Trinity Site, New Mexico:
An Occult Astrological Look At The World’s First Nuclear Bomb.

Francis Donald Grabau

Few people realize that the world’s first nuclear bomb tested in the Journado Del Muerto (the Valley Of Death) actually had a name given to it by the physicists who ‘created’ it; they called it the ‘Christy Bomb’ when they weren’t referring to it euphemistically as the ‘device’ or the ‘gadget’. They were making a pun on the name of Robert Christy, a young Canadian who worked under the supervision of Hans Bethe at Los Alamos. Puns, codes, and double meanings were the language of the day during that time of war, but at least one man among them all, Seth Neddermeyer, spoke out about the emotions this ‘pun’ stirred within him:

"I didn’t go to Trinity. Kerst and I were busy trying out a new idea of ours, the Chronotron. No, that wasn’t why I didn’t go. At Los Alamos they called it the Christy Bomb. The CHRISTY BOMB! I stayed home. Really, I hoped the goddam thing wouldn’t work." (Davis, Nuel Pharr. Lawrence and Oppenheimer, Simon & Schuster, New York 1968; p.230)

The ‘gadget’ or Christy Bomb was conveyed in nervous caravan-like fashion to a tower built to hold it at Trinity Site through the sleepy town of Belen (Little Bethlehem) and the only newspaperman allowed to witness the test explosion, William Laurence of the New York Times, wrote to his editor that the story could only be compared to "…an eighth-day wonder, a sort of Second Coming Of Christ yarn." He was not the only man to refer to this event in these peculiarly christian terms, Winston Churchill and Robert Oppenheimer among many others also spoke of the bomb’s detonation in terms of the "second coming" and the "apocalypse" and, indeed, Oppenheimer is credited with naming the exact location of the detonation " Trinity Site ".

Assuming that all this language might refer to something relevant about the world’s first nuclear bomb explosion one can consult the birth-chart of the event to see what light it might throw upon the meaning and purpose of the entity named, The Christ Bomb, detonated at Trinity Site, New Mexico (33N37, 106W30) at the exact moment of its’ ‘birth’ or manifestation since that time is exactly recorded as 05:29:45 AM mountain war time on July 16, 1945.

Part One


Looking at the chart for the Christy Bomb one notices immediately that two angles of the chart, the M.C. – I.C. axis or power line passes through the final 30th degree of Pisces at the Mid-Heaven and the final 30th degree of Virgo at the Imum Coeli. Because of the Precession of the Equinoxes an astrological "Age" begins when the Spring Equinox "backs" into the final degree and minute of a given sign, hence the 29th degree and 59th minute of the sign Pisces began the Piscean Age of which the Christ figure is a symbol or avatar as the "fisher of men" and the Piscean Age has been centered powerfully on the religious-political impact of this Christ figure. Consequently, when the Christy Bomb was detonated with that very degree on the Mid-Heaven the event was announced to the World-At-Large = M.C. as the "Second Coming" and an "Apocalypse" because it announced the End of the Age of the Pisces Christ and was, in a profound sense, the summation and symbolical final act of that age.

The late Dane Rudhyar has emphasized that the first half of the Piscean Age did, indeed, focus through the sign Pisces with its innate emphasis on direct feeling experience of the Unity of all men in what the Roman Catholic Church actually calls the "Mystical Body Of Christ" (a period that climaxed around 1200 A.D.) but, that the latter half of that ‘Age’ shifted the emphasis to the implied other pole of Pisces, it’s complimentary opposite, Virgo which initially took the form of the cult of Mary, the Virgin Mother of the Christ, and great Cathedrals built in her name sprang up all over western europe along with the cult of Knights fighting evil under the banner of a Lady Fair (Guenivere & Lancelot, the Romance of the Rose etc.). This chivalric order of Virgo purity gradually gave way to the analysis of Science and the worship of pure technique which is the more mundane expression of the Virgo energy state. How fitting, then, that at the detonation of the Christy Bomb at Trinity Site the very men who saw it as the "Second Coming" and who created it as a "gadget" and a "technically sweet solution" should have been objective scientific technicians and those of us who consult its ‘birth chart’ should find a reference upon its Power Axis (M.C.-I.C.) to the beginnings of the Piscean Age and the Christ figure who dominated the spiritual imagination of that Age. It seems the detonation of the Christy Bomb at Trinity Site announced the End of an Age by referring back to its initial beginning via the Birth of Christ (Belen = Little Bethlehem) and its conclusion at the apocalyptic "Second Coming".

Indeed, at the moment of the detonation of the christ bomb the 15th degree of Cancer was rising in the East and the star Sirius had just preceded it over the horizon by a moment or two while the star Canopus was conjunct the bomb’s Ascendant within half a degree. Since Cancer is the preeminent sign of birth and the womb, we are looking at another reference to the second coming or second manifestation (birth) of the Christ and since the Ascendant is traditionally said to refer to the body appearance of a given entity it might interest us to know that in physical shape the bomb actually was a clumsy round object attached to which were all sorts of cables & wires; this fits the profile of the birth of an entity with Cancer, the Moon’s Sign rising, constructed around a sphere of Plutonium at its core and with another sphere called an Initiator at the very center (it is said to have had the appearance of a "dimpled gulfball"). Ah, but ‘Initiator’…there is a word to fire the poet’s imagination!

Since we are all potential poets, let’s use our poetic imagination to look at the star whose rising in the East was in process as the Christy Bomb exploded: Canopus. According to the celebrated ancient, Aristides, the word ‘canopus’ comes to us from the ancient coptic-egyptian name for the star which was Kahi Nub meaning golden earth. And, indeed, Canopus marks the rudder in the stern of the fabled ship, Argo, in which Jason and his famous Argonauts set sail in search of the golden fleece. It is a curious fact that when the spherical core of the bomb reached Trinity Site it had developed cracks & pits in its surface which absolutely needed to be flawless in order to work, so the physicists brainstormed and decided to plug the pits with several ounces of gold (they used common Kleenex as well). See, in your mind’s eye, the round Christy Bomb hoisted up into its tower in the middle of the desert at Journado Del Muerto be-spotted with flecks of gold as Canopus, the ‘golden earth’ rose over the Eastern Horizon and gold greeted gold while physicists looked on through the ‘countdown’ to detonation. Then listen to these words of Thomas Carlyle concerning the nature of the star:

"Canopus shining-down over the desert, with its blue diamond brightness (that wild, blue, spirit-like brightness far brighter than we ever witness here), would pierce into the heart of the wild Ishmaelitish man, whom it was guiding through the solitary waste there. To his wild heart, with all feelings in it, with no speech for any feeling, it might seem a little eye, that Canopus, glancing out on him from the great, deep, Eternity; revealing the inner splendour to him. Cannot we understand how these men worshipped Canopus… ? …To us also, through every star, through every blade of grass, is not a God made visible if we will open our minds and eyes ? We do not worship in that way now: but is it not reckoned still a merit, proof of what we call a ‘poetic nature’, that we recognize how every object has a divine beauty in it; how every object still verily is a window through which we may look into Infinitude itself . " (Allen, Richard Hinckley. Star Names, Dover, New York 1963; p.70 quoting Carlyle)

What caused Oppenheimer to say just moments before the detonation, "Lord, these affairs are hard on the heart", or Fermi to exclaim, "Ah, the earth on the eve of its disintegration" ? And why did the reporter, Lawrence, write of the explosion saying: "It then came to me that both Oppie and I, and likely many others in our group, had shared in a profound religious experience, having been witness to an event akin to the Supernatural." ?

Perhaps what they were experiencing was something of the rich and complex lore associated with the star, Canopus, for we are told that this star itself is the Steersman of the ship Argo, the ‘pilot star’ in the stern of that boat which the Egyptians considered to be the Ship Of The Dead with Osiris on board as the strategos’ or ‘general’ in charge of planning the strategy of the voyage. The ancient Vedic Hindus called Canopus ‘Agastya’, an inspired sage or ‘Rishi’ and he was the helmsman of their boat, the Argha. What is the significance of these boats and their steersmen ? According to the work of Hertha Von Dechend and Georgio De Santillana (see Hamlet’s Mill, Gambit, Boston 1969) these boats and especially the star Canopus are involved with the changing of the ‘Ages’, the shift via the Precession which heralds a new ‘Age’ requiring a search into the depths for a new strategy or sense of values which will anchor it. These two brilliant and wonderfully eccentric scholars argue that Canopus, whom the Arabs called ‘the weight’, is the plumb star or the weight on the end of the plumb line by which the orientation and measures of each successive new ‘Age’ is determined and it is conjunct the Ascendant of the Christy Bomb as it is exploded on July 16, 1945 at the very moment when the final (‘first’) degree of the Piscean Age occupies the M.C.-I.C. of the event! We may expect from this that the Christy Bomb is somehow involved with the final ending of the ‘measures’ of the Piscean Age and the announcing of the ‘measures’ for the new, Aquarian Age.

Our ancient ancestors all around the globe took the ‘measure’ of things from the movement of the Sun, Moon, and Stars in the sky; and in the West, particularly, the planet Saturn and its’ yearly cycle through the zodiac of stars was the most emphasized (in immediate, practical terms) of these celestial measurers (along with its partner, the Moon, and her nearly matching monthly cycle). In fact, the Greek name for Saturn was Chronos from which we derive the whole concept of chronology, chronicles, and the sequential or chronological succession of time as measurement. Chronological time was later measured via water-clocks, hourglasses, and finally electrical clocks and watches. But after the detonation of the Christy Bomb announcing the end of an Age the very measurement of time became a thing determined by the decay of radioactive cesium and the ‘atomic clock’ came into being. This is interesting in light of the fact that Canopus was not the only celestial body conjunct the Ascendant of the bomb, for the planet Saturn-Chronos was also within one degree of conjunctioin to that Ascendant and in the process of rising too. If we were looking at this chart as the birth of a person what would we as astrologers say to someone born with Saturn conjunct the Ascendant in the astrological sign Cancer ?

Most likely we’d begin by explaining that the principle of contraction, concentration, and gravity would be expressing in a very ‘up-front’ way in that person’s life through his or her personal feelings. Such a person might feel = cancer rather serious about life, perhaps have a tendency to take his or her personal feelings so seriously = saturn as to become emotionally contracted or repressed. But the Christy Bomb was not a person in the human sense of the word, -it was a ‘gadget’, a ‘device’, a bomb. Still, this bomb was uniquely different from any bomb that had preceded it; it was an ‘Atomic Bomb’ which was unusual in that it did not explode (according to the physicists who made it) instead, it imploded. The implosion issue was a very serious and highly classified secret about this bomb whose unique qualities required that the bomb explode inward or implode before it could explode in the usual sense. In fact, the unique physics of a sphere which could implode is very fitting for the ‘birth chart’ of an entity known as THE BOMB with Saturn conjunct its’ Cancer Ascendant, the first man-made entity to employ the process of atomic fission or chain reaction in so concentrated, controlled, and confined a way as to result in an almost instantaneous and never before equalled implosion/explosion. This is Saturn on the Cancer Ascendant compressing the feelings inward under great duress, for it is in a 90 dg. angle or ‘square’ relationship to the Moon, -the queen & ruler of Cancer.

