An Astrological Study Of The Birth Chart Of HR 3162.
( Essay initiated just before Thanksgiving Day, 2001 )



Hi there, friends, these are urgent Times !  If you are anything like the 'typical' American, you haven't even read the text of HR 3162 or 'The Patriot Act'. But go now to this link and you will find that complete text:

Once you've read the text you will have a clearer understanding of what the astrological birth chart of this piece of legislation signifies, and that's what I'll be talking about in this astrological analysis.  I found the chart itself on along with the comment provided by the hostess of this site that she literally 'saw' George W. Bush sign HR 3162 into law LIVE on MSNBC TV at precisely 10:56 AM on October 26, 2001 and that she (Claudia D. Dikinis) will be posting her comments about it ! * ( As of a few days ago Claudia has done it, posted her pithy, direct commentary-analysis right here:)

It's been over a year since this staggering LAW was passed and still the public, 'Big-Guns' astrological community has nothing or very little to say about it.  Why, I wonder?  Perhaps it has to do with what I call "Astrology in the Grip of Saturn"…a certain fixation within contemporary astrology to place far too much emphasis upon 'facts', 'details', and 'data'; a certain desire on the part of astrologers to feel themselves to be 'scientifically objective' !

Well, folks, it just so happens that this very same Saturn symbol plays a prominent role in the horoscope of the 'Patriot Act', -the new US LAW signed by G.W, Bush as HR 3162. So, without further ado, let's plunge into a study of the chart.


That Old Red White And Blue Magic

Has Me In It's Spell;
Pluto opposed by Saturn.

Here we go again, it's the opposition of Saturn in Gemini to Pluto in Sagittarius showing up right on cue across the Ascendant-Descendant line of the horoscope for the 'Patriot Act' ! It's a strange ballroom dance resembling a kind of Tango replete with costly black attire, full orchestra, and the hot and heavy passion of Garcia Lorca's Duende! Authority (Saturn) and Power (Pluto) are dancing on the edge of Death, provoking extreme responses from each other as they beat their feet to the rhythm of their dance. It's a dramatic CONFRONTATION, an hybrid Tango-Flamenco version of a dialogue between the Centaur and the Twins. The need to deal with issues of courts (Sagittarius) and daily communication (Gemini), to deal with the basis of philosophy and law, as well as the daily functioning of communication tools like newspapers, telephones, and the internet. Power, Persuasiveness, and Laws slam-dancing in opposition with each other. Struggles to find objective solutions to issues of daily and long-distance travel by way of planes, trains, and cars. Who gets to say what and go where ? What Saturn-Authority figures will 'objectively' define and structure the Power-Wealth of the Pluto Collective Unconscious ? What hidden forces informing which Shadow Government will define the limits of human communications ? How will Saturn in Gemini dance with Pluto in Sagittarius to attempt to legislate the tempo of everyday life and thought ? Make no mistake about it, Pluto and Saturn are 'heavy' astrological symbols engaged in intensely hidden activities -each with its own kind of powerful charisma. Think Marlon Brando and Bernardo Bertolucci facing-off in a film, think of that film's operatic soundtrack, think Last Tango in America!

This legislation is really all about hiding from the Public (through the Pluto Mask of Invisibility) a serious financial crisis engulfing the US. That's indicated by the fact that Pluto, symbol of Ultimate Wealth and the Rule of the Wealthy (Plutocracy) is right up-front on the Law's Ascendant and opposing Saturn which controls Capricorn, the sign of the zodiac focusing the approach this Law will take toward 2nd house issues concerning the very long list of: - the nation's wealth, its Treasury, taxation revenues, stocks & bonds, exports, investors & investing, (gulp!) currency, the entire purchasing power of the nation. The so-called Patriot Act arises from Plutocratic Forces and threatens to be the complete undoing of the people of the United States, because Pluto is ruling the Scorpio 12th house of this chart (the House of Bondage and Self-Undoing) which concerns labor disturbances, plagues and epidemics, jails, prisons, workhouses, houses of detention, involuntary services ordered by Law, and conditions that militate against the public welfare. Things are definitely NOT looking good here. Remember the scene in Last Tango when Brando uses the stick of butter ? Well, that's the picture !

Saturn on the Descendant of the Patriot Act (now become official LAW) is expressing itself through the sign of WORDS (Gemini) and in the 7th house of 'openly declared enemies'. HR 3162 was signed into Law immediately following the 'terrorist' attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The people of the US were told by the Gemini Media (all Corporately owned and controlled) that the 'enemy' was a group of Sagittarian foreigners -Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban. And the Saturn (Authoritarian) control of the media continued to operate in the Invisible Underworld (Pluto) as delays in printing HR 3162, so that at the time of passage through the Congress few -if any- representatives of the People had a chance to read the 1016 Sections constituting the new LAW. That's how useful a stick of butter can be, folks. Mike Ruppert, one of the investigative journalists currently belittled by the Corporate Media wrote:

"On October 26th -a date which will live in infamy- the President signed the USA/PATRIOT act, officially known as HR 3162. And you should well note that, according to Representative Ron Paul ® of Texas -as reported on November 9th by Kelly O'Meara of the Washington Times' Insight Magazine -the bill had not even been printed and members of the House could not read it before they were compelled to vote on it. O'Meara wrote, 'Meanwhile, efforts to obtain copies of the new bill were stonewalled even by the committee that wrote it.' Most of its provisions have nothing to do with fighting terrorism."

This is precisely what we might expect from Saturn in Gemini opposing Pluto in Sagittarius, is it not ? Delays in communication, Authoritarian clamp-downs on all forms of communication and travel. Of course, it's all because of those nasty foreign terrorists. But is it ? Astrologically speaking, I think not. While the Sagittarius Ascendant of this 'Patriot Act' does refer to foreigners and foreign ideas and travel, the planet-force which rules it, good old Jupiter, is found in the sign of the American Homeland itself, in Born-On-The-Fourth-Of-July CANCER !  Wave those Flags, kids, beat those War drums, we are being attacked by Terrorists. Only these terrorists are home-grown politicians and court officials backed by Hidden-Invisible Plutonian businessmen; that's why Jupiter is in quincunx (stressful-excessive) aspect to both Pluto and the Ascendant of the Patriot Act. Very powerful financiers are using the Saturn to Pluto opposition and hiding behind their moves; Saturn is controlling the Treasury of HR 3162 because Capricorn in this chart is that Treasury. This is a grim and scary reality. Last Tango in America, anyone care to dance ?

Now it might be argued that I am failing to consider a more positive interpretation of these astrological symbols. Isn't the 12th house of a chart, for instance, the House Of Initiation and Transformation ? Yes, that's true; but 12th house transformation only becomes possible after confronting the hidden nature of that which needs to be transformed, and in the birth chart of the Patriot Act what needs to be transformed is the use of Scorpio energy.

That energy is by nature involved with secrecy, and the power derived from secrecy. And the planet contained within that 12th house is the very planet symbolic of the raw power of secret and invisible wealth, Pluto. We can't transform anything if we don't see its original form. The message of the Patriot Act to Americans, for whom it has now become National Law, is that we as a people must penetrate the shield of the 'helmet of invisibility' worn by Pluto as he sits in Jupiter ruled Sagittarius exercising his Power through the highest court of the land, the United States Supreme Court which illegally (unconstitutionally) terminated the count of votes in the people's state of Florida to declare George W. Bush the new President. As a People and a Nation we are being 'initiated' into the secret machinations of a 12th house character taking place within our own Shadow Government's alphabetic intelligence agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA, CFR, DOD etc.) so that by seeing them in action we can transform them. This confrontation with our own collectively hidden thoughts, fears, and communications is rooted in the birth chart of America and blatantly announces itself through the Mercury to Pluto opposition operative at the moment of the Nation's founding through the Declaration Of Independence. The people of a Nation cannot absent themselves from the doings of their government and their government's leaders without indulging in acute denial and risking the loss of their freedom. Particularly so in the United States, which declares itself to be a government of the People, by the People, and for the People… 'lest it perish from the face of the Earth. The duly elected leaders of the people, the senators and representatives never read nor debated upon this Plutonian piece of legislation before it was signed into Law. The Patriot Act is now a Law which undermines the freedom of every citizen of this country whether we choose to be aware of it or not.

As Mr. Mike Ruppert has concisely explained:

" Any federal law enforcement agency may enter your home or business when you are not there, collect evidence, not tell you about it, and then use that evidence to convict you of a crime; (This nullifies the 4th Amendment to the Constitution). And, says the ACLU, it doesn't even have to be a terrorism investigation, just a criminal investigation. [Section 213 - The Sneak and Peek provision].

Any federal law enforcement agency may, if they suspect that you are committing a crime, monitor all of your internet traffic and read your emails. They may also intercept all of your cell phone calls as well. No warrant is required. (This violates the Fourth and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution) [Section 202 and 216] [See From The Wilderness on Carnivore, Vol. IV, No.2 - April 30, 2001].

The FBI or any other federal law enforcement agency may come to your business and seize any of your business records - if they claim it is connected with a terrorist investigation - and they can arrest you if you tell anyone that they were there. (this violates the First and the Fourth Amendments to the Constitution) [Title II, Section 501]

The CIA can now operate inside the U.S. and spy on American citizens. And, as directed by AG Ashcroft on November 13, it is also permitted to share its intelligence files with local law enforcement agencies (and vice versa). The CIA has spied on Americans for decades, but the fruits of that spying have never been admissible in court. Now law enforcement will have the ability to rewrite the intelligence as a probable cause statement, conduct an investigation and introduce it as evidence. This, from material that was collected outside the rules of search and seizure. (There goes the Exclusionary rule of the Fourth Amendment). [Titles 2 & 9].

The foundation for an international secret political police agency is laid by allowing the CIA to receive wiretap information from any local agency and then share it with the intelligence services of any foreign country."
[Section 203] 

This heinous piece of legislation was passed by congress persons and representatives who are predominantly 'on-the-take' from Multinational Corporations. These people receive from us outrageously high yearly wages and often life-long retirement 'packages' guaranteeing them access to medical benefits most Americans will NEVER have. They dance to the hidden and macabre tune of the Corporate Piper, -hence, the Patriot Act, the Last Tango In America. How many sticks of butter fit inside a one pound box ?

Alright then, forget about the damn butter, what other greasy oils might the 12th house Scorpio sign refer to ? It couldn't be that notorious pipeline through Uzbekistan and Afghanistan, or could it ? Might Scorpio be referring to its own basic and essential involvement with Corporations and Corporate investments ? Are these the areas Americans must look into if they wish to transform themselves rather than submit to bondage and self-undoing by a corrupt Supreme Court and a phony 'President' appointed after rigged elections ? I think so. I think each and every one of us must do some very ruthless self-examination to discover all the many, tiny ways in which we collaborate with the game of secrecy and silence at work and in our private lives.

As we wait in line at our airports and watch fellow citizens being singled out for what are often rude and violating searches of their persons do we speak up for them, or are we looking the other way while counting our blessings that it was THEM and not us who were probed ? Do we secretly think that if we are 'well-behaved' we won't be harassed ? Are we willing to play the 12th house game of Secret Scorpio fear and repression ? Do we ever dare to assert our personal rights and viewpoints ?  Are we acting in collusion and by default with the fascist, repressive powers of Negative Pluto in opposition with Negative Saturn ?

Self-assertion is the realm of Mars, and in the birth chart of the Patriot Act Mars is found in the final degree of Law & Order, business-as-usual Capricorn. From that sign and degree it forms a restless half-square (45 degree aspect) to Pluto and a stressful sesqui-square (135 degree aspect) to Saturn. But Saturn is in that tug-of-war opposition with Pluto, and so Mars adds its personal force to the tension of that opposition; the self-assertion and personal thrust of Mars exacerbates an already difficult situation. Who gets to assert what in such circumstances ? Well, considering that Mars rests on the final degree of Mastery in Capricorn, my guess is that the privileged Masters of Business, of Law & Order are those who stand to benefit most by this arrangement. All that tension focused on Mars in Capricorn urges folks to act most guardedly in a conservative Capricorn fashion.

The late, renowned Dane Rudhyar has called this particular waning phase of sesqui-square an aspect which frequently produces Frustration.  He indicates that "others in the environment feel or sense a push coming from the person with this aspect." In this case, however, the 'person' in question is the 'Patriot Act', and the frustrated push is coming by way of Saturn Authority as it 'frustrates' or totally defines and even contracts the ACTIONS of Mars. Eager and ambitious as Mars in Capricorn always is it will tend to make of petty bureaucrats given minor positions of power by HR 3162 (think airport guards and screeners) eager and ambitious lackeys willing to carry out the instructions of their equally bureaucratic bosses…and so on up the chain of command till we arrive at the likes of the director of 'Homeland Security' or that outrageous White House clone, Ari Fleischer, who had the temerity to 'suggest' that All Americans better be careful about what they say.  Or else !  Or else what ?  Mars 'rules' pointy weapons like rifles and knives and …I'm sure I don't know, pass the butter; Last Tango In America.

America and Americans are engaged in a battle of nerves. You can feel the tension cutting the air. It pervades the populace. Who dares to assert his or her personal political or philosophical viewpoints in a Nation where a Law has been passed which is designed to intimidate and harass the citizenry ? If some pesky Jehovah's Witness or Born Again Christian comes knocking at your door proclaiming the 'good news' of the Gospel of the right-wing, flag-waving 'Patriot Act' do you dare tell such a person to get lost, to peddle that zealous 'god' and that equally zealous 'patriotic' flag-waving elsewhere ? Might not this person 'report' you on a 'tips' line to Homeland Security as a suspiciously un-christian, non-patriotic potential 'terrorist' ? Do note that this Mars-Saturn-Pluto configuration of maximized tension is focused right on the religious-philosophical sign of Sagittarius marking the Ascendant of the Law known as HR 3162. Zealots and zealotry are traditionally associated with Sagittarius whenever that sign of the zodiac suffers under too much tension.

The great 'test' which the Mars ruled sign of Scorpio signifies is the test of personal courage in the face of secrecy, lies, disinformation, and spying; the so-called Patriot Act is a secretly treacherous piece of jerry-rigged legislation which needs to be repealed at once. The sooner the better. It totally stifles individual self-assertiveness by stealthily spying upon the actions, conversations, and writings of all American citizens. It is designed to inculcate fear, distrust, and psychological terror in the People. It undermines principles of due-process in law courts. It is a 'Law' designed by cowards for cowards, a law intended to shaft (Mars) the people. Mars rules Scorpio, Scorpio occupies the 12th house cusp of the 'Patriot Act' indicating a hidden, secret, business agenda behind this piece of legislation.  Pass the butter; Last Tango In America.

Oh, you say, I am being 'negative' -I am feeding (through these words I write) the very distrust, the fear and paranoia which I claim the 'Patriot Act' is intended to instill in the Public. Perhaps you think I should consult Buddhist teachings, put my trust in god, think positive thoughts and then this LAW will just 'go away' somewhere never to be put into increasingly restrictive practice. Well, I beg your pardon but it is said that god helps those who help themselves; it is said that laying down one's life for one's neighbors is a genuinely selfless act; it is said that cowards wrap themselves in silence and declare it to be golden. I say all that, and I assure you that silence in the face of treachery is cowardice. We must all speak out against this HR 3162 and force its repeal. It will not otherwise go away. We will go away; we will be dragged off to secret military tribunals, we will be incarcerated in work camps, we will be beaten into submission by the Shadow One World Corporate Government and in due time all personal freedoms will become a thing of the past. We are dealing here with a vast and secretive hierarchical (bureaucratic) scheme. All hierarchies descend by definition from a Sole and Single ONE…call it god, the monad, the president, or the delusion of grandeur. Don't pull a Ghandi, a Jesus or an Alice-Bailey-Says on yourself or me. And don't wait for a promised benign intervention by some 'Galactic Federation' or other because you and I are the only folks right here right now and this treacherous legislation has been passed, is active, threatens all of us. It comes with its own 'Klingon' cloaking device, it comes wrapped in the numinous haze of Neptune. You won't believe it's not butter. Enter the shaft; Last Tango In America.

Yes, Mars arrives via the Patriot Act under the veils of Neptune as it moves into conjunction with that planetary force-field. The two are separated by a flimsy six degrees. Right, now the Saturn-Bound Astrologers amongst us will argue the technical distance of this conjunction; but we may point out to them that the very important Sun of the horoscope of this Law is in stressful, challenging square aspect to BOTH of them. Observe that. The Sun is separating from its square to Mars by four degrees while it is applying to its square with Neptune by less than three degrees. The Mars-Neptune Midpoint is within one degree of being perfectly square to the Sun. This is a complex weave, a cloaking device of many colors, but a definite cloaking device all the same! Oily, greasy butter. But what is being cloaked ? The SHAFT, of course, the ambitious-assertive Mars function in service to the Law's Scorpio Sun. That Scorpio Sun of the 'Patriot Act' resides in the 11th House of the Legislative Branches of Government in bed with the Scorpio Oil and Drug dealers of the Corporate Shadow Government. Stay with me here, I'm no conspiracy theorist, it is the US Government which has officially announced that it harbors within its bosom a 'Shadow Government'…not me! Let's take them at their word and astrologically examine their own statement. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men ? The SHADOW knows !

In the game of Astrology Pluto is the Lord Of Shadows, Lord of the Hidden Realms and Keeper of the Gates To The Underworld.  He is the Lord Of DEATH.  The Patriot Act, brothers and sisters, wears Pluto on its Ascendant.  The Patriot Act is all about death and shadows.  Its central core essence, the Sun, is found in the Death-Rebirth Hell Realm of Scorpio.  It's a catabolic realm, and Pluto tears away relentlessly at the 'body' of whatever it contacts; it denudes us, strips us bare, strips us down to the bone.  Bones are 'ruled' by Saturn (in Astrological thought) and Pluto is in tight opposition with Saturn in this chart.  Saturn rests in Gemini on the chart's Descendant, the Western Point of the chart, the point symbolic of the daily 'death' of the Sun, the point where the Shadow resides. There's no way we're going to avoid this one, boys and girls, the Patriot Act is 'meant' to lead us personally and collectively into the hidden realm of Shadows and Death.  It will not rest until each and every one of us has had a taste of this realm.  Taste, did I say ?  No, sorry, (thanks, Cicero!) this is a big bite, a full-course dinner of Death.  A total immersion in the raw power of our personal and collective SHADOW.

But the Scorpio Sun of the Patriot Act which carries the CORE messasge of this LAW is centered squarely in the 11th house of the chart which deals with America's Legislated National Aims, legislated desires, legislated purposes, and projects and alliances.  I repeat that this is the house wherein the Legislative Branches of the Government reside.  I'm quoting here, pretty directly, the Encylopedia of Astrology by Nicolas Devore because I'm trying to be 'objective'.  But the message is rather clear for anyone who has eyes open to look or ears unplugged to hear: the Patriot Act is a radical act of Plutonian Legislation wearing DEATH up-front on its sleeve.  The United States Federal Government has declared to all the World that it alone is going to decide what a Terrorist is and who the Terrorists are and, indeed, which entire Nations it shall declare to be Terrorist Nations which it must attack, destroy, and subsume. This is the absolutist, ruthless manifestation of Pluto.  No subtlety here, no 'ifs, ands, or buts', no discussion possible at all; you're either with US or your against USUncle Sam has bared his red, white, and blue teeth grinning for all the World to see the carnivorous mouth of Doctor Death.  If he diagnoses you you can be sure you're a Terrorist unless you agree to every word he speaks, every belief he espouses, every action he dictates.  Dictatorship.

