Francis D. Grabau

 "To see the world as it is, actually, starkly, in the most practical and down-to-earth way,
and to see the world as it can be, with the highest and freest vision,
filled with hope and aspiration and a marvellous certainty
-these are the two poles of discernment."

                                                                                                                                      Mirra Alfassa; Agenda,
                                                                        Vol. IV,  pg. 241; 1963.

A year is an odd thing; more like a concept than a thing. You can't get your hands on it. It's intangible. But let's try anyway! The year 2005 can be viewed as the 5th year into the 21st Century and thus viewed what stands out is the number 5. Five is the occult number of Humankind, the number of Mind as Intention creating Magic; hence, the drawing of the five-pointed star or Pentagon. We are in a year when humankind uses its mind to make magic. Will this magic be made only by the minds of Generals in the US Pentagon?  Are we headed toward Der Freischütz: the Wolf Glenn scene with Zamiel, the Black Hunstman, and his magic bullet?

The Pentagon is the heart of the darkness in Washington DC, the Capital of the Corporate entity known as America. Together, they are currently breaking all International Law and violating the Geneva Conventions in their greedy quest to steal Iraq from the Iraqis. America is a tricky 'Nation' where the National Election has been brazenly rigged for the third time in a row to reinstall the Bush Crime Family into the White House against the People's wishes. It's a Corporate Superpower flexing its hormone-heavy, steroid missiles over the decimated lands of Iraq strewn about with  bloody limbs of mothers and infants, generously garnished with heaps of depleted but 'democratic' uranium. Lingering Death.

America assures all the world it has exported its 'democracy game' to Iraq, and January 2005 shall see the Iraqi People democratically 'vote' in their first 'real' [American] Election. The notorious George W. Bush illegally declared WAR on the Sovereign Nation of Iraq because "Jesus" told him to do so. He began the lingo that dubs the freedom-fighting citizens of that Nation "terrorists" and "insurgents" and backed by the corporately corrupt Senate of the USA, has vowed that 2005 shall be the year of 'free' elections in Iraq, -'American' Style!  But if Rigged Elections 2004 USA are any sign of what that means, the Free-World should lament the fate of all Iraqis.

Let's look at the chart for Year 2005 cast for Washington DC, USA, since that 'Christian' Superpower has announced unending global WAR against "terrorists" everywhere and has unilaterally decreed:

"If you're not with us, you're against us."


Immediately we see a highly disturbing reality: the 'planets' Saturn and Chiron are in tight opposition to each other as the year begins, and this opposition takes place between the astrological signs of Cancer (Saturn) and Capricorn (Chiron) the two most conservative signs of the zodiac dealing with national business and politics, national customs and down-home comfort.

As Year 2005 begins, this opposition is identical for every Nation around the globe and indicates a deep flaw in political-business practices felt by the people of every country. Traditional politicians and businessmen will increasingly be seen as critically wounded and in need of healing. The dysfunctional activity of their transnational corporations will be felt globally. Citizens of every Nation will know that everywhere the same league of International Money Investors & Profiteers are sharing profits and masking themselves behind each nation's flag while treating its citizens as mere "consumers."  Workers will feel a need to oppose their exploitation by the privileged, conservative, investing rich.

The Nodes of the Moon, indicators of the collective mood of the common people, are in stressful square to this opposition indicating Radical Change is needed, but is being resisted and delayed. This situation conflicts with the natural way people want to relate with each other. Taken altogether, Saturn, Chiron, and the Moon's Nodes form a Grand Cross in the Heavens surrounding the Earth. They do so in Initiating-Cardinal  signs creating massive worker unrest, enabling radical action against Corporations & Politicians.

Yet at the same time, the constricting forces of the Business & Political Establishment in each nation use deflection techniques, -all kinds of fear based control tactics to prevent a world-wide REVOLT by the commoners. People everywhere are thoroughly fed up with business & politics as usual, and the Bosses know it and are on guard. The privileged people of power and wealth fear the leveling effect that comes from the ability of the common folk to share. Corporate America labels this fear: Code RED! "High Terrorist Alert"!