The Moon at the birth of the Bomb is in Libra =cardinal/initiating air or intellect in its own native 4th house and only 7 minutes of one degree from an exact waxing square to the Ascendant. Here we see the feelings = Moon expressing via the intellect =Libra/Air and in conflict = waxing square with the body of the bomb = Ascendant itself. While the Christy Bomb was certainly not a human being, it was a living entity if we look at it occultly, for a basic tenant of the perennial occult philosophy is that all matter is conscious and in that sense, alive. So we are looking at the body of the Christy Bomb when we look at its Ascendant, we are looking at that crazy-wired ball hoisted up a steel tower in the middle of the Journado Del Muerto just as it is detonated releasing the enormous, concentrated tension of Saturn conjunct Cancer Rising and in square to a Libra Moon. If we regard this as the chart of an event we can see it will have a powerful and challenging effect on the general public for the Moon in event-oriented or mundane astrology symbolizes the collective feelings of the general public. Indeed, since the Moon is ruler of this Ascendant the event signifies a critical challenge to the collective history and tradition of feeling itself ! This ‘entity’ was born to tell us something about a new way to ‘measure’ our feelings.

Perhaps this is why the steersman and measurer = Canopus, the ‘strategos’ of the new Age, as well as Saturn, the traditional chronicler of history, are both so tightly involved in the conflict; the explosion of the Christy Bomb put an end to history as we had known it and announced a new, ‘Atomic’ age. We are living in that ‘Age’ now and our sense of time is officially based upon radiation, the ‘decay’ of radioactive cesium in atomic ‘clocks’. Some of us are wondering how the wake-up alarms on these clocks will function!

Will we hear an alarm ring like a bell ? Will we wake up to that infernal electric buzz with the option of pressing the ‘snooze’ alarm, or will a radio station suddenly begin playing tunes and announcing the day’s ‘news’ and weather forecast ? For with Saturn on its’ Ascendant we can be sure the Christy Bomb, as herald of a new ‘Age’ in need of new ‘measures’ will most certainly be broadcasting a message concerned with time.

What is ‘atomic time’ and how does it affect us ? Consider that Saturn with his sickle as old father time is in his astrological ‘detriment’ in the sign of Cancer on the bomb’s ascendant for he ‘rules’ the complimentary opposite sign of Capricorn which deals with the so-called ‘objective’ facts of history. But placed in Cancer he is no doubt telling us that we must deal with our personal feelings regarding those facts, gestate those facts within the womb of our feelings, and give birth within ourselves to a serious and wise understanding as to what they imply. The fact is that the Christy Bomb was the first in a long series (which still continues today) of nuclear test explosions and it released radioactive contamination into the air, water, and earth poisoning the eco-system of our planet, our Cancerian home environment. It was followed by more and larger nuclear bombs/tests and by the 1950’s the general public = the Moon, began to be aware of Saturnian concentrations of strontium 90 in mothers’ breast milk, the milk of cows, and the bones of people everywhere as it fell from the stratosphere in its circumnavigation of the globe via jet streams and trade winds. We began to realize the collective, global implications of the ‘technically sweet solution’ that was the bomb. Since that time, the sperm count in males has declined all around the world. Curious, since the traditional understanding of the symbolic glyph for the Christy Bomb’s rising sign, Cancer, is that it depicts the dance-union of the ovum and the sperm.

But I must repeat that in the birth chart of the bomb this union is under challenging stress because the Moon, herself, squares the Ascendant and Saturn from a 4th house home/land base of Libra. The resultant stress is manifestly evident from the fact that Saturnian authority figures of the political-economic status-quo = Saturn + Capricorn did not inform the general public = Moon, of the polluting radiation fallout in the local area surrounding the detonation site. The fact is that neither the scientists involved, nor the military, nor the President, himself, knew what would happen when the ‘gadget’ was detonated; hence, Enrico Fermi’s infamous quip at the countdown: ‘Ah, the Earth on the eve of its disintegration !’

Strict secrecy was kept about the test on all levels of government, but that should come as no surprise if we realize that the Moon at 14 dg. of Libra in the chart of the bomb is tightly conjunct the natal Saturn at 14 dg. of the same sign in the birthchart of the United States (Rudhyar’s chart) whereof it is said: "In America we have no Kings, for the Law is king". The chart of the bomb shows a direct challenge to the people from the law = Moon square Saturn, and that challenge clearly reiterates the popular saying: Question Authority.

We must question, too, the FORM = SATURN, which that authority took in giving birth to the Christy Bomb for the bomb wears Saturn right up-front on its face/ascendant! Perhaps the ‘measure’ of the ‘Atomic Age’ will be our ability to question authority when it veils itself in the scientific/inventive forms of Aquarian devices purporting to free us from the need to take seriously and attend to our own (and others’) personal feelings. For the New Age heralded by Canopus conjunct the Ascendant of the Christy Bomb is the astrological ‘Aquarian Age’ with its attendant shadow function of Leo, and we can expect the Leo ‘kings’ of the new age to come to us veiled in their scientific, aquarian devices which they will claim are simply technical and neutral ‘things’ intended for the general welfare of the ‘whole’ (kings in scientific clothing!). The military scientists who gave us the first nuclear bomb certainly veiled their intentions from us as well as themselves for they could not bear to call their bomb anything but a ‘device’, a ‘gadget’, or a ‘technically sweet solution’. Until, of course, they came up with the typically Leonine hubris of making a pun on the ‘king of kings’ by dubbing their gadget the Christy Bomb!

But let us turn our focus upon the core consciousness of the occult entity which was the Christy Bomb. The Sun in the birthchart of the bomb is located at 23 dg. of Cancer and just below the Ascendant-Horizon at its ‘birth’ thereby emphasizing again the Moon’s themes of feeling, protecting, and giving birth; but this is the traditionally masculine sun of spirit expressing through the traditionally feminine sign of feeling so we must conclude that the core identity of the bomb’s ‘intention’ is to address a feeling = Moon issue, in a spiritually masculine = Sun, way. In fact, the Moon at the birth of the bomb is moving into her first quarter phase applying to a square relationship with the Sun and this means that she feels a need to challenge the Sun from the Libran stance of air-intellect in order to establish a new social balance.

Rudhyar, in his study of the sabian symbols for each degree of the zodiac has distilled the meaning of the Sun’s degree position down to one word: Interdependence. Within the context of the sign Cancer, interdependence implies the sperm and ovum, the cells of organic life forms, and so we know the bomb is at core addressing the issue of the interdependence of all organic, cellular life –this would appear to be its’ focal purpose for coming into being.

On the other hand, the symbol for the bomb’s ‘feelings’ or natal Moon position refers to ‘circular paths’ which he has distilled to an either-or statement: either repetitive boredom or transpersonal peace. Many of the men who worked on the bomb explained that they did so because of their idealistic yearning for peace and the real theoretical physicists among them, -such as Fermi, Bohr, Szilard found the heavy presence of the military within their midst (particularly, General Leslie Groves) quite oppressive = Saturn conjunct Ascendant. Even for these theoretical , intellectual, and idealistic physicists the work involved in creating the bomb was frequently boring and repetitive and they felt the strict emphasis on secrecy and discipline difficult to endure. Often insisting on a need for sharing, openness, and freedom in their speech with one another, they posed a real problem for the regimented military mind controlling the Manhattan Project.

We can see in their stance the interdependence emphasized by the Sun’s degree, but the circular paths of the Moon caught-up in Libra’s emphasis on social decorum and the pyramidal structure of society (remember, Saturn is ‘exhalted’ in Libra) is clearly in evidence as their idealistic mental feelings had to ‘square-off’ or confront the principle of Form, itself…old father Saturn on the Cancer Ascendant and even widely conjoined with the Sun. It was the military presence that created the emphasis on circular paths leading to boredom for the military is, by definition, the military and that means they exist in order to fight, to defend a given status-quo = Saturn + Capricorn; and their training from ‘boot-camp’ to the Pentagon is, indeed, a ‘circular path’. Furthermore, the old way of doing things, the ‘karmic past’ of the Christy Bomb is directly tied-in to the politics of daily work since the natal south lunar node of the bomb falls in Capricorn in its’ 6th house of repetitive work. Growth, for the bomb, is a matter of following its’ north lunar node in Cancer in the 12th house and that would seem to imply a transformation = 12th house of feelings and cellular consciousness = Cancer. Since the Moon herself, ruler of her own north node is poised in the tenuous balance of these circular paths (square by sign to her own nodes) which can result either in repetitive boredom( south node) or transpersonal peace (north node) it would seem evident that the message of the bomb and the new ‘Age’ it ushered in is that we must collectively begin to bring our personal cancerian feelings into the public-political workplace if we want to transform our lives by the process of personally meaningful and nurturing work. Yet the negative gravitational pull of Saturn toward entropy and repressive emotional containment leading to personal implosion and collective cellular breakdown is written all over the face of the Christy Bomb with Saturn in stressful aspects on its Ascendant. The physicists couldn’t overcome that negative gravitational pull; they failed to effectively question authority. Their personal moon-feelings yielded to the military rule of authority. They left the struggle to us and with our hindsight into the past we are reflecting on the origin and purpose of the nuclear industry along with its legacy of millions of tons of lethal, artificially radioactive wastes which leaves many of us feeling that we are up against a secret language of military-industrial-political codes and double talk while howling at the moon.

The Moon of the bomb is in square to Saturn and challenging the traditional form of the social structure from her own powerful placement in the natal 4th house –hence, the struggle will be acted out on the collective land base and within the privately personal feelings and biological inheritance of each individual member of society.

Radioactive contamination is clearly the direct result of a collective breakdown in the personal feeling process of individuals who follow the old Piscean path of the political Christ which feeds on the notion of fallen man and his collective guilt and shame and teaches that since he has been expelled from paradise because of his ‘original sin’ he must keep his mouth shut, suffer, and earn his bread by the sweat of his brow. Why else would so many people all over the globe accept the ongoing pollution of the earth due to the nuclear industry and its’ endless stream of lethal waste discharged into the air, the oceans and streams, leaking into the ground water we drink and increasing our deaths by cancer, aids, ebola viruses ?

Question authority, says the Moon square Saturn in the chart of the bomb, for it has brought you this result: a fake explosion of light, a bomb hailed as the second coming of the ‘anointed one’, a Judas in Jesus clothing, the celebration of Apocalypse and Gotterdamerung! The bomb announced the twilight of the old gods and their reign of fear and oppression and it is that fear and oppression which has created the current political-economic system that stifles healthy life all around the planet. Once a person takes him or herself seriously on the level of the personal feelings and nurtures those personal feelings he or she begins to shake off the shackles of outward oppression for he/she knows with a certainty born of deep feeling that there is no ‘redeeming’ value to suffering, sin and guilt; they give birth to the implosion which creates the bomb. The sabian degrees for the lunar nodes seem to reinforce this insight since the past on which the bomb is built, -its’ south node,  reads: ‘An angel carrying a harp’, while the future toward which it points along its’ north node proclaims: ‘A small, naked girl bends over a pond trying to catch a fish’. The ‘pond’ in question is the pool of the inner personal feelings and the ‘fish’ to be caught is the understanding that those feelings are pure. We are not sinful and fallen creatures, we are pure; and the Earth we live on is, indeed, the garden of paradise we seek.