And this is a Scorpio Sun wedded to a Pluto-On-The-Sagittarius-Ascendant form of Legislative Dictatorship, -the kind that shakes its fist in your face with all the zealous bigotry and righteous religious frenzy which only Sagittarius can muster.  The Inquisition was nothing compared to this, I kid you not!  To listen calmly to George W. Bush, Tom Ridge, John Ashcroft, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell or any other crony in this administration is to listen to the voice of fatuous righteousness fired with fear, distrust, and paranoia. Privileged, zealous, bigots declaring unilaterally the rights of the wealthy and powerful over all the rest of the citizens of the globe Mouthpieces for International Corporations who just as zealously manufacture every bomb, virus, and weapon of war in the Earth's considerable arsenal.  This is the violent, death-oriented, cloaked and evil force behind the Patriot Act. There is such a thing as evil despite every programmed White New Ager's distaste for the term (not to  mention its REALITY) !  And the Patriot Act and its Global War Legislators are pulling out all the stops in their patriotic rhetoric to make sure that the whole World understands GOD is on their side.  This is that righteous, wrathful God of the Political Christians. Pluto in Sagittarius 'ruled' by Jupiter in Born-On-The-Fourth-Of-July CancerAMERICA has become a righteous cancer infecting the globe, and you and I (brothers and sisters) are Americans.  How many of us shall truly say 'NOT IN OUR NAME' ?  How many of us will personally, privately, and individually ACT on that slogan ?  This is what I mean by our collective confrontation with our SHADOW.   And what is the nature of that Shadow, according to the chart of HR 3162 ?  Why, it's all in the DETAILS.

Saturn in Gemini is our detailed Shadow.  Saturn tells us what we take seriously, what we focus on, how we see Authority.  In Gemini, Saturn inclines us to find or to define the limits of Authority in our everyday speech and communication.  But Gemini is the 'Trickster's' sign wherein speech, messages, facts, data and travels come at us like so many balls we must juggle twenty-four hours a day !  Whoop-dee-do!  Catch this, catch that...lookout, here comes a curve ball !  Did you take out the trash, did you pay your phone bill, did you remember to order that wholesome, organically fed, free-from-hormone-injections turkey for the holidays ?  Ooops, was that right...what I just heard there... out of the radio, the tv, what I glimpsed on the front page of that newspaper ?  Is HENRY KISSINGER REALLY being hired by Bush to oversee the 'investigation' into the events of 9/11 that triggered this legislation ? [ -okay, since I wrote this he's been dropped, but the Iran-Contra criminal, POINDEXTER has been placed inside DARPA! ] ... You gotta be kidding !  Oh, shit, where'd I put those car keys ?  Gotta hurry and pick up that Turkey.  Life is what happens while we're busy making plans...just IMAGINE that, thank you John Lennon !

Country, you had me; but I never had you.  Saturn in Gemini is the trick the media are using as they rapidly flash past us one piece of 'factual information' after another.  Gotta keep us folks dancing!  Shoot 'em this, shoot 'em that.  Factoid after factoid, -rapidly fired in the Duende Death Dance of Saturn opposed to Pluto within the zodiacal signs of communication.  Instill in the American 'masses' (we are not people to Corporations, we are statistics, profit and gain, markets and quotas and masses of data to be Enronically managed) a sense of panic...'The Terrorists Are Coming, The Terrorists Are Coming' (thank you, Dave McGowan)...are you prepared ?  They're going to get you with Anthrax, so submit to your infected vaccination now as ordered by your Governor, your President, FEMA.  Hey, our anthrax is laced with AIDS, it's better than theirs! (See: Cantwell, Horowitz,  Step right up like a good, patriotic American and bare your arm, your ass to the needle.  Be good, you  brave little Christian Soldiers, we must all fight these terrorists.  Put your pay check in the Bank where its safe and WE can get at it.  Profits and quotas.  Data and details.  The business of everyday life is where Saturn resides in the chart of HR 3162 operating as our SHADOW.  We can't see it.  We're too busy trying to survive.  That's why Mars is conjunct Neptune, and that's why they're BOTH square to the Sun; our ambitious business VEILS from us our own gullability.  And that, in a nutshell, is the PROGRAM.

I repeat, because it bears repeating, that Saturn rules the 2nd house of this chart, the house which defines the VALUES implicit in the 'Patriot Act'.  Capricorn is on the cusp-beginning of that house and within the house and the sign resides MARS loosely masked by Neptune.  Keep all the 'consumer-buyers' (that's us, remember -the people) actively working hard to make money.  Make sure that VALUES are reduced to MONEY and DEFINE them AUTHORITATIVELY as such.  Pluto is the Dark Lord of WEALTH and Saturn is opposing him  -so as long as people see VALUES as MONEY we got 'em in our pockets!  MASK the materialistic greed of this procedure with Neptune in Aquarius, with mystical-spiritual 'high ideals'.  Draw the mist of religious glamour over the entire gift-wrapped package, sprinkle it with Neptunian Glitter, tie it up with that Pluto in Sagittarius ribbon !  Yep, those 'terrorists' from Afghanistan-Iraq-Where-Ever are attacking us because we shop in Malls, we are WEALTHY, we are 'free'...we are AMERICANS...they bombed those towers and that pentagon because they don't have organic, hormone-free turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Shit, folks, them HEATHENS don't even believe in the RED PURITAN (HO-Ho-HO) SANTA CLAUS. In America we know that God is on our side cause we're a Christian Country and God has manifestly shown the WORLD how 'he' favors us by giving us cheap gas, billions of cars, stacks of computers, and pure white skin.  Heck, Cleanliness is next to Godliness.  Let's have another round of smashed potatoes and Turkey.  We gotta fatten up so we can go out there, like our President says, and

buy, buy, buy!

We'll show those terrorists!  Weave the Neptune light fantastic over a lighter shade of pale.  Hide the real causes which brought down the Towers, the O.K.Corral, Ruby Ridge, and the Waco compound.  And as you read these explosive words, my friend, don't dare let yourself off the hook by calling me cynical because that's what Patriot-Act-America is, that's what Mister Bush is: cynical, and smiling, and smirking for all the world to see in his shirt and tie and suitcoat.  Standing there with that convicted Watergate criminal Poindexter, with leacherous Ashcroft, with that prim, purt brat of a Condoleezza Rice, with Colonel [ pawn ] (Black-Hawk-Down) Powell.  Yes, the one who so smugly announced the 'courageous' US violation of any shred of moral decency in the last Gulf War when we deliberately 'took-out' ( we don't bomb, you understand, we don't kill and slaughter turkeys for the holidays either) Iraq's only two Nuclear Reactors releasing poisonous radiation into the air and deep into the country's soil and water:

"On December 4, 1990, the General Assembly of the United Nations, meeting just a few hundred yards from here and apparently having decided that the United States was determined to attack Iraq and that it was powerless to prevent the attack, resolved that no attack should be made on any nuclear reactor—an inherently dangerous facility. The vote on this resolution was 144 to 1; only the U.S. voted against.

The resolution should not have been necessary—such attacks have been war crimes since Protocol 1 Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 1977. Article 56 of the Protocol prohibits what would obviously be catastrophic to life, any "attack (that) may cause the release of dangerous forces... and consequent severe losses among the civilian population." The article protects works and installations from an attack which can endanger thousands and thousands of people in the immediate vicinity and beyond and perhaps in ways we don't know.

On January 23 of 1991—the end of the first week of the assault on Iraq—General Colin Powell announced—and the international media were all there—that Iraq's "two operating reactors... are both gone. They're down. They're finished." (NewYork Times, January 24, 1991, p. A11.) He said it proudly and no member nation of the UN, no member of the U.S. Congress, no international leader, none of the media said a mumbling word in protest."

(Developed from a talk given by Ramsey Clark, former US Attorney General;
September 12, 1996 at the UN Church Center in New York.)
But that's 'okay' just assists the plutonium-contaminated-uranium-depleted casings of all those 'smart' bombs we dropped.  Gotta get 'em off the shelves, manufacture the next batch, fill those supermarkets full of American-Made 'Goods'. SMART, that's what Saturn in Gemini is: serious, scientific, and smart. And that's our collective SHADOW.

Combined with Pluto in Sagittarius it makes us religiously smart, technologically intelligent, absolutely righteous.  God is on our side, we are the fortunate chosen folks of the planet wallowing in our goods and services, in our consumer luxury which Dark Pluto labels as invisible DEATH!  In America, as we can see now through the 'Patriot Act', our only GOD is the GOD of SMART MONEY. Greenbacks, One Dollar bills, see, it says so right there: IN GOD WE TRUST !  IT'S GOD'S MONEY. SCIENTIFICALLY GAINED MONEY.  TECHNOLOGICALLY PURE MONEY.  JUNK BONDS> $ $ $

But we are broke, busted on ALL levels.  Morally degenerate.  Ethically vacuous.  The VICE president is not the only one among us using a pace-maker for a heart.  We are a people standing in the rubble of a once striving nation, a nation which (once upon a time) contained the glimmer of a hope for the common man.  That was our Fairy Tale. We have become the people of the Corporate Marketplace, dysfunctional as we flash back and forth in jaloppies and SUVs jabbering mindlessly on our cancerous cell phones making futile deals with each other.  We will not live happily ever after.  We will ride off into the Saturn Sunset on the descending SHADOW of HR 3162.

Americans have an overdue appointment with PLUTO, KEEPER OF THE DARK GATES.  Death is the Duende in our bones.  Beer, sex, the NFL; Perrier, sex, those organic turkeys; forget the butter...just get out there and buy, buy, buy a Harry Potter T-shirt, a can of Ocean Spray cranberries, a jar of Mince-Meat for the pies; then can you please just shut up and pass the gravy;  Last Tango In A God Bless America.

What Skeleton?

You Mean That Silly Old
Skull & Bones?


Oh, Calm Down, Baby
Everything's Gonna Be Alright.

Last April, when I made my first post-9/11 flight out of Honolulu to the Mainland, my friend Judy joked with me as to how I'd better wear some double gaffer's tape over my mouth.  Just in case, you understand.  Just in case I might unwisely vent my strongly felt objections to having armed National Guardsmen posted at the Airport. Just in case I might laugh at the absurd antics of bureaucratic folks sweeping me all over with fuzzy wands, demanding that I stretch my arms wide, insisting that I take off my shoes, removing every object out of every piece of luggage I carried with me.  Just in case I might not be able to refrain from laughter and wise-cracks which we all know are no laughing matter when horrible armed terrorists are lurking everywhere in the cracks between molecules composing the very air we breathe.

Alright, I confess, I have been cursed with the gift of hyperbole (this may take a while, but open your ears it's perfectly painless).  I am a Poet to the core, a fool for love, a frenzied 'terrorist' of words flinging them all about me in a veritable orgy of sounds!  Behold, the Elf King (talk about 'grandiose' !) shall quote to you from memory these words out of Emily Dickenson's mind -  " Inebriate of Air, am I and Debauche of Dew ! "  Or Shelley crying, " I fall upon the Thorns of Life, I bleed, I die! "  Okay, so perhaps you feel that all this is in 'bad taste', maybe you don't like Shelley, or Emily, or any poetry at all.  Too bad for you!  Maybe you think even Elf Kings should hold their tongues in the presence of serious terrorist danger.  Well, you know, Plato himself wished to ban Poets from his Ideal Society -so we'll give you a point on that score.  Just remember, my fellow Americans, Poets are the unacknowledged Legislators of the World !  Thus speaketh that laudanum addicted Shelley in his Defense Of Poetry.  Therefore, shall I calm me down.  This instant.  As I did on my way to the airport and as I was hitherto hyperbolically telling you.  And don't worry, I'll get to the base astrological facts soon enough.  Bear this hyperbolic constraint with me, for it is un-natural. (But look !  There go the last of the excessively happy hyperbola!  Hyperbolae ?  Hyperbolas ?  Rolling over hills and dales like so many slightly out-of-shape hoola-hoops! )

To get to the point then ( Ouch ! Why do I always feel pierced and stuck whenever I get to the point ? ) it all happened just the way it was 'supposed' to.  I was felt up, wanded, forced to remove my shoes, forced to remove my laptop from its casing, and found to be unterroristically harmless.  Three times in a row in one airport alone!  But then my flight was delayed and Delta airlines had to put more than 200 of us up for the night in a Ritz-Carlton kinda dump on Maui.  This, after hours and hours of lugging heavy baggage up and down airport aisles and lining up for vouchers.  Vouchers for the Hotel.  Vouchers for the taxis taking us to the hotels.  Vouchers for a free snack worth up to $7.50 (in an AIRPORT, that amounts to a cup of coffee and a crumpet!).  Leaving the airport at 4:00 AM, but needing to vacate the vouched-for quarters by 10:00 AM -that's not eight hours of sleep, is it ?  I need my sleep to keep me in touch with 'reality', to help fasten that invisible gaffer's tape to my mouth, to subdue all that hyperbole.  But I didn't get it.

Next day, I went in another vouched-for taxi at 10:00 AM back to the airport to leave, but Delta had no planes leaving till 8:00 PM that night.  Wonderful, I get to sit in an airport 'attending' my luggage for the next ten hours.  A huge duffle bag full of heavy books and a few clothes and a printer for my laptop.  My laptop itself, as well as a backpack filled with more books, decks of Tarot cards, tape recorder, tapes, all the hoopla I need for teaching workshops and doing birth charts for the next six months. All together about 120 lbs. of luggage.  Ah, the joys of air travel !  Mercury, I hasten to inform you, was NOT retrograde.  I was.  I always am.  Born that way, gotta deal with it. The Elf-King Poet with the retrograde tongue, the circuitous hyperbolic speaker. (Behold, Astrology has finally made its belated entrance once again. Be of good Faith, my children, according to Mister Hemingway the Sun will also rise !)

Let's see, wear was I ?  What was I whereing ?  Indeed, the airport,- after the patriotic passage of HR 3162 through the Congress and its signing into LAW by the President.  There I was, fatigued and grouchy and needing to laugh while standing in yet another long line with all my luggage. And this incessant message was repeating through overhead speakers in a droning voice saying that ALL unattended luggage would be confiscated and DESTROYED Not held, not examined and then released, but DESTROYED.  First time I ever heard a message like that in an airport.  Oh well, THE TERRORISTS ARE COMING, THE TERRORISTS ARE COMING !  And the people all about me are wearing seriously grim faces, not a smile in the bunch.  I am witnessing, I think to myself, the intended affects of HR 3162.  Delays, public provocations, probings and jabbings and no joy at all.  My shoulders and arms are aching, my spirit is low, I'm tired.  So I speak to the guy wearing a shirt and a tie in front of me in the line, and I soberly comment that I think the airports are becoming tense, nervous, and somber places.  He grudgingly grunts, yea.  And being the Elf-King I am I take this as a sign to launch into my baroque hyperbole explaining that the 'Patriot' Act is a threat to the joy of the Earth, that the collective mood of America is being attacked by this 'Act', that I didn't find the scenery or the costumes very inspirational. In fact, I informed him, I am certain as the day is long that hidden forces within US Corporate-Intelligence-Government are responsible for what happened at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  They are trying to stifle us with all this tedious bureaucracy, they are trying to crush our spirits, button our lips, close down our collective imagination by way of their Corporately owned Media.  Even in the airports !  Did he hear that droning message over the speakers ?  Whoever heard of airports DETROYING unattended luggage ?  What will they do next ? I need to take a wiz, will he please watch my luggage ? Certainly not, says he, and I feel sorry for you, says he, you have such a bleak, paranoid, and negative outlook on Life !   Ouch, he made his point.  Directly.  Ah well, I'm all for diversity of opinions and lifestyles.  But... WOW !!!   Tight ass !  No wiz for me (sorry, kidneys !) 'till I can get on board. Calm down, Baby; Everything's Gonna Be Alright ! Praise the Lord, and pass the Ammunition.

To bite the bullet here, I am concerned about the terribly cushy relationship Venus and Mercury are having together in the horoscope of the Patriot Act.  Conjunct, Astrologers say, in the sign of the yoke, the sign of Libra.  A conjunction is a con+junctio, a joining or yoking together, and when this conjunction involves Mercury and Venus it is thought and desire that are intimately bound.  Now Libra is the zodiacal sign of the LAW, of Justice and Balance.  But it is also an energy-field notorious for its tact, diplomacy, and 'good form'.  After reading my personal story about the airport, you can certainly understand where my concern is focused regarding this love of polite speech and diplomatic tact !  Language and love need to be in balance here in the 'Patriot' Act, thinking and desire want to be well-behaved, tactful, and diplomatic.  This is the signifactor of the 'POLITICALLY CORRECT' syndrome.  And PUBLICLY so, for this conjunction of Mercury and Venus falls in the very area of the chart specifically referring to the Public World (10th house).  It's also the house of the President in the mundane horoscope for a national event which HR 3162 certainly is,  -just as certainly as George Bush is born with his Moon Feelings conjunct his Chiron Wounded-Healer conjunct his Jupiter Social Outreach all in Libra with Chiron tightly conjunct by degree to the Mercury Speech and Thought patterns of the 'Patriot' Act. Are we all supposed to end up thinking and speaking like the newly self-proclaimed President, King George ?

Well, folks, he may seem to some to appear to be pleasant and tasteful (appearances are astrologically 'ruled' by Libra), but an astrologer can see that his appearance of politeness is wounded and inflated because his Libra Moon, Chiron, and Jupiter are ALL in stressful square aspect to his 12th house Cancer Sun.  King George can be very polite and nice in appearance as long as his personal cancer feelings have their way, but he has incarnated in this life to surrender his excessively subjective and protective personal feeling preferences so that he may learn to respect and honor the Balance and Harmony which all true Libra Law requires from each of us.  Many folks born with Libran energy under stress in their birth charts display a lack of personal  centeredness; they become obsessed with pleasing others...or seeming to.  Because negative Libra energy is most adept at masking its true self, its feelings, and its social agenda.  It's Hamlet's complaint to the World when he speaks of how one can smile, and smile and be a VILLAIN Our wounded Moon in Libra resident in the White House was merely the VEHICLE through whom this HR 3162 LAW came into control of our country and our personal lives.  But the very LAW known as the 'Patriot' Act suffers from the same wound itself. Calm down, baby; everything's gonna be alright.

