Letters Concerning Events of 9/11.

How Do you Read the Terrorist Attack as a Reflection of Planetary Energies?

Date: Tue, 11 September 2001, 12:00:30

Couldn't help but ask.  I imagine others will as well.
Needless to say, there won't be any business as usual today.
And there shouldn't be.

I feel it was inevitable, given the US Government's terrorist attacks all over the world since the beginning of European arrival here. One more step towards more massive control by the tyrants in power on all fronts all over the world. It also shows how easy it really is to shut New York City and the Pentagon down if the strategy is carefully conceived and executed. So much for the CIA, FBI, NSA, et al.

Perhaps you will be writing a piece on this for your website?
Love and I'll be writing more soon.

Date: Tue, 11 September 2001, 12:45:00

Good morning, Carmen.
I just turned on the computer and got a few emails including yours which made no sense to me. I have no radio or tv here and just woke up. So I checked the Netscape Browser and saw headlines about airplanes crashing into the Towers of the WTC in Manhattan.

I wired those towers for sound during the 13th Annual Avante-Garde Festival back in the 70's for Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik. At that time a Native American medicine man set up a tipi in the courtyard below the towers where there was a huge permanent sculpture like a chunk of black obsidian rock. I helped him connect rainbow colored yarn from that rock thru his tipi and on up to every floor in both towers. He was one of the 'artists' participating in the event. The idea was to do an EXORCISM of the World Trade Center. He and I and many others talked about the significance of this black obsidian rock beneath these two shiny black towers. (Black Obsidian rock calls to mind the ‘sacred’ and much revered Muslin ‘kaba’ black cube, and the color black is the color of the planet Saturn while obsidian partakes of the contracted, hard, ‘stone’ quality of the energy of Saturn.)

Then I read that another airplane had crashed into the Pentagon. Well, you must remember the 60's demonstration there. I participated in it, and Alan Ginsberg together with Norman Mailer and a few other famous people performed an EXORCISM of the Pentagon. They used a model of the building which they carried up to the building itself. I was still living in Baltimore at that time, but that day changed my life and separated me from my family and Baltimore for good and on very deep levels.

I believe that was the day Martin Luther King gave again a variation of his 'I have a dream...' speech, or used that phrase again, and Joan Baez led thousands gathered below the Washington Monument into singing 'Amazing Grace'. There were hundreds of thousands of people gathered for that demonstration against the Vietnam War on that day. Many of us climbed up the park hills to surround the Pentagon, and we held hands creating a complete circle all the way around it. Tear gas was dropped on us by helicopters and shot at us via cannisters by police. Officials gathered on the roof of the Pentagon and used bullhorns to order us to disperse. Nobody left. It was really eerie. I remember this very hesitant and slow movement on the part of the crowd as one after another people just began singing the Beetle's song,
'We all live in a yellow submarine'.

Then the National Guard guys poured out of the Pentagon with bayonets affixed to their rifles and charged right up to us. Girls carrying flowers went forward and put their flowers into the barrels of the rifles the National Guard guys were holding.  I was amazed by these girls. No one told them anything; but one by one they began to approach the soldiers and put the flowers in the barrels of the rifles. A few young boys with long hair and beads did the same. Most people just began to talk to the soldiers directly in front of them asking them if they'd really follow orders and bayonet their fellow citizens who were simply protesting the war. Of course, the young National Guard guys just stood there with that trained blank stare taught them by the Army. That was the day when I realized the 'State' would always be my enemy.

All this comes back to me now as I listen via the computer to radio accounts of airplanes crashing into both these places. The symbolism of choices is just too obvious, yet I hear nothing on the radio as to WHY these places and WHAT they represent; Money& WAR.

Americans as a whole seem to be asleep, seem to be dumb robots who never question the ongoing rape of the globe that sustains our deeply pathetic life style. Americans always claim they are innocent. They are always shocked and outraged when anyone turns violence towards them. They do not see their decadent life style as violent. Really, the image of the unborn people in techno-pods in the film, The Matrix, comes to mind.

Americans are bred to feed a power machine, to live lifestyles as zombie workers content with days off for beer, sports, and entertainment. They don't even see their homeless and psychically shattered fellow citizens. Their lives are a cheap advertisement for consumer toys and junk food; they eat the food and play with the toys. All are cybernetically linked via cell phones, cars, tv, computers, and genetically engineered bio-foods. Hundreds of high-tech satellites in orbit over the earth broadcast extra low frequency instructions to them, their own newspapers and radios and 'journalists' feed them the same zombie dream lie day after day and year after year, and yet they still delight in talking to reporters all wide-eyed with sick glee to explain how they 'feel'. How they feel about the destruction of the WTC Towers, about the attack on the Pentagon, about the deaths of all the 'innocent' people involved. But people who dwell in the World Trade Center or the Pentagon are simply NOT innocent people. They may be asleep, they may be unconscious, but their very presence in such places is part and parcel of their lifestyle. Every American partakes in the opposition of Mercury in Cancer to Pluto in Capricorn from the 8th to the 2nd houses of the Declaration.

What does that imply if not that as a group we all participate in a form of mental unconsciousness, in a struggle between what we each want to believe personally (Mercury in Cancer) and what we need to think about regarding the hidden side of government (Pluto in Capricorn)?

And certainly these issues concerning what we think are focused in the astrological houses or areas of life experience delineated as the houses of money and values (2nd & 8th). Timothy McVeigh was just executed by the State for home-grown 'terrorist' activity on the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. He was clearly a 'Manchurian Candidate', but aside from Gore Vidal's article in Vanity Fair magazine this month, who has written anything of substance about it ?

The Pluto-Saturn opposition happens right on the Ascendant-Descendant axis of America's Birthchart in the version Rudhyar uses. The people are due for a shocking 'wake-up' call concerning their mass hypnosis in a lifestyle that is false, ugly, and deeply psychotic. This is the first time in the history of America that Pluto has conjoined its Ascendant = Self-Image, and Dharma Path. The real issue is one of mind-manipulation and lack of soul. The 'Ugly American' is a powerless cult-child led by propaganda pumped out by the very Industry he lives within. We are the 'Cargo Cult' and if we ever really find out that our lives have been directed and monitored by a money-making violence machine whatever shall we do ? Probably try to turn it into a hit 'Rap' song or a blockbuster Movie, certainly our goal is always and everywhere to MAKE MONEY !!!

The other curious thing about this is that transiting Mercury is conjunct the Natal Saturn in Libra of the Declaration of Independence chart. This suggests that what is going on is very deliberate and carefully planned by the 'LAW'...you know the famous American Independence claim: 'In America we have no Kings; the LAW is King'.  The problem has been in our face since the internal coup which assassinated JFK and has never been publicly acknowledged.

Consider that Mercury 'rules' Gemini on the US Descendant and that is where Saturn now rests in transit. We will be told that the enemy is 'out there' somewhere, but the enemy is within. It is the thoroughly corrupt Law of the United States Government, the Federal Government.

