A Summer Solstice Story
[ June 21, 2005; July 21, 2005 ]
Francis D. Grabau

The Moon is full about 10:13:42 PM in Santa Fe tomorrow night, June 21, just as the Sun enters Cancer for the Summer Solstice. This is a tad unusual, or it feels so to me. Last night the Moon looked all fogged over, misted out in a haze here in Santa Fe. Curious that the Full Moon should emphasize the 0+ degree of Capricorn while the Solstice (Stand Still) Sun anchors the Summer Season at 0+ degrees of Cancer. Cancer can be seen as the private person, the Individual with his/her personal feelings, needs, viewpoints while Capricorn (and its "ruling" planet, Saturn) refers to the compelling power of the Collective upon the Individual -as this June 21 Full Moon and the next Full Moon on July 21, 2005 will make clear. The Feeling Power of the Collective versus the Feeling Power of the Individual.

But at this current Full Moon in Capricorn, as distinct from the one on July 21, SATURN will still be in the sign of its "debilitation-fall" -CANCER- whereas on July 21 it will be half a degree into Leo and headed toward both the North Lunar Node of America and the personal, individual Ascendant of G. W .Bush. These two points are somehow "fated" to be interconnected or mutually resonant.The President sees himself as a Leo Leader "sent" by "God" (his Personal Father with whom he speaks) to lead America toward its "true" destiny. There is no question in his mind, nor in the minds of his colleagues, that this arrangement is "Pre-Destined". It is "Fated". Bush, himself, is literally born with Saturn in Cancer (debilitated). What does this signify?

Saturn in Cancer symbolizes one who takes his personal, Individual feelings as the "norm". It's normal for such an Individual to "introject" the Saturn function by feeling that his feelings are the "real" ones shared by the Collective. G.W. Bush clearly feels "righteous" and assumes that all good Americans who are "normal" are in full agreement with his personal, subjective feelings  -on almost any issue effecting America, a Cancer Nation. He, therefore, symbolizes and sums up the Collective American Feeling, a Cancer Feeling of Personal Contentment and Righteousness. Saturn in Cancer carries its seriousness, its focus on the norm, and its boundary making right into the gut of personal feeling causing constriction, objective rule-following in the very area where flow and subjective attunement to feeling needs are most important. Individual feelings thereby become the "secret" source of an obsession with Collective rules. This is why G.W. Bush quipped that it would be easier for him to run the Nation if he could be "dictator".

If we take into consideration that Bush is born with the Moon, "ruler" of Cancer, in the sign Libra and conjunct both Chiron and Jupiter in that sign, we can glimpse further evidence as to how his personal feeling woundedness (Moon + Chiron) when combined with his jovial public deportment (Jupiter + Moon + Chiron) gives him popularity among Americans. He's the "Awe Shucks!" President, the "regular" good guy who lurks in the Collective Shadow of all Americans - "Hey, I just wanna FEEL GOOD!" [ Natal USA Venus conjunct Jupiter in Cancer ]. Venus and Jupiter combined in Cancer also indicate the American dictum that "Bigger is Better" or that "You can never get enough of a Good thing!" -hence, gas guzzling SUVs and feel good food (sugar)- AMERICAN FAT!

Nevertheless, this President is capable of leading America into BANKRUPTCY combined with strict curtailment of Individual rights because, just like America, Bush is born with the Sun into the 14th Degree of Cancer: Mister America, Captain America! He appears to be so "easy-going" on so many levels because breezy old Neptune (planet of "anything goes") floats in Libra along with his Moon + Chiron + Jupiter there, and all in the 3rd House making his daily Speech a source of hilarity, vagueness, lack of focus ( the infamous "Bush Dyslexicon" ). Americans love it because we are a People-Nation born with Retrograde Mercury Speech in challenging Square aspect to our Natal Chiron in Aries: we neither speak nor think clearly, but PUSH (Aries) our thoughts and speech onto Others (Mercury, ruler of Natal USA Descendant -Others + the Nation's SHADOW FUNCTION). Might makes Right! A good old boys American "pre-emptive strike" ! Notice how Bush's sloppy, vague, ungrammatical, dissociative thought and speech do not bother most Americans, -they actually find it rather charming in a "down-home" kind of Cancer way! That's the "healing" side of his 3rd House Wounded-Healer (Chiron) function in Libra ( Mister NICE Guy -Yeah, Awe Shucks!)

But with these two consecutive Full Moons in Capricorn (June 21, July 21 2005) we are witnessing a "shift of gears" in the Nation's laws and government via Saturn which, while in Cancer for the June 21 Full Moon, will shift into Leo for the July 21 Full Moon. G.W. Bush and his colleagues are about to become STERN DISCIPLINARIANS. The emphasis of Saturn will shift from Cancer Feeling into Leo Leadership; he and his administration are about to begin to play HARD BALL. I see stricter law enforcement on the immediate horizon, financial constraints, an Executive call sent out to the People to "tighten their belts" and get ready for "greater sacrifices". And this is the "Karmic" (payback) indicated by the USA Sun in Cancer being in Square aspect to the USA Saturn in Libra at the birth of America. The LAW is going to RULE. And the Cancer Person of the President is going to "BE" both that RULE and that LAW.

