Samuel Hahnemann
And The Future Of Homeopathy


At midnight April 10, 1755 during the ‘Dark of the Moon’, a time traditionally associated with the powers of darkness, the underworld, and the unconscious Samuel Hahnemann was born. In fact, the ‘Lord of Darkness’, the god whose distinguishing gift was a helmet which rendered him invisible to others, the god-planet Pluto –at that time not yet discovered, unseen, and even now invisible to the naked eye- was exactly aligned with the Eastern Horizon and rising in the zodiacal sign of the teacher-prophet, Sagittarius. Pluto instantly put his seal of invisible transforming power on the teachings of the man whose occult life-path would lead him directly into contact with the subtle energies of the medicine way he called ‘homeopathy’ thereby totally challenging the resistance and inertia of the collective unconscious.

There was no moonlight at the moment of Hahnemann’s birth. The moon remained out of sight below the horizon leaving only the distant light of the stars and the bright shine of the planet Jupiter visible in the night sky of Meissen, Germany. But Jupiter is the planet of the teacher-prophet ‘ruling’ Sagittarius and just before its’ light faded over the Western Horizon hours later, the even brighter combined light of Venus and Mars rose in the East. For a brief moment then, the light of the Warrior-Goddess (Venus + Mars) in the sign of the mystic (Pisces) opposed the light of the teacher-prophet (Jupiter) in the sign of medicine (Virgo) signifying the beginning of the life long work of a warrior’s struggle to integrate mysticism and medicine.

Within 48 hours of Hahnemann’s birth, the New Moon occurred in the sign Aries indicative of fresh, new, pioneering energies. Indeed, a spontaneous and childlike delight in self-discovery characterizes a man of this temperament and inclines him to forthright, direct self-expression in word and action. An Aries man born with Sun and Moon in the energy-field of initiating fire is gifted with a drive to explore new stirrings within. Such a man likes to stir things up and feels especially vital and alive when he can spark enthusiasm in others or set their personal psyches on fire with renewed gusto for life. Aries initiates the fire of enthusiasm through his own personal example and seeks one-on-one contact of a personal nature by way of his complimentary and opposite energy-field, Libra.

In Hahnemann’s case the sign Libra controls the Mid-Heaven (M.C.) of his birth chart referring to his impact on the objective world by way of his career. The Sun in Aries is in opposition to his career but aligned with his home, -the Under-Heaven (I.C.), a point which signifies the subjective world and innermost roots of personal power. Consequently, his focus is very private and his power originates from the personal, spontaneous, and childlike self-discovery of his Aries roots.

Hahnemann was at his best at home, and from his home he could effect changes in his career and offer the fruits of his personal self-discovery to the objective world. Homeopathy is, after all, a combination of two Greek words (homoo + pathis) and in the poetic tradition of ‘argot’, the ‘language of the birds’, or the phonetic kabbalah is translated as the path leading to home.  (Webster’s 3rd New International Dictionary, Unabridged, p.1083).

It was this path leading to home, this self-referencing which Hahnemann gave to the world when he coined the word ‘Homeopathy’ to describe his life-work.

While his essential being was quite private he was was also at the same time and in a sense that's difficult to explain, the least private of men. For a man born at the Dark of the Moon is wide-open to the forces of Nature, to the invisible spirit of ‘God’. Such a man is a vehicle for a new, Aries-like manifestation of this invisible Spirit and functions as what the late renowned astrologer, Dane Rudhyar, has called a ‘Seed Man’. A Seed Man is one who carries the fruits of the flowering of a previous cycle of manifestation condensed within a hard, protective shell (hence, ‘seed’) which he must sacrifice to the future. He is asked to become an ‘exemplar’, to make of his life a distillation of all that’s best from the past and to project it into a future not yet seen or understood. A Seed Man is a fertile entity in which something wishes to birth itself, something other than an ego-personality. He must be ready to accept sacrifice or martyrdom for the sake of the future. He is a ‘symbolic person’ who focuses upon himself a social drama, the incorporation of the need of his collectivity for a new birth of Spirit. He must be an alchemist of sorts for he must produce the ‘seed’ from the work he does on his own psyche and substance. He affects in his own body the teaching he will pass on to the future. Samuel Hahnemann did just that by ‘proving’ his medicines on himself. He was his own guinea pig and laboratory, his own doctor-patient relationship. His work was alchemical and his body was the alembic.