If you remember the famous Y2K scare for January 1, 2000, and if you are not bamboozled by the arguments of the numbers-times people, you realize that the chart for Y2K is also the chart for this Century and for the next 1000 years! That chart cast for Washington D.C. revealed a tight Pluto-Chiron conjunction in Sagittarius in the 3rd house quincunx to Saturn in Taurus in the 8th house. I interpreted it to mean that we'd be subject (as a population) to a controlled Propoganda Technique secretly created by the 'hidden government' ( the Feds + NSA + FEMA + CIA + FBI etc.) and designed to create a charismatic Sagittarian Teacher-Healer (Pluto+Chiron in Sagittarius) via 3rd house media who'd be under the control of the status-quo (quincunx Saturn) from hehind the scenes (8th house). Given that the Moon was at that time in very tight opposition to Saturn (from Scorpio to Taurus) and in the 2nd house of the chart, I thought money fear would be generated to create war and absolutely strict national emergency law & order games. I thought Y2K might be a contrived event functioning as a foretaste of the way in which media could be used to create fear. Course I said all this in Lava Hot Springs to a handful of Mormons who thought I was quite nutso-eccentric, but I warned that the Sagittarian Christian theme would be played to the max.

So, Carmen, it's great that you're beginning to seriously disentangle yourself from that christian cult because it is perfectly geared -as history has repeatedly shown- to grind out fodder for the mills of guilt-sin-money...perfectly designed for 'turning the other cheek' when the Pope, the President, and the World Government slaps you in the face, poisons your food, poisons the planet, and points out it's all your 'fault' because you were born with Original Sin and God must punish you for that. It's just for your own good; that's what the Apocalyptic-Armageddon Scenario is all about.

Do I sound like a cold, callous, and unfeeling person ignoring all the pain caused by the deaths this day ? Well, you and I know that Americans are programmed to consider ONLY their deaths and their pain and suffering as real and important, whereas DAILY these deaths and this pain is being inflicted on peoples all around the globe in the name of our life style, in the name of the Father, his masochist Son, and the mind control techniques of the disembodied Holy Spirit. The Trinity of profit, violence, and lies.

Do, please, talk to me some more.

Sun, 16 Sep 2001 11:10:13

Hey Donaldo,

So what did the stars have to say about this weeks terrible events? There has been so much talk and so little said or even to say. If I hear about America's lost innocence one more time I might start to think there was a time when it actually existed. Not much chance of that really. Terror will be inescapable until we embrace everyone and everything as part of the same being. Frightening thought to think that Pres. George is just one of us, but I didn't say we had to like him, just accept he's human. Scary, I know.

So here we go. Hang on tight, it's going to get rougher. May Dog have mercy on our souls.
Rabbi Levitation

Dear Rabbi,

As you know, the stars themselves are not in the habit of speaking in English with human voices. The stars seem to be devoid of larynxes or voice boxes; they probably don't have tonsils or scrotums or vaginas either, -lucky stars ! I wonder how the stars thank their lucky stars, or do they thank their lucky humans ?  Nevertheless, since I always liked Edgar Bergen and his little friend, Charlie McCarthy, I can play ventriloquists' games with the stars...throwing my voice onto them as I bounce them up and down on my knee for our mutual entertainment. Japetto to Pinocchio: when you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are....hmmm, typical Disney Disinformation. I'm afraid you only get what you give, so it makes quite a lot of difference 'who you are'. Trusting that you have some idea of me which is not altogether unflattering to my own self-image, I will -therefore-undertake to 'translate' the speech of the stars as to events of 9/11/2001.

(Just pretend you can't see my lips moving!)

On the morning of September 11th, 2001 the planet Mercury was moving in the sky thru the zodiacal sign of Libra and had reached that very degree of Libra which was occupied by the planet Saturn on the day back in 1776 when the Declaration Of Independence was signed in Philadelphia. Now Saturn in Libra is a traditional symbol in astrology of the beauty & harmony of the Law, -Libra being the famous image of Justice with her sword and her scales, and in the Birthchart of America Saturn was in Libra directly overhead in the sky at Philadelphia when our 'founding fathers' signed the famous Declaration...that all men are created equal etc. (we have to forgive them; they didn't seem to know about genetic engineering or the Anunaki at that time!). So, in New York City on September 11th 2001 (it is considered by many folks to be a constituent part of 'America') the fact that the Messenger of the Gods (Mercury) was aligning with America's preoccupation with the Law (Saturn in Libra) suggests that this 'god messenger' might have been delivering some sort of message to Americans concerning their notion of Justice and Law. Okay, that's clear, isn't it ? Kinda like:

"Attention, Attention; Now Hear This: Democracy Speaks! "

Seems we humans were being treated to a direct message about Law from the messenger of the gods. Now you must realize or compute that Mercury (in a most undemocratic and rather non-progressive process of typical astrological parlance) is said to 'rule' the sign Gemini, sign of the TWINS.  These 'Twins' are known under various pseudonyms such as: Romulus and Remus, Castor and Polux, Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee, George Burns and Gracie Allan, and they are always tricksters in the tradition of the Marx Brothers. So, as undemocratic 'ruler' of Gemini Duality and Tricksterism, Mercury decided to post a message in the Air visible to all the world concerning the tricky and dualistic nature of America and its Laws concerning TRADE.

Okay, so now you are looking at the TWIN TOWERS of the World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan next to infamous Wall Street ! What do you see ? You see an airplane crash into one Tower, and a few minutes later another airplane crash into its Twin or the other Tower. Two airplanes; two Towers. Duality and twins, the theme of Mercury and its favorite astrological milieu, Gemini.

But, at the same Time in the sky on September 11, 2001 the planet Saturn is passing through the sign of Gemini and is having a taffy-pull with the planet Pluto on the other side of the sky in Sagittarius; Saturn and Pluto are in astrological opposition in the signs Gemini and Sagittarius, respectively. Aha, so the plot thickens since now we see that the very Law, Order, and Structure theme of America's declared 'Independence' ( Saturn) is going to participate in the message coming from the Messenger of the Gods ( Mercury, 'ruler' of Gemini) above Manhattan. Two Twin Structures are hit by two airplanes and come tumbling down. Look at the symbolical glyph for Gemini; it looks like this II. It looks like the Roman Numeral for two, 2. Twins.

Now you must consider that the symbolical glyph for Sagittarius is the arrow which, unfortunately, does not appear as an option upon the keyboard on which I type this message.  So you will have to see the Arrow of Sagittarius in your mind's eye, and as you see it there note how it has become an airplane shooting through the sky and aimed at the Twin Towers. Two airplanes, two arrows, two targets, Twin Towers. Boom; bullseye!!  This little contribution to Mercury's Sky-Written Message to America was the work of Pluto, Dark Lord Of The Underworld, King Of Hades. The depth of the duality of the Trickster's Message (Mercury) is greatly increased because of the subtext added by the Lord Of Invisibility (Pluto) pertaining to 'Hell'.

