political astrology

( A Hobbit Is A Habit By Any Other Name.)

( Francis D. Grabau )

Chapter One:
As The World Turns.

Why do people consult astrologers and ask questions about what the planets are doing in the skies and in their personal birthcharts ? Is it because they think that what goes on in the skies with the planets affects them in personal ways ? Is it because they subscribe to the ancient hermetic saying: ‘As Above; So Below’ ? Do they give credence to Carl Jung’s comment that everything born at a given ‘moment’ in Time carries the significance of that Moment in its very cells ? Or is Astrology merely a faddish toy like a cell phone, the latest T-shirt, the most recent ‘hit’ movie in the theatres, the smash song playing on the air waves, or the new break-through book at the top of the New York Times best-seller lists ? 

Do people consult astrologers and the ‘stars’ in an effort to better understand themselves and the patterns in their lives ? Why did Nancy Regan ‘use’ her own personal astrologer during the years her husband was President of the United States ? Why did Hitler, Churchill, and the Intelligence gathering networks of the Allied Nations in World War II consult astrologers ? Was it for spiritual reasons, for reasons of inner growth and understanding, or was it because they felt that their understanding of the basic ‘moods’ occurring among the public might be enhanced by using such ‘information’ as astrology/astrologers could give them ?

If astrologers inform the public that during such and such a period of time the planet Mercury will be ‘retrograde’ in the skies ‘causing’ or ‘inclining’ errors and delays in communications and such things as the working efficiency of machines, can such ‘information’ actually become the ‘cause’ of a self-fulfilling prophecy ? After all, if you secretly ‘suspect’ that your dog has fleas you are likely to examine his body hair more closely, probe under his hairy ears, part the hair all over his body until you find the fleas you’ve begun to suspect are hidden there. That’s only natural; no harm done, and some good has resulted from your increased and focused attention upon your dog. Your dog had fleas, but now you’ve found them and removed them and your dog is happier and healthier for it.

But if a friend tells you astrologers are ‘predicting’ that during the next 8 weeks all dogs are inclined toward accidents while walking with their owners, and that an eclipse of the Moon during that same period of time does not bode well for the safety of dogs ...you might well become over-concerned. Your concern might easily pass on to actual anxiety and fear as you consider the astrological ‘prediction’ that dogs are inclined to accidents for these next 8 weeks and that something mysteriously linked somehow to the eclipse of the Moon might actually result in the death of dogs at this time. Your concern might escalate into a fear-based tension for the safety and well-being of your dog, and while you are out walking him he might feel that tension being transmitted to him the way dogs so often do. Your daily walk with your dog might become increasingly wrought with such tension transmitted and shared, and this could easily lead to ‘creating’ just such an accident resulting in his death.

If you live in a city it might happen as you wait on a corner for a traffic light to change; your own astrologically rooted ‘anticipation’ of ‘dog problems’ could reach sudden high levels as the busy traffic rushes by, and your dog -sensing your nervous apprehension- could suddenly dash into the street. Of course, he gets hit by an on-coming car driven by a person talking on a cell phone to an astrologer warning of the dangers inherent in the current period of Mercury being ‘retrograde’ and coupled with an eclipse of the Moon in the sign of ‘small animals’ ! Voila: problem, reaction, solution! You have a dead dog on your hands, and a sacred animal friend physically missing from your life. Does this mean that astrology ‘works’ ?

And if you conclude that it does ‘work’ is that because of impersonal 'fact' or because of personal programming ? Programming is an inevitable aspect of life: we flip switches in order to turn on lights, we stop our cars at red lights, we pay yearly taxes -or, some of us do. We repeat little gems of programmed wisdom to each other all the time: ‘A penny saved, is a penny earned’, ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’, ‘Whatever goes up, must come down’. We (or others all around us) say only three things in life are certain: birth, death, and taxes. Then, life goes on, the Earth turns on its axis, the Sun rises and sets, and the planets move in their orbits.

Currently, the planet Saturn is moving in the sky against the backdrop of a cluster of stars called the sign of Gemini, and the planet Pluto is orbiting against the backdrop of another cluster of stars called the sign of Sagittarius. These two planets are in astrological opposition meaning that they are moving in opposite areas of the sky from the point of view of the Earth. We astrologers attribute to such an opposite movement the quality of tension, and based upon personal predisposition, experience, and a long line of tradition we interpret this ‘tension’ to be a force demanding conscious integration in peoples’ lives. We go further and claim that Gemini is a star cluster associated with dualistic thought and communication while Sagittarius is a star cluster associated with the fiery enthusiasm arising from a desire within us all to resolve such dualistic thought and communication into purposeful intentions, truths, or beliefs in goals.

We claim that the over-all ‘mood’ of the global public is one of tension demanding expression and resolution through language and communication. We say that the tension of this opposition is both affecting us by arousing our feelings, and effecting us by way of changes it is introducing into our lives through a combination of personal and public writing, speaking, publishing, radio, television, the electronic internet of mutually gossiping computers, and the ever dizzying proliferation of all kinds of electronic broadcasts pouring in on us from satellites spinning around the Earth relaying these electronic pulses. And just what group might be interested in that sort of influence?

spying white house

We Never Spy
On 'Good' Americans

We are quite literally submerged in our programming, and some of this programming is intentionally covert or hidden from us. We all know that the Intelligence Agencies of technologically advanced governments are employing secret devices and techniques in their mutual spying activities, and many of these devices and techniques employ electronic signals carrying information on what they have called Extra Low Frequency or ELF bands of the electro-magnetic spectrum. So the current opposition of the planets Saturn and Pluto in the astrological signs of Gemini and Sagittarius is effecting not only visible-audible communications, but these invisible and impossible to hear ELF communications as well. Very interesting, -says the bemused astrologer, twisting his fingers through his gray beard- and what might be going on here ? Exactly what do all these communications both visible and invisible, audible and inaudible convey by way of instructional programming ? And how did the Elfs get involved with this work ? Oh, of course, this is the year of the blockbuster film called The Lord Of The Rings coming to theatres near you! Gandalf, Galadriel, and Gollum are parading across international movie screens in their Quest to keep the ONE RING from the hands of the Dark Lord in the Land of Mordor. Let’s see now, how does the tale go ?

"One Ring To Bring Them All,
And In The Darkness Bind Them
In The Land Of Mordor
Where The Shadows Lie"


‘Borderline Personality Disorder’

Chapter Two:
Where the Shadows Lie.

Where do the Shadows lie ? What is a shadow ? Where is the Realm of Shadows ? Let’s begin our investigation of shadows by consulting one of the ‘Authorities’ known as Webster:

From: Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

  • To cut off light from; to put in shade; to shade; to throw a shadow upon; to overspread with obscurity. The warlike elf much wondered at this tree, So fair and great, that shadowed all the ground.—Spenser.
  • To conceal; to hide; to screen. [R.] Let every soldier hew him down a bough. And bear’t before him; thereby shall we shadow The numbers of our host.—Shakespeare.
  • To protect; to shelter from danger; to shroud. Shadowing their right under your wings of war.—Shak.
  • To mark with gradations of light or color; to shade.
  • To represent faintly or imperfectly; to adumbrate; hence, to represent typically. Augustus is shadowed in the person of [AE]neas.—Dryden.
  • To cloud; to darken; to cast a gloom over. The shadowed livery of the burnished sun.—Shak. Why sad? I must not see the face O love thus shadowed.—Beau. & Fl.
  • To attend as closely as a shadow; to follow and watch closely, especially in a secret or unobserved manner ; as, a detective shadows a criminal.
  • Aha, so we can see from the generous Mr. Webster that ‘shadow’ is a word full of subtle meanings and textures, and astrology would add to what he has told us the fact that the planet Pluto is associated with the shadow  -for he is the Dark Lord of the Underworld who rules over the Realm of Shadows, the Land of the Dead
    Everything of a shady nature is second nature to Pluto. He’s a bit like the ‘Lone Ranger’ of the Heavens, something of a ‘Masked Man’. His ‘Tonto’ partner is a fellow known as Charon, the Dark Saint Christopher among the gods who assists his Lord by playing Cosmic Ferryman carrying the souls of the dead over the river Styx to Hades, the home of Pluto. Hades, with its sulphurous fumes and fiery rivers has the feel of Tolkien’s Mordor.

    Shadow Ring

    Now I realize your average Joe don’t like to know this kinda stuff! Hey, it smells of heathenism and dirty, filthy things. If he’s a bona-fide Christian, this average Joe catches a whiff of bad things here, -like maybe Devils and evil, and other unwholesome crud. Hey, says he, astrology is the work of the Devil; I know cause my minister or the Bible done told me so. And, guess what, O gentle and dear reader…I am the average Joe, and I like the average Joe and, furthermore, you do, too…Hobbits, all of us, happy in our habits!  So we have to give Joe his due here and say he’s damn right. There be Devils in these here words, but hey Joe…grab your six-pack and come along for the ride, have some fun, we’re just gonna be a bunch of raunchy intellectual rednecks and kick some mythological butt!