In the New Year charts for the capitals of Australia, China, France, England, Iraq, and the USA, the Moon of the mood of the common folk is found in Virgo and in every Nation's 12th house. It argues that working people are feeling victimized, trapped by their dependency on businesses and politicians for their well-being, wages, and health care.  ALL WAGE EARNERS FEEL THIS. They are tired, angry, poor and ready to revolt, but feel blocked.

In all six of these charts, the Moon in Virgo in opposition to Uranus in Pisces adds greatly to the year's general tone of stress by emphasizing that everywhere the common people are subjected to hidden electronic, medicinal, viral and psychic methods of controlled oppression. The methodologies are scientific, technical, pharmaceutical, and bacteriological (Virgo); the means of delivery are electronic, radioactive, pulsing, and erratic (Uranus). This combination speaks of the ongoing global eugenics program for world-wide population control & reduction, as well as deliberate poisoning of the earth's water supplies symbolized by the Moon. It's a year full of  'black magic' via crowd control, chemtrails, and Haarp. Not to mention GMO crops, contaminated vaccines and corporately controlled, trance-inducing media.

Australia appears to be the most volatile of the six countries cited, and very likely to be in line for sudden and shocking upheavals since, at its New Year, the Moon and Uranus are nearest to EXACT opposition  -with Mars squaring both from Sagittarius by less than a degree. Australians will continue to be "coaxed" into the "coalition of the willing" (Mars in Sagittarius becoming the symbol of fighting wars on behalf of foreign countries) but there could also be radiation contamination and a definite vulnerability to corporately staged "terrorist" attacks of a radioactive or biological nature. Do Australians realize that Corporate America is the world's foremost leader in production of biological warfare materials as well as training and funding of "terrorists" -including their own Al Queda and Osama Bin Laden?  Trained terrorists are needed for the lucrative business of War, and this warlike T-square configuration of Moon, Uranus, and Mars indicates an edgy, angry mass mood in Australia seeking creative release. Australians are a primary focus for covert electronic surveillance and weather warfare. Eschelon and Haarp, again.

China shares with Australia a volatile mood only slightly less intense. The government there could easily initiate some sort of hi-tech warfare display-threat. Yet America is under the greatest pressure, the Nation most likely to lead the World into nuclear global conflict. Therefore, I give you the birth chart for the USA surrounding the chart for the Year 2005 cast for Washington DC:

America's Puritanical Finger Of God

In the USA the Grand Square of Year 2005 in cardinal signs activates the Nation's natal opposition between its retrograde Mercury in Cancer and its retrograde Pluto in Capricorn because Saturn falls on that Mercury and Chiron falls on Pluto. The USA will become more deeply involved in what observant people everywhere cannot help but notice is a distinct form of "Mass Psychosis" -a profoundly unconscious obsession with extremist ideas centered in rigid feelings of the business of exclusive Nationalism. In essence, it's a latent "death-wish" in the collective psyche demonstrated by the People's 'fascination' with the personality of its President, the malignant narcissism of George W. Bush and his childish dictum: "You're either with us, or you're against us!" A fascist fascination with Terror, Fear, Death, and the 'patriotism' of their: "Homeland Security".

As the chart of the American New Year 2005 reveals, the planet Pluto transiting in the sky at 22 degrees 44 minutes of Sagittarius opposes the natal Mars function of the USA at 21 degrees 23 minutes of Gemini. That's WAR, plain and simple. American war wrapped in righteous, religious, Sagittarian glamour. A massive psychological projection of Martian dominance that Corporate Business feels toward the rest of the world. Aggressively, the USA will continue to export this CORPORATE WAR to its friends and allies by way of the language of PURITAN PROPAGANDA (Pluto in Sagittarius, Mars in Gemini). Conscious people all over the world know that its infamous "coalition of the willing" is nothing of the sort: it's a coalition of the coerced!