The DICTATOR will probably try to assume his ROLE in September as transiting Saturn in Leo exactly conjuncts the Natal USA Lunar Node ( there will be 3 of these conjunctions: Sept. 16, 2005; Jan. 31, 2006 [Rx.]; June 6, 2006 ) and he will probably need some "new" NEW PEARL HARBOR event to make this possible. Consequently, I think we need to be fully alert right now as the Saturn "gear shift" from Cancer to Leo occurs between these two immediately consecutive Full Moons in Capricorn. Something is being planned right now, something -an EVENT- that will be designed to make us all crave greater Saturn Law & Order. And this event, this "new" New Pearl Harbor, may be timed to resonate with the original "New Pearl Harbor" of September 11, 2001. The timing is right there in the Saturn transits conjunct America's Lunar North Node. This event is being planned to give much greater -in effect, ABSOLUTE- Power to the Executive.

The efforts being made by so many ( succinctly condensed in David Ray Griffin's two books: The New Pearl Harbor, The 911 Commission Report: Omissions And Distortions ) to reveal the FACT that 911 was an INSIDERS GOVERNMENT PLANNED EVENT (with which ALL the Major Corporate Media were in collusion) are very urgently important. Americans are being deceived by their government even as they deceive themselves by refusing (out of fear and denial) to consider the facts. The recent "Downing Street Memos" have made all this starkly evident and yet the People sleep on. We all, I think, need to make these issues, books, and memos the subject of our daily conversations in order to remain awake. Anyhow, that's what the coming two consecutive FULL MOONS IN CAPRICORN say to me.

Relevant Addenda:
Response to above by Claudia Dikinis of Starcats.com
June 20, 2005:

Donaldo, Bravo! Good work here! I want to contribute too!

About Bush: he has NO OPPOSITIONS in his chart, therefore, he mistakes what he feels as the "norm" because empathy and sympathy don't come naturally to him. One has to be able to creatively polarize in order to step inside another's shoes. Bush really is incapable of doing that. He is reactionary and secretive (Sun-Saturn in the 12th house) and prizes loyalty above truth. Hence, he's a perfect candidate for Neptunian machinations by transit in his own chart and in the USA's chart.

Loyalty is the Bush family's supreme value and W resonates to loyalists like Condi Rice who can mirror "him" back to himself perfectly because he is, underneath it all, very insecure. Criticism or challenge are anathema to him. Any questioning of his imperial will are sent through his paranoid filters (Mercury conjunct Pluto in the first house). People who do not give Bush exactly what he wants when he wants it are called "obstructionist" or "treasonous" or "evil doers." His Manichean extremes are caught up in his 12th house, first house and through the chart's lack of oppositions.

Bush needs to view the world through a highly simplistic lens in order to vanquish ambiguities. He has a very, very low frustration tolerance. His anxiety threshold is low and he doesn't possess much by way of curiosity or intellectual prowess. Bush has an instinctive intelligence. It's raw. Primal. Animal. He's a political jackal or hyena.

The only way Bush can grasp another's plight is through a long-term transit that makes a strong opposition in his chart. Note that Neptune is transiting his 7th, so any "reflections" he can pick up from others are CLOUDED by his own egoistic filters. One reason he and Blair both led each other down the primrose path of self (and world) deception is because by chart comparison, transiting Neptune hooks Bush and Blair together in a mystic rectangle chart aspect. Hence, we've got the blind leading the blind. Unfortunately all of us were dragged into their ditch. -- Starcats.

A Reader (Judy) of this article exchange above concerning G. W. Bush's chart and its lack of opposition aspects, wrote me to ask whether or not she could have an intuitive, empathic, and compassionate nature since her birth chart lacks opposition aspects. Both I and Claudia Dikinis responded. Because I think this exchange about astrological oppositions may be useful to others I am posting it here with the permissions of all involved. Here is Judy's letter dated June 21, 2005:

I have a question about something Claudia wrote:

"About Bush: he has NO OPPOSITIONS in his chart, therefore, he mistakes what he feels as the "norm" because empathy and sympathy don't come naturally to him. One has to be able to creatively polarize in order to step inside another's shoes."

I believe I also have no oppositions in my chart, yet I've also been aware (and have been told) that I am usually too sympathetic and too empathetic, and I get in trouble because of it.  So, what's the deal, here?  Am I one who can "creatively polarize" or not??

Maybe it works as a flip-flop; -that is, maybe I can't imagine that everyone else is NOT as sympathetic and empathetic as I am. (??)

(Sorry to turn this around to focus on myself, but it just hit a note with me.  You don't have to get into it if you are not in the mood.)


Here is my response dated the next day:

Hey Judy,

Claudia Dikinis is basing what she says about no oppositions in Bush's chart on traditional astrological teaching. The theory is that since the opposition polarizes two planets at 180 degree distance they are in a "Tug-of-War" or a kind of  "Taffy-Pull" with each other and often "FORCE" us to act out their (our) struggle by polarizing with someone else OUTSIDE ourselves. The notion is that by "acting out" this "taffy-pull" with another person we can learn how to "objectively" witness a quality which is subjectively inherent in ourselves by psychologically "projecting" that quality onto another person -we see IT in THEM! That's the first stage, but the second is learning how to TAKE BACK THE PROJECTION and realize that what we are seeing (often "fighting" or "objecting to") in another person with whom we've POLARIZED actually resides as well (sometimes mostly, or occassionally only) in OURSELVES. Oppositions are said to EXTERIORIZE that way. Makes a certain "rational" sense.

The next phase of this way of thinking about Oppositions concludes that if/when a person has NO PLANETS (faculties) in Opposition aspect to each other this kind of Polarized Acting-Out cannot as easily or readily occur, hence the person in question tends to lack Objectivity/Detachment. In other words, they may PROJECT, but may never realize that their PROJECTION is just that. They may lack the necessary OBJECTIVITY that would allow them to "own" their own projections.