    Pluto is calling us from out there in Sagittarius, and he won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. When the Lord of Shadows calls from the starry sagittarian heights of our philosophical and religious beliefs he does so in his usual shady ways: he makes us a forbidden, absolutely taboo offer we can’t refuse To refuse the Dark Godfather is to receive the Kiss of Death, and the kiss of death for a believer is the loss of his faith. Without his faith the believer is doomed –as he damn well knows- because that’s one of the tenets of his faith! Well, shucks folks, what can I say?  Don’t mistake the messenger for the message! I’m just doing my job as an astrologer, like any other flunky bureaucrat working for any other business of belief.  Sorry, if what I have to report here bums you out or causes you to wet your pants in public, but as Pluto in Sagittarius would tell it: the Truth will out, -especially the dirty, filthy, hidden Truth
    : http://www.ratical.org/ratville/CAH/theFword.html

    Ring Wraiths

    Pluto in Sagittarius is challenging Saturn in Gemini at the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius, aren’t you lucky to be alive in such interesting times ? As the Francoise Villon of the old counter-culture sang it back there in the 60’s: ‘Something’s going on, but you don’t know what it is. Do you, Mister Jones?’  Well, here’s a hint, -‘those icy fingers running up & down your spine…round and round you go, down and down you go…You’re in a spin, loving that spin that you’re in, under that old Black Magick called…’. And, I wouldn’t exactly call it Love since Pluto is known (by every card-carrying paternalist) to have raped Persephone, but there’s definitely some kind of obsession going on for us all. We are being lured into the shadows, down into the depths by a ‘force’ that has no face to it, an invisible, secret, obsessive and possessive ‘force’ which each of us personalizes through our own ‘Jungian’ Shadow.
    ‘Getting to know you, getting to know all about you’…isn’t always a peppy-cheery little tune sung by Anna to the King of Siam and his movie progeny, but it is a tune likely to be operative these days between our conscious ego selves and our unconscious shadows. Like it or not we are meeting or about to be meeting the Devil, and as Pogo long ago suggested –he’s us! Agh, you say, don’t project your weirdness onto me, Osama Bin Grabau, own up to your own perversity; and if you aren’t saying that (thank you) -you can be sure your friends will be pointing the finger at you the minute you open yourself to them confessing that you want nothing so much as to rape, murder, and pillage their ‘precious’. Oh, you say, not me, you say, and that filthy language yet again!  Well, like Gollum, my friends once you make contact with the One Ring of the Dark Lord Pluto you’ll be obsessing over it, yearning to hold it, wanting to slink off into some slimy hole where you can sit alone in the dark with your precious and feel its throbbing power. Yes, kids, the ‘Force’ is with us, all hail The Force !!! But, for the moment, the force is veiled by the overspreading shadows of obscurity…de profundo lacu.

    Balrog Shadow

    That’s just Latin, take it seriously because Saturn in Gemini urges us right now to take all language seriously. Does Latin scare you, does Arabic ? What of Al Qaeda, Taliban, and Haarp ? Gemini, my friends, is the sign of languages and with Saturn in the sign of languages words can become seriously sinister, -sinestra, the left hand, the left hand path of Sauron, Saruman, Secrecy. What are the Gemini media showing us, what are they telling us ? You can be sure that the status-quo of Saturn is focused in the media, and Saturn in the media means that the authoritarian owners of the media are structuring the ‘news’ to serve their own ends. Saturn in Gemini combines the themes of authority and business in the realm of language, and it structures that language to exclusively reflect its own serious concerns; those concerns can be summed-up as ‘business-as-usual’. Enron.
    (see: http://www.ratical.org/ratville/CAH/911inquiry.html )
    But with Pluto opposing Saturn the theme of shadows enters the public realm of media-words, and a struggle ensues centered upon the belief in these shadowed words, in the need for secrecy. What is secrecy ? Who does not keep secrets ?  Let him among you who is without secrets throw the first stone. Nobody moves. A hush falls over the mob. The TV audience is stunned by the patriotic music and the absolute, clarion ring of censorship. The secret of guilt has rendered everyone motionless because everybody feels secretly guilty. The White House and the Pentagon issue ‘suggestions’ to the media that they not show us pictures of the dying Afghanistan people ‘we’ are bombing into submission, that they not play for us videotapes made by Osama Bin Laden, that they not harp on the fact that final investigations have revealed Al Gore to be the winner of the recent ‘democratic’ elections –just a technicality there, for sure, no real qualitative difference. This is the Authority of Saturn controlling and focusing the language of Gemini; but Pluto, the Inscrutable One is opposed to this language and biding his time. He suggests to us that we look for the hidden and veiled implications of the language used by the media, that we probe such language deeply if we wish to resist the pull of the One Ring seeking its owner, the One Ring of the Gnostic Demiurge with but one desire: to pull the wool over our eyes and ears, to lure us into the Land of Mordor where the Shadows Lie!  Doublespeak. Disinformation
    We must all pledge allegiance to the One Ring, we must wave our flags and be Patriotic. Secrecy is the handmaiden of guilt, and what we don’t say can kill us. 

    ‘ A Elbereth Gilthoniel! ’

    ‘ Come, Tom Bombadil, for our need is near Us.’

    Where are the astrologers now, in our time of need? What are they saying about the shocking events of September 11, 2001, about the stunning and fascistically new ‘Office of Homeland Security’, ‘The U.S. Patriot Act’, the War On Terror?

    Indeed, how has the presence of Saturn in Gemini effected the communications of astrologers with their ‘clients’ ? Who among them stresses the importance of social protest ? Are they pointing out that traditional Plutonian secrecy is being amplified in the media ? Are they calling attention to that invisible-inaudible spectrum of broadcasted electro-magnetic radio waves? Do they mention Haarp or ELF technology ? http://www.trufax.org/

    Well, this astrologer can’t say as he’s seen much in the way of such discussion on the web pages of astrologers, with the exception of Caroline Casey  and –in an implied way- with fewer social and greater theosophical overtones Michael Myers.
    Why do so many astrologers fail to emphasize that during this current opposition of Saturn in Gemini to Pluto in Sagittarius we are in need of examining all forms of secret, covert, Plutonian communication ? Doesn’t the symbology speak for itself ? Or are they simply and collectively unaware of the deliberate employment of such ‘black ops’ technology on the part of the Global Corporate Government ? Does Saturn’s passage through the Gemini field of words and information opposing Pluto’s passage through the Sagittarius field of beliefs and belief systems not WARN us all to beware, to examine the darkest and most hidden roots of our beliefs and our language ? 

    Could there be such a thing as the ‘status-quo’ in the magical-mystical realm of Astrology itself ? And if so, what might that ‘status-quo’ look like ? How does it ‘read’ ? Smell ? Taste ? Sound ? Could it be that Astrology is held tight in the grip of Saturn ? Could it be that astrologers are only human after all, and some of them may be unconsciously assisting the Corporate One World Government in its current efforts to hypnotize the general public, to put us all in an electronically induced  ‘state of mind’ that unquestioningly follows its monetary psychological instructions ? Don't they realize that this euphemistically labeled 'Non-Lethal-Weapons' system has already been Lethally deployed in the previous Gulf War?

    The Wise Old Wizard among Gnostic Astrologers, the Gandalf of the Guild had this to say about modern astrologers (and their plethora of ‘scientific techniques’) regarding their possible use by the established ‘powers that be’:

    "The use of modern technology in the hands of military men of all nations –men whose consciousness is still operating in terms of tribal warfare and the extermination or enslavement of souls if not bodies- has proven how terrible the combination can be. Astrologers obviously do not handle such power weapons, but the widespread use of certain quasi-mechanical or statistical techniques of analysis could, I believe, create an intellectual ambiance which could have definitely negative psychological results –more so than the superficial yearning for having one’s fortune told.

    A legalization of astrology, and its being officially taught in universities, could well produce very unpleasant results. The U.S. Navy has already used the lure of popular astrology in a T.V. program promoting enlistments. We are in an age when brain-washing of one type or another is given great scientific credit and credibility. The prediction business in terms of political polls can have very harmful results, because it creates an atmosphere in which tentative decisions are made without any sense of responsibility. Statistical statements are excellent means to avoid responsibility and to manipulate the opinion of the unwary." 

    (Dane Rudhyar: My Stand On Astrology; published & distributed by The Seed Center, Palo Alto, California; 1972. pg.25) 
    Schools and Universities are the domain of Sagittarius wherein Pluto currently moves, while statistics, information, and data -as well as techniques of communication in general- are the realm of Gemini wherein Saturn currently moves. Saturn is opposing Pluto, and this symbolizes that Authority-Focus-Form (Saturn) operating in daily communications and media (Gemini) is directly engaged in an astrophysical, astrological, and psychological ‘tug-of-war’ (the opposition aspect) with the Collective Unconscious (Pluto) of mankind operating in potentially Covert or Plutonian ways on the beliefs and aspirations (Sagittarius)of every one of us. That’s a mouthful of words; go back and read it again, and then think about it!

    If ever there is a time when collectively as humans in society we are asked to consider the secret and hidden agendas operative among the authorities ( Bush, the C.I.A., the N.S.C., the F.B.I. and now the new ‘Office of Homeland Security’ etc.) that time is NOW! The national, commercial, main-stream media in America is peopled by so-called ‘news casters’ and ‘reporters’ who stare out of the tube at us concerned solely with their appearance while reading pre-written and scripted news like third-rate actors seeking jobs in the wasteland of make-believe.

    There is no news, there is merely blatant and very one-sided propaganda pouring out of our televisions and into our minds. Propaganda is one of the lowest manifestations of the Sagittarian quest for a ‘Truth’ that can inspire us; Sagittarius produces some of our most visionary philosophers and poets (William Blake was a Sagittarius), but it is also the hotbed of righteous crusades (the Inquisition) and the home of all the best Used-Car Dealers in the world! Jupiter, the very planet that informs the energy-field of Sagittarius is associated with the metal tin as well as brass and musical largesse. The trumpeting of patriotic music - ‘God Bless America’, as well as the thoroughly unmusical anthem known as the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ - underlying America’s ‘War On Terror’ is certainly brassy! If the fundamentalists had their way we’d surely be hearing ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ at the introduction to each day’s updated war news on radio and television.