America sees itself as a "chosen" Nation with a "Manifest Destiny" to rule the world by way of its corrupt and self-righteous "morality". Like its famous Calvinistic Preacher, Jonathan Edwards (Sermon: July 8, 1841) it sees all other Nations as: "Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God". Its "Manifest Destiny" is to hasten the coming of God's Armageddon, to destroy the environment of Earth as an act of Corporate Profit for the "ELECT" of its New World Order.  The 'Jesus' of America is the CEO of that anxiously awaited Corporate-American 'Heaven'. Having leveled the city of Fallujah (November, 2004), it has just named the next phase of its military assault against the People of Iraq: "Operation Plymouth Rock".

Obviously, the United States of America is in process of radical collapse from within and a "Civil War" is in the works for the Nation. Its Fabled History has come to an end. It will be a slow and protracted ending, a bloody one too, but the end is clearly in sight. It will be finalized by the year 2022 as transiting Pluto in Capricorn returns to the zodiacal position of 27 degrees 33 minutes which it occupied when the document known as the "Declaration Of Independence" was signed. Goodbye America, your arrogant "God" is that Old Deceiver, the Gnostic Archon -Yaldaboath. Your mighty Ship of State ('Titanic') sinks by weight of its own hubris beneath the waves of time. Innocents will go down with the ship, but with any luck it will also drag down the Global Corporate Government in its terminal wake.

Year 2005, witnesses the contracting force of business and politics (Saturn) conjoining the natal Mercury of the USA on two more occasions: Jan. 09, 2005 and May 28, 2005 completing what it started on Sept. 08, 2004. Since Saturn 'rules' the 2nd house of the USA dollar there will be rapid devaluation of that dollar causing world-wide financial instability, creating radical differences between poor workers and rich investors. More rigidly authoritarian laws will be passed by the Nation's corporately owned legislature urged on by the corporately owned 'President' to stifle the ensuing unrest. Efforts underway by the likes of Ralph Nader, the USA Green & Libertarian Parties, Bev Harris and the Black Box Voting activists will probably prove to be ineffectual because the US Supreme Court consists of corrupt corporate fascists.  American 'Democracy' has been reduced to a mere marketing ploy for consumers. It doesn't exist. George W. Bush did NOT win even the popular vote in America's 2004 elections; he was installed, once again, by Diebold,  Sequioa, etc. who rigged computer tabulated votes nation-wide. America is a Virtual Nation, living in a Virtual Reality, under Virtual Illusion -a Neptune phenomenon.

Look carefully at the Moon in Virgo in the Year 2005 chart USA, see it applying to a waning quincunx aspect to Neptune in Aquarius, a waxing sextile to the US natal Sun in Cancer. Take note as to how that same Neptune at 13 dg. 51 mins. Aquarius is also quincunx the natal US Sun at 13 dg. 20 mins. of Cancer. The resulting configuration is known as the Yod, or 'Finger of God'. Neptune, planet of ripe karma, endings, and delusion is at the pivotal Apex of that configuration.

Year 2005 is a karmic show-down with the planet Neptune (oil, lies etc.)for the USA and for the common people (Moon) of the Nation who are disenfranchised and caught in the grip of a Transnational Corporate Government. This year begins in earnest the systematic destruction of the remnants of its Constitution and Bill of Rights, brings the Nation to its knees in overwhelming debt. No money for much needed domestic spending ! Only money for the Haliburton, Bechtel, Carlyle Corporate Destruction of Iraq. That's how US Mercury opposing US Pluto deals with Money in America. We pay a Corporate Government privately owned by Federal Reserve bankers; they use our taxes to fill their pockets. On June 26, 2005 transiting Saturn opposes US Pluto and echoes the situation that began on 911. We get a chance (for a month on either side of that date) to witness once again how the USA  is a 'religion' of killer Businesses and NOT a government of plain people! The People get "austerity" the bankers, businesses, and federal bureaucrats get more holy money!

The World really needs to grasp this fact: in America, money and 'success' are what's holy, the only proof of 'goodness'. Poverty testifies to one's 'spiritual' inferiority. The poor are those whom the Puritan God of Calvinism designates as sinners. Poverty is this 'God's' punishment, and his corporately elect rich are the instrument of his righteous wrath. By way of their clean, white-tie politics, their pure-white scientific lab coats ('cleanliness is next to godliness') they have labored to engineer biological weapons like AIDS and DEPLETED URANIUM to 'take out' the genetically 'inferior' of their own kind, to ravish the dark-skinned poor of Africa, Haiti, and Arabia in service to their Angry God. Iraq and the Balkans are deeply poisoned by depleted uranium from America. Its deadly effects last thousands of years.