The Christy Bomb came to tell us that truth for its power as a technical device is rooted at the I.C. of its’ natal chart in the alchemical sign of mutable earth, Virgo, and precisely on the final, penultimate degree of that sign which refers to the mastery of technique. It was Robert Oppenheimer who hailed the Christy Bomb as ‘the technically sweet solution’ and it consummated the expression of the shadow function of the Piscean Age in that it was an expression of the devotion to so-called ‘pure’ = Virgo science. That science, in turn, has its roots in the ancient art of Alchemy which always focused on the transformation of matter. An Alchemist was an occult initiate into the ‘sacred mysteries’ and his popular image was that of the person who could change lead into gold. The Christy Bomb was constructed from matter transformed into radioactive isotopes and its’ spherical core consisted of the artificial man-made element named Plutonium whose central core, in turn, contained the previously mentioned ‘dimpled golf ball’ called by the physicists, -the initiator!

In occult terms an initiator is a person who leads a novice onto the path of ‘scientific’ or objective study of the nature of unseen spiritual forces by the technique known as direct transmission. What is directly transmitted during the initiation is a lived experience, a direct and personally felt contact with these spiritual forces. A true initiate, we are told, has established and lives with this personally felt contact, this personal relationship to the unseen we call ‘God’. But in the case of the occult initiate this god is a personal god who dwells within the heart and the personal relationship is the awakening of true love.

Ancient Alchemists recognized the presence of pure technicians among themselves and because such technicians did not have within them the burning heart of love, they called such men ‘charcoal burners’, mere magicians, technical experimenters and manipulators of matter on the sub-atomic level who did not feel the implications of their relationship with unseen, spiritual powers within the inmost chambers of their hearts. The ‘initiator’ placed within the Christy Bomb was a device made by such magicians and initiated a radioactive stream of emissions which could trigger the ‘chain reaction’ of the ‘critical mass’ of artificial matter they had "alchemically" created (as charcoal burners) and named Plutonium, a substance dredged up from the realms of Pluto = the collective unconscious, the dark realm of the Lord of the Underworld.

They very pointedly created this matter and assembled this ‘gadget’ specifically to make a bomb that would outperform any bomb ever yet made by man. 

Their purely technical devotion to the science of the mastery of matter correlates to the 30th degree of Virgo on the I.C. = roots of power, of the birthchart of the Christy Bomb. How, then, can we say that this bomb, this occult entity came to tell us we are not a guilt-ridden and fallen or sinful species, but actually pure beings living in the garden of paradise called Earth ?
  The answer to this question hinges on what we mean by ‘purity’.

Purity, in the Age of Pisces, was largely defined by the political christian church which taught that all humans were fallen into original sin and born into life bearing the fruits of that sin. The only son of God, the Christ, was pure and born without this original sin. The roman catholic christians ultimately included his physical mother, the Virgin Mary, on the list. That makes two; only two humans (Jesus, the Christ was a complex blend of human and divine, but he was celebrated as human when the point needed to be stressed) ever made it onto the list of people born without sin (unless we include Adam and Eve before they ate the apple; but that still yields us only four human beings since the very creation of the world after which time billions have lived and died). To be ‘pure’ one had to be baptized into the living waters of the Christ and embrace him as one’s Lord and Saviour otherwise, upon dying, one went to hell.

Hell, of course, was the dark underworld and its’ Dark Lord Pluto became the equally fallen Archangel Lucifer popularly known as the Devil. We all know of these beliefs and stories and those of us who have rebelled against such teachings sometimes pride ourselves on the belief that we have worked our way clear of this indoctrination into guilt and sin. Scientists, as a rule, are not seen as people who give credence to such purely christian beliefs; but listen as Robert Oppenheimer, the 'father’ of the Christy Bomb detonated at Trinity Site speaks of his feelings about that bomb:

"In some sort of crude sense, which no vulgarity, no humour, no overstatement can quite extinguish,
the physicists have known sin
, and this is a knowledge which they can not use."

Or consider another physicist at the test site moments after the detonation commenting to Oppenheimer in more colloquial fashion,
"Oppie, now we’re all sons of bitches. "
Are these men really free from the christian legacy of guilt and sin ? Are we ? Yet these men were ‘pure’ scientists. Apparently they hadn’t really freed themselves from the doctrine of sin, they merely repressed their feelings while focusing on their work. This is most curious, for the kind of purity symbolized by the power-base of the bomb = 30th degree of Virgo (I.C.) is evoked in this sabian symbol for that degree: ‘ Totally intent upon completing an immediate task, a man is deaf to any allurement.

What kind of ‘purity’ do we find here ? I think it will become obvious (if it isn’t already) when we seriously reflect on this image. Rudhyar’s comments and explanations are worth quoting at length here for they give us the whole picture. He identifies what he calls the ‘Keynote’ for this degree as: "The total concentration required for reaching any spiritual goal." He goes on to say, "The last message of this hemicycle of ‘Individualization’ is that on all decisive occasions what must be done has to be done so intently that no outer voices can penetrate the mind, still less the soul. The neophyte stands at the gates of the sacred Pyramid. There is only one step he can take –ahead, or he is lost."

This is what we call pure intentness or purity of intention. Oppenheimer and others possessed this kind of intentness and did not allow themselves to be distracted from the work of making the bomb. Initially, for them, the task was one of working out the pure solution to a theoretical problem of physics and they tried to keep their personal emotions and feelings out of the way so as not to distract them from the work at hand. This was their fatal mistake and it is curious too, since they all knew the work of Werner Heisenberg embodied in his ‘uncertainty’ principle and they consulted throughout their work with Niels Bohr who formulated the principle of ‘complementarity’ in quantum physics.

These two principles taken together should have led them to understand that when they left their personal emotional feelings out of their calculations they compromised their results because, in fact, those feelings continued to exist and to effect the outcome of their studies from their unconscious. That unconscious was crammed full of the christian versions of sin and guilt which are supposed to be finally resolved on the last apocalyptic day of judgement, and so at the conclusion of their work when they detonated the Christy Bomb they suddenly knew in a way which "no vulgarity, no humour, no overstatement can quite extinguish…SIN." Accordingly, they saw the event through the eyes of their contemporaries as ‘the second coming’.

They began their work as neophytes standing at the gates of initiation and they felt considerable hesitation just before their decision to go ahead with the detonation of their bomb, but Oppenheimer rallied them onward to take that final step ahead or be lost. Unfortunately, they were already lost and treading the circular paths of repetitive boredom the moment they agreed to put themselves at the service of the ‘outer voice’ of the military and to ignore or repress the inner voice of their personal feelings in the matter. We can gain insight into their final decision to go ahead with the Christy Bomb in the light of Rudhyar’s concluding remarks about this final degree of Virgo mastery:

"This is the culminating step, the decision that results from a myriad of small choices. Still a shadow of hesitation can remain. Attention may be distracted from the Now by a voice from the past, glamorizing some old memory. The outer doors of perception and thought must be closed, so the soul can complete its Conquest Of Illusion."

These men did not complete the conquest of illusion because they were glamorized, (as their language quite potently reveals) by the christian, scientific, and negatively Virgo-like notion that ‘purity’ is to be achieved through the repression of instinct and feeling. The result of that repression was the implosion triggering the explosion of their own Christy Bomb. They did not step ahead into the future but listened to ‘a voice from the past, glamorizing some old memory’ and that old memory was the lingering call of guilt and sin promulgated by the political-economic christian demanding the second coming of the Christ as the Judge of sinners at the close of the Piscean Age.

What then is the other side of the concept of purity ? What is the more positive message of the bomb ?

I think it can be found in the public message at the opposite pole of the axis of power, on the M.C. of the birthchart of the bomb, on the final degree of mastery of the Piscean Age. It reads thusly: A majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it as his ideal of greatness, and as he grows up, begins to look like it. ’ This sabian symbol seems to herald the new age Aquarian teaching that is spreading globally now and teaches us that our ideals, our mental-emotional visions of the future actually effect changes in that future. In fact, Rudhyar gives as the keynote for the symbol: " The power of clearly visualized ideals to mold the life of the visualizer."

This symbol-image on the M.C. of the bomb publicly announces the need we all feel to be able to visualize a future free from the threat of instant vaporization, of a ‘nuclear winter’ that could devastate all life on the globe, of a ‘psychic numbing’ that encourages us to turn a blind eye to the ever mounting evidence that the nuclear industry with its’ lethal and artificially radioactive waste is undermining the health and vitality of all organic life forms. In his efforts to further elucidate the meaning of this final degree of Pisces Rudhyar writes:

"At the highest spiritual-cosmic level this is the power used by the God-like Beings at the close of a cosmic cycle in projecting the basic formula (the Word) which will start a new universe. In a biological sense, it is the power latent in all seeds –the power to reproduce and guide the growth of the future plant. A most fitting symbol for the last phase of the cyclic process. Within the end of the cycle the seed of the new beginning exists in potency –unless the entire cycle has proven to be a failure."

We must not forget that it is the bomb’s most public/outward expression of manifested power that poses this question to us, and we must face the fact that there is a clear correlation between the widespread dissemination of radioactive wastes by the nuclear industry (atmospheric detonations of nuclear bombs ripping holes in the stratosphere, lethal cargoes of plutonium waste dumped willy-nilly into the oceans, continuing production of nuclear wastes via ‘peaceful’ reactors etc.) and the rapidly mutating viruses spreading globally. Radiation causes mutation of living cells and the manufacture of more and more artificially radioactive wastes accelerates that mutation process. Promoters of nuclear power consistently distort the differences between artificially manufactured radiation and natural radiation. They tell us radiation is all of the same kind and is pouring in to earth through the hole in the ozone layer, but they fail to mention any connection between our heyday of nuclear atmospheric test detonations and the sudden appearance of that hole. They see no relationship between radioactive contamination of the land and sea and the suddenly accelerated proliferation of retro-viruses. They refuse to acknowledge that artificial nuclear radiation causes sterility in men and that the male sperm count is falling all around the globe. How can ‘the power latent in all seeds’ manifest if the seeds themselves are impotent ?

What is happening to us biologically and to our fellow species on the Earth ? Is the nuclear industry acting out the old memory of ‘purity’ associated with the closing Age of Pisces, the christian emphasis on virginity understood as refraining from sexual activity –the kind of ‘purity’ which led to eunuchs created in the courts of popes and kings, as cloistered monks and nuns so fearful of their bodies that sexual activity became associated with demons, succubae and incubi, witches who had to be burned at the stake for the good of their christian souls, native peoples whose lands had to be stolen from them by the christian church in the name of ‘God’ because they were seen as heathen sexual savages ?

It is the shadow side of the Piscean Age we see reflected in the activities of nuclear industry enthusiasts who claim to be the wave of the future but who are really, on a subconscious or unconscious level, reenacting the old memory of christian sexual abuse, fear, shame and essential guilt at the ‘sinfulness’ of fallen man.  Is this why such people so willingly sacrifice the health and lives of their communities by proliferating this lethal radioactive waste ? Do they think it is for our own good ? Is this why we have a space program, so that after we have trashed the Earth a few of our ‘better kind’ (probably genetically engineered) can fly off to another planet in the solar system in artificially maintained space stations containing carefully crafted biospheres ?

Are we really, as a species, so wounded that we must act-out what Freud called our ‘death wish’ by the process of ‘psychic numbing’ to what is going on among and around us ? Where is purity in all this ? Where is our collective capacity to visualize a future of a positive nature for ourselves and all sentient beings including our planet Earth ?