In the horoscope of HR 3162 we find that BOTH Mercury and Venus are in applying, waxing square aspect to Jupiter in Cancer.  This, in itself, merely informs us that there is likely to be a feature or features of the Patriot Act which go overboard by way of excess.  Too much of something, but what ?  Well, the revealing thing is that Cancer also controls the cusp-beginning of the Law's 8th house, the house concerned with such things as: the public income, the earning power of the nation, frozen assets in properties, stocks, and bonds, trust and insurance companies, and the birth and mortality rates in different classes of society.  This 8th house is the house of corporate investors and investing and the quintessential OCCULT area of life; it's the 'natural' house of Scorpio and relates to hidden and secret goings-on.  Now the Patriot Act is born, so to speak, with its Sun -Core Essence- in the sign of Scorpio, so this bears looking into, don't you think ?   Perhaps, since Jupiter rests in Cancer (though in the 7th house) and both Venus and Mercury in 10th house Libra form squares to it, the EXCESS which these squares engender will have a certain hidden side to it, an 8th house side masked by all that cushy, chummy, Libran appearance of grace and charm and kindness.  There is definitely a muted note of loud dissonance here.  There's a hidden ring or hum accompanying the Cancer tune carried by Jupiter's trumpets.  Something fishy appears to be going on behind the scenes.  Jupiter in Cancer in the chart of HR 3162 falls very close to the Sun in Cancer of America's birth chart.  This Patriot Act appeals to the Cancerian love of home and security that distinguishes Americans, and it claims to be protecting them in its womb.  But is it ?

Let's take a closer look at Jupiter in the horoscope of this LAW.  It forms no major positive or flowing and easy aspect with any other planet except, perhaps, for its bi-quintile relationship with Uranus in its own home sign of Aquarius.  Well, the Quintile Family of aspects are very touch and go; they are aspects of Mind or Keen Intelligence, but often devoid of feeling or heart.  Dane Rudhyar has stressed that without heart these aspects can be very catabolic in a destructive fashion.  They are aspects derived from division of the 360 degree circle by 5, but 5 is the pentagram-pentagon of the Magician and some magicians can be very bad indeed.  So we cannot derive much assurance from Jupiter's bi-quintile to Uranus, but it does suggest we should all keep our eyes on the PENTAGON.  After all, it was the attack on that building as well as the World Trade Center that catapulted the 'Patriot' Act into LAW!  (Calm down, baby; everything's gonna be alright.)

We have already seen that Jupiter's relationship to both Venus and Mercury is defined by its squares to each of them, but we should add that astrologers often write of the square from Venus to Jupiter to be frequently indicative of a certain self-centered spoiledness, while Mercury in square to Jupiter usually signifies a kind of inflated thought and speech which can become quite delusionally grandiose Anyone listening to America's White House speech these daze knows that to be true.  Grandiose righteousness has rarely had a finer day.  But now we must pass to the eerie Quincunx formed between BOTH Pluto in Sagittarius and the Sagittarius Ascendant of the Patriot Act to the planet Jupiter.  This double quincunx points to definite psychological-spiritual imbalance or outright illness in the body proper of the LAW known as HR 3162. The nature of this illness is a dangerously over-zealous righteousness of the religious, Sagittarian sort.  Fanatical belief.  The Crusader's Jihad.  The Roman Catholic Inquisition.  The deathly duende which draws one such as Giordano Bruno to the fires of the stake.  It is indicative of Righteous Radicalism.  A frenzy for Plutonian Power, for Secret, Hidden, and Deathly Power.

And look you now to the position of the Moon's South Node on the final degree of Sagittarius in the 1st house of the Patriot Act.  That past tendency needing to be transformed is in the very righteous, religious, philosophical sign which Jupiter rules: SAGITTARIUSOminously enough, it is in bed (conjunct) with Chiron, the famed Wounded-Healer. This LAW is the karmic result of America's history, can there be any question about it ? Is this Sagittarian-Religious-Philosophical karma of Americans not related to the 'Divine Mandate' our White European ancestors felt when they landed on the continent's shores ?  Is it not the CHRISTIAN HUBRIS of assumed SUPERIORITY to the Native Inhabitants whom our white ancestors proceeded to steal from and slaughter ?  Perhaps we shall say more of this later, but now we must pay attention to the PEOPLE themselves, to ordinary contemporary Americans.  They are represented in the horoscope of HR 3162 by the MOON.

How fare they by this LAW ?  Mysteriously, to be sure, for the Moon has just entered the zodiacal sign of Pisces, the sign of mystics, dupes, and martyrs.  The sign of VICTIMS.  But also the sign of Poets and Musicians and artists of all sorts...unfortunately, also of Film Makers and Hollywood.  Think Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor, We Were Soldiers etc. just be aware of the glamorous illusion of propaganda.  Pisces is the energy-field of closure, letting go, and surrender.  Drugs and drug addicts are found within this energy-field when it has turned negative.  Negative Pisces is the realm of deceit, delusion, and self-undoing.  It's a little scary to see the Moon of the PEOPLE here and right on the boundary line between the Treasury and daily, everyday communications.  It's scary because Pisces is 'ruled' by Neptune and we have seen that Neptune is blended with Mars and both of them, in turn, are being challenged by the Scorpio Sun of the 'Patriot' Act.  This produces tension within Pisces, Neptune's own energy-field wherein the Moon of the People resides. It indicates that We The People may be caught up in 'dreamy', evasive moods, subjected to devious third house propaganda on a daily basis via the Media. It suggests the strong likelihood of negative Pisces delusion abetted by negative Scorpio secrecy on the part of HR 3162 and the President himself.  It suggests that both oil and opium are implicated behind the scenes in this piece of legislation. This is not good, nor is it very promising or hopeful. There is real and serious present danger to the People's health through clandestine dissemination of contaminated vaccines and the viruses of the biochemical corporations, -all suggested by Neptune, sometime symbol of drugs and weakened immune systems when found under stressful aspectsBut I must reiterate that ALL these dangers are predominantly coming from WITHIN the US.  Why ?  JUPITER IN CANCER, that's why! (Calm down, baby; everything's gonna be alright.)

The People's Pisces Moon falls exactly opposite the mid-point of the squares made by Venus and Mercury from Libra to the 'really big' planet, Jupiter in Cancer.  Consequently, the People's Moon forms 135 degree sesqui-squares to all three of these planets in direct tension with each other.  It's an insidious kind of tension here, a tension expressed as restless outreach, the kind that covers itself with bombasity, with bravado, with nervous distraction.  It puts a 'happy face' on the medicine bottle that should be ( and is ) actually marked with the Skull & Bones of Poison.  A kind of hysterical, pretend 'positivity' fed by the ability of Venus and Mercury in Libra to emphasize NICENESS at all costs, to believe in APPEARANCES no matter what, to want to speak, think, and act as if nothing is out of sorts.  Rudhyar has dubbed this particular geometrical-energetic configuration the 'FINGER OF THE WORLD' and says that it "challenges one to concrete action [square] that must be well-advertised and disseminated [sesqui-square] but which at the same time should stand on its own as an almost self-evident answer to a pressing social need".  That is precisely how (it seems) most Americans see the Patriot Act.  But he has warned, and this is where I'm looking from...that when sesqui-squares express negatively they refer to...

" inability to put over one's idea and vision (which) essentially means a failure to include the needs of the plans one makes -a failure in compassion and in understanding the conditions which a new plan or organization (think Homeland Security) will have to meet when becoming exteriorized and ready to operate in the environment whose needs it should serve.  The project and blueprints may be wonderful in and of themselves.  But if they do not take into account the character of the materials which they should organize and integrate for use, or the needs of the people expected to use what results from them, the outcome is an at least temporary failure -and means for the planner a more or less acute sense of disappointment, resentment, bitterness, or even a 'persecution complex'.

His public outreaching may then become overstressed...".
Astrological Aspects: A Process Oriented Approach.

Dane Rudhyar & Leyla Rael; ASI Publishers, New York; 1980, pg. 124.
<>It is my judgement that HR 3162 is a negative example of the pressure of social outreach which Rudhyar warns us about.  It did NOT really originate in response to the events of 9/11 but has been being prepared from behind the scenes for years.  Solid investigative reporters (not heard on Corporate Media) have documented this fact.   We The People are being duped by this legislation.  Jupiter, which is the ostensible legal force behind it, is in the sign of Cancer, truly America's Homeland, but the Pisces Moon of the People which rules Cancer and hence America's Homeland is 'disposed' or controlled by Neptune which is under stress from the Sun in Scorpio.  Hence, there is every likelihood that hidden beneath the appearance of this LAW'S PUBLIC MANIFESTATION is a combination of powerful Plutonian Global Corporate Monies and Agendas designed to delude the People into surrendering their freedom like befuddled Piscean victims and martyrs to a lost cause.  This LAW must be repealed or it will steal from Americans their Homeland. Calm down, baby; everything's gonna be alright.  Really ?  What's that supposed to mean ?  Trust me ?

I don't feel too comfortable as an astrologer when a voice (Mercury) speaks to me kindly (Libra) with dulcet tones (Venus) assuring me it is only too interested in my personal security and comfort (Cancer); especially when that voice is inflated (Jupiter) with urgent excess ( 90 degree Square Aspect) and pumped at me non-stop from politically correct (Libra) public speakers (Mercury+Venus in the 10th house).  Just what is all this appeal about 'homeland' (Cancer) and 'security' (Cancer) intending to arouse in my personal feeling state (Cancer) as I listen to this Mercury-Venus sweet talk (Libra) ?

Why does all this urgent exuberance (Jupiter) feel like its coming at me with absolute force (Pluto) as a kind of stressful urgency (150degree Quincunx Aspect) telling me I must buy (Sagittarius) a trumped-up message ( Mercury in square to Jupiter ) if I want to feel I belong as a good (Jupiter) American (Cancer) among my fellow Americans ( Sagittarius on the Ascendant referring to the public consciousness and collective expression of the nation as addressed by the 'Patriot' Act) ?  I'm urged to be 'Politically Correct'.

No, my friends, I say please don't tell me "Calm down, baby; everything's gonna be alright." because I can feel a 'con' coming on, I know there's a coyote in the hen house !  This frenzied patriotic kinda talk is Pluto talking right up-front on the Ascendant of HR 3162.  It's the kinda talk that knows I'm a citizen of the US and it knows that ALL citizens of this country are affected by the Mercury (Speech-Words) of the country's birth chart which expresses itself as love of home and privacy ( US Mercury in Cancer ) suffused with feeling (Cancer).  But it also knows that my mind and ears (Mercury) are in a tug-of-war (180degree Opposition Aspect) with my own [ and the collective ] American Unconscious (Pluto) which operates in the field of Politics, Government, and Business (Pluto in Capricorn).

And this peculiar aspect of my collective 'destiny' as an American Citizen will further appeal to me by telling me (Mercury) that the Business Government Law (Capricorn) is ALL-POWERFUL (Pluto in Capricorn) although it will initially do so with that sweet, politically correct charm inherent to Mercury+Venus in Libra.  Then it will drop all pretense of a pleasing tone and become the voice of strictest, dire necessity.  MARTIAL protect us, you understand, from the 'evil' machinations of the 'enemy'. But our Enemy is within the gates, it is our own Federal Government.  The message can be heard clearly in that classic film All America Loves (it's played yearly on Corporate-Owned American TV), and the message is:


That man, of course, is Uncle Sam cloaked in the 'helmet of invisibility' owned by Pluto...the Great And Powerful Wizard Of OZ !  Hey, folks, I've seen the movie.  Do you think I'm gonna jump on board with the Patriot Act and float off into DARPA space with that Wizard ?  Nope, I wanna be down to earth on Earth, in places like Hawaii, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Oklahoma but if I climb aboard with him I'll never LAND because, as the good man said to Dorothy when she missed his balloon out of OZ (remember, he was -in his opinion- a good man, just a very bad Wizard):

"I can't come back, I don't know how it works!"

Well, friends, Uncle Wizard Sam may claim he doesn't know how it works but you and I can determine how it works by studying the horoscope of this 'Patriot' Act in the context of the birth chart of America, the chart for the Declaration Of Independence.  Here they are together (the handsome couple!):


Here's how it works: the charming Venus-Mercury conjunction of the 'Patriot' Act are walking together arm-in-arm with the forces of contraction, law, business, and the police (Saturn) down 'Fifth Avenue' on 'public display' in the Nation's 10th house having an 'Easter Parade'.  It's an old, old Movie a bit out of season -a Neptunian illusion- wherein they try to mask themselves as Judy Garland and Fred Astaire.  Any fool can see that while the Venus-Mercury conjunction of the Patriot Act falls on the 14th and 16th degrees of Libra, the natal Saturn function of America's Independence falls on the 15th degree of that same sign creating a Triple Conjunction of Venus+Mercury+Saturn between the two. Appearances, politically correct and decorous behaviour a la mode are taken very seriously here in a rigorous, authoritative fashion.

Authority is in fashion, it's on public display; it's fashionable to be 'polite', 'decorous', and well-behaved.

All Saturn-like public figures of 'Authority' are taken quite seriously here; that's the MEANING of this combination of the planetary forces in Libra between these two charts.  Everybody falls head over heels to 'please' everybody else.  'Peace', and 'beauty', and 'harmony' are the storefront commodities on sale -CHEAP.

And CHEAP is exactly what I see in America today; cheap people fixated on cheap sales and cheap money looking for and selling each other cheap 'bargains'.  CHEAP souls, ugly people up for sale to the lowest bidder, always looking for the easiest way out of any dilemna.  There is very little 'harmony' in the United States, but there is a total glut of laziness masquerading as harmony.  We are a people utterly devoid of real ethical values, glutted on oil, technology, fashion, and 'movie stars'.  A self-indulgent populace more concerned about our Christmas Shopping than the IMMORAL WAR our Nation is about to declare upon the people of Iraq.  A deluded, self-undoing, negative Moon in Pisces people pulling the wool greedily over our own eyes.  We don't need the Bush Gangsters, or the International War Criminal Henry Kissinger, or the 'Patriot' Act, DARPA, or Homeland Security to trick us into giving away our freedom -such as it was.  We are all too willing to hand over the care of our Souls to Corporations, Churches, and Bankers.  We just want 'retirement' funds.  I tell you that 'We The People' are a shameful boil on the face of this Sacred Earth.  Somebody has to say this, because it's true.

America is born with what is (arguably) the ultimate astrological symbol of self-indulgence in the horoscope of the Declaration Of Independence.  It's the Venus+Jupiter conjunction in Cancer; the 'feel-good' Nation, the Nation addicted to 'abundance'.  Sweet lovers, suckers for sweet talk -that's what Venus in Cancer craves, and that craving is expanded and amplified by Jupiter. Look at the Sun of the Declaration Of Independence floating there in the 14th degree of the Womb of Cancer in stressful (90degree square aspect) relationship to the planet Saturn found on the 15th degree of Libra.  America is still-born in the grip of Saturn with a Crisis In Consciousness, as Dane Rudhyar has said.  Personal feelings (Cancer) in challenging crisis to self-discipline and Law (Libra); genuine nurturing feelings in challenging crisis to the formal (Saturn) appearance (Libra) of feeling.  A love of appearances, of 'packaging'.  Incredibly, George W. Bush and the House Of Enron look good to Americans; the public parade of corporate business hand-in-hand with vulgar buckaroo government is our collective hearts' desire.  A fake Libra facade, a phony appearance of beauty and harmony, a trashy low-level sleeze of a government: ignorant, uncuth, treacherous and with murder in its 'heart'.  All masked by that newly passed Patriot Act which brings it's love of sweet-talking appearances to the Law, a triple conjunction of Venus+Saturn+Mercury all in triple challenge to the core essence of the feeling-dream, the Vision (Sun in Cancer) which was America.

Americans as a people don't want to think.  They want to 'personally' feel, that's why the Nation is born with its Mercury (mind-intelligence) Retrograde in Cancer.  This testifies (astrologically) to the fact that we are a people excessively caught up in our own personal families, our own personal well-being, and our own personal 'feelings' of being 'free'.  The Saccharine Bush Business running the United States knows how to expertly play upon this inate flaw in the American temperament.  Give the stupid, anti-intellectual people cloyingly sweet and artificial reassurances that you are not running away with their freedoms.  Hire hundreds of media experts to coach the 'President' on how to 'project' the IMAGE (Libra) of 'heart-felt' earnestness and sincerity.  Hire astrologers to coach you on how to TIME your public displays of phony 'Patriotism'.  Astrologers are for hire in America; they are cheaper by the dozen; they are increasingly trained to be blindly enamored of the Saturn function of 'objective' thinking.  They can rationalize their participation in the GREAT LIE which the Federal Government presents to the masses because they are scientifically trained 'professionals'. That means their skills are for sale to the highest bidder; they believe the white man's indoctrination which teaches that 'Knowledge Is Power'. It is 'indifferent', -neutral...facts and data are just facts and data.

The fact that an astrologer provides you with facts and data doesn't mean that he/she has done anything 'wrong'.  Do the 'experts' in any field of 'Knowledge' concern themselves with the moral-ethical implications of the uses to which they put their expertise and 'knowledge' ?  Not in Western European Culture.  We are 'scientific', 'detached', and 'objective'.  Physicists make Hydrogen Bombs, doctors make Biological Warfare Viruses, Corporations sell Arms (along with those Biological Warfare Viruses), and astrologers sell techincal information concerning profit and loss cycles, technical information as to the timing of prevalent mass moods.  Hence, it should come as no surprise to anyone that at the TIME of the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon the planet Mercury was found (O, how mysterious!) precisely upon the very degree of Libra where Saturn resides in America's birth chart, and that degree was precisely rising in the East, was the Ascendant at the time in New York City.  Talk to the people (Mercury) with Seriousness (Saturn), they are in a serious mental mood.  And tell them that the structural foundations (Saturn) of their government are in good hands.  Speak Authoritatively (Transiting Mercury conjunct US Saturn) with the APPEARANCE (Libra) of social concern. They are Americans, after all, they will be collectively caught up in PERSONAL FEELINGS (US Mercury RETROGRADE in Cancer) and they will neither want to resort to clear thinking, nor be capable of intelligently processing data in any transpersonal way.  Release, through the Corporately Owned and Government Dictated MEDIA, a veritable orgy of fearful, shocked, irrational emotionalism and lead them to believe it is real, personal, FEELING.  It was not feeling; it was patriotic emotionalism.  It was the hot air balloon of Uncle Sam Wizard.  It was mass mood control, and you can be sure a veritable 'college' of astrologers was consulted as to the TIMING of this criminally STAGED 'moment': the WORLD, before and after 9/11 !  Clever, trite, and obvious.  And staged by our own 'Government' ?  Oh, unthinkable !!!  "TREASON" !!!  Not really, let me suggest to you here how it works.

At the BIRTH of this NATION only two planets in the sky were RETROGRADE: MERCURY & PLUTO.  Both these planets were energetically configured in stressful 180degree OPPOSITION to each other; Mercury Retrograde in the 25th degree of Cancer in America's 8th house of SECRETS and Corporate Business Money, together with Pluto Retrograde in the 28th degree of Capricorn in America's 2nd house of VALUES and the wealth and prosperity of the people.  Now this is the mental acuity (Mercury) of the people in STRESSFUL OPPOSITION to the collective unconscious (Pluto) of the people.  This configuration tells us that we Americans must strive to become intellectually conscious (Mercury) of something which prefers to remain unconscious, hidden, and unknown (Pluto).  It tells us there is a SECRET (Mercury in 8th house) concerning our personal feelings (Mercury in Cancer) which it is TABOO (Pluto) for any of us to even discuss(Mercury).  What could that SECRET be ?  Well, it's focused in the only two areas (houses) of the horoscope which specifically deal with VALUES and MONEY.  And it takes place in the complimentary opposite zodiacal signs which deal with...BUSINESS (Capricorn) and HOME (Cancer), LAW (Capricorn) and PERSONAL PRIVACY (Cancer), the OBJECTIVE (Capricorn) and the SUBJECTIVE (Cancer). Here's a 'hint' as to what this means:

"The United States is the largest arms dealer in the world. Since 1992, the United States has exported more than $142 billion worth of weaponry to states around the world. Keep this in mind when you hear Washington politicians decry the proliferation of weapons such as air-to-ground missiles. We've exported more than two-and-a-half times as many weapons as the No. 2 and No. 3 states — the United Kingdom and Russia, respectively.