    The Authority of Saturn is being used in an all-out way to imprint on the Collective Unconscious of Pluto (that’s us) the idea that questioning the facts and data being fed to us is tantamount to being a ‘traitor’. Astrologers should be pointing this out daily. Are they ? No, they are not, and we must ask ourselves why. In the print media the situation is much the same. Consider, for instance, that Vanity Fair recently refused to publish the article it solicited from Gore Vidal (see:http://www.pitt.edu/~kloman/vidalframe.html) because that article was thoroughly ‘unpatriotic’ in its viewpoint which deeply questioned the accepted truths concerning the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

    Earlier last year, Vidal had the gall to question the official truth concerning the Oklahoma City bombing attributed solely to Timothy McVeigh, and even asked if he was not set-up as a ‘Manchurian Candidate’ by others hidden behind the scenes. Vanity Fair published that article in its September issue, but then came the ‘War OnTerror’ and the ‘Patriot Games’ and they dropped Vidal’s work in the midst of the campaign of disinformation with which our currently jerry-rigged government is desperately attempting to veil our minds in shadows.

    Mister Vidal has also written about the government’s propaganda techniques which led us into W.W.II, pointing out that Roosevelt had to have deliberately allowed Pearl Harbor to be bombed (and all those servicemen murdered) since he knew the Japanese were on their way that December 7th day in 1941 with bombs aplenty! Gore rightly mocks America and attempts to wake us up by constantly referring to this country as ‘The United States Of Amnesia’.

    Okay, so forget it! But then there is the case of Aaron McGruder, the cartoonist creator of the comic strip called "The Boondocks" whose work is being looked at questioningly these days by syndicated newspapers which carry it. Here’s an example of his work:

    [In an interview McGruder gave with somebody named Stephen Lemons for Salon (internet magazine) the following notions come to light:]
    "A number of the 250 publications that carry "The Boondocks" have taken exception to the sardonic sedition of McGruder’s characters. The New York Daily News dropped the strip for about a month and a half, Newsday in Long Island chose not to run Sept. 11-inspired strips the first week they started coming out and the Dallas Morning News has moved the strip to a separate section altogether from other comics. None of this fazed McGruder. In response, he temporarily "replaced" the strip with "The Adventures of Flagee and Ribbon," where the two symbols sing the National Anthem and talk tough about the U.S. ‘kicking tail’."

    These are but the signs of the times, but keep in mind that the ‘times’ are the Pluto-Saturn Times. We all need to be alert to hidden control of the media by the authorities who constitute the ‘status-quo’. McGruder is a refreshingly fine example of one among us who is doing just that:

    "Why did you decide to target the post-Sept.11 displays of patriotism in the strip, and essentially mock them with those two characters Flagee and Ribbon?"
    "Because it wasn’t genuine. I thought it was very faddish, and there was no real weight behind it. You know, we just came off an election that was a mess. We still don’t know if the president won the election. We do know that he got less votes nationwide. There’s no question about that. And he may not even have won, legitimately, the electoral contest.There were reports of the massive disenfranchisement of African-Americans in Florida, which went totally unreported in this country, but was covered widely by the foreign press. There were black people in Florida yelling and screaming, trying to get somebody to pay attention to them. They were saying that they had their rights taken away from them, andthey were not allowed to vote. And nobody in this country cared. Where was the flag then? Where was this embracing of American ideals when people had their rights ripped from them so unjustly? We have a president who was appointed by the Supreme Court, and there was none of this talk about freedom and love of country at that time.

    So I feel like the deaths of 4,000 people had really nothing to do with love of country or not. This country made giant mistakes and failed to protect its people. We don’t need tobe rallying around the government and supporting it, we need to be holding it accountable and being very critical so this type of thing doesn’t happen again. So there are a number of reasons why I was uncomfortable with the whole flag thing. "
    [Note: The full text of this article can no longer be viewed without ‘paying’; Salon is another typical example of the internet-capitalist, a growing breed!]

    Well, as Bilbo was fond of singing, - The Road goes ever on and on. 
    So let’s ask ourselves once again as brothers and sisters participating in the fellowship of the ring, what is Political Astrology ?


    Chapter Three:
    Journey To The Crossroads.

    In the spirit of the current Pluto-Saturn opposition please allow me to remind you that astrology is increasingly becoming a tool assimilated to the political and psychological main-stream of Society. Horoscope columns are in most newspapers, and the internet is full of astrological web pages. Lots of people access the ‘stars’ through modern media. And don’t forget the previously mentioned uses of astrology by national governments in W.W.II, or the infamous notoriety of the Nancy Regan days. Is our current ‘secret government’ using its secret intelligence agencies to tap into the potential for mass consciousness manipulation by way of astrology ?

    Does it profit the government to know that every time Mercury turns retrograde thousands of astrologers are programming millions of ‘clients’ to anticipate delays in communications and break-downs of machinery ?
    Did they know that on the day the ‘Terrorists’ flew their planes into the WTC Towers the planet Mercury was rising over the eastern horizon of New York City on the very same degree where Saturn rests in the Birth Chart of America Did they realize that this planetary alignment favored speaking Authoritatively to the American People in calm and solemn Saturnian tones?  You bet they did!

    Dane Rudhyar

    And what might that imply ? Well, once again I quote the Gandalf of 20th Century Astrology, as he speaks to us precisely about what that might mean:

    "From what I have written in this (see below) and other books, it should be clear that I watch with misgivings the sincere efforts made by many astrologers to bring to astrology "scientific" respectability by using computerized proliferation of data and treating it statistically in a purely empirical manner. The aim of these efforts is to make it possible for astrology to be recognized as a valuable profession with definite standards based on a knowledge that could be taught for credit in universities. This inevitably would lead to legal regulations and the licensing of astrologers able to pass examinations, tests, and perhaps periods of training. These would be provided by officially recognized state or national organizations which would thus control the practice of astrology.

    Such a situation exists in the fields of medicine, psychology, law and many other professions officially believed to have social value and needing special safeguards. It obviously is the answer to a real need in our society where personal greed and an anarchistic type of individualism and power-seeking prevail. Nevertheless governmental regulation and monopoly have serious drawbacks. These need to be pointed out to astrologers. The American Medical Association is a characteristic example of what would be likely to occur if astrological practice were State regulated and officially taught in colleges along the lines defined by scientific respectability and effectiveness. The AMA is a relevant example because the practice of medicine generates the possibility of very important financial profits, some directly through medical fees, others even more considerable in terms of the selling of pharmaceutical products, books on health, medical textbooks, etc.

    The same possibility, on a lesser yet still very important scale, exists in the field of astrology. It exists now in the present unregulated state of astrological practice; but it would be greatly magnified if astrology were taught in every school and college as a valuable method of insuring an optimal way for human beings to meet their everyday problems as well as their long-term psychological, physiological and social development. "

    (Dane Rudhyar: From Humanistic To Transpersonal Astrology;
    published in 1975 ) available online at
    MichaelMeyer’s Khaldea web page:

    Now it appears to this writer that the danger Rudhyar is pointing out in his comments is in process of being acted upon; astrologers have lobbied to create accredited courses in a few universities and have even created a few of their own ‘astrological universities’. And the trend is continuing. Astrology has wrapped itself in the elegant cloak of (mostly Jungian) psychology, and added to that cloak a smattering of scientific and statistical feathers.

    Astrology is a very respectable study in these days of endless reams of self-help books, and the mostly caucasian (from what I’ve been able to discern) practitioners of this ancient art –the astrologers themselves- charge serious fees for their work. It hardly matters that such work is sometimes nothing more than personally mailing to the ‘client’ a computer print-out of generalized, statistical, and totally unintegrated ‘definitions’ of all the assorted particulars in a given birth chart or event horoscope.

    The point being that Astrologers are like everyone else in the ‘New Age’ World of Corporate Global Government,
    -they need to make the bucks. They are their own industry and their own self-congratulatory clique. They hang out together in like-minded clusters and give seminars, and conferences, and ‘certificates’ to each other. They want to be taken seriously, advertise themselves as ‘world class speakers’, write promotional blurbs for the covers of each others’ books. I mean, -like ‘Hello!’ these people are mainline capitalists.

    Consumers selling to other consumers, and creating their own products to consume. They not only write books, they design computer software programs, they endorse such programs, they compete with each other to build up a market-clientele, and they are usually quite proud to be successful members of a successful business market. Yet these are the very people who are going to ‘give’ you what they call a ‘reading’ of your birth chart, and that birth chart must always contain within it an ‘interpretation’ of the planet Saturn, -the very planet opposing Pluto these days in the skies overhead, and the planet symbolizing the ‘status-quo’, the ‘reality’ planet! The question we must ask ourselves is: Who’s Reality ?

    Saturn Devouring His Sons
    There exists in the popular mind an image of astrologers as exotic people caught up in a mystical love of the stars. Unusual people, outside the mainstream of conventional society who can ‘tell your fortune’. Modern day astrologers work very hard to dispel these notions. They want to be seen as educated, realistic people steeped in modern psychology who are interested in ‘counseling’ their clients, not ‘telling their fortunes’! Bravo, so far, so good. But pick up any one of their textbooks on the subject of the planets and read what they have to say about Saturn. You will find the same words repeated in varying styles throughout the texts. And you will find that those words always lead in the same direction, a direction which Dane Rudhyar probably described best when he wrote that Saturn is a symbol for the lowest common denominator of social-cultural consensus (please do look for yourself, I am not quoting him verbatim).