The M.C. of the Christy Bomb asks us these questions because, combined with the I.C. it tells us that purity of intent, absolute clarity of focus cannot occur without an ideal we can visualize and, by visualizing, become. The Christ image was the ideal of the Piscean Age for many, but the ‘Christ’ was only one manifestation of the Archetype of the Divine, and the Aquarian Age calls out for another. We can expect that those who cling to the memory of the past will resist all efforts to find the new ‘measures’ for the new ‘Age’ we are in process of entering; but they will not appear exclusively as right-wing, born-again christians, they will also mask themselves as technicians advocating pure Virgo science rooted in an unconscious death-wish stemming from their sense of guilt and sin. These people too, will be right-wing and righteous (witness officials from the Dept. Of Energy [D.O.E.] at any community hearing for feedback on nuclear proposals), but they will not easily see their own profoundly deep cynicism.

We must always keep in mind that the most negative expression of the Piscean Age can be found in the worship of a ‘god’ who suffered crucifixion, torture, and death to ‘redeem’ sinfully fallen mankind and that his grisly death image (the crucifix) is plastered all over the planet as is the unconscious christian assumption that suffering and pain are good for us and that matter itself is corrupt. After all, we must ‘put off’ the flesh and our bodies when and if we graduate to ‘heaven’ or, in scientific Virgo terms, when we can go off into outer space living in bio-domes and  become genetically engineered to perfection after we have trashed the Earth and its precious biosphere with artificially radioactive waste.

It seems that in order to successfully navigate our current ‘moment’ of transition between two Ages we must come to grips with our collective wound, find a ‘holy grail’, and staunch the flow of blood from the side of humanity. Where and what is that wound ? The astrological symbol of that Wound is called "Chiron".

Chiron, of course, is the ancient western figure of the archetypal Wounded-Healer as an avataric manifestation of the Divine. This figure came to the forefront of astrology when astronomers in the late 1970’s sited and named a new body in the heavens whose orbital motion brings it alternately within the paths of Saturn and Uranus, and while it has been classified variously as a comet, an asteroid, a planet or a planetoid its astrological meaning became instantly apparent for its discovery coincided with the escalation of the anti-nuclear movement (Three Mile Island + Chernobyl) and the widespread awakening to ecology issues concerned with the wounding of the entire eco-system of Earth. Through this image-archetype of Chiron astrologers have been able to focus once again on the ancient ‘pagan’ teachings of the shamanic healer which arise from this figure’s essential connection to natural medicine via plants, animals, and the spirit of Earth. The ancient and occultly preserved image of the Anima Mundi has re-emerged along with Chiron in the form of ‘morphogenetic fields’ and various wholistic teachings to the effect that the Earth is Alive. O, wonder of wonders, really ? Yes, but that should have been evident to the first physicists who began to study elements like Uranium, Radium, and Polonium back at the turn of the century when they realized that matter naturally had and used the ability to transform itself (Uranium becomes Lead) and in the process gave off measurable energy in a form they decided to call radioactivity. And in fact it was evident to men like Frederick Soddy and Ernest Rutherford who publicly spoke and wrote about it. (see here.)

The old Alchemist’s dream of the transformation of matter was witnessed and reawakened back then and fired the imaginations of physicists with the idea of learning how to control such energy so that they could transform the world. All to our human benefit, of course. They wanted to do things like ‘melt the polar caps’ in their strangely misguided enthusiasm at the rediscovery of an ancient occult truth. Soddy publicly announced that radioactivity was the new name for the ‘philosopher’s stone’ of the alchemists; but he also acknowledged that the great vested interests of industry and banks had already obtained "a monopoly in scientific research" of the new/old discovery. Naturally, -it’s the old rivalry between Saturn and Uranus, between the old and the new; Uranium ultimately transforms into Lead and you can’t find one without the other even as Uranus follows Saturn in the old line-up of planets orbiting our Sun.

Since ancient times, via the ‘doctrine of signatures’ the metal lead has always been associated with Saturn while Martin Klaproth, who discovered the element Uranium in 1789, deliberately and consciously named it after the planet Uranus discovered just 8 years earlier by William Herschel. Both Uranus and Uranium were discovered at the moment in western history when revolution was underway, when America revolted against England and France revolted against the King and the entire Saturnian status-quo of christian medieval feudalism was beginning to collapse (this process is still underway, but far from completed).

The ‘new’ and ‘revolutionary’ results of that time took the form of Banks and Industry replacing Kings and Queens, yet we are all familiar with ‘the divine right of industries and banks’ and they are the folks who created the ‘monopoly in scientific research’ Soddy referred to back in 1912 (wedded, of course, to the new ‘democratic’ governments). Whether they call themselves King George III or the Federal Government of the United States or Nasa or Westinghouse or the Bank of America they are always the same old wolves in sheep's clothing for they are the Saturnian past resisting the revolutionary change of the Uranian future.

But, with the discovery of Chiron the planet-force that links/relates the orbits of Saturn and Uranus we have access to the wounded-healer archetype who can potentially heal the rift between the old and the new by leading us once again to the ancient occult and shamanic teaching which tells us that our poison is our path, that our very wound must needs be the source of our healing. And would you believe it, at the instant of the birth of the Christy Bomb the planet Chiron was located precisely on the I.C. –the root of the power of the bomb in that same thirtieth degree of the mastery of matter in mutable Virgo!

Now we are really talking Alchemy and Transformation as the source of the powerful wounded-healing function of the bomb and its twin the Nuclear Industry.

For what is the great power of the zodiacal sign of Virgo but natural medicine and healing brought about through wholistic attunement to the Anima Mundi of the Earth ? We are talking the power of the consciousness of the Earth, herself, here; we are looking at the source of the power of the Christy Bomb in the very mutable ( from the latin: muto, mutare = to change; hence ‘mutation’ ) capacity inherent in matter to express its consciousness as radiant energy released by its own self-initiated transformation. That’s what happens when Uranium transforms into Lead and that’s what we mean by natural radioactivity, -self-initiated transformation.

But the wound at the root of the power of the bomb is that it was not natural, it attacked nature blasting a crater into the Earth and rising into the stratosphere as a radioactive ‘mushroom’ cloud. Remember that the core of the Christy Bomb consisted of man-made plutonium, remember that fissionable Uranium is a man-made isotope, remember that although the bomb had within it an ‘initiator’ the men who placed it there were not initiates but ‘charcoal-burners’ who were utilizing purity only as a focused technique "intent upon completing an immediate task" which was to build a bomb for the military. While they were certainly "deaf to all allurement" that might distract them, they achieved their single-minded concentration by ignoring and repressing their personal feelings for they were not consulting the innermost chambers of their hearts. If they thought of the Divine at all they thought of a ‘God’ whom they mocked by assigning his name to their bomb as a pun, and as they waited in anticipation of the birth of their ‘baby’ (for they called it their baby in a coded message sent to President Truman at Potsdam) their team leader, good ‘ol Oppie himself gave us the insightful keywords: "Lord, these affairs are hard on the heart!". This is why he later reflected that the physicists "have known SIN".

His guilt and theirs originated in their repressed feelings, and they were distracted from the true expression of their search for transformation by the ‘voice from the past’, by the military-industrial-christian indoctrination into the cynical view of mankind and all of nature as ‘fallen’ and sinful. This is why Chiron appears in conjunction with the I.C. of the roots of the power of the bomb, this is why the occult entity called the Christy Bomb manifested itself as the ‘second coming’, this is wounded man inaccurately utilizing the healing powers of the Anima Mundi and the very consciousness of matter out of ignorance fired by sin, guilt, and shame to fashion a bomb and an industry to lay waste to the Earth.

And this is what we need to change if we are to get the ‘measures’ of the new ‘Age’ we are entering. Chiron in Virgo on the I.C. of the bomb warns us that we have wounded the Earth, ourselves, and all matter; and that we had better employ the energy of Virgo to purify our motives by examing our innermost intentions. Because the Anima Mundi, the Soul of the Earth, what the great German poet, Goethe, called the ‘Erdgeist’ is awake and conscious and we know her today in popular jargon as Mother Nature, and (as the old tv add for butter vs. margarine would have it, ) "It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!".

In fact we can’t fool the Anima Mundi for we are one with the soul of the earth and all of matter. And this oneness is what is to be understood as the positive meaning of the ‘circular paths’ referred to by the Moon’s position at the birth of the bomb, and this oneness is the real Piscean ‘fish’ we must come to know in the ‘pool’ of our unconscious at the lunar north node, and this oneness felt and lived is the master teaching of the Piscean Age which we must harvest in order to fertilize the seeds which can bear the fruits of ‘transpersonal peace in action’.

Astrologers studying the placement of Chiron in the birthcharts of many thousands of people as well as its’ actual movement in the sky ‘transiting’ other planetary and angular placements in those charts have been at work refining their understanding as to the meaning and signifance of this body. One of them, Zane Stein, has observed a pattern of correlations between Chiron and births: "But this connection seems so far to function only when the birth will result in a major change in someone’s life." (Lantero, Erminie. The Continuing Discovery of Chiron, Samuel Weiser, York Beach, Maine 1983; p.34)

We have seen that the Christy Bomb is born with a Cancer = Ascendant (Womb-Birth) + Saturn + Sun, and that Robert Oppenheimer was considered to be its ‘father’, and that in the coded message sent to Truman at Potsdam the event was referred to as the birth of a boy. We have further seen that its moment of birth/detonation was widely spoken and written of as ‘the Second Coming’ of the Christ and that the implications in the christian mythos of that second coming are the devastation of the Earth in the apocalyptic ‘final judgement’. To these facts we must now add the understanding that the "top secret" word for the coded ‘birth’ message was ‘ TERMINAL’, and that terminal in this context can best be understood by the words of another physicist present at its birth-detonation, George Kistiakowsky, who commented:

" I am sure that at the end of the world, in the last millisecond of the Earth’s existence, Man will see what we have just seen. "

If we consider that the Christy Bomb was ‘born’ with Chiron conjunct its’ natal I.C. which, in traditional astrology refers to the ‘endings’ of things and in mundane astrology refers to the land base, we can well understand the sentiments of those men who saw in the birth of their bomb-baby a threat to the Earth and a correspondence to the apocalyptic end of the world.

The astrologer, Richard Nolle, has written: "Chiron augurs chronic disruption in the normal functioning of organic systems, as well as the humane response to such a crisis." There can be no question that the birth of the Christy Bomb with its mid-wife, the nuclear industry, has resulted in ‘major change’ in all of our lives and that this change concerns a ‘chronic disruption in the normal functioning of organic systems’ for we are increasingly in the midst of accelerated mutations causing illness and death throughout the entire gobal eco-system. Chiron has returned to the consciousness of mankind at the very root of the power of the Christy Bomb/Nuclear Industry as that power derives from the final degree of the mastery of mutating Earth and all mutating matter.

The very first man-made matter was the element Plutonium which was what ‘fissioned’ at the core of that bomb producing the instantaneous implosion-explosion, and the word ‘fission’ is a term from biology which previously referred to the liquid-like ‘splitting’ of cells as they multiplied in growth in a natural organism. It was Otto Frisch who applied the term to the splitting of Uranium atoms and, as Richard Rhodes has concisely expressed it: 

"Thereby the name for a multiplication of life became the name for a violent process of destruction." 