In 2001, total world arms transfer agreements were worth nearly $26.4 billion, and the United States accounted for 45.8 percent of them. The U.S. arms industry, by the way, is the second-most-heavily subsidized industry after agriculture. In 1999, the United States supplied arms or military technology to 92 percent of all the conflicts around the globe. This military largesse often goes to nondemocratic countries with abominable human-rights records.

But in addition to being the world's chief arms peddler, we also train the military personnel in more than 70 countries and have our own troops stationed in nearly 100 foreign countries. It has not been unusual for Americans to end up fighting people with American equipment and American training. The missiles on the wings of the Chinese fighter plane that collided with our intelligence aircraft were Israeli copies of American missiles. People trained and armed by the CIA during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan founded much of al-Qaida."

Charly Reese;
It is TABOO for us to openly express subjective personal feeling in objective business matters, and it is TABOO for us to discuss or verbalize anything that might be related to HIDDEN BUSINESS and GOVERNMENT agendas.  To do so is to be labeled as a subjective, 'conspiracy theorist' or, more recently, as a 'drama queen'.  It is to be ridiculed and shamed because ridicule and shame are the classic tools for guarding and preserving SECRECY.  Astrologers identify SHAME and TABOO as the realm of negative PLUTO.  But we can see from the horoscope of America that unless open, honest thinking and speaking of a conscious Mercury nature are used to INTEGRATE, TO BRING INTO CONSCIOUSNESS the unconscious business and government practices of this Nation THE PEOPLE WILL BE PULLED APART BY THE OPPOSITION BETWEEN MERCURY &  PLUTO, we will find a complete schism, a disjunct and schizophrenic separation operative between our subjective, private lives and our objective, public lives.  We may end up 'thinking' (in a subjective, introverted way) that we are FREE, when in objective fact and on a collective financial and political level we are BOUND. (We may very soon discover that in the new 'Bush-As-Emperor-America' ALL dissenting speech revealing that the proverbial Emperor wears no clothes will be labeled 'Treasonous' and punishable by a police escort to a military prison for 'trial' by tribunal without any honest legal defense.)  We may become a 'people' sharply divided into two opposing camps.

SATURN is the principle of boundary making, focus, and form; it 'rules' the sign of Capricorn; it is 'exalted' in Libra in the Capricorn 10th house of America's Birth Chart.  We, as a people, exhalt the LAW in America -or so we claim, and we have an exaggerated sense of AWE for our 'Founding Fathers'.  Saturn, in astrology, equates to both FATHER and LAW.  Saturn in Libra in the 10th house of America's Founding refers to the function and the OFFICE of the LAW; it refers to the objective OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT and NOT to the subjective PERSON who occupies that OFFICE.  I, personally, have great regard and respect for the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT, but I have no respect at all for the person of George W. Bush.  I consider him to be a cheat, a liar, and a poser.  I consider him to be a traitor, a would-be dictator, and a dangerously ignorant man.  A willfully ignorant person.  To say such a thing publicly in America is absolutely TABOO!  And that is because poorly educated Americans consider the office of the President to be inseparable from the person who occupies that office.  It is absolutely and fundamentally and most objectively TRUE that G.W.Bush was NOT ELECTED PRESIDENT by the people of the United States.  He was appointed President by the thoroughly corrupt Supreme Court of the Land in VIOLATION of the CONSTITUTION. (Legal experts may and do quibble over the legal details.)

Shortly after the enforced installation of the person of G.W.Bush into the office of the President of the United States the TABOO, SHAME, POWER, SECRECY, WEALTH theme of the planet Pluto reached this Nation's Ascendant, its collective national traits and habits.  This is the VERY FIRST TIME SINCE THE FOUNDING OF THESE UNITED STATES THAT PLUTO HAS TOUCHED ITS ASCENDANT.  At the time the Bush cabinet (Cheney etc,) created the edict of 'THE WAR ON TERRORISM' Pluto was involved in a thrice repeated opposition with Saturn and this opposition took place right on this Nation's Ascendant-Descendant Axis of Relating, its Self-Image and its Shadow Self.  It does not, as they say, require a 'rocket scientist' to figure out what's going on here.  The TABOO themes of America's Founding are being ACTIVATED for us all to examine.  The OFFICE (Saturn in Libra) of the President of the United States has been absolutely stolen away from the people by a hidden business plutocracy; American's are being challenged to SPEAK THE TRUTH.  To break the TABOO.  That TABOO is inherent in the OPPOSITION of Retrograde Mercury to Retrograde Pluto at the roots of America's Declaration Of Independence. And one of the Representatives of the People, one of the really, truly ELECTED Representatives of the People, Representative Ron Paul, the Republican Representative from the State of Texas had this to say during that Pluto-Saturn opposition in regard to the 'Patriot' Act:

"Our forefathers would think it's time for a revolution.
This is why they revolted in the first place...
They revolted against much more mild oppression."


But contemporary Americans, by and large, don't even DREAM of being Revolutionaries; they see all that sort of thing in the light of their collective Mercury Brain-Memory as a kind of decorative 'nostalgia' for the Past, -that's what Mercury Retrograde in Cancer can so easily do.  Be Retrograde, turn backwards toward nostagic feelings for the Past.  We are the real and only FREE PEOPLE, the only 'Democratic People' on the face of the Earth; our ancestors did it all for us, these days we just get 'born free', it comes with birth in America and it is nostalgically eulogized and utterly taken for granted.  Right; sure, now just keep tuning in to those radio stations playing 'oldies but goodies' and drift through your dream-induced slavery within the Matrix-Cancer.  In vain have thinking Americans over the years repeatedly pointed out to their fellow citizens that 'freedom to shop' is no freedom at all.  Consumerism is not Citizenship.  But how many Americans know that truth when public surveys reveal that the majority of us can't even find Iraq or (I kid you not) our own Country on a World Map ?

It would be Revolutionary for an American to think clearly, -free from the provable (if flattering and preferred) delusion that our 'founding fathers' were devout christians.  Or that they really thought 'all men are created equal' if they didn't have land or money, or if their skin wasn't 'white'  -but 'red' or 'black' instead.  It would be Revolutionary for Americans to deal on a personal-collective basis with our need to INTEGRATE our conscious rational brains with our unconsciously emotional need for appeasing authority, for wanting a Father God or President or Resident Dali-Lama (or even channeled 'Galactic Federation') to watch over us 'kindly' and remove from us forever our need to live free-thinking and independent lives outside the Cancer Womb.  Sure, it's 'safe' inside those warm waters of devotional feeling, but real human foetuses get born again and not as christians sucking up to jesus dependency or 'esoteric' astrologers devoted to some invisible 'Hierarchy', but as responsible, unique, independent beings outside the womb!  To awaken from the collective trance state represented by Mercury Retrograde in Cancer to Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn is to become one's own Mother and Father, to detach one's umbilical cord from the Matrix, to INDIVIDUATE.

The last time the Planet Pluto made contact with one of the four major Angles (Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant, Underheaven) of America's Birth Chart was back in the early 70's when it passed over the Midheaven in Libra. At that time it affected the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT by publicly revealing in a 10th house way that the Person occupying the OFFICE was a LIAR and a CRIMINAL.  That was WATERGATE and Nixon, but he wasn't IMPEACHED...he was allowed to quietly sneak away being 'pardoned' by the Crony who replaced him.  All that secret apparatus he employed remained perfectly intact. It was the Pluto apparatus, the machinery of taboo, secrecy, wealth.  The Global-Corporate-Criminal Wealth's hidden agenda.  This time around, as Pluto goes over the Nation's Ascendant we've got Bush and the thoroughly vile LAW now known as HR 3162.  That Traitorous piece of Legislation has given birth to the obscene Department Of HOMELAND SECURITY and Big Brother's EYE, DARPA.  Shit, DARPA is another one of those interminable acronyms currently laying waste to our lives; it stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency...a truly melodious mouthful of jargon.  It's slogan is: "Scientia est Potentia" which illiterate news readers in the Media mouthingly stammer 'means' 'Knowledge is Power', but what is this 'scientia' really ?  It's from the latin scio, does, indeed, refer to a way of knowing.  The 'scientific' way of knowing via the measurable senses.  But, as the Eighteenth Century 'poet', William Cowper, (he's actually a versifier!) once pointed out:

" Knowledge and wisdom, far from being one,
Have oft'times no connection.

Knowledge dwells In heads replete with thoughts of other men;
Wisdom, in minds attentive to their own.

Knowledge, a rude, unprofitable mass,
The mere materials with which wisdom builds,
Till smoothed, and squared, and fitted to its place,
Does but encumber whom it seems to enrich.

Knowledge is proud that he has learned so much;
Wisdom is humble that he knows no more."

Discerning the difference between Gemini (Knowledge) and Sagittarius (Wisdom) is the very crux of the matter for America and Americans because these two signs of the zodiac occupy the Ascendant-Descendant Axis of the Nation's Birth Chart.  As a mere glimpse of the chart of the Patriot Act will show these two signs also occupy its Ascendant-Descendant Axis.  I mean really, folks, take a look at that!  There sits Pluto in Sagittarius smack dab on the very degree of BOTH the Declaration's and the Patriot Act's Ascendant!  And opposite Pluto sits Saturn, not even separated by ONE full degree from the Gemini Descendant of both charts.  Got the picture ?  Knowledge is the skill of learning Gemini facts and data, but Wisdom is the ability to INTEGRATE those facts and data into the depth of meaning thereby arriving at the moment of UNDERSTANDING.  Understanding is not merely being able to know and contain information, it's the willingness to bear the weight of all that one knows and actually LIVE under the weight of that knowing.  To walk one's talk is Wisdom. Scientia is NOT Potencia, except on the most surface of Gemini levels.

Sapientia est Potencia; Wisdom is Power.  America and Americans need Wisdom if they must weild Power.  Alas, while we are indeed 'encumbered' with lots of technical knowledge we show as yet no sign of the humility which is the discerning mark of Wisdom.  We worship science, facts, data, and money like the bimbos we are  -chomping hot dogs and waving flags every time its our 'Birthday'.  I repeat, we are, as a Nation, StillbornWe haven't gotten our wits together.  We dwell in the hypnotic womb of the comfortable land of make-believe, -Mercury Retrograde in Cancer !  We are all awash in sentiment, but have very little feeling ... (Happy New Year, People of Iraq; have a couple more thousand tons of agonizing death from [ Ho-ho-Ho ] the People of America) !  That's how the Media were so easily able to sweep us up in the pre-programmed and thoroughly scripted tsunami of 'patriotism' while some of our innocent friends and family members threw themselves out of the burning towers of our own 21st Century Babylon.  They came swooping down on us like digital vultures seeking road-kill, exploited our grief, anger, shock, and sentimentality... and thereby confounded our language.  Just the way you might expect a Retrograde Pluto to gobble down a Retrograde Mercury.  It's very smart business.  Think back to WATERGATE TIMES, 'my fellow Americans', and reflect upon the lying President's lying words:

" I didn't lie,  I didn't lie,  I didn't lie."

The TAPES prove otherwise.  We must pay attention now, for the Cock is Crowing again.  The Wizard wants us to lift off to WAR on his hot-air balloon.  You can tell, you can hear it in the Mercury square Jupiter of the Patriot Act  -inflated speech, dipped in the honeyed tongue of Venus cozily cuddling up to Mercury in politically correct and always charming Libra. Yes, 'Presidents' can smile and smile and yet be VILLAINS.  So can Patriot Acts.  Hamlet's father died from POISON POURED INTO HIS EARS WHILE HE WAS SLEEPING IN THE GARDEN. That's the Ivy-League variety of Poison:the charming and elitist tongue of The Skull & Bones SocietyBut of course, as the trebly conjunct energies of Mercury, Venus, and Saturn all combined together between the Declaration Chart and the Chart for HR 3162 insist, there is only reason and beauty in America.  The lethal legislative poison is mislabeled, deliberately advertised as the medicine of


Okay, so they took it back; it was -perhaps- just a tad too obviously inflated ?  Nevertheless, the poison has been poured  -our 'neighbors' as well as the Nation's righteous Military-Industrial-Police shall soon be paying us a visit, tapping on our doors, whispering sweet nothings in our ears.  Those flying Monkeys in the Haunted Forest were nothing compared to this.

I shall next attempt to outline for you the probable TIMING of these untoward events, but please, no more of this: Calm down, baby; everything's gonna be alright !  Go back to sleep now kids, (the Cancer Womb is lulling) and only DREAM of being a REVOLUTIONARY.  To actually be a Revolutionary you must first convert from CONSUMER to PERSON to CITIZEN.  Yep, ya gotta really be BORN AGAIN.  And then again. YOU GOTTA STOP BUYING IT ALL !  Buying and stealing are our 'karmic' inheritance...whereas we could STOP and be FREE.

Oh, yeah -sure,
Uncle Claudius!


The American Plague

" My Father's spirit -in arms ?   All is not well.
I doubt some foul play.  Would the night were come!
Till then sit still, my soul.  Foul deeds will rise,
Though all the earth o'erwhelm them, to men's eyes! "

[Hamlet; Act I, Scene ii; Willy Shakespeare.]
I'm afraid there's no getting around it; very dark times ahead.  America faces the karmic results of three hundred years of bloody expansion, and we all know what goes around comes around.  The 'foul deeds' of the American Empire are rising up to consciousness requiring resolution.  A bloody mess is what we have on our hands, and no bar of soap can wash it away.  Nor can Fifty United bars of soap.  Nor any other American Brand of manufactured cleanser: not Lysol, not Comet, not Mister Clean. Nope, the very Statue of Liberty has pulled up her metal skirts and become a stranger  -even to herself.  Stalks the Land in mad delirium.  Sometimes fancies she's Good Queen Gertrude.  Then veils herself in dark folds of shame.  Laments repeatedly like Lady Macbeth ......"Out, damned spot!  Out, I say!"  Treachery.  Treason.  But all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten her hands. "Here's the smell of blood still."

Wasn't it Pablo Neruda, the Poet from Chile, who spoke of "America, where Liberty is a Statue" ?  Yes, well, maybe it was Octavio Paz, but whoever succinctly spoke this truth hit the proverbial American nail on the sleeping American head. Brand names. DARPA.  Speedy jingoism.  We have ourselves distilled quite a brew of masks and personas in this country if all the characters out of Shakespeare, Sophocles, and Edward Albee decided to come together for a midnight gathering  [-at the United Nations by Rockefeller Center-] downtown in Old New York, New York. Just to see, you understand, if they can 'make it' there. Drama in High Places. Gated Communities. Neighborhood Watch.  Maybe Hamlet, Oedipus, and Tiny Alice just wanna meet Liza Minnelli, cavort with the ghosts of Frank Sinatra, Geronimo, Phoebe Pyncheon.  'Tis said her relative, the kindly Old Judge sits on the Supreme Court these days.  Surrealistic.  The House Of Seven Gables.  The White House.  UnAmerican.  Diego Rivera.  Quick, -call Homeland Security.  Dial 911.  Your call is important to US.  But all our Operators are busy at the moment. Disinformation.  Please hold, and be sure your ears imbibe our invisible murals of sub-luscious sounds...Attention, deficit disorder.

We The People sure are confused. Metaphors are all mixed up, -death, war, and corruption head toward us on direct collision course disguised as 'freedom'. Stacatto war drums beat in strained and untuned ways.  Ravel's Bolero blends with Sousa's trumpets, and the Catholic Music Man is marching into town with all 76 of his trombones tromboning, - just to molest the kiddies.  Things are out of tune, off-pitch. Yes, we got TROUBLE, and I do mean TROUBLE right there in 'River (Potomac) City' and that starts with 'T' and that rimes with 'P' and that stands for 'Patriotism' -as an Act.  Uncle Sam's acting like King Claudius on Prozac, raging around the Nation breathing fire as the Drugged Godzilla he is  -knocking down World Trade Towers!  We ought to be concerned.  But seem to want to face it all with our usual uninformed optimism.  Unfortunately, I'm afraid that our 'innocence' really is a pose, and we know it.  There's no rousing, happy chorus in sight for the conclusion of this Bawdy Musical.  It's Grotesque, a real Norman Rockwell style of...

American Blood Wedding,
a walk into Star-Spangled Hell.
Perhaps we ought to call it what it is:  Uncle Sam Pounds Yankee Doodle Dandy To Death.  Or, more pertinently, in terms of this astrological article: The Patriot Act Rapes Lady Liberty.  So, my fellow Americans, without undue literay flourish or fanfare [ O sure, yeah-yeah/'Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire' ! ] and with just a touch of Elf-ish Hyperbole (is this the optimistic 'American' in me?) -here are the forbidden and taboo 'Predictions' of 'Coming Attractions' !

PLUTO is by no means done with us, not even for a little while.  This Dark Lord Of Death, Shadows, and Hidden Wealth stalks the first house of both HR 3162 and the Declaration for years to come.  Not until the last months of 2008 will Pluto finally leave the sign of Sagittarius.  And after that, when it enters Capricorn it will sequentially oppose the Nation's natal Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury providing years and years of continuing challenge to the fabric of these United States Of America.  So, we're in for a good long ride.  Not until 2022 will America, via the Declaration Chart, experience its first completed Pluto Cycle.

Of course, I hope it's already sufficiently clear from what I've written that ever since 9/11 and even before (during the whole span of triple Saturn to Pluto oppositions) the United States has been 'at war' with itself.  Powerful struggles behind the scenes involving America's military, business, and Federal Government departments have characterized these oppositions.The post 9/11 "War On Terrorism" with the Patriot Act legislation is, I consider, a clear statement that America's Federal Government is no longer run by Elected American Representatives but primarily by an Invisible, Plutocratic, Global Corporate Conglomerate.  I don't care what we call them or how we label them just so long as we realize that THEY are there and THEY are running the show.  The announced (and un-announced) agenda is to keep the United States engaged in a declared State Of War for so long as it shall take to not-so-gradually enforce upon the citizens a de facto Plutocratic Rule by a consortium of Business-Arms-Bankers.  The 'Program' is to bring the peoples of the various Nations to their knees, by destabilizing their economies and covertly attacking their health and well being. Laboratory engineered pathological mutant viruses are central to the plan, as are forced vaccinations with contaminated vaccines and the increasing introduction of genetically mutated and irradiated foods All this is in process of happening now.  Any American Citizen who believes in any way for even an hour that mainstream corporate media such as TV, Radio, Newspapers, and Magazines are ever honestly reporting the news is deluded.


That's how I see the picture.  It would be wonderful to discover that I'm wrong about it.  But here are the most immediate dates whereupon Pluto will be critically impinging on this nation's sense of its own collective identity:

1. January 27, 2004.
2. May 24, 2004. (retrograde)
3. November 25, 2004.

These opposition aspects Pluto makes to the US Chart's Mars function are followed by ( and inextricably interwoven with ) a series of three SQUARE aspects it will make to the Neptune function of that same Declaration Of Independence Chart.