    Naturally, there is a consensus among astrologers as to the ‘meaning’ of Saturn, and part of that consensus is that Saturn is a symbol for ‘the objective’. Saturn, they will tell you, is the ‘ruler’ of the astrological sign, Capricorn –the sign of business, politics, and the consensus rule of objective authority. Authority manifests itself by consensus in people such as Presidents of nations, or Kings and Queens of countries, or Chief Executives in Corporations, or Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, and Priests. But consensus authority also manifests in the structural religious, philosophical, and scientific paradigms of Western Industrial Civilization.

    Astrologers must deal with these dominant paradigms just as you and I must. Consensus paradigms imply a strong need for agreement and acceptance yielding a shared sense of oneness; if we want to succeed in business we better not claim that two and two equals fish, or that money grows on trees, or that Saturn has nothing to do with consensus. Get the picture ? We gotta toe the line.

    Astrologers expecting to sell their books and be invited to international, astrological conferences know quite well how to toe that line. The line they toe is consensus astrology. Sure, there are geocentric and heliocentric practitioners, there are vedic and uranian practitioners, and what they like to call ‘Esoteric’ astrologers –mostly derivatives of the channeled work of Alice Bailey. But increasingly astrologers are partaking of the big, consensus ‘UNITY’ trip permeating the entire ‘New Age’ culture. There is a blandness to it all, an accelerating trend toward Oneness concerning which, once again, Dane Rudhyar had this to say:

    "Moreover, the situation in astrology, with its many schools often at war with each other, parallels that existing in the fields of medicine and psychology. Totally different approaches to the treatment of illness at all human levels have been devised, some by ancient societies where they are still effectively applied, others in our own Western society in which new causes of disease and accidents have developed since the Industrial Revolution. Each of these different approaches results from the acceptance of a specific type of metaphysical, religious or psychological premise concerning the nature and purpose of man, life and the universe.

    Yet in the United States ONE approach to medical knowledge and expertise has received official sanction; a fact which reflects the glorification of our also officialized worship of empirical and materialistic science and of modern technology. A few other approaches, such as "spiritual healing" are allowed to operate, thanks to legal subterfuges, but bureaucratic controls dominate the medical and psychological field. Only ONE type of education is available in college to the would-be doctor and practicing psychologist; and political ambition, business pressures and the making of large profits are constant features of these fields, as of many others. "

    (Dane Rudhyar; From Humanistic To Transpersonal Astrology; see Khaldea above.)
    Now we are asking ourselves the question: What is political astrology ? And the answer must surely be, All astrology is political astrology because every astrologer has not only a philosophical, metaphysical, and economical milieu within which he/she practices his skill, but a political milieu as well.

    Rarely do ‘clients’ consider these facts, but astrologers sure do, and I submit that this is precisely why we do not read in Dell Horoscope or The Mountain Astrologer any focused astrological analysis as to why it is simply not possible for frenzied, jihad-inebriated ‘Arab’ terrorists to have flown planes into the WTC Towers without insider help.

    I mean to tell you, my friends, that this current triple series of Saturn to Pluto oppositions which were first exact in August of 2001 and will finish their course in May 2002 happen to
    be an unprecedented event in the history of these United States Of America ! They are occurring as Pluto makes its first historical contact with the country’s cherished self-image, its Persona-Mask.

    Pluto is passing back and forth over the Ascendant of America’s birth chart even as Saturn opposes it from the Descendant of that chart. Dubbya is the Pluto ‘Lone Ranger’, the ‘Masked Man’ currently occupying (quite illegally) the Office of the President in a rigged election, a man made President by the increasingly corrupt Supreme Court of these United States. But that’s not all; no legally or illegally ‘elected’ President has run this country since the coup which occurred at the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The evidence is all around us, the facts are quite clear.
    (http://www.ratical.org/ratville/JFK/ST/ST.html )

    But America was born with that notorious Retrograde Mercury in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn suggesting that  every citizen of this country must continuously deal with a temptingly ‘shady’ mental-verbal Mercury process shared in common. There is a deep and pervasive desire among Americans to bury their heads in the sand, to be unconscious (Pluto) regarding their mental-verbal processes (Mercury), to be rather introvertedly preoccupied with Mom, Home, and Apple Pie (Cancer), to be mentally living in the shadow of their feelings. And these unconscious, mental-verbal traits are most pronounced when Americans deal with money, land, and their values.

    There is among us now, and there has always been this tension ‘caused’ by the opposition between Mercury Retrograde in Cancer (8th house) and Pluto in Capricorn (2nd house); this configuration points to an obsession with possessions: ‘we’ stole this continent from the Native Americans toward whom we still maintain a Federal policy of genocide, and ‘we’ don’t want no goddam astrologer or anybody else to tell us this is so. Our minds (Mercury) tell us the whole subject (and very many others) is totally Taboo ( Pluto). But this astrologer, Osama Bin Grabau, is here to tell us that the jig is up, the fox is in the chicken coop, and the secret police are knocking at our doors; in other words, my fellow Americans, Pluto has reached the Ascendant of this country’s birth chart and our dark shadow is in our face! There’s no place to hide, the pigeons have come home to roost, all our dirty laundry is piled higher than those twin towers and we gotta lot of cleaning up to do. But will we do it, can we do it ?
    According to the birth chart of America, we are not only an idealistic people, we are a people very much like the Hobbits who most reluctantly find themselves caught up in the evil machinations pervading the world of Tolkein’s imaginative masterpiece, The Lord Of The Rings. We Americans, like the Hobbits, are very attached to our homely comforts because the core of our collective astrological identity, the Sun –rests in the sensitive, comfort loving sign of Cancer.

    It is there every Fourth Of July, as it was on that celebrated Fourth of July day back in 1776 when the wonderful, ( but fraudulent ) Declaration Of Independence was signed in the City Of Brotherly Love. Cancer is the sign of the Mother, the Womb, and the Home; it is a water sign deeply concerned with the realm of personal feelings and shared, intimate nurturing.

    Americans, like Tolkein’s Hobbits, are very much involved with Family, family lineage, and family values.They are not inclined to poke their noses into other people’s business, and they’d appreciate it if you didn’t poke your nose into theirs! Historically speaking, it has always been hard work to get Americans interested in fighting wars ‘overseas’. Every history book points that out. But politicians and ‘big deal’ business folk among us have worked hard (and often most deviously) to get us involved in such wars. That’s all just simple, historical truth. Few contest it.

    Comfort, good food, happy times, home, and family are the quintessential delights of the sign Cancer. But the rustic and rapidly fading image of small, Home-Town America, is under siege these days - just like the Hobbits’ ‘Shire’ is in the new film playing all around the globe.

    A strange kind of malady has struck the Land, and folks everywhere have noticed the eerie comings and goings of ‘Black Riders’ disturbing the peace. The One Ring of Corporate Global Government is radiating its unseen power among us and luring us covertly toward the Tower of Mordor and its Dark Lord. The common folk of America all know and feel this truth, but is there a Frodo or a Bilbo Baggins amongst us who might arise to carry the One Ring back to its Mount Doom source and throw it willingly into the only fires which can undo its spell ?


    America is at a Crossroads ( Pluto is crossing its Ascendant) and about to determine its future. Is there any chance that Americans as a whole can wake up out of their comfort loving predjudice long enough to untangle themselves from the spreading shadows of the One World Corporate Elite ? Who knows ? But let’s consider Gandalf’s letter to Frodo wherein a glimmer of hope shines:

    'From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
    A light from the shadows shall spring;
    Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
    The crownless again shall be king.'

      Chapter Four:
    Concerning American Hobbits.
    A Hobbit is a habit by any other name, and the habits of American Hobbits can be astrologically understood by studying the birth chart of their collectively proclaimed Declaration of Independence. Being inclined to ease, and creatures who have always loved their comforts, most American Hobbits –it is safe to assume- have never bothered to consult the map of their Declaration as it is written in the stars. Therefore, it’s best if right away and with no further fanfare we introduce this map before your very eyes:


    For your convenience a few graphics have been introduced so that you can see for yourself the symbols of all the planets as well as the signs of the zodiac. If you’ve never seen such a map of the stars before, these graphics will help you to solve the Riddle which it may, at first, seem to be. Don’t feel you are in the Dark here, you have simply arrived at the Doors of Durin, and being members of the Fellowship you need only speak the magical word: ‘Mellonto enter! Should you not be a citizen of Middle Earth it will further assist you to know the word means merely, Friend’ ! Speak the word ‘Friend’ and you may enter, -we can’t be too careful of invading ‘terrorists’ these days. Now, Welcome to America!
    The American temperament is infamous for its loud-mouthed bouyancy and extroverted optimism which can switch in an instant to a sort of ‘touchy’ pouting, and an awkward withdrawal. This comes about, astrology tells us, because the planets symbolizing friendship and extroversion are blending their energies in the collective feelings of the people; Venus (love & friendship) is conjunct (joined together) with Jupiter (expansion & optimism) in the sign concerned with personal feelings of contentment (Cancer). Their feelings tend toward inflation. They will eagerly swallow heaps of white sugar, prozac, praxil, and zoloft, then wash it all down with a few cups of coffee before they will face a low-down feeling. They just gotta be righteous and think positively! You deserve a break today, la la la…Americans love their ‘Big Macs’ !

    But Cancer is the Crab and Shellfish of the watery feeling signs of the zodiac, and if you move in a quick or unexpected way among these people you’ll find them suddenly pulling away and withdrawing into their shells. While they can be exuberantly friendly and outgoing, they’re also as ‘touchy’ as all get out, and as moody as the Moon passing monthly through her phases. There are Moonshiners among them playing Monkeyshines, -a game unique to themselves, especially when they are bloated to the gills on their own congratulatory self-satisfaction! Abundance, abundance, and more abundance is the tempting downfall of Jupiter/Venus combined in the Cancer breast and tummy. You’re just too good to be true, can’t take my eyes off of you (and etc). No matter what they say, the truth is they’re all as corny as Kansas in August, and they’re absolutely certain there ain’t nothin like a dame!