The kind of Objective detachment symbolized by the Opposition is best "seen" in the FULL MOON relationship of the Sun to the Moon when each "body" is seen distinctly and separately on opposite Horizons at Sunset: Sun sinking under Western Horizon, Moon rising over Eastern Horizon. This Full Moon OBJECTIVITY is said to be the time of the Buddha's Enlightenment, and the Buddha -as we all know- preached/taught OBJECTIVE DETACHMENT from the world, the body, the "illusion" of the separate, isolated SELF.

Theoretically, therefore, planets (faculties) in Opposition Aspect to each other symbolize the ability (by way of acting-out) to come into balanced, objective relationship with each other: for example, Venus in Opposition aspect to Mars would (ideally) lead to an OBJECTIVE/DETACHED awareness between one's DESIRES/VENUS and one's ACTIONS/MARS. Such a person would then be in possession of an extremely AWARE/DETACHED/ILLUMINED sexual state or OBJECTIVELY conscious of his/her actions regarding his/her desires. Quite "Un-Romantic" because DETACHED ....such a person, for instance, might not so much "fall in love" as consciously decide to have sex with another, or to become emotionally/feelingly involved with another WITHOUT LOSING A WORKING SENSE OF SELF AS DETACHED AND DISTINCT FROM HIS/HER LOVER!

[ The SELF may be an "illusion" to a Buddhist Purist, but we are told the Dali Lama likes to eat chocolate chip cookies at night! ]

When Claudia speaks of the absence of Opposition Aspects in Bush's chart leading to a deficit of COMPASSION or EMPATHY she is, therefore, arguing that because Bush has no oppositions he lacks EMPHASIS on the important innate tools of OBJECTIVITY that would allow him to more readily DETACH from his own point of view regarding OTHERS. Without such detachment it can be argued that one [in this case G. W. Bush] cannot really (objectively) appreciate the "OTHERNESS" of the Other and, in this sense, cannot have Compassion or Empathy for the Other's feelings, points of view, or choices-circumstances.

However, Claudia (I sense, because of her long-standing experience with astrology) is NOT being Dogmatic here -in other words, her judgement call on Bush's lack of compassion is NOT based solely on his lack of Opposition Aspects but, as she mentions, on other factors as well. The most obvious of these which she states is that while lacking any planetay Oppositions, Bush does have a powerfully obvious Conjunction (the very ANTITHESIS of an opposition) between his Natal Mercury and Pluto on his Leo Ascendant in the first house of the SELF! This Mercury+Pluto CONJUNCTION signifies an often Unconscious Obsession (Pluto) with one's own Thought Processes (Mercury) and perhaps never more so than when it's located in the Ascendant area of the First House of SELF.

In your own case, Judy, while it is true that you (like Bush) have no major Planetary OPPOSITIONS in your Natal Chart, your Mercury-Thought process (unlikeBush's) is found in the Water-Feeling sign of Scorpio, and your Feelings themselves (Moon) are also operating in the Water-Feeling of Scorpio whereas Bush's Feelings-Moon operate through the Intellectual-Air sign of Libra. Your feelings+thoughts (Moon+Mercury) are therefore permeated with the depths of Scorpio feeling water while Bush's feelings+thoughts (Moon+Mercury) are characterized by burning air (Leo+Libra). You can communicate with FEELING whereas Bush often communicates with QUICK BURNNG WORDS. Think of his tendency toward ABSOLUTIST JUDGEMENT (Mercury+Pluto in Leo) heard in statements regarding the "AXIS Of EVIL" -a typically extremist mental judgement which POLARIZES Nations into Good and Evil entities! NO OBJECTIVITY there, merely the verbal-mental intensity of Mercury Conjunct Pluto in Leo: " It's TRUE because I SAY SO!" -the Divine Right of the Leo/Kingship attitude unconsciously expressing itself.

Claudia merely cuts some corners to save words when she offers as evidence for Bush's lack of empathy his natal lack of  astrological oppositions, nor does she belabor the point about his Mercury+Pluto CONJUNCTION IN LEO FIRST HOUSE. But she is NOT trying to say that the absence of Opposition Aspects in one's birth chart categorically causes one to be lacking in Empathy or Compassion  -so don't be disturbed by that. Astrologers worth their salt usually know a great deal more than they explain, and because of their DAILY involvement with needing to "cut to the quick" they often DISTIL what they see into a few, easily graspable words.

So, while you have no major Planets in Opposition Aspect in your birth chart, Judy, you DO HAVE Oppositions involving things like the Vertex Point and the Minor Asteroids: for example, the triple conjunction of Vertex+Vesta+Pallas in Aquarius in OPPOSITION to PLUTO in Leo; Juno in Sagittarius CONJUNCT the I.C. in OPPOSITION to Uranus in Gemini CONJUNCT the M.C. -and this latter OPPOSITION of Uranus/Juno assumes great emphasis in your chart/psyche because it involves two of the Major Angles of your chart: M.C. + I.C. (your Power Line).

The Uranus-Juno opposition occuring in the signs of language/communication confers upon you a great sensitivity to the LANGUAGE OF POWER and HOW it is used both publicly (M.C.) and privately (I.C.). This empathic sensitivity to LANGUAGE/THOUGHT is further underscored by the Opposition made by Vesta/Pallas in Aquarius to Pluto in Leo from the 6th to the 12th houses because these speak of even greater objective concerns you feel for the use of POWER in the areas of HEALTH -both physical (6th house) and psychic (12th house). Therefore, we can see that you are extremely sensitive to public health issues and the Public Language surrounding HEALTH -keeping in mind, all the time, that Language-Thought itself (Mercury) is at your birth in the feeling-water sign of Scorpio -the sign that controls the cusp/beginning of your 3rd house of daily communication! You are both empathic-intuitive, and compassionate.