1. December 23, 2004.
2. July 14, 2005. (retrograde)
3. October 19, 2005.

What do all these dates mean ?  What events will transpire ?  What are we 'supposed' to do ?  Well, I'll tell you what I think they indicate, but you'll have to decide for yourself what to do...or just do nothing, just 'wait and see' what goes down (I really can't support that approach!) is a very good explanation of the 'Spectator Sport War' syndrome in America: [ if this link doesn't take you there by clicking on it then just copy and paste it onto your navigation browser, -the article is there ]

First, let's focus on these critical transits to America's Declaration Chart, later we will look directly at the chart of HR 3162.  But, I must emphasize that in order to grasp just how these transits of Pluto will affect the MARS FUNCTION of the United States Birth Chart one must first understand the basic predisposition of Mars at the founding of this Nation.  It is in Gemini in the Nation's 7th house of relationships with other Peoples and Nations.  This is the area of the chart which deals with relating to openly professed ENEMIES as well as to FRIENDS.  And it is expressing through the Energy-Field of Gemini which deals with all forms of daily communications from telephone calls, to bus-car rides, to letters-emails-chats.  It's a restless and verbal-mental sign of the zodiac known as the sign of the 'Trickster'. Now Mars itself is the symbol of assertiveness, action, and aggression.  So this tells us that all of us as Americans are collectively 'marked' by an assertive, active, and even aggressive verbal-mental nature.  We are a bag of laughs, an assorted sampler of Tricksters, very fond of movement and action on a daily basis.  Mars in Gemini inclines us to be 'general factotums' -the 'jack-of-all-trades' syndrome.  We are a People who like to feel that we can 'fix it' ourselves, if need be; we can DO it ourselves.  'Home Depot'.

You know, Mister & Misses FIX-IT -kinda like Mister & Misses Potato Head...remember, that weird 'toy' from 50's ('Leave It To Beaver') America ?  Take a potato, just any old potato will do, and stick on it plastic, pre-made arms, feet, eyes, glasses, hats; any and all accouterments.  A potato head can be a female or a male, just depends on what you stick on it.  Then you graduate to Barbie Dolls and G.I.Joes till you work your way up the ladder to CEOs.  It's all very neuter, really, and quite 'democratic'.  If the shoe fits wear it.  My country, do or die.  God bless America.  Quick, epigrammatic speech tossed like loops of green salad dressed with the trickster wit of Ranch Dressing.  Cybernetic Cowboys (and Cowgirls too) twirling lassoes.  Never a dull moment.  Everything's in action all the time.  Very active, very quick to speak, rounding-up words.

But the words tend to be focused on the giving and getting loops of Gemini data, facts, and findings.  Whistle while you work; talk too.  Really, a Nation full of potential Rap-Artists riding the Rodeo Range.  Yee-hah!  Genuinely curious and highly adaptable people by nature.  We are, in many ways, a laugh a minute.  General Factotums.  'Factotum' is a blatantly Un-American word, it's a composite of two Latin words, -facere (to make) and totum (all, everything) meaning 'To make everything; To do it all'.  Know-it-alls! That's us, the US -a Nation of General Factotums.

Tricky, general factotums.  Curious about everything, loving to 'sample' all sorts of thoughts, ideas, communications.  Dial-a-poem, let your fingers do the walking, dial-a-thons.  We love to play games, like Dialing For Dollars.  Dial M for Murder.  Doo-dah, doo-dah...camptown race track five miles long all the doo-dah-day! Zippity doo-dah, zippoty-ay, My O My What A Wonderful Day.   Attention, attention, will General Factotum please report to the front desk now ?

MARS, in a Nation's Chart, specifically refers to its Military Leaders, Surgeons, Engineers, Activists, and to Wars and Epidemics of Infectious, Contagious diseases.  Here's where the trouble starts.  Oh, well, after all EVERY NATION is born with a MARS function.  Yes, but not every nation is born with the one the United States has.  And if we are to understand how the coming OPPOSITION of Pluto in Sagittarius to the Mars in Gemini function of the US Declaration Chart is likely to manifest we must study the Nation's Mars Function very carefully.  Keep in mind now, gentle reader, that Pluto in the sky in Sagittarius will simultaneously be forming a SQUARE aspect to the Neptune-Function of the US Chart, and that both of these particular aspects are 'FIRSTS'!  Yep, this Nation ain't never had no Pluto opposition to Mars before, not since it done got borned.  An it ain't never had no WAXING SQUARE to Neptune neither!  Hey, this be big time stuff, huh ?  Now let's try to prick up our ears and LISTEN.  (Nobody LISTENS in America 'cause everybody talks!  And too loud!)

At the time of the Birth Of Our Nation, we Americans were 'marked' with the 'mark' of MARS in GEMINI in stressful SQUARE (90degree aspect) to NEPTUNE in VIRGO.  Now, ain't that a hoot!  You know what that says ?  Why, it tells us that we are a passive-aggressive group, that our MILITARY LEADERS (MARS) are related to the rest of us COMMON FOLK (NEPTUNE) by the stressful aspect of the 90degree SQUARE.  That's an overtly aggressive and warlike kind of relationship.  No doubt that's why our 'celebrated' founding fathers chose NOT to have STANDING ARMIES in times of PEACE.  It's the MILITARY LEADERS among us who most clearly embody our Nation's restless, assertive-agressive (MARS) tricks (GEMINI) and they are most likely to be our own worst OPEN-ENEMIES (MARS/7TH HOUSE) !  What kind of tricks might they play, you ask ?  Why, NEPTUNE-TRICKS, of course.  What are NEPTUNE TRICKS ?  Oh, subtle, hidden things such as OVERT LYING, VEILED FORCE, BIOLOGICAL WARFARE, SNEAKY TACTICS.  Ever see a 'CHEMTRAIL' ?

NEPTUNE symbolizes trust, openness, sensitivity, empathy.  In it's positive manifestation it is ALL these things and more; it is artistry, inspiration, and the fullest wisdom of BEING that which we wish to know.  NEPTUNE is true, in-depth Spirituality.  It symbolizes the UNITY OF ALL BEING ON THE FEELING LEVEL; the REALIZATION OF ONENESS.  It is all that permeates boundaries, passes through things, flows in all ways boundlessly.  Mists, clouds, fog are NEPTUNE.  All the WATERS of the COSMOS are NEPTUNE.  So is Grace.  But when this planetary force expresses under stressful aspects, such as this SQUARE to MARS in America's chart, its higher qualties are easily corrupted and we begin to see the possibility of evasiveness and deceit at work.  There can be lack of focus, unclear boundaries, and much stealth.  Always there is a greater than usual CONFUSION as to the MOTIVES of one's actions.  Crude aggression can mask as forthright action.  Evasive (Negative Neptune) Agression ( Negative Mars).  And because Neptune always urges us to surrender our boundaries (or at least render them permeable) it is a major astrological indicator of what is known as 'Karma' or the simple realization that we sow what we reap.  Neptune, remember, knows that WE ARE ALL ONE.  If you do it to the least of these, my brethren, you do it to me.  WE THE PEOPLE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

But you are chomping at the bit, are you not ?  You are anxious that I get me to the point, that I tell you plain and simple what all those DATES concerning PLUTO oppositions and squares mean.  Here, my Mars in Gemini FELLOW AMERICANS, I'll give it to you straight from the hip.  But Bi-Lingually, as the Gemini Twins accosted by Pluto in Foreign Sagittarius demands:

" No hay siglo ni luz reciente.
SÓlo un caballo azul y una madrugada. "

(or in americanese)

" No new age.  No enlightenment.
Only a blue horse and an early morning's dawn. "

What ?  You accuse me of playing 'tricks', of 'mind-fucking' ?  Oh, now curb the reins of your red-blooded passion.  Watch out for that Warrior Mars force in your American citizenship.  Don't be too quick to pick a fight with me over Gemini words.  Would it please you to know, my friend, that I am born with my very tongue and all my speech in the realm of Sagittarius ?  Let me then -just for a quick moment- indulge my love of 'foreign' speech and passionate aspiration.  Spain is a Sagittarian Country, and we are trying here to get at the roots of our unconscious prejudices projected onto Sagittarian foreigners.  PLUTO is challenging us to do so as it opposes from Sagittarius our collective, American-Mars-In-Gemini preference for blunt speech of a practical nature.  Yeah, such speech withers my Soul!  Look, I call upon the Spirit of my Florid Brother Federico hiding in the pomegranates, Lorca of the Duende, Federico Garcia Lorca  -Ecstatic Poet of the Imp in the Earth whose name rolls off the tongue like the full moon rising.  Listen to what he sings:

" Estás aquí bebiendo mi sangre,
bebiendo mi humor de niño pasado,
mientras mis ojos se quiebran en el viento
con el alumino y las voces de los borrachos. "

(patriot act equivalent)

" Here you are drinking my blood,
drinking the humor of the child I was,
while my eyes are shattered by aluminum
and drunken voices in the wind. "

To grasp what it is that we as Americans might expect while Pluto challengingly activates for the VERY FIRST TIME IN AMERICA our Mars-In-Gemini predisposition to be confused by our Neptune-In-Virgo escapism we must understand that we have much blood on our hands.   The accumulated blood of three hundred years of bloody expansion.  The blood of the People whom we labeled 'Indians' (heathens, savages) as we pillaged, plundered, and stole their Land.  Mars is blood, red blood.  Mars is fighting and war.  Mars 'rules' the Aries HOMELAND of America, and America was born with Mars in SQUARE relationship to the Karma Function of Neptune.  As PLUTO opposes our Natal American Mars and simultaneously squares our Natal American Neptune our KARMA of escapism shall confront us. The future is bloody.  I see no way we can stop it because -once again- it is WE AS A PEOPLE who are initiating a WAR of aggression against the people of IRAQ.  The gory, blood-drenched SHADOW of the United States Of America is diverting attention away from itself when it calls ANY OTHER NATION  'TERRORIST'.  It is frequently PROJECTING.  Uncle Sam, the Corporate Global Bigot, is wanting to EXPAND HIS EMPIRE once again.  The slaughtered ghosts of thousands upon hundreds of thousands of native 'red' men, women, and children attest to this Nation's atrociously greedy and cruel nature.  We are a Nation with a shamefullly bloody past which we have never acknowledged. We are the 'People Of The Lie'We stole the Earth we live on.  Our collective American Wound is Chiron in Aries in the 4th house of 'our' Homeland.  It is in SQUARE relationship to our collective American Thought and Speech which is Mercury in Cancer.Our Wounded Speech, which Native Americans refer to as our 'forked tongue,' rules the dualistic word-speech sign of Gemini.  That's where our collective Mars Agression resides in SQUARE aspect to our escapist/evasive and very thoroughly karmic Neptune function.  We lie and lie, we steal and cheat and then lie some more.  We call it business and banking.  And then we lie again.  We are aggressive and sneaky liars unless we are unconscious fools duped by our business of banks and government.  I shall not rest this case, but we may pause.

Born with MERCURY (Retrograde) in OPPOSITION to PLUTO (Retrograde) we collectively/unconsciously dance to the hidden tune of death in our government and business.  Our daily business is replete with hidden lies spoken in the pursuit of money.  Money has come to rule us, and that's why George W. Bush, Dick Chaney, Enron, and every other anagram of a Corporate Business now openly runs our government.  We are, as a people, shocked as we too slowly wake up to this FACT.  It ain't purty but it's damn sure true.  We are 'educated' to serve in the business of government.  Hidden Big Money Governs America; our country is trained to be the Praetorian Guard for the Multi-National Corporate Ring Of Power.
 See 'Patriotic Astrology' for more (click mouse here) on the RING MYTHOS.


Americans have allowed themselves to become the bureaucratic workers of the Great Waste Machine, the Plutonian Death Machine spewing toxic filth everywhere in the name of Progress.  We are slaves entrained to the gaping jowls of Moloch!  Allen Ginsberg HOWLED IT!!!   We have never had a Revolution.  We have never declared our independence from our Natal Pluto-In-Capricorn fascination with the secret politics of the business of bank money. In the coming thirty years we shall be ordered as slaves are always ordered to throw our souls and bodies into the Bottomless Pit of the totally bankrupt machine of money. We shall witness the inevitable Plutonian collapse of business currency while the 'government' and the 'banks' seize the remainder of the lands we think (delusionally) we own and gather us together like cattle to the slaughter.

I offer you here a picture which quite succinctly depicts the natal Retrograde Mercury to natal Retrograde Pluto OPPOSITION currently being Activated in the horoscope of the American Declaration Of Independence.

Behold, The Dark Mirror of America !

Note how the people are
by the Big O of the O-pposition.

The FASCINATION that grips us as we STARE (smiling, aloof, removed) down into the depths of our own collective DEATH-WISH imagining ourselves to be safe, secure, and ABOVE it all.  But those skeletons down below are the foundation on which we, as a lazy and comfortable People (well-fed, tastefully dressed, and fatuously smiling) stand.  Our flag waving over our heads.  A rectangular box of stars and bloody bars. These skeletons are the Saturn Bones which Pluto/Death insists we behold now through its duende dance with Saturn on America's Ascendant-Descendant Axis.  The Ascendant-Descendant Axis which depicts the Destiny of the Nation.  What is the true 'Axis Of Evil' we and our current leaders will not see ?  It's in our own basement closet.  It's Secret 'Corporate-Government' business-as-usual.  Porky Pig.  It's all that Plutonium waste being Federally Forced on the State of Nevada.  It's the shit of Nuclear Reactors being 'buried' under Yucca Mountain...yuck, yuck, yucca...O the sound of that ignorant, dumbo, down-home,  American chuckle; the celebrated Disney smirk of the Bush countenance.  The righteous, twisted, and pseudo-intellectual loud-mouth of Rush Limbaugh.  The intrusive, frenetic, and masturbatory 'interviews'  of [ Get-Me-Off ]  Bill O'Reilly.  Bullshit Incantations.  All trumpeted into the People's face over the Corporately owned airspace.  Duh, duh, dubbya what's up Doc ?  Corporate Double-cross.

Only after our immanent descent into the Pit, only after we have drunk the dregs of our own poison will we grasp the meaning of WOUNDED KNEE, the SYSTEMATIC AND MACHINE-LIKE GENOCIDE of our 'RED' brothers and sisters in America.  Garcia has sung it, our eyes can't open, they are 'shattered by aluminum' and we have become little more than 'drunken voices on the wind' !  Sieg Heil, the counter-clockwise turning of the MACHINE.  The immediately ensuing next five years in America threaten to be the years in which the people shall be forced to their knees in a Declaration Of Dependence.

We are looking at a Corporate Police State unfolding in America.
A police state made possible by Americans policing Americans.

The ghastly picture of American Police and Soldiers shooting down American Citizens just the way the United States Calvary slaughtered in cold blood the 'Indian' People at Wounded Knee.  What goes around comes around, -especially when Deathly Pluto activates Karmic Neptune.  It's a lesson in empathy for dumbells.  We have already been sufficiently 'dumbed-down', most of us walk through our lives like cartoon folk laughing, crying, praying, and fucking right on cue.  There's no need for 'subliminal' advertising, hardly any need for electronic mind control, and our food-supply is being genetically engineered (poisoned) faster every day.  After the GREAT PURGE, only 'good' citizens will have cars, houses, recreational machines and children.  The remainder will be lethally vaccinated or rounded-up in prison work camps.

Am I deranged ?  Have I let my hyperbolic 'Elf King' self run away with me ?  Well, let's look at some further astrological details, -catch that ?  'Details' ?  Do please, boys and girls, keep uppermost in your Mind that I am outlining for you what looks to me to be the probable course of negative Saturn determined, cause-effect, and Government-Business 'REALITY' according to the way that game is played. It ( the Saturn World Of Objective Authority ) determines, by definition, the 'lowest common denominator of mutually agreed upon social-political-business reality'.  I do not claim it is my perceived or desired reality, nor yours.  I merely attempt to explicate its implicate unfolding in its own authoritatively determined time.  It intends to encompass us, both you and me, in its Time and in its Reality. I'm talking about "THE PROGRAM" !!! It's a kind of Plague, a spreading 'virus' of psychic numbing and depression leading us into personal and collective feelings of impotence and apathy.  All masked beneath the Saturn in Libra facade of tasteful, politically correct propriety.

" Miro la tierra
llhena de sombra."
" I gaze at the Earth
filled with shadows."

Part Four


" O Fatherland, Fatherland Show Us The Sign
Your Children Have Waited To See,
The Morning Will Come When The World Is Mine,
Tomorrow Belongs To Me. "
(Lyrics from Cabaret, the Broadway Musical)

 In "Patriot Act" America, tomorrow belongs to you only if you are successful in business.  You gotta play your cards right as a fast-talking promoter and 'sell' yourself.  Business is the way successful and patriotic Americans relate.  It's their 'sign', their Salute to one another. To continue then, as good children of the Saturn-Fatherland we must move on with the detailed study of THE PROGRAM as its shadow lengthens to fill all America, we must consider the entrance of the planet SATURN this coming summer of 2003 into America's own "Home Sign' of Cancer.  SATURN, ringed planet of contraction and consensus reality, symbol of focus, binding, Authority and Law will remain in Cancer for about 2 and 1/2 years and while passing through this sign of the zodiac it will make direct contact by CONJUNCTION (intensification) with 4 (FOUR) of the Nation's pivotal planet-functions: VENUS, JUPITER, SUN, and MERCURY.  As it does so it will be overlapping the previously cited dates (see above) of the Pluto oppositions to MARS and squares to NEPTUNE.  Just this much of the composite picture is quite intimidating, but let's list the dates to satisfy our collective American Mania for Gemini details.  They are as follows:

1. SATURN enters the SIGN OF CANCER:  June 3, 2003.

2. SATURN conjoins the VENUS function of the US Declaration Chart:  June 27, 2003.

3. SATURN conjoins the JUPITER function of the US Declaration Chart:  July 20, 2003.

4. SATURN conjoins (overshadows) the SUN function of the US Declaration Chart: June 11, 2004.

5. SATURN conjoins (3 times) the MERCURY function of the US Declaration Chart: September 8, 2004. January 9, 2005. (Retrograde) May 28, 2005.

What might all these dates and astrological events mean ?  Well, how does Big Daddy Warbucks strike you ?  Here we have the quintessential planet-force representative of the law and order functions of the conservative status-quo of business and politics expressing itself in the realm of subjective feelings and home.  The realm of the personal and the subjective will be overwhelmed by the symbol of restriction and serious containment.  Saturn always brings limits.  Personal feelings and subjective concerns will be overwhelmed by the heavy and serious arm of the Government.  We must never forget that America was born with Saturn in the sign of Libra Law and in the 10th House of Public norms of business and politics, -its very own House.  Nor can we afford to forget that at its birth America's SUN in CANCER was applying to a waning square in its yearly cycle with Saturn, a symbolic statement that the very Core Essence (SUN) of the Nation is in a Crisis Of Consciousness with the Principle of Authority.  Americans were attempting to REBEL against King George of England.  Americans were trying to assert their own Authority as INDIVIDUALS comprising a UNION or a FEDERATION. America's birth is all about a struggle to define the nature of True Authority.  It has abandoned the struggle and succombed to EXTERNAL AUTHORITY ....hence, America is Still-Born.  The real American Revolution is beginning NOW.