Astrologically speaking, a man’s body-type is indicated largely by his Rising Sign…and we have seen that in Hahnemann’s case that sign was Sagittarius and that Pluto was exactly conjoined with it. Pluto is the symbol for profound experiences of death-rebirth-regeneration; it’s especially signifcant of the dark face of both the personal and the collective unconscious. Hahnemann used this planet’s energy in his efforts to trace the hidden roots of disease as well as the latent capacities for regeneration within the body.

On a social-political level, Sagittarius is the sign of the charismatic teacher (in India, it’s ruling planet, Jupiter, is called the ‘Guru’), the visionary who leads men into the future and it is more than obvious that Hahnemann’s teachings concerning the body and medicine were and are future-oriented and that his life-path required that he challenge the unconscious assumptions of the medical teachings current in his and our lifetime. That he’d be inclined to challenge these ways by first practicing on his own body arises from the fact that he was born with his central core identity = the Sun, located in the ‘me first’ sign of Aries and in a flowing trine (120 degree angle of Relationship) to his Pluto + Sagittarius body.

But Hahnemann was not content with experimenting solely on his own body, he wanted to share this process with others. This is quite natural for a person with Sagittarius rising at birth for such people are teachers primarily because of the urge to reach out and touch others. With Jupiter, the ruling planet of his Ascendant (or Rising Sign) located in the sign Virgo at his birth and in his natal 8th house of death+afterdeath+inheritance we can see that his teachings which we’ve inherited will have and have had their greatest impact posthumously after his own death. While Virgo is involved with detailed analysis, careful attention to the specifics of techniques, and especially indicative of all concerns with health + herbs + natural, preventative medicine, …the 8th house of one’s life focuses upon the need to share in-depth, regenerative experiences.

Hahnemann’s guiding light, the planet Jupiter, led him to share his gifts for careful, technical experimentation on his own body via mutable substances = Virgo (mutable earth) with others in the hope they would profit from his example. But because Jupiter at his birth was beginning to form a waning square to Pluto, his medicine ways met with much collective resistance and were frequently rejected. Yet, times are changing. The future of homeopathy is arriving now, in the year 1995, as Pluto returns to the zodiacal sign Sagittarius which it occupied at his birth. Pluto has a very long cycle; it requires 245 years to circle the zodiac once. It has not been in Sagittarius since Hahnemann’s time and its’ return there this year suggests that the ‘moment’ for the true understanding of his medical-spiritual teachings is upon us. It will not blossom until Pluto reaches the exact degree of Sagittarius which it occupied at this prophet’s birth when it rose in the sky on his Ascendant…that will be sometime in early 2002. From now until then the homeopathic community of practitioners world-wide will be experiencing a new energy, a call for the rebirth of homeopathy and all that such a rebirth entails.

It is precisely because of this rebirthing now in process that I am writing of the birth chart of its’ founder, Samuel Hahnemann, for there are certain difficulties this man encountered which were due to his own ego-personality and which he inadvertantly passed along as part of his ‘Materia Medica’. These difficulties need to be understood and eliminated as fas as possible if his work, if homeopathy itself is to achieve a rebirth. This will not be an easy task for homeopathic practitioners since Hahnemann, the Aries-Seed-Man and visionary prophet of future medicine quite naturally expressed in all he did and wrote the typical archetypal emphasis of ‘Me First’ Aries and the task requires acute critical discernment between the words and deeds of Hahnemann the ego-personality and Hahnemann the spiritual ‘exemplar’. Let’s call him Sam and remember that his emphasis is nearly always on the importance of the unique individual and that individual’s unique, personal symptoms:

"Nature has no nomenclature or classification of disease. She produces individual disease, and insists that the true physician…shall always treat the individuality of each individual case of disease."  (Rima Handley, A Homeopathic Love Story –p.71; she is quoting Hahnemann’s Organon)