    Cancer, after all, is the sign of Mom, food, and clannishness so as long as they feel safe in their homes, loved by their Moms (and loved by everybody else, too) they are relatively harmless as folks go. Just big (often fat) Cancer babies; but if you inadvertently happen to threaten them in any way, if you even suggest that they aren’t the nicest, fattest, richest people you’ve ever met…well, just watchout! You’ve no doubt heard tell of all that other Klanishness of theirs, the K.K.K. kind where they put on masks at night, cling to each other in close-minded secrecy, and set out stalking the Earth in search of Non-Americans ?

    Well, when they’re in that mood they hunt you down in well-trained packs, burn your house, drive you off your land, judge you to be wicked and ‘evil’, and won’t even hesitate to shoot you down with an oozie, or string you up off the nearest tree. Of course, they take all you’ve got in the bargain, steal you blind and naked; but they seem to think that’s their ‘god-given’ right. No use complainin, as Porgy says. You got plenty o’ nothin! And nothin’s plenty for you. Get along now, little doggie.

    Americans believe in gettin while the gettin’s good, -next day (or week, or month, or year) they don’t remember a thing. They’ll look at you, grinning from ear-to-ear with their buoyant optimism and happy-go-lucky brains all akimbo and ask you (indignantly) what do you mean that ‘they’ raped your sister, killed your mother, stole your Land, and ran off with all your goods ? Earnestly, they will explain to you that it couldn’t have been them ‘cause they don’t do such vile things. You see, as part of their National Character they all partake of a pronounced confusion, a kind of shared amnesia which seems to arise from the fact that at the birth of America  the aggressiveness and assertiveness of Mars was in stressful relationship to the frequently escapist passivity of their Neptune imaginations.

    Gore Vidal may not be interested in astrology, but in this case he certainly hit the nail on the head! Look for yourself, -it’s that red line in the chart running between the two; we call it a square, a stressful ninety degree angle of relationship between the two planets. With Mars, planet of Action, they do things; but since it’s in stressful contact with Neptune, planet of Imagination, they imagine that they didn’t do those very things. Their actions tend to escape them. Quite the conundrum, don’t you think ? I mean, these Americans could end up being the most evasive, escapist of aggressors among nations. It’s in their genes, so to speak; just look at the way they do business with each other and you can see that they have no hestitation whatsoever gettin while the gettin’s good. They play this game all the time in their stockmarkets where they proudly boast of it as ‘making a killing’. But then, they talk about their ‘theatres of war’! I mean, for instance, with them what’s black is never white; but what’s white can be conveniently black! And what’s Red is what’s Dead all over; they’ve collectively managed to kill off most of the Indians whose Land they stole, and practice nostalgic remembrance or active genocide toward the remainder.

    Ghost Dance
    Frank Howell

    Wounded Knee Homepage

    Hey, but that happened long ago  -yesterday, or last week-  they’re not going to be responsible for all that. It wasn’t their fault, they’ll tell you. Now, I ask you, my friends: what does one say to a people with this sort of blind spot ? Are they brain-dead, soul-less, or could any creatures really be that genuinely UNCONSCIOUS ?  

    Well, my fellow American Hobbits, I’ve been trying to tell you –it’s a national trait, a shared ‘gift’, a profound habit. Take a look again at that Mercury (Conscious Brain) Retrograde in Cancer in the 8th house of sharing, recall once more that it’s in direct opposition to Pluto (Unconscious Power) in Capricorn in the 2nd house of ‘making the bucks’…these people are congenitally inclined toward AVARICIOUS UNCONSCIOUSNESS.

    For all their charm and friendliness, they are evasive, escapist, and terribly afraid of something they know not what! They are unconsciously compulsive and obsessive over money and possessions, they are oblivious of having ancestors who murdered the original inhabitants of the Land on which they live. Whenever it suits them, American Hobbits are able to ‘think’ in vastly unconscious ways. They tend to see themselves as the ‘democrats’ of the globe, they see America as the great ‘melting pot’ –a mixture of every race, color, and creed living together in ‘laissez-faire’ greed.

    And they’ve got a point, you know, because the Moon in the birth chart of America is found in the ‘New Age’ sign of Aquarius, and the Moon in the chart of a Nation –as any certified astrologer will tell you- is the symbol of that Nation’s people as a Whole. Aquarius, as a sign of the zodiac, is a symbol of the Collective One Mind of Mankind.
    Indeed, Aquarius includes in that ONE MIND the consciousness of ‘god’, the Whole Earth –trees, winds, rivers, coyotes…it’s the ‘Plane of Mind’ envisaged as a kind of great geometrical dance-hall full of ‘mental’ fireworks high up in the ‘fixed air’.  It is the aether of the Ancients, the ‘place’ of pure and abstract thought frequently more seen than it is heard, more visualized than it is felt, more idealistic than it is practical. Put the Moon-Feelings of the people of a Nation in the sign of Aquarius and you’re likely to come up with folks who ‘think’ about their feelings in a collectively mental way rather than feel those feelings on a personal gut level.

    Such people ‘conceive’ themselves to be idealistic people of broad, all-inclusive feelings …feelings of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of All Mankind. Their Moon-Feelings are inventive, ingenious, and electrical; why they invented the ‘snap, crackle, and pop’ of Rice Crispies, their very own Ben Franklin flew his kite on a cord and found the key to electricity, they were the first people to give the Earth the Aquarian FLASH of the ‘Atomic Bomb’.
    [The Christ Bomb’ at http://www.starpathvisions.com ]

    Clever dudes, these Americans…and dudettes as well…musn’t forget the females among them. American Moon Women of the Aquarian persuasion lead the females among all nations toward fighting for their Equal Rights. The men and women of America invented the archetypes of Superman and Wonder Woman, they gave us Paul Bunyan and Scarlet O’Hara, Davy Crocket and Calamity Jane, John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe. They’re all much bigger than life; they believe that nothing is impossible and, -Hey, where there’s a will, there’s a way! Outrageous, courageous folks are these folks born in a nation with the Moon in Aquarius. Alas, the one big drawback of the sign is its tendency to abruptly cut-off all feeling and remain aloof !  

    Suddenly, they are visualizing their feelings, conceiving their liberties, abstractly contemplating (from the detached mental plane) what they need to be feeling in a  visceral ‘get-down’ way. O, fiddle-dee-dee, I’ll think about that tomorrow. There’s always tomorrow.

    But, is there ? And even if there is a tomorrow, how do you see that tomorrow if you’re an American and our
    Commander-In-Chief has committed you and all your tomorrows to a ‘War On Terror’ with no distinctly determined time lines, and no clearly defined foe ? Leave it to the Americans, as the Indian journalist, Arundhati Roy, has pointed out, to have the overt hubris, the blind arrogance, the collective unconscious folly to proclaim a war of  (get this) Infinite Justice’ ! http://www.ratical.org/ratville/CAH/ArundhatiRoy.html
    Hey, World,  you gotta understand, they grew up watching escapist cartoons on television wherein the caped rodent, ‘Mighty Mouse’ assumed infinite powers of strength flying through scenes proudly proclaiming   –chest all puffed out-‘Here I Come To Save The Day’!  Oh, please,‘big boy’, -get a grip! You’re just a mouse in superman clothing, and every little ‘Minnie’ has a chest that’s puffier than yours…in case you hadn’t noticed. Yep, Cancer, your Nation’s Sun Sign, the sign of your collectively mutual Mercury brain, rules the breast! And it’s Retrograde [going backwards] at your Nation’s birth -Oh, fiddle-dee-dee, you yankee doodles, just suck on that one tomorrow!  
    But wait, perhaps this America of superheroes and wonder women incongruously coexisting with contented hobbits has already Gone With The Wind ? Maybe those thousand famous points of light veiling the infamous Gulf War were not just the flickering radiations from depleted uranium shells, maybe America is ready to put its collectively retrograde mind to better uses. Surely many among us have reflected and seen the dark power luring us to our doom, the hidden wastefulness of our abundance, the deep Plutonian addiction of our unconscious contract with the Underworld of Money, Fear, and Corporate Global Power ? What say you, Osama Bin Grabau, are you just another fanatical ‘terrorist’ wanting to scare us to death and shame us ? Certainly there must be something wholesome and positive about Americans and our country.

    Sing us a lullaby of the Stars, tell us happy and helpful things.
    Are you not just another one of those lame-duck astrologers you rail against ? Where is the beauty, the joy, and the Magic of America ? What of our spiritual soul? And I, Osama the Gray, the author and friend of these words assure you that I am right here with you at our country’s crossroads on the Bridge of Khazad-dum. The Orcs have us surrounded. The primordial Balrog is ready to rise up and demand our doom. And yes, the wizard light borrowed from our whimsical Gandalf friend grows dim, indeed.  But, has he not wisely spoken certain words of warning to us hobbits when we’ve grown anxious, tired of giving him our attention, and felt the need to break his spell:

    "Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards,
    for they are subtle, and quick to anger! "

    Chapter Five:
    Unweaving America’s Political Spell. 

    "And sometimes she wondered whether America really was the great DEATH-CONTINENT, the great NO! to the European and Asiatic and even African YES!  Was it really the great melting pot, where men from the creative continents were smelted back again, not to a new creation, but down into the homegeneity of death ?  Was it the great continent of the undoing, and all its peoples the agents of mystic destruction! Plucking, plucking at the created soul in man, till at last it plucked out the growing germ, and left him a creature of MECHANISM AND AUTOMATIC REACTION, with only one inspiration, the desire to pluck the quick out of every living spontaneous creature. 