These current 'transits' of Saturn are occurring while the Nation suffers under the illegal and unconstitutional imposition of the person of George W. Bush on the office of the President.  Apparently, most Americans are oblivious to this fact and not simply willing but EAGER to have this sociopathic personality as their new-found sense of security and strength.  This simply means he has been allowed to assume the office of DICTATOR. Any Dictator easily flourishes under the conservative and binding force of the status-quo because he embodies best the negative quality of Saturn,  -INFLEXIBILITY.  I AM THE LAW!   I AM THE LORD !  DROIT DU SEIGNEUR !  Oh, how wonderful, how SECURE I feel -Big Daddy Warbucks is gonna protect me!  ( And all those bright yellow Tweety-Birds out there are still mumbling, -I taut I taw a puddy tat! )  Awh, shucks guys -ain't that 'cute' !  Daffy Duck Disneyland America.  That's what cheeseburgers and cokes can do to you.  And don't forget the French Fries, -yummy, Saturn in the blood; high cholesterol; hardening of the arteries.  Can't think straight cause the brain's deprived of oxygen.  Saturn, planet of constriction, moving through Cancer, sign of food and the belly.  Goya painted it and called it Saturn Devouring His Children.  Hard.  Cold.  Inflexible.  DARPA.  Homeland Security.  The Patriot Act.

Let's take these in sequence, one by one.  Beginning with Saturn conjoining Venus, what might that portend ?  Well, it means the Principle of CONTRACTION shall be overshadowing all forms of Art and Relating.  It REINFORCES the Venus+Mercury of the Patriot Act as they conjunct the Natal Saturn of the Declaration Chart.  Limitations on speech and thought imposed by Authoritative People within the Federal Government (but 'trickling down' to State and City Authorities).  Venus rules both the Sign Libra and the Sign Taurus, or Social Mores and Food, or Law and Money and etc.  The flow of money will slow down.  Parsimony rules the day.  Grants from Corporations will dwindle, and when 'granted' will carry the price-tag of an absolutely conservative political Agenda.  Formalism in the Arts, more of these god-awful films glorifying blind 'patriotism' -war, soldiers, high-tech American 'Good' Spies.  Law enforcement will prevailPeople (well, the usual American Zombies) will literally crave increasingly restrictive laws.  Monetary rewards will be given to those who report to Homeland Security and Dharpa etc. any and all 'suspicious' activities on the part of their neighbors and fellow citizens.  Conservative teachers, preachers, and bureaucrats will carry the day.  All those people in America who keep their noses to the Grindstone, all Civil Service Employees will want to be following the stern but profitable letter of the LAW.  Kiss any form of 'Liberalism' goodbye.  It is the time of tiny and mean-spirited folks.  A 'mark', a 'yen', a 'buck' or a 'pound' makes the World go round.

But it's especially important that we see how Saturn will affect the Venus rulership of the Sign Taurus which controls the Nation's 6th House of workers and health.  Aside from tightening the money flow to a trickle, it will bring limitations, delays, and all the binding force of Saturn Status-quo AUTHORITY into work and health fields.  Voila, the recent 'strike'  on the part of dockers on the West Coast of America is TERMINATED by direct intervention of the President applying the Taft-Hartley Act.  A Nation engaged in a perpetual WAR ON TERROR cannot 'afford' to have strikes.  National Security DEMANDS that you go back to work.  NOW.  The LAW will increasingly require that ALL CITIZENS line up for INVOLUNTARY VACCINATIONS WITH DELIBERATELY CONTAMINATED VACCINES.  Police and Military first, then health-care workers, then everybody else.  The LAW has already been passed that states this fact; we call it Homeland Security.  That particular branch of the 'Patriot Act' is the one giving us the daily barometer readings on the levels of 'terrorist' fear we must anticipate, warning us to buy duct tape and wrap ourselves in plastic to be safe from US CORPORATE SPORES like ANTHRAX!  Too late, but go read Doctor Horowitz and Doctor Cantwell and others.  You can start here:


The theme will be: "What's Best For Business Is Best For The Nation."  Most people believe this already but with Saturn moving into Cancer and Limiting Money and WAGES the Feds will give local police direct orders dictated by Business-Government CEOs in increasingly clearer and direct terms.  If you don't get this vaccination for the Flu and that vaccination for Smallpox etc. you CAN'T WORK HERE.  Little neighborhhood brigades of Homeland Security snitches lining up to go door to door to make sure you have the official papers indicating you've complied with the LAW and have been vaccinated.  Righteous little people, church-goers, office clerks, librarians, ticket-takers of every creed, color, and spectrum of society.  Select batches of contaminated serums sent to select areas to 'take out' the dissidents.  All this sort of thing is already underway now; it increases substantially as Saturn enters Cancer this June 2003.  But by 2004 and 2005 it is escalated as Pluto squares America's Natal Neptune. Disinformation and deliberate lying will prevail in official Federal Government mandates concerning health care and vaccinations while all forms of medicine are increasingly used to sedate the People and undermine their individual and collective health.  Because America's Natal Mars in Gemini squares America's Natal Neptune in Virgo -sign of health, nutrition, diet, and natural medicines like herbs, homeopathy, and acupuncture all these fields will come under increasing Federal Scrutiny. "THE PROGRAM" requires controlling and undermining the health of the general populace of workers, and the Military will join with local city and state Police to enforce these orders.  All this is strongly suggested by the complex weave of the Pluto-Mars and Pluto-Neptune challenging aspects ahead when seen in combination with Saturn's overshadowing of America's Venus function.  And all of it will be HIGHLY GLAMOURIZED via Neptune...this, that, and the other MOVIE STAR, MUSICIAN, STAR ATHLETE will be anxious to endorse THE PROGRAM.  Gullibility will be seen everywhere; sheep marching into round-up pens disguised as little jobs in high-tech cubicles.  And ALL of them will JUST be doing their JOB and asking NO QUESTIONS.  THE 'LAW' RULES.  It goes like this:

" Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome
Im Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret...
Leave your troubles outside!
So- life is disappointing? Forget it!
We have no troubles here! Here life is beautiful...
The girls are beautiful...
Even the orchestra is beautiful! "
(Lyrics; Cabaret)

This shocking scenario only deepens as Saturn moves forward into Cancer and overshadows America's JUPITER function.  Their energies combine exactly on July 20, 2003 -that's coming right up.  These are the two planets labeled as SOCIAL-CULTURAL in astrology; Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts; Jupiter is Society's 'good cop', Saturn is Society's 'bad cop'.  You've seen the movies and the tv shows so you know how this works:  the 'good cop' and the 'bad cop' work together as a TEAM.  One loosens up the 'suspect', the other comes in 'for the kill'. Together, they 'nail' himThese are two 'faces' of Social Authority, the Jupiter Legislators, Church Leaders, Educators will be working hand-in-hand with the Saturn Enforcers, the Police, the Civil Service Employees, and all strictly conservative political and business folks.  Contraction will be overshadowing expansion. Increasing numbers of law enforcement officers involved in policing all public gatherings and social events. Federal Government-Business surveillance everywhere; DARPA is a 'fait accompli'.  America is born with a Jupiter+Venus conjunction in Cancer so we are very comfort-loving creatures inclined to be expansively optimistic.  Gullible, in fact.  Especially when it comes to our Government.  Far too complacent and trusting.  Lazy, actually.  We shall be witnessing more and more Saturday Night Live 'CHURCH-LADIES' policing all of us. Do-Gooder church-goers pouring out of the woodworks, flooding society with their maudelin piety and their puritanical judgments. Especially between December of 2004 and August of 2005 as transiting Jupiter in the sky in Libra conjoins the Natal US Saturn there.  Love of 'law & order'.  Many willing citizens participating in policing other citizens like boy and girl scouts trying to earn 'merit badges'.  All this while the Saturn Tsunami gathers its force and rolls forward through the sign of Cancer.

It will hit the US Sun in Cancer exactly on June 11, 2004 after having 'stationed' in late October of 2003 only minutes away from that exact position.  And by June 22, 2004 it will form a waning square aspect from Cancer to its own Natal position in Libra.  This will be a time of accelerated shift, I'm afraid, to even greater restrictions and more pervasive presence of Police and National Guardsmen into our personal lives.  [ Unless we can collectively wake up and begin to actively purge our government of corrupt 'Authority' figures.]  It coincides closely to the second of transiting Pluto's OPPOSITIONS to the US Natal Mars.  This one retrograde.  Harkening back to January of 2004.  WAR.  STRICT LAW ENFORCEMENT.  SOME KIND OF MARSHALL LAW DISGUISED BY NICE VENUS+MERCURY+SATURN phraseology.  We will be witnessing here very intense and radical PLUTO+SATURN+MARS energy in our country and all of it MASKED by Negative Neptune DECEIT.

Why ?  Because the 'Progressed' SUN of the Natal Patriot Act Chart will have reached an EXACT and totally devious SQUARE aspect to the Natal Neptune function of that same Patriot Act on July 30, 2004.This event ACTIVATES the square at the birth of this Nation between its Natal Mars in Gemini and its Natal Neptune in Virgo.  A very 'karmic' showdown for 'We The People' concerning our prescription drug addictions to praxil, zoloft, ridilin and wide-spread, Media induced ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER!  Danger from CONTAMINATED VIRUSES VIA VACCINES.  I know, I know...this is 'heady' stuff, very complicated and difficult to understand even if you are a full-blown astrologer.  But you can get it, just go back and review what's already been said here about Mars-Neptune in the US Declaration Chart.  Generals and military men and police involved with bio-terrorism in their own true Homeland  Consider FACTS like these:

The Very Mysterious Deaths
  Of Five Microbiologists
   By Ian Gurney

"It is a story worthy of a major conspiracy theory, the script for a Mel Gibson "Who dunnit?" action movie, or a blueprint for a contrived and unbeleivable episode of "The X Files". Except the facts surrounding this story are just that. Facts. The Truth. Five emminent microbiologists, leaders in their particular field of scientific research, either dead or missing in the last eight weeks, and a bizzare connection between one of the dead scientists and the mystery surrounding the death by Anthrax inhalation of a sixty one year old female hospital worker in New York. Sounds far fetched? Read on." 


[ if this link doesn't take you there from here by clicking on it then just copy and paste it
onto your navigation browser, -the article is there ]

Go back to the chart of the 'Patriot' Act and review the relationship therein between Pluto-Saturn in opposition to each other with Mars semi-square to Pluto and sesqui-square to Saturn...indicators of potential for EXTREMELY RADICAL AUTHORITATIVE POLICE-MILITARY AGGRESSION.  After you've reflected on that, I'd have you consider the Sabian Symbol for the final, 30th degree of Capricorn whereupon rests the MARS FUNCTION OF THE PATRIOT ACT.  Here it is:


And the 'KEYNOTE' Dane Rudhyar gives for this symbol reads as follows:
" The power to assume responsibility for choices arrived at after mature discussions
with those who share this power. "
  Mister Rudhyar has a great deal to say concerning occult hierarchies and the 'White Lodge' involved with this symbol but I will refer to all that later.  For now, it's important that we hear him saying that this symbol "can also refer to what occurs at the more ordinary level of business and politics...the culmination of social responsibility and a reference to EXECUTIVE POWER."

Random House; New York, 1973; pg. 248.]
I believe the 'Secret Meeting' referred to in this symbol is on-going and takes place among Plutocratic Business Men and Government Leaders. I do not believe these individuals are all Americans by any means.  Look at Britain's Tony Blair, consider such surveillance programs as Eschelon, consider the Council On Foreign Relations, DARPA, the Russell Trust, the 'Skull And Bones Society', the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, NAFTA, GAT...and that's making a deliberately willed act NOT to mention 'conspiracy' notions such as the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, or folks like our much-beloved David Icke !  Okay, calm down, calm down...I realize I've just pushed a lot of buttons here.  But who else is 'pushing buttons' and just what functions are those 'buttons' activating globally ?  Is it not clear that the notion of a 'New World Order' and the reality of a Global Corporate Government requires of us that we stretch our parochial minds in order to 'wake up and smell the coffee' ?  Stay with me here, please, my friends and just for the time being leave the issues of 'Aliens' from 'outer space' as well as 'Reptilians' who shape change and eat babies at bloody black masses etc. etc. etc. out of the picture for right now.  As the outrageous Judy Garland said to her audience in that historic Carnegie Hall Concert back in the 60's ..." Okay, okay -we'll get to CHICAGO, after we go through New York-New York, and San Francisco where that poor Jeanette McDonald just stood there in the RUINS and sang, a-an-and SANG !"

Somewhere isn't always over the rainbow, somewhere can be right here right now sometimes. And right here and right now I am asking YOU to consider the implications of a hidden Plutocratic consortium of Business Leaders and International Government Leaders who have clearly assumed control of the United States Of America according to my interpretation of the Natal Chart of the 'Patriot' Act born with PLUTO on its Ascendant while that same PLUTO was also on America's Ascendant. And I am arguing that its opposition to Saturn at that time while both these planets were in the signs of communication, goals,  teaching and propaganda (Sagittarius and Gemini respectively) and while Mars was also placed in half-square to one end of this opposition (PLUTO) and sesquisquare to the other (SATURN) focuses a great deal of tension on MARS urging it to go be WARLIKE.  Furthermore, I'm highlighting the fact that this aggressive and warlike Mars Energy is centered in Capricorn, the very sign of Business and Government and on the final, 30th degree of MASTERY in that sign.  A degree which specifically refers to " A SECRET MEETING" etc.  Let that steep awhile, let it brew in your brain.  A 'mark', a 'yen', a 'buck', or a 'pound'.

The Mars function of the 'Patriot Act' falling as it does on this final degree of Capricorn indicates very clearly that Saturn, planetary 'ruler' of Capricorn, is and will continue to be the operative driving force behind all actions-activities which this piece of legislation addresses.  Saturn symbolizes Objective Authority for the greater number of human beings living on the planet; only a very few (relatively speaking) have any understanding of the deeper levels of Subjective Authority which Saturn symbolizes.  Hence, most people follow the Authority, Forms, Laws and Boundaries which the Business of Government dictates to its citizens.  And the Business of Government has always provided for its citizens the 'escape valve' of whatever is the STATE RELIGION ( in the contemporary US that religion is de-facto judeo-christianity ) so that the leaders of these religions operating as priests, ministers, rabbis, or oracles can pretend to give heed to the more subjective needs of the citizen-workers of the Business of State Government.

All such priests, oracles, ministers are here to attend to our feeling needs, our emotional needs.  They are here to console us over the FACT that our public lives are always determined by the officials who run our governments and businesses.  They are here to 'wipe away our tears' as we suffer under the oppression of the Business of Government.  They are here to encourage us to continue to languish and suffer under the iron hand of 'Worldly Authority' by assuring us that once we are DEAD and operating as pure spirits or souls we will be rewarded for all this suffering by the God, the Jesus, Allah, or Jehovah who is the Emperor, the King, the President, or the Chief Executive Officer of the 'Kingdom of Heaven' (a kind of religious Enron Corporation in the sky).  Meanwhile we are to use our personal Mars functions to FIGHT for the STATE and for GOD!  Every 'Patriotic' American knows the STATE IS GOD  -we declare it in our pledge of allegiance.  To be 'under 'god' is to be under Bush, Falwell, Graham or 'His Holiness' this, that, or the other!  This message shall be driven home by the new law HR 3162, by Homeland Security, and by DARPA as well as each ensuing extension of the fundamental message known as the 'Patriot Act'.

Corporate Business is War.  That is what we must understand if we are to grasp the meaning of Pluto in opposition to Saturn on the Ascendant-Descendant Axis of the Chart of the Declaration Of Independence and the chart of HR 3162.  All Western-Cultural Governments are merely extensions of Corporate Business.  Absolute Power which is symbolized by Pluto is in Absolute Control symbolized by Saturn, -this is the insightful teaching these planets are revealing at this time as they oppose each other from Sagittarius to Gemini.  This is an all out WAR on the part of Business-Government to obtain absolute control of the speech and thought of all human beings on planet Earth at this time.  The Business of Corporate Global Government is intent on impressing upon all people that its rational, authoritative reality is the ONLY reality.  It is the homogenous agenda of the New World Order of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.  It is the Monopoly Game of Monotheism: One God, One Currency, and One World Leader attended by a purely diversionary 'congress' or 'parliament' of subservient bureaucrats.  The perfect MACHINE.  The perfect PLAN.  The one and only TRUTH.  And the perpetrators of this lie claim it is inevitable, it is wholesome, it is where evolution is leading us.  Money makes the World go around!  Finally, they claim it's perfectly 'Natural'.  There is no gravity greater than Money.

      "There is no hidden government. 
It's all right in front of us.  We have to wake up." 

-Mae Brussell

Beginning in the Fall of 2004 and continuing through early Summer of 2005 as Saturn repeatedly crosses over the Mercury function of the birth chart of America this lesson will be driven home in a no-nonsense way, in a Saturn way.  This means that very definite LINES OF DIVISION are increasingly being drawn among the citizens of America.  Those who crave security at all costs, those who give their absolute allegiance to Authority Figures and the status-quo shall be sharply distinguished from those who dare to claim that they are sovereign individuals.  Anyone in America claiming that his or her individual self is more important than the STATE or the CORPORATION will be marked as an OUTLAW and a TERRORIST.  All those asleep in the corporate matrix will fear and denounce all those who are not.  That is what this legislation known as the 'Patriot Act' is deliberately designed to accomplish; it is the ABSOLUTE POWER of the LAW, the GOVERNMENT, the CORPORATION over any, every, and all INDIVIDUALS.

I am saying that the big 'Showdown' -the final gunfight at the O.K. Corral will be set-off by these transits of Saturn over the US Mercury function because that function is at the very birth of this Nation involved in an opposition with Pluto found in Saturn's own sign of Capricorn.  And I am saying this because PLUTO had just reached the Ascendant of the US birth chart as the 'Patriot Act' was signed into LAW thereby demanding that ALL citizens of this country must become aware of the hidden POWER OF SECRET BUSINESS AS GOVERNMENT that has been at the roots of this Nation's destiny since its founding.  Unless individual citizens can face the dark, death-oriented impulses within themselves and INHERENT IN THEIR GOVERNMENT they will submit to that Government's definition of reality, they will be well-behaved clones in the hidden game called: BUSINESS IS GOVERNMENT.  Fodder to feed the MACHINE.  Now let's all sing together, mechanically, on cue:

" Money makes the world go around...
A mark, a yen, a buck, or a pound
Is all that makes the world go around,
That clinking clanking sound
Can make the world go 'round."
(Lyrics; Cabaret)

 The alternative is to realize that the true TERRORISTS on this Earth are CORPORATIONS and all their participating members from the CEOs to the bureaucratic employees, to the share-holders.  The greatest crimes on the planet are Corporate Crimes declared to be perfectly legal.  Business Corporations are being granted the rights of individuals while individuals are being denied their rights.  The PLUTO in Sagittarius teaching of the PHILOSOPHY and RELIGION of ABSOLUTE POWER is being brought home to every citizen of the United States; the President of this country is now a DICTATOR and the process began in earnest with Franklin Roosevelt and continued through the assasination of John Kennedy right on through L.B.J. to Clinton and now to G.W.Bush.  The role of the EXECUTIVE, the PRESIDENT has usurped all the legislative and judiciary power of the congress and the senate.  The celebrated 'balance of powers' in the United States of America has long since ceased to be a reality due to Presidential Executive Orders.  Bush could drop dead tomorrow and the next President would still be a DICTATOR. It is the entire system of Government in the United States which has been completely subsumed by BUSINESS.  Only the very wealthy can afford to run for high office in the United States, and with these transits of Saturn the lines dividing the wealthy from the poor will become totally evident and radically extreme.  The Mind & Speech (Mercury) of each citizen will be defined, limited, and focused by the Saturn Principle of Authority as it moves by transit over the Retrograde Mercury position of the US Declaration.  Listen to the Fatherland; listen to your debauched Federal Legislators:

"And now presenting the Cabaret Girls!
Rosie! (Rosie is so called because of the color of her
cheeks.) Lulu! (Oh, you like Lulu? Well, too bad!
So does Rosie.) Frenchie! (You know I like to order Frenchie
on the side. On your side Frenchie! Just kidding!)