The 'taffy-pull' between Saturn (Authority, Seriousness, Time) and Pluto (Unconsciousness, Death, End Of Time) is part of the message, if not its very essence. A time is ended. A structure is destroyed. All hell breaks loose. Opposition between Form/Structure = Saturn and the Unknown/Invisible = Pluto is being acted out over the skies of Manhattan as a 'tug-of-war' or 'taffy-pull' or 180 degree polar opposition in the collective psyche of humankind.

Pluto is announcing the need for a total 'death' of belief systems and goals and philosophies (because it is expressing itself through Sagittarius, the ‘Divine Brother’ of Gemini who is its opposite and other half). And Saturn, opposing Pluto from the sign of Gemini can either resist this radical demand for death/change or give it a verbal form as a Gemini message via Mercury. We truly need to call upon the Marx Brothers for this one: Groucho, Harpo, and Karl because we need to be able to cut through the animal crackers of the night at the opera to see the social message concerning trade in this event. Mercury is the Trickster God of Commerce and Communications; Pluto is his Dark Brother. What we are being asked to look at is the dark component of commerce, trade, and communications. Especially as these activities are centered through the Saturn image of Form, Authority, and the Status-Quo. Quo Vadis ? What goes on here ? What is the value of the American Declaration Of Independence created in the city of Philadelphia if it is not the Declaration Of Independence In Brotherly Love ?

We are told there is a crack in the celebrated, historical Liberty Bell. Well, this September 11th, 2001 event over Manhattan is a crack too, an opening of insight into America's vision of Law.  It is an event secretly staged, funded, and created to order by the dark forces of the 'Law' in America, by the much debated 'Hidden Government' ruling this country and the World. It is the scary opening chord in a symphony of fascism about to engulf the World. This is a Trade Fascism.

It is the song of the ascendancy of the infamous 'Military-Industrial-Complex' Dwight Eisenhower signaled us all to watch out for. The Pentagon was also shot by an arrow. Trade & War were attacked. This should be a moment of global celebration because Trade & War need to be attacked -from a wholly different and new point of view. The trickiness of the situation is that so many people were involved in these events from so many different levels of awareness...this is the opening salvo in what is destined to become a rapidly accelerating and global struggle for radical change. What is being billed as "America's New War" should not be a war at all; it should be the awakening of Americans to the role that the Law as 'King' has always played in their 'Democracy'.
Either ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL or just wealthy 'Americans'. Which shall it be ?

Who manipulates Americans into believing themselves to be citizens of a free nation ? Who killed JFK, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy ? When will Americans understand the nature of the coup d'etat which has made the World Trade Center and the Pentagon the composite Capital of this country ? Will Americans find the courage needed for the REVOLUTION they have always thought was the basis of their lives ? Who can bear to look directly at the carnage of bodies and say of George Bush, Colin Powell, Dick Chaney....why look, the Emperor wears no clothes and is suffering from heartlessness. Yes kids, our Leaders are our Killers. They are subhuman. They do not care one wit for the dead; they just wanna make more money and have more power. They are a global elite. Will Betty Boop come to save the day ? I dunno; but part of the mind-control show has been the announcement right at the start that Disneyland, the 'Magical Kingdom' was being closed down.  It was never no 'Magical Kingdom', it was a House of Economic Horrors !

There is much more to say of all this, but
I love you,

9/11 18:02 PM
From: Graham

Hi Donald: I really don't know what to say today after all this Happening stuff, only that we knew it would happen one day. Here it is. Big Brother in jack boots is here and thriving and the media is hyping now.  Remember the ad for the movie showing troops moving into NYC? The movie "Pearl Harbor". Now they are saying that today being 9/11 is no accident; as well as "American" and "United" Airlines and the WTO--all outrageous symbols for the stupid American people to link up. We will surely be at war in a few days with somebody whom we will bomb to smithereens.
You do realize how much in the minority we all are, don't you? Watch your speech on the phone and on the internet. The big Cray computers are absolutely designed with us in mind; to pick up key words and come and knock on your door. Where will the mass graves be?

*********************************** Jonesy Wrote ***********************************

Don't know how long internet will be available. Capitalist power collapses. The rain, the earth must work even harder for those of us who understand the bigger picture than the one on CNN. I take this very seriously but the real freedom, freedom is responsibility, is for the sacred mountains, for the plants, for the animals, for the smallest and the largest forms of divine nature. For the water that can bring back to life the life we can depend on. The seeds. Regeneration within nature. Planting is the only way to have freedom within the world as it is. Save water in your bathtubs and containers. I am so upset that I think this could be the last water available through municipal systems. Take care of the seeds and plant them to take care of us as it was in the past with the ancestors. Decentralize. Pray for sustainability.  Bless the Great Ones. My love to you.

Dear Ones ~
I'm numb. I received two communiques - one from donaldo - one from jonesy - in case any of you did not receive them I'm sending them back to all of you.  Carmen ~ I would really like to hear your thoughts. I would love to hear all of your thoughts.  Dearest Donald ~ I participated in the exorcism of the pentagon of which you speak ~ in fact I believe that I was one of the young, long-haired women who placed flowers in the bayonets of the young soldiers ~ I had been planning a trip to Santa Fe this summer/fall but I've been paralyzed by a deep sense of foreboding.
Layla ~ I would really like to hear that you are safe and well. Please let me know.
Jonesy ~ I went out and got some water right after I read your message.
The water here in shakey town (Los Angeles) is toxic - not fit for bathing nor potable.
My love to you all,

Hi Donald,

I read all the exchange between you and Carmen. Couldn't agree wth you more. I'm still not satisfied that this wasn't a domestic act. They were so quick to accuse the middle east, Usama Ben Ladin in particular, and it turned out to be an American. I guess we'll know soon enough.  In either case, domestic, foreign, middle east, this country needs to take a good hard look at itself and get off its arrogant holier than thou stance, stop brow beating other countries, quit imposing our "democratic" (ha ha) values on everyone else in the world, in other words cease and desist.  I'm so sick of the way this government does business everywhere including abroad and at home. For many, many years now and including the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" it has been clear to me that we are "cloning" worker bees, worker ants, mindless Stepford people. Those movies weren't just a-whistlin dixie.  They even had a movie (which I didn't see) "Independence Day" where they had just such bombings.  And still all they can do is talk belligerent. Boggles the mind. They just don't get it.  I've been sick for the past few days and of course today glued to the idiot box. For reprieve I'm watching "The Bear."  Keep in touch.

Love ums, Carol

Tue, 11 Sep 2001 23:40:36

There is so much I'm feeling that I cannot speak save in groans and yowls and snarls and truly conflicted unalphabetic spewings.  Just want to say how grateful I am for your writings and will respond, probably tomorrow. Thanks for sending along Graham's, Carols, Myla's responses too.  We feel so much the same.  I was wondering all day long if it isn't an inside job.  So many things point that way, just as in Oklahoma City bombing, TWA crash, Waco, Kennedy assassination and all the other assassinations.

