isn't that; it's just the withdrawal of the rule of ordinary Nature, with its auxiliary of personal vital and mental laws. "

Think about it, about the current influx of pharmaceutical ads on our tv and radio airways programming us to feel sick and to buy immediately the external pill or capsule or liquid that will 'fix' the "illness" which may only be a symptom of our "withdrawal" from domination by the Pre-Supramental "laws" of Mother Nature before she decided to collaborate with the new FORCE!  There's 'Zoloft' etc. for that terrible depression you feel, a drug to fix your undoubtedly high levels of cholesterol, a drug for all the men (or immediate surgery) to repair their prostate glands -if they're near or over 50 years of age.  Ridilin and other pharmaceuticals marketed for the younger crowd and the perpetual "pill" for women.  There's estrogen, human growth hormone, and Viagra so that we can have 'erections' right on cue.  It's hilarious, when it's not thoroughly depressing.  Ah, but 'depression' -that's the really big (thank you, Ed Sullivan) no-no show!  Musn't be depressed, it's Un-American.  Yet all these ads for drugs and AMA aids constitute a veritable "terrorist attack" on our nervous systems.  They depress us, as does the current drugged state of public, American politicians.

What's behind our fear, terror, and depression ?  It's the immanent entrance of Planet-X into our lives, it's the change currently underway in our physical bodies and our ways of 'thinking'.  What's happening to our brains and nervous systems surrounded as we are by these propagandistic ads and the technology which bathes us in a continuous tumult of micro-waved satellite signals ?  What is the real, root cause of the progressive dementia we label as Alzheimer's dis-ease ?  Why are so many folks in their 70's or 80's losing their memories, their logical-rational faculties ?  Could there be folks among us who actively work in collaboration with asuric forces seeking to delay or stop altogether the conscious arrival of Planet-X alias Persephone into our lives ?  Certainly, every conservative member of every status-quo seeks to retard change.  That's simple fact attested to by the history of human beings.  Just look at the proliferation of legislation seeking to outlaw Virgo's own natural herbs and supplements as adjuncts to wholistic, balanced medicine.  But what do we know of the non-human forces that might inhibit or try to prevent (sidetrack and slow down) the changes emerging through the action of the "Supramental Force" ?

Virgo is one pole of the play of energy-fields known astrologically as Virgo-Pisces.  While Virgo symbolizes the mutable forces of Earth (matter),  Pisces symbolizes the mutable forces of the Oceans (water).  As Virgo relates to the natural, to herbalistic medicine helpful to the physical body, so too does Pisces relate to the natural psychic medicine of our moods, our spirit, and our auric fields.  To understand Virgo (Planet-X, Persephone, the "Force") it's essential that we understand Pisces as well since each implies the other.  And when we attempt to do this, when we try to wholistically integrate these two signs or 'energy-fields' of the Zodiac things get very interesting indeed: after all, mixing the mutable water of Pisces with the mutable earth of Virgo yields the immediate image of MUD!  Farmers wouldn't be surprised or intimidated by that, they'd instantly recognize the fertility innate to mud  -earth and water being the two raw esstentials needed (along with seeds) to grow crops.  Since most Western astrologers are not farmers we hear very little about the obvious connection Virgo-Pisces has with farming.  It's too "corny,"  I suppose.  I'm not going into it here, except to remind us that the current attack by Monsanto and others by way of genetically engineered seeds, crops, food -as well as the techno freak's love of "irradiating" everything (gotta make a profit on all those left-over scraps of artificially radioactive isotopes!) from cow's milk to lettuce fits perfectly into the current poisoning of the entire Earth's food "chain".