The uniquely individual person, disease, symptom and remedy is the cornerstone and foundation of the art of homeopathy as Hahnemann himself declared. But one must be able to distinguish this important principle from the worship of the peculiar ‘flukes’ of personality in the man himself. He was a real, full-blown case of personality. His teaching, Homeopathy, must not be confused with that personality. Even though all seed-men are charismatic and avataric messengers from the Spirit, we must not worship them nor confuse their message with their often colorful personalities the way devotees are inclined to blindly worship their Guru. The authority of Hahnemann is seen by the position of Saturn in Capricorn at his birth, and this year (1995) the planet Uranus is moving in the sky back and forth over that very degree of Capricorn indicating that revolutionary insights into his posthumous authority, his position as the ‘Guru’ of homeopathy must and will be challenged. This means that there is no place in homeopathic practice for slavish following of any rigid Dogma even if such Dogma takes the form of "Hahnemann Says".

Homeopathy was formulated by an Aries man and the theme song of such a man is the popular: "Most of All, I did it My Way". Thankfully, Samuel Hahnemann was not Frank Sinatra, nor is Mr. Sinatra synonymous with the "My Way" song, -even if thousands of night club goers may think so. Each practitioner of homeopathy must sing her/his own song, each must experiment on her/himself to find her or his practice for that is the essential message entrusted by Spirit to the seed-man Hahnemann and the cornerstone of his teaching of homeopathy.

Unfortunately, it’s true that wherever we find emphasis on the individual ‘me’ we find also the danger of the imperialistic and rigid power of the ego. But the worship of ego-centricity is not homeopathy nor is the cloak of secrecy the proper tool of the physician. The true homeopathic physician needs to respect and honor the ‘Me First’ principle in each of his clients, he needs to include the patient in the cure and this is done by sharing with the patient the knowledge one has as to the effective ‘intention’ of the prescribed remedy in every case where that is at all practicable. To give a patient a ‘pill’ simply saying, "Here, take this, note your symptoms and check back with me in a week or month or so" is no different, after all, than what is done daily by allopathic doctors all over the planet. It’s a form of cloaked, ‘magical’ practice, a way of remaining aloof and independent with one’s secret power to ‘cure’. For if the patient’s powers of self-healing are to be encouraged and brought to the fore the homeopath must share her/his wisdom with the patient by evoking the ‘name’ of the remedy, giving the patient as full an understanding as is possible of the effects and intentions of the subtle substance that is the ‘remedy’ so that he can unite his conscious intentions with the intentions of the remedy.

It may strike some as strange or even heretical to speak of the ‘intention’ of the substance known as the remedy, but Hahnemann himself said: "Medicinal substances are not dead masses in the ordinary sense of the term, on the contrary, their true essential nature…is dynamically spiritual…is pure force." (Dudgeon, R.E.(ed), Lesser Writings of Samuel Hahnemann, London 1851,859).

Now, astrologically the mass of a substance is found through examination of the zodiacal sign Taurus, the 2nd house of the birth chart, and the placement of the planet Venus which ‘rules’ both that sign and house. In Hahnemann’s birth chart the planet Venus is located in the sign or ‘energy-field’ of Pisces which deals with the permeation and dissolution of all substances and forms, and it is also found to be in close union (conjunction) with the planet Mars which symbolizes the active energy of any substance or body. Pisces is a watery and psychic sign ruled by Neptune, the Universal Solvent of Alchemy. Consequently, Hahnemann was born with an innate attunement to the active energy of all substances (or what we can call the psychic-spiritual energy locked within any form) as well as a ‘feel’ for the way to dissolve the form and liberate the energy within it. Since both the substance itself (Venus) and the active energy within it (Mars) are also in astrological opposition to Jupiter, the principle of expansion located in the mutable earth sign of Virgo, it should be clear to us why he was led to dissolve substances in water and shake them vigorously –for Mars in opposition to Jupiter symbolizes restless movement. This procedure, too, was part and parcel of his prophetic teaching for we have seen that Jupiter rules his Sagittarius Ascendant. Furthermore, Hahnemann would have been inclined to perform this work personally since Mars = action is the ruler of both his Sun and Moon in Aries. He would prefer to do this work in his home since his Aries Sun is located in the 4th house of his birth chart and that house symbolizes one’s home.
We would expect to find from all this that Hahnemann was extremely sensitive to the fact that the personal energy of the individual performing the ‘succussion’ would interact and merge with what he called the ‘dynamically spiritual…pure force’ of the life-energy of the substance itself. It is reported that in the last years of his life in Paris with his second wife, Melanie, he began to use remedies produced by Korsakoff and Jenichen of 1000c and 1500c…"but he was uneasy with them, probably because he had not made them himself and was not at all sure how they had been prepared…Hahnemann imagined that the succussion would have been mechanical and therefore too violent." (Rima Handley, A Homeopathic Love Story; p.128.)