Yet, with Chiron occupying this precise point of power = I.C. we must look for the teaching of the ancient wounded-healer right here at the Immum Coeli of the bomb. Let’s take a closer look at this latin expression to see what it means.

The ‘Immum Coeli’ is one of the principle four angles of any horoscopic chart cast for an event, entity, or person and is frequently dismissed as the ‘weakest’ of the angles. These ‘angles’ themselves are representative of the classical four directions –North, South, East, West- required to locate or pinpoint a focus in space and time. The direction North corresponds to the Immum Coeli which is usually literally translated as ‘under heaven’ and is equivalent to the ‘cusp’ or beginning of the 4th house which deals traditionally with home and family, privacy, innermost subjective feeling and biological foundations, -in the case of a chart for an event or entity it is seen as referring to the land base, the soil, the geology, and terrestrial weather surrounding-supporting that event.

When, as in this case, a two-dimensional drawing of a birthchart is done within a circular format, the circle itself is seen as a mandala, medicine wheel, or magic circle and the four directional angles are occultly spoken of as the ‘cross’ of matter through which the ‘circle’ of spirit is focused. The Immum Coeli  or I.C. is the vertical ‘arm’ of the cross of matter as it passes through the circle at the base or the bottom of the page; it points to the direction called ‘downward’, the under heaven direction, the direction of the classical underworld and the christian hell.

A sign of the zodiac is traditionally associated with each of the angles and the immum coeli is associated with the sign Cancer. As a zodiacal sign or electro-magnetic energy field, Cancer is seen as ‘cardinal’ or initiating water, as the womb of all energy, as the first initiatory movement arising from what the ancients called Chaos. Chaos is absolutely not indicative of what this word has come to mean on the English-American tongue; rather, Chaos is what the gnostics referred to as the ‘Pleroma’. It is the fertile, life-giving womb of the unmanifest from which all creation emerges as does abundance from the fabled Cornucopia.

The Immum Coeli partakes of this symbolism in that it is the downward thrust of a spiral motion of electro-magnetic energy into concrete, physical form. All things achieve physical manifestation or rootedness in matter through participation in this downward spiral movement. As human beings we speak of this downward movement of electro-magnetic energy as the feminine and call it the mother’s womb and the energy of biological birthing; but it need not express in this way for a spiral movement can go either up or down and when it goes up it releases itself from embodiment in dense physical form and becomes the pure force of movement in action. Still, seeing it as humans do in the feminine, we are often terrified  -for now we are looking at Mother as withdrawing from Form altogether in an ecstatic release of what we see as death. Now mother has become Kali or Medea engaged in what we see as a terrible dance of destruction. Being humans and not liking destruction and death (especially when it is our own personal destruction and death) we cry out against this disembodied feminine energy in fear and horror and say that good old Mom has turned into the Queen of the Damned.

The Immum Coeli as the cusp of the 4th house partakes of both these directions of the feminine and is therefore seen as the womb and the tomb’, the beginning and end of all things. Obviously, this is not an angle of the chart that should be dismissed lightly and certainly not in the case of the chart of the Christy Bomb, for Chiron rests there on the final degree of the mastery of matter in the Virgo sign of the Virgin Mother while the Ascendant + Sun + Saturn reside in the very Cancer womb of the Mother herself. This bomb cannot be seen as anything other than a particular concrete manifestation of what we know as the Great Mother calling our attention to a Chiron wound in our understanding of the Immum Coeli as the Underworld on a personal feeling level in each and every one of us.

I think it is our personal invitation to visit her there, to descend into the realm of Hades (home of Pluto and Persephone); I think the Christy Bomb at its’ Immum Coeli asks that we go to hell! And I further think that it tells us the bomb arose from our personal feelings of loathing, fear, and horror at the very thought of such a journey, a true visit to the original Journado Del Muerto!


Part Two

So, what is hell and where is hell and why should we receive such an invitation (the Godfather was nothing compared to this; this is the Godmother making us an offer we can’t refuse) ? Well, let’s see, …the literal Immum Coeli of the Christy Bomb was at Trinity Site: specifically, at Mockingbird Gap in the Oscura Mountains in the Journado Del Muerto of New Mexico and you can’t just walk in on a visit there, the military police will keep you out. The site is still ‘hot’ with radioactive contamination and the crater made by the original blast has been filled in so you can’t even see that hole as a possible entrance into Hades.

But you can go on a ‘tour’ held twice a year and accompanied by a military escort, and if you do go, as I have gone, you can search for some of the scarce ‘trinitite’, -a unique green-blue ‘stone’ created by the intense fusion of sand, rock, and scruffy desert vegetation when the boy bomb burst onto the scene. And perhaps if you cannot begin your journey to hell that way because you don’t live in New Mexico or even in the U.S.A. you can begin the journey by just reflecting on these three essential things: the Christy Bomb, Trinity Site, and Trinitite. What do all three have in common but the three, and what is three to thee ?

Let us see three in its numerical shape as 3 and reflect occultly on the feminine three of the triple goddess gateway into the Underworld. Pursuing that path we can say that 3 is associated with the letter Daleth in the Hebrew caballa and that letter is a pictograph for a Door as we see in the Empress of the Tarot who is pregnant with the mysteries of birth as the doorway into life. She, in turn, can introduce us to her counterpart and sister, the letter Gimel, letter of the High Priestess who is the Moon… always ready to encourage reflection into the hidden feeling side of life. By doing so we have already reached the gateway to the powerful roots of the bomb for the Moon is found in the bomb's natal 4th house and she is the Virgin Mother of that house, Mary. How else to probe the secrets of the birth of the Christ bomb than to ask of his mother ?

Don’t forget we are exploring the Immum Coeli into the Underworld via the chart of the Christy Bomb brought to us by the international community of physicists who were very learned men (mostly) fired by their enthusiastic imaginations searching for the key to unlock the ‘secret’ of the atom so that they could release its power. And the key that released the power of the atom to them was the neutron, for it was the neutral charge of this constituent member of a given atom that allowed it to be ‘fired’ into the core of the nucleus of any other atom and shatter it. The initiator of the ‘Atomic Age’ via the Christy Bomb was a combination of radioactive isotopes ("alchemically" transformed matter) …berryllium + polonium etc. isotopes which supplied the steady stream of neutrons enabling the rest of the matter in the bomb to ‘go critical’. This ‘neutron’ was discovered by James Chadwick in the year (dare I say, ‘of the Lord’) 1932 and so excited were our physicist brothers that they celebrated this event by producing and acting together in a play at Niels Bohr’s own Copenhagen Institute. The name of the play was FAUST and, yes, it was another ‘pun’; a parody of the much celebrated high poetic drama of Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.

The story of Faust is the story of a very learned man who, in popular terms, is thought of as selling his soul to the devil in exchange for the return of his youth. He is 50 years old as the play opens and he is alone in his study at night with a full moon outside. It is the night before the dawning of Easter Sunday and the Resurrection of the Piscean Christ. This is the time between the crucifixion on Good Friday and the return of the Christ in a new, glorified body of light; it is the time when the Christ is spending his self-imposed 3 days in hell, the underworld. Faust is depressed as the play begins and laments all his unsuccessful efforts to achieve enlightenment through the assiduous study of science, medicine, and alchemy. He is so disturbed that he actually decides to attempt suicide (as Robert Oppenheimer considered on many an occasion), but just as he lifts the poison to his lips he hears bells ringing and a chorus of peasants singing in celebration of the Risen Christ. This message of Springtime Renewal causes Faust to abstain from his intended suicide and sets in motion all that will follow in a long and still highly controversial play.

There is no way we can enter here and now into a thorough discussion of Goethe's Faust; thousands -if not actually millions- of pages have been written over the years discussing all the many facets of this universally recognized literary masterpiece. But we can discuss some images and ideas from passages of the play which the physicists themselves parodied in so far as these are related to the 'Christ Bomb' and the 'message' contained in the symbolism of the Immum Coeli of its horoscope.

Just remember, this is the powerful FEMININE point of the bomb's chart, the roots from which its power arises, the Womb & Tomb theme of the very first detonation of an 'Atomic' bomb in the known history of humankind.

So, we are looking to see what Goethe had to say about the Feminine in his play, how he viewed the role of Feminine Energies and Consciousness in the life of Faust and, especially, what he had to say of the 'Realm of the Mothers'. What did he mean by 'the Mothers', and did the physicists themselves say anything about this 'realm' when they enacted their spoof ?

Well, the only publicly accessible documentation of the spoof of Faust performed and written by the physicists is to be found in George Gamow's book, Thirty Years That Shook Physics (Dover; 1966, pgs.165-214) and in his preface to the presentation of the spoof Gamow states that 'unfortunately, some of the lines from the original Faust, which were used verbatim in the physicists version, could not be used here.' -probably a copyright issue. So, we get only a brief glimpse at what the scientific boys were up to and how they were thinking when they performed their parody, but it is a tantalizing glimpse and one that contains a few clues (as well as drawings) for us. I propose, in what follows, to take these few clues as they occur in the sequence (roughly) in which they occur and comment upon them as they relate to the central themes of Goethe's Faust, and the major imagery of the I.C. - Mother Realm of the birthchart of the Christy Bomb.

Both plays contain a Prologue in Heaven in which the Lord God and Mephistopheles engage in their eternal, ongoing 'debate' over Creation and humankind's place in it. In the Copenhagen version of the play, Niels Bohr, a Danish physicist plays the 'Lord' and Wolfgang Pauli plays Mephisto. And in both versions it is clear from the very outset that the Lord is a conservative 'landlord', while Mephisto is a rebellious liberal. Bible readers among us will recognize that this is the scenario of the Book Of Job and scholars agree that Goethe used this Biblical reference deliberately and perhaps specifically because he was NOT a man enamored of traditional christianity or its piety.

Okay, so the first lines in the Copenhagen Faust plunge us into one of the central themes of Goethe's Faust: AMBITION, the aggressive will to strive toward accomplishment which motivates the central character, Faust, but ironically they are spoken by Archangels Jeans and Milne (two more physicists) in this way:

Jeans - "Mine are the theories that are winning!/The atom cannot change the norms."

Milne - "The storms break loose in competition/(The Monthly Notices as well!)/And burn with violent ambition/Important things to foretell."

And I cite these lines because the general public still seems to have little grasp of the attitudes which prevailed among the physicists who brought us the bomb and the nuclear industry, attitudes of driving ambition and fear lest any physicist reach the age of thirty years without having discovered some new and revolutionary theory marking him or her as a 'genius'. Yes, from Oppenheimer to Lawrence all the young (wunderkind!) physicists (but especially the American 'Boys') considered that after the thirtieth year anyone who hadn't made a breakthrough discovery was unlikely to do so because after that point (known in astrological circles as the First Saturn Return) one is tempted to conform, to be led by the status-quo in one's field of endeavor, to buckle down and accept the norm. Most Americans associate this attitude with the 'hippies' of the 1960's  counter-culture who popularized the saying: 'Never trust anyone over 30!'  But, this very idea is expressed in Goethe's Faust (Part II, Act II, 6785-88) by the 'Baccalaureus' who says:

"I swear, old age is like a frigid fever, /Of aches and shakes and crotches bred.
 One who is thirty years or over /Already is as good as dead."