All this is being done in the name of "progressive science" used to justify paving over and toxically poisoning the soil of the Planet!  We must never forget that in our current (2000+ year old Western "culture") Virgo, the SHADOW aspect of the slowly fading Age Of Pisces, is celebrated as the sign of Technology; TECHNIQUE being one of the focal points of the energy-field of Virgo.  The Age of Pisces has been the Age of Christianity (in the West; in Greco-Roman Culture,) and it's shadow side has always been the Demon of Technology.  Industrialization, we should realize by now, is not the pure panacea we've been encouraged to believe it is!  After all, as soon as we made (technological-telescopic) contact with Pluto (Daemon of the Hidden and Invisible) via our machines we immediately -inside a decade- turned it into deadly Plutonium via our industrialized technology.   Plutonium is the materialization of the shadow of political christian "spirituality," -it's the notion of the apocalyptic coming of the "evil" Devil himself.

Pisces, as the fluid and psychic nature of Virgo's mutable Earth, should give us the insight we need into the invisible psychic component of our technology, techniques, and earthy analytical approach to life which we celebrate as the New Religion of Science.  These days, (August 2003) we should be paying particular attention to this often unconscious psychic component of science because of the altogether UNIQUE situation we find ourselves in with regard to planetary configurations and alignments.  Ah, at last I sniff the immanent entrance of Excalibur and the Lady of the Lake into our Tale!



Okay, like every other "fact" in the modern world, the exact number of years that have elapsed since the last time the planet Mars came as close to the Earth as it will be this August of 2003 is hotly debated by astronomers.  They are the "scientists" of the stars/planets and their estimates seem to vary from between 7,000 years to as much as 50,000 years (and even longer); but don't get too "hung-up" on the exact temporal measurement.  Just understand that 7,000 years includes most of what our human species calls recorded history!  This is a very significant 'moment' in our measurement and understanding of time.

Astronomers, of course, will not "interpret" this event as anything but "data" or fact, but astrologers are having a real 'field-day' speculating and striving to understand the human significance or meaning of what is taking place.  And, of course, given that we live in the "Scientific Age" even astrologers argue their data and facts.  Those astrologers who measure the movement of the planets in terms of what is called the Sidereal Zodiac justly claim that Mars is currently moving through that part of the sky defined by the astronomical constellation of the stars comprising Aquarius ( all Hindu or Jyotish astrologers employ this sidereal zodiac ) while most (?) Western astrologers employing what is known as the Tropical, Geocentric technique with regard to the Zodiac see Mars just as legitimately moving through the astrological sign of Pisces.  I am such an astrologer.  Consequently, to me it makes sense to try to grasp the meaningful implications of the fact that in Tropical and Geocentric astrology Mars is coming closer to Earth than it's been in at least 7,000 years by way of its passage through Pisces ...and since, as I've pointed out, Pisces is that part of the sky surrounding Earth which lies exactly opposite to Virgo  -the implications are that Mars is expressing itself through the Pisces-Virgo pole of the heavens.  What's implied in that view of the "facts" ?

Well, if you're following my "argument" postulating that Planet-X is rightly understood to be Persephone and the "ruling" planet of Virgo, a curious sequence of associative images springs to mind.  Mars is known as the "red planet" and symbolizes all VITAL force such as red blood.  Of course, we are told our blood is blue as it flows in our veins, but when it is "spilled" or makes contact with the air it turns red.  Western astrology sees Mars as the "God of War" who makes blue blood red by spilling it!  Mars is associated with direct action and personal application of assertive force; it "rules" the muscles & tendons in the body as well as the blood because these muscles and tendons are what surround our bones and joints and make human movement possible.  It's associated with the metal iron and with personally weilded weapons such as arrows, bullets, guns, and swords.  The sign of the zodiac it "rules" in Western astrology is Aries, the Ram and the first of the Fire Signs.  It's the thrust of the Ram charging into Springtime as "The force that through the green fuse drives the flower..." in the words of the poet, Dylan Thomas.  In human terms, it's aggressive action of the personal ego kind.  But the sign of Pisces, wherein it currently resides during its historically closest approach to Earth, is a mutable Water sign characterized by the de-emphasis of personal ego boundaries ...or attunement to objectives leading to a feeling identification with All Being.  Pisces is the sign of the oceans, seas, lakes, and running rivers ...moving (mutable) waters.