    Was that America ?  And all the people who went there, Europeans, Negroes, Japanese, Chinese, all the colors and races, were they the spent people in whom the God impulse had collapsed, so they crossed to the great continent of the NEGATION, where the human will declares itself 'free', to pull down the soul of the world ?  Was it so ?  And did this account for the great drift to the New World, the drift of spent souls passing over to the side of GODLESS DEMOCRACY, ENERGETIC NEGATION?  The negation which is the life-breath of materialism.  And would the great negative pull of the Americans at last BREAK THE HEART OF THE WORLD ?"
    ( THE PLUMED SERPENT; D.H. Lawrence; A. Knopf; 1926, Borzoi Books; pgs.73-74)
    If it’s true that all astrology is political astrology, is it true that all spells are political spells ?  Am I asking you a rhetorical question, flying on the winds of my own inflated words ? Or have we found here a real clue, you and me ? Most dear and gentle reader, ask yourself this question: Who has promised you such lyrical, abstract, and high-flown things as ‘Infinite Justice’ in return for your participation in something he calls ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ ?  It is your President. Who believes he can give you absolution for your secret sins ? It is your Priest.

    Who offers you loans of money which he doesn’t have ? It is your Banker. What interest do all three of these people have in common ? It is the desire to hold your interest in trust in Public Offices of consensus Authority. Who gives such Office holders such consensus Authority ? It’s you and me. But our gifts must be freely given in good faith while their interests are compounded daily.  Can you spell swindle ?  Do you smell anything ever so slightly foul in this arrangement ?

    What does it mean to give someone your word ?  Words are alive. You can hear them listen to themselves. And like people, some words are more alive than others.  Can you remember that popular Rock Group (I'm told they were Australian) some years back now who called themselves ‘The Police’ ? Every breath you take, every word you shape listens to you. But only if you are listening to it. Are you listening ? What do you hear ? Do you ever listen with your eyes ?  Who speaks with a forked tongue ?

         The Alchemy Of Wisdom
    Look, a cross is a T, and if we cross our hearts we can hear that T we otherwise only see. Do you see what we’re crossing here ? Can you hear it with the ears of your heart ?  T  marks the spot, the still point in the dance, the chasm where the Mothers cross over. It's an interior dimension born of the heart. The threshold of Saturn, the source of Authority. T is the testing ground bound by the one ring formed of the void as the serpent swallows his tail. Ouroboros. I am that I am. An anagram tongued in a magic of prisms, and echoed, and etched, and awaken me from it. The hidden geometry of hearts. The power of letters forming living words conveying Spirit. Hearts pulse to the rhythm of breathing, and we tune to that breathing by hearing the beats of our heart. Life is the song of our heart’s breath, and when we shape that breath into words we speak our hearts. Words pulse as living forces that touch the air sounding vibrations between us.

    Even written words partake of this vibratory power arising from the beat of our hearts. They appear on a page of paper, or perhaps on a screen before us acting as discrete packets of quantum energy. They enter our brains through our eyes as we read them. They sound in our inner ears. And their sounds, those discrete packets of quantum energy, set off tiny sparks that leap across the dendrites and neurons in our cerebral cortexes. Instantly, every cell of our body feels and knows these words while our muscles reflexively respond, our heart beats faster or slower, and our noses twitch. Or our fingers tingle. Or perhaps, they do not. But every word we say, write, or hear affects us deeply. And together all these words form rhythmic patterns that translate into synaptical firing paths in our brains. Repeated words entrain these synaptical firings into patterns, and the patterns fall into grooves, and the grooves begin to go round and round in repetitive cycles that become our neuro-muscular habits. Hobbits, need I remind you, are the ‘halflings’ who love their habits because they love their comforts and nothing (arguably) is so comfortable as a habit. 

    Our habits hold us in a kind of spell, they grab us beneath our surface brains and gain a certain ‘office’ of familiarity, an ‘authority’ which is the holding power of their spell. All of us are in the habit of speaking, listening to, and writing words. They interest us on a daily basis. And the President, the Priest, the Banker, and Police all share this daily interest  in words. We say a man is only as good as his word. Do you remember ‘Tricky Dicky’ ? Do you recall Watergate, Vietnam, and the threat of impeachment which finally forced him to grudgingly step down ? It was not the missing tapes, my friends, but the ever present tape ‘loop’ -those habitual synaptical firings repeating the pattern that went round and round:

    ‘ I didn’t Lie. I didn’t Lie. I didn’t lie.’

    and then the cock crowed and the man was forced to abandon the ‘office’ of the Presidency! But he never admitted that he lied, and the hidden network of unethical business that used him as a figurehead continued in its illegal tenure throughout the halls of government. It is there today, and it still seeks to hold us in its spell. 

    President G.W. Bush is in need of impeachment.


    It seems to me your ‘average American Joe’ thinks ‘Spells’ are things that only happen in Disneyland Movies, or in children’s Storybooks, and certainly not in the real world of business and politics. But our Wizard friend, Gandalf, would like to point out that when a Wizard wants to make a Spell he might, like the United States Government, create a PENTAGON; but unlike our Government, a Good Wizard will make sure his magical PENTAGON is oriented in the proper way to serve the Good of all. He would make it clear that our Joint Chiefs Of Staff sit in a five sided Pentagon that is blatantly oriented toward the reverse of the Good and the furtherance of Mr. Bush’s fiendishly favorite word, Evil! Yes, a Pentagon is a Pentagram is a Five-Pointed Star, symbol of Man standing with legs and arms outstretched and head erect: 2 legs, 2 arms, 1 head = 5 pointed star, the Pentacle.


    The Good Wizard aligns his head and the top of his Star to the North Pole of the Earth where the electro-magnetic currents pour down from the surrounding Van Alan Belts, where the Pole Star resides alongside the great, coiled, Dragon of Stars known as Draco. And by doing so, the Good Wizard works in harmony with the FORCE of Divine Nature. But an ‘evil’ Wizard, a Saruman, aligns the top of his Star and the force of his head with the South Pole where the Coalsack floats by the Great Magellanic Cloud, and his spread legs align his genitals to the incoming electrical FORCE from the North Pole. Thereby, the ‘evil’ Wizard reverses the order of Nature and openly displays his intent to use Her forces for his own, self-propagating pleasures

    He taps into the Cosmic Creative forces pouring onto Earth for his own personal ends, and not for the natural collective good.
    He works a Dark Spell.
    The forces wielded by the Joint Chiefs Of Staff at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia are not aligned with the collective good of this Nation, this World, or this Earth. The building is negatively aligned with its ‘head’ facing South. The Pentagon Building needs to be taken down because it is  misaligned, because it is not the target of terrorists, it is actually a magical edifice specifically created to wreak the terror of Black Magick on the planet. [ Jose Arguelles pointed all this out in his book, The Transformative Vision, years before he became celebrated for the Harmonic Convergence. ]

    Plaza Orthanc

    The Pentagon was constructed in the heat of W.W.II, and with the National Security Act of 1947 it became wedded under the name of the Department Of Defense to the newly formed Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Council. These are the seats of real power in the United States and they are working hand-in-hand with the major Global Corporations to create the ‘New World Order’ of W. Bush’s Daddy and others. This is the very dark side of Retrograde Pluto (Ultimate Power) in Capricorn (Authority-Business-Money) in the 2nd house of values & money in the birth chart of America.

    And with Pluto NOW on the Nation’s Ascendant for the first time in its relatively brief existence as a sovereign country,
    this hidden, Top-Secret side of the Nation’s ‘karma’ is in our face.

    Astrology suggests that ‘because’ Saturn is in the sign of language and communication opposing Pluto myself and scores of others need to write about it. Every citizen of this Nation needs to be thinking and speaking about this ‘karma’ publicly and for obvious reasons, not the least of which is that the public is the Moon and the (Progressed) Moon of America’s destiny is due to align with its ruling planet (Uranus) in a doubly emphatic manner this March of 2002 even as Saturn prepares for its third and final (for this current 29 year cycle) opposition with Pluto.

    These and a number of other highly dramatic astrological factors which the length of this essay prohibits me from laying out in specific detail -all point to MAJOR CHANGE and SHOCK amongst the American citizenry. This can be very positive; shock is an awakener, and there can be ‘good’ and ‘bad’ shocks as there can be good and bad anythings! Definitely, incontrovertibly this all conspires to create a WAKE-UP CALL for America the likes of which it has not seen before.

    We are in need of and ‘unconsciously’ preparing for a revolution within ourselves -both collectively and individually. Otherwise, the ‘New World Order’ of ‘Shrub’s’ Oily Daddy will, in fact, become the ONE RING that rules us all. And as Gandalf himself commented to Frodo:

    " It would be a grievous blow to the World, if the Dark Power overcame the Shire; if all your kind, jolly, stupid Bolgers, Hornblowers, Boffins, Bracegirdles, and the rest, not to mention the ridiculous Baffinses, became enslaved. "

    ( J.R.R. Tolkien: The Lord Of The Rings; Collector’s Edition, Houghton Mifflin Co. Boston; pg. 58 )

    Ring Patriot


    Chapter Six:
    A Ring is a Circle is a Dead End Loop.

    Mr. Tolkien, bless his beautiful soul, took great pains to convey to us just how the One Ring asserts its power. It pulls at the mind, its glowing golden beauty lures the finder into thinking he is rich; its power of conferring the gift of Invisibility upon its wearer fills him with intoxicating feelings of supernatural power. But, as Tolkien has so clearly shown us, it is the Ring itself that holds the power, and anyone foolish enough to cling to it finds his life force waning and the intent of his soul overshadowed by the hidden willfulness of the Dark Lord who is the One Ring’s only Master. And what makes this ‘Dark Lord’ so dark is the closed loop of his circular reasoning: he is obsessed with only one thing, the intention to control and structure everything ! He trusts and loves nothing and no one. He cannot participate in the open-ended spiral of life because he is ruled by fear. Fear, distrust, and secrecy are the tools of his trade, the basis of all his thoughts and actions.