The 'Monthly Notices' the physicists refer to (above) in their version of the play are a reference to the academic 'publish or perish' theme. All the young physicists were anxious to rush their papers concerning their newest discoveries to magazines like Nature and the 'Monthly Notices' of the Royal Astronomical Society for publication, 'copyright', and consequent fame. The international community of physicists considered themselves and their relatively 'new' science of physics to be a real and outstanding break from the traditional science of Universities, -even though they worked most often in and through such Universities. Their attitude toward the traditional knowledge of the past can aptly be summed-up by another quote from the Baccalaureus in the original Faust, to wit:

 "… those greybeards used to awe me,/And their guff was gospel for me.
From these musty tomes they drew it, /Pickled wisdom as they knew it,
Knew it, aye, and knew it worthless, /Made their lives and others' mirthless."

Young physicists like Oppenheimer, Soddy, and Lawrence were encouraged to see themselves as unique geniuses thinking beyond the old fashioned thoughts of the past, while their associates and mentors of more mature years -men like Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein, and Leo Szilard- clearly took great joy in vicariously encouraging these boy geniuses in their youthful ways, but failed to warn them as Mephisto warned Faust's student:

" Who would know and describe a living thing, /Seeks first to expel the spirit within,
Then he stands there, the parts held in his grasp, /Lost just the spiritual bond, alas!
Encheiresis naturae, chemistry declares, /Mocking itself all unawares. "

What is this 'spiritual bond' within matter which Goethe calls 'geistige Band'? And which men, among the physicists who gave us the Christy Bomb, spoke of this 'bond', and when and if they did so what kind of language did they use? Let's turn our attention back to their own version of Faust in search of some answers.

Paul Ehrenfest plays Faust in the physicists' spoof of the play, and just as in the original he is depressed and frustrated when we first meet him claiming that for all his clever learning or 'lore' he is no wiser than he was before. But he consoles himself with the thought that he could teach new students this new physics he's learned, saying: "But I could use their aptitude for preaching/To spread the tested gospel good and wide."

And just as he speaks those lines Mephisto enters (these are the original stage directions) "dressed as a travelling salesman". Faust, the physicist, is annoyed and asks Mephistopheles: "What do you take me for? A customer?"

This little opening exchange between the two is very telling given the history that unfolded in the years following the 'spoof', years during which the physicists themselves went knocking on the doors of big business so they could build their 'atom smashers' and their 'gadgets' in order to demonstrate the practical application of their abstract theories to the real business-political world. It would seem that here in their own play they are giving us an insight as to the 'geistige band' they were aware of, and it had nothing to do with the spirit inherent in matter and everything to do with seeking fame and selling the gospel of their new physics.

It is the spirit of negation, old Mephisto himself, who tempts the physicist Faust with these words:

"You used to be receptive and urbane…/these theories nowadays are wrong as rain;
Therefore I want to show you something higher, /For with it you can set the world on fire:
'The Dance of the Golden Calf' -kaleidoscopic- /The Radiation Theory is my topic."

Well, everyone knows that the 'Dance of the Golden Calf' occurred in the Old Testament when the Hebrews, tired of waiting for Moses to come down with the Ten Commandments from off his mountaintop plunged into IDOLATRY -fell away from the Spirit of their God- by creating a golden calf and performing a frenzied dance of debauchery around it. And here are the physicists who are going to create and detonate the first Nuclear Bomb equating ' The Dance of the Golden Calf ' with their 'Radiation Theory' which can 'set the world on fire'!

But, at this point we have already arrived at the core of the spoof of Faust in the physicists' play; at this point the Neutron/Neutrino is introduced as the character called Gretchen in Goethe's original drama. Bingo, we are finally touching down with the Feminine.

What did the physicists know of woman ? How do they depict Gretchen in their play ? Well, she is introduced by Mephisto with these words:

"Beware alone of Reason and of Science, /Man's highest powers, unholy in alliance.
You let yourself, through dazzling witchcraft, yield /To all temptations of the Quantum field.
Listen! As now the obstacles abate, /You'll know the fair Neutron-Neutrino for your fate!"

Immediately Gretchen (as Neutron/Neutrino) comes onstage singing a Schubert melody to Faust. But before we look at the physicists' words to this melody we need to reflect on the original Gretchen in the original Faust; who is this Gretchen, and how does Goethe depict her?

Gretchen appears in both Part I and Part II of Faust, relatively early on in the play and again at the very end. Her first appearance comes after the scene in the Witch's Kitchen wherein there is also a cauldron and a vision in a mirror which obsesses Faust but is not clear to him; it's a vision he describes as:

"What do I see? A form from heaven above /Appears to me within this magic mirror!
…Alas! But when I fail to keep my distance, /And venture closer up to gaze,
I see her image dimmed as through a haze! /The loveliest woman in existence!
Can earthly beauty so amaze? /What lies there in recumbent grace and glistens
Must be quintessence of all heaven's rays!"

Now this is important stuff in Faust because he will claim to 'fall in love' with two women before the play is done. First it's Gretchen in Part I, then it's Helen Of Troy in Part II (she who's face 'launched a thousand ships' etc). And the cauldron is introduced each time just before he meets these women, and the theme of magical incantation by way of occult symbols centers each time around this cauldron. (I trust that it's clear to the reader from all I've said above that the CAULDRON is the perfect image for the I.C. of any chart!)

Now here is where we run into all the staid scholarly comments which serve to obscure the occult teachings found in the play. The critics are always at their wit's end to assure readers of Faust that Goethe was only playing around with such themes, and that while they cannot deny his studies in Alchemy and the Occult these studies were finished in his 'youth' after which time he abjured them. Tee-hee, and ha-ha -as the Witch herself would say!

It's time we recognize old 'Wolfie' as the serious student of the mystical and occult that he actually was! This is the writer who gave us the masterful Fairytale of the Lily and the Green Serpent; Goethe practiced Alchemy as a writer in the same way every poet worth his salt does. And he is at great pains to have us understand that ALL Occult mysteries are presided over by the 'Feminine' without whom they come to naught. But perhaps, to understand what I'm saying here we must return to an examination of all the primary female figures in the original Faust: the Witch, Gretchen, Helen, and the Mater Gloriosa.

The Witch and the Mater Gloriosa are two extreme poles of the Feminine; we meet the Witch as she comes sliding down her chimney after her cauldron (this is according to Goethe's written stage instructions) flares and boils over shooting flames up that same chimney, and we meet the Mater Gloriosa also when she comes 'floating on high' into the Mountain Gorges where the final scene is set. Both of these women are highly un-natural or beyond the human realm. They have their counterparts, however, in the two women Faust tries to love 'in the flesh', Gretchen and Helen.

Gretchen is, as Faust himself calls her,

"…a lovely child! I swear /I've never seen the like of her.
She is so dutiful and pure, /Yet not without a pert allure."

On the other hand, Helen, is a sophisticated and older woman, an historical (and long since dead) icon of intellectual beauty whom Faust can only contact by entering the realm of 'the Mothers', the realm of the dead. He conceives a child with each of these women, and in both cases the child dies. Each woman follows her child to the 'grave'. But at the moment of the play's final conclusion, it is Gretchen who reappears along with the Mater Gloriosa to enlighten and literally lift-up Faust's now bodiless 'soul'.

In both the Copenhagen Faust and Goethe's Faust the theme of  Witchcraft  immediately precedes the introduction of Gretchen: in Goethe she is introduced by the long scene labeled, "Witch's Kitchen"; in the Copenhagen parody she comes onstage immediately after Mephisto introduces her with the previously cited lines…"…through dazzling witchcraft…". It is useful to compare and contrast the words used in the parody to the words used in the original, thusly:

Goethe's Gretchen                                                                                          Physicists' Gretchen

My peace is gone,                                                                                                My Mass is zero,

My heart is sore;                                                                                                  My Charge is the same.

Can find it never                                                                                                 You are my hero,

And never more.                                                                                                  Neutron's my name.

There's a curious interplay between the words paralleling each other in both these quatrains, don't you think ? The 'peace' of Goethe's Gretchen becomes the 'Mass' of the physicists' Neutron, and whereas Gretchen says her peace is 'gone' the Neutron-Gretchen says her mass is 'zero'. In the next lines Gretchen's 'heart' becomes the Neutron-Gretchen's 'Charge' and one is 'sore' while the other is 'same', -meaning, we must presume, that the 'charge' is the 'same' zero charge as the 'mass' is a zero mass.

The physicists were happy to have found a zero mass and zero charge neutron even though -at the time- they had not actually done so. Chadwick's neutron (discovered in 1932, the year of their play-parody) was actually a 'heavy neutron' implying it had weight and mass, but the neutrino of Wolfgang Pauli -which is weightless- was not proven to exist until 1955. Nevertheless, the physicists were focused upon the implications of a chargeless constituent 'part' of matter because its existence meant that it could 'split' other atoms if 'shot' under high speeds into their cores. [ In Gamow's 'translation' of the play he tells us that he substitutes the word 'neutrino' for the original 'neutron' of the physicists.]

We must ask ourselves what the significance or implications might be of a woman, Gretchen, being equated with a 'chargeless' and 'massless' atomic particle. And we must ask ourselves this question because it points to the deep difference between Goethe's depiction of the feminine and that of the physicists.

In Goethe's Faust, Gretchen is a simple and pure-hearted woman who is seduced, used, and betrayed by Faust who subsequently tries to blame his behaviour on Mephistopheles. Faust, like the physicists, is a sentimental and romantic man perpetually estranged from his gut feelings. He's a man of ambition, action, and accomplishment who 'inadvertently' betrays and destroys anyone who becomes involved with him, -including, at the very end of the play, the innocent pastoral couple Philemon and Baucis. And he does so destroy others because there is in him, as in the neutron, no 'charge' or 'mass' or 'weight'. He is purely intellectual, mental, and sentimental. Sentiment is what he substitutes for feeling; sentiment is what he 'thinks' Gretchen feels for him because he 'projects' his own sentiment onto her.

Similarly, the physicists substitute for Gretchen (who, in the original play is a simple, but deeply feeling woman) the figure of the Neutron, thereby giving us a clue: feeling, or true heart -for the guys who gave us the A-Bomb- was something they saw as a zero, a mere sentiment devoid of 'charge' or 'weight' or 'mass'. When a person has no 'charge' and no 'weight' and no 'mass' we see that person as psychically numb, 'turned-off', devoid of affect (definition of a sociopath?). Faust and most of the bomb-building physicists fit that bill. But because they view all issues of heart-feeling 'purely' from the dualistic level of mind they think their psychic numbness is pure intellectual detachment and objectivity. They think this posture of psychic numbness is laudable and enlightened, hence they have their own Gretchen-Neutron proclaim: "You are my HERO…".

 It is time we wake-up to the real heartlessness of such 'Heroes'!

But the physicists did not understand their personal problems in the area of feelings, love, and the heart. They really believed that their psychic numbness was a superior, more evolved state of being. Given that they depicted the feminine, Gretchen-Neutron, as a weightless absence of mass devoid of charge (feelings), what are we to make of these lines they put into Gretchen's mouth:

"I am your FATE, / And I'm your Key.
Closed is the gate /For lack of me." ?