This kind of sensitivity to the treatment of substances would be rooted in his own body-awareness and sensitivity since at his birth Venus in Pisces is situated in the 2nd house of his personal body-substance and sense of values + self-worth. The sign Taurus, archetypically associated with the 2nd house and always symbolizing physical substance+mass, is located natally on Hahnemann’s 5th and 6th house cusps indicating that he would employ a 5th house = creatively expressive approach to physical substance in his 6th house = work+herbs+natural medicine process of healing. 

Hahnemann was born with the sign Aquarius strongly influencing his body as well as his value system since that sign literally controls the cusp or beginning of his 2nd house. Aquarius is the energy-field of the zodiac that symbolizes the highest plain of Mind, -Mind in its’ most pure, contemplative, and transpersonal mode. Its’ symbolic glyph depicts two horizontal lightning bolts (or vibratory wave forms) floating one above another in harmony and balance. Each of these zigzag wave-forms may be seen respectively as the planets Saturn and Uranus for these two planets share ‘co-rulership’ of Aquarius. The estoeric teaching concerning this Aquarian symbol reveals that when on the highest plain of Mind the Saturnian principle of contraction + focus harmonizes with the Uranian principle of true intuitive insight + ‘flash’ of inspiration, an ideal Aquarian social vision of a selfless nature can be brought down off the ‘Plain of Mind’ and into everyday concrete reality. Hahnemann possessed this ability to distill the quintessence of vision into matter since 3 of his psychic functions or natal planets = Mars + Venus + Uranus are located at birth within his natal 2nd house of substance controlled by the sign Aquarius .

In many ways Sam was a mystic capable of profound, unconditional love. His birth chart suggests that he came from such a past-life soul heritage into his 1755 incarnation to ‘‘ground’ his mysticism in practical service to others. The primary indicators of this view of Hahnemann are his lunar nodes. The South Lunar Node is found in Pisces (sign of mystics, poets, and musicians) in the 3rd house area of daily communication suggesting that it was natural for him to speak and relate via poetic-musical metaphor and with sensitivity and compassion on a daily basis (see Brenda O’Reilly (ed; The Organon Of The Medical Art.) His North Lunar Node is found in Virgo in the 9th house area of communication from/with the higher prophetic mind seeking to speak specific+detailed+practical knowledge = Virgo in a spirit of humility and selfless service to others. Of course, I don’t mean to give the impression that Sam was altogether ‘perfect’ or a totally enlightened being. His friend and contemporary, Franz Hartman, relates the following concerning Hahnemann’s communication skills:
"Unfortunately, the lectures were not fitted to win friends and followers for his theories or himself. For whenever possible, he poured forth a flood of abuse against the older medicine and its’ followers, with the result that his audience lessened every hour and finally consisted of only a few of his students…Any others were present not for the subject matter but to hear the unfortunate method of presentation, so that their sense of humour might be freely tickled." (Rima Handley, A Homeopathic Love Story; p.75) 

Where, we might ask, did this sort of behaviour arise from within Sam’s natal chart ? Well, Mercury, the planet symbolizing speech from the conscious brain, is located in Aries = the sign of spontaneous and non-reflective energy. We can assume the man spoke spontaneously and with passionate, child-like, and non-reflective enthusiasm. Mercury in Aries is a blunt, to-the-point speaker. And when his speech is not received with the enthusiasm he wishes to awaken in others his own enthusiasm turns quickly to impatience. He will bluntly and directly attack with his words for Aries and its’ ruling planet Mars are also symbols of the Warrior-Fighter. Any pioneer, anyone promulgating revolutionary teachings must use the fighting force of Aries to cut through the resistance of the past. But the charge of verbal ‘abuse’ is a different matter for generally it speaks of the intention to wound and hurt another. Where did this nasty trait arise from within Sam’s psyche ?  