It is always wise to keep in mind that the Ascendant-Descendant Axis, as well as the M.C.-I.C. Axis are Archetypal Opposition Points in EVERYONES' CHARTS -and so are the North & South Lunar Nodes-  guaranteeing that no matter WHO we are or what chart we're born with, we ALWAYS have the potential ability to tune in to the objectivity & detachment  that lead toward the resultant compassion & empathy which the Opposition Aspects potentially embody.

Besides which there is the FACT that planets are always MOVING in the sky on a daily basis and, therefore, everybody gets to experience ON AT LEAST A TEMPORARY BASIS the Opposition Aspects these moving (transiting) planets make to the NATAL POSITIONS they occupy at birth. The MOON, for example, gets to OPPOSE every point and/or planet in the NatalChart ONCE EACH MONTH! We ALL can, indeed, LEARN TO BE COMPASSIONATE !!!

And here is the response of Claudia Dikinis to both me and "J":

Dear Donald,

Of course your friend Judy can creatively polarize! If she was incapable of it, she never would have written to you asking if she had the capacity. Judy's question is her answer.

The difference between Judy and George Bush is that Judy had the courage to ask. George Bush (or his handlers) would, instead of reflecting on the observation, ATTACK and discredit rather than engage in dialogue.

I often forget to remind readers that my remarks about world figures are writ large. Because collective and universal factors driving and shaping world figures is layered in myths and archetypes that are "zeitgiest," I need to use broad brush strokes to dramatically illustrate the point. That's the difference between mundane astrology and personal astrology. It is best not to take too personally what is meant generally.

My apologies to Judy or any other readers of my work who may have been caused anxiety over the bold strokes with which I describe George Bush (or any other politician) if they have similar astrological factors in their own natal charts.

Each chart is its own blue print for self-actualization. There are no "good" charts or "bad" charts. Some are difficult and some are easier. That is all. The difference between Judy and George Bush is that Judy chose to develop a capacity for self-survey. George Bush did not. I am willing to bet that even if Judy has no natal oppositions in her chart that there are other outstanding indicators that point to a capacity for empathy. It is Judy's ability to question and introsect that separates her from George Bush or anyone with similar chart features.

Bush says he "doesn't do nuance." Bush says he "doesn't second guess himself." He says he looks forward and doesn't spend too much time thinking about the past. He moves on quickly. Bush maintains that he doesn't introspect too much. His track record as a politician reveals his lack of concern for others outside his circle. His aggressive methods as president even against his own party reveal his jackal-like obsession to punch for raw power. (Mercury conjunct Pluto in Leo). He gets away with it (so far) because Venus in the first makes him likeable. It is the Neptune transit in his 7th house that creates the long-term opposition transit that beclouds him allows him
to justify world deception.

Apparently the president hasn't digested a bit of sage advice from Socrates: THE UNEXAMINED LIFE IS NOT WORTH LIVING.

Judy is examining her life and has the courage to question.

I wish the president had what Judy has.

Newsletter, June 17, 2005

Greetings, My Fellow Americans,
from your Fellow Criminal in the Blessed Body Politic, Donaldo ...

As the infamous Hot Dog, Burger, and Fireworks Day (USA) approaches we have much to be mindful of as a Nation. We, you and me, ARE that Nation. Robert Frisk writes (below) about COMPLICITY ...in Feel-Good USA (Venus+Jupiter in Cancer) "we" laughingly muse:"What The Bleep Do We Know" ....a la J.Z. Knight and her covert, metaphysical, disembodied Master cum Lover Boy, RAMTHA. Is Lord Ramtha in reality the C.E.O. of Mind Control Inc. ? Carl Jung had this to say concerning "We The People" :

"The whole of a Nation never reacts like a normal modern individual, but always like a primitive group being…Man in the group is always unreasonable, irresponsible, emotional, erratic, and unreliable. Crimes the individual alone could never stand are freely committed by the group being…The larger an organization the lower its morality."
Jung, The Symbolic Life. Collected Works Vol.18, p. 571

" We still attribute to the other fellow all the evil and inferior qualities that we do not like to recognize in ourselves, and therefore have to criticize and attack him, when all that has happened is that an inferior "soul" has emigrated from one person to another. The world is still full of bêtes noires and scapegoats, just as it formerly teemed with witches and werewolves."  CW 10: Civilization in Transition. P. 130.

and he continues in Civilization in Transition to mutter even more relevant words like these:

" The Man of today, who resembles more or less the collective ideal, has made his heart into a den of murderers, as can easily be proved by the analysis of his unconscious, even though he himself is not in the least disturbed by this fact. And insofar as he is normally adapted to his environment, it is true that the greatest infamy on the part of his group will not disturb him, so long as the Majority of his fellows steadfastly believe in the Exhalted Morality of their Social Organization."

" The MASS STATE has NO INTENTION of promoting mutual understanding and the relationship of man to man; it strives rather for ATOMIZATION for THE PSYCHIC ISOLATION OF THE INDIVIDUAL. The more unrelated individuals are, the more consolidated the State becomes and vice versa. "

" MAN harbors within himself a dangerous SHADOW, an ADVERSARY who is involved as an INVISIBLE HELPER in the DARK MACHINATIONS of the POLITICAL MONSTER. It is in the nature of political bodies always to see evil in the opposite group, just as the individual has an ineradicable tendency to get rid of everything he does not know and does not want to know about himself by foisting it off on somebody else. "

" Spiritually the Western World is in a precarious situation, and the danger is greater the more we blind ourselves to the merciless truth with illusions about our beauty of soul. Western Man lives in a thick cloud of incense which he burns to himself so that his own countenance may be veiled from him in the smoke. "

Can you say, "Amen", Brothers and Sisters?