Well, it seems they are saying that the neutral, objective, detachment which they project upon (or off of )the feminine (Gretchen-Neutron) is the key to their fate. It was; and it is the key to our fate as well, the 'fate' awaiting us as a species who called into being the crooked, pseudo-alchemy of nuclear bombs and their suppliers, the nuclear industry.
If we want to change this 'Fate' (The Fate Of The Earth; Schell, Jonathan; 1982; Knopf) we need to find the 'Key' which the physicists themselves referred to as Gretchen, the feminine. In Goethe's play the images of the key and the feminine come together in Part II, Act I when Faust demands of Mephisto that he bring Helen Of Troy back from the dead because he's 'in love' with her. Mephisto explains that while he cannot perform this miracle, nevertheless it can be done. But to do it, says he, one must have recourse to the 'Mothers'. Readers and literary critics of Faust have consistently commented upon the moment in the play when these 'Mothers' are introduced, and all of them have found this moment to be of unusual significance and dramatically gripping power. This is how the Mothers and the Key are introduced:

Faust. -Speak, and do not fiddle!

Mephistopheles. -I loathe to touch on more exhalted riddle, -Goddesses sit Enthroned in reverent loneliness,
Space is as naught about them, time is less
The very mention of them is distress,
They are -the Mothers.

Faust. (startled) Mothers!

Mephistopheles. Are you awed?

Faust. -The Mothers! Why, it strikes a singular chord.

Mephistopheles. -And so it ought. Goddesses undivined By mortals, named with shrinking by our kind.
Go delve the downmost for their habitat; Blame but yourself that it has come to that.

Faust. -Where is the road ?

Mephistopheles. -No road! Into the unacceded, the inaccessible;
toward the never-pleaded, The never-pleadable.
How is your mood? There are no locks to
probe, no bolts to shift;
By desolations harrowed you will drift.
Can you conceive of wastes of solitude?

(At this point Faust goes into an explanation-complaint as to how 'lonely' he has been often throughout the play etc. But Mephisto counters this with the following lines…)

Mephistopheles. -And had you even swum the trackless ocean, Lost in its utter boundlessness, You still saw wave on wave in constant motion, Though for your life in terror and distress. Still there were sights. You would have seen a shift of dolphins cleave the emerald calm, the drift Of clouds, sun, moon and stars revolve in harness. There [in the realm of 'the Mothers'] you see NOTHING -vacant gaping farness, Mark not your step as you stride, nor point of rest where you abide……...Here, take this KEY….This key will scent the true site from the others; Follow it down -it leads you to the Mothers.

Faust. (with a shudder) The Mothers! Still it strikes a shock of fear. What is this word that I am loathe to hear?

Mephistopheles. Are you in blinkers, rear at a new word? Would only hear what you already heard?……

Well then, sink down! Or I might call it: soar!
It's all one and the same. Escape the norming
Of what was formed, to form's unbounded swarming!
Delight in what long since has been no more;
Like cloud-drifts whirl the shades of past existence;
You wield the KEY and make them keep their distance.

Faust. (enraptured) Yes! Clutching it I feel my strength redoubled, My stride braced for the goal, my heart untroubled.

Mephistopheles. A glowing Tripod will at last give sign
That you have reached the deepest, nethermost shrine
And by its light you will behold the Mothers;
Some may be seated, upright, walking others,
As it may chance. Formation, transformation.
The eternal mind's eternal recreation
Enswathed in likenesses of manifold entity;
They see you not, for only wraiths they see.
Then arm your heart, for peril here is great,
Sight on the Tripod and approach it straight
And touch it with your Key!

(Faust strikes an attitude of peremptory command with the Key.)

Mephistopheles. (inspecting him) That, indeed, is the POSE to take! Then it will trail, true servant, in your wake;
You calmly rise on fortune's buoyant air, Return with it before they are aware.
Once you have brought it here, you have retrieved it,
May summon hero, heroine from night's retreat, The very first to have essayed that feat;
It will be done, and you will have achieved it.
Its incense fumes, by magical arranging
Henceforth to godly figures must be changing

Faust. How do I start ?

Mephistopheles. Your essence downward prise;
Sink down by stamping, stamping you will rise.

(Faust stamps and sinks out of sight.)

Let's hope the Key still has the former knack!
I wonder if we'll ever see him back.

Alright, that's the sum of what we know of this 'realm of the Mothers' as Goethe invoked it in Faust. We know it is a feminine region characterized by words such as: inaccessibility, nothingness, transformation, retransformation, absence of space, and absence of time. And we know that the 'marker' indicating one has arrived in the realm is the 'glowing' TRIPOD (Trinity Site) marking the gateway to the Triple Goddess or White Goddess of Robert Graves which brings us back to the Three Mother Letters of the Hebrew Caballa (Nun, Mem, and Shin) and the Trump Card #3 known as the Empress. She is the letter, Daleth, derived from the pictogram for a doorway, she is the gateway into life as well as out of it, the hourglass combination of upward and downward pointing vortices of energy.

In other words, to an occultist such as Goethe the realm of the Mothers is the still point at the center of the dance, the tetrahedral Matrix of Bucky Fuller, the place of inside-outing. This is the Gnostic Pleroma, the Cornucopia-Womb from within which all manifest time and space pours forth. And, in terms of the birth chart of the Christy Bomb, this is the Immum Coeli where Chiron rests on the final degree of Virgo, the Virgin Mother.

Goethe calls it a place of nothingness, transformation and retransformation. And this is where his 'hero' must go in order to bring back from the dead past the once again living form of his much desired Helen Of Troy who functions as a counterpart in Part II of the drama for the Gretchen of Part I. But Helen, like Gretchen dies or returns to the VOID together with Euphorian, her dead son. The big difference is that Gretchen, having been a true flesh and blood woman kills her flesh and blood child and dies a physical death herself, whereas Helen having been a 'conjuration' of the 'ideal feminine' stolen from the Realm Of The Mothers merely 'vanishes' into thin air out of the arms of Faust who is left holding her robe and veil in his hands. Poof! She has returned "into the unacceded, the inaccessible", she has returned to the realm of the Mothers.

I am maintaining in this long and leisurely essay, that we too -you and I- must embark on a journey into the inaccessible realm of the Mothers if we want to come to grips with the new measures for the new age which the Christy Bomb ushered in and heralded. And I am claiming that our collective wound as a species rests in this realm because of the placement of Chiron on the Immum Coeli of the Bomb, the fact that Cancer is the Rising Sign of the Bomb, and the fact that the Moon herself is to be found in the 4th house which that Immum Coeli defines.

At this point we are sufficiently steeped in the 'feel' of this 'place' to realize that it is, indeed, as the physicists jokingly hinted…a place of "dazzling witchcraft", a quantum field more comprehensive than "…Reason and Science…", which the physicists themselves knew to be "UNHOLY in alliance". This realm of the Mothers is not really a 'place' at all nor is it any 'thing' that can be defined, as Goethe wrote: "Um sie kein Ort, noch weniger eine Zeit," which can be translated…'they are in no Place, still less in Time'.

The realm of the Mothers is the realm of continuous creative variables outside of time, the realm of the kaleidoscopic flow of feelings, the realm of the 'geistige band', the spiritual bond which holds all manifestation in existence. And Faust is always searching for this 'bond'; he wants to actively and consciously relate within it. His entire 'compact with the devil' hinges upon his never saying to the moment, -Stop, I want to hold and fix you as perfection statically realized. He has agreed that if ever he should so cry out then he shall die and the 'devil' shall be free to claim his soul.

He does, in fact, so cry out; he declares that he has realized his dream just before the play ends. He is blinded by 'Care' and one hundred years old when he dies, he has just set in motion a vast, idealistic, engineering project to reclaim some land from the sea, and this project has cost the lives of the old and saintly 'greenpeace' couple, Philemon and Baucis. Faust is under the illusion that he has created an ideal land wherein free men and women shall work and live, but the reader knows as Mephisto knows that he's been tricked.

Who has tricked and deceived him, a woman ? No, Mephistopheles, a man who has defined himself (immediately, upon his first entrance into the play) as the 'devil' and the 'spirit of negation'. What? Are you arguing that Goethe's Faust is a 'feminist' play, a 'sexist' play ? Why no, of course not! That is…well, not exactly? But then again, why not?

Faust concludes with the much heralded appearance of the Glorious Mother who speaks only to the reappearing Gretchen amidst choruses of spirits, -in other words within the realm of the geistige Band! And Gretchen asks of this 'Mater Gloriosa' that she be allowed to lead the soul of Faust to a 'new morn' that is as yet too bright for him to see. Goethe has the Glorious Mother speak only two lines: "Come, soar to higher spheres, precede him,/He will divine and follow thee." Then a male figure named "Doctor Marianus" [is this a fellow with the equivalent of a PhD in Goddess Studies?] says, "May each noble mind be seen/Eager for Thy service;/Holy Virgin, Mother Queen,/Goddess, pour thy mercies!" Next follow the final words of this very long and deeply complex drama, uttered by what Goethe calls a 'Chorus Mysticus': (note beside them the physicists' version concluding their parody)

Goethe's Conclusion                                                       Physicists' Conclusion

"All that is changeable                                                                  "Now a reality,

Is but refraction;                                                                               Once but a vision.

The unattainable                                                                             What classicality,

Here becomes action.                                                                    Grace and precision!

Human discernment                                                                       Hailed with cordiality,

Here is passed by;                                                                          Honored in song,

Woman Eternal                                                                              Eternal Neutrality

Draws us on high."                                                                       Pulls us along!

Quite a contrast, wouldn't you say? Goethe's 'Woman Eternal' becomes the physicists' ' Eternal Neutrality '. Our scientist friends are eager to substitute the neutron for the feminine, the neutral for the charged, pure abstraction for intense feeling.

They blindly believed all along (while they worked to create the bomb) that they were merely pursuing pure, neutral and 'objective' science and that their subjective feelings were NOT involved. For instance, while Oppenheimer was overseeing his scientific 'team' at Los Alamos the woman, Jean Tatlock, who had been his lover and teacher committed suicide, but Oppenheimer had nothing to do with it…or so we are told. This is the woman whom he'd met in 1936 and who brought him out of his 'shell' and made him aware of the politics going on in the world around him. She introduced him to radical social ideas and even, apparently, to the communist party; she was a serious student of psychiatry and her father was a Professor of English Literature at Berkley.

Oppenheimer later said of their relationship: "We were at least twice close enough to marriage to think of ourselves as engaged". But then he met and married Kitty Oppenheimer in 1940 and Jean was relegated to the role of occasional lover. By 1943 Oppie was 39 years old…about to hit that mile-marker of Forty (40)…almost 10 years beyond the 'deadly' age of Thirty (30) after which he and his fellow physicists felt that one could not possibly come up with any radically new insight in their field. He was simultaneously being investigated by the FBI and offered the role of primary 'Director' for the Manhattan Project centered in Los Alamos (which would ultimately make him famous).

He was about to enter into total collusion with the Military to make the Christy Bomb, he was about to enter into a nearly three year long period of intense work as a 'charcoal burner' and to use all his charisma as a physicist to persuade his students and professional colleagues to join him in this work. As the war ended he'd be hailed all over the world as the 'Father' of the Atomic Bomb ushering in the New Atomic Age. He was not, therefore, a man who could continue a liaison with an enthusiastically spirited liberal woman of known communist affiliations. Regulations would be very tight at Los Alamos and all the physicists would have to sign oaths of allegiance to the US Government; they'd have to maintain absolute secrecy concerning their Top Secret work. So in June of 1943 Oppenheimer went to visit Jean Tatlock in San Francisco (followed and reported upon by the FBI) where he had to explain to her that he could not see her anymore due to his Top Secret work on the Bomb. She committed suicide seven months later.