Paranoid for a reason, I remain, your friend for all seasons and reasons

p.s.  Remember I said it would not be business as usual today?  Well, I just caught a bit of Bush's evening minispeech and heard that tomorrow it will be business as usual.  Guess I was wrong.  Today was just a cough or a sneeze, I suppose--just enough of an excuse to get a war going to save the economy and alienate us even further from the world community and the solving of our ongoing fake identity but, never fear, it will be BUSINESS AS USUAL!!!  His heart (cramped little mechanical muscle that it is) didn't skip a beat and we should feel so reassured. Calvin Coolidge reigns supreme:  The business of America is business!!!   I keep hearing the echoes of Robinson Jeffers' mantra in my head: "Shine, perishing Republic."   Donald, I truly love everything you wrote, especially your declaration of what made you a self-declared enemy of the state.  more soon, she said.

Subject:                   Mea Culpa; I'm Sorry ! Please excuse me.
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001  don grabau <starpath3@earthlink.net>
Organization: StarPath Visions
To: Ronald

This is a note of apology to everyone and anyone who might have read my astrological comments concerning the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon.  I wrote a sentance that is really disgusting in its implications and its blanket judgement, and in that sentance I referred to our 'leaders' as being: "SUBHUMAN".

This is the kind of arrogant and stupid statement at the root of all dehumanizing of our fellow humans; it is a 'righteous' judgement of a typically fanatical and extremist nature !  And I wrote it, I felt it, I said it.  Please do a little 'white magic' on that phrase, 'subhuman', and metamoprhose it into something like 'not very human', 'not very caring', 'not acting from their humaness'.

I didn't think too much about this choice of a word as I was writing originally to a few friends who I knew would grasp that this was merely another example of my intensely dramatic speech. But one of these friends has written to tell me she is printing my word-blurb on the astrological imagery for the events of September 11, 2001, and it suddenly struck me that a complete 'stranger' reading such a word might be encouraged towards hatred and absolute negativity of feeling toward 'our leaders'.

So, my friends, my hot-headed error of judgement and pathetic choice of a word can be used by us all positively to understand one of the significant 'themes' occurring in the sky as Pluto in Sagittarius is opposed by Saturn in Gemini.  That theme might be stated this way: ... look out for extreme, judgemental, and hot-blooded language of an overly intense or even of a downright 'fanatical' nature during the next year.

One of the functions of Sagittarius is to make value judgements (something not at all favored by 'new age' thought, something very 'politically incorrect', but something which is actually needed on a daily basis in all our lives);  my friends know that I'm a New Moon Temperament born with Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Moon all conjunct in Sagittarius.  I can be extremely FERVENT in my judgements because Sagittarius tends to yearn to know and express what it feels to be the TRUTH with fiery intensity.

Well, one man's Truth is another man's Joke, and I do deeply apologize for calling anyone 'subhuman'.

Sagittarius is the realm of all belief systems whether christian, muslim, buddhist, or simply 'ethical', and the current 'tug-of-war' between the Unconscious = Pluto and the Responsible = Saturn is taking place in those two signs of the zodiac specifically concerned with writing, speaking, and printing words.  My choice, at the time, to use the word 'subhuman' to describe people like George Bush, Dick Chaney, and Colin Powell arose specifically from the Sagittarian urge to shoot an arrow into the target, to shock and be 'dead-on', but...as my friend, Ron Levy wrote in his original letter to me which prompted me to write about the events of that day:

" Terror will be inescapable until we embrace everyone and everything as part of the same being. Frightening thought to think that Pres. George is just one of us, but I didn't say we had to like him, just accept he's human. Scary, I know.  So here we go. Hang on tight, it's going to get rougher. "

In summation may I beg your forgiveness and assure you that while I have no intention of abandoning my personal Sagittarian intensity, I certainly will 'police' my tongue more effectively in the future...I hope...but make no mistake about it, friends...when Pluto as the Unconscious expresses thru Sagittarius we may all expect ourselves and others to 'slip' 'unconsciously' into righteous judgements.  I beg and encourage anyone who loves me to call it to my attention immediately whenever I might so 'unconsciously slip'... Love to all sentient beings and any beings anyone might imagine are insentient as well,


Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 23:42:35

if we have collective work to do
and i think we do   if in our astrological incarnation cycle
we bear  within us a multitude of collectivities   and i think we do   then
it appears that in the collective cycle of the planet   now is the time
the darkest and deepest natures of  the shadows will manifest within us
to be known, understood and  transformed   in the evolution of collective
consciousness   that we can see our feelings of  "sickness unto  death" in
this light   i am feeling that the terrorism in the world is a  projection
from within   that its time has come, once more in the cycle of  the world
of cycles,   all of  us - not just my father,  my mother, my self - but in
each of us as  evolutionary carriers of the  collective experience of our
humanness   to crusade against it, try to banish it from  existence as evil
- no, i must welcome my terror to my table as a guest, i must behold it
with new eyes and with open heart or i will never experience what it is -
and i  will never know the little man in the box with gears and levers and
experience  my own forms of manipulation out of fear and terror, the
camouflages i put out  into the world to distract others while i take from
them something i feel they  would never willingly give me but which i want
nonetheless   there is a trust required which i have never  exhibited
before - i think this is a key word for me who has felt her trust so  often
betrayed - trust and innocence linking together here - what was said, "a
little child shall lead them . . ."   on mushrooms once i had this
incredible, in the  world, understanding of the total knowledge of
children, they know magic, they  know truly how the world works by magic -
way beyond thoreau's words "the child  is father to the man" . . . the
divine child is a star-traveler, the universe is  just tinkertoys in a box
to him the true vastness beyond the words or  experiences of mere life and
death making him know they are only one small box  in the infinities of
dimensions through which he came to be here in one mother's  body in one
swell foop   i love you, from the evolutionary  petunia the curve come
round upon itself again one more loop in the fractal of  infinity

Good 'high-noon' Carmen,

I'm just waking up and have this delicious cup of coffee to drink; a small rain shower just happened, and I saw a Senator's face on the netscape browser with the caption that he just got some anthrax in the mail.  I thought to myself, O why didn't they just send him a mirror if they wanted to kill him, he'd have dropped dead at the sight of himself.

Next thought was...gee, how cheap, why is the intelligence community sending anthrax in letters around the country, I mean 'EVERYBODY' is seeing them do this...they are just TOO OBVIOUS!  But, of course, they probably 'use' disgruntled and terribly fearful individuals who are isolated people, people bitter and in pain and full of anger.  You know, since the CIA and FBI have been cultivating the covert dissemination of cocaine, heroin, and etc. in the slums of our cities for so long they can easily find these lonely, hurt people and make them their 'patsies'.  I guess these days they're cultivating 'manchurian candidates' from among Islamic guys...poor Islamic guys, angry Islamic guys with drug addictions which these 'black ops' people feed and produce.  Then they use them to hit designated 'targets'...whether buildings or people which are calculated to frighten and arouse the sleeping American populace into fervent 'protests' of their 'patriotism'.

Why do I persist in 'believing' that the 'masses' (as such) will AWAKEN?
What makes me think that ordinary, everyday people can 'smell' the difference between truth and lies ?  I mean, I know that starting right away at birth they are trained & conditioned NOT to trust their own senses, their innate consciousness and intelligence so WHY do I think they will immediately, any moment now...wake up and smell the coffee ?  It must be because I am one of them; I'm not talking about 'them' I'm talking about 'US'.