The astrological answer is two-fold: from the fact that Hahnemann was born with Mercury retrograde =Rx in Aries, and from the other, unusual fact that it was also eclipsed or ‘occulted’ by the Moon. Characteristic of this combination is a ‘karmic’ need to correct speech that is too blunt, aggressive, or non-reflective. A retrograde planet is one which appears to be moving backward in the sky from the point of view on earth. Astrologers teach that such a planet or psychic function is turned inward against itself. Hence, Hahnemann often turned his own speech inadvertently against himself…and he did so (we may presume) when he felt frustrated. For a retrograde Mercury function indicates personal ego-insecurity which takes the form of fearing that one is mentally incompetent or unable to communicate clearly. No doubt Sam sometimes felt this way. 

But the unusual fact that on Midnight, April 10, 1755 the Moon was eclipsing Mercury adds a deeper dimension to the picture. The Moon symbolizes the animal brain, the phylogenetic memory, the autonomic nervous system while Mercury symbolizes the conscious rational brain and its’ speech. It is highly likely that Samuel Hahnemann in whom both the rational and the animal brain were  -in a sense- blended, actually experienced what the 20th Century mystic and teacher, Aurobindo Ghose, called "The Mind of the Cells", a form of consciousness he associated with a transformation of physical matter itself. Not a brain knowledge, but a deeper and hidden consciousness within the cells of the body and within the atoms of all matter. Certainly, Hahnemann, with his intuitive-musical approach to the ‘dynamically spiritual’ energy within his homeopathically prepared substances, would not have been surprised by the consciousness of cells and atoms…but how could he have found words to speak of such feeling-intuitions (if he had them) in a time like the 1700’s in Germany ?

Hahnemann’s frustration with speaking and being heard occurred primarily in public teaching situations with his medical colleagues ‘because’ Jupiter, planet-ruler of his Sagittarian teacher’s life-path or Dharma, was also retrograde at his birth and in opposition to Mars, -ruler of his natal Sun+Moon+Mercury functions. This opposition signifies awareness achieved through a kind of give and take with others acted out in a projected ‘tug-o-war’ with them. And when Jupiter is involved the others are often a group and the ‘battle’ is over a social teaching = Jupiter or philosophy. Sam was a man who fought courageously for Sagittarian principles and truths which he belived in…but he was also a rapturous mystic by ‘past-life’ conditioning, and not at all used to verbalizing what he preferred to experience through direct, wordless knowing. In my limited acquaintance with a few homeopaths I have witnessed something of this same verbal frustration. Are such people drawn to homeopathy because of their symbiotic resonance with this quality in its’ founder ? 

Sam was a persecuted man: this is not paranoid suspicion, it is historical fact!  He was harrassed and persecuted by the deeply entrenched medical practitioners of his time because he directly and personally challenged them and their techniques /practices while offering a new and revolutionary approach to the entire concept of illness, patients, doctors, and disease. He consciously intended to disturb and overthrow the medicine of his time and this was his true ‘avataric’ role. His teachings and theories are meant to jolt the collective unconsciousness of his and our times. One can see this in the natal opposition of Uranus to Jupiter at his birth…with both in challenging square aspect to Pluto on his Ascendant. This configuration is known as a T-square or a highly restless but directed vehicle for the release of pointed, focused energy; in Sam’s chart it refers to his need+ability to communicate the unknown  (Pluto) on an individual and personal/particular basis while remaining true to his unique genius and vision. There is nothing vicious or abusive in this kind of forceful energy, but there can be impatience when confronting the irrational-unconscious resistance to change so pervasive in human nature.  