This series of associative images brings to my mind the sword of Mars suddenly rising up through the waters of a lake as the Sword Excalibur in the Arthurian Tales.  It's a broken sword that's been made whole again and brought back to King Arthur by the Lady of the Lake.  In John Boorman's film, Excalibur, the moment is rendered highly dramatic by having Wagner's heroic Siegfried chords accompany the Sword as it bursts forth from the waters lifted up by the Lady's arm -a very moving moment in the operatic drama of the film.  Picture it  -Excalibur, abruptly rising from below, peircing through the surface of the lake thrust upward toward the sky with its hilt in the hand of the Lady of the Lake!  Water running down the blade to that hilt in lieu of the usual blood!  See the sword with it's hilt as the Cross of the Piscean-Christian Age made by Constantine into the bloody instrument of crusading persuasion vigorously wielded by the fanatics of that faith.  Observe the devotionally delusional "Christian Soldier" marching onward etc. and you see one possible meaning of Mars in Pisces as it makes its closest approach to Earth in thousands of years.  Make no mistake about it, Mars always moves toward some kind of ACTION and in Pisces that action is often veiled by the sign's mutably shape-shifting waters.  It can manifest as the mist or fog of devotional martyrdom.  It can operate through delusional drugs, spying or innuendo.  Personal COVERT ACTION is a Mars in Pisces specialty.  And just last week, as it reached a square aspect to the Electrical Uranus in Gemini within the chart for the U.S. some unseen action cut like a sword across the electrical grid carrying energy throughout the Northeastern United States ?  Blackout.  Covert action ?  Claudia Dikinis, of "" fame (an excellent political astrologer) pointedly quipped about the darkness that fell over the area this way:

"I thought the East Coast blackout was symptomatic of a "blackout in consciousness." A mass denial of what's really happening in this country. Electricity? Well, electro-chemical impulses fire brain synapses. That's another kind of "grid", isn't it?  Something is seriously wrong with a body politic that unconsciously colluded to allow someone like George Bush to get into the White House. He stands for everything the American people profess as being in opposition to their core "values." If that's really the case, how is it that he was allowed to become president?"
-- Claudia D. Dikinis, August 19, 2003

But, of course, that blackout was only one of the many ways Mars in Pisces is being felt by all.  There are very positive manifestations which are possible with Mars in Pisces.  Covert actions as well as delusion, collusion, and escapism are negative sides to Pisces, but it's most positive function is IMAGINATIONImagination is the primary spiritual faculty in man, a yearning that arises from the love felt in the heart.  Pisces is the sign of Mystics and Poets, Dreamers and Musicians; it's the sign of spiritual lovers everywhere because it awakens within us the DIRECT FEELING EXPERIENCE OF UNITY WITH ALL BEING.  It's the "God Intoxicated" energy-field of the zodiac!  As Mars currently passes through Pisces closer to Earth than ever before in recorded human history it FIRES THE IMAGINATION.  It makes possible ACTION based upon Imagination.  It brings the fabled sword, Excalibur, directly into the service of Love as Imagination.


Pour yourself a bowlful of water, light a candle, look at night under the stars into that water and watch for Ygraine, Vivien, the Lady of the Lake, Persephone, or Planet-X to appear and offer you back your broken sword long since thrown away out of frustration.  There's a new kind of valor afoot these days, a fighting spirit of powerful action brewing within the collective feelings and Imagination of the human race.  A miraculous, hitherto unimaginable gift is coming our way as Mars in Pisces urges us to understand that all our personal stamina, all our energy is greatly enhanced IF WE USE IT IN THE 'SELF-LESS' PISCES MANNER.  That means, using the magical sword, Excalibur, as the THRUST of our dreams.  Putting our vital energies into our IMAGINATION, into our CREATIVE SPIRITUAL FACULTIES.  It's a perfect time to actively "daydream."