We Are All Complicit - But What Can We Do About It?
By Robert Fisk, The Independent UK
Saturday 18 June 2005

"We are all complicit in these vile acts of torture - but what can we do about it? If our government uses information drained out of these creatures, it is we who are holding the whips.

… It's a good question again now. What can we do? What can we do when an American president dispatches "suspects" to third countries where they will be stripped, wired up, electrocuted, ripped open and tortured until they wish they had never been born? What can we do with a prime minister - ours - who believes that information from torture victims may be of use to us and may be collected by us? How can we clean our hands when we know that men are being subject to "rendition" through our own airports? Doesn't a policeman have the right to go aboard these CIA contract jets that touch down in Britain and take a look at the victim inside and - if he believes the man may be tortured - take him off the plane?"

For the complete article go here: http://www.truthout.org/docs_2005/061905C.shtml

Newsletter, June 18, 2005
Saturn in Leo; Springtime for Bush and the Neo-Cons!

My Fellow Americans, Just Let Me Say This About That ....
(Dearly Beloved)

I assume you're all feeling as nutso as I feel in the collective body politic these days. In light of the fact that Conyer's only got half a million people to sign his petition -out of a Nation of roughly 300 Million People, I thought I'd send you all this look (picture-chart) at the First of three coming Transits Saturn is about to make over US North Node + Bush's Natal Chart thrown into the pot (a tri-wheel).
[Click here to view chart]

The Mars-Uranus opposition-square energy ( Transiting Uranus opposing Bush's Natal Mars while simultaneously Squaring USA Natal Uranus  -which Bush's Natal Mars perpetually SQUARES !!!) will add another touch of purely "divine" madness to our lives, don't you think?

[Hi! I'm your WAR PRESIDENT who chokes on Pretzels!  Hey, let's NUKE IRAN next!]

And I confess, Old Georgy-Boy's Natal Moon + Chiron conjunction on the Natal USA Saturn always gives me a chilling insight which I'd rather not have into this guy's HOLD on the "political correctness" theme (otherwise known as negative Libran "apathy" masking as "balance") which makes him such a darling of the corporate media and the "nice" folks!

But the transiting Moon's Nodes [ mood of the People] conjuncting Natal USA Saturn [ be careful, don't sign those petitions -there's the Patriot Act LAW you know ] just as transiting Saturn conjuncts Natal USA North Lunar Node
( USA "Destiny" ) and Bush's Natal Ascendant ( Bush's "Destiny" ) keeps suggesting to me that more than nice, Libran, political correctness will "guard" him from impeachment ... it's the CONGENITAL conflict at birth between America's Sun in Cancer in WANING SQUARE to Saturn in Libra that HOLDS the PEOPLE in thralldom to "balance" and "proper/patriotic appearances".

"America was having trouble, what a sad, sad Story.
Who could bring our Nation back to its former Glory ? ...
We looked around and then we found
the Man for you and me, and now its ...

Springtime for Hitler and Germany,
Winter for Poland and France ..."

What is this crap, LOVE OF FORM ?... ( Goose step is the New Step, today …)
the desire to pretend (mouth the dictum) that "everything is beautiful, in its own way" ?

Maybe the DOUBLE Uranus-Mars whammy will shake loose the polite, politcal APATHY ? ( Don't be stupid, be a smarty. Come and join the Nazi Party! ) Must we all start singing (again) in unison …and now it's



The "PRODUCERS" indeed! I heartily recommend you rent and view this 1968 movie.
Where are Zero Mostel, Gene Wilder, and Mel Brooks when we really, really need them?
Hugs to all you cat-o's, and ...

PS...remember the Goose (step) in "Friendly Persuasion" (-that's the 1956 Quaker flick with Tony Perkins, Dorothy MacGuire, and Gary Cooper- for all you NON Baby Boomers out there?)  Don't get goosed!
Grandfather Donaldo (the cryptic old man who lives in a shoe)

US Lied to Britain over Use of Napalm in Iraq War
By Colin Brown, The Independent UK
Friday 17 June 2005

American officials lied to British ministers over the use of "internationally reviled" napalm-type firebombs in Iraq.
Yesterday's disclosure led to calls by MPs for a full statement to the Commons and opened ministers to allegations that they held back the facts until after the general election.

Despite persistent rumours of injuries among Iraqis consistent with the use of incendiary weapons such as napalm, Adam Ingram, the Defenseminister, assured Labour MPs in January that US forces had not used a new generation of incendiary weapons, codenamed
MK77, in Iraq.

But Mr Ingram admitted to the Labour MP Harry Cohen in a private letter obtained by The Independent that he had inadvertently misled Parliament because he had been misinformed by the US. "The US confirmed to my officials that they had not used MK77s in Iraq at any time and this was the basis of my response to you," he told Mr Cohen. "I regret to say that I have since discovered that this is not the case and must now correct the position."

Full story here: http://www.truthout.org/docs_2005/061705E.shtml

What! The USA LIED?

More Natal Mars in Gemini square Natal Neptune in Virgo energy activated these days (Big Time) in USA chart by transiting PLUTO in my own natal birth sign, Sagittarius!

