Hand Crafted Colored Birth Chart
(a poorly scanned photographic replica of nostalgic craft from my past)
Francis Donald Grabau

        Francis Donald Grabau
Hello Folks,
I'm Francis Donald Grabau and I call my astrological work Starpath Visions. As an astrologer, I work to share with you a ‘Vision’ of your Birthchart Potential by evoking from within you a recognition of the Archetypal Patterns and Themes in your life. I focus on YOU, the Whole Person, your Soul, and Spirit as well as your personal psychological makeup. I write and speak to you with a combination of factual, analytical thought and evocative poetry-myth. The aim is to put you in touch with your true, essential Star Being. My approach is along the lines of what the late Dane Rudhyar called Humanistic, Person-Centered Astrology. It includes that all but forgotten and shocking possibility called real-actual dialogue!

If you choose to work with me I ask that you share the basic information of your age, your general health, whether you are single or married, male or female, how many children –if any- you have, whether your parents are alive or dead, how many and what sex are your brothers and sisters, what your job or profession is, and WHY you want to undertake this work. If you decide that you do wish to employ me to ‘read’ your Birthchart(s), here are the relevant data I need for the work:

1. First of all, you must give me your birth data: I need to know your NAME and the day, month, and year of your birth and the TIME in hours, minutes and AM or PM as well as the PLACE (City + Country).

2. I calculate and print out on paper for you a copy of your Birthchart in multiple colors, a table identifying the symbols of the planets, zodiacal signs etc. –so that you can familiarize yourself with them if you don’t already know them. This vividly colored picture of your birthchart is placed inside a clear plastic folder together with written analysis so that you can handle them repeatedly without soiling them. It is personally designed for you to reflect your unique energy patterns in an easy to grasp fashion. (It can also be sent you directly via email.)


3. Additionally, you receive color-print copies of your Progressed Chart, your Solar Return Chart, and a series of sheets listing important dates for the coming year which time your Progressions & Transits for one full year (or more) beyond the date I do the work. The chart below, of Patrick Fitzgerald, is a sample of the computer designed charts I make these days. They are designed to highlight major astrological configurations operative in any given birth chart:

  (Note: this image above is a reduction and hard to see in detail, -your actual chart will be printed full size on 8 1/2 by 11 paper.)

4. You receive written interpretations of both your Natal Chart and the coming years Progressions & Transits; these vary in length from 32 to 50 pages of written interpretation…and occassionaly more. They can be quite useful, but because they are (like all computer generated interpretive programs used in astrology) essentially 'compartmentalized' I use them merely as an adjunct to the Interprative Reading itself which I record with you on the phone. I use the Solar Fire astrology program which I'm continuously updating by re-writing the interpretations to bring in greater depth. (I'm not a fan of "cook book" or compartmentalized astrology reports, as  Dane Rudhyar liked to call them!)

5. All the written and printed materials are placed inside a folder to form an attractive packet you can work with, delve into, and reflect upon. If you are not seeing me in person they are mailed to you via Priority Mail so that once sent you can receive them in 3-4 days; if you are seeing me in person you get to carry them home. (On the internet, they can be sent you directly & swiftly for immediate reference as we speak together via phone.)

6. I speak with you explaining your natal birthchart in depth and go on from there to lay out the kinds of energies-events-experiences you may expect within the coming year. If you see me in person we record this as a dialogue on audio cassette tapes, and if you contact me by mail I record this either as a monologue addressed to you, or a dialogue between us over the phone, or a combination of both. Again, I reiterate, I prefer the mutual dialogue format. In either case, the number of hours of interpretive speech is never less than 5 and often 6 Hours –all recorded on tape. (There are rare exceptions; I have been known to record up to 8 Hours, if a person’s chart requires it.) All this can be broken down into three or more scheduled phone sessions of 90 minutes to 2 hours a piece.  

This DELUXE (full, in-depth report) includes color prinouts, 32-50 pages of writtten interpretive material, an additional personally designed booklet focusing on the meaning of planets, aspects, and their astro-gnostic occult significance in terms of wholistic health,  -plus folders, clear covers, 5-6 hours of interpretation and forecasting on audio tapes, and inclusive of postage comes to you at the cost of $350.  But please be advised, I cannot work with you in this in-depth manner until we have contact by phone (at least briefly) to determine whether or not we can or should work together. To contact me please start the process by sending an email addressed to  starpath3@earthlink.net  (If you click here, you'll get an automatic letter form already addressed to me in which you can state your interest and
give me your birth data and phone number.)  If we choose to work together you may click here for Pay Pal:


Hawaian Plumeria 

While I prefer to study your chart for a few hours before working with you, I know some folks are impatient and just want to spontaneously call and begin to work. This spontaneous approach is most useful, I think, for folks who already have a copy of their birth chart, are familiar with it, and want to ask specific questions concerning prospects for the coming weeks, months, or years. I'm quite open to this approach for those of you more inclined to plunge right into things, so here are some options. Please understand that I refer ALL transits, solar returns, relocation issues (astrocartography), relationship issues and similar inquiries to the root possibilities inherent in one's Birth Chart, so some discussion of that Natal Chart is ALWAYS essential. Rest assured that although there are specific times given to each of these options I will not simply go by the clock but will complete these readings to our mutual satisfaction and sense of closure. That being understood, and with the understanding that you MUST email me BEFORE clicking on Pay Pal here are optional readings I offer:

SPECIAL taped consultation focused upon specific questions which you write out in an email to me before we talk. This is designed for those who can be clearly focused and stay centered in the specific questions. Cost: $100 includes tape,
and postage but NO written materials, . While the time alloted here is technically one hour I repeat, I do not base my work nor charge you simply on the basis of the time we spend talking, but in this case by FOCUS. The idea behind this deal is condensed attention given to your specific questions -so if we go over the hour, I do NOT charge you more even though I'll do my best to keep us within the hour's limits. I'll try to be succinct and I ask you to be, too -so we can keep the reading relatively focused and brief. If this suits you click here to email me your questions: starpath3@earthlink.net and click here to pay by Pay Pal:

B) ONE + 1/2 HOURS taped consultation designed for the "catch all" kind of person who wants to begin discussion of his or her Birth Chart and ask spontaneous questions concerning what's going on right NOW  -plus a brief peek into the year ahead. This is best for those who have an internet connection allowing me to send them (by email) copies of various charts and/or reports. It's for the seriously curious who have no specific focus but want to "taste" what astrology is and what it might be able to help them understand. It's also a good place to begin if you cannot obtain the precise Hour and Minute of your birth. Don't forget to email me first at: starpath3@earthlink.net. Cost: $160 includes tape, NO printed out materials (but some emailed materials including charts, reports etc.) and postage.
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taped consultation discussing your year ahead in terms of major transits & progressions and in light of your annual Solar Return Chart. This deal is designed for those familiar with their birth charts and wanting help navigating the year ahead. Again it requires that you email me beforehand so that I can call you for a recorded half hour asking you basic questions as to your current health, job, interests, relationship status etc, so contact me at
starpath3@earthlink.net. with your phone number in the email. Cost: $200 includes tapes, NO written materials, (but some e-mailed materials and postage) and you can click here for Pay Pal:

D) THREE + (fraction) HOURS
taped consultation intended as TWO phone sessions each 90 minutes long designed for those wanting greater in-depth discussion of matters such as Health, specific Personal Relationships, Relocation, Professional or Career issues and fine tuning or clarifying such issues in terms of 'timing' and greater specific detail. It works best for those with whom I have previously done astrological readings but can be chosen by those already understanding their charts, familiar with astrological language, earnestly looking for greater clarification of such issues as I've stated, and able to outline their intended focus in an email (or series of such) sent to
starpath3@earthlink.net including your phone number. Cost: $275 includes tapes, explanatory text notes including a special booklet discussing planets, aspects, and health symbolism from an astro-gnostic & occult perspective as Printed materials accompanying tapes and the price also includes the cost of postage.
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Finally, for those of you wanting to ask questions about your current life, not terribly interested in astrology per se but unable to resist my sales pitch, hypnotically attracted to my overwhelmingly charismatic charms, or simply caught in the pure lure of the unknown I offer another 'wild card' option.

taped reading of a largely psychic and intuitive nature using the TAROT. While I may also ask you your birth data and quickly draw up your birth chart, the entire reading will be rooted in a classical "celtic cross" layout of the Tarot and will be focused upon what the cards tell us is your current situation and the questions presently posing themselves in your life. This reading is often available on very short notice usually within 24 hours of your emailing me at
starpath3@earthlink.net  All you need say is that you request a reading and I'll take it from there, but if you have a question or two you specifically wish to address we can do that, too. The Tarot is excellent for this kind of thing and I've been practicing and studying it since 1966 -wow, that's 40 years ago! 
Cost: $60 for taped reading.
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or $50 without the tape. Click here for Pay Pal:

Thanks very much for your interest, good people, and I'll be happy to hear from you -he said,
sounding to himself (at least) appropriately stiff, businesslike, & formal!
But please do keep in mind that I'm a very astrologically mutable guy
and all these fees are not carved in stone. We can quibble,
play, negotiate our terms and fees.

Ah, political correctness! O, Tact.  Such Finesse. Or, As they say at the
airports, why not "Rent A Gnostic" ..........

Donald Grabau

Francis Donald Grabau

  Email: starpath3@earthlink.net