We must understand that the power of this Mars in Pisces Sword wants to cut through what Chogyam Trungpa called "Spiritual Materialism" -which is nothing but the personal ego wanting to materially or emotionally profit from the Spirit by attempting to coerce it into taking the forms of manifestation which it desires. Imagination is not coercive; it simply yearns and loves in the most vivid, detailed, and passionate way of the heart.  That done, it proceeds onward trusting the "Supreme" to adjust the hopes, dreams, and visions it has imagined.  Imagination is attunement to GRACE, a kind of Supreme Serendipity wields the Magical Sword with love and courage while trusting in the Divine.  "Do what thou wilt..." is NOT the whole of the Law; Love is the whole of the Law.  There's no freedom or liberty possible outside of Love.  And in the Arthurian Romances love manifests as the Gift of Grace from the Lady of the Lake (our Persephone-Planet X) rising up through the waters from the Underworld bearing the Sword that has once more been made whole.  Mars as the Sword expressing through the waters of Pisces announces the arrival of a 'moment' in human history when our collective psyche witnesses the outpouring of the "Supramental Force" in the guise of AWAKENED IMAGINATION!  It's a way of seeing, thinking, and feeling symbolized by Persephone; it's the Mind of Matter willing and able to collaborate with Mankind and the new manifestation known as "The Force."  It's all we need to heal our psyches and clean up the Earth.  It's a revolutionary understanding of Love as a Force inherent in all that's PHYSICAL, not just as an abstract and emotional concept of "spirit" conjured up by the mind.  We are being challenged to understand and fight for the Earth of Virgo and the Waters of Pisces as we leave behind the sentimental, patriarchal, and secrectly coercive religions of the consumating Age of Pisces.

Mars, in its closest approach to Earth, entered the sign of Pisces on June 17, 2003 and will remain there until December 17, 2003.  That's half a year, and during that time it will sometimes (as it does now -August 25th) move in backward or retrograde motion.  Such retrograde motion began July 29th and continues through until September 27th; during this time period we are all likely to feel less Mars-Energy for physical activity, especially physical activity based purely upon personal, ego-conditioned desires.  During this retrograde period the rust is being cleaned off the sword, and the old dried blood, too.  It's a great time to be cleaning out our blood streams of undesirable toxins.  We might profit (on an individual-by-individual basis) by taking iron supplements for our blood cells, by eating red vegetables like beets, and by carefully examining any meat we eat.  Mars retrograde in Pisces cautions us to scrutinize all War-like actions based upon devotional religious beliefs, it asks us to examine all forms of personal assertiveness in the light of our trust and faith in religious feelings.  It is pressuring us to examine our Piscean beliefs and devotions by stepping outside our cultural-political as well as our childhood-emotional conditionings and examining them carefully in a dispassionate and detached way. Why ?

Well, in the reasoning process of astrology, the Action of Mars in Pisces is being heavily influenced by what is known as the 'mutual reception' of Neptune, ruler of Pisces currently moving through Aquarius while Uranus, ruler of Aquarius currently moves through Pisces.  Each is influencing the other's energy-field or zodiacal sign.  That means that currently Pisces is far more Aquarian-Uranian than usual.  Uranus is the electrical AWAKENER among the planets with a force that is dry, unemotional, and androgynous; it's the FOOL of the Tarot Cards and the TRICKSTER among Archetypes.  Our watery Piscean emotions are not only being heated up by the Fire of Mars, but the electrical fool and trickster is also running wild in our collective blood.  The image is one of electricity moving through water; a radio has fallen into our hot tub?  The U.S. Navy is flooding the oceans with sonar devices that burst the eardrums of whales and dolphins ?  (A US COURT JUDGE just recently ruled AGAINST this activity on the part of the US Navy, but will that ruling be followed?) The scalar electromagnetics of the HAARP installation in Alaska is periodically rebounding off the ionisphere down into the depths of the pacific ocean.  Weather modification is one of the central pre-occupations of the governing bureaucracy.  Games are afoot; war games, psychic games, all sorts of quick and snappy slight-of-hand actions.  Sudden changes are likely to be happening in our emotional moods, and most of us are inclined to confuse our emotions (reactive programming) with our feelings (real, gut knowing).