The "Finger of God" in 2005, the Year of the Yoke, reveals that its interaction with the birth chart of the USA can be used to yoke all common citizens to the plow of Corporate Government and employ them as bridled oxen fit only to power its profit machines. And the fact is that this year and next (Apr. 5, '05; Aug. 28, '05; Jan. 27, '06) transiting Uranus -also in the Neptune (Mass Psychosis USA) dominated sign of Pisces, will challenge the People of America (natal USA Uranus in Gemini) with its own version of "Shock and Awe." There's an outside chance it might trigger the eruption of the 'Super Volcano' in Wyoming's Yellowstone Park -given the simultaneous transits of Pluto to the US natal Neptune in Virgo: Dec. 23, '04; July 14, '05; Oct. 19, '05.  Regardless of that unlikely event, Uranus clearly warns of immanent possibility for Nuclear War. Israel, we all know, is likely to play a key role in that scenario.

People must do all they can to STOP "America" dead in its tracks if they value their lives on planet Earth. There's a psychopath at the helm of US Corporate Government who has 24 hour a day access to the  'black box' that can send Nuclear Warheads all around the Earth -the scenario of Kubrick's darkly prophetic film, Doctor Strangelove. The situation is absolutely critical and the collective consumer apathy of the USA is powerless to stop him. The whole Nation is caught in a Neptune Trance of DENIAL. Deceived, and mutually deceiving.

America, we must never forget, was founded upon slavery and a policy of genocide toward its Native Peoples. The great Native American leader, Tecumseh, fought against William Harrison, the first US President to die in office. In 1840 Harrison ran for President as "the log cabin and hard cider" candidate who believed in the American Doctrine known as "Manifest Destiny". He slaughtered native Americans at Tippecanoe and his campaign for the Presidency in 1840 (oddly enough, the only other time in USA History when transiting Neptune formed a waning quincunx from Aquarius to its natal Sun in Cancer) was characterized as especially "ugly and debauched".  Many would say the same concerning the campaign Bush waged in 2004. Bush is a dry alcoholic. Coincidence abounds.

John Quincy Adams wrote in his Diary concerning Harrison "…his thirst for lucrative office was absolutely rabid." One month after his election, Harrison died in office giving rise to the 'Legend of Tecumseh's Curse' -a Neptune-Karmic Curse that claimed the lives of every American President thereafter who won Office in a zero election year. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush are the only two exceptions to the curse, but a failed attempt was made to assassinate Reagan leaving him visibly impaired and mentally incompetent in office. Bush, so far, has survived. His sadistic prosecution of an unending "War Against Terrorism" beginning with the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, his example and tacit approval of torture at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib contrast violently with the example of Tecumseh who " …did not believe in torture and declared no one would be tortured in his presence."  Tecumseh admonished President Harrison who 'bought' land from "Indians" (using that good old "American" tactic of getting them drunk first) with these words:

"Sell a country? Why not sell the air, the great sea, as well as the Earth?"

Corporate America intends to employ its 'black magic' to harness every man, woman, and child to pull the machine of its War On Terrorism. Its aim is to poison and lay waste the air, the seas, the whole Earth for Corporate Profit. It is cursed. Drunk on its own superpower. Every citizen of Earth must say no to America's mass psychosis, its "Manifest Destiny" of buying, stealing, and raping the only Earth we love.

The Year 2005 simultaneously exposes, tightens, and says goodbye to America's yoke. But even as the old dream (now turned corporate nightmare) bleeds away this year (next, and next), a new and truly Revolutionary Spirit rises like a Phoenix from its ashes. It will do so under great duress. The Time has come to tune our minds and hearts to the intentional magic of the number 5 and embrace the New Year's dream of Free Spirit. We must practice discernment, hear the wisdom of Tecumseh, stop the psychic plague of Corporate "American" Terror. See the world as it can be, filled with hope and the marvellous certainty of Love. Act accordingly.


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