It's always struck me as self-evident that the pronoun, 'us' and the country abbreviated as U.S. are the same thing.  The real, true, US is the united states of consciousness all people all over the Earth share.  We are globally ONE in consciousness, and we are so by deliberate CHOICE.  No one who decides to incarnate in a physical body on this planet at this 'time' can do so without INTENDING it.  Souls incarnate, real AWAKENED SOULS get born because they want to get born because we are all
struggling together to join with matter in an evolutionary march toward increasingly comprehensive AWAKENING.

I am thinking of all the Afghanistan folks being bombed relentlessly by the War Machine of the Pentagon.  I'm imagining what it must be like to be under aerial bomb attack while having snacks fall out of the air at the same time, snacks provided by the Corporate War Machine as a trick to get people to wander out onto the streets and countryside infested with over a million land mines placed there by that same Corporate War Machine.  Gee, come on out folks and see if you're lucky enough to catch a Cheese-Ritz cracker or a Mars Bar, or maybe even a Hostess Twinkie while your feet and legs get blown off !!!  And I am goddam furious about this.  I'm really pissed-off!   These 'care' packages are falling along with the smart bombs IN MY NAME!  O, unspeakable cruelty and vilest EVIL!!!

Wake up America, realize that the same Corporate War Machine is oppressing you and your family and friends.  Realize that the Dark Lord is on the March, his SHADOWS are everywhere among you, his SPIES sitting next to you at the office, his right hand men 'elected' as your American Government, as your British Government, as your Illegal Guardians.  Your kids are being poisoned on the streets, your air and water polluted in the name of Greed, your food being genetically altered and rendered infertile.  Don't take that next Prozac pill the Industry is offering you.  Get depressed.  Feel elated.  Tune in to Life and its tides of change, its highs and its lows.  Don't NUMB OUT like a druggie in a fix.  Spit at Tom Brokaw next time he whimperingly tells you in a full screen close-up like a fourth rate actor how upset he is that a slave in the Empire of his Business has been contaminated by anthrax sent in a letter to him.  Tell him to open his own letters, the way you do and I do.  Tell him you don't buy his story and you don't want his old 'news'.  Tell him to take his problems to the Rockafellers or the Bushes where they come from in the first place! And remember you CAN do this, its your God-Given RIGHT!  You are not a nameless slave of your employer, nor a subject of your Government.  You are a Human Being, a Conscious Soul, an outpost of the Divine. Everything in your life is meant to be full of JOY and Happiness, and Laughter.  You should not have to suffer in order to live, and your daily life should not be a question of dodging envelopes sent you by your own Government bearing deadly bacteria, virus, or disease such as anthrax.  The producers of these lethal bacteriological weapons are Businesses right here in America, and they export their deadly anthrax, ebola, and aids for a profit over seas.  Remember Union Carbide in Bopal, India, remember the Plutonium fed to orphans and mothers by the US Government.  Look at the Chemtrails suspended in the skies over your head.  Look at the oil spills, the radiation leaks from Los Alamos, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island.  Next week, or next month, or next year you are liable to read about how the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center actually needed to be torn down because their original engineering contained a fatal flaw in the same way that every 'peaceful' nuclear reactor is a model of built-in obsolescence.  Every pipe, tube, and generator from every reactor ends up within decades in a radiation dump leaking its poisonous load into the water and soil.

I can feel it, I can feel this righteous fury growing among all of US.  I can feel a huge Tsunami Wave biding its time, building its force, moving in from off the planet.  It's a Force that cannot be stopped, will not be stopped.  Its an inter-galactic tidal wave of invisible light, a full-spectrum kind of light about to break over the Whole Earth and wash us clean with laughter.  Gandolph the Wizard will be appearing soon in theatres near you accompanied by Harry Potter ( the British, White, Suburban 'Magical Child' ) so go with your kids and get born again.  And if you're penniless on the streets of New York, or wandering over the Winter Mountains of Afghanistan with your withered leg, or simply dead-set against indulging yourself in decadent Hollywood movies just look to the skies deep in your heart and try to forgive your comfortably self-indulgent brothers and sisters on this planet asleep in the arms of lazy thinking.  You don't need a Movie, or a Movie House, or a Theatre because this coming attraction, this Tsunami from Outer Space is inside you, it's in your blood...in your eyes and your heartbeat, and no Corporation, no Government, no Religion can touch it.  You are a Human Being, one of US and we are going to take back this Earth and our Bodies from the Evil Empire, and we are going to change forever the greed of personal ambition rooted in fear to the JOY of laughter and abundance shared among brothers and sisters all over the Universe. You are a Magus, a Magician, and you can I-magine it; and when you imagine it you are in Love and nothing can defeat love.  I love you, Carmen,


And now more: Tanya...
I've been hearing the Looney Tunes theme play through my head all morning. What a "Punch and Judy" show !!!!! And now -


which must have had written on the outside "Acme Terrorist Kit." My whole being is pinging with the excitement of them ripping a whole in the Time Warp Continum so that we can finally escape this trap. Can you say Rapture? Of course, I see the rapture as a dimensional shift, and I, for one, am ready to go...............And I have this funny feeling that all this IS trying to wake us up. WOW !!!!!  The other shoe has dropped. Please, please stay in touch. Us crazy people have to stick together.
Love Tanya

and this, from Donald...

I love that bit about the suitcase labelled: 'ACME TERRORIST KIT'...that's just what it is! Yes, a whole has been 'ripped' in the space-time continuum; it's a whole not a hole. The 'program' being broadcast at the moment requires us all to be hysterical with grief, outrage, anger...but those are 'holding patterns' designed to keep the likes of you and me and Holger and Carmen and Kerin from cracking up with laughter. This is a very poor, B-grade movie being run; unfortunately, one in which we are 'actually' living.

I know real people got killed. I know real people are in pain. But the whole intent behind this government sponsored crap is to whip us all up into a state of frenzied fear. Martial Law has always been a decree of fear. Shit, Tanya, I'm always in trouble at airports because I can't help taking a perverse delight in 'kidding' that I'm a terrorist loaded down with chocolate custard bombs I'm about to drop on the Vatican, the White House, or Disneyland ! I get super, triple checked and sternly warned that I am not 'funny'...that terrorism is a real problem etc. Can you imagine what the unfolding scenario is calculated to create ?

You remember the runway on Kauai is short. Will I ever get off these islands ? Not if I take your hint and print on my suitcase: A T K. Looney toones are good; laughter is the greatest bomb. Think of this as a movie; trite story line, improbable characters, ridiculous cynical 'men in black' creating a tale that would have us all bereft with grief, trembling in fear, and willing & eager to be led like sheep into Dachau!

Well, I object to the lighting, the 3rd rate character actors, the cheaply sensational scenery (only robots could find anything at all appealing in the structure called the World Trade Center), and the poor sound track. Karmakazes. The pain a person must be feeling to willingly, gleefully fly an airplane into the towers or the pentagon...well, do consider the pentagon is an important occult structure holding a concentration of black magic energy in store and directing it...boom, kaboom...a hole in the evil magician's pentagram !!!   I say ...that hole in your head was a gift; let some light in!!!