    When Sauron makes a deal he does so only if he already knows how to come out of that deal as the Winner (Enron). Lying, hiding, deceiving, and controlling are the very core of his essence; he has no life other than that which he can drain from his victims. He is his own Shadow Self, and the ‘perfect’ illustration of what astrology refers to as the ‘Negative’ manifestation of the Pluto function residing within that great cauldron of obscurity known as the Collective Unconscious. Each one of us can manifest this Negative Pluto function, we can bring it alive and give it power in ourselves and in the World if we don’t accept our own shadow, if we don’t understand that we can’t control everything, that we can’t be Perfect. 

    Perfection is the same abstract notion as the circle; it’s a closed system fixed around the immovable Center of the One Ring. That ‘Center’ refers everything back to itself; in humans that consciousness is usually the Ego…though that Ego masks itself from itself by calling itself (in a round of self-referencing) the ‘Higher Self’, or the ‘Master’ or even ‘God’. 

    All that such a masterful, ‘higher-self’ of an Ego-God sees, feels, touches and thinks is homogenized. There is a boring, stultifying ONE-ness to it all. All for One, One for All; it’s a tight tape-loop, a closed circle, the One Ring of Power. When the Ego slips this Ring on its finger it becomes invisible to itself, it becomes bloated with illusions of Power.  It claims to ‘see’ God, to be a chosen vehicle ‘channeling’ the One Mind, to be the blessed ‘disciple’ of an ‘Ascended Master’…and all the while the ‘Dark Lord’ hides behind this glowing Ring of ‘White Light’ biding his time, waiting in the back wings of the theatre for that ‘perfect’ moment when he can leap onto the stage revealing his spotlighted presence as the captive audience gasps in awe! Stunned.

    Pluto has just leaped into the spotlight in the theatre of AmericaThe Invisible Lord of the Ring Of Shadows- has reached the Nation’s Ascendant, and ‘he’ is in process of dramatically revealing the hidden business that is the Government of the United States. A Government born, I remind you, while Pluto was in Capricorn, sign of the Authority of Saturn. The challenge Saturn is making to Pluto –now, as it opposes it from Gemini- is to talk, to formulate and structure in words the ‘reality’ of how our Invisible Government works. We must CONSCIOUSLY put into words the way money works AS our Government, the way the One Ring of Power hides itself behind the façade of the Declaration Of Independence.  http://www.hermes-press.com/completing.htm
    Only real INDIVIDUALS can do this, and as they do this such individuals will recognize each other and be able to form ‘groups’ and take action. But these groups will NOT be operating at the behest of ANY AUTHORITY outside themselves because the only real authority is the authority each individual has to be self-determining, to be awake, aware, and choosing. The positive function of Saturn is this ability to focus, structure, and give form to our actions. Consciousness is power-action of an invisible nature which wants to spill over into visible, physical power expressed in concrete actions. But the One Ring of our shared Collective Unconsciousness seeks to bind all our thoughts and actions to its entropic, homogenous core. Terminator Seeds, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the International Monetary Fund, the New World Order -all of which are the One World Order of Monetary Monotheism.
    Stultifying entrapment in the closed circle of hidden authority binding all people of every nation to sterile conformity. Hey, ‘Amerika’ -get those National Guardsmen, those Shadow Riding Ring Wraiths out of our airports! Stop recruiting the young men of this country into the platoons of conscripted death. Stop imposing your mechanical obedience on ‘Boot Camps’ full of youth indoctrinated into professional killing like efficient machines. By what ‘higher’ right do you claim the right to abuse and desensitize ‘soldiers’ into blindly obeying orders meant to enforce the powers of a corrupt and elitist One World Corporate Government ?

    Don’t ask me to give two years of my life in ‘service’ to Mordor!  I say NO. And I demand that you fully acknowledge the shabby and lying tactics by which you inflicted on our Nation’s own soldiers the horrors of Agent Orange and Gulf War Syndrome.
    Pay these men and women, confess you lied to them, cough up the money they need to get whatever health care they can.  And don’t limit that to your standardized AMA medications administered by the very ‘doctors’ you pay so well to create your biological warfare tools. Give them access to acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, chiropractic assistance…anything they want or need including Voodoo if it’ll work for them. Maybe then, just maybe –‘Uncle Sambo’ - I’ll stop mocking at the very suggestion that anyone give two years of his life in service to whatever it is you think this ‘Nation’ might be. I am an individual (American, only by ‘accident’ of birth) and I know my own Authority because I am a Global Citizen, and the Conscious Author of that Authority, and I sing it proudly now with Walt Whitman as the ‘Song Of Myself ’…yes, and I’d vote for the corpse of Henry David Thoreau for President of these United States before I’d even consider hiring a democrat or a republican to take out the trash!

    Don’t meddle in my affairs, don’t try to solicit me, ‘Amerika’, into your ‘Patriotic’ warfare for I am also (by nature and no accident of birth) a Wizard, subtle –and quick to anger. I am an Elf Warrior for the Mother Earth. The whales and porpoises, the rivers and oceans and streams, the very Weather of the Earth herself, her winds, clouds, snows and rains are being poisoned by the polluting Corporations that want to control this world. And these Corporations are the ones creating the armies and weapons so necessary for their killing fields. 

    Many of my fellow American Hobbits are in the habit of following ‘Authorities’ who may be masking their allegiance to the Dark Lord through very subtle strategies. Or they may be well-intentionally deluded. They are encouraged to think of themselves as ‘LightWorkers’ or ‘Channelers’ bringing us ‘Great Invocations’ and other Schrafft Assorted Chocolates for our sugary spiritual consumption. Fast Food Magic. Electronically induced attention deficit disorder. Cosmic Football Cheerleaders. Love means never having to say I said it!  They assure us that we must not entertain ‘negative’ thoughts or feelings but wrap ourselves round with robes of white light, surround ourselves with crystals, and heed the voice of our ‘Higher Selves’. They further assure us that there is a ‘Hierarchy’ of Ascended Masters’ working on ‘higher planes’ to assist us in bringing peace, harmony, and prosperity to the Earth in the coming ‘New Age’ of Aquarius. Others amongst them call themselves psychics and prophets and warn of an impending ‘Apocalypse’ which will destroy most of us, but save a selected, ‘chosen’ few, supposedly the ‘good guys’ amongst us. 

    Well, kids, you do realize that one of the great alluring glamours of the fabulous Tolkien Ring was its ability to display (to those who could see it) a miraculous, fiery inscription upon its surface written in the old ELF letters but in the language of Mordor and that inscription is the famous,

    ‘One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
    One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them’.

    I think we all ought to be questioning the credentials of these ‘New World Servers’, these psychics, channelers, and mystic sooth-sayers because they themselves may be deluded into the service of the Dark Lord by way of his many new technologically advanced methods of MIND CONTROL. These days those ELF letters used to mask the language of Mordor are written on the unseen air as Extreme Low Frequency communications invisibly aimed at us. Governments and scientists have been perfecting these inaudible and hallucinogenic technologies for the last five decades. So when you, or someone else claims to be channeling the ‘voice’ or ‘thought’ of an ‘Ascended Master’ who’s to say it isn’t a broadcast from the hired hands of the Global Mind Police ? Remote Viewers are everywhere and their very presence is due to the Secret Intelligence Community. 
    What are all those satellites ringing the Earth actually broadcasting as they relentlessly encircle us? What is HAARP actually broadcasting ? The remote-controlled, electronic technology exists and is in use that can induce a nervous disorder, a cerebral hemorrhage, or a heart attack in a healthy human being.  Who is ‘meant’ to ‘hear’ what voice ?  We do know that Pluto, Lord Of Invisibility, is ‘broadcasting’ whatever he broadcasts these days from the region of the stars known as the constellation of Sagittarius, a sign concerned with the ‘higher mind’. And we do know that ELF waves were used in the Gulf War to disorient and confuse ‘the enemy’. So, what’s up, doc ? 

    What’s up, I think, is that those of us who choose to be down here in our physical bodies on the Mother Earth need to take action. We must dismiss the pseudo-spirituality that encourages us to solipsistically self-engage in ‘politically correct’ NICENESS. That was okay for Buster Brown and his cat, Midnight, who lived in a shoe along with Howdy Doody in the 1950s, but it won’t do for now. Now we must learn that all the inner peace we may (and certainly should) feel must be expressed also outwardly in social action. This is no time to be sitting around exclusively focused on our own personal union with the Divine. ( I’m sure there are important exceptions to this general truth! ) Yes, I believe in prayer, I believe in love, and though I am NOT fond of ANY form of organized religion, I know that the Divine responds to all our prayers and all our aspirations of love whether we pray to Jesus, Buddha, Quan Yin, Allah, the Virgin Mary, or the Earth Mother –provided we do so in heartfelt innocence and confident trust. I do realize the Unity and One-ness of All Being and I cherish and celebrate it. But I don’t think Political Christianity does, nor do I believe Alice Bailey and her purported teacher Mister Kuhl are accurate (let alone Conscious) when they say together in harmony through page after page of ‘Esoteric Astrology’ that  the Earth is NOT a Sacred Planet. What kind of supposed ‘Ascended Master’ (Tibetan, or otherwise) would have so little respect for the Mother Earth ?
    Among other things, I am an American. I walk on the Mother Earth where the bones and blood of my Native Brothers and Sisters have lived, prayed, loved, and died; I think Carl Jung was quite correct when he observed (as Chief Seattle had much earlier) that Americans are ‘inhabited’ by the ‘ghosts’ of the dead of their stolen continent ( as are the Australians by the ‘Dreamtimers’, the New Zealanders by the Maoris, etc.). I feel we all truly are our Brothers keepers. My Red Indian, Native American Brothers and Sisters have ACTED from their love of the SACRED MOTHER EARTH and the ‘Great Spirit’ so consistently and so courageously as to make my heart sing and my Spirit soar! 