By the way, looks like we might have a "NEW" New Pearl Harbor toward the end of JULY this year (coming right up) as the FULL MOON will fall right on the Natal USA Pluto in Capricorn while MARS (force) SQUARES both Sun & Moon from its own sign ARIES! (Anyone interested in the charts should contact me and I'll send them.)

If this happens, it is because both the IMPEACH BUSH movement and the 9/11 Truth Movement are making headway against the Corporately (Capricorn) owned Media/Press. It will be another attempt to DISTRACT us, the People from waking up and acting upon the TRUTH pouring these days out of England ... the Downing Street Memo and now the NAPALM-LIKE weapons reported over a year ago.

Saturn will be on President Bush's Leo Ascendant  at the same time that it will conjunct (be in union with) the USA North Lunar Node (they are separated by less than half a degree!) ; either we hold him accountable or he will boldly step forward to usurp greater Executive Power/Authority. He's "The Man Who Would Be King".

CONSCIOUSNESS, AWAKENESS is the point here, my friends, being AWARE. Such awareness is the very strongest PREVENTATIVE we can exert. Not fear, despair, or negativity. We cannot really change all this until the greater majority of us, or else a highly communicative minority of us are clearly and absolutely aware of the fact that 9/11 is a LIE fabricated by our own US Corporate-Military Government. This is certain. It's FACT.

All Bush, All The Time - For The Rest Of Your Life
By John Chuckman

" A group of Republican legislators proposes to rescind the 22ndAmendment to the American Constitution. This is the Amendment, passed after four terms of Franklin Roosevelt scared the bejesus out of Republicans, limiting a      President to two terms in office. The legislators apparently believe that with continued Republican gains in Congress, they may be in a position to change the Constitution by 2006, in time to extend Bush's benevolent work."

For full article go here:http://www.rense.com/general66/allt.htm

 Wed, 15 Jun 2005
Howdy Folks,

Just a little reminder that Saturn, symbol of the constraints of "Authority" will be entering Leo for a 2+1/2 year duration beginning in Mid-July of this year, 2005. By late Fall it will pass over the Natal USA North Node in that sign, and the North Node is a symbol of this Nation's FUTURE.  Leo, as you all know, is a zodiacal sign indicative of Leadership, Drama, and "Kings". The Kings of Leo are Sun Kings   -(sometimes) acting like the infamous Sun Kings of France who paved the way for the French Revolution by way of their "Divine Right" and "noblesse oblige"  -they are not merely sweet and entertaining Disneyland Sun Kings. Leo, ruled by the Sun, warns us to remember that America is born with its Natal Sun in Cancer in waning square aspect to Saturn in Libra and that symbolizes the Nation's desire to break free of the emotional tantrums of Kings and their "taxes" (recall the Boston Tea Party). It indicates the need for Cancer-Personal Feelings (often mere displays of childish emotionalism) to yield to Libran Diplomacy by way of employing Saturn in Libra for FOCUS and RESTRAINT of those personal feelings.

Yes, but we have now occupying the OFFICE of the President, a man who was illegally appointed to that office by the Supreme Court for his first 4 year term in 2000, and a man who was re-installed via black box voting fraud in 2004. The very man who quipped that it would be easier to run this Nation if he could be "Dictator". Saturn's transit over the Natal USA North Node in Leo in September-October this year warns us that the "status-quo" + Authoritarian + Conservative
forces in this Nation will try to CONSOLIDATE their Authoritative Saturn Control. The OFFICE of the President is in danger of becoming swamped by the PERSONALITY of G.W.Bush -the AUTOCRAT! This is a very real threat. And the only thing that can STOP it is the PEOPLE (you & me)  IF/IF/IF  we can act in Leo fashion and boldly assert our rights using all the Libra tools of Diplomacy, Tact, Savy ...but ACT we must! This is no time to be forgetting about
the 60's chant, "POWER TO THE PEOPLE".

And I think that we need to be extremely wary of Pluto's current transit in SQUARE ASPECT to USA Natal Neptune because that National NEPTUNE function is in Virgo and is simultaneously being TESTED.

Virgo is the sign concerned with SELF ANALYSIS, SELF IMPROVEMENT and Neptune afflicted in that area expresses as "spiritual-psychic-escapist"  - isolation of one person from another by way of personal, individual "self betterment". The CIA Mantra called "What The Bleep Do We Know" ....O, let's all be self-involved, let's "think" peace, love, and positive things (as RAMTHA SAYS) which feed our National Psychosis of the "Rugged Individual" or each man/woman for him/herself    -after all, "peace" begins in you, in the individual and it's not nice to be politically-spiritually INCORRECT! Be NICE, be NICE, be NICE as the black cat named MIDNIGHT crooned, the cat from the early 1950's TV show about BUSTER BROWN who "lived in a shoe" with her dog SPOT ?

Compassion, which alone can sustain FREEDOM, requires that we put ourselves in EACH OTHER'S SHOES!!!! Think Norman O. Brown and the polymorphous perversity of LOVE'S BODY, the BODY POLITIC. Or, as my friend Ruth Klein would have it: "Visualize Impeachment". Read the article by John Chuckman above, it is worthwhile ...thus preacheth Bubba Don, the quadruple Sagittarian!

Hugs and tingles all over your polymorphously perverse selfs (you sex maniacs, you!)