Meep-meep....off zooms the Roadrunner; Porky Pig wants to know 'What's up Doc ?' The angels of the dark lords of neon light are terribly upset because someone is breaking their meters and how will they bill and collect ? Jesus has the shits, his Father is constipated, Gabriel has been sent on an emergency mission to Earth to bring back some Ex-lax !!! The Angels of the Lords travel on optic fibers as digital bits of information feverishly exciting the only one brain. I think I'll have a gin and tonic and kill off a few thousand brain cells, -wait....make that a Djin & Tonic !!!

Love you, my dear hilarious friend...keep those looney toones running …That's All Folks!
Donald Duck.

And this, from Carol...

Hi Donald,

Here is a more elaborate message that I sent to a friend that more fully describes just how I feel about this situation. You've heard some of it before but I expanded as I sat here and thought. Love and hugs,

We are all in shock here, but some of us not too surprised. Karma. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction—or same action. This is devastating to the world. No doubt about that. How painful for those on the east coast. Unimaginable.

I do believe that everything that goes around comes around. Karma has it's own time, some would say God had his/her own time. That this happend I feel was inevitable. We have built up a lot of bad Karma around the world and sometimes these events, these people who perpetrate these events are the recepticles of all the anger generated towards us. I am reminded of the Bobbit case where the wife cut off the penis of the husband. At that time there was a lot of anger in this country by women toward men. Was she a receptor of that anger? I tend to think so.

I remember as I watched the news during the (1991) Iraqi invasion, my grief was so overwhelming that I began to think that it was not my grief alone that I was expressing but that I had become a receptor for much of the grief felt in the world. Some would say that was crazy. The man that was staying at the house at the time, said, "why are you getting so upset? It's only a war." But later when I was at the library, I met another woman whom I knew who told me that they were having meetings for people like she and I who had reacted in like manner. So, many people were focused upon to be receptors.

So was this disaster not just the anger and hate of one man or group of people, but the collective anger of a world that had much to complain about the us.

Buddhism teaches right thought. I'm sure that this is just what he meant. Our thoughts have energy that are not confined to our own heads but flow out into the universe, the world, the cosmos. That is why we meditate and calm our thought, bring our thoughts around to calm places of total acceptance without prejudice or rancor, without hatred, without revenge in our hearts.

I pray that steady minds, steady hearts, will determine the response and the next course of events. Not much hope there, but still I pray.

Be well dear friend, and I love you.
Carol … Be in touch.

From: don grabau
Organization: StarPath Visions
To: Carmen

I've been concerned that you may feel shy -suddenly- about writing me because of the composite letters from you and Tanya and Carol and Graham etc. that I've put together and sent round to all of us.  I did this because I felt it was important that we all be able to see and feel what we are going through.  And this, in turn,  seemed important because the media are providing the collective public (us) with pre-packaged words and ideas which so many individuals are repeating to each other back & forth.

Carol Delattre, in one of her letters to me, wrote about the impact of collective thought forms on us as individuals when she sited the example of her feelings during the (1991) Gulf War.  She was living in Santa Fe at the time and I remember seeing her, visiting her, and witnessing her struggle with the feelings which seemed to surround and invade her.  Actually, I know the same feelings surrounded and invaded me and you, too, among many others.

How do we disengage from the official line of hatred and revenge that is being developed ?  Carol suggests individual meditation and the traditional Buddhist teaching of detached compassion, and I agree with this...but I don't identify the process as Buddhist in essence, I think it's just naturally human.

Still, it seems to me that these events require more of us than contemplative detachment.  Surely we are in need of seeing the hidden agenda operative behind the scenes, and that agenda concerns spreading feelings of fear, anger, and frustration -especially among the American people.  The old standby of finding and labeling an 'evil enemy' -fingers pointing toward Afghanistan and fanatical 'terrorists'.  But you and I and most of our friends know this is a futile effort; it seems to me we all know and realize that 'terrorism' is part of our daily lives.  We live in 'terror' of collapsing any day from the strain of our efforts just to survive financially, and we know the real 'terrorists' are those who create this daily atmosphere of  'where is the money going to come from'.  We also know that the American lifestyle is centered squarely in this daily competition to 'make profits'.  There are always more 'bills' to be paid, and we must always be thinking about how to get the money to pay those bills.  This is the strain on our nerves that dulls us and numbs the voice of our souls and robs us of joy.  We know that life should not be focused upon making money at all cost, and we know that JOY ...simple joy in life, completely disappears under these circumstances.  Who could dare to be happy or joyous -let alone act in playful and 'silly' ways- when buildings such as the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have been bombed and thousands of quite 'ordinary' and innocent people killed ?

We are being programmed to 'feel' now and because of these events, and the 'feelings' we are supposed to feel are being fed to us: sorrow, sadness, and compassion for our fellow citizens slaughtered in these events, and righteous anger and indignation at the 'outsiders' who engineered this atrocity.  These programmed feelings are intended as a 'break' in our daily grind of working hard and doing whatever it is we need to do to get all the money we need for our bills.  We are being given 'time-off' to react to a staged 'Tragedy' !

I notice that no public figure suggests that in recognition of the media trauma being inflicted upon the nation and exhausting each and every one of us spiritually, emotionally, and psychically we shall all be exempt from paying rent this month.  The government isn't suggesting it will mail to each citizen a check for $10,000 !  No, we are even expected to pay for this orgy of psychic debauchery.  I'm sure that the same commercials selling the same products are running hand-in hand with images of death, destruction, and the same public announcers, reporters, and 'pundits' are telling us exactly what it is we are feeling and what we are going to be doing about all this.

You and I and most of our friends know that the last election was an even more blatant fraud than all the others which have taken place since this 'America' was 'taken out' by the assassination of JFK.  No astrologer who looked at the chart for the last election could have failed to see that it strongly suggests this president will lead us into war.  Why is this event being compared to Pearl Harbor, of all things ?  Why has Hollywood just released this major, vulgar, and historically inaccurate depiction of Pearl Harbor ?  And why is the young actor, Ben Affleck, who 'starred' in this trashy, filthy film suddenly in need of treatment for alcoholism ?  How could an actor who participated in a film like 'DOGMA' which parodied religion as a tool of political money makers turn around and participate in a schmaltzy war propaganda film ? And how could any contemporary film about Pearl Harbor fail to mention that the 'sneak attack' by the Japanese was no secret at all, that FDR and company deliberately 'created' that event to bring us into World War II...a war created by and funded by and exploited by International -but especially American Business ?