    In fact, I’d have to say the same for ALL indigenous peoples everywhere. I guess you could say I have a healthy suspicion concerning racist, political, and cerebral ‘Hierarchies’ whether they’re labeled as ‘Tibetan’, ‘Atlantean’, or ‘Galactic’. The occult aethers are ‘peopled’ by innumerable spirits and entities, by all kinds of psychic (and otherwise) energy constructs and aggregates but I rarely take dictation from them, and strive NEVER to abandon personal responsibility for what I say or do No person of integrity will willingly abandon such personal, spiritual responsibility nor will any evolved spirit form or consciousness seek to speak its Will or the Will of its ‘Spiritual Brotherhood’ through ‘temporary possession’ of another person, even if that person agrees to the arrangement. I just don’t ‘buy’ White Light Fascism, with or without the crystals, incense, and sacred oils. Nor do I support the status-quo approach of contemporary, psychological, ‘certified’ Astrology –whether it comes wrapped up in ‘esoteric’ or ‘scientific’ clothing. Methinks the Emperor hath no clothes.
    Astrology, like everything else, is political. Politics, these days, is mostly in the hands of the status-quo ‘boys’ of a ‘capitalist’ paradigm that is totally bankrupt on all levels because it is exhausting. It has outlived any usefulness it may have had. Still, it is dying a slow death and resisting all the way. Pluto opposing Saturn is meant to give this death process a big push.  Astrologers need to be pointing this out. The Rational Paradigm of Western White Europeans with its obsessive and mentally ‘idealistic’ insistence on ‘progress’ as a kind of relentless process of subduing Nature to exploit her ‘resources’ has caused these ‘rational’ business people with their religion of control, propaganda and greed to withdraw farther and farther away from communion with the organic life spirit of the Mother Earth. 

    The old line of Western Kings, Queens, Popes, Businessmen, and other assorted elitist dictators are still being sustained by their college trained scientists, historians, and technologists. But the remainder of the common people, the simple Hobbits all over the Earth are awakening and Astrology can be a tool they use to help them focus their awakening. I should say OUR awakening. And I should emphasize that this Astrology is only a tool. It is a system and a structure of thought, and if it is not to become a closed circle reinforcing the ONE RING of the Dark Lord of Mordor we astrologers must be awake to the fact that His Invisible Majesty has his EYE on us, -and our beloved, sacred game.
    We must refuse the temptation to be successfully well-adjusted to the psychotic wasteland of the Corporate World. We must fight hard in defense of the real truth of Saturn, and that ‘Truth’ begins and ends with the bare bones of life. Who gets to ‘realistically’ define the actual, physical, economic structure of life and living now, here, on planet Earth ?  Are we conveying to those who come to us for insight into the stars that currently ALL AUTHORITY is up for grabs ?  Are we supporting and encouraging real social and political action ? Are we engaged in such action ourselves ?

    Or are we placating our Brothers and Sisters with glamorous doses of numinous prozac, spiritual praxil, and lofty zoloft ? Are we sitting enclosed within the circle of our consensus ‘authority’ held there fixedly by the One Ring of Power ?  When our ‘clients’ come away from us do they come away enthused with increased Personal Authority and Insight, or are we coddling them with condescending babble focused totally upon their own personal souls ?  It is said, even by Alice Bailey and her ‘Tibetan’ ventriloquist, that the true sign of Soul and Spirit is SHARING.
    Sharing is an ACTION, and on the physical Earth where we live it is action we must undertake with others, not just our ‘inner selves’.  If we counsel others to selfishly internalize everything that goes on in the world, if we teach ‘surrender’ to the ‘higher self’ are we not selling tickets to the old Broadway Show called: How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying ? If we are related to a ‘Higher Self’ (and I know we are) that Higher Self does not seek the mere ‘surrender’ of our Ego Personality, but its vigorous and often resistant involvement in the whole process of transformation!  Do we counsel others to follow their bliss or heart leading them to believe they’ll get rich in the process ? Crazy Horse followed his heart, and so did Leonard Peltier, and Martin Luther King, and Mumia Abu Jamal and they are all assassinated or imprisoned by the Corporate World.  And WE must share in the needed work to free them !

    Has Astrology succumbed to the pervasive passivity of consumerism and ‘success’ that is the typical brain washing of the One World Corporate Government ? Do astrologers risk alienating their potential clientele by using the art and skill of their sacred craft combined with their political views to bring collective social insight to events such as those that unfolded at the World Trade Center in New York, or the Pentagon in Arlington ? Is that ‘just’ politics, and are we to act ‘professionally’ (according to the status-quo of Western White Paradigms) and sit in god-like ‘detachment’ without judgement of these goings-on ?
    Politics is no less an expression of the Spirit than Meditation. Why is the faculty of Judgement so ‘politically incorrect’ among ‘New Age’ practitioners of alternative healing modalities ? Are our ‘clients’ –those who support us with their fees- mostly white, middle class spiritual seekers invested in the comfort and success of the ‘Yuppie’ Lifestyle ? Are we encouraging Quietism among our clients as the cost of our ‘success’ ? Or do we even know what Quietism is ?

    From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

    Quietism \Qui"et*ism\, n. [Cf. F. qui['e]tisme.]

    1. Peace or tranquillity of mind;calmness; indifference; apathy; dispassion; indisturbance; inaction.
    2. (Eccl. Hist.) The system of the Quietists, who maintained that religion consists in the withdrawal of the mind from worldly interests and anxieties and its constant employment in the passive contemplation of God and his attributes.
    Retrograde Mercury in Cancer opposing Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn are, the only two Retrograde planets in the Nation’s birth chart and incline us collectively toward a self-involved ‘indifference’ and ‘apathy’. 

    Furthermore, our tendency toward confused, scattered, or unfocused ACTION (or, indeed total LACK OF ACTION) can be seen in the waning & applying SQUARE aspect which Mars in Gemini is forming to Neptune in Virgo in this same National Birth Chart. Since the Neptune-Virgo combination is focused in the 9th house of philosophy and belief systems while the Mars-Gemini combination is expressing through the 7th house of relationships with friends and/or open enemies, it would seem we are a People easily prone to confusion and escapism in our actions due to fuzzy, unclear ordering of data and priorities. It certainly points to our vulnerability from ‘invading’ gurus, psychics, and our own remote viewers. Not to mention our shared tendency to mask from ourselves the FACTS of our actions by wrapping ourselves round with the foggy, nebulous, escapism of Neptune.

    This square of Mars to Neptune points out, I think, how it is that our War Machine can so aggressively invade, destroy, and rape other countries (Vietnam, Guatamala, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) while convincing American Hobbits that they are in no way Mars-like aggressors, that they are in fact Neptunian Victims! The earliest evidence of this evasive tactic can be seen in how we as an invading people aggressively intruded ourselves upon the Iroquois, Onandaga, Algonquin natives of this Land (and progressively westward over every other ‘tribe’ from the Lakota to the Hopi) bringing disease, rape, theft, and murder everywhere we came.

    Yet we teach our children evasive myths all about noble Davy Crockett, Kit Carson, and General Custer as if there were not anything but SHAME associated with so many of their actions, as if the wholesale and cruel slaughter at Wounded Knee was somehow all due to a sad misunderstanding!
    Voila, the Habits of Hobbits in America, the veiled and shadowed actions of aggression we as a People undertake while escaping into vacuous, negative Neptune excuses!
    And Who is it who has decided to launch a ‘War On Terrorism’ in the name of ‘Infinite Justice’ ? Current American ‘Patriotism’ is an example of personal laziness and moral apathy; it is one of the most revoltingly disgusting evasions of personal responsibility on Planet Earth! Don’t tread on me ? America, a pig in wolf’s clothing ! Americans, a flock of phony sheep. A Nation full of fat people violently consuming the natural ‘resources’ of the entire Mother Earth. Escapists.  Unconscious gluttons addicted to the hand-me-downs of the Dark Lord and his One Ring of Corporate Global Power
    No, I won’t sing you a positive lullaby of the Stars all about how good and noble we Americans are. We indulge in that game too much already. And rest assured, all you ‘certified’ patriots out there, Osama Bin Grabau is not a terrorist; but Pluto has come to the Nation’s Ascendant and our task is to look truthfully into our personal and collective psyche, to engage our Shadow Self, to DIE to all our old ways, and face the ‘karma’ they imply. We can do this honestly, both as individuals and collectively if we do not continue to hide from ourselves the nature of our relationship with Darkness. We can learn as a Nation how to be humble and true. And it’s not for me to spell out the ways we are to accomplish our urgent task, it’s for each of us to find our own ways, and then to bring them together.
    But as we struggle hard not to fall under the One Ring’s Power it will be wise of us to remember the only thing the Dark Lord doesn’t know, the joy and laughter of love shared. May our hobbit habit of shared joy and laughter touch our dark friend’s painful folly where it hides within our hearts so that soon by reed and willow, fire and moon, we will break free with him from the closed circle, singing:

    " Old Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow,
    Bright blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow.
    None has ever caught him yet, for Tom, he is the master:
    His songs are stronger songs, and his feet are faster. "



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