Oppenheimer and his wife continued to be investigated, and the government knew that each of them had affiliations with the American Communist Party in their recent pasts. After almost a decade of post-war fame and adulation and during his fiftieth year he'd be officially black-balled by the US Government as a security risk and excluded from participation in the highest circles of Top Secret Nuclear news!

Are we interested in the private sexual-emotional lives of the physicists ? No, not in any soap opera kind of way, but we are trying to explore the role that FEELINGS played in the creation of the Christ Bomb and the role that FEELINGS play in the 'measures' for the New Age and its new sense of 'atomic' time measured by the decay of radioactive cesium in the new atomic clocks.

We are looking at the Chiron Wound at the Immum Coeli of the chart cast for the instant of the beginning of the Atomic Age when the first nuclear bomb was exploded at Trinity Site, -a site so named by Robert Oppenheimer. And we are seeing that site as the 'place' where both the 'Wound' and the potential 'Healing' gift of this New Age reside at the final degree of Virgo on the I.C. of the chart cast for the bomb. We have seen that this precise spot in the chart is the Archetypal place of the Mother-Womb-Personal Feelings associated with the sign Cancer and the Moon which 'rules' it.

Trinity Site is the literal home-base (I.C.) of the bomb and the Triple-Tripod-Goddess-Cauldron Site, the 'realm of the Mothers', the 'place' from which all material existence manifests as it pours forth from the cornucopia, the matrix, the pleroma. It is the place of the Eternal Feminine, and in the Birth Chart of the Christy Bomb, the planet Saturn is both conjunct the Ascendant (Dharma-Path) in Cancer and in 90dg. Square aspect to the Moon. So, since Saturn is the traditional symbol of the Father, of all Authority, and of the concept of 'FORM-STRUCTURE' itself, we are allowing ourselves to delve (ever so slightly) into the relationship that exists between feelings -the traditional field of women- and formal, objective facts -the traditional field of men in the lives of the physicists by dipping for a 'moment' into the life of the bomb's 'Father', Mr. Oppenheimer, and the script of his fellow physicists who wrote and performed their parody of Goethe's Faust.

They are on record as equating the 'Eternal Feminine' with the 'Eternal Neutral' and they attempt to express no feelings in their 'spoof' …other than witty sarcasm, -a notorious trick of avoiding personal feeling, if we are to trust the word of the poet, Rilke, in his Letters To A Young Poet. But now witness this speech of the Copenhagen Faust to the Neutron Gretchen as she disappears from their play:

"You Skeleton, you Monster, here I stand,
But do you recognize your lord and master?

What holds me back? See here, I take your hand 
And SHATTER you!".

Gretchen responds to these words and Faust's gesture this way:

"Faust, Faust, I fear disaster!"

I find it revealing that there is no 'salvation' or 'apotheosis' in the Copenhagen Faust to match those which Goethe offers us at the conclusion of his drama. There is no 'Woman Eternal' to 'Draw us on high', there is merely 'Eternal Neutrality' which 'pulls us along!'. To be drawn on high is distinctly different from being pulled along.

And how, ought we not to inquire, is 'neutrality' capable of 'pulling' anyone along ? Neutrality is neutral, doesn't take sides, has no preference, is suspended, does not motivate to move beyond stasis. And this 'neutrality' is the official stance of the scientists who, nevertheless, 'somehow' managed to build and detonate the Christy Bomb. Neither that bomb, nor the two subsequently dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki can possibly be seen as neutral 'gadgets'. They were bombs because the physicists who built them very deliberately intended that they be, and those bombs murdered thousands of people beneath them and discharged into the global air currents enormous deposits of lethal radiation.

Neither the Atomic Bombs which ushered in this New Age, nor the technicians that created them can be seen as 'neutral'; and yet the Scientific-Military community still justifies the creation and employment of such hideous devices as simply objective and neutral 'science'! How can they maintain such a ludicrously preposterous stance? Simple: they are totally out of touch with personal feelings. The realm of feelings is, for them, the realm of 'skeletons' and 'monsters' of whom they think they must be the 'lords' and 'masters'.

Feeling binds, neutrality doesn't.

Women give birth to ideas, feelings, and babies; men 'give birth' to abstract ideas, are often confused by feelings, and call their neutral abstractions their babies.

The Christy Bomb was conceived and delivered by men who publicly spoke of Robert Oppenheimer as its 'Father'. And at its birth this 'father' is quoted as having said:

"…There floated through my mind a line from the Bhagavad-Gita: I AM BECOME DEATH, THE SHATTERER OF WORLDS!"

There it is, folks, good old Oppie standing at 'ground zero' as the Christ Bomb is detonated giving us his understanding of the nature of the Chiron-Wound resting at the Immum Coeli, the Womb and Tomb of the Bomb! Skeletons and Monsters, indeed! ("See here, I take your hand/And SHATTER you! ")

As we began this essay we looked at the one man among the physicists who expressed his feelings about the 'pun' implicit in the name of the 'Christy Bomb' and that man was Seth Neddermeyer. Now listen to him again as he puts his feeling finger on the underlying problem that brought it into being:

"I get overwhelmed by a FEELING of terrible GUILT when I think about the history of the bomb…This is what bugs me more than anything else, -I don't remember having any strong feelings about it at the time. I guess I just got caught up in the mindless hysteria."

What is this 'mindless hysteria' he speaks of ?

Well, the word 'hysteria' derives from the Greek root, 'hystera' meaning WOMB. Freud gave it a psychological meaning and attributed it mainly to his women patients. Hysteria is used to refer to a condition of being overwhelmed by extreme feelings which seem to be totally unrelated or excessive under a certain set of given conditions. Popularly the word is used to describe a person (usually a woman) who is behaving in intense and 'inappropriate' ways by expressing extreme feelings. But as Seth Neddermeyer is using it in the quote just sighted he is saying that he can't remember 'having any strong feelings' at the time of the testing-explosion of the Christy Bomb. Then he immediately says that he 'guesses' he was just 'caught up in the mindless hysteria' !

Somehow he is associating no strong feelings at all with the exact opposite state of excessive, uncontrollable feelings. But he is also the one man among the physicists to have commented (rather inarticulately) on the sarcasm implicit in the language they were all using by saying (with FEELING): " At Los Alamos they called it the Christy Bomb. The ChristyBomb! I stayed home. Really, I hoped the goddam thing wouldn't work."

I submit that Neddermeyer is expressing very 'strong feelings' in the way he repeats the name of the bomb twice; I submit he is plainly pointing out the sarcasm, cynicism, and biting bitterness inherent in naming so lethal a weapon as the first atomic bomb -the 'Son of God'. But he can't seem to let himself express clearly just what it is about this naming of the bomb that so upsets him. Remember that he begins by saying: "I didn't go to Trinity. Kerst and I were busy trying out a new idea of ours, the CHRONOTRON." But then he backtracks saying immediately: "No, that wasn't why I didn't go. At Los Alamos they called it the Christy Bomb…etc.". Here is a man using two words directly related to the birth chart of the Christy Bomb: Chronotron and Hysteria.

We have noted that the planet Chronos-Saturn is tightly conjunct the Ascendant of the bomb in Cancer, sign of the Womb, and hysteria derives from Womb- hystera in Greek. Both these words, Chronotron and Hysteria are rooted in Greek, and one refers to the Greek name for the planet Saturn while the other refers to the Greek name for Womb. Saturn was found in the Womb ( Cancer ) of the bomb at its birth and conjunct its Cancer Ascendant with which the Star, CANOPUS, was also conjunct and aligned. We are looking at a very complex brew here, we are looking at the steersman of the ship, Argo, combining with the force of the 'male' planet of Authority and contraction in the sign of personal feelings. In fact, we are looking at men giving birth to a nuclear bomb which can only explode after it implodes.

This is a very clear indicator of repression or implosion of feeling resulting in an explosion of what Seth Neddermeyer called 'mindless hysteria'. The Christy Bomb and the nuclear industry are off-springs of this peculiarly male form of hysteria which consists of the exhaltation of the mental faculties and the simultaneously tight containment of personal feelings leading to contracted repression and a technology explicitly focused upon self-destruction and mass death.

No matter what these guys may have thought they were doing with all their intelligent insights and theories one thing above all else stands out: they individually and collectively shunted their personal feelings aside. They followed the orders of Saturn coming to them via military officers who are professionally trained to suppress their feelings and follow orders. I submit that the birth chart of the bomb deliberately calls our attention to this mode of behaviour and indicates that if we are to receive the true 'new measures' of the new Aquarian Age we must CHANGE this behaviour in ourselves both collectively and individually: we must QUESTION AUTHORITY. Each of us individually and all of us collectively need to get in touch with our personal feelings, honor those feelings, and live our lives accordingly. This comes right down to how we behave on an inter-personal level with each other and especially about how we do or do not simply 'follow orders' at work.

Listen to the Father of the Atomic Bomb as he replies to questions put to him by the Saturn Authority figures of the Atomic Energy Commission questioning him before revoking his security clearance:

"I did my job, which was the job I was SUPPOSED to do. I was not in a policy-making position at Los Alamos. I would have done ANYTHING I was asked to do, including making the bombs a different shape…etc.".

Does this sound like a man possessed of ANY degree of personal feeling integrity whatsoever? Yet he and scientists like him are held up by our society as examples of what it is pleased to call 'genius'! And this is just the sort of personal behaviour that is indicated by the square aspect between the Moon and Saturn in the birth chart of the bomb. It is the sort of impersonal or non-personal behaviour we are being CHALLENGED to change.

There can be no more of this lame excuse on the part of any of us that we are 'just doing our job' or that we aren't responsible because we 'don't make the rules'! To so argue is to side-step the real, important issues we face of making decisions based upon attunement to our personal feeling needs because only when we are aware of those personal needs and values are we able to also consider the personal needs and values of others.

The 'impersonal' and supposedly 'objective' methods of science, the military, and the marketplace (laissez-faire economics) have led to the imposition of global corporate values over all the peoples of all the nations on earth resulting in monsters like the Christy Bomb, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. But I think the real horror and 'hell' we are facing is precisely that which the birth chart of the Bomb points to: genetic, cellular damage to human, animal, and plant species all around the globe.

The WOUND at the I.C. of the Christy Bomb is the theft of the Tripod of the Mothers by way of the physicists' acceptance of Mephisto's KEY …and that KEY, according to their own words, was the Neutron Gretchen, the rendering of the feminine realm of feeling into a chargeless, weightless 'something' which they shattered.

Their action was a direct violation of the Erdgeist, the Anima Mundi, the Spirit of the Earth! When the physicists' Faust shattered the Neutron, Gretchen, he split the Atom and set in motion a chain reaction which Oppenheimer accurately spoke of as "Death, Shatterer of Worlds!" Of course, these are the words of the Hindu God, Krishna, spoken ("I am become Death, the Shatterer of Worlds!) on the planes of Kurukshetra, and they reveal that Bobby Oppenheimer was given to rather extreme ego-inflation. Weird things tend to happen when men give birth to babies they call bombs. These particular babies shit Plutonium! They need diaper changes! What can we do about it?


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