So, Carmen, for me and you and most of our friends these current events are naturally and wisely looked at with most circumspect eyes: we just know that what we are being sold as a bill of goods smells to high heaven.  Something is rotten in the State, Denmark is a side issue.  It is the 'State' that is using these events to tighten its grip on us, to further alienate us from each other and from life by arguing the need for greater security, greater control of individuals.  And there is not one among us who does not feel the accelerating pace of the 'grip' the State's agenda has us in.  We have been deliberately shocked and stunned, and we can rest assured that any individuals on whom these actions are pinned are merely the tip of the iceberg.  There is an agenda at work here that is truly terrifying and we are worse than fools if we fail to notice it.  All of us shall have to struggle hard, increasingly harder if we are to overcome the mountingly adverse impact the 'State' intends to have upon us.  Our struggle is with a deeply hidden agenda, with powers and principalities cloaked in christian costumes and full of the language of righteousness and the battle between 'Good & Evil'.  We are and have been since our birth indoctrinated into a Dogma of fearful dimensions and fear based realities.  I don't know how to fight it, but I must insist upon laughing in its face, laughing at my own indignation and fear and paranoia, laughing at fear and paranoia wherever they pop up because I know I am -like you and Carol and Graham and Tanya and Myla and most of our friends- a creature of joy.  I am happy to be alive and on this Earth, and I am very happy to have you all as my friends.  Happy Birthday, kids, may we all keep our sense of humour because if 'evil' is anything at all it is certainly far too serious!


From: "Tanya Allen"
To: "don grabau" <starpath3@earthlink.net>

Here, here!!

Of course, you know that most of this originated in Boston, the home of my favorite political act, the Boston Tea Party.  I've wanted to name a political party that for years.  Did you ever see that goofy show Millenium Theatre 2000 with the guy condemned to watch bad movies with these two robots whenever his captors rang the bell.  And the comments the robots made at the movies?  That's exactly what this feels like......

Now, among the rubble of this massive disaster, they have found the 2 passports of the "Eveel" perpetrators that flew the plane into the WTC.  Please......no more........General Hospital has better plots than this.

And the FBI director, what's his face, says they now know that the plane that crashed into the Pentagon was headed for the White House.  As I was listening to his press conference I quietly said to myself  ..."Now, someone ask him how he knows that,"  which they did, right on queue.  Can you guess what he said Boys and Girls?  Why, yes, he said he couldn't tell us where he got that information.

How convenient!!!! 

I almost felt like I was in the Rocky Horror picture show and I needed to throw some popcorn at the radio.  Let's do the Time Warp again.  And all along the streets is the battle cry of "Git 'Em."  The Ivory Towers are echoing with laughter right about now.  How stupid can people be.  And yes, they saw that we were growing weary of the chase (for money) and were about to tell them where they could go, so they invent a war.  And in my kindness and compassion for these precious lost people, I can see why they want to hold onto this.  It gives them some other reason for living than "pay the bills."

I just want to hear those immortal words being uttered on CNN so I can know this is not in vain: 
PAY NO ATTENTION TO THAT MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN............................................


Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001
From: myla
To: Donald Grabau

Dear Ones ~

Just a week ago I was listening to a wonderful show called "radio unnamable" on WBAI by way of the internet.  The lines were opened to listeners and I heard the voice of "Curly S" - one of the activists that I have connected with by way of an electronic message board.  This evening I read this post from Curly S. Thank you Curly S. love to you all,
myla  (aka georgia orwell)

Curly S
Every day for five years (repost from below)
Thu Sep 13 19:49:42 2001

Every day for five years (1994-1999) I reported to One World Trade, to serve out my sentence as an American worker-- you can leave the prison at night, but you know you have to back from 9:30 to 5:30, Monday through Friday. Sort of like serving a volunteer prison sentence (a la Roland Kirk's "Volunteer Slavery").

I was a legal secretary in a small maritime law firm on the 52nd floor.  When it was windy, it was like being on a ship. You had to walk along the wall, holding on, because your body could feel it swaying. When you went into the bathroom, you could see the level of the water in the toilet going back and forth, back and forth. When you went into the library, where sombre chandeliers (why is everything in a law firm so pompously somber?) hung from the ceiling, you stood on the firm floor, not moving at all. The room appeared to be still. Yet the lights swung back and forth, back and forth.

Most every good-weather day for lunch I would eat in the Trade Center Plaza and walk along the promenade by the World Financial Center. Not once did I stand at the bottom of that terrifying monstrosity without saying to myself "jesus, whoever built this is crazy!" and sometimes "what if it were to crumble? What keeps it from crumbling?"

The fact that this all no longer exists is not real to me, even though we saw it on TV, like some insane showing of "Mars Attacks" live...

As a building, the World Trade Center was disgusting and anti-human, as far as I'm concerned.Not one single window opened in the entire World Trade Center. If someone sneezed in Four World Trade, you breathed it in One World Trade, because all air was re-circulated. Port Authority officials always told you the air was carefully monitored, it's clean, it's perfectly (cough) fine... meanwhile, we all went home with headaches, burning eyes, asthma, and who knows what-all.

There was also not one single public seat- ledge, bench or otherwise-for a human behind in the entire World Trade Center! I always found that unbelievable. What better proof that it's anti-human?

Yes, there were beautiful sunsets; but I never felt safe there; I never felt comfortable. Thankfully I left in 99; and everyone I knew seems to have miraculously survived.

This unimaginable tragedy unfolds one person, one family at a time--it's so excruciating. It's plain frightening and shocking that such tremendous things could disappear so instantly.  But as to the buildings themselves, the WTC, I say "good riddance". It was clearly a case of either or: World Trade Center Towers or individual human.  Let's hear it for the humans!

For we WBAI listeners there's a double pain. First we feel the painful lack of any coverage whatsoever on our airwaves. And we also feel the pain of already understanding the context of this criminal attack better than the average person, because we listened to WBAI when it gave information.

The answer to the question "why don't they like us" is one we're already familiar with, whereas people who don't know the history reach different conclusions...

Love to all,
Curly S
(Still-Adjusting Listener)

And this from Holger:
Good Morning Tanya,

yes, indeed, it's "D day" alright. The Globalists are making their final assault. Go to my web site to the "News Of Great Interest" where I put about six articles from different sources last night. All of them deal with the "transparent" issues related to Tuesday's events and it's possible aftermath scenario. Read Skolnick's articles on Tim McVeigh and Chandra Levy....it seems to all fall into place now. I don't want to write too much yet pending new material coming in and also in view that I believe that e-mail will be monitored. I send a horoscope to Australia yesterday and today I got a notice that the mail is delayed. Not undeliverable but delayed. That should tell you something. Next thing will be that the internet will be censored. Perhaps a knock on the door....? I don't want to get too paranoid, but I truly feel that what freedom we still had is going to rapidly disappear.

You are alert and aware, these are days in which history is made.  Unfortunately, it is neither good nor desirable. Still, we are experiencing something monumental which will change the course of mankind forever...

Stay in touch please and check my website ( www.astrologyforthepeople.com ) for new articles if you can.

In friendship and appreciation,

Date : Fri, 12 Oct 2001

                 Hello Uncle Donald...although I shouldn't really call you that. But that's what I've always heard you referred to as. I am your niece Jill's roommate of five years. Jimmy sent me your website and I checked it out. It's very interesting. Basically in regards to the terrorist attacks you're saying that the US government planned and carried this out in order to make the people rise up and create a world society?