But if we pay careful attention, the FORCE of NEPTUNE will reveal to us its current Aquarius attunement, it will reveal to us the Aquarian, 'Fixed Air' mental detachment we need and even point us beyond the highest mental realms (places where ALL the gods and goddesses of every religious mind set dwell) to the realm of the SUPRAMENTAL.  Attunement to the Supramental Force can quickly cure us of all emotional-devotional allegiances to religious (old Pisces) and scientific (old Aquarius) programming and allow us to operate with a renewed and AWAKENED IMAGINATION.  This is the realm of intuitive and genuine feeling empathy with all sentient being as well as the Persephone and Planet-X realization that ALL BEING IS SENTIENT!  This is real LOVE, -free of human sentiment and the distortion of human religious-scientific assumptions.  It is from this stance -and this stance only- that we might dare to receive the Mars in Pisces Force, the Sword Excalibur, from the hands of the Lady of the Lake and wield it in the cause of Spiritual Imagination.  In this way, we can empower our dreams and fight courageously through to our hearts' Visions.  Earth's visions; Earth is a Sacred Planet. Matter is Spirit. The Divine is right here.

The combination of Mars in Pisces, Neptune in Aquarius, and Uranus in Pisces can easily lead to religious fanaticism combined with techno-spiritual concepts (even of an Idealistic, Aquarian nature) acted out in covert areas behind the scenes.  The Military of every country need to be regarded with the careful eye of scrutiny because Piscean war games such as soil, water, and air poisoning with unseen electro-magnetic waves and organically engineered viruses and pathogens is on the increase around the globe.  And, given the state of mind of the 'average' military personel the increase of such poisonous covert actions is almost guaranteed.  Astrologers warn us that the Virgo-Pisces polarity of signs negatively symbolize such states of mind as sado-masochism and severe disassociative fear or paranoia.  Because Neptune is currently in Aquarius the Aquarian Media must be viewed with a deeply questioning mind, with acute attention, with exacting dispassionateness.  Lies, fear, and paranoia as well as mass-peddling of nerve drugs and mood altering substances is at an all-time high.

Mars in Pisces can put imitations of the Magical Sword into the hands of secretive militants executing the programs of their higher-ups, becoming crude instruments of force by which they may execute their superiors' agendas.  I'm talking about biological human beings being used as vehicles by Asuric forces.  In a manner of speaking, I'm talking about people who are unconsciously possessed by daemons whom they understand as Demons and whose will or intentions they deliberately serve.  George W. Bush, anyone ?  Condoleeza Rice ?  John Ashcroft ?  And it comes right on down to us by way of the 'trickle down' paradigm (so beloved by Corporations) to the local police and our neighbors next door.  Some appropriate the name, Excalibur, but use an imitation Sword to sew fear, fanaticism, and paranoia among the general population.  O well, great possibilities such as the Supramental Manifestation and the recognition of Planet-X come with great dangers!  The wrong sword in the wrong hands can simulate the creative force of Imagination while actually executing a program of corrupt fantasy.  We must not hide from these possibilities, must not stick our heads in the sand, must remain vigilant while infused with trust, hope, and love.  Crying Out for a Vision, is how the Native American Elders speak of it -where crying is an earnest invocation and summoning, not a weepy state of despairingly emotional self-indulgence.

Keeping all the above in mind, there are some important dates coming up quite soon that we ought to pay attention to: on November 30, 2003 transiting Mars in Pisces forms a waning 90 degree aspect (Square) to the Mars in Gemini function of the U.S. Declaration of Independence chart, and by December 3, 2003 it forms a a 180 degree aspect (Opposition) to the U.S. Neptune in Virgo natal position.  These transits of Mars create a temporary T-Square configuration within mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, and Gemini) in the U.S. birth chart.  It's a dynamic, active configuration of forces containing a double dose of Mars in challenging-stressful relationship to Neptune and highlighting the Virgo-Pisces polarity directly related to Planet-X as Persephone.