Subject: Saturn in Leo.
Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2005 20:04:54 -0600

Hi Claudia,

Look (as Saturn prepares to enter Leo and conjunct USA Natal North Lunar Node there in USA Natal 8th house) how Centralized Authority gives more power to Corporate Industry:

Former Enron Executives Slated to Receive Taxpayer Handouts for New Project
Public Citizen: http://www.truthout.org/docs_2005/060705Y.sht

while simulataneously increasing Authoritative constraints on Citizens:

FOCUS | Senate Gives FBI More Patriot Act Power

This morning, for some bizarre reason, I listened for about an hour to Rush Limbaugh and his callers. Really "scary". Last night, my friend Carmen, who owns a small used book store + video rentals collection in downtown Santa Fe gave me a copy of a German Film called: "The Einstein Of Sex" directed by Rosa von Praunheim saying I should watch it. It was released in 1999 and it's what is labelled these days in America as "liberal". It is a film about a Jewish, Homosexual, German Doctor named Magnus Hirschfeld who fought to change German Laws which declared people's private sexual lives CRIMINAL if they practiced homosexual lifestyles. He made slow but considerable headway with his fight until Hitler came into power and then his work and his "Institute of Sexual Science" was destroyed by those scary blonde, blue eyed Hitler Youth whipped into frenzy by the Reich's Christian, down-home morality -the appeal to which "morality" greased the wheels that gave Herr Hitler such blanket AUTHORITY for his racist, sexist ideology called the "Third Reich". Paralells to America now are too disturbing for words. Christian Youth are coming next! One hears Carl Jung warning:

“The mere observance of a codified ‘Thou shalt not’ is not in any sense an ethical decision, but merely an act of obedience and, in certain circumstances, a convenient loophole that has nothing to do with ethics.” Jung, C. G. Civilization in Transition CW10, Princeton U. Press, Princeton, NJ 1964 p. 357

And Jung again:

""We are very much in the same predicament as the pre-National-Socialistic Germany of the twenties, i.e., we are apt to undergo the risk of a further -but this time worldwide- Wotanistic experiment. ..... The struggle between light and darkness has broken out everywhere. The rift runs through the whole globe, and the fire that set Germany ablaze is smouldering and glowing wherever we look. The conflagration that broke out in Germany was the outcome of psychic conditions that are universal."  Carl Jung, Collected Works Vol.10, p 242.

To go on with my story here I might add that Carmen's business (voted only a few years ago as the "best" and "most popular" used bookstore in town) has been steadily declining since the events of 9/11 and she is closing it down as of the end of this July. She came to me for an astrological consultation on the whole issue, and among the things she said is that she had thought her store was serving the "community" but now realizes there is NO COMMUNITY left here. She said she experiences her customers as being absorbed in a state of blankness comparable to a trance, and then followed up by telling me she had just tried to watch the 50's black & white original of "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers" but turned it off half way through as it struck her as exactly like what she's experiencing now.

In light of the email exchanges you and I have been having since last Fall I found this curiously disturbing. Carmen is even thinking of getting out of Santa Fe and New Mexico altogether but can't (she says) imagine where to live in the USA. I mention this because a few weeks ago you wrote of yourself and some friends maybe looking for a place in New Mexico where you could all live cheaply. But I tell you, my friend, New Mexico and Santa Fe particularly are becoming increasingly weird. Aside from the Nuclear Industry [Los Alamos, White Sands Missle Range, Sandia Labs in Albuquerque, and the Kirtland Air Force base] ... there is this heavy, old Spanish-Christian-Penitente energy that permeates the very sands out here ... a kind of gory and sensuous wallowing in christian guilt ... the ghosts of so many slaughtered Pueblo & Spanish ancestors hover about, the Moradas, the acting out of the Crucifixion at Easter Time ...the low-rider tatoos of Spanish (Inquisition) Catholic Religion ...hearts pierced by swords, duende violence, tatoos of flaming virgins burning in hell ... a kind of sentimental and violent craving for pain as punishment for un-named guilt. About two months ago, for instance, three Spanish teenagers attacked and severely beat a gay man after he left a restaurant here one night and he was taken to the hospital in critical condition ...then, a day or two ago, a married man -a whistleblower employee of Los Alamos was lured to a Bar called "Cheeks" in Santa Fe and was severely beaten there:

FOCUS | Los Alamos Lab Whistleblower Beaten

I am feeling all this in the light of Saturn's entrance into Leo and it's conjunction with USA Lunar North Node while all 3 of the outer planets, Uranus (beginning this June 14, 2005) + Neptune and Pluto will all be RETROGRADE. Especially in the light of this writing by Rudhyar in "The Astrology Of Personality":

"There remains one more point to be touched upon: What is the significance of the 3 remote planets when RETROGRADE? It is probable that what is indicated is a return-action of the collective element to the collectivity, but with the added power of the individual to make it effective in a new way. To put it more clearly: Sooner or later Races and Groups always degenerate. The individuals composing these collectives fail to act in accord with the deepest instincts and the archetypal truths which belong to mankind, biologically or spiritually. Out of all the sum total of these particular failures comes a general perversion or decadence of the collectivity. A race or nation or religious group falls into evil ways, crystallizes or disintegrates. What individuals caused, individuals must readjust. Reformers arise who proclaim the ancient forgotten truths, probably under a new garb. These individuals are led by the living spirit of collective humanity to reform the sick body of the collectivities of which they are parts. This reforming action of the collectivity by the collectivity, through the individual, is symbolized by the RETROGRADE motions of Uranus, Neptune, Pluto."  (The Astrology of Personality; pg 239; Doubleday Hardback Edition; first published in 1936.)