Sam was not the sort of simple minded rebel who delights in destroying the past out of a reckless disregard for authority or tradition. To the contrary, this man was born with Saturn = authority and seriuosness located in Capricorn the very sign it rules, the sign of law and order, the status-quo, the commonly shared factor of respect for established public structure and form in business, government, and profession. Somewhere in his psyche there lived a staunch conservative deeply respectful of the collective human efforts of the past and aware of his debts to that past. Such respect is not found in the birth charts of superficial rebels who rebel for the hell of it all. In fact, Hahnemann conscientiously translated (and many say improved upon) the medical writings of his contemporaries until he reached the age of 45. He didn’t even publish his original/seminal work, The Organon Of The Art Of Healing, until the year 1810 when he was 55 years old. He was that rare kind of rebel known as a social reformer who performs his duty to society in the light of his Vision even when that duty requires that he rouse, attack, and disturb it.  

If one observes that Sam’s Saturn function is precisely in the middle of a square relationship between Pluto and Uranus and semi-square to both of them, one is observing enormous restlessness and a feeling on his part that his social conscience requires that he question authority at every moment. But Pluto and Uranus symbolize forces of a very great collective nature: ‘transpersonal forces’. Dane Rudhyar refers to them as ‘ambassadors of the galaxy’ because they bring to individuals and groups ‘messages’ from the greater whole of the galactic dimension. It is these planets with their message from the greater sphere to which Hahnemann was attuned and for whom he functioned as an ‘avataric messenger’ to man. Listen as he tries to formulate that message in the vocabulary of his day:

"Now, with respect to the development of physical forces from material substance by trituration this is a very wonderful subject, it is only the ignorant vulgar who still look upon matter as dead mass, for from its interior can be elicited incredible and hitherto unsuspected powers…Who can say that in the millionth and billionth development the small particles of the medical substance have arrived at the state of atoms not susceptible to further division of whose nature we can form not the slightest conception ?" (Dudgeon, Lesser Writings, 819, 859).

What we witness in these words is the language of a man grasping desperately to find his way into the realms of sub-atomic physics, the language of an old occultist imbued with the mystic’s love of and ability to merge with matter.  

The Homeopathy of Samuel Hahnemann is the medicine of the future because it points to the fact that consciousness alters matter. It’s this lived realization on his part that is the great gift of his teaching, -not the quirks and eccentricities of his ego personality. Those distortions arose within him because of the persecution he suffered from many -if not most- of his contemporaries. But times have changed somewhat now, and if today’s revitalized homeopathy is to flourish its practioners must stop imitating Sam’s eccentric defensiveness and begin to level with their patients, to open up to them as equals and abandon the secret power games of the currently ensconced AMA type mentalities who notoriously do not discuss the medications they give with the patients to whom they give them. Is this due to the fact that such people really don’t know what these medications are nor who prepared them ?  

As the next millenium approaches and Pluto returns to the position in mid-Sagittarius which it occupied at Hahnemann’s birth, homeopathy will come into its true power…but so, too, will the dark/invisible temptation of negative Pluto reach its’ height = the temptation to secrecy and hidden controls. The real and positive gift of the ‘Dark Lord of the Underworld’ is the gift of the revelation of the hidden consciousness within matter. Samuel Hahnemann felt this gift intuitively, -he sensed the ability of matter to transform itself, to heal itself, to resonate consciously with the intentions of mankind. If we are to heal ourselves and the earth on which we live we must embrace each other and all matter free from the dark desire to control. Hidden control is the worm in the heart of the rose, the hungry ache for personal power stirring in each of us, the unhealthy root of secrecy !

(This article originally appeared in : SIMILLIMUM; The Journal of The Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians, Fall 1995, Vol.VIII No.3). I’d like to thank Miranda Castro for encouraging me to write and submit the article and Durr Elmore for printing it along with a warm editorial suggestion: "I feel we, the whole homeopathic community, may profit by it. Have fun with it, but watch out!" And I hope you , too, whoever you may be will find these words of use. I am, Don Grabau, and can be reached for personal birth-chart interpretation by writing and tape: send me an Email by clicking just below this sentence.  Aloha Nui Loa !


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