                 It's an interesting theory and I'm not sure I'd put it past any politician. But some how I just don't think I can agree with it. How could the government convince these people to actually die for us?  Unless the descriptions of the terrorists was completely false...then I guess they could have convinced someone to murder their own and die for their country...but for what cause?  I don't know....anyway... I just thought I'd email you because I've heard so much about you from Jimmy and Jill and always thought you sounded like a very interesting person.  Good luck with your new cause.

Friday, Oct. 12, 2001


Hi There...Annette...I can only imagine the Tales you hear of me from Jill & Jimmy, but am delighted you emailed me. What I am proposing in my article (did you read, THE PRACTICE OF GNOSTIC ASTROLOGY ?)  Is not that the US government personally (now there's a contradiction, no 'government' can ever be a person hence no government can ever 'personally' do anything!) hired a few terrorists to fly planes into those buildings.

But there is no question to me that they knew BEFOREHAND that these attacks were underway and that they DELIBERATELY allowed them to hit their targets.

The issues are complex, of course, but any literate American is able to educate herself as to the history of the US Government's training of terrorists, funding of terrorists, creation of terrorists.  The point being that the US Government is a non-existent entity; there is only ONE operative Government on planet Earth at this time and it is a Multinational Business Government.  Americans are merely workers for or stockholders in this 'government'.

Here, let me send you an article which appeared in the London Guardian by an Indian Journalist which clarifies the picture. (see attached: THE ALGEBRA OF INFINITE JUSTICE, by Arundhati Roy) And thanks so much for contacting me...tell Jill I'd love to hear from her, and Jimmy too. Write me again, and blessings to you with a special handful of faerie dust from Uncle Donald (quack, quack!)

PS...I don't have a 'new cause'or even an old cause; I am perfectly causeless!
Uncle Donald

Date : Wed, 19 Sep 2001 09:44:54 -1000

Brother Francis to "Delattre":

I'm running slow and still have to finish painting here before Judy arrives on Saturday night. But I really 'enjoyed' reading the articles you just sent from Znet. It is helpful to know that there are people like ourselves who can see the writing on the wall and can feel the tightening of corporate muscle. It all reminds me of the krystalnacht in Germany as Hitler consolidated his control over the German People.

All these silly 'Americans' shouting about 'Democracy' when any fool can see and hear George Bush speaking, gesturing, behaving just like a corn-pone Texas King ready to ride rough-shod over all constitutional rights in the 'Emergency' he and his fellow corporate cronies have concocted.

Do you have a copy of the Birthchart of the United States ? The one based upon the Declaration of Independence ? I have found the chart which Rudhyar always used (and wrote an entire book about: The Astrology Of America's Destiny) to be most accurate.   According to that chart cast for Philadelphia Pennsylvania on July 4, 1776 at 5:13:55PM the 13th degree of Sagittarius is the Ascendant with the 13th degree of Gemini as the Descendant. This current Pluto to Saturn opposition is occurring dead smack on those degrees. If we take the Ascendant of America's Declaration to be the Life-Path or Dharma-Path of the country, we can see that Pluto, -symbol of absolute power, wealth, Plutocaracy is right in our country's face at this 'moment' !

Do you not find it ironic that we originally rebelled against a British King named George and are now giving full powers of War and unlimited budget to George Bush ? We are installing him as our Monarch, the New King George !!!

In this same Birthchart for America Pluto in Capricorn is in tight opposition to Mercury in Cancer and thereby suggests that the kind of conscious knowing and speaking and writing that Mercury symbolizes has ALWAYS been in struggle with the kind of hidden, veiled power of the Plutonian Underworld as it manifests in Capricornian business and politics. The Mercury Mind of the People has always been involved in a tug-of-war with Hidden Plutonian Power rooted in the Traditional Status-Quo conservativism of Capricorn.  It is generally understood by the astrological community that you can't find more conservative and security-oriented signs of the zodiac than Cancer & Capricorn; love of family and country, love of comfort and conformity, Family Business !

The pull that Mercury in Cancer exerts on the collective mentality of Americans is quite pointed and emphatic, it's the famous home & country euphemism, mom and apple pie, patriotism. Americans are a kind of parody (taken together as a group) of J.R.Tolkein's HOBBITS ! They are the lovable heroes of the Lord Of The Rings, very comfort loving characters. But precisely because they love their Cancerian privacy they become most upset when they begin to notice that something dark and menacing is afoot within the borders of their 'shires', and finally they play the central role in uncovering the sinister plot of the Dark Kingdom to achieve One World Control through the device of the One Ring that rules them all (all the other rings of power).

When our unduly elected government arranged the events of September 11th, 2001 attacking the World Trade Center and the Pentagon they made a big mistake. Mercury that day was transiting in the sky right over the natal Saturn in Libra of this Birthchart of America. The immediate reaction of Americans was toward exalting their Libran Law as King (as George and Company had planned) and so now we face the Coronation of our own King George.

But, at the Birth of this 'America' the Sun itself was occupying the 13th degree of Cancer and in tight square aspect to this proffered notion that in America we have no Kings, for the LAW itself is King. This 'moment' is THE great turning point for the country.

America was never 'meant' to be a typical country; the famous 'melting pot' image truly does point to America's 'destiny'. This country is meant to be the country that ends all countries, that puts an end to the very notion of discretely isolated national borders and beliefs. America was meant to be a global vision for the future of all peoples around the globe. In short, the famous Declaration Of Independence was meant to be a shared reality by each citizen of planet Earth. All peoples are brothers and sisters and share in One World. This 'One World' is definitely NOT the One World Order King George is always about proclaiming; it is NOT the imposed uniformity of global corporate business on the citizens of Earth, and it is most emphatically NOT the 'normalization' and 'homogenization' intended by the Kings, Queens, and Princes (etc.) of a wealthy Global Corporate Elite !

But HOW do we get to the vision of global unity without falling prey to the One World Corporate Government ? I think that individuals all over the globe are the True Americans. I think the word, AMERICA, because it begins and ends with the first letter of the alphabet...the A, the Aleph, the Alpha signifies ever-renewed Beginnings.

The Cancerian Mother of all card games is the Tarot, and in the Tarot the A of America (beginning and ending) is the Trump Card knowns as the FOOL ! All the Hobbits were FOOLS. The FOOL is the TRUE CHILD, and in the end it is the CHILD who will show us the way. Because the Child knows the true 'LAW' hidden behind human 'Laws' she/he is always FREE to play with laws. The Declaration Of Independence called AmericA ( imperfect as it most clearly is/was/and ever shall be) is born from the Sun in Cancer, from the Light in the Womb, and this Declaration belongs to and originates from a CHILD about to be born in all of us. This is the 'moment' of the AWAKENING of that Child....just don't expect too much from it, the imp's still an infant in swaddling clothes. We, you and I, Carol must nurture and protect this foolish child within us and not succumb to the horrible program of fear, paranoia, and hatred being broadcast to us by the phony America whose newly crowned KING is George !!!

I love you,


                              Send me Email to: starpath3@earthlink.net