It is curious that Pluto was discovered exactly 84 years (one cycle of Uranus) after Neptune (1846) ...comments Rudhyar on page 238 of this same edition of this same work. And then he makes an observation which I think is important in light of the fact that FDR's "New Deal" program of Social Security Benefits is currently under attack:

"The ideals of the New Deal [ think Social Security etc. ] are typically Plutonic, insofar as we have in this New Deal an attempt at including all social classes in an integral type of organization in which the two factors of individualism and collectivism will be harmonized. Neptune makes whole, but it also leads to formlessness [ Transiting Pluto in Sagittarius currently squaring Natal USA Neptune in Virgo -FDG ]. Pluto brings the message of concrete form, of organization. If often we see it as disorganization, it is because we can discover only the first stages of the process. The Great War (WW I) meant disorganization; yet it tested the power of people to organize on a scale never dreamt of before. It taught efficiency and precision. It created the machinery which man may use constructively if he so desires .... and there is no doubt that Pluto deals with all the concrete manifestations of the new order."

I find it very curious, better yet INTRIGUING that ..." Pluto was discovered exactly 84 years (One cycle of Uranus) after Neptune" and that currently Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius are in Mutual Reception (Exchanging Functions, Fertilizing each other?), and that  -as YOU have pointed out-  the last time Uranus entered Pisces we witnessed the gradual Rise of Hitler's Third Reich  -I can't clearly put my finger on what I'm feeling in all this. Except that I find it odd that while Transiting Uranus in Pisces is currently in SQUARE ASPECT by SIGN (only) to Transiting Pluto in Saggitarius these two planets will not form an exact 90 degree square until June 24, 2012!(Can you confirm that date?)  Uranus will be in Aries while Pluto will be in Capricorn -could this be a new, pioneering (Aries) approach to the Business (Capricorn) of the collective (Capricorn) ?

2012 is that much discussed Year of the END OF THE MAYAN CALENDAR. As John Jenkins has repeatedly pointed out, that Year of the "Galactic Alignment" is a SYMBOLICAL time when a wholly New Paradigm is due to burst forth among individuals in the collective. Neptune (Creative Imagination) will be transiting thru its own sign, Pisces, at that time and CHIRON ( wound + healing ) also in PISCES will form exact 90 degree SQUARE aspects to both Jupiter and Venus . Venus (values) in Saggitarius (Religion, Publishing) will be opposing Jupiter ( expansion ) in Gemini (Words -spoken & written, Books) and the Wound + Healing of CHIRON will be challenging both of them from the sign of the zodiac that gave us THE AGE OF PISCES. Whatever might this signify?

Are we not rushing NOW through what Rudhyar has called " ...a general perversion or decadence of the collectivity ... " and is this "perversion" not marked by the recrudescence of  corrupt "Religions" (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) all marked by the MONOTHEISTIC AUTHORITY of the ONE PATERNAL GOD crappola?  The "New World Order" rises or falls on the POWER of the MONOTHEISTIC IMPULSE toward submission to a Central, One, AUTHORITY distillation of SATURN. Saturn, after all, symbolizes the Authoritative constraints of the "collective" norm -in this case, the BOOK-AUTHORITY of Christianity's NEW TESTAMENT, Islam's KORAN, and Judaism's BIBLE. These are the very root models for the current power of the CORPORATE  PARADIGM.
Centralized, authority via bookkeeping! Note:

( "In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the WORD was GOD, He is the Light, and the Light shines in the Darkness, and the Darkness grasps it not."  -Gospel Of John The Apostle. ) This little "ditty" seems to be the root of all "book keeping"  -and such bookeeping keeps track of every mistake, error, or deviation [known as "sin"] away from the Rule of the Word . Accountants!  Bookeepers!  The Tax Collector ( Apostle Matthew). The IRS; Federal Reserve System; Banking on the Word !

Are we living through the final years of the old perverse and decadent collective power of Books -with a capital B because, like the black stone of the Kabba and the stone tablets of the Law Of Moses and the Founding Rock (Petrus-Peter-Pope-Il Papa-Father) of Christinaity the "morality" of all these old paradigm belief systems is FIXED IN WRITING and may NOT be tampered with (tempered) leading individuals who espouse these Religious Books to be caught, stuck rigidly in an iron (Kali Yuga) concept of  RIGHT & WRONG that is MYOPIC because MONOTHEISTIC?  Is this dark fixity the determining force behind the BLACK HOLE theory of contemporary physicists? And is the "Singularity" at the very core of this Black Hole the Blind Spot of ultimate termination called Armageddon?

Isn't it peculiar that Sigmund Freud, whose metaphysical roots are in Judaism and who has a Crater on the Dark Side of the Moon named after him, wrote of the "Death Wish" of Humanity? Christians, Jews, and Muslims are all entangled in their bookish moral values and the very basis of this morality and these values is the deeply urgent wish for DEATH. These are self-destructive belief systems in their last, desperate spasms of "vitality" threatening to lead us all into their Armageddon Countdown toward mutual destruction via nuclear bursts of  blindingly radioactive "light" -which is the DARKNESS at their core.

The already dead will just drop dead.

I IMAGINE a very different Earth and a very different Humanity trying to birth themselves. Words, written in books or stone, drag their own dead weight around. It is the SPOKEN WORD, the VIBRATION OF SOUND that is CREATIVE ! Listen, how the sound of life moves on the Wind of Spirit as we are (about to be) really born. Life is a beautiful Faerie Tale coming true. I know, my Mother told me so!

Big Hugs,
Donaldo, Son of Dorothy La France Schmöll.
(Have I drunk too much coffee [with too much milk] today?)


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