These two astrological aspects and dates coming into focus because of the transits of Mars while in Pisces, directly affect the Collective Psyche of the citizens of the U.S. rather than the personal psyche of any individual citizen.  They highlight the tendency of the U.S. Government -and especially the U.S. Military (Pentagon) to resort to unclear policies of Mars-like aggression.  This sort of aggression is aimed not only at what the military perceives to be our enemies, but against citizens of the country itself (see, for instance, the MK-ultra files).  Keep in mind that we are all currently viewed as potential "terrorists" by this administration.  During this time which lasts about a week, military-police (Mars) use of Neptune in Virgo pathogens, viruses (anthrax etc.) is a distinct possibility, and so is contamination of public vaccines.  There may well be behind-the-scenes activities on the part of Military and Local Police in the U.S. which further the current administration's policies (as demonstrated by the so-called "Patriot Act" legislation -see LAST TANGO IN AMERICA; scroll down to Part Three for dates of important transits.) concerning enforced, mandatory vaccination of U.S. citizens with vaccines that are contaminated with trace elements of Mercury -not the planet, but the metal.  More legislation granting the DARPA bureaucracy further powers to invade the privacy of citizens is a distinct possibility as are all electronic forms of covert government-police surveillance and remote control of citizens' activities.  The "hidden government" which the G.W.Bush administration announced after 9/11 must be kept in mind due to our country's involvement with the development of viruses & pathogens for biological warfare.  Just what is going on in our Nation's medical laboratories, at Los Alamos, New Mexico and at the Center For Disease Control ?

In August 2003, as transiting Mars in Pisces formed it's retrograde Square (90 degree) aspect to the US Uranus in Gemini we had the power blackout in the Northeast, around July 23, 2003 when the first Square of transiting Mars in Pisces hit the US Uranus we saw the beginnings of the mainstream media finally airing dissenting views regarding the administration's "lying" to the public about weapons of mass destruction etc. in Iraq which continues to grow and which the power blackout in the Northeast temporarily and conveniently distracted us from, but what shall happen on or around November 4-5 (2003) as the FINAL SQUARE of transiting Mars in Pisces to the US Uranus in Gemini takes place ?  There is always the possibility of Nuclear accidents and escalating postures of Nuclear threats when the US Uranus is under challenge by Mars.  But, whatever unfolds, it will set the stage for the late November and early December squares that transiting Mars in Pisces makes to the US Mars in Gemini.

All this is trebly highlighted by the fact that PLUTO will make its first, histrorical OPPOSITION aspect to the US Mars in Gemini on January 27, 2004!  Then, as that Opposition is thrice repeated (May 24, 2004, November 25, 2004) PLUTO will begin to make it its triple series of SQUARE aspects to the US Neptune in Virgo and the first of these transiting squares (December 23, 2004) will occur within a month of the second of PLUTO'S oppositions to the US Mars.  Once again, we will experience a temporary T-Square configuration involving the US Neptune and Mars being triggered this time by PLUTO.  These are very dangerous times for our country and they emphasize the likelihood of covert actions, rigged elections, biological warfare, biological terrorism, and heightened propaganda by, for, or against the US Government and its citizens and enemies.

To speak of these issues is not to indulge in fear-based paranoia or negative thinking and is highly relevant to our discussion of PLUTO and PERSEPHONE, of Planet-X and the "Mind of the Cells," of the "Supramental Force" and the deeper nature of the Pisces-Virgo polarity currently being activated by Mars as it transits for half a year through those mutable waters bringing the Sword, Excalibur, to light in the hands of "The Lady Of The Lake" as an alias for Persephone.  It is likely that this prolonged stay of Mars in Pisces during its closest approach to Earth in many thousands of years will sound some kind of KEYNOTE leading to the discovery of Planet-X or Persephone and its role in our lives.  Let's return to a further exploration of that theme now.


Planet-X, Brown Dwarfs, Persephone and Hyperdimensional Physics.

The Kuiper Belt

 ... to be continued

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