Texas! (Yes, TEXAS is from America! But He's a very
cunning linguist!) Fritzie!
(Oh, Fritzie, please, will you stop that!
Already this week we have lost two waiters,
a table and three bottles of champagne up there.)
and Helga! (Helga is the baby. I'm just like a Father
to her. So when she's bad, I spank her. And she's
very, very, very, very, very bad.)"
( Lyrics; Cabaret)

Raunchy-mouthed, rap-artist, Mars-In-Gemini America! We must never forget that the Mercury Mind & Speech of Americans is natally in stressful square aspect to the US Chiron function in Aries ruled by Mars.  Our personal feeling preferences get in the way of our efforts to think clearly and impersonally; we distort the facts to suit our emotional needs.  We are Wounded (Chiron) in our Thinking (Mercury) process. With Pluto consistently opposing the US Mars function throughout 2004 but especially in the FALL of 2004 American citizens will be experiencing a deeply disturbing combination of Mars-Saturn-Pluto energies further impinging on our thought processesWe will see our individual rights and needs to assert ourselves (Aries + Mars) challenged by Corporate-Government's coercive combination of Pluto-Saturn POWER expressed as the ABSOLUTE POWER OF BUSINESS-GOVERNMENT (Pluto opposing US Mars, from Sagittarius to Gemini).

I reiterate here my concern that since the personal self-assertion of every American (US Mars in Gemini) is in stressful square to the escapism, confusion, and drugs of Neptune (US Neptune in Virgo) we will not as a People be 'savy' enough to understand that it is our own Government which is the Major Manufacturer of lethal biological toxins and that this same US Government has repeatedly employed such lethal toxins on its own citizens ( Plutonium fed to orphans, Agent Orange toxifying GIs in Vietnam, the Gulf War Syndrome, the GIs exposed to radiation during nuclears tests throughout the 1950's ).  We will refuse to heed the evidence carefully and meticulously provided by doctors like Alan Cantwell and Len Horowitz which exposes the FACT that our country's smallpox vaccines are CONTAMINATED, that QUARANTINE CAMPS have already been designed to house us, that the Homeland Security legislation specifically eliminates any citizen's right to sue or hold accountable those US Pharmaceutical companies manufacturing these vaccines.  And I am relentlessly pounding away in this article to point out that with Mercury square Chiron and Mars square Neptune we are prone to DEEP DENIAL of these realities.  We cannot afford to be, the chart of this 'Patriot Act' legislation when seen in the context of the birth chart of America indicates that our Federal Government has betrayed us and that ENFORCED innoculations with these vaccines and enforced quarantine camps are definitely part of the hidden agenda currently unfolding.

We are the only major industrialized Western Country without ANY guaranteed health care program for our citizens while our Military-Industrial-Government continues and now accelerates its secret chemical warfare on its citizens. I mean, what is Fluoride doing in our water supplies, why are we being dumped on by chemtrails, why is Mercury used in most of our public vaccines?  Why has the Federal Food And Drug Administration allowed our food chain to be poisoned with aspartame, with outrageous levels of toxic chemicals of all degrees and varieties ?  Why is our basic grain supply being genetically engineeredWhy Ritalin for kids ? Why are our pilots in the Gulf Region receiving as 'standard issue' doses of Amphetamines ?  Speed kills.  Two of our pilots from Illinois, Schmidt & Umbach, both running on amphetamines just recently killed (they call it 'friendly fire') four Canadians and wounded eight more over there in Afghanistan.  Amphetamines are universally known to induce paranoia and impair judgement yet our pilots in the gulf region get 6 pills at a time to use as 'needed'. This is the pronounced and innate temptation which comes in the US chart via Mars in square aspect to Neptune from the Gemini 7th house to the Virgo 9th house.

Hidden propaganda; deviant 'religion'; health threats; drug addictions; a belief system or National 9th House Philosophy of Confusion & Glamour Escapist 'Patriotism' substituting for much needed thought.  A People confused (Neptune) in their actions (Mars).  A People lied to (Neptune) concerning health and alternative medicine (Virgo).  A People easily played upon by religions, gurus, and the sort of maudelin platitudes and week-end workshop, pop psychology permeating books like "Conversations With God" or "A Course In Miracles".  A People deceived by glamorous movie stars and films as well as by the Pharmaceutical Corporations which are currently feeding them prozac, praxil, ritalin, amphetamines, zoloft...a People wholly glamourized by physicists, doctors, lawyers, channelers, 'experts' and 'professionals' of every kind and description, -including Astrologers!  Why ?  Because we seek to be financially successful, to conform to whatever the latest 'Politically Correct And Fashionable Authority' says  -in whatever might be this year's, or this month's latest 'fad'.  Eckhart Tolle, anyone ?  "The Power Of Now", -Krishnamurti regurgitated by Shirley Temple in blissfull trance on the good ship lollipop !  A 'mark', a 'yen', a 'buck', or a 'pound'.

America and Americans are being 'tested' these days, and the test concerns our collectively generated 'karma', the test focuses upon this very Neptune function in the Nation's birth chart.  Neptune is a very slow moving planet requiring approximately 160 years to circle through all twelve signs of the zodiac.  During 2001 it conjoined the karmic-inherited-past of America's South Lunar Node in Aquarius on three different dates: February 3, 2001; August 29, 2001; December 3, 2001.It was intensely activating America's Lunar Node-Karmic Past ( at 7+degrees of Aquarius) just as the events of 9/11/2001 took place.  Can there really be anyone reading this who does not understand that the Pentagon, the President, and Global Corporate Businesses staged this atrocious event ?  It was and is a 'test' of the willingness of the People of America to indulge themselves in escapist deceit.  Do we really want to know just how corrupt and evil our own government has become ?  Do we realize how that fact is merely a mirror of our own personal-collective lives ?  Do we really want to sit like those kids in that classroom while the figure-head of Corporate-American-Government reads us a fairytale about a goat ?  What kind of a goat ?  A Scape-goat. Very Biblical, just like the destruction of the World Trade Towers.

I am loathe to be too obvious, but this is America and I'm speaking first and foremost to Americans so I shall point out that the biblical Tower of Babel was in Babylon which is now within the borders of the country called IRAQ.  It was there that the Gnostic Archons struck down the Tower and confounded the language of all mankind.  The confusion of tongues.  To babel is to speak on and on incoherently, diffusely, to create disinformation.  DARPA is a tool of high-tech babel.  It's the 'Attack Of The Archons'.

Our Federal Government is engaged in a process of spying upon and deliberately confusing its citizens in perfect imitation of those Gnostic Archons who are all classically defined as emanations of petty gods babeling in service to Yaldaboath the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation Of Falsehood.  Rumsfeld, Chaney, Bush and Company can all be understood as vehicles of this ignorant Yaldaboath who proclaims himself to be 'God' and whose overwhelming obsession is to bind all mankind into his service.  Worship ME, I am the Lord Thy God.  The 'God' of FEAR, IGNORANCE, and SUBMISSION.  The inflexible, rigid binding-force of Negative Saturn masked in our times as that which is 'politically correct'. Masked from Americans by Neptune passing over the Nation's Lunar South Node in Aquarius just as the 'Hidden' US Government blows up the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  Yes, that same Neptune Principle which at the birth of this Nation was in stressful square aspect to Mars, God of War.  Neptune, the God of Mists, Clouds, and Imagination is negatively invoked.  Suddenly, as the clouds disburse and the firemen continue to crawl through the toxic rubble an Anthrax scare is DELIBERATELY created. A strain of anthrax traced directly back to the US Pharmaceutical, Bio-Terrorist Industries is sent to senators and newscasters and distracts the population from the fact that those World Trade Towers had to have been destroyed by something other than the airplanes which crashed into them.  And all this devious manipulation leads swiftly and directly to the creation of HR 3162 within weeks of the staged events.  Do Americans get it ?  Do they cry out en masse that this is TREACHERY ?  No.  Why not ?  Because we are as a Nation involved with a stressful and negative relationship to the Neptune Principle of Illusion.  We accept the idiot president's labeling of the 'War On Terror' as operation 'Infinite Justice' quickly down-scaled to 'Operation Enduring Freedom' (meaning, apparently, that he has to 'endure' our freedom) and programmed to run idefinitely into our future!  Ah, yes, mysterious Neptune crossing the heavens through the sign of Aquarius where both the Moon of America and the Moon's South Node are found at the Nation's birth.  Karma.  Pay back time.  The fruits of our past actions coming home to roost.  All us Americans with our Collective Moon-Feelings programmed by the electronic media of abstract Aquarius.  Yearning for pure truth, wanting to believe in the 'vision' of America.  Herr Bush is pleased with this, it positively curls his celebrated smirk as he urges us on - Sing with me!

" But somewhere a glory awaits unseen.
Tomorrow belongs to me...
The babe in his cradle is closing his eyes
The blossom embraces the bee.
But soon, says a whisper;
Arise, arise,
Tomorrow belongs to me. "
( Lyrics; Cabaret )

Neptune 'rules' the 3rd house area of both the 'Patriot Act' and the Declaration Of Independence.  This third house concerns traffic and communications by land, air, or water.  It concerns the postal, telegraph, telephone systems.  It concerns newspapers, radio, tv stations and the internetNaturally, then, we witness Neptunian Anthrax sent through the mail. Haven't we been programmed for the last 10 years or so to accept 'viruses' as a daily occurrence ? Don't our computers regularly come down with 'viruses' ?  If our machines have 'viruses' because of terrorist 'hackers', why it's just natural that terrorists will send us personal viruses in the 'snail-mail' as well!  But who are the 'hackers' sending these 'viruses' ?  Couldn't be DARPA types, could it ?  Couldn't be part of the 'Program' ?

We listen and watch on computers, radios, and tv sets as 'terrorist' airplanes dive into buildings.  We are told these are 'sneak attacks' just like the virus attacks over the internet, just like 'Pearl Harbor', like the Gulf Of Tonkin, like the sinking of the Lusitannia; but none of these historical events were really 'sneak attacks'.  They were Negative Neptune events; they were all lies passed off by our Federal Government as the 'Truth'.  In every case too much evidence reveals these 'truths' to be lies.  Deliberately foisted upon a Patriot Act (Moon In Pisces) credulous populace.  Each of these events was used to justify declarations of War on the part of the Federal Government of the United States.  This is precisely what is meant by Mars in Gemini in the 7th House of America's birth chart relating stessfully to Neptune in Virgo in the 9th House.  A Philosophy of LYING.  Building an EMPIRE through deceit.  Just as the Federal Government used the United States Calvary to give Native American 'Indians' blankets laced with smallpox, just as this US Federal Government consistently broke its treaties with the Lakota, the Apaches, the Iriquois and every other 'tribe' while stealing their rightfully conceded Lands for Gold Mining, for Railroads, for Corporate Business it is continuing this policy now with its own People.  Grist for the Corporate Mill -always just a 'mark', a 'yen', a 'buck', or a 'pound'.

The Anthrax, smallpox, aids, hepatitis, -all the Corporately Manufactured and lethally mutated viruses made in this country by the workers of this country are coming our way under the provisions of the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security laws.  To refuse such a Federally mandated vaccination is now a punishable crime; you can be jailed, quarantined, and abused into 'politically correct' behaviour.  Mars and Neptune conjoined at the signing into LAW of the Patriot Act make this perfectly clear; covert war of aggression carried out by the US Federal Government against the citizens of this Nation.  Overt Wars of AGGRESSION carried out against Iraq....and then the next nation, and the next to keep the Corporate War Machine running.  This is the coming home to roost of the Nation's Karma.  This is what is signified by the Sabian Symbol for Mars on the final degree of Capricorn in the HR3162 legislation, -Mars- significator of soldiers, policemen, and epidemics of infectious and contagious diseases.  Mars, which together with Pluto, rules the Karmic 12th House area of both the Patriot and the Declaration horoscopes.  Deliberately but stealthily PLANNED reduction of the population to serve the interests of Business Corporations.  Corporate Business is the GREAT TERRORIST, and this plan for spreading illness and death by way of lethal viruses and vaccines is what I see when I read that Sabian Symbol for Mars:




Who might such men be who attend 'secret' meetings and make 'executive decisions' concerning 'world affairs' ?  Well, my friends, when I speak as I have concerning a radical division that is developing and will continue to develope and literally POLARIZE Americans into extreme 'camps' (no pun intended, can you say 'quarantine' ?) I am making reference to just such men and their meetings.  To speak of such things in Popular America is to immediately be labeled 'Paranoid' because it indicates that one is giving voice to the stressful Mars square Neptune and the equally stressfull Mercury square Chiron aspects present within the Collective American Psyche.  It is to name the 'beast' -the secret shame and guilt which most of us harbor in our hearts.  We are taught to do that, taught to introspect, taught to look inward at our personal 'sins'.  And there is certainly much good that can come of such introspection.

But the bigtime Beasts, the real 'Showmen' of this kind of self-centered and frequently self-serving 'introspection' are those ghastly 'christian' ministers out there, -the Billy Grahams, the 'Holy Fathers' ...all those whacko christian evangelists forever indulging themselves in 'born again' professions of their 'faith' since 'Jesus' came into their hearts and 'saved' them forever.  Jesus is the Pacemaker of such 'christians' -they go through the operation once and then their hearts, minds, and mouths run on endlessly and innocently thereafter like the Ever-Ready Bunny.  Automatic lip service of the kind provided by the Bush Clan, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Powell, Rice etc. -the entire, 'ultra-conservative' and sanctimonious cabinet of the current ruling administration.  They been saved, hallelujah and amen!  Their 'New Age' counterparts are folks like Deepak Chopra, Carolyn Myss, Echardt Toll, and 'His Holiness' the Dalai Lama -you know, the folks 'in the know'. All these 'New Age' characters have about them little, 'Mini-Corporations' advertising and promoting their 'holiness' and their 'healing' gifts, but they are merely the needed, diversionary 'small fry' of the Global Corporate Enclaves distracting us by having us focus on our 'personal' healing while 'saving' Tibet or the Holy Land. I don't think they have much to offer us at all when we come to facing the real problem we have because they are doing very well (thank you) with their small-time Capitalist Franchises.  They are simply Courtiers in the Palace Of Corporate Global Business -although certainly one must give the nod to the Vatican and Llhasa.  Karma, Sin, Rituals and Holy Sacraments are lucrative businesses, but we are in need of finding the richest and strongest centers of Global Corporate Power.  Where are they, who are they, and what are their names ?  This is the question which, when asked, will POLARIZE Americans, split them into two 'camps'.

And it's when trying to answer these last questions that those seriously and assiduously investigating the matter have come up with terms like the ILLUMINATI or the BILDERBERGERS, they call our attention to the Trilateral Commission, the Council On Foreign Relations, the World Bank.  ( Click here for information on Bilderbergers:   They tell us there are approximately 3000 'ELITE' who control the Global Corporate-Government agenda.  They tell us such creatures see themselves as ROYAL or BLUE-BLOODS or the Highest Of The High, and they are right.  Such people obviously do exist and pride themselves upon their superior intellects, cultural tastes, and enormous monetary wealth.  The family names most frequently bantered about are the Rothchilds, the Rockefellars, the Carnegies -but I am not interested here in attempting to list 3000 family names. I'm interested in their world-wide and mutually supportive MEANS for achieving what they clearly perceive to be their 'DIVINE MANDATE' to direct and control the World.  Why ?  Because the PLUTO position in Sagittarius on the ASCENDANT of HR3162 symbolizes them, 'they' are behind this legislation.  What is their agenda ?  Absolute Power, absolute control of all Sagittarius-Gemini means of public communication. All in the name of the superior claim of RIGHTEOUSNESS.   And who among us, looking at the public newspapers, radio and tv stations can doubt that they stand now within a hair's breadth of consolidating such absolute power of control?  Genuine investigation, real curiosity, conscious exploration of facts has been all but completely eliminated from the media, and in place of such real inquiry we are offered propagandistic and trivialized recitation of the 'Agenda', the 'Program' by the Saturn Authorities.  O Fatherland, Fatherland show us the sign your children have waited to see...Does a 'glory' await us 'somewhere' as yet 'unseen' ?

'Fraid not, dude.  Not from His Holiness, the Fatherland!
He has in mind the play of Negative Saturn Patterns,
the agenda of the Smirking Skull & Bones Fraternity.
He has perpetual War on his mind,
-it's good for Corporate Business,
even if it signals



(original image copyrighted by James Neff )


'America' is going to attack Iraq.  'America' is going to wage WAR on the World.  The Whole World; country by country until every country submits to the Global Pax Americana.  What you and I think and feel about this is completely irrelevant to 'America' because the legal entity known as the 'United States Of America' has now become a mere 'franchise phrase':  -symbolic of the global, industrialized waste culture.  'America' is Burger King, Disneyland, NBC and Hollywood.  'America' is MacDonalds, Walmart, Enron, Time-Warner, Chase-Manhattan Bank and every other Corporate Global Enterprise on the planet all joined together in the mutual interest of profit sharing behind a red, white, and blue flag.  This Global Corporate Enterprise can operate under any flag.  And if you think I'm exaggerating, if you think the 'American People' would never allow such a thing to happen then you are simply indulging in escapist and wishful thinking because that particular 'Rubicon' has already been crossed.  Double-crossed.

Crosses, in fact, are one of the essential tools that made the merger of the Country into the Corporation possible.  Lots of crosses.  Political 'christian' crosses.  America will dance the duende dance right into the deserts of Arabia, across the sands of Iraq, Iran, and every other Islamic Nation in the Middle East that refuses to buy 'Jesus' on a bun.  'Jesus', of course, is George W. Bush; but if George should somehow disappear, -why then 'Jesus' will simply become Dick Chaney, or John Ashcroft, or your local minister, priest, rabbi, or Joe Six-Pack.  'Jesus', you know, has to have his Super Bowl Game, his Final Judgement, and America is merely the tool of his wrath -just the way he was used as the crucified tool of his Daddy's wrath.  The 'GOD' of organized religions can never (by simple definition) be anything but the Commander-in-Chief of his Organizations, his Religious Corporations.  Thank you, 'Jesus' !  Thank you, 'Daddy' !  Can you say, Amen ?  Can you sing with us now, altogether -'Onward Christian Soldiers' ? America's Death Dance is a Jesus Jihad.  Just another authoritative FATHER/SATURN pattern.  Dying.

After the carnage in the the Middle-East, the rest of the GLOBE will be found to be harboring terrorists who are threats to the Corporate-Christian-Jesus-Jihad.  Can you see through the Godly American Corporate Enterprise System, through the sado-masochistic sentimentality of the 'Jesus' facade to the Dark Archon (shadow, ghoul) just under the surface ?  Can you see how 'Jesus' is simply the CEO of PARADISE INCORPORATED ?  Probably not, if you're an American, because you've bought stock in that Corporation to share in the goods of Heaven.  'Jesus' is the Corporate God of the 'chosen' people and this Nation squirms under that 'GOD' !  Forget that old Colonial Cry, -'Don't Tread On Me', and take your place in your assigned pew under your church's roof. Pay your tithe to your 'God', your 'President', your holy and mystical USA INCOPORATED.  You've got to, you see, because AMERICA HAS BECOME GOD.  It took a lot of hard work and endless haggling over the terms but WORLDCOM finally managed (with that good-old American know-how) to buy-out 'God'.  It's the biggest merger-deal ever to occur in the 'Free Market', but we gotta keep it secret, you understand, until all the inside traders finish buying up most of the stock.  After all folks, WAR PROFITS are precisely what makes Heaven affordable. Where do you think the money comes from for all those harps, -not to mention  streets paved with Gold ? Can't get to Heaven till you die, you know, and WAR is a great way to die.  Hell, if you follow your General's orders you can take a lot of others with you!  Corporate America needs Holy Wars the same way 'God' needs worship On your knees, lap dogs!  Profits roll in from those missiles, bombs, and endless rounds of depleted uranium ammo; the smoke of all that carnage rises up to heaven sweet as the smell of incense.  'Dulce et decorum est, pro Patria mori!' It pleases AMERICA-AS-GOD.

Today is February 5th, 2003 and as I write this the planet Saturn sits beside America's Mars in Gemini and Square to America's Neptune in Virgo.  Saturn, as the Taskmaster of 'Reality' is demanding that we Americans make crucial decisions in the very midst of our confused passive-aggression.  Is WAR really pleasing to God ?  Is America unilaterally declaring it will attack the people of Iraq to save them from Satan-Saddam ?  Yes, says America, and yes again.  Listen to Richard Perle, Chairman of the Pentagon's Policy Advisory Board, as he attacks and denounces both Germany and France for refusing (so far) to back Corporate America's War on Iraq and concludes by stating that AMERICA HAS BECOME GOD:

"It is now reasonable to ask whether the United States should now or on any other occasion subordinate vital national interests (read that as Corporate Profits) to a show of hands by nations who do not share our interests...Iraq is going to be liberated, by the United States and whoever wants to join us, whether we get the approbation of the U.N. or any other institution." (Washington, 2/4/03; UPI)

I'm shocked by this kind of arrogant self-righteousness masquerading as statesmanship, and suspect that this same 'United States' is going to 'liberate' us as well, -I mean US, the citizens of this Nation.  Then this corporate franchise masking itself as the United States, having acted as the Good Shepard watching over his sheep will throw away the key !  Effectively protesting this WAR will make us 'Un-American', and to be Un-American is to be a Terrorist.  We're poor little lambs who've lost our way, bah-bah-bah.  Gas 'em, spray 'em, get 'em off the streets and lock the sinners up.  It's time for the last tango in America performed inside the Cabaret as an apocalyptic death dance.  Duende.  Everything's rotten in the State of America; our father's ghosts are crying out for justice.  Like us, they've been poisoned and the noxious fumes of these poisons still hang on the air perturbing our Ancestors' Spirits.  The government sponsored chemtrails, the genetically mutated and engineered viruses will not go away without a fight.  They'll proliferate, spread, increase.  Their very existence is denied -like Area 51, and anyone who dares to name the poisons will not just be labeled 'paranoid' and a 'conspiracy theorist'  -he or she will be denounced, arrested, and imprisoned as a terrorist.  Only in VERY LARGE numbers and in the public streets dare we protest, -with any degree of 'safety', and we'd better do that now while we can.  Or join a 'Monkey Wrench' troop !

As Saturn tightens its grip on America we all do whatever we can to remain awake, aware, and active.  Like many of you I've signed the impeachment petitions, the petitions to repeal the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, Darpa  -as we can be sure many other thinking and feeling persons have.  I've marched in the streets with other lovers of freedom, joined legally alternative Parties, supported Greenpeace, voted for Jerry Brown, Ralph Nader, planted trees and raised fields of corn, beans, squash. My yearly income has been considerably below fifteen thousand dollars for over twenty years, I've recycled bottles and plastics, maintained my own compost piles, joined in public exorcisms of the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, lain myself down on railroad tracks to try to stop Plutonium shipments, fought alongside the Hopi, the Lakota, and the Iriquois.  Meditated, contemplated, prayed -and still do.  I try to practice positive thinking and affirm life daily.  Love it and live it in the joy of Spirit.  Befriend and give to the increasingly larger numbers of homeless folk, dance with the Faeries in the Forests, by the Rivers, Oceans and Streams.

Personally, I'm in love with Life, just like all of you and I've been fighting this freedom fight since I began to awaken to the ugly realities of American Politics at the age of twenty-four.  I'm sixty years old now.  Neither American nor Global Political Reality appears to have changed enough to make individual freedom a world-wide possibility.  Not yet, not on deep and essential levels.  So when I look now at 'Patriot Act' America through the lens of astrology I feel an urgent need to publicly caution that this is a very scary picture indeed.  What we are facing here is not a situation that will 'blow-over' or pass away soon; it will continue and grow more urgent.  I'm not 'predicting' the spread of this poisonous plague, but I think it is (or can be) helpful to know what the coming social-political-economic patterns look like since they are the earthly and pragmatically realistic outward manifestations of a great crisis-transformation engulphing all sentient beings.

We know we are living in the transition between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius, living in the Hindu Kali Yuga, the Christian Armageddon, and the Nordic Gotterdammerung.  Death is everywhere flaunting his power on wings of smog through acid rains laced with radiation.  Death has permeated our cells and every molecule of matter.  This is not just personal Death, but collective species Death.  America appears 'destined' to do battle with this Death in a unique way that could make of her the handmaiden and wily enforcer of his rule.  I think we Americans need to resist such an arrangement with Death by every means we can.  I think we need to embrace Death to transform it.  To do this requires ruthless and never ending self-examination, honesty, and hard work.  It's not just a question of holding positive thoughts, enjoying out-of-body Realizations, or feeling at one with the Love that's the ground of all being.  It requires that we ACT.  We can't simply act as Spirits and Souls, we must also ACT physically through our ego masks and our material bodies as individuals on the Earth.  This dawning Age of Aquarius in which we live is determined to be the Age of Group Consciousness, -of all-inclusive Group Consciousness and can exclude no one...not Saddam Hussein, nor George W. Bush, nor the worst of 'sinners'.  Pain, suffering, death, and Hell are outmoded manifestations of life; they are unreal and must be faced in the Living Spirit.  We must not give in to them, nor accept them, even as we meet them.  Pain, suffering, death and hell find their roots in each of us personally and we must personally transform them, give them new awareness, allow them to birth themselves into new forms.  That's why I'm calling Death the Dance of the Duende, that's why I'm writing these 'black' words and quoting to you the sound of our own Souls as they speak through the words of our Brother, Garcia Lorca:

" 'Whatever has black sounds has duende.'  There is no greater truth.

These black sounds are the mystery, the roots that probe through the mire that we all know of, and do not understand, but which furnishes us with whatever is sustaining in art.  Black sounds: so said the celebrated Spaniard, thereby concurring with Goethe, who, in effect, defined the duende when he said, speaking of Paganini: "A mysterious power that all may feel and no philosophy can explain."

The duende, then, is a power and not a construct, is a struggle and not a concept.  I have heard an old guitarist, a true virtuoso, remark, "The duende is not in the throat, the duende comes up from inside, up from the very soles of the feet."  That is to say, it is not a question of aptitude, but of a true and viable style - of blood, in other words; of what is oldest in culture: of creation made act.

…..The true struggle is with the Duende….

…..The arrival of the Duende always presupposes a radical change in all the forms as they existed on the old plane.  It gives a sense of refreshment unknown until then, together with that quality of the just-opening rose, of the miraculous, which comes and instils an almost religious transport.

...The Duende... will not approach at all if he does not see the possibility of death, if he is not convinced he will circle death's house, if there is not every assurance he can rustle the branches borne aloft by us all, that neither have, nor may ever have, the power to console.

...Black sounds: behind which there abide, in tenderest intimacy, the volcanoes, the ants, the zephyrs, and the enormous night straining its waist against the Milky Way.

Recall the case of that paragon of the flamenco and daemonic way, Saint Teresa - flamenca not for her prowess in stopping an angry bull with three significant passes - though she did so - nor for her presumption in esteeming herself beautiful in the presence of Fray Juan de Miseria, nor for slapping the face of a papal nuncio; but rather for the simple circumstance that she was one of the rare ones whose Duende (not her Angel - the Angels never attack) pierced her with an arrow, hoping thereby to destroy her for having deprived him of his ultimate secret: the subtle bridge that links the five senses with the very center, the living flesh, living cloud, living sea, of Love emancipated from Time.

But the Duende - where is the Duende ?  Through the empty arch enters a mental air blowing insistently over the heads of the dead, seeking new landscapes and unfamiliar accents; an air bearing the odor of child's spittle, crushed grass, and the veil of Medusa announcing the unending baptism of all newly-created things. "

                                                                                                         (Federico Garcia Lorca; a talk in 1930)

Now that, my friends, is positive Neptune dancing with Pluto.  Lorca's embracing of the Duende is an instance of the song we must sing these days, especially if we live in America  -for the Duende has come in the breath of Pluto to this Nation's Ascendant to liberate us from Time.  Time as we live it collectively is a construct of Saturn, Chronos, the Taskmaster Archon who conducts the rhythm of our lives with his baton.  Time is his tool for withering our bones, hardening our arteries, aging us.  Like every other planet-symbol in the realm of astrology the principle of Saturn is usually understood by us in dualistic mental terms.  We speak of good and bad or positive and negative manifestations of Saturn frequently forgetting that in partnership with Uranus he weaves the energy of the dawning Age of Aquarius.  Aquarius is essentially the realm of the ethers, the highest plain of Mind wherein all dualities are suspended and we can be liberated from Time as a cause and effect sequence of linear experiences.  Chronological time is synonomous with the fabled 'fall of man' and correlates with that aspect of Saturn that is limiting, binding, and aging.  We could call it the 'fallen man's' aspect of Saturn  -or 'God' as Taskmaster, disciplinarian, and nurdy bugaboo!  But that's not all there is to Saturn, for the Ancients tell us he is the Guardian of the Threshold, the Keeper of the Gates through which we must pass from linear, chronological Time as cause and effect to Timeless Time liberated by Love.

The America that all Americans and all the world has known and loved (at times, and in the past) is a very Aquarian Dream.  It's been an Ideal of Individual Liberty and Freedom.  America is born with its masses of people (MOON) and their collectively inherited tendencies (SOUTH LUNAR NODE) in Aquarius, and with both the Aquarian symbol-planets (Uranus and Saturn) in Air signs (Uranus in Gemini; Saturn in Libra).  This is why we say the America of aspiration is an intellectual, idealistic Dream and Vision of Liberty for all individuals everywhereBut the Duende Dance of Pluto in opposition to Saturn which currently challenges America calls for the Liberation of this Nation from the thralldom of an aging obsession with the outmoded FORMS of the traditional laws and timing which our dualistic intellects can only call Negative Saturn. It's here to tell us we must radically transform our laws and customs, our business and government, and our very understanding of Saturn.  That's why we are hearing these days the 'black sounds' of the Duende which Lorca warns us "will not approach at all if he does not see the possibility of death".  Death stalks America under the guise of Absolute Corporate Business Power.  Death holds all the Capricorn Money of Corporate America.  Death sits on the Supreme Court of the Land, in the White House, in the Pentagon and in every old-fashioned, outmoded, Authoritative Bureaucracy constituting the Business of the Nation.  Saturnian Corporations and Bureaucracies are in POWER in our country, and Individuals are in trouble. Corporations are at liberty to do as they will while Individuals are being ruthlessly stripped of their freedoms and natural rights.  The Saturn to Pluto opposition embodied in the US 'Patriot Act' is the same Saturn to Pluto opposition which challenges the destiny line of the Declaration Of Independence.  It's meant to be a test of that Declaration and that Independence.  It heralds the coming of the Duende to America, the coming of 'black sounds' and 'struggle' with our collective roots.  As Lorca says, it would not have approached at all if it did not "see the possibility of death", the possibility of the death of the Aquarian dream of Liberty and freedom which is at the root of all that is noblest and best about America.  Will the dream and the vision die ?  Will the Moon-In-Aquarius People of America succomb to the negative traits of Aquarius and content themselves with an abstraction, with a cold and aloof detachment from the reality of what their government is doing in their name ?

When the current legal business franchise calling itself the United States of America attacks the people of Iraq ordinary Americans are going to be tested further.  Freedom loving people all over the World are going to realize that America has become a killing machine, and it will not be easy for any human being to respect any American.  People all over the World will wonder openly how the citizens of this Nation could ever have failed to prevent such a cowardly and cruel attack.  Why didn't our soldier-citizens refuse to take part in such a slaughter ?  Why didn't we rise up en masse and shut down our government, refuse to work, move onto our streets and effectively bring our Corporate War Machine to a complete halt ?


As we ordinary Americans watch the censored, lying accounts of the slaughter of the people of Iraq from the comfort of our chairs and couches while these cosmetically doctored accounts flash past us via electronic images from our tv screens how will we ever understand the enormity of the great wave of revulsion that all Freedom loving people around the world will feel toward America and Americans ?  We shall have set into motion the forces that shall inevitably rebound and strike down America.  America and Americans will be seen as the passive-aggressive Terrorists we are.  And by some it will be understood that no hope for the World can come from the citizens of America because we are bloated on our noxious goods, content in our ignorant submission to the unhealthy and inhuman Business which constitutes our daily lives bent on the pursuit of ease, comfort, and artificial, 'virtual reality'.  America, a Virtual Aquarian State, inhabited by virtual people bound in the Sleeping Matrix of their abstract, self-referential 'ideals'.

I write this now as Uranus leaves behind the Aquarian Moon of the People of America not to return for another 84 years.  I write this as the last of three transits of Uranus over America's Moon extending throughout 2002 into 2003 is ending.  The 'Great Awakener', the 'Revolutionary' known as Uranus has spoken to the People of America, has tried to rouse us to ACT on our Aquarian Ideals and is passing on to other tasks even as Saturn prepares to enter Cancer bringing home to us the serious message of our limitations, boundaries, and relationship to Authorities. Making it very clear that the ordinary people of America will PAY -in every way- for Corporate America's ongoing and unlimited 'WAR ON TERROR'. Making it very clear that we shall NOW have to deal with the Saturn cause and affect responsibilities of both our collective actions and our collective failures to act.  Uranus stresses the Individual while Saturn stresses the collective.  Each individual American is programmed to think and feel that he is personally free so long as he works within the collective, and the last year's transits of Uranus over the Declaration's Moon in Freedom Loving Aquarius seems to have masked from Individual Americans what Saturn is about to reveal to us: each Individual also shares RESPONSIBILITY for the COLLECTIVE.  No man is an Island entire unto himself, as John Donne has informed us.  I've spoken of the 'Rising Saturn Patterns' coming to America and how these patterns will emphasize conformity to the Law and Authority of the STATE, but let me make my concerns clearer by quoting to you from 'Civilization In Transition', a volume of essays written by the gnostic therapeutic scholar who went by the name of Carl Gustav Jung:

"The Mass State has no intention of promoting mutual understanding and the relationship of man to man; it strives rather for Atomization, for the psychic isolation of the individual.  The more unrelated individuals are, the more consolidated the State becomes, and vice versa. "

" Man harbors within himself a dangerous SHADOW, an adversary who is involved as an invisible helper in the dark machinations of the political monster.  It is in the nature of political bodies always to see the EVIL in the opposite group, just as the individual has an ineradicable tendency to get rid of everything he does not know and DOES NOT WANT TO KNOW about himself by foisting it off on somebody else."

The great challenge of the Age of Aquarius, 'ruled' by the odd couple known as Uranus and Saturn, is the challenge of integrating the Individual into the Collective.  We cannot afford to glamorize Aquarius.  Yes, it's a symbol of the ONE MIND, the GLOBAL BRAIN, the 'BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT', and the plain of HIGH-MENTAL-INTUITIVE consciousness.  But it's also very much concerned with GROUP FORM, GROUP GOVERNMENT, GROUP LAW -that's why SATURN is 'co-ruler' of the sign.  For Aquarius to operate at its highest level it must blend the forces of Uranus with the forces of Saturn, it must combine the quick, lightning-like vibration of VISION with the slow and grounding vibration of STRUCTURE.  When Saturn overpowers Uranus in Aquarius we end up with the masking of conservative rigidity by scintillatingly brilliant and flashy talk.  Or, as in the recent (February, 2003) presentation of Colin Powell to the United Nations, flashy hi-tech sound & light shows punctuated by authoritatively threatening and disjunctive talk.  We get Aquarian inventions like the internet policed by the government.  We get DARPA.  We get 'Homeland Security' and HR 3162.  We get the abstractly idealized POLICE STATE.  We get the United States Of America as a Corporate Franchise.  We get the SHAFT by way of MARS on the final degree of Capricorn in the 'Patriot Act' legislation which MUST be repealed.  You can vote against it now, just click on this url link:

[ Between now and early 2006 both Uranus and Aquarius continue to be actively stimulated in America's Horoscope, but in challengingly difficult ways.  Here are some dates:  ...on second thought, I think I better quit right here.  This article is huge, and since I began it in November of 2002 just before the peculiar American Holiday of 'Thanksgiving' the Fascist Government of the United States has 'progressed' beyond the original 'Patriot Act' to what is now being called 'Patriot Act II' .  It's new information 'leaked' via Bill Moyers concerning even stricter controls and a new piece of legislative law circulating among select members of 'Congress' which will tighten the Saturn Grip on this Nation even further.  Should you be interested in the matter please go to
Claudia Dikinis at

to see postings there.  I must rest my case against HR 3162, the filthy 'Patriot Act' right here, right now.  But a global nuclear threat is looming in the Middle East and is implied in the chart of HR 3162.  Perhaps I  shall write of that next: Will 'Patriot Act America' Bring Global Nuclear Conflicts ? ]

" Pero no quiero mundo ni sueño, voz divina,
quiero mi libertad, mi amor humano
en el rincón más oscuro de la brisa que nadie quiera.
¡Mi amor humano! "

" But I want neither world nor dream, divine voice,
I want my liberty, my human love
in the darkest corner of the breeze no one wants.
My human love! "

Brother Federico García Lorca
Poet murdered by Fascists

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February 24, 2003

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